1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Robert Murat criminal complaint against Jane Tanner

Today, a UK media journalist, ITV'S Keir Simmons was able to confirm with Mr. Pagarete, Robert Murat's lawyer, that he has filed a legal complaint against Jane Tanner.

According to Portuguese Journalist Frederico Duarte de Carvalho's twitter, the case which is still at the inquest phase and under the secrecy of justice, is taking place at the Criminal Court of Lagos, in the Algarve, and apparently Mr. Amaral has already testified. Jane Tanner has not yet been constituted as an arguida, nor has she appeared in court.

Robert Murat's criminal complaint against Jane Tanner for calumnious denunciation, has already heard some witnesses, and will continue to hear some more, one of which is Ricardo Paiva, the PJ inspector who is currently being called as a 'liar' by the McCanns Portuguese lawyer, Isabel Duarte.

On the side

On the case of Leandro da Silva versus Gonçalo Amaral, filed by Marcos Aragão Correia, Leonor Cipriano's lawyer, self-called psychic and convicted child murderer defendant, is reaching its final days at court - the lawyer strangely enough has moved to Madeira and has allegedly missed most of the court sessions.

From the Portuguese Penal Code [Rectification to the CPP n.º 102/2007, of 31/10]:

Artcle 365.º - Calumnious Denunciation

1- Whom, by any means, before the authority or publicly, with the knowledge of falsity of the imputation, denounces or casts upon a determined person the suspicion of the practice of crime, with intent that against her it is placed a legal proceeding, shall be punished with imprisonment up to 3 years or with a fine.

2 - If the conduct consists in the false imputation of unlawful fact or disciplinary penalty, the agent is punished with imprisonment of up to 1 year or a fine of up to 120 days.

3 - If the means used by the agent is traduced in presenting, altering or distort evidence, the agent is punished:
a) In the case of nº1, with imprisonment up to 5 years;
b) In the case of nº 2, with imprisonment up to 3 years or a fine.

4 - If from the fact results the deprivation of liberty of the offended, the agent is punished with imprisonment of 1 up to 8 years.

5 - To the request of the offended the court orders the public knowledge of the conviction sentence, under Article 189º.


  1. What about the rest who were pointing the finger at Murat? Is he going after them as well? I hope so.

    Also that somebody would file some sort of complaint against the McCanns and Clarence 'he lies through every tooth in his head' Mitchell.

    This case has been interfered with from the start with a load of lies and spin. And still is.

  2. After Jane tanner, ... Fiona, ...???

  3. Here we go, another client for Carter Rook

  4. one by one their little pact will unfold, wonder if Jane will set up a fund to help pay for legal costs

  5. From Keir Simmons ITV twittter one hour ago:

    "Kate and Gerry #McCann will issue statement tomorrow, then hold news conference Friday to respond to result of libel case, I'm told."

  6. :))The scape goat has the last laugh ("marrada" to be precise) .

    Erm...will Madeleine's Fund be used to pay for her defense as well? Well, since it is being used to extort a million from Amaral it might just as well be used to foot the cleaners bill.

    Well done Murat! Ole!

  7. Why now...after nearly three years? Any ideas?

  8. Crack her and you might just have scrambled egg. After all, it was she who held Robert Murat firmly in the frame. That HE was the fall guy was no accident.

  9. Slowly but surely the house of cards comes down.

  10. Very well said Anon#7.
    Finally we have movement in the case and it is the merit of a few very brave men: Sr. Amaral in the first place, Srs. Flores - Almeida - Paiva...
    Excuse me if I've forgotten someone.
    Oh I forget capable people in the internet who maintained constant pressure over almost three years now.
    People like Joana, thank You.
    The Tapas won't withheld the pressure over the years, the fund will dry up, connections will crumble, supporters will weary of them.

  11. Oh, joy. Clarence Mitchell is organising a press conference for Friday. What fresh hell will this bring us all? More penetrating questions from Britain's journalists along the lines of "Are they doing this out of spite, Gerry?"

    Portuguese journalists, get on a flight here now please. Get in to that press conference and show our lot how it's done.

  12. I would think that he also has a case against Clarence Mitchell re the Ian Huntley statement to press

  13. Tanner is key. She saw abductor and Gerry in the same scene. Without her sighting, we'd only know of one man hanging around the apartment in the night, Gerry McCann!

    Funny how the photo fit of the spotty man looks so much like McCann.

  14. 7 Im assuming that her costs will be met by the fund.

  15. At long last, the tide is turning...
    The final blow will come tomorrow, when the Judge delivers the only decision possible after all that was said and done in the hearings: 'A Verdade da Mentira' will be back on sale and G. Amaral free to speak his mind!
    Força Amaral!

  16. If Tanners costs are met by the fund, how can this be justified as it is not part of the search for Madeleine - its about someone pointing fingers and causing distraction to the underlying investigation (i.e. time wasted on Murat).

    Surely those who run the fund could not justify it, neither could ex-Everest shark and weirdo Jehovahs Witness Kennedy or barrow boy Branson or plagiarist Rowling?

  17. Anon #6 Don't you mean another bent client for Arter Crook? =))

  18. Murat should sue Kate too.


    THE MIRROR: “Kate McCann: Murat must tell us the truth”

    "Kate McCann has told friends she is still suspicious of Robert Murat after another person claimed he saw him the night her daughter Madeleine vanished”

    Robert Murat is the suspect. So too Kate McCann. Finger pointing…"

    Beata, Germany

  19. IMO Jane is the one that could crack under questioning. Look at the way she broke down during their supposed reconstruction, about which side of the road Gerry & Jez were on when she supposedly passed them. I think a court of law could just be too much for Jane.

  20. well,well,well.i hope jane hasnt been telling porkies

  21. Good, just the news the McCanns won't want to to hear, the day before the result of their libel case against Goncalo.

  22. @7 I wonder if Jane will expect her fees to be paid out of Madeleine's fund, expecially if she helped Kate & Gerry with their timelines. Could be interesting!

  23. Dear Gerry,

    Tapas 7 gave you all the money they received from the Express concern, when 7 sued them, do you remember it?

    We all expect now you to give back the money Jane Tanner offered your fund at that time, to help her with all her costs now and to help her paying Murat.

    Give it back or she will tell the truth!

  24. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive.

    This could be the unravelling of the Tapas 9 web of lies. When Jane Tanner's well being both financial and physical--she could go to jail-- is threatened, why should she stay loyal to the Mccanns? She may decide it is time to fess up to her part in the conspiracy of silence around Madeleine's death.

    Robert Murat, the scapegoat, the man whose life was ruined by the Tapas 9, could emerge as a hero alongside Mr. Amaral. He will not stop at suing Jane Tanner, he should sue all of them.

  25. Jane Tanner,

    are you getting involved in more trouble only to protect the McCanns?
    They were not even loyal to their own little daughter, not proctetive, do you expect them to protect you?
    They are now going to show you how true they are to their friends.
    Wait and see.

  26. Come on! Isn't it strange that Robert Murat has to file a criminal charge against the professional liar and criminal Jane Tanner for «Calumnious Denunciation» with the Portuguese Court in Lagos? Both, he and Tanner, are British subjects with residences in the UK. The fact that Tanner committed this crime - next to a few others - in Portugal does not necessarily mean that the charge has to be filed there by all means. One might rather assume that no British lawyer was willing to take the case and take it to a British court because of the involvement of the McCanns. Don't forget: They seem to be the new rulers over Europe and there are a lot of immoral creatures who treat them exactly like this. Therefore, what do we might expect from this case? It would be appropriate to ask this question again in about 5 to 7 years because that is the average time in Portugal that passes by before you get a glimpse of the possible final result of such court cases. Maybe, this case drags on even longer - because of the parties involved? He, who believes that justice will prevail and be done to Robert Murat is grossly mistaken. He, who expects the Portuguese authorities to act swift and effective, by, for instance, issuing a European arrest warrant for Jane Tanner to make sure she will be available to stand trial in Portugal, is grossly mistaken as well. None of this will ever happen. It is more likely that this case is sharing the fate of the Maddie case, i. e. to be shelved sooner or later and hoping nobody will ever touch it again.

  27. Can anyone shed light on the Murat/Tanner DNA found together in a flat forget where abouts in Portugal - Sagres?

  28. Anon 20. Perhaps the money she collected from the newspaper and put in the fund will be used?

  29. Se isto for realmente verdade já dá para perceber porque que é que Ricardo Paiva é um alvo a abater.

    Desejo que Robert Murat tenha coluna vertebral e vá para a frente com o processo contra Tanner. Mais importante que o dinheiro proveniente da imprensa britânica, há coisas que não têm preço: a dignidade por exemplo.

    Lembre-se Robert Murat, você foi escorraçado, humilhado, algemado em público, identificado por um bando de pais negligentes que lhe apontaram o dedo. Apareceu em toda a imprensa, a sua cara é tão conhecida como a dos McCann, infelizmente por maus motivos. Há dinheiro que não paga a calúnia, a injustiça. O que é que a sua família pensou? Os seus vizinhos? Os seus amigos? O homem do café? A senhora da farmácia?

    Seja um homem e defenda-se, honre o seu nome nem que seja pela sua filha! Se fosse noutro país menos democrático você estava atrás das grades e os pais estavam na maior por terem desviado a atenção da polícia! Você foi usado e maltratado!

    Da PJ espera-se uma postura inequívoca, a defesa pública do seu inspector (sem Alípios pelo caminho...)e que rolem cabeças... chamar mentiroso a um inspector não e lançar sobre ele a suspeita da prática de um crime?

    E transmite uma má imagem do sistema judicial português não acham? Então agora temos inspectores que só investigam o que querem? Acham que isto é verdade? E mentem em tribunal?

    Retrate-se: Um pedido de desculpas público e a sua publicação escrita durante uma semana inteira em todos os títulos sérios do país.

    A lei é para todos e os magistrados não estão acima da lei, aliás, têm a obrigação de serem um exemplo para a populaça.


  30. A lawyer, said to be that of JT and RB complained about political involvement and pressure being applied to his clients. This was at the time when there was talk of one couple of the group wanting to change their statements.

  31. Is this why Duarte accused Inspector Paiva of lying last week?

  32. @ post #30, the big difference between this case and Maddie's case is that it's GONE TO COURT. How can a court case be shelved without a resolution? That's nonsense I'm afraid!

  33. I can't see Tanner setting foot out of Britain myself

  34. Bravo, muito bem dito e escrito anónimo(a) 33.

  35. The big question is will Tanner turn up in court? I think she may not. The Tapas are not too fond of questions. If questioned on the stand she might let slip as few of the lies. I hope Murat humiliates her for the liar she is and gets thousands from her in compo. Then go after the rest of them especially lady K and her loyal companion Payne. Let the truth flow?

    A press conference on Friday to rebutt or celebrate? The arrogance and conceit.

  36. Murat would have to prove that it was NOT him that Jane Tanner saw that night....can he do that? I dont think he can!

  37. there is definitely never going to be any end to the calamity that the Mccanns have caused. it's time they gave themselves up before they destroy more and more lives, so that they can keep themselves out of jail. Come on McCanns, it's never too late... if you have a decent bone in your body, admit it all. You will be forgiven....

  38. Call me a conspiracy theorist but what a perfect excuse for Tanner not to set foot in Portugal SO sadly any proposed re-opening by reconstruction cannot happen. Press announcement tomorrow-Much AS WE WOULD LOVE TO RETURN FOR A RECONSTRUCTION WE CANT BECAUSE OUR GOOD FRIEND jANE is BEING FALSLEY ACCUSED BLAH BLAH BLAH

  39. 40 It may not just be about the "sighting".

  40. It seems that JT may have little choice as to whether or not she returns to Portugal.

  41. Anon 40 - but hasn`t Murat already proved it (to the satisfaction of the PJ anyway) - his mother said he was at home.


  42. I have read on another site, sorry can't remember where, that Robert Murat may have brought proceedings against Jane deliberately at this time, to stall further proceedings. I do so hope not!

  43. @ 41 I agree with what you say apart from, YOU WILL BE FORGIVEN, not sure about that!

  44. I wonder if the undeniable likeness between Murat & payne is brought up

  45. @40

    Seeing as the abductor that Jane Tanner supposedly saw is now a posh spice lookalike and a girl, I don't think Robert will have much trouble denying it was him, do you?

  46. Will there be riots on the streets of Portugal when the McCanns succeed in have the book permanently banned tomorrow? I dont think so.

    Will the UK media jeer the Portuguese judiciary? I dont think so - as it is the judgment they want,

    Will the UK press jeer the people of Portugal and their Police? Oh eys, I think so.

    Will the McCann's ever be brought to justice? I dont think so.

    Is Madeleine dead? I think so.

    Will the people of the world as they are reflected on the internet accept the banning of a book? I dont think so.

    Will the book vanish forever? I dont think so.

    Will Madeleine be found? Never!

    Perhaps the best result will be, book banned - but case re-opened under the control of the PJ and the assistance of Sr Amaral.

    No libel case allowed - as under judicial secrecy, fund frozen (McCanns have to get their lazy arses back to work).

    So lets hope that even if book banned, it will be for the right reasons.

  47. @ 48

    Likeness between Murat and Payne, good point.

  48. @ 50

    Case reopened under the control of the PJ and Amaral, that I would be more than happy to see.

  49. 10, why now after nearly three years?

    In my opinion Murat was advised to wait till the McCanns would sue Amaral, the case going to court, the statements being twitted by Skynews, articles about Lisbon, etc.
    Statements saying about Madeleine's death, and that the PJ proved there was no abduction at all.
    Now is the exactly moment to sue Tanner.
    The whole case was dicussed in court, in short.

    I wonder if she will explain in court how come she could describe the abductor exactly the way the Smiths described Gerry that night.
    She better tell the truth, exchanging prison for telling who is responsible for the death, freeing Murat of every blame.
    And freeing herself, who knows.
    Or is she and her partner also involved in Maddie's death?

  50. Why is CM got a press conference for Friday that's whats worrying me.
    could it be they know the outcome already.

  51. the documentary on channel four last year ...

    showed kate mccann on the phone to jane tanner arranging dates of travel etc....

    from their conversation it was quite apparent that these
    two ladies are hardly even friends let alone bosom buddies...

    excluding the mccanns, it seems jane tanner has told the "tallest tales",
    divide and conquer is a well tried (and proven)formula for eliciting the truth,
    Ms Tanner slurred defamed and slandered robert murat with no
    apparent reason,perhaps now murat(advised by max clifford?)has the opportunity to ask her why?

    find out why she (tanner) lied and the madeleine mccann
    case will unravel like a ball of string.

    Will she really allow herself to be jailed for perjury, providing false information and
    providing false alibi's (a possible 6 year sentence)to protect the mccanns secret?

    Or will she finally admit that pressure was applied to her to contrive
    a scenario and provide alibi's that would not only fool the "gullible"
    portugese police and press,but also place a local man, murat)
    into the frame for the alleged abduction of madeleine mccann.

    through a friend of a friend who has knowledge that i do not have with regard to the
    leicestershire police force investigation into the disappearance of madeliene,
    i am led to believe that one member of the tapas 10 may have/may not have
    provided a statement to the portugese police that borders on a deal/states evidence so to speak,

    I was expecting senor amaral to reveal said statement during the recent trial,
    perhaps it's being held back for a criminal trial, the one person most likely to
    need a deal would be (besides the mccanns of course) the one who told the tallest tales!

    legally jane tanner could not be compelled to give evidence against her husband,
    but then apparently, according to british law, unlike the rest of the tapas 10,jane tanner is not married.

    it was her partner (Russell O'brien) who left the "tapas party" to check on their infant child
    who was ill and had been vomiting so much that he had to change the infant child's bed sheets
    before being able to return to the Tapas party wasn't it?

    divide and conquer-

    aka ..

    "the castle always falls from within "

  52. Joana, tu ainda sabes o endereço email da Maria from Brazil?
    Ela não deve estar sabendo de como as coisas estão correndo.
    Tu poderias escrever a ela, avisando-a?

  53. This is getting better and better.

  54. 54 It doesnt mean anything, what is interesting is the delay! Why wait until Friday? I think its a buffer to prepare either way.

    However, although I would so love them to lose, I'm sure they will not - justice will not win the day - not when the McCanns are involved.

    But just remember, this is just another battle, winning it will not win the war for the McCanns - they are forever doomed and damned by their neglect and lies.

    They may make money and live the lives of the rich and famous, but they are damned to hell.

  55. Olá, não sei se tenho ainda nos meus contactos, vou ver se é possível enviar-lhe um email. um abraço desde Lisboa

  56. On twitter TV news PT producer:

    rupial #McCann: Just spoke to Mr. Pagarete, Mr. Murat's lawyer "there is a complaint placed at the Criminal Court of Lagos"

    rupial #McCann - Mr. Pagarete was asked if Mr. Amaral was one of the witnesses. He replyed "can´t tell you anything else due to secrecy of Justice"

    rupial #McCann - Mr. Pagarete: "It was placed about one year ago."

    rupial #McCann - Dr. Pagarete: "não lhe posso adiantar mais nada, devido ao Segredo de Justiça". O processo decorre há um ano.

  57. Hello Poster (40) I read an article that said Jane Tanner saw Robert Murat, outside the McCanns apartment at 22:30. She later changed her story and said it was at midnight when she saw him.

  58. I have always wondered why he never sued the pants off of them ,I was begining to think he had taken a bung ,Good Luck my friend !!lets hope this is the 1st of many ,as another poster said ,Kate was quick to point the finger and dig the knife in him ,lets have her next !! its not looking pretty is it ? I am not a religious person ,but by gum Im praying for Goncalo tomorrow

  59. @ 53

    Don't worry, I am sure the tapas will be working round the clock to keep Jane out of court,

  60. poster 55 ,Tanner would have to be a VERY good friend of Kates to go to prison for her ,Would anyone leave their child for years just to cover someone who you KNEW had coldly and callously disposed of her own child ? I would not even do that for my sister who I love very much ,but a friend ? never

  61. I wish Amaral and Murat the best of luck.

    I believe
    1- the dogs.
    2- Amaral and his team.
    ... last - the Tapas 9.

    Whatever happens tomorrow, that's how I see it, based on all that I have read and seen.

    Força Dr. Amaral!

  62. poster @53 , I have always thought Tanner was in on it up to her ears ,I think it was planned for her to go listen to the children at more or less the same time as Gerry ,she was IMO the lookout for him ,maybe this case will blow it all open ,lets hope it does

  63. 54

    I thought Kate and Gerry were going to make a statement tomorrow then hold a news conference Friday. Where does Clarence come into this, have you read something elsewhere?

  64. Why an interview to the media on Friday?
    Possibly they know the judge's opinion.
    If they know it already, why not tomorrow?
    Or perhaps they don't know it yet and they need time to prepare a comment.

  65. 64

    Totally agree with you. For any of the tapas to take the wrap for the others means there is something very very sinister they are all covering up.

  66. I don't think I will sleep tonight.

    Força Goncalo Amaral!


  67. every judge can change a veredict at the last moments.
    even if it said today that the answer is A, tomorrow at 10.29am it can change into B.

  68. Will Jeremy Wilkins be called to say he saw Jane Tanner hanging about around 8.15/8.30 on the night M disappeared? Another local resident said she saw a woman fitting JT's description at the same time,using a mobile. The witness also describes a brown car which nearly collided with her. JT acting as look-out?

  69. I am inclined to ignore this revelation until there is further evidence as to its validity.

    As to Keir Simmons other revelation about the Mccanns releasing a press statement tomorrow, to be followed by a press conference on Friday, if this be true it will be very interesting to see whether or not it has been orchestrated by the illustrious Mitchell!

  70. 64, you are deadly right.
    To sacrifice yourself, your own children, to save irresponsible(and more things) parents, just because they expect that from you?
    Besides the McCanns are nobody's friends.
    Too much in love with themselves to love somebody else.

  71. Did Tanner change her story about seeing the abductor and Gerry at the same time? Did she ever say she had seen the abductor and not Gerry as well?

  72. statement tomorrow, interview day after tomorrow?
    what is the use of this?

  73. Old ground, but still hard to believe that journalists arent all over this case!!


    "To conclude, the police started to suspect the parents from the word go." Panorama also revealed that Mr McCann had suspicions that the couple's two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie could have been drugged on the night Madeleine vanished.

    He and his wife have repeatedly denied reports suggesting they themselves gave their children sedatives, and insist they had nothing to do with their daughter's disappearance.

    Speaking in August, Mr McCann recalled attempting to preserve the scene in the bedroom Madeleine was sharing with the twins for forensic experts.

    He said: "The twins were still sleeping in their cots. So we tried to leave it (the room) as undisturbed as possible.

    "And they slept very soundly until we moved them out across into the other apartment, which does make you wonder about whether there were any substances used to keep them asleep."

    But despite that thought he never had them tested! To think there are actually people who believe the lying bastard!

  74. «S.B. said... 73

    I am inclined to ignore this revelation until there is further evidence as to its validity.»

    What constitutes validity in your opinion, an article in the British or in the Portuguese media? A lawyer making a statement on TV? The offended or the arguido making a press conference? A documentary manipulating information made by the suspects? What is the point of your comment?

  75. If a press conference has been booked for Friday, I don't have a good feeling about this.

    On the other hand, either they will gloat that the book has been banned or they will say the case needs to be reopened. Either way they will think they have saved face.

  76. 76 They will either be in damage limitation mode or crowing!

    So a short crow tomorrow, but the full onslaught will need preparation -= maybe they dont know which way the cards will fall - though I think they do (as I think its all prejudged).

  77. 72

    I had not heard about that witness before, interesting.

  78. The Metro newspaper seems to cover this case with a little more journalistic flair than others. See the latest on McCann Unravelled; the airport photos and the ambulances waiting at both ends of GM's trip from Faro to the UK.in June 2007. Only the feisty Sandra Felgueras caught him on the way to the airport.

  79. I am so confused by all this are we talking about Murat (today please say yes) or Murat 1 year ago. Johana you seem very calm is this a good sign darling please say yes. That's not a proposal by the way

  80. The McCanns and their flaming press conferences get on my flaming nerves it's all about them all the time. The only consolation about another press conference is we can watch more car crash moments from the deadly duo. All best wishes to Mr Amaral God bless him.

  81. Wouldn't the planned press conference on Friday indicate that they already know that the judge's verdict will be in their favour? Otherwise I don't see the point of it if the verdict is in favour of Amaral.. I find it very strange that they have planned it at this early stage.

  82. We will just have to make sure that the internet isnt part of the ban!

    As far as I am concerned, and I suspect most of us who care about this case, the result is irrelevant as far as the truth is concerned - its just the opinion of a single judge and is probably not actually even that!

  83. 77

    Doctors as well! They, I would have thought, would have been the first to say "please lets get the twins checked out"

    If I remember in the rogatory interviews, the tapas were asked did they remember any semll in K & G's apt, I assume chloroform is what they were talking about as the smell is very apparent. All that were asked said no they did not notice any unusual smell. So it has to be said if the children were drugged it had to be with a needle or substance of some sort. I really don't think an abductor in the space of a couple of minutes would have had the chance to do either.

    Kate, why did you keep putting your fingers to the twins noses to check they were breathing, yet refused to have them checked out at the hospital when the pj offered. If you were my daughter I would call you wicked to treat your children, my grand children so appallingly.

  84. Make no mistake, the book will be banned. We need to pressure the Portuguese to re-open the case - and not with a panel as McCann wants - but as a proper police investigation - with the McCanns as suspects.

  85. Dont forget, the banning of the book might be used to re-open the case - by the Portuguese and not in any control of Gerry McCann!

  86. Try again..

    A) will Murat have a pop at Antonio Cardoso ?

    B) Jenny Murat's alibi for Robert is irrelevant...she is his mum..same mum who sat up the camper van on Luz promenade to invite folks who did not want to speak to the cops...to speak to HER

    go figure

  87. Good wishes for tomorrow Goncalo, many people in the UK will be thinking of you and your family.

  88. If I were asked to describe Robert Murat in one word, it would be dignified.

  89. poster 72 ,IMO ,Tanner was the look-out

  90. I believe that tomorrow the Judge will rule in Mr. Amaral's favour, in accordance with Article 37 of the Constitution of the Portugese Republic.

    I suspect the McCanns and Mitchell will be burning the midnight oil tonight drafting statements to cover any eventuality.

    Best wishes to Robert Murat - a man much maligned who is entitled to his day in court and who may just be the man to untangle this case.

  91. Lets hope (for those who have no faith) and pray (for those who do)
    Justice will prevail in Lisbon Thursday 18th February 2010.

    An Englishman

  92. Come on Robert drag her through the court for all her lies then go for the others who all tried to stitch you up also get that awful sun reporter who called you "the one eyed wierdo" and the pathetic british press who also tried to stitch you up(to take the heat off the neglectors) so good luck to you, also like the other poster Good luck to Goncalo i am waiting for the right result tomorrow for you to win if there is any justice.

  93. This press conference is worrying me also, the UK news will be full of it, how can this judge ban the book what for, oh please God No, I can not stand the Maccanns crowing that's what will happen all over again. What time is the case set for Tomorrow please.

  94. 30 - Isn't Murat Portuguese as well as British? Why would he want to sue Tanner in the UK if it happened in Portugal and that is where she broke the law? Plus he is on home territory there and she is not. Makes perfect sense to me. Also, who knows if British courts would accept evidence from the case files.

  95. what about Murat & Tanner's DNA being found in a flat close to PdL?

    did they know each other in Exeter?

    can anyone shed any light?

  96. I think JT should have her defence paid from the "fund". After all Jane donated her payout from the Express to the "fund", (Ltd Co.)Cough, ehheh, snort.

  97. I sometimes wonder whether the little girl the Smith family saw in the guy's arms was actually TANNER"S daughter, as a smoke-and-mirrors exercise, nothing would surprise me.

  98. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20100217/tuk-result-due-in-mccann-book-case-dba1618.html

    Buzz up and post your views!

  99. 90 Whats your point? Say what you mean not 'go figure'.

  100. 102 unfortunately when you click have your say, it comes up with :«You have specified a non-existent message board.»

  101. Whatever the verdict tomorrow, there's a long way to go. It will unravel, this is just the beginning. It's clear, from what we've seen so far, that the McCann's and the Tapas will have to fight tooth and nail to keep a lid on their crime. I'm enjoying the 'fight tooth and nail' more than they are.

    I've got the popcorn in, I'm looking forward to more of the spectacle.

    So, Russell, good clean up! You did well. Jane, Mathew, what did you do with the stuff Russell used to clean up with on your return to the Tapas Bar?

    Gerry, you owe your mates a huge thank you. Stellar performance in removing a dead Maddie, specially when you were nearly caught by Jez but of course you were spotted by the Smiths.

    Kate, what did you tell Gerry? And how did you both cook up a story to frame Payne? He's not a particularly attractive character is he so it was probably pretty easy to set him up with little conscience.

    All speculation of course.

    Popcorn at the ready, feet up, remote at hand.

  102. Joana - you have to click "buzz up" & register

  103. Won't so many of you look stupid if Amaral wins tomorrow?
    What makes you so sure he will lose? Get a grip.
    The Mccs and their lawyer have no case and that was evident during the trial.
    Portugal is not the Twilight Zone yet.

    As for the Mccs Press conference - of course they will have to spin their machine wether they win or lose.
    Istead of whinng I'd love to see one of you grow some balls and imitate that Portuguese reporter - if others had done that ealier, perhaps we wouldn't be discussing if a book will be permanetly banned or not.

  104. Strange how this has come out today and we have the outcome of the case tomorrow, desperate silly new conferences staring Mitchell and Edgar, hope its as funny as the last one they did,lol!!!
    Things seem to be moving very slowly but at least moving.......... tick tock!!!!

  105. Since Tanner pointed out Murat, then the coward Tanner should go to court to take responsibility for her actions. Actions that had enormous consequences, the same for lady McCann. Instead they refuse to take any responsiblity for all the trouble they have caused. It is criminal what they tried to do, in framing Murat.

    If the Judge does not rule in favour of Amaral then the whole thing is rotten and will only reinforce what many of us believe that they are protected forever, but anybody who opposed them will be targeted. We will see, but I fear it will take a panel of judges at the European court to see the light and dispense justice.

  106. I'm puzzled by the delay for the announced press conference. Surely all the hired help should have prepared statements and responses in advance for all of the very limited number of possible outcomes tomorrow!
    Unless... they are ready to launch another of their tried and tested diversions so that everyone (the tame media!) forgets thursday's news if it is not what they hope for.

  107. thanks 106, boa noite and good night to all, thank you for commenting your impressions on the case

  108. statement tomorrow,
    will the McCanns state they finally succeeded to reopen the case, spite amaral was fighting to keep it shelved?

  109. forgot to add: On twitter for the #mccann injunction decision, that banned a book and a doc, follow tomorrow @rupial & @fduartecarvalho #censorship in #Portugal - both will be twitting from inside the court

    or follow the hash tag #mccann

    or still without the RT's

    ;) cheers

  110. Joana 104 - you can comment on buzz... I just did. -- Trismegistus

  111. that tsunami is coming and that press confernce wont happen they cant hang tanner shes the key witness so the circle goes back to them opps not in my end is my begeining koh i noor salam alkium

  112. 103..if you are not familiar with Cardoso's account or Jenny's antics..then you are a recent rubbernecker in this case..

    and I won't waste my time on you

    kind rgds.

  113. Perhaps the McCanns think they have won and with their enormous egos are getting ready to tell the world. I think these pessimistic people on here may be pleasantly surprised with result from Judge. Mr Amaral had a brilliant defence. Good luck Mr Amaral and may JUSTICE prevail.

  114. @ post #102 thanks for the link. The article does seem to suggest that the McCanns ARE IN LISBON for the verdict :-/

  115. Amaral/Murat/Tanner/G&K/Clarence..I don't give tuppence about that lot

    nor any camp that supports them

    the test of faith is..will there be justice for Madeleine..whatever our prejudices & allegiances suggest we should do or think

  116. Regardless of the verdict, all I'm hoping for is that the judge recommends the reopening of the criminal case of Maddie's disappearance.

  117. Agreed anonymous 119, but there are times in life when you can't be like 'Switzerland', neutral during II world war or be like an ostrich, not wanting to believe in nothing or anyone. There are times when you do have to choose and make a stand for what you believe in, for human and ethical values - only then you can attempt to bring the Truth out, so Justice, legal Justice can be done to a little girl.

  118. I bet Lord & Lady McCann don't sleep well tonight.....unless they take the same sleeping potion they gave their kids.... you know.... the one Maddie's grandmother anounced to the world that Kate always gave the kids (before she was silenced of course)....

    Cheshire Cat

  119. Well said Johana, too many sit on the fence it only takes one person to remain silent for evil to flourish. Why bother with this blog if you don't care go elsewhere Stop wasting your time. Good Luck for Tomorrow and have faith. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  120. Hands up all of you who think Gerry McCann will use this press conference to call for a review of the case 'by the best people'? It's just more accusations of 'PJ incompetence' coming your way, dear people of Portugal! Anyone who takes anything Gerry has to say at face value is sadly mistaken and needs to read him like a book...a bit like Lee Rainbow of the NPIA did :X

  121. In my opinion, if you leave aside, emotion/feelings/sentiment, and look completely honestly at this court case. then there is only one logical conclusion the court should arrive at, no other verdict would be worthy.
    Thousands of people have already read the book/know the content of the book. Many Thousands of people are aware of the information contained within the police files and which is there for the general public to read and upon which the book is based. Thousands of people are aware of the actions/non actions of the McCanns/their lawyers/their representatives, which at times beggars belief. And more still, thousands upon thousands, no longer/have never believed their version of events, due to everything stated within the police files and the Mcs own actions.
    If you logically take all the evidence presented, you cannot in all honesty continue to ban this book

  122. Joana..

    ISAR here..

    Switzerland (sorry swiss guys-but you always took the coward's way) is carp, so are ostriches..on this we agree

    where we differ are certainties....you seem to have them..

    I don't

    I can only make a stand on things I hold to be true..but I never assert that these are the truth..

    I am prepared to be utterly wrong and be proven to be wrong

    ..and Lord have I been proven to be wrong in this case..

    I don't have a litany just questions..and only questions further a debate

  123. The case needs re-opening of course - that over-rides any political motives.

    If we were to leave this case to be 'sorted' by the tabloids either/or in PT or the UK..we would do a disservice to the child.

    I never crave to have a beer with either Gerry or Goncalo..neither strike me as nice 'chaps'

    I'd just prefer a balance of evidence..call it simplistic..

    yes, I'd like to hear from Kate herself why she did not answer the 48 questions

    and from Jane Tanner..why her internal compass miscomputed her sightings that night

    but also from Jenny Murat..why she invited 'shady' characters to confess to her, rather than to the police

    and from Amaral .. why he never took Antonio's testimony seriously.

    So those..with 'answers' rather than my questions..are clearly ahead of me.

  124. Joana @ 121 you are so right, good luck and best wishes for Mr Amaral tomorrow , and for justice x

  125. Os campeões da hipocrisia dizem-se vítimas de uma "cruzada maléfica"


  126. If the investigations will be open, I wonder if it will not be too heavy for Isabel Duarte.
    It will be difficult for her, all by herself, doing such a work although I believe she is a good lawyer.
    It will take her millions of hours of preparations.
    And she looks fragile.
    I hope the McCanns are willing to pay an extra lawyer to help her in the research and preparations.
    She will need it.

    And she will not have any time left for other cases.
    The McCanns will have to pay her full time.

  127. The fund is possibly paying Tanner's expenses, lawyers, trips to Portugal, etc, because she is fighting back against Murat.
    After Murat wins the process,and he will, the fund will pay him, through Jane, the amount the judge will decide.
    The McCanns have no other choice but to pay.
    Jane and Russel know too much, and the parents can not take any risk.
    Besides, Madeleine's death is not their fault, I think.
    That is probably why the McCanns want Amaral's money.
    They have a lot to pay now and in the future.
    After Tanner, we will get Rachel Oldfield, Fiona Payne and Russel O'Brian.
    The fund will pay for them aswell.
    Rachel and Russel know much too much.
    Pay or we will talk.
    Why would Russel and Rachel spend money with this case if they are not responsible for Madddie's death?

  128. This begs a question or two, one of them being why has this been kept so hushed up? Not just in the UK but Portugal too!

  129. Hola a todos!

    Nuevamente desde Argentina , esta vez en español, quiero decir que
    es indispensable que se reabra el caso de una vez por todas . Basta de tantas vueltas por favor! Esta chiquita merece JUSTICIA y le deseo "mucha merde" al Sr. Gonzalo Amaral para hoy!
    Ademas ,no puedo dejar de comentar que es un gusto para mi poder leer y a veces participar con algun comentario. Realmente,me gusta mucho el "clima" que se ha creado a traves de todo este largo tiempo
    entre todos los participantes y con Joana tambien!


  130. If Goncalo Amaral loses the libel case, he has said he will take his case to the European Court of Human Rights. If the McCanns lose, I wonder if they will take the case to the European Court of Human Rights, that way they will ensure Mr Amaral's book stays banned.

    I believe the McCanns are in Lisbon and they have prepared two statements, one for if they win and the other for if they lose then they can tell the media of their next step.

    I agree 100% with what Joana says about being neutral, I know what its like to fight for something, while others "sat on the fence" because they "didn't want to rock the boat"

  131. Along with everyone else I wish good luck for Mr Amaral and I am about to send him an email to tell him the same.

    I also hope that whatever the outcome in Lisbon today, it won't be too long before Madeleine, will get the justice she deserves and those responsible for her appalling treatment and those who helped these vile people evade justice, are rooted out and given the justice they deserve. They took away Madeleine's liberty and they should lose their liberty for a very long time.

    Good luck to Robert Murat, in his fight for justice.

  132. Joana, no one works harder than you to try to get justice for Madeleine, you are truly inspirational. Thankyou for all your hard work and thank all involved on your blog for bringing us news every day.

  133. Anon 99 -

    Quite honestly, nothing would surprise me in this case.

    Will we ever know the whole truth about the coincidental acquaintance between Robert Murat and the McCanns and/or their pals.

    This latest news about Murat and Tanner has come at a convenient time for all concerned, apart from Tanner of course!

    Maybe it's what most of us think - all to do with how much money they can all make from the media and the Courts, or am I being too suspicious?

  134. I hope Hewlett's family will have money enough to sue Mccann's team.

  135. Obrigada Joana por nos manteres sempre "up-to-date".

    Whatever the judge’s decision today, it is not (necessarily) the end. Amaral or the McCann can always refute the decision on a higher level court. Amaral has already stated that he will take the case to it's final levels and I don't see the McCann accepting a defeat...

    That’s why I am not surprised that the pink weasel has called for the press conference on Friday – it can be either to cry victory or to announce that they will take the case to the next level…

    As for Murat v.s. Tanner, it is not necessary that the later attend a court session. If the charges are accepted by Court, as justifying a trial, she can be tried in absentia. Being a minor offense she would never be condemned with a jail sentence and so a EWA doesn’t apply. But would she be considered guilty as charged she will carry a stain wherever she goes in the future. We know UK doesn’t care about other countries judicial decisions but all over Europe she will have a criminal record registered.

    Why Tanner and not the other Tapas? After the rogatory, where she denies having seen Murat, when she identified him in a line up, she is the most obvious to have intentionally lied.

    As some of you hypothesized, probably the attacks on Ricardo Paiva are part of some defense strategy for further battles yet to come.
    ("bigger agenda", remember? :-) )

    Let’s wait and keep our thumbs up.


  136. "McCann dizem-se vítimas de uma 'cruzada maléfica'"
    ALEXANDRA SERÔDIO- Jornal de noticias


  137. Re the foundation: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebritynews/news/brittany-murphy-foundation-shuts-down-returns-donations-2010152
    It seems they are stricter in the US.

    Exactement! Jusqu'à quand va durer cette farce? Plus pour très longtemps espérons-le. Mauvais scénario, mauvais acteurs et la claque complaisante de cette représentation permanente de plus en plus maigre.Rideau!


  139. Bom dia a todos, é óbvio, 140 que o artigo do JN é uma nota de imprensa dos McCann, eventualmente escrita pela advogada do casal aos média Portugueses já que repete a mesma linguagem usada no tribunal, fora e dentro dele, e as mesmas ideias - uma vã tentativa de controle de estragos na minha opinião. E para sua informação a jornalista Alexandra Serôdio, sempre foi uma boa jornalista neste caso [e noutros], profissional e bastante isenta, portanto deixe-se lá de teorias de conspiração.

  140. 127 would like for you too show evidence for your affirmation regarding Amaral, as you are well aware the cab driver story was investigated, as so many other at times delirious and hysterical sightings, and there was no basis to be followed further. Also Isar, it's is a pity that you are such an hypocrite when you in fact infer that you don't take sides, when you, obviously, already have.

  141. As I said in one of my other posts, I firmly believe Senior Amaral wrote his book because he knew it would provoke the McCanns, thus lead to a potential court case - which it has - and then, on top of that, most of us know Mr Amaral has a few extra cards up his sleeve and the Jane Tanner card might be the trump we all crave for.

    I don't know how Mr Amaral works but his methods have gathered speed.

    Jane Tanner is the weak link in this investigation. That much is clear to us all. By getting to Tanner there is one thing certain: she will crumble.

    Most of us also know for sure (although we cannot be 100% certain) that the McCanns and their team read these blogs; they have to, to get to the top of the info-pack. Well, I have a message for Jane Tanner...


    Unlike the McCanns, I will grant you with your first name. After all, I feel in a courteous mood today.

    The stupid-ass and the gullible public might be fooled by your friends (the McCanns) but we are not. Why? because we cross-check everything you have said in your interviews and you don't need to be a high-profile detective to work out that your statements - along with your friends - simply do not match up.

    Here's my point: If Robert Murat does sue you, will you defend yourself? Will your UK Legal Aid support you or will your dear friends, the McCanns, back you up? What about the money you lot (Tapas crowd) got from the newspaper that you handed over to the McCanns? will that support you? Do you think your greedy friends, the McCanns give a toss about you and do you honestly think they will help you defend yourself once Murat sues your ass?

    I, and all of us on here do not think so. You have a better chance of going to that couple in Gloucester who won the Euromillions last week but you know what? I have a feeling they are like us: non-believers in your sick charade.

    Jane, I am afraid you are on your own. Do I feel sorry for you? Do I heck. You can go take a flying for all I care because on the night of 3rd of May, 2007 I would have locked you all up and questioned each and everyone of you - including Murat and his Russian friend - and by sunset I would have caught the perpetraitors of this crime...AND...the ones who weren't involved would be locked up for child neglect.

    Jane, your rise to fame is about to crash; as is the McCanns' journey. Regardless of the outcome today (18th Feb) we all know Mr Amaral will go to the high courts in the Euro-Parliament, should he lose, and once that happens...wow...your sorry ass will be on the streets along with your friends and you know what? you will all have earned it.

    Justice for Madeleine McCann and for all vulnerable children and creatures of this planet.

    Forca Amaral!

  142. Isar 127

    The ONLY ONES who are doing a disservice to THEIR child is the mccanns.Noone else.THEY rae the only people responsable to whatever has been her fate.Dont come and blame the media nor the PJ because, yes,you are taking side and side against the TRUTH and the JUSTICE

  143. Had sky news on the tv for an hour ,never even mentioned whats happening in Lisbon today ,the Mc`s will have to up the anti if they want to be headline grabbers, a "sighting" new lead is due ,of failing that Hewlitt will die and they will come up with 100% cast iron evidence it was him ,and his secrets will have gone to the grave with him

  144. @147 i am hoping it means they have lost the case!! lets be honest there is a media blackout when the Mccanns have had a bad day in court(we only get the "sightings" on the papaers or news about the Mccanns) then again they could be waiting to see if they win then unfortunatly that is all the news we will be having for days, the press make me vomit.

  145. Totally predictable-young judge said it all, with a future career to think about and Socrates in charge.

  146. I am in tears over the decision ,why are they getting away with things ?

  147. I retract myself - Portugal has slipped into Twilight Zone.
    I'm moving to Spain.

  148. on sky news headlines now ,not a word been said until case over and they got their own way AGAIN ,sickens me

  149. I absolutuely detest the Mccanns ,i hope Amaral goes to the european court of human rights,or goes as far as he can,i hope these pair of liars and their lying pact of silence friends choke on it.

  150. MAYBE NOW, SHE REFREH HER MIND TO SAVE HER SKIN, AND TELL THE COURT WHO SHE SAW... NOBODY ACCORDING TO ME. All the story was made up to suit an abduction. When the story born, they don't know that the Smiths saw somebody (Gerry) on the same night in a weird situation.
    Amaral is persecuted by the Mccann's and used as a scapegoat to punish who violate the Judicial secrecy (even if he did not) and to pass the message that not everything is acceptable behind freedom of expression. A message to the journalists and other people who are denouncing and fighting against press control. BUT MURAT STILL FREE, NOT PERSECUTED, NOT GAGGED. I HOPE HE WILL FIGHT UNTILL EXPOSING THIS LIAR AND THE STRATEGY OF TAPAS 9, TO THE WORLD. Madeleine deserves it!!!!
    WHICH LAWYER IS GOING TO DEFEND JANE? One of the Mccann's of-course... They cannot take the risk of spreading the story ( the truth, because I believe their lawyers know there was no abduction at all) and exposing their lives to many people. Is she going to use Madeleine's Fund to pay her legal defense? WELL, THE FUND can be used on everything.

  151. gerry mccann was asked a question to which he replied "no comment"

    perhaps when the trial ends and the murat /tanner exercise begins the answer to the question gerry mccann "refused to comment on" can be answered.

    "Gerry, before the events of may 3rd occurred,
    did you know robert murat"?

    Did Kate "know" robert murat before the events of may 3rd,had she previously spent time in his company either in portugal or exeter?

    gerry's reply ....
    "och i'm not going to comment on that question "

    maybe he won't have to, maybe jane tanner will enlighten us all as to whether or not the mccanns knew robert murat?

    the longer jane tanner persists in her stories, the more suspicous her behaviour becomes,perhaps she is not so much peripheral to the investigation as she's been portrayed, perhaps she has more to hide than most!

    people tell lies because they are afraid of the consequences of the truth being revealed.

    if jane tanner tanner is lying it's likely to be because she is afraid of what the truth will reveal,that suggests she is complicit in what occurred.

  152. "one by one their little pact will unfold, wonder if Jane will set up a fund to help pay for legal costs"

    Oh that fund has been already setup, its called MADELEINE.

  153. dont worry jane the mccanns will help you out (like you helped them)
    and you will be in thier debt for ever and ever and ever and ever.i bet you feel better now knowing that.and this wont be the first time you might have to go to court so think yourself lucky you have good friends like the mccanns,chin up girl all is not lost for you, like it is for madeleine

  154. Seems to be in direct response to new stories linking the two Exeter residents Tanner and Murat, if you ask me. Big noise recently about Tanner and Murat's DNA being found in a few rooms at the Solimar hotel in Burgau (built by Murat's Dad) and suddenly after 3 years he decides to sue Tanner. What better way to refute suspicions about them both than by saying (but not meaning) that he's going to sue Tanner. Why wait all this time? Why only do it now? Seems the only ones not being folled by all these libels and counter libels are the Police themselves.

  155. Robert Murat has already said that he didn't know the McCanns.

    Unlike the McCanns he has been willing to answer every question.

    Gerry McCann would have not answered like he did because he thinks confusion is best, he has said so.

    As for some connection between Murat and Jane Tanner, what would that be. Not friends surely!

    She was quite happy to say it was Murat she saw when her pals were saying that, and then, when it was proved it was not him, she completely changed her story YET AGAIN and admitted it wasn't him.

    Just like that husband of hers said he was sure it was Murat, and then when proved it was not, casually dismissed it by saying that it must have been the day after that he saw him.

    The guy's life was on the line, but what did these people care.

    I hope he sues the pants off the lot of them.

    He has been put through hell, and his life ruined. It would be no more than they deserve.

  156. Don't know if you are aware, but it's now being claimed on pro forums that it's been confirmed from the 'highest possible level' that this report has no basis whatsoever.
    We really do need a statement from Robert Murat on this.

  157. Couple of point wrong with the above. Tanner ID'ed Murat in an anonymous ID parade in a surveillance van weeks before Payne, O'Brien and Oldfield pointed their finger at him. The surveillance van ID was within a day or so of Murat being made arguido. An officer of the PJ and Lori Campbell were the first to point him out as suspicious (this in the Police files). Tanner was asked to do an ID based on growing suspicions of the Police about Robert.

    The above poster wrote:
    "As for some connection between Murat and Jane Tanner, what would that be. Not friends surely!"

    Well perhaps that's why he is making noises about suing Tanner: to make it look like they had no relationship and that they are not and never were friends. But we can't ignore what's in the files ...

    The only thing in the Police Files we know for sure is that DNA matches for Tanner and Murat were found in several rooms of an apartment in Burgau (Solimar apartments - built by Murat's father). It was the same apartment block used by the 'Polish couple' and sought bu the Police (Sagres sighting)

    The DNA matches prove that someone with the same maternal bloodline of Tanner and someone with the same maternal bloodline of Murat were in that apartment. That's 100% known for sure. Anyone can look in the Police files themselves to have it confirmed.

    Everything else is circumstantial. Tanner and O Brien live on the road in Exeter on which Sam Murat attended university at this time. Tanner is a member of an Evangelical Christian Group in Exeter and Robert Murat was having bible lessons from Ian Cook - also an Evangelical Christian according to Murat. And then we have James Gorrod - expert in Property and Bulding law at a time when Murat was seeking planning permission on extending his family home in the area.

    Not friends? Let the British Police figure it out. Because if not, it looks like their DNA may have been planted in that apartment.

  158. No, DNA matches for Murat and Tanner were NOT found. Matching hair haplotypes were found which is completely different!!!!

  159. Anon 161

    Why try and involve Murat in some way when it is the McCanns apartment, hire car and possessions that the dogs alerted to.

    Madeleine is dead.

    And not by Murat's hand.

    He almost became the Patsy, that was to be his role in all this.

    Fortunately, he did not, but he had a lucky escape with so many of the friends of the McCanns pointing the finger at him, and he should bless those fantastic dogs also, as well as Mr Smith who eliminated him as the man he saw that night.

    Unlike Gerry McCann, who Mr Smith believes it was, and is willing to testify in court if the case is reopened, which it should be.

  160. 73 is it more valid now? http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/02/mccann-case-expat-is-to-sue-tapas-bar.html via Daily Express

  161. 162 wrote:

    "No, DNA matches for Murat and Tanner were NOT found. Matching hair haplotypes were found which is completely different!!!!"


    When we talk about hair samples and hair haplotypes we are talking about mtDNA profiles and a system (haplogroups) for how they relate to common ancestry groups. A human cell contains two types of DNA - Nuclear and Mitochondrial. mtDNA is inherited from a mother to a child.

    Surprisingly, mtDNA analysis is more sensitive than nuclear DNA profiling. The samples found in the Solimar Aparment bedroom, bathroom etc were identical matches to Tanner and Murat. This means that the samples were either from him or someone having the same maternal bloodline.

    That's a fact. That's science. But in Criminal terms it is still circumstantial evidence. There is nothing to tie either of them with Madeleine's disappearence.

    But just look at the timing of the results. Rebelo only had these results and their conclusions come back to him in final week of May 2008, at which time the files were already being handed to the Prosecutor's office with the expressed purpose of being closed.

  162. Just to add to the last comment:

    Rebelo didn't stand a chance. Here's his letter demanding the return of the Solimar apartment results in October 2007 (they took EIGHT MONTHS to be returned).

    Date: 31-10-2007

    Subject: Request for the delivery of samples to the INML

    As it is necessary for the investigation of the abovementioned crime and being of a VERY URGENT nature I request delivery to the INML, as soon as possible, of the various hair samples collected by the Local Crime Scene officers from apartment C, 2 Aparthotel Sol e Mar in Burgau (examination 200707356-CR/L, delivery guide n? 196/2007 CR-L). These samples were collected on 5th May 2007 and are preserved in the Biology Laboratory of the Police Scientific Lab (examination 200707143-BG).
    Paolo Rebelo


    Problem is though the Police still have a series of problems when they reopen the investigation a) the samples collected from the apartment could be from Robert's brother, uncle etc and Tanner's from her daughter, mother, grandmother etc.

    b) the samples could have been planted.

    Circumstantial details (given they both were staying/living in Exeter between Janaury/May 2007) may suggest a sexual relationship (however brief). But without corroborating evidence, it's unlikely to be used in any prosecution. It points at something but doesn't resolve anything.

    An equal headache for the Police is why they were found in an apartment being used by the FIRST Madeleine witnesses: the Polish Couple (spotted photographing children on a beach in Sagres). This is why the Police did forensics at the apartment in the first place, because their leads on the Plish couple took them there.

    Crazy. I don't what any of it means - and I don't care either way whether either of them are complicit or not, or whether or not the whole sorry mess is because they were having an affair they were trying to keep a secret. Let the police deal with it all. But let's be honest: these pantomime litigation stunts and counter-litigation stunts might con the public for a short while but they're hardly going to con the Police.

    Best thing they could do is either own up to an affair or demand answers as to why their hair samples were placed there.

  163. Bravo Robert Murat! I'll be on your side! This Tanner woman has done a lot of damage to many innocent people



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