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Madeleine McCann: Fat Men, Gypsies And Pictures Of Kiwi Paedos

Madeleine McCann – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

Our Maddie is back on the front pages. She’s in New Zealand. She's in France. She’s in America. Possibly…

So far, Madeleine has also been seen in: Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Majorca, Belgium, Bosnia, France, Australia, Brazil, Wales, Malta, Italy and Dorset.

The Star (front page): “Maddie: Pics the cops kept secret”

Madeleine McCann could be 12,000 miles away in New Zealand, it was revealed last night.

She got there on a boat?

A security guard at the store in Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island was convinced the child was Madeleine. She asked the girl her name and she replied in a British accent: “Hailey.” Then she was led away by a portly man in shorts who grabbed her hand.

In. New. Zealand. Aisling Symes?

A girl whose face was so familiar to the world’s media, and who could be recognised by a store detective in New Zealand, made it from Portugal to, well, New Zealand. And the police ignored this vital clue. Shame on them. We armchair detectives would have done better.

The security guard was so suspicious she contacted Interpol who sent the images to Portuguese police in July 2008.

She spotted the girl in 2008? She was so suspicious she neither followed the man nor took a photo? PA newswire reports:

The files reportedly comprise hundreds of pages of information, including CCTV images that show a young girl who looks like Madeleine being led into a New Zealand supermarket in 2007.

In December 2007, to be exact, the year Madeleine McCann went missing and became the media’s Our Maddie.

But, because detectives archived the case nearly two years ago, the photos were never released and have been gathering dust in a 2,000-page case file locked away inside a police HQ in the Algarve resort of Portimao.

The photos were never released to the media. Should they have been? Is there a law that says all media must see all pictures submitted to the police of Our Maddie? Is there a golden rule that all images must be published in said media?

The evidence includes hundreds of sightings, photographs and leads from the US to Hong Kong collected since the investigation was shelved.

To think no copper wanted a trip to Hong Kong to investigate. Ok, the hotel would not have been five star but travel broadens the mind, and all that…

The Sun (front page): “Maddie: New File”


No, not secret from the police. Secret from you. Helpfully, we’ve got he picture and can entertain you with it. See that grainy image of the girl and the man’s chubby legs.

Two of the CCTV images were taken in New Zealand on December 5, 2007, and forwarded to Portuguese police by Interpol. In one photo a little blonde girl peeps out from under her fringe as she is led into a shop by a portly man wearing shorts.


In the other the girl is seen leaving the shop with the man and a little boy.

Jeremy Vargas?

She has the same hairstyle as Maddie when she went missing on May 3 that year from a holiday apartment in Portugal aged three.

She’s got the Our Maddie Cut. It’s caught on. Any other sightings?

A girl described as “a little elf” – in a pyjama top like the one Maddie had on when she was taken – was spotted being “summoned” from a shop near Murcia, Spain, by an “unkempt” man 12 days later.

Murcia and murkier…

In August 2008, a woman reported a Newcastle man acting suspiciously in Villamoura, 50 miles from Praia da Luz.

Geordie behaving oddly…? Was he not wearing a Newcastle FC shirt and looking emotional?

She says the man, who she also saw in May 2006, took pictures of her children.


In July 2008, a Scottish mum reported seeing a blonde girl who looked like Madeleine in Albufeira, Portugal, with a group of gipsies.

Yeah, its’ the gypsies. Let’s get them again. Anything else?

A report from Spokane, Washington State, USA, said a girl like Maddie was seen on October 9, 2008, with a Portuguese man. According to an informant, he ran a child trafficking operation. Chillingly, the file also contains information sent by Lieutenant Emilie Moreau of the French police about a photo of a little girl being sexually abused on a website. She told the Portuguese: “We think the girl looks like Maddie.” Inspector Paiva replied: “There is nothing relevant. The girl does not physically resemble Madeleine.”

First the fat man. Then the gypsies. Then the paedos! It’s the usual suspects.

As for this fat man in the New Zealand shop, the Mail calls the news and the CCTV footage “astonishing”.

The Express reports:
More than 50 sightings stretching from Europe to the US, Hong Kong and New Zealand are contained in a disturbing 2,000-page police document in Portugal.

Why is it disturbing? Are your disturbed by the sightings? By the police? Or by how a missing child became a global obsession? After three summer’s of reporting, the media has come up with a single clue as to what happened to Our Maddie.

A source close to the McCanns said: “They are extremely angry that this file has been sitting in an office collecting dust. Quite frankly it’s an outrage and a disgrace.”

Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell added: “They are incredibly frustrated that this was sitting there and being disregarded by the Portuguese police. They were shocked when they saw the scale of the information that had come in and the lack of action taken. There are potential leads in the file that are now being followed up by our investigators.

“It’s more than a pity that the file has just sat there for so long and simply marked ‘not relevant’ by the Portuguese. There are also images in the file that are strikingly similar to Madeleine and are being looked into.”

And the McCanns can now look. They have the documents. And they may well have the money soon, as they seek libel damages from Goncalo Amaral.

Meanwhile, Madeleine McCann is missing – still missing…

in: Anorak, 03.03.2010


  1. The McCann’s really are getting desperate, more spin from the McCann’s.
    OK, if the McCann's say this is new evidences why won’t you ask for the case to be reopened?

    The cadaver odor, in the McCann’s holiday apartment, on Kate’s clothiers, in the McCann’s hire car, on the cuddle cat, on the hire car keys, inconsistencies with the there statements, Kate refusing to answer 48 questions, dna found in the hire car , the strange behavior of the McCann, the super natural help from the British Government, I would say these are good leads wouldn’t you?

  2. If Spain decide to climb on board and help by having debates and discussing the case openly. What are the McCanns going to do...? Sue Paulo Sargento? Sue Spanish TV.?..The McCanns have taken the lid off and out has crawled a lot of worms...GAs book being banned has achieved nothing..GA may not be able to, but there are many more now who are speaking on his behalf. No one likes to be told what they can and cannot read...Least of all by two suspects...and they are still suspects regardless of what a Judge had to say.

  3. When do the round of interviews starring the McCanns begin yet again?

    Those poor victims the McCanns, bleat, bleat, and all that.

  4. Continua a "Spin-Machine" dos Mccann que sistematicamente usam os media para promoverem a sua farsa em vez de fazerem o que qualquer pai de crianca desaparecida, e eventualmente raptada, faria- DIRIGIR-SE COM A INFORMACAO A UMA ESQUADRA DA POLICIA DO SEU PAIS E RE-ABRIR O CASO, OU VIAJAR IMEDIATAMENTE PARA PORTUGAL E RE-ABRIR O CASO.
    Interessante, no "BOM DIA PORTUGAL" da RTP, diz a jornalista que esta informacao( fotos e avistamentos) foi passada para a mao dos mccann por um Procurador do Algarve. Verdade ou mentira? Sao imagens e avistamentos ja investigados e descartados constantes das files libertadas pelo ministerio Publico ou e material em segredo de justica? E mais uma manobra para queimar a investigacao oficial, portuguesa... aquela que eles verdadeiramente temem e contra a qual lutam desesperadamente. NAO ESTAO EMPENHADOS EM PROCURAR A FILHA. QUEREM E SILENCIAR A VERDADE.
    Usam os Media ingleses porque sabem como estes se comportam como verdadeiros abutres a procura de um cabecalho, um tema que venda muito papel. E a desgraca de qualquer crianca vende muito papel, ainda mais quando esta cheia de contornos mal contados. COMECA A SER VERGONHOSO O JOGO ENTRE OS MEDIA E OS MCCANN.
    Depois la vem o Salvador do Condado Mitchell enfiar mais umas argoladas. Diz a SKY

    "Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell called on the information to be released to the McCann family's investigators.

    He said: "Kate and Gerry have made it clear that they were shocked to see the lack of follow-up work done by the Portuguese police since the investigation was shelved.

    "All the information in these files must go to the private investigators as they are the only people still looking for Madeleine."

    Esta e para rir. Entao a policia portuguesa havia de entregar informacao em segredo de justica a detectives privados quando a investigacao privada e proibida em Portugal e e ilegal? este Mitchell e estes Mccann, teimam em viver noutro mundo e em requerer para eles tratamento de excepcao. Ja agora, mudem-se as regras dos paises para lhes satisfazerem os caprichos.
    O logico, para credibilizarem a historieta seria re-abrirem o caso em Portugal e oficialmente abrirem uma investigacao a Maddie desaparecida, no Reino Unido. Mas isso nao lhes interessa, entao fotos e avistamentos nao passam de mais um meandro na enorme farsa que este pseudo-rapto se transformou.


  5. Well said Dan @1. But you are forgetting little Sean's taste for seabass...

  6. ''They were shocked when they saw the scale of the information that had come in and the lack of action taken ''

    Like the lack of action taken on that night by not staying at home with their babies or orgainizing a babysitter, lack of action by not searching for their daughter that night while everyone else did, lack of action by not answering 48 police questions, lack of action by not attending a re-construction, lack of action by not asking for the case to be re-opened...........i could go on but you all know the story
    Oh yes we can see where they have been active....very active...and it's all down to money

  7. Olà , bom dia


    Se for possivel , podias traduzir isto em portugues? O googles é muito traiçoeiro...

    Merci beaucoup

    Marie f

  8. Re-open the case Kate and Gerry if you are so disgusted with the way this case has been handled!

    Re-open the case - tick tock!


  9. How can you tell the difference between a New Zealand accent and a British one when uttering the word Hailey?
    Answers on a post card please.....

  10. THIS IS A JOKE. If that was the picture which made all this British Media going crazy with a lot of spin, I can tell you.... WITHOUT ANY EFFORT, I CAN FIND DAILY, LITTLE GIRLS LOOKING MUCH MORE LIKE MADELEINE, then that one. Where is the eye defect? Nobody noticed the eye defect in the most mediatic and known missed girl?


  11. At least we know where is Margaret! In the front pages, sold, used and abused.Whats new?Not a great deal,is it?

    I am personally very satisfied to watch their slow but secure fall.I am delighted to observe how desparate they are to avoid the re opening of the case and drowning at long last in their own poo-poo

  12. The little girl didn't say 'Hailey McCann' then?

    Madeleine was nearly four when she disappeared. I doubt she would have forgotten her name so easily.

    If the person reporting this had been so concerned, and so sure it was Madeleine, surely they would have followed this family to their car or whatever, and at least taken the license plate number.

    Meanwhile the McCanns will continue to beat up Portugal whilst those in authority there sit back and do nothing.

  13. Madeleine McCann the most famous missing child since records began is paraded around in public for all to see? Yea right, the abductor obviously isn't aware how famous she is or that she has an exclusive eye defect that identifies her.
    I think the McCann's need learn when to shut up, or is that their game? Only the guilty would wise up and keep quite, so if we continue making a noise the world will eventually believe us. He who dare's win's, so to speak.
    I'll bet the PJ had good reason not to follow these leads. Advice from expert British criminal profiler to investigate the parents. Evidence of a death in apartment 5A by British dog's and forensic team. No records of any previous deaths there? Conflicting statement's from Parents and friends. Kate's fingerprints on window.
    Lie's about locked patio doors and forced window. Extremely unusual behaviour of parents within hours/days of Maddy's disappearance. Hiring of useless private detective's. Never searching or going to reported sightings. Ignoring police advice regarding Maddy's eye defect. Planning anniversaries before knowing if Maddy will be found. Dumping twins in creche or with friends within hours of disappearance. Squandering countless thousands of donated money on halfwit investigators who have achieved nothing.Refusing to answer question's and running when made arguido's. Globe trotting. Niether near nor by should Maddy be found and need them.Showed little sign of grief and even less evidence of shock at being made arguido's. Absolutely no evidence of abduction at all.
    Who, out of all who have investigated this case has achieved more than the PJ with the help of British dog's and forensic's? Not Scotland yard, Leicester police nor any of their halfwit PI's.

  14. Guy could be Rolf Harris with a prison tag on his wrist?

  15. ...And so the farce continues!

    But just have a look at the comments on the Daily Mail article - most of them are anti. This story is most definitely NOT going to play well for the McCanns. (BTW Knowing how the Mail and other UK newspapers censor comments, use Google's Sidewiki to put your point of view - it's easy to download and install).

    As I have stated before on here, I have reason to believe that the police in both Portugal and the UK are playing a very long game, knowing that ultimately a crack will apear, mistakes will be made and then, hopefully, justice will be done. Patience, my friends - in cases of this nature the truth WILL out.

  16. oh please,surely no one has taken this seriously,jesus if wasnt so sad for madeleine it would be laughable.i just hope robert murat has got an ace card up his sleeve to put an end to all this rubbish

  17. @8
    I don't have a postcard at hand but the name "Hailey" spoken in a New Zealand accent would have a longer time frame between the 'H' and the'L' than when spoken by an English person.

  18. What I have learnt from this McCann case more than anything else is that the UK media will go along with any lying sensational spin in order to sell newspapers.

    Look how they nearly crucified Murat. Look at the rubbish printed about Sr Amaral.

    They wouldn't know the truth if they fell over it.

    I suppose the same can also be said for most of the other rubbish they print. Their so called 'news' is not worth the paper it is printed on.

    When are we going to get real investigative journalists who are not afraid to speak out? How people are manipulated by spin. And don't the McCanns know it.

    What they are putting out now on behalf of the McCanns is yet more rubbish. When is it going to end?

    I hope Sr Amaral sues the lot of them and wins.

  19. Timeline of a cover-up.

    At approximately 10 pm.on the 3rd.of May 2007 in Portugal, Madeleine McCann was found to have disappeared from her bed.

    At 8.30am.on 4th.May 2007,( 10.5 hours after the childs vanishing ) Philomena McCann the missing childs Aunt, makes a statement on a British Radio Station saying that the Portuguese Police were "Doing nothing to help".

    So began the campaign within hours of the childs loss, of the vilification of the Police,which continues now after almost 3 years.
    In order to make the claims which she did ( from Scotland it seems ), the phone-calls from P D L must have been made during the dark hours of the first night's absence of Madeleine.
    Therefore,instead of taking part all night in a search for their child, the parents set about orchestrating the endless charade which still goes on !

    How anyone with the slightest intelligence believes this Hoakum is beyond me.

    Regarding the sightings of Madeleine around the Globe, having looked at the complete list to date, I notice that so far she has not been spotted in Spitsbergen or anywhere in the Antarctic, but if there is a photo-opportunity for the Team McCann -----she will be !

  20. Maybe some one could do a world map with 'sightings' marked by pink pins. On second thoughts it would have to be a very big map to hold them all.
    I am unsure whether to laugh or cry.
    I think I will go outside and scream..

  21. One message to Portugal - re-open the case and commence following up all leads (the international ones can be followed up in country by local forces).

    Summon Kate McCann back to answer the perfectly reasonable questions she refused to answer last time.

    Question Gerry McCann - he was the last to see Madeleine alive and has to be a prime suspect.

    Question David Payne, a suspected paedo.

    Question Jane Tanner - was it Gerry she saw? Did she change her story to include Wilkins and Gerry in the scene when she saw the abductor??

    Suspend any current litigation - install Sr. Amaral as an assistant.

    But however you do it, re-open the police investigation in Portugal!

  22. Esta em marcha mais uma campanha mediatica com o dedo dos Mccann e que nao pensem as autoridades portuguesas, que ela se limita a Inglaterra, Portugal e europa mais proxima. Noticia hoje, hora a hora, a "Radio One" dos Emiratos Arabes Unidos (Dubai) que os Mccann estao indignados porque a Policia Portuguesa nao investigou pistas muito importantes mostrando Madeleine na Nova-Zelandia, Hong-Kong, etc ( ate me perdi na vastidao de paises que a lista comportava).
    Portugal nao pode ficar indiferente perante esta campanha, estrategicamente Urdida para ser disseminada em grande escala. A campanha em nada mudara a opiniao de cada cidadao do mundo, porque em quase 3 anos, ja todos temos uma opiniao bem fundamentada que nos coloca Pro ou contra os pais. A campanha tambem em nada ajudara Madeleine porque ninguem acredita que alguem a tenha visto e nao tenha chamado as autoridades locais para tomarem conta do acontecimento. tambem ninguem acredita que qualquer autoridade local, a ter sido chamada, nao tivesse agido imediatamente e ficasse a espera de um pedido da policia portuguesa para agir. ISSO SERIA MAIS HEDIONDO E MAIS CRIMINOSO QUE O RAPTO OU A NEGLIGENCIA. PORTANTO ESTA CAMPANHA NAO AJUDA NADA MADELEINE, MAS HA UMA CONSEQUENCIA IMEDIATA E INERENTE A ELA, E ESSA CONSEQUENCIA E CONTRA PORTUGAL. Portugal aparece aos olhos do mundo, gracas aos Mccann, como um pais sem leis, sem regras, sem autoridade policial, onde tudo e permitido, nada e investigado e por isso nao se admirem se virem crescer a criminalidade violenta. Para queimar a imagem de um pais, bastam noticias como esta, em campanhas estrategicamente montadas para se espalharem no mesmo dia por um grande numero de paises. Para refazer essa imagem, sao precisos muitos anos e um trabalho arduo e conjunto.
    Nao deixa de ser interessante verificarmos que esta campanha acontece depois da pseudo-entrevista de MST a GA. Coincidencia ou jogada bem montada?
    Por mim, ja nao basta reclamar para a "Radio One" porque eles limitam-se a debitar noticias que alguem passa para eles. Como portugal nao tem embaixada nos Emiratos, e a embaixada sediada na Arabia saudita quem nos representa, e para la que irei enviar a minha indignacao, bem como para outras autoridades portuguesas.
    Se e verdade o que os Mccann reclamam, entao assumam as responsabilidades e reabram o processo, seguindo todas as linhas de investigacao. Se nao e verdade, desmontem a campanha e enviem um comunicado oficial, das autoridades portuguesas, a todos os paises, informando que tudo foi e continua a ser investigado e que isto nao passa de uma campanha para denegrir a imagem de Portugal. NEM OS PAISES DO TERCEIRO MUNDO, TOLERAM SER TRATADOS DESTA FORMA por 2 pais que negligenciaram a seguranca dos filhos mas tudo fazem para evitar uma investigacao oficial. FOI UM ERRO O ARQUIVAMENTO DO PROCESSO, TAL COMO FOI UM ERRO A CENSURA AO LIVRO DE GONCALO AMARAL SEM O TRIBUNAL TER DECRETADO TAMBEM QUE A SEMELHANCA DO POLICIA, OS MCCANN OU OUTROS EM SEU NOME ESTAVAM PROIBIDOS DE FALAR SOBRE A INVESTIGACAO QUE CONTINUA EM SEGREDO DE JUSTICA. CEDER A LOBBYS, da nisto. Como eu me envergonho de ser portuguesa, hoje...

  23. Spin, spin, spin

    afraid of Jane Tanner?

    21, Jane Tanner never saw any abductor at all.
    She made up this story, to protect Gerry.
    She wasn't even there, on that street at that moment.
    Wilkins and Gerry did not see her.
    Watch Amaral's documentary again and you can see she was lying and the police know it.

    This noise now about sightings has to do with fear for something.
    The McCanns are afraid of something.
    Will Jane Tanner confess the truth?

  24. Jane Tanner did give a description of how bundleman was dressed which was similar to the Gerry McCann lookalike seen by the Smith party at a later time at about 9.45pm. Light coloured trousers and a dark top.

    She did return to the apartment a second time that night which would have coincided with the time of the Smith sighting, but at that time Gerry was not outside the apartment talking to Wilkins.

    Had Gerry McCann gone back to do another check at about 9.30pm to make sure the children were not sick as was the daughter of Jane Tanner? Is that when he found Madeleine?

    There were reports of somebody having heard what sounded like shouts of 'Madeleine, Madeleine' coming from the McCanns' apartment area at about 9.30pm. when they were on their way back to their apartment at that time.

    Jane Tanner left the Tapas at about 9.45pm to go relieve her husband who was with the sick child so that he could go back to the Tapas and eat his steak. Was it really at that time when she saw the back of the man dashing off into the night?

    It is interesting that in Sr Amaral's documentary the actor playing Gerry is dressed in light coloured trousers.

    Is the clothing the actor who played Gerry was wearing similar to how Gerry McCann was dressed that night when he was at the Tapas?

    Later on that night, when the media arrived he was in jeans, though in the photos taken that night of their bedroom there is a pair of light coloured trousers laying in an untidy heap on the bed.

    If Jane Tanner should change her story and put bundleman at the later time of about 9.45pm then that would mean Gerry would lose his 'alibi' for 9.05pm of having been seen at the same time as bundleman.

    If Jane Tanner has a rethink and comes up with the information that it was Gerry McCann after all that she caught the back of, then the case will be reopened and no doubt Mr Smith will also be back to PDL to tell of his sighting.

    Is Jane Tanner a loose canon the McCann are worried about and what she might say, given she has changed her story so many times with the telling.

    Does anybody know when the case between Murat and the Tapas lot is due to take place?

  25. The name Hailey.... to connect with Kate surname? Utter Rubbish, Mr. Mitchell. How can a child with 4 years old answer a question asking her name with her surname? How can a child with 4 years old forgot her common name so quickly? How can an abductor change the name of a child into one close to her biological surname?
    Mitchell, you are insulting all British people, claiming what you claim. Do you really think, British are so stupid that they buy your spin?
    The Mccann's are so desperate that their strategy is touching the bottom. They will lye on the bed they are tiding.
    Why not asking the British police to investigate the sights? Did you Mitchell, are trying to say that British police is incompetent and the Mccann's did not rely on them to investigate the disappearance of their girl? The private detectives.... from where they come? What was their mother school? British police, I think. British police became incompetent when this detectives left?

    And how can you say that this girls on the CCTV look like Maddie? They look like all Blondie girls with same age. IT is an abuse bringing to public eyes this pictures without further evidences to support Mccann's claims. This is invasion of the Privacy of that families. The same happen with little Moroccan girl and with the Belgian girl caught with her nanny at the bank. I HOPE SOME OF THIS PARENTS WILL START SUEING THE MCCANN'S AND MITCHELL ONE DAY. It is the only way to stop this charade.

    Why publishing the pictures without showing the face of the Man? If the idea is to find Madeleine, the face of the man it is more important then the face of the little girl. If the idea is to spread the spin and prepare the public for more donations, NOW, BY ACCUSING THE PORTUGUESE AUTHORITIES, then the face of the little girl is the most important.

    You are afraid, Kate and Gerry, this is why there is no face of the man. If he got fed-up of your strategy, like many of us, he can sue you and get much more money then what you offer him for that spin.
    When are you going to shut-up, got back stage and stay quite and fade? TOO LATE YAH? You got so many people involved on your circus and some of them are clever rats which know the truth, that you are on their hands and they don't let you to fade. THIS IS WHAT MADELEINE's FUND MADE- A KARMA WITH FEW POWERFUL PEOPLE LIVING WITH LUXURY WITHOUT BIG EFFORT TO ACHIEVE A HUGE SALARY.

  26. This portly headless man appears to be taking better care of the little girl in the picture than the McCanns took of Madeleine. Notice he has her by the hand and took her grocery shopping with him. He didn't leave her at home alone when he went out.

  27. Give me strength!

    Mr and Mrs Mccann...,
    By your own admission, you trawled through thousands of pages of the translated Portugese police files looking apparently for "that missing link".
    You have hired a string of very dubious private detectives to follow-up 'leads' and 'sightings' all to no avail.
    So, now you think the 'missing link' is hidden somewhere within these archived files? Well now you have a very distinct image of a sighting in New Zealand, so why don't you send your highly paid detectives to do some real investigative work - or better still why not go yourselves, you seem to enjoy jetting across the globe to enhance your celebrity status so what better opportunity than this.

    Better idea still - why not request for the investigation to be re-opened? Think of the logic! Or perhaps the 'bungling' police don't suit your agenda!

  28. I assume the mantra of their being no evidence of Madeleine coming to any harm will now be firmly dropped...still in her pyjamas 12 days later, being dragged along a road late at night, smuggled to New Zealand, held half naked at gunpoint, being sexually abused online....if these are 'credible' then it would be an 'incredible' statement to suggest that she has not come to harm.

  29. poster 15
    i am far from bright on a computer ,what is the Google sidiwick? will it allow us to say what we WANT to ay and not get swished for not being nicey,nicey?

  30. Yet again the BBC have nothing on their news page either online or on the Tv ,the BBC are not fans of this golden pair IMO,They have seen the light

  31. I wonder if the Man in this photo, holding the girls hand, is holding a Gun in his pocket just in case the girl gets out of hand or he has to shoot anyone who recognises the girl, After all the sightings ilustrated in the sun shows the girl being ordered at gunpoint !!!!!!!!!!!!!



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