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The McCanns Strategy to re-open the Process - Allegedly

video via SIC, Sic Journalist Sara Antunes Oliveira

«The Ulster detective leading the search for Madeleine McCann today reveals his most chilling theories yet, exclusively to Sunday Life. Hardened ex-RUC cop Dave Edgar told us he is convinced that little Maddie is imprisoned in a hellish lair – just like kidnapped sex slave Jaycee Lee Dugard.

He insisted the “back from the dead” reappearance of Jaycee – and the cases of Austrian cellar girls Elisabeth Fritzl and Natascha Kampusch – confirmed his suspicion.

And despite fresh leads taking his probe to Australia and Barcelona, the east Belfast man insists the golden-haired youngster is being held just 10 miles from where she was snatched in Praia da Luz two years ago.

But he warned that the sprawling wilderness where he believes Maddie is languishing is almost impossible to search completely.» in Independent

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  1. I think they are getting better at this spin.

    And how nice it would be to believe that Madeleine may still be alive out there somewhere.

    Yet there is only one thing to say to what the McCanns are spouting and that is


    the dogs are more believable.

  2. When she asks do they accept the possibility that Madeleine may not be alive - just watch them both scratch!
    Gerry at his nose - Kate at her head.
    Who are they trying to kid?
    They know damn well their little girl is dead.

  3. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. More tripe from the 'gruesome twosome. I lose the will to live, everytime I see them peddling their lies to the media.

    I haven't had a reply from the BBC regarding my email about Kate McCann's forthcoming appearance on Aled Jones's Sunday show. I have also never had a reply to my emails from the Policia Judiciária or the Portuguese Minister responsible for reopening this case.

    I won't give up I am going to email Alan Johnson the Home Secretary, we both used to be employed by the Royal Mail. I will open my email with those words, before I tell him my views. You never know, he might just be the person to fight Madeleine's corner. The others don't seem to be interested in doing what's right by Madeleine. Unless they are being leaned on, by the McCanns friends in high places.

  4. #2 - Absolutely!! I picked up on that right away.

  5. I love the picture of Kate and Gerry McCann above, brought to their knees, where they belong, in the depths of despair. Contrast this with their hilarity on 12 May 2007, Madeleine's birthday, as £260 per hour rolled into their fund and they were stupid enough to believe, as criminals do, they were going to get away with this.

    No more makeup and matching jewels eh Kate, it is all downhill for you now love! You tried the big scam with the Portuguese, you actually believe Gerry could pull it off and get them to re-open the process and pronounce to the world you are innocent. What a fool you are lady!

    Ranting and raving about the police and governments in Portugal and UK, and back to Edgar, how utterly pathetic!

    I have long since given up hope with you lady but there was a time when you could have just told the truth and got some sympathy, now it has ran out on you. Bad luck!

  6. I will have to watch this again, watch the little details before commenting on it, but, one thing impressed me, this lady reporter is much better than Felgueiras! Better english, better accent, inteligible well constructed questions, I'm impressed!
    One thing I noticed in this first viewing was Gerry and Kate's reaction to being asked if they consider the possibility of Madeleine's death, there were immediately the usual gestures of scratching and stroking the face( Gerry) and head(Kate).You know, the kind of gestures that behavioral experts say that usually means that one is lying or hidding something!

  7. For the investigators to go down the route the McCanns want them to go down would mean they have to completely disregard the dogs, and there is no way they would do that.

    The McCanns know that, and no way do they want the case reopened as the dogs are pointing to them being involved.

    So we have all this muddying of the waters by the McCanns to make it seem like it is them that want an investigation of the case, and the investigators who can't be bothered.

    Isabella must really have put her foot in it with that comment about the case being reopened. Since then the McCanns have been running around trying to get across the message of a 'review' and not a 'reopening'.

    After all, they only have to ask for a reopening, and most people with a missing child would jump at the chance. But not the McCanns.

  8. As usual they avoid answering directly the question about do they want the case reopened and what are they doing to achieve this.
    They just waffle on and on about dear Dave having to look through the file first as it's so new to them.
    Yeah right!
    Pull the other one McCann's - it's got bells on!

  9. If my child would have disappeared, like the McCanns say Maddie did, I would not have wasted time going to Portugal but I would have checked on all new information, desperately looking for her and for new leads.
    The McCanns look bad, very bad.
    They went to Portugal today to gagg somebody, imo.
    But who?

  10. I have been thinking about Kate’s statement on the steps of the courthouse “I know. I was here. I found my daughter gone. I know more than you do. I know what I saw.

    I am pretty certain it is a crime, in the UK at least and probably most other countries to ‘withhold information’ about a crime. I can’t find anything definitive about Portugal (or the UK for that matter) but I found this (not sure if the spouse part is correct though):

    A typical charge might be: "Obstruction of Justice," or "Impeding a Police Investigation." Depending on the type and seriousness of the information you're withholding, you might even find yourself charged as an "Accessory" to the crime.

    The only legal exception to this is if the person against whom you would be testifying against is your spouse.

    So, is Kate withholding information in respect of a crime? Perhaps she has told the PJ and not broadcast her evidence for all to hear (for operational reasons of course). But then, if Kate’s evidence is so conclusive wouldn’t the PJ have re-opened the case and followed it up? Methinks the ‘Mother of the Year’ has an overactive imagination and is finding comfort, protecting herself, in her own little fantasy world instead of dealing with the real world.

    Mr B

  11. At 2.03 that's interesting, so Kate says they can't comment on that information that's in the file because they haven't read it, but they know that their investigator has passed on credible information to the PJ, and they can't comment on it. But didn't Dave Edgar not only comment but gave a press conference a while back on his credible information (Beckham lookalike)? So why the big U-turn on publishing info? Why are they going round in ever decreasing circles? Didn't Duarte say last week that she was sending them the files? Why did Mitchell come out on video on Mar 3 and say the sightings were 'gold dust' if they hadn't seen them yet?

    Is this all just damage limitation, smoke and mirrors to give the public the impression that it wasn't them who published the sightings?

  12. Far from being afraid of a reopening of the case, the McCanns are appearing as people who are very afraid of the case being reopened, and doing everything possible to distract from it.

    The Sword of Domocles comes to mind.

    I am beginning to think that Gerry McCann really did tell somebody 'we're fooked' after his questioning by the investigators, and before they legged it out of PDL.

  13. Am I stupid or something, but it sounds as if KM is saying that the case will only be re-opened if `Our detective` says so. And of course he has 30 years experience you know.


  14. Dave Edgar and his team are going to study the files, Isabel Duarte said she had to discuss with her associates(in her legal practice),both will need time to see what's the best way to "re-open" the process, how to go about it, bla, bla, bla...
    Poor souls, such "good" and "experienced" professionals ("30 plus years of experience", isn't it, Gerry?), and they still have not realized how simple it is!

    Como dizia o "Sinhôzinho Malta"(novela brasileira):

  15. Where are all the body language experts who always come out for other people?? have you notice none of them dare say anything about the Mccanns?? they would have a bloody field day with these two liars,actually didnt we get a paid off so called expert about a year ago saying they was innocent?? how much came out of the fund to pay him i wonder? i noticed the scratching also and im no expert!!! all i know is every time i look at these two smug, cold hearted liars i could be sick.

  16. #13, so can we assume that Dave Edgar's "lair" within a 10 mile radius of Luz, is NOT a credible information? That's why we never heard of a massive search into the "hills of wilderness", which would be almost impossible to search (ahahaha! one would think the area is as big as Texas!)? Dear detective Edgar, the portuguese police did not take him seriously and filed his "chilling theory" as "not relevant to the process"! How unprofessional of them!

  17. Are we at last seeing the McCanns' Achilles' heel?

    The thing that is a great big danger to them and they know it.


    Are we seeing them trying desparately to prevent that happening?

    Is that why Gerry McCann looked so angry when he came out of the Court after Isabelle Duarte had mentioned the reopening of the case?

    And since then it has been damage control to get rid of that idea in the minds of those who might push to request it.

  18. #15, there was a spanish one, Cabrera, was it his name? He made a very harsh analysis of their first interviews and tv appearances, I remember him describing them as having "poker faces" and that in the within the dinamics of the couple it was kate the called the shots, so to speak. Maybe he got some threats from C-Ruck and was forced into silence?...

  19. I'm suddenly reminded of the series of interviews the McCanns gave just being made arguidos in September 2007. Are we witnessing the same sequence here?

  20. Why is it that everytime I see this pair giving an interview my "skin crawls"

    No amount of spin will make me believe what they say

    The day they agree to a re-construction and answer questions will be the day I believe that they have their daughters best interest foremost, until then,my view is that they value their own interests above their missing daughter.

    IMO nothing has changed, the parents leaving their children whilst they wined and dined shows that their own interests were above those of the children.

    The saying a "Leopard cant change its spots" comes to mind.

  21. Their PI's (with 30 years experience!)only pass on *credible* information!
    So the Victoria Beckham look-a-like was credible?
    As was the recent 'orange grove' stake out?
    And the rest..
    Stewth - give me strength!

  22. Let us all request the British media to pressure the McCanns to reopen the case.
    Let the British media "accuse" the Portuguese of not using the new leads, and that they all hope the McCanns will restart the investigations, through the PJ.
    Dave Edgar seems to have been a detective for already 30 years.

  23. The Tapas tried to frame Murat. Its probably all on record in the files what they alleged. I am sure that they are sweating on what may yet be divulged as to these allegations and loads of other stuff,then the sh*t would hit the fan. I imagine they are very afraid of what will come out and are trying to put a stop on future releases to whoever applies for a file or files. I am sure the PT judiciary will no doubt fall over backwards to accommodate them with secret injunctions or whatever they require to keep the truth in the dark. It is all so in your face its like a ghastly black comedy.

  24. Firstly, are they asking us to believe that the British press got their hands on these files before they did?

    A bit slow off the mark. Their legal team should be taken to task for this lack.

    Kate said they have not read the information, (PREDOMINANTLY 'SIGHTINGS' GERRY SAID) it will go to Dave Edgar firstly, but then states there is credible sightings therein.

    How can she state this if they have not read the files yet?

    Kate McCann :-

    "He (Goncalo Amaral) made us take this Action"
    "We're not going to sit here and lie"
    "The sad thing about all the court cases is that it was unnecessary"
    "It has caused us EXTRA pain and suffering AND resources"
    "We need co-operation"

    I remember Kate on the Oprah Show telling us that she did not show emotion as it may cause the alleged abductor to inflict EXTRA pain and suffering/Harm to Madeleine. A frequently used phrase. Almost used as oftern as 'no evidence of harm.'


    Fidgets, fidgets scratches scratches, sweater pulling, strained smile, annoyance at the question, Gerry answers:

    "It's an OBSESSION for us to find Madeleine, that is certainly true."


    As ever, Gerry did not answer the question put to him, that the court actions he has against Goncalo Amaral have become an obsession for him, but turns it around and answers re Madeleine.

    Interesting that 'finding Madeleine' is described by Gerry as an 'obsession.' For most parents it would be a 'labour of love.'

    If he was Soooo "obsessed" he would have, before now requested the case be re-opened. And he would have gotten his hands on those files before the British press.

    Interesting too that Kate tells us that we 'ALL owe it to Madeleine'

    No one owes anything to Madeleine, only her parents and their friends do. It is they who refused to co-operate with authorities, they who did not answer questions and they who did not take part in a criminal reconstruction.

    The public do what they do for this child, not because they 'owe' it to her, but because they care, it would seem, very much more so than her parents did or do.

    These disgraceful people, on one hand try to silence the public and everyone else to boot, on the other they feed us this nonsense that it is 'up to us all' to search for this child.

    Gerry speaks of the information/Court cases, tells us it should be put up for scrutiny and challenged.

    So it is alright if THEY decide something should be scrutinised, but no one has to scrutinise or challenge what they say or do. An interesting concept!

    Lastly, if Dave Edgar could not organise a search of the PDL lair in the wilderness, how is he going to cope with the sightings contained in the files he has just been given as Gerry said they are sightings from around the world? PDL proved too much for Dave, the rest of the world...?

    This latest performance at pulling the wool over our eyes is quite pathetic - Not enough wool in Kate's granny cardy for that!

  25. Looks like they are about to sue someone in Portugal, The Murat case may have them back in Portugal Beware the Maccanns have a trick up their sleeve.

  26. It is now a wonderful moment for Jane Tanner to come forward telling what she knows.
    If she confesses the truth, the whole story, people will soon forget her and concentrate themselves on those who are responsible for Madeleine's death.
    Because I don't believe Tanner is directly involved in the accident.
    I don't think she was in the apartment when Maddie died.
    She was manipulated by the McCanns and the Paynes, imo.

    Come forward, Jane.
    Preferible to come forward now than to get the stamp of a bad character, for the rest of your life, after the truth comes out.

    Nobody will ever trust you again, starting with your own children.

  27. One thing that would get the case reopened is if Jane Tanner changes her story about when she saw bundleman.

    If she puts that sighting at the later time when she returned to the apartment, that will correspond with the Smith sighting, and of course lead back to Gerry McCann.

    Mr Smith was believing the man looked like Gerry. So much so that he could not sleep until he had informed the police.

    Jane Tanner has changed her story quite a number of times. It is possible she may do so again.

  28. How come Gerry gets all this time off work ?

    If Dave Edgar is certain that Madeleine is within 10 miles of Praia de Luz, I will gladly join him to go look for her. I am sure hundreds of other people would too. So, come on Mr Edgar - and I will gladly do it for FREE.

  29. Shubob 19

    I think that too

  30. Next target:Inspector Ricardo Paiva.That's why they are here.

  31. The sh-t will never hit the fan where this pair are concerned, never in a million years their backs are well covered. They are about to get a gag on an unsuspecting victim. Or the Portugese justice system is about to pay homage to the next King and Queen of Portugal. They will win the next case and the next and the next no one can stop this pair.

  32. ANON @ 18 DR Martin Roberts has written some excellent articles(themccannfiles)on this Duo.

    ANON @22 You can contact the general secretary of the national union of journalists MR Jeremy Dear
    at generalsecretary@nuj.org.uk
    OR his blog jeremydear.blogspot.com and ask him what the hell is going on with the British and Irish media in its silence of the truth in the mc cann case.


  33. Kate, all our very credible leads we have passed on and we have had no feedback from the PJ from that. Well indeed Lady Kate, the same complete lack of feedback you got from Dr Rebelo.

    Get this straight, when experienced police officers have investigated criminals and reached a view about them, they do not give you any feedback on your own dumb lies.

  34. PART TWO

    REP Do you want him to be removed from the case?

    GM Well, you know, obviously that's not for our judgement. Err, but what we need to know is that there is someone objectively looking at the information.

    REP Do you fear, you won your first court case against Goncalo Amaral? Do you fear that with all the cases, the court cases you have against him that some people might think it became an obsession for you?

    GM Its an obsession for us to find Madeleine, that's certainly true. The court case is very important, I think, because we can/couldnt ???? understand why a large proportion of the population here would be prepared to believe that Madeleine is dead and I think challenging what has been said and making it be put up to scrutiny and the lack of objectivity of what is being proposed and the lack of evidence.

    REP Do you understand the people that think that its rather strange that you spend a lot of energy and emotional resources in these court cases against Goncalo Amaral when your grief and your loss is much bigger than anything else.

    KM The sad thing about all this court case is it was unnecessary. Its caused us extra pain and suffering and resources. You know, the last thing we wanted to do was have to be in a court case but Goncalo Amaral did what he did; we totally believe its has damaged the search for our little girl and we have to do everything in our power to find her. So he has made us take this action because we love our little girl and we have to find her. Thats why we have taken the action we have done.

    REP Do you concede the possibility of Madeleine not being alive?

    KM Well obviously there is a possibility because we don't know. Erm, you know, we're not gonna sit here and lie and be totally naive and say she's one hundred per cent alive. But we do know there's a very good chance she's alive and while that chance is there we have to keep looking for her. We owe that, we all owe that to Madeleine. She's a/our(???) little girl and we know from other cases there's a chance she's alive so you have to keep going.


    REP You are talking about a lot of times of that new information, new leads, new pictures. Can you tell us something about that? What kind of information?

    GM Kate and I haven't gone through all the information. Er. We know that its predominantly sightings, erm from many different places around the world, but including sightings from Spain and Portugal.

    REP And that information still isn't enough for you to ask for the re-opening of the case here in Portugal?

    KM I think we need to go through it all first of all and organise it really, and then we can get a file of documents together and to present.

    REP What are you doing to re-open the case?

    GM Well the first thing that is being done is that the information is only just being passed on to Dave Edgar, our investigation officer. He will look at all of the information, the leads, potential sightings and other information and analyse it and see what information he can take from it applying the same princples he does to anyone who contacts us directly with information.

    REP Don't you fear that if the case is re-opened you might be considered suspects again?

    KM Never even crossed my mind and I think anybody who went through that file and has a certain amount of logic will know that is ridiculous. I don't have any fear of that.

    REP This is not the first time we hear you say that some leads, that some pictures, that some witnesses were not valued by the Portuguese Police and you think they are relevant and important.

    KM We can't comment too much on what's in this file of information we've just got because we haven't been through it thoroughly. What we do know that very credible information has been passed on and our investigators who have got thirty plus experience and would only pass on credible information because there is no point otherwise and we haven't had any feedback from that. So based on that I feel more could have been done for those leads which are still waiting to be acted on. Erm, but our investigators obviously can't do that themselves. We need cooperation. I can't comment on what's in the file that's just been released.

    GM I'll get back to your question. We are not sitting here saying that the PJ are doing a rubbish job. We're not saying that. A lot of good work has been done. We know, particularly in the early days that we got a much more substantial search than many other people who have lost children. And we appreciate that. And we appreciate the hard work. Obviously we are still in the stage where Madeleine is still missing. Whoever has taken her is still out there and we need to find Madeleine and the perpetrators need to be caught. And as parents its not good enough for us that information is discounted. The specific point is that you have an officer who has testified in court that he believes that Madeleine is dead who is primarily responsible for coding that information. I don't think he's objective in his work and that is one of the things that has been very difficult for us.

  36. So they're obviously not averse to the notion that Madeleine might be dead. Then why ae they suing Dr. Amaral? Isn't that the basis for their lawsuit against him? He's hindering the search supposedly because he thinks she might not be alive. I do not believe this was the real reason for suing him. It's another red herring. Something else is spooking them - perhaps the allegations against David Payne which seem to have been kept below the radar so far. Why on earth they can get away with their charade is beyond belief.

  37. Talking of body language, watch this again and I think you will find Gerry has just broken the world record for blinking.
    They are totally out of their comfort zone and are afraid of something.

  38. Clearly, just like his employers, rent-a-cop Dave Edgar knows absolutely nothing about paedophiles and could be looking in all the wrong places due to the stereotyping of such offenders.

    NSPCC Publications

    Protecting children from sexual abuse - A guide for parents and carers

    Page 7

    What kind of people sexually abuse children?

    It is impossible to describe a typical sexual abuser or paedophile. They do not look different to other people and they behave in a variety of ways. They are found in all areas of society and can come from any professional, racial or religious background.

    They sometimes hold influential positions, appearing to be well-respected members of society. They may be abusing their own children as well as children within the wider community. Those who abuse children within their own families can include fathers, live-in partners, step-fathers, boyfriends, brothers, uncles, male cousins, grandfathers and father figures. Abusers can also be a similarly wide range of female relatives, including mothers.

    Contrary to the popular image, people who sexually abuse children often appear kind, concerned and caring towards children. This is part of building a close relationship with children, which allows them to abuse without being suspected or discovered. Many also convince themselves that they are doing no harm to the child.


  39. To Kate:

    Its so pleasant to hear you call Madeleine "our child" even if we have had to wait a long time for that small measure of motherly concern.

    Now as one mother to another you say that you are distressed the PJ are not following up the "very credible" leads you sent them. As a mother you must be distraught hearing that your excellent Mr Edgar knows exactly where Madeleine is but you have no authority to investigate. A little tip do what I and I suspect any mother would do in your circumstances get to the PJ with your husband and Edgar- give them the evidence offer to answer the original questions whilst your there and fully cooperate- anything to make them go to where you know Madeleine is suffering.

    It doesnt matter if they make you suspects as within a few hours the lair will be found and both your names cleared. See easy then we can all rest a little easier knowing where Madeleine is.

  40. This Sic journalist was pretty good, calm and firm. Just a pity that she didn't ask if, in case of reopening, they would eventually be ready to bring their friends to a reconstruction that would - and this the part I would like to see their faces when hearing - help dissipate for good, as the MP advised, the discrepancies in the testimonies.
    What this interview shows clearly is that Kate has the leading role.

  41. Dave Edgar, instead of MST who can't figure out anything without a car, might take into serious account the Smiths' walking carrier. As it is the only credible fact, it's not amazing.

  42. Gerry wants someone objective to look at things. Yeah - their so-called private detectives and the likes of Mark Williams Thomas and all the toadies who kow-towt to whatever theories they come up with, even woke and wandered, see the parents as innocents. No court of law is necessary with all these judges, lawyers and juries. Also the Leicestershire police who still have a link to their website and all the great and good of ex-law enforcement who are convinced they are squeaky clean. Dave Edgar and the mysterious Mr. Cowley. Any old scruffy person with a cellar in PdL will do. So long as the parents aren't implicated. It's not objective - it's cover up - why people are playing along with it is beyond belief, especially so-called ex-detectives.

    Just who and why is paying these parents to escape a court of law and continue their world-wide circus of protesting their innocence?

  43. I am so sick of the inevitable hand-clutching during interviews. It looks so contrived.

  44. KM "We're not going to sit here and lie and be totally naive and say she's 100% alive ..."

    Ahhhh so Madelaine's only a little bit dead then, Kate - sure glad you weren't my GP.

  45. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1256717/Blonde-Sky-Sports-presenter-ordered-racy-Twitter-page.html

    Nothing to do with the McCanns but this shows just how far we are losing our powers of free speech. Twitter censorship. The English were known for their sense of humour and double meanings,after all it is the persons mind who makes it 'dirty'...but no it seems this too has now been taken away.

  46. John McCann was the one who boasted he had called in a few favours he also left his job to run the 'Fraudulent Fund' Whatever Gerry McCanns brother had on the Goverment is now knowledge between a group of sleazy doctors. It is the case knowledge, is power and the more who know the safer John Mccann became...The back up now by the Conservatives has made this Circus complete the Mccanns have been given the green light to do ,say and go where the hell they like, for the moment. I know we are all angry but I would imagine there are a few somewhere who are a lot angrier than us and are trying to decide what to do with the Mccanns and this runaway train. The Mccanns are making fools of everyone and they appear untouchable. BUT, everything has its sellby date. People have 'accidents' .

  47. Reporting Sandra Felgueiras 5 minutes interview at RTP:

    Kate said about a question related with sighs and Madeleine pictures, that she did not saw many pictures and she did not recognise Madeleine on any of the pictures or CCTV, no any of them look like Madeleine? THEN WHY USING THIS SIGHTS IN THE MEDIA IF THEY KNOW IN ADVANCE THAT THE CHILD WAS NOT MADELEINE? WHAT IS THE PROPOSE OF THE GAME? She incriminated themselves again in TV cameras.

    But the story did not die on that 5 minutes. We just need to go back to the 18 Feb and watch the circus in front of Lisbon court. Isabel Duarte, Excited, almost out of control, accusing and denouncing to the world that she saw on the new files, pictures, very important pictures about sights of Madeleine- This suppose that she recognised Madeleine on that pictures or the girls look much like Madeleine. She even said that some pictures were chocked. CHOCKED BECAUSE THEY RESEMBLE TOO MUCH MADELEINE, OR BECAUSE THE CHILD IS VICTIM OF AN HORROR?

    Wonder, that Kate in more then 2 years saw few pictures and no-one from Madeleine, and ID in one go to Portimao saw many pictures and almost them very close to Madeleine. AND NOW.... THE CARELESS PARENTS WANT THIS SIGHTS WITH MADDIE TO BE HIDDEN IN SECRECY.

    ONE OF THE LADYS IS LYING, OR MAYBE THE TWO ARE LYING. I hope no any Portuguese gave a single Euro to the Fund and hire any mccann's lawyer to defend them- They are incompetent and poor lawyers, if that guys were not protected by the top authorities, any person from the public will easily destroy all the arguments of that lawyers.

    And RTP still showing the MOST DAMAGE INTERVIEW FOR THE MCCANN'S- %5 minutes are enough to caught Kate in another crime, perverting public opinion, manipulating the media with false sights of a false Madeleine. Kate assumed that she never saw any picture or video which can be associated with Madeleine and Gerry assumed that they did not analysed the pictures themselves. Then who is in charged of recognising their child, if they don't do it? Off-course they are busy accusing the police and manipulating the Media. The days were not big enough to do everything and looking at the sights was not a priority for that amazing parents. IF WAS MY CHILD, I WILL NOT SLEEP UNTILL I COMB ALL SIGHTS, VERY CAREFUL. BUT THEY KNOW, THERE IS NO WAY TO BE MADELEINE... FROM WHERE SHE IS THERE IS NO CHANCE TO COME BACK. BUT THEY KNOW, THEY HAVE A PROBLEM TO SOLVE... THE SALARIES OF THAT VIP LAWYERS, DETECTIVES AND PINK MAN... and being a cardiologist is not enough to feed this vultures, they need to ask public donations to fight the earthquake which they feed for almost 3 years.

  48. Je ne m'exprime plus tellement sur le comportement des Mccann ,mais parfois j'ai envie de leur crier STOP!

    Je n'ai pas attendu de lire le livre de Monsieur Gonçalo Amaral pour me faire ma propre opinion sur eux. Je reste persuadée qu'ils savent très bien ce qu'il s'est passé cette fameuse nuit et qu'ils y ont largement participé.

    Je n'ai jamais vu une MÈRE avoir cet éclat dans les yeux quand la journaliste lui demande si elle croit que sa fille peut être morte!!! Je n'y vois aucune douleur , aucune tristesse! Et le PÈRE , n'en parlons même pas .... Je sais que la mentalité britannique n'est pas la même que celle du peuple méditerranéen , mais une MÈRE et un PÈRE souffrent de la même manière à la disparition d'un de leurs ENFANTS et ça , qu'on soit britannique , portugais ,chinois ou autre....ou alors je ne comprend plus rien à la race humaine.

    J'ai une question pour le couple Mccann:

    Pourquoi n'ont-ils jamais fait eux-mêmes le déplacement , pour voir par leurs propres yeux si telle ou telle apparition de Maddie était une piste vraiment sérieuse ou pas? Qu'on ne me dise pas que c'est à cause des jumeaux car ils les ont déjà laissé seuls lors de leur déplacements au Portugal... Alors? Pourquoi?

    J'ai bien peur de connaitre la réponse...


  49. AH! AH! No on-line editions of the Portuguese news paper gave any attention to that pair of liars. They must feel frustrated. only the TVS trough their friend lawyers, gave them some attention and in RTP, KATE PROVE AGAIN THAT GERRY MUST BE WORRIED EVERY TIME SHE WENT OUT BY HERSELF.

    We want an interview with Kate without Gerry. On the same week as the world commemorate the INTERNATIONAL WOMAN'S DAY, this couple shows that inside their marriage, the woman have no freedom to walk around without his husband. THIS IS A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

    Gerry, let Kate go herself to TV interviews. We want to know what she have to say about the disappearance of her child. We know that was not easy for her to deal with 3 child's, specially because you Gerry,as a father, you did not use to help her with child's. HOW MUCH THIS AFFECTED THE HOLIDAYS IN PDL?

  50. To revive our memories, Dr. Cabrera's analysis of the body language of the Mcanns:


  51. Just a detail. Their clothes don't match no longer, the colours clash with each other. Showing one's colours?

  52. Please somebody can arrange a meeting between The Mccann's and their top supporter at SIC TV, Mguel Sousa Tavares. Maybe, the Mccann's can give him a copy of " Maddie, the Truth of the Lie" and all the 3 read it together and get better informed, better prepared for real interviews. I'm sure they will learn allot about integrity, honesty and how to respect child's rights.

  53. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/maddie/article393960.ece

    So Dr. Cabrera was/is on the sueing list!...I wonder why the delay in taking action...cannot find a corrupt and dememted spanish lawyer? Or were they warned that the spanish justice system is NOT like the portuguese justice system? And there was no meeting with the King of Spain either...

  54. '' We're not going to sit here and LIE and be totally naive and say she's one hundred percent alive ''

    Two things struck me about this statement

    1. You have just admitted you can't be sure she is alive....so why are you sueing Mr Amaral

    2. Not going to sit here and LIE....... do you mean LIE that she is alive???................

  55. 2 and 5 yes I agree

    Also do you notice with kate, when Gez is speaking how Kate tilts her head to one side as if to say look dont I look unfaced and carm and not nervous at all, so I must be innocent............NOT!!

    The one good thing about these two their body language is soooooo readable.

    Hi Viv, yep I agree with you Kate looks a mess, only because this is all getting to her now and the longer it goes on the worse she is going to look, she is been eaten up with all the guilt of this,
    imo she is just as bad as Gez now, and the scary thing is the pair of them believe every thing they speak about.

  56. (corrected mistakes)
    They are sickening. Any experts would be APPEALED and telling they are lying regarding their body language, when asked about madeleine being dead.
    You can be a shy and introverted person but when those unconscious body language signs are on every uncomfortable question, that's a sign.
    3 things I am sure of:
    - This is sick the Portuguese media is giving them so much voice and makes us listen to their sick minds. I am glad that my ocn country (France) does NOT give them any lines since the news sightings. They know they are not to be trusted.

    -They are very lucky that this fateful case happened to take place in Portugal. I don't know about the English law but as for the french one, when you are made a formal arguido, you are PREVENTED FROM leaving the country and put on "preventive jail" (détention préventive).

    - Madeleine is highly dead and they made sure the corpse can't be found. Unless JT or any other Tapas 7 comes up, the case is lost. Unless the re-opening actually takes place, and they cooperate fully (reconstitution, 48 questions answered). And even with that, I doubt they will ever be charged.

    The sick pair is only fooling themselves. I am just concerned now about the fund scam and the lives that they have destroyed ( Madeleine, Amaral, Murat...). They are disgusting.
    Thanks Joana and Astro for the info.

  57. They blame and accuse the police for not following important sights and leads. SIGHTS With PICTURES OR VIDEOS THEY DID NOT SEE AND DON'T KNOW. If they assume that they don't saw the pictures, how can they know that they are important and accuse the police based on that?

    This looks much alike the events they planned long time ahead to commemorate, Maddie 50 days, 300 days, 1000 days... of disappearance.

    Definitely the weather in Portugal did not help this pair of liars... they are dieing on their own mud. YOU HAVE THE PROVE THAT YOU NEED MR. PINTO MONTEIRO, TO REOPEN THE CASE, DIRECTLY FROM TV SCREENS- THIS PERVERSE PARENTS WERE LYING SINCE MAY 2007, Perverting justice and damaging the image of the Country. If you don't reopen the case, then you must be sacked- YOU DON'T DESERVE A SEAT AT THE TOP DEPARTMENTS IN PORTUGUESE JUSTICE.

  58. In this video you have to pay attention to timeline: 4:47

    Remember the question from the interviewer and pause the video at 4:47

    This is a clear indication of guilt. What amazes me more about this couple is they have obviously overlooked Behavioural Psychology.

    The rubbing/touching of the eye gives McCann the chance to turn his head away; another sign of not feeling comfortable. The constant blinking indicates that he is always thinking to try and stay ahead of the questions (why would an innocent person do this?). His throat pulses (swallowing) also indicate but I am not going to disclose more in case this couple read this and may decide to learn more. I don't think they will because they have gone far enough.

    Watch for the over-done hand movements when Mrs McCann is describing things.

    These two are coming close. The only thing that is in the way is politics. The rest is all set in place to end this charade.

    For the peace and justice of their daughter and for the people of Portugal please arrest these two. Extradite them and charge them with neglect then re-open the case. Put Mr Amaral back in charge and get your Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Free Speach and Expression back.

  59. Marief,

    Anon 50: Je suis aussi une compatriote française. Votre analyse est juste. Pour moi, il est évident que ils SAVENT ce qu'il s'est passé et qu'ils MENTENT;Je rajouterai que les signes inconscients que donnent Kate et Gerry lorsque interrogée sur la possibilité que Maddie soit morte, l'une tournant la tete, l'autre clignant des yeux, en disent LONG.

    Je ne sais pas pour vous, mais je m'étonne que la presse francaise ne donne aucune analyse de ce cas, et ne reporte meme pas leurs visites, interviews...Pourquoi? Les journalistes ne sont pas au courant ou évitent de s'attarder sur ce qu'ils savent etre la vérité?

    Je n'ai pas lu le livre de Amaral, je vais le lire ce week end. Par curiosité meme si je sais que tout ce qui est ecrit est malheureusement su et analysé ici.
    Bien a vous,


  60. Anon 36:
    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. This just show that they are obsessed with destroying Mr Amaral reputation and life, that they are obsessed with controlling their image.
    This book also goes in Mr Amaral direction, and points the finger at Madeleine being dead on May 3rd, and them being RESPONSIBLE.

    Why don't they sue? AH I forgot! this is NOT Mr Amaral's book and it's published in the US, they cannot sue! THEY ARE ONLY FOOLING THEMSELVES AND THEIR DUMB DONATORS.

  61. Having just watched the video I can see the McCanns are very very worried, but it's not about finding Madeleine, but being found out themselves!

  62. REP Don't you fear that if the case is re-opened you might be considered suspects again?

    KM Never even crossed my mind and I think anybody who went through that file and has a certain amount of logic will know that is ridiculous. I don't have any fear of that.

    "Never even crossed my mind" Does anyone think that is a true statement?

  63. 51

    and where's the locket?

  64. To poster 63, from 51.

    Very good observation, didn't see it. Maybe Kate gives the explanation: "Erm, you know, we're not gonna sit here and lie and be totally naive and say she's one hundred per cent alive."


  65. I wonder what is going on behind the McScenes with regard to Dr Paulo Sargento's recent interview?


  66. ...too late to play the poor grieving, not so sharp looking, no decent make up mum. You can't go back Kate - we all remember your star parading in Praia da Luz.

  67. Can the McCann's not see how bizarre they look?

    Kate & Gerry go on about their "investigators with 30+ years experience..." Can they not see that the people that should be investigating are the Portuguese police? Of course they can but they know what the Portuguese police really think.

    The process was shelved due to the McCann's unhelpfulness and obstructions. Well, it looks as though there is fresh impetus to get the investigation re-opened.
    I really feel they have backed themselves into a corner and that justice will finally prevail.

    The majority of the UK didn't read the PJ's Sept 10th 2007 conclusions that a "simulation of abduction took place" and that "The McCann's are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter."

    The majority of the UK read Mitchell's altogether different summation "Kate and Gerry have been cleared of all charges

  68. I just wish the Portuguese authorities grow some back bone and put these two in preventive prison until the investigation is concluded, or forbid them to enter our country as "persona non grata".

    I feel insulted each time these two come here and even more insulted when they are given air time by our media.


  69. I have found this site recently and never commented before. However, looking at the video sequence at 4.47, their reaction is very clear to see. They are lying. It is a pity that the journalist did not press them on "!re-opening the case because GM is very careful with his words - review, scoping exercise, strategy / but avoids using "re-open".

    Also I have seen the articles about appearing with Aled Jones and I appalled that KM has hijacked the Catholic faith to help her. When was the last time she attended mass ?

  70. GM`s view of the world :-

    `Not being objective` = `Not believing what we say`


  71. Like Anon 31, I sometimes think this case can never be solved and the McCanns brought to justice, especially if the Intelligence Services are involved. When I see people asking for the case to be re-opened I just think it will be the same as before unless some concrete proof is presented. Will the UK police assist with bank statements, medical records etc? No, I doubt it. Team McCann will just put obstacles and detractions every step of the way - I can`t see it being any different from before. Sorry to be so negative - I wish it weren`t the case.


  72. Thank you Joana & co for showing this video here.

  73. I listened to the interview 4 times.
    At 2:42, gerry says: "the SPECIFIC" point is that there is an officer who has testified in court that Madeleine is dead and this has caused....."
    The REAL message is GA IS guilty....of probably everything,including Madeleine"s "disappearance."

    It is HIS fault if THEY take him to court.Even though it looks like they measure their "emotional pain" to the cash they can make ot of people who disagree with them.
    On top of this, they dare say:"we do not want people to believe that we are naive to believe Madeleine is still alive".
    "Find her body and prove we"ve killed her"

    They have not directed ONCE a word to Madeleine.If they believe she is alive and happy,she might also watch TV...? They could grab this unique opportunity to speak to her direclty may be? One never knows..

    Now the re opening of the case? whats that?
    First they must go through the files they havent looked at yet.(Too busy spining and playing the victim)
    Then "organize it" with their private detectives and then present it.To...whom?
    They wont re open the case but they are gearing up to sue,somebody,anybody...may be the world global population as their greed has no limits.
    Thats what they do best.
    They have joined the long list of the most despicable people the world has born.
    I believe they deserve to enter the Guiness Book of Record, in the Liars section.
    They will certainely win,thanks to the biggest lie ever: at 1:08 kate answers the idea of being arguidos again :(if the case is re opened) "has never crossed their mind.Its ridiculous"

    Of course, it has crossed their mind and they know too well they would reverse to their arguidos status,they know it.All this recent "activity" is meant to do just that: resist as much as possible the re opening of the case

  74. Here are some ways of spoting a liar:

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  75. Dave Edgar couldn't organise a booze up in a brewery, let alone solve this case. They McCanns have never yet chosen any detective worthy of the name, and that's why we are still none the wiser about where Madeleine can be found.

    And what about a huge public advertising campaign offering every penny they have to their name. That could help! They have actively avoided that though.

    As for the tapas pals, I have long believed that their lack of emotional support (apart from their statements which were non-commital to say the least), and the fact that they have never come out fighting for their two 'innocent' friends or for Madeleine, shows overwhelmingly they are hiding a big secret! If it had been my friends who were accused wrongly about their missing child, I would have been supporting them and shouting it from the roof tops. Instead they have been as silent as the proverbial lambs!

  76. "KM Never even crossed my mind and I think anybody who went through that file and has a certain amount of logic will know that is ridiculous. I don't have any fear of that."

    Hmm which file are we talking about here? The file she didn't read herself yet? So how would she know?

    Or are we talking about the previously released police files here? Because if it's the latter I think is fair to assume she haven't read those either...
    Everybody who reads a good portion of the files and have a certain amount of logic would conclude there is no evidence for an abduction but plenty of indication for something else sinister..


  77. The extreme reaction to the question about Madeleine being dead was astonishing, it was so obvious. If ever there were any doubts now about their involvement, that has completed gone, thanks to their own body language. They just gave themselves away. They know where she is.

  78. My my ,not only are these two doctors now to class detectives"we need to analize"they also want,neigh demand to be judge and jury too,you couldnt make it up !! They both found it incredibly hard to look the interviewer in the eyes,the scratching ,the fake hand holding ,how are they getting away with it? and for Kate of all people to say "WE ALL OWE IT TO MADDIE"How dare she ?SHE neglected this child she now demands that WE help ,tick,tock

  79. Bonjour Agnès (anon 58)

    Oui , la presse française n'a pas l'air intéressée par cette affaire.Il serait intéressant de demander pourquoi à un journaliste qui a suivi le cas dès le départ...Je crois que Christophe Pallee (TF1) avait fait un reportage sur Maddie ...
    W9 dans Enquêtes Criminelles avait voulu faire une soirée spéciale et G.Amaral en était l'invité , mais des pressions des avocats Mccann avaient réussi a faire annuler l'émission qui n'a jamais été diffusée, bizarre non? On dirait bien que les Mccann (ou ceux qui les soutiennent) ont le bras looooonnnng ;-)

    A bientôt


  80. Anon. 59

    You're right, 4.47 is the defining moment. I watched it with the sound off, and watched it again with the sound on. Although I preferred it with the sound off, in my opinion it is best viewed with both sound and visual off.

  81. Told you all on Monday the James Bulger case is getting lots of coverage in the UK" the Maccanns won't have that they want the Limelight". I was told I was in not so many word silly for mentioning it. James mother gave an interview with her husband beside her no hand holding worlds apart from the stupid bitch maccann,

  82. Hang on a minute KM:

    When asked by the interviewer if you believed MBM may not be alive, GM did his usual face-twitching, facial scratching routine... and you gave a VERY SUBTLE SMIRK. A SMIRK?!

    How very alarming and very odd. If I'd been asked that question, I'd be not only upset, I'd be damned sure I wouldn't be smiling about the possibility of my daughter being deceased. I'd be upset. You don't even seem upset? In this video clip you say 'Obviously there's a possibility because WE DON'T KNOW...' (when asked if MBM may be deceased) & '...say she's 100% alive'.

    How interesting. Because on the steps of the Lisbon court in February it was that the judge had 'demonstrated that no harm has come to Madeleine'. Erm. Doesn't that mean you are 100% sure she's alive and unharmed? This is really simple: She's 100% alive or 100% deceased. There can be no in between unless MBM HAS BEEN HARMED. i.e. barely alive?

    Do you McCanns not know how ridiculous you are now both starting to sound? I feel so sorry for the people of Portugal that they got lumbered with you pair. I am planning to go to Portugal. I may even go to the spot where MBM VANISHED (I can't say 'abducted' because I don't like lying). I may even film myself carrying my 11 year old daughter on May 3rd @ 9.15PM to simulate conditions - just to see what facial features we can see etc? Wouldn't that be interesting? Because your friends were 'sure' it was Robert Murat - yet the man wore glasses and JT didn't 'see' glasses.

    Infact, she didn't see anything useful at all, did she? Until months later, when she saw something that looked more like Sasquatch than a Human. And is he 5ft 8 or 6ft 2? Gail Cooper said the man she saw was rather tall. JT says she saw somebody below average height. (TAKE A DEEP BREATH HERE AND SAY QUICKLY):

    Presumably wandering around in time to be spotted after leaving that window open as a 'red herring' but hadn't planned on an escape vehicle, but did have the sense to leave no evidence of a break-in, but was quiet enough to be in the Apartment before 9.05PM, but stupid enough to leave whilst GM yapped in the street with JW, whilst neither of you spotted JT walking past you, who spotted GM and JW and the 'abductor' which neither GM or JW Spotted!

    Not only have you let MBM down, you have portrayed us English people as neglectful parents ('Kate, we've done that, we do that' and GM 'culture differences' claptrap) and you've portrayed the Portuguese cops as IDIOTS. Well, they weren't that stupid were they? Because if I can see through your little act (Sir Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones you 'aint) then I'm sure a whole police force can.

    Oh please Portugal (or England if any of our coppers are reading) put an end to this lying charade. This is becoming a circus. I am expecting Billy Smart to jump out of a tiny car with metal midgets in it, wearing flowers on their lapels, throwing custard tarts next. Team M have not co-operated from the start and they parade around like the king and queen of England. Their whole story is bereft of honesty - the PJ Files alone show this, never mind their strange words, strange actions and that SINISTER blog etc,.

    I must be doing something wrong, because I've always taken care of my kids? I've just bought FAKED ABDUCTION, because the McCanns can't gag America like they can Britain.

    Poor Madeleine. I feel so sorry for that child. What an awful waste of a precious young life. So very, very sad. Not even given the respect of a decent burial. Her rights denied since May 3rd 2007.

    May the truth one day be known.

  83. Long haired lover from Liverpool UKWednesday, March 10, 2010 11:47:00 am

    This case will never be reopened, we are all clutching at straws its gone on too long, I really feel for Mr Amaral, but I also think he is not the only one to be got at by this evil pair. They can swan around Portugal telling lie after lie. Mr Amaral is gagged by his own country is he in the UK giving interviews no no no. what dose that tell you. The Maccann's rule the world its a done deal forget justice.

  84. How often have the twins been left at home in Rothley by Gerry and Kate, as they swan around even more TV studios? The poor children have recently started school and need support.
    Plus - any good mother knows that joining in school activities and forming friendships with the other mothers at the school gates are very important.
    Kate is too often away, 'playing' at being the perfect mother.But we have to put up with her on Aled Jones's Good Morning Sunday for Mothering Sunday. Ironically it is billed as:
    "This programme will be memorable" - certainly.

  85. "GM Well the first thing that is being done is that the information is only just being passed on to Dave Edgar, our investigation officer. He will look at all of the information, the leads, potential sightings and other information and analyse it and see what information he can take from it applying the same princples he does to anyone who contacts us directly with information."

    Does this mean that Edgar has publicly resiled from his firm view that M is being held in a "Hellish lair" within 10 miles of PdL ? (A lair no one has ever bothered trying to find, even though they have had nearly 3 years to do it)
    Did we hear about this volte face ?
    Has Mitchell ever told the press that this is no longer on the 'agenda'.
    For that matter did he ever tell the press that the Barcelona hyper speed yacht Australian Beckham-lookalike millionairess drug dealer was off the agenda.
    Does he ever tell anyone the truth, I wonder.
    But then, since he is the official spokesman for the McCanns, what he said must be deemed to come from them, unless specifically disavowed.

  86. poster 40 ,I have always thought despite what a lot of other think Kate IS the leading role ,IMO,She is behind what happened to Maddie ,Gerry disposed of the body ,she is not the weak,timid, distraught little women she wants us to believe,far from it,she is cold and calculating ,and downright evil

  87. Wow, that interviewer is a class act. Huge respect to her, in a second language as well. Brilliant - they were completely wrong-footed.

  88. Why should the couple be afraid of the British media?
    They should be thankful to the public prosecuter, who is trying to help them by giving information to the press.
    Without the media, Madeleine will never be found.
    The McCanns need them.
    I'm sure the British media will play a key role from now own by pressuring Algarve to reopen the process.
    The media will give support to the McCanns, helping them to put pressure
    on Portimao, in order to restart the investigations and to find answers for this mystery.
    I still believe Madeleine can be found with the help of the media and with the help of the Portuguese police.
    But there must be an official request to the public prosecuter.
    It is the law.

  89. 55 You speak in a nice friendly way as if you know me, ifyou are a blogger I go back a long way with hiya!! But hiya anyway! Try as I might to tell myself this is a matter for the police and I should shut up I just find this case completely compulsive and love Jo’s blog and the great contributors here. I cannot help but read other’s view and share my thoughts. I just know the end is in sight for Kate and Gerry, they both look utterly broken. Her more so, to me she is just worn out with all the lies and obfuscation, they have battled long and hard with Portugal and they have lost. It was one blow too many for Kate I believe.

    For the first time, I feel a calm and enduring sense of utter elation after reading the three posts Jo put up last night and watching the videos. I think the claims from Gerry that firstly they have to get Edgar to look over these files before they can present a case to get the case re-opened just about the most sad and pathetic thing I have ever heard Gerry utter. It is just the same as when Leicester Police handed back to them their 80 odd pieces of information they handed to them in the first place, refusing to give them the 11000 pieces of information concerning the real investigation, of them! Kate had to admit, no, none of them actually even looked like Madeleine, I wonder if she will get another black eye or something for that because he looked pretty furious with her. Erm tut Kate that was not positive spin!

    Gerry was such a happy little bunny in January last year telling us about how he was going to be making several visits to Portugal and he wanted to work with the authorities. Well guess what, Gerry finally had to suck it, they don’t want to work with him on his compilation of hopeless and pathetic lies about what supposedly happened to Madeleine.

    Goncalo kicked them really hard and they asked for it. Duarte said she was having meetings and wanted to be an assistant to the process. Then they have this meeting with their lawyers and tel us there is no process, they need to work on a file the PJ have clearly rejected as having nothing to do with Madeleine’s disappearance, just pictures of other people’s kids, then do a presentation and hand it back to them again. How sad and pathetic is that and they sit there and have to admit it, they are utterly broken. Imo Duarte was meant to persuade the Prosecutor that on the basis of this file the process should be re-opened and Kate and Gerry should be cleared. They should get to the serious business of looking for Madeleine’s abductor. They went to that lawyers meeting yesterday to hear the grim news, the McCanns can get lost and stop being so silly! And as for Kate saying I will not sit here and lie, they really rang some bells for me. It clearly implies that is precisely what she has been doing but the lies are really getting her down, she is breaking and it shows. He is not much further behind her. Everything they planned, they lost!
    Nancy hi, it is good to see you on here xx

  90. This part of the video made me think
    At 2:42, gerry says: "the SPECIFIC" point is that there is an officer who has testified in court that Madeleine is dead...i think he was refering to Paiva.If and when the case is re-opened i would,nt be surprised if the Mc Cann are preparing to have him removed.

  91. The interviewer is brilliant, 11 out of 10, Sandra can't make much out of her she blows hot and cold but this young lady is a class act well done. very very pretty as well.

  92. I wonder what question they were asked previous to when the video clip begins?
    If you look at the very first frame, Gerry has his eyes closed and a smug self-satisfied smile on his face. Kate is looking over at something/someone to her right and then returns her gaze to the interviewer whilst smiling too.
    They look far too pleased with themselves.
    It's quite sickening!

  93. 90 Oh come come please! Criminals often hate the police, Gerry let slip he now hates the Pt Prosecutor, (how dare he tell the Gerry one to go and get lost with his barmy ideas) not just Goncalo and Ricardo. These are the people who thwart their every dream and desire, to get away with it, to be rich and famous, or to just carry on being a shoplifter and heroin user. Criminals are all the same even if their class does vary a bit. I have personally heard many criminals blasting off about what they are going to do to the police, after the interview I used to have a good titter and sometimes it was hard to keep a straight face when I was in there:-))

    Gerry has about as much chance of getting any of them the sack as I have of being 9 and half stone again!

  94. methinks there are some Pros on here, trying to tell us how mighty and powerful Kate and Gerry are, I mean, do they look it:-))

    Gerry is not wielding any power over Portuguese police and prosecutors, that is why he gets so angry. Oooh there are so many more nasty worms crawling out and it is giving Gerry an even shiftier and hunted look, lol! Oh dear, like you say Gez, far too much came into the public domain, but hey ho, lots more to come. Not enough released, I will warrant to prevent you getting a fair trial my lovely:-))

  95. At T4Two (80)

    Thanks for your message.

    I watched it with both sound off and on just after reading your post.

    Frightengly scary, isn't it?

    How these two have gotten away with this for so long makes me wonder not who is protecting them but WHY?

    Have a great day, T4two.

  96. McCann looks as if he is gradually turning into the devil incarnate.
    Expect to see a pair of horns appearing from his forehead.
    What happened to the smiling ebulient character we saw a few days after his daughter's demise?

  97. Sometimes I wonder if all Anonymous here aren't only 2 or 3 persons.
    Freedom of speech does imply basic duties like identifying oneself.
    GA did.
    What turns GA's book respectful, whatever one can think of his, provisional as he stated recently, conclusion, is the total lack of hostility.

  98. Speaking of body language, yes, it is obvious that they hide something when they are asked about the possibility that Madeleine is not alive.
    Also, watch him at 3.25 minute till 3.28, how nervous he is when asked about wasting energy to sue people!!


  99. I posted earlier about Gerry McCann making a hand to eye/face scratch at 4:47. What I overlooked was BOTH of them made the exact same movement. Gerry to the eye and Kate to the head. These two must be taking the piss or are completely ignorant to the laws of behavioural science.

    Watch closely at 4:47

  100. I wonder if there's something about this case that has got them rattled:


  101. The Aled Jones piece will have been recorded some time ago, and edited, checked, cross referenced, Clarrified, and so on.
    I don't think we can expect anything useful to come out.

  102. 101 ,I have emailled Aled and BBC ,never held out much hope ,but we have to keep trying

  103. 96 ,I would GLADLY give my name ,I am proud of defending Maddie

  104. :D Dave Edgar - the "hardened cop from Belfast" is in charge of the investigation, of course. The McCann's do not trust the "incompetent Portuguese PJ". They only want the PJ to "co-operate" with their "Sherlock". How? Supply the files and do the toilet cleaning.

    Interesting to note that now they are saying "thank you" to the PJ (in one of the videos). Again this is "spin" in reply to Murat's statement (see recent related posting in this blog)that no one has thanked the police, the people who helped, etc.

    :-o One must remember that Clarence is a master od deconstruction of spin. Anything thrown against their clients (Madeleine Fund, Ltd.) is immediately followed by a counter-attack nullify any impact it might have had in public opinion.

  105. Poster 85. I think more people are thinking about Kate the same as you do, but are not speaking out. Imo it is natural to give a mother the benefit of the doubt. I also think she is the 'brain'. At least Gerry is showing some kind of 'wrong emotion'.
    The only emotion Kate has been showing, is smiling when her daughter has been 'abducted'.

  106. Does anyone know if these questions were pre-agreed by the twosome? It is just the question about Madeleine being dead seemed to take them totally by surprise, as if the interviewer slipped it in at the end. Normally they only do pre-agreed questions don't they? She was a good interviewer, I just hope Gerry does not get her 'removed' for making him look silly. BTW we do not ALL owe it to Madeleine, Kate. You owe her, not the rest of the world and his wife.

  107. Anon 90
    They said they would sue him but there is also the Procurador de La Republica who has just released the 2000 pages according to them

    Direct acusations "
    Maddie: «Deram documentos aos jornalistas»"

    (...)«Há muita informação e muita dela não foi cuidadosamente analisada. Se existisse alguma informação potencial e importante, podíamos dar às pessoas um caminho», disse Kate, acusando a Procuradoria-Geral da República de ter entregue documentação a jornais britânicos" (...)


    I am wondering if their express journey to Portugal does not hide something else.Just thinking about the RM/JT"s court case...

  108. #56 wrote:

    "They are very lucky that this fateful case happened to take place in Portugal"

    I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but...I've often wondered if they came to Portugal by chance, if it was not a very intentional and purposeful choice of holiday destination... and who did the choosing?...Mr. Payne!

  109. Post 69 was my first ever post on this blog - I do not want to use my name yet

  110. They are desperate to get hold of JT,S evidence about Robert Murat and the report of the confrontation between Robert and the other tapas crew members. They are equally desperate that the UK press should NOT get hold of the same evidence in case it shows the public the lengths the tapasniks went to fit up an innocent patsy. Any pressure comes from within their own group of helpers-imo

  111. You know when the interviewer said about maybe Madeleine wasn't alive anymore. For a moment (and just that) I thought some actual real emotion was going to be shown. If you were directly asked that about your little girl, wouldn't that question upset you and a lump in your throat and maybe even cry a little with the shock of it.

    I don't know but I can hardly watch the pair of them.

  112. The old detective would say that wouldn't he? But unless the McCann's manage to extort these 1,2 million from the Portuguese economy he will not be paid his salary much longer. The poor has to keep the show going in order to earn his salary. Looks like another dick from Halligen's detective agency...

    b-( Wake up! The all exercise is designed not to find Madeleine but to humiliate the Portuguese PJ - and of course to project/hide their guilt.

  113. 104 ,I am poster 85
    From the first time i saw this vile duo on tv I said "Shes done it",call it Mothers instinct ,but I just KNOW its her ,the way she snapped at the reporter outside court when he laughed at the word"abductor"showed her with her guard down ,shes is a very nasty piece of work who hides (partially)behind the Im a good Mum mask ,he is a weak little man who loves the power he has been allowed due to friends in high places ,but the power is going to his head, he is getting more arrogant by the day ,they WILL slip up ,of that I am sure ,If I stopped thinking that I would be devastated

  114. They talk such crap.

    It beggars belief that they are qualified doctors (he is a 'consultant'), standards must be incredibly low.

    I'd love to know what their colleagues really think of them.

    You can see they - she in particular - are confident that they are now safe. It sickens me - I end up shouting at the screen! Why the hell these interviwers dont tear them to shreds...I guess they have very tight control!

  115. :)] to 107

    The PGR does not simply give the information away. They allow it to be photocopied. The McCann's can ask as well...

    It is all spin. The "gold dust" turned into "iron fillings".

    They went to Portugal on a spin following Goncalo Amaral recent exposure/interviews on Portuguese TV. They were there to be interviewed as well and to counteract any ill effect on their celebrity status.

    x( "Eh! Who brought these dogs in here? Who barked?"

  116. #96, please can you explain how will it make a difference if I sign my post as, let's say "aracls" or not sign it at all?!!!
    I see you present yourself as "aacg", but that doesn't make your identity known to any of us!
    I, for one, choose to post as "anonymous" because I do not have a computer of my own and post from a friend's one, a friend who is kind enough to let me use it, and I do not feel free to abuse his kindness by creating an account via his computer. No sinister hidden agendas from me, I assure you.
    Have a nice day, from,


  117. Never even crossed her mind that they might be suspect?! Now that proves she can lie without looking as if she is!

    How the hell can she claim she didnt think that! How can she use the word 'logic' - incredible!

    'As parent's' he always says - but they hardly deserve the title.

    They obviously fear the case being opened and anyone who will look at more than 'abduction' - again claims lack of evidence! What evidence is there of abduction for christs sake!

    And why do they HAVE to bring a court case! All they want is money -they love their little girl! Liars!

  118. I have the opposite opinion than Aacg @96. The anon posts do not come over as written by the same 3 people to me. I think that is due in part because we can be anon. It is not to do with freedom of speech. I'm sure our posts would be printed if we used names. Having seen names used on other sites it can turn in to a free for all and fighting. This way we are anon and oddly enough we are not usually accusing or rude. Remaining anon cos I like it that way.

  119. 114 ,I know what you mean ,I too get very frusrated ,not only do I yell at the screen my language is vile !!My husband warns me if something is in the paper ,then I huff and chuff all the way through it ,last week when we were presented with 2 pages of "Wheres Maddie now/Wheres Maddie been" I could not even bear to read it all ,She been more places than Judith Chalmers

  120. @ 103
    Then why don't you do it ?

  121. Anon @ 110

    Don’t worry about staying anonymous. I have been posting for a while and still post as Anonymous.

    After seeing what has happened in other forums and not underestimating the power, influence and friends of the McCanns I too have decided not to sign up and divulge too many details (although I think Joanna knows who I am).

    As I have said before I have relatives with connections in Queniborough (where the McCanns used to live) and to The Laurels (the nursery that was attended by M, S & A) and I do not want then affected by hackers and the like finding out too much about me. We have already seen the damage that the McCanns can wrought on other’s lives.

    Call me a coward or paranoiac if you like but my first duty is to protect MY family.

    Mr B

  122. I too noticed that the McCanns, especially Kate, seemed more confident of their position than ever.

    So much time has elapsed and bodies decompose, especially in warm climates, that they believe even if traces of Madeliene are found they will never be implicated. Sadly that is probably true.

    The only way for this to end is for someone with a conscience to tell the truth.

    But do any of the players in this drama have a conscience? I don't think so.

    As a mother, how could she leave her child in an unmarked grave?

  123. For heavens sake, ins't there one reporter able to throw the Gaspars statement and the Smiths' sighting at their faces? I am fed up with these reportes and their bland questions. We are just going in circles. It's time to take the gloves off and put them against the wall. One could see their disdain when replying to the reporter. These two need to be told by someone, WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU.

  124. Why didn't the McCanns bring Edgar along with them to Portugal and to that 10 miles away place from the apartment 5a, in order to pick up the girl?
    They have been several times in Lisbon, Gerry some days in Praia da Luz last year, the couple 2 days in Luz last December.
    They always forget to take the child back with them to England.
    They don't even think to bring Edgar with them.

    Next time, better.

  125. Linda @ 122...You sum them up perfectly. Paulo Sargento when confirming that Madeleine died in apartment 5a..said that they had changed roles...but it is Kate Mccann who pulls the strings. McCann followed her abroad and was her lap dog and still is.

  126. I have emailed Good Morning Sunday about KM's appearance because I am genuinely sorry that a nice guy like Aled Jones should become involved with these two. It is possible he has just read the garbage in the British press about the case and has no idea about their clear involvement in whatever happened to Maddie. Aled is perhaps the only celeb who has never put a foot wrong, and it is a real shame that these two are going to trade off his reputation and tell him a load of lies, because it will appear that he is at least condoning child neglect if not something worse. I have asked him not to allow it to be broadcast, but I doubt very much that he will see any messages along these lines.

  127. Isn't it about time somebody in authority addressed the PUBLIC INTEREST of what the McCanns are being allowed to get away with.

    They are able to go around telling people their daughter was abducted and offering no proof whatsoever, even flying in the face of the conclusions of the investigators who handled this case that Madeleine is dead.

    The McCanns are being sent money from the public on the strength of this spin of theirs.

    People, including small children, have been handing over their money to the McCanns for several years now, and they carry on doing so because nobody is informing them of the truth.

    It is in the PUBLIC INTEREST that Sr Amaral's book is released for all the public to read, especially the public of the UK. They especially need to be informed of the true facts and circumstances of the case.

    Then, if there are still fools out there who are willing to part with their money to these two spinners, so be it.

    But at least give the people a chance to know.

    Please, Portuguease judiciary, show a bit of concern for the innocent public for once.

    The McCanns have shown they are quite able to take care of themselves with all the help and assistance their money has bought them.

    It is disgraceful that this is being allowed to continue.

  128. Well Kate,

    Was that just a terrible Freudian slip?

    "We're not gonna sit here and LIE (and be totally naive) and say that she's (100%) alive."

    What was that bit about 'LIE and be totally naive'. The sentence didn't need it.

    Why did you bring the 'LIE' bit in? Is there something on your mind that you want to tell us about?

    Is the pressure showing?

    Having the advantage of masses of information and video/interview material delivered to us by Mr. Pink and the McCanns we can now see the difference in their performance compared with the early, halcyon days.

    Under perpetual and unremitting pressure, (no, it won't go away) the day will come when that final, unguarded, slip will be made.

    For all of the support in high places that might be covering those unknown hides, when that slip occurs the whole thing will implode, the house of cards, with its fairytale stories, will collapse along with all of its players.

    You're on the defensive McCanns. It's only a matter of time. Woof Woof, tick tock.

  129. Speaking about staying anonymous, it was the couple who brought us to this idea.
    Immediately after 10pm that evening, they were the ones who choosed to remain anonymous, regarding Maddie's death.

  130. :)]aacg at 96

    Where you born beligerant or was it the result of some early trauma?

    8-} What sort of stupid question is that?

    Are you a mole for Isabel Duarte? A McConn connection? Do you want a photo as well? My cup size? Shoe number? DNA sample? This is a conversation best kept anonymous for obvious reasons. Who wants problems with the VIPs? (nearly wrote vipers)

    By the way, what's your name? aacg does not sound like a name. It sounds more like a shout :(( aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Please stick to the thread or find a job as a traffic warden...



  131. Madeleine is dead, her irresponsible killers remain anonymous (although we know who they are), signing no statement with the truth,

    we are not responsible for anybody's death, we did not commit any crime, and some people are complaining we don't identify ourselves.

    They hope they can sue us, don't they?

  132. poster 125 ,I think she is by far the most evil of the two ,she is SO cold ,her eyes(the mirror to the soul) are like glass,no feeling,no nothing,he IS her lapdog ,he loves maybe for the first time in his life to have something to hold over her head ,but they both are as guilty as hell ,fernis @123 ,I scream at the screen when they are being interviewed "Ask about the dogs" it may all be pre-planned and in fact Im sure it will be ,but outside court it was a free-for-all ,and STILL no one mentioned the dogs ,or Gaspar,or the Smiths ..Why ?????????

  133. If Jane Tanner is lying about what and who she actually saw,
    there is a very good chance she knows where the body of madeleine was put/buried.

    think about it !


  134. @121 I agree - why should we reveal our identities on a blog? It's usually easy to spot writing style anyway? For myself, I always close with the same caption - something others may want to adopt, if they want to 'sign off' or have a 'calling card' without identifying themselves.

    I have signed my real name to Goncalo Amaral's Project Justice (I also donated to his defence fund through paypal as I feel he has been wrongly attacked) so I'm not a coward - I just don't see the relevance in this excellent blog? A posting is a posting!

    @112. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. I've thought that for some time. The PJ Files would concur with your theory. Read Janet Kennedy's Rogatory statement (if you haven't already) - it does confirm what you think.

    Also, does anybody else think that MAYBE the McCs' are scared of what may happen Mar 26? i.e. Halligen's court appearance? Maybe he will cut a deal and 'blab' about what he knows for reduced sentence?

    Maybe that is what has Team M scared?

    May the truth one day be known.

  135. @ 118
    I find a lot of posts are similar, lots of them use capital letters (difficult to read) instead of arguments. But I recognise Mr B, for example, at some rare qualities on this forum.
    You can't in the same time claim freedom of expression and stay in the darkness, just in case. GA didn't do that. I would never pay attention to the same book signed with a pseudo.

    "This way we are anon and oddly enough we are not usually accusing or rude."
    Are you kidding ?

  136. munchaussen by proxy,usually carried out by a female carer,ie a mother,the perpetrator usually has a connection to the medical profession,it usually ends in the death of the child,or it stops when the child is coming up to school age,it may carry on with younger siblings.Did Madeleines medical records ever get sent to the Portuguese police does anyone know?.

  137. @ Rosie
    "I see you present yourself as "aacg", but that doesn't make your identity known to any of us!"
    You're absolutely right ! These are the initials of my name, I use them for my e-mail, for example.
    As well I wouldn't call at all "Rosie" as Anonymous. I don't mind people using one pseudo, I mind using various or that anonymous "Anonymous".
    If I could see who wrote what, there are many posts I wouldn't spoil time reading. I liked to read A. Miller, for example. I wonder why she disappeared.
    If I see "Rosie said", I'll read !

  138. @ Mr B
    Many thanks for explaining, but I didn't think of you when I (badly) criticized the "anonymous" facility. You've got a name !

    Now would you anonymously write something like this (130)?
    "Madeleine is dead, her irresponsible killers remain anonymous (although we know who they are), signing no statement with the truth,"

    You wouldn't and neither would I.

  139. Kate McCann is the driving force in this marriage,she is an only child,probably indulged since she was born,spoilt and an attention seeker,perhaps she was jealous of the attention Gerry gave Madeleine,after all on the 2-5-07 she stormed home from the tapas bar because Gerry had invited a female member of staff to join them at their table,she apparently slept in the childrens room that night,Gerry told police he believed she slept in said room because of his snoring(another lie by Gerry),my brothers partner was always jealous of the attention he gave their children,strange really because she walked away from those children without a second glance and has never so much as sent them a birthday card,yet blames everyone else for her actions,just like the McCanns who also blame the world for their actions.

  140. I am afraid I have to agree with several of the posters that maybe this evil pair will never face criminal proceedings.
    They might however be condemned to read the comments of people on this and other sites, which I am sure they do, curiosity killed the cat. McCann already looks as if he is being driven mad, that may be our consolation and Madeleine's revenge.

  141. How can they keep going back to Portugal and not make some sort of effort to arrange a search? They are pathetic, they just cannot see how ridiculous everything they say and NOT do is.
    Talk about procrastinate they can't even be arsed to look at the files themselves, they leave it to dough brain Dave to do that when he can be arsed.

  142. At least saying "I think anybody who went through that file and has a certain amount of logic will know that it's ridiculous. I don't have any fear of that the re-opening of the case)" leaves without object the libel suing against GA.

  143. I find it odd that the Sun is the only paper reporting on the Lisbon visit. If the McCanns' sole purpose was to pick up the file, I would have expected Mitchell to have alerted everyone via a press release. If, on the other hand, they had other business to attend to (e.g. anything to do with the Murat vs. Tanner lawsuit), they likely wouldn't want that to "get around". As far as the interviews in Lisbon are concerned, their lawyer could have set those up in advance.

  144. They are liars and they know what happened!

    I was reading on mccannfiles.com under the section "Kate's diary".
    (the diary that was seized by the PJ and examined later on - though it was never retained as evidence).

    At the end of the page, there's an article by Duarte Levy reporting the diary's entries surrounding the days before and May 3rd.

    You can find the data on this page:

    What I read is puzzling - no wonder why the PJ examined thoroughly the entries. I have few questions:

    -What is the mention of "Wash M top of pyjamas - big stain" ? and then later on, What is the meaning of "M removes and lowers head on pillow"?
    Does ANYONE remember Kate mentionning the stain?
    I know she mentionned knee bleeding but it ws claimed by the PJ that this was before they arrived in PDL. So...
    Here's a copy of the excerpt I am referring at:

    "May 3rd, 2007
    Breakfast - Apartment
    Comment Madeleine "Where were you (was I) when me and S cried?"
    Kids club, time - check registration
    09.00-09.30 → 12:30
    Sailing (beach)
    Wash M top of pyjamas - big stain
    Lunch? apartment? tea
    Tennis lesson 09.15-10.15
    conversation on the grass w / Russell and Nigel (the video camera)
    [?] Minutes of tennis
    ? get Madeleine
    J and Fiona (Scarlett)
    Then pick up S and A
    (? Meeting there with G)
    Breakfast - apartment -? balcony
    ? recreational area - ok
    Afternoon / Kids club - a bit later
    K Ella already there
    Swimming - indoors pool
    K and G - practice tennis then lesson and coach Dan
    15.30 - 16.30
    Julian appeared - continued to play with Gerry
    I went to run → beach
    (rest of the group on the beach)
    Gerry went to meet the kids for high tea at Tapas. I joined them after running.
    + / - 17.20-17.30
    [Strikethrough text illegible]
    M very tired and quiet
    Since Ella was taken from the KC → beach. I was a little worried that she was sad to have been alone. (Not realised that the group had gone to the beach.)
    She said she was fine.
    She asked me to pick her up and said she was tired.
    I picked her up and carried her to the apartment with G and S and A
    Prepared bath as kids tired and men's tennis night at 18.00.
    I considered returning to the recreation area with the kids but decided to stay in the apartment after bath and hair wash.

    G men's tennis night
    B pyjamas
    Biscuits and milk for the kids - left them with this and books and games and went to take a quick bath / wash my hair.
    I got out of the bath and David was knocking on the patio doors.
    I wrapped myself in a towel and went into the living room.
    He asked if we wanted to go to the recreational area, since he could help me take the kids.
    Refused - since kids ready for bed.
    I dressed myself.
    Ate some snacks with the kids
    M tired - sitting on my lap - read story of MOG
    Brush teeth
    To bedroom with kids
    G there too - I think.
    [Children's music] - M telling story
    M removes and lowers head on pillow

    S + A good-night kisses for M
    From S and A → cots x2
    K gave a good-night kiss to M
    Leaned the door as much as possible without closing it.
    ? dry hair
    Glass of wine
    20:35 → rest. First to arrive
    21:00 → G, Conversation with Steve
    21:30 → Matt, Carolyn (Note: Carolyn is a witness who says she heard someone calling Madeleine's name, around 21:30, as she walked back to her apartment)
    22:00 → Myself, 20:40 Jane next
    20:45 Matt and Rachael
    Evie feeling sick
    R went for a long time
    Jane replaced him

    [Three pages with drawings]".
    Source: http://www.mccannfiles.com/id166.html

    THE McCANNS have SO much more to tell I feel!
    I get the horrible impression from reading the entry that everything was STAGGED. Not that I didn't have that impression, but gruesome feeling.
    Portugal, I hope the case will BE REOPENED.

  145. Poster 125
    IMO,Kate knows of Gerry and Paynes paedo leanings ,and now he has one over on her with what happened to Maddie ,shes got him by the short and curlys and now hes got her by them too,

  146. Honestly, I couldn't care less if people sign their comments or not, the blogger system allows people to sign in a multitude of ways, I set up the commenting system in this blog in order to allow anonymous comments as well, I also added the numeration system to comments so people can reply to an anonymous or not comment/commentator. People who have blogs on typepad, wordpress, blogger or livejournal can sign with their blog author names or nick names - in that way they are also promoting a link to their own blogs. Google mail account owners can use that service to publish comments under their email's name if they wish, though I don't advise it. For those who want there is also AIM and openid - with openid you can create an online identity an sign on various of the above mentioned blogging systems. So, it is really up to each one of you to make that choice. At the same time aacg raises a good point, would someone make certain type of offensive comments if they were not behind anonymity? The question is a matter for the conscience of each of one of you.

  147. Well said Joana !! I have nothing to hide ,when I emailled the BBC,Mp`s ,commented on newspaper sites I use my name ,If Kate and Gerry sued everyone who didnt believe their fairytale they would be busy from now until the day they die ,Thank you VERY much for letting us air our views and opinions ,this place is invaluable in helping seek justice for Maddie

  148. Response from BBC Radio 2 Sunday Morning program (Aled Jones interview with child neglector).

    They (author his behind 'team' name) said..

    'The guests on Good Morning Sunday reflect the impact of faith on their lives in many different ways. Over the last few years the guests on Mothering Sunday have all told powerful personal stories in which their religious belief has played an important part. Included among those stories have been the death of a child and coping with illness. The interview with Kate McCann offers a similar opportunity for the listeners to hear someone talk about how their faith has sustained them through the experience of trying to come to terms with a missing child and the effect that has had on their family.

    The Good Morning Sunday Team'

    Thats it! Pathetic, isnt it? I'm assuming they have an amoral stance and would forgive child killers too?

  149. 144 ,I have not kept a diary for years,but I would never write down these type of notes that Kate has ,Why did she write down such stupid things? do you think she quickly wrote these AFTER Maddie"disappeared" it seem very odd to me ,thank you for posting this

  150. 142 Good point. They seem very laid back and this belies the cause of action they have against Sr. Amaral.

    I hope that the Portuguese Judiciary are taking this change of heart on board.

  151. I've just watched again a video whereby the McCanns are being interviewed by SF.

    It's not the most recent one video, but it's the one where SF mentions little Madeleine's question, 'why didn't you come last night when Sean and I were crying'. KM 'explained' to SF that it was a passing remark, and thought 'was this when they were getting bathed' or etc etc.

    I was querying as to WHY did KM mention the bathtime. If her parents weren't bathing them, then who was?

  152. I do feel a sense of freedom, being able to post anonymously. Joana would know who I am by now.
    Out of real curiosity, do Gerry and Kate fly all these trips on an ordinary flight, or do they arrive by private jet? Was the desperate dash via Easyjet in 2007 the only time I (!) could have been sitting next to them?
    Again, no-one ever sends in photos or candid snippets to the newspapers - another strange example of secrecy not allowed to other people in the news.

  153. 84 The programme will be memorable. Will we hear a police siren approaching the studio?

  154. Post 144. Those so-called diary entries for May 3 are not plausible. Nobody writes such detailed trivia on a busy holiday with three toddler childten AND a group of interactive friends. That diary is nonsense put together to cover for something else that happened on May 3.

  155. I also think the Maccann's are getting more confident as time passes probably due to the decompostion of maddie's body in the warm climate.
    But it not always works out that way depends on how a body is buried.
    and in this case God is not asleep, he just appears to be. We may still all see justice in this case when we least expect it. Don't lose hope.

  156. I don't think any of Tapas 5 knows where the body is.
    Perhaps even not any of Tapas 7.
    Tapas 2 would not take the risk.
    It is bad enough that they know the child is dead.

  157. @144,yes i do believe after madeleine "disappeared" also i believe she wanted them to be read by all and sundry also i believe it was all a pack of lies. she is a a evil and cold person

  158. @POST 140 I have a feeling the Mccanns and their watchers look at sites like this to see what some of the public think about them, so if so here goes......... Mr and Mrs Mccann, i cant stand you both, and from day one i have thought you and your "friends"(or should i say very close friends?) are guilty and i will never change my view, no matter what that vile spin doctor of your's says, what s**t the press and media put out because i know you are been protected by some one very powerful that is why you both are not locked up now where you both should be rotting away there, and that goes for your cover up lieing friends too!! you are guilty, guilty guilty, and i hope one day justice will be done and you pay for your crimes and the sweet innocent 3 year old child who you never bothered about will at last be in peace, two questions how do you all sleep at night?? and the 2nd are you going to sue me too because i dont believe your stinking lies!!!?(dont bother unfortunately for YOU i have not much money.

  159. Well Gerald me old mate, you just can't resist the temptation to maximise every opportunity to convince the world that you are as clever as you think you are - can you! The problem is now that you have become so transparent that the world can now anticipate your every move. You continuously reiterate the same phrases ad-nauseum which in itself is hardly proof of your total innocence when you have absolutely no evidence to substantiate your claims.

    Your reasoning behind this latest revelation, the publication by the British media revealing 2,000 pages of important sightings that you say have not been properly investigated, being detrimental to the search for your missing child, instantly exposes you to a popular supposition that you desperately need for this information to remain secret except to you and your private investigators. This action can only lead one to believe that you are compelled to access this information in order to ascertain what witness statements/sightings are contained therein that may implicate you and thus enable you to formulate your defence by providing that "innocent explanation for all evidence the police may or may not have against you", as so eloquently proclaimed by your invaluable image protector!

    In addition, you obviously think you are clever allowing your precious wife to contribute to your image defence by appealing for public sympathy but I regret to tell you she has an uncanny habit of contradicting herself which does not help you in your attempts to fool the world.

    As you know from your own self induced dilemma, people do not like to be criticized so it is extremely unwise of you to persistently lash out at the Portuguese/British police, governments and press. You are playing a very dangerous game so again it is unwise to create so many enemies. Whilst your audacious arrogance astounds me at times I truly believe that you cannot fight this battle alone and that is the very direction in which you are heading.

    So Gerald me old mate, its time for a re-think because you are steaming towards total self destruction and you will find no friends or associates to protect you.

    Bonne Chance! - me old mate!

  160. @156,do you really believe that the tapas 7 know that she is dead and NOT TELL THE POLICE ,but they have children of thier own so surely they wouldnt be able to live with themselves with knowing that and not report what they know.

  161. 155 - I think they utilised the acid beds of Huelva and Madeleine was dissolved a long time ago.

    I suspect this was not performed by Kate and Garry - they were at a funeral for Madeleine in Rome.

    I hope that the Protuguese judiciary quash the injunction and throw out the ludicrous libel claim. If they allow the outrageous claim of 'damages' - they (the judiciary) in Portugal will have perfoemed a serious disservice to the Portuguese people.

  162. S.B 159

    They are playing a very dangerous self destruction game ,yes...without counting their endless hunting for people to sue and destroy.Yes: bonne chance!
    The whole thing has taken a different turn again but they are more and more isolated.Suddenly,they are asking for "cooperation" after having stab the PJ and a whole country very severely.
    I wish I could say "game over" but it is not yet time.
    Unfortunately,we will have to bear them a little bit longer,anxious to see justice made to Madeleine.

  163. Thanks anon 148 for posting the reply. Sounds like the one posters received from Ceop and from the MPs. Looks like that is the stock answer.

  164. Mr B, Please keep on spotting as 'Anonymous Mr B', I really like
    to read your posts.

    accg, I understand what you mean, but I think 'Anonymous' may also
    be a kind of modesty; for example if you agree with a
    comment and like to add something.

    Joana, If time allows you to answer, what's your opinion in the
    'Anonymous question' and the 'outsiders' (not Portuguese, not
    British) like me (Dutch). Sometimes I feel an 'intruder'.

    M.Nl (Nl is an explanation for the grammar mistakes).

  165. Joana 146 Sorry, I just see your answer concerning 'Anonymous.
    What is your opinion on 'outsiders'.


  166. Any idea why the couple flew to Portugal to criticize BRITISH journalists to PORTUGUESE journalists?

  167. From http://www.mccannfiles.com/id166.html

    'The disappearance of Madeleine prompted dozens of contacts to the authorities but the parents took none seriously

    Kate and Gerry McCann were always suspicious about the indications from strangers that guaranteed to know the whereabouts of Madeleine. In the cases when money was demanded, Maddie's parents seemed to know that the leads were false, just like Gonçalo Amaral describes in the book.

    In her notes, Kate always shows her disbelief concerning the reliability of the information, while Gerry (the situation is described in the former investigator's book) arose attention from the inspectors when, in the middle of a negotiation with a possible abductor, "he sucked on a lollipop in a relaxed manner, while reading banalities on internet sites and discussing rugby and football with one of the English policemen".

    One of the cases happened on the 14th of June, long before the three detentions over extortion attempts were made, when the Polícia Judiciária received an email from an anonymous person who says he knows where Madeleine is. "Why are there so many crazy and evil people?", Kate writes in her notes that same day, in a comment about the situation, which she classified as something that could only be a "joke".'

    So do the Portuguese judiciary not know about this? do the UK media not know about it?

    Of course they do, so why is there an injunction and why are they letting the McCann's tell lies?!

    I despair of all this, clearly the authorities have their eyes shut tight!

  168. Poster 152 ,Yes I agree ,there is no way you would even take a diary with you ,my Neice does a diary but never takes it on holiday with her ,and as you said when did she find all this time to write down ,times,places,who she was with etc ? lets not forget as soon as she had dumped her children she was jogging,playing tennis ,then on the waz all night,IMO she filled this all in AFTER Maddie met her demise ,I will never think any other than Maddie died on the 2nd ,the 3rd was clean up,alibi,get heads together and concoct stories,hide body day,Poster 156 ,I think all the tapas know exactly what happened to Maddie ,as I has previously said I am sure Maddie died on the 2nd ,therefore they HAD to tell the tapas lot to makes sure the stories tallied(or near enough)

  169. It has been established that top body language experts can identify liars with more accuracy than lie detectors. No doubt many of you have researched the basic signals known to indicate a person is telling porkies, and as we know the McCanns (Gerry more so than Kate) CANNOT control their body language no matter how rigid they hold their bodies or how tightly they hold hands.

    As many of the helpful videos on YouTube explain the clues, I won't be specific - most have already been covered in the comments above. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but research has shown that women tend to be able to hide a lie a bit better than men. I think it is true about the McCanns. Gerry's arrogant personality makes it so difficult for him to keep quiet - in words and in gestures. He DEMANDS to be heard or seen and unfortunately for him, he's really a bit of an open book in regard to his lack of honesty.

    On a completely different topic...

    Watching the recent videos I am struck by the calmness the McCanns attempt to portray during their interviews, given the fact that they are no doubt aware of David Edgar's "theory" that Madeleine is alive and being tortured in a cell somewhere close to Praia da Luz.

    Can you imagine yourself in that position? If so, would you face reporters in such a pseudo-calm way? No. I don't think so.

    They refer to Edgar's experience and expertise, and yet they are not screaming at reporters saying something like "MY CHILD IS PROBABLY BEING TORTURED IN PORTUGAL - HELP US HELP US" with anguish and desperation and the true emotions any parent would feel if they knew it was the primary theory their investigator was operating under.

    In my opinion this alone indicates that the McCanns do not believe Edgar any more than the rest of us do. The ONLY way parents of a missing child can act the way the McCanns act is if they know their child is no longer alive. Period.

  170. A thought just came to me .....according to Kate & Gerry ,Maddie didnt have a toothbrush ,or if she did they had thrown it away lost it when they wanted DNA(correct me if im wrong) but in Kate diary she mentions "cleaned their teeth "

  171. I've just seen Sandra Felgueiras on tv and she said that the mccanns have never asked the reopening of the process even though they claim they are not afraid to become suspects again.I loved it when she told the mccanns the Attorney general has recently said that the process will only be reopened with CREDIBLE evidence and that all this information the couple claims has not been investigated HAS been properly investigated and WASN'T CREDIBLE enough.She then asked them if the attorney general has a reason to lie or something like that.They answered they need to analyse those "leads".The best part was when Sandra asked them something about leads , I think it was what leads do you remeber better or gave you more hope and kate said she couldn't remember and started scratching her head.

  172. 161 - I too think that Huelva comes into the equation. I remember seeing a 'documentary' about the McCanns some time ago. The video was shot by Jon Corner I think. It shows someone either KM or GM loading boxes of posters inside the boot of the Renault they hired, which they were to transport to Huelva. It was on this trip, whilst GM was driving that he mentions that the twins may have been sedated by the abductor.

    Very strange!

    Why video boxes being placed into the boot of the vehicle,

  173. Hi Viv

    Thanks, and it's good to read you on here too. Sorry to hear you closed your blog but you carried on for a long,long time. Far and beyond the call of duty!

    I must admit to being slightly embarrassed, but not sorry while watching them squirm on this video. It's clear that Kate and Gerry are running scared right now, and it shows not only in their body language, but more especially in their expressions.

    It's very hard to keep up with lies and they have tripped themselves up time and time again! It's time to come clean for Madeleine and the twins sake Kate and Gerry!

  174. To: 163
    My name is not joana but ...

    If you are not an English native speaker the important thing is to have the confidence to write anything at all.

    The next most important thing is to write sufficiently well so that what you want to say can be understood.

    In my opinion you meet both requirements, you're definitely not intruding, and no more an outsider than I am.

    To: 167 ShuBob

    Good question. They wouldn't be doing themselves any favours by alienating the Brit press, which until now has been widely supportive. Why take that risk?

  175. They criticized indirectly the PGR for releasing the sightings to the press and Paiva for globally discarding the them with no comment or the same comment (though they haven't had the time to go through the files...)

  176. I wanted to say, but thought it might seem crass so I am lucky a couple of other people have mentioned it, what an attractive interviewer – and SF too. Both very distracting to an old guy like me!

    Anon @ 49: “We want an interview with Kate without Gerry.” Your wish is my command… tune into Good Morning Sunday with Aled Jones!

    Anon @ 163 (M in NI): We love posts from outside of Portugal and the UK, you make us feel less alone and have a different insight into the charade.

    From the Aled website I understand Radio2 have had a trailer going out for the programme featuring the voice of Kate McCann whilst using The Look Of Love by Dusty Springfield as the background music. I wonder… any suggestions for more suitable background music?

    And finally though ‘B’ is my surname, let me assure you I am not Gordon Brown or Tony Bennett.

    Mr B

  177. Mccanns and dave edgar talking to sandra felgueiras.According to dave edgar madeleine is alive because if she wasn't her body would have been found by now because the killer wouldn't want to be linked to the body.I must be really stupid because I thought that if a killer doesn't want to be caught he will conceal the body and make it difficult for the police to find it.So, if the body doens't show up that doesn't mean the person is alive.It means the body is hidden.But hey I'm no policeman....


  178. any suggestions for more suitable background music?......

    Devil Woman - Cliff Richard

  179. poster 172 ,I remember the loading of the boot before the Heluva trip/jolly boys outing IMO Maddie was under the posters then dumped into the acid (this is making me feel sick writing things like this about a child ),was it also on this jolly that the milage on the car didnt add up with where they claim to have gone ? I think i remember it to be so

  180. Perhaps they are criticizing the British press in case they get the idea of calling for a 'reopening' of the case. Maybe the press think they will be doing their pals the McCanns a favour by asking for this.

    The McCanns are as much as saying to the press 'stay out of this and we will call the shots'.

    They cannot risk a reopening, and it must be getting hard to make excuses when asked why they don't just request one.

    I don't know that much about Portuguese law but I know that at one time Murat could also have requested a reopening.

    Due to what is happening re the case between him and Tapas members relating directly to the case, maybe it would be possible that he would also be able to still request the reopening.

    If so, this must be putting the wind up the McCanns.

  181. @ post # 171, thanks a lot for the information. I hope the full interview is available soon.

  182. Anon 178

    Is Dave Edgar seriously an investigator?

    Because besides saying something so stupid as that, he is also willing to ignore the findings of the UK dogs, the best in the world and never been wrong, who any policeman worth his salt would never ignore.

  183. post 136

    As far as I am aware, there is no mention of any medical records in the police files ( although we must consider that the information would, necessarily, have been provided by the British police, and therefore restricted from public release )

    I am hopeful though, that in any forthcoming libel trial, Mr Amaral's lawyers will request Kate McCann's medical records to be made available. A significant element of the 'damages' claimed, is that Mrs McCann has, as a direct result of Amaral's book, suffered from a 'deep and serious depression'

    It is crucial, therefore, to determine beyond question whether Mrs McCanns' 'deep and serious depression' is a recent illness, or a pre-existing condition.

  184. Wherever Madeleine might be, one of the first things the investigators should do with the reopening of the case is to take those excellent dogs round to the McCanns' property and search there first.

    They thoroughly searched the Murats' property, so why were the McCanns given a pass on a search of their UK property being as how there was a lot of going back and forth between there and PDL.

  185. @ post #178, thanks a lot for that clip. Once again, SF catches them out! How can they accuse the PJ of ignoring sightings and yet CANNOT NAME A SINGLE SIGHTHING they think has credibility?????

  186. Some interesting observations made here about body language. There was a little analysis of Tiger Woods recent apology by some expert on the Sky news website I read. It went on to mention some tell-tale signs of lying e.g. increased blinking/face touching. (Slightly different subject, but I also remember again I think on Sky a criminal psychologist's opinion of Amanda Knox's prison diaries - wonder what could be gleaned from Kate McCann's diary by such an expert.) It must be virtually impossible to control/suppress body language and it gives out so many unconcious clues. I recall a TV programme about Harold Shipman where it showed a slowed down film of him frequently doing a 'double blink' which if I remember correctly was also supposed to indicate lying.

  187. 160 maybe Jane Tanner et al want to tell the truth but they cannot because they have been threatened in some way. Remember when it was said that one of the Tapas bunch wanted to change their statement and then soon after a meeting was held at Rothley hotel with all the friends and Gerry and Kate Mccann. Clarence Mitchell then stated to the press that NO-ONE would be changing their statement. I really do believe that even if they wanted to come clean about what happened that night, they cannot because they fear for their own and their families safety.

  188. post 179

    You ask, "Is Dave Edgar a serious investigator ?"

    Well of course not.

    No serious investigator would deliberately misrepresent witness statements, the way Edgar did in the televised 'reconstruction' he co-ordinated for the McCann's TV mockumentary.

    "It dosesn't really matter where everyone was standing" he interjected helpfully, when Gerry McCann's recollection of events differed from the other two witness statements.

    That was shocking enough in itself, but when he proceeded to depict the man the Smith family saw that night, carrying a child in a completely different manner than that which they had described in their witness statements to the police ... well, he displayed perfectly, how utterly worthless his contribution is.

    When I say worthless, I am being kind.

  189. David Edgar being former RUC would have knowledge of Irish Republicans who have become informers to the British.

    Does anyone know whether Gerry McCann's relatives are involved in the IRA?

    Thank you.

  190. Anon 183.

    I cannot see how a court would take a fact that her depression was as a result of specifically G. Amaral's book since a) his conclusions are from the PJ process and b) would not anybody suffer depression if his/her young daughter disappeared? Any normal Judge would have to rule that the actual disappearance would be the most likely reason for ill health. Then again will a normal Judge be allowed to hear the case. IMO their actual case is without merit because of the reasons specified.


  191. ):] 130 Mrs. Euhu text to "aacg" 138

    Darling, your post seems to suggest that I was being rude to you. I see... if I/we don't agree with you then I/we are being rude. That sounds very much like the McCann's approach...

    Darling, no one is anonymous here (or indeed anywhere). Your IP address is always left behind no matter whether you call yourself Anonymous, Zadie Smith, Tarantina, Muratti or "aacg" - very original name you have by the way - it is as good as anonymous.

    OK. You just want a name that you can relate to. The number assigned by Joana Morais' team is not enough. You want to personalize your blog experience. Fine by me.

    My name (I told you) is Mrs. Euhu. I did not like the fact that you called me "anonymous". Darling, I do have a name - not just a duo of vowels followed by two consonants...aacg...what's that? A typing exercise?

    No animosity implied.
    Yours affectionately,

    Veronica Euhu (Mrs.)

  192. Suitable music for KM

    Who Let the Dogs Out, woof woof woof woof woof, by the Baha Men!!

  193. Anon 188

    I think you may be right about that.

    There has certainly been an aura of menace in this case.

    Look at people like the Murats who have complained of being followed, amongst other things, and Sr Amaral and his private correspondence and private information being infiltrated.

    Even the little dog ending up dead.

    Some people are not afraid to play dirty, and there has been some very disreputable people around.

    I hope Halligen will shed some light on what he was employed for exactly and not be afraid to speak out.

  194. Where did the McCanns acquire Dave Edgar from in the first place?

    Do they advertise in the Police Gazette or something?

  195. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  196. # 194

    Edgar, I am told, was a dick with Halligen Private Investigators. The real McCoys...

  197. post 190

    Some kind of IRA involvement has occured to me too. There are so many Irish connections in this case ( quite apart from that gathering in Donegal just three weeks before Madeleine went missing )

    I have always been concerned about the fact that the pub that Gerry McCann's mother Eileen, STILL owned in the area was ram-raided and 'robbed' just days after Maddie disappeared.

    If McCann DID have any connections with the IRA, then it would certainly explain government interference and coersion of the press.

  198. Anon 190

    I have also wondered if there was some kind of IRA connection.

    There certainly does seem to be quite a few people from Northern Ireland around.

  199. # 194 David Edgar and Arthur Cowley are two retired British police investigators who have just found a new lease in life that will see them into a pleasant retirement in the sunshine (Portugal, may be) - particularly if the McCann's succeed in that 1,2 million bid they have in mind.

    Madeleine Fund, Ltd. has a lot of money. Money to effect vengeance, money to allay responsibility and guilt and (if Amaral) is right - to cover up for erm...an accident.

    If I were the dicks I would do the same wouldn't you?.


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