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McCann couple says information that was handed over to English journalists harms the search for their daughter

by Lusa Agency

Today, the McCann couple considered that information concerning Madeleine’s whereabouts, that was published by British newspapers last week, seriously harm the search for the little girl that went missing in the Algarve, in 2007.

Gerry and Kate, who were in Lisbon today for a meeting with the Portuguese lawyers, have requested for the data concerning Madeleine to be carefully analysed and that access to that information is confidential and sensitive, so the witnesses can also be protected.

“There is lots of information and much of it has not been carefully analysed. If there was some potential and important information, we could give people a path”, said Kate, accusing the Attorney General’s Office of having handed documents over to British newspapers.

Kate, the mother, stressed that the publication of the data “is a serious damage to the search” for her daughter, even because it can provoke “lack of trust in the witnesses”.

“Names and details have been published in the media and that has rendered the witnesses vulnerable”, she said, while Gerry McCann went further: “The process was once very closed and nothing was known due to the judicial secrecy. Now, information is being released.”

“It is imperative that authorities assume the responsibility over sensitive or confidential information. We, the parents, and everyone need assurances that this situation will not be permitted in the future”, he stated, appealing to sensibility and confidentiality in the publication of information.

Gerry even stated that “one step back” was made in the search for Madeleine and he reiterated the desire for cooperation, considering it is “important to look objectively” at the leads.

“As parents, we can be very close to the investigation and demand things that were not done yet, to be done”, he stressed, adding: “There is a strong reason for us to have to work with the authorities and in an intense way. The process is closed, but it is not concluded”.

The parents of Madeleine McCann, who disappeared from an apartment at a resort in Praia da Luz, further appealed to journalists “not to spread information” and to avoid “commercial interests”.

On the 3rd of March, the British newspapers published a video surveillance image from New Zealand, with a little girl that resembled Madeleine, which was part of a set of leads that the Portuguese Polícia Judiciária (PJ) did not investigate.

Several newspapers, including The Sun and the Daily Mail, mention that the Portuguese authorities possess an archive of over two thousand pages with information that was collected since the investigation was archived, in July of 2008.

Among the alleged leads, there are testimonies of sightings in Portugal, France and Spain which, according to the newspapers, were not considered as reliable by the investigative authorities.

Madeleine McCann went missing on the 3rd of May, 2007, only a few days before she would be four years old, from an apartment in Praia da Luz, in the vicinity of Lagos, in the Algarve, where she was spending holidays with her family.

Since then, the parents keep a campaign to try to find their daughter, whose investigation in Portugal was closed due to a lack of evidence.

in: ionline, 09.03.2010


  1. Right lets think here a minute .....Gerry and Kate want to silence the PJ,Amaral,Portuguese press ,NOW Uk press?so only THEY cant pass an opinion on Maddie ? no stone unturned ??

  2. Errrrrm... what about REOPENING the investigation? No?

  3. On the official website to find MBM it says:

    "Our own investigators have acted professionally and with complete integrity."

    Really? Metodo3 said they would have MBM home by Christmas 2007 - but didn't. Is that acting with 'integrity' i.e. false hope/ allegations? (Amongst other problems).
    Oakley International boss Halligen is wanted for an alleged £300,000 defrauding of MBM's fund. Is that acting with 'integrity'?
    Dave Edgar thinks MBM is held in a 'lair' 10 miles from PDL. Yet, the PI's are not searching this area. Is that acting with 'integrity'?

    Why not just reopen the case as poster number 2 said? That would instill 'integrity' and we may finally get justice for MBM instead of listening to Team M spinning their untruths.

    May the truth one day be known.

  4. The McCanns engaged the media to help them,
    the public prosecuter does his best to help the McCanns,
    he sends information to the British media, hoping that that media will help in the search and it is still not good.

    What do they want?

    And since when the McCanns started to protect other people?
    They only protect themselves.

  5. Next the PJ or anybody referring to the files will be sued as the Scams will have copyright. Really pushing it now are they not? Not a thing can be done against them. All this talk and the case stays shelved. Can those in authority not see how shallow their little game is? The nerve of them showing up in PT again looking to get special treatment again. Maybe they will even get the files made confidential, just for them. Obnoxious.


  6. They don't want the case reopened, but they do want to be close to the investigation?? and want their demands met.

    Portugal, please, tell them to push off and come back when they can prove their abduction fairy story.

    After the dogs had been in and indicated a dead body, there is no way they would be able to go around making these demands like they do if this had been a UK case.

    Then, there would at least have been a statement made by the police setting the picture right.

  7. I hope the British media will pressure Portimao to reopen the process.
    Such a lot of sightings (Virgin Mary is jealous) everywhere and the police don't investigate.

  8. On the video Jerry's eyes when he says "definively not"!

    Am I wrong thinking they are threating the Portuguese state?

  9. "it can provoke “lack of trust in the witnesses”."

    Ahah! Now we're talking! That's the real issue here, isn't it, Mrs. McCann? Everybody will be able to see for themselves how silly all those "sightings" are, paraphrasing your dear husband, "incredibly unreliable...when scientifically analysed"!
    If the files that were not yet revealled in the media will be made confidential they won't have a chance to be discredited and you'll will not be subjected to the ridicule!

  10. “As parents, we can be very close to the investigation and demand things that were not done yet, to be done”,

    Did I read that right?

    How about getting Kate to answer those 48 question and doing a reconstruction of the nights events.

    Two things that weren't done and should have been.

    Are there any journalists out there with any kind of spine in them left?

    Where's Roger Cook when you need him?

    Sick of the BS

  11. I agree with the information to the British media.
    The Portimao's public prosecuter is doing a great favor to the McCanns.
    He knows the parents need all the support from the public, who must know where the child is, by now.
    The best way to find Madeleine is to use the media as much as possible.
    The process is not reopened, which means the informations are not under secrecy of justice.
    Besides, the public prosecuter knows they are all bullshit and he wants to share it with the UK.
    what about the half naked man, pointgun, and Maddie wearing a short t-shirt, dressed up like Donald Duck?
    And all the suspects look horribly?

  12. In the video, at 1.07', Sandra says:
    ..."the reopening of the process, THAT YOU WISH"...
    Ah,ah,ah, do they really Sandra? How I wish that Sandra would have pushed that further and added "because you DO want it reopened, don't you?", "You've said so( well, sort of), and your lawyer said so outside the court house!"

  13. poster 4 Well said !! yes they only protect themselves,they only think of themselves ,thats why they think they did no wrong in neglecting 3 tiny tots ,I hope this gets the back up of a few highflying editors and they spill EVERYTHING they do know ,enoughs enough ,time to bring them to book

  14. Who do the McCanns think they are to tell the PP to whom he is allowed to give the files. The case has been shelved and the sightings are no longer under judicial secrecy. Therefore, any journalist or interested party can request access to them. The McCanns wanted the investigation shelved so they better live with it.

  15. I'm waiting to see what happens to all their super lawyers, injunctions and law suits when the money runs out. trouble is, it's always on the verge of running out, but it never actually does. Perhaps they're still being funded by wealthy backers who now prefer to have their names kept secret, or maybe there's really only one wealthy backer who has always been kept secret?

    Indeed, perhaps secrecy is the next 'ploy'. Perhaps this is the introduction of a completely new tactic and everything is henceforth to be kept secret, along with what happened to Madeleine of course.

    Alternatively there's something in those files that they don't want the British press to get hold of. Or maybe the British press already got hold of it and they have to get publication of it banned in Portugal so that their lawyers can stop publication in England? In fact, I bet they're going for another injunction, this time to stop the Public Prosecutor releasing certain files.

    Come to think of it, isn't one of the most important leads that has never been followed up the one which Leicestershire Constabulary conveniently held back until it was 'safe' to release it to the PJ?

    By 'safe' I mean, after Dr. Amaral had been removed from the case under pressure from Gordon Brown. Perhaps it wasn't so 'safe' after all?

  16. Annon 15

    Further to your first paragraph
    Don't forget there is still the Mother's day programm (with Aled Jones)on radio 2 this Sunday...i expect they are hoping this will generate yet more 'coins for the coffers...'

  17. Kate Mccann states"there is lots of information and much of it has not been carefully analysed"

    Who gives these people the right to go to Portugal and infer as usual that senior policemen with many many years of experience have not analysed the information carefully?
    I seriously cant understand How and Why the Portugese people allow all this bullshite to continue ,it really makes the Portugese police look like dopes in the eyes of the world.

    Joana ,Whats really going on?

    I hope to God that the reason the PJ and Politicians are generally silent is because they know in some way that the MCCanns will some day soon be caught out and get the Justice they deserve i.e humiliated and locked up fo the next 20+years.


  18. maybe Gang Mcscum should get informed about the Fact that most people here in Portugal who watched the whole story from the beginning never believed in their fairytale just by watching what was played out.There was no need of Books or dog's(sorry Eddi and Keela but you know what I mean).And to state that it's Amarals fault that people have that opinion is ludicrious and impertinent.Do the Mccanns insinuate that we can't think,listen or observe for ourselves? And did they now start to re-open the case once they were here? That's the only thing they should 'demand'!

  19. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! How long are the Portuguese Authorities going to let this circus go on?

  20. Joana can you get the video of the pair being interviewed by SIC news on your blog I have just watched it on justice & truth blog.
    It has made my blood boil, the arrogance. Thanks sorry to ask I know you are busy.

  21. anonym 20 it was already posted here, next article

  22. They've condoned, by their silence, all the ludicrous sightings in the newspapers for the last couple of years but they're suddenly criticising the last spate. Why now?

  23. The Maccann's are getting ready to sue. Wonder who is next in the line of firel

  24. They became very arrogant some months after MM disappeared, and gave the impression they were running the show, and then they were made arguidos.
    I think the Portuguese are giving them a long enough rope to hang themselves

  25. I just wrote a very long post and it got wiped

  26. No more talk about reviews or the case re-opening, they fell out with the Portuguese Attorney General who is not prepared to listen to their demands. They already told us they fell out with the British government, this couple burnt all their bridges and are on their own. When they are prepared to start telling authorities what they did with Madeleine, then they will be prepared to listen to them.

    What will Ms Duarte have to say now, I wonder!

  27. From the very minute Madeleine was declared missing, they've wanted to shape the story. The more information that is released from the files, the greater the chances that their wild accusations will be refuted. Zero Credibility. And who wants to give money to anyone or anything that peddles a story that doesn't stack up? Only a fool....
    So 'Confidentiality please: it's bad for business.' :-*

  28. Poster 18.

    Thank you for your post. Very valuable words, says it all. I'm an outsider (Dutch), but may I take the liberty to tell you this is exactly what I think. Wish your words were on every billboard in the world.

  29. “There is lots of information and much of it has not been carefully analysed. If there was some potential and important information, we could give people a path”, said Kate, accusing the Attorney General’s Office of having handed documents over to British newspapers."

    No matter if this is true or part of the spin campaign made by the Mccann's, the PGR have to react and explain to the Country how he refused to pass information about Face Oculta to the deputies even if that information was requested by party's member of the parliament and then let a prosecutor to leak information about Madeleine case to the British Media. is THAT PGR THE SAME GUY WHICH ONE WEEK AGO BLAME THE VIOLATION OF THE SECRECY TO explain and justify all the bad news in justice and got involved now, by the parents who he protect, on a violation f the judicial secrecy?

    I don't believe on " Files Passed to British Media, by Pj or any Prosecutor". I BELIEVE ON " FILES PASSED BY THE PROSECUTOR TO ISABEL DUARTE, REQUESTED BY HER AS MCCANN'S LAWYER, THEN CONVENNIENTLY AND STRATEGICAL PASSED TO THE BRITISH TABLOIDS, BY THE MCCANN'S, FOLLOWING A STRATEGY WHICH MITCHELL REVEAL ALREADY IN DUBAI- Meeting paper editors to pass the most convenient theory for the Mccann's and try to revert and build a Pro-mccann public opinion".

    The mccann's behaviour is affecting not only the life of the people who they directly involve with their sights... IS AFFECTING ALSO THE LIFE OF MANY PORTUGUESE PEOPLE, Who live and work outside Portugal. Many times I had to explain that Portugal have rules, is a democratic country with freedmon, have a government democratic elected, parents were not allowed to neglect their child's and if they do it, they will face justice. PEOPLE Don't believe on Portuguese justice because our government put the country in a parallel situation as country's from the third world, WHERE THE LAW WAS NOT RESPECTED, where foreigners can change rules and runaway without being investigated. THE MCCANN'S DAMAGE THE IMAGE OF THE COUNTRY AND THE REPUTATION OF THE PORTUGUESE, and In Portugal, seems that the government, the President of the Republic and the deputies of the opposition did not care about WHAT THE PORTUGUESE COMMUNITYS HAVE TO PASS OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY. It IS A SHAME TO SHOW A PORTUGUESE PASSPORT IN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS. (Cont)

  30. (Cont)
    STOP THE CIRCUS OF THE MCCANN'S BEFORE THEY DISTROYED THE REPUTATION OF THE COUNTRY AND BE AN INSPIRATION FOR ALL THE EVILS. After their campaign don't be surprised if the high criminality increase in Portugal, if Paedophiles and real abductors went to the country believing that the police is a farce, the justice is a farce and they can act free, feeding their perversity. Portuguese child's and tourist child's will be at risk, because of the blindness of the Portuguese authorities in front of the Mccann's strategy.


    Any media interview with Mccann's did not add nothing to the investigation, nothing to Madeleine, nothing to inform the public. because all the interviews were planned before, with questions/answers negotiated and previously agree by the mccann's and their lawyers. Then what is the use of that interview? An interview which is nothing else then an advertising campaign to promote their image and their circus. When this interviews happen on public channels, means the Portuguese are paying the Media campaign of the Mccann's. Every minute at the lights of the TVs is very expensive for any company which wants to advertise their products. THEN THE MEDIA, AT LEAST IN PORTUGAL, MUST START ASKING MONEY FOR ANY INTERVIEW OR ANY 5 MINUTES OF SPOTLIGHTS WITH THIS MCCANN'S. THEY ARE ADVERTISING THEIR PRODUCT- THE ABDUCTION, THEN THEY MUST PAY FOR THAT CAMPAIGN. What they say, have no interest to the public. If they want to blame the PGR or PJ and ACCUSE THEM, use the properly way with honesty and responsibility- GO TO THE COURTS, REOPEN THE INVESTIGATION AND PROOF THAT THE POLICE WERE WRONG. SHOW THE WORLD WHICH EVIDENCES YOUR TOP DETECTIVES ACHIEVED TO PROVE THAT AN ABDUCTION HAPENNED ON FLAT 5A.

    We, the Portuguese, must stay United and fight this campaign no matter where we live, In Portugal or somewhere around the world. We cannot seat and watch this guys destroying the image which takes thousand of years and a rich history to build. WHO THEY ARE? WHAT THEY HIDE? WHO PROTECT THEM AND WHY?.... THIS CANNOT BE A SIMPLE CASE OF A DISAPEARENCE OF A GIRL WHILE IN HOLIDAYS. SHOULD BE MUCH MORE THEN AN ACCIDENT. AND WE... as Portuguese, and as public, have the right to know the truth.

  31. Kate is asked if she had ever seen a photograph or a video that she thought was her daughter, she replied no. Yet she has allowed these sighting to be reported without giving a statement to the papers saying she didn't think they were Madeleine.

    One has to wonder then, why they allow the police to waste time and money on these fruitless investigations.

  32. all these interviews by the mccanns are all BLUFF they are running scared and the best bit about is WE all know it.JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE

  33. I wish I could be as optomistic as poster 24. The Portugeses are not giving this pair of scumbags enough rope to hang themselves. It seems to me they are giving them anything and everything they want. All that is left now is for them apply their coup-de-grace and get their million from Mr Amaral and they are home. The million they win at the libel trial will be used to crush Joana and all remaining opposition. Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but I've seen nor heard nothing to suggest that this evil pair will ever be brought to justice

  34. "Damages the search" - where have I heard this before? Could it be that the McCanns are looking for yet more people to blame for the fact that the child they abandoned to go out drinking is almost certainly dead?
    Could it be that they are also looking for somebody else to sue?

  35. McCanns you are truly sickening. Firstly you court publicity, now you blame the press for what they are publishing. You are "demanding things that have not been done yet be done" but you never did what should have been done - co-operate fully with the PJ's investigation. Who the hell do you think you are? You have no right to criticise others when you are far from perfect yourselves. You have no regard for all those innocent people who have been dragged into this. Why did you not insist that none of your private dicks findings were not published unless it was proven that these people were involved. You can't have one set of rules for yourselves and another set for everybody else. Even if I give you the benefit of the doubt, and accept M was abducted and you really are determine to find her (dead or alive) I do not accept it is your right to drag the world and his wife into this. If you are innocent you are over compensating for the guilt you feel for leaving your kids in the first place but no amount of publicity, PR spin will change the fact that what happened is your fault and that will not go away by trying divert attention away from yourselves by blaming anybody but yourselves for this. Give it a rest, you are loosing more support than you are winning - Waste of breath I know, you only see things from your point of view, and nothing will change that. Self centred sums it up

  36. They go to the Portuguese media to complain about and insult the UK media,they go to the UK media to complain about the Portuguese media and insult the Portuguese police been doing it since day 1.
    Clarrie has convinced them that the public in the UK dont have access to Portuguese media stories and the Portuguese people dont know whatis in the British media. Thanks to the internet to Joanna and to all the wonderful volunteer translators,Clarrie is wrong,it used to be true that you could tell different stories in different countrys and get away with it but not anymore,Clarrie is behind the times in a modern electronic media world

  37. Hello 33 I am 24

    They cannot take on the Portuguese Judiciary and make them do their bidding, agreed they can appear to.
    But these two are arrogant bastards and becoming more so by the moment, BUT pride comes before a fall.
    They cannot arrest the Portuguese, for all their bluster, and remember it is bluster, they have everything to lose especially their freedom.
    We won't mention their children, it was their neglect of them that has put them where they are now, and the Portuguese authorities know that - don't underestimate them

  38. I'm confused, there is a piece in the Sun about Mrs McC visiting her child's room. The article goes on to say that the mother asked for the sightings not to be printed because it doesn't help the search ( words to that effect). So how are we going to know where to look if we can't see or know where the sightings took place? Perhaps the parents can view the sightings and then have the credible ones printed so we can all help them with their search.

  39. The McTwat duo are forever complaining ".... harms the search for their daughter"

    What search?
    Who is searching?

  40. ;)) The gold dust turned into rust - once it started to blow into the public's eyes.

    :))Another brilliant piece of spin by Clarence "The Mitchell".

    :D What you see is not what you hear.What you sniff is not what you find.

    x( "Eh! Who barked? Who brought these dogs in here?"

  41. Hold on a minute,after the temporary injunction on Goncarlos book was upheld a few weeks ago,delude Kate said at the press conference that "Once again it has been shown that there's no evidence to show Madeleine has come to any harm"yes the farcicly loathesome McConns want us to believe that a paedophile abductor took Madeleine but yet no harm has come to her,how detached from reality are these pair of charlatans,yet still no British reporter questioned them on this obviously deluded statement.Yet now the fake McConns are saying the release of those reported sightings may of harmed the search for Madeleine,they are seriously getting on my nerves,i wish someone, anyone,would just tell them to stop LYING.Everyone has brought harm to Madeleine but them,i actually detest them.

  42. Russell O@Brien the most likely to crack? It was reported back in october 2007 that he was going to make a staement eeven though it might lead him to being charged with perverting the course of justice. A lawyer for one of the couples- O' Brien and Tanner? also comented on political pressure being brought to bear on his/her clients. This was shortly before the McCanns were due to be questioned. Draw your own conclusions.

  43. Russell O'Brien was certainly around the apartment area for some time that evening and might have seen something, yet not liked to have said anything if there was a sort of pact as Payne said they had.

    Payne had something to say as well because he said as much in his statement to the UK police, in that he wanted to say something about the disappearance of Madeleine but did not want it included in his statement. What could that have been about??

    Is it this information that the McCanns would like to get their hands on. They did try to get information released to them by the LP but were not successful.

  44. Poster 33

    Although Portugal is a poor country. Its people have heart which is evident today.

    Snr Goncalo Amaral and others in Portugal and elsewhere in the world who do not believe the parents abduction theory, are hounded, tormented and bullied into silence.

    Who carries this injustice forward? Certain lawyers political activists and others charged with looking after the welfare of the vulnerable. These people by their deeds, show they have no morals, and worship money and power.

    Bravo! Snr Amaral and others who will not be silenced in their quest to find out exactly what happened to a child, that has mysteriously disappeared.

    According to the neglectful parents their child was abducted!

    According to available evidence.their child perished in the holiday apartment!

    Should the McCann circus attempt to remove this internet site, and silence Joana. They will choke on their own money making tongues, as they will have bitten off more than they can chew.

    An Englishman

  45. It is the McCanns themselves who should be Carter Rucked.

    They are the ones who are spreading an abduction fairy tale as being true when it is not, and obtaining money from the innocent public who don't know the true facts and circumstances of the case.

    As for trying to silence people who dare to say differently, they are wasting their time. Nobody here is making up a story that Madeleine died in the apartment. That was the conclusion reached by the those investigating the case, and also the best in the world, never been wrong, dogs. Sadly, Madeleine is dead.

    The people who post here are discussing what the investigators of the case concluded, and the last time I looked there was still free speech to do this.

    The McCanns come across as control freaks who want us to believe a lie.

    They should be told where to get off and not come back until they can prove their abduction story. That will be never.

    Their abduction story needs to have a great big warning sign over it to alert those unsuspecting people who are still giving money to the McCanns, not knowing the truth.

  46. Learn McCann speak: "Damages the search"

    Damages us in that people can see that any possible sightings of Madeleine have been properly investigated and properly discounted.

    "the search" means getting Portuguese people to supply them with a load of fresh rubbish that they can then use to say "the search" should go on and people should be forced to look anywhere but right at them. To put pressure on Pt authorities! The McCanns are just a couple of salesmen trying to con the Portuguese public, nothing better than that!

    Here are Kate and Gerry appealing to the Portuguese people for said fresh rubbish, I fear their phone lines stopped ringing a long time ago!


    edited highlights, from Gerry:

    we want to appeal to the Portuguese people again, to come forward with any information that may lead us to help find Madeleine, or any other information that might be related to Madeleine's abduction. The number here is 800 814 024. [some journalist asks something to Kate McCann] Pardon.

    the important thing is that there is an innocent child missing and that search must go on. We would very much like the whole process reviewed, we would like allinformation held by all law enforcements to be put together and systematically reviewed and identified areas for further investigation.

    from Kate:

    there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm. (and if I may say so entirely typical words from a distraught mum who feels her child is with some paedophiles/has not been with her "loving family" for the last three years. )

    And I really do want to ask Portuguese people to continue to help us, please, there's a little girl still missing regardless of what Mr. Amaral and his followers say, and they have their own motives. There's a little girl still missing, and we know that people care about children, please help us.

    Gerry again:
    We be delighted if the case was re-opened, we have no problem with that, but what we need is real investigation, not this, not dismissal...
    We, we have sent information through, at the authorities both in England and through the PJ here. It's the prosecutors decision when to re-open the case. NOW THIS IS THE NUB OF IT, he wants Portuguese people power to get this prosecutor to see it Gerry's way, silly man!

  47. If Gerry McCann would be delighted the case be reopened the McCanns would have requested it by now.

    Obviously, he is not being truthful about that.

    More likely they would run a mile (or many more) if it was reopened. There are always international arrest warrants though, so they would not be able to escape for long if they PJ decided to arrest and charge them.

    That is why the McCanns are making all the fuss about sightings and wanting a 'review' instead in order to deflect away from any suggestion of a 'reopened' case.

    They also don't want the press to be printing information from the File they have, because they would get through it in short time and discover it is a load of rubbish and not relevant (exactly as the PJ have said).

    Instead, the McCanns want to control the information and dole it out so as to make it look like they have sighting gems.

    Smoke and mirrors as usual.

  48. Anon 43 you asked me this "If you can give the McCanns the benefit of the doubt, then please do tell, how could those never been wrong before, best in world doggies have got it wrong?"

    I have never suggested that they got it wrong but as the police did not feel it was enough to charge the McCanns who am I to say the McCanns are guilty. When I did jury service I went into court impartial and delivered my verdict on the "actual" evidence given which IMO is how it should be. My actual thoughts are that even if the McCanns are guilty they will never be charged. If the police do not have ENOUGH evidence by now then far short of a miracle, I doubt they will ever get it.

    You also commented: "If I remember rightly, you have been sitting on that fence of yours for a very long time now and your bum must be raw." Yes your memory is good I have been on the fence from the outset regarding the case and yes my bum is raw but its the price I have to pay for not condemning POSSIBLY/MAYBE?? innocent people. Having said that I am well off the fence when it comes to what I have seen and heard from the McCanns and I can assure you I am no fan of theirs. They make me sick to my stomach. I would not be able to be a jury member if they were taken to court I would find it impossible to be impartial because they have dragged so many other innocent people into this sordid affair.

  49. Gerry, do you have evidence that it harms the search? It only harms your and Kate reputations...

  50. Fencesitter 49 - I doubt there`s anyone in the world who could be totally impartial about this case if it went to a trial by jury. I can`t remember what happened with the OJ Simpson trial but it must have taken weeks of interviewing to find totally impartial jurors.

  51. 50, dont forget what else it harms ,the one thing in life that they care about ? Money/fund

  52. That photo at the top of this page looks like Kate is so tired of the sound of Gerry's voice that she has nodded off.

  53. Anon 51 I totally agree with you, maybe that is the reason they court so much publicity. However there are still a few die hards who not only think they are not guilty but also see no wrong in anything they say or do, and even make feeble excuses in defence of them leaving the kids in the first place. If these people are selected for the jury we already know the verdict they will return even if there is strong evidence against them.

    Anon 53 Kate is not the only one tired of Gerry's voice yawnnnnnnnn

  54. Fencesitter, whilst I respect your right to not come to a conclusion about what the McCanns actually did with Madeleine and think that is sensible, I am at a loss to understand how you could suggest this couple may be innocent in the disappearance of Madeleine?

    How do you explain Gerry immediately telling all of his relatives the window and shutter got jemmied when this was just a blatant lie?

    How do you explain Kate going on TV and saying Maddie complained about being left on her own with the twins, they were crying, but they just went and done it again?

    How do you explain the Smith family describing Gerry McCann carting Madeleine off?

    How do you explain the Doctors Gaspars evidence to the police?

    How do you explain Gerry being able to produce two copies of two 6 x 4 pictures of Madeleine that same night to the Police?

    How do you explain the evidence that Kate had a sense of dread in relation to that holiday and really did not want to go?

    This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but in light of it, please tell me how there is any basis upon which you could consider this couple innocent in the disappearance of their child, a couple who even say they left the door open so that an abductor could gain easy access and yet they insist he did not access via that door!

  55. Yes the reason McCann has to take a step back is because the public reaction to the publishing of the 'sightings' was negative. It was the public who pointed out that to publish this information meant that the parents couldn't be serious about the 'search' because it would obviously tip off any 'abductor' and harm the 'search'. Faced with this own goal, the McCanns are now blaming the PT prosecutor and the press for publishing what was in fact praised by Clarence Mitchell as 'gold dust' for the McCanns.

  56. Viv in answer to your questions to me - From the day this story broke, I felt there was something very odd about the McCanns behaviour and that was long before all the information that we now have was known to us. I am totally aware that they are liars but to what degree they are lying is still a mystery to me. They and their friends IMO are hiding something, but what?

    Regarding the list you would like explained - How do you expect me to explain why they said or did any of these things. I have not got over the first hurdle yet, which is why they left the kids in the first place and then said it was no different to dining in the garden. I just cannot connect with anything they say or do, and have no clue why they do it.

    Regarding the Smith's and Gaspars statement ( plus the dogs that you forgeot to mention) - How do you explain why the PJ and UK police have not used it as evidence. They are the ones who you should ask the question too.

    As far as I am concerned the McCanns are guilty of many many things, but as yet we have no real evidence that there was an abductor nor have we enough evidence to say the McCanns are guilty so until such time as this is resolved one way or another, they could be innocent of harming Madeleine or they could be guilty

  57. The latest issue of Neue Post a magazine here in Germany is carrying a story,complete with full colour pictures of KM playing happy families, no doubt Clarence is behind all this to keep the fund alive but here we believe they are guilty and no colourful magazines will change that. H.C.

  58. Hi Fencesitter and thanks for your reply. I would say that Gerry McCann made plain to the police he was involved from the very outset by handing them those photographs and telling lies about the shutter being jemmied. Goncalo quite properly says they were suspects from the first moments they began to tell their incoherent lies.

    Within the space of just a few days, UK jetted over some real big guns in the police including from Leicester itself, that makes the view that was taken more than obvious to any reasonable person. But if you had any doubts, how about Lee Rainbow saying Gerry should be checked out as a possible murderer!

    The truth is there is no innocent explanation for the list that I provided you with, is there?

    I did not mention the dogs because in my view they are a complete red herring being used by Gerry McCann to stitch his wife up and make loads of money. This man planned all of this and he has always known exactly what he is doing. He is so sick that he sits and smirks about it, thinking how clever he is.

    In relation to your comment, why have the police not used all of this evidence against them, what makes you think they will not!!

    This is a hugely complex case involving a lot of people who have assisted Gerry. IMO, it is not the cut and dried death that people think it is at all. When all of the pieces of the jigsaw have been fitted together and the police are able to ascertain where Madeleine now is, dead or alive, that will mean that appropriate charges can then be formulated and we will have action.

    Finally I have to say I am very disappointed in any person, who could in one breath say what liars these two are, but in another suggest they may be innocent. But Kate is far more innocent than Gerry IMO. As for Gerry's mates, you know who I am and you know what I think!

  59. 58 Thanks for that. It just seems to me that there is some evidence of people being sympathetic to Kate but not him. If that is what they are doing they are spot on IMO!

  60. I would just add, Gerry demonstrates a criminal and dishonest mind set in other ways.

    Take the mortgage payments for example, he wanted them paid from the Fund and saw nothing wrong with that. No doubt it was his choice to saddle his family with such massive debt, it is recorded on LP report to the PJ the mortgage is £323000 and the payments were a massive £2000 per month. If your daughter had been abducted and the public generously gave to a Fund to help find her, would you, as a reasonable and honest person think your mortgage should get paid from it, or possibly worse still, your legal defence costs?

    Gerry has the mind of a fraudster, a serious criminal.

  61. Could this video be put up alongside this?

    Clarence calls the PJ everything for supposedly leaking Kate's statement that as the interviewer points out creates very bad PR for the McCanns and it was leaked from Spain! It is so similar to what has subsequently happened again above. He virtually accuses Madeleine of being a little liar saying she cried, Rachel was next door and heard nothing, they were checking every 20 minutes!! As we know from Mrs Fenn they are not even referring to the correct night and as Mr Menezes has just confirmed, when they stated they checked every 30 minutes, never mind 20 they lied...Maddie cried for one hour and fifteen minutes on 1 May. He then most outrageously states perhaps the abductor woke them up on 2nd May. They deserve to have this aired again and put alongside their latest PJ attack!!


  62. H C @58 It is such a shame that they couldn't have been playing happy families whilst on holiday.This whole charade has cost one heck of a lot of money for a lot of countries and the mcscams have paid out nothing.
    KM is doing a run today, at least I think it's today, I saw the list of names and donations - people are still throwing money at them and in the meantime other lost children are ignored.
    She is on our BBC tomorrow, Mothering Sunday, being interviewed how her religon has helped - better if they put her on a programme about bad mothering skills. I sent a complaint to the BBC but they just sent back a standard reply. I believe a lot of people have complained though.

  63. Kate must be so tired of seeing Cheryl Cole's face all over the front pages day by day! Never mind Kate, your turn will come when that movie is scheduled, which it will be one day, without doubt! Although you might be a bit long in the tooth to play the lead then!

    Running today, but so frail and fragile next time you give an interview eh? Still it's worth it while the money comes rolling in!

  64. I used to believe that Madeleine was the victim of an accident, but now I have doubts. I am thinking something much more sinister happened to take her life.

    If there had been an accident that night and Madeleine had been discovered, surely the obvious thing would have been for the McCanns to have waited until the next morning and then reported it.

    Her death would no doubt have been put down to Madeleine having died whilst she was sleep walking and when the parents themselves were asleep. All very tragic, but everybody would have gone home and got on with their lives.

    The dogs are telling us Madeleine died in the apartment which is what the investigators also believe. Her body has since been hidden.

    Why? What is there about the death of Madeleine that needs to be covered? What is there about her body that it has to be hidden and never to be found?

    Would her body reveal that it was no accident?

    Was her body hidden so as to perpetuate a Fund scam?

    A simple accident could have easily been covered and the McCanns would have walked away with no charges. What is going on?

  65. I too have complained to the BBC regarding their despicable choice in having a woman who sees no wrong in leaving 3 babies in an apartment,whilst she wined and dined ,what an insult to the millions of mothers who would NEVER put their own enjoyment before the SAFTEY of their children.The BBC will,I hope regret their choice of "mother"on tomorrows MOTHERING SUNDAY!!!!!!!!

  66. Viv you said "Finally I have to say I am very disappointed in any person, who could in one breath say what liars these two are, but in another suggest they may be innocent."

    Sorry to disappoint you - I have heard them say one thing one minute and the opposite the next which is my reason for saying they have lied. The rest is not conclusive. I agree there is no innocent explanation for the list you gave me, but as I consider the McCanns to be a couple of weirdos it would be impossible to understand why they say and do things in the way that they do. Maybe the police are just waiting for the right time, or hoping if they give them enough rope either they or their friends will hang them selves. Maybe all their bleeting about the information given to the press is bugging them as things are no longer going to plan. We can all speculate but none of us really know. If the McCanns had anything to do with it then I suppose I would go alone with the accident theory, I really do not believe Gerry planned the whole thing as you suggest. However you may well be right but I very much doubt we will ever know the real truth.

  67. Gerry McCann went further: “The process was once very closed and nothing was known due to the judicial secrecy. Now, information is being released.”

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave, eh? This judicial secrecy that you deemed so regrettable once upon a time is now regrettable in its absence? Protecting witnesses - like 'Victoria Beckham'? At least it's now acknowledged that there was a time when you can't blame the PJ for the leaks.

    Poster 33: If it helps on the optimism front, I think the quote

    'We're gutted, it's absolutely shocking and difficult.We are just managing to keep our heads above water.'

    from Kate McCann might have revealed something that was not intended. Strange choice of words - more like someone talking about overwhelming and relentless financial considerations. It must be very expensive having libel lawyers sifting through comments on Internet sites, etc.. Looks like they need money to push the agenda but it's getting harder to find a source and when they do it further tests people's patience. Perhaps they could exhaust the fund just paying people to watch our comments. It's good to talk, maybe.


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