1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

McCanns Press Note to the Portuguese Media

McCanns press statement sent by a source close to the family, made available via Lusa News Agency at Jornal de Noticias, SOL, Expresso, RTP, SIC.

Gonçalo Amaral may know today the verdict about the book

The trial of the prohibition of the book Maddie- The Truth of the Lie could end today with the final proceedings and the reading of the decision in a session without the presence of Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of missing child in the Algarve in 2007

A source close to the McCann family told Lusa news agency that the verdict will be known today, that is, Judge Gabriela Cunha Rodrigues will communicate the decision either to withdraw the book by the former Inspector of Judiciary Police (PJ) Gonçalo Amaral from the market or to lift the ban, imposed on 9 September 2009.

The court session is scheduled for 9h30 [update via rupial: at 10h30 GMT], at the 7th Civil Court of Lisbon, and after the session the British couple's lawyer, Isabel Duarte, will read a statement made by Kate and Gerry McCann, who, on Friday, and in London, will promote a press conference, according to the same source.

[update while translating the decision will be read at the Judge's chamber for the lawyers only]

Madeleine parents, who disappeared on May 3 2007 in Praia da Luz, Algarve, allege that the book and video which was commercialized after a documentary was broadcast by TVI, divulge Gonçalo Amaral's thesis, which they consider to be unsustainable, that the two are involved in the disappearance of their daughter.

[another update by rupial: The verdict will have three parts: report, justification and decision. ]

Therefore, and by a request presented by the lawyer Isabel Duarte, the British couple asked asked the court to withdraw from the market, albeit provisionally, both book and video.

To this process, where apart from Gonçalo Amaral are also target the book publisher Guerra & Paz, the producer Valentim de Carvalho and TVI, it is attached to the main action, where the McCann family claims the protection of rights, freedoms and guarantees.

[Current twitters in court rupial, fduartecarvalho and KeirSimmonsITV]

[rupial update: the lawyers are here, they may get in the office's judge within a few minutes.]

[pic update via fduartecarvalho: 

Running procedures is also another action against Gonçalo Amaral, with the prosecution of claims deemed defamatory, in which the British couple seeks damages of at least 1.2 million euros.

Linked to this process was requested to the court an interim measure of seizure of goods, yet unmet and awaiting completion of investigations by the court.

The book Maddie - The Truth of the Lie, the same title appears in the documentary broadcast by TVI, was published in 2008 and casts the suspicion that the parents have participated in the concealment of the corpse and simulated an abduction.

[all quiet from the twitter world]

[rupial update: McCann's lawyer, Mrs. Duarte, a few minutes ago state that "if the verdict is against us, we will appeal". & still waiting... the lawyers are waiting too.]

[pic update via fduartecarvalho:  everybody still waiting outside court room

[pic update via fduartecarvalho:  the lawyers were now called before the judge.

[rupial update: some people holding carnation flowers, a simbol of Freedom for the portuguese, due to 25th april 74 Revolution & the lawyers are getting inside the judge's office right now, suddenly it all became quite in the corridor next to the judge's office]

As coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the PJ of Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral joined the team of investigators who tried to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann.

Kate and Gerry McCann, who always claimed that Madeleine was abducted, were made defendants in September 2007 but were acquitted [only a court decision acquits, not a prosecutor's dispatch] in July 2008 for lack of evidence to support the hypothesis advanced by the investigation to the alleged accidental death of the girl. 

The Public Ministry ended up archiving the process, which could be reopened if new data on the child's disappearance come up.

Lusa News Agency

[will continue the twitter updates at this page as soon as more information appears via twitter or cell phone]

[rupial update: Just to remember this verdict is about the injunction to ban the book and documentary, and to prevent Mr. #Amaral to talk about the case & if the injunction is lifted, Mrs. Isabel Duarte, #McCann's lawyer will appeal & meanwhile, people standing outside the judge's office are talking in small groups & two policeman are standing close to judge's office, next to us. But all is very calm]

[ fduartecarvalho update: the fact the decision is in closed chambers might be to avoid any public reaction inside court room...]

[rupial update: #McCann vs #Amaral: the injunction is maintained & TVI, VC Films and #Amaral are going to appeal]

[ fduartecarvalho update: The book still banned. & TVI channel cannot comment on G Amaral thesis, but other tv channels can... & Isabel Duarte happy with victory and now on her way to the major legal action after this confirmation]

[rupial update: Isabel Duarte went out and gave a big hug to one of the McCann's PR, she was very pleased & lawyers from VC Films, TVI, Guerra e Paz and Mr. #Amaral are going to appeal & Mr. #Amaral holding a copy of the veredict received some support from people standing in the corridor]

[pic update via fduartecarvalho: Isabel Duarte now talking & Kate sent message to IDuarte: this will be the start of good things for Madeleine

[pic update via fduartecarvalho:  GAmaral: what we hear inside a court room is not what happens in the final decision. We will appeal & It looks that free citizens can not speak freely... GAmaral said

[pic update via fduartecarvalho: #mccann guilt will be next?

note to readers: due to flu couldn't attend court decision's regarding the injunction today, still 'representatives' of the blog and friends are there, expressing our full support to Mr. Gonçalo Amaral and Freedom of Speech. Thank you to rupial and to fduartecarvalho for their twitter updates and excellent work from inside the court.


  1. Good luck to Senior Amaral and a huge thanks to Joana Morias and her excellent team of Astro, Kazlux etc...sorry if I have forgotten anyone.

    Forca Goncarlo Amaral and Forca Portugal

  2. I also am wishing Gonçalo Amaral all the best and will have everything crossed for the correct result.
    Thanks to Joana and her team for keeping us so well informed.

  3. # 2

    Me too. I am hoping for the best outcome for Senior Amaral, for the people of Portugal and of course, for the justice and hopefully we can see the case re-open.

    Best wishes to all and to all on this forum.

  4. Good luck Mr Amaral. Whatever the decision at least you attended.Also thanks to Joanne and all her team.

  5. Everything that has happened so far has convinced Salsa that Goncalo Amaral tells the truth and the McCanns and friends lie --- so, the plight for truth and justice must continue.

    Whatever today's verdict, Salsa will continue to support Goncalo Amaral and freedom of expression. Simples!

  6. You have my complete admiration for your bravery, hope you win this case and that those money grabbing, untruthful people will know that they cannot have it their own way. I hope the judge demands the reopening of the case....now
    our thoughts and hopes are with you Goncarlo, from Spain.

  7. I pray for Goncalo today. I pray for Justice to shine through today. I pray for Madeleine everyday.

  8. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20100218/tuk-potter-author-accused-of-plagiarism-6323e80.html

    I always knew it! Something about this womans writing - inclusion of so many folklore characters (mandrakes, phoenix, just two examples).

    No wonder she supports the mcCanns, same 'type'!

  9. :-/ Fingers crossed. Why have the "Meccanos" set up a press conference?

    Firstly their sense of self-importance demands it (pity they did not give that much importance to their own daughter when it mattered).

    Secondly for two strategic reasons: (a) If the English gag is kept firmly in Dr.Amaral's mouth courtesy of the young Portuguese judge then they have reasons to rejoice. Their ego woull have won the match.(b) If, as it should happen, the gag is lifted their self-righteousness will show up on stage. They will say "We are taking the case to the European Court of Justice". Of course Dr. Amaral would have said the same, albeit for completely different reasons.

    The soap will then go on into its next phase. The so-called "heist" phase. Madeleine has become a million dollar baby. Kate is the chicken of the golden eggs...

  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/olympic_games/vancouver_2010/8521728.stm

    UK media 'At it again!'

  11. Clean pair of underpants for Gerry is urgently required.

  12. The suspense is awful.

    Good luck Goncalo in your fight for freedom of speech and justice for Madeleine.

  13. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20100218/tuk-potter-author-accused-of-plagiarism-6323e80.html

    McCann supporter Rowling - accused of plagiarism!

  14. Snr Amaral - my heart goes to you and all that you stand for.

    Joana, thank you very much for everything.

  15. 9 They will have to appeal, because they will want to keep the ban in place if they lose. The chances are they will not lose, but again that will dimply widen the audience!

    They cannot win whatever happens today, lets not forget that they have lost a child - even though this may not bother Gerry and may only be an inconvenience to Kate - they will never be innocent in the eyes of those of us who want a thorough unbiased investigation folowed by a full and fair trail.

  16. Sat to hear about the flu Joana. Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate - non acidic) works wonders.
    ;) Trust me, I am a consultant...

  17. 8-} The fact that Kate & Gerry did not turn up in court this time is (perhaps) a good omen. It suggests they were advised by Madame Duarte (?) that the chances of them winning were very small indeed.

    Still... let's wait and see. Hurry up for Christ's sake! I have no nails left to bite!

  18. thanks 17, taking ben-u-ron. Back on the final decision, I just wonder what was the necessity of Isabel Duarte already stating they would appeal the judge's decision...and the obvious mainstream media blackout. I believe she already knows that the McCanns might have partially or fully lost the injunction.

  19. Unfortunately, I think the judgement may go the McCann's way today. Just a gut feeling.

    Thank you to Joana et al for the great effort and hard work that they do in bringing us such a vast amount of information. I hope for all of our sakes that, one day, we will see justice for Madeleine McCann.

  20. Injunction is maintained - no suprise there then!

  21. #8 & 13

    I have also read these reports today. JKR had a previous case in the States when she stated along the lines that "she could cry but she is British" - remind you of anyone talking about freedom of speach?

    Obviously the same hymnsheet..

    Before we know it, GMcC will be quoting "Churchhill" - (So, Gerry, do you know exactly what happened to your daughter?) OH YES!!!!!

  22. So now we have to face the McCann's crowing! But could this be for the best? Is is best to batten down the hatches and weather the storm? Can we now look forward to the re-opening of the investigation or are the judiciary truly in the hands of the politicians and lawyers?

    Lets face it, we KNEW which way this would go - but it will be interesting to see how the judge justifies it.

  23. So the junction is maintained, and the McCanns get their way again -as if we didn't know they would!

  24. The McScums win again.
    Portugal...hang your head in shame too.


  26. From the tweets, injunction is maintained therefore it would seem that the judge has been lent on...
    not a great surprise I'm afraid

  27. The judge has had her arm screwed right up her back - but by whom????

    Forca Goncalo - we are right behind you!!!

  28. Didn't somebody say the judge's father was an EU judge.

    Keep it in the family, eh.

    Say no more.

    Am not surprised by this verdict. The EU would like to silence the lot of us.

    She, no doubt, will go on to bigger and better things!

  29. Um dia é da caça, outro será do caçador!


  30. Im in tears ,when will Maddie get justice ?

  31. We've all read it anyway! Time to spread it further?

  32. As if we didn't all know the McCanns would win as usual!

    They say the reason they want the book banned is that people will think Madeleine is not alive and will not look for her - what it really is about is money of course. People won't bother sending money!

    Bad luck Goncalo, but don't give up - go to the European Courts and get your words heard more widely.

  33. Protected forever as I posted yesterday by the UK and PT. What a disgrace and the sham of having a hearing when the decision was pre judged. I am sorry for Mr. Amaral but there is no justice in PT and it now opens the gates for more McCann crap and they will declare themselves innocent after this. The Judge bottled it or was she chosen as she is young and thinking of her career. I am disgusted.

  34. Bollocks.

    Oh well - European Court here we come.

  35. If Duarte can win on her performance, it proves something is seriously amiss with Portuguese justice. Socrates will try and control the media for political purposes. I predicted this woud be held off until after the British General election, as our politicians have put themselves in a tricky position; following their support of McCanns. Those who doubt conspiracies may look again at the evidence.

  36. So..... no freedom of speech in the wonderful country of Portugal.
    There has to be a fight over this!

  37. Sorry to be defeatist but I'm afraid it's time for everyone to just give up now.
    This vile pair are being protected by people very high up and always will be. They will NEVER face justice.
    In short, they have got away with it.
    I am now going to take no further interest. I will use the energy I have wasted on following and commenting on this case to spend time with my lovely grandchildren.

  38. ~x(
    Sad daf for democracy and free speech.
    Rip Portugal.

  39. Even more proof of corruption. Lets wait to hear the fabricated justifications for this verdict.


  40. There will never be justice for this child Mr Amaral Bless him is fighting a lost cause. This pair are too powerful. I still believe Mr Amaral. Portugal justice is nil. They are terrfied of the Maccanns

  41. This judge is a national shame for Portugal.An other one who is corrupted to the bone marrow

  42. The smirks made be wide ,but what exactly have they won ?yes,they still have their freedom,yes (for now )they have shut up doubters,Yes they will keep the fund filling up with the fake "sightings" but they are not winners,they have to live everyday of their miserable lives with what they have done to their own child ,I hope and pray it will haunt them both ,and all who support them ,forever, may they never find a seconds peace

  43. perhaps its better to let it go to the EU, much fairer on Portugal, because whichever way it falls, there will be those who will doubt Portugal's Judiciary and veracity.
    That cannot be claimed in Brussels.

    But I think the case MUST be reopened and end this parental parody.

  44. Hello Joana and friends,sorry to hear that you have flu Joana---keep warm and take plenty of fluids.

    Now,a statement from the McCann Stable by a "Source close to the family" issued to the Portuguese Media. These people really do have "Delusions of Grandeur" dont they ? If a statement is required why have'nt the McCanns themselves made one formally ? No,this hands-off tactic is so that should it cause a question which the McCanns cant or wont answer,they can deny responsibility for the content! They remind me of those things which slither or scuttle in the dark corners after Sundown-------rats and cockroaches,when you shine a light on them, they hide. As for Isabel Duarte,maybe she already knows that their game is lost ? I really do hope so. What ever,the fight will continue until truth prevails ! Bravo Goncalo, Bravo !

  45. This reeks of corruption at the highest level.

    But the truth will out sooner or later

  46. No surprises there then. A blow for Amaral. More importantly, a blow for justice for Madeleine, a blow for ever finding out what happened to her.

    There's more chance now of the McCanns carrying on this charade indefinately, as the details of the proper (unfinished )police investigation get purged from the internet and their refurbished revisionist tale becomes popular currency.

    The only thing that can redeem them, in any way, in my eyes, is an unambivalent plea to the Prosecutor to re-open a police investigation and wind up thier fund; donating (probable) libel awards to a Portuguese charity.

  47. The judgement to maintain the injunction is extraordinary with all the evidence presented, especially as the injunction wasn't allowed at first application. Let's see the reasons, or will they remain behind closed doors too. Given the delays and injustices towards Snr Amaral it's obvious that there are higher influences at work here. I think it's time to bring in an emminent human right lawyer such as Clive Stafford-Smith, and maintain the publicity in this case. I hope that the PJ will start to take control of the case again immediately because the McCanns will desperately try to take it from them.

  48. more internetsites over the world would find it interesting to write about it. and more dedicated sites will be created. this is just the beginning.

  49. 45

    Agree that it is better to go to EU court. There was going to be an appeal whichever side came out on top.

    The most important result, from my perspective, is that the McCann's have said that they want a review, that they would be delighted if the case was reopened and that they would attend a reconstruction. They have set themselves up. `i can't see them wriggling out of this one.

    If there is any truth that the McCann's are more likely to face justice after the next election (for whatever reason) I am joining Sky's petition to get Cameras in court.

    Don't despair, it's a long - and very stressful for the McCann's - game.

    In for the long game as Properdad would say.

  50. A completely wrong decision given here this morning. What was the judge thinking about. I for one would be extreamly worried about bringing ANY case before her knowing as i do now the sort of person she has proved to be.
    If she can make a monumentally wrong decision on this scale when there is clear evidence that the injunction should be overturned, then most people/lawyers will now question her impartiality and possible any future judgements she may make.
    A sad sad day for freedom of speech in your lovely country.
    I expect the Mcs to take this opportunity to launch a fresh appeal for money as funds are so low....watch this space


  51. This from Sky News

    "The court case has demonstrated, once again, that there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm.

    "It has also clearly shown that no police force is actively looking for Madeleine, even, shockingly, when they are presented with new information and leads.

    "As painful and personally damaging as the slanderous claims of Mr Amaral and his supporters have been to us and our family, our primary focus has always been, and always will be, to find Madeleine through our own best investigative efforts."

    Lawyers for Mr Amaral and the television company that made and distributed the documentary based on his book have said they will appeal the decision.

    In a separate civil case, the McCanns are seeking over £1m in compensation from Mr Amaral for defamation.

    The McCanns are due to respond to the court's ruling at a London press conference tomorrow.

    So no harm has come to Madeline? Can you believe the nonsense they come out with?


  52. How the judge can come to such a decision about a book that is based on information already in the Files, for the public to see, has got to be basing her decision on something other than justice.

    She is a shame and disgrace to her country, but what do these people care what is said of them.

    They move in far higher social echelons than do we, so what should she care about freedom of expression. She will always be able to exercise hers.

    By the way the UK Hogg judge who was so very up the backsides of the McCanns has been said to have a close relative who actually works for the McCanns.

    If true, and she does not declare it, it is a disgrace.

  53. Hopefully, we will get to hear even more information released at the next court session, and please let the world know about the Gaspar statements lawyer for Sr Amaral.

    Surely, you can work that into the case.

  54. That disgusting judge is working upon the same lines as her father a very well known faschist

  55. There will be no re-opening of the case now. The so called Judge has further eroded the credibility of the PJ. Some political deal with the UK and justice is discarded. Any future investigations will be the McCanns versions fit for the scum press and their followers. Will the Judge keep the decision for the rulings secret as well?

  56. Will someone from the PJ finally come out and respond to these vile acccusations? Or will they keep silent and yet another abused,one more one less, do they care at all? What kind of people are in the leadership of our Judiciary Police? Spineless cowards, sold to the political powers, who are only too glad to let their investigators and the institution itself, its work methods,etc., be villified in the media and by criminal suspects(only if they are "british", of course)and just sit back and do nothing???

    I said it before, I believe that, in cases where part of the information or clues arise in other countries, the portuguese police has to ask the police forces of the said countries to do some investigation "in loco", because the portuguese police cannot go there and do an investigation outside Portugal's borders, and vice-versa. Special permits have to be granted to the port. police to go out and investigate and foreign police has to request authorization to come into Portugal too. Only if the investigation made by those local police forces came-up with relevant information, then would the port. police request the necessary permits and appoint some investigators to go to the locations.
    I'm trully convinced that this must have been the case with all those alledgegly uninvestigated leads. They were forwareded to the PJ alredy investigated by the police of those countries and classified as "not relevant to the process". I believe this is the case!

    His Excellency, the Director Geral da Polícia Judiciária(general director of the PJ) and also the Ministro da Justiça(justice minister) MUST come out and do a public statement on this matters and set the record straight!


  57. I am just gonna take a deep breath, I am not going to feel all is lost. Somehow I feel strangely positive about all this, I have a feeling something good is going to come from this. The only thing I am sure of though is that the truth has a way and will of its own, and the truth is going to rule. I will see it as a temporary set back if that much... or a 1/2 metre of exstra rope. Either way I am waiting patiently cause I know the truth always comes out. Sorry Mr Amaral but dont despair, just a little longer, little more time



  59. Has anyone read the book? Is there a substantive difference between what's in the book and what's in the publicly available files???

  60. If the McC's were cynical and had read Sade, this would be their advice to GCR and co :
    One more effort, Portugueses, if you would become sovereign.

  61. I hope some of you Portuguese have saved some of your red carnations for the judge.


    No wisdom whatsoever.

  62. Judge Hogg's sister's company invested in Control Risks Group, who started as investigators when M went missing.

  63. This stinks yet again of corruption, when will one day justice be done for a innocent 3 year old child left to rot away with no dignaty of a real burial? shame on all of you disgusting people who are helping to cover up this vile lot.

  64. The judge may just have been caught in that loop that says in spite of all the indicators that a dead body lay in Apartment 5A, that a dead body was carried in the hired car, that the behaviour of the group can at the very least be considered odd, the forensics have not proven the child's death. They are ample cause for suspicion, yes, but it is the proof of death or criminal activity by those we so strongly believe are involved that is still required.

    Now that is a sad situation to be in, but the truth always prevails in the end.

    I trust the statisticians rather than the forensic scientists on this one. What are the chances of Death being in your rented holiday apartment, in your hire car AND subsequently rented accommodation - and ONLY YOURS - without there having been the death of one you've come into contact with? That is A Mystery that still needs to be explained.

    If it walks like a cat and talks like a cat, it may very well be a cat!

  65. If this is true it has to be some loophole their expensive lawyers found and the duo probably knew about the loophole. I think reporters should get tough with them now especially the British ones. There is no excuse not to ask them tough questions. If they have media controlled press conference then reporters should refuse to participate. I am sure reporters can't be happy about being controlled.
    If the duo release a press statement without questions then the reporters should ask why. They cannot be be sued for asking why. That is journalism How what why and when. Isn't it?

  66. Come on everyone! Chin up!

    This is just a small battle - not the war!

    It may even be that the decision is to enable an unfettered investigation to take place out of the public eye. Dont forget that evidence can be destroyed 'by sunlight' - that is it can become inadmissable by being in the public view.

    This may be a very good result for the continued investigation. Perhaps Sr. Amaral should have kept his views to his PJ colleagues and perhaps write a new book, in English, which learns from this case and so escapes the clutches of the McCann lawyers.

    Dont give up or they win!

    Dont let them remove the truth from the itnernet...keep it stored - keep it documented!

    McCann has provided evidence that can be used against him (the sighting of the abductor and the corresponding discussion with Wilkins being a case in point). The longer this goes on, the freer the McCanns themselves are to speak, the sooner they will provide sufficient evidence to re-open the case.

    Watch them, listen carefully to everything they say, record everything they say. It doesnt matter how long it takes, the crash will be all the bigger the longer it takes.

  67. Amaral should now sit down with his lawyers and rewrite the book so it is in accordance with the judge's findings this morning. it would still be a best seller and he could write the English version at the same time!

  68. 55 f this is true, then it needs to be revealed and Hogg exposed.

  69. Perhaps, just perhaps the Judge knows what she is doing.
    And Perhaps now she will in her capacity recommend that the case is re-opened.

  70. Oh please, this pair are not powerful, IMO they are less than nothing.
    It is the others involved in this case that must cover up their sins at all costs who are the powerful ones.
    The scum of the earth.

  71. poster 52
    Lets not forget we are still waiting for Kate to take the lie detector test she said she would take when she ran from Portugal ,They will brush the "We want the case to be reviewed"under the carpet after todays outcome ,it will never be mentioned again ,all we can hope for is Murat to bring big things out in the tanner case

  72. A sad day for a beautifull country
    A sad day for freedom of speech and freedom in general
    A sad day for a man who just wants the truth and justice made
    A very special sad day for a little girl "who never came to any harm" and who might never have justice made to HER

    Truly and desparatly unbelievable

  73. i know how frustrated some people here feel, but I'm not giving up. I will still spend time with my lovely grand-daughters, thinking how lucky they are to have good, caring parents, who make sure they are looked after when they go out for a meal. I'll also remember the child who asked her mother why she hadn't come when she was crying and was ignored. Off to contribute to Mr A's fund now.

  74. and i thought portugese people liked children,or is it just madeleine they dislike with so many top officails wanting this book to be banned,dont they want justice for madeleine,sorry but im am so pissed off by this outcome thats the way i feel right now.
    my heartfelt thanks to Mr Amaral for all he is TRYING to do for madeleine and the ordinary people of portugal but i know the truth will out no matter how long it takes

  75. Excellent idea, Anon 58. I would buy it!

  76. poster 57 ,I for one will NEVER,EVER give up ,I have too much respect for Maddie to do that ,we are all down today,myself to the point of tears,but we will brush ourselves down and start again ,we must

  77. Anon 49
    "The judgement to maintain the injunction is extraordinary with all the evidence presented," - Totally agree.

    McCanns - you have set a precedent which has totally trashed everything that was won in 1974.


  78. No matter what case the Maccanns fight they will win this one the next one the one after that. Mr Amaral will never win them in this life, they are too powerful. No matter what we say or what petition we sign on this blog, in the eyes of the law Portugese and UK they are Innocent. This case was lost in Sept 2007 when they arrived back in the UK. I feel so sorry for Mr Amaral and ashamed for Portugal your country has been brought to shame by 2 UK doctors as a place where is not safe to allow children to sleep in there bed.

  79. I'm anon 78. I meant Anon 70, who posted about Mr Amaral writing the book. I would buy the book.

  80. Everybody, brace yourselves for the coming "victory party" to be held by the McCanns and the british media! It will be a never ending sucession of apraisal for the McCanns and trashing Mr. Amaral, the PJ and of those who "dare" to question the "abduction". It will be a rainstorm, not of "cats and dogs", but of insults!
    It has not taken long, it's alredy in Sky News...

  81. It is still only a TEMPORARY ban, so the press should remember that the libel hearing is yet to come. I think 57 is absolutely correct about preserving evidence for a more significant court case. A lot more people will decide to read the book on line, to see what the fuss is about. Some may even have enough initiative to read the files. Vanessa Allen from the Daily Mail applied to do so, with the help of a Portuguese translator.

  82. OK ban the book ban the TV show for now, but do not, I repeat do not give this couple money!!!!!

  83. @ Anonymous 55
    "what should she (GCR) care about freedom of expression. She will always be able to exercise hers."
    Not sure. Her decision could reveal she's not free. I remember the amazement in her eyes in front of ID's rant toward the audience.
    But also she should have stopped ID, the fact she didn't is telling.
    GCR obviously cherishes her little power more than freedom of expression. Lots of people do, once they've got their little power. She'll argue that she couldn't be but politically correct, that the UK would have accused Portugal to be biased, that those able to buy the book, anyhow, had bought it and the others could find it on Internet.
    I'm now curious to see if a Portuguese judge will empty GA's pockets to feed a fund that feeds ID, CR, CM, etc.

  84. :)] Calm down! In retrospect the young, inexperienced judge was only too afraid to make a wrong decision so she did a Pontius Pilate and said instead : "Let the main trial be the judge!" (or words to that effect.

    b-( I have always felt that a young, inexperienced judge (and possibly a mother at that) spelt trouble...

  85. Does Sky News realise they are insulting their listeners or do they care?

  86. I am surprised at today's announcement inPortugal. It beggars belief how the courts could come to the conclusion they did.

    On another note I have been reading OH blog where he posted about Hollie Grieg. In one of the comments a list has been provided of peodos - interesting that one or two have links to PDL.


  87. I don't see that the Judge could have done anything else. There is a libel action also going through the Courts. If the injunction was lifted and then libel was proven imagine the problems that would cause the Judge...

  88. ;))I agree with Anon 28 comment among others. It all goes to show the allegiance of the Portuguese Republic to The British Crown. A conceptual left over from the Victorian days, one might say...

  89. I will not give up on this case - never. That's what they want but it won't happen.

    I too would like to buy Dr Amaral's book whether it's in English or not - where can I buy a copy?

  90. Back to the drawing board! If it means we have to read the files again, ask questions amongs ourselves,then that is what needs to be done. If she was abducted, then there must be evidence, if she died in apartment there must be evidence, Somewhere something is missing, might be a small link... of shall i say a small window of opportunity. It needs to be found. The truth must out no matter what it is. I always say sometimes you are looking for an answer to something, we look far ahead, sometimes the answer is right in front of you. Back to the drawing board

  91. Im sure the Gaspars' statements, the full transcripts of Lee Rainbow's report, the report of Mark Harrison, Professor David Barclay et al, can be used in the libel trial.

  92. An extremely sad day for Maddie, Portugal, and Justice. With the amount of pro-Amaral witness testimony one might have expected a shoo-in for Goncalo. Alas, this was not to be. It is apparent that there is something very powerful influencing this whole case - not just the omnipotent Carter Ruck lawyers. The corrupt tenticles of government/freemasonry are at force. The appointment of senior government civil servant Clarence Mitchell only a few days after Maddie's disappearance bears this out. It's good that Amaral will go to the EU now. However, the cynic in me thinks these tenticles of corruption will extend to Brussels. It's possible for Amaral to win. He will need to slay one hell of a Dragon to do so.
    Angelo Del Montello

  93. Is Judge Gabriella`s father also a Judge - but at the European Court? I`m sure it is the same family.

    If this is the case, is there any point Goncalo appealing to the European Courts.


  94. Thanks for that information Anon 65.

    Justice Hogg should not be involved in anything to do with the McCanns if that is the case.

    How are we to have any faith in justice anymore?

  95. That glam judge has masons in her family,the scum of earth.....are you surprised?
    I am not

  96. I was just thinking. Maybe this is not bad news at all. Maybe it will all be aired in another court on another day. Perhpas it's too soon to be despondent and far too soon for the McCanns to crow (if they do indeed crow).

  97. Will kate be asked 48 questions at the libel trial? More importantly, will she answer them this time?

  98. Anon 82 - I knew who you meant (i.e. me!) It is a good idea isn't it?
    This is still only a temporary injunction, decided (probably) on the balance of probabilities to await the main trial later this year when all the witnesses will be heard in full.

  99. Yahoo are proclaiming it a "Victory" I have posted an answer ,but doubt it will get posted

  100. Poster 79,

    Down, yes, but just know this is not the end of the road. Think of Cold Cases that go unsolved for decades until one day, just by chance, new information comes to light. And this is what this case needs to be re-opened too: new information, because we're being told we do not have that evidence to explain this child's disappearance. No proof of her death but, and I will emphasize, NO EVIDENCE OF HER ABDUCTION EITHER.

    This was meant to be a Cold Case; we'll see for how much longer. And we sincerely hope that Goncalo Amaral or A.N.Other has that bit of information to re-open this case. That's the key to overturning this injunction and to bringing The Criminals to justice.

  101. 8-} Here is a more practical angle to this thought-provoking outcome

    Who said judges were fools? That there was no justice? Survival comes first!

    The Portuguese Justice system is out of cash. We read that judges are not being paid their salaries. One obvious way to increase the revenue in the Ministry of Justice is to keep these high profile cases going. Appeal. Counter-appeal. Stop. Go. Pay! Pay! Pay!

    :)) Long live Madeleine's Fund.

  102. Joana - Would Snr Amaral's colleagues and legal team, publish another factual book (in English) about the court case evidence as a team effort, and which summarises the most important points in police files (which are already in the public domain and not banned). Make it as easy as possible for the evidence to be read by the public. Include the excellent record of the cadaver and blood dogs.

    The McCanns will go on the rampage to try to discredit the evidence publicly now. They will make more mistakes. I think the public are already sure what they think. The quiet behind-the-scenes efforts will bring justice.

  103. Anon 105

    Good idea.

    And how about a picture of Madeleine and the dogs on the cover.

    That would really infuriate the McCanns. Ha!

  104. So 'The English Gag' is maintained. Sickening. I still have my German copy of the Truth of a Lie. Are the McCanns going to come around and sieze it? If Mr Amaral reads this blog, then please accept my apologies for the McCanns being British like me, but I cannot really apologise for the ruling as that is down to the Portugeuse judge. Many people here in the UK are right behind you though.Please Keep going. How about another book, same theme, slightly different angle, get it out in English before they can injunct you. The message needs to keep getting out there. The UK people need to be reached much more than just the enlightened on blogs. Mind you I guess it will be us next, mind control is the name of the game. Repaet after me Abduction, Abduction, Abduction!!!

  105. 8-} On second thoughts, the injustice might in the long run, work in Dr. Amaral's favour.

    I mean, if the "Mecanos" loose the next real thing (the 1 million heist), then Amaral can add this loss of revenues to his compensation figure.

    Madeleine's Fund will pay - assuming the fund does not run dry in the mean time to pay for Madame Duarte's fees, court fees, travel expenses, press conferences, T-shirts, ballons, fireworks, etc.

    So, let us wait for the result of his appeal and hope the judge will be older and more experienced.

    b-( I need a drink now...

  106. The decision did not surprise me. The trial was a farce. Just an opportunity for the Mccann's to clean their name. I can imagine how will be the Mccann's press conference tomorrow. SPIN, JOYEUX SPIN. This will finish with Amaral guilt about everything, unfortunately.....
    I have to make a big effort to believe in an impartial judgement. For me, the auditions were a farce... THE DECISION WAS TOOK long time ago, EXACTLY WHEN THE COURT DECIDE TO GIVE GREEN LIGHT TO MCCANN'S WHISHES.
    This did not help Madeleine at all. What about the case, will be reopened or not? Have the Mccann's fill any document to reopen the case? OR IT IS JUST A STRATEGY TO FOOLISH THE PUBLIC AGAIN?
    SORRY JOANA, if you think I'm stuck on a conspiracy theory. But there is so many coincidences that cannot be only coincidences. AMARAL IS BEING USED AS SCAPEGOAT FOR ANNOTHER JUSTICE CASES IN PORTUGAL. Lets see what is going to happen with the accusation of Violation of judicial Secrecy. Yesterday, several journalists were not charged of that crime in Casa Pia, and several things were written and said, about many people in Casa Pia.
    That decision to definitely ban the book, will open the way for the other accusations against Amaral or are the Mccann's going to stop now that they are sure the book will not be available in UK? I THINK THEY WILL STOP THE OTHER ACCUSATIONS. THEY WILL NOT TAKE THE RISK OF GIVING EXCUSES TO REOPEN THE CASE.
    Good and quick recover Joana. Fight your flu.

  107. RIP Carnation Revolution

  108. main headline on ITN news !! but never mentioned in earlier news reports ,disgusting

  109. BBC News just mentioned this and they were balanced. They included that the book is based on what was in the files....

  110. Ok as I said in another comment I'm not surprised at the outcome but please help me understand how it can be possible.

    The plausible scenarios that I can come up with are:

    1) The judge was bribed.
    2) She was threatened.
    3) The judge being an slave followed her master's orderS.
    4) It's ridiculously obvious that Mccanns are right in their claim.

    Are these scenarios too extreme or unrealistic to happen? Then what is a plausible scenario?


  111. Muitos de nós gostaríamos que o caso não tivesse sido arquivado, que todas as hipóteses de busca de evidências tivesse sido explorada, que a investigação tivesse seguido com serenidade, sem interferências, enfim, que não fosse preciso chegar a este ponto.

    Com justiça ou sem justiça, dependendo do que cada um entende por isso, há uma sentença: os McCann estão condenados a mexer neste processo para o resto das vidas deles. Não sei se alguém consegue entender o fardo que isso acarreta.

    Talvez esta seja, entre todas, a melhor sentença que no fundo ninguém proferiu - foi uma autocondenação "de si para si".

    Todos nós sabemos o que é viver connosco mesmos, os nossos medos, as nossas dúvidas, espiar as nossas culpas... remorso... angústia... as falsas vitórias... as feridas que nunca saram... não poder baixar a guarda, nem por instantes...pode ser penoso... pesado...

  112. Let us not panic just yet until we see the reasons for the decision.

    I expect it will be something like the temporary injunction will stay in place until the results of the main libel trial are concluded. Surely it is only at that trial will it become fully known if Gonçalo has libelled (not told the truth) about the McCanns and the case.

    Before the decision many commentator here could not decide if it would be a good or bad thing to win or lose. We hope, at least that the case will get more exposure in the European Court. If the McCanns had lost there would be a chance that they would have abandoned the full libel trial – we need that to shed more daylight and to allow more truths to enter the wider public domain.

    It is a sad day yes, but be positive. Take those feelings now and make an extra donation to Snr Amaral’s defence fund.


    Mr B

  113. If the McCanns, through their lawyer, are saying they want to reopen the case, then what is the problem PJ.

    Get that case reopened NOW.

    Before they change their minds.

  114. Today is a sad day for freedom and justice but remember...HOPE DIES LAST.

  115. Where is the judicial reasoning available?

    I am assuming that she will have had to justify her ruling and I am assuming that it is based on the fact of the new libel trial...as someone above said, you couldnt really have the book freely available if there is a libel trial - the McCann's lawyers knew this.

    This trial, the main event, will be very interesting - but unfortunately it is the defendant who has to prove that what he says is true, isnt it?

  116. @ Anonymous 90
    I wondered also about that. How could the judge lift the injunction if the libel action had yet to be judged.

  117. What we really need right now is to for Goncalo to hold fire on taking this further until the brown one has been ousted from his throne - then things will take a turn in the right direction.

  118. 8-} OK. So what is the young judge's argument for doing a Pontius Pilate on Amaral? Is it already known?

    I am trying to guess her trail of thought. "This injunction is part of a forthcoming trial. If I lift the injunction now, I might be interfering with the main court action then, so I will say: the injunction stays."

    Dr. Amaral still has a strong case in terms of the gag. This will be addressed in subsequent appeals both to Portuguese and the European Court of Justice. Some you win. Some you loose.

  119. The McCanns have won an extension to the temporary injunction - so it is a temporary injunction still.

    Lets hope that this was simply a decision to maintain the justice of that later trial and let us hope that the later trial will reflect the content of this trial, as it was clear that had it been decided on the content of the trial, the McCann's would have lost.

    So although it seems as if they have won and the decision is at odds with the trial content, the decision is probably not connectcted directly at all with the content of the trial.

    I look forward to the actual ruling as it may make this clear. It is unlikely to state that the injunction remains because the book stopped people looking for Madeleine!

  120. I think the truth will prevail. There is a case here in the US about a shooting in AL. Apparently the person was involved in an accidental shooting over 20 years ago. The present chief of police where the accident occurred says the full record for that day is missing from the log. The former chief, chief at the time of accident, said he didn't know of some of the things that were supposed to have happened.
    A person who the shooter ran to where he worked said he was never questioned again. Pols are requesting a full enquiry. So be patient. All will be revealed in the duo's case too, one day.

  121. :)] Falou muito bem Anon 107. Quem fala assim não e gago. Concordo absolutamente.


  122. I am devastated, I really am, Goncalo, so sorry the decision went against you, you deserved better than this.

  123. 106 The judgment is in accord with the fact that there is a libel trial on its way. The injunction had to be maintained.

    This was not a judgment that it was a final ban, it is still a temporary injunction which can be lifted.

    Hopefully the criminal investigation will be taken off the shelf now - that is the only real just way forward.

  124. Please,to the attention of anyone who can answer me this:

    In these court hearings, there were only testimonies of witnesses for Dr. Amaral? Any witnesses for the McCanns were heard? I do not recall reading any testimony from a McCann witness.
    I have also read that in the first court hearing (behind closed doors), the one with judge Amélia Puna Lobo, in which the temporary injunction was granted, only McCann witnesses were present and heard and not a word of their testimonies came out.
    Was that it? McCanns witnesses heard in private in one court and Amaral's witnesses heard in open court?
    I wonder who were and what did those McCann witnesses tell?...
    it sure seems their testimomies bore more weight in the court and judge decisions than all MR. Amaral's witnesses...

  125. The McCann witnesses were heard at close doors, in private before the public hearing sessions started, one of the witnesses was Clarence Mitchel.

  126. I'm anon 123. You can read about the case I mentioned, in the Boston Herald online and the Boston Globe. I haven't been able to do a link. People in Al are very angry about what happened over 20 years.

  127. :)] Mensagem para Anon 114 ;) Linhas trocadas. Escrevi 107 acima...

    Falou muito bem Anon 114. Quem fala assim não e gago. Concordo absolutamente.


  128. Clarence Mitchell was there? Some of us did not know that Joana.
    :| Hmmm... It could help to explain it all...

  129. Joana, thanks for your explanation at no.128. But were the McCann witnesses cross examined by Mr Amaral's lawyers? If not, why wern't they? If there is no cross examination how can it be justice?????

  130. So if the McCann witnesses were heard behind closed doors there was no opportunity for any of them to be called 'liars' as happened when Goncalo presented his witnesses.

    Where is the fairness in that?

    It is crazy justice when nothing the McCann Mcspinners have said can be refuted at the time of the hearing to try to prevent the injunction in the first place.

  131. With refernce to 39. And that's exactly what the Mcann's hope people will do. But they're in for a shock,

  132. And did they have the PJ there at the hearing behind closed doors to tell the judge that Clarence Mitchell lies through every tooth in his mouth.

    Did they hell as like!

    That's justice for you. McCann justice that is.

  133. Banning the book, was the only decision which suits Pinto monteiro agenda, at this time, when many voices stand up against him as a PGR. HOW CAN HE FREE THE BOOK AFTER SHELVING THE CASE? The Mccann's know, they will never face real justice in portugal, at least, under the strings of that PGR. THEIR MAINLY PROBLEM WAS NOT The justice of the courts, IS THE JUSTICE OF THE PUBLIC OPINION. this one they know, it is hard to change, AND WILL REMAIN WITHOUT CHANGES, EVEN AFTER ALL THAT STRATEGIES. This will be Mccann's KARMA, forever. And no justice for Madeleine.

  134. Anon 104 and 105

    Two very good posts.

    An Englishman

  135. "The McCann witnesses were heard in closed doors" so justice was not seen to be done then was it? a breach of a basic judicial legal principle I think. Why are they hiding?

  136. My first reaction to today's news was "that's it - I give up" ... but it's not that simple is it?

    If it were, then I would have given up at least 2 years ago ... but the truth is that, no matter how much the McCanns protest, spin and smirk, I'll never believe their ludicrous abduction fairytale ... so I'll just have to sigh, pick myself up, dust myself down again and move forward to the next fight.

    Libel Case, European Court of Appeal, Crimminal Case against Tanner ... they are all vehicles which will bring the facts of the police files to an ever widening audience. Judging by the 'rating' systems on McCann pieces posted online by the British Media in the last few weeks (one vote, one ISP address) the British public are 1000 times more sceptical of the McCanns and their story than they have ever been before - that in itself is a measure of how far the fight for the Truth has come since those dark days of Summer 2007.

    Sooner or later, no matter how long it takes, one way or another, the truth will come out .... We have all the time in the world to watch, wait and anticipate the sweetness of that inevitability.


  137. I didn't realise that Joana. It goes to prove their privileged treatment continues. Still, it took 10 years for Dr Jeffrey McDonalds father-in-law to bring him to justice and a life sentence.

  138. Joana, does that mean Mr Amaral's lawyer did not hear what the McCann's witnesses had to say, but Duarte could hear every witness?. If so, the whole thing STINKS.

  139. OK so will the McCs start searching now? I didn't realise this was the reason Mrs didn't search physically. Glad it is all cleared up.

  140. Were there pictures of children in paedophile dens rolled out for the first judge who granted the injunction to see, and did this sway the decision for the injunction being allowed?

    Were there pictures also available for the judge in this case to see?

    Pictures that really have nothing to do with the case of missing Madeleine, who the best dogs in the world are saying is dead.

    Did this sway her decision also, as one of them may have looked like Madeleine, even though such pictures can no doubt be made to order if enough money is available.

    And the McCanns have been funding some very shady people with a great deal of money.

  141. The evidence of the dogs is really going to have to be pushed to the forefront.

    This is needed to counter against the McCanns and the paedophile pictures they wish to use in order that nobody believes anything but their abduction scenario.

    Unfortunately for the McCanns the dogs are highly rated in the UK.

  142. no one outside their band of cult followers believes them,certainly not their lawyers or PR teams,no one,if we are this angry,just imagine how angry all those police officers from both countrys are-tick tock, waiting for a change of government,might as well hang fire until Brown and Socrates are gone,then we can all start writing books,leaflets internet blogs until that poor neglected sad little girl can be given the dignity she deserves and the shoddy carnival is over

  143. It's time for a toally 'neutral' book to come out charting the progression of this case. Just the completely plain detailed information, presented dispassionately, like proper journalism should be.
    The book would begin with the birth of Gerry McCann and the birth of Kate Healy and go on, painstakingly, day by day, from there. References of all sources, page by page. A valuable record.
    This is what I fondly imagine to be in the drawer (or under the bed!) of many who are following this case.
    Meanwhile, everyone on here, save as much as you can onto disc, or print out, just have information safe.
    The next step will be Europe-wide, more info will reach the mainstream press.
    There's Kevin Halligen's case and the strange Murat v Jane Tanner case coming up.Many opportunities there for papers to reach the 'wrong' hands, emails to be sent to the 'wrong' people by mistake, papers to be left on trains etc.
    As a few people have already remarked, it's like being a French Resistance worker in the Second World War, with the hidden radio set in the attic. But look at how all that ended........

  144. Clarence Mitchell, witness, was heard in private?? The McCanns' spokesman, PR man was a witness? To what? This is more evidence of Government interferance.

  145. http://thesatirestall.blogspot.com/2010/02/men-in-skirts-paedo-ring-exposed.html

    caso HOLLIE Greig,blogg acima faz 1 referencia a praia da luz ...

  146. Hello together, I've just read the outcome of the process and I didn't want to believe it. Therefore I had to read Joana's blog and your comments, my friends. It's incredible and I wonder about the reasons for that decision, particularly the witnesses who were asked behind closed doors. Then it crossed my mind that there always were rumours that this case is a case of national security - for whatever reason. Do anyone know the other witnesses than Mitchell? Anyone of the Government? Anyone of their backers in high places? I am unable to give up to follow this case because of this injustice that stinks to high heaven. I really believe that their is such a big coverup going on comparable with the Belgian Dutroux case. I really hope that this mystery will be covered up soon. I am so sorry with Senor Amaral and with all of you who have been fighting for justice for years. With their method to shut up everyone who has another opinion than themselvers and with their manipulation by the media they would have had success in former times when the worldwide internet was not existent. But now it's more difficult for them. Good old boy Mitchell has to fight with modern technologies.
    a friend from Germany

    a friend from Germany

  147. From anon.#127:

    Thank you very much for your reply, Joana(#128). Sorry for the late thanks, but I've been out till now.
    I have no idea of what the law says or allows in that matter, but it surelly is very unfair and unbalanced that the accusers' witnesses were only heard by the judge, in secret, and on the other hand, the defendant's witnesses were heard in an open court, with the media present and submitted to cross-examination (and abuse) by the McCanns lawyers! Was there any legal way that Dr. Cabrita could have used to cross-examine those witnesses? Or, at least, did he had access to their testimonies?
    Sometimes I get so frustrated with all this case, I feel like banging my head on the wall! I can only imagine how it must feel like to Mr. Amaral and his family!God bless and protect them all!

    Thank you once again, oh, and by the way, hope you'll shake-off that flu quickly, take good care of yourself, you're a jewel!

    Rosie ( sorry, most times I do not sign my posts )

  148. It's not so bad! At all. Now mr Amaral has all the motivations to go further to European Court! Let all Europe to know about grasping predators! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP THE TIME.


    i love this man. he is a rock, just look at his calm, monolithic pose in front of reporters. and the best thing is: he's got patience.



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