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Gonçalo Amaral: “The most important thing is to reopen the process”

What is happening “is propaganda”, given that “nobody is looking for the little girl, neither here nor there (in England)”. These words are from former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, who sees the criticism from the McCann couple and from the English press against the Portuguese investigation as pure “folklore”.

“These sightings, that are being talked about, almost always came from the English police, if they are so important, as some people are saying now, why weren’t they investigated by the Scotland Yard? After all, the little girl is a British citizen”, the author of the book “The Truth of the Lie”, based on the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in the Algarve, in 2007, recalls.

“The important things is not going around talking about sightings, saying that the little girl was seen here and there, the important thing is to reopen the process. The truth is that after I left Portimão, nothing more was done, the process was archived by the Public Ministry half way through, many diligences remained to be carried out, and that is what not allows for all sort of speculation”, the former inspector told 24horas.

“The process was possibly archived half way through because the State was afraid of (the McCanns’) demands for compensation. That fear was also transmitted to us by our colleagues, the English policemen, who used to say that it was a very common thing in England”, Gonçalo Amaral recalled.

The McCanns’ lawyer, Isabel Duarte, has a very different opinion about the evolution of the Maddie case. For her, “it is shocking and sad” that the leads that are now being publicly revealed “were not handed over to the parents”. The revelation of that information is also criticised by Isabel Duarte, because “it puts the little girl’s safety at risk”.

in 24Horas, 04.03.2010


  1. I think actually the UK press have done us a favour here. In support of her clients' case, Duarte said that there are loads of leads that haven't been followed up. Now these have been "outed" and are being picked off as bogus one-by-one (like the New Zealand girl.)

  2. Good for Mr Amaral. I always believed in him.

    These McCanns and their team are running desperate now.

  3. Why is ID shocked that info was not handed over to the parents? Is that in any way routine in any case, that info given to the police is disclosed to anyone, least of all former suspects. Why do the McCanns constantly bleat on as if they are a special case so the rules don't apply to them??? It is also a bit rich for ID to suddenly consider Madeleines safety in releasing the info, her own father revealed details of the eye defect despite being advised not to as it may compromise her safety, but Gerry could not resist as it was.... what was that phrase again.... oh yes, a good marketing ploy!!!

  4. Is Duarte claiming that the revelations in the press are not at the instigation of the McCanns? Surely they will now be suing all these papers?

    Is that why Duarte said that - preparing for yet more litigation?

    How does she explain the involvement of the McCanns mouthpiece Clarence?

    I hope th judges in Portugal relaise that it is not S. Amarals book - but the McCann's themselves who are putting the child at risk and discreditting the fairytale 'search'!

  5. Could we have an on-line vote to re-open the process?

  6. ID, what is "shocking and sad" is your clients attitude.And "the little girls safety" was ALREADY put at risk when she "disappeared" in may 2007,wasnt it?Are you going to come and tell us she "disappeared" and this is the PJ"s fault soon or what?
    They should be locked up with a straight jacket to protect people from their constant harrassment.
    Portugal,we hear now,has archived the case because the State was "afraid of the mccs demand for compensation"???? but WHY?

    WHEN is the portuguese going to re open the case? WHEN?GA is saying the case was archived while half of the diligence were carried out.This should be enough to re open it.
    It is beyond sickening

  7. well said Mr Amaral, the case needs to be re-opened and NOW would be a very good idea,the time for beating around the bush must stop now.

  8. As long as there is money in the fraudulent fund, Isabel Duarte is on a nice little earner.
    When the fund has dried, will she work pro bono?
    I doubt it, but then I am a nutter, vampire etc.

  9. NO NO NO Isabel Duarte IT DOES NOT PUT MADLEINE SAFTY AT RISK(eddie and keela),but what it does do is put OTHER CHILDREN AT RISK.thats why ISABEL DUARTE the case needs to be RE-OPENED NOW.

  10. ..."nothing more was done, the process was archived by the Public Ministry half way through, many diligences remained to be carried out, and that is what not allows for all sort of speculation”, the former inspector told 24horas."

    Why aren't the McCann crying out loud about this? Aren't they "GUTTED" about the fact that the investigation on their "beloved daughter Madeleine" disappearance was shelved half-way through?
    Aren't they "GUTTED"( goodness, they do like that word, don't they? I keep seeing in my mind images of a fishmonger gutting McCann-headed fishes!Oh, here's an idea for the "McCann Gallery",lol!) about all the diligences that were not fulfilled and that could have helped to find their daughter?
    Wouldn't any normal parent who had their child "abducted by paedos" or vanished from the face of the earth without a trace, be GUTTED by the premature shelving, without all the possibilities exhaustivelly investigated to the end? Apparently not...but well, we've all realized by now that the McCanns are far from being normal parents...
    It seems that they are very selective about "guts" them!

  11. "The revelation of that information is also criticised by Isabel Duarte, because “it puts the little girl’s safety at risk”.

    We all know who put the little girls's safety at risk. Don't you know, Ms Duarte? Your clients and the girl's parents!

    Believe, the McCanns are happy with this info to be published as it looks like Madeleine is alive and held somewhere and it's good for their reputation and perhaps, for their fund.

  12. What about the rights of the innocent people who are portrayed in these sightings? Why was the file given to these McCanns who are not the Police and have no right to get information about other people.

    Why on earth would all these sightings be disclosed to the Press before they were even looked into by the pretendies? Any logic tells us, because they are false, or no harm will come to Madeline, because no harm can come to a dead child. That is why they have never been bothered about putting her at risk via the media and all the past sightings as well.... because she is dead. Last night on Sky ( what an excuse for a news channel ) the McCanns were reportedly shocked at the number of sightings not followed up.. I bet they were, since they know where she is.

  13. It amazed me how those people are talking about "the little girl's safety". It sounds surreal.

    She was not safe even with her own parents!!!

  14. That New Zealand girl was at least six inches taller than Maddie would've been in 2007. One good reason for it to be filed as not relevant.

  15. The McCann's only have themselve's to blame. The investigation faultered after Goncalo Amaral was removed.

  16. Poster 15 does not seem to understand that the McCanns wanted the investigation to falter and wanted Goncalo Amaral removed. Had niether of these things happened, they would now be in the third year of their jail sentence.

  17. Off Topic, but I must say Mr Amaral looks so handsome in the photo.

  18. Does Isobel Duarte also hold the view that the McCann's actions in leaving their children alone for six nights in a row is also "shocking and sad and put Madeleine's life at risk"?

  19. ;) Very well said Dr. Amaral.

    At the risk of repeating myself I will phrase my own theories and advice (to the McCann's) again:

    8-} "Madeleine" has been sighted so many times that surely Amaral's theory ought to be wrong! That must be the idea - a very Freudian exercise of guilt projection. "As long as someone takes the blame (e.g. the "stupid" Portuguese) we don't feel so guilty about it all (Lacan's "Mirror's stage").

    One thing is for sure, for as long as their PR campaign goes on, false Madeleine sightings will keep popping up like mushrooms.

    But the more the years roll by, the less likely their theory becomes. Anyway, it is all to "prove" the Portuguese police in general and Amaral in particular are "stupid" for venturing beyond their official version of events and to allay their guilty for abandoning Madeleine to her fate or providing her with one such fate - as the case may be.

    Given the McCann's stubborness, brace yourself to put up with them for the next 15 years unless they get arrested earlier.

    They are already talking about this other "girl" that resurfaced 18 years after being abducted. Well, that (assuming the dogs failed for the first time in more than 200 cases) could be possible but...

    With all the noise they have made, any psychopath with the IQ of a chimp would have hidden her for private use deep down in a dundgeon.

    Too pessimistic? OK. Try the Amazon rain forest or deep in the Sahara desert. Siberia?



    There are too many inconsistencies in the case for us to believe in you exclusively. Most of us favour Amaral's theory even if some still give you the benefit of a doubt. I do.

    Perhaps you ought to write a book explaining all the inconsistencies, the doctored statements, etc. Telling it to us as it was. Not as you told the PJ. We are not stupid either.

    Incidentally, that would be a more honest way of making a million or two. Although stealing is not a deadly sin (wrath and pride are), it is nonetheless against God's 8th commandment. It is in that bible. Remember?


  20. I would venture to suggest that the fact that certain diligences were not followed through was not entirely the fault of the Portuguese authorities. Even if they had the intention when Amaral was removed from post to shelve the case as rapidly as possible, that decision was made far, far easier by the decision of the McCann's own supposed friends in refusing to return and participate in the principal diligence - the re-construction. It has been stated previously, that without the co-operation of the parents snd the other witnesses, who had by this stage fled the country and armed themselves with extradition lawyers, there was a great deal that the police were actually hampered from doing. Don't put all the blame on the PJ or the Prosecutor. Some, at least, must fall on those who chose to put their own safety and ease of mind before assisting the PJ in the investigation.

  21. If Duate is to be believed, the McCanns hd nothing to do with this latest hysterical flurry from the UK press.

    It does seem quite possible as I read somewhere that three newspapers had requested the 'not relevant' sightings file.

    Of course it is not in any way 'shocking' that these sightings were not further pursued beyond the local police forces being involved - surely we all accept that the Portuguese police arent the world police!

    It seems to me that it is lack of activity from the UK police that is the problem. They have the suspects in their jurisdiction, Madeleine is a UK subject, indeed a ward of court.

    It is therefore the UK police and the UK state which should be under the press microscope (if such an unfocussed illogical and hopeless press deserves to be compared to a microscope!).

    The McCanns must now be the worlds most famous un-prosecuted criminals!

  22. OT but there's a little british boy kidnapped in Pakistan, a ransom demand, and his mother is having to deal with the Media. Cough. where are you Clarence?

  23. How Sr. Amaral can now be sued by the McCann's for damaging their fairy story search I do not know!

    The result of their last case has wrecked their credibility - and they did it to themselves!

    Freeze the litigation and re-open the investigation. McCann#s - how about 'doing anything' to find madeleine - starting by a short plane trip to Portugal to answer questions and join the police re-enactment of your fantasy checking!

    As has been said before, Tanner is the key.

  24. A Personal Message to the McCanns (as inspired by poster 19),


    Set aside all the media hype, speculation and spin. Let's forget, for a moment, the police enquiries, the court cases and your fund - which millions know to be a fraud. If you would like to counter attack me then what about your two paid mortgage payments. That is fraud. The public did NOT dontate to your lifestyle - but to help finding Madeleine and if you lived in a council estate then it might have been a different matter about the fund paying your two months' rent. The public might have been a wee bit sympathetic towards you.

    So, now that we've established the forgets...let's get down to the basics that ANY innocent parent would do and that is search, help police with their enquiries (including answering the 48-questions) and do just about everything to look for our daughter. I would do everything within my power if it was my dog; it is natural.

    Why all the lawsuits? Are you trying so damn hard to convince us that you are not guilty? Perhaps you are trying too hard to match Goebbals' Nazi propoganda tactics: "The bigger the lie, the more likely the people will believe it." Is this what you are trying to achive? because let me state this very clear: the public who do not believe you are one thing but the public who do not believe you and who want justice for YOUR daughter, will never give up in their quest...and they will get it. Throughout history the people mostly win in the end. It is always a game between the Fox and the Rabitt...

    There is an old Native Indian story where the wise old granddad sits with his grandson watching a fox chase a rabitt. He turns to his young grandson and asks:

    "Who should win the chase, the fox or the rabitt?"
    The little grandson said: "Well, the fox, of course."
    "No", said the wise old granddad, "the rabitt will win the chase because the fox is running for his dinner and the rabitt is running for his life."

    May all of Portugal be blessed, may Senior Amaral be blessed and may all on this site be blessed.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read my piece.

  25. Strange that Gerry and Kate arent highly suspicious of Jane Tanner - her constantly changing claim that she saw an abductor, her claimn that she saw Gerry and Wilkins when Gerry and Wilkins both deny seeing her....hmmmm...if it was me, I'd be thinking that maybe this friend of ours has something to do with Madeleines disappearance.

    Wouldnt anyone else with such a friend wonder?

    Maybe the McCanns are innocent, maybe Tanner and her man are the abductors?!

  26. Anon 19 sshhh don't give the Mcs any ideas on where the next sighting might be!

  27. Excelentíssima Senhora Dra. Isabel Duarte,

    A segurança de Madeleine e dos gémeos - seus irmãos - foi posta em causa pelos próprios pais ao deixá-los todas as noites sozinhos num quarto, num apartamento no estrangeiro, por longos períodos de tempo como testemunha uma vizinha que ouviu a criança chorar sem ser acudida por um período superior a 1h e 15m. Este episódio é que é triste e chocante e contraria a informação fornecida à polícia sobre os horários em que os adultos vigiavam os filhos.

    Surpreendente é também o facto de os pais nunca terem tido uma atitude de arrependimento público transformada numa mensagem de sensibilização a todos os pais, alertando para os perigos escondidos quando se deixam crianças muito pequeninas sozinhas num ambiente estranho.

    Com tantos meios de informação ao dispôr dos Mccann, a missão era atingida com um enorme sucesso e até poderia evitar possíveis desgostos a outros pais.

    Era uma regra que se impunha, por serem pessoas esclarecidas, pertencentes a uma classe social abastada, e como médicos têm a obrigação social de dar bons exemplos. Recordo-lhe que este comportamento se estende a todos os outros pais ingleses na altura em férias na Praia da Luz. O resort dispunha de serviço de babysitting.

    Relativamente à actuação da polícia, eu creio que a mesma fez tudo o que estava ao seu alcance para descobrir o paradeiro da menina.

    Recorde-se que foi a investigação mais cara desenvolvida em Portugal, não se olhando a meios humanos e outros recursos nem a custos para atingir resultados. Pudessem todos os pais que permanecem no ANONIMATO usufruir dos mesmos recursos!

    Obviamente a polícia tem excassos recursos (não tem um Fundo flurescente, é uma entidade pública, sujeita a transparência) não pode acudir a todos os avistamentos, mas acredito que utilizará com certeza cânones internacionais eficazes quando faz o despiste de avistamentos que vão chegando aos seus escritórios.

    De qualquer modo, penso que não se deveria ignorar a excelente sugestão dada pelo Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, de ser a Scotland Yard a fazer a investigação no terreno por se tratar também de uma cidadã britânica, que até, penso eu, está sob a Tutula do Estado Britânico, a pedido dos próprios pais. E também porque a grande maioria dos avistamentos por esse mundo fora, passam primeiro pela polícia inglesa. Porque não encurtar esse caminho tratando-se de um desaparecimento?

    Parece-me uma boa medida até porque estamos num período de crise orçamental e o dinheiro tem que ser - devia ser - investido com equidade noutros desaparecimentos, infelizmente não tão divulgados pelos jornais e televisões do mundo e para as quais não existe um FUNDO de apoio nem para um Outdoor com todas as fotos de todas as crinaças num só, quanto mais para entrar no início dos telejornais!!!

    A saber:

    Sara Sofia Lopes dos Santos 4 anos
    Tatiana Paula Mesquita Mendes 11 anos
    Sofia Catarina Andrade de Oliveira 8 anos
    Diogo Alexandre Ferreira Mendes 14 anos
    Júnior Muguel Laputo 17 anos
    Nídia Andreia Pereira Ferreira 14 anos
    Sara Alexandra Gomes Seiças Ribeiro 14 anos
    Cláudia Sofia Martins Fonseca 16 anos
    Georgete Mulima Cristovão 17 anos
    Cláudia Alexandra Silva e Sousa 22 anos
    Rita Slof Monteiro 22 anos
    Rui Manuel Correia Pereira 24 anos
    Ana Patrícia Silva Torquato 16 anos
    João José Gomes Teles 28 anos
    Rui Pedro Teixeira Mendonça 23 anos
    Álvaro Bittencourt Neto 16 anos
    Rebeca dos Anjos Cardoso 17 anos

    Um minuto de silêncio pelos pais que ainda sofrem por não terem encontrado os seus filhos, que não têm recursos económicos nem amigos influentes para pressionar os orgãos competentes, detentores de meios, recursos e conhecimento para procurar os seus queridos filhos.


  28. :)] to 23

    ;) I could not have phrased it better. Thanks for expanding on the thought.

  29. :)] And now run for your seat belts. You are now on a big ride.

    "The Conservative Party has signed up Clarence Mitchell, best-known as spokesman for Madeleine McCann's parents, as the head of media monitoring for its general election campaign, PRWeek can exclusively reveal." ("fished out" from http://www.mccannfiles.com/id232.html)

    So, Clarence Mitchell has exchanged parties. Surprised? Of course not! Change is the spice of life - and the essence of spin... :))

    Nonetheless it is a measure of the "dark forces" Goncalo Amaral might be up to in the future should the Conservatives win.

    We all know which side Gordon Brown is, anyway. Still...

  30. How I agree with you Snr Amaral.

    25 perhaps thats what Tanner was supposed to do, muddy the waters - that's what Gerry likes. I do think she and O'Brien are the weak pair, I believe there was some talk at the time of the tapas 7 payout that he had had some sort of breakdown (hopefully of the quilty conscience kind) so one wonders how he will cope with Robert Murat's action coming up.

    Thank the Lord for Snr Amaral, at least Madeleine has someone on her side.

  31. Anon 25: "Gerry and Wilkins both deny seeing her"

    I have always taken this as gospel, but I don't think I've ever read it in the statements. Is there a link pretty please?

  32. :)] Muito bem pensado (e escrito) Alexandra.

    Por acaso alguem ai no "escritorio" da Joana sabe o endereco da Dra. Isabel Duarte? E-mail? Deve de estar nos classificados. Esta carta devia de ir directa ao tapete de entrada da Doutora.

  33. anónimo(a) 30, encontra tudo no site da OA

  34. 29 already posted at the «gold dust» post but thanks anyway

  35. 32 search the index of the statements at The Maddie Case Files forum, it's there...

  36. The Sun today points the finger at a cleaning lady in Silves-a source close to the McCanns- read coward- says this is one of the strongest leads. Against a person they know will not be able to afford the likes of Carter-Ruck to defend her reputation. A teacher is also named as meeting this lady. Words can't convey the disgust I feel for the McCanns and this report from Dave Edgar.
    Gordon Brown- end this farce now! Call for the case to be re-opened and put political ambitions to one side in the name of sanity.

  37. Annon 29

    Now we know why the Mc's suddenly jumped ship to David Cameron.....Clarrie was involved all along, and he is suddenly becoming the Tory media monitor........I hope Gordon Brown realises that no matter what he did for them (or didn't, as i seem to remember reading somewhere they wanted a meeting with him but he would only send along a junior minister/official, much to their disgust and they refused) they will turn on him, like they have anyone who does not play ball.

  38. Anon 29

    The Conservatives have to win the election which is no longer a certainty, as they have been dropping points against Labour for some time. Taking the Pink thug on board may damage them even further. Voters know the Conservatives are the home of sleaze, dirty tactics and cover-up and if Cameron wanted the Party to be seen as clean then he has shot himself in the foot hiring the ultimate sleaze bag. Did you not get the nod to be a Conservative candidate Pinky, not good enough?

  39. I just wish the Portuguese authorities would step forward and officially back Dr Amaral!
    I wish someone in office would officially and clearly express that the McCanns demanded to shelve the investigation in order to be de-arguidoed and they can open the process anytime when they want to cooperate, beginning with the reconstruction of events.
    I know Dr Amaral said so but that is not like an official press release of the Justice Ministry.
    The official press release could be widely reported in the British press, as it would come from an official source, no need to fear to get sued.
    It's a pity this is not happening, because it could put an end of this one sided press charade.

  40. Ashcroft, Osborne, now Mitchell.
    Mr Cameron, you can only carry so many liabilities...

  41. "The process was possibly archived half way through because the State was afraid of (the McCanns’) demands for compensation."

    Does someone know what GA is referring here ?

  42. Anon 39

    I agree.

    The Conservatives might have thought they had the election in the bag a while back.

    But not any more.

    A lot of people are thinking there is no pick between Labour and Conservative, and the Conservatives might lose quite a few votes to UKIP who want out of the EU, and would allow a Referendum on the Treaty/Constitution promised by Labour which never materialised, nor will it now under the Conservatives either.

    The people of the UK have never had a vote on whether they even wanted to be in the EU.

    They voted for a Common Market based on trade with other European countries, not to be ruled over by an unelected load of people from Brussels.

    These unlected ones take the form of an 'Old Boys Club' Commission where people like Blair and Brown and their pals will be there ruling over us for ever. They are giving each other the jobs. The people have no say in it.

    Though the Conservatives made a lot of fuss about the people not being given the Referendum vote they had been promised by Labour, they too are not going to give it if they are elected.

    After all, do turkeys vote for Christmas, because no doubt Cameron and Co also want those top jobs in Brussels when they finish in Westminster, and to hell with what the people want. It is nothing less than a dictatorship of elites.

    However, Clarence has shown he is good at his spin job so perhaps he will turn out to be a little treasure for the Conservatives.

    Do they know, or care, that he was branded 'a liar' by the PJ investigating a criminal case?

  43. MS. Duarte, what do you have to say about your client, Mr. McCann, the father of Madeleine himself, and his "good marketing ploy", that is, the use of Madeleine's most stricking feature, the coloboma to promote the "search"? Despite being advised not to, because it would most certainly put her safety at risk???
    AND, he even went as far as admitting it was a risk, that the "abductor" could damage her eye or worse...but, what the heck, it was too good a marketing ploy to miss!

  44. #16, I too find him very handsome, a fine example of the latin man. Mrs. Amaral, Sofia, is also a beautiful woman, a dark-haired beauty, and their daughters, they are lovely, they could only be, with such parents. A very nice family, the Familia Amaral!
    God bless and protect them!

  45. The saying stop digging comes to mind! You know when someone did someting and then sort of try to explain what and why they did it... you say stop digging.. well this is how I feel about all this Nonsense from the Mc Canns. What IF and that is a very big IF Madleine was indeed abducted, then by now thanks to her own parents the chances are that someone had to take her away becuse of all the chaoas her parents causes. If she was kept somewhere... they would have to kill her by now. Mc canns stop digging you digging the the wrong way you just getting in deeper

  46. It is the job of the country where the sighting took place to investigate it. What the McCanns fail to tell us is that having done so, they would then send their report to the PJ who were conducting the investigation so that those findings form part of the official file. Official investigation files, and this one in particular are often full of investigations that do not produce the desired result, i.e. little Maddie but the file itself can demonstrate every effort was in fact made to do so.

    The Pt Police found as a fact that the inconsistencies of Team McCann held the key as to what happened to Madeleine, inconsistencies they failed to resolve when given the clear opportunity to do so. Hence it is up to them to tell the truth and solve the mystery of what happened to Madeleine because they know that even better than any police force! But of course, criminals like to tell lies to the police. It is just that we are not used to such a slick campaign from such organised criminals.

  47. Is Duarte - preparing for yet more litigation?
    It good for Duarte:
    more litigation means greater pay-roll each lower-case!!!
    PS: receive your fees in advance, just in case of...
    Best Regards to you Duarte

  48. My respect for Dr Amaral grows day by day. I've come from knowing nothing about him and taking a more wait-and-see approach to seeing that he is indeed an 'honest piece of work', if I may, who gets dragged through the mud but remains resolute. I really do believe that his one and only concern is finding the truth for Madeleine. I do not even believe this is really about restoring his own reputation - this is easily the job of one good man or woman of standing who knows and appreciates him to stand publicly in his defense.

    Good luck, Dr Amaral. Keep on searching for The Truth. You'll earn your wings.

  49. Lets follow the dogs shall we?

    From the couch to the parents wardrobe to their bedroom balcony and to the flower bed outside.

    Now call me cynical but I cant see a scenario where a dead body would be concealed in a wardrobe without those using it knowing.

    Nor any reason to place one there except to conceal it from those who are not involved and have access to the apartment.

    So until the only definately guilty pair come up with all the facts Im sticking with the only ones being fully aware of Madeleines last movements being them.

    They know exactly what happened and Gerry can tell me a thousand times through his sneering teeth that they need the files to "create" information. Kate can cry with as many crocdile tears as she cares about "how the child is still missing". I like others know and always have known "There is only one victim here" that you shameless pair is exactly the point Madeleine was and is the victim you are the suspects if you really want that to change fly to the PJ and beg them to reopen the case and cooperate with them. Or turn yourself in to a UK force. Anything else is meaningless.

  50. :)] to Joana at 34

    Sorry Joana. I was just stirring up the dust...

    In any case C.Mitchell U-turn from Labour principles to Conservative ones is worth emphasizing. It illustrates the very essence of spinning. De-construct what it is or it is not in accordance with your client's needs... b-(

  51. There are just as many paedophiles in the Conservative goverment as there are in Labour...What is becoming very clear that no matter who wins the Mccanns will still remain protected by the Goverment. This leaves me to only one conclusion and I think what many of us have suspected for a long time.....Mccann has told us many times himself...Paedophiles. Jim Gamble CEOP connection... Paedophiles...

  52. 39 Completely agree, and let us not forget it was a conservative, McMillan Scott who took the McCanns to Brussels holding them out as some Diana type upholder of all good things for children. Of course we know the reality, the McCanns just seek to jump on any political bandwagon that portrays them as nice innocent parents... the twins should have been taken off them as well!

    And Mr Cameron's media advisor, Mr Coulson, former Editor of Gerry's favourite paper, The News of the World. Mr Coulson who bullied one of his reporters so badly it cost News of the World £800,000 in compensation and he had to resign his position. But then he is immediately taken on by Mr Cameron to be his manipulative bully master in chief, the tories stink! Mr Cameron is a woolf in sheep's clothing and does not fool me with his slick smiles. If he actually did grant an audience to Kate and Gerry, as a party leader that was an absolute disgrace and should not have happened.

  53. A geat many people will not vote tory now!

  54. # 27

    Many thanks for your kind reply.

    From poster # 23.

    Thank you :)]

  55. :]] to 39 from 29

    Yeah...if the Conservatives win. Also, if public support for Amaral goes on rising in Portugal I don't see how Clarence can pull political strings there - particular with Presidential elections looming in 2011. "Why is that?" The weak connection (the way I see it) is the Portuguese president (Cavaco e Silva) who studied in England (and was close to Margaret Thatcher) but of course this is mere speculation. People high in any ideology are likely to protect their own kind. Political colours may not be of decisive importance afterall, unless...

  56. If I were Gordon Brown I would take this as an opportunity to spill the beans about the McCanns. Clarence Mitchell being discredited while media monitoring person for the tories would help Labour. Plus the fall out from the truth about Madeleine McCann would side track the population from the economy and the silly bullying tales.
    C'mon Gordon, time to repay the McCanns for their disloyalty after all the help you and Tony gave them (even risking your own reputation). Reveal via your press toadies all the reservations your ambassador had about their story, leak the truth. Tell your Portuguese counterpart it's time to stop protecting the McCanns. Play as dirty as they do.

  57. Cleaning lady seen outside McCanns apartment...that would have been Kate...getting rid of the forensics!

  58. I also am shocked that these so-called "sightings" were never followed up. I'm just as shocked that Memphis Police have never followed up on all the Elvis sightings either, if you catch my drift.

    Let's cut the chase on the "posibly putting the child in harm's way" side of the McCann's lawyers arguement. It is a moot point. The child was already put in harm's way when her parents deemed it acceptable to leave 3 children under the age of four unsupervised and unattended for hours at a time for four nights out of five.

    There is no argueing or counterpoint to this. At all. It is not a mistake. It is not acceptable.

    It is inexcusable, it is negligence and it is a crime, yet most of the British public and media have bought into this 'poor parents' agony ridden grieving victim facade that it isn't even funny.

    As far as I see things morally, there is little difference between what the McCanns did and what the mother of Shannon Matthews did (the woman who staged the dissapearance of her daughter). No wait, there is quite a difference.

    Shannon Matthews mother is the 'single mother living on benefits/scum' type - The McCanns are unempeachable beacause they are Doctors, which gives them a status standing of never being capable of wrong doing (I guess they thought the same thing about Dr. Shipman)

    Shannon Matthews was demonized in the press for faking a dissapearance - The McCanns were sainted for allowing through their own actions, a dissapearance (and that's pushing the boat on reality and assuming, for arguements sake it was an abduction/disappearance)

    Biggest difference of all, despite her mothers actions, Shannon Matthews is alive and well - Due to the McCanns actions, whatever happened to their daughter, the same cannot be said for her. Oh wait, I forget, it was a 'nice', Prince Charming type paedophile that must have abducted Maddie, keeping her safe, alive, well whilst no doubt molesting her in a kindly fashion, thus why the McCann's 'know' no harm has come to her.

  59. Nice ear stud Snr Amaral, I may just get one myself to head into middle age with, kinda cool looking :)


  60. What is happening “is propaganda”, given that “nobody is looking for the little girl, neither here nor there (in England)”. These words are from former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral.

    Aint that the truth Senhor Amaral! This New Zealand 'sighting' issued yesterday - I knew it was another load of nonesense. What's next? Clangers holding MBM on the moon? This woman in New Zealand who 'definitely saw Madeleine': I wouldn't trust a woman who has held this information back for YEARS. Another 'red herring' I'm sure.

    This is not meant as a sick joke - I think the McC's will say ANYTHING, show 'merit' in ANY SIGHTING to deflect all eyes around the globe to where we know they should be.

    It's time this was re-opened. It's time KM answered those (in my opinion innocent) 48 questions; it's time a reconstruction was done with ALL Tapas members; and time the obvious discrepancies in the statements are shown up for what they are: BACKFILLING OF A STORY. Good grief, do the McC's think we are all stupid in England? The Sun newspaper believe them, but then, that paper is a RAG. Look at page 3 of The Sun to see how 'classy' that rag is.

    May the truth one day be known.

  61. Bravo Dr. Amaral! Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!

  62. Paedophile Ring Protected By The State

    Please sign the petition for Hollie Greig. Here's a child (and several other children) that you can help right now to get justice.

    The Hollie Greig story



  63. OK, we are ready- give us another 2000 leads and we'll proove them all wrong, but henthe British media has the time and tanacity to do this, since it will keep us buying their rubbish.
    As a side note: I never have seen more accomodating and friendly people than those I met in Portugal and Madeira and it's a great family holday destination

  64. I would be very surprised if any party, even the Raving Loony one, would take Clarence Mitchell as a candidate! He has been on the front pages too often with his spin and is not at all popular with the masses as I'm sure the tories will know.

  65. @number 5 that is exactly what I was thinking in fact we should get a petition up to get the process reopened and stop this stupid circus

  66. Quote from the Daily Star 4/3/2010

    Those in charge of the police investigation should hang their heads in shame. They have failed Maddie.

    I think 2 doctors should both look in the mirror and see who exactly failed Maddie, the mirror never lies.

    So it looks like were going on another world tour of bogus sightings.


  67. Is ID a bit thick or something. Does she really think that any police force in the world would hand information over to a SUSPECT. I`ve never heard such an imbecilic statement in my life. Same for that idiot CM. Doh


  68. I have just emailed the Conservatives to say that although my family are all lifelong Conservative voters we will not be voting for them if they have really taken on that disgusting creature. What are they thinking? Surely even people who know nothing about the McCann case would be repulsed by Clarrie appearing on their screens. Personally he makes me feel sick just to look at him, and I don't think I am much more squeamish than the average voter.

  69. http://www.prweek.com/news/rss/988072/Conservative-Party-recruits-McCann-spokesperson-head-media-monitoring/

    there are 10 comments so far and someone has remarked that Labour spin is behind it.

  70. Am I wrong or is it thinkable that Mr. McCann is running for a PM status, that would make him untouchable for a while?

    Ro from Belgium

  71. Mitchell is being hired by Cameron, not for golden toupe and his honest looks, but for the dirt he can dish and the twisted misinformation he can twist. Also his links with the scum tabloids. Cameron knows he is up against it now and is going to resort to dirty tactics like the Tories in previous Governments did to try and win the election. Mitchell is like the Alistair Campbell, hated by everyone( he even hates himself) type who Blair was so in love with. Remember that nasty unelected bit of work who was so involved with the sexed up dossier to go to war with Iraq.


  72. 'Particularly with.?.travel throughout the European Union' and 'sensitive'

    That's part of Gerry sentences in the last press conference. I'm trying to figure out what's going on re latest and previous.

    Could it be that there is a high up official within the Union, an example could be Portuguese PM, and possibly an established family of wealth in Portugal who have strong Anglo links to both right and left, one link could be deeper than the other but important to both. That are involved in some way?

    Where's Blacksmith when you need him!

  73. 58 - Yes, Gordon Brown could do himself a favour in a bad week by dishing some of the background goings-on in the McCann case.

    After all that trouble he and his government have gone to - and they and their officially appointed LABOUR spindoctor Mitchell go off and join the other side.

    While we all agree that today's Labour and Conservative parties have little between them , this move can be seen as a very public humiliation.
    For once, it's Gordon's turn to do something constructive.

  74. no.42- you asked if the Conservatives know that Clarence has been branded a liar. Well if they did not they certainly do now- I mentioned it in my e-mail to David Cameron.

  75. The facts, probabilities and possibilities of the case

    1. Madeleine is missing
    2. Negligent absence of parents
    3. Cadaver odour in more than one spot in the apartment and in its garden, clothes of mother, clothes of Madeline, cuddle cat, key area of car, boot of car
    4. Blood remains detected in apartment, matching somewhat to the DNA of Madeleine
    5. Body fluids matching somewhat to DNA of Madeleine and lots of Madeleine’s hair found in boot of car - which is left to air day and night
    6. Smith 60-80 percent sure he saw Madeleine being carried in the direction of the beach at about 21:55 by her father
    7. An executive chef that noticed that the entire Tapas crowd, apart from Dianne Webster, were missing from their table at 21:20
    8. A couple leaving the OC heard people calling Madeleine, Madeleine at 21h20.
    9. Alarm raised at 22h00 by Kate
    10. Fact : You have to ignore all of the “timeline” – cannot be relied on due to the fact that Mrs Fenn noticed a crying child late into the night of 1st May, crying for one and a half hours, until what sounded like her parents came home. Mother admits to ignoring child’s comment about being left alone, ergo she would do it again
    11. Fact: You have to ignore all of the Tapas 7 statements – cannot be relied on due to possibility that they are trying to protect their friends
    12. Fact: You have to ignore Jane Tanner’s statements – cannot be relied on as too many inconsistencies. Ergo – ignore the eggman sighting
    13. Probably: Madeleine was a demanding child
    14. Possibility: Kate, over a period of years was now very stressed out with three children under the age of 4 and no buggy to strap them into, having to continually carry one or more
    15. Possibility: Kate was in an uncomfortable apartment in comparison with home. There was no escape from her ‘screamer’ who was giving her ‘her tuppenceworth’. Ecchymosis (bruise) on Madeleine's upper right arm in Tennis court photo. Blood on the tiles, blood on the walls. This sounds ANGRY.
    16. Possibility: a colobomo, evidence of an underlying congenital heart condition
    17. Possibility: Add a little too much Calpol to negligent absence of parents
    18. Add the brains of 6 intelligent doctors who think they can trivialize the discovery of a dead child
    19. Add some lusophobia, xenophobia, carter-ruck, gutter press, media manipulator, political string pulling

    Anyone can add something? Another fact?

  76. Found this

  77. Read on Twitter.
    Who pays?

  78. What is wrong with the Portuguese?

    Why do they allow the UK media to get away with this appalling behaviour?

    Why do they not summon the UK ambassador for a good talking to - and re-commence the police investigation into the suspects who refused to answer questions, were the last to see Madeleine alive and have tried to divert attention away from their own guilt and responsibility by peddling a fairy tale unsupported by any evidence apart from a fabrication - doubling for a false alibi.

  79. 76

    I'm sure Cameron knows exactly what Mitchell is about, as well as Coulson, just like Labour do, what I'm wondering is why they think Mitchell would be useful in their media monitoring unit. His McCann brief is basically crisis management, why would Cameron and Coulson think that was useful in an upcoming election for the Conservatives.

  80. aacg. Post 41. There was a press article in November 2008, I think, that reported the McCanns had been considering sueing the PJ for not finding MBM. They would have been advised against it because the PJ would take them to court and spill the beans in public (like in Lisbon).

  81. Anon 76 Good.

    I hope they get the message and understand the implications that Clarence Mitchell has interfered with an ongoing criminal investigation and been called and ABSOLUTE LIAR.

    What else to make of the PJ saying that 'HE LIES THROUGH EVERY TOOTH IN HIS HEAD'. That is not little fib telling they are talking about.

  82. Anon 16 - Your comments re: GA aren`t really off topic - he`s visually very very nice, to say the least. But its his calm dignified attitude along with his gently spoken intelligence and humility that appeals to me. I could listen to him all day even though I can`t understand Portuguese. GA is such a contrast to the angry, arrogant twat that is McCann.

  83. The Conservative party (or any other party, for that matter), will not be put-off by the Mr.Mitchell's innability to speak true words. Any party, once in power ( and not only) desperately need the services of good spining masters, there will always be unsavory matters that need a bit of whitewashing. So, I think we will be welcome and put to good use.

  84. Anon.#69,
    The problem is that it is not the police that has the power to release information from the file, it's the public prosecutors from the public ministry. They are the "owners" of the process,they decide what to do with the information gathered there, not the police.

  85. 5 year old British boy was kidnapped in Pakistan as reported today.

    Just wondering if the boy's family has a chance to receive Mr Brown support as well as generous donation from public?

    Will see soon.

  86. #78,
    most important of all, your items 3 and 4 are closely linked by this:
    - the blood was found by the blood-scenting dog (Keela) in the same exact spot where the cadaver odour was marked by the cadaver-
    -scenting dog (Eddie), that is, behind and under the sofa, that was pushed against a window.

  87. David Cameron's email is camerond@parliament.uk
    if you want to tell him what you think of his appointment of Clarence Mitchell.

  88. Anon 78

    Very interesting analysis.

    As regards No.10 about the child crying as Mrs Fenn reported, it does appear that Kate McCann may have been in the apartment throughout that time as quite a number of phone calls were made from her mobile from there during that period.

    Mrs Fenn says that it sounded like an older child (Madeleine), not a young baby who was sobbing, and it culminates with the screaming of 'daddy, daddy'.

    If Kate McCann was there why didn't she comfort the child?

    Then we have Kate McCann who did not mention she was there that night (if she was), but placed the crying to the next night (and Madeleine telling her about the crying), and not the night Mrs Fenn heard it.

    Kate and Gerry had also had an argument some time around then which led to Kate sleeping in the children's room. When??

    All very strange but spot on for confusion.

  89. The horrible story about what THEY did to Hollie Greig

    This is a true story.

    As Newblaze reported February 26 2010 'Hollie Greig is a 30 year old woman who suffers from Down's Syndrome, and if her claims are true, she is the victim of one of the worst cover-ups involving pedophiles in recent years'.

    And the Palestine Telegraph asks: 'Is the Hollie Greig story getting through to them at last? '

    The Hollie Greig story is a true story about a child with down syndrome that has a true story to tell about rape and abuse to an extremely sensitive individual done by Satan worshipers that pose as respectable citizens in Scotland.

    This story is apparently completely downplayed and censured by mainstrem media - as we learned their behavior on many, many issues in 2009 including the Swine Flu H1N1 and its easy solution, the vaccine.

    Hollie Greig is a beautiful person. Research her AND her story and you will be convinced.

    We at notepad publishing HOPE that her case will not be disposed of by the ELITE and that swift justice will be applied to her perpetrators.


  90. Anon 92

    It is truly horrific and sadly believable that there are people in high positions who are involved in this sort of thing.

    There was also the testimony of a woman who was heavily into Satanism at one time and then became a Christian, and she also told of spending time at houses of rich and influential people throughout Europe, people in high positions of power.

    She said if she were to say who they were nobody would believe her, they appear so respectable.

    Her life was constantly in danger, and she almost died at one time from an attack.

    She spoke of horrific goings on. Things not mentioned in polite society.

    This young girl is speaking truth, no doubt about it.

    These things go on all the time.

  91. @71 that's rich! The Coffin as Candidate as propaganda for the opposition. This country is just weird enough that it may actually be true... but your theory is a great one!

  92. Who on earth would hire Mitchell as a Tory - Jessas Gott - and I do wonder what the Queen thinks about it, I mean to the shameful spectacle' with is played out under her, well Queenship? Infos welcome!

  93. It beats me how ANYONE would even give CM the time of day, let alone the media or anyone in ANY government. I mean to say, if you were high up in any governmental or media hierarchy, would you even listen to such a twat? Beats me why he doesn`t get booed every time he opens his mouth. I just don`t understand it.

  94. ANON 95

    I have the feeling that among the british government members, this case is an "open secret" ; in french we say "un secret de polichinelle".

    At an early stage, long before the dogs came over to PDL, Gordon Brown had been "mislead" to interfere in the name of McC's : (I remember quite well GB thanking Portuguese PM, José Socrates, in the name of Mr and Mrs McCann). Therefore, imo CM was named to protect the MC's reputation in order not to affect indirectly this government.

    Well that's my humble opinion...

  95. Mitchell is a typical tory, it does not matter what foul means you employ to make your money, just so long as you do. Telling lies, bullying people, falsely claiming you were libelled, the acquisition of wealth by foul means any means = TORY


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