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McCann couple returns to Portugal

McCanns to be present at the final allegations on Gonçalo Amaral's book trial

The session on Wednesday of the trial over the prohibition of Gonçalo Amaral's book 'Maddie, the Truth of the Lie' will consist on the final allegations, with the presence of Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of the missing child in the Algarve, in 2007.

In the last hearing at the 7th Civil Court of Lisbon, in Palace of Justice will also be inquired two witnesses, requested by the defense of Guerra e Paz [War & Peace], the publishers of the book by the former Judiciary Police (PJ) Inspector Gonçalo Amaral which was taken temporarily from the market in September 9, 2009.

The McCann couple, who, according to a source close to the family, will travel to Lisbon at the end of Tuesdays afternoon and will return to London on Wednesday during the afternoon, fundamented the provisional measure [the injunction] for considering unsustainable Gonçalo Amaral's thesis reproduced in the book in which both are involved in the daughter's disappearance, simulated an abduction and concealed the cadaver.

The defense witnesses heard in court argumented that Gonçalo Amaral's thesis results from the investigation, and Kate and Gerry McCann, who were present at the hearings held from the 12 to the 14 of January, denied the existence of evidences of their daughters death in a statement given to journalists.

The parents of Madeleine McCann stressed that it wasn't them who were on trial, and also stated that they did not use the courts to silence Gonçalo Amaral.

Besides the former PJ officer and Guerra & Paz, there also a target in this process TVI, which broadcast the documentary based on the book, and the production company Valentim de Carvalho, who commercialized the video.

After the decision over the injunction, a ruling that might even be decided on Wednesday, the Judge Gabriela Cunha Rodrigues will schedule the main action sessions, in which the McCann family claims for the protection of rights, freedoms and guarantees.

In running procedures is another civil action against Gonçalo Amaral, with the accusation of declarations considered defamatory, in which the British couple ask for a compensation of, at least, 1,2 million euros.

This process, without a set date for trial, has also attached an injunction, being the court developing measures for the seizure Gonçalo Amaral's assets.

Kate and Gerry McCann also lodged a criminal complaint against the former PJ Inspector for alleged violation of the secrecy of justice in the reproduction of facts pertaining to the investigation in the book before the archival dispatch made by the prosecutor of Portimão, Magalhães Menezes.

The English child Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007 from the bedroom of an apartment in a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, Algarve, when she was on holidays with the parents and two siblings.

In the status of coordinator of the PJ Criminal Investigation Department of Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral joined the team of investigators who tried to find out what happened to Madeleine.

Kate and Gerry McCann, who always maintained the position that Maddie was abducted, were made arguidos in September 2007, but were eventually acquitted in 2008 for lack of evidence. The case was archived, but may be reopened if there is consistent data.

SOL with Lusa


  1. Just shows you all the same, they can't wait to get on a flight and return, when there is money involved, but they haven't been as quick to get on a flight and return to search for their **abducted** child have they ?

  2. Let us hope this will again be twitted by Skynews, like the last time.

  3. Will lawyer Mr. Cabrita also say something Wednesday, will he fight back eventual defense made by the nervous Isabel Duarte?
    Is it possible in this case?
    I hope the judge will request reopening of the process.

  4. Thanks Joana for the article. I'm a bit confused by some of the points though- these two in particular:

    *After the decision over the injunction, a ruling that might even be decided on Wednesday, the Judge Gabriela Cunha Rodrigues will schedule the main action sessions, in which the McCann family claims for the protection of rights, freedoms and guarantees.

    *This process, without a set date for trial, has also attached an injunction, being the court developing measures for the seizure Gonçalo Amaral's assets.


  5. The McCanns have got a bloody nerve trying to silence the world from saying that Madeleine is dead, when at the same time they go around telling everybody that she was abducted when there isn't a shred of evidence to confirm this.

    If the judge has any sense she will tell them to go away and come back when they can prove what they say.

    Which of course, will be NEVER.

  6. Because of the upcoming libel case, does this mean that although Sr Amaral may win this case, the injunction will stay until the outcome of that is known.

    If so, no doubt the McCanns will know how to spin that one.

  7. There's two separate and distinct process, one is the injunction made to the book and the documentary - that's the hearing that happened in January and that might end up on the 10th depending if the judge delivers her decision regarding that matter. The other one is the main action where the McCanns are asking for 1.2 million euros in damages for numerous reasons akin to what was used to request the book and documentary injunction [read ban and censorship], which has attached to it another injunction, preventive measure to seize Amaral's assets [read financial asphyxiation]. A measure that was not fully fulfilled yet.

    There is also a new civil complain lodged by the McCanns who allege that Amaral violated the secrecy of justice for publishing is book before the archival dispatch was made, which in fact didn't happen, the book was published a few days after the archival and subsequent removal of the judicial secrecy on the investigation process by the Public Ministry - so the most they can apply here is for failed intent to publish the book.

  8. "being the court developing measures for the seizure Gonçalo Amaral's assets"

    I wish someone would hurry up and seize this dreadful pair and haul them off to jail where they belong!

  9. Going to Portugal on Tuesday, back home on Wednesday? Not a lot of time to help Dave with the search then, especially as they seem to want to spend some time in a courtroom while they're there.

    I could be wrong, of course; maybe they really are going searching for Madeleine this visit. If she really is imprisoned in a cellar somewhere near Praia da Luz, as Dave Edgar says she most likely is, she must be getting a bit fed up wondering which year they're going to start looking for her. This year, next year, sometime, never ...

  10. I agree nbr 8 and then throw away the key.


  11. The McCanns need to understand something.

    They are not victims. They are perpetrators. I don't give a monkey's left one if they claim they are innocent. They are not. No process has rendered them innocent. A process is shelved because at the moment there is insufficient evidence to guarantee a conviction. They have not been found guilty of anything, but neither have they been cleared of anything.

    There is, however, such a thing as moral responsibility. I wasn't responsible for their child, you weren't, Mark Warner wasn't, nor were their friends. Whatever has happened to their child happened because of them. They can piss off with their assertions that suggesting she is dead harms the search for her. Bullshit. And what search would that be? The one they never made because it was dark out ? The one being conducted by a detective so dense that he couldn't find his own arse if we all shouted directions ?

    They may not like the fact that people point the finger at them, but it's their own fault for treating their children with such casual and callous disregard.

    Neglected children aren't all tottering around council flats, with stinking nappies and a diet of turkey twizzlers. People who neglect children come in all shapes and sizes. All that separates Kate McCann from Matt Lucas' portrayal of Vicky Pollard is Kate's taste for chardonnay and the fact that Matt is clearly the more feminine of the two.

    They can sue whomever they like, threaten anyone who expresses a view which displeases them, but it will never ever make them innocent. To achieve that, they would have to turn back time and spend 3rd May 2007 being parents. It's a bit late to start now. They should take their sneering self-satisfaction, and their goading ''you can't touch us - the files say we're innocent'' and piss off home, because sooner or later this charmed existence of theirs will collapse like the house of cards it so obviously is. They hate Amaral not because he isn't looking for their daughter, but because he looked at them and saw them for what they are. Arrogant, child-neglecting scum, using someone else's money to attempt to polish a turd.

  12. Thank you for this Joana. I wondered whether they were going to put in an appearance. But I also wonder if we're going to get another twitter live feed. If we don't, then we'll know they've managed to put the kibosh on that. Maybe that was one of the conditions for their presence in the court. We'll see.

    And, yes, why do they have all the time in the world to attend a court case to try and extort millions from their perceived nemesis but not to search the wild areas around PdL where their super- sleuth claims their daughter is being held.


  13. Bravo to Bridget, poster # 11. Well said.

  14. There appears to be nothing they won't do to shut Mr Amaral up. This latest Civil complaint of theirs is proof of that. How many different ways can you try to sue one man? Ask the mccanns. And will one of the reporters outside the court please ask them why they are not threatening to sue halligen? He appears to have taken anything between £300,000 and £500,000 of their money for no work but they are quite happy with him.


  15. "The case was archived, but may be reopened if there is consistent data."

    Is there any change that the judge would ask for reopening the case?


  16. if Mr Amaral should lose tomorrow do you really think this will be good for the mccanns,some how i dont thinks so.so dont worry Mr Amaral hasnt gone through all this just to let the mccanns win.

    Good luck for tomorrow Mr Amaral

  17. Bridget - Beautifully said!!
    These two money grabbing beings bring out the worst in me.
    Forca Goncalo!

  18. Another bravo to Bridget poster # 11 from the Netherlands.

  19. The circus must go on. And there is no circus if the clowns did not show up.

  20. As a resident of the Uk I would like to apologise to Portugal for having to put up with another visit from these two scumbags.

  21. Well said Bridget.

    Unfortunately Madeleine is not the issue now. Maddie is now a commodity in the McCann's stock inventory. Money is the question. They got too much of it out of the blue. Now that it is vanishing fast, they can't see their future without the easy luxury suddenly acquired. Thence all this bash parties, auctions, net sales, libel suits, etc. Can you imagine these two doctors living in humble anonimity from now on? No way! These two are set for a future with red carpet, unless there is a catastrophe and jail is in the waiting. Hell, I hope so.

  22. Well said Bridget. A brilliant summation of what everyone else can see, yet the McCanns evidently cannot. Thank you.

  23. I am very tempted to write to Carter Ruck and ask why they continually say " abduction" surely it should be "alleged abduction" and how can the McCanns say they have nothing to do with this alleged abduction when, as Bridget 11 has clearly pointed out,they had EVERYTHING to do with it!
    I have always said there is a good reason why some couples are childless, it's my opinion that perhaps this couple should have remained childless.

  24. Bridget says it like it is! Well said!

  25. Dont you think its very funny,
    Gerry's got the scent of money.
    But this time it won't be fun
    With a family business to run.
    Brother John now on the books
    Those same ones that Gerry cooks
    While they seek that elusive pot
    Their little girl they've well forgot.

  26. I hope that Madeleine who is in a lair near PDL -that's the official story, isn't it?- does not have access to a TV.
    If she has, she will be very upset seeing darling mummy and darling daddy being so near -again- and not looking for her.
    Throw this nasty pair into jail where they belong.

  27. The McCanns are clearly trying to morally and financially assassinate Senior Amaral because of one main thing: Senior Amaral is telling the truth and the McCanns know this.

    This is the final step the McCanns will take; whether they win this court proceeding or lose it; this will be the final fling from those two.

    It is in the language they use. "By informing the world that Madeleine is dead hampers the search." There is no search; only the illusion of a search because the McCanns know exactly what happened on the night of 3rd May, 2007. However, the McCanns have to keep this illusion going because there are finances at stake. They have a glam status to prop up.

    Ask any mother anywhere in the world if their child went missing in a town - they would take every opportunity to scour that area. If it were me I would never have left Portugal. I would still be on my hands and knees, combing every inch of the land. If it was you; you would do the same. I have no doubts about this. Any parent would NOT act like the McCanns if they were truly innocent.

    No-one escapes their past and these two very ill people know all too well the reason they have to keep this charade going. It is also worth pointing out that the language they (McCanns) use is crafted from propoganda techniques, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other sytems and formulas used by governments and more often when a dictator has the stage to take control of his people. You need to know how this system works to fully understand how I know, and many others know, that there is no doubt whatsoever that Senior Amaral is correct in everything he says in his book. There can be no argument.

    Hitler's propogandist machine (I think it was Goebels) said something in the lines of: "The bigger the lie the more likely the people will believe it."

    The game is over, McCann. Even if you win on Wednesday it will be purely down to both the UK and Portuguese government working hand-in-hand to dislodge Senior Amaral but it won't matter one iota because the majority are behind Senior Amaral and that majority also know the truth and that is something that bothers the McCanns.

    Personally, if I was in charge on the 3rd of May, 2007 I would have locked down the whole area and grilled everyone in that area before being satisfied of my conclusion. I would have caught the McCanns right there and then and they would be in prison for a very long time.

  28. Can someone help me ...John Corner I have read that Cuddle Cat was bought by him for Madeleines 4th birthday...Is there any article saying this???

  29. i wonder if they will take billy liar aka mitchell with them this time so he can speak for them as we all saw what a nasty temper gerry has the last time

  30. What I don't understand about the Portuguese legal system is why the McCann's accusations were heard in secret without the GA's team having the benefit of cross-examining their witnesses. Had they have done so I am sure the Judge would have, at that stage, seen that the McCann's case was built of straw. Stranger still, those witnesses have not been recalled even at this stage for cross-examination.

    In other jurisdictions surely this would be seen as an affront to natural justice?

    Mr B

  31. Ironside @ 28 I too remember this story about the cat being bought for M's 4th birthday by Jon Corner, but I couldn't find a reference for it and began to wonder if I'd imagined it. Obviously not! I suppose they would say they gave it to her before her birthday, but that would take some explaining if Kate had taken it to work with her, before they went on holiday. I'm sure someone will have the source of that story.

  32. Slightly off topic. That idiot, Gamble, has just been interviewed on BBC News. CEOP believe that many 4-6 year olds are on the internet unsupervised through mobile phones and laptops, and should be a) told to be nice online b) warned to keep personal information private.

    Well, the interviewer asked why CEOP is frightening 4-6 year olds with this stuff and not reminding parents to supervise their children properly. Gambles answer was that it was irrelevant today because 4-6 year olds have the technology to go online unsupervised. The e-mails from disgusted parents to the BBC said that parents should supervise their children and not let them online unsupervised and not frighten them with such pointless information. Good.

    Why is Gamble being allowed to mess with children's minds directly like this when it is his responsibility to talk to parents. First, inviting the McCann to speak, now this, the man is off the wall.

  33. Ironside,
    here you go

    Kate and Gerry McCann: Beyond the smears Timesonline
    "with Cuddle Cat, the toy her godfather, John Corner, had bought her,"


  34. #28 Ironside, I've never read that. JC did allegedly buy Cuddle Cat ('Gerry paused over Madeleine, who – a typical doctor’s observation, this – was lying almost in "the recovery position" with Cuddle Cat, the toy her godfather, John Corner, had bought her...') but I've never seen it connected to Maddie's birthday. Maddie did receive a rag doll for her 4th birthday (allegedly), which Kate was pictured carrting to church, so maybe that's where some confusion lies. Incidentally, JC is godfather of the twins, not Maddie, so what to believe in this web?

  35. Sorry Ironside, I think it doesnt say "for her 4th birthday" But I remember reading it too, it have to be somewhere.


  36. With reference to the posts about the CEOP feature on BBC news, I haven't seen it yet but it does strike me that this is yet another example of making children responsible for their own safety instead of requiring their parents to do so !

    Please would anyone tell me why it would occur to any parent to allow a child aged 4-6 to have unsupervised access to the internet ???? That, quite simply, is insane.

    Why not go the whole hog ? Settle them down next to the PC with a large scotch and a packet of cigarettes. Then perhaps you could pop out for dinner.............

  37. # 11 Bridget
    The positive feedback from your post just goes to show how right you are, you put into words what we all think and try to express in one way or another.. Bravo indeed.
    If anyone has not yet watched the video to the Hollie Greig case that Ironside posted yesterday, please take time to watch it, it is 50 minutes long but is an absolute must see, it shows just how corrupt Britain has become at the highest level in the protection of perverted.
    Thank you Ironside for working so hard to highlight these injustices.

  38. Thank you for all the feedback. There are times when the behaviour of the McCanns and the circus associated with them just really gets my goat. Best wishes to Dr Amaral for Wednesday.

  39. In some articles Jon Corner is referred to as M's godfather. He is also said to have bought the cat for M. (Times Online) I did see an article referring to the cat being bought for her 4th birthday, but can't find it; lots of information about this case has been whoosh-clunked. Some confusion reflected on this site may well originally emanate from information disseminated by the McCann spin team. They certainly weren't very accurate in their police statements, which continually changed. At least most of us here try to sort out fact from spin, as GM likes to think that the confusion in the media works to his advantage. The clearer we can be on getting things as accurate as possible, the better.

  40. Post 32. Gamble said': 4-6 year olds have the technology to go online unsupervised. Unsupervised like Sean and Amelie Mccann?

  41. joanna,will you be going to the court tomorrow,or any one else,as it does not seem like sky news will be twittering

  42. That is the worst EVER picture of Gerry Mccann....smug, cocksure and
    what's with the sloppy mouth ??? Uggrrrhhh............

  43. Post 36. Your comments reflect the views of the parents who emailed BBC News about the interview with Gamble exactly. Listening to Gamble I detected a resistance to parents being involved in teaching their children this, when he said that the trouble is that "parents would have to learn the code they are introducing" for that, and in effect he was saying that children (4-6) are largely unsupervised anyway. Is this trying to make it 'normal' for toddlers to be unsupervised? Has he been listening to the McCann too much?

  44. Meanwhile, back at Rothley Crescent, what about the twins?
    Mummy and Daddy went off to Portugal in January for a few days.

    Then Daddy went off to London to Ceop conference -did he go back that night?

    Then Mummy and Daddy went off to a party late January in London and probably didn't get back that night.

    Then Mummy and Daddy went off to Portugal in February for two days. And then......perhaps ....they stayed at home with their two children and led a normal family life?

  45. To Bridget #11. Way-to-go! A really great post which says what we all feel and think. Well said!

  46. Great Post Bridget. Wish it could be on the front page of every newspaper in the land.

  47. The case needs to be reopened to put an end to speculation.

  48. Thank you to Joanna, Kazlux and Astro for keeping us informed.

    Thanks also to all the translators Ines, Miffed, Albym and any others who I have not mentioned.

    This blog is an an absolute reference library of information.

    I agree about No. 11 Bridget. Great post.


  50. I hate the McCann's. I hate them for conning people into feeling sorry for them - for getting everyone else to do their searching - for getting barristers, PR teams and lawyers to do their dirty work - for hijacking someone else's Amber Alert idea for their own ends - for blaming anyone & everyone who do not believe their lies - for using the general public's sympathy donations for their mortgage

    The saddest, most cowardly thing is that they blamed their own shortcomings as parents on an imaginary bogeyman

  51. Bridget post 11

    I love your post, well said!!!

  52. Right Anon at 50.

    And also for saying those wonderful dogs are 'ludicrous' for indicating Madeleine is dead, and trying to discredit them.

  53. 50

    I share your feelings, and next they will be sueing US, you and me and everyone too, if we don't look for Madeleine. As they always say " we want you to look for our daughter" or " people need to look for Madeleine". Just imagine Gerry saying it with his strong scotish accent.

  54. Brilliant post Bridget No.11.
    You've said it all in a few lines.Thanks.

  55. The duo have apparently always maintained that the child was abducted, according to this and other articles. No other options? Why didn't any reporter ask if they thought the child had wandered off and got lost. I would like to know.

  56. 55 Michelle Thompson's statement to LP 1/5/08- friend of KM- "She (K) lamented that Madeleine would be found in a ditch and next time she saw her would be in the mortuary; that a paedophile had taken her"
    Allowing for possible translation errors from PJ files, Kate obviously believed what no-one is now allowed to say without fear of libel action.

  57. T9 return flight details -Vol X1a page 2962
    Can someone have a look, as it seems to me that outgoing flights were booked at different times for KM and children? I'm not familiar with flight schedules, so there may be some other explanation.

  58. Anon 55

    Madeleine being dead or having wandered off wouldn't have got the Fund up and running and the millions rolling in.

    It has to be abducted or nothing.

  59. Anon 58 is absolutely right. In any case, the "wandered off" theory is out of the question for other reasons. Firstly, Kate has assured us that "Madeleine would never have done that". That is why she knew immediately that Maddie had been taken. Also, it does not explain the open window or the reaction of the dogs. The Jane Tanner lies are also down the pan as well.

  60. ;;)Contrary to what the article states at the end, the "Meccanos" were not acquitted for lack of evidence but rather of SUFFICENT evidence - or if you prefer, controversial evidence from the canil. Bow-bow statements cannot at present be accepted in human courts, not and until the Rosetta Stone of "Dogalese" has been found. Pity really.

    Anyway, let us wait and see what the motherly instincts of the young, inexperienced Lusitanian judge, will have to say tomorrow. Fingers crossed...

  61. McCannagle at post 25

    :)) Are you sure you are not RIPM? It doesn't matter anyway. Very good too. Pity you could not post the backup vocals (Eddie & Keela).

  62. Anon ≠56, maybe the McCanns should have had a writ ready for Clarence when he said back in Oct 2007

    '"Kate and Gerry are realistic enough to know that there is a probability she is dead.
    "They have not given up hope that she is still alive and is being looked after somewhere.
    "But human nature is that you always fear the worst and they need to know what has happened."

    Gerry, of course, wrote in his blog

    '"Kate and I do NOT accept that Madeleine is 'probably' dead. We know it is a possibility, however the fact there is no evidence Madeleine has been seriously harmed gives us ongoing hope that she will be found alive."

    Strange that Clarence, so close to the family, should have mentioned probability rather than possibility, but in any case it remains a fact that the McCanns themselves know perfectly well that Madeleine could well be dead and knew this over 2 years ago. Even is she had been abducted the chances of her still being alive are minimal in the opinion of practically every expert whose opinion I've read.

    The chances of her being abducted and being unharmed are zero - how could a child be abruptly removed from her parents, her siblings and everyone and everything she knows, and taken God knows where and for what purpose, yet NOT be seriously harmed? Sadly, IMO the only way Madeleine could be safe from serious harm is if she is somewhere beyond harm, beyond being hurt, away from evil people.

  63. Bridget at 36 - I find it hard to believe that 4-6 year olds all have mobile phones as well. My 10 yr old grandson has just got one which I thought was way too young.

  64. Nige @ 34...thanks for your help. I have been searching you and Pamalam and believe this must have been a forum myth from the MF days...However I am more interested in the movements of Rag doll on the eve of Madeleines birthday.

    Many thanks to all of you who have replied.

  65. HiJoana
    I just had an email from projecto Justica Goncalo Amaral. It is in Portugese and I can't translate on my email provider. Would it be ok to copy it here and some kind soul might translate for me?

  66. Anon 50 - Even IF they were innocent (and I have tried to think innocent until proven guilty, but their behaviours challenge this every time) its their arrogance and superior attitude that has done them no favours at all.

    They might have got away with it if they had kept a low profile and not put up barriers against the PJ`s investigations. I think the worst thing they ever did was hire Clarence Mitchell - that really put an end to any credibility they had. You just have to look at that man to know he`s pr|ck.

  67. Brigit - Spot on you speak for so many....

    To anyone interested in MM, watch this video & weep :


    Leaders of Parties / parliaments / institutions / services have all been informed....but none are trying to do anything about this.

    MPs, Why tell us about your new crime policies when you refuse to tackle such monstrous crimes ?

    Corruption at the very top......the Expenses scandal is nothing compared to this cover up

  68. I just wanted to say how well written Bridget's comment is. I've been following this case online since May 2007 and from early on something just did not ring true.

    Since then I've become the mother of twin girls - just turned 2 years old. We also have a 3 1/2 year old son and a 6 year old son. We regularly experience first hand how difficult it is to get them all to bed at a reasonable time each night. I do not believe that the 3 Mccann children could be safely tucked up in bed of their own volition by 19.30. Not least because they were all sharing a room and would be whooping each other up.

    You cannot be part-time parents to young children - they need to be cared for all the time. Yes you may feel like a break to recharge batteries - but negating your responsibility and leaving young children alone whilst you go out for the evening is appauling. The irony of doing this in a mediterranean country!!

    I think everyone needs to think hard about what new piece of evidence would be enough to reopen this case. Perhaps collectively bloggers interested in this case need to appeal to anyone who knows the Gaspars or the Paynes to come forward with any relevant information.

  69. As my mother would say "You should always credit people with a little bit more intelligence" this imo is where the WHOLE of Team Mccann have come unstuck, thinking that everyone WILL believe their stories.

    That picture above of Gerry is the look of a son only a mother would love ha ha ha!!!!!


  70. #11 Bridget - Well said!


  71. The McCluskey statements have been a recent eye- opener for me. This couple claim to have seen the McCanns with a lifeless child, using a flat bed white transit on May 5th. They reported this to the Northumbria Police. The PJ were said to have claimed it was a Ukrainian couple. The McCluskeys seem very definite about what they saw, near the village of Alvor. There are also accouts of this in the Sunderland Echo 7.8.08.

  72. It doesnt sound like are going to take the stand as promised .........But I would have been more shocked i the had .....they think if they say Maddie was abducted often enough everyone will believe it

  73. Excellent Bridget (11) every word true !!!

  74. Mccanns return to Portugal.

    I think they just "love to fly"....one more time

  75. poster 62 ,I agree ,young children are tiring ,but this wasnt a family holiday as you or I would have ,these poor children were dumped in creches everyday while the "parents" gallivanted ,They didnt bother with a buggy and I bet a bucket and spade were way down the list of holiday "must haves"This holiday IMO was how they live their lives day in day out ,all about them and sod the chidren,they see them as an hindrance

  76. i sooo wish cuddle cat could talk...

    agree with bridget - and, this has often been said, but i want to point it out again: if the "talented" mr & mrs mccann were working class council flat people, they sure as hell would be in jail now.

    whatever the judge's decision will be, sr amaral won't be silenced too easily. there's still the european court...

    justice for madeleine!
    justice for goncalo "do not underestimate me" amaral!


  77. here is a link to the mccluskey statement http://missingmadeleine.forumotion.net/case-files-statements-f26/mccluskey-statements-t6096.htm

  78. Anyone know if the British policeman with the Portuguese name is able to get to the Lisbon hearing tomorrow, or is he still errm "on holiday"?

  79. Hello poster (73) you're right when you say the McCann children were a hindrance, to their parents. I'll never forget looking at the video of the group in the airport lounge, when Madeleine who was sitting next to her bad tempered father, heard him tell whoever was videoing the group, to "F**k Off" because he wasn't here to enjoy himself.

    Re the buggy, the McCanns didn't have a buggy before Madeleine went missing, but they sure as hell had one after. I would like to know who was in the buggy when Gerry McCann was photographed pushing it. The hood was up and the waterproof cover was right up to the hood, making it hard for whoever was in the buggy to breath. Unless of course whoever was in the buggy was not breathing and was on her way to her final resting place.

  80. Lilyofthevalley, I'm sure the McCann team knows that not everyone believes them. Their main concern is with those people who express their disbelief publicly, much of the McCann's efforts have been directed at discrediting and silencing such people. They are running a business, they have been doing it from day one, and bad publicity is not good for business.

    Anonymous 27, "It is also worth pointing out that the language they (McCanns) use is crafted from propoganda techniques, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other sytems and formulas used by governments and more often when a dictator has the stage to take control of his people."

    The techniques the McCann team have used are similar to those used by politicians and this is another indication of the professional background of the people that have been sustaining this charade behind the scenes. The extent to which this couple has been protected tells me that what is being hidden from the public is even more sinister than the death of a child.

    For me the the Portuguese justice system is on trial and not Mr. Amaral.


  81. Kathybelle #77, it is Mr McCann himself who mentions, in his statement to the PJ on the 10th of May, 2007, that the McCanns used "baby buggies" for the twins when the whole family went to the beach in the afternoon, on Tuesday, the 1st of May, 2007.
    The buggies are mentioned at least twice in that statement.

  82. poster 77 ,Oh yes they soon had a buggy AFTER Maddie was "abducted" but what parents with 3 toddlers would dream of going on a "family holiday (as we told over and over it was)" without a buggy ,or if you have no boot space hire one or buy a cheap umbrella type and leave it at a charity shop when you have done with it ?I would never have dreamt of going on a "family holiday "without a buggy ,mine used to drop off in it at night or afternoons ,but she was too busy filling her bag with knock out drops to think about a buggy ,and lets be fair to her ,she knew she wasnt going to use it ,kids left for all and sundry to care for whilst the vile duo swanned off jogging /playing tennis/getting pi$$ed,has I have said from the 1st time I saw them on Tv ,she is not a normal Mother,her eyes are like blocks of ice

  83. Guerra at 78

    That is very interesting information about the progaganda techniques used by these people, because it is like some kind of brainwashing has been going on for so long.

    How to counter it?

    That is the question.

  84. "....The very people seeking the protection of the Portuguese justice system refused to co-operate with that system when the investigation took place and, absurdly, remain beyond its reach while sitting in the courtroom!...."


    A very interesting blog : "Wednesday the 10th"

  85. I hope Goncarlo Amaral knows that we on this site and many many more people wish him all the best for tomorrow,i hope the judge has the wisdom to see through the ghastly McConns,i hope justice is done for him,and if it is then we may at last see the beginning of justice for Madeleine.

  86. so we have a complaint lodged on the basis that Goncalo Amaral broke the judiacial secrecy, by releasing information from the files in his book.

    Is the argument that the information should not of been accessible to the eyes of anyone, until the archiving? and that although the book was released after this date....for the book to have been ready to go so soon ....means that indivuduals involved in its production, must have witnessed material under judicial secrecy prior to its archiving ....thus breaking the judical secrecy law.

    Do they have a point?
    Have they been to clever for there own good.
    They are in effect at the same time confirming the book is based on the files.........which is what Goncalo has said from day 1.


  87. Hi Astro I heard Gerry McCann say, in a media interview, that the reason they never took the children to the restaurant, they took them to on the first day of their holiday, was because they didn't have a buggy for the children. So they decided to leave the children in their apartment, use the Tapas bar and check on the children.

    I think the media interviews are still on "You Tube"

  88. They (via Carter Ruck) are also saying that an article which questions the McCann and the remaining Tapas 7 story of abduction - and how difficult it would be to have abducted Madeleine - is 'ldefamatory and libellous' as it casts doubt on their story!

    I think Carter Ruck may not be as clever as we are supposed to think, as such a claim is easily refuted.

  89. Re my last post (82) the name of restaurant I was talking about is the Millenium.

  90. Kathybelle, from Mr McCann's statement to the PJ - May 10, 2007:

    "From memory, on Tuesday, 1 May 2007, by indication from RUSSEL, he went to pick up MADELEINE at the crèche using a short-cut that began at the car park opposite the secondary reception and went between the buildings, which he used to fetch and take his daughter from then on.

    Concerning the routine, on Tuesday there was a slight change given that after lunch, at 13h30, the deponent and KATE decided to take the three children to Praia da Luz, having gone on foot, taking only the twins in baby buggies. They all left by the main door because of the buggies, went around to the right, down the street of the “BATISTA” supermarket and went to the beach along a road directly ahead."


  91. A rare public avenue to discuss this matter is MSN news, if you have hotmail accounts etc you can comment. Tomorrow this is bound to be covered! Please please go on there and comment if you can and show the Portuguese that we in the UK are not all imbeciles following what Clarence feeds us!

    I posted this in a similar vein and i am pleased to say even a story about the Lottery was 'Clarenced' and turned in to a Madeleine focus.

    This is a rare and valuable way to reach a wider audience and educate those currently uneducated by the British Media. I am on there as Heffer9000 so feel free to say hello, i know a lot of people are finding this via the McCannfiles so i try to point people there as much as possible....please repeat this to your like minded friends....last item there were two of the usual....blah blah poor parents and 70 freedom reasoned arguments...along with a few hang thems!

  92. Fund's down to half a million pounds and two million airmiles LOL

  93. Anon#23
    That last sentence of yours is simply spiteful and small-minded. Have pity on the childless couple. Unless you have gone there, don't criticize.

  94. As someone commented on the UK Column on the Hollie story...the internet is reactive and is thus limited as a method of spreading the facts about cases such as Hollie and Maddie. One has to actively seek out the information on the internet. That is why it is necessary to print leaflets and take them to the people - just as Robert Green is doing and Tony Bennett tried to do. I believe that there is potential for a very powerful force to emerge if Robert Green and McCann sceptics work together to expose the evil of "state sponsored paedophilia". A pressure group is needed that brings together supporters of Maddie, Hollie, Islington, Jersey in order to tell the public the truth about these cover-ups and paedophile rings; in an effort to rid society of this cancer. Robert Green is an amazing and brave man but he could just as easily take your breath away if he spoke about the Madeleine McCann case for 45 minutes.

  95. Anon 74

    Cuddlecat did talk.

    He indicated that he stank of cadaver scent, even after washing, meaning he had been in close contact with a dead body.

  96. Hi Astro, I'm only repeating what I heard Gerry McCann say in a media interview. I have just found an old article in the Daily Mirror called "Missing Madeleine One Year On" Kate McCann explains that they took the children to the Millenium restaurant on the first day of their holiday, but they didn't have a buggy and they had to carry the 3 children between them.

    She then said that they planned to take the children to the restaurant again, on the night Madeleine went missing, but because they struggled with them on the first night they didn't want to do that again.

    As I said in my previous post, Gerry McCann said in a media interview, they didn't have a buggy and that was when he was asked why they never took their children to the child friendly restaurants that were in the area.

  97. I just wonder until when will us and all the British citizens in Portugal be insulted by the presence of these disgusting persons.
    I can't see their faces anymore without feeling an urge to p-ke.

    If you don't care about your child, at least leave our country free of you, monsters.


  98. Good Post 66.

    I am a father and Grandfather and agree 100% with what you, and Bridget
    (Post 11) have written.

  99. (with apologies in advance to any believers amongst you)


    Pope Benedict
    The Vatican
    Rome (preparing itself for our visit etc)

    Your Holiness,

    We write on behalf of our client, Bridget, who pays us an enormous retainer to act on her behalf.

    It has come to our attention that whilst addressing the public in St Peter's Square yesterday you made several references to the existence of an entity known as 'God', even going so far as to claim that this entity had bestowed his 'blessings' upon the crowd.

    As you know, it is the belief of our client that this 'God' does not exist, therefore your address to the faithful is highly defamatory of our client, casting (as it does) very serious doubt on her opinion that it's all a load of old cobblers, and implying that the pew-shiners were right all along.

    I have to remind you that there is absolutely no evidence that God exists, but refering to him in this manner implies that our client has lied, and I'm afraid we really can't allow that, can we ?

    It has also come to our attention that you have been spreading this wild thesis of yours by means of a publication refered to as the Bible, which has caused considerable distress to our client, especially as she cannot even check into an hotel without finding this book, with it's bizarre, unproven theories, secreted somewhere about the bedside cabinet.

    We therefore insist that you comply with the following conditions, in order to avoid an expensive action for defamation

    1) That you cease immediately making reference to the existence of God, and replace the words ''God bless you my child'' with ''Have a nice day''

    2) That you recover all copies of your scurrillous unproven text, the Bible, and distribute no further texts.

    3) That all future transmissions of Songs of Praise are halted immediately, and the tapes passed to our legal team for destruction. Likewise any copies of Keeping up Appearances. Whilst we appreciate that the latter does not seek to propagate your wild, unproven theories about the existence of one all-powerful deity, it does get on our client's tits, and lets face it, we are on a roll here.

    Our client is a reasonable woman, and is prepared to allow you to retain the Vatican archives of Cliff Richard recordings, including the Christmas singles, as a gesture of good faith.

    We would remind you again that your thesis is completely unproven, and although the same could be said for our client's story , she is the one sitting on a whopping great nest egg..er, generously donated fighting fund, with which she is at liberty to piss about in court to her heart's content.

    Yours faithfully etc.

    Reedham and Weap, solicitors.

  100. There's nothing in the papers avout this latest visit to Lisbon ... nothing at ALL !

    How very different to last time, when the McCanns arrived with much fanfare and an accompanying press-pack.

    What's the plan this time then ? ... slinking in and out of Portugal like a couple of snakes in the grass ?

    I don't know how much more of this loathsome pair I can stomach, I really don't.

  101. Goncalo, I hope justice prevails for you tomorrow, after nearly 3 years of contempt from the McCann's and the British media, you deserve justice.

    My greatest respect to you sir!!.

  102. Bridget 11 well said ,Good luck Goncalo Amaral tomorrow

  103. Hi if anyone wants to send Goncalo a good luck message there is a website where you can do so. I can't put links on this board but if you google this name, it will bring you to the website.

    Mensagens de Apoio-Support Messages Projecto Justica Goncalo Amaral.

  104. Kathy @85 ,I too heard Gerry say they had not had a buggy ,then a few days after Maddie was "abducted"he appeared pushing one ,but he DEFINETLY did say they never had one
    A massive Good luck for tomorrow Goncalo ,we are all behind you

  105. to 97
    Dernier scoop:

    "Des sources proches de Jésus ont laissé entendre, que le cabinet Carter Ruck, spécialiste des extraditions extra-terrestres, allait lancer en son nom, une super injonction contre Dieu le père pour l'avoir laissé mourir sur la croix.
    Contacté par notre rédaction, Saint-Pierre a refusé tout commentaire."


  106. Kathybelle Thank you for the address to send messages of good luck ,I have sent one and my thoughts will be with Goncalo and Maddie tomorrow

  107. To Bridget # 97. An interesting "Parable"and thought provoking too! Things provable and un-provable,although should we not believe in one proposition------the worst that can happen to us,is maybe an eternity in Hell,whilst if we express any doubts at all about a theoretical abduction,we could spend an eternity in Endless Litigation and bad mouthing ! Some options eh ?

  108. Kate McCann has always maintained that an abduction took place, as far as I am aware it has been reported that the McCanns are sure that Maddie would not have wandered off, I am sure that most parents of small children have experienced a child getting up from their bed not fully awake and confused, to say that Maddie would not wander off raises the question how on earth would any parent be sure what a small child would do given the fact that they were alone in a strange place with absent parents.

    There has been a great deal of speculation about the children being medicated.

    only recently Michael Jacksons Doctor is facing involuntary manslaughter for proving powerfull sedatives to the late Mr. Jackson.

    I am not saying that the McCanns sedated their children.

    Just my thoughts !!!!

    Would be a blessing if the case was re-opened

  109. Nicely said Bridget! Good luck Senor Amaral. Praying for you from the midwest of the USA. Catherine

  110. Bridget @ 97, even though I am a devout Catholic (not one of convenience either, I hasten to add) I had to laugh at the letter from your esteemed solicitors. However, I must point out to you that if the Holy Father were so unfortunate as to catch an episode of Songs of Praise these days he would probably suffer an apopleptic fit at the realisation that this ghastly programme fills the only TV slot still left to his English flock. Also I doubt if the BBC's Head of Religious Broadcasting, who is of course a Muslim, would take any notice of any such request emanating from the Vatican.

  111. \patrixjude 91

    Actually I think its a valid point. If you believe in a God and in the faith that the McCanns claim they adhere to, then you should not have fertility treatment as surely their God did not wish them to reproduce and surely it isnt allowed by their religion anyway?

  112. Based on the evidence presented so far Mr Amaral should have a shoo-in. However, I'm not that naive to think it will be. Mr Amaral has already said that if he loses he will take this to the European Court. Amaral's comment suggests he is not entirely confident in his own Country's capacity to deliver the right verdict. Why this diffidence? I'm sure Amaral suspects there might high level collusion between British and Portuguese governments. Hopefully, this collusion / corruption will not be encountered in a European Court.
    In Bocca al Lupo Goncalo.
    Angelo Del Montello

  113. Anon 98.

    The plan,where MBM, EU law,and treacherous politicians are concerned.

    The Lisbon Treaty has been signed by a British Prime Minister and the Queen, without ANY reference to the British people. What makes this situation crazy, is that Gordon Brown (A Scotsman), was elected in Scotland to be a member of the British Parliament in London England. Gordon Brown, cannot vote on issues in Scotland, and has denied the British people a vote on whether we want to give up our sovereignty, to be a state in a federal Europe. He has also influenced the Portuguese police investigation to find missing MBM.

    If the Mccann's are successful in Lisbon against Snr Goncalo Amaral, this will prove 100% to me, the Dictatorial European Union Superstate will have the ability to ride rough shod over all EU citizens rights, if it so chooses.

    Follow the money trail.


  114. The hearing starts at the same time, 9:30 am, with the usual delays, at about 11am. The McCanns will probably arrive tonight at about the same hour and flight of last time, at about 11 or midnight. Have no idea if Jon di Paolo will be twitting from inside the court or if the Portuguese sky news producer will continue to do his job - hopefully he will because he was the sole responsible for factual information on both twitts and Sky News press and video information. We will be there to support Amaral and Freedom of Speech.

    Messages of support to Gonçalo Amaral can be sent via the blogger comment system at http://pjga.blogspot.com/ or via the blog contact form http://pjga.blogspot.com/2005/11/contact.html

    Witnesses for tomorrow, called by Guerra & Paz are Luís Fróis, the marketing guy; and Eduardo Dâmaso, Sub-chief editor of Correio da Manhã newspaper. Then final allegations from both the defense and accusation will take place, then the judge will most likely have a period of reflection and schedule a final hearing for the ruling on the injunction that bans both the book and documentary.

  115. A word on the presumption of innocence...

    I have often heard McCann apologists cite the legal presumption of innocence, which they usually refer to as "innocent until proven guilty", as an attack against any who find the McCanns suspicious.

    I would like to clarify that the legal principle of presumption of innocence is not a declaration of actual innocence... it is a protection against the popular belief summed up in the old Navy chant "He's bound to be guilty or he wouldn't be here!" In other words, the idea that if the accused wasn't guilty, he/she wouldn't be accused in the first place, which is circular reasoning.

    Every murderer, rapist, child molester, petty thief and cat burglar is entitled in our court system to the legal presumption of innocence until the judge's gavel falls accompanied by the word "guilty."

    That does not mean that they are actually innocent. The legal presumption of innocence is not equivalent to actual innocence.

    And it definitely does NOT mean that they are above suspicion.


  116. "We will be there to support Amaral and Freedom of Speech"...

  117. I remember I thinks it was Kates mother who said they were not the most devout of christians, meaning they weren´t that religious so she was surprised when they wanted a priest from the UK. mmmmmmm?

  118. Hopefully very soon freedom of speech will be restored to Sr Amaral, and every success to him.

    It is a madness that this silencing of a man and a book has been allowed to continue so long, and truth has been replaced by spin.

  119. Do people reading here know that Carter-Ruck have tried to stop the Madeleine Foundation referring to Madeleine's disappearance as a mystery? According to a letter sent to Tony Bennett, Carter-Ruck say it is an "actionable libel" to refer to her disappearance as a mystery. This is from TB's reply to CR:

    Finally, we cannot agree with you that the statement: ‘The fact is that the disappearance of Madeleine McCann remains a mystery’ is, in and of itself, an ‘actionable libel’.

    You can read this at www.littlemorsals.com. It's under the heading A 2nd Letter to Carter-Ruck.

    I've read many a crazy thing about this case but this takes the biscuit. Here we have one of the most mysterious disappearances ever but will be sued if we refer to it as a mystery!

  120. Anon 119

    There go Carter Ruck trying it on again. Grasping at straws now with their continued attempts at intimidation.

    If the disappearance of Madeleine were not a mystery we would know what happened to her in that apartment, and where she is now.

    One thing is for sure, there is no proof that Madeleine was abducted, and the official investigators who worked on the case believe Madeleine died in that apartment.

    The mystery to them is where her body has been hidden.

  121. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Kate-And-Gerry-McCann-Face-Final-Day-Of-Fight-To-Ban-Book-Claiming-They-Covered-Up-Madeleines-Death/Article/201002215545831

  122. What´s happening at Sky? That report is so fair I don´t think I can fault it.

  123. At the bottom of the Article on Sky quoted by Joana it says that we can follow the case live from Lisbon on Sky. More Tweets the better!!!

  124. just seen this on jon di paulo's twitter

    For live tweets on the Madeleine McCann case from the Portuguese courtroom today, follow @hannahtp
    25 minutes ago from web

  125. follow sky news twitter coverage at http://twitter.com/@hannahtp

  126. Brilliant I will be glued to the computer ,please,please ,please let is be good news at last

  127. I really hope the crowd will be there today ,jeering the Mc`s ,they got off very lightly last time

  128. Anon #119

    Carter-Ruck might be right.
    Madeleine's disappearance is not a mystery ... for the McCann.
    The despicable duo knows jolly well what happened.
    But they can't have it both ways, they should be in jail and they know it.
    Carter-Ruck are their highly paid (with whose money?) mercenaries doing what they are told.

  129. 119 This is a fact, I've seen the letter from Carter Ruck! They are either very clever indeed (in terms of their use - arguably abuse - of the libel laws) or they are not as clever as they have been made out to be!

    Either way, it is ludicrous to claim that a discussion of the 'tales' of the T9 is libellous and defamatory - although of course the reputations of the T9 are tarnished simply by the words which emanate from their stupid mouths!

  130. The trial of the Portuguese Judiciary and system continues!

  131. The McCanns reason for banning Goncalo Amaral's book is because they say people who read the book, won't look for Madeleine. I hope the Portuguese judge asks the McCanns, why THEY never looked for Madeleine, especially when they first discovered her "MISSING"

  132. I just wish the UK media would communicate to the UK public the ridiculous claim that the McCanns are making that to discuss the case requires the acceptance of their version of events and to disagree or to consider any alternative to their claim is to commit libel! Utterly utterly ludicrous and an afront to free expression and to logic.

    There is no evidence that an abduction took place, there is more evidence that an abduction would have been, to say the least, difficult to have committed. Yet the McCanns are allowed to claim abduction and seek to obtain money on that basis!

    Surely to base a fund on a claim that is not proven yet to claim it is proven, is misrepresentation?!

    Someone with standing, like a contributor, needs to sue them!

  133. If I had given money to their fund, I'd sue them on the basis that they misrepresented the use to which they were putting the money (now using it for legal defence, which they said they would not do) and because the basis of the fund is unproven - abduction remains the least likely and least supported theory, evidentially and logically.

  134. John again,

    Joana - 125.

    There is no point in folowing sky's twitter - he is telling us nothing that we could not guess for ourselves. It would be so simple to send the odd question and answer but oh,no - just the fact that everyone has turned up and now they are breaking for coffee and biscuits.

  135. I`d rather not see pictures of GM with his tongue out - it makes him look like a snake.

  136. The best tweet I have read so far: "Amaral's lawyer: Portugese citizens must be concerned that a court may forbid Goncalo Amaral to talk or THINK about the case."

  137. The McCanns need to be careful! The case will be re-opened if they keep trying to shut everyone up!

    The last thing they want is for the alternatives to their ludicrous cliams of an abduction to be discussed. When they start saying that calling the disapperance a mystery is libel, they have clearly lost the plot!

  138. A ROOM WITH A VIEW..........

    Mr and Mrs Mccann.....,
    There has been much debate about the fateful night when your child mysteriously disappeared from the holiday apartment occupied by your family in May 2007. Acting as 'responsible' parents you considerately left your young children alone every evening whilst you dined at the Tapas restaurant which, as you say was only a stones throw from the apartment (no doubt one of the stones that you leave unturned). In fact so near that you could keep a watchful eye during the evenings should anything untoward happen. The restaurant that no doubt was surrounded by opaque plastic to protect diners from the chilly spring air. Considering that and the shrubbery that lies between the restaurant and your apartment, your point of view must have been perfect to enable you keep a diligent eye on your childrens safety.

    Assuming this principal, it surely follows that the restaurant was clearly visible from the apartment. If only the room could speak what enlightenment could be cast upon the mystery. Mrs Mccann - upon entering the apartment at 10.00 p.m. you found the shutter and window open which of course was left thus by the abductor. The police found same to be closed with no sign of forced entry but you and only you can know what you discovered. In a state of panic I don't doubt you quickly closed the windows and shutter to protect your twins from the cold night air and to keep them safe whilst you returned to the restaurant to tell your friends about the abduction - hence your fingerprints!

    In the heat of the moment it stands to reason that you, your friends and numerous miscellaneous persons where permitted to enter the appartment and thus destroy valuable forensic evidence. If only you had been a little more in control of the situation, the 'bungling' police would have gathered sufficient evidence to quickly locate the perpetrater and bring same to justice. Instead you have suffered nearly 3 years of torment, financial hardship at the hands of a bunch of incompetant police officers.

    Clearly you know better than those assigned to assist you in your plight, in fact you two and maybe some of your friends are the only ones that know the truth, are you not? I wish with all my heart that this hearing gives you everything you deserve! - You, the innocent, why should you suffer alone when you can destroy so many other lives - poetic justice prevails!

    If only walls could talk!

  139. One of the defences we often hear from McCann supporters is that parents wouldnt harm their children...

    Oh yeah?


  140. Big accusation from Duarte in her closing speech. Accused Pavia of lying to the Court.

  141. From http://twitter.com/@hannahtp

    Duarte said that during the Madeleine investigation Pavia stated the sniffer dogs had failed at least once.
    18 minutes ago from web

    They are afraid of the dogs! Good that at least their lawyer will discuss them!

    The McCanns usually sue anyone who discusses anything except abduction!

    Interesting that Duarte finished on that point, I thought this was about banning the book? The dogs are mentioned in the police files and lots of other places. Still, at least this case has kept Madeleine in the news for the right reasons, not just to hide what happened and repeat the ludicrous claim that she was abducted - which by now everyone must realise is a fairy tale designed to keep the money coming in!

    The latest attempt by the McCanns lawyers to silence people by saying they can't refer to Madeleines disappearance as a mystery is so utterly ridiculous that even the mad woman in the UK rag 'The Sun' will struggle to defend them!

  142. According to sky news twitter coverage McCanns have said only a few minutes ago outside the Lisbon courtroom that they want the police to review the case. Can this really be true? Do we all want the same thing now...?

  143. Was any information on the TvMais report from Dec.2008:by Hernani Carvahlo, brought out in evidence?
    " McCann had informant inside PJ"
    "According to an (ex?) Metodo 3 agent, he wasn't hired to search for M .... his mission was to carry out actions that would direct the authorities that were responsible for the investigation and search for M, into Morocco or Spain, And that he says he did. The detective advances that the McCann couple never asked him to lie, but that he cannot say the samr thing about the McCann's team, or Metodo 3's team."

  144. been following this all day,all i can say is the mccanns are sick people and I.D.is not far behind to carry on with this charade.some think I.D said today makes me think they will try to pin this non abduction on hewlett and soon as he dies

  145. @119

    It's a Mystery (Toyah) lyrics adapted.

    It's a Mystery.

    She’s somewhere in the distance,
    Hidden from view
    Suspended in the atmosphere
    Waiting to come through
    Sometimes she’s so far away
    Sometimes she’s very near,
    Her cries being carried by the wind,
    Just loud enough to hear
    feel its power within you
    Bells ringing in your head
    So often we’ll all have heard her cry
    But forgotten what it said
    It's a mystery, it's a mystery
    Is anyone still searching for a clue
    It's a mystery to me
    Left in the dark.....
    The big question mark in history....
    Is Madeleine’s disappearance
    Still a mystery to you?

    She vanished with a vengeance,
    A trip in the dark,
    Sirens in the distance
    Trying to steer us from the path?
    She won’t be lifted to the heavens,
    Won’t ever be at rest,
    Her mysterious disappearance
    Must really be addressed.

    It's a mystery, it's a mystery
    Is anyone still searching for a clue
    It's a mystery to me
    shot in the dark
    The big question mark in history -
    Is missing Madeleine,
    Still a mystery to you?

    It's a mystery, It's a mystery,
    It will always be so
    Unless someone starts searching,
    to save this little lost soul.

  146. I thought Duarte had a good reputation as a lawyer. She sounds quite hysterical snd uncontrolled to me.

  147. Are the BBC bored with the story now? I can't find a mention of todays events on their web site.

  148. The McCanns want the case re-opened, so at last we are all on the same page!

    Does this mean they will co-operate? Or is this a ploy, to have the case re-opened and 'adjusted' to focus on wild goose chases across Europe, Africa,Asia and the rest of the world?

    Or will kate answer the questions she has steadfastly refused to answer?

  149. How can the McCann's launch CRIMINAL proceedings??!!!!!!!

    Surely only the executive, the state, can launch CRIMINAL proceedings?

    Are the McCann's now part of the Portuguese executive?!!!

  150. Ian 148 - I don`t think they used the words `re-opened` - they used the word `reviewed`. There may be a difference. They may have said they want the case reviewed to see if its worth re-opening - but I`m pretty sure they will be managing `the review` and `the reviewers`.

  151. 148 ,I understood them to say they want the case "reviewed"which is not the same as "reopened" they chose their words carefully as per usual

  152. poster 149 ,with everyone allowing them to run this case from day one ,they are now under the illusiion they ARE the law

  153. In my opinion, Gerry McCann is an informant to the British government, reporting on the activities of the IRA in Donegal.

    Also IMO, the Brits are covering up for the McCanns because when Maddie died, Special Branch assisted in the hiding of her body. It isn't only the Tapas 9 involved in illegal activities, it is the British Intelligence services.

    Maybe Halligen will sing if he ever gets free from HIS handlers.

  154. The McCanns might SAY they want the case reopened.

    So why have they not officially requested it?

    We need no reminding that the McCanns SAY a lot of things, and it doesn't mean that what they say is true.

  155. The Mcs don't want the case reopened. The words, "want the police to review the case," is pure PR for "we are innocent and the police will agree if only they would review their opinion". You see those nice poor poor McCanns think there is no evidence, no dogs, no apartment clean-up, no contradictions, no closed/open shutters, window, doors, no faked records, no independent witnesses, no phone records.

  156. How was ID allowed to get away with slating the PJ officer in her summing up? Surely she cannot go around saying he was lying without having evidence? If she has evidence of police misconduct then is a civil trial about a book injunction an appropriate place to bring it up? I can't beleive the judge did not stop her. THe PJ officer was not on trial, the judge should have stopped the tirade against him, or at least ask ID for proof of what she was saying. I hope the officer , Pavia I think his name is, makes a complaint against her. Was he the one who talked of Kate's dream? For some reason that really got Gerry's goat. Now Mr. Pavia will be on Gerry's hit list to be destroyed. He is like a dalek- Exterminate, Eradicate. This 'sue-fest' could go on for years, unless Portugal stops it. Right now. I hope the judge curbs their appetite for litigation.

  157. The McCanns want the case reopened? Very clever and very devious. Unfortunately, they (or the other Tapas friends) will never actively participate in the reopening of the case. Saying they will is a good way of ingratiating themselves with the Portuguese and more importantly the Portuguese Judge who has yet to make judgement. Most of us who have followed the case closely can see through this.
    Angelo Del Montello

  158. Sky News web site indicates the Mcanns want the Portugese and British police to review the whole investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. Does this mean they want the case to be re-opened? In the event that the case is re-opened, would the McCanns be classified as arquidos since they were such at the time when the case was shelved?

  159. The bloody gall of these people appealing to the Portugese people to come forward with any information to help find Madeleine or any information relating to her abduction. It was the Portugese people who searched for her while her parents worked on details setting up the Fund and while the Portugese Police investigated without the benefit of co-operation of the parents and friends.

  160. ian-148-Dead RIGHT that is exactly what they want

  161. So Gerry would welcome the re-opening of the case would he.
    They have had plenty of time to have the case re-opened at their request but failed to do so.

    Joana do you know if it is still possible to re-open the case at their request or has a certain timeline now elapsed?.
    In reality the last thing they want is the investigation to continue but I hope it does and they're made to do the reconstruction etc. etc.

  162. If by a review they mean a re-opening, then that is what's needed. But it needs to be a proper and complete re-opening, with all the possibilities properly investigated, rather than following the parents' abduction line only. Didn't one of the police witnesses point out at the January session that the parents tried to lead the investigation, tried to get them to follow only the theory they wanted followed, ie abduction? The police can't be told what to do by other people, no matter who those other people might be. They have to investigate all possibilities and do so in their own way and their own time.

    It isn't possible to find Madeleine, alive or dead, without finding out what happened to her on 3 May 2007. The search needs to be for the truth, then there may be some chance of finding Madeleine, although sadly it is IMO very unlikely that she is alive. The PJ must not let themselves be dictated to by the McCanns, by the British media, by the British authorities or anyone else. Portugal is an independent country and its police force must refuse interference from outside unless they wish to be seen as afraid of the British. The sooner a proper re-opening takes place, with the PJ firmly in charge, the better for all and especially for Madeleine.

  163. Anon 153 - I think you`re on the right track there.

  164. If Gerry has mentioned having a review of the case, he will be confident that he has the power to manipulate the people at the top, otherwise he wouldn`t have said it.

    Remember what he did after Eddie and Keela found damning things against him - he went straight to Mr. Grimes`s boss. He doesn`t deal with `employees` - he goes straight to the top people.

  165. I asked my husband, a British lawyer, how Duarte could get away with calling Ricardo Paiva a liar, and he said she could say what she liked in court (privilege, I think he said). He also said that judges don't take any notice of the two sides' closing statements (the way he put it is they are "wind and p*ss!) I am wondering whether Paiva was referring on both occasions to the sniffer dog case in America when they were originally thought to be indicating wrongly until the husband confessed to murdering his wife. (Dr Gerald often referred to this case initially, but for obvious reasons no longer does so! Bet there were furious rages in Rothley the day that news cme out.) If this is correct then this one and only instance of the dogs being wrong which Paiva was talking about was shown to be incorrect, therefore Paiva would have also been correct in saying subsequently that the dogs had never been wrong.

  166. Anon 111
    My issue was not with whether McCann's should or should not have had fertility treatment, seeing as they are catholic. My issue was with the spiteful comment that there was a reason why childless couples were childless and ergo they were not meant to have children, implying that they would not be good parents. I just think this is a cruel and ridiculous way to think, and shows no compassion for the childless couple who for no fault of their own are struggling to have children. Even a couple with one child who are unable to have a second child, suffers. Do you think that because they cannot have a second child they are making bad parents? Illogical! And just shows the small-mindedness of that initial poster.


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