1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

PJGA Press Note released to the media on 10 February 2010

The PJGA released yesterday at lunch break [previous to the McCanns afternoon press conference] the following note to the media covering the trial in Lisbon's Palace of Justice.

Citizens in Defence of Rights and Freedoms  Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral

The citizens of Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral would like to state as follows:

1. In the book “The Truth of the Lie”, Gonçalo Amaral wrote that he and the rest of the Portuguese and English investigators concluded that Kate Healy and Gerald McCann are suspects of involvement in the concealment of Madeleine’s cadaver.
2 . The Portuguese investigators have already given evidence in this court, and they declared, under a compromise of honour, that Kate Healy and Gerald McCann really are suspects of involvement in the concealment of their daughter’s cadaver.
3. It is no longer only Gonçalo Amaral saying that Madeleine died. It is the Portuguese police.
4. It is of essence that the English police also clarify what conclusions they reached.
5. Gonçalo Amaral has asked a Scotland Yard officer – José de Freitas – to give evidence in this court, but he refused due to being bound by state secrecy.
6. In order to discover the whole truth, it is essential that the English Police’s archives are opened.
7. The citizens of PJGA appeal to the English subjects, and especially to the English media, to pressure the police to open their archives.

The world wants to know what really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann. Premature shelving is not an answer.
And the world already knows that the arguments used by the McCanns to censor Gonçalo Amaral’s book would be good enough to burn the entire press of democratic countries, every single day.

Citizens in Defence of Rights and Freedoms – Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral
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  1. BRAVO! JOANA, Deviam enviar esta nota para a imprensa internacional tambem. Alguma imprensa esta a noticiar este julgamento como se fosse o julgamento a policia portuguesa e a investigacao portuguesa. Qual nao e o meu espanto quando vejo no telejornal da RTP, a advogada Isabel Duarte, numa verdadeira peixeirada acusar a PJ de portimao e mais especificamente Ricardo Paiva de nao investigar avistamentos de maddie em Espanha e Italia que estao documentados com fotos chocantes. Uma nova estrategia que me deixou atonita. As 8 h. da manha aqui ( 4h. da madrugada em Lisboa, devido a diferenca horaria) ja uma radio erroneamente, e a milhares de Kms de distancia de portugal, apresentava a policia portuguesa a ser julgada. Alguem fez chegar as redaccoes dos media internacionais a noticia assim. Erro ou estrategia? E um facto que estes media, atendendo a distancia geografica nao tem muitas possibilidades de apurar a veracidade da informacao. estao longe demais para ouvirem as diversas correntes que correm a proposito do caso, mas sabem que maddie mccann e uma tragedia global que toca as audiencias de todo o mundo, por isso tudo o que se relaciona com ela e sempre noticia de topo.

  2. What is the best way for us to pressure the police to open up their files - presumably simply emailing Leics police would not achieve that desired result? Anyone who knows what to do - please please tell all the rest of us!

  3. well done joana and all the team,you lot are brilliant

  4. People are not out looking for other well known missing children. It has nothing to do with books being written about them. Perhaps the duo should write their own book instead of trying to ban Dr Amaral's. I'm sure they would get lots of money for it. Why haven't they written one?

  5. Great and I love the last paragraph about the McCanns reasons for censor being good enough to burn all books.

    But will the Teddy press be allowed to print it.

  6. That last sentence about censoring - "the entire press of democratic countries, every single day" is extremely important.
    With this propaganda war in process - something that Hitler and Goering would recognise - the McCanns are trying to demolish the free disemination of information.

    If they are allowed to go any further, think, who will be the next person to follow in their path?
    Gerry was seen last year officially complaining to the British Press Complaints Committee, along with with Max Mosley, about press 'intrusion.' A strange companion to be petitionong alongside.

  7. Excellent press release. Straight to the point, no frills and with a request for action.

    So LET'S ACT!

    Justice for Madeleine and for those who refuse to allow the British government to LIE TO THE WORLD. This is no longer just about a couple of doctors lies. It is the honor of the British at stake and British citizens who must act to save the dignity of their society.

    There is NOONE above the law - the same rules apply to every person in society from the "lowest" sad homeless person to the "highest" politicians living in mansions.

    Thank you Joana and team. And most of all Thank YOU Dr. Amaral.

  8. So how do we get this press release into the media?


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