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McCanns Beg Cameron to help them find Madeleine

pictured above David Cameron, Conservative Party leader in the United Kingdom and the McCanns

By James Murray

KATE and Gerry McCann have asked David Cameron to help find their daughter Madeleine after a private emotional meeting with the Tory leader.

They spent half an hour at his Westminster office explaining their frustration and disappointment with the investigations.

If Mr Cameron wins the election – expected on May 6 – the McCanns hope he would give the case a new priority and order a review of all the evidence.

Mr Cameron, 43, the father of two young children himself, expressed a desire to the couple to do anything in his power to discover what happened to Madeleine, who disappeared from a holiday flat in Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3, 2007.

Andy Coulson, the Tory director of communications [pictured left], and Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’spokesman who hopes to stand as a Conservative in the forthcoming election,were also present.

Last week it was disclosed that Kate and Gerry, 41-year-old doctors from Rothley, Leics, have had a private meeting with Home Secretary Alan Johnson [pictured bellow] to request a review of the evidence.

He has been notably silent on the case, seemingly preferring to sit on the fence rather than use his influence to demand a breakthrough and there are no indications he will order a review.

The McCanns’ lawyer has been given a Portugese police file of new sightings which have not been properly investigated. She is particularly interested in information that Madeleine may have been in Spain and Italy.

Last week a judge in Portugal ruled that a book by a former police chief should continue to be banned because his unproven claim that Madeleine died in the flat is damaging the search.

On Friday Kate McCann was close to tears as she spoke of the “heartbreaking” failure by police to probe new leads.

“There’s a little girl still missing and you can’t just write her off and say ‘Well, we’ve tried and that’s just too bad’,” she said. “It’s not good enough.”

Mr McCann said: “Information which we think is very credible and worthy of further investigation has not been actioned. We’re gutted, it’s absolutely shocking.”

in Daily Express, 21.02.2010

A word of advice for the above mentioned politicians and media-spin doctors, Portugal is a sovereign nation since July 26, 1139 when Afonso Henriques declared Portugal's independence from the Almoravid (Moorish) Kingdom. We have been through a Monarchy, a Constitutional Monarchy (1822), a Republic (1910) and Estado Novo (New State) (1933) dictatorship, still we remained a sovereign nation. Since 1974 [Carnation Revolution] Portugal is a democratic republic and remains sovereign; therefore the exercise of the judicial power by the competent authorities over criminal and legal matters that took place in national territory are under Portuguese jurisdiction.

According to the Portuguese Penal Code

It is applied the Portuguese Law Code, when the crime has been committed in whole or partially, or under any other form of participation, in the national territory. It suffices the execution, preparation, or any other means of participation verified on national territory in order that all the agents : authors or accomplices to be punishable by Portuguese Law, even when, some, have committed their activities abroad.

notes :
Jurisdiction of the courts - Portugal at the European Judicial Network (deprecated but simple)
On Conflicts of Jurisdiction and the Principle of ne bis in idem in Criminal Proceedings at the Justice Ministry
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  1. Has Gordon Brown told them where to get off?

  2. I can not find the article "we can barely keep our head above water"
    I searched for it on Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror...

  3. David Cameron is a very decent and responsible father, and I am sure he will not be taken in by these two pathetic excuses for parenthood. If you are tempted, Dave, just remember that Bully McCann is a New Labour voter, and is just using you the way he uses everyone. Tell them to get their arses over to Portugal and ask for a re-opening of the case (please note, a re-opening not a review, which they would no doubt intend to control).

  4. Oh i get it, they probably think Gordon Brown won't be re-elected so he will serve them no purpose, so let's jump on the bandwagon and get Cameron-on-board while the goings good, i mean as a potential Prime Minister, he won't dare turn us down/ignore us, i mean that woulden't look good in the eyes of the voters....would it?

  5. I am totally shocked at this revelation, is there no stopping this gruesome twosome. I have voted Tory all my life but the last few weeks have really scared me with Cameron's inane witterings about certain subjects instead of what people want to hear about i.e. reducing crime, unemployment etc.

    I am writing to Cameron tomorrow to suggest he reads the PJ files, I will even offer to print it off and send him a copy and to tell him that if he gets involved with these 2 I will never vote Tory again. I will also tell him that should Pinkie become an MP, that will really be the end of my Tory vote, I know who I will be voting for and it won't be McClown.

    I will also ask him how is it that the gruesome twosome seem to have all doors opened for them regarding government officials, spinning never ending stories to the press and twisting the truth and they are always protected, I will also remind him that they are suspects in their daughter's disappearance, their arguido status was lifted but they have not been regarded as "innocent".

    I am so furious I could spit.....

  6. Who can answer me.

    Is Amaral allowed to talk about this case, like 24Horas said or is he not allowed to, like published by Sandra Felgueiras?

    Is he allowed to use his toilet at home or is he obliged to go behind the bushes, somewhere?

  7. Annon 2

    Found it in the mail (well you would, plenty of red arrowtypes) but the Express and Mirror whoosh-clunked

  8. Your not gonna believe this....
    I have found a story for the 20th on the Express...there is something totally totally wrong with this story and how it is presented.........not only that....all the comments are missing...
    Read it, the piece is not right

  9. I think they are very desperate. The Home Office and Leicestershire police have turned their backs on them and now they turn to the Tories after nearly three years. It'll be Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems next when Cameron tells them they need to return to Portugal and cooperate with the PJ.

  10. Hi anon 2, It is in the Daily Mail, but the title has changed to something about asking the home secretary's help. The comments are the same ones.

  11. Who said this is true? Half an hour talking to an extremely busy man, asking him to help in the search of a child which has been searched by the police who concluded she is dead?
    This man has more things to do than to waste half an hour with the McCanns.
    30 minutes are a lot in a politician's life, specially when thay are busy with new elections.
    Would this man take the risk to be suspect of being a paedophile, being part of a criminal group, etc,etc?
    Even Brown has never received the McCanns, who belong to his political party, althoug we had read everywhere they were close friends.
    This Cameron must have a good Public Relations who will advise him not to get involved with suspect people.
    This would cost him a lot of votes, the media could destroy him through innocent ironical articles, showing the population he could be a new Payne.
    How come we did not see a video of the McCanns' in a room with Cameron, in order to convince us of their visit to him?
    We never saw videos of the McCanns with very important people, except for with the Pope and it was not even a privete audience.
    This Cameron is not stupid.
    He knows the McCanns are trying to manipulate him, jumping from the Labour Party into the Conservative.
    It will be extremely bad for his name, if he gets involved in this criminal case.
    And bad for his party.
    He bet fear the media, the Express an others.
    He can get them against his party.
    Losing an election because of the McCanns like Jane Tanner selling her house because of them?

  12. Interesting, Clarrie is supposedly running for Conservative MP. I wonder if there is a link?

  13. This is what is known as covering all the bases.

  14. Anon. #2 - Try searching the Daily Mail site by using "Madeleine McCann".

  15. It's amazing how this 'parent's go about and use people who seem to like to get used and abused...so now it's Camerons turn -let's see how he likes it.At least it explains Pinky's sudden ambitions to become a 'Tory'- I wonder if they will take him.

  16. Who believes Cameron will take the risk to be called a swinger or a paedophile,or both, by helping a couple he does not know and who are friends of David Payne?
    And who are not convicted yet because the police miss a piece of the puzzle?
    When did we ever see or heard an official declaration of Brown, in favor of the McCanns?
    Clarence Mitchel himself said the British government and the Vatica broke up every contact with them after they were made official suspects.
    And they never restaured it.

    If he involves himself with this strange case, people will start suspecting him of being dangerous for his own children.
    And spread around he protects paedophiles.
    Sacrifice himself by telling around he also saw the Eggman, that night?

    Who believes the Conservative party will be prepared to get a bad name, in order to protect the Mccanns and David Payne?
    This story could not be true.
    Cameron is not willing to help any criminal.

  17. This is getting ridiculous.
    Who/what the hell is behind this hideous pair??

  18. If the British media make a smart combination of three aspects in one article, the McCanns, David Payne (Mallorca) and Cameron, it will be more than enough to crash the Conservative party.
    Specilally a party called Conservative.
    The British media has its future in their hands.
    Good luck, Express!

  19. If the case involves British intelligence operations it will not matter what party is in office. If the cover up has to do with informers and MI5 the cover up will continue.

  20. Tory leader Mr Cameron will keep a safe distance from the toxic McCanns. To do otherwise would be political suicide.

    Not only is public anger towards the McCanns clearly on the rise, Mr Cameron has within his own party three senior figures in Michael Portillo, John Redwood and Boris Johnson who have all publicly questioned the McCanns' version of events.

    Any attempt by the McCanns to align themselves with the Conservative party is largely a knee-jerk reaction to the current Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, telling them in effect where to get off.

  21. totally chocked
    i dont understand how my long message i was writing it desapear just like that very strange,
    ll be writing it again tomorrow,

  22. How the Mcannns they are going to draw in again an other british politicians?

    its unbilivable the way they want to ridiculous everybody with they manipulations and theory of abductions

  23. Convince us all and take a lie detector test like you said you would originally or are you scared you just might fail.

  24. By publishing this above, it is possible the Daily Express intends to crash the Conservative party.
    It could be.
    Cameron will lose a lot of votes.
    Who knows the Express hopes for a denying statement of Cameron.
    It would be better for him to denie any involvement in a criminal case.
    Alan Johnson "has been notably silent on the case".
    That is what the Express wants to say: they don't believe the McCanns.

  25. Perhaps the McCanns remembered the comments of the Daily Mirror reporter a while back and are looking to extend the search to David Cameron's garage? Or was this information concerning Cameron's garage actually a genuine lead from Dave Edgar that had been passed on to the PJ who then failed to act upon it?

  26. @ post #24, you may not be far off. I'm reminded of the answer the political commentator and Mirror journalist Kevin McGuire is alleged to have given last year in response to a question about Gordon Brown's chances of wining the next general election:

    “The only way Gordon Brown can win the general election is if Madeleine McCann’s body is found in David Cameron’s garage.”



  27. The McCanns start again to make smoke and mirrors around the case because they are scared of reopening the case.
    But I can read above that they did not speak Cameron personally.
    Immediately after the disappearence, the British government got involved in the case, maybe because Brown believed in an abduction, or maybe because his brother does not have a good name, like I read long ago.
    By now everybody knows of suspect the truth: the child is dead.The Mccanns are now trying to manipulate the future government.
    This means they are not yet sure they will get away with this crime.
    They fear the garbage the PJ have gotten to show the world.
    It is not a perfect crime like we thought before.
    Something must have gone terribly wrong, that is why they are approaching Cameron.
    The corpse? A person who knows more than they would wish?
    Jane Tanner being sued? Rachel Oldfield?
    Or Hallegey( what is his name?).

    I hope the British media will publicise Cameron could be about to support the McCanns, whose best friends are the Paynes.
    He seems to have said he will do everything to help the McCanns.
    What a corrupt country.
    Is Cameron like Payne?

    This is bad, very bad for the Conservatives.
    British population got to be informed about it!

  28. PLEASE, can everybody who writes letters to these people remember to mention the findings of the UK, best in the world, never been wrong, BLOOD AND CADAVER DOGS in the McCanns holiday apartment and hire car, etc.

    If Cameron and Co don't understand the significance of that, then they really are idiots ripe for manipulation.

  29. Like Henry IV of France, they have decided Paris is worth a mass. I really wonder at the nerve of these people. If it's true, then I'm sure the pink pretender is behind it. I wouldn't be surprised if some underling of Cameron spoke to them but it's been inflated into Cameron himself. What on earth is going on? I hope Cameron or whoever pointed out that it's none of the government's business -it's up to the PJ, hopefully in conjunction with British police. Does Clarence really think introducing the McCanns to Cameron is going to help his political career?

  30. A few questions. When exactly did this meeting take place? Last week or a couple of years ago? Why does it appear to be only the Express that is running it? And finally, is the Express out to create mayhem?

  31. The fact that the case may get reopened appears to have really rattled them.

    So much so, that it looks like they are trying to get in first to prempt it with their bleat for a 'review' of the 'evidence', meaning the load of tosh they want to throw in to create distraction away from them.

    Are they so afraid that Jane Tanner's bundleman scenario, which give Gerry an alibi, will get demolished in court, and then the PJ will reopen the case and start to take a closer look at the Smith sighting instead.

    It would be not before time.

  32. i see the mccanns are still trying to convince everyone they had nothing to do with madeleines death(i believe eddie and keela)
    by trying to rope in cameron ,the only thing he needs to do is to tell them to do the reconstuction and answer the 45 questions,

  33. I wonder what was Andy Coulson dong there? Why was this of interest to him.

  34. Andy Coulson is a media spinner like Mitchell, either he (probably) went there on Clarence's request to give more 'credibility' to the McCanns appeal, or, since he is Cameron's spinner he was present at the meeting to help make an assessment of how to spread this 'non-news' to the media with a profitable political outcome for Cameron.

  35. Let's hope the next minister of foreign affairs doesn't invite the McCanns to the European parliament. Mrs. Clinton was asked to intervene on behalf of Amanda Knox who was found guilty of murdering Meredith Kercher, but she declined. She new it was not proper to meddle in a criminal case, especially in the judicial proceedings of another country. Mr. Brown is desperate and the McCanns are unpopular so the McCanns are trying to aid Mr. Brown in his time of need, after all he did help them escape justice. How clever, an article saying that Mr. Brown's government hampered their endevours to find their daughter is quickly followed by an article implying that Mr. Cameron believes in them and is likely to help them. Politics at its best or worst depending on your point of view.

    There are so many leaks in the dike and so few fingers. Just look at them all. There could be a new government in England, even Mr. Socrates is starting to wobble in Portugal. Will the British press still be kept on a tight leash? Will the Home Office remain on their side? Will they still receive preferential treatment in Portugal? Then there is Mr. Halligen, who is fighting extradition to the States. Will he be going? Will he reveal his money laundering schemes? Will Mrs. Tanner and company take the stand to defend themselves against Mr. Murat's accusations or will the McCanns step in and help their friends settle the matter out of court. Of course there is Mr. Amaral who just won't go away.

    It wasn't enough getting away with a crime. The money garnered from the unsuspecting public wasn't enough. The amounts won by litigating British newspapers wasn't enough. No, as long as there are still profits to be made and opportunities to be on TV or in the newspapers, they will not go away. Hopefully, some day soon they will go away, away to prison.

  36. How about all the rest of the people who have somebody missing request to see the Prime Minister or Cameron?

    Or do they, but only get a letter back saying no can do?

    If so, why are the McCann the priveleged ones yet again?

  37. Wonder WHY this pair of LIARS after knowing the hot information about sights of their daughter, multiply themselves in TV spin shows and meeting with Cameron, INSTEAD OF FLYING STRAIGHT AWAY TO THE COUNTRYS WHERE THE SIGHTS WHERE REPORTED AND ASK THE AUTHORITIES AND THE POLICE OF THAT COUNTRYS TO INVESTIGATE.
    PORTUGAL already saw the same show, before last PM elections, when Gerry trough the hands of Rogerio Alves meet high people from PSD ( the big opposition Party). At the time was reported that Isabel Duarte belong to the office of Jose Luis Arnaut, a PSD deputy which was the Adjunct Minister of the PM, when Durao Barroso was the PM.

    I don't know if PSD dismissed this fact, but their fail in the last elections was not due only because Socrates appear as a more confident leader, then Ferreira Leite. Was due also because of that dark situations where they let the Party to be used and get involved. This politics always use the Parties to suit their own agendas and on that issue they were exactly like the Mccann's, abominable and opportunists. This is why the abstention is now the main option.
    Or maybe it was everything very well planned by Mitchell, "the rat", to damage the reputation of the opposition and by this, leave more chance to the Party with power to win the next elections and leave the Mccann's and himself protected few years more. Yes, BECAUSE NO WAY FOR MITCHELL TO WALK AWAY FROM THAT CRIME IF THE MCCANN'S GOT CHARGED WITH IT. HE WILL BE ARRESTED IN CONNECTION, maybe more implicated then some of the Tapas 7.
    THIS PAIR will destroy everything they touch. It is a kind of Karma.
    CAMERON, if you want to have a chance in UK, get away from this egocentrics. Only they believe on their Fare Tales. The people from who depend your election did not believe on them and will suspect you if you take their game. PSD in Portugal already paid that bill.
    Cameron have a look on this blog and in On-line newspaper sites, where comments were allowed- The big majority hate the mccann's and their lies and this have nothing to do with Amaral book or the official police investigation. IT is A DIRECT RESULT OF MCCANN'S ATTYTUDE... like now.
    I like to endorse strong congratulations to the Portuguese media ( almost 100%) which decide to get ride of the news related with this toxic Mccann's. Not a single word about their new strategy in UK, and not a single mind changed because they won the injunction. PORTUGAL DID NOT BELIEVE ON THEM, NO MATTER HOW MANY MILLIONS OF EUROS THEY SPEND ON IMAGE BUILDING TEAM'S, LAWYERS, POLITICS,ETC. MADELEINE SOUL IS AROUND THE COUNTRY, open minds, working against the only ones which never care about her- Her parents.

  38. I like James Murray's writing. He Is the only UK journalist writing about the McCanns that is worth reading. Murray knows, the McCann's know and us bloggers know.
    We will never give up.

  39. Dr Amaral has mentioned that he has other information that he would give to the investigation if the case is reopened.

    Is this what is getting the McCanns so agitated, and trying to stop the reopening by demanding a review instead?

    Because they don't know what it is?

    Or because they do?

    Dr Amaral is a very clever detective, and they know it.

  40. The first step would be to send to Cameron, Amaral's book, Truth of the lie, with a summary in case he has not time to read it.If he reads French and I have got a proper adresse, I can send to him the French version , l'Enquête interdite.It's important to nip in the bud this spin.
    The apparent refusal of Brown's government to help them anymore, it's interesting. That may suggest that the government is not that involved in the cover up and may be, he was just trapped in the McCann's lies and his own propaganda needs.If that is true, The Mccann probably have relied on themselves or a few friends to solve the crucial probleme of the capital evidence's dissimulation.


  41. "Mr Cameron, 43, the father of two young children himself, expressed a desire to the couple to do anything in his power to discover what happened to Madeleine"

    Which is exactly what we are doing.

  42. Volta, Gordon Brown! Estás perdoado.

  43. They wont get anything and are clearly desperate because of their bluff and nothing else.
    This is a Portuguese investigation and only Portuguese authorities can re open it.The UK police has been very clear over it,havent they? They know it but prefer spin the whole thing.Again,nothing new is it?

    I would like to hear they are going to make a formal request to the PORTUGUESE government to re open the case.
    Come on Isabel,do your job! tell your clients they must ask the Portuguese govt for the "reviewing" of the case.(Clever word for re opening,isnt it?)
    May be next Xmas? :))

  44. Link to the 3A thread that captures all the anti McCann's comments ( around 100) that the Express published for 3 hours after its last article yesterday:


  45. I and my family have always voted Tory,. I come from a strong Tory hold area. I am at the moment being targeted for my vote. David Cameron has chosen to send videos to us all telling of his ideas for the furure should he be elected. Along with this he asks for our ideas and opinions. Whether they be read or not, we send them.

    I shall be today sending my reply to Davids latest video and I do not think I need say as to what will be the content.

  46. Not a bit suprised that they have switched sides.

    Brown served a purpose for a while, he came in very handy but let's face it, he's on the downward slide and there's NO way these child neglecting doctors will want to have any association with a "has been".
    No. Onward and upward for them :D

    Pinky has probably been selling thier sob story to the Tories for a while now, worming his way in to become another all important public figure ( how nice and cosy for them, still altogether as one nice big happy family) What's her name is still missing but hey ho!

    If Cameron gets taken in and one day the truth gets out about what really happened on that holiday, all Cameron has to do is get rid of pinky and drop in a tiny, little apology about how he was misinformed (or he could use the excuse that crucial information was not passed to him:))

    Either way I doubt it would affect his politcal career one jot, look what MP's get up to everyday. Think of all these expense scandals and revelations. Have all these MP's lost their jobs?? Of course not.
    This country runs on a two tier system, one rule for the rich and a different set for the law abiding citizens.

    And as for this:
    Mr McCann said: "Information that we think is very credible and worthy of further investigation has not been actioned. We're gutted, it's absolutely shocking."

    Gerry , I agree. DEMAND that the police investugate the Gaspars statements. Nearly three years and no action? It is indeed shocking!

  47. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1252286/McCanns-criticise-heartbreaking-failure-police-Madeleine-launch-fresh-appeal-help.html#ixzz0g6bkb4kF for Anon 2 just in case you have not found it yet!


    Have you seen the disaster in Madeira? Just for your information, Socrates is there to check the damage and help. And Wonder what arrive with him to help searching Bodies and survivors- DOGS, KATE.... SPECIALIZED DOGS.... AND THEY ARE NOT THE TOP ONES IN THE WORLD, BUT THEY ARE STRONGLY RELIABLE.

    WE believe more on the dogs then on you and your money machine. Dogs were reliable, you not. YOUR SPIN WILL END UP WHEN OUR MONEY MACHINE WILL GET DRY.


  49. The more they continue to appear in the media and get clarrie to arrange meetings like this, the more it convinces me they are very sure the body will never be found. But people have been convicted of crimes without a body before and will be again. I do think they are extremely rattled at the prospect of the case being reopened and are desparately pushing this 'review of the evidence' - and I am sure they are only talking about evidence since they were released from arguido status; having evidence looked at fom 3rd May 2007 is much too dangerous for them. They know this, so does Mr Amaral and so do we. This is just not going to go away. They should have slipped back into obscurity over a year ago and they might have got away with it. I can't imagine what their life must be like but you can see some of the stress on kate's face, she looks dreadful. But I don't feel sorry for them one little bit.


  50. Anon 48 I saw this on TV last evening a complete disaster and it was reported 30 dead. Spain also has many flooded areas with loss of life. We are on red alert as more heavy rain is due today.

  51. Something is in the wind ,why the sudden upserge the last couple of days ? why the dropping of Brown and brown nosing of Cameron ,I cant put my finger on it ,but something is not right here

  52. Do you think they are homing in on Cameron whilst he is still raw from losing his child ? I hear tell Nick Griffin has taken his phone off the hook ,hes next in line

  53. The McCanns must have read the comment I left on here last week when I suggested that they would maybe be looking to David Cameron to help them out and at the same time change their loyalties from Labour to Conservative. Maybe David will find a nice little earner position for them both in his cabinet! It was inevitable really! Talk about attention seeking. This couple will make Lady GaGa look to her laurels!

  54. Just to let you know I have replied to the latest info from Mr.Cameron..I have also sent a copy to my MP.plus the information about Portugal with regards to spin doctors.

  55. i think they are using mr camoran as another the KEEP ME OUT OF JAIL CARD.i just hope he does not fall for this

  56. It is sounding like Gordon Brown has come to the end of his sell by date as far as the McCanns are concerned, but apparently had been useful at one time at least, if not more.

    Wasn't it Brown who called Portugal to enquire whether Sr Amaral had gone yet from being in charge of the case?

    Brown's hand in that was it? A little favour done?

    If so, it is disgraceful political interference in a criminal case.

  57. More likely it was a briefing session for Cameron, part of the transition of Goverment in the UK, initiated by MI5. Perhaps if the Holly Greig case leads to the exposure of the Paedo rings that are protected by the state, there may be some hope for finding out the truth about what happened to Madeleine.

  58. I must say that the jurisdiction of the McCann case = in Portugal.
    So why the pointless appeal?
    Do "help" = corruption imo.
    It would be a ban of the natural jurisdiction.
    A criminal case is a criminal one.
    Political issues are political ones.
    Don´t mix them up!!!

  59. Why dont they "beg" the Portuguese authorities to "help them find Madeleine"?
    Simple,isnt it? :))

  60. Anon 28,i sent an email to Cameron this morning about the express article,i pointed out Amarals excellent book and documentary,the dogs evidence and Katherine Gaspars statement,i also asked him if he had any power to request the Portuguese Police to reopen this case then he should do so on behalf of Madeleine Mccann,i pointed out that Gerry Mccann had political help from Gordon Brown,and that Gerry was a member of the labour government and at one time had considered standing for parliament,i also said that there was alot of anger on certain forums about this article and about the Mccanns in general,i don't know if i will get a reply,but i have emailed him before on political things and have always had a reply,perhaps if all the people on here emailed him,he may just get the message.

  61. "The McCanns’ lawyer- EDIT- is particularly interested in information that Madeleine may have been in Spain and Italy."
    Spain AND Italy ?
    Simultaneously, or just flitting back and forth like a little Princess ?
    May have been ?
    In which case where is she now ?
    Ah, yes, in David Edgar's "underground cellar" or "Lair" within 10 miles of PdL
    Why does no journalist ever ask about that?

  62. Ask David Cameron to help them find Madeleine? Can't they remember where they left her?? He knows the TRUE loss of a child...how dare they.

  63. Andy Coulson is another Clarence Mitchell,Andy Coulson bullying case costs NoW £800,000 http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/56506,people,news,andy-coulson-bullying-case-costs-news-of-the-world-800000

    We all need to write to the Conservative party,
    Or your local prospective candidate, and tell them you will not vote conservative if David Cameron is going to help the McCann’s and if Clarence Mitchell is allowed to stand as prospective candidate in the general election,
    Forgive me, I don’t mean to sound patronized,
    I was in good humor untill I read what the McCann's up to again,

  64. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/scottish/anna_smith/734340/Portuguese-judge-gets-it-spot-on-with-Maddie-book-ban.html


  65. Anon 60

    Good, I hope he gets to read it, and not fall for the McCann spin.

    No doubt Kate would be looking her frailest at the meeting.

    Amazing how she can whip through the changes from laughing gaily with Gerry a few days after Madeleine missing, then glamorous like a movie star, and now thin and gaunt like she is about to pass out.

  66. I think if a news item appears only in the Express it won´t have come from the McCanns themselves, nor Clarrie, and it doesn´t necessarily have their blessing. Otherwise all the other papers would be baaing about it like a flock of brainless sheep as well. Nor would Clarrie choose the Express for his first port of call, certainly not after last night´s lancing of the boil in their comments!

    No, I suspect this is the Express stirring things up again.It´s worth looking at some of James Murray´s other articles which certainly appear to be exclusive to him, for instance wasn´t he the one who prepared the world for the star-filled party? Given what a damp squib it turned out to be, I wonder if we would ever have heard about it if it had not been for the Express advertising it in the first place.

  67. These two are running around like blue a...ed flies.Who next? Nick Griffin!!! Talk about rats in a corner. Watch carefully now, they are actually destroying themselves as guilt-ridden people usually do in the end.

  68. Just what is the McCann's 'wider agenda' here? Do they really want the re-opening of the investigation? What is their motive (I know that is their latest buzz word) for going to the Conservatives? How can they have the audacity to go begging to David Cameron when they haven't fulfilled their own obligations to Madeleine by answering all the questions put to them initially by the PJ, taking part in a reconstruction or even going to Portugal to actually look for her themselves. What parents of a missing child for nearly 3 years would go to Portugal for a day to file law suits and then fly back home again?

  69. People are saying Kate looks haggard and both look stressed etc(i do agree with this) BUT they have only started to look haggard lately and i think it is because things are not looking good for them at the moment, all this "smoke and mirrors" trying to get other headlines away from things coming out about Gerry been the last to see Maddaline, Tanner been dragged back to court with three of their friends(who lied about Murrat) it is because it is effecting THEM now , that is why i cant stand them even more than before, because they never looked like this when The little girl was "abducted" with a paedo, they was swanning around smiling laughing, waveing like on a royal walkabout , shaking hands with well wishers not to mention jogging and (timeing it to beat their targets) meeting friends from the airport having meals, jetting off all the world loveing the attention from the press and media, anything but looking for their daughter, now they look haggard because they are worried about THEMSELVES they are the most SELFISH COLD HEARTED MANIPULATING COUPLE i have ever seen and cant wait until justice is done and them and their lieing friends(and Mitchell) are locked up where they belong!!!

  70. the mccanns are trying to garner sympathy from the stupid british public who still believe in THERE ABDUCTION.why dont they BEG THE PORTUGES TO RE-OPEN THE CASE.

  71. What is happening with Esther Mcvey.?..I have not forgotten her lie that 80.000 from the fund was for a campaign in Spain ..A campaign that never happened. Mcvey left and removed all information about Madeleine from her web page...if we are going to write to Cameron I think this should be the place for him to start...with one of his own...David Cameron needs to be reminded he IS NOT the Prime Minister yet.

  72. Anon 51

    A cynic might argue that it's very simple. Cameron is likely to either be the next prime minister or perhaps the leader of a very strong opposition. I think it's politically expedient spin, no more or less.

    I know enough enough 'facts' about this case to know for a fact that somthing about this case is not right (to put it mildly) the dog indications alone should be enough to make any sensible politician stay well clear of personal contact with the ex-suspects.

    I don't subscribe to the idea of huge conspiracy, but there's no doubt at all that the McCanns are very well contected, especially in PR and media circles.

  73. Can someone post an address link for Cameron ,thank you

  74. PeterMac ≠61, I'm afraid poor Dave Edgar is routinely ignored when it comes to the 'search' for Madeleine. Mind you, that could be because of his habit of changing his mind about her whereabouts and her fate. He started off by looking for paedophiles in Portugal, within a week he was sure Madeleine was with someone who only wanted a child to love, next off he was back talking about paedophiles in general, then (I think these are in the right order) he was wanting a 5-hour interview with the terminally-ill paedophile Hewlett, then someone whose name escapes me but who's in a Scottish jail on suspicion of murder and/or an unhealthy interest in young boys entered the frame, next he turned his attention to the Victoria Beckham lookalike and the rich Australian people on their yacht, then back last Sept to the lawless area within 10 miles of Praia da Luz where he is convinced Madeleine is being held and never left.

    I may have left a few out, though I've tried over the months to keep track of Dave Edgar's thoughts on the case, because he's chief PI and therefore his opinions should be of supreme importance. Now for some strange reason, although DE insisted in Sept 2009 that Madeleine was being held within 10 miles of Praia da Luz, the McCanns in Nov 2009 issued their Internet viral worldwide, in 7 languages, and did a series of interviews to promote it. For the life of me, I can't understand why they did so instead of concentrating on the area where according to their chief PI Madeleine is imprisoned and awaiting rescue. For all I know the people in that 'impoverished, lawless area' may speak 7 languages, but somehow I doubt it.

    Also, the McCanns first returned to Portugal as a couple on 23 Sept 2009, after DE gave his interview telling how he was certain Madeleine was near Priai da Luz, but they never mentioned his belief, not did they go to PdL themselves. They said they were in Lisbon to meet lawyers and advisers. They returned again in Dec 2009 and this time went to PdL, but no mention of any 'search' for Madeleine, just visiting the church privately in the morning, visiting friends in the area and a very public visit back to the church in the evening - that seems to have been their itinerary on that 'private' visit. And as we know, they've been back twice to Portugal this year, both times in connection with their lawsuit against Mr Amaral, but didn't go anywhere near PdL.

    Poor Dave Edgar - no one from Team McCann tells people about his present theory, they just don't mention it, preferring instead to talk about Spain or Italy or wherever there were supposed 'sightings', no matter that he's the detective with experience and all 'sightings' so far have turned out to be pure rubbish. They'd have every police force in the world chasing every bit of will o' the wisp, putting money and manpower into searching for one missing child while presumably all other police matters are put on the back burner. Where they think the money and manpower is coming from I don't know, and it does seem rather odd how they've pleaded for people to put money into their Fund so that their detectives can look for Madeleine, yet they seem to ignore - publicly anyway - what their chief detective says, and throw all the responsibility back on the PJ and others, in spite of the fact that this is not a live case and that they did nothing to have it kept open.

    I assume David Cameron's researchers are well aware of the facts in this case, rather than the spin. If not, I imagine there are plenty of people willing and eager to bring them up to date.

  75. Please, for the sake of credibility, keep to *verifiable facts* when contacting politicians and other bodies. Gerald McCann has never been a 'member of the Labour government', for example. Such errors play into the hands of the McCanns' supporters, and could well result in the dismissal of the real points.

  76. If anyone wishes to have a few words with David Cameron by email, letter, fax or phone:


  77. This does not look good. When the names Andy Coulson, Clarence Mitchell, Rupert Murdoch, Richard Desmond, Max Clifford, Christopher Meyer, etc., crop up, it makes me nervous. Personally, I'd be wary of anyone who's had clandestine meetings with election-winner Murdoch. The same Murdoch who printed the diaries that omitted the desire to kill Murat, the "political interference" and Rome's preparation to meet the fragrant McCanns. Rebekah Wade's boss. More and more, differences appear to be an illusion.

    The only thing that really seems to have any effect is the dissemination of information - leaflets, blogs, forum discussion, telling other people.

  78. Just sent an email to David Cameron, politely telling him, he will not get my vote at the next election.

  79. camerond@parliament.uk

    Feel free to contact him with information about Kates unanswered questions, Eddie and Keela evidence/intelligence, Smiths statements, Gaspars statements and Yvonne Martins statements. Let's monitor and share his replies, he prides himself on his openness.

  80. Anonymous 8

    I posted a link to the Daily Express comments page regarding the McCann article which were allowed yesterday , on MSN message boards late last night . It woked fine for about half an hour . There were pro McCanns on the thread , the comments went missing within half an hour I supposed the pro McC's had got in touch with the Daily Express and reported it .

  81. Why wait til May for Cameron to help give the search a boost. Get back out to Portugal and start turning those stones NOW.
    Mind you, Madeleines come to no harm, so a few more months won`t make much difference will it Kate.

    I shall be contacting my local Conservative MP, and asking serious questions about Mitchell and what his role might eventually be within the party.

  82. :)Comment very well placed Joana!

    The McCann's perception is that Portugal is a Third World country or perhaps a former colony of their vast empire (all gone I am afraid). Theirs is a racist perception that is endemic in Little England and it applies not just to Portugal. French are "frogs", Spanish are "spaniards" (rhymes with bastards), Italians are "sweaty daigos", Irish are "paddies" the list goes on but the thing to remember iS that "beefs" are "bifes".

    The tragedy is that the Portuguese authorities seem to agree and, as w have just seen again, are subservient to British interests, instead of upholding our independence from these barbarians.

    Did the British police cooperate with the Portuguese when it mattered? Did their laboratories? Not really. OK, the dogs did unfortunately dogs cannot "bark in human" and explain themselves properly.

    Where else in the world would we have seen an injunction being served in the first place without consulting both parties? Particularly considering the courts were dealing with someone (Amaral) who had been working in the justice system (Police) for more than two decades - a distinguished officer who had been in charge of the case? An insider.

    That was disgusting enough. Now, the decision of this young, inexperienced judge to uphold such a farce, sleeping with the enemy as it were, brought even more shame on Portugal.

    The correct course of action would have been to put the couple in jail in the first place (for abandoning their children to such fate - in itself a crime) and then keep them in the dungeons awaiting a proper trial - on the basis of the contradictions and suggestive evidence found. Even it it came to nothing they would have learnt their lesson.

    Some of their friends (Tanner and the Pedophile) would have been placed there too for corrupting the course of justice and/or for further investigation.

    Portuguese politicians and authorities have to learn that the more they bend, the more they expose their backsides.

    President Amin, the ruthless African dictator, may have been a brute and is hardly an example to follow but he hit the nail in the head when he said: "England is a bulldog without teeth".

    The message from the Portuguese people to its government and authorities is clear:


  83. Joana, sorry if anyone else has alredy pointed this out, I haven't read all the posts, but I think that D. Afonso Henriques claimed the independence from the king of Castilla-Leon, Alfonso VII, not from a moorish king! In fact , in that year, Afonso Henriques won the battle of Ourique, against the moors that occupied the southern part of what is now Portugal, and that astounding victory impelled him to claim the independance. He began to name himself King of Portugal from 1140 forward, but only in October 5th 1143, with the Zamora Treaty, did he obtain the independence from Castilla and Leon. Hoewever, it was not until 1179 that the Pope Alexander III officially recognized the legitimacy of the Kingdom of Portugal.

  84. my opinion is that all of the doctors were over in portugal to test out a new sedative,run by some government scheme which would explain gerrys comment on the bus"im not here to enjoy myself", and it went wrong with madeleinne, and thats why they had the government protecting them i.e "Doctors in NHS sedative scandal" just an opinion

  85. Post 5. Agreed, everybody should write to Cameron and explain the true situation. There has been insufficient evidence to charge because of their interference, lack of cooperation, but there is evidence against them and they are not cleared of anything. The final judicial report says that MBM is most likely dead.

    If he is determined to find out what happened, that should include whether the parents were involved as seeems clear. Let's not forget the criminal complaint against Jane Tanner too by Robert Murat.

  86. hold up a mo,didnt i just read that
    Kate and Gerry McCann accuse British Government of hampering search for Madeleine on here,
    so now they have changed thier mind and now are begging goverment for help. you couldnt make this up

  87. Yeah, always changing sides, turning with the tides and the winds...
    They started with their faith, first they were "oh such devoute catholics", then they became tooth and nail with...an ANGLICAN vicar! They attended anglican religious services, which I believe is a big no-no for catholics. I wonder what they have been doing, religion wise, in Rothley?...anyone knows of they have been going to mass regularly?
    In Portugal they made sure they had secured the support of the opposition party as an election was on the way and there was a strong possibility of a political change in power.

    They are shameless opportunistics! What we call in portuguese "uns vira-casacas"!(turn-coats)

  88. They entered into a spin that cannot be stopped. It's part of their game of deception. And they will continue to bluff, lots of fireworks, whatever it takes! But they will never ask the Portuguese police to make the reconstruction and Kate won't make herself available to finally answer those 48 questions. Period! They know pretty well that the British police can't do a damn thing as the case belongs to the Portuguese. This is just one more move to make the public believe they are desperate. But why are some British newspapers so ready to give them voice and defend them when their guilt is as clear as water? This I find incomprehensible.

  89. I really hope this will finally nail the absurd rumour among some of you that Brown protected the McCanns. His involvement went no further than the standard look into the case of British subjects in bother abroad. They were offered a mere minor official meeting, and turned it down. Would Cameron be stupid enough to get involved with them? yes, if he sees it as a vote winner, because he is that transparent.

  90. Lilith 75,i meant to say Gerry McCann was a member of the Labour Party,not government,i put labour party in my email to Cameron,that is a fact about McCann.

  91. Let's discover why the dogs acted as they did, both in the McCann's apartment, and their car, and in NO other place. Why did they leave the boot of the car open through the night (allegedly), to the point that people noticed this.

    Furthermore, why were there so many changes in the McCann's explanation of that night? For example, the window was "jemmied", then we were told that it hadn't. And the list goes on and on and on.

    There are too many unanswered questions for this to go away anytime soon!

  92. poster 69 well said !! totally agree with you ,I too have emailled Cameron ,I will post if he gets back to me

  93. Does anyone else notice a new change what is happening ? instead of the Pink Ponce and Gerry doing the begging ,Kate is now taking over ,do you agree they think its more heart-rendering coming form a "grief stricken,frail,unstable,caring,loving Mum "I have news for them its not ,we have all seen the REAL Kate and she is none of the above ,she is a cold,heartless,bad Mother

  94. Anon 82,don't put the British people in the same category as the Mccanns,it is not only the British police who are to blame for the blatant injustices wrought in this case,but Portugals police and judiciary system too,i read only yesterday that Socrates is corrupt.We are gagged from speaking out about the loathesome McCanns,but that judge helped to keep us all gagged on Thursday.

  95. For all who wish to read the now wooshed Daily Express article(20th Feb.), it's here, comments and all:


  96. I am astonished at how many people, after nearly three years with this case, can still trust without question something written about it in a British newspaper (and only one newspaper at that).

    If I were a Conservative supporter (I am not) I certainly wouldn´t deny them my vote on the basis of this one very sketchy report. Who knows if and when this meeting happened, or what, if anything was said?

    Everybody involved has their own agenda and that includes the Express.

  97. 89 I'd not waste my time on party politics.

    Brown did intervene and as Prime Minister - i.e. it was the constitutional office of Prime Minister and personal connections which were involved, not the Labour party aspect.

    I cant believe these people - desperate to get control of the case!

    Come on Portugal - re-open the criminal investigation and pick up all options, the least likely one must of course also be given proportionate attention (i.e. the incredibly unlikely option of stranger abduction).

    Gasper statement should be central to the investigation - known paedophile behaviour amongst the McCanns and their friends surely has to be given very serious attention in a case of a missing child.

  98. Anon 93,i think Kate McCann is the driving force in their marriage,i think she likes her own way and is capable of being quite jealous of Gerry giving any attention to any other female,after all i read on Dr Martin Roberts site that on the 2.5.07 she stormed home from the tapas bar because Gerry had invited one of the women who worked there to sit at their table,and that Kate had slept in the spare bed in the childrens room,Kate is an only child so has probably been indulged since she was born,perhaps she was jealous of any attention that Gerry might give to Madeleine.

  99. I was an "Old Labour" supporter, with a Conservative MP of many years standing. I've found him responsive to my concerns about super-injunctions and freedom of speech and have pointed this site out to him. I hope he has a word with Cameron.

  100. David Miliband kept up his involvement with them after their arguido status. Why didn't Brown warn him off?

  101. Re-open the case, the police investigation - in the Portuguese jurisdiction. UK authorities co-operate and send the McCanns back to Portugal and re-ask Kate McCann the 48 questions.

    Stop pussy footing around 'Portugal' - dont beleive the UK press is reflective of UK opinion - we, the UK people, want the McCanns sued for neglect! We want to know what happened to Madeleine - the McCanns dont want to know what happened to her, they just want 'the search' to go on and we think 'the search' is unreal - intended only to generate living expenses for the McCann 'family'.

    We wnat an investigation into what happened to her and an explanation of why her DNA wasnt easily found in the apartment - we want to know why McCann was allowed to fetch her DNA and why the 'window of opportunity' is being dicated by the McCanns...and why the testimony of Tanner, a proven liar, is allowed to be considered as evidence (the only evidence!) of abduction.

    Come on Portugal - the true English sense of justice is in your hands (as we in England no longer have such a culture!).

    Do us proud - we are depending on you!

  102. I suspect where the Pink Prince goes the duo will dutifully follow. After all he has the contacts!

  103. 95 I agree, I think he disposed of Madeleines corpse for her - I think she is responsible for the death and McCann himslef is protecting her.

    Maybe this is the only way he could keep her? After all, he is a most unnattractive man, dreadful whining voice, ugly face...why would 'hotlips' stay with him. He couldnt even give her a child naturally - so he must have SOMETHING for her!

    I hope she is pulling in favours and taking over as a spoiled brat will not realise what is right and wrong and she will make mistakes!

  104. The statement from Martin Smith is really interesting ... that the person he saw carrying a child at 10pm that night, was 60-80% sure to be Gerry.

    I am searching this site for "smith" but nothing comes up - can anyone point us to some info about this?

    Muito obrigado Joana para a vossa trabalho!

  105. If the case gets reopened (hopefully soon), the McCanns will have nobody to blame but themselves, because it is apparent that is the last thing they want, or they would have requested it long ago.

    They managed to walk away once and no charges brought, but will they be able to do it again?

    Since then they have goaded and berated the investigators and wont leave well alone.

    With a reopening of the case and a different prosecutor there may still be charges brought. Sr Amaral himself has indicated that could happen.

    There are such things as extradition orders, so it will make no difference whether they protest their innocence and refuse to go.

    They will be sent back with a police escort whether they are kicking and screaming or not. That would not look good for a start.

    Who knows what the rest of the Files have in them, but how the McCanns would wish to find out.

    At a trial they may get their chance.

  106. 88 Yes and they are playing the racist card too, trying to wind up the 'the little Englanders'!

  107. Anon89,i think Brown did apply political pressure to get Amaral taken off this case,Gerry spoke to Brown at least nine times by telephone,and according to Kates diary she spoke to Cherie Bliar who asked her if there was anything she and Tony Bliar could do to help,then there is Mitchell who worked for Brown i believe,now i don't recall reading that Brown has spoke to other parents who has lost a child.

  108. Maddie come to no harm because paedophiles took her - McMafia sick,sick,sick!

    B., Germany

  109. Also, Anon 91,

    what was the stink in the back of the car that was so bad it was commented on by somebody?

    Nappies, as bad as they can smell, can be disposed of and air freshener quickly would get rid of the odour. Washing of the area that nappies had been in would also do that.

    As for rotting meat? Why would people on holiday be driving around with rotting meat in the boot in the first place?

    Wouldn't these dirty, rotting things be thrown away at the first opportunity, or are we expected to believe there are no disposal bins in PDL?

    Also, why was ice dropping from the back of the hire car?

    Besides this, the cadaver dog does not alert to nappies and rotting animal meat.

    Only to cadaver scent.

    So your rotting meat and nappies does not explain it McCanns.

    As for the sea bass, that fishy story also swam away some time ago.

  110. Off topic , sorry .

    The mccannfiles has a link to today's Sun Newspaper (scottish version) comments are allowed . Pro McCanns are posting propaganda . Please will people take a look at the readers comments and then post something that makes complete sense .

  111. How can the Mccann's ask the case to be reviewed? This is what Paulo Rebelo have done and he arrive to the same conclusion as Amaral. AND THE MCCANN'S, THEIR LAWYERS AND THEIR SPIN MAN, KNOW IT!!!!


    In fact, at the time that several people in the world were affected by the economical crisis and lost their jobs and their houses, the Mccann's find a way to make a lot of money without having to get out of their beds, every morning, to work. And what always shocks me is what they sale on their on-line store- TSHIRTS WIT HER CHILD FACE, POSTERS, RUBBER BRACELETS, LUGGAGE AND MOBILE SCREEN PICTURES. All this items should be gave free to people because who decide to use them, is advertising their campaign and help them. SALING THIS, HAVE NO ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE IT. Even because I believe this items where offered to them by the companies which made that items. AND WONDER HOW USEFULL FOR MADDIE, WHERE THIS TSHIRTS AND POSTERS, STORED ON MCCANN'S HOUSE, WATING FOR CLIENTS. BETTER THEY STAND AT THE ENTRANCE OF ANY MALL OR SUPERMARKET AND GAVE THEM FOR FREE TO PEOPLE WHICH PASS BY.

    Some people will trow that t shirts at their faces. THEY DESERVE IT.

    Hot at the News, THE PGR PINTO MONTEIRO, LIES about Face oculta, according to 2 Newspaper. AND WHAT ABOUT MADDIE CASE AND THE DECISION TO SHELVE IT? Seems that lying is the main strategy, very well accepted and very common in Portuguese justice.

  112. Hello Anon 83 :)]

    I suppose you could spin it that way. However Joana's assertion is intrinsically correct. The Portuguese territory (almost as it stands now) was wrested (or re-conquered) from the Almoravids and later the Almohads by Dom Afonso Henriques.

    It was not as if internal affairs between the Iberian, Christian aristocracies settled territory and national identity. Afonso Henriques victories in the battlefield did it.

    Joana assertion may not sound historically correct to you but it rings true to me.

    :)] Over.


  113. "Mr Cameron, 43, the father of two young children himself, expressed a desire to the couple to do anything in his power to discover what happened to Madeleine, who disappeared from a holiday flat in Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3, 2007."
    Way to go, Dave! But if you are reading, don't let the dastardly duo convince you that a review is the same as re-opening the case. The last thing they want is anyone actually finding out what happened, rather they want the police chasing round the world on their wild goose chases again. Don't forget, Eddie and Keela have NEVER been shown to be wrong.

  114. Anon 84. What you say, is what I'm thinking now and then. I didn't post, because it is speculative. Now the whole situation is so bizarre, I feel free to post. Interests in the pharmaceutical industry. As a matter of course just an opinion.


  115. :)] To Anon 94. That was an over-generalization admitedly but, in my perception, a statistically correct one.

    Glad to see you do not wish to be part of the Ideological State Apparatus. Nor do I on this side.

    Essentially what I was saying, and repeat, was:

    "The correct course of action would have been to put the couple in jail in the first place (for abandoning their children to such fate - in itself a crime) and then keep them in custody awaiting a proper trial - on the basis of the contradictions and suggestive evidence found. Even it it came to nothing they would have learnt their lesson.

    Some of their friends (Tanner and the Pedophile) would have been placed there too for corrupting the course of justice and/or for further investigation."

    :)] Over...


  116. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEJBq48YshM&feature=youtu.be&a

    Pissed off with the McCanns?

  117. The Mccannfiles.com have posted an article from the Daily Star

    It starts ' A diplomatic war is looming between Britain and Portugal, over the probe into the Madeleine McCann disapperence'

    Recomend you look at it.......makes interesting reading

  118. What a shame! I came across a good site the other day in another forum that's following the Holly Greig story. The site was http://www.mensaid.com It was a very useful site and I thought I would post it here. It had a section called 'Parliamentary megaphone', where you could contact some or all the MPs of all the political parties at once. It also had a section called 'Newspapers megaphone', where you could contact some or all the newspapers at once.
    When I had a look today, prior to my posting the link, you get a message saying 'This Account Has Been Suspended'
    Something else that has gone down for freedom of speech! :(

  119. Although I shall email David Cameron to warn him about these two getting onto his bandwagon, (just before the election), he knows about them already.
    Didn't Tony Bennett send a pamphlet to ALL the members of Pariament last year, informing them of the major points of the case?
    Perhaps it's somewhere on David's desk, so I shall remind him politely.

  120. I posted earlier ( post 110) concerning an article on the mccannfiles . It's the News of the World (scottish version) that is allowing comments , not the Sun newspaper sorry for the error .

  121. Can someone knowing how to read on lips try to understand what Jerry said? Perhaps a dumb people if you are ou know one?
    This movie was filmed on a mobile phone 5 days after the disappearance of "the child".

  122. Going back to article "Kate and Gerry accuse British government..."
    please read 53, about the British consulate in Portimao, near Luz,
    yes, that is strange, very strange.
    Did diplomats know more than the police knew?

  123. #121, surelly you mean deaf person?!It's usually the deaf that learn to read lips.

  124. This latest piece of nonsense from the McCanns seems to chime with their lawyer Isabel Duarte,during the procedure in Court in Lisbon in January,I observed that she had adopted a "Scatter-gun" technique and hurled accusations at all and sundry! (A lawyer for T.V.1 made a similar comment "When under attack shoot in all directions") My point is that this is still a game of smoke and mirrors after almost three years. The game NOW is about to change, thats why the McCanns appear to be trying to seize the initiative

    and second guess everyone. After their experience in court in January where they were unsuccessful in blocking the evidence given by Snr.Amaral's,witness' they clearly felt that THEY were on trial and this frightened the Beejeezus out of them. Hence Jerry's exit after day two. They had agreed on day one to give testimony after Snr.Amaral----but with day three looming, Gerry scarpered home! They are running scared now with the Libel Action to come and much more revelations to be faced and endured. Loss of face is more painful to this couple than the loss of their child!

    This present tactic of flirting with politics and Politicians shows a lack of committment to any Party and is pure self interest.

    Perhaps the people of Portugal should be glad that they do not possess "Weapons of Mass Destruction" or huge underground reserves of oil, because in a year or two the McCanns could be suggesting a "Regime Change" in Portugal-------not to save the World but to restore their tattered reputation.

  125. #84, you could have a point there...but I would be more inclined to think that they were using, of their own accord, medication that was available for them as doctors (if they were involved in testing new medicines), but not yet aproved to be sold to the public,and it went horribly wrong, and not that they were doing tests during the holidays. Tests to new medicines ae done in controlled environments, in large numbers of subjects, I don't think there would be much point in testing on a hand-full of kids (their own).
    Maybe Madeleine was more susceptible to possible side efects, due to underlying medical conditions related with the condition called coloboma.
    Just specullating...


  127. I am sorry to the conservative voters but for me they represent....im alright jack, pull the ladder up.
    All mainstream parties have done nothing to help justice prevail in this case and all the mp's that have been contacted across the Parties have turned the other way.....please remember that.

    To be totally honest nu labour = conservative anyway.
    ( no difference between them if you look close )

    total change from the main three is needed.


  128. @93 Good observation.

    Personally, I think GM has told KM she has got to do her share. I think it was a wee bit obvious on the steps outside the Lisbon court last week, that GM got seriously fed up of defending KM and 'Abduction'; that Portuguese journalist was brilliant when laughing about the 'Abductor'! Who proteseted to much? It was KM. I'm CONVINCED KM has more to hide than GM... Her behaviour since that first appeal has NOT been concomitant with that of a loving Mother. Statements such as 'I couldn't love Madeleine more than I do'. What the hell does that mean?! I think Amaral was not too far from the truth...

    I also think they are NOT as strongly bonded as they make out. I think GM and KM had disagreements about this when GM 'had work commitments' and didn't stay for day 3 of the Libel trial.

    @84. That is a VERY interesting thesis! Something I've never considered before! You may not be too far away there, with that chain of thinking.

    @82. PLEASE PEOPLE OF PORTUGAL. Do NOT think we are all Xenophobic racists, here in the UK. There are many of us (I am an Englishman) who were DISGUSTED with the treatment of Sr. Amaral and all the RACIST overtones of the media in the UK. I've never liked the way Portugal have been portrayed in all of this. All I've seen is a nation trying to find out what happened to a British girl... whose British parents COULDN'T BE BOTHERED to ensure they were cared for properly. Many of us in the UK think the McCanns are a disgrace. They seem to be getting worse...

    May the truth be known one day. For Madeleine.

  129. hi all, I am just wondering say for example all of us send requests to Portugal asking or demanding the case to be re opened and investigated by Portugal authorities. Wont the fact that this out pour from the public Uk and Portugal be enough for the authorities to open the case. It doesnt make sense that only the parents can ask for reopening the case, specially if they were suspects. If thousands of people request to portugal or to uk courts then they have too. ward of court, ??? cant we ask the same judge the awarded this to order the case to be reopened?

  130. Part 1:

    "If Mr Cameron wins the election – expected on May 6 – the McCanns hope he would give the case a new priority and order a review of all the evidence."

    Home Secretary Alan Johnson [pictured bellow] to request a review of the evidence.

    (Bellow?? –verb (used without object)
    1.to emit a hollow, loud, animal cry, as a bull or cow.
    2.to roar; bawl: bellowing with rage.)

    "He has been notably silent on the case, seemingly preferring to sit on the fence rather than use his influence to demand a breakthrough and there are no indications he will order a review."

    I am sick of carp such as above in the British newspapers. These papers should be explaining exactly how it would ever be possible for Cameron (if he is the next Prime Minister of Britain or any other person who becomes PM) or Home Secretary Alan Johnson to demand a review of a Portuguese investigation. MBM disappeared in Portugal therefore the Portuguese authorities retain primacy in the investigation and the British authorities assist.

    LP have stated:


    From the Daily Mail article:

    A spokesman for the McCanns' local police force, Leicestershire, said: 'We, nor any other UK law enforcement agency, has jurisdiction in Portugal.

    'This does not alter just because the person involved is a British citizen.

    'Therefore any deployment of officers to Portugal would have to be requested and sanctioned by the Portuguese authorities.'


  131. Part 2:

    LP have stated:


    From the Daily Mail article:

    A spokesman for the McCanns' local police force, Leicestershire, said: 'We, nor any other UK law enforcement agency, has jurisdiction in Portugal.

    'This does not alter just because the person involved is a British citizen.

    'Therefore any deployment of officers to Portugal would have to be requested and sanctioned by the Portuguese authorities.'

    Now LP have made it clear they have no jurisdiction in Portugal. They have also stated in the Press recently that they will not be releasing any of their files. LP were also in court in London in July 2008 regarding their files on the McCann case. The McCanns withdrew their application and accepted 81 files from 11,000. Their PR ponce was in the press/media spinning the 81 files as a victory. It was 81 files of information which they had knowledge of the content previously! How was that victory? Now I have no knowledge and I am just thinking out loud. The 11,000 files the LP have are some, most or all of those files the same as the Portuguese files that have not been released. The files that the McC's have no knowledge of the content. Files that perhaps they want and are trying to pressurise the British authorities into getting the British copies. My understanding is that the 11,000 files the British police have actually belong to the Portuguese as this is not a British case.

    The UK Press/Media should be investigating (it is not hard to do) and reporting that the British Govt cannot demand a review of a foreign archived case. GM mentioned CEOP (a British law enforcement agency) at the McCann conference on the 19/02/10. CEOP made a viral message not based on new intelligence which imo contradicts the Portuguese archived case file. The viral message implies that MBM has been abducted even though this case is not filed as an abduction. Imo that undermines the Portuguese authorities, the same authorities which retain primacy in the investigation. Imo the British Govt should be reprimanding CEOP and demanding why they have done this and why they are stating abduction when there is no official evidence supporting that this is an abduction. This child being in the state of missing does not mean presumed abducted. Is every person that has gone missing on the planet presumed abducted? Just because the McCanns say their child is abducted does not mean that she is. What evidence do the McC's have to support abduction? Why is MBM on the CEOP site? She is not a child victim of online exploitation.

    GM when asked about re-opening the case at the press conference on 19/02/10 said whether the case was open or not was a technical issue. What on earth does that mean? I wonder if the Murat criminal complaint could re-open the case. Re-open the case because perhaps there is info that is required if this case goes to court. Info that is in the files that have not been released. Perhaps info that the British police have copies of and just perhaps that is why the McC's are desperate to get them. Get them without having to go through the process of requesting it from the authorities which retain primacy in the investigation and not re-open the case to obtain them. Perhaps they think they can just demand that the British Govt demand that the LP hand over that info. Demand the LP release the info to a British Law enforcement agency, perhaps the CEOP they were mentioned favourably at the conference, who would review the whole case. The remainder of the files held back in Portugal now not held back in the UK and accessible to them. No longer held back and the case still archived in Portugal. Hmmm!


  132. Does anybody remember when they came back to UK after questioning and got lawyered up.

    It was around then that Kate began to look skeletoid and sick, but when the heat was off and the case shelved she then got glammed up again.

    Might that have been why the investigation was called off and no charges brought, due to the fragile health of Kate?

    I got the impression that the shelving of the case was a surprise to many.

  133. A prompt reply from conservative candidate for Great Yarmouth

    I do not believe that Clarence Mitchell has been selected as a candidate but will check and let you know for certain, I do not know them personally.
    I am working on the issues that affect Great Yarmouth and to bring change to our government so that we can fix our economy (which is getting close to 900 billion in debt now), give power back to our teachers, free our place to do their job and help our health service develop to be the best in the world again and not be so caught up in red tape and targets that it cannot breath.
    I also appreciate that an issue like the McCann’s can be emotive for us all, whichever side of the debate one stands on and my reading of the article is simply that David Cameron has been asked if he will ensure a review of the case takes place he has not commented on it directly. A review may well eventually bring an answer to this tragic case, whichever way it turns out but that will be a matter for a Home Secretary to look at rather than me.
    I hope that ultimately you will cast your vote based on the change our country needs and the work I want to do and have been doing for Great Yarmouth but o obviously I do appreciate that many of us do vote for a whole range of different reasons, as is our right.
    Brandon Lewis

    Tel: 0845 0944 201 Fax: 0845 0944 202

  134. Anon 121

    There may be somebody around who can read lips.

    What movie are you meaning?

  135. @121 Where can one see the movie sorry?

  136. An 120
    They ar not allowing it anymore. I have posted some but they did´nt take it. Strange

    Anna in Sweden

  137. The McCanns will do anything for publicity so latch on to Cameron. Don't forget the Conservatives are the home of sleaze and spin. New Labour just emulated them for the last 10 years. So is no wonder the McCanns are nosing up to Cameron trying to get a look at the police files and assurance that they will never be extradited to PT. If I were Cameron I would be wary of having any dealings with them as his career would be over in a minute if the truth ever comes out.

  138. :)] TO 56

    Good afternoon. Just as confused. It might be related to Clarence Mitchell's Conservative allegiance. He expects his party to win the elections. Actually, I think Gordon Brown will but I may be wrong.

    The news should not surprise anyone. Over the years, the only thing the McCann's have been able to demonstrate (beyond a shadow of a doubt) is that they are veeeery canny.

    Cameron will use them, if that suits the Conservatives, and trust me "Little England" IS on the McCann's side. The media are not stupid - they only write what it sells. :D Truth is what they make you believe in, anyway...

    The McCann's "plight" (read: PR exercise) has become a matter of honor and national prestige How dare the Portuguese investigate a British citizen? That in itself is defamation. The sad bit is that the Portuguese authorities have agreed to play the clown.

    Remember the Chinese saying: "If you were not inferior to me how could I be superior to you?". b-(


    "Mr Cameron ....... expressed a desire to the couple to do anything in his power to discover what happened to Madeleine, who disappeared......"

    He doesn't say ABDUCTED!

    I hope he DOES DO everything in his power to find out what happened. i.e. to reopen the case and EXAMINE THE McCANNS!!

    GOOD NEWS TO ME. I'm beginning to warm to Mr Cameron, who, I am SURE, would NEVER leave his children alone to go out drinking.

    I doubt if he will want to be called McCAMERON for ever more!!!! lol

    aunty anti

  140. It’s hard to understand their desperation for the case to be ‘reviewed’ now, but there has to be a reason.

    In August 2008 when their arguido status had been lifted and the case files released, they heavily span the ‘shock horror so many sightings ignored’ (which in fact they hadn’t been). In spite of this they showed no interest in asking for the case to be reopened.

    Yet now it’s being claimed that the case should be ‘reviewed’ because of the many sightings reported (but apparently not followed up) since the case was shelved - conveniently overlooking the fact that this undermines their argument that publication of the book would stop people ‘looking for Madeleine’. (It’s a pity that they weren’t asked to offer proof of that argument in court).

    My guess is that in the face of further court action that would certainly increase public understanding of the facts of the investigation, they see the least worst option is getting the case ‘reviewed’ in the hope that now they have ‘cleared by a court’ the police would be prevented from pursuing any line of enquiry other than abduction.

    Whatever, this looks like a desperate roll of the dice.

  141. Watching Cameron's photo above, I understand he is saying:
    "-Are you trying to fool me? I know who these people are.
    I'm not crazy!"

  142. This contact between the couple and Cameron is not good for the Conservatives.
    A black spot on their names.

  143. Anon @5, ironside and all those who have written or intended to write to Cameron to protest - well done.

    CM's deep end in this shit, else he wouldnt have helped mccanns to jump on the Tory bandwagon so quickly. If the lids comes off, this scandal will blow away the nation because it involves a bunch of doctors who have been leading people in a circus show for 3 years with the help of one time government media controller.

    They must be scared shitless to spin this rubbish which no one knows whether there's any truth in it because CM got all the journalists by the balls that they were left without to do any investigative or useful reporting.

    The boldness of mccanns is unbelieveable, not an ounze of remorse at all. Who do they think they are that every political party has to jump up each time they call their shot?

  144. :|About Madeira island events.

    People versed in New Age Metaphysics will try to convince you that decisions that involve large masses of people can cause disasters very much like when you look intently at someone on the street the person might slip and fall. Have you noticed that?

    Listen to this conversation I have just had...

    "Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (Cambridge) model of morphogenetic ressonance explains this as follows. The Universe is holographic. Each part contains the whole, so when you look at someone your mind actually moves into his/her "mind-field".


    "Now, I am asking you to extrapolate this into a massive scale.
    Sorry someone is ringing my bell. Bye.

    I was gobsmacked.

    Was Heather saying that Portuguese judge (Rodrigues) decision open her country to a flood of Evil?

    Anyone? Any ideas?

    :-o I need a drink. Back later....

  145. Mr and Mrs Mccann......,

    Wherever you choose to observe within the civilized world you will find the same applies - it is the responsibility of official law enforcement agencies to investigate and solve a crime NOT the government!

    You are exhausting my patience with your continued arrogance. When will you finally realise that despite your nauseating audacity, eventually you will have to admit defeat because however many high powered names you drag into your web of deception the majority of citizens worldwide do not believe you, nor will they let you rest in peace until you are brought to justice and pay for your crime.

    Think about it! Your house of cards is rapidly collapsing! You cannot continue to hide behind power, nor can you expect power to condone your actions.

  146. Perhaps they are trying to show Halligen how important they are lol

  147. Off topic but not inappropriate at this time - My thoughts go out to the families of those who have lost their lives on the beautiful island of Madeira.

  148. How many parents of British missing children have been granted a private meeting with Mr Cameron? I find this kind of 'news' in extraordinarily bad taste. Who do these people think they are? Who does Mr Cameron think they are?

    The worst part is, I don't think they're special people. They're as average as they come.

    But when the full truth about this case emerges, they will be special. Very very special.

  149. The Portuguese justice system doesn't care about the truth, the British government and media don't care about the truth. It's depressing.
    Again I don't understand how Murat can sue Jane Tanner unless he can prove it was malicious, that she knew it wasn't him. Who is financing this case?
    Joana, do you have any information regarding this?

  150. anon@ 138. Your part of Little England must be very different from mine, if you think people are on the side of the McCanns. Where I live, no one seems to be on their side, most people seem to be suspicious of them and disdainful of them. The papers know very well that their highly-spun views aren't popular because they can see it in the online comments left on McCann stories. Plus there seems to be very few letters in support of the McCanns in any newspaper I've ever bothered to buy.

    Nor have I ever come across anyone who thinks this is a matter of national pride, like some ghastly England v Portugal football match. All I ever here on that subject are people saying it's time the McCanns went back to Portugal to co-operate with the police and why are they suing the police inspector who looked for their daughter. Believe it or not, most English people aren't xenophobic, they mostly seem to like the Portuguese and they're on the side of law and order. There's still some of the old fair play spirit in the average British person and they're canny enough to see how unfair all this is.

    I've no idea who's going to win the election, but jumping around from one political party to another isn't likely to impress anyone with a grain of sense. There was a lot of publicity given to the McCanns' own links/support for New Labour in the past and I imagine Cameron can see right through them. Wonder what their very pro-Labour relatives think about this latest move?

  151. Anna 136

    The News of The World (Scottish version) were taking readers comments this morning . They only seemed to want pro McCann comments I'm quite sure of this . They must have stopped readers comments when they received an overload of anti McCann comments .

  152. Just want to place on record, if David Cameron allows Clarence Mitchell to stand as a Tory at the next election, I will put up the £500 official deposit for any strong 'anti-McCann' candidate to oppose him.

    With recent MPs' expenses scandals fresh in our minds and the bare-faced greed of bankers who stole from every man, woman and child in Britain, and put so many decent people out of work, likely to be causing pain for many years to come, if the upcoming election is to be about anything it must be about integrity.

    For almost three years now Mitchell has defended blatant criminals. If the Tories allow him to stand for election as a Conservative MP they insult every voter in our great nation.

  153. 125 Gerry McCann used terfenadine; an anti-histamine, for his hay fever. This drug can be dangerous for those with heart conditions. He said they didn't give medication to the children.

  154. Mr Cameron's help does make sense if he could re-start fully independent investigation - not under K&G ruling. The family involvement should be investigated properly.

  155. Dear Humty Bumpty: I would be glad to make a contribution if this unthinkable possibility becomes reality.

  156. I can't believe that Cameron will let himself get involved in the Mccann saga with an election coming up. This can only be a scam by Mitchell in order to raise more money. We now hear that he is trying to get into the tory party but will only give them a bad name and lose votes. Mitchell is the worst one they could pick to join and they should also watch what mr. Branson is about. We were hoping that Mr. Cameron would come into power and sort out the press who it seems are afraid of the Mccann army. No matter how they try they they cannot be inocent.

  157. There is a video on you tube along with many other ones about the McConns,this one is called Behind the mask,and a poster on there(i believe she's a nurse from donegal) says she knows the Mccanns,she reckons Gerry was always chatty to her if he was alone,but if Kate was with him he'd clam up,she says that Gerry would show her pictures of the children and call Madeleine his little princess,she says Gerry even fixed her laptop that she uses to post on you tube,i get the impression that she doesn't really like Kate,i think Kate is the boss in their marriage,the woe is me bit is only for the camera.

  158. So have the McCanns' changed political allegiances? They now press Tory Eton boy Cameron for help - what do they think he can do if the incumbent prime minister will not push this matter further for them.

    It’s a good bit of spin on behalf of the Mc’s – no stone unturned etc – but of course that’s all it is – spin - just an attempt to make them look good.

  159. The McConns probably think that becasuse David Cameron lost his own precious child he will fall for their "There's some nasty people on forums saying terrible things about us" and "it's not our fault Madeleine disappeared honest" but i feel Cameron is a man of integrity,and as someone pointed out earlier Michael Portillo and Boris Johnson had questions about this case so i'm sure they may of remarked on it to him at least when this mystery first came to light,,and so too did George Galloway Mp,we should email our local mps as well as Cameron.

  160. @ Anonymous 149
    Making up the carrier story or adapting some vague memory to a certain place/time in order to reinforce the abduction theory and to clear any of the Tapas is one thing. Recognizing firmly the carrier another.

  161. Anon 137,it wasn't Cameron who interfered with this case but looney Gordon Brown ,Brown is the master of spin(lies is the real word)he is the one who had Amaral removed from this case,he is the one who spoke to Gerry nine times,as for Brown has only emulated the tories for the last ten years,poppycock,looney labour in a class of their own for lying and sleaze.I hope Cameron does win the election,he might be able to influence the Portuguese prime minister to reopen it.

  162. @84
    I don't think that doctors would somehow be asked to volunteer their own kids for new drugs trials, ... these are usually done on third world children or on disadvantaged children or those in foster homes.

    However, that they might have been over-generous with the calpol or some other stuff to make sure that the kids would sleep right through the night whilst ignoring the potential side effects of such medicines is more than highly likely.

  163. anonymous 37, I'm certainly no expert in Portuguese politics but I'll give you my opinion as to why Mr. Socrates was re-elected, for whatever it's worth. Elections around the world tend to be more of a popularity contest than a decision on who is more capable of governing. I'm sure Mrs. Leite is quite capable of governing but her age and lack of charisma were probably her downfall. The lack of voter turn out tells me that in the mind of the Portuguese people there were no viable alternatives.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but this meeting between Mr. McCann and members of PSD, which you refer to, took place just before Mr. Amaral was rejected by the PSD as a candidate for Mayor of Olhao. This meeting might explain why a political party would reject a candidate that polls indicated would easily win.

  164. :)] 149 Hi there!

    I entirely agree with AACG (160) but I will phrase it differently for the sake of explicity:

    If you were to tell the Police that you saw me doing something I did not do and the Police believes you then I feel I would feel entitled to a compensation from you (for the trouble your "misperception" had caused me)

    :) I am rather happy to see the initial scapegoat Murat cashing in on the McCann's game. No doubt, others will follow. Good things come to those who wait...

  165. http://blog.conservatives.com/index.php/2010/02/21/after-13-years-its-clear-that-labour-have-failed-on-fairness/

    Anyone care to leave a comment on Davids Blue Blog

  166. Anon 98 Medea comes to mind

  167. #84 I have often thought that some of the McCann backers could be global pharmaceutical companies who do not want their product like Calpol compromised

  168. #88 Newspaper rags will write anything that will be read eagerly by the uneducated public and sell, sell, sell. If the McCann's are in jail the editors and journalists will lose their cash cow. Why not just write easy, legally safe c**p, which those that read these rags will understand, rather than a well-researched piece that will only be understood by the intellectually educated? Think of the target market of these newspapers: The recent News of the World piece had a reading level of grade 7.

  169. #103
    That is a really cruel statement about Gerry not being able to give Kate a chid, and insults all childless couples and couples struggling to have children. There are many reasons for infertility. If you want to make a point attack the issue, don't make mindless, unsubstantiated statements. Have pity on the infertile couple.

  170. Kate said
    "“There’s a little girl still missing and you can’t just write her off and say ‘Well, we’ve tried and that’s just too bad’,” she said. “It’s not good enough"

    Having read this statement it makes me believe that Kate knows darn well what happened to Maddy.
    Saying "Theirs a little girl missing" for god sake this is her daughter missing she is disconnecting her self from saying the name Maddy because she knows that Maddy isnt missing at all that she is DEAD!!
    Yes Kate you are correct THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH NOT GOOD ENOUGH AT ALL, stop lying, tell the truth and rid yourself of this terrible guilt.

    If Cameron starts to get involved then thats it Im voting Liberal, watch it Davy boy Team Mccanns are not bothered who they drag down with them, because on thing is for sure, they and whoever else helped them will go down there is no doubting that.

  171. #57 - I agree. MI5 briefing. The election results will not matter.

    Too many state secrets and dirty tricks would have to be revealed and the British government simply cannot allow it to happen.

    There are many people associated with the McCann case who are remaining silent due to intense pressure and not because they do not have information regarding the case or do not feel deeply burdened by their knowledge.

    Off topic:
    Don't stop asking why Kevin Halligen is not being sued by the McCanns. Clearly, given their history of lawsuits, he'd be on the list. But Halligen has information that they cannot allow to be made public. They know he'd blow their story wide open and so they've simply written off his fees. Of course, it was money they'd received from children and pensioners in the first place, so no loss to them - and well worth the money if it shuts him up.

  172. Guerra at 163

    If that is true about the interference of Gerry McCann with Sr Amaral wanting to stand for election, then I can only say that he is an absolute scumbag if he did that.

    As if the McCanns haven't already done enough to Sr Amaral, what vindictive, spiteful people they are. Nasty, nasty, pieces of work.

    May they rot!

  173. "Last week a judge in Portugal ruled that a book by a former police chief should continue to be banned because his unproven claim that Madeleine died in the flat is damaging the search."

    The McCanns abduction claim has even less evidance that PJ claim - at least the dogs' found cadaverine and blood. If that would happened in UK (missing child DNA found in the carboot), the suspects would be accused and arrested.

  174. Well Rosie on her site is calling for something to be done by Mr Johnson and I for one agree with her. How long can this go on?

    Its about time the McCanns participated in a reconstruction and answered those questions so that things can move ahead.

    So as we all know the Portuguese police nor Mr Johnson can reopen the case but all the McCanns need to do is fly to Portugal and express a desire into cooperating fully with the investigative team like any other caring moral parents would do.

    So how about changeing that ticker tape into one with some grasp on reality Rosie and asking the McCanns to fly to the PJ and voluntarily give them the credit card statements, the bank statements and all the things denied them in order to eliminate the parents and friends from their enquiries and normally given without any relectance by normal parents desperately helping the police? If Kate also gave a description of the abductor she says she saw that night Im sure the PJ would find that extremely helpful also.

  175. Anon 173

    Yes you are right.

    And if the same evidence of cadaver and blood etc., had been found at Murat's house and in his car, he would have been inside by now.

    So what is the problem with prosecuting the McCanns?

    Even the UK cop said there was enough DNA evidence from the blood sample sent for testing to have been used to bring a conviction in UK.

    What happened so that the Portuguese would not proceed against the McCanns?

    And if the dogs are indicating there was a dead person in that holiday apartment, then who could it have been but Madeleine?

    Nobody else has ever died there.

  176. 'If David Cameron wins the election, expected on 6th May, the Mccanns hope he will give the case a new (?) priority and order a review of all evidence'.

    A minor point - why wait until an election? Is Mr Cameron only able to offer his support IF he wins the election? Does he have to be Prime Minister to enable him to assist? Mr Camerons support would not be required if the case be re-opened as all documented evidence would automatically be presented in the rightful place - a court of law! - thus an automatic review that Mccann seems so anxious to effect.

    My guess is that IF this meeting with David Cameron really took place then it was engineered by Mitchell, therefore in truth it does not warrant much attention. After all a 1/2 hour interview hardly constitutes a constructive meeting.

    Just another publicity stunt on behalf of clan Mccann! - By the way Mr Mccann, what is your political preference, you appear to be swinging from left to right and this could be important to you in the future. What happens if this venture fails, you are running out of allies - and time!

  177. Anon 57 and 171 - Tend to agree with both of you about it being some sort of briefing and an SIS involvement. IMO it makes no difference what party is in power - this is above and beyond the usual bickering between Reds, Blues and Yellows and party politics. It is about corruption across the board, in all parties, legal institutions, police, judiciary, press etc.

    No matter what party is governing - the McCanns cannot get convicted of any crime - if the McCanns go down, something massive will be exposed. Clarrie used to work for MI5. I believe he was brought in to deal with the McCann case by MI5. Clarence has to keep them out of jail even if he knows they`re guilty and being the best liar in town, he`s certainly the man for the job. Clarrie was supposed to be on the McCann`s payroll, but if the company books were examined, I bet his salary came originally from `government`.
    Just my opinion anyway.

  178. How sorry I feel for my beloved country.
    We will exchange Brown for Cameron.
    And haevens, his name is by chance also David!
    May God protect us.

  179. http://www.blogger.com/profile/17919032159614302841

    Post 169

    Absolutely will not withdraw! It is a fact that McCann is a failure as a parent - and this is probably because the God he claims to believe in did not want him to procreate!

    You may not like facing facts, but if someone claims to have faith in a particular God and uses that faith to gain sympathy, then that person has to follow the rules of the faith. If one believes in an omnipotent God, how can one go against the will of that deity and artificially create a child?

    The problem is, its all very well creating a child, but along with the child comes responsibility. You cannot go out partying leaving that child to fend for itself.

    Harsh and cruel words, but not as harsh and cruel as using a star chart to train your child to not bother you when she wakes in the night and is afraid and wants to go to her mother!

    Harsh and cruel words, but not negligent and careless as is leaving your child in an unlocked apartment, in the dark, alone and unprotected.

    Personally I suspect the lack of bonding resulting from the manner of Madeleines creation is a root issue here, so my comment is highly relevant and whilst seeing to be harsh and cruel, has been earned by the McCann's. They did not deserve Madeleine and have subsequently proved that their God was right in 'his' appraisement!

  180. poster 176 ..........so they are not expecting Maddie to turn up BEFORE May 6th ?...shes only been "abducted" so anyday now Starsky and Hutch could find her ?or so we are led to believe...and to think people are being sucked in by these two ?

  181. It's time for a reality check, if this case were indeed a matter of national security wouldn't the McCanns have been forced to end their charade and fade into the background. There are people who have really had a child disappear and you don't see them constantly on TV or in the newspapers blaming the police or anyone they can think of, and for sure you don't see them hiring PR firms or elite lawyers. Yes, the labour party is involved in this matter it cannot be denied, Mr. Milliband's scandalous trip with the McCanns to the European parliament confirms it. This is a couple who turned the death of their child, be it an accident or not, into a successful business. This is also a couple who thrives on attention and is more concerned about their image than anything else. It is evident that they are being protected, how can you explain so many spurious statements coming out of their camp without being challenged. The only way I can explain this is that they have information that could damage the people that are protecting them.

    As I mentioned before the McCanns are facing uncertainty on many fronts. The labour party loosing power would probably be the event that would cause the most anxiety.

  182. And if I may borrow from Poster #48:

    ALLO ALLO KATE & GERRY! NO EXPENSE was spared by the Blair-Brown Governments in your 'defence'...all the support in the world that the UK Taxpayer could afford, and more. They were your Rock. What have you done that your Rock no longer jumps at the opportunity to please you? Oh dear, you must be in someone's Bad Books. I wonder when that Big Stick will be made to come down on you.

    By the way, it's a shame Kate isn't looking all Luvvied up now like she did in that 'Madeleine's Missing: It's Been 1000 Days!' photo. Oh, the many faces of Kate McCann.... Oh to grin like a schoolgirl when you're daughter's been missing for ONE THOUSAND DAYS and you can barely keep your heads above water and your heartless hearts are broken....!

  183. #177 - Spot on.

    Unfortunately, they have done as good of a job in hiding the money as they have in hiding a tiny little girl's body. They are counting on the fact that experts are behind both.

    Read some of the whistleblower accounts explaining what MI5 has done in the past and is still quite capable of doing.

  184. Lets not forget the role of the conservative party in this charade. At the heart of the deception, we have ex fund director and spokesperson Esther McVey, conservative candidate for the Wirrel. Cameron wont want information predudicial to her role exposed, whilst McVey herself has attempted to airbrush her involvement out of history. The only conservative MP who expressed doubts was John Redwood. Comments on his blog regarding the McCann's where removed within hours, and he subsequently refuses to be drawn on the issue. I suspect his actions where due to pressure from a higher authority. Cameron will exploit the possible death of a child for political gain, just like any other politician.

  185. It is obvious what has happened.

    Isabella Duarte said too much in her closing argument and made it appear that the McCanns wish the case reopened.

    That is why Gerry McCann was so cheesed off when he came out of court.

    He knew he would have to deflect that word 'reopen' somehow, so now we have this long loud scream of the McCanns for a 'review'.

    The last thing they want is a reopening of the case.

    They want a review so they can contribute the so called 'evidence' their so called 'investigators' have produced for them.

    They also want to know if there are other 'leads' in the Files they can pounce on and feed to the media.

    And, guess what, the McCanns will look oh so innocent as the media is fed all the gumph and this saga will be never ending.

    When are the McCanns going to be told where to get off, and to stop interfering with a criminal investigation.

    One in which they themselves may get arrested.

    Please reopen the case Portugal and do us all a favour.

  186. 179

    "Spot on and very well put - I couldn't agree with you more". One day the truth will come out. Madeleine can't speak for herself it's thanks to Amaral, Joanna and all of Madeleine's friends us the bloggers who can/will Never rest until she's found. Unfortunately, to receive a decent burial.

  187. Yet again they are "planning ahead"just like the one year anniversary plans months before the date ,now they are planning May and its only February !! but how can we forget ,shes out there somewhere ,just sat twiddling her thumbs waiting for Twit and Twat to find her using money donated by pensioners and children

  188. Has anyone investigated the 6 deaths that Kate claimed to have visited in one week of part-time GP work? This is an astonishing number, but there should be records of this.
    Also, have her partners been asked if she usually tookk cuddle cate to work with her? If so, why did she routinely deprive Madeleine of her favourite toy? If not, why did she take her that week only?

  189. Anon 170

    The Lisbon Treaty Gordon Brown has signed is a self amending Treaty. When FULLY implemented it will be superior to EVERY sovereign nation members own Constitution,

    2010 we in the UK we must vote for ANY party other than the ones lead by the current Lib/Lab/Con leadership. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM. These treacherous three, along with others have given our country away, and the British people have been denied a vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

    There are good people in all political parties, but the majority of people do not vote anymore because nothing changes. During a recent visit to Portugal an English speaking Portuguese citizen told me it is the same in Portugal. Majority of people do not vote?

    Goncalo Amaral is a HERO and has exposed the sort of corruption that can be expected on a regular basis behind closed doors, now the Lisbon Treaty has been sneaked in by the back door.

    An Englishman

  190. I write this in the hope DAVID CAMERON reads it: On YouTube there is a video from the Nov 2007 episode of Panorama. It's called 'Madeleine McCann 3rd May Timeline' and it's the 'official' version of events. This clip destroys the 'Abduction' theory!

    GM says: "It was incredibly quiet". GM stated that after his 'check' @ 9.10PM he left and met Jeremy Wilkins in the street - both men agreed this happened. JT says she went to 'check' on the children @ 9.15PM and saw both men. Yet both men NEVER mention seeing JT on their statements!

    Question: If a friend walks past you in the street, isn't it polite to wave, smile or acknowledge that person? The video on YT is VERY clear about how narrow and 'quiet' that street was. But JT was not acknowledged by either man. JT then describes the 'man' she 'saw' carrying a 'child'.

    @10PM KM states she went to 'check' the children. She arrived and in her own words "..saw right away that the children's bedroom door was completely open, the window was also open, the shutters raised and the curtains open."

    Question: JT is obviously 'observant' enough to spot a 'man carrying a child' and remember that event. On the YT Video, you will see that JT was going to the BACK of the apartments (Where the doors are for apartments 5A, 5B, 5D) to 'check' on the children. WHY DIDN'T JANE SPOT THIS OPEN WINDOW?! She would have HAD to walk past or at least caught sight of this window being open! BUT SHE NEVER SAID SHE DID, NOR IS IT IN HER TESTIMONY! HOW WAS THIS MISSED? IT WOULD HAVE TO BE IMPOSSIBLE IF IT WERE TRULY OPENED BY THE 'ABDUCTOR' EARLIER THAN 9.15 PM, BUT LATER THAN 9.10PM!

    Question: Jeremy Wilkins is unsure of which way he was standing. An important point: Because if he was facing UP or DOWN the road then either himself or GM would have to be facing the opposite way. GM said he crossed the road to talk with Jeremy; so we must assume that Jeremy was facing UP the road! YET NEITHER MAN REPORTED SEEING 'A Man carrying a child' just SECONDS after JT passed them! And Especially Jeremy who MUST have saw JT (But didn't!) AND the 'Abductor' (But didn't!).

    And if you are reading Mr.Cameron, know that I am a life-long Labour voter, likely to vote Tory for the first time ever. But if you support the McCanns, without researching why so many of us KNOW this is a lie, I will change that vote. They are trying to play on your heartstrings. Don't fall for them please.

  191. anon 175, Because there is an attachment called "Freeport", which according to the portuguese public feelings, HELP A LOT THE MCCANN'S TO RUNAWAY FROM ANY SERIOUS INVESTIGATION IN PORTUGAL- UK government shelved the Freeport & the portuguese shelved Maddie.
    I don't know if this was the case, but it is accepted and commented in Portugal, everywhere. A Shame when politics negotiate the life of a little girl and her right to achieve justice, according with their own agendas, to suit their conveniences. BUT ONE DAY, ALL WILL COME TO DAY LIGHT, AND I HOPE AMARAL WILL DISCOVER WHO DAMP HIS INVESTIGATION AND WHY?

    ONE THINK I'M SURE, Kate & Gerry were helped and supported by people in Portugal, connected with power, a part their lawyers.
    What wonder's me it is the position of the new head of PJ, after hearing that one of his inspector was insulted and accused of lying in the court. Why he is in silence and following the same mistakes as A. Ribeiro? The new head, was an Inspector, then he know very well how hard it is investigating evil people. HE HAVE BEEN ENCHARGED OF A DIFFICULT AND MEDIATIC CASE, ASWELL- CABO COSTA. If he let Cabo costa play his game and get the support of powerful people, the case will be not solved by now. WHO IS FORCING THIS MAN TO BE IN SILENCE AFTER SAWING ONE OF HIS MAN BEEN ATTACKED WITHOUT EVIDENCES? YES, WITHOUT EVIDENCES. ISABEL DUARTE DID NOT SHOW EVIDENCES ABOUT WHAT SHE CLAIMS. TO GOT THIS EVIDENCES, SHE NEED TIME AND SHE NEED TO ASK THEM TROUGH OFFICIAL WAYS, LIKE ASKING FRENCH, SPANNISH AND ITALIAN POLICE, OFFICIALLY, ABOUT WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO CHECK THIS SIGHTS. Without evidences, what she have done in court, was a crime. Perjuring to pressure the court and get some profits to her clients. She base her accusations on her feelings, her suppositions and this is unacceptable in democracy. Even, because what she is defending, is not what happen to Maddie, but only the image and the name of the Mccann's. How can she defend the image of her clients using the same methods that she is fighting for, destroying the image of others? And HOW CAN A COURT GIVE RESIDENCE TO THAT CLAIMS AND SUPPORT THIS FAIRY TALE? AND HOW CAN PJ NOT REACT TO THAT? I know, they are framed by the secrecy and the quite profile obliged by their jobs, BUT TO MY MIND COME ONLY ONE ANSWER-- THE PGR.

    THE PGR is praying for the Mccann's to not re-opening the case, even not reviewing it. He his praying for Amaral and his supporters to definitely SHUT UP and went in a low profile, because after shelving the case with all the evidences which PJ achieved, even with the last FSS report been inconclusive, there was enough evidences to bring Mccann's to court and to arrest them. Shelving the case was an error, following the political pressures was a mistake and if the case was re-opened, soon or late he have to assume that.

  192. Anon 192

    I think you are right about that. That shelving of the case was a big mistake as the investigators believed there was enough evidence to bring charges.

    Even the UK officers did.

    No wonder Gerry McCann looked so shocked when he came out from the questioning, and then they legged it back to UK and got lawyered up, though certain investigators wanted them to be stopped.

    No way do the McCanns want that case reopened.

  193. Anon 191

    It is possible that Jane Tanner caught a glimpse of the back of a man dashing off into the night when she returned later at about 9.45pm when she had finished her meal.

    Not going towards the Murat house, but the other way, which she has also said was the direction, before she changed her mind. (Her story has changed with the telling of it so who knows what she saw).

    Her description of the clothing of the man does match the one from the Smith sighting, and that later time of Jane's return would correspond.

    If only there was a photo of what Gerry McCann was wearing that night at the Tapas. From an independent person of course.

  194. 191 ,I hope Cameron watches it too ,all SO convienent ,Gerry must have cacked his beige trousers when he and Tanner is look-out spotted Wilkins ,to make an alibi Gerry went over the road to talk to him ,dumping his "precious"child in the bushes ,they think we are stupid ,how wrong they are

  195. They changed their stories, their faith, and now they political party. That is what they do, anything to get away from prison.

  196. There is one thing that Amaral and Madeleine have in common, they both are/have being gagged by the .....?

  197. The Lisbon treaty is signed,Freeport has gone away, Gordon Brown has nothing Socrates wants or needs,Socrates could change sides and look like a hero defending freedom of speech and assert Portugals indepedance and ability to stand up to a bullying UK prime minister. He could defend the PJ,reinstate Amaral and fast track EAW,all of which would gather him alot of votes he sorely needs. I wonder if he his canny enough to see this opportunity,he would have no problem with stabbing old friends in the back if it kept him inpower-imo

  198. Well if I were the PJ they wouldnt get away with simulating a kidnap and possible involvement in their daughters death which is what you risk if you jail them prematurely and just go for the charges you can prove hoping you'll have more before court. Lets face it theyre clever Kate hardly looked worried on her way to questioning.

    Who spoke to them and how many times I dont know that is perhaps a question for an inquiry along with what happened to the Gaspars statements. However before an inquiry which normally comes at the END of a process (this is far from over Gerry)I'd like to see them properly investigated (meaning their full cooperation)by the PJ and then brought to trial on everything they can prove- they can tack the sentencing on for the child abandonment at the end.

    Im afraid all Im interested in is that the PJ have full cooperation to investigate these monsterous excuses for human beings and Madeleine the child they managed to morph into a wristband for mass markting through the wider public agenda all health professionals are trained in.

  199. I bet David Cameron is happy to inherit from Mccann's story !

    (But it could be an other buzz from PR that might not even be true)


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