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Kate McCann: I pray for the people who have kidnapped Madeleine

by Tracey Kandohla

Kate McCann has admitted that she will try to find it in her heart to forgive whoever kidnapped her daughter Madeleine.

In a moving interview Kate, 42, a devout Catholic, says: 'It is hard to say but I would like to hope I could forgive. It would be a bit difficult. I just want to know why they have taken her.

'I always pray for the family. Most of the prayers are centred on Madeleine. But I pray for the people who have taken her and the people who know what has happened to her.'

Kate and her husband Gerry, 41, were among 450 people taking part in a fun run in London's Hyde Park yesterday to raise funds for the charity Missing People.

During the 10km run the couple wore tops bearing a picture of their daughter smiling and the words 'Don't give up on me'.

In the interview broadcast on Radio 2's Good Morning Sunday this weekend, Kate, from Rothley, Leicestershire, tells how she takes sanctuary alone in the village's Sacred Heart church.

She says: 'I've got the key to the church. It's kindly been given to me. It's a bit of a sanctuary - a refuge - and I can go and speak out, when no one else is there, and get it all off my chest really.'

She believes God is looking after and protecting six-year-old Maddie, who vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007 just days before her fourth birthday.

She adds: 'There are times I have got angry with God but my faith has sustained me and it has got stronger.'

She said having a child snatched was 'the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent. The pain is just incredible and I cannot help but worry about her.

'The wounds are less raw now and the pain doesn't go away but I am a lot stronger than I was a year ago.'

She says enduring her third Mother's Day without her eldest child is painful and 'a constant reminder that one of my babies isn't with me'.

But she vows to 'get through it like any other day'. She adds: 'I am still Madeleine's mum and always will be.

'I just want to bring her back into the warmth and love of our family.'

Kate was expected to attend a church service in the village to mark Mothering Sunday. She is due to be given a bunch of daffodils there by her five-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.

She adds: 'The twins are really positive and keep us going. I have a lot of hope that Madeleine is still alive but the difficult task is trying to find her.'

She describes Maddie as 'an amazing little character' who has 'loads of energy, is really funny and quite knowing. I want everyone to meet her'.

Asked if she had a message for mothers who are facing similar heartache, she says: 'Dig deep and just keep hoping. Surround yourself with positive people and don't give up.'

in Daily Mail, 14.03.2010


  1. She does seem to like having the key to empty churches....

  2. Take care Sean and Amelie - mummy has the keys to another church!

  3. "dig deep" Kate says..... hmmmmm

  4. Time to answer the Police questions then ?
    Time to take part in an organised reconstruction then ?
    Time to tell the truth ?
    One day you might ?

  5. She prays for the people who have taken Madeleine?

    As ever thinking only of themselves! Yeh I can see her praying for her and Gerry, as it is them who are resonsible.

    She goes to the church to get it 'all off her chest?'

    There is a police office in Portugal where she could go to do that or, one a bit closer to home, in Leicester.

    She believes God is looking after Maddie and protecting her. Well isn't that just dandy! No need for the search Fund. Things are hunky dorey and Maddie is being well looked after by none other than the big man upstairs! He must have been off duty on 3rd May 2007, same as Kate and Gerry.

    Don't you just love it how she says that your child being "snatched" is the worst thing that could happen to a parent?

    No it is not! For a parent the loss of their child under any circumstances is the worst thing that could happen. But didn't Kate just have to get in, their little “reminder” of their fake abduction by saying the worst thing was to have your child 'snatched.' Obviously a statement, rehearsed .
    She wants everyone to meet Maddie?

    Well that was obvious. When she went off and left the child, the door to access her, unlocked, that pretty much sent out the message, ‘everyone who wants, go in and have a piece of any of my three children.’

    And of course, if the child is alive and with a paedophile, pretty much every low life scum will have done just that.

    What planet do these parents live on? They want everyone to meet her?

    She cannot help but worry about Madeleine?

    That has got to be the biggest understatement ever uttered by the parent of a missing child!

    A mum worries that their child doesn't eat enough, or is warm enough, has her gloves on when out in the cold, worries about his/her health, happiness, worries about all of the things that mums worry about on a daily basis.

    If my child was missing - "worry" wouldn't cut it!
    She just wants to bring Maddie back to the warmth and love of their family?

    Where was that warmth and love during the nightmare holiday these children experienced in Portugal?

    Kate and Gerry McCann showed no love to this child, or the other two. They showed not a care for them when they left them alone.

    They say Madeleine is not harmed. No evidence. Gerry in latest interview says young children like Madeleine can live with another family and to the outside world all is well. He makes out that this is what happened to Madeleine. She is well cared for with another family.

    If so, and she is receiving love and warmth from them, maybe this child would not want to return to the type of "warmth and love" that she has already experienced with Kate and Gerry. Maybe she has had a belly full of that kind of love.

    No, the poor child is buried somewhere. And yes Ms Mothering Sunday, I see why you need the key to the church to get it all off your chest. Remember though, that one day the keys you will see are that of the jailer.

    I too pray. I Pray for Madeleine, I pray for Sean and Amelie whose little lives have been destroyed. One day they will tell Kate and Gerry they are sick to their stomachs hearing of Madeleine who they cannot possibly remember, and that day will come. The article informs that Sean and Amelie have to present their mum with a bunch of daffs at church.

    That is not normal! Why not give their mummy her flowers at home as all other children will be doing?

    The McCann's pretend to want to protect Sean and Amelie, yet they wheel them out when it suits their purpose. Shameful!

    I pray that one day those who committed crimes against these children are brought to justice.

  6. Kate is now supposed to be a devout Catholic so why does she say Mothers Day and not Mothering Sunday as it actually is? I have tried, and I still try to believe the McCanns but I just cannot, they have told so many lies etc.,and got others to lie too, if they are innocent why lie? Their actions after Madeleine vanished were strange too, a mother who has just lost one child constantly leaving the others? Then of course there are the dogs and I would trust a dog above a person anytime.
    I complained to the BBC about Kate being interviewed but they obviously sent out a standard reply.

  7. She prays for the people who know what has happened? So she's praying for herself and gerry?


  8. Getting sick of Kate's everlasting egocentric drivel, always attracting attention to herself. So Madeleine has loads of energy, is really funny and quite knowing. How do you know Kate?, you haven't seen her for nearly 3 years?
    "I want everyone to meet her'. And what does Madeleine want?

    Deep tragic, Kate and her 'living doll'.

  9. Anonymous @ 2, I caght your comment just as I was closing the page and nearly fell off my chair laughing!

  10. At No. 3

    Indeed - 'dig deep' that is not surprising advice given by Kate to anyone wanting to conceal a cadaver.

    Dig deep, so as it won't be found, and keep 'hoping' she says. Yeh, hoping that you don't get caught. She forgot to advise to get hold of the keys to the nearest church, always handy to have for a multitude of reasons.

    Surround yourself with positive people she says. That is, positively rich and powerful people in her case.

    Kate McCann offering the parents of any missing child advice is abhorrent at best.

    The circumstances other parents find themselves, children and family members missing through no fault of their own, and who do not have the financial support, who are not flown to Rome and across the world interviewed at every "invented" anniversary - 1000 days - and the rest, who are not on the radio on Mothering Sunday, or any other day and who do not have the keys to the local church, and Kate McCann offers them advice?

    I'm sure most of these parents whilst understanding the McCann's loss must surely be bewildered. Must surely be asking their God why their child is not receiving the same attention. As a parent one would.

  11. Madeleine Mum Prays For Daughter's Abductors: Sky News

    'I know the truth and God knows the truth, and nothing else matters'.

    So there are only "2" who know the truh. What about Gerry?
    Time to confess

  12. Here we go again with the " ....... they have taken her". Its this phraseology that fascinates me, and supposedly spoken at the time she was found to have disappeared - "They have taken her". IMO it implies that Kate was expecting something to happen to Madeleine, but not at that particular time, hence her shock statement. And why "they"? Its as if they had made arrangements for more than one person to go to the apartment and do something with Madeleine (either dead or alive) but she had not expected it to be so soon.

    For them both to carry on this facade for so long I sometimes think she really doesn`t know who has taken her, although she obviously knows there was a plan of some kind that went wrong. I`ve always thought the Intelligence Services have her as security for GM keeping his mouth shut. They are in a catch 22 scenario.

    I cannot recall where I read it, but didn`t David Payne also say that he knew something was going to happen, but not this?

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&v=IcmXQU5BY4c

    The one and ONLY word that sums up this article.

  14. I noticed some idiot on Kate McCann's sposnorship form had written "Madeleine is lucky to have you". For people to write such assinine comments just shows how the spin machine is working.

    This isn't really relevant to this particular article, and apologies if it's been posted already, but this interview with Ian Hislop about injunctions is very interesting.

  15. Kate McCann: 'I know the truth and God knows the truth, and nothing else matters'

    And there we have the confession. An explicit statement that she alone knows the truth and has no intention of sharing it with anybody else but God.

    But, we may ask, how can she know the truth when she says she wasn't there 'at that minute' when Madeleine was taken?

    Only if she was...

  16. @7

    I think three years of life in the lair and the child's energy might just be sapped. I think too that she will still be 'knowing' unfortunately she will have been subjected to things which a child should never have to know or experience.

    She describes the child that was. Not the child who is now.

    The McCann's would very much like us all to believe that Madeleine is unharmed, living a fine life, and remains happy, funny, and 'knowing.'

    They want us to believe also, that someone committed a heinous crime against their daughter, an evil person. But, that that very same evil person, loves, cares and protects their daughter, assisted by God. That Madeleine laughs and jokes with this evil person, and in fact gives this evil character - her tuppenceworth! That Madeleine is more 'in charge' than her evil captor.

    Kate wants us to believe that she may forgive this evil person for taking her first born child from her.

    Kate and Gerry have not forgiven each other for the part they each have played in their daughter's disappearance. That is very clear to see in interviews. They detest one another, blame each other. For the camera they try to pretend. But they fail miserably. He goes to work to get away from it all. She is left at home now with the kids, more miserable than she was before Madeleine's disappearance. The McCann family to me were not a happy family before that holiday in Portugal. There was obvious discontent. Three kids under 4 years of age was not how they had envisaged their lives. A bit of a shock to the system I would imagine. And Madeleine being the bright spark which all say she was, must have caused Kate a few sleepless nights. Star charts being the EVIDENCE. We always need evidence when talking "McCann."

    Funnily enough when they are presented with EVIDENCE they have a nasty habit of ignoring and denying it.

  17. Empty words,empty "faithful" kate,empty god

  18. Pay attention...
    She's talking about having the key for the church to make it look normal to get keys for the church...
    Pay attention to what they say...

  19. At 13

    There are many such comments on the sponsor site. It is quite astounding really. People saying they are proud of her etc.

    It defies sense.

  20. 'Mrs McCann recalled: "The day I was going in for my arguido interview was quite a strange day because I had been really low and feeling quite weak and fragile.

    "Then suddenly I just felt really strong. I was angry, I was angry that people hadn't been looking for Madeleine.

    "But also I just thought to myself, 'I know the truth and God knows the truth, and nothing else matters'. And I just felt really strong from there, I felt a real inner strength."

    Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, told how she takes refuge in her local church while it is empty and speaks aloud about her burdens.' SKY NEWS.

    And the circus must go on.
    I recall the most important sentence at the all interview 'I know the truth and God knows the truth, and nothing else matters'. Yes, SHE KNOWS THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH CANNOT BE AN ABDUCTION, because there is not a single evidence to support any abduction. WHAT IS THE TRUTH MRS. KATE HEALY? Have you told the truth to the police, when you left 48 questions without answering? What gave you strengthen? The Truth or the Farce?.
    We can imagine how fragile you feel when you realise that the police could be close to the truth and ask you to answer several questions in a more formal way; since you refuse to help the police and provide important information voluntarily and act against their adviser all the time.
    I feel so sorry for God when you say how you take refuge in the local church when was empty.... AND YOU FORGOT TO TELL THE AUDIENCE, HOW THIS TRIPS WERE METICULOUSELY AND WELL PROGRAMED BY YOUR IMAGE ADVISERS, TO HAVE ALWAYS AN ARMY OF JOURNALISTS WAITING FOR YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND OUTSIDE THE CHURCH. How many press conferences have you done, just for showing up, just to divert the public eyes, the journalists eyes, and the investigation, from the place where Madeleine could be and focus the eyes on you? Like that, after feeding the Media vultures, you know you have the rest of the day, free to do what GOD AND YOU KNOW, and I hope the police and the public will know one day....(CONT)

  21. Nige at 15


    I rather think though she has left out someone else who knows what happened - Madeleine! But she has been silenced.

    Not under the carpet but under that blanket which Kate so hopes the abductor has wrapped her in. The one found on the bed AFTER the child disappeared?

  22. 19

    Bet if i left my kids tonight and one disappeared i wouldn't be getting praised and told by the public how proud they are of me. I wouldnt be getting the keys of the church either, only keys i'd be seeing are those of a jail cell. my other kids immediately taken into care.

  23. Knowing about the dogs and all, what a piece of disingenous drivel that sounds. Don't doubt the innocent and unsuspecting will be taken in though, and yet more money will be on its way to the Fund.

    No wonder they worked so hard to get Sr Amaral's book from being published in the UK. Now they can carry on with bleats like this and the public non the wiser.

    God is not mocked though and Kate McCann should not be using God and faith in this way.

  24. 10 km is about as far as their No 1 Private detective Agency says is the "Hellish Lair" in which Madeleine is being held, without of course coming to any harm.
    Why didn't they run the 10 k in PdL ?
    Every day for the last 1000 days, would mean they could have covered that entire area many times by now.
    Are they still sticking to the "Hellish Lair" by the way, or has that gone the way of the Barcelona hyperspeed yacht Australian Millionairess, and just done a gentle Clarrification ?Why doesn't someone ask them, or Clarrie, where we are up to?

  25. Many marriages break up after such seismic events within a family, and some previously devout people completely lose their faith in God. In this case, the opposite is true. Or rather, the opposite is what we are expected to believe. My own hunch is that their family, marriage, faith and lives are as empty as the chuches Kate visits.

  26. to @ 16

    The McCann family to me were not a happy family before that holiday in Portugal. There was obvious discontent.

    Good point: there was the reaction of Gerry in the bus that he was not on holyday to enjoy himself.
    Maybe the trip was only accepted if Gerry would look after the children to give Kate a rest.
    Maybe they also slept separately.

  27. Until a better copy is available - a poor but complete copy of the interview between Aled Jones and Kate McCann can be found at the following location:


  28. @18


    They do say God loves a trier. And Kate McCann is certainly that!

    She and her other half, do try, try that is, to convince themselves and the public also, that their bizarre behaviour and wild statements are normal.

    'Pay attention' that my friend is something I for one have been doing and will continue to do for as long as it takes. The longer they are allowed to waffle on, the greater chance of tripping themselves up and they are just about there. You see, they are so self obsessed making them very careless. They have tempers which they cannot seem to rein in, making them careless. They have poor memories, making them careless. To continually lie as they do, requires a good memory. From one interview to another, they slip up. They forget, that much as they try to silence others,everything has been documented somewhere by someone. They may want to get their hands on the police files and close down sites. But they cannot close down the world, erase from our memories that information which many of us have now stored.

    Patience and justice will one day come together. Have faith.

  29. Kate McCann:- 'I know the truth and God knows the truth, and nothing else matters."

    By that she means that she's innocent and that God knows it too.

    Despicable woman.

  30. i think kate mccann is sending a message to the tapas lot with this forgiving of the "abductors" imo they are all in it up to there scrawney necks and i think she is telling them all is ok FOR THE MOMENT.be aware of her that speaks with forked tongue

  31. KM is not a devout Catholic. Her use of language to describe her faith is so untypical of a true Catholic. I would have expected her to use words such as Father or Our Lord, also she would have spoken about Jesus Christ, Son of the Father and Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. This was so false, no wonder the Vatican do not want any contact with this family.

    In the first few minutes, despite Aled reminders, she refers to Mother's Day not Mothering Sunday.

    I would like to see an analysis of her answers by an expert in these matters similar to the analsyses for some of her earlier interviews.

  32. 21 (CONT) 'I was angry, I was angry that people hadn't been looking for Madeleine.'
    What an injustice Mrs. Mccann? Your child Was searched by everybody in Portugal, even by people faraway from the Algarve. IT WAS A COUNTRY SEARCH, and off-course this made the Abduction impossible. How can an abductor with a live child, escape under so many eyes? IMPOSSIBLE. It was a huge search by land, sea and air,with boats, helicopters, dogs, specialised teams of polices and rescues, anonymous people, hundred of anonymous. It was not only huge because of the amount of people and material involved, but also because of the duration. A long search. And during this search where have you been? Looking for Madeleine in a place where you and GOD knows.
    Now, I can understand why your friends runaway quickly from Portugal, leaving you behind and not even supporting the search? And I can understand, why you have to stay longer, you have no choice... Madeleine, MUST NOT BE FOUND... and you have to be sure that people and police should be divert and far away from the place where Madeleine was.

    In Portugal nobody believe a single word from Kate and Gerry. We watch their attitude for long time and they keep coming back with interesting fairy tales- The re-evaluation of the investigation, the sights which were golden dust one day and a misery on the next, was the last.
    They were not fragile to run, but they are very weak to re0pen the investigation, answer questions to the police and do the reconstruction? Why they are afraid?
    And the British Media insist on buying the tragedy of a child as a Product consumption to feed the spin. Madeleine is explored in UK, by her parents first and by some Media which act as Vultures, trying to convince the public that what they are doing is journalism. HOW MANY OTHER PARENTS OF MISSING CHILD Will be ON BBC RADIO TODAY? grieving parents in pain for the lost, trying to do an ho menage to their childs and remembering them, not exposing their feelings, their fairy tales, as a propaganda, a self MADE STORY to sell an idea.... to sell an ABDUCTION. NO-ONE!!! ONLY KATE AS THE RIGHT TO HAVE SO MANY WASTING TIME.

  33. If nothing else, Kate McCann is a malignant narcissist. Just count how many personal pronouns she uses in the article:

    No. of sentences/quotes by Kate in the article: 23
    No. of personal pronouns (e.g. "I", "me" and "my"): 20
    No. of references to Madeleine (e.g. "her" and "Madeleine"): 10

    Her framing of events also supports this assertion: "She said having a child snatched was 'the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent'." -- In this quote, Kate has internalized or co-opted the pain of Madeleine's (alleged) abduction, making it about her ("...happen to a parent"). Instead, one might suggest that an abduction is the 'worst thing' that could ever happen to an innocent child.

    Good day.

  34. Yes sure Kate can forgive the 'abductor'.

    It's easy to forgive when there is nothing to forgive.

    Can she forgive Sr Amaral and the dogs though? The McCanns are out to destroy them and their reputations.

  35. Kate Mccann praying for the abductors(who never existed)....having endless conversations with the twins about a dead sister, who will return one day? I fear for this woman's sanity.She will affect the minds of the other children if not stopped.Children's minds are like sponges at their age!

    The "dont forget ME (KM)" guilt grows ever stronger. I want you to like me! I didnt do it!I am a good girl..... how old is this woman?

  36. Dont listen Kate those empty Churches are not empty at all and never have been.

    God knows when you lie- Heavens I believe I can tell when you lie and I should think through their sorrow (for Madeliene) and their disbelief at your ability to use everything for PR the police know when youre lying.

    Personally Im prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt on faith because there is One greater than me who will make that decision -just like the police and law will decide what you are guilty of- not Team McCann or the public.

    Madeleine is the only thing that brings me back to your very public shows of meaningless emotion- meaningless because you still cant find enough love or care for one of 'your babies' to help the police find her preffering private investigators (I use that term loosley) paid for with the sympathy you get. It defies commonsense; it defies whats normal; it defies belief.

  37. Anon 28

    Thank you for the positive comments because at the moment it does appear like the McCanns are sweeping all before them.

    How far in advance do they plan all this in your face PR, or can they obtain it at the request of a phone call?

    It truly is sickening here in UK that these disgraceful child neglectors are being lauded as saints.

    No doubt they will eventually end up as such as they are proving they can walk on water. I pray God it will come to an end soon and the truth will be made known. It is so sickening to watch and listen to. To stay sane I may have to stop.

    Please Portugal, can you give us any hope that this will not be allowed to continue for much longer and the case reopened, because I doubt the UK media are going to stop this glorification of the McCanns unless they get their cue from the Portuguese.

  38. Really, how has this woman managed to get on a Mother's Day broadcast. If she was bothered with her kids then harm would not have come to one of them. Oh, sorry, there is no evidence to support that.
    What about the caring Mothers in this country, the ones who make a personal sacrifice for their kids. What about the foster Mums who care for those in need of love. Lets get a caring Mum on the radio, not one who is willing to perpetuate one of the biggest lies in history to protect herself.

  39. Praying in the local chiurch ?
    I thought
    1 She now professed to be a devout catholic
    2 the local church was Anglican

    Another trip to the Pope for Absolution on the cards ?

  40. They both have seen the "LIGHT" (depending on the situation)

    Mrs McCann recalled: "The day I was going in for my arguido interview was quite a strange day because I had been really low and feeling quite weak and fragile.

    "Then suddenly I just felt really strong. I was angry, I was angry that people hadn't been looking for Madeleine.

    "But also I just thought to myself, 'I know the truth and God knows the truth, and nothing else matters'. And I just felt really strong from there, I felt a real inner strength."

    Gerry talks about his 'vision'

    In an interview given to the Catholic newspaper The Tablet, published 16 June 2007, Gerry McCann told of an "extraordinary experience" inside the church in Praia da Luz just days after Madeleine's disappearance. The experience inspired him to launch the global campaign to find his daughter.
    He said: "When I was praying I started thinking of all the things that were happening. There were lots and lots of ideas in my head and how we could make things better and I was really feeling very down and not sure which way to proceed. I had this mental image of being in a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up and the tunnel got wider and wider and went in many different directions. I talked to you (Kate) about it and said, 'I am not prepared to pursue one path. We are going to do everything in our power to influence things.'

    "It was almost like something - I am not saying it was the Holy Spirit - came into me and gave me that image. That is when I really felt I had a clear path."

    Was it a religious experience?

    "I can't say it was a vision because I am not clear what a vision is but I had a mental image and it certainly helped me decide. I became a man possessed that night. The next day I was up at dawn, making phone calls."

  41. "But I pray for the people who have taken her and the people who know what has happened to her.'"

    Does she pray for "them" to die? Like she said in her "diary", that she wanted to kill Robert Murat?

    From McCann Files:

    "In her notes dated July 18, almost two months after Maddie's disappearance and at a time when there are starting to appear indicia against the McCanns, Kate sounds disheartened and reinforces the accusations against Murat: "I had lots of hope that there would be progress in Murat's situation. I'm sure that he is involved and I feel like killing him, but I can't"."

    But I bet she prays for...her husband?...

  42. It's disappointing to see that those who were warning us that complaining to the BBC would achieve nothing were right! The complaints were thrown into the dust bin and the interview went ahead, despite the public's outrage. Everybody in the british media is scared to death by the McCanns, no one dares to get on their wrong side!

  43. I was certainly against Kate McCann being interviewed on this radio show, but thinking about it now I say 'give her enough rope and she will hang herself'! She forgot her devout feelings when criticising people for not looking for Maddie, when she and Gerry laid on the bed and didn't venture out to look for her themselves. They did a good bit of acting up with their gnashing of teeth, weeping and wailing in front of the police though.

    The McCanns also forget how unchristian it is to persist with their persecution of Goncalo Amaral and the pain and anguish it has caused to him and his family.

    The harm they are doing their twins with all this twaddle about Madeleine coming home again should be investigated by the Childrens' Minister because it will do them a lot of harm in the long run.

    Nigel on McCann Files - thanks for your articles and I especially like the celebrity shot of Aled with Kate, arms around each other, smiling as if they hadn't a care in the world. Well maybe Aled hasn't, but what has Kate got to smile about on Mother's Day without her eldest daughter?

    Still a nice little earner just the same, as all their interviews are. Hopefully they'll put it towards a reward to those loving people who have taken Maddie and are looking after her so well!

  44. Kate McCann showed just how devoted to her faith she is when she said she could forgive the abductor(s) of Madeleine, but didn't mention a word about forgiving Goncalo Amaral for writing a book. To me there is no comparison in those two things. She is an out and out hypocrite!

  45. According to Kate Madeleine's abduction is an act of God, so he sent his messenger down to earth to swoop in without leaving a trace, to snatch Madeleine to save her from the clutches of evil.

    So this is Gods will, not to leave Madeleine in the hands of evil. Kate and Gerry say, she hasn't come to any harm so their faith should sustain them that Madeleine's disappearance is for the best and God is protecting her.

    Will the twins also go to sit at Gods right hand soon?

  46. To #16 from #7. Thank you, this is exactly what I think. Too difficult for me to express in English (I'm Dutch).

    Especially: 'Kate and Gerry have not forgiven each other for the part they each have played in their daughter's disappearance. That is very clear to see in interviews. They detest one another, blame each other.'

  47. All this reinvention of the image of the McCanns is easily done by money and media manipulation.

    I was reading recently about how this was done for Camilla so that she would be acceptable after Princess Diana. It appears to have worked and no more bread rolls thrown at her now.

    The help of these kind of advisers in the reinvention process costs a lot of money so the McCanns can't afford to let that Fund run too low.

    Never a penny of their own money spent either, and a Fund that even supports their extended family. Clever McCanns. And still the prospect of a cool million from Sr Amaral.

    Strange how the Tapas friends could find time to go back to PDL to accuse Murat, and the McCanns can find time to go back for the Court cases with the hope of gaining yet more money, yet none of them could make it over for a reconstruction to help find a little girl.

  48. nige at 15

    I agree with your comments.

    I find the remark about her knowing and God knowing the truth and nothing else matters quite an insight to her persona, I find the remark more of a threat than a statement of faith as to me it implies that anyone who questions the truth is questioning not only Kate McCann but God himself.

    Once again The McCanns are in the "spotlight" which makes me believe that they are narcissists who enjoy the attention they receive more than being honest and open about the mystery disappearance of their daughter.

    Reconstruction, Re-Open The case, Answer the 48 questions.

  49. I am actually a long-time supporter of the Conservative Party, a member and a local activist. I am going to write to my local Parliamentary Candidate (who will be expecting me to help with delivering leaflets and running around on election day) to tell him I will not be available to help him and I will not be voting Conservative this time. I will also resign my membership. Why? Clarence Mitchell.

  50. "I know the truth and God knows the truth and nothing else matters."
    "I can't help but worry about Madeleine."
    These statements are revealing. They're not the words that would normally be spoken by a mother who's child has vanished without trace. Such a mother would on the contrary be anguished and desperate to know the 'truth'. As for the laughable words that she "can't help but worry", that is a phrase that normal people use to describe themselves when they know their child is happy somewhere but yet they are simply concerned a little for their welfare. Hardly the sentiment to express about one's child who is in the clutches of a paedophile, now is it? I'm sure that forensic psychologists throughout the world will have an interesting analysis of yet another own goal by the McCann. To express such inappropriate language time and time again, they show they are not well-adjusted people at all.

    But Hey, it's good to see Kate running for her life, how Kate has made such a miraculous recovery from the anxiety and deep depression she's been suffering from after reading Snr Amaral's book, (oh sorry, they said they hadn't read it didn't they).

  51. These people really have sold their souls to the Devil. There is no depth to which they will sink. They will never confess or admit any part in the dissappearance of Maddy. Both parents will swear black is white and even if caught holding the smoking gun will still plead innocence. Hindley and Brady held out for 20 years before revealing other graves, it makes a good person weep.

  52. So, she speaks about her burdens out loud in the empty church...
    Any chance of "bugging" the church?...there are such tiny little devices for surveilance purposes nowadays...isn't technology wonderful?

  53. No wonder Kate McCann had an inner strength when she went in for the arguido questioning.

    She knew she wasn't going to answer the questions, so she had nothing to fear of giving the wrong answers. That had nothing to do with strength from God, more like bloody arrogant behaviour.

    Does the guy who just interviewed her know that she refused to answer those questions relating to the disappearance of her daughter.

    What a bloody nerve these McCann have. They must think they are so clever. I hope they fall flat on their bloody faces.

  54. @36

    Thank you for your comment - you are obviously a person of faith.

    I am not losing my faith in God, but I am losing faith in law enforcement and in humankind, which is very sad indeed.

    To the Portuguese people, I would say thank you for searching, for working hard, for spending valuable resources. Be thankful that this family is not Portuguese and doesn't live in Portugal.

  55. Anon at 42, it appears when something has been planned it usually goes through no matter the complaints. Mr spoke at the Ceop and the public received a similar reply when they complained. I would like to know who booked Mrs on the show and who booked Mr to speak at the Ceop and who booked the TV interviews in Portugal.

  56. All shit shit shit anything to take attention from the truth. Kate Maccann need's all her prayers to save her own soul. She won't be able to put her running shoes on when she faces God no lies then, We all have that to face. Tell the truth Kate Satan is the father of lies.

  57. 'It just doesn't add up': Serious concerns over evidence given by father of British boy kidnapped in Pakistan"

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1257804/It-just-doesnt-add-Serious-concerns-evidence-given-father-British-boy-kidnapped-Pakistan.html#ixzz0i9G0m3dM

    Quick, quick, Mr. Saeed, call the british ambassador to Pakistan, Gordon Brown and a spin doctor to the rescue! Oh, and you'd better start a "fund", just to play it safe...you'll see, soon all those "serious concerns" about your evidence will be no more!

  58. "The mother of the first woman soldier killed in Afghanistan talks with dignity, pride and deep sadness about the grief of losing her only child"

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1257716/The-mother-woman-soldier-killed-Afghanistan-talks-dignity-pride-deep-sadness-grief-losing-child.html#ixzz0i9I6ydQ3

    This lady would have made a more suitable guest for that program.
    She surelly deserves it, and it would have given the BBC and Aled Jones something to be proud of! Instead they chose...a negligent self-serving parent( I cannot bring myself to call her a mother!)and covered themselves with shame!

  59. Iron @#13!
    You've made my day, it's so funny and so suitable to all McCann sugary tales!


  60. Didn't I say before they are selfcentered, egocentric people?
    Behalve getting money from other people they are praying for themselves.

  61. Who believes she has gotten the keys of another church?
    I don't.

  62. The first time Gerry went to the States, in July, he wrote about the ticket "kindly offered by an airline".
    Later somebody denied this story.
    It was another lie.

  63. There is a serious something going on with the McCanns.
    It has to do with fear.
    They are scared of something that is why they are attracting the attention for their goodness and their popularity, even getting a key of a church.
    One of these days, the key of a moske.

  64. See what happens when you surround yourself with positive people..

    Kate has the keys and the church is empty

    Dig deep

    Only Kate and God know what happened

    There are two sets of people to forgive, those who know what happened to her and those who took her

    It will be interesting to read the full transcript

  65. Kate

    Given all your personal appearances recently - any progress yet with the file you collected last week from Lisbon - the one you intend to look at and then put into another file before passing it to Sherlock Edgar for him to analyse?

  66. My late father taught me so many things from the bible (I was bought up a Methodist).

    I often think of his little sayings....

    ///If you point a finger at anyone, there are three pointing back at yourself.

    Tell the truth and you will stand alone, the liars will huddle in the corner with their followers.///

    I like to think I had some compassion for the McCanns, but their arrogance comes across every time I see them. I do however think they will be tormented forever, because the most precious thing they will never have, unless they really tell the TRUTH, is PEACE OF MIND.

  67. Dear Mrs McCann, I pray, too. I pray for your daughter Madeleine, that one day she will see justice done for her. I pray that those who harmed her, burn in hell forever (no forgiveness from me, I'm afraid). I pray for those whose lives have been wrecked during the course of the 'search' for Madeleine. I pray that the world will one day know the Truth about Madeleine's destiny.

  68. She's mentally ill, loves the attention, the stardom. The chutzpah of it all.
    Nobody cares about Maddie that's for sure.
    Not the McCanns, not the McCanns family, not the McCanns friends, not the British police, not the Portuguese government, not the judiciary, not the media.
    It's all about Kate now, her elevation to Dianadom.
    There are criminals everywhere. But the Portuguese establishment should be ashamed of themselves, being so weak in the face of crime against children. Or is their attitude...it's a British kid, not our business.

  69. Aled Jones with Good Morning Sunday
    Aled Jones says Good Morning Sunday to Kate McCann and faith guest Becky Silver


    The interview starts about 1.25.25h

  70. if only god and kate know what happend to madeleine, why is she(and her husband and tapas crowd) being protected by SOME people.silly woman ,she definitly need medical help

  71. Please find the full transcript of the interview on MCF. Am desperately short of time.

  72. I pray for Truth and for Justice, no matter who is responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, that person or persons have to be brought before a court of law.

  73. I don't believe in God but I believe in the justice of men, and I believe that some day this mystery will be solved. I trust that the scumbags who are responsible for Maddies disappearance will be put in jail.

  74. If in doubt, invoke God on one's side.

    Just as Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, aligning oneself with God is the last refuge of the guilty.

  75. Comments Policy:-
    Please read before posting.---cut--------Please think before you submit your comments. Comments are a reflection on you and your personality.

    They will live on long after you have forgotten what you said.

    Carter-Ruck, Clarence Mitchell and co if you are monitoring this site.

    You can control questions put to the McCanns.
    You can bully people into temporary silence with your money.
    You can try to control the internet.
    You cannot control how the McCanns behave.
    You cannot censor what comes out of the their mouths, and the internet World is watching.

    Clarence has bragged that he controlled (with a team of helpers) what comes out in the media for Gordon Brown's Labour government, and he was sent to Portugal by the British government to assist the McCanns.

    During this time, the Lisbon Treaty was signed by Gordon Brown, sneaked in through the back door, and some Conservatives and Lib/Dims did join forces to deny the British a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

    Conservatives could win the British General election of 2010.

    Clarence Mitchell has been reported as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservatives and the Lisbon Treaty, (when fully implemented) will be superior to every European Union member states own constitution.

    2010 in the UK.
    We could have a hung Parliament with the Lib/Lab/Con leadership being in overall charge.

    God Help us!!

    No review,with the McCanns calling the shots. Please, open the case, and give Snr Amaral his book back. He presently has that right enshrined in your own constitution.

    An Englishman

  76. Transcript of Aled Jones interview with Kate McCann.

    Aled - Does Mothering Sunday, itself bring mixed emotions?

    Kate - It does and it doesn’t. I mean, every day to be honest is quite difficult. I guess Mothers Day is another reminder really that Madeleine is not here. I think motherhood is a real gift and obviously I’ve got three children, and it’s a reminder that one of my babies isn’t with me but you know I’m still Madeleine’s mum, and I always will be.

    Aled . How do you cope with a day like Mothering Sunday?

    Kate - I guess it’s a little bit different now I think because we are working so hard perhaps days where we would have maybe done something really special we don’t necessarily, certainly Mothers Day, I think birthdays are different, children’ s birthdays and things but I think we just get through it like any other day really.

    Aled - Do you get lots of support from family?

    K. Oh we’ve had amazing support I mean our family has been great and that’s an important point really because everyone in our family has suffered and is going through a lot of pain and anxiety and we are all missing Madeeine, but we’ve all got to try and support each other

    Aled - And what about your other children how aware are they of what is happening?

    Kate - Very aware they talk about Madeleine every day they know she is missing they know she has been taken by somebody. They understand it a little bit like burglary, in that even if you really want something it doesn’t mean that we can take it because Madeleine belongs to us you know and it’s not right that they’ve got Madeleine and we need to find her but they talk about finding her, about you know finding Madeleine, and running away with her and coming back home. And even things like when we go on holiday they say ‘oh what will happen if the police find Madeleine and we are not there?’ And we say ‘oh don’t worry our next door neighbours will let us know.’ And they are very aware but they are very positive, they will always talk about, ‘ when Madeleine comes home’ Sean said to me the other week, well Amelie said to me “ Why do you work mummy?” and I said well “I’ve got to find Madeleine” and Sean said “ Yes mummy but when that’s OVER, when Madeleine is home what will you do?” (Kate sighs) and you think bring it on.

  77. Aled - Does that help?

    Kate - It does. They always say out of the mouths of babes. You know they are really positive and it really does keep us going. I think in years to come I’ll be able to tell Sean and Amelie just how important they have been in our life keeping us going and getting us through it all.

    Aled what effect has time had on you, has time healed at all?

    Kate - It’s always funny that line isn’t it ‘time is a healer’ I think the wounds are less raw, the pain doesn’t go away, and the anxiety is always there. I’ m definitely a lot stronger than I was a year ago which is positive. It’s funny as sometimes you beat yourself up about it because I think how come I am doing okay and I’m coping better than I was that’s not right, because nothing has changed for Madeleine but yeh it’s important that I am because I’ve got three children, one to look for and two to look after, and it’s important that I can cope.

    Aled - Do you feel guilty at being happy in a way then?

    Kate - Yeh there is that element. I mean I know it’s okay to be happy and it’s important for Sean and Amelie that we do have happy times but there is a little bit of guilt really and a little bit discomfort in being able to adapt I guess.

    A. How important a word is ‘hope’ for you?

    Kate. - Oh very important we’ve obviously got hope, we’ve got a lot of hope really a lot of hope, hope that Madeleine is still alive. Obviously the difficult task is trying to find her but whilst there is hope we’ll keep going and certainly we’ll never give up..

    Aled... So what is Madeleine like?

    Kate - Erm someone you just want everyone to meet her cos, erm she’s just an amazing little character full of personality loads of energy, quite knowing, erm , really funny and loving and you know her relationship with Sean and Amelie, it’s incredible really and that ‘s something which still gets to me at times. When I see them playing and they start talking about Madeleine, again, you know,when we were away Sean was digging in the sandpit and I said “What are you doing?” he said “ I’m digging up buried treasure mummy and I’m going to give it to Madeleine.” And you just kind of think really, what would it be like for the three of them to be together?

    Aled - What are some your most treasured memories?

    Kate. - Oh my god there’s lots. I used to take Madeleine swimming on a Saturday morning and she used to have this really tight swimming cap on and I’d be watching through the glass and she was the youngest there, she was only three and she would just walk along on her own really confident and get in and these huge eyes would be looking at me through the glass and shed just be waving you know, hi mummy and I’d be texting Gerry saying she has got me crying again, and just lying with her you know and conversations, it had got to the stage where me and Madeleine would go to lunch together you know and it felt like a real girls day out.

    Aled - I know you are a person of faith which I would like to talk about after we have had some music I don’t know if you listen to music at all?

    Kate - No, we do, we listen to a lot of music it’s been a little bit strange to be honest because since Madeleine was taken from us I actually struggled quite a lot to listen to music and I actually put classical music on rather than anything remotely, I guess, happy, with lyrics or stuff dance type music anything like that but gradually I am able to listen to it again now.

    Aled - And what would you like to listen to today?

    Kate - Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

  78. Aled - Why Snow Patrol?

    Kate - This is a song that both, myself and Gerry really liked and in fact after Madeleine had gone it was a song that was quite difficult to listen to, actually it kind of it made us both quite upset because it reminded us of happy times of Madeleine but at the same time it reminded us of Madeleine. So, from that point of view it is quite a special song and I think the lyrics if I just lay here will you lie with me and Madeleine would often used to say at bedtime lie with me mummy lie with me daddy and they were really special vivid moments.


    Aled Is every day bad?

    Kate – No, not every day is bad but it is strange I can have three or four days where the days just go, basically I am working I am looking after Sean and Amelie, I get through a day get up same for the next day, and then something can suddenly out of the blue just really upset me and it can be something quite innocuous it can just trigger something, makes you aware that you don’t have to scratch too far below the surface for that emotion to come bubbling out. You get through it, I mean luckily two of us together are quite a ‘unit’ really, usually one of us can pull the other one up when needs be.

    Aled - What does it feel like having worlds glare on you?

    Kate - I think you take it for granted really what being anonymous was like it’s been very hard I mean I’m not the most confident person on the planet and I’d never be a someone who would get up and give a presentation at work or anything I’d try avoid it like the plague but we’ve obviously been forced into this situation.

    Aled - You’ve changed a lot as well haven’t you because in the beginning you were very much in the background whereas now you are not?

    Kate - Absolutely, I think I was just, obviously I was going through a lot of pain and distress but also I was just really uncomfortable being in the spotlight and then I had to kind of say to myself’ well why are we doing it, we’re doing it to try and find Madeleine and it’s not about me and it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable I feel you know it’s Madeleine we are trying to help. Forget about me move on get over it.’

    Are there times when you don’t feel strong?

    Kate - Oh Yeh yeh, there are have been a lot of things in the last almost three years, erm not even just Madeleine being taken from us, which was obviously the worst, but there has been many things that have happened subsequently and they can also be really low times dark times when you do doubt your faith I have to be honest, but at the same time it’s strange, because we’ve been through that, I do believe there is a greater good and in some ways it kind of strengthens my faith really.

  79. Aled - Because in a way because what you are experiencing for many people would be hell on earth?

    Kate - No, it is. I think it the worst thing that could happen to a parent certainly one of the worst things I mean the pain is just, just incredible and it’s the pain of worry for her really I mean we live with the sadness of not having Madeleine in our lives but you know I’m her mum and I can’t help but worry about her and I just want to be with her, if she has a sore tummy I want to be there, when she is upset I want to be there. I just want to bring her back into the warmth and love of our family.

    Aled Are there ever times when you blame god?

    Kate - I’ve never blamed god for what happened, at all. I don’t think that was anything to do with god. There are times when I’ve got angry with god and certainly the, the additional things that I have mentioned that have happened where I just think why can we have extra suffering put on us at such an awful time and I just haven’t understood it and I wondered why god hasn’t interceded and tried to counter that. These are the times when I go off to the church to be honest, I mean I’ve got a key to the church they’ve kindly given me one sometimes I go in and oh it’s a bit of a sanctuary a bit of a refuge I’ll go and I can speak out – because obviously there’s no one there – just get it all off my chest really. I mean I do wonder you know why should god help my prayers when there are millions of people with prayers which are equally as important around the world, I don’t know I mean I just hope he does but, my faith has really sustained me I think a lot through all of this and it is a definite comfort there.

    Aled - Has your faith changed at all?

    Kate - I think it has probably got stronger definitely I think before all this happened that I’d never really had to question my faith you know it was there I believed in god I’d had little conversations with god in my head but I never really had to challenge it I was just comfortable with my relationship with my faith and with god but it’s definitely got stronger now it’s probably more intense. Em the day I was made arguido was quite an interesting day with regards to my faith I’d had a period of about 4 to 6 weeks prior to that where there had obviously been a shift in the investigation and suddenly none of the police were talking to us, we couldn’t have a meeting people didn’t want to have phone conversations with us, I mean we were left in this awful void of information really, so we were trying to cope with the pain of not having Madeleine but also not having any information and not knowing at all what was going on and then that led on to the period when suddenly there were these awful stories coming out in the media about supposed blood in the apartment, basically pointing the finger at us then obviously that subsequently finished with us being arguido and the day I was going in for my arguido interview was quite a strange day because I had been really low and feeling quite weak and fragile and then suddenly I just felt really strong, I mean I was angry, I was angry that people hadn’t been looking for Madeleine but also I just thought to myself ‘ I know the truth and god knows the truth and nothing else matters’ and I just felt really strong from then I felt a real inner strength.
    Aled Do you think god is looking after Madeleine?

    Kate - I do, I mean to me Madeleine was a gift, most our life is pretty public anyway, but you know obviously we had quite a difficult time trying to have Madeleine and when she was born I really did believe she was a gift and I never took her for granted you know every day when I’d wake up and I’d see these huge eyes looking at me and I’d say thank god for Madeleine. I don’t believe he would stop loving her now or abandon her and I don’t believe that at all, and I do get a comfort in thinking

  80. Aled - Do you think god is looking after Madeleine?

    Kate - I do, I mean to me Madeleine was a gift, most our life is pretty public anyway, but you know obviously we had quite a difficult time trying to have Madeleine and when she was born I really did believe she was a gift and I never took her for granted you know every day when I’d wake up and I’d see these huge eyes looking at me and I’d say thank god for Madeleine. I don’t believe he would stop loving her now or abandon her and I don’t believe that at all, and I do get a comfort in thinking that that wherever she is whoever she is with that he is with her and protecting her, protecting her spirit and she’s got a lot of spirit. (Kate laughs)

    Aled - Do you find that your prayers have changed over the years?

    Kate - I guess a little bit more directed now. The prayer that I used to say all the time was to, to keep the family, thank god for my family to keep Gerry Madeleine Sean and Amelie safe healthy and happy I always said that, which when it happened, to be honest was a little bit of a struggle as that was the one prayer that I said all of the time. I pray for lots of things now really, obviously I always pray for the family obviously most of the prayers are centred on Madeleine really but I pray for the people who’ve taken Madeleine the people who know what has happened to Madeleine, and the people around/ related to the person who has taken Madeleine. And I pray for the police and the investigators, people who are looking for her and I pray for all the other children who are missing or have been exploited in some way, because in some ways, funny to say lucky, but we have been lucky we’ve had a lot of support from the general public in particular people we don’t know we’ve had incredible support and there are many families out there whose children have gone missing and you don’t hear about it.

    Aled - Gerry said his faith has been strengthened by the goodness generated by this ordeal so there are positives that have come out of it?

    Kate - Ah very much so. We still get a bundle of mail every day from people, you know willing us on sending their best wishes. Children send pictures for Madeleine and stuff, and you know we have books of prayers sent for Madleine that children have written. It’s been amazing. It’s been a real eye opener, you know I’d have never thought of sitting down and writing a letter to someone I didn’t know who’d suffered tragic event and yet the strength it has given us is amazing.

    Aled - It would be understandable for you to be filled with hate and anger and rage and yet you’re not at all?

    Kate - I’ve had my moments if I went back to 2008 I think I did probably have a lot of anger on board and it’s such a horrible negative emotion . I’m pleased to say that, that anger has gone now and I feel so much better than I did in 2008.

    Aled - Do you think you’d ever be able to forgive the people who took Madeleine?

    Kate - That’s a difficult one isn’t it? I guess I don’t know why they’ve taken her and I think until I know that it would be hard, hard to say. I’d like to hope that I could but it’s difficult.

    Aled - On Mothering Sunday do you have a message for other mothers who may be experiencing similar emotions to what you are going through?

    Kate - Yeh I think erm – long pause- , dig deep really, just keep hoping and be around your family and friends, really gather their love, surround yourself with positive people but dont’give up.

    Aled - Thank you for talking to me.

  81. As a lifelong Catholic, I am proud of my faith, my values and the Christian teachings that I have received.
    Having said that, I think that anyone who believes that 'God is looking after Madeleine' while she is supposedly being held by pedophiles, is simply out of her mind.
    These are the kind of people who give Catholicism a bad name.

  82. Protecting her Spirit.

  83. Aled asked Kat if every day is bad. She said, no not every day!

    No, Kate, not even the special 4th birthday parade with Maddie's photos which were produced like magic and where you and Gerry looked like the cats that swallowed the cream!

  84. Re the transcript.

    I thought when kate asked Sean what he was digging for he was going to say 'Madeleine!'

    Funnier still when the kids asked her what would happen if the police found maddie and they weren't at home to welcome her back - and Kate tells them it will be okay, the neighbours will pass on a message. Hell the McCann kids are used to nobody being at home for them! Latch key kids.

    As for her treasured memory being Maddie in a tight swimming cap, the youngest child at swim club going it alone and kate texting Gerry to say that Madeleine had made her cry again? What a load of dog poo! She didn't cry and neither did Gerry when wee Madeleine said, 'mummy where were you last night, Sean and me woke up and were crying for you, we were scared.'

    How come that didn't cause a tear or two from Doctor Kate?

    And what on earth in this day and age was Madeleine doing wearing a tight swimming cap. They went out with threepenny bits!

    Madeleine was gift to her? A gift she discarded!

    And the kids think a burglar took Madeleine? These two are in the wrong profession. Writers of Horror is where they should be at.

    These twins are going to need some serious therapy after maw and paw McCann are finished with them. When they are older though Kate and Gerry are going to tell them how it was them (Sean and Amelie) who pulled them through their ordeal. What a weight on the shoulders of these babes.

    And to top it all she speaks of 'he' not abandoning Madeleine, not stopping loving her. And who might 'he' be I hear you ask. Why God of course. Just that you probably haven't heard him referrred to as 'he' in general conversation. But then Kate is closer to the Lord than the rest of us. No Roman Catholic that I know of refer to Our Lord in this way.

    I did laugh aloud when Aled asked her about treasured memories. and she replied - Oh my God there's lots' Such respect for the Lord on a religious programme! LOL.

    I noticed too her scouser accent was very heavy in this programme. Very throaty she was.

    And I've never known anyone to go from not coping, meek and mild, to a raging monster as and when it suits.

    Only last week in Lisbon she was poor Kate with no strength to go on. Yesterday she was running the 10K. A few weeks ago she was dolled up to the nines and attending her 1000 day celebration of her missing daughter. Then back to the clapped in hairdo, no makeup and granny clothes for Courts and interviews.

    She might think she is fooling us all but she certainly is not, and she certainly is not fooling the Lord above.

    She is doing so much praying and for so many people, she will be putting Roman Catholic priests out of a job.

    And can anyone answer me this. When asked if she could forgive the abductor. She said it depends on the reason Madeleine was taken?

    If someone took my child the reason behind it really would not come into it. Madeleine has been away from her family for three years, can't think of any good reason why that would be.

    This interview was one of the most insincere to-date given by a McCann. They are not able to even act sincere.

    Just another bit of PR. If it had been about religion, she would not have mentioned that "people" in Portugal were not looking for Madeleine. That in itself is a downright lie.

    May her God forgive her, her sins.

  85. @ 80

    You are absolutely correct. The McCann's have given British parents a bad name. The Roman Catholic Church they have insulted. The police in Portugal, and in the United Kingdom. The public they have taken for fools, the list is endless.

    They accept no blame whatsoever for anything at all. That is apparant from this latest interview.

    Again they show themselves for what they are. Not very nice people.

    Aled I have to say, stuck strictly to what was clearly his script. It was not a question of him, picking up on points which Kate McCann made, for clarification or whatever. Simply an exercise in allowing her to answer the pre-arranged questions without any interruption or further questioning. He did the job he was paid to do. No more no less.

  86. So,its Mothering Sunday and we have the Holy Kate McCann Show! Another Marketing Ploy Gerry ? Taking a leaf out of the American's Book eh ? What is it that they say in the U.S.A. "Nobody can be against Mom,Apple Pie and the American Way"----so what better time to latch-on to "Mom" than Mothering Sunday! I must say that I like the Cloak of Respectability which you have given Kate,Religion,but dont you feel that you both may have over-done it, by praying for not only the Abductor,but also for His / Her relations and the people who know what's happened ? I'm a little puzzled as to the origin of Kate's sudden religious fervour, I recall that when you both were in the "Finger pointing" and "Fitting-up mode", Kate wrote in her Diary that she would "Like to kill" Robert Murat! Nothing very Christian about that was there ? Especially as the man was completely innocent of any involvement in your child's disappearance! His nearest and dearest were put through Hell by the false witness of some of your friends and their deliberate calumny.Along with all this praying you both seem to be doing, have either of you said "Sorry" to Mr Murat and his Mother------now there IS a good idea for Mothering Sunday. Go on Gerry, grasp that nettle if you have any Manhood at all! Finally, you may be aware of a Yiddish word for Shameless audacity-----you two have Chutzpah in Spades !

  87. Is the "comment policy" a carter ruck"s warning?
    Anon 80
    You are proud of your christian "faith" are you?
    I have no respect whatsoever for churches nor "faith" and especially the christian/catholic "faith".The one that abuse little children with he "pope" blessing.Centuries of "it" and rather revolting

  88. "Kate was expected to attend a church service in the village to mark Mothering Sunday. She is due to be given a bunch of daffodils there by her five-year-old twins Sean and Amelie."

    "She describes Maddie as 'an amazing little character' who has 'loads of energy, is really funny and quite knowing. I want everyone to meet her'."

    Why would her twins be giving her flowers at a church service? Surely not PR?

    She wants everyone to meet her!

  89. "when she was born I really did believe she was a gift and I never took her for granted you know every day when I’d wake up and I’d see these huge eyes looking at me and I’d say thank god for Madeleine."

    Shame you didn't look after her a bit better then isn't it?

    Anyone want a couple of aled jones DVDs?

  90. Poster #75 to #79 thank you for taking the time to post that transcript.


  91. @80

    These are they type of people who give everything they come in contact with a bad name.

    God help their little twins.

  92. Why the old image of Madeleine aged three years old on the t.shirts?

    What happened to the updated image. The image the public have to now look for?

    Does this old image not hinder us in our daily search? We will be plucking 3 year olds out of thin air as possible Madeleine's and not six year olds.

  93. What is the truth then?

  94. The BBC will take the view that Kate McCann may say what she wishes, that's her right. But what was unnaceptable was near the end when Aled Jones referred to an abduction. That is worth a complaint to the BBC with reference to their strict impartiality rules. There is no evidence of an abduction, therefore Aled should have just referred to the fact that she was missing.

  95. @31

    Totally agree. Maybe on the McCannfiles the guy there will have it analysed.

  96. #85, I am #80 and yes, I am proud of my faith because it taught me the value of tolerance and respect above everything.

  97. Gosh if I have to see or hear the words "if I must be honest" once more - I will seriously scream or stab myself in the eye with a pencil!

    Yes Kate you MUST be HONEST - its what the whole world is waiting for praying for SO YEAH


    I could seriously scream - this women is a complete nut job

  98. I find it interesting that there is not one word mentioning Gerry in the above article. Also interesting that on the Virgin webpage there is a sponsorship page for Kate, but not for him.

    "She says: 'I've got the key to the church. It's kindly been given to me. It's a bit of a sanctuary - a refuge - and I can go and speak out, when no one else is there, and get it all off my chest really.'

    She believes God is looking after and protecting six-year-old Maddie, who vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007 just days before her fourth birthday.

    She adds: 'There are times I have got angry with God but my faith has sustained me and it has got stronger.'"

    I would say this Kate, you know that God cannot actually look after Madeleine, that was your job and finding a sanctuary in the church where neither Gerry or the Police are listening is not the answer is it? You know where you need to go and "get it all of your chest", to Stu Prior at Leicester Police and I urge you to finally do the right thing, for Madeleine, for yourself and for your twins, but please feel free to carry on just ignoring Gerry!

  99. How disgracefully insensitive of the BBC to have this woman on as a guest on Mother's Day.
    They could have chosen the mother of Rhys Jones or Jamie Bulger or countless others of innocent tragic mothers to speak instead of a self confessed child neglector.
    Listening to this hypocrit made me sick. Is she never going to consider the PAIN she is causing with this charade?

  100. Gosh if I have to hear or see Kate's "[size=150][b][color=#8000FF]if I must be honest"[/color][/b][/size]once again I am going to scream or stab myself in the eye with my pencil! :fool: or punch myself in the face! :fool:

    OH MY GOD - she will pray for the abductors - and not for Maddy, I am totally and utterly disgusted, in fact I am really sad too!

    Yes Kate : YOU MUST BE TOTALLY HONEST, we the world are waiting for that day - praying for that day

    Miss Kate is a complete whack job and I wonder how this cruel evil vindictive women sleeps at night


    This freak needs to be behind bars in a pschyciatric unti - PRONTO!

    :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: [color=#000000]tick tock[/color]

  101. The McCann's say they have told the twins that Madeleine was taken by someone - kind of like a burglar taking something which doesn't belong to him.

    I wonder if they told the twins that the reason the "burglar" was able to take Madeleine was that their mummy and daddy went out and left them all alone and didn't bother to lock to the door behind them.

    Sneaky feeling they missed that bit of the story out.

    Kate McCann speaks of the relationship Sean and Amelie have with Madeleine. She says its 'incredible.'

    A bloody miracle more like as they haven't seen her in three years!

    What is she, a spirit who visits them in the night?

    I doubt very much as they were only two years old when Madeleine disappeared that they even remember her. They will have had their heads filled with stories about her, but that is not the same as memories.

    As for the relationship Sean and Amelie have with Madeleine - words fail me!

  102. Oh my GOD she has the key of another Church again....is anything about to happen...again...? Keys and Churches for Faked Devoted People what's the meaning of all of this?

  103. That's not very fair #85, everyone should be able to have his own faith religious or otherwise, but what is certain is that with its present embarrassments the last thing the Catholic Church would want is any association with the McCanns and this obscene performance. The dreadful Kate has got her timing wrong again and I'd be inclined to agree with #80 that she's losing her mind. But how far does 'tolerance' stretch when faced with wickedness on this scale?


  104. 12 That phrase "they have taken her" fascinates me too. Kate knows who that is. IN his rogatory David first states that both Kate and Gerry were not keen on going. When pressed he admits it was just Kate, but he just does not have a clue what her reasoning was for that, erm apparently.

    Maybe her reason was observing his and her husband's behaviour in 2005?

  105. 93 BBC's Ceefax text page also refers to an "abduction."

    Shocking journalism

  106. Was it Clarence that got her on this programme? Or some rich and influencial pal of theirs? What a disgrace of a country we live in!

    It is hard to believe that anybody with common sense would choose Kate McCann either for her faith, or her parenting skills as a mother.

    Why do we have to have these two child neglectors constantly thrown in our faces on the news?

    The only news that would be worth watching about them would be if they got arrested, and marched back to Portugal to stand trial.

  107. Perhaps we should have volunteered to go on the run wearing T shirts with pictures of Eddie and Keela on.

    Those dogs are invaluable in the search for missing people.

  108. "since Madeleine was taken from us I actually struggled quite a lot to listen to music and I actually put classical music on rather than anything remotely, I guess, happy, with lyrics or stuff dance type music anything like that"

    This is a very ignorant view and reveals a lack of understanding of the depth of music and the human experience that goes with it. It doesn't surprise me, but like a long-anticipated bad event that finally happens, it is still shocking.


  109. So Mrs McCann says that only she and God (the omniscient Christian deity) know what happened to her daughter.

    For once, I think I believe her.


  110. I find the repetition of the phrase " to be honest" is like chalk on an easel.

  111. I'm not surprised to hear that KM didn't like giving presentations in the bad old days before the Fund when she had to work. She is so inarticulate that no-one would have understood what she was saying anyway. It is barely credible that this woman is a doctor. All the GPs I have had the privilege of being registered with have been highly intelligent, reassuring professionals - who on earth would put up with being fobbed off with Kate McCann? We burst out laughing when she mis-pronounced the word "Burglary". Of course we wouldn't normally laugh at someone's mistakes, but she has had one of the most expensive educations on the planet, and she is still completely ignorant.

    And how hilarious was the moment when she described Sean digging in the sandpit? Was he copying what Daddy did on 3rd May 2007? I don't know how she dared to ask him what he was doing!!

  112. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/162896/Kate-McCann-I-pray-for-men-who-snatched-Maddie

    I can see,the brits are desparate to sell catholiscism and the mccann :))
    eE should be happy to know that Madeleine is in the hands of a catholic paedo....well... I hope so,it will be less traumatic when they get her back.What the faith does is just incredible,init?




  113. Sudden devotion comes in handy to the McCanns. We know how catholics
    are charitable. The fund is waiting for your donations.

    Ironside, I second you: BOLLOCKS!!!

  114. Prays for the abductors OMG what????

    "If I may be honest" - what about Maddy Miss Kate?


  115. The comment I sent to the Mail on their latest McCann charity run article has not been published yet again, surprise, surprise.

    Obviously the dogs and death of Madeleine are not allowed to be mentioned.

    The media are colluding with the McCanns in soliciting money for the Fund by not giving them the truth of the investigation. It is disgraceful the innocent public are being kept in ignorance.

    I said as much to them that they would not publish it, but yet I hoped they got to read it. I also mentioned about the spin doctor Clarence and him being called a liar.

    Perhaps they might learn something other than the Clarence spin. Can they really believe this man, after all that is what he is paid to do, SPIN.

    Now we are being presented with a spiritual, holy, forgiving, Kate. Please. When do we get a true picture of these people? I think Sr Amaral's book has got the closest yet to revealing the true McCanns. That is another reason why they have to silence him.

    The UK newspapers are not worth paying for. Full of lies. Roll on the day when they all go down.

    Surely the tide has got to turn soon for the freedom of comments reaching the masses, and free from the agenda of the spin doctors in the pay of the rich and powerful.

  116. "she was a gift"
    She was a "forced" gift wasnt she? an IV baby....err...may your god didnt like it kate and punished you for transgressing natural laws? Nor god nor gordon nor anybody will help.Carry on being angry.With anger and court cases, you are at your best :))

  117. Another church key? And close to home?

    How these people love to have those churches all to themselves don't they!!

  118. From 'Chasing Cars' - Snow Patrol:

    "If I lay here
    If I just lay here
    Would you lie with me
    And just forget the world?"

  119. #33

    You have made a good point, as it then occurred to me that Kate and Gerry have never expressed any concern about what their daughter must have gone through, or is going through. Nowhere in Gerry's blogs is there ever expressed any ache as to what their daughter must be suffering. It is all about them and the twins and the relatives and the campaign.

    Now that we are telling them this in this blog, watch the space....the next interview they will be saying that their daughter must have really suffered at the hands of the abductors and must really still be suffering and missing them. In future they will stop saying "Madeleine has come to no harm", they will start saying "When we get her back we will all have a lot of emotional adjustment to do."

    Of course, will they be able to stretch their lie this far. According to one of the analysts I was reading (perhaps Dr Martin Roberts on mccanfiles) a person will always try to avoid telling a lie.

    So let's see how they restate this without telling a lie. It should be interesting.

    For instance if they say "she is still suffering" they will be lying as she is "in heaven" and they know this, so she cannot still be suffering. There is no evidence that an angel has come to any harm (is their truth) because she has a halo and golden sunrays.

    If you confess your sins in the Catholic church, the priest immediately invokes a penance (n Hail Marys etc.) and "your sins are forgiven". Therefore in their minds they are forgiven.

    However even if a murderer is forgiven by their God, they are still under the laws of the land, and still have to submit to their punishment. No one gets away with murder. Even though K&G are not in jail, they have made their lives a living hell.

    Never give up K&G. Until you crack under the strain of it. You are not superhuman. There is only so much the psyche can take. Look how Kate has aged. The burden of keeping a huge huge lie is bad enough. But lie after lie for infinity of lies is out of this world.

    And it only takes ONE to reveal a crack of the truth. How can you be sure that no-one else will crack?

    Kate - come clean - take your medicine like a good little girl.

  120. I hope and pray someone in authority will find their courage and speak out against the McConns but i fear they won't,i for one have finally had enough of ever reading anything more anbout this case,i just want to thank Joana Morais for having the guts to speak up for Madeleine and Mr Amaral and for this website which is excellent,i wish everyone on here well,but i'm not going to follow this case anymore because the McConns are untouchable and everytime i see their smug faces on tv i want to smash them in,so for me it's time to move on,i hope there will be justice soon but personally i can't see it.

  121. She says: 'I've got the key to the church. It's kindly been given to me. It's a bit of a sanctuary - a refuge - and I can go and speak out, when no one else is there, and get it all off my chest really.'

    That's a padded cell she needs.

  122. Viv -105 If you look at the flight bookings in the PJ files, it looks like Gerry and the rest of the group booked on one day in Jan.07 and Kate and the children on others. Dianne Webster doesn't feature at all here.I'm not sure what to make of it, as I don't understand how the dates vary by 1 day for Kate and the 3 children respectively.

  123. I wonder how many complaints the BBC ignored before they played this anyway?

    Surely there must be some control over this company whcih we fund?

    How come this failed and inadequate 'mother' takes precedence over Jamie Bulgers mum or any other mum?

  124. #41

    A very interesting article. I was not aware of this expereince Gerry related. It actually explains quite a lot,as I have often thought that they are not only obsessed with finding Madeleine but doing it with a religious zeal. Only the Holy Spirit could drive them forward with their lair of liars.

    Gerry - you have worked hard enough now to find Madeleine. You can take a break now, and give us all a break. Your tunnel is so wide now it is swallowing us all up. But the one thing we can't swallow is your lies. Your light has shone on the world enough now. Enough to bring misery to more than a few from Australia to Morocco. Not to mention the lives of Murat, Amaral etc. Switch off the torch already, and keep to yourselves for a bit. But go and see the world because once you are in prison for being an accessory to murder after the fact and to trying to pull off the biggest scam in history, defrauding innocent people and ruining other's lives....you will not see the light of day again.

  125. Sent to the BBC today

    Could Aled Jones or the BBC please provide the evidence Madeleine McCann was abducted. I pay a licence for impartiality, not propaganda! Where are your facts, do you not have news editors and researchers?

    The BBC is helping perpetuate fraud on a massive scale, whilst totally disregarding the findings of the Portuguese and British police.

    This is not acceptable in any organisation funded by the tax payer and I would like to know who authorised this deceit within the BBC.

    I would like a factual reply not waffle!

  126. "Dig Deep" ? : No Kate one doesn't have to "dig deep" to seek hope for an innocent child ; keeping hope should be all natural to you since you believe your child is still alive, after all no evidence shows the contrary.

    To dig deep is used when a child is a disappointment (goes on drug, alcool, bad behaviour) then one has to dig deep to find some love and hope. To me to dig deep means to force oneself to...

  127. 'I just want to know why they have taken her.' KM

    She don't want Madeleine back, she just want to know why they have taken her... And interesting, 'THEY'. More then one abductor trough the window, going around in PDL and none left a single evidence.

  128. Excellent query, post 124. I will also do the same and I suggeast everyone else asks too.

  129. I have not had chance to read all of this ,but will do later ,I just read it on ceefax ,and the only words that sprung to mind about her" I pray for whos taken her "was .......Yes Kate i bet you bloody do !!

  130. Mr Aled Jones, from BBC, belongs to this new generation of journalists who prefer a good audience ratings to a good quality program. That is why there are no more investigative journalists : AUDIENCE RATINGS ABOVE ALL !

  131. 124 ,I hope you do not mind ,but I copied and pasted your EXCELLENT letter

  132. Why is she wearing a shirt with a 3-year old image of Madeleine on it? The child would have changed by now! Isn't that image 'harming the search for Madeleline'?!

    I wonder if anybody (Joana maybe? Other resident of PDL?) can tell me what the weather conditions were on the ground at 10PM in PDL 03-05-2007? The reason I ask is because on the video MADELEINE WAS HERE part 1/5 on YouTube, KM says the curtains went 'Whoosh!' out of the window. (I don't believer her - I believe the whole story is a construction).

    This can only be so if 1 of 2 conditions are true: (1) The weather was windy (more than a light breeze) and the curtain was pulled out because of it or (2) another opening (a door or window) created a draft (in effect, a vacuum - which could happen with the opening of the door, if the wind was up enough). Interestingly, MO in his 9.25PM check, said he could 'see the twins' in their cots; but he couldn't or didn't see MBM, nor did he see curtains 'whooshing' out of the window, nor did he see the 'open' window.

    I often have 2 kitchen windows open - which means a moderate breeze will pull the net curtain out of the window (but it does need to be relatively moderate - and these 2 windows are quite close to each other). If, however, only 1 window is open, the net curtain IS MOST UNLIKELY TO BLOW OUT OF THE WINDOW - unless the wind is VERY strong; force 8 or over.

    I think KM is clearly lying on the documentary - she even talks about the curtains being DRAWN/ CLOSED, yet in her PJ statement 04-05-2007 she said the curtains were OPEN!

    If she is lying about that, she could be also lying about the curtain issue and the 'whooshing' out action of them. Does anybody know the weather conditions on the ground that night? I don't recall anything other than it being unusually cold for May in the Algarve?

    May the truth one day be known.

  133. poster 109, Bless Kate ,she cannot bear to listen to happy tunes ,but think back to the Happy,smiley,laughy,giggly photos taken DAYS after Maddies demise,She must think everyone is stupid ,but kate WE are not ,shes a hypocrite

  134. Where and when will the charade end?

    There is no point trying to make a difference. Despite an avalanche of complaints, the BBC ignored the views of the public and transmitted the saint's meaningless drivel.

    It becomes clearer that the position of childen in our society remains as it was in Dickens's time. Madeleine was an abused and neglected child and her parents (in my view they do not deserve the title!) are treated like saints.

    Kaqte McCann will go down in infamy - she may beleive that talking to an omnipotent unseen deity somehow confirms her as a saintly being and forces people to beleive her lies. She is wrong and whilst a breath remains in my body, I will never give up even though the struggle seems useless and the powers against the truth unbeatable.

    Surely one day this witch will be exposed.

  135. I apologise beforehand for my language but WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The twins presenting her in church( her second home ,she has a key dont you know ?)with a bunch of sodding daffodils ?Why so public ? Why use the twins for her to look like "Mother Theresa"? she is openly USING her little twins ,how low and dirty can she get ?

  136. Did anyone listen to this programme, I could'nt my blood pressure would have been sky high, Kate Maccann is Catholic in name only,she may fool priests she will not be able to fool Almighty God.
    She knows as much about the Catholic church and its teachings, as Ian Paisley, this is a cover, the woman is barking mad. Woof Woof. Maderlaine is better off away from her parents even now they will not allow this child to rest in peace.

  137. Interesting that she can forgive the abductor but not the police who searched her girl and I'm not talking about Amaral. I'm talking about the all PJ, including Ricardo Paiva who never write a book or gave any interview. No matter... she flies to PORTUGAL TO PERSECUTE POLICES, SUE POLICES AND SHOW THE WORLD HOW SHE HATE THEM. BUT the abductor deserves forgiveness. WHAT A PATHETIC MOTHER IN A SO SPECIAL DAY. Poor Madeleine....

  138. http://uk.buzz.yahoo.com/article/1:yahoo_uk_irel306:235b18d81e144538f8f2951b047ac02f/Kate-McCann-tells-of-her-faith

    Comment here.

  139. The term 'dig deep' sounds like it could be subliminal to be actually meaning for the listeners to DIG DEEP IN THEIR POCKETS and contribute to the Fund.

    It's a bit like the presenters on those TV shopping channels will use the word 'NOW' as often as they can, because then people who are toying with the idea of buying the product are being subliminally encouraged to buy it immediately, and don't think too much about it.

  140. In spite of appearances, despite their efforts to look like good parents, the McCanns leave many people unconvinced... and their posturing make them ask why all this ?

    Sorry but i have to say for the people like me who still have strong doubts, it seems that they are campaining for their good names, for their funds and the good names of their team (PR, lawyers, benefactors) etc)

  141. Kate said that an abduction was the worse thing that can happen to a parent. An abduction was the worst thing that can happen to the abducted, to the victim. The victim it is really the only one who experience allot of pain. Pain for being snatched from the family, the environment, pain for facing new people, new situations, most of time physical and psychological torture.
    For Kate, was her passport to the fame and she seems to be very happy with her celebrity life and did not learn anything since May 2007- How many times she left the twins behind, to carry on the circus? And on the Mothers day weekend, she spend one day enjoying herself with the run, and the other day with a radio interview. Where the twins fit on that weekend?

  142. http://www.pcc.org.uk/news/index.html?article=MjAzMA

    This is the person who was 'moved' by the McCann woman's rambling. Not exaclty an honourable person, so appropriate tpo report about the McCann neglector.

  143. the mccanns are so desprate to get us all to think they are innocent
    they have even roped god into it now, its a wonder she hasnt blamed him for the situation madeleine finds herself in.also does any one else think some one is setting kate up for the fall, by keep letting her do these interviews which only show me how unstable she is with the drivel she spouts.just hope someone is keeping an eye on the twins for thier own safety

  144. Anon 116, I sent a comment about the missing child in Pakistan. I said I hoped the father could get a spokesperson from the British government, a good PR firm and a good extradition lawyer. It has not been printed.

  145. Aled Jones's last song after the interveiw was GREENDAY (GOOD RIDDANCE) TIME OF YOUR LIFE he or some-one at the B.B.C knows!

  146. How I despise this woman and her weasel husband. Why were they at the front of the Hyde Park run? Why does Kate get presented with daffodils in front of an audience...poor poor children. I would like to silently protest at everything public they do...just stand there with a banner saying "Tell the Truth Kate & Gerry".

  147. Aled Are there ever times when you blame god?

    My husband (who doesn't pay much attention to this case) said why not you blame everyone else

  148. Viv 105. I agree, I think Kate knew GM had arranged for her to be taken but didn`t expect her to be gone when she went to check. I think the `they` could be GM plus one or two others (who I think have got to be employees of the Intelligence Services.. GM may have taken her so far and then passed her on to the others. I think Kate was actually shocked when she arrived there because GM hadn`t got a message to her that she`d already been taken.

    I don`t believe they all went there just for a holiday - there was a plan of some sort - maybe it involved Maddie because of the photos he had prepared. Some people think it involved her going missing for a while but was supposed to be short lived and for her be found because she had been tagged, this would then be a selling point for the government to introduce tagging. Any mother would be nervous about this and be in two minds whether to go or not.

    For a while I was convinced Maddie was a secret government experiment, a clone or something (Turner`s syndrome, coloboma, Kate calling her Mini Me, IVF, unwillingness to supply medical records, one of the other doctors being an endocrinologist and another a cardiac specialist etc) and I still haven`t discounted this.

    The Intelligence Services have to be involved and there is something that just cannot come out - whether its the above, or paedophilia amongst the heirarchy, but its something pretty sordid.
    As I`ve said before, I think the Intelligence Services have got the McCanns by the short and curlies and CM was put in place to monitor them as well as the media. The McCanns know something they shouldn`t and they want their daughter`s body back but I`m convinced its being held as security by the Intelligence Services.

    After Robert Green`s expose of the Hollie Greig abuse, we now know just how corrupt parts of the Scottish Law Enforcement are - Maybe its not just Scotland?

  149. "every day when I’d wake up and I’d see these huge eyes looking at me"

    Seriously, what does this mean?

    Was Madeleine in the habit of waking Kate? Or is Kate referring to Madeleine's ghost visiting? Both?

    Thank you to the transcript poster.


  150. Kate McCann has stooped to a new low, in her quest to use the media to peddle her lies. I am not a religious person, but many people are and they would have been offended, when they listened to her speaking on the Aled Jones 'Mothering Sunday' programme. Apart from the programme being called 'Mothering Sunday' today is a holy day, when those who worship God, go to church.

    As a mother, I am offended that Kate McCann, who along with her husband is a child neglector and is still suspected of causing harm to Madeleine, was speaking on this programme. I am disgusted that the BBC ignored all our complaints and didn't withdraw Kate McCann's interview.

    All I can presume is that IF the BBC DID want to pull the plug on Kate McCann's interview, they were overruled by someone very powerful. I will be sending another email to the BBC, I know it will go into the bin, but I'm still going to send it to them, if only to 'vent my spleen'

    I am ashamed to be living in the UK where we have people in power, who have helped the McCanns evade justice. They bleat on about family values, yet they have ignored the pain and suffering that Madeleine has endured, because of her parents appalling behaviour in Praia da Luz.

  151. I am not acquainted with the Mccanns or anyone else attached to this saga so I am in no position to speculate of anything that may or may not relate to their private lives. My opinions are solely formulated on information emanating from police sources and statements made publicly by the many people involved with the case.

    There appears to be a faction of sympathizers for the welfare of Mrs Mccann which I find difficult to understand. In particular, I remember 'viv' a few days ago suggesting that Mrs Mccann is in a fragile state of health and should not be censured too harshly otherwise whoever is concerned may regret their actions. (Apologies if I have misquoted but I can't remember the exact words). Again I stress I don't know the Mccanns so I am in no position to comment on the state of health of either of them. Their joint behavior however cannot be ignored and therefore is subject to adverse interpretation.

    However, I find it impossible to sympathize with Kate Mccann. Judging from various photographs seen by millions they appear to be perfectly 'together' with a common cause - to fool the world with their lies and deception. It is quite a common occurrence when tragedy hits a family for relationships to fall apart and yet I see absolutely not evidence of this happening in camp Mccann. They seem to be at one with each other with a mutual goal to convince the world of their innocence.

    Even if Mrs Mccann is suffering from some underlying mental illness still I cannot condone her behavior nor offer any sympathy. It cannot detract from her apparent involvement in a crime that is yet to be solved. In my opinion, this couple are now very much alone and Gerald, possibly acting under the advice of an 'image consultant', is giving her the occasional opportunity to publicly speak in order to gain sympathy and strengthen their ultimate goal, being to do everything in their power to avoid justice! What have they left but to seek public support, if for no other reason but to swell the ‘fund’ . After all if this dries out so will the lawyers, image consultants, private dicks etc. and what then becomes of the Mccanns? - Total devastation!

    No disrespect, but I think perhaps 'viv' is trying to take centre stage with this issue without justification. If I am wrong I've no doubt someone with personal knowledge of the Mccanns or a professional in the field of psychology will correct me.

  152. I am really sad tonight. I have always held Aled Jones in high esteem, have regarded him as a person of absolute integrity and decency. Now I see a photo of him cuddling up to Kate McCann. I would love to ask him one question: would you let this woman babysit your children? and if the answer is yes, I would ask him another: Would you wife allow Kate McCann to babysit your children? And if the answer to that is no, then why on earth is she being feted on your programme on Mothering Sunday (as we Catholics call it, although dear Kate doesn't seem to know that).

  153. Kate: [...] when we were away Sean was digging in the sandpit and I said “What are you doing?” he said “ I’m digging up buried treasure mummy and I’m going to give it to Madeleine.”

    Hard as she tries, she can't help herself can she? Why is it this particular story she uses to illustrate her point? Is it because it involves "digging" and "burying"?

  154. @124

    Sorry RIPM - this programme does not have news editors or researchers. It is a RELIGIOUS programme. Whether you agree with the content or not is a different issue but these programmes have been running for years and are not news programmes. This conversation/interview individually is not going to bring the BBC crashing down. A couple of interview questions do not qualify as overwhelming or even underwhelming bias. The interviewer was doing his job of highlighting his interviewee's views - that is his role on this programme.

    Have you checked every single interview recently in order to be sure that no errors of fact or opinion have been allowed through on the BBC? I can assure you that there are many such errors every single day.

    In fact your argument about bias should be addressed to the programme as a whole - where are the 'God haters' each week to balance the devout religious people? Clearly no religious programmes should be allowed unless they are balanced by an equal number of positively 'God-hating' programmes.

    Sorry, this is the real world!

  155. Anon 131

    You make a good point about the window and breeze. Nobody mentioned it was windy that night, just that it was cold.

    Oldfield did not mention any breeze when he looked in on the children in the bedroom, and no Cuddlecat on the shelf when he was checking out the books.

    If the window was open, then either somebody went and opened it after Oldfield and before Kate arrived between 9.30 and 10pm, or it was Kate herself who opened it.

    That means the sighting by Jane Tanner about 9.05pm can be discounted as rubbish, and it is the Smith sighting about 9.45pm that should be concentrated on.

    Reopen the case Portugal and let's have the truth come out.


  157. Daily Mail have removed 35 comments (mostly castigating Kate) sometime in the last hour:


  158. At this rate I can see the entertainment industry giving them their own Kate and Gerry show.

    Or the Government making them Ambassadors for the Missing or something like that.

    They seem hell bent on turning them into celebrities whether we like it or not.

  159. 122 Thanks I have looked at the flight bookings. I think the best explanation I have seen for the dates rising consecutively is a spread sheet error causing this. Diane Webster I think tagged on later which is clearly possible given they all booked pretty early in January.

    In his rogatory, Payne says that he was responsible for sorting out Mark Warner and Gerry was responsible for paying for and booking the flights and taxis for Mccanns and Paynes both ends, that division of labour between those two and seemingly Gerry footing the bill I certainly do find ominous. Particularly given Gerry's abusive mouth on the bus and "I am not here to enjoy myself"

    Payne tells a number of demonstrable lies, for example, he starts off saying both Kate and Gerry were worried about going but then later admits it was just Kate. In fact Gerry was really happy about it!

    He also says Portugal was chosen because it was not possible to book any other resort so early in the season, specifically referring to Egypt, Turkey and Greece. I know from personal experience the season does open that early in those resorts and I have checked it does with mark Warner also. So another important lie from Payne. This is in the context of him saying this baby listening service was available at all the other Mark Warners, but not there, most convenient I am sure! Probably also very convenient that the one in PDL is NOT a closed off complex and of course Payne had gone to a lot of trouble in email correspondence insisting they wanted to be "together". I wish that email correspondence was part of the disclosed information but somehow think LP would have wanted that hushed up!

    Not sure if this will be posted, others I have written on this pointing out the evidence points to Payne and Gerry rather than Kate have not been, but I try! I think the reality is that Kate has a shrewd idea what they did but hopes Maddie is still alive.

  160. I have read many of the posts on this site and with one unanimous voice they all scream out that the McCanns are nothing but liars. Just when are the media going to cotton on to the McCanns and question their statements (including their tapas friends)? It amazes me they have n't already. Are the journalists scared of being sued...I doubt it ...but their editors? Apart from the lies of the McCanns and their tapas friends ...something else is not quite right with this case and I can only speculate as to what this is.

  161. 140 Could the Pakistani father be the second copycat parent we have had, Karen Matthews, but unlike Gerry neither of them have the wit to carry it through.

    Don't suppose this will be printed either!

  162. I got up early, at 07:00 on a Sunday (!) to listen to the GMS show this morning and had to wait until about 8:27 for it to start. I have not read the transcrip yet so these are thoughts from the couple of notes I jotted down.

    Firtsly I have just tried to send the following to the Aled Jones Forum: but I have found there is a 404 and the website is not available!

    The producers have a lot to answer for in this obviously scripted interview. There were no spontaneous questions from Aled following-up Kate’s answers and Kate’s responses lacked the trademark ‘erms’ of all other press statements.

    I just wonder who was responsible for this part of the saga of the rehabilitation of the McCanns. Kate McCannwas clearly not being honest and because Aled did not have the research to back him up he failed to ask for clarification – or even notice untruths.

    For instance at one point Kate McCann said something about the stories of “supposed blood in the apartment”. What Aled and the majority of listeners would probably not have known is that specialist dogs were brought in from Enland to assist with the search for Madeleine:

    “…Keela was the dog who was brought in by British detectives last week who located tiny traces of blood in the McCanns' apartment despite alleged attempts to wash them off.
    The findings of the Portuguese police (as detailed in the PJ's 57-page report summary) says:

    “Apartment 5A, of the resort 'Ocean Club', place from where the child disappeared.

    - cadaver odour dog:
    *in the couple’s bedroom, in a corner, close to the wardrobe;
    *in the living room, behind the sofa, close to the lateral window of the apartment;

    - blood dog:
    * in the living room, behind the sofa, close to the lateral window of the apartment (exactly as it was signalled by the cadaver odour dog).”


    “Police are still waiting for the results of tests on the recovered traces, which arrived yesterday at a top UK forensic laboratory.”


    “Laboratory tests in Birmingham were inconclusive but found there was a "moderate" chance the blood was the youngster's.”

    I suppose technically Kate McCann did not lie when she described the the stories of finding blood in their apartment as ‘supposed’ but I think you will agree that the impression given by her, and seemingly accepted by Aled, was that the blood was fabricated story.

    Just who is protecting Kate McCann, and why? Who ever it is the BBC seems to be on board and innocent Aled has been dragged into the sordid affair. The truth will come out eventually, I just hope not too much mud sticks to Aled.

    A couple of other things (and again remember I have not read the transcript so this is from memory/notes)...

    I an sure Goncalo's team will be interetsted in many aspects of what Kate had to say, especially in relation to the fortcoming lible case. She said things like definately stroinger than I was a year ago and anger has gon e now, feel so much better than I did in 2008. From these two 'quotes' it seems to me that her feeling better coincided with the release of 'The Truth of the Lie' and in fact it has not made her sleepless and all the other horrible things she blames GA for.

    The was also a bit where she saod S & A were asking why she always was working now (presumabley at 'finding' Madeleine) and when would she be able to spend more time with them again. She does bless them with a fantastic memory and converstionals skills for ones so young but I thought she hardly everl looked after her children pre-2007, were the three of them not in The Laurels every day?

    I didn't like the subliminal connatations with Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars'.

    Mr B

  163. http://textusa.blogspot.com/2010/03/innocence-of-charlotte-anne-pennington.html

  164. kate God gave you the most beautiful gift ,that was obviously was not good enough for you ,or do you just get bored after a short while ? but please dont think that God can be fooled like you think he will vent his anger if not on judgment day soon it will hit you when you most dont expect it , God watches over all , beware of his wrath

  165. @anon 139 i often think about the twins safety too, i wonder if social services are involved because wasnt Maddie made a ward of court, and didnt the social services stop by for a "cup of tea" early after the "abduction" fairy story? Kate Mccann i suspect is on anti-depressants or something i honestly dont think the women is stable, the "weird" things she comes out with shows she isnt all there, the question is will she flip again? which i honestly think she did with little Maddeline that fateful evening.

  166. @ 141: Greenday "Time of your Life"

    Another turning point;
    a fork stuck in the road.

    Time grabs you by the wrist;
    directs you where to go.

    So make the best of this test
    and don't ask why.

    It's not a question
    but a lesson learned in time.

    It's something unpredictable
    but in the end it's right.
    I hope you had the time of your life.

    So take the photographs
    and still frames in your mind.

    Hang it on a shelf
    In good health and good time.

    Tattoos of memories
    and dead skin on trial.

    For what it's worth,
    it was worth all the while.

    It's something unpredictable
    but in the end it's right.
    I hope you had the time of your life.

  167. Trismegistus @ 110

    Completely agree if we want to know what exactly happened to Madeleine here is one person thats told us time and time again that she knows. As in Panorama (woosh cluck) where she acts out a blow and her most recent where on the steps of the Lisbon court she tells us she knows and now this when will this woman be arrested?

    Now we have I am a religous caring mother Kate again and I think as other posters have commented that this is a definate ploy on her part as a reaction to something she feels she must address.

    Lets face it unless you cared enough to read the files you might very well react to the emotion in her voice as Aled did I wish I had that luxury if ever there was a forced reaction that was it you can actually hear the effort. It was at this point I found myself feeling I couldnt bear anymore and shortly afterwards shut her off and havent even been able to read the transcripts yet. Ive no doubt that whatever their relationship was Kate has made herself the victim she is a truly repulsive- a very ugly character. Kate is acting the way she feels will be most beneficial. How all this going to get them their enquiry Ive no idea but Kate obviously thinks it will.

  168. In the Catholic church if you seek the Sacrament of confession, in order for that confession to be valid you have to be sorry abandon the sin and make a firm amendment. If you continue in the sin, the sin is not forgiven and remains. Think about this Kate its God you are mocking.It is also a very serous sin if you take away the good name of an Innocent person with lies.

  169. 131

    'Why is she wearing a shirt with a 3-year old image of Madeleine on it? The child would have changed by now! Isn't that image 'harming the search for Madeleline'?!'

    trying to recreate the early, heady days of the fund?

    Who knows

  170. @136 - "Dig Deep" in American speak means cough up some money for something (usually charity or the drunk on the street begging for it.) That's the first thing this expat American thought of when I read those words.


  171. Viv said "She believes God is looking after and protecting six-year-old Maddie, who vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007 just days before her fourth birthday.

    I agree with you Viv, it is Kate who should have been protecting her kids, not God. I do not want to offend anyone who is religious, but I am not religious so I do not relate to this fantasy world she lives in where she can even think that God is keeping Madeleine safe. I would have to question why she thinks Madeleine should be choosen to be kept safe, when hundreds of other kids have died in Haiti, or been murdered or killed in accidents. I often wonder just how devout Kate was before all this and just how often she went to church because I thought, but I may be wrong, that the catholic church is opposed to IVF treatment.

    I also cannot understand why there was news coverage that the twins would be presenting her with daffodils in church. Its Mother's Day - kids give their Mother's flowers, no press coverage necessary!

    However they seem to be changing tactics and running for others etc. all they have got to learn to do now is get at the back on the starters line and then I might believe it is genuine which I do not at the moment in the same way as I do not believe she is a devout catholic, it just makes a good story line IMO

  172. @132, I am 109. You make a good point, but my point is that for a supposedly educated person, Mrs McCann has displayed astonishing ignorance about music. Her statement basically said that nothing other than pop music can be considered "happy."

    How an educated doctor can be so pig-ignorant is beyond me.

    Music (both old and new) expresses the whole range of human emotion. For evidence that classical music can express happiness (evidence is an important thing to Mrs McCann, it is said!) I submit Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" (4th movement of his 9th symphony,) Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring", and Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue." Not to mention the Saint-Sans Champagne Movement (2nd movement of his second Piano Concerto) that's just come on the radio.

    You want sad, expressing loss? You got it. Start with Isolde's "Liebestod" from "Tristan and Isolde", Dido's aria from "Dido and Aenaeus", Mussorgsky's "Songs and Dances of Death"...

    Want anger and revenge? The "Death of Tybalt" from Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet", Iago's "Credo" from "Otello" (chilling), or Leonora's "Pace Pace" from "La Forza Del Destino"... she begins with telling her heart to be still and ends with screaming curses at the intruder on her peace (who turns out to be her brother for extra pain)...

    Music, all music old and new, expresses the whole range of human emotion. Any educated person knows this. Mrs McCann, following that honest remark that displayed the shallowness of her intellect and emotion, has given us all devastating evidence that she is neither educated nor sophisticated.

    I think I knew that already - the university I went to was infested with pre-medical students who would grow up to be just like the McCanns - uneducated doctors.

    And to think that the whole idea of kicking out the wise women from the medical profession was to allow the profession to become more intellectual... the "gentleman doctor" rather than the ignorant peasant woman that would give tea and sympathy in equal measure with medical know-how.

    Now we've got this specimen. No tea, no sympathy, and no intellect. Just child neglect and lying like a rug.

    She said only she and God (the Christian one, she means) know what happened to her daughter. That is one statement that I believe. She does know.

    -- Trismegistus

  173. "Kate. - Oh my god there’s lots. I used to take Madeleine swimming on a Saturday morning and she used to have this really tight swimming cap on and I’d be watching through the glass and she was the youngest there, she was only three and she would just walk along on her own really confident and get in and these huge eyes would be looking at me through the glass and shed just be waving you know, hi mummy and I’d be texting Gerry saying she has got me crying again, and just lying with her you know and conversations, it had got to the stage where me and Madeleine would go to lunch together you know and it felt like a real girls day out."

    Another she was my buddy story - it was like a real girls day out, dear me Madeleine was almost four despite the ponytail you were forty and a doctor, I do resect your choice of picture though I assume it was because you havent bothered printing any after those yet I too dont expect Madeleine to have aged one day since you last saw her.

    As for the very bad I pray for the abductors how can you even bear think about them nevermind pray for them? Cant you grasp what you and your detectives have proposed as Madeleine's fate? Shouldnt you be talking about forgiving them when you have Madeleine back or is everything over as far as youre concerened because you talk like it is.

    All those worried about the sponsors please keep in mind that even two hundred people shouldnt be hard for almost anyone. Someone as high profile as Kate I was expecting rather more considering their extensive families, friends and their village all of whom I expected to donate because I listened to them talking about "how the whole village is behind us," I was expecting a few thousand without any public help simply by word of mouth. Their fundraising days are over- even they must realise that now.

  174. So the twins are again playing parts in the PR soap opera. How disgusting...

  175. 'Diogo Sabrosa recordado'

    'Diogo Sabrosa morreu há um ano afogado na praia da Quebrada, em Lavra, Matosinhos. O sobrinho do futebolista Simão Sabrosa foi engolido por uma onda do mar quando brincava com o pai no areal, e o seu corpo nunca foi encontrado. Os pais do menino.... voltam hoje à praia onde o filho de quatro anos desapareceu das suas vidas. Uma homenagem para recordar o pequeno Diogo, que contará com familiares e amigos do casal.' in Correio da Manha

    Kate e Gerry devem aprender a dor e a humildade de quem perde um filho, com pais que vivem a paternidade e o sofrimento de forma responsavel, genuina e verdadeira.
    Sem circo, apesar de fazerem parte de uma familia mediatica, sem convites aos Media, sem mega-operacoes de propaganda, sem exploracoes de imagem, os pais do menino demonstram como o amam e respeitam, como choram o seu tragico desaparecimento. E o pais junta-se a eles nesta homenagem porque quem sofre verdadeiramente uma perda irreparavel como e a morte de um filho, merece carinho e respeito.
    Quem fabrica eventos para alimentar uma farsa, merece a abertura de milhares de Blogs na Net, por cada livro e cada voz que e silenciada. Para que todos possamos dizer NAO A PROPAGANDA, NAO A EXPLORACAO DA TRAGEDIA DE UMA CRIANCA, NAO A FARSA.

    E para o Detective mais convencido do mundo, Sr. Edgar: O corpo do Diogo nunca foi encontrado, o do Leandro tambem nao, apesar de terem quase esvaziado o rio Tua. E A VIDA A ESCREVER DIREITO POR LINHAS TORTAS!!!

  176. She prays for the Abductor means she prays for herself. What a narcissist. And wonder what is the sense of her pray: ' God please, let Madeleine not be found. You know, I know, where she is. Please keep her under Your surveillance and out of public and police eyes.'

    This is why she need a church key and went to the church when is empty... to avoid strange eyes and ears. Guilt people always act like that... they don't like crowd places where there is many circumstances out of control. She knows, cameras and microphones are not allowed in churches, even by police request. It is the only place where she confessed and look for some forgiveness.

    Wonder which Secret capela de Nossa Senhora da Luz, the PDL church, holds regarding Madeleine. Something which change the life of Priest Pacheco forever and made him ( according to statements in Portuguese newspapers) dislike the case, refusing to talk about it. What he saw? A BLUE TENIS BAG which still missing? A child Blanket? The special Cuddle cat in a weird place? What he heard from Kate& Gerry? A confession?
    Amazing that we saw Kate & Gerry going back to PDL, announcing to the world that they are going to visit friends ( The Anglican Priest) but never a word to PRIEST PACHECO ( The catholic priest), never a reference to him, never a tank you. WHY? WHY, they always seems to avoid connections with important pieces for the investigation. And around the church there was deep excavations at the time, and the GNR dogs follow Maddie patten until the church and lost it near the beach. Have Madeleine alive, been in the church one time during her short holidays? Did she walk to the beach, with nanny's trough the church way? THE PRIESTS, the Anglican and the catholic, seems to know important facts about Madeleine, this is why Kate became suddenly, a devote mum, divided between two religions- Anglican and Catholic. In PDL, both priests, share the same church, then they must share the same secret.
    Kate says to the world that she is catholic, but in PDL she visit the Anglican priest and his daughter play Madeleine character at Gerry ' reconstruction farce'.

  177. I wonder how kate feels today...so much faith,paedo and catholicism must be exhausting.
    Ready for the nut house?

  178. Hi Fencesitter,

    I do not believe in God either, but respect the right of others to do so and the right of others like Aled to look at Kate McCann and see someone who has actually aged about 20 years and needs spiritual intervention/concern.

    I also do not believe that Kate or Gerry had any faith prior to this.

    From the first moments we hear Kate's mother telling us Kate looked to God to give her Madeleine back. But God can do no such thing, that is absurd. Children die and children get abused, it is up to parents to protect them from that. I see Kate as abused and unwell but making some very bad decisions. If she believes Maddie is still alive she should stop living the lie that her husband demands and go and tell the truth right now to the only people who can actually help her, his name is not God, it is Stuart Prior.

    I have a feeling that Gerry has a strangle hold over Kate, you go to the police and I will get you the blame, you will never see Maddie again, you will go to prison and lose the twins, you are mad, who are they going to believe me or you, etc. I honestly believe that man is as evil as that. He will be very pleased to see people attacking her and laying all the blame at her door.

    Gerry said he wanted to "control" the investigation in Portugal. Why is it that as the investigation closes in closer and closer to him (note the report of Lee Rainbow that we are now aware of), the police suddenly find cadaver scent on Kate's clothing and in a hire car, hired weeks later (which is absurd)? But clever Gerry is telling Ricardo Paiva you are wasting your time looking at us, you will not find any evidence of us killing Madeleine? It is like he knew he could caste suspicion on Kate but the police would not actually get the evidence to convict. Why did Gerry have to keep on popping home etc on "business"?

    I know I could be wrong but I see this man as a puppet master who has been pulling everyone's strings, including Kate's and the police contantly seeking to lead them on a wild goose chase that leads away from him! But we should never lose sight of one thing, Mr Smith saw him carting Madeleine off and he accepts those children were drugged.

    But, I see him now as a man who no longer has the original goal of making a fortune out of his so clever schemes, he simply seeks to save himself. For me that final video with Sandra just says it all, he is furious with Kate, she is a nut and should shut up and let him do the talking, he does not hide his rage if she fails to do so. But Kate is not quite beaten yet. I will have a lot more sympathy for her when she finally cuts the strings from him and does what she knows she must do. God will never give her the comfort that she needs.

  179. Their charade is getting sicker and madder as times goes. If she is not careful she risks falling into the hole she digs deep.

  180. Trismegistus:
    "Mrs McCann, ... has given us all devastating evidence that she is neither educated nor sophisticated."

    The McCanns are above all social climbers. As as all social climbers, they concentrate on externally visible symbols of status: "our lovely house", for example. Sadly, medical training and profession seems to have given them neither culture nor common sense nor, above all, one shred of kindness or compassion.

    In any case we are not really listening to Kate's words.
    The whole "campaign" has been managed by professionals from the start and, let's not forget, is primarily aimed at the British sentimental and celebrity-loving public.
    Therefore, for all I know, some creative guy in a PR agency dreamt up "She must say she only listens to sad music these days".

    All their interviews sound strange, awkward and contrived because their are *not the words of real people* IMO. They are simply scripts, writen by somebody else, meant to serve a purpose at a certain time.

    The McCanns have paid professionals from the start to help save their skins, nothing they do or say will surprise me any more.
    In a way, I am more shocked at people, unconnected to the case, like MST. He certainly didn't have to support Goncalo Amaral --- he should simply be able to conduct a serious, balanced interview.
    Why can't he?

  181. @148 jjp

    The question was do the BBC have news editors or researchers?
    I was not referring to a particular programme why imply I was?
    If you assure me the BBC are making many factual errors on the McCanns every single day, please inform us all and the BBC, otherwise nothing will ever change.

  182. Apparently the BBC received numerous complaints for choosing Kate Mccann for their mother's day programme, and rightly so. Now if they had chosen a mother of a soldier killed in Afganistan they would have received praise for paying tribute and reaching out to so many who are suffering the same loss.

    If the press had not bothered informing us about the twins giving daffodils to their Mother in church, but had instead told us that they intended sending daffodils to every Mother that had lost her son fighting for our safety and our country as a mark of gratitude then maybe they would have earned back just a little of respect that they have lost. It is time for the McCanns to be put aside in favour of more deserving coverage IMO

  183. Aled - Why Snow Patrol?

    Kate - "This is a song that both, myself and Gerry really liked and in fact after Madeleine had gone it was a song that was quite difficult to listen to, actually it kind of it made us both quite upset ... "



  184. TO GM AND KM: "You can bend it and twist it... You can misuse and abuse it... But even God cannot change the Truth.”- Mickael Levy

    I've always thought that people who display Religion and God as an evidence for Innocence are VILE and DESPICABLE. They are the most dangerous ones.


    When the world know about this ridiculous charade - because YES THE MCCANNS, THE WORLD WILL KNOW, Kate McCann will be regarded as a very interesting psychiatric case.

    TO GM AND KATE SUPPORTERS: Using religion to preserve your own interests is not only despicable but trully LOW. We have reached a very low point with this interview. SHAME ON YOU.

    Iam pretty sure that the Portugese police is working secretly on the case to prepare an inquiry for homicide and concealment of cadaver. The McCanns' are very powerful, but you cannot keep on mocking a whole country police forces, Constitution and regards Portugal as an old colony.
    Agnès France.

  185. Is this what Kate means about being given the keys to the church -

    ". . . In Order that You May Know

    that the Son of Man has


    LUKE 5:24

    By His words and works, Jesus provided you with many reasons to know for certain that your sins are forgiven and the gates of heaven are unlocked and open to you. By giving the keys to the church, Christ provides a way for you to hear His words of forgiveness in your own ears, and thereby to know for certain that your sins are forgiven.


    Add the above to "I know the truth, God knows the truth ...... as she said on Aled Jones


  186. I'm not understanding why a priest here in the UK would give Kate McCann the keys to the church?

    It is three years since Maddie vanished. Kate, can get whatever it is she needs to 'get off her chest' as she expressed, at any time, at any place. How much does she have to get off her chest that three years down the line she is still doing so? More to the point -What is it she needs to get off her chest?

    She did not say that she goes to the church for some quiet time, to pray for Madeleine, which she can do at any time of day from any place on earth and her God will hear her prayers, no matter where she is when she speaks the words. I'm sure if she feels that she has to speak them aloud that she could do so in her own home.

    But she didn't say she goes to pray for Madeleine, for her safe return, or to pray for the abductor, the abductors brother, cousin, colleague, mother, sister, brother and extended family, or the police, the investigators - NOPE she goes for refuge - from what exactly? She said she goes to get things off her chest? What exactly? And of course -Sanctuary. How dramatic!

    I take it she prays for the long list of people in her spare time, outwith the church? I wonder if it is on a daily basis?

    She doesn't blame her God, yet she goes to his church to release her anger, get matters off her chest?

    Good Lord, Ms McCann as you know speaks with forked tongue, I do hope you can find it in your heart to forgive her, and the priest too, who gave her the keys - you must hate it every time you hear the key in the lock, knowing that Keyhole Kate has arrived.

    Never have I heard of the Parish priest giving the keys of the church to anyone so that they may come and go as they please.

    And Gerry, does he not avail himself of this service, the opportunity to slip into the church when no one else is around and speak aloud, get things off his chest?

    It is such a strange statement to have made -'get it all off my chest.'

    Roman Catholic Churches have services most days, the priests themselves are available should anyone require their services. There is also confession each week.

    I don't get this need at all, for Kate McCann to hold the keys to the church. It makes no sense.

    She claims not to blame her God for what happened to Maddie. She can, as I say pray and speak to her God at any time. Why the keys?

    She does not speak of her religion as a Roman Catholic would. She clearly lacks knowledge in this area, and very much so, it comes across as a prop to aid the McCann purpose and agenda. She does not sound in the slightest sincere when speaking of religion.

    As a Roman Catholic, it was embarrassing to hear her attempts at appearing to be devout or even close to.

    To speak of God protecting Madeleine and keeping her safe. To hear her say that she does not think God will abandon Madeleine now or stop loving Madeleine now - to be perfectly blunt - was an absolute load of nonsense. Not something a person of Roman Catholic faith (or anyone of religion) would say about their God.

    What has happened to her/Gerry (NOT what has happened to Madeleine) she believes is for the greater good.

    What might that greater good be?

    She doesn't know why God would 'help?' her prayers when there are others with EQUALLY as important prayers to be heard.

    Others just don't get the keys to the Lords House so that they can get things off their chest. But then other mothers of missing children, don't have a dark secret to get off their chest.

    Her words were rehearsed, insincere, not a jot to do with religion, in fact she makes a mockery, and at best patronising.

    What mother of a missing child would have to remind themself that the search/campaign was not about them, but about their missing tot?

    It was a disgraceful display by this woman. I cannot bring myself to call her a mother, as a mother would not be behaving in this way.

    She cannot even describe her daughter's character. She struggles.

  187. Some turn or return to religion in times of tragedy. Kate McCann does not appear to me to be doing so. She appears to use it, to say to the world, I am holier than thou, that someone like me who seeks religion could not be capable of any wrong. That she is blameless.
    Gerry spoke on the Oprah show of the abductor being 'anonymous and blameless.' He spoke in anger.

    Until the McCann's AND their friends, speak the complete truth and stop leading the public and police up the garden path then the PERSON/S who removed Madeleine from Apt 5a will quite possibly always remain anonymous to the world - but NEVER BLAMELESS.

  188. dont you think its sick to use god as a shield,because thats exactly what the mccanns are doing to try to convince everyone they are innocent by saying about the keys to the church,well words to you kate mccann, you havent fooled me and many more who have been following your "im innocent crusade"

  189. I find it revealing that Kate's mother never appears at her side to support her. I would, if I believed in my daughter. Also, no old friends, patients, colleagues, saying nice things about them. In fact, SILENCE seems to speak louder than words.

  190. My partner sings 2 of the songs chosen by Kate at his music gigs, I love them, but now they will be associated forever with Kate McCann in my mind. I can't express how depressed that makes me feel

  191. Kate: What are you doing Sean? Sean: I am digging for treasure Ma, as you can see the fund is running low. Imagine if we find some we will never have to rely on the public again for their donations, we will make a mint Ma. Kate: And we shall forgive the public for not donating anymore for they know nought what they are doing.

  192. Aled Jones - welcome to my Boycott Blacklist.
    It's been going for nearly three years now, and includes all Virgin products, Everest Double Glazing, British newspapers, political parties, certain charitable organisations, etc etc.
    How does it work? Well, any person or organisation who supports the McCanns (or unquestioningly goes along with their fairytale) is boycotted by me forever.
    So if they want my vote or my money, they'll never get it.
    And if they are selling goods or services, I'll never buy them.
    If they want me to listen to, or watch, their programmes, I'll choose instead to join the real, genuine people on the internet.

    If this seems like a token gesture, so be it. But KM's 'mad-as-a-brush' interview on a RELIGIOUS programme on Mothering Sunday OF ALL DAYS was opportunistic, hideous, hypocritical beyond belief and also the last straw for many of us.
    What else is a caring, concerned person supposed to do when show ratings and soundbites are considered more important than the fate of a small dead child?
    So many of these timeserving media types are going to have egg all over their faces when the truth comes out about this case.
    But they won't be able to say that they weren't warned!

  193. The good thing to come out of this is that Mrs McC feels stronger than ever. Time to drop the suit against Mr Amaral.

  194. I wonder who the guest will be on Father's day.

  195. Annon 188

    Your boycott is BY NO MEANS a token gesture. I too have a boycott list , and the thing is......if EVERYONE READING THIS FORUM.....were to do likewise, it would certainly make a difference.

    So what about it people... lets all boycott those who enable this charade to continue..... starting with all the newspapers.

  196. To 99 - don't worry about Gerry being neglected in the broadcast love-ins.
    He is probably recording 'Desert Island Discs' at this present moment!

  197. Oops....

    Furthur to my comment (196) it should refer to annon 193 not annon 188...... Its Monday and I'm having a senior moment !!

  198. If Kate can consider forgiving the phantom abductor who Gerry told Oprah was "anonymous and blameless", how about Kate forgiving Amaral who hasn't actually done anything to her? What about publicly apologising to Murat for the torment she caused him and his family?

  199. ''Having a child snatched was the worst thing that could happen to a parent'' - No shit Kate, how was it for Madeleine, do you think? Always about you, never about 'the child' (as Gerry affectionately calls his daughter) Selfish, Selfish, I don't know what else to say.


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