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McCann: Case to Reopen

 Lisbon: Gerry and Kate McCann were yesterday at the court

The Maddie case, archived in July 2008 for lack of of evidences, could be reopened. Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the Judiciary Police, who led the investigation to the disappearence of the English girl in Praia da Luz, May 2007, guaranteed that he is pondering constituting himself as an assistant to the process and also that he has evidences that can change the current case set.

'There are hundreds of steps that were not investigated, in a wrongly archived process', he said yesterday on the sidelines of the final allegations at the trial of the provisory injunction to the book 'Maddie - The Truth of the Lie', in Palace of Justice, in Lisbon. ' It is more than legitimate since they destroyed my reputation. They put me to shame personally and professionally.', he added.

On the other hand, Isabel Duarte, Gerry and Kate McCann lawyer, called 'liar' to the PJ Inspector Ricardo Paiva, who gave testimony at the last session. 'There a dozens of photographs, car's plate numbers and places that could indicate where Madeleine is, and the police simply devalued it. I checked the process and I saw it. We can't find anyone if we don't search it', she stressed.

In yesterdays session, which was attended by the British couple, the main central issue was the alleged violation of the justice secrecy by Gonçalo Amaral, since the McCann's defense says that the book was finalized before the archival of the process. António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer said that the polemic surrounding the book only happens because it 'become dangerously close to what happened' on the night of the disappearance.

Gerry McCann, accompanied by a poster with his daughter's picture said that he trusts in the Portuguese judicial system. 'Don't stop looking for our little girl. Don't give up, please' he appealed.



António Cabrita, Amaral's lawyer said [actually read] in court that he had access to a private report of an English Officer who participated at the investigation, who, not only defends the hypothesis [of simulation] of abduction but also death with parental involvement.


During Isabel Duarte final allegations, in defense of the McCanns, tempers flared when the lawyer called 'vultures' and 'vampires' [and other names] to all those who believe in the couples involvement in the disappearence of their daughter, including lawyers an audience.


Some people gathered yesterday at the court's entrance to support the former PJ coordinator Gonçalo Amaral. 'You cannot call parents to two persons who have abandoned their own children' , they said, with red carnations in their hands.

in Correio da Manhã


  1. Maybe, just maybe, this is a case of being prepared to answer to the lesser of two crimes? If I said I've left 5 children home alone and return to find only 4 while the whereabouts and clues to the disappearance of the 5th never emerge, then what can be verified and therefore known with certainty is that there were FOUR children left home alone. There can be no certainty without irrefutable evidence - only my word against yours - that Child Number 5 was also left home alone.

    Kate: 'I left 3.'
    Gerry: 'I saw 3.'
    Payne: 'And so there were 3, just little angels all dressed in white - see, I can touch them, just like the clouds.'

    Oldfield: 'Well, from my vantage point, let's just say I saw 2.'

    Home alone. Neglect of three? Or of two?
    And what befell the 3rd, Your Honour?

  2. some details to reopen the case:

    an answer on the 48 questions ?
    information about the telephone records ?
    New statements ?
    allowing a reconstruction ?
    a new time line ?
    It all has to come from the Mccanns !!!

  3. Windows: there's a "window of opportunity" and there's a physical window. Some say the window of opportunity was unthinkably small, as was the window through which the Abductor escaped with child in arms? Both improbable?

    Whatever happened was nowhere near that window. Not near that physical window nor within the timeline of the narrow window of opportunity.

    If you want to detract attention from a particular place or event, you create a storm elsewhere...anywhere but that place or event that should be the centre of attention. It's human nature, we do it all the time.

    Think media storm: what was the story of the day? The media ran with it and all within earshot ran with it too. After all, it was the story we were all fed. But don't be surprised to discover that was not the story at all: 'No, look here! Not there!'


  4. Have just read THE SUN coverage - " 'CRACKER' BLAMED McCANNS". Yes! BLAMED...IN THE SUN!!!!

  5. "the lawyer called 'vultures' and 'vampires' to all those who believe in the couples involvement in the disappearance"

    Isabel Duarte you forgot to add the first and the top vultures and vampires to your list- THE MCCANN'S. FEW DAYS AFTER MADDIE DISAPEARENCE THEY START A FUND AND SALE MANIPULATED INTERVIEWS.

  6. Here is the link...
    Have the McCanns really asked for the case to be re-opened? Or are they aware that the judge will ask that it be re-opened & they are just spinning that it was their idea all along?

  7. Looks like Team McCann have been "targeting" the wrong cop after all x( What's the matter Team McCann? Can't you you bring yourselves to blame your OWN cops for suspecting Madeleine's parents? Absolutely disgraceful behaviour. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves for trying to shift the blame elsewhere but I guess that's what the shameless British do best. I am truely sickened ~x(

  8. sorry for the mistakes, just reedited while trying to translate a last article before I go to sleep in what has been a very long but positive day- important in my view.

    The final allegations of all the defense lawyers of each of the requested parts in the claim made by the McCanns were fantastic, demolished completely all the unproved reasons given by the McCanns to ban a book and a documentary. Isabel Duarte's final allegations were nothing short of theatrical, and even offensive, so much that within the audience a gentleman voiced his distress at the adjectives used to describe those who don't believe in the McCann unproven thesis of abduction. At lunch time, we, citizens of the PJGA - Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral gave leaflets with a note mainly focusing on a request to the English Police and on Madeleine's case to be reopened. Amaral stated outside court, upon leaving after his lawyer closing statement, that he would study the possibility of becoming an assistant to the process in order to reopen it, so the investigation to Madeleine's disappearence can continue.

    Regarding the legal figure of assistant to the process, it was a status requested by the McCanns via their previous lawyer Rogério Alves, granted, that they could have used to request the re-opening of the case. Oddly enough, after the hearing was over, the McCanns appeal was coincidentally similar to both released press note and Amaral's statement - which again is an odd request to come from the McCanns since, as was stated in court, they never sent any of the information gathered from their private investigations and [multiple] investigators to the process.

    'At desperate times shoot in all directions' was an expression said by a defense lawyer heard yesterday at court to express the lack of proof to affirm that Amaral thesis impeded the search for a live or dead Madeleine. The same lawyer answering to an article that based the request to ban the book and the documentary, said 'It is the parents who are responsible for the the physical and moral integrity of their children' not 'Gonçalo Amaral, Guerra and Paz, TVI nor Valentim de Carvalho'.

  9. So it looks like, eventually we get there.... The tide has turned

    Perhaps, just perhaps, there will be justice served after all.

  10. Fantastic Joana! Thank you for all your hard work!

    As for isobel duarte - I suppose I must be one of her vultures and vampires, because I don't believe a word of the mccanns fairytale. Will they get around to suing me after they have finished suing everyone in Portugal?


  11. Perhaps Isabel Duarte is working on a 'no win no fee' basis and is beginning to see all the money she thought she might be getting slipping away.

    Hence the histrionics.

    This is looking like it is beginning to unravel, and the McCanns really have started something they can't control as more and more information will be revealed.

  12. So was the call for a review by the mccanns before or after the PJGA's press release and Mr Amaral statements?

    I'm not so sure they meant reopen the case, when they said review it.

  13. after Amaral and PJGA. read comment above.

  14. Thank you Joana, I thought it was afterwards, but wanted to make sure before I commented further.

    The fact that it was afterwards is going to look like it was a damage control, rather than something they initiated themselves.

  15. Even though the UK cops are staying silent, they know the dogs who worked on the case are trustworthy, and they know their findings mean there was no abduction and Madeleine is dead.

    Who do the McCanns think they are fooling by trying to discredit these animals. They even have their lawyer trying it as well. It wont work.

    Brown will be gone soon and hopefully the case will be reopened and no interference.

    Perhaps then we might get to hear more from those UK cops.

  16. I don't trust a word the The Sun says about anything, especially this case.
    Bear in mind that the McCanns have had two years of faffing around with their phoney search fund and court cases before the first reported rumour of a (qualified) request to reopen the case (on their terms).

  17. Thanks for the translation and the added comments. These are indeed exciting times. Isabel Duarte must be one of those lawyers whose reputation does not live up to reality.
    All of us who have supported Gonçalo Amaral both morally and financially can say that we have contributed to the the fight for freedom of expression and for justice for Maddie.


  18. Joana is "re opening"the same as "reviewing"? I think they chose their words well ,let the world THINK they want it re opening when we all know its the last thing they want ,I have googled both words and IMO reviewing is not the same as "reopening" please advise ,thank you,and thank you for all hard work you and your friends are putting in to get justice for Maddie

  19. Does anyone else think they are just treading water for Hewlett to die ,then plant some 100% proof on his headstone ? I think this is the next route they will take,but hes living too long for them,they are panicking ,he had only weeks in the summer and its now February and the bugger still wont die

  20. 'At desperate times shoot in all directions'

    This is exactly what Isabel duarte is doing since January. She get lost on her own mistakes. In January she start a new process against Amaral accusing him of breaching the Judicial Secrecy. Yesterday at the beginning of the audience she start a new process against TVi accusing the TV of insisting to spread the theory of the book. At the end she accuse Ricardo Paiva and Pj of lying and not following Maddie sights. COME ON.... LOST, is the word to classify her behaviour. they are desperate trying to make their words and their dreams, FACTS. AGAIN THEY FAIL TO SHOW THE COURT A SINGLE EVIDENCE OF AN ABDUCTION.
    Where went the money from Maddie fund, since she admit in the court that she saw the pictures of a supposed Maddie, in Portimao PJ. Have she or her clients asked the private detectives to follow the clues? They follow halligen even in the hospital. Good question to pose to isabel Duarte. What have they done?
    i highlight also one of the lawyers which state at the court that G. Amaral is persecuted and vilified in a parallel case ( JOANA CIPRIANO).

  21. That's right Joana!(#8)!
    ..."as was stated in court, they never sent any of the information gathered from their private investigations and [multiple] investigators to the process."
    If Isabel Duarte is so worked-up with Mr. Paiva's lack of action regarding all those fantastic, credible clues she saw with her own eyes(photos, license plates, etc.), why isn't she strongly demanding to Dave Edgar and the McCanns to file for a search from the portuguese police into the lawless hills around Luz and search for that "lair" where Madeleine is supposed to be? According to the learned and professional opinion of their chief investigator, who has proclaimed his conviction in public twice, poor Madeleine has been waiting for rescue for the past 2 years, what are they waiting for? Aren't they also ignoring clues? Yes, because Mr. Edgar must have some clues that made him come to his brilliant conviction of the "secrete lair"? Isn't Mrs. Duarte incensed by this lack of action from her clients and their defective, sorry, detective? If Paive took no action on the leads he has been getting from the public, because he believes that Madeleine is dead, can we also assume that the McCann's and Edgar's lack of action has the same underlying motive?...Since the McCanns have not to this day dismissed their detective and his claims, we can only assume that they agree with him, and yet, they come in and out of Portugal only to visit the inside of the court room or to file for new legal actions, but never for actually searching for their daughter. Wouldn't one expect those poor "distraught parents" to be leaving no stone(or lair) unturned on the wild hills of Luz?...

  22. Child neglect being looked into as it should be: http://breakingnews.iol.ie/news/ireland/home-alone-children-taken-into-care-445692.html

  23. Joana, thanks to you and the others for all your hard work - I'm sure you must be exhausted! But at long last it looks as though the McCanns have had to accept the reality of the case being reopened, in spite of Kate McCann saying recently that it didn't matter (words to that effect). It most certainly does matter and it should be done.

    The main thing that needs to be ensured though is that the PJ preserve their independence; they must be allowed to consider all theories, not just that of abduction. There must be no interference from Team McCann, no attempts to lead the investigation. The job of investigating is a job for the police, not for anyone else.

    And if the case is reopened, it's to be hoped a full reconstruction will be carried out and that this time there'll be no reluctance on anyone's part to take attend. It needs to be established just what was physically possible and also to sort out the many discrepancies in the statements. There's no point in anyone going on about 'searching for Madeleine' when it's obvious that what's really needed first is to find out what actually happened to Madeleine.

    Thank goodness this point has now been reached, though why it's taken so long for the parents to publicly ask for the case to be reopened is another mystery. (That's if we're allowed to use the word 'mystery', since CR seems to dislike it for some reason. ;))

  24. No, you are wrong.
    Duarte called for the reopening actually during the hearing, in court - because so many leads were not followed. You can read it in the article above for yourselves.
    Then, GA makes his call for the same thing, but with him as assistente.

  25. Isabel Duarte, shame on you woman!
    Mr.Paiva takes no action on new leads because he believe Madeleine is dead! And no doubt, Mr. Paiva believes that because of what the "evil" Mr. Amaral wrote in his book...isn't it? Isn't just that what you're implying? Once again blame it on Amaral and his wicked theory, if the police ignores leads it must be because they read the book and believed in Amaral's "lies"!
    Unfortunatelly for you and your clients, we were not all born yesterday, the files are out there for everyone to read and see for ourselves that long before the book was written, the strong possibility of Madeleine being dead was alredy in the minds of the investigators, both british and portuguese.
    Oh, and by the way, it seems that despite what you and your clients claimed in court, that the book has stopped the public from coming forward with new leads because it says Madeleine is dead, there have been dozens of leads arriving at Mr. Paiva's desk...so, it seems that the theory expressed on the book HAS NOT indereed the search for Madeleine afterall!

  26. Esperemos que o Dr. Amaral ou outra pessoa idónea se constituam assistentes, no caso do processo ser reaberto. Para garantir que não será uma investigação estilo "Paulo Rebelo #2", onde tudo não passará novamente de uma "palhaçada" para "inglês-ver", uma investigação de faz-de-conta, para salvar aparências, e fechar de vez com o assunto. Até parece que já estou a ouvir os McCann:-"estão a ver? Fomos novamente investigados e ilibados pela justiça portuguesa! Não há quaisquer provas contra nós!"
    É absolutamente necessário que desta vez os suspeitos e testemunhas deixem de se tratados nas palminhas, "com pinças" como disse o Dr. Amaral e sejam intimados a cumprir com o que lhes for solicitado em vez de serem amável e timidamente "convidados" a participarem nas diligências ( leia-se, na reconstrução), sem interferências políticas e diplomáticas.
    Que haja finalmente mais polícia e menos política!

  27. "they never sent any of the information gathered from their private investigations and [multiple] investigators to the process."

    So McCanns et al are sitting on 'ugly' photographic images of a child - pair of cunts

  28. I think review and reopen have different meanings. The case can be reviewed without it being reopened.

  29. According to the Express Gerry called for a 'review of evidence'
    quote 'what we would like is a panel to sit down and review the entire case - the evidence from all the different forces and all the evidence gathered by them', he goes on , 'it needs everyone to work together'.

    Well did not the UK police say that they would NOT reveal any evidence to anyone until the person(s) responsible were caught, If that included the Mcs, then what better way for them to find out exactly what the UK police do have, by calling for a panel in which they presumably, and doubtless their lawyers, would want to be included in reviewing ALL the evidence. I hope the UK police are not so stupid as to fall for that one


  30. Obrigada Joana pelo sumário do que aconteceu lá dentro.As referências ao brinco do Sr Amaral e o ataque a todos aqueles que não acreditam nos mccann e os criticam, por parte da isabel duarte, significa que esta não tem argumentos.
    As mentiras são tantas que até contradizem a própria advogada.Enquanto isabel duarte diz aos media que viu imagens de uma criança que se parece com a Madeleine e que são chocantes gerry mccann diz que não há nada que indique que a criança esteja mal.Parece que o conceito de mal e chocante deve ser diferente para ambos...
    Será que percebi bem ? A "ameaça" do sr Gonçalo Amaral de que vai tentar reabrir o processo levou os mccann a tentar convencer as pessoas que são eles que estão a tentar fazê-lo?

  31. Um reparo à sra advogada do casal mccann :chamar abutres e vampiros a quem os seus clientes pedem ajuda para procurar a filha não é muito inteligente...

  32. It's a mystery to me. Oops!

  33. All evidence points at the Mccanns being guilty yet anyone who says they are guilty is a conspiracy theorist and now--a vampire or vulture. How did these people pull this off?

  34. http://www.algarveresident.com/story.asp?XID=35052

    another report here

  35. @ Anonymous 1
    Very right... and funny !

  36. The sorcerer apprentice.
    I guess the McCs must be horrified with what seems to be a suing addiction : the less arguments she has, the more ID attacks and ad hominem if necessary, like yesterday... In fact she could be sued herself for using appearance based prejudice (up to GA's earring !)

  37. Imo that judge will be subjected to pressure from hierarchy; it is said that she is young and end of career far off... don't forget they got rid of Amaral and probably many others in that investigation

  38. The case does need to reopen to put an to speculation.
    The case does not need to reviewed.

  39. Thank you so much, Joana. It really seems as if your hard work, and that of all those seeking justice for Madeleine, may eventually be rewarded. No doubt it will be a long haul, but no supporters of Madeleine are likely to give up.

  40. The case needs to reopened and not just reviewed.

  41. So the British expert advised the Portugese authorities that the McCanns should be considered as suspects a month after Madeleine disappeared. And during this same month thousands of people were donating to the Fund which the McCanns set up for, among other things, legal expenses. Will they sue the British expert next?

    Gerry McCann strikes me as a rough and tumble street fighter - lashing out at all who disagree with him.

    Again, thank you Joana for all that you do to keep us up-to-date. I can tell from all that you share with us you must be on the go 24 hours a day. Your dedication is appreciated by this poster 5 time zones away.

  42. Sandra was on RTP last night and she clearly said that Duarte has caused problems for the PJ because she has shown that Paiva has ignored information coming in because he will not search for a live child.
    I think it might be useful if you posted up a translation of what she said outside the court. It's on all the pro sites.

  43. Thanks for this, Joana & team. Interesting times ahead!

    :) E

  44. 24 I'm not wrong - Are you trying to change the history of the events?


    2 witnesses statements

    Lunch time break

    PJGA press note distribution

    Session starts at 2:30 pm

    Order of lawyers allegations

    António Cabrita for Gonçalo Amaral's defense, makes his allegations

    Gonçalo Amaral leaves the court and gives an interview to several media saying that he his studying the possibility to become an assistant to the process in order to reopen a badly archived case.

    Fátima Esteves for Guerra e Paz - the book publisher, makes her final allegations

    Miguel Coroadinho for TVI makes his final allegations

    Henrique Costa for Valentim de Carvalho makes his final allegations

    Isabel Duarte for the McCanns makes her final allegations

    Court session ends

    lawyers approach the judge's bench to schedule the next session for the judge's sentence, and the McCanns are warned of the latest of Amaral's media statement

    Gerry McCann get's out of the court room furious

    McCanns come outside and at the court's entrance make a press statement under pressure and difficult questioning by some journalists and citizens journalists.

  45. Joana, thankyou so much for everything you are doing, if it wasnt for people like you we would be left in the dark.. xx

  46. The McCanns regret the fucking day they started suing Amaral.

  47. @19, i think this is exactly what they were hoping for,but as you say hewlett is still alive so they cant pin any thing on him at the moment. also does any one really think the mccanns want the case reviewed by anyone other than they pick,and as for the case to be reopend that is a definitly a BIG NO NO,interesting times ahead i think

  48. Hello Joana,Astro and Team, You all do great work ! Thank you for all your efforts. I've been giving some serious thought to the information held by the British Police on the McCanns. My first reaction is "Turn it all over to the P.J.and the Public Prosecutor in Portugal"---but,what about a situation in the future where the case has been re-opened in Portugal and perhaps ended without certainty, e.g. abduction proved a hoax,parents guilty of hoax but still unable to produce childs body. If the parents are shown to have perpetrated a hoax abduction ------then the Madeleine Fund is a scam.

    If it is proved that the fund is a scam, then the McCanns could be tried for Fraud in Britain provided that the evidence had'nt already been used in another Court.

    I'm not entirely sure of all this,however,I believe in keeping ones powder-dry until its needed! I'd hate to see them escape some form of justice because the information had already been used in another Court and was ruled out.

    Help! Is there a Lawyer in the House ?

  49. 45, furious, Joana?

    Now I suspect Isabel Duarte is an undercover, working for Amaral.
    She asked for re-opening and that is the most stupid thing she could have done.
    Probably that's is why Gerry left the room, furious.
    She sounds worse than Kate.
    That's Gerry fate.

  50. I am not capable to translate this into English:

    Os McCanns perderam uma boa hora de terem ficado quietos.

  51. 50, an, Gerry is used to stupid women.
    He feels uncomfortable if he talks to an intelligent one.

  52. Com que então o sr mccann ficou furioso com a possibilidade do Sr Gonçalo Amaral se constituir assistente no processo e provocar a sua reabertura.É bom sinal...

  53. Hey, Joana, was Gerald McCann furious on leaving the court? I have been dying to read this all day, but this is the first time I have seen it mentioned!! Forca Amaral!!

  54. To Nigel at #6,

    I really believe Gerry's strategy calls for a REVIEW of the handling of the case rather than the reopening of the case. And who would conduct that review and summarily clear this duo of all suspicion? CRONIES. An edict handed down from On High. Courts? Who needs a court of law when you have the Court of Cover-ups? Portugal would be awash with the Great and the Good, all in a bid to clear the two saintly doctors who have been soooooo wronged.

    Too late, Gerry! You're just toooooooo slow and too much of a coward to ask for the case to be REOPENED :))

    'No evidence' my behind!

  55. At last we have some hope, McCann's seem to have bitten off more than they can chew, both McCann's yesterday,looked afraid, worried, of course if you have nothing to fear, then you have nothing to worry about, seems to me they have plenty to worry about now.

    We have all waited nearly 3 years for some light at the end of the tunnel, this is not about revenge aka Mz Duarte, nor are we Vultures or Vampires, ( unless it was Vampire Bill or Eric )we want justice, we want Snr Amaral to have peace of mind, we want the respect he deserves, to be returned to him, we want Portugal to have the stigma removed, we want respect for your country, not derision, and most of all, we want "The truth of the Lie "of what happened to Madeleine on May 3rd 2007, an added bonus to see the McCann's in the dock would be nice.

    To Joana and all who work so hard to bring us the truth, thank you, joined your forum last week, terrific place to find out exactly what is going on

  56. I'll try to do my best to give you some insight on the final allegations and on the events that followed. I should also add that a lunch time the McCanns and Isabel Duarte went to Oeiras Court [50 km from Lisbon] and met up with a prosecutor there, they filled another criminal complaint against TVI for the successive breach of the injunction - a criminal complaint to which the McCanns were witnesses. I would like to point out that they didn't use the court lunch break to request the re-opening of the process - which speaks for itself.

  57. Daily Telegraph has an interesting article today but can't find web link.

  58. Responding to Joana Post 58 - Indeed it does speak for itself. Having lunch 50km from Lisbon speaks for itself too.

  59. One of the things that should be kept in mind is that photos can be manipulated to look like whoever they want them to look like.

    So if Isabel Duarte thinks she has seen photos of who she thinks may be Madeleine, it does not make it so.

    Some people have desparate reasons to try and distract away from the findings of the dogs and death in the apartment to an abduction by paedophiles.

    What is the source of the photos?

    One of the dodgy so called investigators the McCanns employed perhaps?

  60. The Sun has softened its opinion of Mr. Amaral. Previously he was referred to as "disgraced". In today's paper he has become "former detective".

  61. =)) Oh dear, Joana...! The smell of MONEY must be very appetising to even want to drive 100km return to lodge a criminal complaint!

    Well, I must say that they're surely on a suing spree. I wonder what the cost of their Great Suing Expedition is, though, to The Search For Madeleine/Margaret both in monetary terms and in time?

  62. Gosh I think people would be so shocked to know I'm really a vulture and an internet nutter. I have also written to the newspaper editor about their reporters calling us internet nutters. I think is disrespectful to their readers who have a different opinion. Thanks to Joana and her team for all the hard work and for showing respect to readers of this site.

  63. Anon 63. Who is Margaret?

  64. One contradiction that has always bothered me - David Payne said that when he checked on Kate at 6:30, the three children were already in their pyjamas. McCann said he arrived back to the apartment at 7:00 and he and Kate bathed the children before putting them to bed. Normally children are not in their pyjamas before being bathed. I know there are many contradictions but this one nags at me.

  65. I suspect the McCanns' latest appeal came because they realised the Lee Rainbow revelation would result in bad headlines for them. Sadly for them it came too late in the day to affect the headlines!

  66. no.11 I have been thinking along the same lines as you. Hewlitt's name came up again in the press recently. There has to be a good reason why ID mentioned these photos yesterday. Have these photos been forwarded to the British or Portuguese police or are they just keeping them to themselves because if they are keeping them to themselves and this girl is not Madeleine, then they are preventing the course of justice for this other little girl.

  67. Joana @ 8

    First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you and your colleagues are tirelessly doing.

    Re. No. 8 post,the lawyer's sentiment that it is the parents who are responsible is, of course, correct. In Madeleine's case it was accurate at the time of her disappearance but soon after she was made a ward of court, wasn't she, therefore the "crown" is now responsible. The ward of court business is probably unprecendented and I cannot understand the rationale behind it. Maybe I am being paranoic but I hope the portuguese public and professionals are aware that the parents are no longer responsible for Madeleine, just in case it turns out to be significant.

  68. Apologies, my comment referred to post number 19, not number 11

  69. Will someone please tell me, if there are so many "lawless hills" and "lairs" around Luz, then why has the Algarve been such an increasingly popular holiday destination for the past 30 years?

  70. 1. Just to let our Portuguese friends know, the Daily Mail carried the Lee Rainbow story on its front page. This newspaper is on sale in every petrol station forecourt, in every supermarket, newsagent, railway station etc etc. Even those who did not purchase the paper would have been informed that the British Police suspected the McCann's of a serious crime against Madeleine.

    2. Do you remember that Henri Exton (spelling?) had infiltrated a Belgium Paedo ring - is this where he obtained photographs of a child that looked like Maddie? Perhaps this was his brief, to find a picture of an abused child that looked like Maddie. The Belgian cops said at the time that there were only two ways to infiltrate a Paedo ring: either you are a victim or you are an abuser.

  71. I'm all for re-opening the case but what good is it when you are bared from having access to any information that relates to the obvious suspects?

    Given the recent assaults on Mr. Ricardo Paiva's character, could it be that Mrs. McCann was being honest when she told him that her daughter is buried on top of a hill in Praia da Luz. Is the Church that the McCanns attended in PDL on top of a hill?

    I wonder if it was the McCanns who urged Mrs. Isabel Duarte to describe everyone who has an opposing view as vultures and vampires. Who actually are the scavengers and blood suckers, is it not the couple itself? Who has gained the most financially from this case?


  72. Anon no. 66 - another contradiction on that same evening - didn't David Payne state that he stayed 30 minutes at the apartment, whereas Kate stated it was only 30 seconds. I don't know if that is in the official papers or not, but the time difference between 30 seconds and 30 minutes is one hell of a long time, how can their accounts be so different. One of them is not telling the truth, that's for sure.

  73. Bem hajas, Joana, por tanto trabalho.
    Bravo! Joana, pelas descrições que fazes.
    Posto isto, resta-me dizer que, desta vez, os McCann deram a «passada maior que a perna» ...
    Ao aceitarem (ou contratarem) aquela advogada, não estariam, decerto, a adivinhar que estavam perante o advogado do diabo.
    Que magistrado ousa agredir verbalmente tudo e todos, em termos grosseiros e ofensivos, em pleno Tribunal, durante as alegações finais de um processo?!? Foi puro suicídio. Foi a demonstração de que todos eles sentem a causa perdida e perderam, de todo, a compostura. Que se reabra o processo e se «begin the beginning» -- Pais sentenciados por ilícito de abandono e exposição de menores.Foi aí que tudo começou. O que falta apurar, a partir daí, surgirá naturalmente. Antonieta Janeiro

  74. you are one in a million joana and team thanks for all the effort
    you put in .
    best reguards
    sue england

  75. Sr Amaral 'has evidences that can change the current case set'.

    Along with the possible reopening of the case, I bet that is putting the wind up the McCanns.

  76. Re-open the case? This to me is a very ambiguous statement. In the first place the Mccanns are the last persons in the world to want this to happen, indeed it is the very thing they have tried to avoid since it was shelved.

    He said: "What we would like is a panel to sit down and review the entire case – the evidence from all the different forces and all the evidence gathered by them.

    This does not appear to be a request for the investigation to be re-opened. A panel comprising of whom? To review the evidence from all different forces and the evidence gahered by them? In my opinion this is yet another attempt by the Mccanns to get their hands on information within the process that has not so far been revealed - in other words, to acquaint themselves with all evidence that the police have against them in order to build their case for defence.

  77. Anon 66

    The whole account of what happened around that time is in doubt.

    Payne also said in his witness statement there were other things he wished to say about the disappearance of Madeleine, but not to be put in his witness statement.

    Why not?

    Was that ever followed up on?

    And, if so, was the information passed on to the Portuguese investigating officers by the UK?

  78. "I would like to point out that they didn't use the court lunch break to request the re-opening of the process - which speaks for itself."

    Joana, I never thought for one moment that they would request the re-opening of the process , you and I know that is never going to happen, it is the last thing they want, all they give us are sound bites, as in, " There is a little girl who is missing ", (a little girl who she gave birth too, an innocent little child who did not deserve this), "There is no evidence we were involved with Madeleine's disappearance", " well within the bounds of responsible parenting," and the latest pretendy one "re-opening of the process".

    I have to say I was quite shocked by Kate McCann's appearance yesterday, she looks haggard, and worried, so does he, perhaps they now realise all is not going well for them, though of course they will never admit it.

    What a dreadful way to live Joana, living such a lie, can you imagine, do they sleep at night, when they dream, do they scream at night, they must constantly look over their shoulders, and going to the supermarket must be dreadful ordeal, people staring, she wondering what they think of her, because they do hate that, this affects them more than anything, what will the neighbours think sort of thing, well just confess, I am sure you will feel better, and so will all of us.

  79. S.B. at 73 - You are so right - its McCanns way of getting sight of all the evidence. For goodness sake, don`t let that man meddle in any panel that`s set up and please please don`t let him, or his cohorts, within a hundred miles of it.

    And as far as centralising all the evidence, I assume he is going to supply all the information (costing the fund hundreds of thousands of pounds) that all his dodgey investigators have come up with. My goodness - there`s £300,000 worth of work done by Halligen.

  80. IMO,Poster @ 78 THEY will want to pick the "panel"and we all know who will be head man and woman on this panel dont we ? then THEY want to review what is found ,Have no doubt they are the LAST people who want the case reopened ,he chose his words carefully he said reviewed,whe deep down he KNOWS this is the opening we have all prayed for ,IMO he knows the case is going to now be re OPENED,their worst nightmare ,all came back to bite them on the ass !! but he wants it to look like their idea

  81. Anon 65 - Gerry McCann or whoever writes his webpage referred to Madeleine as Margaret once or twice in the early days when she went missing, when he was writing day to day reports of what he & K had been doing, as in jogging, haircuts, picking up relatives from airport who had come to visit them, playing tennis. There was no actual mention of he & K actually going out day after day to walk the streets or the fields and rough ground around the apartment in PDL to actually find any physical evidence of Madeleine/Margaret.

  82. The tiny figure that is Isobel Duarte in the picture looks as if she regrets turning to the dark side.

  83. Doesn't Isabel Duarte realise that photos can be manufactured to portray anything required.

    Especially when there is money involved.

    And there has been a lot of money flung around by the McCanns in this case.

  84. If that man is allowed to have ANYTHING to do with any review panel set up for this case, I will be in contact with the Secretary of State for Justice ......... Oh flip, its Jack Straw.

  85. Hi Joana, just to say thank you for all your info i am so glad you keep us updated as our pathetic, cowardly British press are appalling with their bias for the Mccann's, the only report we get is if things are going their way,other than that it is a media blackout. I really hope that things are changing after two years of these two child neglectors(at the very least) going swanning around, suing anybody who dares cross them i really hope the time has come for them as from day one i have thought something is not right about this case, also just to say Amaral you are a very courageous ,brave man and i am glad someone has had the guts to take these two on, please dont think all us brits are like these two and the british press have been disgusting about you shame on them!

  86. No one is going to be fooled by a 'panel to review the case' or whatever it was, with the McCanns or their cronies taking part. That would only make them look more suspicious than ever! The crime was committed in Portugal and only the PJ can reopen the case, anything else would just be seen as a whitewash.

    As for the photos referred to by ID as 'ugly photos', how can there be any such photos in connection with Madeleine when Madeleine's own parents say there's no evidence she's come to any harm? They can't even get their stories straight nowadays, but I suppose they think people don't notice these contradictions. Well, I've news for them - we do! And we don't mistake review for reopening either!

  87. i wonder if the ceop will be on the panel or maybe leicster plod will be there? i wonder why the gaspar statement didnt see light of day, still i personally think that has shaken the pair and the scatty loking lawyer who talks of vampires and vultures. were there many mirrors in the court when she said that?
    forget having a panel whats a panel going to do?


    just an idea though, oh yeah and bung in a lie detector test televised so we all can see what happens, but not for the sake of entertainment for the sake of truth and also for the sake of a 3 year old kid left to look after her 2 year old siblings.

    the wheels are turning and the road is long, but at least were on the way.....
    justice for maddie

  88. Its by time Gerry learnt the lesson ....What you want ,and what you get are 2 different things ,WTF is he to demand a panel ?WTF is he to think he can run the whole case ? too much given power has gone to his over-inflated head ,and it has been his downfall

  89. What panel is that then gerry???the panel in your head called a brain, the panel in the door, that could tell so many secrets.
    You should not be allowed near whatever panel you are wanting. Supina the whole lot to return to Portugal

  90. I see nothing that wrong with photos not being investigated, the police are not stupid they could tell from looking at them and who knows they have their reasons for thinking poor Maddie is dead. Good policemen have a nose for these things. Bit like Gerry and his nose for money


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