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Leicestershire Police under Investigation

Police under investigation over Fiona Pilkington case

IPCC looking at how officers handled case of mother who killed herself and disabled daughter after years of abuse by youths

by James Sturcke

Ten Leicestershire police officers are under investigation over the way they handled the case of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Francecca Hardwick, who were found dead in a burned out car after suffering years of abuse from yobs, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said today.

An inquest last September found that police errors and inaction were partly responsible for driving the vulnerable single mother to kill herself and her severely disabled daughter.

Returning a verdict of suicide on Pilkington, 38, and unlawful killing for her 18-year-old daughter, whose bodies were found in a blazing car on a layby in October 2007, the jury decided that the police action "contributed" to the deaths, notably the failure of officers to connect dozens of separate calls for assistance.

The IPCC said it had served advisory notices on 10 officers informing them that their conduct was under investigation.

"This complex inquiry is going back over police contact with Fiona Pilkington, her daughter and neighbours over a period of several years. We are assessing information from family members, neighbours, the authorities involved, records of police contact, and the accounts of relevant police officers themselves," the IPCC said in a statement.

The inquest jury heard Pilkington contacted police on no fewer than 33 occasions in seven years in which youths throwing stones and shouting abuse had kept her a virtual prisoner in her home in Barwell, near Hinckley in Leicestershire.

Asked how police were responsible, the jury said: "Calls were not linked or prioritised."

The IPPC subsequently launched an investigation into the way the "distressing" case was handled, in particular, how seriously the police responded to Pilkington's calls for help.

The commission added that substantial work was still left to do: "We are progressing this rigorous investigation as swiftly as possible and will make our findings public in due course."

The inquest verdict also held the local council partly accountable for failing over a period of years to take action against the young gangs, and criticised the county social services department for not referring Pilkington for professional help after she said she felt suicidal.

The coroner, Olivia Davison, said: "I am concerned about the evidence I have received in this inquest about the process for gathering and recording information from victims of antisocial abuse."

Separately, the jury blamed poor sharing of information between the police and councils for contributing to the deaths, but also noted Pilkington had neither "sought nor accepted" help on occasions.

Pilkington's blue Austin Maestro was found in flames on a layby by the side of the A47 near the family's home on the night of 23 October, 2007. Inside the car, which had been set ablaze with petrol, were the severely burned bodies of Pilkington and Francecca. The inquest was told that Pilkington probably took the family's pet rabbit in the car as well to soothe Francecca, who had a mental age of about four.

The six-day hearing heard a mass of evidence, at times deeply harrowing, of the way in which gangs of teenagers and children, some as young as 10, had kept Pilkington, Francecca and Pilkington's son, Anthony, who has milder learning difficulties, "under siege".

Reacting to the news of the investigation, the shadow home secretary, Chris Grayling, said: "There's no doubt that the tragic deaths of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Francecca have massively undermined public confidence in the ability of police to deal with antisocial behaviour.

"That's why it's really important that all the lessons are fully learned by those who were directly involved."

in Guardian 

The same police who had time to delivers flowers to the home of Gerry and Kate McCann on September 10, 2007 in Rothley, England a day after the arguidos left Portugal. - photos from Life Magazine

The same Police who was working on a matter of International cooperation with the Portuguese Judiciary Police on the investigation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and whose site still links to the former arguidos site.

Press Release from the IPCC

Update on IPCC investigation into death of Fiona Pilkington - 16 March 2010

The following is an update from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC):

The IPCC's independent investigation into the deaths of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter is ongoing. We have gathered a variety of material and liaised with the police force, local social services and Hinckley Borough Council, who have co-operated fully. We have now served advisory notices on a total of 10 Leicestershire police officers and this situation is being kept under review. Such notices are not judgemental in any way, but are required under police misconduct regulations, and served on officers to advise that their conduct is under investigation.

This complex inquiry is going back over police contact with Fiona Pilkington, her daughter and neighbours over a period of several years. We are assessing information from family members, neighbours, the authorities involved, records of police contact, and the accounts of relevant police officers themselves. The extensive nature of the investigation means there is still substantial further work to do, and enquiries to be made by the IPCC. We are progressing this rigorous investigation as swiftly as possible and will make our findings public in due course.

Media contact:

Mark Pearson, IPCC Regional Communications Officer (Central Region) Tel: 0207-166-3239


  1. What does this have to do with the Mccanns?

  2. Anon 1, do you live in a cave by any chance?

    Leicestershire police have a link to the fraud site from their web site...in itself surely that is enough to raise an eyebrow?!

  3. Who were the flowers for?


    At a time when they were still suspects? The cops treating them with kid gloves.

    I think this goes to show the bias in favour of well heeled people.

    If that poor lady who was driven to kill both herself and her daughter had been given a small percentage of the attention these bloody child neglecting McCanns have been given, no doubt they would still have been alive.

    That the cops are linking up to the McCanns' site is an utter disgrace.

    One which they have so far refused to adequately explain.

    No wonder the only thing we can think of is that they must be showing some personal preference for these McCanns, and the word 'Masons' springs to mind.

    Are the UK cops ever going to prove us wrong?

  4. The whole situation is just absolutely appalling. Of course, the police would rather toady up to the McCanns and the cameras; but for a very isolated and vulnerable family, they really couldn't care less.

  5. you couldn't make it up!
    and the sad case of Fiona isn't the only one where Leicester Police
    didn't do their duty to vulnerable people.
    Still they cant be looking after the general public when they have to carry out their McCann duty.

  6. Thanks again Joanna. I knew about this case previously of course, but then reading this here again, and thinking of those rogatory 'interviews' by the Leics.Constabulary I feel physically sick.
    And to poster @no.1 - if you are serious, then I truly despair at your lack of human intelligence.

  7. So they have yet another enquiry. It will change nothing. Poor people mean nothing to those in authority, time after time, it is the same.

    I would like to see an enquiry into how many police officers in the higher echelons of the Leicestershire police Gerry McCann knows personally, and has associated with on a social basis.

    If it appears there are such people, then the case should be passed onto another Force. One as far away from Leicestershire as possible.

  8. The link with the Mccann case is the incompetence. It is extraordinarily incompetent of LP to maintain a link to the McCann funding website because the investigation which made them arguidos is not closed but only shelved. It can easily be reopened and the McCanns made arguidos again as they were not exactly cleared of all suspicion and the PJ believe that their child died in their apartment. The LP risk charges of being partisan and not impartial with this link to what may turn out to be a fraudulent fund. Someone is responsible for this and a complaint to the IPCC should be made to investigate this too.

  9. its a shame this mother and daughter didnt get the same level of care as is given to the mccanns,leicestershire police should hang thier heads in shame

  10. wonder if the 10 polices under investigation were in charged of the Mccann's case, helping (in reality perverting) PJ investigation.

  11. Good to see that the Leicestershire Police are being investigated in their part in this appalling story. It would be even better if they were also being investigated for the part they have played in the McCann case - most notably their delay in forwarding the Gaspar statements to the PJ - maybe one day. These photographs of police officers delivering flowers to the McCanns make them look utterly ridiculous - message boys and girls for suspected criminals - how proud they must be to be part of such a dedicated law-enforcement agency.

  12. I have suffered harrasment for years in Earlshilton the person was found guilty 5 years ago . But has continued harrassing me .the police have done nothing as the person doing the harrassing is an old man . Rather than help I was arrested for throwing a snowball at the mans house ? Released without charge some 7 hours later .
    No wounded the women did what she did the police officer for Barwell & Earlshilton is pure scum
    P, C D HARTE 1886

  13. Anon 11 Agreed.

    The police look like servants delivering flowers to the Queen.

    Perhaps that is how they think of Kate?

    Queen Kate and King Gerry. They might as well be given all the special treatment they get.

  14. Shameful acts, police officers delivering flowers to suspects' door- who gave this order, i' m sure it is not among their duties to deliver flowers to anyone, let alone a pair of suspects!

  15. Anon 12

    You should complain again and mention the above case.

    They need to be reminded about this. It is not acceptable that you should have to endure harrassment from anybody.

    If they continue to ignore you, write to, or visit your local MP and report what has been allowed to continue by the police. Your MP should be able get an answer for you and maybe for once the cops will listen.

  16. Will they be described as sandwich munching, "bungling cops", as the PJ were?

  17. NOTHING surprises me about Leicestershire Police:-



  18. When Sahil Saeed's father's whereabout is known, will the local police be photographed ferrying gifts from members of the public to his door?

  19. Sky are airing a poem from a fan about Beckhams achilles heel...MP John Mann has hired Carter Ruck to threaten a blogger because he called him a wanker..Leicester Police last week were looking for a suspicious person struggling with a stolen washing machine...The Country has gone mad...Leicester Police are a laughing stock, running around like gofers delivering posies to suspects in their own daughters death...

  20. There is little doubt that as a consultant, McCann will be held in high regard by the senior officers - they will not want to upset doctors who might treat them at some point - its the way of the UK social structure - its no doubt a huge influencer amongst the media - added to the many women in the UK media who left their children with nannies or unattended in much the same way as the McCann's.

    Fiona Phillips being a classic example of the modern career woman who thinks society owes them a living and total unthinking support as 'personalities'!

  21. It is utterly appalling that the link to the fraud site remains on the police site - it is incredible that the police, knowing that the McCann's have NOT been cleared, leave this link in place.

    It is yet another example of the appalling state of affairs in the UK.

  22. I wrote a formal complaint to Leicestershire police weeks, months, ago - about this link to the McCann's web site - which appeals for money and information to support people who remain under suspicion and never cleared.

    The site bases its demands on an unproven hypothesis - abduction is unproven.

    Does this mean we can run a site which claims that Madeleine wandered off and ask for money to search for her to support that hypothesis? Of course the money would be used to support our families and not for lawyers unless we need to sue anyone.

  23. http://www.leics.police.uk/news/3360_new_police_office_opens_in_village/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Leicester Police open office in Village Church

  24. The LP are good for nothing it appears apart from sitting on their collective ars*s. It was never explained why they did not send on all the info to the PJ required for the investigation of the Tapas 9. Why they kept a link to the McCanns site on the LP website, and many other questions. I have asked on the net many times why the LP never actually questioned the McCanns when they turned up without their child after a holiday in PT and that child a British citizen???? Questions but no answers. Does the LP not believe the dogs then or are they just for other suspects.


  25. And we must remember McCanns standing ovation at the NIPA, (inset into photo)

    Photo from Leics Plod tribute blog

  26. I agree with 14 that it demeans any policeforce to be seen as delivery boys/girls, carrying bunches of flowers. (Florist shops and Interflora deliver to our door direct and are thoroughly professional throughout.)
    Meanwhile the poor family without connections is left at the mercy of thugs.

  27. A very harrowing story. Heart-breaking for the entire Pilkington family.

    The contrast between how this family were treated by the LP and the McCanns, whilst official suspects, couldn't be more stark.

    I hope that KM includes these 10 officers of the LP in her prayers. I couldn't think of a more fitting tribute.

  28. It's clear why Leicester Police retain the link on their page.
    They are giving you a very clear signal, if you will but read it: WE DONT THINK THEY DID IT. It's not exactly coded.

  29. @himself, post 25.

    Thank you very much for that information regarding the letter to the Home Secretary regarding the meeting he had with GM.

    I look forward to hearing the reply.

  30. Despicable lot, the Leicester Police! Acting as delivery boys for the McC$$$! Such was the level of protection tha they didn't even allow delivery people to go to the front door! One would think it was Downing Street, n.10! And, if I'm not mistaken, the LP also installed a panic alarm (not sure of the correct name for it) in the "Rothley Manor"!!!

  31. The Police were on duty at the end of the McCann's drive, guarding them as they had just returned as suspects in the murder of their little girl and when people deliver flowers go and give them to the McCanns. What did you expect them to do? I think people forget the police have to protect Kate and Gerry and Venables and Thompson. The higher the degree of threat, the greater that protection will be. The police realise that cases like this can cause major public unrest and lead to them having to lock vigilantes up.

    But I am pleased they are being investigated in the above case because the Police nationally in UK do not give an adequate response to domestic violence cases, resulting in two often preventable and unnecessary deaths every week, maybe that is a link I could see to the McCann case. Maybe also the police should better prioritise protecting victims in the same way they protect offenders. That would please the public! The police have a bad attitude that needs to be changed, downgrading the importance of domestic violence cases.

  32. To keep it short: Bloody bungling, lazy, disgraced, McCann-lackeys fish & chips munching pigs!!!
    They had that coming.

  33. I have just complained to the Leicestershire Police.

    I do expect them to use MY council tax money wisely, not to deliver flowers to the suspects of a crime.

    (#Ashamed#) from Leicestershire.......

  34. The pictures of the cops delivering flowers to those child neglectors looks absolutely demeaning.

    Did the Chief Constable pop round later with a bunch?

    To think we have to pay taxes to support these characters.

  35. I was just so shocked to see the pictures of the police delivering flowers to the McCann home. No im not niaive (Spelling?) whilst one woman and her family are taunted, insulted, abused, threatened and eventually commit suicide because allegedly the police failed to act and protect them, they are busy delivering flowers to the home of a woman who with her husband left their 3 children without adult supervision, allowing one of them to disappear. Father attends a Leicester police do and gets a round of applause, what for exactly?

    Whilst the investigation into Fiona Pilkington and her family is undertaken, perhaps some brave soul will question the availability of police protection given to the McCanns, and why that same level wasnt made available to Fiona Pilkington and her family? Was a panic button installed into the home of Fiona Pilkington, perhaps the investigation will find this out and report on it. Did Fiona Pilkington have a dedicated officer to contact?

  36. Anon 1

    With all due respect, this is Joana's blog and she can choose to post whatever she likes.

    In any case, this is related, the photos of the flower deliveries make an excellent point.

  37. Seems that the British authorities were failing allot of things at home. A shame for somebody which wants to join Obama and control the destinations of some countries in the world.

  38. Sahil's family are under scrutiny - and rightly so.

    Unfortunately the same scrutiny was not directed at the McCann's.

    Comments by news reporters yesterday re the Sahil affair- comments like - 'a lot of unanswered questions' 'things don't add up'
    'could the family be involved' 'was there a ransom paid, if so, where did the money come from?' and on and on the questions went -
    Rightly so as I said, but no such questions were ever asked of the McCann's whenever they made an appearance on any news programme here in the UK. And things certainly in the case of Madleine's disappearance - 'don't add up' 'family involved?' 'unanswered questions' and of course - money for ransom/reward - We never hear of that either in the McCann case!

    Maybe next time the McCann story hits the headlines our news reporters will attack it with the same gusto they have the Sahil case, try to get answers to the many puzzles, both cases have thrown up.

  39. This same police force have been treating the McCanns as golddust since they returned from PdeL after being named arguidos in the case. That didn't stop the same police force from giving Gerry McCann a standing ovation at a dinner party. Could the invented abduction be tied up with this same police force? Gerry said he wasn't going to Portugal to enjoy himself. Maybe there was something going on between them all! I would believe anything after all that has happened involving their parents protection since Maddie disappeared.

  40. Where in the world police give flowers to persons suspected of crimes? In England! Please, if you are a suspect of a crime and live in the area covered by the Leicester police, reclaim your bouquet! ~x(

    The preferential treatment given to the McCanns by this police force is disgraceful. Unfortunately, the victims in this case were not middle class doctors with rich people and influential politicians behind them. Shame!

  41. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) are in bed with the Police, you only have to look at the murder of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes on the London tube, the Police shot an Unarmed innocent man 7 times in the head, the IPCC said no one should face disciplinary action over the killing.

    This is what the Guardian said in 2008, An investigation carried out by the Guardian earlier this year showed poor administration to be rife within IPCC with casework managers with no legal qualifications and little relevant experience making crucial decisions; complainants being treated rudely and indifferently; and extreme delays- some going back years.

    The same investigation seemed to support the widely held belief that the police are given immunity exposing the IPCC as biased in favour of police even rejecting cases where the evidence supporting the complainant was compelling.

  42. Are the 10 officers under investigation still working, or have they been suspended?

    Personally, I just think the IPCC are 'going through the motions' - the investigation will be a 'whitewash'

    Unless your name is Km or Gm McCann in Leicestershire, the police don't give a damn

    To LP, one of your citizens is missing, parents are were suspects in the disappearance, the case is not closed but shelved. What action (if any) are you taking?

  43. There appears to be a different level of treatment for where you happen to live. Ditto the media.

  44. In the case for the little boy in Pakistan it looks like the family cooperated. I doubt any sent letters saying they could not take part in anything.

  45. 38 I think you will find if you check the up to date news on the Sahil case, he had actually been recovered four or five days but the police wanted to keep a lid on that and his father paid a ransom from another country. Crucially, Manchester Police are investigating this and they are not prepared to make any further comment now.

    I cannot say that Sahil's dad is a suspect but it sure does look that way. It was a bit like the Karen Matthews situation I was worried about saying that until it was confirmed with her being charged otherwise you are libelling that person. Once police in UK identify a suspect they just go silent whilst they investigate it, we will not hear any more unless they charge Sahil's dad. Gerry and Kate are identified as suspects and no matter how hard people try you are not going to get UK to admit that one! I think it pays to remember that contrary to the spin they were not cleared of being involved in the disappearance of Madeleine, only a Portuguese or British court could do that. But given the obvious fraud it would have to be British actually, as Goncalo says, no jurisdiction.

    One thing is fantastic, Sahil is OK and he is going back to his mom!!

  46. http://www.leics.police.uk/news/3366_leicester_receives_funding_to_tackle_serious/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Leicester Police to receive funding...and they say crime does'nt pay.

  47. The police didn't have to go to the door to deliver the flowers like they are the McCanns' errand boys.

    They could have phoned somebody in the house to come and collect them. There were people in there besides the sainted ones.

    No wonder they looked so subservient. Because as far as the McCanns are concerned they do appear to be. On the orders of who?

  48. There must be one or two decent coppers in LP who know something about this case and want to put an end to this farce? DC Andy Gierc knows who Jane Tanner phoned at 8.30. on the night Madeleine disappeared. It must be a significant call, otherwise Mitchell would have given us chapter and verse by now.

  49. "A Scoping Exercise"
    Just watched a video of the McCann's apartment when the CEOP manual was found and saw the words " A scoping project". So ,this phrase has been around from the beginning. Please bear this in mind, Alan Johnson, when you decide whether to review or re-open the case. if you put things off until after the election, you will be catigated more severely when the truth eventually emerges.

  50. Did anybody ever discover why the child neglecting Gerry McCann was given a standing ovation by the police? A STANDING OVATION!!! It beggars belief!

    Did they believe his story that Madeleine came to no harm whatsoever?

    What more proof do we need that the McCanns are being given special treatment? Treated with kid gloves.

    Can the PJ count on the UK police for help in this case? A few individual UK officers who were working on the case may have seen behind the abduction scenario but have they been silenced as well?

    Meanwhile, poor people like Fiona and her family are ignored and left to be hounded to their deaths.

    Presumably they don't have the manpower to guard the 'little people'. Yet they can find it for the McCanns, who, incidentally could well afford to buy their own security.

    They have brought all this on themselves, so why should the tax payers have to foot the bill for anything for these characters.

  51. Please see the extract from this report that shows how the Madeleine investigation interrupted the roll-out of Neighbourhood Policing by the Leicester Police. It shows that resources and attention were being diverted to the McCann's at the expense of the welfare of people like Fiona Pilkington.

    Leicestershire POLICE AUTHORITY
    Date TUESDAY 13 OCTOBER 2009 – 10.00 A.M.
    PILKINGTON AND FRANCECCA HARDWICK The purpose of this report is to inform Police Authority members of the circumstances
    surrounding the death of Fiona Ann Pilkington and Francecca Hardwick. It will recap on our investment in Neighbourhood Policing.

    Appendix B - NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICING TIMELINE [full timeline is in the report that can be googled)

    "May 2007
    Operation Task – investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann places unprecedented demand on Leicestershire Constabulary"

  52. re: anon 1 . Gerry keep to your own site

  53. @ post #51, thanks for that piece of information. I'm speechless!

  54. Are the Leicester plods going to blame the McCanns in part for the deaths of Fiona Pilkington and Francesca Hardwick?

  55. @51 ....On whos orders? the mind boggles ,Maddie "disappeared in PORTUGAL ,Not Leicester !!

  56. Now hang on a moment Shannon Mathew's mother was given the same treatment and that didnt stop the police prosecuting her. Although I too have my fears the truth is that Madeleine's body hasnt been recovered Shannon was nor are there any confessions that immediately means things take more time and need to be watertight. Nobody wants to see them walking away from court.

    There are other cases that do take as long (and longer than) this. I would like it to be over and Madeleine receive the justice she deserves I deplore the way the McCanns are depicted in the press and wonder if they are being treated differently but this isnt over yet.

    Id like Kate to remember the old adage- the harder they are the harder they fall. You maybe a hard nut for the police to crack and you might get angry that might sustain you for a while but you are one of the most unstable and unreliable characters especially in public almost everyone sees that -time isnt on your side. Even if you get away with it again (as in case shelved) that knock on the door could come at any time as cases are often retried/reopened in Britain.

    I apologise to any Portuguese posters but this is the way things are in Britain until she's charged she will be treated as innocent same as anyone and the press will print something to sell papers at the moment thats her version- if we are keeping tabs you can be sure they are.

  57. Still no public apology yet from Leicester police to say why they did not fax or telephone the PJ to tell them that they had just interviewed two doctors by the name of Gaspar, who had made serious allegations in their statements by saying that they had seen McCann and Payne laughing and making despicable sexual gestures in reference to children. The major factor being that Mrs Gaspar did not feel safe about her own off-spring being in their presence at bathing times.

    Where is the apology from Leiceser police? Why did they not divulge this information immediately? Why did they wait FIVE MONTHS before passing on this information, and after Amaral had been removed from the case? So many questions to be asked.

  58. Flowers? A Celebration or a funeral? I suppose celebration is out of the question.

  59. Attended a show last night, well known Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle - Several jokes were told re the McCann's, one being the group sitting out for dinner laughing and joking, carefree and suddenly saying amongst themselves, we're here, you're here, oh no who is with Madeleine? She was an afterthought. Jokes about leaving only two tickets at the box office for K+G when it really should have been three. Jokes about how they cannot divulge "all" as they are saving some stuff for their next "Christmas Special" I was surprised to hear that this material brought "the house down." I thought with McCann being a Glaswegian, the audience may have been offended - the opposite in fact. From the hysterical laughter which drowned out at times, the first part of the next joke, it was obvious that Glaswegians are not buying the G + K story. It was kind of sad too, not because of what Frankie Boyle said, he is known for his blue material and he leaves not a celebrity untouched (and the McCann's have now achieved celeb status, which by all accounts is wrong, when they left their children and one is now missing) by his accurate and 'close to the bone' assessment of them to gain a laugh, that is what he does and anyone attending knows this beforehand. It was not that Frankie Boyle joked about Madeleine's disappearance that was sad, it was that what he said in respect of the neglect of wee Madeleine, the behaviour of her parents, Christmas Specials, and the case in general, was all so very true. It brought home loud and clear the fact that it is K + G the world is speaking of, and not this child. No one asks of the Macs how their search is progressing, or if there is hope in sight. There is never any update on this search for wee Madeleine, only news of legal actions, of how K+G feelings are being hurt, or how Kate is coping. Miraculously Kate's God seems to have healed her, as she was not, last week the quivering mental wreck on Aled's show, as she has claimed in her action against Goncalo Amaral, that he caused. (I do believe she has mental health problems, there before she visited PDL on holiday) And physically she is as fit as a fiddle, running her 10K. To have done so, it is obvious she trains - you have to be fit to train.

    Poor Madeleine, she is being forgotten. I hope someone somewhere in the UK media some time soon get the courage at the next opportunity when interviewing the Macs to ask what EXACTLY is happening with this search. Not to hear that there will be 'bunting and balloons' draped around the village of Rothely on the next anniversary of the child being missing, whatever that might be -the anniversary of the day they bought her new shows, or whatever! But what ACTION is actually being taken to further progress? The public have donated to this search Fund, yet the Macs cannot as Clarence tells us, speak of certain aspects for 'operational reasons' yet operational reasons, do not hold them back from publicising their celeb events, their runs, their interviews, on every subject other than wee Madeleine.

    If they had one shred of information which would lead to where Madeleine is, they would have acted on it, or, would they?

  60. Spikey 11 said
    "Good to see that the Leicestershire Police are being investigated in their part in this appalling story. It would be even better if they were also being investigated for the part they have played in the McCann case"

    What we must remember is that from "great oaks grown from little acorns" and what has a biginning has to have an end, and the end is near for the Mcs I have know doubt about that, lets hope LP will be brought to tasc for their "protection" of them.

  61. Slightly off topic. News on the Sahil case this morning. Interesting to see that money did change hands, ransom etc.
    Interesting also that no demand for money has ever been asked by Madeleine's "alleged" kidnappers.

    The huge reward in the Madeleine case not being claimed, really does point to the child being dead. If not, then the kidnappers wanted her for some other purpose and it was not to live happily ever after. Madeleine being so high profile though, how long do we think, if she was being used by paedophiles, that they would hold on to such a child? The chances of some 'client' letting the cat out of the bag would be too risky.

    No one is going to keep this wee girl. Not even a loving family who leave her unharmed as K +G say. She would have to be hidden away at all times. Again too risky.

    Any parent would be only to happy to give this reward money, give their own life, and every penny in that Fund to anyone with information as to Madeleine's whereabouts. The alleged kidnappers know this also. Yet no one comes forward, not even to point the finger at their brother, cousin, colleague....

    This wee girl is no longer of this world.

  62. In todays Daily Star ,the West Yorks police who found Shannon Matthews are on the case ,after the mc Scams BEGGED Alan Johnson to RELAUNCH the case ,and they are said to be "DELIGHTED"I have emailled the reporter ....jerry.lawton@dailystar.co.uk,to fill him in on some details he maybe is unaware of ,hope everyone else does the same

  63. A copy of my email
    I was interested to read today the West Yorks police are hunting for Maddie ,I hope the read the OFFICIAL reports by portuguese and UK police that Maddie died in 5A,I hope they read the Gaspar statements,I hope they watch the videos of Eddie and Keela (the cadaver dogs) who found cadaver in 5A,in the garden ,in the Mc Canns wardrobe,behind the sofa,In the Renault hired by the mc Scams ,on the key fob to the same car and on Kates clothing ,I hope they ask the mc Scams why Kate refused point blank to ask 48 questions asked of her,why the whole Tapas gang refused point blank to do a reconstruction( they daren because ALL the statements were different) ,Remember the Mc Scams motto"NO STONE UNTURNED"I have followed this case from when it became as clear as glass that Maddie met her demise at the hands of her so called "parents" there is NOT ONE JOT of proof that Maddie was"abducted"in fact the ONLY people who have ever mentioned the word are the Mc Scams ,they needed to to open a FRAUDENLENT fund to grab money out of pensioners and childrens hands,But of course none of this gets published in the UK press,for some reason they are ALL running scared of the Mc Scams maybe due to their "friends in high places"It by time a British Editior grew a pair and smashed this case wide open ,By defending the Mc Scams they are letting down an innocent child who deserves better,How they sleep at night ,thankfully,is beyond me

  64. When you look at the heartbreaking timeline of the devastating neglect of the Pilkington family (nota bene: not doctors) - it is striking to see how many times the term "officer not available" comes up. I think that is code for "we couldn't be bothered, these people don't matter."

    The contrasting pictures of the errand-boys carrying flowers to the McCanns tell the whole story. Just think, it was at this same time that the Pilkington's cries for help were being answered with silence and apathy. Yet, the same police force at the same time, found time to send several officers 'round the McCann place, to deliver flowers.

    I do hope that they enjoyed the flowers.


  65. @51 - I genuinely and deeply wish that the McCanns get EXACTLY what they deserve. Whatever that may be.


  66. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/posts/view/126788/Shannon-Matthews-cops-drafted-in-to-search-for-Maddie/

    Interesting start to the article - "The police team who found hoax kidnap victim Shannon Matthews are to probe Madeleine McCann’s disappearance."

  67. Interesting that "joe public" can volunteer to be a member of HMET


  68. Not the most reliable newspaper, The Star, but even so, devastating headlines for the McCanns, another major Homicide and Major incident team in UK, the same one who probed the faked Shannon Matthews case and found her are said to be probing the McCann case. If there is any truth in this, I would not like to be in their shoes now!

    Justice for Maddie, whatever they did with her!

  69. Let us hope that HMET are allowed to do a proper review of the files.


  70. Annon 68

    I'll believe this new investigation to be an honest one when i see it......i have no faith in the cops anymore

  71. Now Gerry and Kate whining they want the Portuguese to look at this case again makes complete sense, the horrified looks on their faces as well! The Gerry Rage..

    And who was it broke this story to the Daily Telegraph on 6 March, why the McCanns, that is what you call spinning some really bad news, lol!

    Keep on running for other people's charities Kate, it is the best you can do, and sit in the church and pray!

  72. Just found this on the Telegraph online,Churches are handy places !!
    The discovery in a church attic of the "mummified" remains of an Italian schoolgirl who went missing 17 years ago could provide a crucial lead in the unsolved mystery of a British woman's gruesome murder.
    Maintenance workers repairing a leak in the roof of the church in southern Italy were horrified to find the desiccated body of 16-year-old Elisa Claps hidden behind a bricked-up section of wall in an almost inaccessible corner of the attic.
    The local chief of police, Romolo Panico, said the "mummified" body was in "an advanced stage of decomposition."
    DNA tests will be carried out to confirm the identity of the body, but the teenager's mother and brother said they were sure it was her because police found the clothes, sunglasses, a jewellery chain and a pair of sandals that she was wearing when she disappeared on Sunday Sept 12, 1993.
    She had gone to the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in the town of Potenza to meet a local man, Danilo Restivo, then 21, for a date.
    It was the last time she was seen alive.

  73. Viv if the story is to be believed the Mc`s are thrilled senseless with it !! Only WE know better !

  74. and their libel action against Goncalo Amaral, I think they can just forget that silly idea! I would not be surprised if the Portuguese courts have been deliberately holding that up, in full co-operation with UK.

  75. A source told the Daily Star: “It’s hoped we can clear the decks and start over again.”

    In what way does this differ from a reopening of the case?

    And where does it leave Leicestershire Police?

    And why is this sort of titbit always exclusive to the Star of the Express?

  76. With all this commotion and fuss the McCanns have been making about wanting those sightings and leads (that have already been discarded by the investgators) investigated, it looks like the McCanns may be very worried about a Murat V Tanner case.

    Such a lot of distraction.

    Hopefully, the S Yorkshire police have not been ordered they must investigate only these supposed wonderful leads of theirs, but I have a feeling the Home Secretary may have been persuaded by the McCanns on this one. Their bleats may have paid off yet again.

    So how much is that going to cost the taxpayers and at the expense of people like Fiona and family. Disgraceful.

    Let us not forget the real investigation is with Portugal.

  77. Interesting news if its true re Shannon Matthews detectives. Ah well, the investigation won`t get anywhere if they allow the McCanns to influence the investigation in any way, or the Leicester Police or CEOP or the government for that matter.


  78. Yorkshire police "to search for Maddie" doesn't sound good to me. I would prefer the headline, "to investigate the McCanns". This could be a simple whitewash on the McCanns behalf. I seriously doubt that the UK police will do a proper job and take up all the further questioning needed of witnesses like the Smiths et al, that could have been done if the case hadn't been shelved. More likely it will be a case of looking at the published PJ files (with no supervision by the PJ, the leaders in the investigation) and a superficial pronouncement in a few months of the McCanns complete innocence of any involvement. Job done.

  79. If the South Yorkshire Police are seriously going to investigate the sightings, which have already been said to be not relevant by the official investigators in Portugal, just because the McCanns want that, then that says a lot about the sway the McCanns have.

    After all, it is South Yorkshire where the dogs are from, and the cops there must know those dogs alerted to blood and cadaver scent in the McCanns' apartment and hire car.

    If that happens, then any faith I have left in the UK cops is completely gone.

    We are fast becoming like a banana republic when certain individuals can get an audience with the Home Secretary and get him to overide the work of the police and define their own agenda. Our rules and laws are worth nothing.

    Or does this mean that everybody with missing people can go see the Home Secretary and get his help. If this was the case, he would be doing nothing but that all day and every day, and have time for nothing else.

    Yet these people should also go and complain if they don't get the same treatment as the McCanns. It would be interesting to see what excuse the Home Secretary would give them, because they wont get the same treatment, that can be assured.

    Why are the McCanns always the exception to the rule? Even to the extent of getting to be presented to the Pope, when there must be millions of people who would love that, and really are serious Catholics.

    And the big joke is that the McSpinners have refused to cooperate with the official investigation, and there is no evidence whatsoever for the truth of their abduction fairy story.

    Has their non cooperation with the official investigation been overlooked by the UK cops? Have those 48 questions the McCann woman refused to answer been overlooked?

    Come on Portugal, reopen that case. Reopen it as a murder investigation, which is what it should be. Remind everybody that the UK dogs alerted in the holiday apartment, and are saying Madeleine is dead.

    It would be interesting to know how the McCanns would spin on that.

  80. The most useful thing the S Yorkshire police could do would be to take those dogs of theirs round to the McCanns' property and do a search of that.

    Just like it was done at the Murats' property.

  81. In all this we feel sorry for Portugal and its people for all they have suffered brought on by the Mccann sarga who are totally to blame for all that has happened. Let us hope that one day soon the police will do their job, truth will out and justice will be done. H.C. Germany

  82. 73 Well you know have the McCanns actually looked thrilled senseless any time recently?

    I think Gerry looked a lot more thrilled in those halcyon days back in early summer 2007, when he was fool enough to think he could get away with this. Now he just seems to be very cross and not getting his own way.

    The only way Portugal still had jurisdiction in this case is if it was a stranger abduction, that is what Gerry and Kate were pleading for and they were told to go and get lost!

  83. I would be willing to bet Gerry McCann has been lobbying the government that both Portuguese and Leicester Police have been completely unfair to them in remaining adamant they are responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine and forcing the poor little McCanns to have to fund raise and pay their oh so honest detectives to look for Madeleine. Rather than get what he wants, our government insisting to the Portuguese, this is a stranger abduction, get off your backsides and find her, he has got Yorkshire Police. They are formidable!

  84. Re: The Daily Star article.

    "The case was archived as unsolved in July 2008, and the McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, have had to hire private detectives to search for her."

    You bet your sweet life this case is 'unsolved'.....and for a pleasant change - no mention of the 'cleared' parents!

  85. Please correct me if I am wrong, but if I remember rightly, the child in the Matthews case was found because a neighbour said there was the sound of a child next door when there were no children living there.

    If that is true, it sounds more like a lucky strike.

    Having seen the likes of the so called investigators the McCanns are employing who once worked for the UK police, it is not encouraging.

    That they can ignore the findings of the dogs speaks volumes about them.

    If serving police officer continue to ignore the dogs then there is no hope our police force can be considered to be impartial.

  86. Anon 72

    Wonder how many more murder victims there are buried in churches? Perhaps that is the last place the police would think to look.

    There was somebody on 3As who used to say that Madeleine was buried at a Church, but can't remember which one.

    Perhaps they deduced it?

  87. Anonymous said... 1

    What does this have to do with the Mccanns?
    16/03/2010 18:39

    Someone quipped above in relation to this first off the base post, Gerry stay on your own site which made me howl with laughter, but given the date it just had to be someone who was very touchy about Leicester Police being taken off the case, and we did not know then! That imperious way with words sounds so familiar to me!

    Joana, I am sorry to have to tell you this Hun, but you have got Gerry glued to this site=))

  88. Andy Brennan, Detective Superintendent, West Yorkshire Police

    Andy is a Senior Investigating Officer with the West Yorkshire Police Homicide and Major Enquiry Team.

    This chap was one of the speakers at the CEOP Conference that McCann spoke at in January.

    West Yorkshire Police also have Raymond Hewletts DNA as they have been investigating his links to historical abuse cases.

    The fact that CEOP (who assume Maddie was abducted) have appointed West Yorkshire Police does not look good.

    The MI5 / Government cover-up continues!

  89. If they get the UK police searching for Madeleine on the strength of these waste of time leads, then the McCanns' Fund should either be stopped, or they should reimburse the police with the money they have been given by the unsuspecting public who don't realise Madeleine is dead.

    Why should they be allowed to be coining it while the tax payers are footing the bill.

    Also, does this mean that all the other people who have somebody missing at home and abroad can meet the Home Secretary and get him to tell a police force they should search wherever requested?

    If not, why not??

    Why should only the McCanns get what they want?

  90. well if this is true,lets see what the Yorkshire Police come up with,and if they still believe the mccanns and tapas mob then we will know its another force covering up for them as we all have read the files so know what is what

  91. I can´t help thinking a lot of people here are getting a bit paranoid. Personally I find it very hopeful that a police force that sussed out Shannon Matthews´ faked abduction are now looking into this one (if it´s true of course. Why is this news only in the Star?) No matter what, it´s a smack in the eye for the Leicestershire Force.

    Interesting also that Gerry was invited to talk at a CEOPS conference where the Shannon Matthews case and faked abductions generally were discussed. This must have been mighty difficult for him, and we never heard a dicky bird about how his keynote address went down. I think he would have let us know if it had been a roaring success.

    I also think we would have heard more about the McCanns' joy and gratitude if the Home Secretary were giving them what they wanted. Maybe a bit more faith is needed; I like to believe there are some interesting developments taking place behind closed doors.

  92. I'm not sure if it's true that it will be SOUTH Yorkshire Police who may investigate this case, but if they do, they should declare an interest, in that Gerry visited Meredith Hughes, Martin Grime's supervisor; not, presumably, to congratulate him on the work of Eddie and Keela.

  93. Anon 85, I believe you are right. Someone also called a charity about it as I remember.

  94. CEOP Conference- a poster on this site said Gerry opened the conference instead of closing it and tha t he "bombed". Any more details available, as CEOP won't produce any info. on the conference content?

  95. Joana, this issue is vital to the integrity of the Portuguese case, it is in their jurisdiction, it must remain in their domain and control. Please pass this on. I pray that the PJ have learned their lesson (they were wrong to trust the FSS with the forensics) and refuse to let the Yorkshire police see any of the unpublished evidence files whixh are so important to an eventual bonviction of this couple. The Yorkshire Police must not be trusted at this stage. It is likely they will whitewash the evidence and give it straight to the McCann.

  96. So, the Poisoned Chalice passes to West Yorkshire Police?

  97. This Yorkshire police seems another one force to cover-up and foolish the world with the abduction. British authorities know that for the public, more then PJ, is the Leicester police who end-up with is reputation down and connected with a criminal cover-up. Any other force which come up on the sme way will be only dust to trow at our eyes. If the British authorities want to credibilize their police andsolve the case, start at the point the case was abrupted interromped- THE FSS REPORT ( THE FORENSIC SAMPLES WHICH THEY SHOULD NOT ONLY INVESTIGATE, BUT ALSO TAKE CARE and KEEP THEM SAFETY AND IN PROPERLY CONDITION tho be rechecked), THE RECONSTRUCTION, THE QUESTIONS LEFT ANSWERED.
    Every step which did not start at the points above will be only charade on top of charade, circus on top of THE CIRCUS. Madeleine, as a child victim of neglicence and exposed to several dangers, deserve much more from the British authorities. NOT MORE FARCE!!!!

  98. Amazing to see that a police force who take more then a month in an intense and huge search of a girl Fake abducted, and who just solve the case by accident and after a very lucky help of the neighbours,who did not believe on Karen Mathews Fairy Tale, were the last forces in charged of Madeleine case. Their action was a joke at Shannon Mathews time. How they manage to get foolish by a lady and her relatives, poor educated, trying to use the Media without the help of a PinK Man to spread the spin ( Lets remember that the Vulture Sun newspaper, quick jumped on the story with a reward to who find Shannon)? It is a shame that a little British girl, unprotected and fragile did not achieve justice, even after her tragical disappearance.
    If their is connections between the case Mccann and the case Mathews, this connections should be at several points: Both were Fake Abductions, Both foolish the public and the police, both manage to have rewards from newspapers( amazing), Bot have the eyes and the mind in a charitable Fund, in both there was a degree of paedophilia related with family or friends ( Shannon step-father and Maddie-Payne). No DOUBTS, KATE WAS AN INSPIRATION FOR KAREN ( INTERESTING Both names start with K). No Doubts, Yorkshire police will be not the most helpful for Madeleine, unless they look at the Mccann's and try to understand and compare the BEHAVIOUR OF THE PARENTS, instead of searching Madeleine.

  99. We hope the Yorkshire police finally get to the truth. We used to go to Portugal every year, it was a very nice country for a holiday but since Mccanns have upset the whole country with all their lies it looks like they have taken over Portugal but we hope this will not be
    , The Mccann story has ruined the holiday business so that people with chidren are afraid to go there. We are very sad that this has happened and we wish Sr. Amaral all the best to get it all straightened out. K.B. Germany.

  100. http://www.leics.police.uk/canyouhelp/appeals/6378_appeal_following_fatal_collision_in_oakham/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Leicester Police Officer dies in crash

  101. poster @ 98 ,I remember Karen saying one of the reasons she did it was because of the mega money the Mc Scums had made ,They really are an inspiration ,In fact Im sure Karen wrote to ask for money from the "fund" but no way they were letting go of a penny !!

  102. A bunch of fat lazy jobsworths delivering flowers to suspects - we have truly plumbed the depths.

  103. 100 It is a Leicester Police Officer investigating a crash in which a woman died, not him!

  104. The notion that people will be put off going to Portugal, their tourist industry will be ruined etc, has been run to excess by a certain leading Pro McCann. I think the vast majority of people who do not believe the McCann lies would consider Portugal a lovely country to visit and very safe, subject of course to taking the usual care of one's kids!

    I could say the same about the description of UK Police as "fat lazy jobsworths".

    It will be UK Police who bring the McCanns to justice, no matter how much they try to spin it otherwise and I think their time on the loose is fast running out. But it could not have been done without Portugal who did a fantastic and very thorough job of proving what terrible liars Team McCann are, for which we will always be eternally grateful. I know that decent UK citizens will always feel in their debt for this and understand just how much this has cost Portugal and not just in financial terms.

    Decent UK people respect Portugal, The Police in both countries and above children!

  105. You know it never ceases to amaze me how you 'the public' are the first to throw your negative critical comments towards the police service. In this black and white world we live in you never take on board that there is a large grey area that is never seen by the public. You never admit that things can go wrong from time to time and when they do it tends to be on a large scale. If any of you took the time to understand that the police are not god!!! they do not have the ability to foresee these things happen. The police do all they can to serve and protect the public and rarely receive gratitude for it! The negative stories and events always make the media and there is always someone who knows best, someone who has the answers to all of societie's problems. The irony is that a large proportion of these issues are created by the same people who think they can judge and show complete contempt for police officers who might I remind you are so tied up with red tape and a politically correct society are scared to do their job to the best of their ability, they are constantly worried about saying the wrong thing or a member of the public complaining because they can! Every day ordinary members of the public leave their families and their homes to go on duty and bar a few that have lost their way in how they do their job the majority risk their lives to make our communities safer and better for you lot to live in. Maybe you should all reflect on your own lives and what do you contribute to our society, do you raise your children to have respect for the people and the world they live in. Do you do all you can to live a better life and support those who need it the most. I can guarantee that if alot of you actually looked at yourself in the mirror you could not honestly say yes to all of those points. I feel ashamed of the society I am appart of. I feel complete and utter disgust for your one track minds without the ability to see the majority of good work that is sone daily by the police service. With the exception of a minority of officers the majority do a fantastic job, they wear their uniforms with pride and only strive to give the public the best service they deserve but is it reflected in positive comments NO!!! just mindless, unfounded and fact less comments to vent no doubt anger reflected in your own pointless petty lives. Yes what happened in recent cases is sad and could have no doubt been avoided but the bigger picture is police can't be everywhere at any one time, as pro-active as the police service try to be it is not physically possible to be everywhere at once. The way I see it to date is if half of you put as much effort into supporting the police as appose to constantly slating them our society's crime rate would fall dramatically and people would feel alot safer and better in their own lives. Continue with your torrent of abuse as I have no doubt you will but once again try reflecting on your own lives and what do YOU do to contribute to a safer society?????

  106. 105
    i feel that little rant need answering, as you seem to have no grasp of what a police officer actually does
    First some FACTS, police officers are members of the biggest gang in the country & simply play by their own rules to protect their own or in most cases beat down the other gangs (the general public)
    The IPCC is not an independant orginisation as you would know if you ever had cause to make a complaint, they simply pass it back to the police force involved & it is often "investigated" by the very officer complained about or his/her mate
    The public have no real course for making a truly independant complaint even the police & crime commissioner will simply refuse to get involved

    All of which leads us the general (law abiding) public to be rightly upset & frustrated when we see something so wrong being done by any police force
    The ongoing disregard by leicestershire police for the less fortunate members of the public is sickening & the blatant toadying up to the more affluent even more so, when i say ongoing i can easily give 50+ examples that have occured within the last 5 years (5 mins on google should make you see what i mean)
    I can relate one case where 3 people were wrongfully arrested, one of those was illegally detained for 14 hours, one with mental health issues was assaulted by leicestershire police officers & the third was convicted of an offence he did not commit 3 years later on evedence fabricated by leicestershire officers, None of these individuals has recieved a fair or independant review of their cases by leicestershires biggest gang, the ipcce also refused to investigate the 9 officers involved
    As you can see theres a very large differance between the "law" & "justice" Once again leicestershire police have proved to the nation that theres one rule for those who fit their ideal of a person who they are willing to help while the vast majority of us normal people get our views ignored or reviled
    Those even less fortunate are allowed to be driven to their deaths by ignorant yobs & in the opinion of a lot of people here the police are as guilty as the yobs throwing stonesbecause they simply did not bother to do anything

  107. 105
    :I what a stupid and obvoiusly biased view you have, if you are ever so unfortunate as to need police help & then get treated in the way that the Pilkinton family were i think you may change your view

    I suspect that you would be treated more in the Mc Cann style though due to your obvious connections


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