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McCanns Counter-Spin: New Madeleine 'Sightings' To Be Revealed

 Here we go again, spin, spin...

New evidence about missing British girl Madeleine McCann is set to be released by a Portuguese prosecutor.

Update: Details Of New Madeleine 'Sightings' Due Out

New details about possible sightings of missing British girl Madeleine McCann are being released by a Portuguese prosecutor.

Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt said there were "quite a few potential sightings, I'm told".

The new evidence is due out "because four British newspapers have applied to the state prosecutor in the Algarve", he continued.

Brunt said: "(The prosecutor) has in these last few hours released details and information that has been given to Portuguese police since they closed the official investigation."

video with Martin Brunt

Update: Madeleine vanished from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007, shortly before her fourth birthday.

Despite a massive police operation and huge publicity worldwide, the young girl has not been found.

Officers in the Algarve shelved a probe into the disappearance in July 2008.

But the girl's parents Kate and Gerry McCann "have recently been complaining that lots of new information has come into Portuguese police since that file was closed but none of it was acted on", Brunt said.

The McCanns' family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Kate and Gerry have made it clear that they were shocked to see the lack of follow-up work done by the Portuguese police since the investigation was shelved.

"All the information in these files must go to the private investigators as they are the only people still looking for Madeleine."

Four months after she disappeared, Portuguese police made both Mr and Mrs McCann "arguidos", or formal suspects, in the case.

Two days later, on September 9, 2007, they returned to Britain with their two other children, twins Sean and Amelie.

Mr and Mrs McCann's arguido status was lifted when the Portuguese attorney general closed the case.

The couple insist they will continue to believe Madeleine is still alive until presented with firm evidence to the contrary and have vowed to keep looking for her for as long as it takes.

in Sky News

related: Isabel Duarte press conference where she states that there's new information about Madeleine McCann

Isabel Duarte: “In our office, we are analysing all of the documents that came from the Algarve, selecting those that seem to be important to us and that which is secondary, or absolutely necessary, so I can meet with my colleagues and with my clients, and all of us make a decision concerning the reopening of the process, which they have manifested, over the last few days, that they want to do, after finding out that there are several elements in the Portimão process that they did not know about.”


  1. Was this Madeleine? Revealed, the photo files Portuguese police kept secret... to thhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-

    Now HOW did Madeleine get to New Zealand without ANYONE seeing her? When is the media and the McCann's going to stop taking the public for idiots?

  2. I just don't get Brunt at all...
    he is the one that broke all the early stories about the Scenic DNA etc., cadaver dogs, Murat being the patsy...
    what on earth is he doing with all this misleading drivel????

  3. How the McCanns will be crowing at this.

    Are there yet more people in the offing to persecute?

    Is it never bloody ending?

  4. Phew! That's alright then. She should soon be returned to her loving mummy and daddy. :D

  5. I despair, I really do...:((

  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254997/Was-Maddie-McCann-Revealed-photo-files-Portuguese-police-kept-secret--fury-distraught-McCanns.html

  7. The nonsense has started:

    We have to get it in our heads that the establishment is right behind them and they will NEVER, ever face justice.
    Accept it and do as I've done....move on and waste no more emotional energy on it.
    It's more currupt in Britain and Portugal than anyone could imagine.

  8. O silêncio dos últimos dias já fazia prever que andavam a preparar alguma...Que previsíveis.Preparemo-nos agora para mais uns quantos dias de "incompetente polícia portuguesa recusa investigar pistas muito credíveis ou "mccanns deseperados por reabertura de processo".Parabéns mccanns, conseguiram material para mais uma quantas entrevistas e conferências de imprensa às custas da tragédia da vossa filha.Pode ser que caiam mais umas libras no fundo.Afinal os advogados, a hipoteca, as viagens, os hotéis precisam de ser pagos, não é?

  9. Ah, the memories! I think, Joana, that picture of Clarence Mitchell doing his best DCI Gene Hunt impression and triumphantly holding aloft a picture of George Harrison and Kate McCann's love child was the defining moment of the terrible madness of this tragedy. The moment it went completely bonkers. The jaw-dropping, what the f*** moment.

    Hold tight everyone, and enjoy the spin. Good luck!

  10. If there is indeed "potencial" leads to be investigated, then why did the prosecutor not procede to reopen the process??? Why is he giving those leads to the press?!It's utter nonsense!

  11. Rachel (Everton) LiverpoolTuesday, March 02, 2010 11:27:00 pm

    Anon 7 I think you are right this case has become a unhealthy obsession with me, since I found this blog and the truth, we all know the child is dead, and want justice but the Maccanns are too powerful they are in the clear, This case will never be reopened we are all clutching at straws. Mr Amaral is one brave man but he is up against a very powerful force, becoming stronger day by day, its hopeless, I think I need a break from it to try and forget.

  12. OK if the case is shelved why should the Portuguese be looking? I think the McC's should ask for the case to be reopened if they want the sightings to be followed up.

  13. Anon 13 Good question.

    Why didn't the judge order a reopening of the case if they are considered significant?

    Is there any logic in any of this?

  14. aacg - the PJ had the documentation because they are the Police with the jurisdiction on the case. Do you really believe it was at the UK newspapers request that the Prosecutor released the files, or in face of what you heard and read Isabel Duarte say regarding these documents and her requests to see the files in Portimão, don't you think it was more the McCanns releasing the files to the UK media? I'm fed up of the McCanns Spin, what I want to know is if Team McCann will exploit that same documentation, where they will drop by drop, spoon feed the media with the alleged «sightings» like they did in the past; and how long we will have to endure until we see this case solved in the proper place, because surely it is not in the media that we will see Justice made.

  15. @ Anonymous 17
    Read the conclusions and you'll agree with the judge.
    She didn't - and said so - consider the whole case. How could she ? But only the liberty of speech vs the right of the person. They were conflicting. She decided that GA's opinion weighted more than your or my opinion if we had written a book with a similar, controversial thesis, because GA is an eminent police officer.
    She reformulated the final conclusions in a favourable manner for GA.
    ID knows perfectly well that the million isn't already half way towards her pocket. This sightspinning is part of her strategy.

  16. Shame on Portugal for allowing this, shame on the Portugese judges and legal system, Portugal you have allowed this pair to bring you as a nation Low. I just dispair, What is wrong with you, In the Name of Jesus Christ I beg you to Back Mr Amaral, wake up and smell the cavadine.

  17. Anon 7
    The non sense has not started.
    It is just going on and I refuse to be part of this new spin.As you say: enough of it, of them and the whole lot.Time to move on.
    They have such an incredible support that it makes me want to vomit and forget about "it" because it seems like I will never see the end of "it" whatever "it" is or has become.
    As long as both countries Portugal and Uk are behind them there will be no justice for Madeleine.
    Sad but true

  18. Joana, anyhow the Portuguese authorities should have sent a copy to the LP, since they had been working together. If ID, and not the Prosecutor, released the sightings to the UK tabloïds, this should be confirmed in the next hours. If what you think is confirmed, then the portugueses should expect the Prosecutor to renounce silence and state something, mainly concerning Ricardo Paiva, who's now the new scape-goat.

  19. aacg How do you know that a copy was not sent? And at the same time in face of what we know from the LPC 's behaviour when cooperating with the PJ, the same LPC who until very recently had a link to the former arguidos site, why should the PJ send anything at all - may I remind you that the Portuguese Judiciary Police is the only police who has jurisdiction on this case and that the LPC is only aiding [err..] the PJ in a matter of International cooperation. The prosecutor does not have to defend Ricardo Paiva, that is not his role, that should be the role of the hierarchy of the National Directorate of the PJ - who have consistently failed to protect the PJ institution and its officers since 2007 of defamation from the UK media. Also, it does not take much to add two plus two together, Isabel Duarte on her various TV appearances spoke of shocking pictures, today what do we see released in a newspaper that has always maintained a pro-mccann parents stance and was used several times before to divulge the McCanns press statements and spins? «Photos from the internet uncovered by a female French detective were found to show images of sexual abuse which involved a girl resembling Madeleine.» - it's just a matter of probabilities aacg.

  20. What wanted the Mccans? that portuguese police wast more time and money to investigating this special case after the parents didn't collaborate neither asked to reopen the case.? Leave Portugal IN PEACE WE HAVE MORE PROBLEMS TO THINK ABOUT, AND IF THE PARWENTS WANT ASK
    on the proper place( not the media) to reopen the case.

  21. Joana, the Daily Star and some other papers have repeated that THEY applied to the Prosecutor for the files. Is it not possible that once they had been released to the McCanns, as per their recent reqest, that all anyone else had to do was ask for them?

  22. The good thing about this is that it was entirely predictable. Joana you are right. The McCanns are all played out, and this spin is their last card. The tide has turned and is on the way out because the public know that the child is dead and that these 'sightings' are not Madeleine. Even Duarte as much as admitted that outside the court. They are only "like" Madeleine. This spin is their last throw of the dice, but it won't change public opinion now, because no matter what the press print, the public have already seen and heard the PJ evidence in the Lisbon court. Don't give up your faith, because there will be no sympathetic review of the evidence for the McCanns, only reopening the case when the time is right. The more tha McCanns desperately twist and turn now, the more they reveal themselves. Have faith.

  23. aacg

    It is a big spin and nothing else with Paiva being the mccanns new target.It wont go very far at all.Nobody believes any of it,including the UK cops.I wonder if the mccs even believe it....
    The bollocks continue and will continue as long as the portuguese authorities do not move their ass and not only towards the re opening of the case but also and more than ever to stand for its police force which they failed to do so far.

  24. Thank you anonymous 27 I just watched Martin Burnt on Sky News online video stating that. It is possible, of course. But then explain me why is the release accompanied by statements from the McCann couple and their obnoxious spokesman, Clarence Mitchell.

  25. So now the McCanns are so incensed by the Portuguese Police's failure to do "next to nothing" on this case, even with news of all of these sightings, WILL THEY TAKE THAT DECISIVE STEP OF FORMALLY REQUESTING THE CASE BE REOPENED?

    Don't hold your breath. Please don't wait in vain. All they want is a REVIEW of the case, which is sifting through paper and casting judgement on the police authorities involved, not the combing of the hills, the sifting through the soil to FIND MADELEINE.

    Dead or alive. Why? Because no matter what condition she is in, the McCanns and the UK Courts who have wardship of Madeleine should be moving heaven and earth to find her. And that CANNOT be done without the involvement of the Police. The press knows it too - I hope they'll remember to call on the McCanns to file that request for the reopening of the case from now on.

  26. Another coincidence?

    «The file only came to light during a libel trial between the McCanns and former police chief Goncalo Amaral in Lisbon last month.

    Their lawyer demanded a copy, which has finally been sent to the McCanns at their home in Rothley, Leics.

    A spokesman for the couple said last night: “They were shocked when they saw the scale of the information that had come in and the lack of action taken.

    “There are many potential leads in the file that are now being followed up by our own private investigators.”» http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2010/03/03/madeleine-mccann-case-100s-off-leads-missed-by-portuguese-police-115875-22081379/

  27. "There are many potential leads in the file that are now being followed by our own private investigators."

    Begging Bowl Time?


  28. How handy for the McCanns that they have their own private investigators to pursue the leads.

    Can't have them asking for the case to be reopened and the official investigators pursue them can they.

    Now why would that be?

    Especially as their lawyer Isabella suggested a reopening in court.

    Been a lot of backpeddling by the McCanns since then, with their 'review' and not a 'reopening', and now this, and them pursuing the so called leads themselves.

    Come on Portugal, get that case reopened, don't you know the McCanns are claiming there are all these leads to pursue. No excuse not to then.

    Why not write them a letter and ask if they want it reopened as you are waiting for them to request it, and then you could publish the reply and let us all know the reason.

  29. Joana, you're right, I don't know whether copies of these documents have been or not sent to the LP. May I remind you though that when Martin Smith, for example, wished to state he thought etc., he made a statement in front of the gardaï who send the statement not to the PJ but to the LP. When the Gaspars' testimonies were finally sent to the PJ, nobody asked any rogatory complementary interview, as if the PJ was satisfied. The prosecutor's role is certainly not to defend Ricardo Paiva but he still remains the authority concerning the McCann files. If these documents weren't leaked by ID, they were not released by Paiva who doesn't have this power.

  30. Presumably the McCanns only want to see this material to help prepare for the forthcoming libel trial.

  31. It is interesting that all these sightings came into the PJ AFTER the inquiry closed. If they had been deemed to be credible evidence of a stranger abducting Madeleine the case would obviously have been re-opened in Portugal.

    On the other thread (Daily Mail) it is said that a French detective found pictures of a child resembling Madeleine being sexually abused, is this the shocking pictures Duarte referred to at the press conference? Why is it that Duarte wants the case re-opening and Gerry just wants a review? As their lawyer, if the McCanns insist to Duarte that they had nothing at all to do with Madeleine's disappearance she would be obliged to believe them. Hence her advice would be the case must re-open in Portugal. But of course if Gerry has a lot to fear..In any event, the case does not seem to have been closed in either UK or Portugal. My understanding is that Ricardo Paiva is still investigating the case and LP say the same and re-state their intention to bring those "behind the disappearance of Madeleine to Justice". Of course, if that were a stranger who had taken Madeleine from Portugal that would be the job of the Pt Police. The only way UK would have jurisdiction is if it is the TAPAS lot, it quite obviously is. But maybe not the murder of Madeleine. Perhaps more the disposal of a child who had become a risk due to her age and intelligence and was considered expendable and likely to net Gerry a small fortune?

  32. To me, this latest round of farce proves 2 things:

    1 - It was perfectly possible to get access to information filed as not relevant. Did the McCs ever really ask for it in the past? **

    2 - Something they don't like is about to happen and we will now be bombarded with follow-ups of "sightings" to distract from the nitty-gritty.

    ** What I will never understand is how they expect the PJ to follow up on every ludicrous false lead in a shelved case... Why not ask for it to be reopened?

  33. Question !
    Is anyone here allowed to read the Blacksmith Bureau ?
    Has Blacksmith been intimidated by Carter-Ruck by any chance ?

  34. This load of nonsense is just more spin by the mccanns who were so rattled by their last visit to Portugal. They were not expecting to face the real questions thrown at them by the Portuguese journalist, nor did they expect to be put on the spot about re-opening the case. all they could come up with was the pathetic suggestion of a 'review' to counteract the idea of the case being reopened. We also now have the case openly discussed in the mainstream media (Mercedes interview - thank you!). Not to mention the tapas 4/Robert Murat court case and the halligen extradition hearing. This is not a good time for the mccanns, so we should have expected the spin doctor going into overdrive - and all they have is this laughable file which was rightly classed by the Portuguese detectives as being of no importance. Don't forget that the harder the mccanns spin, the more they are trying to deflect attention from other things. And it is good to read about good old gerry being furious again.


  35. aacg I had posted somewhere an answer to that same question on this blog, forget where; as far as I know Blacksmith decided to make a pause in the Bureau blog, nothing to do with Carter Ruck. Hopefully he will be back to write his brilliant and informative assessments on this case.

  36. Joana @ 29: because they will have gone straight to Clarence for a sound bite. Of course they will want to know what the family have to say about it. But I don't beleive 4 papers are all lying about their sources on this occasion.

  37. I don't think I shall ever get used to the McCanns' spin. Their imagination and creativity in this area never ceases to amaze me. Despite the injunction being maintained, the McCanns know that they lost a lot during the four days of hearings and this is their counteroffensive. They must discredit the entire investigation and the policemen who took part in it. I think Ricardo Paiva is Gerry's target also because he can not accept that Kate called another man (and a good looking one) during his absence.

    I think also that Miguel Sousa Tavares's disgusting "interview" of Gonçalo Amaral was part of their campaign. Well, judging by the comments on the SIC site, this backfired in a big way.


  38. I b elieve that these photos were those given to Isabel Duarte during the hearings and that TM want to people to believe that they were given directly to the press by the Portuguese PP. This is to give the impression that the PP does not support the policemen who investigated the case. The case files were all too incriminating for the McCanns and they must discredit them.


  39. I do not think that the McC's are powerfull and above the law, but I strongly believe that they are just clever- which should be expected from people of thier education and jobs. They were wise to surround themseves with the best advisers available and they are extremely careful in spouting just enough to keep people guessing and to interpret their and their friends/spoke people/family sources innuendo without actually accusing or defaming anybody. One has to be extremely careful here, but having said that, the law will be on their side as long as they obide by the letter of the law. Amaral did not loose his case, he just did not have the proper advice and/or lawjers who could stand up against the other side. This is not about what has happened but strictly what is being written and stated in writing. In a case like this there will be hundreds of false leads, especially with the publicity surronding the case and any police force in the world would have to decide what seems to be worth while persuing and what not. Shame though, and I hope the McCs will have their upcoming in due course. I can wait

  40. Here we go again next on sue list is the PJ, that is their aim.
    Money needs to come from somewhere or someone!!!

  41. Estas notícias têm só dois propósitos: 1) não pedir a reabertura processo como já tinham mostrado (falso) interesse em fazer 2) e para isso lançar estas imagens alegando que a polícia portuguesa é incompetente, não investiga pistas recebidas, e por isso eles só confiam nos seus detectives privados, que têm trabalhado muito mas produzido pouco.

    Isto já estava pensado quando os McCann mostraram (falso) interesse na reabertura do caso em entrevista dada à porta do tribunal. Primeiro mostra-se boa vontade em colaborar com a polícia, dão-se entrevistas nesse sentido, depois vem o II acto: envia-se uma quantidade interessante de fotos e informações chocantes para os jornais e diz-se que por falta de investigação destas pistas preferem trabalhar em casa. EStão mais à vontade. Bruxo!

    A vontade de reabrir este processo, a acontecer, nunca será dos pais, eles e os amigos têm mais a perder com isso do que ir a tribunal e ouvir que evidências levaram a policia a constitui-los arguidos. Porque "os cães ladram mas caravanas passam".

    Já a reabertura do processo: sabe-se lá o que é capaz de encontrar a polícia. Deixem-se estar sossegadinhos na PJ e engulam os quantos sapos que os pais trouxeram dos charcos de Rothley.

    Simples. Like water.

  42. I don't believe that the McCanns would dare to sue the PJ, as too much damaging material would come out in court - remember that the PJ have the whole file, not just part of it.

  43. 44 Very good post and completely agree, the McCanns are playing this game well, but that is really going to pIss the police off. We can see through Gerry and all his machinations, quite clearly the police do also.

    They are on borrowed time and act desperately, continuing to try and dictate to both Britain and Portugal, but tough luck McCanns, they are still not listening, but they will, when you tell us what you did with little Maddie. Cut the carp and start telling the truth for once because no one believes you, not even your own lawyers, they are just doing what they are paid to do and it looks like some already walked away. Who could blame them and as for Isabel Duarte, she looked very worried and lacking in sleep to me. Who would envy her job, she says the case should be re-opened in Portugal, if there as a stranger abduction from Portugal, she is right. But that is not what the McCanns spinner is saying, he is saying a review but laughably not mentioning by whom. This is by no means the first time we have seen members of Team McCann pulling in different directions, Ms Duarte is being undermined and she does have my sympathy.

    Jo, I think the McCanns got hold of this file and then just tipped off the British press to do the same. Gerry is not foolish enough to do this himself, whenever these strange things start happening again, up pops the sad Pink Spinner aggressively jutting his ugly gob out to emphasise how he and Team McCann hate the Pt Police, but most people love them! They like to set people up to do things, it makes Gerry feel all powerful, sad little git! The reality is Gerry you are too frightened to do it yourself:))

    I think Ricardo Paiva is gorgeous by the way :D

  44. Pia @43 - perhaps the PP released the files to show that everything was followed up?
    Because it's seems quite clear that these four newspapers did make some kind of application in Portugal. Maybe the prosecutor is happy to have them out there because he knows there is nothing useful in them?

  45. Come on Scotland Yard kick some butt and open the process working alongside the Portuguese police. Work together, invite the dogs and other dogs to repeat search but probably the sea bass has run


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