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Madeleine 'held in remote shack'

By Nick Fagge

Madeleine McCann was held captive at a rundown hut in an isolated orange grove just a few miles from where she disappeared, investigators believe.

The new theory followed sightings by British tourists of a blonde girl in an “unnatural looking” black wig which prompted a major surveillance operation by private detectives working for the missing youngster’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

The child – described as “100 per cent Madeleine” – was seen with two “gypsy” women in the town of Carvoeiro 30 miles from the Algarve holiday resort from where she disappeared aged almost four in 2007.

One of the women was seen by another British tourist acting suspiciously outside the McCanns’ apartment on the day she vanished.

Despite frantic efforts by the UK investigators and Portuguese police, the little girl has never been traced.

And incredibly, no public appeal has ever been made to track down the girl or the second mystery woman she was with.

The sightings only became known after Portuguese prosecutors released a 2,000-page dossier this week containing hundreds of new leads, most of which have never been followed up. One of the tourists was Jean Godwin, 56, from Widnes, Cheshire. She said she spotted Madeleine with the women in September 2008.

“This child was a young girl, she was in the middle of the two women and was holding the hand of each woman on either side,” she added.

“One of the things that drew my attention to her was her eyes. They were wide open and my attention was drawn to the large irises in her eyes.

“The child was wearing what was clearly a black wig. It was a short wig, cut in a bob style and was very thick. The wig was shiny and unnatural looking and out of keeping with her very pale complexion and fair eyebrows.

“As they were virtually level with me the younger woman suddenly put her right arm across her body and used her upper arm to conceal the right hand side of the child’s face.

“I could not sleep that night. I am convinced that the little girl I saw that morning was Madeleine.”

Private investigators working for Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41, from Rothley, Leics, launched a major operation into the sightings and discovered the identity of one of the two women.

The Daily Express knows the name of the woman but cannot reveal it for legal reasons.

in: Daily Express, 04.03.2010

Note: more about the same 'lead', including disguised detectives, a Citroen and a rag doll, in the Daily Star and the Daily Mail.

And, of course, don't miss The Sun, with an article of amazing investigative journalism by Antonella Lazzeri - or choose Anorak for a different perspective.


  1. Here we go.......its ''blame the gypsy time again ''...........

  2. Just how many Maddies are there? has she been cloned and sent to every corner of the Globe? Seems like it.

  3. Joana, the article about Jack Straw on BBC online is excellent.
    Try to publish it here.
    Finally, if true.

  4. Hah hah hah,

    this is very funny.
    I love the Express.

    "The Daily Express knows the name of the woman but can not reveal it for legal reasons"

  5. The mc canns p.is discovered the identity of one of the woman and what? Is that it Express wheres the rest of the story?
    Did the p.is take any photos/ after all is this not how they always prove their cases.
    What has this major surveilance achieved?
    The p.is were working for the mc canns and would have informed them of all this. so how could they be claiming it to be new information.?
    Stop reporting nonsence Express and just stick a pin anywhere you like in the police files and you will find a creditable story you can report on .


  6. But hold on there! I thought "100 percent Madeleine" was in New Zealand with Faceless Headless Man?

    Frankly, I think even I could pass for "100 percent Madeleine", albeit I could also pass for her grandmother ;;)

  7. If the McCanns keep up this sighting a day revelation it is going to be one big yawn and totally unbelievable.

    Yesterday we had Madeleine in New Zealand, now it's the gypsies took her. So what will it be tomorrow?

    Why not go find her first private investigators, and then come back and tell us when you do. After all, you surely don't want to alert the abductor that you are on to him (or her). Mum's the word!

    I predict the McCanns' so called investigators have a job for life, as long as they don't detect the information about the dogs and cadaver scent in the McCanns' holiday apartment and hire car.

    They will definitely not be allowed to go there and stay around for long, unless they deduct the dogs are 'ludicrous' of course.

  8. Daily Star is also very funny.
    McCanns detectives in Carvoeiro, disguised as fruit pickers...

    I see those anglo-sax white gentlemen, among Portugueses, disguised as fruit pickers and nobody notices it.

  9. What do the McCann's wealthy benefactors think when they read this bullsh*t ?

    What do the politicians who have been so supportive make of it ?

    I simply cannot believe that anyone with half a brain can look at this kind of bilge, without aking themselves, "how f*****g stupid do they think we are ?"

  10. One of the British tourists has been identified. The other has not been identified "for legal reasons". Odd.

  11. Então é nisto afinal que resulta a bomba dos dossier cheio de pistas alegadamente investigadas?Que desilusão.Estava à espera de algo realmente surpreendente depois de tanto dramatismo.Afinal é mais do mesmo.Os media britânicos mais uma vez a fazeram figura de parvos e os mccann mais uma vez a demostrarem que o seu tempo de glória já passou.A máquina está desgastada.E daqui para afrente só irá piorar.Uma a uma, todas as chamadas pistas revelar-se-ão falsas. Quero ver o que farão depois.Sem pistas e sem madeleine.

  12. 2 Those were also my thoughts, I think in the final report the Pt AG drily comments something along the lines of, on the same date, we had sightings of Maddie as much as 4000 miles apart. If he was implying, as I think he was, there was something rather stage managed and strange going on here to deflect the serious investigation of the McCanns, I could could understand why!

    I am fast losing patience with the sense of humour of the Daily Express. True, it is a ridiculous story, (how many hundreds of people now are certain they saw Maddie?) but is not actually funny. Neither is it reasonable to revert back to blaming the gypsies again.

    British press are barred from writing anything serious about this case involving the real culprits, (Contempt of Court Act, Official Secrets Act) so why don't they do us all a favour and stop printing such utter rubbish?

    I thought the Daily Express, like the Daily Mail, was aimed at the generally better educated middle classes, or is that the whole point? Whilst we are waiting for the police to get their act together, let us all have a good laugh at Kate and Gerry McCann. Never have managed to find them amusing, just desperate and sick.

  13. Jean Godwin managed to sleep the following nights ! Lucky one !

  14. Surely even the McCanns must realise how comical they are now becoming?
    The UK press must be being controlled by very powerful people to continue to print this shit non stop.
    Poor Maddie.

  15. 3, I hope it is true and the McCanns will have bad luck.
    British media will be free to talk.
    Finally, after the scandal of being gagged all the time, journalists can write and say what they found out.
    Mccanns are not sleeping at this moment, I guess.
    Neither is Carter Ruck.
    I hope England will be free enough to publish the files.
    And to publish Mrs. Martin and the Gaspars statements.

    From April on, we will have the truth on sales.
    For little money other vulnerable children will be protected.
    It is high time.

    People who know more about Tapas 9 will feel encouraged to come forward with what they know.

    Let us watch if Martin Brunt will remain loyal to the McCanns or was his loyalty based on fear?

  16. So the gypsies were loitering outside the apartment were they? Funny how no-one else has ever mentioned this. Strange also that all these people who spot Madeleine fail to take any photographs or to immediately inform the police. Had they all forgotten about the two and a half million pound reward? The reward that dear kate and gerry neglect to mention? And as for the ill-fitting wig - give me strength!


  17. One of the two gypsy woman was seem by another British tourist acting suspiciously outside the McCanns apartment on the day she vanished.

    White man, Swarthy man, Egg man, Gypsy women, New Zealand carers.etc etc ?????
    Regarding your parental negligence Mr and Mrs McCann, just who are we supposed to be looking for?

    With help from the British Government you left Portugal and did not go back for 17 months. Now you are spending time and money tormenting an honest Ex-Portuguese police officer.

    What cannot speak cannot lie--Woof Woof! marks the spot--
    Start there!. Ask for the investigation to be re-visited. Go back to Portugal and take a lie detector test. Ask your negligent friends to return with you to help the real deal Police Force, and us to find your missing daughter, by doing a time line re-enactment.

    Lets not forget a wee girl is missing, she is out there, and someone has that piece of the puzzle that will find her.

    Yes Gerry! Woof! Woof!

    An Englishman

  18. jack Straw cuts success charge in no-win, no-fee libel cases


  19. "Despite frantic efforts by the UK investigators and Portuguese police, the little girl has never been traced."

    At last some recognition that the Portuguese police were not sitting around doing nothing.

    Why has all this bumpf suddenly been produced when most folk know that the dossier has been available for some considerable time? Why now? Come on McCanns, ask for the case to be reopened. You say you want your daughter found,and you have the power to reopen the case, just ask.

  20. In the Daily Mail, they have the pictures and the names of a woman from Silves and a couple of teachers, insinuating that they were holding Maddie in an isolated farm house! Now we have proof that their detectives were committing a crime by carrying out an investigation in Portugal while the case was still open.

  21. "The Daily Express knows the name of the woman but cannot reveal it for legal reasons."

    The Daily Mail has no such compunction and goes on to name and photograph an innocent Portuguese couple. The woman apparently is a cleaner and was seen visiting the Portuguese couple, how very sinister, in all probability a cleaner visiting her clients.


  22. Is Albino related to Luis Antonio?

  23. Wonderful! I now know why Gerry and Jez failed to see Jane Tanner as she walked towards the apartments.... there was a mob assembled like some 'Carry on' film in the street, behind walls and standing on the corner. With such high numbers it really is understandable why Jane could not remember a face in the crowd.

  24. "The child was wearing what was clearly a black wig. It was a short wig, cut in a bob style and was very thick. The wig was shiny and unnatural looking and out of keeping with her very pale complexion and fair eyebrows.

    “As they were virtually level with me the younger woman suddenly put her right arm across her body and used her upper arm to conceal the right hand side of the child’s face."

    Here what comes to my mind after reading this:
    To me, that child had a serious illness, cancer maybe, and was under treatment, hence the wigg and the pale skin and most of all, the protective gesture from the woman, hidding the face, secluding the poor child from the inquisitive strangers look.

  25. McCanns detectives disguised as "fruit-pickers"! LOL! LOL!
    I can't shake from my mind the scenes from the tv comedy "ALLO, ALLO!", where the character "Leclerc" and others went around disguised as "onion-sellers" to fool the nazys! How I wish I could have been a bug in that orange grove! AH, ah, ah!

  26. Anon.#7, yes, I agree. It's not what Mr. Amaral says in the book that hinders the search and makes people not look for Madeleine, oh no! It's the complete madness of all this continuous spin and confusion, promoted by the parents! People are fed up with all this nonsense. The McCanns are hindering the "search" for Madeleine by boring people to death, not the PJ or Mr. Amaral and his "meaningless" thesis!

  27. Surely enough new evidence here to justify re-opening the investigation?

    Come on Portugal - open the case and I'll support Portugal instead of England I promise!

    Of course, I mean open the investigation and start at the beginning (Tanner - who placed Gerald in the same scene as 'abductor' - this is, in my view, the tiny crack that will split the case wide open!).

    Tanner, Wilkins and Smith.

  28. Have been skimming today's stories. Don't know where they got the info but it's a mess.

    1- so it wasn't M after all in NZ - I'm gutted
    2- the cleaner was seen by 5A - how unusual for a cleaner to be by holiday flats, in PLD or Cavoeiro
    3- girl with wig - so how do you know if she is blonde or a kid with no hair, from cancer treatments?
    3- is the cleaner a g_p_sy? - not according to one pic
    4- is it a shack, run-down farmhouse or quite a nice house in one pic?
    5- the drawing - how did they get their hands on it, have they shown it to KM?
    6- rag-doll - note to self - you cannot have dolls if you don't have children - new rule
    7 - one paper can't reveal names, another has the names and pics!

    Another load of nonsense and more people dragged into the mud. Isn't this illegal?!

  29. So if this girl was wearing a thick black wig, how did they suss out that she was blond in the first place? I don't think that even Gerry and Kate McCann can I identify Madeleine 100 percent with a cursery glance at this stage without a black wig on, much less someone who is not remotely connected to her. The police discarded this information for a reason, it was worthless.

  30. Humm...I see where this is leading...

    "Madeleine McCann was held captive at a rundown hut in an isolated orange grove just a few miles from where she disappeared, investigators believe."

    This is how they are going to "spin" their chief detective Mr. Edgar's claims of the lair in the wild hills of Luz!
    People have been criticising and pointing out how "ludicrous" that affirmation is and how strange it is that the McCanns and their team of investigators have never acted upon those claims! They know how ridiculous those claims are and that people are too aware of that, so, they must put a stop to it and somehow clean up the mess. And there we have it! This is what the "lair" thing was all about, the run down hut(does it qualify as a "lair"?) in the isolated (equal to: "lawless village"?) orange grove!
    Mr. Edgar was right all the time!It is us who have mis-interpreted his words!

  31. @25 "Good moaning! Tis I, Monsieur McConn, one of your privet detectives. Listen very carefully - I shall say this only once. I have the picture of the Maddie with the big wig, but it is not really Maddie - it's just a copy made by some gypsies! Oh, oh, watch out - here comes Herr Mitchell of the Gestapo - what has happened to his hair?"


  32. Round and round and round it goes
    Where it will end nobody knows.

    Somebody needs to point our to the McCanns that the official police force of a soverign EU country, the PJ, do not believe this information is credible. That's why they haven't reopened the case with it. Mitchel is trying to give the impression by feeding this guff to the press that the McCanns have backing in the press, but they don't. The press are just selling newspapers with "look alikes" and letting the McCanns make fools of themselves. The public don't believe them neither do the Portuguese journalists, nor the UK celebs who have jumped ship we see. Even the politicians won't back them publicly anymore. The McCanns are desperate and scared of what is to come.

  33. I think it's great all these stories are being printed. It helps the pj and the press at last can do some investigative reporting, like they did when the child was taken off to Australia in a yacht.

  34. This whole case is turning into one big farce,it's becoming a bit of a soap opera with the McConns as the terrible actors, their pr team the supporting cast,and the British media their captive audience,we all know that these made up sightings of Madeleine will be crossed off one by one as 'Not Madeleine',i wonder what that father and his family felt in New zealand when they realised they were being accused of 'abducting'Madeleine,if i were him i'd sue them .

  35. =)) can't type for laughing. How anyone can take the press seriously I dunno.

  36. Wasn't there another 'unnatural-looking', thick, black wig sighting back in the early days? In Malta or somewhere?

  37. I wish they would make up their minds. Is Madeleine being held in a rundown shack by some unkempt weirdo. Or is she cruising round the world on a yacht with a posh spice lookalike who wants her for a daughter. Or is it neither of these?

  38. The wild, lawless orange groves that supply black wigs, the lair that does hair- dyes it brown and tops up suntans, the fruit pickers in disguise. Is it still the pantomime season or Carry On up the Algarve?

  39. how cruel and petty you all are! If the McCanns act desperate, it is BECAUSE THEY ARE. Imagine for one second what it must feel like to not know where your child is. Of course, empathy is impossible for you all. Only hate, bitterness and jelousy are the only emotions you are capable of. Oh, and you come across with your comments as ignorant too!
    And to make humour out of a missing and possibly murdered child is the lowest of the low. No matter what happened to her, no matter who is to blame, it is NOT funny at all in any way. And if the McCanns entertain you with their crazy and desperate methods to try and get her back (no matter how rediculous you think they are- at least they are trying something), then SHAME ON YOU. You must be so perfect to sit on your high horses in judgement of your fellow human beings.

  40. hmmmm

    If Maddie is alive she must be going for the world travel record,the only child to have been in every country of the world at some point in the last 3 yrs!

  41. Yes and I saw a banana in a orange peel, could it be that this was the apple I lost from the table where I placed it before going to drink a bottle of cyder with my friends???? I'll get my private Army on the case.....donations always appreciated....no questions answered....

  42. The fat gypsy women broke the shutters.

  43. Anon 39

    I would love to believe that Madeleine was abducted and perhaps is still alive out there somewhere.

    Yet how to explain the findings of the UK blood and cadaver dogs which are telling of another fate having befallen Madeleine.

    Both dogs marked the same place behind the settee, cadaver scent, and blood under the tile at the same place.

    Also, both dogs marked the boot of the McCanns' hire car, that car being the only one picked out by the dogs out of all the cars that were line up.

    These are UK sniffer dogs sent over by the UK police.

    They are acknowleged as the best in the world, requested and used by the FBI, and have never been wrong in their findings.

    If the cadaver dog is alerting to the presence of cadaver scent then he is indicating there has been a death.

    Nobody has ever been reported as having died in the holiday apartment, and Madeleine is missing.

    It would be interesting to know how you can explain it, because so far the McCanns can only come up with saying the evidence must have been planted against them.

    Their other excuses of dirty nappies, and rotting meat being carried around in the car boot, and then the sea bass excuse is not acceptable. The cadaver dog alerts only to dead bodies.

    And why would both the PJ and the UK police, who worked in unison on the case with the dogs, conspire against the McCanns?

    Now that would be really hard to believe.

    Logic says that as there has been a dead body in the apartment, and Madeleine is missing, Madeleine is dead.

    That was the conclusion of the investigators, both PJ and UK who worked on the case, and that is the logical conclusion.

    There was no abduction.

    Nobody here is being cruel and petty. It is not about that, it is about the truth.

  44. Anon 39, the child missing is not funny, but these particular sightings when all shown together are funny, to me at least. I am not bitter, jealous or a hater and far from perfect. I do have a sense of humour.

  45. 39 -Someone else who hasn't read the files yet. McCs will sue anyone who mentions murder!

  46. Heavy irony not something 39 is familiar with.

  47. Anon ≠39, I see no one making humour out of Madeleine; instead I see people using sarcasm and irony to point out the ridiculousness of the claims being made about the 'sightings' of her in every corner of the world. If you read the sheer absurdity of some of the claims of those who are '100% certain it was Madeleine' you'd know exactly how ludicrous some of them are.

    It might be better to vent your anger on those who have left 48 police questions unanswered and those who declined to return to Portugal for the police reconstruction. Or perhaps have a word with the person who, against police advice, decided to publicise Madeleine's coloboma because it was a 'good marketing ploy'. Maybe if you took a long hard look at the happy couple who held up the t-shirt with Madeleine's photo on it you'd see wide beams, just as you would if you'd glance at the happy 'just married' look of the couple leaving the church in Praia da Luz on Madeleine's 4th birthday. Maybe they were grinning because someone had told them a joke; I don't know, but it did look distinctly odd to see laughter only 10 days after Madeleine had vanished.

    None of us is perfect; none of us is claiming to be perfect, but none of us has 'lost' a child whom we'd left home alone, and none of us now spend our every waking moment blaming other people for this, that and the other. AFAIK none of us has tried to ban a book, close a website or send letters threatening other people with legal action for having an opinion. Of course, none of us has the time or the money to do things like that - other people obviously have both spare time and money to squander.

  48. Anon 39 - No its not funny that a child disappears, but the McCanns ask for ridicule. The McCanns have not done one thing that can be taken seriously - every move they make, every word they utter cries GUILT, GUILT, GUILT. They think we are all stupid which makes them even more laughable. They have ended up being a cartoonist`s dream. There is no one on this forum that ridicules the fact that Madeleine is missing - we are all truly saddened. Truth seekers come to this forum and it`s plainly obvious that the McCanns are not being truthful. Its as simple as that. Just what is `the truth` they cannot allow to be exposed?

  49. Anon 39

    Mysterious disappearance of MM.

    There is no evidence MM was abducted, and an honest Ex Portuguese Police officer and his family are being harassed, and tormented because the available evidence disagrees with the abduction theory

    An Englishman

  50. 39 Oh dear!

    The McCanns desperate? Not desperate enough to risk their sorry hides by returning to answer the police questions.

    They have been on the defensive since May 3rd 2007. Their every act has been designed to defend themselves, not to find their child.

    Think about this, Tanner says she saw Gerry and Wilkins chatting when she saw the abductor. Gerry and Wilkins deny seeing her. Does Gerry suspect her sighting of the abductor as possibly a way to divert attention from her partner? No, he does not. Wouldn't any normal person wonder?

    The only explanation for the McCann's not suspecting any of their 'friends' and for not allowing the police investigation to proceed is that they know what happened to her.

    I have no sympathy for them any more than I do for Shannon Mathews mother, or for Ian Huntley or any person whose actions resulted in harm to a defenseless child. Lets hope their claims of agony and anguish are true...its no more than the selfish fraudsters deserve.

    So don't come here with your meaningless feigned outrage critising people who actually care about Madeleine and not their awful parents.

  51. 39 Madeleines fate is not at all funny, but the rubbish pouring out of the McCann's deserves derision - and it is they who are making Madeleine into a joke.

    The McCann's can end the farce, by returning to Portugal, taking a lie detector test, answering police questions, demanding the re-opening of the case and asking Amaral to return to active service and working with him.

    If they are telling the truth, there is no reason why they couldnt work with him to clear their names.

    Fact is, they are liars.

  52. Anon at 39

    Nobody is laughing at Madeleine or her plight. We all wish the truth to come out, and sooner rather than later.

    But the press coverage gets more and more farcical. As does her pitiful excuse for parents' campaign to protect their own image and unproven (to me unprovable) theory.

    I mock the press for their lack of professionalism and judgment, I do not mock the parents; them I despise.

  53. Sooooo, we take a break from xenophobia to indulge in some racism... Not only are they gypsies, they are of the sardine-munching variety... Despicable.

  54. Anon 39

    How cruel of the McCanns to neglect their children. How cruel not to co=operate with the Police from day 1 in the search for their own daughter, and since not even now asking for the case to reopened. How cruel to be laughing and joking after she disappeared in 2007 and courting the press and selling her as an iconic image to this day, and putting her in mortal danger each time if she was alive. The last 2 days of new sightings are testament to that. Splashing sightings all over the papers only suggets that they knew already they are false. They have courted the press and the public ever since, so if people challenge their bizarre behaviour in places like this forum so be it.

  55. I agree that the child missing is not funny, but so help me, I laughed out loud when I read that some Liberation army had claimed the kidnapping.

  56. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/maddie/article1740720.ece

    Jean Godwin saw her in PT sept 08 while the Cleminsons of chester saw her on 27 sept 08 in Majorca

    is it my imagination but do a lot of these sightings originate from the North West?

  57. 56 Sightings from witnesses in the NW. My thoughts also. I've been doing some background research into these people.

  58. This is the story to look at. Jeni Weinberger was the other witness.

  59. Is she related to Paul Weinberger? If so, it may explain why the establishment are covering up.

  60. Maddie sightings and media madness
    December 21, 2010
    Len Port Blog

    Recommended reading for anyone who cares about how these stories impact the people who have been falsely made suspects by Team McCann.


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