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Scapegoat 2.0

'Liar' cop ignored hundreds of Maddie sightings

From Antonella Lazzeri, in Lisbon

Cops in Portugal ignored hundreds of "sightings" of Madeleine McCann - because they believed she was dead, it was claimed yesterday.

Inspector Ricardo Paiva also neglected to show her parents "shockingly similar" photos the public had sent in believing they were Maddie - or act on tip-offs.

Instead he put every bit in a dossier after writing on it: "Not relevant to the investigation". Maddie's parents, Kate and Gerry, only learnt the file existed this week.

Maddie, now six, vanished from a holiday resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007.

Paiva, the McCanns' family liaison officer, started collating the dossier in July 2008 after cops called off the hunt.

It contains information from police forces across Europe including sightings, photos of houses where people reported seeing Maddie and tips-offs.

Isabel Duarte, the McCanns' solicitor, asked to see the dossier after Paiva mentioned it at a court hearing.

Kate and Gerry, both 41, from Rothley, Leics, were shown it this week while in Lisbon for a different case brought by former police chief Goncalo Amaral.

The 50-year-old, who headed the initial hunt, is fighting for a ban on a book he wrote about Maddie to be lifted. In it, he claims Maddie is dead and her parents faked her abduction.

Mrs Duarte branded Paiva a "liar" in court when he claimed he would reopen the Maddie case if new information came forward.

She said yesterday: "Every piece was treated the same way - Ricardo Paiva writes on it, 'this is not relevant to the investigation'.

"He believed, and to this day still believes, that Madeleine is dead.

"I said to him, 'How can you find a person when you are not looking for them?'"

in: The Sun, 12.02.2010


  1. I see the dismissal of sightings akin to our police, when following a failed prosecution, "We are not looking for anyone else in relation to the crime."

  2. This woman, as I cannot call her a reporter ,has a fully furnished apartemnt up the backside of the Mccanns. She is a shiver looking for a spine to crawl up. You would think as the McCanns claim the fund is drying up that she would be asking the McCanns why they are not going after Halligen..It was Halligen who stole 300.000 from the FUND.Was'nt it. Wasn'nt it?????

  3. Vultures and vampires comes in to my mind......oh sorry,that's us, nearly forgot by reading that.
    For a second I thought the V&V are somebody else.


  4. There is the known hostages' "Stockholm syndrom", and what should we call this syndrom that these fanatic and sick McCann's supporters suffer? And does it have a cure?

  5. So the ugly pictures have morphed into "shockingly similar" pictures. And Paiva is now the bad boy No. 1 as was to be read yesterday on the inofficial pink propaganda board of Rosiepops. It is all so predictable and an insult to our intelligence.

    There are 2550 pages of alleged sightings in the files that have come to nothing and loads of those have been incited by Metodo 3 and their method of paying "witnesses" in Morocco.

  6. And this Antonella girl is very selective. She forgets to mention the NPIA's report and all other incriminating bits. How convenient.... The woman is a pathological case!

  7. Read on the Herald :
    " Karina of Melbourne, Australia Posted at 5:43 PM Today
    OMG, I can't believe after all this time that the Portugese Police have failed to hand over copies of ALL their files on this case. The Portugese Police force at some stage should be sued by the McCanns and eventually Madeleine after she is returned."

    I hope Mr Paiva will sue the Mccann's team before they sue him, as they did for Mr Amaral! I don't know if they really will sue Paiva, then PJ, then Portugal State, or if it's only bluff and diffamation, but how many peoples will have their life detroyed because of this team of children neglectors!

  8. I sometimes wonder Ironside if Halligan had £2000 stolen from himself.

    Hence the amount quoted varies between 3 and 5K.

  9. I am from the Uk and to be honest our press and media are a disgrace, how can they get away with slander like this?? if it was the gruesome twosome they would be suing this pond life journalist!!! i really hope the time has come for the Mccanns and all these journalist and press who have been so bias from day one about them, and dared to slate the Pj and the good people of Portugal and justice is done i for one will be more than happy.

  10. The important thing is that The Sun and other UK tabloids led yesterday with the story concerning the British profiler's assessment, that the parents should be investigated for possible homicide, in particular because of discrepancies in Mr. McCann's statements.

    This shocking revelation is out there, and will never go away. What this woman writes therefore is of no consequence, but the style of writing and vocabulary used, do give rise for some concern regarding the writer's mental state.

    I wouldn't be surprised if her employment at the Sun were to be terminated once this has all ended, as it inevitably will, with the perpetrators behind bars where they belong. Backing the wrong horse in something as serious as this, and with the level of vitriol used, is unforgivable, even in the twisted world of UK tabloid journalism.

  11. Let's get the standard of The Sun's journalism in perspective:
    Chaos at illegal Facebook rave 14 mi
    Lee arrested in betting probe 8:50
    X-rated Ashley photos sent to topless model 0:0
    Combat Barbie's sexy new ad 1 minute ago

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/#ixzz0fJQC3bkF

    nuff said

  12. antonella is so far up the mccanns ar** she will be licking thier tonsills soon,what a useless jorno, but just right for the paper she writes for.i just hope she does not have children of her own,

  13. #1, you are so right. Also presumably the police have a duty to protect innocent families from being caught up in this scam simply because they have a blonde daughter of the right age who might usefully be used to distract attention from the perpetrators. A pity they hadn't adopted this policy before that poor family in Morocco were hounded by the likes of Lazzari.

  14. It was only a matter of time really for Paiva to be targetted. Like Amaral, he must be doing something right ;))


    Gerry heading up a new Charity under the UKs "Chatham House Rules" which allow a charity to work in secret.

    Using public money, working in secret, looking for missing children, and collecting information where the police are accused of giving up, because of the non-coperation of the childrens care giver, and lack of evidence.Ughhh!

    In the current climate, now the self amending Lisbon Treaty has been signed by the treacherous PM of the UK Gordon Brown. A treaty which when fully implimented, will be superior to all EU sovereign nations own constitutions.

    Could my worst nightmare happen?

    An Englishman

  16. Oh well, Kate will be happy, she didn't need to feel so shaky holding up that poster after all, they have a new bogey policeman, a new reason to be shocked, lots of new leads to keep them occupied in their private search - gonna cost a bit that though, hope they have the funds...

    Gerry will be unsure, not being able to decide whether he's pissed off that they have hundred's of new leads, after all he did say it was exhausting. He thought he'd nipped Kate's megalomaniacal ambitions in the bud by requesting a review and stating he'd be delighted if the case was reopened.

    Oh well, for now Lazzari and the Mirror have poured some balm on their troubled waters and Clarence has done a bit of mopping up, till the next episode.

  17. Hello Fernis

    "Pathological" is a very long word for Antonella. I think "Nut" is a valid substitute.
    Awful woman, she'll drop the McScams when the shit hits the fan big time.

  18. One of Metodo 3's detectives apparently told TvMais in 2008 that he was paid to direct the search to Morocco and Spain, knowing it would achieve nothing. The PJ were sent on wild goose chases on numerous occasions and it has cost the Portuguese enormous sums of money to investigate this case. It's simply not possible to follow all leads. Why would you if the dogs show eveidence of a death in an apartment where no death had occurred previously?

  19. The Mc`s are now running the case ,this is why they need the"fund" they have Starsky and Hutch bombing all over Europe following leads ,they have got it all sorted and under control ,why do they need the PJ or even Scotland Yard when they are doing such a grand job of it themselves? I think Duarte has lost the plot !!

  20. So, Kate and Gerry have now seen this dossier then. So presumably none of the photos that look "shockingly similar" to Madeleine are actually Madeleine. Otherwise her parents would have recognised her, wouldn't they?

  21. Anything that puts the pressure on to have this case re-opened; there is always a silver lining to a cloud.

  22. So now we can expect Pavia to be added to their long list of people to sue or will they sue the PJ and of course that nasty Mr Rainbow,

    Hang on a minute isn't Edgar super sleuth still searching the wild villages in Portugal ?? I am really confused now.

    PEASE REOPEN THE CASE- The McCanns are begging you and SO ARE WE.

  23. After the McCanns explain the cadaver scent, the blood and after Kate answers the 48 questions, Paiva can start searching for those girls accross Europe.

  24. Did G refuse to reply to Sandra because he doesn't want the existence of a file of possible sightings to result in the re-opening of the case? I wonder if he is not fully in charge of what Isabel Duarte is doing their behalf? She may think she is helping them by applying this sort of pressure. The language barrier may also lead to confused communications.

  25. Ah what was revealed yesterday really has hit home.

    Yes Gerry YOU. The police want YOU.
    Why because your'e the only one who admits to seeing Madeleine alive that evening (albeit in a pose with cuddlecat that sounds remarkably like Madeleine is already dead). Those hours were enough to give you plenty of oportunity to secrete poor dead Madeleine behind the couch in case anyone else did enter apartment- you admit (as an afterthought) to using the bathroom and Tanners sighting is definately of you in the lights of the compound (though she doesnt dare give us your features- its down to the colour of your trousers-was this you carrying Madeleine like Frankenstein (a dead child)down the steps only to stop on hearing Jez's pushchair and put her in the bushes? Then theres the later sighting (Smiths) of you and Madeleine placing you very firmly with her AFTER her 'disappearance'. If I was into conspiracies Id cry 'stitch up' no doubt you will too; oops sorry you are-good luck with that.

  26. CM's has been busy shaping today's stories.
    Don't you just love him!

    Those pictures of girls "similar to Maddie" (which is what I heard ID say), some being "ugly", have turned into "shockingly similar to Maddie".

    Isn't that just soooo convenient. Maddie is missing but it's the PJ's fault. Forget about how she happened to go missing and what the British profiler said about the parents.

    This makes it sound like they are really pushing for the re-opening!
    Strangely enough, they didn't bother to officially demand it, but it looks good in the papers!

    Talk about fabrication and distortion of the truth!

    Every time the Team pull this kind of stunt, that nagging feeling that is at the back of my mind and I am too nice to want to let it take over gains more strength:
    that feeling is that the little girl died and that it wasn't even an accident and that they ...

  27. Now Lee Rainbow will get the blame if the fund runs out of money!

  28. This new business about photos, images similar to Madeleine being taken at various houses just coming to light this week. If the bairn is in the wilderness as Dave Edgar has said, in a place which cannot be reached, how come all these people with cameras have taken photos of her? Was there a tour bus by chance that headed out there on a regular basis?

    I think what we have here is another serious case of the rare 'Red Herring Syndrome'

    It is a syndrome that you don't require to have studied to be able to diagnose. Dr Kate McCann I believe is an expert in it though should anyone require any further information you could visit her blog. She speaks of it there.

    It appears to me though to be becoming not so 'rare' I think a red herring jab may soon be available, hopefully it will wipe out this nasty condition.

    I hae to add also:

    The advice to look more closely at the parents by the profiler would seem fair, pretty normal. The advice to look more closely at a particular parent would appear to have been based on the information the profiler had. A suspicion! This suspicion was clearly that the child was not simply abducted from her bed and still alive. What led to the 'suspicion' by the profiler was the inconsistencies in the daddy's statements. It is not evidence, but a strong suspicion, that of something more, perhaps than a straightforward abduction of a bairn having taken place. If what the profiler read, raised doubts re abduction then next in line would be a murder or an accident which led to her death.

    It begs the question, if a profiler could see these inconsistencies as could the public, why have none of the PI's hired by the mammy and daddy not noticed?

  29. "shockingly similar" ... but isn't.

  30. How predictable...
    O Rogério Alves e o Pinto de Abreu sempre mantiveram uma postura séria e sóbria.Mas esta isabel duarte...não sei como é que se presta a estas palhaçadas.Merecem-se.

  31. Is ID going to sue the PJ ? Or the next one will be Paiva ?
    Outside of the Tribunal, ID said some pictures were "shoking" (she said her clients hadn't yet seen these files), a terrible detail the media didn't pick up.Too different from the official sleepingbeautylike story ? Too close to ordinary, shabby reality ?
    Will Mr Edgar, the dungeon believer, be kicked off as incompetent ?
    Oh, how ID adored saying that the French, Spanish, Italian, British polices had so much valued these sightings that they forwarded them to the PJ, as if the case hadn't been shelved, as if you could have the cake and eat it ! By the way why not suing the LP for not following the sightings of a British missing girl ? Isn't it curious that they forwarded new sightings but never sent the documents asked by the PJ and took ages to reveal the Gaspar testimony ?

  32. Scapegoat 3 Robert Murat, claimed that his relatives had been offered huge sums of mioney to confirm obscene theories about him. Who offered these "huge sums"?

  33. Oh god! Here we go! Digging up the distractions again!

    Do they think we are stupid? Kate and Gerry not given the file? But they generated all the false sightings with their 'media campaign' and 'false search' fantasies!

    Re-open the case from the point of investigating the events in PDL, the entire period the McCann's were in PDL and before - the Payne incident, the arrangement of the holiday, the night times entertainments and babysitting arrangements, the inconsistancies etc etc. What is not required is to re-energise the distraciton exercise - there was no abduction, no abductor - whats the point of following up on false sightings and wasting the time of police resources on such rubbish?

    Is this how they intend to claim they want the case reviewed yet avoid re-opening the investigation?

    I thought we at last had moved on and there was a good chance that a proper investigation could begin - looks like I was wrong, nothing has changed and the fraudsters are off again!

  34. She is a bitch - cares nothing for justice and the rights of children.

    Why she is allowed to spout off unchallenged her lousey 'journalism' - void of logic or unbiased argument - I do not know.

    I wonder what her background is, does she have children? Has she used nannies and child minders - is she connected in some way to the double glazing salesman?

    Has anyone investigated her to determine the root of her bias? Or is she simply paid for by the McCann's via Clarence??

  35. http://www.journalisted.com/antonella-lazzeri

    She is certainly a prolific writer about 'Maddie' - yet not one word which seeks justice for the child, just defence for the parents.

  36. To: a.lazzeri@the-sun.co.uk

    Please can you desist from biased reports?

    Why do you continue to support the McCann’s, who clearly are seeking to confuse and distract and silence?

    You are damaging and abusing the right to free expression, our right which you are allowed wield on our behalf – you have been given a wonderful gift yet you abuse it.

    The McCann’s do not want to re-open an investigation, they want to confuse and distract using false sightings and total confusion – as was propagated by their ‘detectives’ costing the fund thousands of pounds donated by innocents who thought they were helping to find a child, a child who is unlikely to have been abducted.

    There is no evidence of abduction, yet the McCann’s claim, a claim you encourage , that there is no evidence of an alternative!

    Do you point out that there are alternative possibilities? No, you don’t.

    It is clear that the McCann’s began their defence on May 4th 2007, probably began to prepare it before then. Read their words carefully, surely you as a journalist can detect the legal influence and understand the reason for their approach?

    Please put Madeleine before the defence of these people- make Madeleine your cause and desist from libellous anti Portuguese rhetoric.

    Or do you have an agenda, a reason for being anti-Portuguese?

    Ian Larman

  37. What are 'shockingly similar' pictures?!

    Do we have to ahve this idstraction again?! Surely everyone now realises the McCann's ploy?

    We need the investiagtion re-opening with a sensible objective, to investigate - and to do it by examining the chief suspects and their false stories. Chief ssuspect is the most vocal about 'abduction' - Gerald McCann.

  38. 5. Its the media, its filled with people who have trophy kids and who also use dubious 'child care' methods.

    I wonder how many children this 'journalist' has - and who looks after them for her.

    Of course, she may simply be Gerald! LOL!

  39. Kate and Gerry, both 41, from Rothley, Leics, were shown it this week while in Lisbon FOR A DIFFERENT CASE BROUGHT BY FORMER POLICE CHIEF GONCALO AMARAL.

    So what is the different case ?????????????????????????????

  40. Why would the police follow up sightings - they know who the criminals are.

    All they need to do is find the body - and the bod has been disposed of by medical people who know how to do it.

    Huelva has acid beds.

  41. Look at the front page of 'The Sun' to see what a rag it is. No wonder this woman doesnt even pretend to be a writer or a real journalist or reporter - she is hardly writing at the top of her proffession!

  42. http://textusa.blogspot.com/2010/02/what-happened-to-victoria-of-barcelona.html

    A great article from ironsides

  43. http://www.findmadeleine.com/contact-us.html

    Dont forget, if you have any information which might help find Madeleine, please do not hesitate to send it to the McCanns, so they can dispose of it.

  44. For this ridiculous and totally idiotic piece of trash can-journalism that lady was possibly promised a flat-sceen TV for her otherwise already fully furnished apartment up the backside of Gerry McCann to watch day and night her favorite Brazilian soap opera. It is unbelievable!Literally, thousands of leads were not followed-up by the Portuguese police? What a bad joke! Garbage provided by the criminal Spanish enterprise called «Metodo3» and paid for by the McCanns and the testimony of paid witnesses in Marocco! It is about time to lock the McCanns and their (for money) staunch supporters up for good. It is only a matter of time, because prison time will jogg their memory, and it will come to their mind where the body o poor Madeleine was disposed-off. It should be common knowledge that a dead person does not move around - therefore, there can be no «lead» for the police worth to investigate.

  45. Let's face it. If there was a dangerous child abductor at loose in Europe then the police would be searching for him. As no child is safe till this person is found. The police don't seem to be searching. So what does that say.

  46. It is up to the French,Italian, Spanish and British police to investigate these sightings if they occurred in their respective countries. What does Isabel Duarte expect the PJ to do? To go to these countries and investigate these sightings themselves, which would be illegal. This gibberish she is spouting is only for consumption in the UK because it would have no bearing on the hearing. Also, it is a way of taking the thunder away from Gonçalo Amaral's statment about the reopening of the case and constituting himself as an "assistente". This way, the press could make it look as if the case was reopened due to police "incompetence" and not through any effort made by GA.


  47. Excellent poster 26 !! I always wondered how the scent was in the bushes ,I never thought of that ! fits in perfectly ,thanks for solving a mind puzzler for me

  48. Don't forget to put the Pope on the list of those for the McCanns to sue. Rome prepared itself for their visit but the subsequent miracle was not forthcoming. The Holy Father must be worth a bob or three. How dare he not find their daughter, after they went all the way over to see him in the private plane!!!!! Carter Ruck need to get on to him, maybe the Vatican will cough up a large donation as an out of court settlement.

  49. To 37:
    Waste of time....I emailed this absurd woman a year ago trying to point out that she was wrong, the McCanns were guilty and that I was surprised her 'newspaper' even published her rubbish.
    In return I got back an email telling me I was a vile person and asking me how I could sleep at night!...She also made two spelling errors which tells me even more about her.

  50. Yes I agree with poster 26 and 48, Gerry must be the number one suspect and this makes absolute sense - this is why he stood there chatting to Wilkins - Tanner got the times wrong and didnt pass Gerry and Wilkins at all, she came along after and saw him rushing off with Madeleine in his arms!

    It fits.

  51. IF gerry saw Maddie alive at 9.05 and Jane saw Maddie being carried away a few minutes later,how did a dog detect cadaver odour in an apartment where the only occupant unaccounted for is Maddie. The dog did detect cadaver odour and no one else lay dead in 5A

  52. AFAICS, Team McCann will try to blame everyone on the planet for not caring enough about Madeleine - except themselves. They, the people whose job it was to look after their children and ensure their safety, are of course blameless and so entitled to sue anyone and everyone for being remiss.

    As for so-called sightings and leads, IMO the PJ know only too well when they're being led on a wild goose chase and simply refuse to play along. This ridiculous circus has gone on far too long and needs to come to a stop. Since the court hearing, everyone knows the police, both British and Portuguese, were not foolish enough to accept the theory of abduction, but concluded that it was more likely Madeleine was dead. The case should be reopened by the PJ and there should be a renewed effort to get to the truth of what happened to Madeleine, not a whitewash by those who want every police force in the world running after red herrings from now till doomsday.

    Reopen - with the PJ in charge, and everyone else cooperating fully with them. That's the normal procedure in criminal cases, with those who have nothing to hide having nothing to fear. Anyone NOT cooperating fully with the police is automatically suspect, of course - that goes without saying.

  53. Well watch out abductor cos you will get your tuppence worth!

  54. #49, sadly the Pope does not have any private means so is not worth suing, I am sure Clarence would have investigated this thoroughly. When Pope John Paul II died all he had to leave were his private papers and books. I agree though that it was most unhelpful of the Vatican to have removed all mention of the McCanns from their website, and Team McCann certainly deserve a small donation in a brown envelope addressed to Kate & Gerry at Rothley Towers in recompense.

  55. So why didn't the duo use the fund to search?

  56. One step forward and ten back, my heart sank when I read the online Daily Mail this morning, and of course they never publish the hundreds of posts I send, and I am sure many send the same kind.
    McCann's are back on the attack again, caring little who they hurt, using I Duarte as their mouthpiece, she came across as a very competent lawyer, until yesterday that was, what on earth has happened to her, and why is she sinking to their despicable level.

  57. This is just to get a reaction from readers methinks. Although perhaps they are all best buds.

  58. :| If Paiva wrote "Not Relevant" may be there were irrelevant. Who knows best about the job of an investigator? The "Meccanos", their rookie lawyer, their money-extortion PR machine or the investigators themselves?

    Furthermore the "Meccanos" uncooperative approach and denigration of Portuguese investigators deserves that. You won't exactly feel like helping someone that was continuously spitting at you, would you?

  59. Anon @ 52: Gerry did NOT see Maddie alive at 09.05 h for the simple reason that it was utterly impossible because the girl was dead for quite some time already. It is not too far fetched to claim that Maddie may have died on May 2nd already and the body was hidden in the apartment. Most likely in a missing blue tennis bag. It is the one you can see on various pictures taken in the apartment and the one having had in his possession Gerry and the professional liar Clarence Mitchell so vehemently deny. Why? 1) Because of the cadaver scent in the apartment which needs a few hours to develop (depending on the temperature between 2 and 4 hours), 2) Because the signature of Kate McCann in the creche record, confirming having picked-up Maddie in the afternoon of May 3, is a forgery. The signature reads «Kate McCann». Strange! Her name is Kate Healy. She never adopted the family name of her husband. Therefore, there is NOT a single other document ever signed by Kate as Kate McCann!!! Does this tell you something?

  60. I feel inclined to ignore this drivel, or should I say dribble. Contrary to the Mccanns belief, the PJ are NOT bungling cops, they are indeed highly respected professionals with integrity that were trying to solve a seemingly impossible case against much opposition and outside interference.

    If it be a fact that Inspector Ricardo Paiva did endorse papers as not relevant to the enquiry, I have no doubt it was because he knew that the sightings etc where yet more ficticious smoke screens emanating from clan Mccann.

    Their intelligence remains questionable, how can they be considered intelligent when they continue to think that the world at large and in particular law enforcement agencies, believe all this pathetic dribble thy pump out with such nauseating regularity.

    Even two beautiful goats have been dragged into their web of deception!

  61. i think the british papers all jumped on the mccanns wagon far to soon and now more FACTS are coming to light they now find it to hard to jump off,what a shame for madeleine

  62. Antonella Lazzeri------Journalist of the Year! Oh wait a moment,are'nt Journalists supposed to be fair and truthful in their reporting,without bias or predudice? It also helps if they can get their facts right---"Kate and Gerry McCann,both 41, from Rothley in Leics,were shown it( Paiva's dossier ) this week while in Lisbon for a different case brought by former police chief Goncalo Amaral". A DIFFERENT CASE ? BROUGHT by Goncalo Amaral ? Strewth, words fail me ! Well she does work for the Sun and facts and accuracy are'nt necessary so long as the girls on page 3 are buxom !

    Some mention about the Vatican Website having removed all reference to the McCanns, likewise on Esther McVey's site,(Esther,onetime Chairperson of the Madeleine Fund plus hopeful Politician ). Religion and Politics, both can be delicate subjects,perhaps both the Vatican and Miss McVey are concerned about becoming "McCannized" in the eyes of the Public ?

  63. It becomes increasingly clear that the McCanns think they're in charge of the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, not the police. I've news for them: the police (PJ) are in charge and they decide what is worth following up and what isn't. When the case was archived the parents had the right to ask for it to be kept open but they didn't. They didn't seem to want any further police investigation then, so why should they suddenly decide they want it now? Oh, I forgot, they don't want a full investigation, only a review panel which presumably would be expected to follow every sighting from the North Pole to the South, no matter how ridiculous that would be.

    They've spent massive amounts of money (other people's) paying private detectives but these wonderful creatures have found nothing. Isn't that strange? Nothing at all! Except for Mr Edgar who knows that Madeleine's near Praia da Luz and has been all along. No need to search the world after all!

    It's like a sick pantomime and those running it are the sickest of the lot. It's clear that every single theory about Madeleine's disappearance needs to be tested, not just abduction but homicide and accidental death too. These are still on the cards, as far as the PJ are concerned, and no one should be allowed to try to force the police to ignore these possibilities. The British media must remember that a child disappeared in mysterious circumstances and there is no evidence she was abducted. If they keep on pretending Madeleine was abducted they are doing her a great disservice. Obviously they do not care if she is dead and has been dead all along. Shame on them!

  64. anon #61

    I just had a look at the creche documents for that week.
    Processo vol 1 - pages from 107 (according to my Adobe Reader 9)

    Kate ALWAYS signed KMcCann whenever she dropped or picked the children (at Lobsters for Madeleine and Jellyfich for the twins.

    On 3rd May, Madeleine was signed in at 9.10 am by Gerry, signed out at 12.25 by Kate, signed in again at 14.30 by Kate and signed out at 17.30 by Kate.

    I am not saying that Madeleine was physically brought in / taken out. The register and signatures might have been forged, the creche staff might have been conned, that's for the police to sort out.
    But your statement that Kate had always signed "Healy" is incorrect.

  65. S.B @ 62

    Wonderful to see you are an animal lover :))

  66. It's an old ploy disparaging someone who is a threat. Let the reporter believe her own words. She will be in for a big surprise because saying isn't doing.

  67. Goncalo Amaral role in the investigation and suspicions of The Saintly Two placed him on The Hit List.

    Ricardo Paiva acted on Kate's 'advice' that Madeleine might be lying dead on a hillside and that also places him on The Hit List.

    Lee Rainbow's professional opinion will land him on The Hit List.

    Robert Murat was once on that List. What did he do or not do? My suspicion is that he did not 'cooperate'. One day we will know....

  68. Doesnt Lazzari live in Rothley?

  69. Anon 66? How do you know the name McCann was used?

  70. Has any reporter ever asked the McCanns point blank, "When Madeleine was first reported missing, and when in the very early days the Fund was set up, why did you feel it necessary to include the provision that the Fund would cover legal expenses?" "At that point, what type of legal expenses were you anticipating, as most parents would only be concerned with the safe return of their daughter?"

  71. are the mccanns going to do to Ricardo Paiva what they have tried to do to Mr Amaral,because he is a threat to them.

  72. "He believed, and to this day still believes, that Madeleine is dead."

    WTG Duarte and Lazzeri, for reminding everyone that the real investigators in this case believe, and have always believed, that Madeleine is dead. And for reminding us all that other investigators share Amaral's thoughts about this case and are not afraid to say so.

    Lazzeri can witter on all she likes about wild goose chase sightings that were filed away, but it is that one line of Duarte's that many readers will focus on.

    Another shot in the foot for No Stomach Unturned Productions Ltd. You have to wonder which side Duarte is working for.


  73. Anon #71

    It's written on the documents I referred to.
    The signature is clearly legible.

  74. #61
    I think you are correct here. I believe that the reason Kate sat in her bedroom, all night, not searching, was that she was "guarding" her wardrobe where the cadaver scent was found, so that no-one searching, including the police, would find the body. The local policemen in the files describes here bahaviour as suspicious.

  75. If you don't have luck with the dogs... ask the Priest!

  76. Right Nigel at 76, the local police did think they were suspicious.

    They also observed that although they were making a lot of noise making like they were distressed and crying, there were no tears.

    If you read O'Brien's statement, he also appears to have been embarrassed by the behaviour of Gerry which he couldn't understand.

    And for them to carry on like that for a child that had only just gone missing and could presumably be wandering the streets somewhere, it does seem over the top.

  77. @ Anonymous 66
    Thanks very much for correcting !

  78. Nigel @ 76 - Its unlikely the body was in the apartment at the time the police arrived - probably already removed somewhere else earlier that evening.

    IMO she died the night before, when the upstairs neighbour heard a child crying for an hour and a quarter. I believe there was a row between K & G on the previous evening maybe to do with GM and the quizz girl.

    This would give them all day on the 3rd to make plans.

  79. poster 80 , I have always thought she died on the 3rd ,they are far too crafty to not have given themselves time to clean up,meet with all the mates,concoct the stories so they all seemed the same ,sorted out alibis,do the over the top trips back to 5a (they never went back as many times on other nights)No way did Gerry move her body on the 4th without Kate knowing ,even he could not have found her,dumped/hid her ,gone back to the bar and carried on as normal, then nudge Kate and say ,by the way ,Maddie dead and shes in the church crypt ,no way ,it was all pre-planned ,i agree with the "Kate sat guarding the wardrobe"not because Maddie was in there,but she had not had time to clean it out as Maddie had been stored in there until gerry moved her earlier that night

  80. sorry , I should have said I think Maddie died on the 2nd ,not the 3rd

  81. 76, Nigel, in god's name,
    Kate on the bed and corpse in the wardrobe?
    I can't think of that.
    The body was already (imo) in the church.

  82. If she died on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the day before, where did the McCanns leave her body, because the cleaning ladies came to the apartment on Wednesday.
    Besides there is a proof that Kate picked her up at the creche on Thursday(see Amaral's video).

  83. To 81/82 - I`m No. 80 and yes I agree she could have been guarding the wardrobe and any other possible evidence - also I`m sure they wanted the place disturbed by all the comings and goings so the crime scene would get contaminated. The twins were also still there remember and one of the Tapas 7 said Kate kept checking the twins to make sure they were ok/breathing. What I find odd is that if Kate was so sure there had been an abduction, why not call the police immediately and preserve the scene of crime.

  84. 84 - GA`s video shows the creche records - but these I doubt - just my opinion.

    Can you point me to where it says the cleaning ladies definitely cleaned 5A that day - I didn`t know this.


  85. Anon #82 & 84

    I doubt that Madeleine died on the 2nd or early on the 3rd.
    Including her, there were only 6 children in her group (Lobsters) at the creche in the morning and only 4 in the afternoon.
    Unless all groups were mixed together and there was total anarchy, one child missing but signed for -morning and afternoon- would have been noticed, I hope.

    On the 3rd however, there is the mystery of the missing blue sport bag which is on the photos at 5A but that Gerry denies possessing.

  86. Anon #86

    Please look at the records. I have them in front of me.
    Where is your doubt?

  87. #83
    How would you explain the cadaver scent in the parent's wardrobe unless it had been there for more than two hours. All evidence points to the deathe between 1900 & 2100 on the 3rd.
    I don't think the body was removed until later. There wasn't enough time. If she was in the appartment still, it was important that a random searcher did not stumble on her. This explains Kate's bizarre behaviour.

  88. Nigel at 89

    A blue bag had been depicted in the police photos taken that night of the wardrobe, in the same place where the dog indicated cadaver scent several weeks later.

    Martin Brunt later made a documentary saying a large blue sports type suitcase bag had gone missing around the same time as Madeleine. He actually showed the type of bag it was.

    Gerry McCann has since said he never had such a bag.

  89. Nigel at 89.

    Why between 19.00 and 21.00? I'd hardly describe Payne as an independent witness.

    So maybe 17.30 to 21.00.

  90. If the creche records show that Kate McCann had been signing herself 'Kate Healy' up until the day in question, then that could be relevant in itself for reasons previously mentioned.

    Did somebody else sign the register for her then?

    It doesn't really matter what she signed herself as anywhere else. Why the change in name in the creche records on that last day?

    Has the signature ever been analysed to see if it was a forgery?

  91. anon #92

    SHE DID NOT (upper case intended) change her name that day.
    She signed KMcCann EVERYTIME

    Please read the official files which contain the photocopies of the
    registration forms.

    Look at the signatures, you can zoom hundreds of times with Adobe Reader or Acrobat to inspect for forgery.

    Please read my posts 66, 75, 85, 87, 88.

  92. I looked at the creche signatures again. On May 2nd at 17.30, Kate signs M out of Lobsters as KM Healy. I'm not sure of the significance of this and have no particular theory. Are we all looking at the same files?

  93. anon 93, you are right of course. It's signed as McCann every time. But some people do not look at the files, they rely on others to tell them what's in there and are often led up the garden path.

    Nigel, that theory won't fly - watch the dog video, it goes in the wardrobe and does not alert ONCE when in there. It merely alerts to the air in a corner of the bedroom. If a body had been in the actual wrdrobe it would have gone spare in there.

  94. Actually the dog does signal the parent's bedroom wardrobe. I would like to invite fellow blog commentators to debate and read the investigation case files at the forum The Maddie Case Files or any other forum of your choice, there's a list on the left side bar. Thank you.

  95. i printed off the form with the signature KM Healy, to prove to myself I wasn't seeing things re: my post 94

  96. I watched the dog in the video at the same shelf where you can see the photo of the blue bag on the shelf. When GM is asked about that photo it in his PJ interview, he refers to the pile of dirty clothes that can be seen in the wardrobe

  97. poster 87 ,it not far fetched to believe they have paid off the nursery staff ,lets not forget these are a pair of pathelogical liars ,who use to the fund to pay hush money to who they have to ,the nursery register IMO ,is not worth the paper they are wrote on

  98. Anon 95

    In the video with the dogs, it looks like the dog is trying to jump up into the wardrobe.

  99. Anon at 84

    Er, the blue bag perhaps?

    Would the cleaning lady have gone near that if it was in the wardrobe?

    No, she wouldn't.

  100. @70 Doesnt Lazzari live in Rothley?

    No, that's Tracey Kandohla at the Mirror.

    Here's the lovely Antonella in Sharm el Sheikh:


    Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/travel/2408229/Sharmed-Im-sure.html


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