1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Gonçalo Amaral Interview in Fafe

At the time of the presentation of his new book «The English Gag» at Fafe's Library, video via Correio TV

Reporter: Sir, you have been out from the PJ almost for two years now; after a very complicated process, and from where many answers are still missing to which you have tried to answer in the book that was censored. This «English gag» is it not somehow a gag to the freedom of speech in Portugal?

Gonçalo Amaral: There is no doubt about that, actually it was on that notion that the book was written. It was in terms of defence, and of denouncing this limitation of the freedom of expression of a citizen, my case, and as well the right of the reader, of the Portuguese citizen, of any person in this country in formulating opinions, their own opinion in face of what they read. Therefore, it is not allowed… It is forbidden, it is limiting the freedom of the Portuguese people, of the people who are interested in reading the book ‘Maddie, The Truth of the Lie’, and of them being able to formulate their opinion. Which is the right of freedom to opinion, which in this country seems - seems, no - is in fact, being temporarily limited, as established by the injunction, and could be so from here now into the future.

Reporter: At this moment where freedom of expression and the lack of it is being so much discussed, where political pressures are being discussed as a daily basis; in the moment where we can recall the historical relation between Portugal and England, our eternal ally, was there really so much weight applied by England in this process, capable of gagging the Portuguese politicians to the point of forcing a PJ Inspector to withdraw himself from the Judiciary Police, to the point of forcing into silence the whole process?

Gonçalo Amaral: I have no doubts regarding that; in reality, the facts speak for themselves. A public servant, like me, a coordinator of the Judiciary Police, it is something that some politicians are able to discard, to avoid a diplomatic drama, a diplomatic incident, and everything was done surrounding that. Like now, there is a direct attack to the Judiciary Police, again, on this process, an attack targeting a Judiciary Police employee, and the Judiciary Police does not do anything in his defence nor does the Justice Ministry. I did not say that there [on the book presentation] but I'll say it here, it is shameful. How is it possible to leave those who work for the public interest, those who work for the discovery of the truth and for the making of Justice, abandoned to these attacks?

Reporter: I know that you are under secrecy of justice, but for you the truth…

Gonçalo Amaral: Not of secrecy of justice, I am a target of a temporary injunction, which limits my freedom of expression.

Reporter:…But for you the truth is revealed and transcribed in that book, that today cannot be sold?

Gonçalo Amaral: I can’t answer to that question, because I am a target of an injunction which forbids me to speak about… to give you an answer. It’s under the scope of the injunction.

Reporter: How is it, looking at the situation that happened and for the eventual future situations that might be somewhat similar, how do you see the role of Portugal in this affair, that is, do we get fragilized, do we become dependent of foreign opinions, of foreign police opinions which may place in question an institution like the Judiciary Police, which is seen with the utmost seriousness?

Gonçalo Amaral: The Judiciary Police continues to be seen with seriousness, the opinions, or the forces contrary to the discovery of the material truth had in this case, and will have in others, or maybe they already had in other cases, a strong influence when placing in question the Justice system itself. What is happening is a result of the frailties, as a friend of mine said, an appeal court judge, it is the frailty inherent to democracy. It is that that is in question; we don’t live alone, the country is not isolated, it is in the European Union, it has its allies and its international agreements, and its international diplomacy and something has being left behind, which in this case was Justice.

Reporter: Do you feel discarded?

Gonçalo Amaral: Discarded, no. It was my choice to leave the Judiciary Police in order to regain the plenitude of my freedom of expression, something which is now again placed in question. It was my choice, my decision, and I’m certain that if I had stayed in the PJ I would have ascended to superior positions, other than being a mere coordinator of sections… Allow me to remember here at this moment a colleague, who has passed away last night, Dr. Guilhermino da Encarnação, a person that climbed the Judiciary Police hierarchy by his own merit, and with those two cases, the so-called Joana Case and the Maddie Case. Who, at that time, saw a disease appear, a disease that lead to his death, after all of this time. He was an exceptional man, a person with whom I had the honour, the pleasure and the privilege to work with, with whom I have learned immensely, and that with these cases saw his health disappear. It is sad; people sometimes are not discarded but often are…There are things that happen to one’s health which are unstoppable.

Reporter: A last question, in the said book of which you are forbidden to speak about, which was censored, your convictions are obvious, are evident, are clear. If you had remained in the case, if you hadn’t been removed from it, and after retiring from the PJ; if you had stayed would you have felt comfortable to arrive at something which you had already the absolute certainty of being like that, knowing that from the other side there were so many doubts being placed? [the question is difficult to translate since the reporter is clearly trying to make a question using subterfuges because of the injunction]

Gonçalo Amaral: Look, in an investigation… I cannot speak about the case, I’m forbidden. A criminal investigation has a beginning, a middle and an end. That book, and that I can tell you, was the narrative of the 6 months of the criminal investigation, when I was coordinating it. What could have happened since then, we don’t know. I left the investigation, the investigation continued, remained open for more six months and its result was a premature archival. If the investigation had continued, and there are many diligences to be made, hundreds to be carried out - the process was not concluded with all the diligences - it could have even happened that which was said at a medium term, at that time, would not be established or it could have been confirmed. Therefore a criminal investigation always has to reach its end, so no ambiguities remain, speculations don’t thrive like it is happening at this moment, and also in order to not give material to certain conspiracy theories to flourish. I believe that that is the biggest problem of the investigations that do not reach an ending.


  1. No it is definitely not about 'SECRECY OF JUSTICE'.

    There has been NO JUSTICE so far. Not for Sr Amaral or his book, the facts and circumstances of which are already in the public domain in the form of Files, put there by Portuguese authority.

    Are the McCanns going to sue them also so as to get them to change the rules just for them?

    Sorry for saying this but it would not surprise me if the Portuguese judiciary would even end up doing that for them also, and to hell with common sense and logic.

  2. Guardian today "Government attempts to keep torture case secret."
    Lawyers claim that applications by government could extend closed proceedings into findings of fact in the civil courts for the first time.
    Reporting on Afghan war to be silenced in the run up to the general election?
    Mr Amaral is correct about the frailty of justice in the EU.

  3. Many Thanks Joana,

    An Englishman x x x

  4. The problem is the idea of 'in the public interest' - jsut who decides what is the public interest? Not the people thats for sure!

    In the public interest is much abused - its scope widened to suit the politicians - in particular in the UK, a Parliament dominated by the Executive - an elective dictatorship.

    Most EU articles/directives and of course the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights can be twisted any way government chooses 'in the public interest'.

  5. If the McCanns are allowed to silence this man, we must make sure that he is not made to pay them a penny.

  6. Letter from Iberia
    Joana Thank you for the translation

    People of Portugal you are at risk of an all out McCann attack,
    you risk being accused of putting the investigation at risk by telling the truth.
    Your country will be sued, you will all be sued.

    Stop this farce now and re-open the process extradite the McCann’s on an European arrest warrant to answer to the charges of abandoning and endangering their children and see where it goes from there.

  7. I agree with post number 6.

    The McC's have had it their way for far too long. However, good news is on the horizon, with the launch of the new book 09-03-2010 FAKED ABDUCTION in the USA. I am going to order several copies of this book; I am looking forward to the McC's trying to GAG this book via Carter Ruck: Because I don't think they're going to be able to with the American 1st Amendment Bill? i.e. Freedom of speech? Freedom of the press?

    Whether we get justice for MBM, one thing is certain: Britain desperately needs its own Bill of Rights; whereby people can speak out, without fear of Libel and all the other nonesense that TM are allowed to speak and enforce on the rest of us (indeed the world).

    TM can protest as much as they like - so many of us just do not believe you; anymore. Yes, I did at first (though I had some doubts) and yes, we shouldn't have trial by media - but those PJ Files show alarming inconsistencies and discrepancies.

    What does 'no evidence of any harm' mean exactly? On the surface, it's designed to state just that - innocence. But those words have very broad meaning. It could mean - "Yeah - you're all right, but you can't prove a damned thing." I've always thought that wording is most odd.

    If somebody accused me of a terrible crime, i.e. the accidental death/ murder and concealment of my daughter, I'D BE LIVID! I'd be shouting at the police officers, the press etc., "I HAVE NOT HARMED MY DAUGHTER! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON ABOUT?! FIND THE ABDUCTOR, INSTEAD OF HARASSING ME!."

    But no: We have to listen to 'no evidence of any harm' and all the other distortions that are just plain weird, if not complete fabrications. Why doesn't the UK press ever challenge the McC's when they shout 'no evidence of any harm'? Why doesn't somebody in the press ask simple questions? I can think of some, that wouldn't border on Libel:

    1) What do you mean 'no evidence'? How can you prove that is the case? What 'evidence' do you have that MBM is unharmed?
    2) What do you mean 'no harm'? Isn't the 'Abduction' and separation from her family mean MBM has come to harm, regarless of state i.e. alive/ deceased?
    3) Why will you not insist on the case being re-opened fully?
    4) Will you take part in a reconstruction? Will your friends?
    5) Will KM answer those questions properly this time? The 48 she refused to answer at Arguida interview?

    That's just five off the top of my head! Wouldn't it be great if a UK journalist had the COURAGE to ask those simple, but innocent questions? We'd learn a wealth of information from the reactions and answers. If I were a journalist, I WOULD ask those questions.

    But no. This is left to the brave journalists of Portugal and people like Goncalo or Joana to force justice for MBM.

    May the truth one day be known.

  8. 8-} "Who, at that time, saw a disease appear, a disease that lead to his death, after all of this time. He was an exceptional man, a person with who I had the honour, the pleasure and the privilege to work with, with whom I have learned immensely, and that with these cases saw his health disappear. It is sad; people sometimes are not discarded but often are…There are things that happen to one’s health which are unstoppable..." (in quote)

    Forget about politics, mind & spin is all there is. This is a very important passage (last paragraphs).

    People often underestimate and/or overlook the power of Mind - of a Collective Unconscious systematically working on its target. Systematically projecting negativity into it (e.g. via spin).

    Consider the number of minds involved in these case... the exponential power of the M-field multiplied by their false assumptions, their sense of "superiority", the "self-assurance" acquired through a process of global dominance and subjugation of others... consider these powerful vibes of hatred, constantly focused on the Portuguese in general and those close to this case in particular.

    Remember the McCann's attend mass... Imagine what really goes on in the sub-conscious of those "praying" along with them...
    The vibrational impact is tangible (and keeps accumulating).

    For those who have difficulty with such theories, consider that the Earth is a living organism (Lovelock) and human nature is holographic (David Bohm) and that, ultimately, Everything is energy (Einstein).

    In my perception (call it "superstition") when a Portuguese judge because of her inexperience fails to see through the McCann's deception (standing by for revenge and a heist of £1,2 million from the Portuguese economy) she opened the gates of her own country (and Amaral's!) to a formidable flood of Evil - starting with Madeira storms, the death of Guilhermino Encarnaco - who with Amaral oversaw Madeleine's case, and last but not least an hero of the Portuguese Revolution of 1974 (Costa Martins) than devolved such basic freedoms to the people as freedom of opinion and expression died last Saturday ("by accident").
    Accidents do not happen by "accident". They happen by "synchronicity" (Jung).

    Capt. Costa Martins fought for the very same freedoms Amaral is now fighting for. Curious, ain't it?

    The thing is not to find Madeleine McCann (to late for that now).

    The thing to find is JUSTICE for Goncalo Amaral.

    :(( Close the Portuguese borders to this Evil.
    Put the McCann's on trial! Just in case they are innocent...

    x( "Eh! Who barked? Who brought these dogs in here?"

  9. Anon 2---the frailty of justice.

    Attempted Legal Gag in the USA
    Freedom of Speech is also under attack in the USA by its Government FBI Agents. Have a look at this link regarding an attempt to gag an 85 year old librarian and her 75 year old friend, with the threat of a five year prison sentence. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=7n2m-X7OIuY

    (One) FBI decided to withdraw.

    Attempted Legal Gag in the UK.
    When a Member of the British Parliament wanted to speak about toxic waste being dumped off the Ivory Coast. On behalf of one of its clients, (not the McCanns this time) Carter-Ruck tried to bring in a Super-Injunction to gag the British Parliament.

    (Two) Carter-Ruck decided to withdraw

    Attempted Legal Gag in Portugal
    In Portugal after a second secret meeting, there was a legal decision to temporary ban a book. This was followed by a three day public hearing.

    Outcome:- A young Judge in a third secret meeting decided to keep the temporary book ban in place, and Snr Amaral cannot speak about the process.

    Whether it is good luck or bad luck,in England we say things seem to happen in threes.

    Looking forward to reading "The Truth About The Lie" in English.

    Bravo! Snr Amaral

    An Englishman

  10. Reporter:

    "was there really so much weight applied by England in this process, capable of gagging the Portuguese politicians to the point of forcing a PJ Inspector to withdraw himself from the Judiciary Police, to the point of forcing into silence the whole process?"

    Gonçalo Amaral:

    "I have no doubts regarding that; in reality, the facts speak for themselves."

    6 Letter from Iberia, The only way that Portugal will be sued is if Portugal agrees to let it happen. The evidence points to the couple being responsible for the death of their daughter and concealing her body. Remember, they did not cooperate with police and what they have said does not agree with the findings of the police. Nevertheless, if they are allowing Mr. Amaral to be railroaded why not go all the way and pay out a few more Euros to appease the English.

    As long as the English establishment is behind the McCanns, re-opening the case won't change a thing. The Portuguese detectives can only hope to discover the body of the child, i.e. if it exists and if it is in Portuguese territory.

  11. guerra

    Presumably the case would have to be reopened for them to even begin to start looking for a dead Madeleine?

    I would have thought that would be a good reason to have kept the case open and not shelved.

    For a start they could then have asked the UK police to go do a search of the McCanns' property in the UK just like they have searched the Murats. With the dogs of course.

    One of the obvious places to have looked surely, given all the to-ing and fro-ing that was going on.

  12. Gonçalo Amaral's homage to Guilhermino da Encarnação was very moving. So much nicer than calling him an "obstacle". There is a small article in Correio da Manhã quoting the despicable comment from the Telegraph concerning Guilhermino da Encarnação, so his family can read what the English say about him. Horrible.

    Sad about Costa Martins who captured the Lisbon airport Portela on the 25th of April all by himself, bluffing his way throught it for an hour telling the officals that the airport was surrounded before the troops finally did come. If the Portuguese have their vacation and Christmas subsidies it is thanks to him, when he was Minister of Labour.


  13. I had always thought, as a French citizen -hence no portuguese or British so no considerations impaired on the first ground, that Madeleine was alive and that she could have been the victim of a crime - abduction, murder or homicide. I do not read english tabloids, I read newspapers fom France and they now hardly talk about Maddie anymore.Until a week ago, when new sightings were reported on the radio, I decided to google "madeleine mccann" for more precisions. I came across "mccannfiles.com" and this website. Ive read almost everything.
    I am truly SHOCKED AND SPEECHLESS. Anyone, with a sense of judgment on FACTS, can clearly see that lies have been told and the truth has been covered up. Nothing new for readers here, but I want to underline the fact that some UE citizens will hopefully become more aware of this scam, and the guilt of the Mccann.

    I have no words for all this. I will be reading here the information and update and most of all want to thank Joana, Astro and the contributors for their precious work/translations and insight.

    Regarding the interview of Mr Amaral, I think that if there's someone guilty in all this -after the parents- is EMOTION.
    A criminal investigation MUST be led by FACTS. FACTS, DNA, PHYSICAL EVIDENCE AND DOGS DO NOT LIE. ALL inidicate serious presumptions on the McCanns'.

    I am sure the TRUTH will soon or later come up. When the body hidden is found, or when one conscience from the Tapas'7 will speak. The parents will likely never confess.

  14. thank you for your comment anonymous 13, the sole reason of être of this blog is exactly that, to share information to counter act the misinformation coming from the UK mainstream media. I am truly satisfied that you, and others, find this place informative, and I'm also glad to know that your conclusions are very similar to mine on this affair. all the best.

  15. Can anybody imagine the outcry from the McCanns if Sr Amaral had been in secret meetings with the judge before the recent case for the removal of the injunction, and his witnesses being heard in secret also. Then the judge subsequently finding for Sr Amaral and removing the injunction.

    But of course, that did not happen.

    It was the McCanns who were in secret meetings with the judge. It was their witnesses, including the person branded as a LIAR by the PJ, Clarence Mitchell, who were heard in secret.

    Was the secrecy yet another favour done for the McCanns?

    Unless we know why this was allowed to happen it can only be concluded that it was.

    What kind of fairness and justice is that?

    The judiciary involved should be ashamed, but they wont be.

    They do as they like and need not explain, so why should they care.

  16. I believe close relatives of the McCanns, in particular Uncle John and Jon Corner, may know where Maddie is.

  17. A litle time ago I lent Mr Bennett's booklet 60 Reasons to a guest at my hotel. This guest is a very senior and respected member of the English Bar, well used to mastering a brief in a short time.
    At breakfast the next morning the comment was, more or less, "She obviously died in the apartment and they have obviously concealed or destroyed the body. The problem lies only with finding proof beyond a reasonable doubt."

    So, to Anon 13 "I am sure the TRUTH will soon or later come up. When the body hidden is found, or when one conscience from the Tapas'7 will speak. The parents will likely never confess."

    I think the pressure on each of the people who do know what happened will become insurmountable. If the Murat -v- JT thing goes any further I have the impression that bricks will begin to fall out of the wall. I could forsee Clarrie beginning to distance himself, as others have done before from the "Fund".

    In an investigation into a suspiscious death no one want to be the last person to have seen the victim alive. Already within the Tapas 7 that has happened, with the person who should have made the check suddenly remembering he didn't actually look. That leaves GM in that difficult position.

    As in the English children's party game of Musical Chairs, no one will want to be left standing up when the music stops.

  18. ANON 13

    Although being a french citizen like you i will post in english (it's more polite on this blog).

    One thing is absolutely true the french press has not been mentionning that case for a long time ; but on the other hand if you have a look on "McCannfiles" it's mainly tabloïds that keep their headlines on McCanns, each one in it's turn. Never "the Observer or The Guardian or The Times...

  19. If a body had been secreted in the roof of a house, or the ceiling of a room, would the dogs be able to locate it?

    And if so, how would they alert to it?

  20. anonymous 11, If the case is reopened Portuguese authorities will get minimal help from the British police, because the British police are being restrained by their own government. Therefore, if the case is reopened I believe the best that the Portuguese police can accomplish is to find the corpse on their own. I doubt very much that the UK police would oblige the Portuguese police by searching the McCann property. Given the time that has elapsed, I don't think that finding the corpse would make it any easier to prosecute the McCanns, however it would put an end to the endless sightings.

    If there is a change in England making it possible for there to be full cooperation between the two police forces then I'm all for re-opening the case.

  21. 13 I suspect that Madeleine was taken to the acid beds of Huelva and there are no remains. These people knew how to dispose of bodies, after all, Kate was adept at juggling cadavers in her part time locum GP job!

    Gerry is 100% confident that Madeleine will never been found, that is the basis for his arrogance.

  22. 11. Yes it is incredible that the McCann's premises were not searched.

    Pretty much proves that the UK authorities were not working in support of the Portuguese police or for the benefit of Madeleine - the same favours werent given to the Mathews woman!

  23. It is true we do not have much from when Rebelo took over the investigation but I think this I just found on Maddie Case files is pretty exceptional, just before the end of the process on 8 June 2008, the PJ get a call from Maddie!!?!, traced to a UK mobile phone. I could be wrong but that sounds to me like it may have been Gerry McCann wanting them to believe in something? If he did that, it will be discovered. And maybe it gives another good reason why Gerry would not want Ricardo on the case. I am quite certain that the PJ do not listen to Gerry McCann and will not be sacking Ricardo, it is just typical Gerry would make such unreasonable demands. He has been arguing with the Pt and Brits since at least January last year to stop investigating him and just look at so called strangers, they are clearly not listening. That is over a year he has stopped the police from looking for Maddie, so he wants her to be found? It does not seem that way does it!!

    Processos Vol XVI

    Page 4373

    Service Information

    Date: 2008-06-08

    To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

    From: Inspector Jorge Vaz

    Subject: Telephone Call

    I inform you that today between 19.45 and 19.50 a phone call was received of a few seconds duration where a female child’s voice says in English “Its me, Maddie”, some brief movements are heard and the call is cut off.

    Given the rapid nature of the phone call it was not possible to note the full number. But it was possible to note “004478064...”

    When the telephone operator was contacted she said that the only way of obtaining the number in question would be to contact Lisbon who could provide the full number.

    http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/P16/ ... e_4373.jpg

    Processos Vol XVI
    Page 4374

    Service Information

    To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation, Paolo Rebelo

    From: Inspector Paiva

    Date: 2008-06-09

    Subject: Telephone Call

    In the sequence of the inquiries made with the DTI of this police force it was possible to identify the complete number from which a call was made yesterday to this police station, in which a girl claimed to be Maddie, speaking in English.

    It is the mobile number 00447806454901 from a UK mobile phone operator.

    Contact was then made with Superintendent Prior of the Leicestershire Police to whom we gave the number and the facts and who immediately carried out the necessary inquiries in order to identify the owner of the number and other inquiries judged appropriate.

    I bring this to your attention.


    Inspector Paiva

  24. I agree with post 13. I live in Canada and for the first two years or more believed the mainstream media's version of events led by the McCanns. Thank God for this site and others which are simply making all the true facts available.

    I am speechless at the antics the McCanns have got away with and the question which comes up time and time again is- Why? How? How do they get away with the stuff they do? Why are so many people supporting them? Where is the priest. He may be bound by the confessional but what about honesty, decency, truth and a little girl whose parents abandoned her. For the sake of Madeleine please tell the truth.

  25. Allo Gerry, Wonder why you did not repport yet this sight of Madeleine aged 6: Trillions of people in the world watch the 'Edge of the Darkness', The new Mel Gibson movie ( a good story by the way). Little Ema... she fit perfectly on your spins... I did not saw the eye defect, but as Kate feel's, she could be wearing contact lents.

    I know... the story happen in USA and USA sightings are the most inconvennient sights. You can involve all the polices, checking this sights, searching for Madeleine, but NOT THE FBI. Your lawyers did not play games against USA police or USA lawyers. They know... they will loose and your farce will be exposed immediatly with Cheer's... from Oprah.

  26. I agree with some posts above- Maddie body will be never recovered, this is why Gerry is so confident. Specially if the body was carried out inside a certain Tenis blue bag, togheter with some heavy stones and dropped at the deep sea. Where have been the Mccann's on May 3th afternoon, when their friends where at the beach and caught in cctv of cafe Paraiso?

    People from PDL said that some friends of the Mccann's have been in the Algarve before ( was not the first time- Oldfield or O'Brien) and have friends connected with Surf. Easy, during the day, when nobody suspects anything, to carry the body in a jet ski or a small boat. THIS IS WHY INVESTIGATING SMS AND MOBILE PHONES WILL BE A MASTER ON THAT CASE.

    On top of that, recent accidents involving the sea, tell us how strong is the Atlantic to keep bodys inside. Simao Sabrosa ( Portuguese international footbal player) nephew, was dragged by a wave from the beach. More then one year passed and his body was never recovered, no matter the work of a huge and specialized team of searchers.

    Strange that there is a missing girl and a missing blue bag.

  27. this is my opinion although it does not fit in with what GA thinks has happened...it is what i thought from the beginning.......

    imo i think maddie was disposed of in a bin.and then incinerated

    that being the reason the pj were not informed for nearly one hour...the utter confusion of an abduction..etc etc

    so as to make sure the contents of the bin were well and truly gone...i have visited portugal many times and have observed the emptying of these bins....at apartments they are emptied every couple of hours ie.apartment waste toilet paper restaurant waste and so on dead animals are also put in the bins...the bins are also swapped about and sanitised...i have enquired and apparently all contents are incinerated.....

    this i know is a terrible thing to think..but knowing the mccs even better now nothing would surprise me with them...and it is what i think happened ..that is why they know maddie will never be found...and have done from the very beginning...[prove we killed her find the body that arrogance]......sorry if my opinion has upset anyone....

  28. @26

    Stranger still that the missing child is the daughter of Gerry McCann, and the missing blue bag, the property of Gerry McCann!

    If the "Gerry % Sighting" the Smith family saw was Madeleine being carried off, then she was not taken in the blue bag. Maybe in the bag, material evidence to be destroyed?

    If Madeleine was not who the Smith's saw, why the secrecy in this sighting? Why is it brushed under the carpet, and not front page news, especially at the moment when we have a stream of silly sightings?

    The Smith's "Gerry %" sighting is connected to Madeleine's. disappearance.

  29. Anon 26

    "Strange that there is a missing girl and a missing blue bag."

    and a missing blanket.

  30. Joana regarding my 13th comment: thank your for your thoughts. I will make sure to read "l'Enquete interdite", Mr Amaral book and buy it this week end. I am glad it hasn't been banned in France. Keep up the insightful work.

  31. Either the buried at sea theory or the incinerator/bin theory are highly plausible. Either way, it's now almost certain the body will never be found

  32. 31 I agree they made certain she will never be found ,that is why they are so full of themselves,did Gerry once say"find the body and prove we killed her" or words to that effect ?This is why I have always said she died on thwe 2nd ,they gave themselves plenty of time to clean up and hide Maddie ......the acid bath at Heulva too seems a credible place

  33. poster 16 ,I also think family members know ,Kates Mother,Aunty Phil,Uncle John ,ALL the tapas group,the priest ,the pink ponce ALL guilty of aiding and abetting

  34. There was a video of the McCanns being interviewed early on, and Kate McCann saying she how she feels close to Madeleine in PDL, then she slips out with something like 'though of course she is closer to home (UK)', and it seemed like one of those whoops! moments for Kate and Gerry that had to be corrected.

    Had Kate nearly let the cat out of the bag with that one.

    It would be interesting to see that again.

  35. @26
    Interesting theory cant quite see a tennis bag accomadating a child Madeleine's size and heavy rocks too- guess that would blow both the Smiths' and Tanner's sightings out the water; always thought it implausible that anyone would have the nerve to carry their dead child so openly even the sneering cockroach McCann.

    Seems little implausible a couple with three children went on holiday without a buggy they of course realised their mistake the first time they tried to take them out as they told us many times. So I guess no pushchair available and too late at night to borrow one the bag seemed ideal?

    Who/what is this Surf you talk of haven't heard them mentioned before.

  36. poster 33, ~ I agree about the pink ponce, that's why he has to keep going, though he looks less and less certain about the cr*p he he is speaking, and certainly looks much older and more unkempt.

    McGuiness soon abandoned the so called parents. I think it was reported somewhere that she 'smelled a rat' and didn't believe KM. Her silence since then, speaks volumes. Pity she doesn't write a book, that would be REALLY interesting - and banned of course (once it had made enough money to make it worth suing her!)

    aunty anti

  37. I find it hard to believe that if the McCanns had a chance to take Madeleine back to UK and hide her there they would not have taken it.

    I don't think it takes so long a time to get back by car, and by plane even less.

    For some time they were not even suspected when they had everybody running around looking for the abductor.

    Smoke and mirrors at play?

    Where was Gerry off to when Kate that that supposed dream of hers and had them all looking up the hills?

  38. Anon 35

    They were also said to have had a buggy that was stolen.

    So that is a missing buggy and a missing bag.

    Not to forget Gerry's wallet was also said to have been stolen, yet later returned.

    Had it contained the credit cards that the McCanns told the investigators they never had, and then used to pay for the hire car?

    How did they get away with lying to the police investigators like that?

    What else had they used the credit cards to pay for?

  39. Does anybody know when the case of Murat vs Tanner is to go ahead, or by what time the decision to do so will be taken?

  40. Mccann's are back in Portugal. Sandra Felgueiras gave them 5 minutes of attention in the " telejornal", RTP. In 5 minutes, not a word to re-open the case, but a lot of words accusing the police( not the prosecutor or themselves, or their lawyer) about releasing the last sights in the Media.
    I have that bad feeling that they come back for the new program from Judite de Sousa. The wash is on the way with a lot of "SKYP" payed by the Portuguese.

    Amazing was when Sandra Felgueiras ask them if they were aware of the case of the little boy with 12 years old... what word they have for his mother. Kate said something like that " Keep the hope and the strength, he will be found". THE BOY COMMITED SUICIDE BECAUSE WAS A VICTIM OF BULLYING IN THE SCHOOL.

    Allo Kate, not everybody was abducted... no matter if this was the best theory to explain all the tragedies the child's went trough.

  41. Annon 38

    I agree too many things they say never had or stolen.As for their cover stories like the one you cited about the credit cards theyre are simply childish -its almost as though they believed nobody would ever check.

    Although I cant see Gerry having the guts to carry Madeleine the way Tanner says -by his own testimony he's the last one to see her and there's no possibility given the time frame (and his proximity)for anyone else to have entered and left the apartment without going right past him especially with Madeleine in his arms -so Tanner must have seen him.

    Lets face it she cant have seen Murat he's dependent on his glasses which are noticeably missing from even her later more detailed descriptions.Eggman with glasses but no nose but given the lightening wouldnt they have been the most prominent feature on anyone?

    Im still not totally convinced by the sea hypothesis either seems to me the idiot Gerry loves a sense of control how many weights would satisfy that controlling personality? Then theres the extensive searches he would know would be done no matter the cost and divers and fishermen. No cant see him risking it still reckon hes a bit of a girl behind that sneer - ran home from the Lisbon court like one- no dont reckon small boat or jet ski would be able to go far enough. So if it was him the Smiths' identified where was he going?

  42. When you listen to Dr Amaral and then to the Mcanns I know who I think seems reasoned and logical and it isnt K and G

  43. I agree that the sighting by the Smith's must be credible as Jane Tanner's 'sighting' was so unreliable and seems to be have been produced 'to order' to detract from someone(the Smiths) else possibly spotting Gerry on his way to the beach. If the Smiths sighting was real(and they were recognised as being credible witnesses unlike Jabe Tanner)the part I do not understand is why take a 'body' to the beach as surely it would'nt be able to be concealed with all the searches that took place?

    I can understand wanting to dispose of the body and using the sea in the hope of no recovery but how then was the body retrieved? That seems such a risky move; but it has to have happened as the cadaver odour was in the Scenic's well, in the boot...I have always felt their arrogance re the quote 'Find the body and prove she's dead...' a disgusting thing to say. It is one that is made with complete confidence that the body of that poor little girl cannot be found. I also always wondered about their ability to comment on the blog their petty day to day activities when I would be in so much pain and unable to concentrate on anything but my missing child. I feelthey have the audacity and nerve to front a campaign to 'find' her as noone can prove that she is'nt alive- yet. Remember, if the samples of DNA were for our system in the UK there would have been enough markers to present as evidence. We need some journalists with backbone (and advice from a libel lawyer) to re interview the McCann's and present them with the questions that have been shown by their own contradictions as lies. Why are the British Press so pathetic? I also find Kate's diaries a heads up. She says 'maddie, we are so FOND of you' It is as though she is trying to sound loving towards Maddie in an artificial way.She sounds awkward in expressing her love; it dos'nt sound natural.

    My son is only 5 but from when he was two we had our own 'language' and pet names for eachother (He named me 'podge' as i'm slim and he is 'log'!)we have 'in jokes' and are so close, we have so many experiences and memories together. I could write a book about him...Kate seemed to be very unaware of Madeleine as a person in her own right. Kate McCann shows in her 'revealing' book nothing of her aparently'close' relationship with her daughter; unless you count how 'pretty' and 'good' she was...from a mothers' point of view, I just don't feel there was a connection...maybe mother's who don't bond with their children are able to partake in sports and laugh off camera and pay attention to their appearence as the fate of their child remains unknown...I conpare her to Joanne Yeats' mother and others' whose grief was palpable and heart breaking to witness.


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