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McCanns left Portugal when the Cadaver Dogs arrived

Note to the 'interview' aka Miguel Sousa Tavares monologue - MST performance as a journalist evidenced that he never read the process, that he does not know anything factual from the investigation made by English and Portuguese authorities to the mysterious disappearence of Madeleine McCann. Like the McCanns he tried to bring Joana Cipriano's case as a parallel to Maddie's, not knowing that the appeal made by our favorite character in this affair, the psychic lawyer Aragão Correia - the same one who bluffed [by his own admission] João Cipriano into signing a fake confession - was dismissed by the STJ - Superior Court of Justice. The 'interview' was abhorrent, Miguel Sousa Tavares made the questions and gave the answers based on his own opinions, opinions which as one can read in his column articles [in weekly newspaper Expresso, obviously] are filled with an odd and perhaps personal hatred for the Judiciary Police and Gonçalo Amaral. A significant result of this interview is the vast amount of Portuguese and foreign residents who expressed their utter disgust to the biased conduct of the interviewer in several places, from emailing SIC to leaving comments (more than 150 190 395 negative comments till now) on the TV program page, or in Facebook or twitter - the general consensus is that Miguel Sousa Tavares behaviour was nothing short of shameful to the journalist profession.

On with the article [which is from SIC by the way].

The former coordinator of the Judiciary Police Gonçalo Amaral was interviewed this Monday, at night, by Miguel Sousa Tavares in SIC's program "Fire Signals". After the injunction to the book "Maddie- The Truth of the Lie", Gonçalo Amaral speaks of the investigation and launches more suspicions on Kate and Gerry.

"The McCann couple spoke about leaving on the same day that the English dogs arrived in Portugal and after the McCanns knew the capabilities of those dogs. Full stop.", he stated categorically.

Despite the insistence by Miguel Sousa Tavares in questioning what difference would the presence in the country of Maddie's parents do to the investigation carried out with the aid of sniffer dogs, Gonçalo Amaral declined to clarify the relationship between the two issues. [actually as you can see in the video Amaral didn't decline, he tried to answer but MST never allowed Mr. Amaral to give an answer without rude interruptions]

The English dogs that were in Praia da Luz detected cadaver odour in the car used by the McCann couple during their stay in the Algarve and one of the dogs signalled blood odour at the boot of the car.

The former Judiciary Police Inspector defended himself several times during the interview with the injunction that was imposed by the court, which obliges him to silence with regards to the thesis that is defended in the book "Maddie - The Truth of the Lie".

In the book, Gonçalo Amaral defends the thesis of the involvement of Kate and Gerry McCann in the disappearance of their daughter in May 2007, from an apartment in a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

As coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the PJ of Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral joined the team of investigators who tried to find out what happened to Madeleine. [this sentence and the bellow one is copied from a Lusa News Agency article already translated ad nauseam in this blog]

Kate e Kerry McCann [sic], who always maintained the position that Maddie was kidnapped, were constituted arguidos [official suspects] in September 2007, but were eventually acquitted in July 2008 for lack of evidence to support the hypothesis advanced by the investigation of the accidental death of the girl. [another mistake by the 'copyist' who wrote this "news piece", an archival dispatch does not acquit anyone it merely archives a process - only a court can acquit or decide on that matter]

The McCanns Innocence [it should be read 'no sense']

"I sleep well rested do you know why?", answered Gonçalo Amaral to Miguel Sousa Tavares when he suggested the scenario of the possible innocence of the McCanns 'versus' the possibility of having lost their daughter and still having to overcome the fact that they are suspects in her disappearance.

"It was the McCanns who conformed with the archival of the process," he said. [Gonçalo Amaral said more, he stated that the McCann couple pressured for the archival]

Insults from the English

At the end of the interview, Gonçalo Amaral, who had brought with him a paper where he had noted down all of the offences to which he was a target from the English media, read them justifying thus the polemical book "as an exercise of his right of Freedom of Expression" : "I was called 148 times of 'torturer'; 45 times of 'bungler'; 37 times of 'incompetent'; 23 times of 'imbecile cop', and 220 times of 'sacked'."

in SIC [modified at 23:41 , published at 23:32 ]


  1. And dear old Gerry got straight on the internet to research alternative sources of cadaverine, such as sea bass, which young Sean suddenly developed a taste for. You have to get up very early to be ahead of our Gerry, and sadly too many of our British journos don't even possess an alarm clock.

  2. Why speak about leaving Portugal on the day the dogs arrived?
    Wasn't Gerry convinced that the dogs were bullshit?
    If I'm not mistaken, the dogs arrived July the 30th, the McCanns went to Huelva on August the 3rd.

    The whole world would see the McCanns were running from the dogs.

  3. To Anon. 2

    Amaral suggests (in the context) that the couple decided to leave Portugal the day the dogs arrived which does not imply that they left there and then. It means they decided. We do not know why he says that. He must have a reason. In the end it his word against theirs, I suppose.

    ;)) Not sure if the McCann's will try to cash in on that as well. It will be 1,5 million than. Round figures.

  4. :)] Anon 1

    I understand the dog will only bark at the scent of a human cadaver or death to be precise. Cadaverine from any other source will not do. I suppose they can "see" it with their noses. You would not mistake a human for a fish with your eyes nor will they do so with their noses. It is amazing.

  5. It pleases me, this last bit of the above story, in which Amaral categorically lists the names he was called as well as the number of times they were uttered. In doing so, not only does he directly link his defense of himself against the defamation that was/is going on, but also gives more information on how he was targeted in the media.

    Thank you, Joana and anybody else who provides these translations. You must feel like a mother bird, constantly having to feed chicks who are hungry for information.


  6. I agree that it helps to have a count of how many specific words were used to vilify Dr. Amaral. I'm certain the numbers are even higher than he quoted, however it does make it very apparent that there was an ORCHESTRATED attempt to destroy his reputation.

    Shame on every single reporter that was involved. I hope every one of them will face the consequences of the choice to be a party to this horrible chapter in the history of journalism.

    The only thing that gives me any hope at all is the fact that the general public is finally waking up DESPITE the British media's attempt to keep them sleeping.

  7. read as well http://textusa.blogspot.com/2010/03/sousa-tavares-vs-amaral.html

  8. It does not please me that Goncalo lists the number of times he was insulted in the British press as he worked to try and find out what happened to Madeleine, it actually deeply saddens me. It was not only grossly offensive, it clearly caused so much hurt and insult he felt the need to defend himself with his book. It does the Select Committee no favours that they only bleated on about the evidence of Gerry McCann, why did they not have a look at other ways in which they seriously misbehaved, I would say, directly to please the McCanns and keep Clarence Mitchell on side, to earn their filthy profits.

    It is absolutely infurtiating that at the end of the day, the McCanns do then manage to run back to Portugal to sue Goncalo Amaral, using the strict letter of the law just as and when it suits them.

    At first I think things were going badly for Goncalo with some people commenting to me, well he should not have written that book, but human nature being what it is, of course he should have written it. It is what he truly believes and I think even those who were less interested in the UK are now waking up to one thing that finished the McCanns, all they want is money and in huge amounts. The sort of money that has run through the McCanns fingers all in the apparent name of one little girl, who they undoubtedly disposed of is just more money than most people would have in a lifetime or even dream about. How many poor children could all of that money have helped? I do believe in Justice, I do understand why he acted as he did, and in the end, I still believe he and we will see justice.

    Those terrible insults must have really hurt and they were calculated to do so, then the McCanns have the audacity to go back and say they want the Portuguese people to help them? There are just no words to express how angry they make me feel for all of the victims they have created and for what a low down conniving couple they are. Ordinary Pt people, holidaymakers, and yes Portuguese and British Police officers cried over their little girl and desperately tried to find her. What did they do!!! For a start off briefed the press against the Portuguese Police the very same night and caused misery and racist divides, I hope they rot in jail where they belong.

  9. I am just waiting for the change of tide, and when the shit really hit the fan. All these careful treading by journalists is doing my head in. They could at least ask the mccanns why did they allow the archive without protesting?

  10. Totally agree Viv with every word you have written.

    It sickens me that people like rosiepops continue to say the British leave their children and those that say they don't are lying.

    Off subject can any kind person confirm that Kate Healy was an adopted child?

  11. He was also called "disgraced" add that to the list.

  12. Miguel Sousa Tavares is a SHMUCK! A repulsive bully. He was not there to interview GA, but to try to discredit him. He just wanted to throw his garbage at him. What a disgrace.

  13. From what I've seen and heard regarding this sad case, I have come to the conclusion that the McCanns are well protected, not just by the Government, but someone with money, who has a vested interest in keeping the McCanns out of jail.

    There is no two ways about it, the McCanns committed a crime in Portugal and their gross behaviour in the country, shows to me that their involvement in Madeleine's disappearance, is much much more than neglect. The McCanns returned to the scene of their crime, PDL, in January, knowing full well that they are untouchable.

    I believe the only way the McCanns will be brought to justice, is if one of them or a member of the Tapas group, cracks up under the strain. I did think Kate McCann would be the one to crack, but now I'm not so sure.

    I know one thing, if and when the McCanns are brought to justice, they will squeal like pigs and all the heads of the prominent people who have helped them, will roll.

    Madeleine has been discarded by the McCanns and their helpers, as if she was an old rag. Her short life has meant nothing and her name is being used as a way to raise money, to fill the pockets of the greedy McCanns, their greedy wider family, greedy Clarence Mitchell and their greedy private detectives, past and present. Dave Edgar is the latest private detective, to join the payroll of this corrupt fund.

    I used to think Dave Edgar was as inept as the other private detectives. I have changed my mind, he knows how the police work, he knows that the evidence that was found in the McCanns two apartments, their hire car and their key fob, was enough to bring a conviction against the McCanns. If it was a Portuguese or another British couple, they would by now languishing in jail.

    Dave Edgar, I would imagine has come to the same conclusion as Goncalo Amaral and the rest of the PJ, who believe Madeleine died in that apartment. That is the reason he has never conducted any search in the region 10miles outside of PDL, where he told the media, he believed Madeleine was living.

    Its the same reason that the McCanns never searched for Madeleine and until recently didn't return to PDL, nor have they been to the area. They could have done, if they believed Madeleine was there, they could have took their wider family, who are being assisted by money that Madeleine has earned for them. They could have knocked on every door in that poor community.

    Just because people are poor, it doesn't make them illiterate and some people from that community would have been aware that there was a £1million reward in place,to be given to anyone who could lead the police to where Madeleine was now living.

    Everyone from that community has kept quiet, probably because Madeleine is not there and never has been.

  14. I wish that Sr Amaral was bringing a defamation suit against the UK press, I dont understand why he has not.

  15. I hope I live to see the day the Maccanns are sent to jail, Please God I pray every night for justice in this case I have never known such evil. This pair are in the power of satan. Don't let them get you down Mr Amaral keep on at them and you will win.

  16. Viv, I agree with all you said, but especially about all the poor children that could have been helped with even just some of the money the McCanns have wasted.

    I watched BBC4 last night ` Zimbabwes Forgotten children`. It was heartbreaking. God knows how many children could be educated on just one hours of lawyers fees.
    Yet, they feel no shame in demanding cash from all and sundry. Sickening.

  17. Snr Amaral has every reason to sue the UK press and I hope he will do in future. Whoever heard of a child under two years liking Sea Bass, McCann's words are embarrassingly desperate. I wonder if they are trying to feed the twins the fish now? Ooo yummy yummy yummy.

  18. Viv @ 8

    Unfortunately in law two wrongs don't make a right. The provocation GA was put to could at best be looked upon as mitigation but, like it or not, persecution of GA in the British press was little directly to do with the McCanns but they were guilty by thier silence - and who knows if Clarry encouraged the more outreageous comments.

    I don't think such things can be taken into account. It will take separate actions for GA to sue the newspapers and to sue the McCanns for the defamatory things they have said about him.

    Let us wait until he suceeds over the McCanns in their libel action then I am sure, I hope, Goncarlo will come out all guns blazing against the Brittish press and the McCanns.

    Mr B

  19. Do we know when the flight back to the U.K. was in fact booked? That would be interesting to know!

  20. Good post Viv 8

    Disposed money Hmmm I would love to know truly where all that money has gone, as been said so many time on the forums "follow the money trail and you will solve this sad case"

  21. OMG that picture of Tavares is scary, they say a picture paints a 1,000 words, he looks bloody evil to the core

  22. :)] to Anon. 8

    "It does not please me that Goncalo lists the number of times he was insulted in the British press as he worked to try and find out what happened to Madeleine, it actually deeply saddens me. It was not only grossly offensive, it clearly caused so much hurt and insult he felt the need to defend himself with his book."

    Now, add to the character assassination he suffered at the hands of the British media, the political pressures at home that prevented him from concluding the investigation and, ultimately, drove him to resign from the PJ - loosing in the process part of the pension he had earned over 26 years of distinguished service.

    He did not need to, he had to set the record straight. He owned it to himself and to public opinion. Now his fight against the gag is even more interesting. This is one that touches at the very heart of the freedom of the public to form an opinion based on diferent, alternative views - not just on spin and privilege, pride and prejucice.

  23. i hope that justice is done one day for Maddeleine mccann

  24. ;;) I read Textusa's posting on the interview. Excellent.


    On the other hand her theory about what happened is plausible. I have thought about it myself.

    However, there is a point that needs to be clarified. The odour of cadaver that the dog locked into behind the sofa and the closet does not mean (according to the dog's trainer)that a corpse had been at either location.

    What Mr. Grime said was that drafts would carry and concentrate the odour in certain places (like those). The corpse could have been anywhere within the apartment. The "accident" (if any) need not have happened by the sofa - even if that wall area had unidentifiable blood traces (it been washed with detergent).

    Now concerning the odour in Madeleine's cloths, toy, Kate, etc. that is a different matter altogether and one is free to speculate as to their origin.

    The McCann's say they had been in touch with dead bodies in the weeks preceeding. Again this is plausible but I do not know if this has been checked. Could this sniff out the fact that I went to a funeral three weeks ago? It is unlikely but only the trainer will know - assuming he has tested that possibility. No doubt Amaral has been there even if this does not transpire in his book.

    This is exactly why Amaral theory is so important as it leaves open other possibilities. Now, the McCann's assertion of a right to an exclusive version of events and a "good image" is begging the question.

    Any right they might have to a good image was lost when they abandoned their children to their fate.

    What they are trying to do is to project their guilt into the Chief Investigator in the hope this will divert public attention away from them and of course provide them with another million for their time wasting franchise and afford them celebrity status in the mean time. Good luck with the search.

    Now, how a man like Tavares who purports to have a modicum of intelligence can buy into such McCann theory and try to re-sell it with conviction as his, is beyond me. Is he stupid or what?

  25. I hope Dr Amaral keeps plugging away at the findings of the dogs and does not get distracted by stupid questions.

    The people understand what the dogs are about. The McCanns have not mentioned them and wont.

    The dogs are something they would like to make out are stupid and ludicrous and therefore should be ignored.

    They are not stupid dogs, they are fabulous clever dogs, they have never been wrong. These dogs are the best in the world.

    The people wont let the McCanns get away with dismissing them, but they need to be constantly reminded because the UK media have all but vanished them from the case entirely.

    Are the media still taking their storyline about the McCanns from Clarrie? Didn't he say that he got together with the press to tell them what to say?

    If so, it is disgraceful.

    If the dogs are indicating a death in the apartment when there has never previously been a death there, and Madeleine is missing, it is not hard for people to work out the implications of that.

  26. I feel so ashamed of my country when I read of how many times Goncalo has been insulted by the British press, as long as he knows he has many, many followers that believe him, from that same country, that makes me feel better.

    No surprise that merry Gerry was about to hotfoot it back to Britain, he knew how good these dogs were, as No 1 rightly said, Sean developing a taste of sea bass, one thing I have learned about the gruesome twosome, there is always method in their madness, it usually means their self preservation.

  27. 18 I am already aware of the legal rights and wrongs of this case and have not sought to criticise either of the Pt Judges.

    For me, that is not the issue. The really big issue is that in reality Goncalo has already won. Kate and Gerry said that by suing Goncalo Amaral and getting the temporary injunction the search for Madeleine can continue. But immediately after their "result" we learn that their version of a search, where they insist they are innocent, and British and Pt authorities waste further precious resources looking for their fantasy abductor just will not happen. That press came out immediately in that the British government refuse to put pressure on Pt to follow the McCanns whims, see for example:


    So I think you have to say that no matter which way you look at this, Goncalo won!

  28. After reading the interview above i feel even more angry about the loathesome fake McConns,i hope they rot, if Madeleine could speak from her grave i wonder what she would say to her sociopathic parents(i say parents loosely),i don't believe they cared one jot for Madeleine,they have only shed crocodile tears for her,all their interviews on you tube clearly show that,the one person who did care Goncarlo Amaral has had his life turned into a nightmare ,all the crap he has had thrown at him by the McConns and their hangers on(the British media)is disgusting,it's a wonder he hasn't become ill himself,i only wish there was more we could do,i personally email newspapers if they have a McCann item ,especially if they villify Goncarlo Amaral,they probably don't even read them,though i did get a reply from Amanda Platell saying as for the Mccanns knowing what happened to their daughter we may never know,but by emailing them it lets them know that we are not all idiots like they clearly are by their subservience to the McCanns.I hope when Goncarlo Amaral is proved right (along with Eddie & Keela)he sues the McConns and the British media for slander and for defemation of character.

  29. Is Goncarlo Amaral on Facebook,i've tried to find him,but no success,please can someone let me know thanks.

  30. @ post 14.

    Spot on.


    I am hoping you will be Madeleine's white knight? Please Robert, no matter what the Tapas gang offer you; send them packing. You were DISGRACEFULLY fingered out by them and I NEVER thought for one moment that you were guilty of this crime. NEVER.

    Take them all to court and expose their lies. Maybe you can consult with England's hero Goncalo Amaral and make a case together? Their is strength in numbers. The greater your numbers, the more chance of winning. You may be angry at the Portuguese police; but remember they were investigating an 'abduction'; so please use that anger towards the disgraceful people who put you in the frame. What they did to your life is nothing short of personal invasion. I hope you make millions. After all, what's good for the goose is... eh?

    I hope Robert Murat can break this group of despicable individuals apart. I think Jane Tanner's statement was laughable, if it wasn't so serious. I remember on the Panorama broadcast 19-11-2007(Yes McCanns, we remember everything that has been reported) what Jane said when she 'spotted' the 'Abductor' (yeah, right): "...oh, that's not a very good parent" when commenting on the 'child' who had no shoes on.

    NOT A GOOD PARENT?! Are you taking the proverbial?! And dumping kids alone in tiny apartments whilst you wine and dine out of sight IS good parenting then?! Whatever planet these people are on, it is NOT the same planet the majority of millions of good English and Portuguese parents are. Their actions are unforgivable.

    May the truth one day be known.

  31. Moler @ 11 I've heard it said that KM was adopted by the Healys but I can't confirm it as such, it may be a forum myth. Either way, I'm not sure it would be relevant. I have two adopted cousins. One of them has bouts of depression in which she thinks about her natural parents and wonders why they gave her away etc. The other cousin is a perfectly rounded individual who regards her adoptive parents as her only parents and she has no interest in her natural ones.
    I'm not sure if there would be a public record of the abduction, off the top of my head I think there would be an adoption certificate which stands as a birth certificate or somesuch.

  32. In todays Daily Star ,tucked away on page 9 "RAP FOR MADDIE POLICE"By jerry Lawton
    "Police have failed to investigate dozens of possible sightings of missing Madeliene Mc Cann dating back almost 2 years
    Her parents claim detectives have also ignored tip-offs about possible suspects
    The case was shelved by Portuguese police in 2008
    But Kate and Gerry Mc Cann,both 41 have asked Home Secretary AAlan Johnson,59,to demand that it is reopened
    A family pal said"It is scandalous that police seem to have just washed their hands of this case"
    Dear me Kaate ,not the headline you were looking for is it ? banished to page 9 on the same page as the headline is Sharon Osborne calling Danni ****ing useless !!

  33. It would be interesting to clear up this adoption question

  34. Why does it matter if she was adopted?

  35. Long haired lover from Liverpool UKTuesday, March 02, 2010 7:39:00 pm

    Don't think Kate Healey is adopted I have met her parents, both Kate and Madelaine are the spitting Image of her mother Susan Healey, she is like her mother in every way believe me, I would say she is her mothers daughter.

  36. Well, Sr Tavares was either leant on or paid off or both. Just like our Paxman was "got to" before his interview with GM. Its time to face up to it - the McCanns are protected in both countries and this is going to be very hard to crack.

    Something has to give and when it does there will still be people who care about Madeleine and remember her parents' behaviour. Robert Murat got into trouble for wanting to help, well maybe its his fate to help Madeleine after all.

  37. What a silly red herring the adoption question is. Kate looks so much like her aunt in photos. Obvious she is not adopted. This is a thread about an interview with Amaral we should not be lead astray.

  38. Anon 31 Well said: Jane Tanner's "...oh that's not a very good parent" when commenting on her fata morgana. Yes Jane, we are convinced since you noticed this detail, a careful mother. It is a pity that your power of perception failed when you saw the 'abductor'. Hypocritical child neglector. The Mccanns and their 'friends', always blame the others to save their skins.

  39. Annon 25 you say

    "What Mr. Grime said was that drafts would carry and concentrate the odour in certain places (like those). The corpse could have been anywhere within the apartment. The "accident" (if any) need not have happened by the sofa - even if that wall area had unidentifiable blood traces (it been washed with detergent)."

    Could you please clarify where you have read this as to date Ive only read that the dogs indicate where Madeleine(or another who had been dead over two hours) has lain (ie the odour permeates the contacted materials.)

    I cant understand how drafts would effect this nor wind or rain indeed I understood Mr Grimes to say even washing with biological liquids would not alter the smell in clothing; if drafts or wind would alter this wouldnt that make outdoor detection invalid?


  40. Can't see it. Kate McCann doesn't look like her mother.

    Maybe her father.

  41. anon 31 ,here here,i hope Murat is not silenced like everyone else seems to be.

  42. Sorry to be silly 38 but I just wondered, didn't realise I had to ask your permission and I did write it was off topic!

  43. :)] Message to Anon 40 from Anon 25

    According to Mr Grimes (the dogs trainer/handler) the detection of odor is valid but he clarifies that this could have been concentrated in those areas through the circulation of air.

    This is in the dogs' inspection video by the way. You can see/hear him saying exactly that. I missed that the first time I saw it.
    Mr. Grime is probably offering an alternative based on his experience in handling the dogs. Mind you the cadaver odor was inside their apartment anyway.

  44. The Pair of them should be locked up in Portugal for 100 years with hard labour and include their spin doctor and all the other morons who aided and abetted these two cretins who are not fit to be parents let alone Doctors ! VIVA MR AMARAL a decent straight Police officer unlike the liars in uniform in the uk !

  45. I totaly agree robert murat is innocent, and one key fact proves this, the maCcanns stated the apartment was contaminated by their freinds walking all over the place?
    What a lie to accuse robert in this knowlege by the maCcanns?


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