1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Any Resemblance Is Pure Coincidence


“From everything that has been exposed, it RESULTS from the Files THAT:

A) the minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, on the night of the 3rd of May 2007;

B) a simulation of an abduction took place;

C) in order to render the child’s death impossible before 22H00, a situation of checking of the McCann couple’s children while they slept was made up;

D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter, Madeleine McCann;

E) at this moment, there seem to be no strong indications that the child’s death was not the result of a tragic accident, yet;

F) from what has been established up to now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self-defence, doesn’t want to deliver the cadaver immediately and voluntarily, and there is a strong possibility that it was moved from the initial place of deposition. This situation may raise questions concerning the circumstances in which the death of the child took place.

(Page 2601 of the process)


“For me, and for the investigators that worked on the case with me until October 2007, the results that we reached were the following:

1. The minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5-A at the Ocean Club, in Vila da Luz, on the night of the 3rd of May, 2007;

2. A simulation of an abduction took place;

3. Kate Healy and Gerald McCann are suspected of being involved in the concealment of their daughter’s cadaver;

4. Death may have taken place as the result of a tragic accident;

5. There are indications of neglect in the guard and security of the children.”

(Pages 213/214 of the book)


  1. Over to you Gerry...What's that I hear, sheesh, it's only Eddie and Keela.

  2. Sorry, I'm not commenting this post, but I just had to say it:
    - here comes yet another innocent child shamelessly exposed in the media:


  3. Sounds very CLEAR TO me, concise and to the point.

  4. Well as an British citizen who is far from in denial about the state of British society I find the PJ report far more credible than the nonsense being reported in the British press at the moment. Have you heard the latest? Madeleine has been seen alive on TV according to the Daily Star ~x The McCanns would rather have the British public believe that their daughter is on the Moon rather than believe the report of the PJ it seems.

  5. @2 I hope the parents of this new child sue those responsible for using a very reconisable photograph. The McCann twins have their pictures blurred out this child was not given that consideration.

    Its shocking that the suspects in a case should have any access however limited to information about innocent children.

  6. Pity the judge in the latest case didn't use a big of logic and realise there is nothing that Dr Amaral said that is not already in the public domain.

    So why is he really being gagged?

    Do the judges get paid for each case that comes before them, so they just keep cases going like an conveyor belt and send it on to another judge?

    Is it simply a judicial industry we are seeing here that means more money for them?

    I am beginning to wonder.

  7. Anon 2

    The McCanns use other childern to increase ther case's media exposure. It's clear the girl is not Madeleine but it didn't stop the McCanns and their PR people.

    I just feel sick of them! They based their libel claim on the family right protection and children protection and are doing fully opposite towards other people.
    Aren't other children vulnurable Gerry? Or it doesn't matter to you?

  8. Have just seen the front page of the Daily Star. The headline reads: "Maddie is seen 'alive' on telly". No further details as yet.

  9. Daily star the worst paper in the world has another Innocent child on the front page as Maddie on telly. This is terrible exposing these children. when is this circus going to stop

  10. The three-ring circus has gone back into full swing, with ringmaster Clarence presiding.


    Poor little child, reduced to a sideshow for the clowns that called themselves her parents.


  11. The Daily Star journos are having a laugh.


  12. Ellajo

    You know how long it took Kate to learn how to read Portuguese so she could translate the files. Well, have pity on poor Gerry. He asked the dogs, I believe, for their comments and is still trying to translate their responses.

    In the meantime, Mr and Mrs McCann, could you please explain why you are not condemming this pointless exploitation of children all over the world - this invasion of their privacy - which you were belatedly keen to condemn in the case of your own offspring? If there was a good reason to publish the photos then OK, but there isn't as it can clearly be demonstrated very quickly by PIs or journalists or even police that these girls are not involved? Would it be OK for these people to sue you for damages?

  13. There is absolutely no evidence that Kate or I were involved in Maddy's death, I mean disappearance or that Maddy has come to any harm since we left her and her brother and sister alone and unprotected. She is alive and with a loving family.
    The dogs detected rotting meat behind the sofa and in the bedroom wardrobe but strangely not in the kitchen? We brought rotting meat from home because we wouldn't be in Portugal long enough for freshly bought meat to rot.

  14. If anything, Dr. Amaral's book is slightly more diplomatic!

  15. and they continue to impose the fiction of Madeleine still being alive on the twins even to giving them presents from Madeleine. Any sensible parents would prepare them to the possibility of Madeleine never being found or found dead (parents innocent of the child's disapppearance in the first place that is!)
    We now have a business lauding the fact that they helped the Mcscams image when they ran back from Portugal, I shall be contacting them today to let them know what I think of their involvement!

  16. the Star piece is hilarious. The subtext is that all these "sightings" are "ludicrous"

  17. Mark Williams Thomas's Twitter comments during last night's BBC Question Time programme were interesting, He began the day praising Carol Vorderman - who'd fluttered her eyelashes at him during a charity event. As the programme began, he praised Vorderman for telling it straight (she was on the panel alongside Will Self, Shirley Williams, Boris Johnson and Lord Adonis.)
    However, as soon as the barrage of tweets about the clearly rabid right wing Vorderman started to flow, he completely backtracked, asking what Vorderman was "on" and suggesting she needed a long lie down.
    The man is a complete weathervane, who follows the way the wind blows and adjusts accordingly. No wonder he flits between pro and anti regarding the McCanns

  18. Re the Daily Star - not only does "our maddie" have more air miles than Judith Chalmers but she also wants to be on x factor? Jeez-louise, you could not make this up.

    All love to the Saeed Family whose son has genuinely been abducted. A truly, truly grieving mother has just been on TV and not one member of the family slept last night whilst awaiting news regarding their son. Heartbreaking.

    PS Joana, great article. So, what exactly is the McScam's case?

  19. Anonymous @ 11

    Daily Star forgot the most important one: Maddie's parents say she was abducted by a miriad of persons of different colours and shapes, and is now traveling around the world.

  20. Anon 6

    The judge has been leaned on - in my own opinion of course!

  21. The British Media take there orders from Rupert Murdock, he tells them what they can and can’t print, he owns Fox TV and many more TV stations and news papers around the world, the Majority of British news papers are owned by the Murdock empire, as we all know he owns sky as well, the British media and Government are implicated in this cover-up, Our whole society is rotten to the core, the Politician, Judges, Police,

    No wonder people are voting for Nick Ross and the NF, maybe they are not as evil as we are led to believe by the Government and the British Media

  22. OK, it looks to me, for what it's worth, that the sightings from the newly released file are in the process of being completely discredited. Anything the McCann's (Kate) chooses to pick out to highlight won't be worth a button in terms of newsworthiness and will not be taken seriously.

    Oh Dear (-:

  23. Post 2,8,12 en others: Totally agree.

    imo Maddie is in paradise.

    I hope the parents of the exposed 'resemblances' will charge the Mccanns with an attempt to false accusation.

    Mccanns: stop your exhibitionism, we know for a long time you don't care about children.

    Thanks again Joana

  24. Even a small piece of news about Maddie increases consederably the sales of newspapers. Therefore I'm not surprised at the shit they come up with on a regular basis.
    What bothers me is that her parents allow for this circus to go on and deny the exposed children the protection they demand for their own. They simply don't care, and that speaks volumes!

  25. It saddens me to see the damage the McCanns and Matthews have done. It was so sad to read on this blog comments about the Kidnap in Pakistan of little Sahil.

    The reason Sajil's mother "didn't look as though she had been beaten" was because she is and has been in the UK whilst her husband and little son had a holiday in Pakistan as Sahil's grandmother was sick but don't let a few facts get in the way.

    The McCanns and Matthews courted the press at every opportunity - you couldn't get them off our screens. Sahil's father was being interviewed live from Pakistan when another phone rang and that man left the news report to answer the phone in case it was news of his son.

    Sahil's mother was on television and you couldn't help but feel that mother's pain. The tears she shed for her son were real. Did or have we ever seen ONE just ONE real tear from either McCann or Matthews? If you have please do post that picture/video.

    A ransom has been asked for the safe return of Sahil £100,000 which the parents do not have and have no chance of raising Was there ever a ransom demand from McCann or Matthews?

    Little Sahil has been abducted in an area where it is not uncommon for people to get abducted.

    I would ask both in the case of Sahil and the couple who have been abducted by pirates in Somalia - where are our Government? Where is all the help for these families? Why are they not being offered the same level of support as the McCanns were? These are the questions we should be asking. The Somalian people are saying that the UK couldn't care less about their elderly people. I can't help but think they have a point. However, Sahil is not much older than Madeleine was when she was allegedly abducted. How come the same level of support and publicity is not being offered to Sahil's plight? A genuine case of abduction I have no doubt about that.

  26. The article in the Daily Mail is just a laugh.Not suprised "your shout is unavailable" for this story....
    I have not a clue whats going on behind this giant smoke screen over the last 2 days but it looks like it is a very sick PR exercise to keep the public away from an important issue...as usual.
    What pains me most is the inability of the Portuguese authorities to put a stop to this (defamation,insults,nagging and the rest which is a real harrassment) and not only this but to continue supporting the mccanns against their very own people.This is unforgettable.I cant understand why.
    I wonder how such gentle people like the Portuguese have such rotten institutions.
    I wonder how that judge presented with the
    CONCLUSIONS OF THE OF THE POLÍCIA JUDICIÁRIA REPORT DATED SEPTEMBER 10, 2007 was able to maintain the injunction thus supporting the mccanns, their "reputation" and their lies.
    May be for judges in portugal crap smell like roses???

  27. well you cant get no clearer than that.and still the uk media havent got the guts to print this,just goes to show why the internet has taken over from the uk press

  28. "As with most child abductions, the parents are routinely considered suspects. But police had too many leads, which took the focus away from the Bulgers."
    from http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/notorious_murders/young/bulger/4.html

  29. I wonder why the 'abductors' of Madeleine have not taken the opportunity like the kidnappers of the unfortunate English boy in Pakistan to demand a ransom, especially if she is being held in some poverty stricken third world land. A million pounds would go a long way.
    On the other hand would Gerry be prepared to sacrifice the 'family business' just to get her back.

  30. Anon.#18, and "the experts" forgot to give their professional "advise" to the mother of that boy to NOT show emeotion on tv, not to cry, because that would empower the abductors, and give them pleasure! You know, those same "experts" that advised the McCanns to look like cold-fishes on telly.
    I also find it incredible that the british consul/embassador in Pakistan is not alredy on the spot giving aid to the boy's father and that Mr. Brown has not offered a spokesperson to help the family deal with the media! Afterall this is an abduction abroad, a
    british child was abducted! Oh, but I forgot...yeah, that's right!
    This case is entirely different...the boy was not left alone while his father went out to have "adult time", his parents are not anglo-saxon doctors, do not have political connections, they are not "devoute" catholics, in fact, coming to think of it, they even look a bit "swarthy", don't they? They are not even "true" brits., are they? Their documents might say they are, but at the end of the day they are just a bunch of "pakis"!

  31. Carol @ 25

    £100,000 ransom? Peanuts! Pity some of the McCann's generous benefactors cant put their hands in their pockets, after all they put up £1,500,000 (or was it more) for a reward for Maddie.

    Ah, I have just realised the difference... The Saeeds are not doctors and Sajil ins not a cute blonde white skinned girl. And of course they would have to part with their £100,000 - no chance of having to part with the £1,500,000 reward as no-one seems to know about it any more and more importantly Maddie is 99.99999999% likely never to return.

    Mr B

  32. How long will it be before some "Deranged person" somewhere on the Planet, decides that a little girl living nearby is DEFINITELY Madeleine McCann ? He/She then snatches the child to claim the cash reward promised long ago by the Press in Britain. Does this sound very fanciful ? Not possible ? The upsets and Press intrusion suffered by a variety of people from Argentina to Australia and all points North and South, are all well listed. These are all due to this Phony search for a child whose parents are totally responsable for her loss !

    New McCann slogan-----Keep searching,keep-on spotting,keep giving to the fund. Remember what Clarence said,"Sightings are like gold dust to us"!

    The third anniversary is approaching ( May 3rd. ) perhaps time for a spectacular of some kind ? Well our "One thousand days" bash did'nt raise much cash, especially as we had to split it with others.

    What about a return to P.D.L. with our Tapas chums to do a re-enactment of the night------does that sound like a good idea ?

    IF ONLY !

  33. Let's all think of this from another angle...

    Yes, it's disgraceful what's going on, but I think the PJ have done Goncalo a WORLD OF GOOD here! Releasing those 'sightings' that are never going to amount to anything, shows the McC's up for the lying fools they are.

    They took the bait and reacted, did they not?! They were 'very angry' that nothing further had been done and C.M their spokesman even had the gall to complain on T.V that 'this was no way to do policiing.' He even cited Interpol!

    Very, very clever PJ! This Englishman is most proud of you. As the 'sightings' get more and more ridiculous, so too, will the 'Abduction' thesis. How many peoples lives will the McC's destroy to save their own? I'm starting to lose count...

    The press are also showing themselves up for what they are in my country: VULTURES. They will invade innocent people's privacy, splash faces of innocent children all over their papers, name people who are not suspects or were ever involved; yet they defend their favourite 'pets' the McC's to the hilt. We can now all see what a FARCE this whole 'Abduction' lark is.

    This 'mistake' KM harps on about is called NEGLECT for people of a lower social class. Yet they get away with ignoring this and ignoring Cadaver Dogs?

    May the truth one day be known.

  34. I feel so sorry for the poor McCann twins. Can you imagine what they might be going through at school. They may not see the pictures on the front of the newspapers with Maddies name emblazoned across them but their friends may do and tell them about it.

    I also feel sorry for the poor girls who are being put at serious risk by having their pictures on the front page of newspapers for all the nutters in the world to see.

  35. They think members of Little Sahils family are involved according to the news this morning.

  36. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5h4clBslE4VioPBtXC--XGJ_COnIQD9E8D4J00

  37. Why can`t the above PJ report be published in the UK press? They want to sell papers don`t they - this report would increase their sales massively. The press couldn`t be sued because its an official report. Simple.


  38. O Correio da Manha traz hoje a expressao maxima da anedotica investigacao dos Det. Privados- UMA BONECA DE TRAPOS ASQUEROSA, e agora a pista "TOPO DE GAMA" para explicar o desaparecimento de Maddie. Que raptor tao bom com a crianca e tao desleixado com os bonecos... DEIXA SEMPRE UM BONECO PARA TRAS. E claro este raptor TUGA ( agora ja nao e marroquino) tem um gosto muito pior do que o da mama "BIFE" que comprou a menina um Cuddle cat. Ou sera que nao comprou para a menina ( pelo menos nao enquanto ela estava viva)? Ha quem defenda que Maddie nunca viu o Cuddle cat e este nunca foi pertenca sua, enquanto estava viva e de ferias na PDL. Fara parte do numero montado depois do desaparecimento, para tocar coracoes e dar algum romantismo ao drama, distraindo o coracao mole dos portugueses. Se foi este o caso, torna tudo mais perverso, atendendo a que os caes sinalizaram Maddie e a morte no Cuddle cat.
    tambem nao me admira que o fim de semana traga as paginas dos jornais " ADN de MADDIE na BONECA HORROROSA"... devidamente plantado pelos detectives privados com a ajuda do Dr. Gerry que sabera como isso se faz e tem acesso privilegiado a fonte de ADN da filha- Basta uns cabelitos numa escova.

    Coitado do casal portugues, algum casal humilde do interior Algarvio que nem sabe que o seu nome anda nas paginas dos jornais, ou tera sido enganado com umas coroas e uma historia muito mal contada.
    Os detectives maravilha, fazem sempre mal o seu trabalho. Nao sabem que os portugueses sabem quao vulneraveis e ingenuos sao a gente humilde do interior do pais, ainda mais se forem idosos- vitimas faceis de burloes predadores. Deixam-se enganar por Tugas, Romenos e Ciganos, nao haviam de se deixar enganar por Bifes ratos e sabichoes? PORTANTO ESTA BONECA ATE PODE VENDER O PAPEL DOS JORNALECOS, PASQUINS INGLESES. EM Portugal, e motivo para nao comprar o jornal. Alias, em Portugal, Maddie comeca a ser motivo para nao comprar o jornal, por isso esta a deixar de ser manchete de primeira pagina e a passar a linha de rodape nas seccoes de CRIME. Ainda ha-de passar para os INSOLITOS e acabar no jornal do INCRIVEL.

    O mundo comeca a ser grande demais para D. Edgar. Como e que ele pode aceitar que os seus clientes defendam um dia MADDIE NA NOVA ZELANDIA, e no outro MADDIE NO ALGARVE. Este e o maior atestado de incompetencia passado pelos Mccann aos proprios detectives, transformando a existencia destes numa verdadeira charada. O mais INNNNNTERESSSSSSSSANTE e que encontraram a boneca, mas do rasto de Maddie.... NEPIA! Dificuldades na traducao. Nao percebem o que a senhora Algarvia fala e o dinheiro do Fundo nao da para tradutores.

    Quando e que estes detectives mais os seus clientes decidem fechar-se na barraca.... JA NINGUEM ACREDITA NELES.

  39. Sorry, I meant to say nick Griffin of the BNP, not Nick Ross of the NP, I must of had a senior moment.

  40. Can I please apply to be employed as private investigator for the McCanns in order to travel the world for the next 2 years? I faithfully promise to provide regular udates and millions of photos of blond girls that can be published and investigated by police forces, TV stations and newspapers around the world. I will demand of course that each and every of my reports is being fully investigated by the authotities. This would also benefit any person with criminal intentions since the police forces around the world would have better things to do than spending their time getting involved into any unrelated issues.

  41. Joana is it possible to have a translation of post 37 please? or the main facts- looks intesting. Thanks a lot for all your hard work and your team, much appreciated.


  42. Daily star picture is nothing like our Maddy in my opinion.
    Knowing the school she was at would have made this easy to check out and I'll wager it was. That's why it was thought irrelevent.
    Did Jacey Lee Duguard go to any school after she was abducted? I doubt it very much. Neither would Maddy if her abductor had half a brain.
    If abducted, Maddy will never be seen in a public place unless she escape's her abductor/s or is found dead.
    That is unless Gordon Brown presents her prior to the forth coming general election and becomes hero of the day.

  43. To go off track.

    It's official! Clarence is going to be a media monitor for the Tory party in the run up to the election. Only in the background apparently. They Tories are not daft. They don't want him as a spokesperson; they must have seen his pathetic double act with detective Dave when the famous sighting of the Victoria Beckham look alike was front page news!

  44. I think Clarence & crew did an amazing job keeping the conclusions of the PJ report out of the UK tabloids and therefore out of the public's view...

    Why didn't every newspaper print this... very very simple and clear... not "McCann's have been declared innocent of any wrong doing" that Clarence would have the sheep believe.

    But is this a victory, Clarence? to obstruct justice and shield those responsible from punishment?

    You should feel ashamed but I know you have no feelings

  45. Why not send this piece to the mainstream media, UK press editors and journalists, including that Lazzari of the Sun, TV media and Press Agencies? and describe it's official context and status.

  46. Looking at the child in the Daily Star, I pronounce her NOT the missing child. Her eyes look different.
    A few days ago I looked at the child shown in NZ and said she was not the child and could be traced. It shouldn't be difficult to trace the Canadian child. I would have done the same as the pj: deemed neither
    child relevant to the case.

  47. Anon 39, Stranger abduction is rare according to what I have read. I hope the dear child gets home safe to her parents.

  48. I take some comfort from the knowledge that the tapas crew will rue the day they ever agreed to obey kate and gerry in the name of friendship,they must realise they too were duped into forever being tied to this low-life tabloid circus,they thought they were too important to take part in the reconstruction,how many holiday companies would welcome this group booking in the future? They will have to ask permission from kate and gerry to brush their teeth for the rest of their natural lives. Poetic justice IMO

  49. Clarence Mitchell doesn't care what is true or not true. He really doesn't care whether the McCanns are guilty or not. He just enjoys his power at being able to produce his own "truth" to the world. It's a game to him, as it is to most of these PR people.

  50. Perhaps the above could be given to the next judge in the case in advance to help them avoid wading through all the pages of the Files, that's if they ever bother to read them anyway.

    It is clear, concise and to the point.

    And in no way contradicts what Dr Amaral has said in his book.

    If the McCanns are suing Dr Amaral for libel why aren't they suing the authors of the Files as well?

    What kind of world is this when a person is being sued for telling the truth!

    This is a case that would not even be entertained in the courts if the judges bothered to do their homework.

  51. I'm anon 47, Sorry, I meant anon 35, not anon 39.

  52. What is most worrying about the releasing of sightings information to the McCanns that has been officially classified as irrelevant, is their potential of placing information about innocent people in the press, both children and adults who have nothing to do with any crime. The NZ police were responsible enough not to release the identities of the innocent family at the supermarket to the press.

    How could Duarte demand the release of this information and by what right was the 'rights' of the McCanns put before the safety of the wider public? The public will now have to endure a spate of irrelevant garbage in the press, judging by the police's opinion of it. It is obvious that any parent seriously looking for their child would use information and investigate completely covertly, not in the public eye, for fear of tipping off the criminals. The recent McCann publicity shows clearly they are not serious about this 'search'.

    Could it be that those in authority do not really see this obvious fact? Why are they turning a blind eye to such fraud?

  53. What is of interest is that the McCann's claim that many of the leads could be vital. If so, why are we only hearing of the bizarre ones, those which were clearly reported by crazies?

    If they want the public to search, surely it would be helpful to give them a clue from these many NEW credible leads which they claim to have, as to which countries Madeleine was reportedly seen, so that searches may take place?

    Ermh, or are there not any REAL credible/potential leads? The McCann's would not say there were if there were not - right?

    And pigs don't fly
    And there is no blue moon
    And the British press only print the truth......


  54. anon 52 Maybe its to give them enough rope ............

  55. anon 52 just taking your last comment , maybe its to give them enough rope.

  56. :)] Please check this out. Thought-provoking:

    It says:

    "We helped the McCann family deal with the media storm which surrounded them on their return from Portugal in September 2007. From scratch, we created a comprehensive media handling package within six hours which enabled us to handle 850 media calls in the first week. By giving journalists positive stories to report, coverage turned from hostility to the McCanns to sympathy about their ordeal. This campaign won the crisis communication category at the 2008 CIPR awards."

    b-( Thought some of you might like to know how "spin" works...

  57. Not had chance to read all the posts sorry,but has anyone seen the front page of the Star? "Maddie seen alive" I have not laughed so much in years ,this is turning past being silly now !!!

  58. #56 - That really rubs salt in the wound - and they won an award!

    I can't help but wonder if some (or all) of the comments from McCann supporters are part of a very well oiled machine. Whereas the people who are concerned about Madeleine and about what happened to her are ordinary individuals world-wide who can't just let her go. It is a tragedy that strangers show more concern for her than her own parents have.

  59. 56

    The issue here is, the mcCanns were arguidos - suspsects in the disappearance of their own daughter - at the time this firm whitewashed them.

    So this firm are proudly announcing that they won an award for whitewashing a pair of suspects in a case involving the death of a child and the hiding of a corpse - as this is why the McCanns were made arguidos.

    And what about the people who nominated them and those who awarded them!

    Such immorality is surely not in the public interest!

    Surely the authorities should consider the position here.

  60. 53 Exactly!

    The release of this information is damaging to the search for Madeleine - looks like the McCanns will now have to sue themselves!

    In all seriousness, the portuguese judiciary need to open their eyes before handing a bean to the mcCanns. Their ludicrous litigation should be thrown out and they should pay all costs - and Sr. Amaral should counter sue = as they have seriously defamed him.

  61. So these are the revelations that shocked duate and the McCann's!

    Utter rubbish.

    Re-open the process Portugal.

  62. 37 The fact that they (the UK media) dont publish the true report findings is the most revealing part of this sorry injustice.

    There is nothing to stop them, but they choose not to.

  63. Now that Mitchell has been confirmed as a senior member of the Conservative back room, will he continue his damage control for the McCanns and suggest Cameron appoint them as roving Ambassadors for the welfare of children?

  64. It makes me feel there`s no hope for this world when I read about companies like that. Seems you can be the biggest scumbag in the world if you`ve got the funds to hire a company like that. Are there any decent people left in the higher echelons of power?

    Anon 58 - personally its not about Maddie any more, IMO she`s gone, hopefully somewhere far beyond this sick world. For me its now about justice and the truth.

  65. Spot on, oh if only we could get this published in the UK and Ireland, this would make people sit up.

    How weird, we all know the truth from people who have stood by Maddy for nearly 3 years, yet the press and people who should know better, have let her down, why, a question I and many others have asked ourselves over the years.

  66. Unfortunately, spinning or media manipulation or reputation management or telling the public Saddam has weapons of mass destruction etc has become a well established and credible business activity in UK. We have lost most of our manufacturing industry because British labour was just too expensive to compete with China etc and so have turned to the "service industries". One of those industries is improving the reputation of criminal suspects providing they have the means to pay for that service. The McCanns always made sure they had the means to pay by exploiting their own children and their extensive photographic library/opportunities for the press to get new ones. They have sold brand McCann and Maddie the log for this very purpose. There are many people in the UK, sadly, who see this as a reasonable and reputable way to earn money, by concealing the truth and even interfering in a serious criminal investigation. When they excel at this "service industry" they even get rewards. None of them ever stop to look at just how immoral and utterly dishonest such conduct is. People just think Clarence Mitchell is great for achieving what seemed like the unachievable, positive press for Kate and Gerry McCann and others who have done the same. Bent wealthy people will seek these manipulators out and pay heavily for their services and in the case of the McCanns just look how low they have stooped to get the money to pay for it all, by telling us they are looking for Maddie! Sometimes it makes me ashamed to be British!

  67. Just read the Daily Star article. It looks like they are taking the pi$$
    Have they invented these 'wacky reports' or were those reports actually that wacky?.. and can they be sued for printing this?

  68. Gerry's blog Day 469 14/8/2008

    'We were surprised that copies of investigation files were given to the media.'

    Was this the understatement of the year?


    but....join the dots... 'there is absolutely no evidence that suggests Madeleine has been seriously harmed'

    K&G have been singing from that song sheet since 2008. Unbelievable! How do you get from the conclusions on file to this deduction. Even if the conclusions on file were not those outlined above, a child that mysteriously disappears has definitely come to harm, emotional harm at the very least. My Mom left me in hospital for a night as a 2-yr old and I came to harm.

    But perhaps G&K do not have any emotions. Not anymore at any rate.

    Come on G&K - own up - rather have your punishment on earth than in hell.

  69. Mr and Mrs Mccann......

    I am rather confused at your assertion that your missing child was beyond doubt abducted when you have absolutely no evidence to justify this protestation. The case was shelved by the Portuguese police due to the lack of conclusive evidence, without any objection on your part which is in itself a mystery. Would it not serve your best interest if the investigation where continued by the police? You are quite within your rights to request re-opening of the case, yet you persist with the employment of private investigators, at great cost which even you cannot deny has been far from constructive.

    It is understood that you consider the Portuguese and British police to be incompetent and therefore need to undertake an independent crusade but this course of action is obviously not solving the case, nor is it ever likely to - is it? I note from a report in a British tabloid yesterday - quote "Madeleines parents Kate and Gerry continued to employ private detectives in the hope of finding their daughter but these investigators have NO LEGAL POWERS to force suspects(?) to talk to them. The sightings were passed to Portuguese police who deemed them irrelevant and promptly archived the reports" - unquote. NO LEGAL POWERS? - can you please explain WHY you find it necessary to continue employing private investigators when they clearly have no jurisdiction! However you wish to twist and turn expenditure remitted from the Madeleine fund, you cannot deny that payment to these investigators is actually public money!

    Of course considering your unprecedented superior intellect you face an insurmountable problem as you alone know how this investigation should proceed but at some point you will be faced with the inevitable decision of who to trust. You clearly think you have the ability to continue alone but unfortunately by law you are not permitted so to do, nor are your private dicks!

    I should also be interested to learn why you think you are entitled to access confidential police files when you were, for justifiable reasons, considered to be suspects and will remain so until such times as the case is finally solved. Again, you obviously know more about police matters than the police themselves but it would be extremely unlikely for confidential documents to be issued to a member of the public in any criminal investigation.

    So where does all this lead you? The police cannot be trusted because they are incompetent, your dicks have no jurisdiction and you are not able to continue alone. At least you now have the secreted files but what use are they without legal back-up? You can continue to plan ahead with indefinite sightings, witnesses, anniversary celebrations etc. – so if nothing else your time will be fully occupied defending your image! Not forgetting the ‘independent enquiry’ that you insist upon – presuming you actually mean independent of official law enforcement agencies!

  70. poster 67 I agree ,they are going too far now its turning from a circus into a farce ,ALL allowed by the vile duo ,but they will be getting paid for it ,so what if they have yet another "sighting "(yawn)it all helps top up the fund,the "dvd /files left gathering dust on a shelf" nonsense ,as far as im aware and please correct me if Im wrong ,but they have had these files since August 2008....so if that is true once again they are barefaced lying ? ,i havent seen todays paper yet ,should be fun !!

  71. Anon 53!
    I was reading your post and realised that Martin Brunt has done a great job! We couldn't understand why he was such a traitor in american interview. It's clear now! If NZ girl with "no-head-man" was the most serious sighting, what could we make from all the rest, less serious!

  72. According to todays Sun ,they are BEGGING portuguese and UK police to re-open the case ,lets get it on !! they must rue the day their solicitor asked for this in court !

  73. Begging not to reopen buy review with gerry saying what should be rewritten, does no one listen to the voice of the people in UK no more?


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