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Murat's lawyer: “Nobody lies without a reason”

The lawyer tells how the PJ’s attitude changed

by Idálio Revez

The first time that Robert Murat was questioned at the PJ in Portimão, his lawyer Francisco Pagarete tells, the questions were of the kind: “You did it! Tell us what you did with the child!”. At that time, the investigators were looking for a thread that would lead them to a possible abductor. One and a half months later, the situation changes: “How did you help the parents get rid of the child’s body?”. In August, already accompanied by his lawyer, the police environment changes radically: “We know you have nothing to do with this, we apologise for making you come back here once more”.

About Maddie’s disappearance, the lawyer says: “I don’t know what happened to the child – I just say one thing: if nobody did anything wrong, why did they point a finger at Murat?”. And concerning the question that disquiets Murat – “Why did the McCanns’ three friends lie, saying that they had seen him there [Ocean Club] on that night” -, he adds his own opinion: “Nobody lies without a reason”. Concerning what was said and written about this subject, he considers that the media left his client “lying on the floor” and that his life was never the same again. “Children threw stones at the house, saying: “A bad man lives here”.” During the summer of 2007, people would roam towards Casa Liliana, in Praia da Luz, where Murat lived. “Psychologically, he was shattered”, he stresses, recalling that little by little, he tries to emerge from the depression that he fell into, but it is very hard. “Before I am his lawyer, I am his friend”, he states, recalling that they went to kindergarten together. “There is a difference between freedom of expression and rummaging through people’s private life.” “The right to give news ends where another person’s right to an intimate life starts”.

Concerning the British media, his position is very critical: “The press was biased. The news was broken in the following way: “This man is guilty, we have already caught him and it was even us who turned him over to the police””, he says, alluding to the journalist [Lori Campbell] who said she had noted “strange” signs in Murat during his contact with the media. But there is a difference in the way that these cases are handled in Portugal and in England. The lawsuits that were filed against the British press were swiftly settled with a “deal” concerning the amount of the compensation. In our country, “there is no evolution” concerning the five lawsuits that have been filed almost one year ago.

“The sensationalist newspapers are sensationalist by nature. The others just did their job”, he says.

in: Público, 05.03.2010


  1. Lori Campbell - hang your head in shame.

  2. The McCanns would rue the day they tried to frame both Amaral and Murat.

  3. Why does he not take legal action against Campbell and Mitchell for their innuendos?

  4. Dear Murat,

    I never believed the bad stories about you. Very soon me and my family in Portugal felt something was wrong, about the McCanns.
    We had no reasons to think you were a bad man.
    We did not believe the media.
    Someday, very soon, your life will get better and we all will know the truth.
    Fuck the MacCanns, the Paynes and Tapas 5.
    I pray life will destroy them a 1000 times more than they destroyed you.
    I pray the devil is visiting them.
    I pray Maddie's ghost will show up every day, crying for justice.
    I pray they will have millions of nightmares, seeing her suffering tiny little body dying, over and over again.
    I wish them hell.
    I wish them hell.

  5. Dear Robertt Murat, you need a treatment with a psychotherapist who can help you to survive this terrible injustice.
    There are very good ones in Portugal.
    Please don't underestimate this problem.
    You are still young and you will make it.
    God bless you!

  6. Thank you Mr Pagarete.
    It seems they are human, angry, disappointed and are looking for answers.
    I hope and wish they succeed with whichever steps and actions they are taking.


  7. " “there is no evolution” concerning the five lawsuits that have been filed almost one year ago."

    I wonder which 5 actions we are talking about...


  8. You're right poster (1), Lori Campbell should hang her head in shame and so should the members of the Tapas group, who lied about Robert Murat. What they did was cruel and deceitful and if they can do this to one human being, what else are they doing to other human beings in other aspects of their lives?

  9. Thanks again Jo for this and I definitely think things are really looking up yet more still in terms of justice. The McCanns decided to sue Goncalo and he has dealt them a terrible blow and it just serves them right. Lee Rainbow and the Prosecutors views coming out. This guff in the British press is their way of fighting fire with fire, too little too late, they cannot compensate for what went on Sky News!

    I have to say that is what I suspected Robert may be guilty of, assisting the McCanns to get rid of Maddie. I never once thought he actually abducted her because it was always plain to me from the earliest days the McCanns were involved in some way in disposing of Maddie notably because Gerry lied about the windows and shutters. It is justice in a way that the same British newspapers printed those details that have always let the police know they are involved. It is tolerably clear that Robert was only a suspect due to the number of bent witnesses that made him one, Lori Campbell, Jane Tanner&Russell O'Brien, Fiona Paybe and Rachel Oldfield. Quite obviously the police could not ignore this but it is a terrible travesty of justice and the police were clearly very tough with him until realising the truth.

    As Murat's lawyer so chillingly points out for them, no one lies without a reason. It does seem clear this action is going ahead against those who have told lies about Robert. I wish them the very best of luck because if they can prove in a Pt court this lot lied the McCanns will be well and truly finished. I just wonder what the Brits will have to say about that behind the scenes though and the prospects of giving this crew a fair trial.

  10. Poor Murat got financial compensation (a paltry sum compared to what the papers made) but no front page apology...

  11. I bet Miss Campbell thought she was very clever at the time. She was probably watching too much Law And Order or CSI.

  12. Not just Campbell. Mitchell and ALL his acolytes which includes most of the so-called journalists in the tabloids and their editors who condoned all the carp written about Robert Murat and his family and friends. The McCanns and their entourage seemed to come off quite lightly compared to what Robert Murat had to go through.

  13. Lori Campbell and Sky Reporter Ian Woods

  14. Another life practically ruined by the McConns and their equally loathesome tapas pals,i hope Murat wins his case,then afterwards finds peace in his life.

  15. A horrible, horrible thing to happen to anyone. Woe be to anyone who's ever caught up in the McCann stampede.

    It is an awful stain that Robert Murat and his family have to live with - until the day that we get to the bottom of what happened to Madeleine McCann. And that day will come.

  16. I have read again the statements of several GNR officers, each and every one of them says that Robert was not there that night, some did see him the following morning. They also say that Jane was waiting there to tell some of them of her sighting, but it was dark, she did not really see this predator but saw the pyjamas, how very odd. And what remarkable memory recall she possessed several months later for Panorama! I do think this woman she go down for years.

    These people are nothing more than wicked liars. Will the McCanns and their friends be telling us next well the GNR officers are all liars too? I know who I choose to believe, they have no reason to lie. If they had seen Robert there they would clearly have no hesitation in saying so and marking him out as a suspect.

    Interestingly also these officers confirm that searches were carried on all night, one officer not being relieved until 9 the following morning. They were called in even though on leave and one officer actually volunteered to just turn up, even though off duty, and did so in his own car. Again, the McCanns depiction of the police is just plain wicked. At 4 am Kate appeared apparently and asked one of them, have you blocked the roads off? Around the same time, Gerry asked can you direct us to a church. Searching for their daughter and concerned about her whereabouts, it does not sound that way. But as the officers depict they were concerned about making wailing noises although shedding no tears. Needless to say there was no sign of any breakin and one officer specifically recalls the window was closed and the shutter only up by about a hands depth. The twins never even moved in spite of all the noise. It is amazing what happened to all three children in between these erm numerous checks that night. I think it was Almeida I read pointed out Kate made just one check in one and half hours she did not see her children. He dismisses the so called check at 9.30 by Mat Oldfield as absurd, I concur. Shame on you Kate McCann. How much longer are you going to live this terrible and wicked lie where you have victimised so many people, not least your own children?

  17. TTS (#6), according to a small side article in Público, concerning the media, lawsuits have been filed against four [Portuguese] newspapers and one [Portuguese] tv station. If you take into account that Mr Pagarete mentions the five lawsuits immediately after mentioning the deal that was struck with the UK media, I think it is safe to assume that the five lawsuits concern the Portuguese media - slow evolution by comparison with the UK process, etc.

  18. Astro,

    Now I am confused! Five lawsuits against four Portuguese newspapers and one TV station. Where is the lawsuit against Jane Tanner? Is there really one or not?

  19. "Nobody lies without a reason."

    1) IMO it is just about the most stuuuuuupid thing for not just one person, but THREE people who are so closely associated, to come forward with a claim against someone that can be disproven. Sniffer dogs were already on the scene and Robert Murat was being scrutinised to the teeth, for crying out loud!

    2) That said, and knowing that their claim could be disproven if no one else came forward to support that claim, why would THREE people so closely connected want to come forward to insist upon this claim? You see, that move is quite emphatic and gives the impression that it is very important to 'establishing' who might have been seen at the Ocean Club or its environs that night. And the issue is with THAT night. Did they claim it was Robert Murat to 'put a face' to a person who may have been seen in a particular place or engaged in an act that would have aroused suspicion? And if so, who could that person be, what were they doing and where were they??? My suspicion is that it is someone who is similar in looks or build to Robert Murat - someone who others on the scene could VAGUELY remember having seen.

    I just can't think of any other reason why three professionals would go to the trouble of hatching such a plan! But what is apparent is that it is verrrrry important to them.

  20. Fernis that was already established by many sources has being true, Jane Tanner has a criminal complaint for calumny at Lagos court. Another newspaper advanced that there is also another criminal complaint against 3 of the McCann couple friends. The other 5 lawsuits are, as Astro explained above, to Portuguese media outlets.

  21. I'm still very confused as to the 'legal' process of this.

    If this was heard originally at a criminal court - Murat VS Tanner and the judge agrees it was a criminal offence (defamation). I understand that Murat can then go to the civil courts to claim compensation.

    However IMO it is not a crime of defamation but surely a crime of perverting the course of justice if it was PROOVED that Tanner had lied.

    That would make much more sense to me.

    Regarding suing the Portuguese press I can understand that that could be classed as defamation - but the press didn't lie to get someone made into an arguido (if you understand?).

    Does that make sense.

  22. well, anonymous 21, unfortunately some of the Portuguese press was also conniving in spreading misinformation on Murat. And actually calumny in Portugal is a crime, as I posted before here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/02/robert-murat-criminal-complaint-against.html

    From the Portuguese Penal Code [Rectification to the CPP n.º 102/2007, of 31/10]:

    Artcle 365.º – Calumnious Denunciation

    1- Whom, by any means, before the authority or publicly, with the knowledge of falsity of the imputation, denounces or casts upon a determined person the suspicion of the practice of crime, with intent that against her it is placed a legal proceeding, shall be punished with imprisonment up to 3 years or with a fine.

    2 – If the conduct consists in the false imputation of unlawful fact or disciplinary penalty, the agent is punished with imprisonment of up to 1 year or a fine of up to 120 days.

    3 – If the means used by the agent is traduced in presenting, altering or distort evidence, the agent is punished:
    a) In the case of nº1, with imprisonment up to 5 years;
    b) In the case of nº 2, with imprisonment up to 3 years or a fine.

    4 – If from the fact results the deprivation of liberty of the offended, the agent is punished with imprisonment of 1 up to 8 years.

    5 – To the request of the offended the court orders the public knowledge of the conviction sentence, under Article 189º.

  23. Words fail me to describe this couple. Profanity weakens the sentiment, and wit cannot capture the depths to which they have sunk. They represent the absolute lowest ebb of modern humanity - the negative of all the human traits. The damage they have done cannot be measured. They think nothing of destroying others- they are consummately selfish. Whatever happened to Madeleine, perhaps she is better off there (in the afterlife, if there is one; and in oblivion, if there isn't) than growing up with parents like these.

    They use language to twist meanings
    They use intelligence to deceive
    They use emotion to manipulate
    They use the legal system to bully

    This pair is the antithesis of everything that is good about humanity. The striking and frightening thing is the level of success that they have had thus far. It shows how thin the veneer really is...


  24. Joanna - thank you you are an angel.

    That makes sense. So prison sentences could be involved if proved guilty.

  25. Hi Joana, do you know if Murat vs Tanner is going to trial?

  26. Thanks Joana, I'm happy with that :)

  27. I have a feeling that Mr Murat is going to be the key to the unlocking of this whole mystery.
    In which case, Robert, please watch your back. I fear for you.

  28. Anon 19
    Nicely put.
    And the comparion between Mr Murat and another person whose actions towards children have been the subject of comment, has been reheased many times.

  29. Hi Dan, the complaint against Jane Tanner was made about one year ago, our bureaucracy in Portugal and the delays in Justice are a well know fact - as far as I know (and I'm no expert in legal issues), the case is at the moment on the inquest phase, which means that the judge of criminal instruction [literate translation] appointed to that process is evaluating if the case has fundamentation to go to trial or not.

  30. How much longer is this circus going to go on, before someone with the clout do do something, does something?

    The McCanns ruined Madeleine's life in PDL, because of their disgraceful behaviour. Who knows what is going to happen in the lives of the twins in the future, when the full impact of their parents behaviour, past and present, kicks in.

    The McCanns have stood by and watched Robert Murat's life and that of his family turned upside down, because of insinuations, by Lori Campbell and lies told by their mates. Robert Murat and his family are still being persecuted and no one is doing anything to help them.

    The McCanns are now helping to ruin the lives of innocent children and members of their family, by feeding the media information, including photographs of these innocent people.

    Along with others, I would like to thank Joana for providing us with this information and allowing us to express our views on her forum.

    Joana, can I please ask you a couple of favours. Can you please give me the email address of the Policia Judiciâria, I am going to keep emailing them, until they wake up and realise that the more the McCanns and their friends are allowed to behave in the way they are doing, the more lives they are going to ruin.

    Also do you have an email address for Robert Murat? I just want to give him some moral support. Thank you Joana.

  31. i wish robert murat all the luck in the world after what hes been through im so shocked at how those tapas friends of the mccanns pointed the finger at him like that it could have been anyone of us if we had been there this case has got to be reopened theres somthing not right about it never ever seen a case like this before somthing is so fishy ,joana your blog is great

  32. Dear Kathybelle, the Policia Judiciaria site is here http://www.policiajudiciaria.pt/ the email for the PJ in Lisbon is directoria.lisboa@pj.pt and the PJ in Faro is directoria.faro@pj.pt, however it is not the PJ that has the judicial powers to re-open the investigation but the Portuguese Public Ministry and the Portuguese General Attorney Pinto Monteiro - the email is mailpgr@pgr.pt and mp.lisboa.tr@tribunais.org.pt. Magalhães e Menezes, the prosecutor who holds Madeleine McCann archived process is at the Procuradoria-Geral Distrital de Évora, the email is evora.tr@tribunais.org.pt and while at it here is as well the email address for the Portuguese Justice Minister Alberto Martins, actually of the office of the state cabinet of the minister: ministro@mj.gov.pt

  33. Oh dear oh dear - things seem to be going 'pear shaped' for the McCanns. Isabel blurts out the words "reopen the case" gerry tries to pull that back in and call it "a case review" but it seems to be getting away from him as The Sun newspaper today now calls for 'reopening of the case'


    Oops, Gerry, how did Clarence manage to let that one slip through - better call Carter Ruck quick!

  34. KeirSimmonsITV Exclusive: Kate and Gerry #McCann to release statement - they fear details of sightings published recently 'compromise' Madeleine search.

  35. @23
    Good post....you sum it up well.

  36. Joana "KeirSimmonsITV Exclusive: Kate and Gerry #McCann to release statement - they fear details of sightings published recently 'compromise' Madeleine search."

    Are we seeing a bit of panic now from the McCanns?

    They are losing control as things are not following the 'script'

  37. Joana Morais, thank you for your continued work in trying to bring justice for Maddy. Your dedication is commendable, as is that of your colleague's and Goncalo Amaral.
    Please keep up the good work, as many here in the UK follow your blog's as I do, first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.
    Could this be love? I've never poured praise like this on any other woman.

  38. Well thanks Joanna.

    And I must have imagined Clarence Mitchell saying to the world that these sightings were like gold dust to the McCanns.

    Oh well. All change again eh!

  39. @ Petermac post 27, i agree, i wish Mr Murat all the best luck and i really hope he takes the neglectors/(and also much more) and the lieing stinking tappa's lot through the courts. but please be careful i cant helping those "death threats" came from a certain lot, who want him shut up.Mr Murat i never once thought you was involved even with the likes of Mitchell saying "you was similer to Ian Huntly(the spinning t**t) and when that vile Lori Campbell wrote that disgusting piece about you, and when the tappa's (cough swingers cough* ) lot tried to frame you and our media/press slated you all the time, i still thought the whole lot was covering for the Mccanns.(and will never to my last day will i think any different)

  40. Anon 23 - great post thank you, especially :-

    "They use language to twist meanings
    They use intelligence to deceive
    They use emotion to manipulate
    They use the legal system to bully"

    You can include their charming spokesperson in that description as well. All very negative energy akin to an antisocial personality disorder or things much more sinister.


  41. So far the Portuguese judiciary has let down Sr Amaral by imposing a gag on him and bowing to the requests of the McCanns.

    Will the forthcoming libel trial of Sr Amaral change the tide in his favour?

    I do not hold my breath as logic appears to be way down on the list of priorities of these judges in favour of placating the McCanns at the cost of freedom of speech.

    Plus, the judiciary has also let down the cause of justice and the protection of children, by not even prosecuting the McCanns for leaving their children alone night after night and terrible harm coming to one of them.

    That is like giving a green light to any others who want to do the same when they holiday in Portugal.

    Will they get a pass the way the McCanns have?

    So let's see if the judiciary will come down on the side of Robert Murat and his request for an action to be brought against those friends of the McCanns.

    If not, then I for one, barring a confession of some sort, will have lost complete faith there is any justice to be found in this case.

  42. People should remember that the McCanns too are a commodity and behind them they have the manipulators and agencies and lawyers all there to keep justice at bay. In the 21st century any crime can be covered and smoothed over by the crisis management people all for the right price. It may sound far fetched but the poor McCanns are merely pawns. Look what happened when the bully McCann tries to control the media, he loses it and talks about reopening the case, behind the scenes lark etc. Its all quiet sinister. Only Yesterday we read of an PR agency Hanover citing how they helped the McCanns as part of its CV.


  43. Thank you very much Joana for the information, re the web sites, of the relevant people, for me to contact. I have wrote down all he email addresses. I'll put my money were my mouth is and start contacting these people straight away.

    Once again thank you Joana.

  44. I think Robert Murat would also have a case against Kate McCann. I believe she pointed a finger in his direction too!

    Did Robert know them all before they arrived in Praia de Luz? Has he ever been asked that?

  45. If the Murat case is allowed to go against him then forget the Maccanns ever ever paying for Maddie's demise . They will rule the world. Oh Portugal you foolish lot. You have brought your lovely country and its people to shame. For two shithouse quacks of doctors.
    This man Maccann is a doctor in a UK hospital would you go to him I would not allow this bastard to touch me with a bargepole. A doctor with a criminal mind. scarey.

  46. :)] The best byte is probably this:

    "And concerning the question that disquiets Murat – “Why did the McCanns’ three friends lie, saying that they had seen him there [Ocean Club] on that night” -, he adds his own opinion: “Nobody lies without a reason”."

    ;) Now, if I were the McCann's I would sue Murat for defamation...
    x( "Eh! Who barked? Who brought these dogs in here!"


  47. Anon 44

    Robert Murat has said that he did not know the McCanns.

    That refusal by Gerry McCann to answer the question as to whether he knew Murat has only served to muddy the waters and make it appear as if he did. It has also led to speculation the Murat was involved in some way.

    But then, Gerry McCann has said previously that confusion is best, or words to that effect.

    That kind of confusion has sure paid off for the McCann as there is confusion throughout this case, and so far no charges brought against them, even though they left their children alone night after night resulting in one of them coming to serious harm.

    Murat has never refused to answer a single question that has been asked him and has always been found to be truthful.

    Unlike others closely connected to the case.

  48. Dear Joana, I have emailed the Policia Judiciâria, with my thoughts and I have also emailed the Portuguese Public Ministry whith my thoughts regarding the opening of the case.

    I'll let you know if I get a reply and with your permission, I will forward any replies I receive, to your email address.

    Thanks again Joana, you're a gem.xx

  49. Murat's lawyer's interview may actually be the trigger for this latest McCann press release. The lawyer claims the PJ APOLOGISED to Murat and told him they KNOW he is not involved. Can the McCanns' many lawyers say the same about their clients?

  50. Mr Murat has been through so much and so has his family. I wish him the best.

  51. I think this case being solved owes a lot to Dr Amaral and sites like this that follow everything in a calm manner. It must have been very difficult when all the TM press releases came out in the British press.
    Team Joana and others kept going no matter what. I salute you!

  52. @51 - Team Joana - I like that - we do certainly seem to be part of one big family with poor Maddie's interests at the heart of our concerns (which is more than can be said for certain people).

    Just goes to show that the centuries old friendship between the Portuguese and British people is alive and well (and long may it continue).

    Keep up the brilliant work, Joana - we all really appreciate your tremendous efforts on behalf of Maddie and Justice.


  53. I may be wrong but i read only recently that Kate was a bridesmaid in the seventies to Murats cousin or some relation,i can't remember where i read it though.

  54. Can anyone confirm that a charge of calumnious denunciation has ever been brought in a case where witness statements give different accounts of events?

    It would never happen in the UK, and for good reason. Those who give a deliberately false statement to the police would be dealt with by the perjury laws, but there is no precedent I can think of for an individual actually suing people who gave information to the police as part of an investigation. They can go into court and simply say they thought at the time it was true.
    For Murat to prove this, he must be able to prove that it was done maliciously, and I think this will prove difficult in practice.

  55. If the McCann's feel the recent release by the UK press of the sightings has compromised their search for Madeleine - Does this mean they will be suing again, as this was one of the reasons for the action against Goncalo Amaral - that his book compromised their search.

    I wonder if they can show us specifically in what way the search has been hindered?

    I don't suppose they can!

  56. 53 I find your post disingenuous because it sounds to me like you most certainly already know the answer in relation to UK law, Tanner's statement would be privileged, although I do not think there would be anything to stop him suing her for damages after any criminal conviction. Think Express Newspapers v Archer as to the interaction between civil and criminal proceedings in such a case (but I am sure you already have).

    But it is not an application of UK law we are referring to here, as you know full well and I am very clear about that given your pretty expert legal language. I think you also know full well that Murat is not seeking to invoke civil law in Portugal given that calumny is a criminal offence there and entirely similar to our own criminal offence of perverting the course of justice. Tanner is guilty of that so stop trying to split hairs.

    If you have any doubts on that maybe you should go back to what she told the GNR officers at the time, it was dark and she could not see said predator, and then have a look at the technicolour description 6 months later for Panorama, complete this time with masses of black hair, "that is what I clearly remember". This woman is a bare faced liar, highly "malicious" and her conduct towards Murat, absolutely wicked. Damage limitation is simply not appropriate and neither is the suggestion that UK are better than Portugal!

  57. Anon 53

    The Portuguese law takes witness statements very seriously, and a person would do well to make sure they know that what they are saying is the truth and not merely a mistake, or they could find themselves prosecuted.

    Jane Tanner has changed her story several times, and included one of those description as fitting Murat.

    She then changed her mind again when it was discovered that Murat was innocent.

    How many goes does she get with these descriptions before the law steps in and puts a stop to it, especially as in one of those description she has pointed the finger at an innocent man who she said she was sure of at the time.

  58. By the way, Jane Tanners' pointing the finger of Murat also coincided with that of her friends 'definite' sightings of him that night.

    Then this 'definite sighting' was flippantly abandoned by her husband when it was proved it was not Murat, by him saying that he must have got the days wrong then.

    So how did he get confused by that very night which was so obviously outstanding, and the one after?

    How did all of them? It does not appear there was even somebody there that night that looked like Murat (expect Payne of course), that they could have confused him with.

    No, he was picked out specially as being there, even though the people who knew he said he definitely wasn't.

  59. Way to go Murat. Well done.

  60. Joana, I've just discovered your site, and it might take weeks to read
    it all but thank you so much for making all this information available.
    From the McCanns very first press conference I always felt the story
    didn't add up and felt very frustrated at the media coverage over the
    years. I've just got a computer and discovered how many people feel
    the same way, I cannot believe how the facts have been manipulated.

    Thank you so so much,Maybelle

  61. @ 52 spot on. Recently posting at my disbelief of all these '100% certain it was Madeleine' sightings on YouTube today, I was informed that 'people like you will be f***ing sorry when she is found'. It's amazing how LOW those who believe/ support this 'Abduction' nonesense will stoop. Unlike on Joana's blog, whereby the comments are generally limited to proper vocabulary and intelligent viewpoint. Can't these people actually defend their tenuous position without resulting to threats/ insults/ allegations of paedophilia if one does not 'believe'?

    @ 3, 27, 39 and Especially the eloquent poster @ 23...

    I couldn't agree with you more. FROM DAY ONE during that very first appeal where KM STARED at the camera like a psychopath - I thought something was wrong. Later in 2007, when the PJ archived the processs, I thought maybe the McC's were innocent?

    Since that time and especially with the release of the PJ Files, I've learned a lot. Blogs like this help me to learn. KNOW THIS TEAM McC: MANY LIKE ME NO LONGER BELIEVE YOUR FAIRYTALE. It's a bit like growing up and learning that there isn't a Santa Claus after all... (upsetting, but truth is always best? I can live with truth.)

    For MBM, there are many of us who now want JUSTICE. How many more lives will these AWFUL, RECKLESS, SELF-SERVIENT individuals destroy?
    Well not for much longer. I think 2010 is going to be a breakthrough year...

    I believe the 'White Knight' in this is Robert Murat. If he can go ahead with his proposed trials, he might just break alibi's apart. If JT is FORCED to alter her statement THEN The PJ may have a VALID reason to re-open the process? Robert: If you are reading this, I NEVER ONCE thought you were guilty. Your telephone conversation on Page 2 of the PJ Files, shows what an honest man you are - you have respect for Authority (Calling the officer 'Sir' - something the McC's don't possess; respect) and you even mentioned that 'finding the little girl' was the most important aspect. What a noble man; accused of an horrendous crime but still caring about the little girl's well-being. That shows innocence in my eyes.

    And what of the McCs? February 19th 2010 they were 'heartbroken' that so many leads were not followed up. Their Lawyer ID used those same leads to continue the temporary injuction against Goncalo Amaral. March 6th 2010, they now condemn the decision to release those same files!!! WHAT?! These sightings are no less credible than that ridiculous 'Victoria Beckham' nonesense we've heard no more about. Whose next? The Soup Dragon? The Wooden Tops?

    It's time to end this TM. You 'know more than us' so spill the beans and let's give MBM the justice and peace she so richly deserves. If she has unfortunately passed away, then you are guilty of denying her rights even in demise. How very, very sad. :-(

    May the truth one day be known.

  62. ShuBob at 49

    That is a very good point.

    Murat has been told by the PJ they KNOW he is not involved and apologised to.

    Meanwhile the McCanns have been telling people the spin they have been cleared of all charges (even though no charges were brought yet).

    No wonder they don't want the case reopened.

    If it is reopened the McCanns may end up 'arguidos' again, and that will be very confusing for everybody who has so far believed them.

    So how will they spin on that?

  63. For future reference:


    This video is an interview by the gutsy journalist Sandra F. On this video, GM mentions that the 'Abductor' 'nearly got caught by Jane'. Thus, if Robert Murat can break JT's alibi apart, WHERE will KM and GM turn to for 'witnesses' of:

    a) Who else saw the 'Abductor'?
    b) Who saw GM in the street at the same time as the 'Abduction'? Jeremy Wilkins didn't place JT or the 'Abductor' in the street as JT said. According to JT, there were 4 people: JT, GM, Jeremy and the 'Abductor'. Jeremey only saw GM and doesn't remember anybody else. Strange that, because GM said it was 'extremely quiet'.
    c) If JT didn't actually see an 'Abductor' where does that leave the 'Abduction' theory?

    Because by their own testimony, the LAST PERSON ON EARTH to see MBM was GM. Though, KM could be involved as she 'knows what she saw' at 10PM. NOBODY ELSE SAW MBM AFTER GM. Nobody - in their own words.

    May the truth one day be known.

  64. Why did Jane Tanner and three other members of the Tapas group attempt to put Mr Murat in the frame? This is a question which needs to be answered and may unravel the whole abduction story. Mr Murat's lawyer is right that nobody lies without a reason and it's about time Ms Tanner explained why she identified Mr Murat as the man she saw carrying Maddie.
    Hopefully, one day the truth will at last emerge.

  65. Has there been anymore news on Murat v Tanner? I hope he won't be silenced like the rest of the ecent people who want justice for Madeleine.


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