1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Madeleine McCann: Forsaken By Gerry And Kate---Again!

Written by Christoper Freind

Being in the media is pretty cool, especially when you run your own news bureau, as I now do (www.FreindlyFireZone.com)

I recently flew in an F-16 fighter jet, accelerating vertically from zero to 12,000 feet in under ten seconds. Shortly after that, I also flew with the U.S. Air Force Hurricane Hunters, flying directly into the eye of the beast for 12 hours.

I have interviewed world leaders, presidential candidates, and the owner of a World Series winning baseball team.

And I’ve had a ball exposing hypocrites and bad guys in politics, business, sports, and yes, the media.

Yet the more I think about it, I’m still in the wrong business.

I should have been a British cardiologist or general practitioner.
Either way, I’d be in a great position to become an international celebrity, one that could mingle with presidents, popes, paparazzi and the press. I could globetrot to my heart’s content, write sweet-nothings on my blog, threaten people’s right to free speech, and bully anyone into silence who dare oppose me.

Now THAT’S a really cool gig.

And to think, all I’d have to do is abandon my three children, with a combined age of seven, night after night in a Portuguese resort while I went carousing on the town with friends. And if my three-year old daughter --- who, for sake of this story, we’ll just call….Madeleine --- happens to disappear (with, or without my knowledge and complicity), then so be it.

While it wouldn’t be easy, it’s a sacrifice I’d be willing to make. Come on--- it’s a private audience with the Pope we’re talking about here!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not referring to anyone in particular.
Ok, ok. You got me. That one was a lie. I am.
But in good faith, while I won’t mention these people’s names, their initials are Gerry and Kate McCann.

Life is still rockin’ for the killers….of the spirit of goodwill.

Despite millions around the world who’ve come to realize the awful truth that the McCann’s gross negligence destroyed an innocent little girl’s life, both figuratively and, in all likelihood, literally, the McCanns continue their quest to stay in the headlines, soak in the limelight, and impugn the integrity of good people courageous enough to ask the tough questions.

Quite simply, the McCann’s are desperately trying to stay…relevant.

The latest chapter in this nearly three-year saga is their championing of a woefully bad ruling by a Portuguese court upholding a ban on the book written by former lead police investigator in Maddie’s disappearance, Goncalo Amaral. Mr. Amaral is also prohibited from discussing his theories in the book, and cannot give interviews about the same.

Additionally, Gerry and Kate are suing Amaral for defamation, seeking 1.2 million Euros in compensation. And who can blame them? The millions they have raked in as globetrotting celebrities just doesn’t go as far as it once did.

Why the ban on Amaral? Because he makes the extremely small leap of suggesting that Maddie might be dead. And, according to Team McCann, the book defames them.

Three points:

1) The McCanns don’t need a book to defame them. They have done that perfectly themselves.

2) I know it’s the European Union, where personal rights and national sovereignty go out the window, but a book ban? I thought we emerged from the Dark Ages.

3) While by no means should hope be abandoned, the overwhelming odds are that Maddie is dead. With the incredible worldwide attention given to the case, the fact that no substantial leads have emerged since Maddie disappeared from the Algarve resort in May, 2007 speaks volumes.

3A) A point of clarification: Actually, there were substantial leads, all leading to Gerry and Kate.

Cadaver dogs, trained to detect the scent of death, reacted positively to many items, from Kate’s clothes to Maddie’s favorite stuffed animal. Blood was detected in their rental car. And there were many conflicts in Gerry and Kate’s stories. Quite simply, the McCanns have done more to cast doubt on themselves than anyone else.

And by the way, you will NEVER see Maddie’s disappearance referred to as a “kidnapping” here, since there is absolutely NO evidence to that theory.

But the best part of all is the statement of Gerry and Kate, who said, "The court case has demonstrated, once again, that there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm.”

Wrong again.

By definition, when a three-year old is deliberately left alone by her parents in a foreign land with the door unlocked --- in effect, charged to care for her two-year old twin siblings--- THAT is bringing harm to a child.

And yes, when that child disappears (at whose hand we don’t “officially” know yet) because of that abandonment, that is “harmful.”

Always making it about them, the McCanns continued, "It has also clearly shown that no police force is actively looking for Madeleine, even, shockingly, when they are presented with new information and leads.”

Yes, the entire world of law enforcement should drop everything every time a “lead” arises. Too bad the leads making the McCanns “arguidos”--- official suspects--- were never followed through.

Lastly, the McCanns forcefully criticized those who dare ask the logical questions.
"The motives of those who have tried to convince the world that Madeleine is dead, and who've disgracefully and falsely tried to implicate us in her disappearance, need to be seriously questioned."

A) Bad use of the King’s English. The evil-doers either implicated you, or they didn’t. But by definition, they couldn’t, “falsely implicate” you. It’s kind of like being a parent. Either you are…or you aren’t.

B) The only serious questioning that needs to occur is that of Gerry and Kate. The Portuguese police tried, but were pressured to stand down. The Brits fell way short of their due diligence, and at the least, should have charged the McCanns with negligence.

C) The McCanns ARE guilty, and they always will be. Of murder or accidental death as so many think, I cannot say. That may, or may not, ever be proven.

But one thing is certain. Gerry and Kate McCann are unequivocally guilty of destroying three lives--- Madeleine’s, of course, but also that of her siblings, who will carry severe scars for the rest of their lives. The McCann’s actions of child endangerment and gross negligence, so easily avoidable if they just acted like….parents, could have spared a little girl the pain and anguish which she surely experienced --- a girl who would still be with us today, living out a life she richly deserved.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but NOT to their own set of facts.

Just remember, Gerry and Kate. The authorities may be looking the other way, but some of us are not. Sunshine is the best antiseptic, and you need some more light in your lives.

Chris Freind is an independent columnist and investigative reporter whose news site, The Artorius News Bureau, is slated to launch in this month. Readers of “Freindly Fire” hail from six continents, thirty countries and all fifty states. Freind also serves as a weekly guest commentator on a Philadelphia-area talk radio show, WCHE, and makes numerous other television and radio appearances. He can be reached at CF@FreindlyFireZone.com

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  1. I've book marked the site - excellent article - come on MccCann supporters - exercise your right to free expression and post a rebuttal!

    Thats the way it should work, not through litigation!

  2. Chris Freind, he knew the truth right from the start, well done again for a most wonderful read.

  3. A beautifuly scripted piece. Bravo Mr Freind.

    Off topic does anyone know anything about this?

    Anonymous said @3 Is it true that Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien are separated?

  4. Well said Chris Freind. Could we persuade you to come and write for the media here where all we get is pie in the sky.

    All it needed to keep their daughter safe was for the highly paid, well heeled McCanns, to have paid for a baby sitter for their children. The fact that they couldn't be bothered makes it clear what unfit parents they are.

  5. excellent piece, Chris...

    You've interviewed world leaders etc. etc. -
    I would pay your travelling expenses if you could secure an interview with Kate and Gerry

  6. A wonderful and concise article. Thank You Chris.

  7. very good read indeed. Love this post. Will the Mcs sue Mr. Freind next-for speaking the truth.

  8. Its a wonderful article Chris but lets see if the McCanns get any Libel damages Id love to see them get £0.01 as a token that they havent been proved guilty in a court of law- yet. Then if we do see justice for Madeleine Id like to see the bill for the continued searches and detective work on false sightings that were carried out in Portugal and they claim werent sent to the directors of their notorious 'fund' for those family members/friends are the real vultures and vampires.

  9. Jim Gable heat of the (CEOP)and friend of Gerry McCann, was head of operation ORE, what Mr Bates is saying is there has been a cover up, to stop Certain people being prosecuted, we have remember in operation ORE they netted Judge, Police, politicians all walks of life,
    Bates told us:

    The evidence I have collected over the six years since I first became involved in Operation ORE is extremely sensitive and undoubtedly includes information that the police (particularly CEOP) would prefer not to see revealed. It is likely that this evidence will eventually lead to exposure of the biggest police scandal that this country has ever seen.


  10. Pity our journalists can't write it like this.
    Well done Chris for daring to tell it like it is, i think the private views of many of our press reporters would echo your sentiments but they would never dare print them.

    I would like to see the comments from some of the press who have written so much garbage if the day ever comes when there is concrete evidence to support a conviction, you would no doubt see the same people calling them every evil name they could think of and stating that they never believed them from day one.

  11. Chris had the McCanns sized up from the beginning. Too bad his article will never be printed in a British newspaper.
    What we can do, however, is forward a copy to each and every cowardly media source in the UK.

    Also, I'll be sure it gets around here in the U.S. to people like Nancy Grace, Larry King, Greta Van Susteren and of course, the least informed of them all, Oprah Winfrey. Time Magazine and People Magazine, etc.

  12. shame chris doesnt send this to the uk papers or any one in the uk

  13. Well said Chris!
    If only the UK press would write in similar vein, but they have no guts, no brain and no backbone.

  14. Absolutely brilliant, great to see our feelings collated and expressed so succinctly. I will print this off and circulate it, just like I have with my copies of 60 reasons...and on that note, of all the copies of that I have given to friends to read I haven't yet had one copy returned as they always want someone else to read it too...from small acorns....

  15. Thank you Chris!
    I bet many journalists in the UK agree with Chris but simply cannot put their careers on the line.
    What makes me really angry is that they write the Mccann biased rubbish we read every week.

  16. WOW ... FANTASTIC....

    Chris is a Guy with a lot of Guts

  17. Great piece and a man to follow, well done Chris. Another great piece below,


    Well worth a watch, old boys network in full force, and one amazing lady kept up her fight for us all to see the truth.

    American journalist Heather Brooke's fight for the disclosure of MPs' expenses under the Freedom of Information Act, resulting in one of the defining political scandals of the decade

    Email Heather, she may get the bit between her teeth on the Mccanns and the political interference & of course about the ruling in Portugal

  18. Chris is really on top of this story.

    If only there were many more like him having their articles published in the mainstream news.

    He even mentions the dogs, the dogs we are not supposed to refer to anymore, because according to the McCanns they are ludicrous so we should ignore them.

    As regards Anon 3 asking about Jane Tanner and her husband, it was mentioned quite some time ago now that they were separated, whether that is true who really knows?? Was he missing when the Tapas friends posed for the picture at the payout they got?

    It was also said that O'Brien was very affected by all that happened, and that he may even have had some kind of breakdown. True or not??

    If he is one of them that Murat is going to sue that wont be helping matters at all.

  19. Another brillian article from Chris Freind. I hope writes more about this case.


  20. #18, I think that there have been some requests under the FOI about the Madeleine McCann case, and they were all denyed due to national security issues and possible strain on the diplomatic relationship between Portugal and the U.K.

  21. Great article by Chris, glad to see he's lost none of his scepticism. I especially like this bit - 'Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but NOT to their own set of facts'. How right that is, because the amount of trying to twist or conceal the facts in this case has been enormous, both by Team McCann, the British media and various people for whatever reason. But there's no getting away from the real facts, one being that Madeleine and her siblings were left alone night after night without the parental protection they were entitled to.

    Gerry McCann goes on now about Madeleine's rights and what Madeleine is entitled to, but Madeleine didn't acquire rights only after she vanished, she had rights and entitlements long before that. Who bothered about her rights then, Gerry, such as the right to be protected from danger?

    I hope we get some more articles from Chris; What a pity he couldn't change places with one of the pathetic British journalists, such as Tony Parsons with his childish rants and xenophobic attitude. Some day hopefully TP and others of his ilk will have to eat their words - roll on that day!

  22. Finally - a real journalist.

    To the so-called "journalists" in the UK - read it and feel ashamed. You are laughed at all over the world - you REALLY are.

    An American

  23. Hello everybody!
    Once again,from Argentina,I sincerely thank you ,Joana,for posting this excellent article in this blog and I totally agree with post # 9.
    Besides,I think most British journalists must be gagged as well ! Poor Madeleine...

    An Argentinian

  24. #23
    You are right. They are afraid of mccann/army of lawyers. Pathetic journalism.

    Thank you Joana for using that photo. I think it cant be used often enough. Is the most shoking photo of that vile couple. Vile, yes, its taken on Maddies 4th birthday, after special prayers were held for Madeleine, 9 days after something terrible happened to her. That couple is vile, pure evil. (well, the fund ablication was running aready, the reason to be really happy?) Pure evil!


  25. Mr. Freind is neither stupid nor a coward.

  26. I have just had a premonition that I may be careless enough to leave my copy of this article on a train. Maybe even more than once.

  27. Hallo Chris!

    Wellcome to the new kid on the block.

    Just a thought. GM shut down the people in the bus at the airport hissing he was not on a FF-ing holiday. Perhaps he was not. Perhaps he was/is MI5/6 operating under cover of a family outing, which explains the massive UK government involvement and the MC Canns conviction that someone took their daughter. Maybe somehting went terribly wrong and someone thought fit to put the pressure on the UK through the parents?
    And, their appartment was effectively swept for DNA. Who, but professionals, would have been able to do that? And why would anyone, where logic dictates that all traces of Madeleine would be optimally preserved?


  28. Don't blame UK journalists. Their hands are tied by lawyers and their bosses.
    If you need to blame anyone, blame the McCanns.

  29. Read it and weep all you British journalists ,who are defending the mc`s ,therefore letting down Maddie ,sleep well in your beds ,and look down on your own children and just think how YOU would feel if no-one had the balls to defend YOUR child if they were ever in need of it ,hang your heads in shame

  30. Anon @ 24

    I don't think the British journalists (sic) are gagged. Being gagged would mean that you say NOTHING. On the contrary, it seems British journalists are part of the team spinning the McCann version of the story.

    Mr B

  31. @31, but why?? do these people not care about the fate of madeleine.
    why is it every one who could bring the truth of this case out in the open just by asking the mccanns a few serious questions and not stopping untill they get a truthfull answer(most of us have read the files so we know they lied)why are they all passing the buck,what are they afraid ,it cant be the mccanns themselves as they are nobody's,they could print whats in the files surley, they cant be sued for that.

  32. Anon @ 24.

    Does being gagged justify the hurling of insults at Portugal and Amaral?

    Does being gagged justify the lurid victimisation of people like Murat and Hewlett, accusing them of crimes for which there is no evidence?

    Does being gagged justify actively promoting the McCanns´innocence?

    No, the British popular press is a disgrace and this talk of gagging is no defence.

  33. Portia,
    Many of us agree with you. The cracks are beginning to show and your theory is among the two or three being discussed that might explain the cover-up. Keep digging!

  34. Portia 28 - I agree MI5/6 are involved but I hadn`t thought of it from that angle. This fits with my theory that an accident happened in the apartment. G had help getting the body out of the apartment, but the organisation that helped him are still holding the body (with all its evidence of death) as a guarantee that the McCanns won`t blab. In part, it explains why they are so obsessive about `finding her` and wanting `the key piece of information`.

  35. Anon 19
    "It was also said that O'Brien was very affected by all that happened, and that he may even have had some kind of breakdown. True or not??"
    It would certainly fit. OB was suposed to have done the last check, but admitted later that he had merely listened at the door. Quite what he was listening for is unclear. What noise does a dead child make ? What noise does a missing child make ?
    But his denial meant that GM was therefore pushed into the position of being the last person to admit to seeing M alive, which is always a dangerous place to be in a police investigation.
    It also bu****** up the time line, and that, when added to the JT statement meant that the police were left with only the 3 minute window for a whoosh clunk.
    Lots more things evolve from his change of mind, so I would not be surprised if he began to realise that he had let the cat out of the bag, if he was aware of the full circumstances of whatever happened.
    If he doesn't know what happened, and if he really believes that M was abducted by a Predatory p****, then he probably has by now worked out that his negligence in not playing his proper part in the supposed child care system will have jeopardised M's future, her well being, and possibly her life.

    Did he also try to implicate Mr Murat ?
    If so a breakdown is a fairly sensible thing to d, under the circumstances. Get yourself to a shrink and make it clear that youn are not fit to stand trial or to appear in civil proceedings against you.

    Are we in fact already seeing that sort of preparation with the insistence that G and KM are suffering mentally. GM still practicing, of course, but reality and what is said in court are very different things, as we all know

  36. Anon - You could be not too far from the truth with you theory.

    Remember Kate said before she went to Portugal that she had a bad feeling about the holiday. There could have been some sort of undercover exercise going on between more people than the Tapas 9! That maybe was also why Kate ran screaming "they've taken her", knowing who 'they' were! Sounds like stuff that thriller films are made of, but stranger than fiction things do happen these days - look at the terrorist leader recently bumped off and peoples' identities stolen for fake passports. I don't think we should rule anything out!

  37. Anon 28 -

    I mean't to say you 'may not be far from the truth' in my post.

  38. David Miliband in photo?
    Part 1 of 2
    I have always been disturbed by the video of Madeleine McCann where her eyes open wide, she seems to draw back and then express (to my mind) fear of the person recording her.
    I also recall discussion of a photo (McCann living room ? Christmas time ? ) where it was questioned if the side/back of a head could be that of David Miliband.
    Does anyone recall this photo and the outcome of the discussion?
    We know the McCanns are being protected from on high. The gagging of the UK press, and the secondement of Clarence Mitchel, moving in a flash, from the heart of government PR, to the McCanns’ side, is evidence enough of that.
    We saw manoeuvers to push the Amber Alert / McCann connection through, despite how unpopular ID proposals from the government had proven to be and despite the fact that child neglectors are hardly the most fitting candidates to be promoting the safety of children.
    Miliband nevertheless presses the McCanns forward and introduces them to:-
    … “A meeting of MEPs with an interest in child welfare issues will discuss the prospects for setting up a Europe-wide alert system for cases of child abduction. They will hear from Gerry and Kate McCann, whose daughter Madeleine has been missing since May 2007.

    The meeting coincides with the tabling of a draft written declaration on emergency cooperation in recovering missing children. Among those taking part in the meeting are its authors: Roberta Angelilli (UEN, IT; rapporteur on the Communication “Towards the rights of the child”); Glenys Kinnock (PES, UK); Edward McMillan-Scott (EPP-ED, UK); Struan Stevenson (EPP-ED, UK) and Diana Wallis (ALDE, UK);

    A press conference, including Gerry and Kate McCann, will be held in room PHS 0A50 at 11.00.

    The participation of the McCanns is allegedly sponsored by Mr David Miliband Foreign Affairs Minister.”…
    Now how important is either David Miliband or the government’s (New World Order ?) plans to get all people and children ID tagged.
    David Miliband had been proposed as a lead runner in the EU presidency, as EU Foreign Minister.
    1 Nov 2009 ... Foreign Secretary David Miliband has emerged as the frontrunner to become the EU's first 'foreign minister'.
    The former ‘presumed choice’ of Tony Blair was becoming unpopular and Miliband who had indicated that he did not want the post, campaigned very strongly for Blair.
    Blair was being rejected because of his stance with Bush and the Iraq war.
    Just recently David Miliband has been embroiled in the covering up the torture of Binyam Mohamed.
    First he declared that - No Way Jose - was the UK involved, then when the secret information was forced out of him, it became, well, what we actually meant was…

  39. David Miliband in photo ?
    First Part of Part 2 of 2
    Back to May 2007, could it be conceived that a good way to get the populace begging for human / children tagging would be in response to the ‘abduction’ of a beautiful (photogenic) little girl.
    What better way to get the much needed publicity, to turn the people round, than to dress up the call for ‘tagging’, in the guise of the ‘abduction’ of a photogenic little girl, from an innocent family, on a lovely holiday with a group of close friends (David Payne - read the Gaspars’ statements ) in a country of Casa Pia fame (overlooking of course the utter ugliness of the suppressed investigations into the Kincorra Boys Home and operation ORE affairs which are much closer to home, where we would not want to be bringing attention, would we … far better to dump it off abroad somewhere).
    Dating back to at least the questionable bombing of the twin towers, to the sudden justification of war on Iraq which showed no WMS despite enormous effort to find some, any, just one ? Not even one? oh ! hang on, someone has just found a slipper and thrown it at Bush, that must have been it !
    to Climate Gate, the fixing of global-warming data (dating back some 20 years... apparently it’s all been getting colder rather than hotter), and (don’t plants flourish in carbon dioxide, giving more free oxygen in return… this must be a good thing) to justify the ‘naughty carbon footprint’ taxation on the public, to raise revenues to pay for the new, NON-elected, NON-accountable EU executive which can apply its own New World agenda, over-riding all elected European parliamentary representatives, without challenge and without question from anybody
    to super-injunctions, press gagging, book banning, freedom of speech foreclosure, national constitutions abrogated, enforced vaccination by the WHO calling a swine flu pandemic level 6, allowing military enforcement of vaccination, over-riding all governments, with payments to the pharmaceutical industry in the billions, for up-front orders for vaccines which were funnily enough, patented several years before the flu virus would actually emerge, giving enough time for the panic message to be spread around, no time however to do proper trials, with side-effects ignored or denied, and a clause written in, for the benefit of the vaccine producers that they will not be held liable for any injury, not forgetting that many of the advisers on the secret advisory committees are either paid by or receive other grants / inducements from the pharmaceutical industry, or of course might just have an enormous number of shares in the vaccine products themselves. (with later apologies of course, from those who were subsequently found out, not to have declared their declarable interests)
    to the UK politicians ripping the state purse off with their very interesting ‘expenses claims’…yes the rest of us would have been banged up and not given the opportunity to pay it back (all in good time of course).
    The new EU presidency and its actors are Not elected by the populace, are Not accountable to the people and can over-rule any and all European parliamentary decisions. In short it can set and carry out its own unchallengeable

  40. agenda
    2nd part of part 2
    Given that there is now much focus on this newly formed untouchable layer of control, with suspicion of involvement with the masons/ illuminati/ rockerfeller/ bilderburger etc. group, our many personal freedoms are being challenged, threatened, lost.
    We are seriously at risk of being tagged to be followed and checked, or any other form of control and we can see, on reflection, how things can have been a long time, and surreptitious, in the making,
    We have struggled to find an hypothesis to explain the loss of Madeleine and the obvious cover up of the ludicrous situation in which the McCanns now find themselves.
    In the video taken on the bus from the airport to the holiday apartment, Gerry McCann, states equivalently, that he was not here for an ff’ing holiday.
    David Payne, in his police statement, (and I’m paraphrasing here), said we knew something was going to happen but we didn’t know it would be like this.
    Could there have been a plan to enable the promotion of child tagging? Could the photography have been prepared in advance, if so, did the plan go horribly wrong with disastrous effect, and could this be why the couple seem so untouchable?
    Can anyone shine light on that photo?
    We are looking for some reason as to why a child-neglecting couple are receiving such ‘untouchable’ support. Given the track record of dishonest behaviour of some, perhaps even, many, of our elected representatives, if in this instance the photo is not of David Miliband, could the concept of a planned abduction, that went horribly wrong, still hold? All in my own opinion of course and with the aim of leaving absolutely no stone unturned in the search for Madeleine McCann.

  41. #28 I agree. MI5/6 involved in the cover-up and possibly even in the removal of Maddie's body. Remember the McCanns even got a lift home from the airport in a Special Branch vehicle when they dashed from Portugal after becoming arguidos.

    You really do not want to get on the bad side of the British intelligence community.

    Even today there are headlines about a Derry man "Kieran Doherty" whose murdered body has just been discovered. Doherty was approached by MI5 recently but refused to act as an informer. In my opinion, although they will undoubtedly attempt to pin this on the Real IRA, MI5 is likely behind it.

    Relevant to the McCann case? Not exactly, however, if any of the Tapas group are found to have been informers, they are not likely to ever speak freely about the trip to Portugal in 2007, are they?

    See article re Kieran Doherty:


  42. Anon 24,your right,if they were gagged they would say Nothing,as for this journalist i say God Bless him,i wish he could visit here and show our press how excellent journalism is done,i would love to forward this article to all the news channels and the editors of all the Newspapers but i really don't know how to do it,i hope someone on here can do it.

  43. Anonymous 40, 41 interesting read. The World Health Organization did overreact when it declared the H1N1 virus a pandemic. I'm almost certain that there were more deaths from the common flu than there were from this virus, I would be interested in seeing the statistics. Obviously this public scare was a boon to the pharmaceutical industry, but I don't think we can jump the gun and accuse the WHO of conspiring with these companies.

    Climate change is happening, it is a fact. I'll relate to you some of my personal experiences with climate change. I moved from Winnipeg to Toronto in 1995. I started playing recreational soccer (European football) in a local park in Toronto. In 1995 the first snowfall came in the first week of November, each year the soccer season would end a couple of days later. When I left Toronto at the end of 2008 to return to Winnipeg the first snowfall occurred in mid December. In Winnipeg the winters are not as cold as they used to be. In Churchill the Polar bears are facing hardship, because each year they have to wait longer for Hudson's Bay to freeze up, so they can go and hunt for food. This winter in Winnipeg has been colder than normal but if we look at the statistics over the last few years the average temperature has steadily increased.

    Plants can only remove so much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and at night they take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Fortunately, we exist because the plants produce more oxygen in the day than they require at night. Take a look at us for example, if we are put in an environment with more than 20% oxygen we may initially feel exhilarated but in the long run it will do us more harm than good. The frequency and severity of hurricanes has also increased over the years as the earth tries to regulate its temperature by moving warm air and water northwards. Climate change cannot be denied, the debate is whether we are responsible or if this is a normal part of the earth, sun cycle. Whatever you believe to be true, I think that we should try to break our dependence on carbon fuels because they pollute the atmosphere our oceans and land and as a result wreak havoc on our health.

    We are all grasping for some explanation as to why this couple receives preferential treatment in England and Portugal. It is
    beyond belief how they can manage to say or do whatever they want without being challenged. Personally, I think this case is all about paedophiles, and I'm not referring to a paedophile abductor.

  44. I agree about the tagging, child location devices. We already have them on cars after all and to most people children are more precious than cars. My guess is that the Soham parents were approached but quite rightly refused to go along with it. Never once have the Soham parents commented to the media about the McCann case.

  45. War 44

    One explanation for the climate change is the devastation of the rain forests - why this is no longer discussed I dont know (I have my suspicions!).

    Another explanation is the Earth's natural 'wobble' - there have been significant climate chnages in the past of course.

    There is little doubt that states and commercial enterprises are abusing the issue - especially the UK government and our masters in Europe.

    As the the McCanns, one reason for their special place is the fact that many in government and the media also treat their children as trophies - have them late and then cant cope so dump them with nannies, creches and boarding schools.

    Also the McCanns were clever in becoming 'religious' (it seems that they are only as religious as they want to be, flouting the rules on interfering with nature to obtain their trophy kids).

  46. So who actually paid for this 'holiday' - this group of people from all over the country comprising of so many doctors. The children spent everyday in the creche, Gerry played tennis 24/7 why did they not go out exploring like normal people do on holiday. The untouchable McCanns with contacts in such high places and our gagged media. This case has a very sinister side to it,but it will not stay underwraps forever, these things never do!


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