1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

McCanns Press Statement: Too little, Too late

The McCann couple who started a media campaign selling T-shirts with their daughters face via the online shop at the Find Madeleine Fund site, created on 15 May 2007

The release by Portuguese police [The Police doesn't release files only a Prosecutor does] to British newspapers of previously unseen files on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was "incomprehensible" and "upsetting", her family said.

The 2,000-page dossier detailed dozens of possible sightings of Madeleine after she disappeared from her family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz, southern Portugal, in May 2007, just before her fourth birthday.

A statement released by Kate and Gerry McCann said: "Disclosing such information publicly greatly jeopardises the search for Madeleine and puts witnesses and innocent members of the general public at risk (as well as causing them great anxiety). Release and publication of information in this manner also potentially compromises future investigations. It is difficult to see how anyone benefits from this week's actions."

One of the possible sightings was investigated by police in New Zealand after a girl resembling Madeleine was caught on CCTV in Dunedin, but it emerged Portuguese detectives failed to ask for a follow-up investigation.

Other leads in the newly released dossier include a report of a small blonde girl being dragged along the road to Faro airport in the Algarve - an hour's drive from Praia da Luz - on the night Madeleine vanished.

Another details how a young girl who looked like the missing child was seen being held at gunpoint on a French motorway by a half-naked man in August 2008.

The statement released by the McCanns, both 41 and from Rothley, Leicestershire, thanked their supporters.

It stated: "We are incredibly grateful to all those who continue to support us in our search for Madeleine.

"During weeks such as these, it is invaluable to know that we are not facing this difficult journey alone."

via Press Association

Statement March 5th 2010

Events this week have yet again been incomprehensible and particularly upsetting.

On Tuesday, the Public Prosecutor in Portugal released a large number of documents (relating to the investigation to find our daughter Madeleine) to the British Media, following their request for access. Disclosing such information publicly greatly jeopardises the search for Madeleine and puts witnesses and innocent members of the general public at risk (as well as causing them great anxiety). Release and publication of information in this manner also potentially compromises future investigations. It is difficult to see how anyone benefits from this week's actions.

It is imperative that the Authorities take responsibility for sensitive and confidential information. We, together with the general public, need assurances that this will not be allowed to happen again. Equally, we need absolute assurances that all credible information and leads will be investigated.

We also urge each individual working for the media to consider their own personal responsibility - to put commercial interests aside occasionally and to bear in mind the potential consequences of their actions, especially when people's lives and well-being are at risk.

Our own investigators have acted professionally and with complete integrity. We are eager to encourage anybody who has any information which may relate to Madeleine's abduction to contact our investigation team directly by phone or via the P.O box address given on the website. Information may be given anonymously via each route.

We are incredibly grateful to all those who continue to support us in our search for Madeleine. During weeks such as these, it is invaluable to know that we are not facing this difficult journey alone

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  1. Not "gold dust", then?...

  2. A few words from the dynamic duo as the waves of impending justice start to lap around their feet.

    They have lost control of this now it is starting to get away from them.

    Bring it on....

  3. Dear Joana

    Are more details of the statement available yet anywhere? Was it a press conference? Was it a statement read out by Mitchell?

    Did the PJ really give these directly to British newspapers? If they did, was that a deliberate tactic to defend themselves because the leads would be sensationalist but would also be disproved?

    As you can tell, I am somewhat confused....

    Did you get this information ahead of the newspapers? In any case, thanks (as ever) for your vigilance. I need to try and get a grip on what is going on here. They wanted the information, but they wanted to be in control of it, right?

  4. Interesting development ?


  5. Sue McCann sue. As if you have no control over what was released in the last week. Give us a break. We know the game by now and its all big scam where everybody involved gets rich and famous and the innocent get persecuted.


  6. 2 + years too late for this thought to occur to them

  7. anonymous 3 the PJ does not release files, only a prosecutor can do that if requested with a proper justification - Isabel Duarte asked for the files and spoke about them on the injunction court hearings, actually during her final allegations - you can read a translated interview in this blog if you search for the mccanns lawyer name.

    The press statement was mentioned on twitter by an ITV journalist as an exclusive, it seems the exclusive in no more since PA published the McCanns press statement before, have no idea if it was an emailed press release, or if it was divulged at a press conference.

    If you read the related post at the link given, you might find a clear answer expressed in an excerpt of another article, which basically infers that this is just damage limitation.

  8. I suspect that his is paving the way for taking legal action against the PJ and the Portuguese State. Take care Portugal, you may be in line for being sued bigtime!
    They and their lawyer, ID, were the first to make the existence of those uninvestigated files known to the public. I bet that the british newspapers that asked for those files from the prosecutor, did it under guidance from Mitchell himself, which is the same as saying, from the McCanns. I do not believe for one minute that it was the newspapers initiative, and that the McCanns, Mitchell and C.-Ruck had nothing to do with it, NO WAY!!!
    It was a devious scheme( a bit transparent though)to once again put the PJ and portuguese justice in question. Why? To justify their lack of action towards asking for the reopening of the process? They are showing the public that the portuguese police and justice are not to be trusted, that they are playing dirty tricks on the poor grieving parents, so how can they be expected or trusted to do an unbiased and proper investigation if the case is reopened? If the McCanns asked for the reopening, how would they trust such investigators and justice system? Poor poor McCanns, they have no choice but to sue the portuguese for damages...

  9. #3, the papers reported that they got the files from "a prosecutor".
    The prosecutors are not the PJ, they are magistrates from the Public Ministry.

  10. the same PA article [with the mistake that it was the Portuguese police who released the files instead of the prosecutor] is now copied and published on Channel 4, Belfast Telegraph and Wales online...

  11. What a time for Clarence Mitchell to jump ship.

  12. seconded and aptly put poster 6...Joana I thought I had read somewhere that they had these files since August 2008 is this so ?

  13. All this sounds rather disingenuous coming from the McCanns who have been feeding the media the same kind of sightings nonsense from the get go.

    Since when have they shown concern for the innocent victims who have been dragged into the mess before, or that such information, if genuine, might compromise the safety of Madeleine, (although, alas, the UK blood and cadaver dogs are saying it is too late for that and Madeleine died in the holiday apartment).

    And what to make of THEIR SPOKESMAN clarence talking about gold dust? Was he not speaking on behalf of the McCanns then?

    Perhaps all those newspaper negative comments by posters can't have gone down too well either, and posters even being allowed to mention that the McCanns themselves can ask for a reopening of the case, but wont.

    That would appear to be the last thing the McCanns want to request, or obviously they would have.

  14. poster 8 ,I too feel something is brewing ,they have been very visible and vocal this week ,blaming everyone they can ,something is going to happen God knows what

  15. This couple and the loathsome Clarence make me sick to my stomach! It's alright for them to make Madeleine a world wide lost child celebrity, advertising her eye defect for a start, and making sure she is in the media every day since she went missing, but if anyone else dares to utter a word about any aspect of the case they deem relevant, they are on to them like a ton of hot bricks!

    Just when are the powers that be going to see through their little game?

  16. The end result is that the Mccanns are slowly getting to know most if not all the evidence and contents of the police files that can be used against them in the event of a court case.
    It is as shameful disgrace that these two supsects are allowed to have a say let alone access.

  17. Get ready folks !! just seen on Yahoo news page Simon Barlow is going missing/kidnapped in Coronation Street ,they will link it without a doubt !! lol

  18. So it's ok for people suspected of covering up the death of their daughter and concealing her cadaver to take a police force to court to get confidential information off them but it's not ok for the PP to release information already discarded by the PJ to journalists ;))

  19. Anon 16

    With a bit of luck it will be that Jane Tanner has had a good old rethink, and is finally going to tell the truth about what she really did see that night.

  20. Anonymous 6. Totally agree.

  21. Once again incorrect information is being handed from media outlet to media outlet.

    Once again the McCanns are claiming that this is 'hurting' a 'search' - a search that exists only in the fantasies of the fevered minds of the failed parents McCann and their shrinking band of followers. Once again the cause claims to be the victim. The McCanns caused the files to be an issue - the PJ investigated to a reasonable degree and parked them as of no relevance. They were right to do so.

    The damage being done here is huge - freedom of expression is under attack and those purporting to be exercising that freedom are walking into a trap.

    The Portuguese system of government is under attack - from outside and from within. The judiciary appear to be working with the executive - in Portugal the doctrine of the separation of powers is crumbling. In the UK - which has no written constitution - the press is out of control - or in control of PR personnel (Clarence Mitchell is a symptom of the disease). Clarence now works for a political party - this is going to get worse!

    We must repeat ad nauseum a request to the Portuguese authorities - re-open the investigation - you have the suspects and can see them continuing to muddy the waters.

    The damage to our sense of justice is as great as the damage to free expression and the balance between it and privacy. The McCann's are abusing justice, freedom of expression and privacy. End this - prosecute them for neglect at least!

  22. Published here on Mar 3, Clarence Mitchell says on video, "It is disgraceful that it has taken this long for this information to come out, even at the behest of British journalists". So Clarence apparently knew about the press releasing this information in articles on Mar 3, because that's what he's referring to, and he says that it should have "come out" before this. He seems quite happy about it doesn't he?

    So the latest McCann press statement deploring this information "coming out" must be desperate damage limitation as they realise the public reaction has been negative, and it has made them appear completely uncaring about the 'search'.

    Oops "too little, too late" indeed say the public.

  23. Anonymous @ 18
    I don't think they are getting their hands on the information that the police have. This was a file deemed to be irrelevant by the PJ.


  24. I think poor Maddie lost her life when she opened the Pandoras Box 3th of may 2007, and realeased kate&gerry with their duarte/mitchell to the world.
    Poor Maddie, she was too young to know.

  25. From the McCanns' press release:

    "Our own investigators have acted professionally and with complete integrity."

    =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

  26. "Our own investigators have acted professionally and with complete integrity".

    So how did the media get wind of the details of their 'investigations', 'leads', 'suspects' etc., I wonder?

  27. Come on Jane Tanner. All you have to do is tell the truth about what happened in PDL, and the pressure you were under.

  28. Totally OT but I wonder why Antonella Lazzeri ( today's Sun article)
    is still reporting from Portimao?

  29. @ post #29, I was thinking that when I read her article. It looks like they might be expecting something to kick off.

  30. From their statement on www.findmadeleine.com

    "We also urge each individual working for the media to consider their own personal responsibility - to put commercial interests aside occasionally and to bear in mind the potential consequences of their actions, especially when people's lives and well-being are at risk"

    How dare they!

    Did they for one moment bear in mind the consequences of their own selfish actions that put their own daughter's life at risk!!!

    God - they make me sick.

  31. Mccann's are so HYPOCRIT. Who they want to convince with that statement? They are behind the last Media campaign, but somebody pulled their ears, perhaps the New Zealand police and now they are afraid.... TIME FOR THEM TO BE SUED.
    They try to convince the public that were the newspapers, who ask Pj to release last files. NO WAY.... The Prosecutor will not release anything from the investigation to Newspapers. This will be Violation of the judicial secrecy. He released the information to Mccann's Lawyer after she requested it. She is the only one who can legally request this information on the behalf of the Mccann's, and she assumed it outside the Court( " I have been in PJ in Portimao, I saw the evidences, the pictures, some were chocked, bla, bla...". AND.... CLEAR AS WATER.... AFTER HAVING THE INFORMATION, SHE OR THE MCCANN'S PASSED THE INFORMATION TO THE BRITISH MEDIA TO BE SELECTIVELY DROPED OUT, DAY BY DAY. Something went wrong on their plan. They start with New Zealand girl ( even this sight was not innocently choose to be the first- they choose the most far away from the Algarve to feed the spin and have time to drop one by one, slowly) but the New Zealand police was not happy with their game and immediately Denni the spin and pulled their ears ( something which PJ, framed by the political power, never do, otherwise all their spin will be exposed and ended long ago.

    THEIR HYPOCRISY HAVE NO FORGIVENNESS and no excuse. I believe that everything was planned by their lawyers, including the Portuguese, C. Mitchell and the tabloids Editors. This is why the mccann's did not went to Lisbon on the last day of the injunction, they were maybe having meetings to start the plan immediately after their lawyer in Lisbon, denounced everything. That day was perfect for the meetings because all attentions from the public were divert and with focus on the court in Lisbon. Mccann's and Mitchell were free at London to start the new spin- machine.

    WE HOPE PEOPLE START SUEING YOU.... THEY LEARNED WITH YOU HOW TO SURVIVE AND GET RICHE BY USING THAT STRATEGIE AS A JOB. They had much more moral then you, up to now, but this will not last forever.

    THAT TIME, YOUR LAWYER ID, put her feet's on the mud. WELL DONE ID.... TIME FOR YOU TO DO SOMETHING IN FAVOR OF YOUR COUNTRY and help Madeleine to expose her Coward parents, who act since May 2007, as professional hypocrites and compulsive liars.


  32. It's no more than the story of the sprinkled sprinkler.
    ID had a sort of precognition when she said that libel suing what kind of opening the Pandora Box.

  33. "Our own investigators have acted professionally and with complete integrity."

    That sentence is outrageous given the disgraceful & incompetent part their various private investigators have played in 'the search'

  34. "We also urge each individual working for the media to consider their own personal responsibility - to put commercial interests aside occasionally and to bear in mind the potential consequences of their own actions, especially when people's lives and well-being are at risk."

    By changing just three words, the McCanns could have said, instead :

    "We urge each parent to consider their own personal responsibility - to put aside thir own interests occasionally and to bear in mind the potential consequences of their own actions, especially when their children's lives and well-being are at risk"

    They'd have done better to have quoted the second version on their website.

  35. post 27

    Yes Lilith, because Dave Edgar giving the 'abductor' the heads up about knowing he had Madeleine in a hellish lair ten miles outside PDL was REALLY professinal, wasn't it ?

  36. :)) to Anon #1

    Very concisely put.

    Clarence mentioned it as part of his on-going spin on behalf of his customers: "Madeleine's Fund Ltd." - a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, CRN 6248215.

    The idea (as usual) is to undermine the facts of the investigation and instead underline the McCann's official version.

    You see, it is all the fault of the incompetent PJ.

    "LOOK! Madeleine was seen by so many people here, there and everywhere it is just that the stupid Portuguese did not bother to rescue her."

    They are systematically hammering into the public their one and only "official" version.

    Back to Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda master who is quoted to have said: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it...."

    x( - "Eh! Who barked? Who brought these dogs in here?"
    - "I am sorry to disappoint you Sir but these "Sherlock Bones" have never been wrong in about 200 cases so far...

  37. Strange thing to protest when CM was just a few days ago oh so happy about getting out this information. Do you remember his "gold dust" comment?
    Of course in the mean time they have realized if it will continue like this, the press will show with the speed of light all this sightings from the file named "irrelevant" to be ....erm...uhm...irrelevant to the investigation.

    We can now see the printing and showing of photo's of little girls and innocent peoples are only acceptable if Clarence or Dave Edgar does it otherwise it's deemed to be disgraceful, hurtful and very unhelpful!
    We see where the wind blows from...
    Do you remember the little Moroccan girl, the little girl from Brussels and many others and other innocent people who's pictures were used and their privacy invaded? I do.
    Team McCann had no problem doing the same thing to those families themselves.
    Now they are hurt because the press is not dancing to their tune.
    They even wrote on their site that the press should "put commercial interests aside occasionally".
    I agree, but it's a pity the McCanns themselves don't remembered that idea when they highlighted Madeleine's eye defect -against clear police advise as it could endanger Maddie's life- because GM thought in the terms of marketing it was a good ploy! That was surely not the occasion for Madeleine than.

    On another note I will be happy if the exploitation of those innocent little children and of their families will finnaly stop!


  38. :)] Actually come Summer I am going to have a T-Shirt printed out "Peticao Projecto Justica Goncalo Amaral". They must have guessed that...

  39. "Our own investigators have acted professionally and with complete integrity"

    Oh, I see.
    So every single one of us who have seen Clarence or Dave Edgar or Metodo3 giving interviews and/or showing photos of innocent children and adults in the papers or on TV was part taking in a mass-hallucination session???


  40. I took the statement from the McCanns as been "damage limitation" and trying to get the public back on their side. I think they know they have been humiliated in the press with all these "so called sightings" with people observing that Madeleine must have an around the World air ticket to be in so many places at once, and people are ridiculing them so they are pretending that the release of the sightings was nothing to do with them but of the naughty press. Same as with Kate's diary, after the disclosure in the press and people pulled them apart as ridiculous, she was scoffed at, they then had to spin the story that the entries were printed without her consent. Yeah, yeah, Kate, we all believe you, honestly (said with my fingers crossed behind my back).

  41. Keir Simmons on Twitter The Sun and other British newspapers will tomorrow print details of a 'massive surveillance operation' carried out by McCann team.11:23 AM Mar 3rd via HootSuite"

    And now it would be a fault of the portuguese (and not prosecutor) police???

  42. McCanns: Time for a new Maddie hunt: The Sun

    "Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry have asked Home Secretary Alan Johnson to order the search to be relaunched."

    Relaunch, reinvestigate, review,....
    Just say in public or on your blog:
    "I, Gerry Mccann ask for the Maddy-case to be reopenend."
    You can do it yourself without the help of Alan Johnson.

    Of course if you do the Tapas 7 do come back in frame.
    Some of them will become very nervous.

  43. I sent a complaint (with my name, phone nb, university etc.) to the PA concerning the error to make once more the PJ responsible for the PGR's choice.

  44. Mitchell is joining the conservatives they may well be in power come May who do we write to to protest will it be Cameron.

  45. anonymous 43 http://twitter.com/KeirSimmonsITV and then Keir posts «http://ow.ly/1e2Ew Sun news report on surveillance operation by McCann detectives. And here's the Mail: http://ow.ly/1e2Fl» Oh yeah, a massive surveillance operation.. pfff...

  46. Now the Lazzeri creature uses GA to support her claims ! GA has sort of turned into an angel in order to make the rest of the PJ the devil without disguise.
    Has someone access to these new files to check exactly how many requests this Mr Jimenez made to the Portuguese authorities ?

  47. My song for the day: Halligen, oh Halligen, what will you say on Mar26?

  48. I think this is the McCanns crying over spilt milk, they always get things disastrously wrong as they cast around for yet more expensive advisers to get them out of the mess they put themselves in. Who is actually co-ordinating this and is that why we have the McCanns even getting Clarence to contradict their own lawyer? She says the process must be re-opened, he says there must be a review but refuses to tell us by whom!

    As Joanna has pointed out above, it was not even the place of the police to release files to the press, it was the prosecutors job. But of course it is the police the McCanns really want to have a go at, so the police get the blame for releasing what they are simply not allowed to release. This carve up has Mitchell written all over it, whenever anything like this happens up pops his revolting face again.

    But now the McCanns are crying because, as usual, they simply do not anticipate the public backlash. They have got the Carter Ruckers out again. I was reading this ridiculous article in the Daily Mail last night and all of those 51 comments, almost all highly adverse to the McCanns and some rated up as high as 1000! But now, see how the Daily Mail claim there are no comments as yet but forgot to take off the fact that there WERE 51, prior to them getting McCanned/Carter Rucked. Trust me, this couple are losing it big time and are seriously rattled, oh boy, I am pleased about that!!! It was a ridiculous article meant to seriously bash the Pt Police and get the public on side, it did just the opposite!

    Comments (51)No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1255297/Riddle-Madeleine-McCann-fat-gipsy-women.html#ixzz0hPhktWb3

  49. Ah Clarence just who do the McCanns think are still listening to their bleating? After Metado 3, the promise Madeleine would be home Xmas 08, the caricatures of an ensemble of a horror movie,special pretendy police conferences and the numerous dodgy detective agencies all employed when they are perfectly able to reopen the PJ investigation by request and only have to cooperate?

    Everyone must be aware now of the fact only they are stopping the investigation moving forward- for which they can thank their own stupidity and greed. They have lost any gullible public sympathy forever having educated them to what they are.

    The only journey thats ahead of them is the one to jail. A journey I imagine a few of their family and tapas friends will accompany them on all the way.

    Seems the old adage is true- you cant make a silk purse out of a couple of sow's ears.

  50. "...by a half-naked man..."

    this is very funny!

  51. they're upset at the british newspapers seeking out the new files...
    and yet they're supposed to be the "golden couple" ....

    seems the mccanns don't like the idea of the press using the files to sell newspapers...

    the press are after them.

  52. Why did the prosecutor release these files to the papers? Can someone answer that?
    If it was the prosecutor that unleashed this publicity on innocent children then clearly that was an error. I imagined that it was the McCanns that asked and publicised these sightings.
    What is going on here?
    Are the Portuguese authorities really that ham fisted or are the McCanns lying. It seems tactically inept for the Portuguese prosecutor to release these files to the media. It's a lose lose situation for them. They are damned for not following up and damned for their insensitivity.
    Where can we find out the truth?

  53. "Our own investigators have acted professionally and with complete integrity". Would this include Halligen? Are the McCanns sending a message to him?

  54. Come on, Jane Tanner,

    the truth, before you lose your process.
    All news papers will publish you are a lier( re-publish) and, who knows, that you and your partner are directly involved in the accident.
    Not in the disappearence but in the accident itself.
    You will get the same stamp on you that David Payne already has gotten.
    Willing to sacrifice yourself for those Tapas 4, parents and the Paynes?
    Unless you also like little children, like they do.

    If you don't come forward it is because you are worse than I thought.
    You have also something to hide about yourself.
    By the way, it is what people are spreading around about the whole Tapas 9.
    And specially about you and Russel.
    Both very much willing to incriminate Murat, in order to get rid of every suspicion.
    One of these days this process will be re-opened.
    By now the PJ know much more than they knew before.
    If you are innocent, don't let yourself be intimidated by the McCanns.
    Send an email to Portugal, phone them, get rid of this cross on your shoulders that you will care for the rest of your life, if you continue to live under such a pressure.
    This will cost your health.

  55. The McCanns have backed themselves into a corner, all they want is for every one and sundry to 'SEARCH' for Madeleine when what is needed is for the case to be reopened. Reopening of the case would mean starting over, and investigating all aspects of the case, searching only will always just support their version of an abduction, and at the same time make them look like the 'POOR' suffering parents, please help us look every one. It's just a distraction.

  56. The nerve of the McCanns to say that anybody with information about the disappearance of Madeleine should contact THEIR investigation team.

    Who the hell do they think they are!!

    Anybody with such information should contact the official investigators and nobody else.

    The arrogance of these McCanns takes the breath away.

    Is anybody in authority going to say anything to stop them from interfering in a criminal investigation like this??

    So can we all set up our own police force comprising of who we want?

    Or is it just the McCanns are allowed to do this and not stopped??

    Bloody disgraceful.

  57. What? - sometimes I just cannot believe the audacity of the Mccanns!

    It is imperative that the authorities (what authorities?) take responsibility for sensitive and confidential information. We need absolute assurances that all credible information and leads will be investigated?
    >Investigated by whom? would that be your dicks, the very dicks who have no jurisdiction or are you going to request for the investigation to be re-opened? Who are you to demand assurances from anybody?

    Peoples lives and well being at risk?
    >Since when have you cared about putting peoples lives and well being at risk? How many lives have you put at risk?

    Our own investigators have acted professionally and with complete integrity?
    >Would that be the same investigators that publicised to the world details of a dying man in Germany? A description of a Beckham look alike? A wealthy woman in Australia? The endless list of 'suspects'? Innocent members of the public out with children who don't even remotely resemble your daughter?

    Eager to encourage anybody who has information which may relate to Madeleines 'abduction' to contact our investigation team directly?
    >Abduction or no abduction, this is a criminal investigation therefore any information should be passed to the police - not to you! Obviously you have need to pre-empt any information damaging to yourselves but by doing so you are perverting the course of justice - but of course I am not telling you anything you don't already know!

    A still tongue makes a wise head!

  58. There was never any need for the mad frenzy in the press as regards the 'sightings', especially as what we've seen has been the same old rubbish as always, ie various children with a passing resemblance to Madeleine and various people behaving 'suspiciously' (well of course if you possess a doll and you've no kids you have to have kidnapped Madeleine and are a person of interest to Dave Edgar). If the McCanns hadn't been constantly bleating on about the PJ not doing their job there'd have been no action from the British press as regards getting their hands on these files, so at least some of the responsibility for this idiocy rests with them. The PJ are quite capable of doing their job without the advice of anyone from Team McCann.

    Why did it take them until now to speak up? From the minute that first picture of the family in the NZ supermarket was plastered all over the media we were pointing out how disgraceful and irresponsible this was. So what took the McCanns until today to speak out?

    I'm afraid it's the press taking decisions of their own that Team McCann doesn't seem to like, preferring to have the media at all times under their supervision. Also, since none of the 'sightings' or 'suspects' featured in the press so far have appeared to have the slightest validity, it must be rather annoying to know that the public are now aware that the PJ are able to separate the wheat from the chaff very well, without any advice from others.

    The love of publicity is always a double-edged sword; people may think they can control the media but they can't or at least not indefinitely.

    Having said that, I hope at least now the press will stop featuring innocent people, both children and adults, in their papers and hinting that these people have something to do with Madeleine's disappearance. To find out what happened to Madeleine it isn't any help to make wild allegations in the media; what's needed is for the case to be reopened in Portugal and ALL theories investigated. That's where the crime (whatever it was) took place, that's where the evidence was gathered, that's where the dogs alerted (something that still needs to be explained), that's where the reconstruction needs to be done and where those involved, innocently or otherwise, need to cooperate with the police. Anything less would be a whitewash.

  59. It was all well and good for their lawyer, Isabel Duarte and the McCanns themselves to mount the Pulpit and accuse the Portuguese Police of acting improperly by not following up on 'sightings of Madeleine'. They sure had their fun, didn't they? Now that the details of these sightings are also available to the press, the McCanns have been neutered: they can no longer shape the story plus the swift action of the New Zealand police shows that they stand the risk of being discredited over and over and over again for all their false assertions against policing authorities EVERYWHERE. That is what is bugging them - not the FACT that innocent people's lives are being put at risk.

    And they claim their agents have acted responsibly. Excuse us all, Kate and Gerry McCann, but where were you when RAYMOND HEWLETT hit the news? Oh, right then. Wasn't his life endangered too? Wasn't he INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY too? You know very well he was open to vigilante attacks but what did you do then and what did you say to quell the rumours? Oh, you're saying it wasn't your agents who were involved and staking him out on his deathbed???

    Sheer and utter hypocrisy, McCanns. Believe me, we're NOT stupid.

    All in good time...

  60. Quite clearly the McCanns and their machine are trying to distance themselves from the situation they themselves created.

    They claimed these files were full of useful sightings which the PJ had failed to follow up, they even used it to get the Portuguese judiciary to gag sr. Amaral.

    They caused this and are now having a go at the media that has steadfastly supported them - a dangerous game.

    They seek to distance themselves because they know they have gone too far this time - they are ripe for suing!

    Now, for goodness sake, Portuguese judiciary - re-open the investigation, call the McCanns back to PDL, remove the gag from Sr. Amaral and ask him to assume an assistants role.

  61. "During weeks such as these, it is invaluable to know that we are not facing this difficult journey alone."

    The journey to prison? Damn right. You won't be alone. At least three of your holiday companions will join you, and, if there really IS a God, Clarence will be watching his back in the showers and being very careful indeed not to drop the soap on the floor.

  62. http://www.findmadeleine.com/contact-us.html

    Suggested they ask formally and publically for the Portuguese police inestigation to be relaunched.

    I dont think they thought of it.

  63. Anorak News has an article "Blonde Children Invited To Join 'I Am Not Maddie' Campaign".

  64. Nobody have given nothing to anybody.
    They are losing the stupid war they have started:they are and they have lost.
    No way they can go backward now.The machine they are have created is litterally crushing them.
    Very very stupid painfully spinning people,spinning the new it all comes from Portugal ... again.
    Nothing and nobosy is "hurting" the search for Madeleine for the very simple reason nobody is looking for her.What isw really and only hurting them is that the case is going to burst out even without asking for it.
    The door left ajar since aug 2008 is opening each day a little bit wider.
    gerry starts looking for work on the moon....you may find Madeleine

  65. 35 Well done!

    How do they think they have the right to preach not putting money before people!

    They have put money before everything!

    When will the press ask 'Why dont you ask for the investigation to be re-opened Gerry and Kate?'

  66. Damage control! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    So they realized how bad it made them look and what people were saying! Too late though, nobody believes in their sincerity.

  67. 3 days is a long time in the mccann world - from gold-dust day to s!*t hitting the fan day - their little game of feeding all that info to the journos seems to have backfired big time - and now they conveniently and not surprisingly blame Portugal. How long is Portugal going to allow this to continue?

  68. The Mcs are desperate, they realise they made a massive own goal by letting Clarence comment favourably on the 'sightings information' being published. He knew but didn't stop it. Wow what a numpty, foot in mouth syndrome again on video.

    So this means they've 'snookered' themselves now, tied themselves down, unable to publish any more 'sightings' to support their abduction theory, because it appears so irresponsible to the public. So they have a huge dossier they can't so anything with publicly. Unless they spin up some positive arrest now, they have to STFU. ha ha.

  69. In the "found" I read :
    the Public Prosecutor in Portugal released

    In the news I read :
    The release by Portuguese police to British newspapers criticaram a decisão da Polícia portuguesa de permitir
    provenant d'un dossier de la police portugaiseimágenes extraídas de un informe de la policía lusa

    Someone asks the paters to print "police"?

  70. Read about the case of Marta, here in Spain missing for a year known to be dead, but no body. the family and supporters along with police are out there all the time searching digging up waste ground,never asking for money from the public,they are not just sitting around wingeing and look for more money to sue more people like the McCanns, these people are really doing all they can without looking for fame. McCanns this what parents do to find their missing child.

  71. I've just been on Christopher Freinds website and there was a post and a link about Gordon Brown,as much as i'd like to repeat it here,i think i better not,please look at it,i must say it has often crossed my mind.

  72. I read some of these mythical appearances of poor Maddie, the NZ police already investigated that one, we are not so far off the victoria beckham lookalike, who looked nothing like her. All these innocent peoples lives have been upset by McCanns. The parents and policeo in NZ has requested no more photos to be published of the girl.Quite right!!Its amazing how these two manipulate everything, they must be absolutely positive Maddies body will never turn up.
    As for Dave Edgar I would get out why you can, or maybe you like GA will write a book too(hopefully) and tell us how it really is.You are being manipulated and used, but carry on the research for your book if you decide you might write one day.

  73. Look at this T shirt photo and the happy as Larry McCanns only a few days after Maddie went missing....disgusting!
    and the Madeliene shop is actually an ebay shop...obviously very sure she would not turn up then

  74. Oh dear oh dear, the McCann's are not liking this, feeling a bit of pressure are we, looking over ones shoulder perhaps, perhaps the papers are seeking some form of revenge, though I do wish for once they would tell the truth, maybe one day.

    Who would like to be Mr & Mrs McCann sitting tonight in Rothely Towers, well certainly not me.

  75. Something is bubbling in the McCanns cauldron

  76. Just getting my head around the turmoil that is obviously going on in Team McCann

    Duarte says have reports and process must be re-opened
    Mitchell says leak of press reports is gold dust to Kate and Gerry but process must not be re-opened but reviewed, makes sure he does not mention any review by the Police.
    Kate and Gerry, under pressure from reporters say happy to have re-opened if that will help but what he really wants is a review of the "evidence" by anyone competent to do it, with the clear implication of course the useless Pjs and even more useless Brit cops are utterly incompetent. And today after a real hue and cry by the public about innocent children being exposed and therefor a real McCann backlash say leak of press reports is abusive to families and (not gold dust) at all but damaging their erm investigation.

    I get the picture of Gerry stomping around calling them all idiots f ing everything up for them and Kate crying and trying to calm him down and just think clearly, for God's sake Gerry calm down, or we go down, shame shame. You reap what you sow Team McCann and you sowed a really duff crop!

  77. A possible opt out for Edgar - "we were closing in then the papers blew the story."

  78. Oh ah, well done Daily Mail, the comments are back, here is one of my favourites which I think sees the McCanns stories in the right way, a subject of utter ridicule =))

    Well, it's very simple, really. The overweight gypsy woman flew with the girl and her partner to New Zealand and when they got there went to a supermarket. Because the shop keeper in New Zealand was 100% sure it was Madeleine, and the people who saw the gypsy were also 100% sure, and all the other 100's % of certainty.
    These kidnappers surely like to travel, don't they?
    - MM, South Carolina, US, 4/3/2010 5:09

  79. People have their own lives to lead and for most, I would think, it doesn't include going out every day looking for the child. This isn't because of books or articles. TM should prove the reason people are not looking is because of what is printed in newspapers or books. I hope all TM are looking.

  80. I thought at last the Conservatives had a winner in David Cameron, a family man, an honest man, someone who the public could trust, someone who came across as understanding the British people, families and children - how wrong one can be! He can only lose when his name is linked to Clarence Mitchell.

    The article also states that the contemptible Clarence will not be 'an active spokesperson'
    Yes, best not to give him column inches or air time, not if the Conservatives hope to win this upcoming election.

    Best wipe the PR Weekly article from the online site and bury it, and Clarence too, deep in the Conservative Crypts and throw away the key.

    Make our views count with the Conservatives you say?

    May the Conservatives make Children Count is my view!


    A supporter of Childrens Rights.

    Children First!

  81. The Conservative Party in the UK say they are the party 'who listen.'

    Contact them by email and make them listen re their employing Clarence Mitchell. I did, as follows:

    The Contemptible Clarence Mitchell, David Cameron and the Conservatives.


    You will never stop listening?

    I hope that is true. I have been a Labour Party supporter all my life.

    This time around, I could have been swayed otherwise.

    That was until I read that the unsavoury, Clarence Mitchell was to be employed by the Conservative Party.

    Rather put it all into perspective.

    Not a word uttered by this man could I ever believe or consider to be remotely close to the mark on whatever topic he speaks.

    If he has to be the mouthpiece for the tories/ in the backroom - how can one be expected to believe and trust in your policies?

    Just to see Clarence Mitchell on the screen for most of the British public who have followed the case of the missing child Madeleine McCann is enough to 'switch off.'

    Just to know that Clarence Mitchell is in the back-room, conjuring up and shaping stories on behalf of the Conservatives, who under David Cameron's lead I expected to see great things, is disappointing to say the least.

    Honesty and integrity has not been part of Clarence Mitchell's remit whilst being the McCann spokesperson. That has been plain for all to see no matter which political party one supports, or which stance one takes re the case of missing Madeleine.

    The list of lies told on behalf of the McCann family by this man, to the detriment of the missing child (NOT abducted, but MISSING) AND we hear that the Conservatives have employed him?

    Gordon Brown must be laughing his head off!

    No one with any sense of decency and honesty would touch Mitchell with a barge pole!

    Not a parent in the land, I suspect has respect, for this man, after hearing over the past three years, Mitchell protecting the reputation of the McCann parents to the detriment of the missing child, setting back, 100 years, the care and protection of children and all it stands for - Children First.

    Unless the tories have been living on another planet for the past three years since the little McCann girl disappeared, there is absolutely no good excuse why any party with honesty and integrity, any party who puts family and the welfare of children first would employ such a vile individual as Clarence Mitchell.

    The spin and lies, yes lies- I can say this with absolute confidence having read the police files on this case and followed both sides very closely, in particular the statements made by Clarence Mitchell, shock to the core. The British press and the part they have played also, leaves much to be desired.

    The farce which has been played out in the name of this little girl, over the past week, in the form of more ridiculous stories, words cannot describe.

    It is one thing to have spin doctors for political parties - but when spin and 'shaping' of stories (confirmed in a recent interview by Clarence Mitchell himself where he tells us this is what he did in the McCann case) for the press, and public consumption on behalf of the parents of a missing child, missing due to their lack of parental care and protection, spun to protect their reputation, in so doing, at times dismissing without due care or thought for the missing child, words fail me?

    What, on earth is the Conservative Party thinking?

    I can see the headlines now -

    'The contemptible Clarence Mitchell, David Cameron and the Conservative Party '

    The article in PR Weekly describes this man Mitchell as 'well respected?'

    I suppose it depends on which side of the "honesty line" one walks.

  82. According to The Algarve Resident

    Following the recent court decision in Lisbon, Kate McCann sent the following text message to her lawyer Isabel Duarte:

    "Dear Isabel, You are amazing! Thank you so much! Pass my thanks on to Jorge and Ricardo (the legal assistants). Hopefully this will be the start of good things for Madeleine. We are so pleased. Thank you. Big hug, Kate."

    According to the Algarve Dissident

    from a source close to the family it is now understood that following today's statement by the McCanns, Kate McCann modified her text message to Isabel Duarte as follows:

    "Dear Isabel, You are amazingly stupid! Thank you so much for nothing! Pass my comments on to those two t*ssers Jorge and Ricardo (the legal assistants). After this week's disaster with that bl**dy file of useless sightings you provided, who the hell is going to believe our story about an abduction now? Gerry sends a Glasgow kiss, Kate."

  83. "Our own investigators have acted professionally and with complete integrity."

    Yes, the last I heard one of your investigators was in jail facing charges of stealing 400 kg of cocaine from a seized shipment of cocaine in a Barcelona shipyard and another is wanted by the FBI for fraud and money laundering.


  84. Home Office launches secret review into Madeleine McCann's disappearance
    The Home Office has secretly begun a review that could lead to a fresh police inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.


  85. Don't bother reading 85's link to the Telegraph article:
    Here's just two obscene quotes from it:

    But with the senior officer in charge Goncalo Amaral now widely discredited"


    "A further obstacle was removed with the death from stomach cancer two weeks ago of Guilhermino Encarnacao, who was in charge of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve.
    Mr Encarnacao was convinced Madeleine had died in her parents' apartment and was a major source of a series of off the record briefings to journalists against the McCanns"


  86. "A further obstacle was removed with the death from stomach cancer two weeks ago of Guilhermino Encarnacao, who was in charge of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve.

    Mr Encarnacao was convinced Madeleine had died in her parents' apartment and was a major source of a series of off the record briefings to journalists against the McCanns."

    This is written in the Telegraph article par Robert Mendick. Quel salaud de journaliste!

  87. @anon 54
    "Our own investigators have acted professionally and with complete integrity". Would this include Halligen? Are the McCanns sending a message to him?

    In Halligen's case it probably means that he laundered the £300.000 successfully and than he took a reasonable commission.

  88. AAh Gerry I heard that phrase before from you a bit of a scoping exercise, quite an original one that:

    The source said: "The latest we have heard from the Home Office is officials are undertaking a 'scoping exercise' to look into the possibility of a review of the case.

    Did you go directly to the Telegraph Gerry?

    Maybe we do not know exactly what is afoot at the moment but I cannot believe it will turn out good for you!

    After all, in the Venables case where details are breaking, the Home Office and Jack Straw at the Ministry of Justice do seem to be finally accepting that actually, the public do have a right to know what is going on!

  89. Anonymous 14

    Yes, the McCanns have had information on sightings up to the time the case was shelved. It was included in the papers that were released in August 2008. It's interesting to note that two of the three sightings quoted in this latest press release were before that date, so there seems no justification for them claiming this is 'new' information.

    At the time most of the press (including the so called 'qualities') were merely cutting and pasting Clarence's 'shock horror so many sightings not followed up' press releases. One in the Netherlands was particularly popular as I recall.

    Amazingly, for this case, one journalist did actually bother to look behind the spin to primary sources, and found that all sightings had been followed up and discounted by the PJ.


  90. If the Home Office are reviewing the case, I hope they are not puppets dancing to McCann's tune.

    If they are, then it certainly will confirm the 'conspiracy theorists' views!

    I wish the Portuguese would get their act in order, tell the UK where it can put its reviews and simply re-open the criminal proceedings. Lift the unjust and now proven pointless ban on Sr Amarals book (which I hope would result in the books formal translation into English and its distribution aross the world) and recommence the police investigation - with Sr Amaral as an assistant to the process.

    Follow this up with a request for extradition of the McCann's back to Portugal and a demand for Kate McCann to answer those simple-to-an-innocent questions.

    McCann's request for a review and talk of a 'panel' worries me - it sounds like a typical whitewash and no doubt the panel would include people from the fraudulant fund!

    We dont need a review of the sightings, we need a review of the police investigation by the police.

    Anything less will be viewed with the cynicism it deserves.


  91. Poster @ 83 t4two

    Gaun yersel!

    Gerry and the 'Glesga (Glasgow) Kiss' - Very funny! Funnier still if he was on the receiving end!

  92. Post 86. This article is more McCann propaganda, because of it really was secret, it wouldn't be in the press. Yes, and 'scoping' is one of Mccann's words.

    The line, "A further obstacle was removed with the death from stomach cancer two weeks ago of Guilhermino Encarnacao, who was in charge of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve.
    Mr Encarnacao was convinced Madeleine had died in her parents' apartment.." is indeed obscene. What sort of idiot wrote this, does he believe that the death of a senior police officer can change the official direction of a case which is based on recorded evidence? This journalist is either stupid or badly influenced by someone, certainly not unbiased.

    Mccann is indeed furious (because people have seen through the 'sightings' nonsense) so he's claiming he's backed by the Home Secretary now, fobbed off more like with talks about talks eh?

  93. @ 85 Thanks but read closer

    "Kate and Gerry McCann met with Mr Johnson last year to plead for help in their search for Madeleine, who vanished without trace in May 2007 from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

    The couple have also met with John Yates, the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, who has headed up a number of high profile inquiries in recent years.

    He is said to be "sympathetic" and to have made "general offers of assistance".

    The source said: "The latest we have heard from the Home Office is officials are undertaking a 'scoping exercise' to look into the possibility of a review of the case. "

    Scraping the barrel Team McCann? Trying to raise support? Force the government into doing your bidding? Or just trying to make us all believe you have support when you dont?

    Give us some credit- some of us can read now lets have a direct government quote dated March 2010. Heneral politeness isnt an indication of anything but professionalism- you havent been charged - yet.

    Id be very careful what you ask for you might get more than you bargain for.

  94. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8553412.stm

    I wrote to the BBC, who dont you do that too?

    Heres the link to write to them...


    'You have once again printed an innaccurate story. The Portuguese police did NOT provide the 'irrelevant' files. These were requested by UK newspapers and provided by the Portuguese judiciary through formal and official channels.

    Please can you provide an updated version of your story and ensure that you draw the atention of the public who may have read the incorrect version.'

  95. The McCanns may think they can control the Home Ofice - they may think they will be included on a review panel to whitewaash their names.

    They are likely to be disappointed - the UK Government still has to at least appear to be unbiased.

    Pressure on Portugal may result in a rather unfortunate result for the McCann's - a proper opening of the police investigation.

    They are still the only suspects - especially Gerry - he has relied on Jane Tanner claiming she saw an abductor at the same time as she saw Gerry. But the man talking to Gerry denied it (so Gerry had to as well!).

    Yet despite this Gerry still clings to the story - carefully omitting the part he disagree's with (and even tried to 'fix' in his so called 'reconstruction' - which was in fact jsut a chat in the road!).

    They really are taking risks now, remember the old saying Gerry, 'be careful what you ask for!'. Even though you want a 'review' and talk of a 'panel' you might get a re-opening of the police investigation - and Kate still has to answer those 48 questions!

    And dont forget this...http://fakedabduction.com/

  96. A Review Bully wants, with him doing the reviewing and editing, starting with the mutts with their noses everywhere. Since most of the evidence is with the PJ who can review any files but them, we know the LP just sat back and helped the suspects or failed to cooperate. So it will be jolly interesting to see how this review can be done. Then again Bully knows that, but it sounds like he wants the case ongoing,( going nowhere in reality that suits Bully) not reopened of course. I cannot believe that the Home Secretary would not say,"but Bully, it would be far easier and logical to have the case reopened in PT, surely you have no objection?" At this Bully stomps out.


  97. http://www.hanovercomms.com/our-clients/case-studies/mccann-family/

    Why not tell them how you feel about a company that looked after people who, at the time, were active suspects in a criminal investigation regarding their own child?!

    Hanover - protecting the reputations of criminals since September 2007!


  98. The only way for this to move forward in the direction of the case being REOPENED, is the
    48 questions put to Mrs McCann to be answered and
    the reconstruction of the timeline.

    If the Portuguese Authorities, roll over to either a quickie\selective review or a REOPENING the without their original inquiry needs being met, then they have lost their professional edge.

    Since they are no longer in control, but at the beck and call of the media, public opinion and the McCanns. Then all will be lost forever.


  99. Telegraph
    "But with the senior officer in charge Goncalo Amaral now widely discredited and facing financial ruin after being sued for libel by the McCanns over a book he wrote, it may become harder for the Portuguese to refuse the request for a thorough review.
    A further obstacle was removed with the death from stomach cancer two weeks ago of Guilhermino Encarnacao, who was in charge of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve.Mr Encarnacao was convinced Madeleine had died in her parents' apartment and was a major source of a series of off the record briefings to journalists against the McCanns.

    So Amaral and Encarnacao are "obstacles", not human beings?
    Why I'm just thinking Madeleine also was an "OBSTACLE"??

  100. at post 81, i also e-mailed the conservative party complaining about the post The liar Mitchell has got with them(but your letter say's it all) i urge more people to e-mail and complain we have to get the message across we dont want the vile Mitchell involved any where with the goverments,(we have had enough of Labour covering up for the Mccanns we do not want cameron starting also, i cant stand the thought of them smug b*****ds , swanning around with the conservatives getting more headlines and money from certain guillable people who actually believe she was abducted!!!???

  101. From the Telegraph article:-

    "The revelation that possible leads – many passed to Portuguese police by the McCanns' own private detectives – had apparently been ignored will add to the clamour."

    Proof if ever proof was needed as to where most of these fake 'sightings' came from!

    Nuff said!

  102. I just read what Thetruthseeker wrote about Brown and Blair.

    Can we believe that?

  103. It is possible that Mitchell is trying to get rid of the McCanns.

  104. If you search "McCanns Media Marathon" here on this site, the 3rd video from above, GMTV, you can see how extremely nervous Gerry sounds.
    This means that the mystery and the secret around Madeleine is not guaranteed.
    Gerry fears at least one person( of even more), this person could be dangerous to the McCanns.
    If he could trust everybody who knows the truth, he would have been calm during that interview.
    He was not.
    Imo, there are people who perhaps are willing to talk, who are feeling guilty towards other vunerable children and towards Madeleine.
    It is even possible that these people will talk before the reopening of the process.
    We will get an implosion, inside of a group, instead of an explosion.

  105. Everything the Home Office and MOJ do on cases like the McCanns and Venables they want to do in top secret. So the article tells us there is a top secret review and Gerry tells us they are doing a bit of a scoping exercise.

    They will be polite to the McCanns and accept they have a right to protection from harassment of them and their children, a right to privacy and a right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, they may also accept that unless and until there is overwhelming evidence of the death of Madeleine, she has a right to be searched for, but I agree with the general sentiments above, Gerry should not wish too much, he may well get it! Because, at the end of the day, in spite of his human rights which are even so carefully given to Venables, they know he is guilty!

  106. I won't talk about any, errr... any specific detail, to be honest, I think there's been far too much detail of the investigation in the media but, errr... you know, what we're really here to discuss is, errr... how we can work with the authorities to explore areas where other things can still be done that... that might make a difference and I think, errr... you know, this is the first visit that I'm here in, errr... Portugal but I expect it will be the first of, you know, several over the next few months.

    Q: Do you plan to cooperate with the Portuguese authorities?

    GM: Of course.

    Q: Do you, errr... maintain contact with them, with the Portuguese police, for instance?

    GM: Well, I think that the way, errr... we do that, certainly within the Portuguese system, is to do it through our... our lawyers. Errr... We've obviously had a meeting with the, errr... officials from the British Foreign Office today and we've had ongoing contact with, errr... you know, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, errr... since, you know, we're British and this occurred in Portugal and we've had, errr... ongoing contact with the... the British authorities as well, so, of course, we'll, you know, we'll do everything that we can to work with the authorities and that's what we very much want to emphasise, we want to work with the authorities as much as possible... in the ongoing search.

    Q: Are you going... are you going to meet with, errr... Portuguese authorities...

    GM: Uhhh, we haven't...

    Q: ... this time?

    GM: ... we haven't got anything specific planned at this point. This is very much my, errr... you know, the first visit over here and just to look and... and to try and get a scoping, errr... of what we can still do... really.

    Q: Do... do you plan to... to take any legal actions, errr... against, errr... Portuguese authorities or Portuguese... any Portuguese media, for instance?

    GM: I think, you know, we want to make it absolutely clear what's gone on in the past is, by and large, done and we very, very much want to focus on what can still be done for the seach and that's... that's what our priority is and... and it always has been really so any of these things are just, you know, they're not really relevant at the minute.

    The purpose of this visit was to, errr... really look at what can still be done in the search, we want to be, you know, looking positively, not backwards - looking forwards. 'Cause, you know, we want to find our daughter. It's pretty simple really.

  107. Gerry and that scoping word, how he has no plans to sue any former police officers (funny that and just instils our trust in him much further) and how he just wants to work with the Portuguese authorities...um providing they shut up and listen and stop making nasty allegations! Just a little over a year later, he is sounding that wee bit more aggressive and the talks go on with our Home Office! Life can be such a battle if you are a criminal Gerry. Sky video of him also available at the McCann files, such a great resource, I knew he had been doing and saying these things for quite a while now, ah, how frustrating, those bods at the Home Office and Portugal still will not listen to reason, or the Gerry God, as it were..


    Madeleine Father Portugal Return Sky News

    Jan 14, 2009

    Madeleine McCann's father Gerry has returned to Portugal to continue the search for his missing daughter. He said he and his wife Kate and their two other children would never give up the search for Madeleine.




    By Nigel Moore

    Gerry McCann: Ahhh, well... I came back today really to meet with our adviser's, errr... including Rogério, errr... Alves to really discuss what can still be done in the ongoing search for Madeleine.

    Obviously we think there's a very, very good chance that Madeleine's still out there and can be found alive and well and, you know, obviously we wa... we want the search to go on really.

    I think there's, errr... information goes to, you know, different sources of potential sightings, they go to, errm... the British police, they go to foreign police, some people call us and I would ho..., you know, like any parent of a missing child, if information came through, all you would hope is that that information is followed up. If any information comes to us then clearly we... we follow it up and alert the authorities, errr... where appropriate.


  108. The McCanns asked for a civil process in Lisbon, very safe, north of the river Tagus and suddenly they are comfronted with a reply from a Public Prosecuter from Algarve, sending information to the British media.
    It is the first time that a criminal authority gets involved in this case,the disappearence itself, after it was shelved.
    It is not at all what the McCanns meant.
    A soft earth quake but still an earth quake.
    They woke up Portimao, oh God!
    A kind request of Mrs. Duarte and there we have it.
    I don't believe it was only a request from the British media.
    If it had been, they could have gotten it much before.
    Mrs. Duarte(God bless her now and then) is helping a lot.
    This attitude of the Prosecuter could be the beginning of a lot of things!

  109. Os desgracados dos Portugueses que protegem esta peste McCann deviam ler esse artigo do Telegraph e terem vergonha na cara. Nao ha nenhum jornalista Portugues que esta interessado em desmentir os disparates que estao escritos nos jornais Ingleses? Quando os McCanns disseram que estavam indignados por causa das pistas que nao foram investigadas, isso e noticia, mas ninguem esforca-se para averiguar se isso foi realmente o caso. Se os McCanns dizem que tem comichao no cu e noticia. Ninguem pergunta a quem foram dados as tal 2000 paginas, ninguem pergunta se a judiciaria Portuguesa esta realmente a ser pressionada para rever o caso, nada. Vergonha! Espero que entendem o meu fraco Portugues.


  110. A little off topic... but I think we should take a look at this:

  111. Letter from Iberia
    People of Portugal you are at risk of an all out McCann attack, you risk being accused of putting the investigation at risk by telling the truth.
    Your country will be sued, you will all be sued.

    Stop this farce now and re-open the process extradite the McCann’s on an European arrest warrant to answer the charges of abandoning and endangering their children and see where it goes from there.

  112. The last sight it is laughable- MADDIE IN TV, SINGING AS PART OF A CHOIR in a Canadian TV.

    The abductor have a big sense of humour and was contaminated by The Mccann's pleasure of being at the spotlights of the TV all the time. He wants to show the world, how happy and well cared, Maddie is. He did not neglect her, leaving her alone at night in a flat resort, when he go out with his pals. He seat backstage, promoting the girl, showing the most known child face, across Canada in a TV spot. Wonderful abductor- he was not scared about the huge police hunt done by Interpol, Europol, Canadian police, on the behalf of the British and Portuguese police, following the cooperation between countries. He is not afraid of the most famous, transverse and worldwide investigation which have no parallel in the history of the Modern world.
    Again the camera-man did not got close enough to see the eye defect. Must be sacked this camera-man- very unprofessional.

    AN ADVISE TO ALL GIRLS PARENTS IN THE WORLD: BAN THIS HAIR CUT or your child is at high risk to be in the newspapers page and at the TV screens without your permission and without you knowing it. WORSE THEN THAT, YOU (THE PARENTS) will be connected with words PAEDOPHILE and ABDUCTOR. Two adjectives which everybody is desperate to have the name associated with.

    CONGRATULATIONS MCCANN'S. With your last campaign, you became the most hated family in the world, not only in Portugal and UK. And since the court ban amaral book, you work hard and more on the damage of your image then trillions of Amaral book translated in all the languages. YOU WILL DIE ON YOUR OWN MUD. Now off-course you blame the disaster in the newspapers. Sick.... You find always somebody to blame.... Never yourselves and the way that you neglected your child's.
    EVERYTHING START WITH YOUR DECISION TO LEAVE THREE BABYS BABYSITING THEMSELVES and increased when you decide to lie to the police, transforming the tragedy of one of your child's into a Mega circus, a joke, who nobody believe anymore.

  113. #103

    I don't know whether we can believe it or not, but I don't find it possible to accept it as false either.

    This week there was, to my mind, a very disturbing article in the Daily Mail, even taking into account their penchant for stirring things up it was still disquieting, it was about a class of seven year olds being shown a DVD about sex, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1255483/Parents-anger-class-seven-year-olds-shown-graphic-sex-cartoon-school.html. I viewed the DVD on youtube and it truly is shocking, to my mind, because it is so innappropriate for children. Add to that the way that children's dress has changed, the makeovers for girls, constant going on about teenage pregnancies, apparent 'extra small' condoms for 12 year old boys, and a diet of sex and emotionalism on television and in films, one could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that children are being groomed by the state.

    It has always seemed to me that the image of the paedophile has been deliberately distorted to give the impression that it is only scruffy, overweight, uneducated people who are paedophiles.

    I believe that the MM case is linked into something much wider than the disappearance of this child alone, I have no idea as to the reasons why but I see the same attitude, spin, and obfuscation that is the hallmark of this present UK government, and the entire establishment at this time.

  114. Well I think they have now been through every famous person or person with authority in this country Gordon Brown Blair etc. Just wondering when they are going to get the true leader of this country involved The Queen, did they not at one point mention an assistant to Prince Charles?

  115. Due to my work I come into contact with hundreds of people a week and we have discussed the Maddie disapearence. These people do not know about the dogs and evidence or what is contained in the process but their first words are always why did they leave 3 small babies alone and yes the parents are involved in the disapearence. This tells me one thing their spin doesnt work and they cannot shut people up. People have their own minds and are not stupid. Like a previous poster said its time for them to shut up or if they cant do that tell the truth go back to Portugal do the reconstruction answer the questions. The Mc Canns have made a mountain out of a mole hill lol

  116. Why is it everything other people and the newspapers do jeopardises the search for Madeline but nothing the Mc Canns do jeopardises the search even when useing their good marketing ploy the colaboma???

  117. @81 and @ 101

    I have now emailed conservative party.

    @95 wrote to BBC also.

    The reports in the press this week that the mcCann's are 'furious?'
    I beg to differ. It is FEAR they are experiencing, not fury!

    Their greatest fear? - that the case is re-opened, that they are summoned to Portugal. That the pact does not remain intact!

    Gerry knows their days are 'numbered.'

    Their "party" is almost over - Patience people!

    For Madeleine, May her God look over, care and protect her. If she is not of this world, I pray that one day soon her soul be at peace.

    May ALL of those who have committed criminal acts against this child, be severely punished. ALL of those too who have hindered the official police investigation by lack of honesty. ALL have harmed this child. Every little lie told to save their own skins/reputations, decreased Madeleine's chances of survival if abducted.

    Some of the acts committed against her we are all aware of, some of the culprits we already know. They know too who they are, and they know too the shameful part they have played. They have escaped punishment for their part in Madeleine's disappearance,at all levels, from the littlest lie upwards...

    If they had an ounce of common decency, a conscience at all, a thought or care for this child... they would have spoken up before now.

    I believe they know the child is dead. I believe if they thought for a moment that she was not, that they may have taken part in a criminal reconstruction. They saw no point in incriminating themselves (be that in the lies told)if there was not a living breathing Madeleine.

    If not for Goncalo Amaral, Joana and her team Madeleine would now be forgotten.

    The McCann's would hold a press conference once in a while to raise awareness, no not to remind us that she is still in the lair in Portugal, but to remind us that their Fund was dwindling, and needed a cash injection. Other than this, the child would be forgotten if not for Goncalo Amaral. An honest man. Honest in his investigation in the case of the missing child Madeleine McCann.

    It is Goncalo Amaral's honesty that the McCann's and their "partners in crime" fear- as the saying goes:

    'A lie has speed, but truth has endurance.'

  118. I turned my radio on and caught the tail end of Aled Jone's programme on Radio 2. He announced that next Sunday was "Mothering Sunday" and his special guest would be Kate McCann, who will tell the listeners how her faith has kept her strong, since Madeleine disappeared.

    I am disgusted that Kate McCann has been invited to speak about her faith. when her mother admitted to the media, that she couldn't understand her daughter asking for a Priest to fly out to PDL, when she or her son-in-law, were not church goers.

    Its obvious that the McCanns didn't follow the Catholic faith, because their children were born because Kate McCann used the I.V.F. method.

    What disgusts me more than anything, this "mother" along with her husband, are the cause of Madeleine's disappearance. Many mothers whose children are no longer with them, because of circumstances beyond their control, will I'm sure be very upset to hear Kate McCann tell a pack of lies on what is supposed to be a special day for them.

    I will be emailing Radio Two and Aled Jones and explaining to them and him, the circumstances, as told by the McCanns, surrounding Madeleine's disappearance.

  119. 'At the end of March (2008/9?) the McCanns visited the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children in the US and wrote that they were "very encouraged" to hear that, in NCMEC's experience, the younger the child at the time of abduction the less likely that child will be seriously harmed.'

    In June he (Gerry MCann) said information had been coming via a new hotline set up by their team. "Every piece of information will be followed up," he promised.'

    Two points here:-

    1. As Madeleine is now 3 years older from when she disappeared, is there more chance now that she will "seriously" harmed, as opposed to what - not being so seriously harmed when she was three/four years old? Do we take it the longer she is held, by these paedophiles, the older she becomes, that her chances of being seriously harmed increase?

    McCann was 'very encouraged' by this news? Does he not realise this is bad news? The older she gets, the more serious the harm to her becomes?

    Also, is it not the case that the McCann's tell the world there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to harm?

    2. Every piece of information will be followed up Gerry McCann promised.

    With the best will in the world, with every police force in the world checking out sightings and information, it is impossible to look at every single item. How does McCann intend to do this with only two old geezers, Edgar and Cowley on his payrol?

    If Madeleine was alive, and lived to be a hundred years old, Gerry McCann could not keep his promise!

  120. From the Express, 6/12/09. Looks like the Leicester Plod have damaged the search as well - are you going to sue Stu?

    "The Leicestershire officers sifted through the information [reported as a result of CEOP appeal Nov 2009] before deciding what should be relayed to Portugal. Detectives there said they would work only on credible new information because they did not want to waste any time on fruitless endeavours.

    But the Sunday Express can reveal that evidence they gathered has not been put into the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (HOLMES) by Leicestershire police."

  121. 'The revelation that possible leads – many passed to Portuguese police by the McCanns' own private detectives – had apparently been ignored will add to the clamour'


    Now this may be a silly question, but, if the McCann detectives passed possible leads to the Portuguese police and they, the Portuguese Police did not follow them up, why then did the McCann detectives not enquire and follow up what action had been taken by the Portuguese re the leads they had given them?

    Didn't Gerry say that all information would be followed up by him?

    It appears that Gerry and his detectives failed to follow up what action was being taken re the information they passed to Portugal.

    I wonder why? If these leads were considered credible of importance, was it not rather remiss of the McCann detectives not to have enquired?

  122. HERE HEAR!!! Well said anon @117 I heartilly agree with you. "GOD BLESS Goncalo Amaral an honest man" may his fight for truth continue until the battle for Madeleine for truth and justice is seen to be done.

  123. 'Police (Portuguese) went to the house in the orange grove but found it deserted. The second woman was never identified.

    Detectives traced the Berlingo car to a teacher in Portimao, who said the doll had been given to him by his students several years earlier.

    In an email to Leicestershire Police, the Portuguese Police said: “We conclude there is no relation between the evidence we have gathered and the investigation of Madeleine McCann.”

    However, a source close to the McCanns said: “This was a major surveillance operation. “It is one of the strongest leads investigators have come across and the inquiry is ongoing.”


    If this was one of the 'strongest' leads the McCann's have had and they invested in surveillance, which involved a car belonging to a teacher, with a dolly in the back which also belonged to the teacher being of importance? then whoever was doing the surveillance and investigating wants to be sacked!

    I can see why the McCann's are not happy bunnies at this information being in the press. Makes them look very foolish indeed.

    Pale and gaunt the woman described the child whom she saw and whom she is 100% is Madeleine.

    So Madeleine is not looking fit and healthy, unharmed as the McCann's would have us believe. She is being dragged around, made to wear a heavy black wig, and clearly not being fed and well cared for.

    If McCann's believed for a moment this was Madeleine, then they cannot believe she is healthy, happy and unharmed.

    What do they pay these detectives - £50,000.00 a month?

    Another silly question - Why the need to carry out surveillance on the shack in the orange grove? Would it not have been simpler and less costly to immediately inform the Portuguese police of the information provided by the woman, and allow them to immediately investigate. Why did McCann detectives waste time - if they believed that Madeleine was being held in a shack with unimaginable things happening to her - by surveillance tactics for however long, days, weeks months? Surely to inform the Portuguese Police and have them investigate immediately to save the child had she been there, would have been the responsible thing to do?

  124. kathybelle @ 118
    I have just emailled Aled and told him of my disgust ,I have also asked him to look at the police files and the cadaver dogs on you tube ,then to re-think his decision ,I bet he doesnt bother,but at least he will see not everyone is gullible

  125. Anon 119

    The McCanns hate even the suggestion that Madeleine could have been 'seriously harmed' because that would mean they could be charged, cnvicted and imprisoned for leaving her alone like they did.

    No, everybody is supposed to believe their spin of 'no evidence Madeleine came to harm'. As if being abducted does not amount to serious harm in itself!

    What are the Portuguese prosecutors thinking of to let them get away with that one??

    Meanwhile, the dogs are telling us there was no abduction because Madeleine is dead.

    What more serious harm could there be than that?

  126. Kathybelle at 118

    Perhaps she means her faith in the UK media.

  127. @117 well done(im post 101) a great letter to the bbc, also kathybelle and 124 glad you have sent those e-mail to Aled Jones/radio 2, at least you have got the message over even if they ignore you, you did something. It is great to see people like Amaral, Joana never giving up on the innocent little 3 year old, then people like us on internet can keep up because of them, so we can e-mail our disgusts to all the papers, programms, Goverments, radio's etc and let them know we are not going along with the spin and lies they are putting out. Kate Mccann on a mothers day show, they are taking the p**s now, what next her in the running for the mother of the year award????

  128. poster at 63
    the devil in me just made me contact the investigation line and comment that the man carrying the child looks vERY MUCH like Gerry !!!

  129. Thanks poster (124) as you say if Aled takes no notice of us, he will know that we are not gullible. I imagine he is inundated with emails from people registering their disgust.

    By the way, if you take a look at the Sunday Telegraph, you will see that the Home Office has secretly begun a review that could lead to a fresh police inquiry into Madeleine's disappearance. I don't buy newspapers, I was sent the link in an email. I imagine that the article can be read in the Telegraph online.

  130. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/madeleinemccann/7384911/Home-Office-launches-secret-review-into-Madeleine-McCanns-disappearance.html
    not sure if this has been linked here yet.

  131. 118 and 124

    Have done likewise with a pretty long list of reasons as to why Kate McCann should not be speaking to the British public on Mothering Sunday of all days.

    Due to the neglect and abuse of her childrens rights - to be cared for, and protected, one of her children is missing. A child who told her that very morning that she was awake, crying and afraid at having been left alone the night before.

    In this knowledge this "mother" walked out and left the child again!

    This mother said what the child had said 'meant nothing' This mother had her spokesman Clarence Mitchell state for the world, that it meant nothing. She had him state that this is the BRITISH way, that the Brits, put their kids to bed early and go off out for the evening.

    Have the British mothers on Mothering Sunday of ALL days to listen to this child neglector?

    I have made my views to Aled Jones, and BBC Radio Two clear as crystal!

    Like you I have directed them to read the police files but more importantly to the fact that the victim is Madeleine, that it is due to the fact she was neglected (until proven otherwise) that she is missing. That full responsibility for this situation lies with her mother Doctor Kate McCann and her father Doctor Gerry McCann.

    Two doctors who failed miserably to protect their children, who consciously decided to leave them alone so as to have FIVE evening out alone, eating and drinking alcohol.

    Two doctors.........Two parents......

  132. Thanks for that information Kathybelle at 131.

    I wonder whether that suggested 'review' means the McCanns have got them to only look at their so called 'leads' though, and leave out all the information from the actual police enquiry.

    It would not surprise me one bit after all the fuss the bleating McCanns have been making to their politician pals.

    There has to have been at least one idiot who will have fallen for it.

  133. Thank you to poster 124 and thank you to posters 127 and 129, hopefully more will follow our example. I emailed the Policia Judiciária and gave them some moral support and my thoughts on this case. I also emailed the Portuguese Public Minister, to ask them to reopen this case, I also gave them my thoughts as to why the case should be reopened.

    Joana made it possible for me to email these people, because at my request, she kindly put the email addresses on her forum. If anyone else wants the email addresses, they are on the Murat's Lawyer: "Nobody lies without a reason" thread at post 33.

  134. You may also wish to leave a few words on the official Aled Jones forum, that way Aled's supporters can also get an angle of this as well - two birds, one stone!


  135. It looks like they are coming to a dead end.Thats what the week spin is telling =))


  136. The 'home office review' is somewhat tenuous - its been generated by the McCann camp - hardlt secret is it if its been in the papers!

    My brother went to school with Aled Jones - and it shamed me to report that he beat the little twerp 'Jones' up! However, I now forgive my brother totally!

    It continues to stagger me that these people in the media appear completely oblivious to Kate McCanns notoriety. Personally I think she is a child killer and McCann covered it up for her.

    McCann was not in the slightest bit religious until needing a priest urgently on May 3rd 2007 - appareently priests have the noses of bloodhounds and were thought to be very useful that night in finding her daughter!

  137. Little wonder Gerry wants only to look forward! Looking backward, as is usual in a criinla investigation, might uncover evidence which can be used to identify the abductor, one Gerry McCann!

    Come on Gerry, admit you covered up for Kate losing her temper and killing Madeleine, she should be able to get the offence downgraded to voluntary manslaughter on the basis of diminished responsibility or voluntary intoxication maybe?

    Lets hope Tanner comes clean and admits she didnt see Gerry and Wilkins at all, thus destroying McCanns 'alibi' - after all, it couldnt have been him carrying Madeleine away if he was talking to Wilkins when the abductor was sighted...!

  138. Kate McCann on Mothering Sunday!!!!!!!!!!

    How can they do that - an insult to millions of hard working caring mothers who put their children first and foremost before partying with their pals!

    She left this child after she was already aware tht she had awoken and cried in the night and had questioned where the parents had been!

    Aled Jones hang your head in shame! What next, paedo hour?!!

  139. Posters 118, 124, 129, etc., etc. I'm not British, but I just want to let you know: you are great!

  140. I read about some of these sightings before especially the one about the man dragging a little girl on the road to Faro airport, this is not new. and remember Madeliene was very small for age, a man would not need to drag her, just throw over his shoulder and away to go.

    Portugal please open the case, get as many dogs on the round as possible.
    bring the McCanns back to Portugal to answer those unanswered questions, which if innocent you would answer.
    Bring all the Tapas back for a reconstruction
    Do not allow the McCanns to leave Portugal until these things are done.

    Pull this so called priest friend of theirs in for questioning.(I do not think he was a Catholic priest anyway)

    Bring back Eddie & Keela.
    Keep the press away from the McCanns
    Reinstall Goncarlo Amaral - MOST IMPORTANT
    Bring the Smiths in for questioning to ascetain if they have been paid off.
    Discover why Gerry had all these large photos of Madeliene all ready??as they were not done on reception.
    Bring the nannies back, especially the one that visits the McCanns.
    Line of questioning on why they have not asked for the case to be reopened.and for what reasons.
    INVESTIGATION OF THE FUND by the Fraud squad
    Arrest cuddle cat and keep him in custody, until the case is solved
    Take away Kates private diary to see if any clues are held there so many months after.

    There is much to be done, so Please get this case reopened now before someone scams the HomeOffice and the case is closed forever.
    TIME NOW IS OF THE ESSENCE- I believe them people will start to come forward, for at this moment they are afraid of he McScams
    I will send a copy of this to the Portuguese police Joanna if you have a direction for them

  141. Interesting story in the Daily Star today about Portuguese police saying they have investigated all sightings of Madeleine.

  142. I just emailed Alen Jones radio 2, and said my reasons for not allowing KM to speak on Mothers day. A suspect unofficially cleared, and a mother who left 3 very young children night after night alone-not a good example

  143. Thank for letting us know about kate being on BBC 2 On mothering Sunday. Just sent complaint, hope everyone complains that vile woman spewing about reliion when it suits her she should rot.
    Thank you joana for all your hard work.

  144. The press must long for days when it printed stuff and we believed it because "someone" in authority said it. Now there are people who have access to files and interviews and can call them when what is printed is not factual but spin.

  145. Do the Portuguese investigators know what it was Payne had wanted to say to the UK investigators (off the record), when he was giving his statement?

    He said there were things he wished to say about the disappearance of Madeleine but did not wish them included in the statement.

    So, why not?

    Hopefully this was not overlooked and the information he gave was passed on to the PJ.

  146. This is my first post, so please excuse me if I get it wrong!

    @131 - if the review by the Home Office is 'secret', how come it is being reported in the Sunday Telegraph? Who is being kept in the dark?

    I am distressed at one post that commented on the present condition of the parish priest of PDL and how he appears to have given up the ministry and gone to live with his mother. Is it possible that the Macs cynically used the priest to confess their sins and also to give Maddie her last rites, safe in the knowledge that he is prohibited from disclosing their confession?

    I am not a Catholic, but I would have imagined that if Maddie truly was dead, even a 'nominal' (non practising) catholic would feel compelled to make sure she received her last rites. This has always puzzled me.


  147. The McCanns have been able to get away with all the abduction spin because there has been nobody in authority in Portugal and the UK who has challenged them.

    Not a peep out of any of them, except for Dr Amaral and those witnesses of his who stood up in court and supported what he was saying about Madeleine being dead.

    Yet what did McCann care, there he was on the steps of the court straight afterwards 'correcting' what these men had said and stating yet again there was no evidence to say that any harm had come to Madeleine.

    Obviously there was evidence enough for the UK and Portuguese investigators to believe it after the dogs had been in, but nobody mentioned that did they?

    He has gone virtually unchallenged, apart from the journalist in PDL. who dared to laugh at the mention of an abductor.

    They are arrogant in the way they believe they can move in and take over a criminal investigation because they know nobody will stop them. They can say what they like and it is believed. Even if it is not, it will still be reported in the media as if it were the truth.

    I know I am not the only one who is praying for a turnaround in this case, and that it will come soon and put an end to this nonsense, because how can there be any hope for the UK and Portugal if the truth is silenced so easily by the media and the Courts.

    What a betrayal of the people.

  148. I doubt if Aled Jones himself has hired Kate (child neglector) McCann,on his programme. The BBC are very good at wasting licence payers' money on their contraversial ideas.

    Why not hire someone like Sarah Payne, or any other Mother who has lost a child and is going through agonies. A mother who didn't put her six night's pleasure before the safety of her children.

    Shame on you BBC!

  149. Over the past few weeks, I have done things I have never done before including signing petitions, contacting MPs, commenting on forums, complaining to PCC (what a farce!), complaining to CEOP, complaining to BBC. I really feel that the time to fight is now and if we fight on all fronts now, then there is a lot to be gained.

    I am considering contacting the Press Association using Astro's "Any Resemblance is Pure Coincidence" as copy. The angle could be outlined to them as: here is a suggestion as to the real reaon why PJ have "not followed up so many leads". If I do this by myself, it won't have any impact, but if many do something similar, at least someone would have to take notice. (I know the chances of getting this printed are minimal, but its worth a try).

    I also think it is necessary to read the Gordon Brown link on Freindly Fire Zone. There was supposed to be another Tapas member, wasn't there, who left early, thus vacated his holiday apartment for part of the week. Do we know who that person was? Has this person been investigated?

  150. 144, where did you read about the priest?

    My theory is that he was manipulated that night, believing in an accident when the parents were away, the parents were afraid of losing the twins,
    the priest hid the body in the church and he could not change the situation anymore because it must have happened through a confession.

  151. Nancy 147

    Yes your right why not someone of substance like Sarah Payne, what an insult having Kate Mccann on Mothering Sunday, Im going to get intouch with the BBC wasting my TV Licence money on a child nelgletor, one that can't even speak properly at that with that awful accent.

  152. Anon 100 - So Amaral and Encarnacao are "obstacles", not human beings? Why I'm just thinking Madeleine also was an "OBSTACLE"??

    I have always felt from the beginning that Madeleine was an "obstacle", that's why she mysteriously disappeared and in Portugal not the UK. When one of the 48 questions put to Kate by the PJ was "were you thinking of giving Madeleine to a relative", I was more than convinced and I haven't changed my mind since.

  153. How anyone can believe the McCanns are grieving parents after seeing the photo above of them smiling their heads off only a few days after Maddie disappeared, and her birthday too, beggars belief.

    Anyone sending e-mails of protest to anyone should include that photo to make a strong impact on any opinion expressed.

  154. It's good to see that Mrs. McCann (if it's true of course) feels able to contribute to a Radio interview.

    I was under the impression that the book had caused the McCanns depression. Maybe this is her making a full recovery now.

  155. :)] I haven't had time to read all postings so I do not know if this is news but... here it is anyway:


  156. @ posting 1:

    I think you said it all! Truth is, the PJ have done us all a favour here. We can all see what a load of nonesense these 'sightings' are; yet Team McCann enjoy spinning 'sightings' as 'evidence' that MBM is 'out there'. Mitchell was quick to jump on the bandwagon, yet now they are turning tail?!

    The answer to MBM vanishing lies in Apartment 5A. It always did and we all know it. I'm average intelligence and I can see through the lies - so what about people who are WAY smarter than I? What do they know or think? Only the people who like fairy-tale endings or members of the family who have been conned, believe in this 'Abduction' nonesense. Oh! I'm sorry! KM was there and 'knows more' than the rest of us; so speak up then KM and put an end to this nonesense. PLEASE?

    Whilst I feel for your loss as one parent to another, JUSTICE AND TRUTH must always out - or our species really will have sunk to an all-time low. Do you not agree? Children grow fast and believe me: IT'S NIGH ON IMPOSSIBLE TO LIES TO ONE'S CHILDREN IF YOU REALLY CARE. YOUR TWINS ARE GROWING FAST AND WILL HAVE QUESTIONS SOON. YOU CAN'T HID THE TRUTH FROM THEN. It doesn't seem to matter, though, what anybody says/ asks/ writes: Team McCann are sticking with 'Abduction' because they 'know more' than the rest of us plebs.

    Great picture Joana - which begs the question: Who has a beaming smile for the camera like that, whilst holding a shirt with their missing daughter plastered on it? Who are these insensitive people? Do you get threatened Joana? I bet you do, but long may this blog live! We in the UK are being censored left, right and centre.

    May the truth one day be known.

  157. Just 2 remarques:

    The less lawyers the Mccs pay, the more private investigators(?) they can hire.
    Where did the money used to pay HANOVER come from?

  158. 149 - Sorry, I have read so many blogs over the last few weeks, I can't find the source.

    Perhaps some-one out there can help?


  159. To those who are suggesting Sarah Payne, she is still recovering from a serious illness, and is probably too infirm at present.

    However, what about Denise Fergus as a speaker, a lady of absolute dignity and integrity, and who personifies the maternal role

  160. Are they in jail yet? :)) with all that "gold dust" gee... =))

  161. I probably didnt write this too well, as it makes me so cross!

    What the heck, its done!

    You can complain without leaving personal details if you want, I doubt they actually listen to people anuway - but it will make you feel better!


    Follow the link and have your say!

    I said...

    I am appalled at the idea that Aled Jones is going to interview Kate McCann, one of two suspects in the Madeleine McCann case and a self confessed child neglector, on Mothering Sunday of all days!

    Surely this is a day for one of the successful and wonderful mothers to be interviewed and not a suspected criminal?

    It may be that your researchers and Aled have not been following the case, the BBC on the whole has failed to provide the full available facts to the case so this would not be surprising.

    Please reconsider this appalling affront to all the decent mothers who have not negligently 'lost' their children!

    If you can prove that Kate McCann is innocent and that her daughter was abducted (which you cannot) then it might be possible to justify her representing mothers on this special day.

    Kate refused to answer 48 specific and 'harmless to the innocent' questions posed to her, yet is willing to answer questions about a religion which has suddenly, since May 2007, become important to her. Indeed her calling for a priest (to help the search?) on May 3rd is probably the 'kick off' point - ask her that one if you must interview this abhorrent woman!

  162. @159
    Good stuff....I've just sent something on the same lines.
    I urge all here to do the same...it doesn't take long.

  163. I think the mother of little Jamie Bulger would be a more appropriate guest for Mothering Sunday.

  164. Home Office "review". Does that mean cover up, as opposed to RE-OPEN, which means investigate properly?
    It wasn't the Portuguese who rendered the rogatory statements worthless, by allowing the Tapas crew to refer to each other's statements, nor were they responsible for the 5 month delay in forwarding the Gaspar statements. That was the Leicestershire Police; not the "sardine munchers".

  165. Bombing the BBC won't help. They will just write you off as nutters.

  166. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20100307/twl-kidnap-case-five-police-officials-su-3fd0ae9.html

    Its incredible, isnt it, that in the McCann case the UK media and 'personalities' behave as if the Portuguese police are more responsible for Madeleine's loss that the McCann's, the parents who had responsibility for her!

    It makes me wonder how soon it will be that the UK public are manipulated by the media (like that witch Lazeratti) into aligning the case of the Pakistani child with that of Madeleine!

    It seems as if we are but a tiny voice crying our against the injustice, much as the tiny voice of Madeleine and her siblings cried out on the lonely nights of that 'family holiday' from hell!

    Take heart, we are at least in good company with the meek who will, some believe, inherit the earth!

  167. Anon 159
    May she decided to enter a convent or something? Thinking starting a new career in "child caring" wasnt finally the best for her =))

  168. @163,im proud to be a nutter if it brings justice for madeleine

  169. 163 - as a nutter, I'll take the chance to put my head above the parapet; it takes a bit of courage, like many of the posters here who also send off letters and emails of protest.
    Those who conform to current ideology can often turn out to be mistaken.
    This is how we peasants got the vote, amongst other rights - by making our voices heard and generally questioning the status quo.
    Kate McCann on a BBC programme for Mothering Sunday is unbelievably offensive to all good mothers - and their children.

  170. Anorak New - "Madeleine McCann Is An Election Issue".

  171. Anonymous said... 132

    Thanks for that information Kathybelle at 131.

    I wonder whether that suggested 'review' means the McCanns have got them to only look at their so called 'leads' though, and leave out all the information from the actual police enquiry.

    It would not surprise me one bit after all the fuss the bleating McCanns have been making to their politician pals.

    There has to have been at least one idiot who will have fallen for it.

    I think you have hit the nail on the head, this is what is so significant about that phrase Gerry has been using since January 2009 " a bit of a scoping exercise". This phrase is well known in the NHS and other large government departments. What it means in a nutshell is that you are looking at the terms of reference for an investigation. What should you include and what should you exclude. If, within that scoping exercise you put a tight remit on any proposed investigation you deliberately exclude those bits that you do not want investigated. Blair did this with Iraq. Employers do it when investigating an employee's grievance, it is bent. The employer will just investigate the bits he knows he can discredit and refuse to investigate the rest.

    So Gerry is trying to impose his own scoping exercise before things can get underway, he is negotiating on a massive scale to just have an investigation that only looks at Madeleine's abductors and fails to look at the McCanns role in the disappearance of Madeleine. At its most basic level, the McCanns left the children in an unlocked room and did not bother to check on their safety. They did this even though they knew Maddie had been crying on a previous night and someone could have heard her. Even on that basis, that would fit the crime of child abandonment that would get them up to ten years in jail in Portugal. The Portuguese knew they were guilty in the disappearance of Madeleine and actually had three options they were looking at to prosecute them, did they abandon her to the fate of an abductor as above and why? were they responsible for her homicide and disposal of the corpse, or did they arrange her kidnapping and also possibly sale? There are other connotations on that like she is alive and well and they just wanted to rid themselves of her and cashin. Gerry will not spring her until he knows he is in the clear by getting rid of any criminal investigation against him.

    It does not matter how angry Gerry gets or how hard he tries with t he British and Portuguese government, they are not going to to scope out of any new investigation, their clear criminal liability. The question just has to be asked, even on the above basis (criminal child abandonment), why on earth would they do that?

    This case is far more complex and goes on a at a far higher level than we are allowed to know!¬

  172. Anonymous 141 do you have a link to that article in the Daily Star please, because I don't seem to find it.
    Or was it in the paper edition only?
    I have only found a negative article, but that was also from yesterday. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...

  173. poster 154, i got as far as "Kate and Gerry PLEAD"and my Sunday roast was starting to reappear so I left the page ,the only thing this vile duo plead for is MONEY

  174. poster 127 ,(I am poster 124)There are days we ALL must feel we cannot go on ,we ALL must feel we are banging our heads against a brick wall ,and the mc`s are laughing at us ,but i hope above hope that WE have the last laugh ,and at least WE can lay our heads on our pillows at night and think "At least we are trying"something her vile"parents"cannot ,I will never,ever give up fighting for justice for Maddie

  175. 151, I completely agree that is the really pertinent question they asked Kate McCann that she refused to answer: were you considering transferring custody of Maddie to a relative?

    They must have had intelligence to that effect to ask such a question and it demonstrates the McCanns had no love for Maddie and wanted rid of her. What normal mother would not responded by fury and giving the officer a punch in the mouth? I would have done!

    When giving information to the PJ about Kate McCann they said she is still on maternity leave. That means she had not worked since long before she had the twins. That was another very pertinent question to Kate that she refused to answer, I think it was number 38, why have you not been working?

    I could think of some sinister answers to that question, the least siniser being Kate was too mentally ill to work, the most sinister, well we have been doing a lot behind the scenes and so I had no time to work. NO matter which way you look at it, that was a sinister question and also in context of a couple with a massive £323,000 mortgage that on anyone's reckoning would have been difficult on just Gerry's salary and in that posh house he wanted to live in but it would seem could not actually afford..

  176. 144 It was me who commented on the distressed condition of Father Pachecho and how he had given up on his normal life which is what depressed people do.

    Kate and Gerry are master manipulators and liars, I do not believe for one minute they would have confessed any death to a priest. I think they wanted the church as a base to show themselves in a holier than thou light. Much like it was decided Kate would cynically carry Cuddlecat around. Do you remember Kate coming out of the church and screwing her face up, saying please pray for Maddie, she is lovely. I have seen better actors in the school play!

    I think Fr Pachecho's distress is obvious in knowing that he took this couple in, trusted them, nurtured them, counselled them and believed in their agony, but then found out they are a couple of cynical liars who themselves got rid of Madeleine. That is enough to make any priest seriously distressed.

  177. Hi Poster 159 I am not a very good email writer but if I am writing about something I am passionate about, I write from the heart.

    Hello poster 163, I'm with posters 166 and 167, I'd sooner be labelled a nutter for standing up for my beliefs, than sitting on the fence getting splinters in my bum.

    If Madeleine is ever going to get justice, she needs people to fight for her. The last thing she needs is people telling those fighting for her that they are nutters.

  178. The following extracts from todays report in the Telegraph I consider to be quite interesting......

    'The Home Office has 'secretly' begun a review that could lead to a fresh police inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine Mccann'.

    'The revelation that possible leads - many passed to Portuguese police by the Mccanns own private detectives - had apparently been ignored will add to the clamour'.

    If a review is secret, why is it splashed across the Telegraph headlines?

    According to this report the information was provided by a 'source close to the Mccanns', its validity therefore must be questioned. Exactly WHO gave this story to the press? As far as I am aware this has not been officially confirmed by the Home Office so I cannot be convinced that the source is to trusted.

    Secondly, the moth eaten files that contain 2,000 pages of information previously undisclosed that are now in the hands of the British press, all of whom seem to be taking the credit for having obtained the files. IF many of the possible leads where passed to the Portuguese police by the Mccanns OWN private detectives, how then can it be said that the files contain information not previously known to the Mccanns? Why did they wait for so many months before revealing to the world that leads were ignored? Surely the private detectives must have been previously aware that information passed to the PJ had been ignored! If not then obviously they also failed to follow up important leads!

  179. 163 Of course, but thats how they treat us plebs!

    I agree with 167, we may be plebs but its our money that keeps the BBC on air - we are in fact the 'supreme authority' even though Parliament takes it from us and calls itself supreme - legally maybe it is, politically it is not!

  180. Put your heads above the parapet by all means, but don't be surprised if they shoot them off. Having many people sending irate, lenghty, rambling and accusatory emails will do no good at all - it just makes it so easy for them to hold up your efforts as proof of your general nuttiness and nastiness.
    Short, polite and to the point, without any hint of venom - that's the only way.

  181. Ive submitted my complaint to BBc with regards Kate Mc scam on mothering Sunday

  182. I lost all respect for the BBC when they misquoted Amaral as saying F'em. I let them know though.

  183. Lets look at that statement again

    ''Events this week have yet again been incomprehensible and particularly upsetting.''

    Yes, you must have shat yourselves when you realised that your so-called highly credible leads were plastered all over the media, to the complete incredulity and derision of most observers, who quickly relised that they were all completely preposterous and - contrary to your lies - had been examined by the PJ.

    ''On Tuesday, the Public Prosecutor in Portugal released a large number of documents (relating to the investigation to find our daughter Madeleine) to the British Media, following their request for access. Disclosing such information publicly greatly jeopardises the search for Madeleine and puts witnesses and innocent members of the general public at risk (as well as causing them great anxiety).''

    What you mean is you wanted it only disclosing to you so you could continue to claim this was highly credible leads which the PJ had failed to follow up. Liars.

    ''Release and publication of information in this manner also potentially compromises future investigations. It is difficult to see how anyone benefits from this week's actions.''

    Seeing as you care about no-one except yourselves, this can be read as 'we have not benefited from this'. No. Good.

    ''It is imperative that the Authorities take responsibility for sensitive and confidential information. We, together with the general public, need assurances that this will not be allowed to happen again. Equally, we need absolute assurances that all credible information and leads will be investigated.''

    It wasn't sensitive, it was preposterous and risible. The only assurances you want is that you won't be made to look like the lying arseholes you are in public. Going to be difficult to prevent that, sorry. And all credible leads were investigated. This is the pathetic dregs which was left

    ''We also urge each individual working for the media to consider their own personal responsibility - to put commercial interests aside occasionally and to bear in mind the potential consequences of their actions, especially when people's lives and well-being are at risk.''

    Don't you DARE lecture other people about personal responsibility. Don't you DARE!
    Your daughter's life and well being was at risk every time you left her, you pricks.

    ''Our own investigators have acted professionally and with complete integrity. We are eager to encourage anybody who has any information which may relate to Madeleine's abduction to contact our investigation team directly by phone (0845 838 4699 or 800 814 028), by email (http://www.investigation@findmadeleine.com/) or via the P.O box address given on the website. Information may be given anonymously via each route.''

    Your own investigators couldn't find the exits of their own colons. That's why you hired them.

    ''We are incredibly grateful to all those who continue to support us in our search for Madeleine. During weeks such as these, it is invaluable to know that we are not facing this difficult journey alone ''

    Oh you are never alone. Don't worry about that. Plenty of people watching you pair

    Now, about reopening that case............

  184. Annon 163 and 167

    Agree with you both in equal measure, the BBC have always done things their own way anyway, so nothing unusual there and it won't surprise me if they do dismiss all the complaints and, as you say (no163), class us all as nutters, that would suit them and their purpose....... when have they ever seriously taken notice of complaints before.
    And I too find it offensive that she would be asked as the guest on the show, but as someone else commented, and I agree, I would imagine this has more to do with the BBC than Aled Jones himself.
    The BBC most certainly DO KNOW, all the critisim levelled at the McCanns, to ignore it & blatantly insult other mothers who do put their children first, shows the type of corporation it has become.... (again nothing new and particularly astonishing there).

    I wonder.....will she attend the show on her own....or will Gerry and Clarrie be there in the background to hold her hand....to make sure she dosen't make an unfortunate slip !!

  185. Bridget ≠169 - an excellent analysis of their statement! I agree with all you say, and especially with the bit about them daring to lecture anyone about personal responsibility - the McCanns, who couldn't be bothered to take personal responsibility for the care and safety of their own three children. Those irresponsible people are the last people on earth to lecture about personal responsibility but are too stupid or arrogant to see it.

    It's rather like when they talk about what Madeleine deserves or about Madeleine's rights. She had rights when in their 'care', she deserved much better than she got from them - she didn't suddenly acquire rights the minute she disappeared. They constantly make fools of themselves when they talk like this or issue ridiculous statements that make them look like bare-faced hypocrites.

    And yes, as many people have said, they need have no fear of taking their journey alone; we are with them every step of the way and will be until this case is resolved and we find out exactly what happened to Madeleine. I'm sure that thought must be a great comfort to them, not just now but in the days to come.

  186. @157

    Fr Pacheco has not been removed from the parish of Nossa Senhora da Luz in Praia da Luz. Nor has he given up the priesthood and gone to live with his mother.

    The Parish is now, along with six other parishes, served by a team of three priests. These are:

    Fr. José Manuel da Conceição Calado Pacheco
    Fr. Ramiro dos Santos Ferreira
    Fr. Abílio Almeida (team moderator)

    and the parishes served by this team are:

    Nossa Senhora da Luz, Praia da Luz, Lagos
    São Sebastião, Budens, Vila do Bispo
    São João Baptista, Lagos
    São Miguel Arcanjo, Vila do Bispo
    São Bartolomeu, Portimao
    Santa Maria, Nossa Senhora da Assunção, Lagos
    São Sebastião, Lagos


    The subject is discussed here:

  187. Olegario de Sousa, Porta-voz da PJ, frente as camaras de TV, em directo para todo o mundo e ja depois da intervencao dos caes e dos resultados forenses feitos a varios vestigios ( Os Mccann ainda nao eram arguidos):


    Estas palavras provam que a PJ e a policia inglesa sabem o que se passou ( mesmo que nao saibam onde esta o corpo). Das palavras deduz-se que nao pode estar a falar de rapto, porque um rapto poderia ser doloroso para Madeleine, mas nao para o raptor. Esta a falar da morte de Madeleine, dolorosa para ela e para quem a presenciou ou a detectou.

    Fiquemos com as palavras do Porta-voz da PJ e ignoremos as mentiras de Gerry, sempre que vem as camaras de TV, dizer que nao ha evidencias de que a filha tenha sido seriamente magoada. HA! E a policia tem essas evidencias, independentemente de um relatorio, o ultimo ter sido dubio e inconclusivo. INCONCLUSIVO, NEM SEMPRE PODE SER LEVADO A LETRA. Muitas vezes serve para esconder resultados verdadeiros, conclusivos, mas inconvenientes porque fazem rebentar BOMBAS NA OPINIAO PUBLICA E ROLAR CABECAS.

    Gerry pensa que o publico anda a dormir, estupido e sem memoria. A mentira e o desespero cegam-no.
    Mais de dois anos volvidos sobre esse verao quente de 2007, onde as palavras de Olegario de Sousa se misturavam com escavacoes nos jardins de Murat e viagens madrugadoras dos Inspectores da PJ a um local recondito do Algarve, sugerido por uma carta enviada a um jornal Holandes, so posso concluir que ja havia mnobras do team Mccann para "OCUPAR A PJ E TENTAR DISTRAI-LA DA VERDADE". Alguem fazia um excelnte trabalho de casa, visitando casos perversos, como o das meninas Belgas, e inspirando-se neles para iludir o publico e tentar enganar a policia. Interessante que a carta tenha vindo da Holanda e que a Holanda esteja ligada ao passado recente dos Mccann. Comeca a nao haver inocentes coincidencias. E Gerry, nao se mostrou surpreso nem nervoso, perante a pista que vinha do jornal Holandes, mesmo que ela alvitrasse a hipotese da filha estar morta e poder ser encontrada num estado tal que evidenciasse um sofrimento atroz parecido com aquele por que passaram as duas meninas Belgas ( QUALQUER PAI DESESPERARIA PERANTE ESSA POSSIBILIDADE E NAO SERIA CAPAZ DE O CONTROLAR).
    Os Mccann, despertaram em mim, um certo nojo nesse dia e tanta surpresa que nem sei explicar. Pareceu que sabiam, que estavam a espera, que tudo nao passava de mais uma pista falsa, igual aos avistamentos com que bombardeiam a Comunicacao Social e depois dizem nao ter nada a haver com eles e ate fazem "papelinhos" de indignacao.

    E NUNCA OS OUVIMOS CONTRADIZER AS PALAVRAS DE OLEGARIO DE SOUSA. Nunca os ouvimos isolar o Porta-voz da PJ e dizer que aquelas palavras eram a sua opiniao pessoal e por isso iam processa-lo. Ignoraram essas palavras, como se esse ignorar as apagasse, PORQUE ELAS SAO CERTEIRAS E RESUMEM O CONTEUDO, OS FACTOS, A CONVICCAO DE UM TEAM GRANDE E MULIDISCIPLINAR DE INSPECTORES DA POLICIA, ESPECIALIZADOS EM " ALTO CRIME" E COM UMA VASTA EXPERIENCIA E UM HISTORIAL DE SUCESSO. Quando li o livro " A verdade da Mentira" so quis perceber e encontrar a essencia do que ficou por revelar naquela comunicacao feita por Olegario de Sousa, em directo, para os Media de todo o mundo.

    Os Mccann sao uns farsantes e enquanto nao rolarem cabecas importantes no poder politico em Inglaterra e Portugal, e no poder judicial em Portugal, a verdade nao vira a tona. Haja jornalistas de investigacao que mergulhem neste caso, em nome do respeito que as criancas merecem e haja um publico atento que nao ceda as manobras estrategicamente compradas pelo Fundo Madeleine. So por curiosidade, a quando da carta do jornal Holandes, o Fundo gozava de boa saude....

  188. If the radio invites Kate Mccann for an interview, they should invite Karen Mathews, as well. That will be a perfect pair for a very informative moment. Maybe Karen, can tell the Public how she got so inspired by Kate...

  189. @184
    Thanks for the info. I took your advice and followed the lead. I guess that shoots my theory down in flames.


  190. Perhaps those who are emailing Aled Jones could suggest that he ask Mrs McCann to answer the 48 questions (published by the BBC, not by nutters!) and explain what information she has that she has not shared with the police - as evidenced by the "I know something you don't know" statement outside the courthouse.

    That would be journalism worth having...

  191. Will Kate McCann be getting paid for being in this show?

    I find it hard to believe the McCanns appear anywhere without getting paid.

  192. Annon 190

    I feel sorry for Aled, he is such a nice guy without an offensive bone in his body, and is yet another person being pulled into this mess/used by the Mc's. The BBC have a lot to answer for... THEY know the score, they cannot say they are unaware of all the allegations and IMO, it would be wiser for them NOT to allow Kate to be the guest on Mother's day, Further more it insults the other Mothers of this country, and she will talk about how her faith helped her through it????!!!!!, yea, when it suited her.

  193. Message to the McCann’s – part 1

    The problem is, Kate and Gerry, an significant body of ordinary people are struggling - and have been struggling for three years - with your assertion that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger.

    The only route available for these quite ordinary people to express their concerns and issues is the internet, blogs such as this.

    Like it or not, all the time there is freedom of expression in the world, it is inevitable that these people will share their thoughts, ideas and frustrations.

    Attempts to close down the medium provided by the internet is doomed to failure unless, of course, we become totalitarian states like those we are told exist in Iran or China. I say 'we are told' because I am finding it increasingly difficult to believe anything I read, see, or hear, which has been fed through the formal state outlets!

    If you are brutally honest with yourselves and sit back and take an objective view of events - right back to May 3rd 2007, you surely can see why so many people have such deep and by now ingrained doubts about what occurred that night and ultimately led to the news reports on May 4th when many people began their long and admittedly cynical journey to total disbelief!

    One of the causes, in my view, of this continuing disbelief is that you have never taken this objective view and shared with the public what really happened - blow by blow - on that evening.

    Nature abhors a vacuum!

    Where there is no information, people will develop theories. Where there is no viable alternative people will create one!

    It is not enough to repeat a claim which is unsubstantiated, unsupported by any unbiased individual, over and over in the hope that eventually everyone will begin to believe it and join in. It just isn’t going to happen and after three years you must realise it’s not going to happen.

    It is now commonly agreed that you are repeating the abduction claim and the lack of evidence to support alternatives (conveniently forgetting that this applies to the abduction claim too!) for two primary reasons:

    1. Abduction means that it is possible to request funding to 'search', to ask people to contribute to legal fee's to ban books and to generate litigation (to thus deliver finance through libel claims) would be a little too obvious!

    2. Abduction and no harm coming to Madeleine prevents all the required elements of a charge of negligence existing.

    The problem you have is that these ideas are becoming so deeply ingrained in the popular psyche that they will take some considerable effort to 'delete' - and litigation and bans simply aren’t enough.

    > continued

  194. 192 I dont doubt it for a moment! Imagine that, money we pay going into their pocket!

    Makes me mad!

  195. Message to the McCann's - Part 2

    So, what am I proposing?

    Well, quite simple really. Prove your innocence to the greater crime by admitting to the lesser. Although you have admitted only checking her once properly (Gerry is the only person to have laid eyes on her from about 8:30 pm until Kate 'raised the alarm' at 10:00 pm). This has never been stated explicitly - or in any 'humble' manner. My first message is, stop being defensive! Why not admit you have been manipulated by the media and - in particular - Clarence Mitchell, he has been your biggest disaster just as Kate knew he would be when she tried to stop you using him Gerry! The public love a victim, they love the 'little guy' against the 'machine'.

    My second message is, stop being mysterious! One of the worst things you did recently was for Kate to claim that she knew things the media didn’t! The public need to be told why Kate is so sure that an abduction took p[lace. Gerry saying that she must have been abducted or 'where is she?' is crazy talk! Obviously she isn’t with you, but that doesn’t prove stranger abduction!

    And let me be brutally frank for a moment, Kate shows flashes of aggression - no doubt good old fashioned scouse aggression - but for goodness sake, control these! Gerry, people don’t like you mate! Sorry but you just come across as a manipulative whining Scot! Like it or not, a large proportion of your audience are English and there are deep seated enmities (love/hate relationship between the Scots and the English). So, braveheart, try buttoning it mate - find a better spokesperson than yourself or Clarence!

    Just thought I'd share my views in case they are helpful to the campaign!

  196. Anon @ 133

    I have registered at the Aled Jones forum (http://aledjones.forums.umusic.co.uk/) but I don't hold out much hope for getting a message printed.
    There are a couply of sycophantic postings on their and it seems the God Squad (except for Father Pacheco)have already decided that Kate is as pure as the driven snow.

    I too have submitted a complaint to the BBC and written to the show, I am not holding my breath for a reply but I'll let you know if one materialises.

    Mr B

  197. bridgit,you have it in a nutshell very well put.

  198. 191 Imagine that - how embarrassing - all those 'no comments'!

    Of course, all this will be will be her fairy tales about finding her faith and how its given her the strength (to visit courts and check out her next 'gross income')!

    I'm actually glad she is doing this - it will provide very useful data to psychologsts and the lay person in identifying flaws. She bnever says anything much, but always exposes her inner self by accident!

    I think they think its safe to talk generalities and soppy religious garbage - forgetting that every syllable from Kate is 'gold dust' (yes, Clarence, gold dust!).

  199. http://sol.sapo.pt/PaginaInicial/Sociedade/Interior.aspx?content_id=107432

    "Na missiva enviada por Manuel Jiménez, a que o Correio da Manhã teve acesso, o advogado explica que demorou oito meses a revelar esta informação, «por não saber que a PJ gastava o seu tempo de trabalho a apoiar a hipótese errada de incriminar Kate de ocultação de um cadáver inexistente».

    O advogado explica então o que viu na estação de autocarros de Santander. «Uma menina de quatro a cinco anos, linda, aparentemente Madeleine, entrou com um casal de 45 a 55 anos. Foi um flash inesquecível. Pensei: ‘Já está encontrada’».

    O advogado descreve a criança como «estando bem de saúde» e o casal como sendo «britânico», sendo o homem alto com «barba branca».

    Porta-voz e advogados do casal McCann desconhecem esta carta."

    Isto só pode ser piada! É para rir, não?!
    Então o sr. advogado ( destacado advogado de direitos humanos, tal com a I. Duarte, concidências...) vê a menina e até pensa "eureka, está encontrada"(!?)! E por quem? Pelo casal que a acompanhava?! Seriam polícias à paisana que a estavam a levar de volta aos pais?? Ridículo!!! O sr. advogado fica muito satisfeito, quietinho, não informa imediatamente a polícia do que viu, não usou a sua "destacada" posição de advogado na UE para movimentar a polícia, afinal alguém como ele devia ser levado a sério, não?!
    E no dia seguinte, e no outro, e no outro a seguir, o que faz este sr.? Ao não ver nem ouvir notícias sobre o extraordinário aparecimento de Madeleine a abrir todos os noticiários e em todas as 1ªs páginas dos jornais? Fica quietinho durante 8 meses, até que "acorda" e realiza, "espera lá, ainda não ouvi nada sobre a Madeleine ter sido encontrada...estranho, deixa cá informar a PJ e os media...já foi há 8 meses, mas, mais vale tarde que nunca..."
    Se calhar esteve em retiro espiritual, em reclusão, sem acesso a meios de comunicação, coitado!
    Já não há pachorra!

    Parece que também quer que se reabra o processo, vá lá, ao menos que sirva para isso...


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