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McCann Couple returns to Portugal

The McCann couple has today given various interviews in Lisbon. It appears the couple has returned to Portugal to collect the several files of the information sent to the PJ in Portimão, they have also met with their Portuguese lawyers to request that the information is made confidential. And, no they have not yet requested the Portuguese Public Ministry to re-open the process, instead they have accused the Public Ministry of releasing some of the documentation to the English media.

The following is an excerpt of the interview made by the Portuguese journalist Sandra Felgueiras, the full interview will be broadcast tomorrow in RTP.

Never mind the «gold dust»...


  1. Look at Gerry's face when Kate is asked if she saw any image of a chold that could be Madeleine! Was it the question or Kate's answer that displeased him so much?...
    And that question about the boy that is missing in Mirandela! What made Felgueiras mention that? The poor boy is most probably dead, drowned, and she knows it! Playing games with the McCanns? "What would you say to other parents of a DEAD child?"?
    I can't wait for the full interview, let's see if Felgueiras played them around some more...

  2. I see Kate McScam is to be the guest on Aled Jones' Sunday morning religious programme on Radio 2. No chance of any searching questions there then.
    Next week Rose West?

  3. Not satisfied with silencing Amaral it appears they now have their sights on the PP? Portugal prepare yourselves the luxury of free speech is under attack, save yourselves it is too late for us in the UK but you can fight it!

    Sheesh hasn't anyone told them that the case is no longer under Judicial Secrecy and I assume the PP can release whatever information he see's fit?

  4. They want them made confidential? obviously something to hide Kate and Gerry ? WTF do they think they are demanding what they want,dont want ,you are BOTH chief suspects ,Its by time they had a lot less of what "They want"thats why they are still walking free,Im shocked they spoke to Sandra ,their hatred of her was as clear as day outside the court

  5. @ 25.13 they are asked about re-opening of the case. SF says something about fear.

    GM replies: Definitely not it is not the slightest piece of concern for us and then he gasps and sucks air through his teeth!

    Somehow I am not convinced his body lanuage and higher pitched voice reflect his words!

    Their visit must have been known about by some otherwise how would SF have arranged the interview.


  6. I hope the McCanns were reminded about the evidence of the best blood and cadaver dogs in the world who have never been wrong and are telling us Madeleine is dead.

    But of course those dogs must be wrong in this case. How could they not be when we know the McCanns are such truthful people and doctors as well. How could we ever suspect them?

    How can anybody disbelieve them.

    Poor frail Kate.

    Pass the hankies somebody!

    More like pass the sick bag.

    Is Sr Amaral, or one of his witness, also going to be interviewed by this lady so as to give a balanced picture of what this case is really about?

  7. to number 5..

    brilliantly observed body-language and inflection/treble of voice

    .. by the same token..does Goncalo's ear-stud make him a pirate ?

    nope, I didn't think so

  8. Where can I find information about the missing boy please?

  9. The boy's body is missing, the 12 year old boy unfortunately committed suicide, after being a victim of bullying. He threw himself to the river Tua in the North of Portugal, intensive searches were carried out through out the past week, unfortunately, because of the rain, storms, and general bad weather the cadaver wasn't found yet. Search google for «rapaz» and «Mirandela» together and you will find various articles.

  10. Well, I can't wait to see the full interview.
    As it's obvious they don't like Sandra and don't want to be there with her, I don't understand why they are doing it.
    Is it paying very well to sit through an interview with Sandra?


  11. What fantastic news! Since Jan 09 Gerry has been telling Portuguese authorities they have to work with him to find Madeleine. I would imagine the Portuguese authorities have steadfastly stated, you did not co-operate with our investigations, Kate refused to answer our questions, you and your friends refused to attend the reconstruction we needed to carry out. If you say you are innocent we needed to carry out this work to verifiy that, and to pinpoint the exact moment Madeleine was removed from the apartment but you have prevented us from doing that and therefore we cannot re-open this case on the basis you and your friends are innocent. The best that we can offer is that you bring to us proper evidence that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger and we will then re-open the case.

    The Portuguese have played this geezer and he is very angry and he has lost. Caught between a rock and a hard place. The only way he could prove to the world he is innocent is to try and force the Portuguese to re-open the case saying he is innocent. They know that is not the case and therefore refused, backed up by the British. Oh what a shame eh Gerry, you cannot clear your name and you cannot make Maddie the Movie, that is just too bad for your Hun=)) But you know, whilst I always acknowledged you are clever I never did think you were clever enough to beat two great old allies, the Portuguese and the British. Those dogs, they may not be good enough, but people know what they know about you mate!

  12. Jo, that is very distressing news about the boy, I wish the Portuguese would get Eddie over to help, but understand they trained their own cadaver dog. The sooner the boy is found for the relatives the better.

  13. Anon 10

    IMO it because they are brazen enough to do it, as if to indicate we have nothing to hide, now. We are on the pigs back. I am sure the interview was all vetted before hand. SF blows hot and cold and I am not sure who she is batting for, them or the truth or her own image.


  14. THEY want the information to be confidential.... Again foolishing the public. They are afraid of being sued because the New-Zealand sight became a disaster for them.

    Who they are,to come to Portugal and try to change rules, to impose their conveniences? If the prosecutor release this files to them or their lawyer( I don't believe he release it to the Media) , that means the information was out of Judicial Secrecy or, even if under judicial secrecy, he can legally release it to the lawyer but the mccann's cannot use it in the media.

    They realise already that gagging Amaral and forbidden a book did not change a single mind in Portugal and increase the ANTI's across the world.


    Lets watch closely the next nonsense step of this pair.... I will be not surprised if after all that campaign against the police, they sue Portugal and the portuguese authorities. They never had a word to thanks the portuguese, who search their girl and were the first transferring money to their Fund, but now they will have a word to ask millions, sueing portuguese police and conveniently ignoring that everything in the investigation was done by a joined investigation with the British.

  15. Is Gerry ever at work? I know he is a 'backroom' worker at Glenfield Hospital, but even so he does seem to be out and about/abroad a good deal.
    I checked the hospital website and he is not named with the other cardiologists.

  16. Thank you for the info on the missing boy and I hope he is recovered soon. Very tragic indeed.

  17. And the PGR let the farce go on until they trow all unturned stones at his face.

    They use the same strategy as the portuguese politics: Blaming PJ and some judges, to avoid being properly investigated and charged. Wonderful... The country as to thanks some politics for being a good example and an inspiration for all the evils. I hope this politics will pay with their salaries any compensation the Mccann's ask for being so good parents and care and protect so well their childs.

  18. What I also meant above, was Sandra ( she is so clever and just a wee bit naughty which I like) trying to get the McCanns to say bring the dogs over to find the poor boy. Sometimes there are things even Sandra could not drag from Gerry's mouth, but every time Eddie has looked for a cadaver that was actually available to find, he has found it.

  19. What a revealing interview. SF delightfully asks them, "What if in reopening the case the police make you formal suspects" "Do you think about it?" Gerry over-reacts, inappropriately grinning at something deadly serious, because he's trying to look relaxed about something he's terrified about. Whereas Kate's look says it all. She knows it's a real possibility and she looks as though she's expecting that to happen.

  20. Why in all the interviews we have seen in the last few weeks ,doesnt someone mention the dogs? I would love to see their reaction

  21. Thanks for your answer Joe(anon 12).
    The thing is they never made themselves look better in an interview with Sandra, quiet the opposite.
    That's why I don't get it.

  22. If there are 2000 pages in the files,I recall at least 50 sightings, and all in the hands of the gutter press. Now as we all know the Scams love to be in control and those files in the hands of the press could prove very expensive both monetary and PR wise, if more images are splashed over the media. So the Scams IMO are making moves to get the files, after the nice tabloid people got them in the first place. Also, possibly to try and block any future releases of other files, at least publicly. The whole of the PT legal/justice system is being changed by the week for the Scams. They will never agree to a re-opening of the case as they will still be the main suspects. Nothing has changed in that respect. So its a catch 22.

  23. Anon 12

    I think you are right about that, because some people will be saying how could they go to all those lengths to try to find their daughter unless they were innocent.

    Little do they realise that the McCanns have to go to all those lengths to try to convince the public of their innocence and that Madeleine is still alive so as to keep their Fund going.

    Many of the public are ignorant about the work of the dogs in this case, or they believe the McCann spin that they have been cleared.

  24. Heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of the little 12-year-old boy.


  25. Joana his face in the frame above captures his smacked arse fugly looks!

    Definition of face like a smacked arse:

    Puckered look of suprise or shock, either a temporary expression or an unfortunately permanent display of natural looks such as fugly.


  26. How is it that they say they've received the files NOW (Gerry's emphasis) but they haven't looked at them yet? No urgency then parents of a missing child, why no urgency? Kate says so casually well... I haven't seen any pictures of Madeleine but we don't see many pictures, ... the police think there are so many er er... She seems to want to say, "well there's no point". Yes we all know there's no point Kate! Kate looks as though she knows... she knows...we know.

  27. This is very strange. They have requested the files and yet wish the files to remain confidential. Why should they be privy to information that the general public is not allowed to see. I for one think that either the files remain confidential or are open to the general public.

  28. Ouvi bem??? A d. Kate a admitir a possibilidade da morte da filha???
    A mãe pode comentar essa triste hipótese!!!!
    E o Amaral não pode comentar essa triste hipótese!!!!
    Qual é a Lógica e o Bom Senso??? ´
    Morte dita pela mãmã - Não desmotiva a procura da Menina Viva???
    Morte dita pelo Amaral - desmotiva a procura da Menina Viva???
    Morte é Morte, Vida é Vida ou Morte é Vida ou Vida é Morte???
    Em que ficamos papás??? Não era melhor para todos que os senhores em vez de andarem na borga cá na terra, estivessem a tomar conta da Maddie ??? Garanto que se eu a tivesse à minha guarda, era a segunda opção que seguiria!!! A propósito: Quando a minha filha tinha cerca de 3 anos sofreu uma tentativa de rapto no combóio da Linha de Cascais. Mas ao contrário dos senhores, a minha mulher estava atenta e impediu o crime!!! Se estivessemos na borga em qualquer restaurante, a Isabel tinha sido levada ao colo quando as portas se abriram numa estação!!! É a nossa diferença!!! A minha Filha continua com a Familia e vamos festejar o 42º.aniversário dela em 20 de junho! Xiii t´ou "memo" velho!!!

  29. Is it possible the McCanns were in Lisbon to give depositions in connection with the Murat vs Tanner case?

  30. I think we have to e-mail all the Portuguese media, asking them for not giving, even 5 minutes of attention to that pair of rats.

    The country is grieving a little boy who committed suicide because the state, the school,many people, failed to protect the most vulnerable and at te same time the media is paying attention to a pair of parents which neglected their child so deep, that she still missing. WHERE IS THE MORAL?

    How many Portuguese persons still missing? Have the media paid any attention to that families? Have the family's knocked TVs and newspapers doors to blame judges and police and runaway from advises and from what the police ask them to do? NOT!!!!! Then what is the difference? First the money, easily hired by the Mccann's with the conivence of the authorities(I don't believe any Portuguese family will be allowed to set a Fund like the Mccann's). Second, the other missing persons where victims of their decisions, some runaway from home, some were victims of parental abduction due to a litigious divorce and some follow boyfriends, etc, voluntarily. NO-ONE OF THEM HAVE A RELATIVE AS A PRIME SUSPECT ON THEIR DISAPEARENCE. NO-ONE OF THEM had specialized dogs signalising blood and dead.

    It is a shame to see the media giving so much attention to a pair who insult Portugal everyday, who look at Portugal like if the Portuguese were slaves obliged to do whatever they want, while they have the right to refuse answer questions and do the reconstruction which the police believe were vital to find the girl and solve the case.

    Wonder how they have so free time to come to Portugal so many times since January. IS GERRY WORKING? so many days off were part of his holidays or again he have a treatment of excepcion at his public hospital- been off without loosing money or holidays?

    He look to much as a material father which don't like to lost money.

  31. Anon 22, don't forget the pretence they have to keep up for their immediate families - mums, dads, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, Uncle Tom cobbly and all!

  32. Unfortunately it is the same in UK, this couple know how to access the media and make themselves front page news, ordinary innocent people neither know or wish to know how to behave like Kate and Gerry McCann.

  33. Anon 30

    You may be right in that.

    I was thinking surely there has got to be more than just them going to give a few interviews.

    So, what is the real reason?


    SF Hi Kate, Hi Gerry. Have you already had access to the new sightings that were released last week?

    GM We've now got them. But, as I say Kate and I haven't actually gone through them ourselves.

    SF You have watched for sure the picture that has been broadcast last week, by British media of a apparently a girl looking like Madeleine in New Zealand. As parents did that girl look like Madeleine to you?

    KM You know, she's not dissimilar to Madeleine. I actually thought she maybe looked a little bit young. But, as you know that little girl has been identified now so we know its not Madeleine.

    SF Kate as a mum have you ever seen any picture, any video that for you, it could be Madeleine?

    KM No. Erm, to be honest we don't get shown a lot of the photographs anyway. Erm, I think the police decided that there's so many photographs that get sent to them and, you know, clips of CCTV that its...

    SF Do you fear that the re-opening of the case that you wish can reopen belief that ?to name? you as formal suspects in the case? Do you think about it.

    GM Definitely not, its not the slightest piece of concern for us.

    SF I don't know if you are aware that in Portugal that we have a twelve-year old boy missing? What do you have to say to these parents?

    KM Don't give up hope. Keep going. Don't let others try and grind you down. Keep going for your child. And you must keep going until they are found. And good luck.

  35. My suspicion is that there is a real chance the case is about to be reopened and the McCanns are doing the same as they did just before being made arguidos in September 2007. Then like now, they gave a series of interviews which didn't make a lot of sense.

  36. They obviously had the file beforehand, are we expected to believe their lawyer Duarte looked at these shocking pictures of Madeleine but Kate and Gerry did not!

    This was just a stage managed edition of the Kate and Gerry show. They arrange media interviews and the excuse for them is they are collecting the file they already had. Kate looks dowdy and sad. Is that the message they now want to put across, pity they did not think to do that when they first lost Maddie and she was colour co-ordinating her outfits, makeup jewellery, getting her highlights done, letting white doves and bloody yellow and green balloons etc. They lost with trying to bully the Portuguese into saying they are innocent/they will look for Maddie and the only thing they have left to fall back on is pity. They are not getting any from me.

  37. Could it be they have been having another of their special treatment secret meetings with a judge?

    Perhaps the libel trial one this time?

    It would be no surprise.

  38. What if Mitchell fed the sightings to the press like he's always done (they're gold dust he said), but it backfired because the public reacted negatively, realising that to go public with them meant that the McCanns weren't serious about the search? If they were serious about the search they would do things secretly.

    Realising they had made a big mistake, the McCanns have backtracked, claiming they hadn't seen the files yet and going to Portugal to get them just prove it? Hence these strange interviews. Remember the McCanns only do things for a reason and the reason is always to cover their tracks.

  39. So they didn't have the famous dossier until today?But they have said in the last few days they were shocked when they SAW the dossier and according to mitchell the information is "gold dust".LIARS.This has nothing to do with that dossier.Trying to remove someone from the case, mccanns?If you really wanted to reopen the process you would have done it by now.You wouldn't be thinking about doing it.You are a disgrace as parents and as human beings.

  40. away again huh!

    s'pose the kids are being baby sat..


    might be an idea if someone checked that the twins are being supervised...

    past history and all that!

  41. They are afraid.... Their campaign did not work at all. Gagging Amaral and forbidding the book, was a disaster... Made the public talking more about the most probably possibility of Maddie being dead since before her disappearance have been reported to the police. More people are aware of that now, and a lot of people were cross because of the way they insult Portugal and PJ, a police institution which the Portuguese respect and believe is one of the best polices of investigation in the world.

    The Media campaign using the last files and the sights to discredit PJ and some judges, WAS ANOTHER HUGE DISASTER. Some of the innocent people who they involve on their circus, start reacting and who knows, maybe trying to sue them. THEIR OWN STRATEGIE IS WORKING AGAINST THEMSELVES.
    Murat suing J. Tanner- Another nightmare. THE MCCANN'S DEAL VERY WELL WITH NIGHTMARES WHICH THEY FORCE OTHER PEOPLE TO WENT TROUGH, BUT IF SOMEBODY TOUCH THEM THEY IMMEDIATLY REACT, BLAMING EVERYBODY, HIGHLIGHTING THEIR RIGHT TO PROTECT THEIR IMAGE AND NAME. What about the image and the name of all the persons they wrongly connect with abduction? Off-Course this ones are poor people which have no rights.... until touching somebody from New Zealand.

    I hope Murat did not give-up on his right to sue Jane Tanner and the mccann's. He pass a very disturbed time with police digging his garden, with Media exposing the plan of his house, talking with architect who projected his house to see if their were modifications, cellars , etc. I can't imagine the pain, the shame, the revolt if I were exposed to the same situation and were innocent. And we cannot blame the police about that. The police made their paper, which is to look at all the statements gave by witnesses and investigate everything without reserves. BUT THE MCCANN'S THEY KNOW SINCE THE BEGINNING THAT JANE TANNER LIES AND INVOLVED MURAT AS A SCAPEGOAT TO PROTECT HER FRIENDS.

    Even on the abduction theory, something surprises me and reveal a lot about the circus: How the Mccann refuse and avoid to connect the abduction with an abductor knowing the family and Madeleine? On the same situation, any parent will suspect somebody close to them, somebody which know's the routine of the parents, somebody familiarised with child, somebody who have many doors already open by friend connections and by knowing well the crime scene.
    Mccann's want only one theory- Abduction. And even that theory circunscrita by a special condition- Abduction done by a strange. A strange which can only be compared to Bin Laden on his efficiency, clever behaviour and huge specialization- ACTING WITHOUT LEAVING A TRACE.

  42. Yes, anon 30, I think you may be right. The mccanns never do anything without a reason and it is not usually the reason they tell us. There is no way they would travel to Portugal just to pick up some files. And after the way they were interviewed last time on the steps of the court, I don't believe they would ever travel to Portugal unless they had to.
    And btw, what IS kate wearing?


  43. another load of bo**** from the mccanns.while they are there are they going to ask for a RE-OPENING.

  44. Letter from Iberia

    People of Portugal you are at risk of an all out McCann attack,
    you are being accused of putting the investigation at risk by telling the truth.
    Your countries Public Ministry will be sued by the McCann’s, eventualy you will all be sued by the McCann’s.

    Portugal stop this farce now and re-open the process extradite the McCann’s on an European arrest warrant to answer to the charges of abandoning and endangering their children and see where it goes from there

  45. Gerry looks like a wee ned about to deliver a Glasgow kiss. True colours and all that. :))


  46. I think their Fund must be getting very low. They are seeking out interviews left, right, and centre lately! And soon we'll have the 3rd anniversary of Madeleine going missing. Will they be posing with her latest photo-fit, smiling as if they hadn't a care in the world?

  47. They are disconnected from the REAL world. We know they are guilty. Portuguese police and people know the truth. Spanish viewers on Antena 3 interview knew, by 70%, they were lying, forensic psychiatrists and FBI consultants( Brown amongst them) share their doubts, DOGS pointed the finger at them, FACTS have shown they re lying (the abduction could NOT have taken place).

    ONLY UK TABLOIDS believe them. In France and Belgium, no TV channel has broadcasted the breaking news, NO Newspapers from both countries follow the McCanns interviews, sightings and claims. Even though some sightings have taken place in BOTH countries (South of France and Brussels):: NO WORDS ON THAT, NO ANALYSIS.

    McCanns ARE DISCONNECTED FROM THE REAL WORLD AND THE REAL FACTS. They cling to acting because the UK gvt is involved and they have the media with them.

    British friends, when will the circus and the people good opinion on them will end?

    This is certainly not the mistake of the Brits and many readers here are from UK. But I do not understand, regardless the strong relations that Mitchell and McCanns entertain with the press, how the PRESS can stand up for them and not even LOOK at FILES that clearly sow discrepancies, irrelevant testimonies ? The public eye is not even standing with them. I don't get it.

  48. ;))It is plain to see that their visit is part of the psychological war against Goncalo Amaral. He appeared on the limelight (SIC TV) they had to...

    It goes like this from the very beginning. Amaral took them to the police station, in the first opportunity the McCons took him to court (on-going).

    Amaral launched a new book and a fund raising dinner was thrown to help his defence. Immediately afterwards the McCann's launch the balloons (they are not such good writers) and have a fund raising dinner too in Kensington Gardens - a "posher" venue than Amaral's...

    It will go on until the Portuguese authorities and legal system start to be kinder to their own.

    For a start they could open the process and sentence them for abandoning their children even if they cannot pin them down on the basis of a dogs sniff even if these were never wrong in approx. 200 cases...
    What about 6 months in prison or a 2,4 million (double) fine for example. That would bring their massive egos to a halt pretty quickly...

    x( "Eh! Who barked? Who brought these dogs in here?"

  49. 38, You make a very good point about Mitchell. I always thought it was him/Metodo 3 in Spain who released the McCanns statements to the Spanish press as they attended Brussels/on the same date Rebelo arrived to interview the rest of their gruesome pals. Remember what he menacingly shouted then, it was the Portuguese Police and they have had it now "the gloves are off". And that was way back in April 2008. The gloves have always been off for the Portuguese Police and we do not need to be mastermind to figure out why!

    This campaign to get the Portuguese Police is expensive and it is vicious. They are clearly not attempting to cover up the death claims or the neglect, they have emphasised those. There is something yet more insidious going on here IMO and those in the conservative party get a little too close for comfort. And Brian Kennedy will spend all his fortune if need be to assist the McCanns, how very odd indeed!

    I think Goncalo is even cleverer than people give him credit for myself!

  50. 48 ,when the case first started the media said in Portugal the minimum sentence for child neglect was 6 years (correct me if im wrong) they never even got sentenced to 6 minutes !! stinks
    Linda (I will be signing my name in future due to someone claiming all the anonymous posters are 3 people )

  51. :)] to 50 (Linda)

    It is certainly an offence in Portugal to abandon children to their fate. There was a posting here (Joana Morais) sometime ago outlining the Portuguese law in that respect. I too do not understand why the McCann's were not pinned down on that account. At least they should have stood trial. Political strings I guess.

    x( "Eh! Who barked? Who brought these dogs in here?"

  52. Can anybody tell me when is the interview being broadcasted today in RTP? is it in the "telejornal"?

  53. To 5
    Ignore anon 7 Its not the same thing at all. I thought your observations very sound.

    @7 Dr Amaral isnt the criminal here- we are interested in what makes this pair tick/how they react because they are. You may not be used to that but I advise you to get used to it- eventually the law will catch up with them after then expect the gags to come off the UK press.

  54. @30.i thought the same,i bloody well hope they are not trying to put a stop to the tanner v murat case,because i think some thing good for madeleine will come out in it.

  55. I hope this pair aren't trying to interfere with the Murat v Tanner case,and why didn't any of the interviewers ask them were they going to the hellish lair that their detective Dave Edgar says Madeleines in,what is wrong with the reporters and journalists,i give up.

  56. Post 50. Well there have been THOUSANDS of positive green arrows of approval on the anti-McCann comments on the Daily Mail articles.

  57. ana borges @ 52 se a entrevista for mais longa do que 10 ou 15 minutos é provável que seja após o telejornal da RTP1, cerca das 21:30. De qualquer forma é melhor estar atenta ao telejornal.

  58. How many times has Kate uttered the ironic phrase " to be honest"?

  59. poster 58 she can say "to be honest" until the cows come home,but she will never be it !! poster @56 ,I love the arrows on the Mail page ....I hope they read i and see they are not sucking people in ,two years ago they were believed by a lot of folk, but not now ,the glory days are over,its all downhill from here

  60. Mr & Mrs McCann,
    Look on your sky tv for the news on the search for poor Marta here in Spain, Look at the parents out there, with police and friends searching and digging up wasteland. Look at the mother of missing Jeremy, and Sara Morales in the Canary Isles. Grief stricken and tormented, working closely with the police and not out with the begging bowl.Have ever dirtied your hands in the search, no. You both are only interested in Fame and fortune. No one else starts a fund that is used to sue evryone who does not agree. You tell us about Dave Edgars 30yr police experience, but a full police force would assist him greatly. My father was a high up police officer in the UK, with his full 30yrs experience too, and believe me your inability Kate to answer 48 questions in Portugal, sorry I meant to say your refusal,your media circus and your actions would never have convinced him of your innocence, and the same with Goncarlo Amaral, he did not believe you, an experienced officer that you trod into the ground without any respect for him and his family.
    One question bugs me, why did you choose to go to Huelva on a fiesta day to hand out leaflets for 2hrs, I find it strange you make that journey when there were places in Portugal just as important, and why was it told that your brother and film crew were going too, you brother was not in Portugal and it was Jon Corner who went,why cancel one day and go the next if you had the runs gerry?When I compare you both to the parents of other missing children, I see a pair of false,uncaring, manipulating people, that little by little will become so disliked that no one will support and add to your fund. I felt so sad for you both in the beginning,and each new statement you make makes you look like a pair of fools. I cannot believe you went to portugal yesterday and did not ask for the case to be reopened...that really says all that needs to be said about you both. The truth hurts sometimes....justice for Madeleine and god bless her.
    An ex sympathiser

  61. Não há hipótese, se tentarem obter alguma indemnização do Ministério Público, com os nossos impostos, cai o carmo e a trindade e então as pessoas vão ver o que é a justiça da fúria do POVO!

    Vão trabalhar criminosos negligentes!

  62. As a mum of 4 ,and grandma to 12,when Kate washed Maddies cuddly cat,she did something any mother who wanted to cling on to something so special ,no matter how "grubby",would never do,she WASHED IT !!!!! Why????? AND NO we would never have put our children in nurseries daily on holiday,we would be down on the beach with them,giving them precious family time,as for leaving them to go out wining and dining ,MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL how have they got away with doing that?? when they are asked questions ,why do they always have to be holding hands ,is it ,one squeeze to answer yes,and two,make sure you say no!! yes your right I am bitter about the way they control everyone in authority!!!!Like the dog handler said ,my dog doesn,t talk BUT he doesn,t lie either

  63. Why does SF pretend that the PGR decided to release the sightings files to the UK tabloïds before giving them, yesterday, to the McCs ?
    She knows perfectly well, she was there, that ID told, beginning of February, she had gone to Portimao to get the files and was about to show the dossier to the parents !

  64. They keep thinking of the 2 separate sightings of a child being carried in PDL, but none of them remembers who saw this ?

  65. When exactly and where did the PGR, as SF says, state that all leads entering after July 2008 have been studied before descarted ?

  66. 62 ,I cannot help but nearly scream everytime the press mention the"family holiday"I too have children and Grandchildren ,there is NO WAY WHATSOEVER you would wash away your childs smell ,never

  67. 63 In defence of Sandra. She is the person who has the ear of the Portuguese people and she is the person the McCanns know they need to beat if they want to influence those people. They actually want the Portuguese people to believe in their innocence and influence the AG/PJ to re-open the case, declare their innocence and start looking for Maddie's abductors.

    By being polite to the McCanns Sandra can always get an interview with them. It works both ways, Sandra attacks the McCanns and they get the chance to attack her. If she was outright hostile to the McCanns they would simply refuse to be interviewed by her, but they want to try. Gerry and Kate hate her, they see her as a challenge, she gives the impression there is no need to hate her, she is being terribly polite, but the reality...


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