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Clarence Mitchell: «This information is gold dust to the McCanns»

Of course it is Clarence...

«This information is gold dust to them, they need it, they need all of it...»


  1. What a nauseating little toad he is


  2. Gold dust - to fill the rags and feed the fools!

    But we aren't all fools Clarence.

  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254997/Madeleine-McCann-suspect-photo-files-kept-secret-Portuguese-police.html

    Daily Mail on line printing negatives about the McCann's - and look at the arrows!

    Looks like the public are not as stupid as Clarence thinks they are!

  4. "This is gold dust to the McCanns" - never has a truer word been spoken. Gold is all they're interested in....

  5. Gold dust all right, to keep the fraud going!

    But after each one is proven to be the rubbish we all know it is, they just move on to the next...but how long do they think they can keep this going before the public say 'enough!'.

    Funny how the newspapers have applied for this stuff and print it, but failed to publish the findings of the dogs and the reaction of Kate when the police asked for her help in Portugal only days after Madeleine went missing...etc etc etc.

  6. I cant wait for the day when these evil people come to justice, but its so unjust that the media will also benefit hugely!

  7. Before the parents start gathering the gold dust I would advise really looking at this child. I can tell it is not their child, but apparently they and Clarence think it is the missing child. If they are right, we can disprove three of their theories: that she is with a childless couple, unless the boy in the photo was kidnapped as well, she is in a lair in Portugal, and Hewlett was involved.

  8. what a plonker,never laughed so much, are people seriously taken in by this idiot,he ought to be in nick with the mcanns

  9. Gold dust, coke, oh well, what ever...

    #1 I agree =))

  10. "Gold Dust to the McCanns"???? More like GOLD to line their pockets if gullible people donate to the fraud..err Fund.


    Contact clarrie today for your free goldpack.=))

  12. Yeah, ALL of it.Clarence, do you really think the portuguese police will give you ALL they have?Pathetic clown

  13. What a loathesome creature he is

  14. How does he keep a straight face?

  15. So that's what it's all REALLY about then ?

    The McCanns are desperate to see what information was held back by the Portuguese, before any libel trial goes ahead ?

    Amaral's lawyer waving the Rainbow report about at the Injunction hearing has left them brickin' it

  16. the child looks content and holding the mans hand she appears to be quite safe, if it was her she might be better of left where she is....at least she's accompanied by her guardian, if it was madeliene and she was returned to the mccanns...

    how is the child going to feel being left in the house whilst her ma and pa are off to the tv studio's and police federation meetings telling of their joy and the terrible trials etc...

  17. With all this golden new evidence available, is the Mc's duo out unturning stones yet or is it still too dark?

  18. what about the files that still have not been released?
    Are there still files kept with the AG from the investigation?


  19. Yep, number 11 is correct, come on all ye gullible folk top up the fraud...

  20. Everything King Midas touched turned to gold, but the moral of the story is that he bestowed his curse on all he touched. Some parallels here?

  21. Someones got some balls on twitter.... @leicspolice The gall of Mitchell and holding evidence back when YOU held the Gaspar statetment back from PJ...Stupid or Corrupt cant B both

  22. Ye gods! Only away from this site for a couple of days, returning to find this bizarre and grotesque spin,"al le McCCann", today.
    Freudian slip in the choice of language by CM.

  23. "This is gold dust for the McCanns." What a revealing choice of words! These people are incredible!


  24. Can someone tell Clarrie that it is fools gold? He wants people to believe it is the real thing. More spin from Clarence boy. Again "shaping" up the feeds to the press. I want to see his face the day the whole gang faces justice. Oh yes I do!

  25. Fools gold more like. It will not change anything, and they can manufacture fresh investigations whatever based on theses files and it will keep the tabloids full of rubbish for months to come. All they need now is for the dogs to admit they got it wrong. The little pink creep who knows well its all lies.

  26. Not very appreciated by the public this new bluff! Here the best rated comments of the daily mail on line. The top one has got 2177 positive appreciations ( green arrow) and 3/4 of comments are very negative.

    Best rated:

    They had wanted to stop him airing the slur that they had been involved in their daughter's disappearance.

    The McCanns need to take responsibility for what they did, they were involved in her disappearance. The fact they left three children under four alone in a room without even a child monitor makes them guilty of neglect.

    The general public are getting fed up with these two. They want to blame everyone except themselves. If they had left three children alone in England while they went out, the children would be under the protection on Social Services.

    Before anyone starts red arrowing me I am a mother of three with no parents or siblings on either side. If I go out my children come with me, I pay a nanny service or I stay in.

    I took the consious decision to have my children. They did not ask to be born, so it is up to me to take responsibility for them 24/7 until they are eighteen at least.
    - Pam, Marseille France, 3/3/2010 9:27
    Click to rate Rating 2177Report abuse

    oh for goodness sake, its a young girl around the right age with the same sort of hair style. HOW MANY MILLIONS OF THESE ARE THERE IN THE WORLD???
    - Elizabeth-ex-pat, Hamilton NZ, 3/3/2010 9:26
    Click to rate Rating 1586Report abuse
    These alleged sightings....'held at gunpoint in a dirty yellow jumper, images of sexual abuse on the internet' - yet the repeated insistence from the parents that there is no evidence of Madeleine "coming to any harm".

    The McCanns can't have it both ways - if these sightings are as credible as their spokesperson suggests, do they not regard the above as "harm"?

    Leaving three vulnerable under 4's in an unlocked apartment is putting them at forseeable risk of potential harm.
    - Ann, UK, 3/3/2010 9:34
    Click to rate Rating 1491

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254997/Madeleine-McCann-suspect-photo-files-kept-secret-Portuguese-police.html#addComment#ixzz0h8hGqXUa

  27. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254997/Madeleine-McCann-suspect-photo-files-kept-secret-Portuguese-police.html

    Their old haggard faces show the strain...The arrows show we are SICK of the bull shit.

  28. Well, even if the McCanns succeed in dodging the courts, in 20 years time, secret Government documents will be opened for public perusal, They would have to live with that hanging over them. the twins will be old enough to check the facts for themselves.

  29. Why all the noise now? Is it because we are approaching the third anniversary (two months from today)? Or is it to divert our attention from the Halligen matter, or the Murat vs Tanner matter? Is Mitchell seriously considering running for Parliament? I can't imagine being associated with the McCanns as being something to brag about while running for election.

    We've been told to be on the lookout for spotty man, egg man, bundle man and a Posh look-a-like, etc. and now this new bunch. It really would be laughable if it wasn't so sad that these people are tarnishing the memory of Madeleine by allowing this fraud to continue.

  30. the news item says that FOUR british newspapers persuaded the judge to release the "secret files etc "

    and yet it seems the general public are viewing all this information as hype and spin from the mccanns...

    they're not fooled by this latest piece of distraction and false trails......

    so it's a fair assumption to believe that the NEWSPAPER EDITORS who have requested this release of "new/old "information are not fooled either...

    but they know it sells papers....so on with the "umbrage hat" and "moral outrage cloak of subtefuge"

    how crass of those who seek to make money from peddling such nonsense, do they have no conscience you may wonder?

    or do they!!

    viewed another way....

    it's agreed that all but those with a "secret to hide" view the new/ old files as nonsense....and that has to apply to the press editors...

    so why print something that mocks not only the credible public but also belittles and seriously questions the editors own intelligence...

    editors dont get to be editors by being stupid..... the request for the files may not be a move intended to do the mccanns any favours...

    "oh them again "
    thinks the majority of the british public apparently...

    the editors of the press are FULLY aware of british opinion with regard to the mccanns...the difference may lie with the OWNERS of the actual newspapers(and tv stations)....these owners may well have the intelligence of ostrich's and the scruples of a fagin with regard to the mccann case....

    but the editors may indeed be using the age old proverb...
    "Give 'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves"

    was the request for the release of the files simply another few feet of rope provided to the mccanns....

    the british press were sued by the mccanns, they have to be very careful what they print regarding the mccanns,

    but does anyone really think that the editors are contrite and genuinely sorry for printing stories about cadaver dogs finding the scent of death in the mccanns car etc etc .....

    it is very frustrating to many, watching the gerry and kate show....imagine how frustrating it is to the editors and journalists who were censured and fined for printing what they believed to be the truth....

    there are many journalists who are primed and more than ready to print the truth as they know it as soon as the protection given to the mccanns is withdrawn.....

    only those that appear to have something to hide are preventing the truth from being printed,the editors are more than prepared to wait for the "denoument" they are legally bound to do so.....at this time.....

    but times change....

    the portugese police, the british police,criminal profilers and even the british press have all at some time stated they believed madeleine was dead and they were not looking for an "abductor"...

    the majority of the general public in britain (let alone portugal) also believe the mccanns had something to do with the disappearance and suspected death of madeleine mccann......

    the mccanns have had more than enough time and opportunity to convince the public that we are/were all wrong ...this latest piece of nonsense shows the tolerance level of the british is fast wearing out,perhaps that what the ediotors were seeking to do....the comments section of the mail regarding this case is becoming eyebrow raising to say the least....

    which is curious when you realise which newspaper editors attended the 1,000 days party at the ritz.

    the mccanns it seems may be drinking from the press baron's poisoned chalice!!

  31. I hear the sound of barrels being scraped,
    the press must be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of more sightings = more papers sold, they don't care one inch about the child madeleine they just want the money.

    and they preach morals to us !
    ha ha, that has to be the joke of the year .

    cassandra's each and every one of them.

  32. ;))It is all timed to provide a diversion from, to counteract the impact of Amaral's appearance on prime time TV (SIC-Portugal).

    Their insistence on "sightings" is probably designed to prevent the public giving much attention to other possibilities such as "accidental" death.

    Remember: only the McCann's version of events is official. All other possibilities - namely those of expert investigators, are defamatory.

    x( "Eh! Who barked? Who brought these dogs in here?"

  33. Gold dust for the McCanns? That is all Madeleine has been about since the 3rd May 2007!

    The media are having a frenzy and the McCanns are devastated, as usual. When are our media going to behave like bona fide reporters and say exactly what they feel and not what they are drip fed!

  34. There is definitely something coming up and the McCanns are scared.

    Halligen? Jane Tanner?
    The reopen of the process?

    Daily Mail is giving itself the "window of opportunity" to say what they think about this case, by publishing comments.
    It is the only way they found of not getting sued.

  35. Time to open the case and recommence the real investigation. The McCanns know where Madeleine is, its time they told.

    A simple lie detector test.

    I so want these rats exposed!

  36. Surely the McCanns could identify the child from these stills if she is Madeleine? The NZ Police would have been called out, even at this late stage IF the McCanns said they believed it is her. Are the NZ Police now scouring the country; spending loads of money on a wild goosechase? I think not.

  37. Anyone who knew about the world-wide attention given to Madeleine's disappearance and claimed these bogus sightings, would have known about the very significant reward posted for her return. If in fact anyone truly believed they had seen her, surely they would havefollowed up.

  38. By the way Clarence perhaps you could explain why the dogs alerted to blood and cadaver scent in the McCanns' apartment and hire car, and are indicating that somebody died in the apartment, though nobody has been reported as ever having died there?

    And as Madeleine is missing, don't you think there could be some connection?

    What's that Clarence?

    We should ignore the dogs, is that what you say?

    They are not important, eh?

    What's that you are saying Clarence?

    There never were any dogs and we should forget them?

    But why Clarence, why should we forget them?

    What's that Clarence, are you saying we should forget them because the McCanns have?

    Are you telling us then that there were no dogs and we imagined them?

    You wish!!

    The dogs are real, they have never been wrong. Madeleine was not taken alive from the apartment.

    Sadly, Madeleine is dead. That is what the best dogs in the world are telling us.

  39. I cannot bear to watch that man - he makes me puke

  40. how long must we put up with this spin?
    and just when does spin turn into perverting the justice?

  41. Ooh. What's this then from Keir Simmons on Twitter:

    "The Sun and other British newspapers will tomorrow print details of a 'massive surveillance operation' carried out by McCann team."

  42. Yeah, Gold Dust, As in M.O.N.E.Y ........How stupid do they think people are!!!

  43. Mitchell needs to be reminded that while the McCanns are telling us that Madeleine is "out there" and people should be wearing out their shoe leather looking for her, Gerry McCann himself was not the least bit interested when the Portugese police were negotiating with that man in Holland who claimed he had Madeleine. I believe they said he was more interested in football scores. Obviously the police took this "lead" very seriously while Gerry sucked on a lollipop. Could it possibly be because he knew the man did not have Madeleine? My intelligence refuses to be insulted.

  44. They need and want every little piece of evidence the PJ have...to plan their escape. Absolute hogwash...

  45. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/maddie/article2420491.ece

    Lets not forget - this McCann ploy is not new! Tomorrow there is supposed to be more on a 'McCann 'massive' sureveillance operation' (according to Kier Simmons (ITV)).

    I hope people arent forgetting that they keep on announcing breakthroughs which, suprise suprise, come to nothing!

    Madeleine was, in fact, not abducted. There is of course NO EVIDENCE of an abduction. It is their way of keeping the fund money dripping in (not flowing, one hopes!), suing people for even more money (what is wrong with our so called 'judges'!) and basically avoiding doing a real days work like the rest of us have to do to pay the mortgage!

  46. Guardian on-line referring to the George Burke sighting as if it was news! Has no journalist read the files? This is very old information and is well documented. No way the McCanns didn't know about this. The question is-who were the couple that he saw?

  47. Yes, Clarence...they need all the evidence...even though most of it is irrelevant. Review? Gerry and Kate need to ask the PJ to reopen the case...but we know they won't. The truth is not something they are searching for...because they already know the truth.

    We need to have the texts they sent during that initial period after Madeleine's disappearance put into the public domain...but they won't ask for that will they Clarence? It mean you'd be out of a job.

  48. Reporter Keir Simmons who has been reliable to date...said on Twitter that the Sun and others will be reporting tomorrow on a massive surveillance carried out by Mccanns...

    Sick buckets to the ready.

  49. a.lazzeri@the-sun.co.uk

    Tell her what you think!

  50. La poussière d'or? Celle de la poudre de perlimpinpin des contes de fées. Hop, un coup de baguette magique et le héros mort ressuscite, hop, un peu de poussière mélée à de la bave de journaliste et les méchants policiers portugais sont transformés en pierre, hop un mouvement du grand magicien et les méchants parents se transforment en couple royal couvert d'or.
    Le problème c'est que les baguettes magiques modernes,rendement commercial oblige, ne sont plus rechargeables indéfiniment. Et on signale également des allergies graves provoquées par leur poudre jetée trop près des yeux.

  51. Its very odd, I wonder why the Portuguese arent tired of the way their country is being portrayed.

    Judiciary is the laughing stock of Europe!

    Executive is under UK control.

    Their police force is derided as bungling fat and lazy.

    If I were a senior member of the Portuguese judiciary I'd want to re-open the case!

  52. They"re high on "gold dust".Really? =))
    "They need it,they need all of it" =))
    Clarry when are you going to watch the cloak that you use like a mouth? :))

  53. Gold Dust? - I think perhaps 'Sackcloth and Ashes' might be more appropriate!

  54. It's not done yet:
    KeirSimmonsITV:The Sun and other British newspapers will tomorrow print details of a 'massive surveillance operation' carried out by McCann team.
    about 1 hour ago via HootSuite

  55. No.5
    Just watched dogs, Eddie and Keela video again. It must have been a lot of blood, to seep under ceramic floor tiles. Spatter patterns on wall and curtains are very disturbing.

  56. Has Mitchell any idea how much he is truly hated by so many people?

  57. What an absolute tosser this man is, does he really believe people are so utterly stupid?

    They want a review?! At no stage does he even mention the British government or the British Police, who on earth is going to conduct the review? Erm now let me see, how about Metodo 3, Eddie the eejyit, or how about Brian Kennedy or Kevin Halligen, the choice is endless, lol!

    If a child is missing and the parents are not responsible then the police are responsible for looking for her. If, on the other hand, the police in both Portugal and UK are of the opinion the only way that child can be found is when the parents and the friends start to tell the truth about what they did with her, you get parents like Kate and Gerry, who hate the governments, hate the police and keep suing people and demanding money wherever they can to pursue their own supposed investigations. They are like some sad old banger car, stuck in gear but going nowhere.

    Oh please when is this utter farce going to come to an end, every day, I ask myself will this finally be the day when the police arrest this lot. I just do not think I can stand listening to any more from Mitchell or McScam.

  58. Ask yourself Clarence, Why would the McCanns' detective want to sift through all the information collected by European police forces which have then been passed to the PJ, and all classified by them as rubbish, having already been looked at carefully by other countries' police forces too? I'll tell you, it's because the McCanns can pass this worthless rubbish off as the real thing to the press and make PR capital out of it. Oh, yes it's gold dust isn't it Clarence.

  59. More like Fool's Gold!


  60. If The McCanns are planning a "massive surveillance" I would presume then that they would be heading straight for the "hellish"lair within or around a 10km radius of Praia de Luz then.

    At least the search is on (money well spent) and hopefully they are not heading in to the opposite side of the world.

    Oh - I have just had a eerie thought, Kate and Gerry have ties in NZ - lets hope they are not planning a runner, not sure of the extradition laws.

    Really interesting times ahead.......

    Good night all

  61. This man looks and acts as if he is barking mad how can this tosser ever be taken seriously. every time he opens his mouth its nothing only verbal shit. how much is this plonker being paid and by whom.http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/24.gif

  62. No 7 - the McCanns have not said the NZ girl is their child. CM said today that they didn't want to focus on just one 'sighting' - it's the papers that are running with it.

  63. Poster 2 !!! its amazing all the red arrows !still waiting for my two to be posted ,well done Shu bob in getting on the board ,I nearly wet my pants at the pink ponces hair on the lunchtime news ,what an utter fool he is making himself look? The Mc Canns days of being the "Golden couple"are over if you read most of the messages on the Daily Mail site ,yes Clarrie they need all the gold they can get

  64. Are the investigators going to investigate these "significant" "sightings" as thoroughly as they looked for the lair near Praia da Luz?!!!

  65. If The McCanns are planning a "massive surveillance" I would presume then that they would be heading straight for the "hellish"lair within or around a 10km radius of Praia de Luz then.

    At least the search is on (money well spent) and hopefully they are not heading in to the opposite side of the world.

    Kate and Gerry have ties in NZ - lets hope they are not planning a runner, not sure of the extradition laws.

    Really interesting times ahead.......

    Good night all

  66. Mail, Telegraph, Sun, what was the other one? Well, those three are Cameron supporters and Coulson has strong links. It probably means nothing but the connection popped up in my head for some reason.

  67. AH AH! There you have it! "A full REVIEW" of the evidence in the files"! NOT a reopening of the case! surprise surprise! Tss, tss, Ms. Duarte, you talked to the media about the reopening, but your clients want a review...you and your big legal mouth...beware, they will not be pleased...

  68. http://www.ldpeditor.merseyblogs.co.uk/2010/03/we_have_right_to_know_why_jame.html

    Sorry, not about this post, but well worth a read.
    British justice at it's best: protected criminals, public kept in the dark, injunctions, gagged media, the works!

  69. Martin Brunt: I know you read this blog. I know you have impeccable, unbeatable contacts within Scotland Yard and Special Branch. You know as well as I do the results that the cadaver and blood dogs from the South Yorkshire force produced. How can you Martin, knowing this, allow Clarence Mitchell to 'shape' the way that your employers report this case without question? Do you not flinch at what you are seeing happening here? The evidence is out there, it's even branded with The Sun's logo. It can't be ignored, it won't go away. It's out there, it can't be "unseen". The Police know, you know, the McCanns know, Mitchell knows, Rupert Murdoch knows, and we know.

    It is true that you can fool some of the people all of the time. But when you try and fool all of the people all of the time, you tend to look a bit silly. I know that you are allowed off the leash a little on your blog, and that you are happy enough to let the public show their utter contempt for the lies peddled to them via the comments section. Thanks for that. But how about doing a bit yourself, 'on the record' and on the air?

    Martin, are you really comfortable with what appeared in The Sun today? Knowing what you know?


  70. From Sky:

    Mr Mitchell refused to comment on the New Zealand incident and stressed the McCanns do not want a "media frenzy" surrounding one sighting.

    "Any other sightings that have credible information that can be checked, our investigators are working on it," he said.


  71. 21, definitely not stupid!

  72. Mitchell "this information is gold dust to them they need it, they need all of it and Kate and gerry want to see a full review of all the evidence thats held by the Portuguese."

    Yep Pinky we know the McCanns re not interested in any 'sightings' and the press can have those in a block- just to make a point we understand; no getting away from it though is there- this information (I say that loosley)was received AFTER the case was closed because those thought guilty refused to co- operate.

    Gerry can stamp his little Pink foot all he wants he isnt going to see any of the evidence held about them EVER outside a courtroom FROM the dock.

  73. Hang on a minute - if she was in New Zealand in 2007, and seemingly happy and settled if the pictures are to be believed, what's she doing back in Praia da Luz in 2009 living in a lair?

  74. I just can't see his vile physiognomy. I go physically sick. Sickening type. What a liar!

  75. BBC News online: Justice Secretary Jack Straw is to cut the "success fees" lawyers can charge in defamation cases to reduce "disproportionate" legal bills.

    He said lawyers operating no-win, no-fee conditional fee agreements must cut their maximum charges from 100% to 10%. This will take effect from April.

    Media groups say current laws stifle freedom of expression by forcing editors to avoid stories because of the risks of highly expensive libel action.

    Some good news for investigative journalists publishing in UK (if there are any).

  76. Before the Gaspars'statements arrived in Algarve, the police added a detective to their team, who was specialised in sexual crimes.
    This happened when Amaral had left.
    That was not due to the Gaspars'statements imo but due to the fact the dog barked at the pajamas' trousers and not at its T-shirt.
    Besides, let us not forget Mrs. Martin raised suspicions the day after the disappearence, when she recognised David Payne.
    One Martin, two Gaspars, one pajamas T-shirt with cadaver scent, no cadaver scent in its trousers.
    5 very strong indications.
    Let the process be open.

  77. The McCanns and a massive surveilance?
    They never watched their own children, did not look after them and now talking about a surveillance?
    I bet other people will do it for them.
    They give orders, people obey.

  78. The time of hating Mitchell and the McCanns is finished long ago.
    Mitchell became as sick as the McCanns himself.
    Nobody is taking him serious anymore.

  79. Anonymous 52, I used to worry how my country of birth was being portrayed internationally by the British media, but since I now realise that the British media is the laughing stock of the world, it doesn't really bother me. Many a time I have turned on my television set in Canada to see the British media being ridiculed by prominent journalists in Canada and the United States.

    I believe the most pressing issues in Portugal at the moment are unemployment and the lack of transparency in its democracy, i.e. political corruption.

    The Portuguese police have worked successfully with other police forces around the world to bring criminals to justice, they are respected by their peers.

    When the case was being investigated, the Portuguese police should have had a spokesperson to expose the lies that were being disseminated by the media, but now is not the time to speak out. Do you think it would be wise for the Portuguese police to now waste their resources discrediting every silly article that appears in the British media? It would be the worst thing they could do. In keeping silent the Portuguese police maintain their dignity.

  80. Hola a todos!

    Estoy terminando de leer los ultimos 'posts' y realmente pienso que esto es una locura total! Dios mio! ¿Cuando van a parar los McCanns con todo esto?
    Mentiras y mentiras... It´s never ending! Esto es una tragedia pero ya se torna tragicomico. Estoy de acuerdo con post#24. Por favor, que la Justicia Portuguesa reabra el caso! No queda otra.

    An Argentinian

  81. I am not a violent person(hate viloence actually) but is it wrong i wish someone would punch this prat in the face(hard)? i cant stand watching him lieing "through every tooth in his head"! what is this world coming to, corruption in every form by the Goverments , media , press, police and judges, it is disgraceful and the two main culprits are swanning around like celebrities it makes me want to vomit.

  82. Slightly off topic, but if the case did get re-opened, presumably it would be back under judical secrecy , how would that affect the libel trial? Surely Mr. Amaral would not be able to present a fair defence if he cannot discuss the case. Would this lead to the adjournment of the full libel trial?

  83. disgusting news:



  84. I have just put a comment on that page, this is why those neglectors( at the very least) have suddenly gone to Cameron for help isnt it? they must all think we are stupid, well anyone who believes there was a "abduction" must be stupid. the more i see his and the Mccanns smug faces i could be sick.

  85. No 84, I have just spilled my tea everywhere at that news!!! Well respected Mitchell, they are having a laugh, the man is a liability. No way I am voting for Mr Cameron now, no way!! I am going onto his website now and e-mail to tell him so!!!

  86. Anon 70 how do you know Martin Brunt reads this forum,? Just incase he does i'd like him to know i personally think he and the rest of the British press are culpable in the Fraud that the McConns are perpetrating everyday when poncing money from the gullible public,but more than that ,you and your British colleagues are culpable for not bringing the McConns to justice for the disappearance of their daughter,and i sincerely hope and pray that when Mr Amaral is proved right he sues the British media for the disgraceful slander that they have done meted out to him on behalf of the despicable sociopathic narcissistic McConns.Shame on you Martin Brunt.

  87. Yes, too bad, I almost liked Mr Cam. It could have been the better choice...
    But that is just another sign of how dirty politics are if they decide that the best they can do is with someone like Clare....
    Oh my God !! :((


  88. Anon 84, thanks for that report. Clarence is the ultimate networker. He pals around with the former NOW editor and gets gigs where he says he shapes stories. How the PR people love him. Why aren't they listening to their public? The MMU should be unbiased. How can we get truth about this case if a spokesperson for TM is monitoring the media. Well David? Answer please.

  89. Is this pay back for Clarence from the former NOW editor. I remember Mr McC giving them an exclusive interview at the start.

  90. No. 88- do you know if the Monster Raving Loony Party are still going? Somehow the name seems to sum up British politics. A tactical vote for the Raving Loonies, that is how low this copuntry has stooped.

  91. Time to tell Cameron if CM is on his team......then its tIme to vote Lib Dem !!!!!!

  92. Anon #84,85,86

    The Tories want to know your views, tell them how you feel about them recruiting Clarie:


    I think they have just wiped off countless thousands of votes.

  93. @92, i am annon 85 and i have left a e-mail to the conservative party about my disgust of them having Mitchell on board, i hope other people do also as we must get the message across about our utter disgust that this parasite is joining the conservative party(the truth is i was not voting Labour because of their involvement in the cover up of the Mccanns with this t**T, but now he is going to join conservative!!!) it will be the green party now for me, or the monster loony party as annon 91 said!!!

  94. @86. Yes; I emailed David Cameron also.

    After voting Labour for 20 years, I WAS going to vote Tory. I will not be doing so, if that CREATURE is taken on board.

    I will not vote for a party that has a defender of prime suspects in a missing child investigation on its payroll.

    Any Conservative MP's who read this blog: You just lost my vote. Children are the most important people in society and need the most protection as they are the most vulnerable to all sorts of perverse acts.

    May the truth one day be known.


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