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News Recap: Amaral, McCanns, Halligen and a FOIA request

On Gonçalo Amaral: According to an article on the Portuguese daily newspaper Correio da Manhã, published on the 17th of March, Gonçalo Amaral was questioned at the directory of Faro regarding a new accusation made by the McCann couple lawyer, Isabel Duarte, who alleged that Gonçalo Amaral had violated the secrecy of justice of the so-called Maddie Case process. In January, during the hearing of the injunction that banned Gonçalo Amaral's book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie' from the Portuguese bookshops, Isabel Duarte stated to the media that the breach of the secrecy of justice was made because Gonçalo Amaral had sent his book draft to the publishers «Guerra & Paz» before the process was archived by the Public Ministry. On the 1st of July the Portuguese Public Ministry prosecutor evaluated the PJ final report to decide on the continuation of the investigation or on the archival, on the 21st of July the Portuguese Attorney general in a press note announced the Maddie Case process archival. From that date the process of the investigation to the disappearence of Madeleine McCann was released to the media and to interested persons upon request. Gonçalo Amaral's book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie' was publicly presented on Thursday, 24 of July 2008 at the El Corte Ingles, in Lisbon. Since September 15, 2007, with the amendments made to the Criminal Procedure Code, Article 86, paragraph 6, the secrecy of justice stopped being enforced on all the process cases except when and if decided by the Public Ministry or by the Instruction Judge heading the inquest to an investigation.

On the 18th of March, Correio da Manhã newspaper gave notice that the process made by António Leandro David da Silva's lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia against Gonçalo Amaral was dismissed by the Court of Faro. Leandro accused Gonçalo Amaral of aggression at the PJ of Faro headquarters on the 13th of October 2004, and asked 500 thousand euros for compensation. The complaint, however was only presented in July 2009.

Leandro was Joana Isabel Guerreiro Cipriano [who disappeared on the 12 September 2004] 'stepfather' and companion of Leonor Cipriano, the woman who was accused by the Supreme Court of Justice of qualified homicide, hiding the cadaver and cadaver profanation of the eight year old girl body, along with her brother, João Cipriano. Leonor and João Cipriano were convicted by the Supreme Court [link to the Supreme court decision, process JSTJ000 - fully translated in this blog at «Supreme Court of Justice - 'Joana case' ruling»]; in March 2006 to 16 years and eight months imprisonment for Joana's murder.

On the Cipriano case, the Supreme Court of Justice [link to the Supreme court decision, process 330/04.2JAPTM-B.S1] of 17/12/2009 signed by the judges Souto Moura, Soares Ramos and Carmona da Mota dismissed the new appeal to revise the sentence of Leonor Cipriano presented by her lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia. The lawyer presented as new evidence for the appeal a confession letter signed by João Cipriano where he allegedly stated that he had «attempted to sell» Joana Cipriano - a confession, as the lawyer bragged on the media, that was given because he 'bluffed' João Cipriano, telling him to «sign the confession adding that if he did not say the truth, an inmate from another prison that was going to be transferred to that establishment would murder him, simulate his suicide, on behalf of the people who wanted to buy Joana». João Cipriano ended up presenting a different version to the Sentence Execution Court, in Lisbon, he “denied to have written, signed and did not remember having dictated", to anyone, the contents of a statement that was presented as being authored by him but admitted to his sister lawyer visit.

Marcos Aragão Correia stated that on his visit to João Cipriano on 18th May 2009, who is detained at the Carregueira prison, in Belas (Sintra) he saw [as a psychic] "lots of blood running down his face as if he was guilty of an heinous crime" - the same lawyer also said that he is not completely sure that Joana is dead because in another «vision» he saw her "walking accompanied by a couple". The lawyer also presented the 8 page declaration written by Leonor Cipriano on 15 January 2009 [translated here] which gave [another] different version of the events of that night, accusing her brother of murdering Joana, a declaration that at the same time admitted that Leonor was willing to «sell» her daughter Joana to an alleged foreign couple. The lawyer also presented witnesses statements made by elements of the Cipriano family, excerpts of the book written by criminologist Barra da Costa, a private letter and a PJ's old report to which the lawyer admitted receiving in an unclear manner. Marcos Aragão Correia additionally fundamented the appeal using a persistent attack on Gonçalo Amaral, the PJ coordinator of the Joana Case - in the appeal the lawyer stated that «We can not therefore be admired by the calamitous results of a criminal investigation handed to a dangerous and violent alcoholic, even more catastrophic when we are before serious crimes committed against children, to whom, only too late appeared the good sense of removing him from the investigations when the same alcoholic repeated the same gross mistakes without fundamentation and without any evidence against the mother of another missing child in the Algarve (Madeleine Beth McCann)» [in the process document 330/04.2JAPTM-B.S1 and from Marcos Aragão Correia own site 'The little girls that came from the stars'].

The Public Ministry understood that the revision should be denied, adding that "Having seen the text of the appeal, there is a clear attempt to tarnish the image of the Judiciary Police, especially of one former element of that Police who was involved in the investigation of the case which led to the conviction" and "this animosity can not serve to justify the application for review of the decision, much less affirmations like «Apparently, II [Gonçalo Amaral] took a course in criminal investigation in Guinea-Bissau or in an analogous country, or was driven by motives for us as yet unknown so that the truth was not to be discovered». The Public Ministry also added «But beyond this, and still under the same scope, the Public Ministry has to raise the question about the legitimacy of joining to the appeal a private letter, referred to as a letter sent by the wife of one PJ element to his hierarchy superior, as well as a service report from the PJ picket, documents that the distinguished lawyer stated to have reached his hands in an illicit manner, which nevertheless did not inhibit the the lawyer of joining them to the process."

On the confession forced by Marcos Aragão Correia «bluff» the Public Ministry stated: "And, in that which refers to the co-defendant CC [João Cipriano], it is understood that the activity of the distinguished lawyer goes beyond all legal and ethical rules to which he owes obedience" and "The description given by the distinguished lawyer himself of how he obtained the 'declaration' signed by the arguido [João Cipriano], who is represented by another lawyer, is almost frightening, and an absolutely forbidden method of obtaining evidence". Regarding the new declaration made by Leonor Cipriano the Public Ministry stated: "It is pathetic the justification that she gave - of only now revealing the facts for being afraid of being arrested for trying to sell her daughter" and "what follows here is a desperate attempt by the defendant/appellant to escape liability for the acts performed by her and for which she is serving a sentence".

On Barra da Costa texts, taken from his book "Maddie, Joana and the Criminal Investigation" and presented as well as basis for the appeal by Marcos Aragão Correia, the Public Ministry wrote: "Finally, as to the alleged scientific view of the criminologist Dr. BBB, the applicant limits to transcribing long excerpts from a book that was written by the above mentioned in which he "established that the criminal investigation" that was carried in this case and in another highly mediatic case [Maddie's] "was poorly made". The PM continued, "no matter how scientific it is the opinion of that author, all that the same states is totally irrelevant to the case at issue here, it is nothing more than personal opinions of a person who was not even involved in the process and who only criticizes the actions of everyone, including the one of the Supreme Court of Justice."

The Public Ministry then summarizes the grounds for denying the appeal: «Appeal for revision, which, from the above, should be denied by:

- Not being admissible, given the failure to report «new» facts, already known by the defendants at the time of conviction;

- Even admitting the possibility of the review with those facts, it is certain that the «declarations» appended to the process are not valid;

- Even accepting that validity, they do not contain credible evidence;

- And, even if they were understood as that they would not be enough to raise a sufficient doubt to review the final decision, since they are unaccompanied by other elements of evidence;»

The Supreme Court of Justice collective of judges gave a similar fundamentation for the denial of the appeal to revise Leonor Cipriano's sentence.

On Marcos Aragão Correia: this was the lawyer who was recruited by the McCann's Spanish private detectives Metodo 3 to collaborate with them in the objective of «promoting the intersection of the Joana and Maddie cases» in order to make Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the PJ of Portimão, the main target. In the process that accused Gonçalo Amaral of failing to denounce acts of torture during the interrogation of Leonor Cipriano, Marcos Aragão Correia even tried to make a deal with the defence lawyer of 4 of the 5 PJ officers accused of torturing Leonor Cipriano, the «dodgy» deal, according to one of the 4 PJ officers was: "All of you incriminate Gonçalo Amaral and I’ll arrange so that Leonor Cipriano says that you have nothing to do with this" - a deal that was obviously rejected. When Gonçalo Amaral received the suspended sentence for failing to denounce acts of torture, which according to the court ruling were acts performed by unknown persons; the lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia gloated in the media "Target was hit, Gonçalo Amaral was convicted". This was also the lawyer who interrupted Gonçalo Amaral's 50st birthday party, in October 2009 - Gonçalo Amaral, his family and friends were on the street in front of a restaurant in Portimão, making a toast when the lawyer approached them inside a car making obscene gestures, perhaps trying to provoke a violent reaction from those attending the birthday party.

The lawyer is also a member in «Justice 4 ALL Madeleine McCann Family» forum, aka Rosiepop's forum, and uses the original nick name of "Leonor lawyer" - the forum and the blog of the same name are well-known for defaming and creating scurrilous lies about anyone and everyone who has a contrary view and opinion to the McCann couple alleged thesis of Madeleine's abduction. Some members of that forum wrote and self-edited a book in 2008 titled 'The Madeleine Investigation: Incompetence or Corruption?' where some of  the documents and photographs were allegedly provided by the lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia. The book basically is an attempt to defame the Judiciary Police, targeting Gonçalo Amaral in particular.

It is still incomprehensible how the OA - the Portuguese lawyers order does nothing to prevent the systematic abusive and unjustified persecution of a citizen by the self-called psychic lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia, who in the words of the Public Ministry (in the decision to Leonor's appeal ) states that the actions of the lawyer "go beyond all legal and ethical rules", in other words the lawyer breached his obligation to the deontological code of the Portuguese Lawyers.

Other News

On Kevin Halligen: CourtNews.uk reported on the 26 of March, that Halligen is unable to afford a barrister. «A private detective accused of conning the McCann family of £300,000 to find their missing daughter Maddie could not afford to be represented in court today (fri). Security consultant Kevin Halligen, 48, is fighting extradition to the United States over claims he cheated Dutch company Trafigura out of £1.3million by offering to secure the release of their employees from an Ivory Coast jail.» One wonders what has happened to Mark Summers, the Matrix Chambers lawyer who was supposedly to represent Kevin Halligen and contest the extradition order requested by the US Government, after an indictment on charges of wire fraud and money laundering was given by a grand jury sitting in the District of Columbia, last year in November.

On the McCann Case: One of the High Profile FOIA Requests made early this year concerns an appeal, under the MPS Publication Scheme, for the release of the Metropolitan Police Service correspondence with other forces regarding Madeleine McCann, as well as transcripts of interviews, made by an UK TV news channel, in it we can read: «In particular, the «TV news channel» would like to acquire any material, correspondence that were conducted with the Portuguese police during 2007. The «TV news channel» would also like to acquire any correspondence that either Leicestershire police or the Met police had with the Home Office in relation to Madeline's disappearance. The «TV news channel» would also like to acquire transcripts of any interviews that were held with the McCanns or other witnesses. And any information that you now consider no longer an ongoing investigation.»


  1. If Halligen can't afford a Barrister he qualifies for legal aid.
    Or is it that no one wants to touch him.

  2. Thanks Joana for all your hard work. We will never give up I guess :)

  3. Thanks Joana for this information. What vindictive people there are who are out to get Sr Amaral. Anything goes as far as they are concerned, and even Sr Amaral's family are not out of bounds. It is disgraceful.

    As for Halligen not being able to afford a lawyer, then he will have to make do with the one allocated to him or is willing to represent him on legal aid. Here's hoping he tells what the work was that the McCanns wanted him to do for them.

    If he is afraid for some reason or other then he will be safer if he speaks out.

    I am hoping the PJ reopen this case as a murder investigation, and let's see how the McCanns try to spin on that!!

  4. I feel so sorry when I think what Goncalo Amaral is going through.

  5. What exactly did the mccanns pay halligen for? It certainly had nothing to do with finding Madeleine. Follow the momey.....


  6. As regards the secrecy of justice, it sounds like Isabel Duarte is engaging in vexatious litigation. Everything in GA's book was already public knowledge from various media reports long before the case was shelved.

    As for the last paragraph of your great summary, does this mean that the British media wish to delve deeper into the case? If such is the case, this could be interesting.


  7. No one is telling me that the McCann's did not know what Halligen was up to!

    It suited them perfectly to have a guy who was not bothered, not checking calls or following leads.

    Why are the McCann's and their mouthpiece Mitchell not shouting this from the hilltops, how their 'search' was sabotaged by this guy?

    A guy who stole £300,000.00 in fact from poor wee Madeleine!

    The months he was supposed to be working on leads, while Madeleine was languishing in the lair? And the McCann's are not outraged?
    They don't want to tell the world what happened, what this man did to their daughter?

    Puzzle is, how did none of the McCann Team not take action sooner? Clarence Mitchell in his statement said that they had monitored their private detectives - Halligen very closely.

    If that is to be believed then the whole of Team McCann are negligent. Are these highly paid people all stupid, or are they ALL now in on the scam - making sure they get their pound of flesh also?

    Easy pickings!

    Kennedy we are told is the one who "discovered" that things were not right with Halligen. So how can Mitchell claim Halligen was monitored closely and that they were happy with his work?

    What information did Halligen produce that was satisfactory to Kate, Gerry and Clarence?

    Oh, yes - zilch! 'Nothing' was the best result they could hope for. If Halligen had 'found the body and proved they did it' as Gerry said, that would not have gone done too well with tea and a bun! What the heck did they care what Halligen did with the cash!

    Or, IF Kennedy was the only one paying solely for Halligen's fee and not from the Fund, then it is Kennedy who Halligen has defrauded NOT the McCann's or their Fund.

    It is Kennedy who should be taking legal action against the guy.

    For loss of his monies AND for damaging the search for Madeleine, allowing the child to suffer many more months. Well they do say she is alive.

    Whatever scenario - Madeleine as ever is the one to suffer.

    Is there any action by Kennedy that anyone knows of, against Halligen?

    If he'd jumped ship with my £300,000.00 or part of - then I'd have something to say about it.

    Old Smethurst, Kennedy's company lawyer, who he loans out to the McCann's, is he not dealing with matters for him?

    If Smethhurst and Kennedy are sitting on their hands on this one, then they should be taking advice from their money grabbing clients the McCann's as they wouldn't let an opportunity like this to take legal action against Halligen pass them by. Not when money is concerned. And if they are sitting on their hands - you have to ask WHY?

    Also, is it a case that Kennedy, does not now finance the PI's and that the PI's are currently being paid from the Fund?

    What a shocking state of affairs.

    And we have to believe that ALL is being done to SEARCH for this wee girl?

    Bravo Joanna and your team for all the hard work in bringing to us news, updates and so much more on the case of this poor child. Bravo Sr Amaral for your astonishing courage to reach the truth of what happened on the evening Madeleine disappeared.

    Bravo to you all for the courage you have shown in such horrendous and adverse circumstances to fight for justice for this missing child.

    May your strength of courage continue.

    I wish you all the very best.

  8. Why is this psycho lawyer Marcos still free? HE should be charged with obstruction and perverting the course of justice, and of defamation of Amaral.

  9. "I am hoping the PJ reopen this case as a murder investigation, and let's see how the McCanns try to spin on that!!"
    That might be the only way in which it gets going again.
    To defend themselves, or one of them, against a charge of Murder or manslaughter they might have to tell the truth if that included an accidental death and subsequent concealment and so on, which I happen to think is the most likely and the most Occam's Razor friendly explanation.

  10. Thanks Joana. It seems very promising that there is an FOIA request by a UK TV news channel for such information this year. Could it be that an independent news channel is to make some real investigative journalism, wonders will never cease.

    As for political will in this case, I belive this government is easily cynical enough to simply protect their own backsides by effectively turning a blind eye to the McCann evidence of guilt. Brown, in particular, has no intention to admit he was wrong when he backed them so fervently. It is very convenient now for him to quietly hide behind the "it's an ongoing investigation" card. It was very ill-judged on his part to step in when he did on a soverign state's investigation but when he makes ill-judged decisions he never admits the fact. The government is not going to admit that they were made complete fools of by two ordinary doctors before an election. I think it's still all up to Portugal and they need to move to protect their interests from this corruption.

  11. Can anyone qualified to comment explain exactly what is the difference between a HIGH PROFILE FOI request and a non high profile? What are the implications?

  12. Poster 1 A barrister who dares to represent him? Can you imagine the harrassment/obstruction such a barrister is likely to encounter?

  13. Someone might consider some pro bono work as a barrister, just to get to the bottom of this story, which is now aquiring epic proportions; worthy of a Greek tragedy.

  14. FOIA request- could it be ITV -Keir Simmons?

  15. Joana e Astro, Sei que voces tem tido imenso trabalho nesta busca da verdade, contra o silenciar de factos. Tem vindo a ser leitura de referencia para quem quer estar informado( correctamente informado) sobre este caso, ja que os jornais, mesmo os portugueses, parecem sofrer cada vez mais da doenca 'filtragem'. UM VERDADEIRO SERVICO PUBLICO, EM NOME DA VERDADE, DA TRANSPARENCIA E DA JUSTICA, para Portugal e nao so. Tudo isto para vos pedir o favor de traduzirem este post para portugues e assim tornar a informacao acessivel a todos os portugueses, especialmente aqueles que nao dominam o ingles.

    Quanto ao Aragao, nao se entende porque o deixaram ir tao longe nesta ASSOCIACAO CRIMINOSA, feita objectivamente com uma agenda que nao e e nunca foi inocentar Leonor. Quem pagou? Porque deixou ele a madeira para fazer diving na barragem do Arade?
    E Barra da Costa? Ainda bem que deixou os telejornais da RTP. Nitidamente a usar tempo de antena pago pelos contribuintes portugueses para ajustar contas pessoais com a PJ ou com alguem da PJ. Foi isso que sempre transpareceu e o livro foi mais uma face da mesma moeda. Li-0 para poder concluir o que ha muito me parecia... Uma vinganca, parcial e nada tendo a ver com Madeleine.
    Depois percebi porque e que os Mccann nunca o chamaram a pedra por os ter acusado de serem Swingers. Esta acusacao nos ecras de TV fez mais danos de imagem do que todos os livros de Amaral. O apoio deste senhor a Aragao no site das meninas das estrelas, justifica o silencio dos Mccann.

  16. Thanks for informing us Joana.

    I can't get it why and how that Correia "lawyer" gets away with all his antics without being punished. How can he be still a member of OA after all this? Why is he not charged with perverting a course of Justice and falsifying evidence? Why isn't he charged with obtaining "confession"(which it seems he falsified himself) and other papers in questionable illegal manner if not with having made them all up himself?
    More so because the Public Ministry has stated: " it is understood that the activity of the distinguished lawyer goes beyond all legal and ethical rules to which he owes obedience".
    It is just unbelievable he still can go on with his antics...

    The high profile FOI request is very interesting, but I wont hold my breath. I bet they will also get an answer like the investigation is still ongoing therefore is impossible to release anything.
    It would be interesting to know which news channel has made the application, though. It could give a clue if they are truly willing to investigate the case or just would be used for playing over the parents information not yet known to them.


  17. For me the mccann's did not pay him the amount they claim, this is why they don't take any action against him. He suits well a 'guy hired to pass money from the Fund in to an Offshore account, with CHEERS FROM GERRY AND KATE'. Even M3 said they did not received the Amount Gerry and Mitchell claimed.

    The only ones, who are well payed are Mitchell and the lawyers. The others work for ' Gold peanuts' which are so gold that a normal retired police cannot refuse. And now they have to stay on because they become part of a crime, they are all afraid of justice.
    Halligen is just an example for what can happen to this mccann supporters, not connected to the economical power. He did not got a Lawyer. That means he don't have enough money to pay a Lawyer or no any lawyer accepted to defend him?
    Amaral also highlighted long ago,how he cannot get a lawyer in UK to defend him against the newspaper. Interesting... the right to be defended is not a must that everybody can achieve in UK. Is the state going to nominate a lawyer payed by the British taxes to defend halligen? According to Human rights, this is also a basic right, but there is so many Human rights shelved on Madeleine issue...

  18. Pai condenado por morte de Isabella -Correio da Manha

    'O ‘caso Nardoni’ conheceu, finalmente, o seu epílogo. Alexandre Nardoni e Anna Carolina Jatobá, pai e madrasta da pequena Isabella, de cinco anos, foram condenados pela morte da menina, que foi lançada do sexto andar para a morte em 2008.

    Alexandre cumprirá 31 anos, um mês e dez dias de prisão. Por ser o pai da vítima teve pena maior do que a da mulher, condenada a 26 anos e oito meses de prisão. Por fraude processual, cumprirão ambos outros oito meses de prisão. A defesa já recorreu da sentença.

    Num caso bastante mediatizado, os jurados concluíram que o casal praticou homicídio triplamente qualificado, de modo cruel, e que dificultou a defesa da vítima.

    Com um discurso contundente, a acusação convenceu o júri de que Anna Carolina Jatobá agrediu e asfixiou Isabella e Alexandre a lançou do apartamento da família, um 6º andar, em São Paulo. A acusação salientou ainda os ciúmes doentios que a madrasta tinha da mãe de Isabella, Ana Carolina Oliveira.

    O impacto do caso foi tão grande que uma avenida foi interditada e a polícia militar forçada a usar gás--pimenta para afastar populares que queriam fazer justiça pelas próprias mãos.'


  19. Anon 17

    Human Rights mean nothing for this kind of people and never will as they are capable of using anything to reach their target,including killing.
    They are truly dangerous people and this is no wonder at all that "collaborators/supporters" are shutting up and making themselves as little as possible.
    We can only hope that one day...

  20. A Greek tragedy would have nothing on this lot.
    If it wasn't for the fact that Madeleine is 'missing' we couldbe forgiven for thinking this is one long running soap opera.
    Thank you Joana for keeping us up to date with each and every saga.

  21. Nothing happen to Aragao because there was powerful people connected with him. Why he used the case against the Inspectors ( torture) to connect Madeleine and Joana Cipriano? Why Marinho Pinto(OA) appear as an Assistant against the Inspectors on the torture/ Leonor pictures case? Why Marinho pinto and the Head of the OA in Madeira seat side to side on the TV program ' PROS E CONTRAS'? LOOK LIKE THERE WAS AN AGENDA...

  22. I will bet the FOIA Requests will not be granted. The cover up will continue as we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. If the various police forces had anything why would they continue to allow the charade to continue unless they are part of the cover up? It will be coming up to may soon so expect more BS to keep the fund topped up for another year.

  23. Joana, how do you explain this psychic lawyer not to have been yet expulsed from the OA ? This is a shame for Portugal.

  24. @ Anonymous 15
    "Esta acusacao nos ecras de TV fez mais danos de imagem do que todos os livros de Amaral."
    Foi este Barra da Costa que formulou tal acusaçao ? Em plena TV ? Sem mais nem menos ?

  25. Peter Mac @9

    I Too, from the very beginning thought Madeleine had died from a tragic accident.
    However when I seen the parents attitude and behavior of not missing Madeleine one little bit and the Gaspers statements etc,
    I find it difficult to beleive the accident theory.


  26. Dear Joana,

    May I offer you and your entire team my sincerest gratitude for all your very hard work and dedication in this forum.
    Thank You,


  27. Kevin "Billy No Mates" Halligen. All those connections, all that hospitality, yet no-one will help him pay for a top- notch barrister!

  28. Gaspars' statements- after reading Textusa and Ironside, who have reflected my growing unease about these statements, I have revised my thinking. The Gaspars do exist, however. Their details are on the medical register.

  29. Slightly off topic the Mccanns have in the past said that they love to go to Portugal because Madeliene is there. Has anyone thought of using the dogs,the same ones that were used in the flat, to search the church there from top to bottom, or are they afraid of what they might find? VP Italy.

  30. Just wanted to add my thanks for bringing the news up to date ,especiallly as regards Halligen.I couldnt find a single reference to his court appearance in UK media,good sleuthing!
    You are under constant attack Joanna ,just as Amaral and others have been, so you must be turning over the right stones.

  31. Merci Joana. By the way, does someone know if a newspaper or a TV channel has got the videos of the Rogatory interviews? Because, if their script was written from vidéos,that means that these videos are in the public domain, somewhere. I am surprised nobody "leaked" them in a newspaper.

  32. Thanks for all this detailed information, it is very interesting and shows the McCanns sick behaviour is getting them nowhere.

    Correia is such an incompetent loose cannon in this case, maybe he keeps his liberty whilst the police get a little more information. Anyone who would directly associate with "Rosiepops" just has to have a lot of screws loose! Goncalo Amaral is clearly way above all of their sick machinations to discredit him and suggest serious child abusers are innocent!

    I believe that what the report on Halligen means is he wanted to pay privately for his own barrister to represent him but does not have access to any funds to do so. He would be given a solicitor on Legal Aid, that is his right, but presumably feels he is in so much trouble he wanted the best. Tough luck Mr Halligen, Legal Aid or do without!

  33. aacg,
    Barra da Costa era o comentador residente para o caso Maddie no telejornal da RTP. Alvitrou o swinger e baseou tal em depoimentos da Internet vindos de internautas ingleses. Na altura, os Mccann estavam em Portugal e ja exitia Porta-voz. Porque nao repudiaram tais comentarios?

  34. "An amazing response from the Home Secretary to The Madeleine Foundation" Filed on 28.3.09.
    I just found this while looking for info. on FOI requests. Apparently the private meeting between the McCs and the HS is now the responsibility of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

  35. Two cases, two axes to grind against Goncalo Amaral. One being used to serve the purposes of the other and all united in their lawlessness. But alas, discrediting Goncalo Amaral to therefore cause 'reasonable doubt' of his decisions and actions and bring into question the soundness of THE CASE falls far short of actually effecting THE REVIEW of the case.

    For Goncalo Amaral is but one man. In addition to Goncalo Amaral, there are 2 dogs who still have not been successfully discredited and one British expert who goes by the name of Lee Rainbow of the National Policing Improvement Agency who said HOMICIDE. Wish as they will that the Two Dogs were pronounced Mad As Hatters And Afflicted By Rabies, and wish and they will that Lee Rainbow were just another Fourth World Drunk Sardine Muncher, they can continue to wait for the Pigs That Fly.

    Goncalo knows it will be a long fight but the long fight will be theirs with him being tossed about like a top while he awaits Justice. For Justice will come, one day it will no longer be TOO DARK TO SEARCH FOR MADELEINE.

  36. Anon 29

    If the McCanns say Madeleine is in Portugal their property in Rothley should definitely be searched!

    Just like the Murat's was, house and garden. With the dogs.

  37. @Anonymous 7

    I think the information he produced to Kate & Gerry's satisfaction is the fact that Kevin Halligen did nothing, which is what they really wanted all along.

  38. Joana and all,

    Thank you for this recent news update. Your hard work is very much appreciated.


  39. #29,
    I believe that the dogs would go nuts inside an old church like the one of Luz, it goes as far back as the 16th cent., at least, and in the place where now is a small garden there was once a graveyard. And up to the 19th cent., people of importance were buryed inside the premises of the churches, under the pavement. Even if most burials were moved in recent times to cemiteries I believe the scent of death would remain and would be picked up by the dogs and they would not know were to turn, poor things!

  40. Joana and team, thanks so much for your dedicated work. Some of us will be pretty much in the dark without the information you provide on this blog.

    For me, I think it's important to keep on asking questions. From what I gather, the Home Office are absolutely innundated with FOI requests and not just from us vampires, vultures, bandits and nutters. Many journalists are asking questions but it's questionable what they hope to do with the information given their conduct so far!

  41. How anyone can link the hideous case of poor Joana Cipriano to the Maddie case in other to score points against Amaral is completely beyond me. This is something I just cannot comprehend hard as I try! This level of desperation is something I've never heard of!

  42. Why didn't the British government pay a lawyer for Halligen?
    Every person has rights of defense.
    Is this on purpose, to get rid of him, to send him to the US, in order to hide more crimes done by British people, by British parents, etc?
    No lawyer, no statements, no information about what happened to the McCanns' money, etc, and why the McCanns asked him to help them?
    What is behind this lack of lawyers in the democratic UK?

    He can sell interviews to British news papers, make some money, appeal to his democratic rights.
    The pressure of the British media can help him to get a legal support.
    Why silence if he is lost anyway?

  43. News articles stated that Halligen often met directly with the McCanns. In my opinion they did not hire him to find Madeleine. Something very different was going on between the McCanns and that man, and I would guess they are quite worried that the extradition will take place and Halligen will tell what he knows when he is "safely" on US soil. I'm surprised the McCanns are not offering to fund his defense out of the Find Madeleine Fund.

  44. I just read Textusa about K.Gaspar's statement, telling about David Payne.
    If Mrs. Gaspar would have made up this story (and also about Gerry), she would have been sued by the McCanns and by the Paynes.
    The contents of those statements are too serious, the whole world is talking about David and he is keeping his mouth?
    Living in a country where libel is severe punished?
    This means that Mrs.Gaspar is much worse for David Payne than his wife was for Murat?
    There must be some truth in this story, or even a lot of truth.
    Don't forget Mrs. Martine recognised David from somewhere too.
    By now she must know where from.
    And the silence around Payne, since the first day, is odd.
    Among all friends of the group, he is the only one who did not attract attention to himself.
    He did not go checking on the children, he did not see Murat...
    Even Fiona "saw" Murat.
    He remains the only one who was not part of anything.

  45. Bastou uma viagem breve pelo site das meninas das estrelas( aterradas no inferno) para perceber a Caca As Bruxas, paga com dinheiro sabe Deus de onde... O que ali esta nao tem nada a ver com Joana Cipriano. E o uso abusivo da tragedia de uma crianca para servir de plataforma a perseguicao descarada de G.Amaral.
    Porque e que um advogado Madeirense aterra em Portimao? Ha assim tantos habitantes e tanta falta de advogados em Portimao? E que advogado... Ate faz servico de taxi, levando clientes a casa durante a noite e passando convenientemente pela marina de Portimao na noite mais conveniente. Tudo, muito provavelmente, para poder fabricar o caso que haveria de servir de mote a carta enviada ao PR e ao PGR. ANEDOTICO!!! Desde quando PR e PGR garantem seguranca pessoal? Porque nao enviar a carta a Directoria da Pj? UFA, UFA... Que estes podiam nao deitar a carta para o lixo e averiguar a verdadeira autoria da carta e a identidade e motivacoes das personagens que nela invocam proteccao.ARRISCADO DEMAIS...

    Depois a vergonhosa utilizacao de Salgueiro Maia. Duvido que a familia saiba onde anda metido o nome deste capitao de Abril, defensor de outros valores que nao os que ali se advogam. Tambem duvido que o Dr. Medina Carreira saiba que tem o seu nome associado a um site desta natureza e com uma frase que usada da forma como esta, ate parece ser um post com autorizacao do autor.

    Que vergonhoso atentado aos valores morais mais basicos, devidamente abencoado pelo chefe maximo da Ordem dos advogados. Sera que os advogados portugueses se reveem nestes metodos, nestas estrategias que fazem do Direito e da Justica um verdadeiro EXERCICIO DE 'CAPANGAS', usando um termo do autor do site?

    Ate onde vai Portugal tolerar esta CACA AS BRUXAS? E que um tribunal portugues proibiu um livro de forma bizarra. E e muito menos perigoso e menos grave o livro, do que o que se defende e advoga no site das meninas.
    Outra coisa e o que se faz no site de Aragao, onde se fabricam assuntos para perseguir um cidado concreto. Mais grave ainda quando se usam frases de outros autores, retiradas de contexto e coladas ali de modo a parecer que foram produzidas de prposito para o site.

    Ja agora, porque um site dedicado a estas duas meninas e nao a todos os desaparecidos portugueses e ingleses? O que e que torna estas meninas especiais e diferentes dos restantes? Porque um site dedicado a duas desaparecidas no Algarve e mais concretamente na zona de Faro/Portimao? PORQUE SO ISTO INTERESSA PARA A AGENDA deste sr. e dos seus apoiantes....

    G. Amaral deve ser realmente um Inspector muito competente, e o que sabe ou descobriu deve estar muito proximo da verdade. Uma verdade perigosa e incomoda que faz mover mundos e desenvolver atitudes, nos seus opositores, proprios da IDADE MEDIA e de quem nao respeita a Lei.

  46. 36.
    I agree, the more they point to Portugal, the more everyone in UK & Ireland & Scotland who has any connection with them should get "the works"
    These people are brazen enough to force themselves to go to Portugal, though they know they are disliked ( to put it mildly )in order to try to convince us of their innocence.
    Well, it isn`t working you two. Only sick people think everyone else is stupid.

  47. i hope the time will come when perhaps a journalist who sees that FOI requests are often turned down as not being in the public interest will enquire how often this refusal occurs in our country as compared to say the US canada and austrailia. The reply may be that that information is not in the public interest

  48. 'Rob Wainwright diz que Portugal está a dar exemplo no combate ao crime organizado'- Correio da Manha

    'Polícia Judiciária elogiada por director da Europol'

    'A participação da polícia portuguesa na Europol está a dar resultados no combate às redes internacionais de tráfico de droga, que se vêem obrigadas a procurar outros pontos de entrada na Europa, afirmou Rob Wainwright, o director daquela organização.

    "Em 2009 Portugal iniciou mais de duzentas operações de combate ao crime organizado e ao terrorismo e associou-se a centenas de outras iniciadas por outros países", disse. Wainwright salientou ainda a resposta eficaz da polícia portuguesa e mostrou-se impressionado com a "ciência forense" da Polícia Judiciária. "Em Portugal estão exemplos de desenvolvimentos muito inovadores no combate aos tipos de crime organizado que são a ‘especialidade’ da Europol: o terrorismo, a imigração ilegal, o tráfico de droga e o cibercrime".

    AH! AH! So os Mccann e o seu sequito de seguidores e que acham, sem provas, que a PJ e incompetente. Tambem nao gostam nada do faro apurado de certos caes.

    Ja imagino o escriba de servico Mitchell, escrevendo a este responsavel da Europol um 'complaint'. Nao era propriamente isto que ele esperava da reuniao anunciada ha semanas, por varios jornais, em LYON COM O OBJECTIVO DE METER A EUROPOL NA PROCURA DE MADDIE. Como se a Europol nao estivesse no caso desde o primeiro minuto, desde que se mandaram vigiar todas as fronteiras, todos os aeroportos, todos os portos, todos os cidadaos do mundo.

  49. A couple of things about Halligen and his want for a barrister…, in England a barrister cannot refuse to accept a case because the punter is unpopular, a crook, immoral or whatever. This from Wikipedia:
    . . . . .
    In English law (and other countries which adopt the rule) the expression cab rank rule refers to the obligation of a barrister to accept any work in a field in which he professes himself competent to practice, at a court at which he normally appears and at his usual rates.
    Paragraph 602 of the Code of Conduct of the English Bar states:
    A self-employed barrister must comply with the ‘Cab-rank rule’ and accordingly except only as otherwise provided in paragraphs 603 604 605 and 606 he must in any field in which he professes to practise in relation to work appropriate to his experience and seniority and irrespective of whether his client is paying privately or is publicly funded:
    (a) accept any brief to appear before a Court in which he professes to practise;
    (b) accept any instructions;
    (c) act for any person on whose behalf he is instructed;
    and do so irrespective of (i) the party on whose behalf he is instructed (ii) the nature of the case and (iii) any belief or opinion which he may have formed as to the character reputation cause conduct guilt or innocence of that person.

    In the absence of such a rule it may be difficult for an unpopular person to obtain legal representation, and barristers who act for unpopular persons may be criticised for doing so.
    In 1999, Lord Irvine (then Lord Chancellor) said: "The "cab rank" rule is one of the glories of the Bar. It underscores that every member of the Bar is obliged, without fear or favour, to represent clients who offer themselves, regardless of how unpopular they may be in the community or elsewhere."
    . . . . .
    And this from the Bar Council
    . . . . .
    Legal aid may cover the services of a barrister and sometimes a QC, but if you are not eligible for legal aid, your solicitor will help you to negotiate a fee you can afford. In some types of case you may only have to pay the barrister's fee if you win. Because most barristers operate with low overheads, their rates are competitive. Whether you are legally aided or paying privately, the quality of service is assured.
    A number of barristers will do work for no fee in cases which are especially deserving or of great public importance and legal aid is not available. The Bar Pro Bono Unit exists to co-ordinate their services.
    . . . . .

    Mr B

  50. I`m 46. Sorry I meant 39, not 36.

  51. Personally I do not believe the Gaspars statements. Would a police force really withhold a statement for 6 months, I think not, these statements were thrown in because at the time something else was going on so these statements start people thinking about new ideas paedo theory involving Payne, same as the high mileage on Scenic, trips to acid lakes,Smiths statments, all these 'new leads' do is create more confusion and lead away from the truth. WE LOOK BUT WE DO NOT SEE - LOOK AT THE FACTS OF THE CASE - there is undeniable evidence that someone died in that apartment, total blackout the media will not report on the case, too many doctors on holiday together, children always in crech - this was NOT a holiday. Did a pharmaceutical company pay for this holiday?? and why?? later Gerry rushing back to UK on work commitments during Amaral trial, pretending to lose his wallet hence making him several hours late for appointments in UK (who did he meet)What is disturbing is the lengths the powers to be that are protecting the mccanns will go to in order to protect themselves. High profile laywers and PR people. Kate looks scared and Gerry ever wary of what she says I think these two and their friends are caught up in something quite sinister they are lying because they are afraid. This involves powerful people with the ability to ruin others lives. They have connections in all the right(or wrong) places, hence the roof top party with top celebs.Meeting with the Pope, jetting around the world, telephone calls from Gordon Brown, David Miliband, Cameron, top spot on Mothers Day programme with Alid Jones - the Mccanns are being paid off because something happened to their daughter as Gerry said 'a disaster has happened' the tapas group knew Maddie was not in her bed that night that is why they said 'we listened at door' they were trying to limit their lying that group are all running scared. I suspect we will soon have another 'red herring' thrown in to detract from what is really going on and to boost the Maddy fund. I wish Amaral well I hope he succeeds in bringing the despicable mccanns and co to justice, but with so many powerful people trying to destroy him I have my doubts.

  52. Anon 49
    Quite so.
    The story about Halligen not being able to afford a barrister is just that. A story with no foundation. Like some others we have heard before.

  53. "An amazing response from the Home Secretary to the Madeleine Foundation" 28.2.09.
    Foreign and Commonwealth Office responsible for commenting on meeting(s) between McCanns and the Home Secretary.

  54. The more I read into this case the more puzzling and confusing it becomes. Contradictions and lies. Supposing we dismiss everything we've read and just think for a moment. Team McCaann are no ordinary child neglectors. Ordinary people would have been charged by now for neglect, but they have not, so why not. When the sniffer dogs were called in did the police think nothing would be found and they were just going through the motions but were surprised by Eddie and Keela 'dogs cannot speak, but they cannot lie'. Then all the conflicting statments, mccann trips, the obvious lying, Gerry's frequent trips to UK, total media blackout, so many successful libel cases. Something else was happening here that involved our Government, Portugal's Government, top lawyers. I think the attention given to David Payne by the Gaspars is a smokescreen as is the Smith Statement also Yvonne's statement when she mentioned ' I cant remember in what capacity I recognised David Payne' that is a very dangerous statement and in the circumstances a case for libel.In my opinion these people have been paid for these statements because they deflect from what really happened. This is a case of something going terribly wrong and as so many doctors are involved it must be something to do with the Pharmaceutical industry and within that group there are many connections to it, even Gerrys brother. The money involved - the rooftop party, meeting celebs, jetting around the world and even the Madeleine Fund. IMO Maddie died as a consequence of illegal medication that kate mccann gave her and she suffered a severe and fatal reaction, they have all been paid off and nothing in this case is what it seems.

  55. Kevinhalligen went on the run because of his aociation with the McCann case, according to Melanie Cumberland who was prosecuting at the original hearings.

  56. McCanns and Cars.
    Patricia Cameron, G's sister arrived on Saturday and borrowed a car off a friend; so she must have had friends in the area.
    A small grey car was spotted outside the McCann apartment about 10pm by a Maria Da Silva, meeting her boyfriend.
    The Garrods' grey Opel Corsa 75 AG 62 hire car was searched by the PJ - but not used to transport M, as it was one of the cars checked out by the dogs. Address used to hire it was a London, not Exeter address.
    Charlotte Gorrod owner of apt. C5C in PdL. Hubbard in AptC5E
    A grey Renault Clio 15 AV 67 used by Polish couple in Sagres/Burgau area checked out.
    Maybe some sleuth out there can do something with this info?

  57. Sniffer dogs are being used in the search for the body of Keith Bennet one of the victims of Hindley and Brady on Saddleworth moor this young boy was killed in 1964, his mother is desparate to find his body, and have a funeral, The Maccanns are desperate for their childs body never to be found, be interesting at what the dogs find after all this time, Gerrry Maccann knows how unreliable they are.

  58. A previous FOI request was turned down; one of the reasons was a relative of the McCanns had said something in confidence. Was that why one of the 48 questions unaswered by Kate was whether she had ever considered handing the care of M to a relative? Patricia Cameron, G's sister was very involved in helping to care for M and was quicker to arrive on the scene- on the Saturday- than Kate's mother. If that had been my daughter,I'd have been there like a shot; regardless of the cost.

  59. @ 30.

    Agreed. Thanks for your continuing efforts Joana! Somebody has to fight for the injustice MBM and Goncalo have suffered! I too, have been eagerly awaiting March 26th 2010 to pass - yet the media here in the UK have been VERY quiet regarding Halligen.

    What is preventing justice in this case? Government interference for sure - but the main obstacle is MONEY. The McCanns have made a lot of it from duped members of the public, lawsuits etc., and this pays for the best lawyers money can buy. They want more with the libel trial against Goncalo - this is there motivation.

    It is interesting to note that INNOCENT people don't need to hire the best lawyers going, yet conversely, spend money on dubious investigation teams. The only way this case will get resolved in my humble opinion is if:

    (a) Robert Murat does sue members of the Tapas group. Maybe JT will have to change her statement? Maybe she will have to admit she did not tell the truth, NOR saw an abductor? Remember, her testimony gave GM an alibi - that the 'abductor' was on the street at the same time as GM. REMOVE her statement and we are left with GM being the LAST PERSON TO SEE MBM ALIVE, because MO said he didn't see MBM as he didn't go into the bedroom. If Tanner drops her story, then there is NO EVIDENCE of an 'abductor' at all.

    (b) Is it possible we could get that fund investigated? That is the real power of the McCanns - the millions they have and the millions more they want to get hold of. This is just like O.J.Simpson - the man was guilty and a civil trial found him guilty and ordered him to pay out. I know the police got him on other charges; but he did get away with double homicide, even though he was ordered at civil suit to pay out to the murdered victims families.

    Does not HMRC have a say on that fund? Is it possible we could donate to the fund, then launch our own suits stating that it is fraudulent and not being used for what it should be? I doubt people would have donated if they knew money was going to be used for mortgage payments etc.,

    Money keeps them out of gaol. If the money can be withdrawn, we may see justice for MBM.

    May the truth one day be known.

  60. In response to poster 57, I am sure that Kate and Gerry have made absolutely sure that the body of Madeleine will never be found.

  61. poster @ 60............As sure as night follows day Maddies remains will never be found ,THATS why they are so smug ,As Gerry once said "Find the body and prove we killed her"

  62. Quite right 39 but what better place to hide a corpse.VP

  63. @ Anonymous 33
    Muito obrigada !
    o porta-voz da altura não devia perceber Português.
    Portanto o Barra repetiu fofocas apanhadas na Internet. Que vergonha !

  64. anon at 57

    Wow, or rather, woof! Can you imagine if Eddie found a body on Saddleworth moor. That'd be enough to convict the McCanns I rekon in the court of the tabloid press.

  65. I still feel that the McCanns disposed of little MBM in Huelva. I know the trip was filmed by Jon Corner but I don't think that any other trip by the McCanns was filmed! A shot of the boot of the Renault Scenic was also filmed whereby they placed a box of leafets over the spare tyre well. Jon Corner said that the film was evidence that MBM could not have been transported to Huelva, but I beg to differ.

  66. A body is not that easy to get rid of. Especially when it has to be done under the noses of those who are watching.

    Madeleine will be around somewhere. Certain people can be too clever for their own good.

    If the indications seem to be pointing one way, look in the opposite direction.

    There are a lot of red herrings been planted. Somebody is having a laugh! All to distract from where Madeleine really is.

  67. Anon 60

    Don't believe it!

    There is a lot of BLUFF going on, just like the abduction story is a load of BLUFF.

  68. aacg at 65

    The dogs have never been wrong, so I would agree with Anon 51 about that.

    If the dogs are indicating Madeleine is dead, she is dead. Nobody else has ever died in that apartment before Madeleine went missing.

    I also believe her death was due to foul play and no accident.

    An accident which happened whilst her parents were out would have been very easy to cover. There would have been no need to go hide the body.

  69. 55 Melanie is a leading barrister who could very possibly be dealing with the prosecution of Halligen, but do you have any further information to back up your claims that she said he was on the run due to the McCann case? It would be very interesting if you did!


  70. 54,Í dont agree with everything you wrote but I admit that your theory about a Pharmaceutic industry, a violent medicine not yet very well known in the world market,or only in the UK, or a medicine you can not give to a person with coloboma or to a young child, those are all severe possibilities of causing Madeleine's death and the terrible amount of money the McCanns got to escape of the problem and to prevent autopsy.
    Of course the McCanns did not want to present themselves as irresponsible, lazy parents, who did not want to look after their children in the evening hours(neither during the day hours).
    By now this medicine could have disappeared from Maddie's body and that is why the MCcanns may not been receiving money from the Laboratory.
    And that would explain also why Maddie's DNA test went wrong, blood in the car, apartment, etc. Laboratories could have helped each other, smoke and mirrors to hide the child is dead and and make the results inconclusives.
    Everything to protect a medicine they want to continue selling.

  71. Post 49. These Bar Council rules mean that the press stories about Halligen being unable to afford a barrister are pure fiction. So what is going on? Is someone inventing excuses for why an extradition hearing isn't taking place? Is it an excuse for delays? and is this the same person who hid Halligen in the Oxfordshire hotel? If Halligen's court appearences don't take place then he can't testify against anyone can he and spill the beans. Who is the person or people who are afraid of Halligen's testimony? An FoI request about Haligen's situation and court dates would be very interesting.

  72. Businessman hired to look for Madeleine denied bail

    "The magistrates' court heard he had been staying at a series of addresses during the past eight months to evade reporters interested in the McCann case."



  73. 67, the McCanns made too much noise around Huelva and that is a proof the corpse was not transported on that day.
    Too far away, too risky, they could have gotten an accident on the road.
    Imo, the body is not far away from the place where she died.

  74. 51/54 the 'special' audience with the pope has been debunked as not being special at all. Mitchell just exaggerated and was believed by our lapdog press.

  75. Perhaps the reason the FOI request was forwarded to the Foreign Office can be found in the following:


    "MI5 is the British security service while MI6 is the British foreign intelligence service. Crudely, MI6 are "our" spies while MI5 is there to catch "their" spies. It gets a little more complicated in that MI6 has its own "counter-intelligence" section. "MI5/MI6" were the original designations when both organisations came under the War Office, now the MOD - "MI" stands for military intelligence. Their official names (acquired in the 30s) are the Security Service (MI5) and SIS, the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). The former is responsible to the Home Office and the latter to the Foreign Office."

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office got rid of Ambassador Buck. How can a good man like John Buck remain silent about this cover-up? National security? Remember Halligen stating in court that Clarence Mitchell was MI6? http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2746506/Maddie-rat-Kevin-Halligen-tried-to-sue-FindMadeleine-fund-for-150k.html

    There is no love lost between MI5 and MI6.

  76. viv @#70

    Here is an article re: Halligen being on the run due to the McCann case:


    "He was arrested on Wednesday at a hotel in Oxford, where he stayed for months under an assumed name, after being reported by a student.

    The court heard Halligen claims he was forced to move from his UK address into hotels after press attention as a result of the McCann arrangement.

    The Irish national, the court heard, stayed at a series of addresses over the last eight months to evade reporters."

  77. Why Brian Kennedy Help the Mccann's so soon after everything happen? He even meet Murat trying to buy a confession for what he have not done.
    Why Brian Kennedy got so involved and spend allot of money in an 'abducted(?) girl? Why he did not use this money to offer a ransom to the abductor if he believes in an abduction and want really help a save recover of Madeleine?

    Who still the Mccann's meeting in the Algarve? Brian Kennedy company sale materials to build the houses in some golf compounds in Algarve. If there is a Pharmaceutical issue (according to what some defend here) maybe Brian Kennedy could be the bridge to connect people and help the Mccann's. Soon appear Richard Branson from Virgin. Again Why?
    Interesting we see more support from this strange people them from Madeleine own family. What are they covering up?

    THIS WILL BE KNOWN ONE DAY, LIKE THE DANGEROUS WEAPONS IN IRAQUE Which motivate the invasion. And all stories behind the eyes of G. Brown and Blair.

  78. 74 Have you heard the saying 'hide in plain sight'?

    That is why Huelva, with its acid beds, but be where Madeleine corpse was erased from existence such that McCann can be extremely confident that it will never be found.

    Why no investigation of the area? One day I will go there and survey the location, but until then, fingers crossed that some probing investigative reporter or proper police investiagator (retired perhaps) will catch the scent.

  79. Why the Mccann's wanted to buy the Renault scenic if they claim Madeleine was abducted?
    What could be found in the Renault Scenic, apart the evidences find by the dogs, that the mccann's were affraid and buying the car want to prevent further examinations?

    Why somebody offer a garage in a riche villa ( I think it was Brian Kennedy)to hide the Renault Scenic after being checked by the dogs?

    Why the Mccann's wanted to do their ownn private checking at the renault Scenic?

    It was reported at the time that when Mccann's went to Huelva there was a lake of 2 hours which nobody know's where they have been, specially because the time was coincident with a Public Holiday in Huelva region, then a bad time to give panflets to people. They have not been in places where big amounts of people were concentrated and this were the only places where a campaign to raise awareness about Madeleine made sense. Where they went?

    At the time it was reported as well ( I don't know if was true or not because some papers faced libel pressions at the time, like 'Tal& Qual' and '24 horas' and start being more silent) but it was reported that the Renault Scenic and gerry were caught on high ways CCTVS gates out of huelva region and in fact the mileage of the car was high for a trip just from PDL to Huelva.
    I too, I don't believe the girl travelled on the car from Algarve to Huelva. Too danger and too far. But they can use the trip to Pay( cash) the people or the person who help them hide the body and get ride of it. A quite and perfect day to do it out of the eyes of journalists, since they announce the trip, and in a terrain where PJ cannot act and spy them without a previous authorization from the heads of PJ in portugal and their correspondants in Spain.
    HUELVA AND THE RENAULT SCENIC HOLD MORE CLUES THEN WHAT POLICE FIND. Maybe a deep comb of the car will show evidences of more people then the Mccann's and the people who previous hire the car and are already in the domain of PJ knowledge. If the car shows a strange which did not belong yet to the investigation, this strange could be the key to open new ways for the investigation, even if the body was destroyed and could not be recovered.
    Why the Mccanns's agree with the case been archieved and don't reopen it? Parents of an abducted child will fight against any archievement. What are they affraid?
    They gagg the police, made allot of noise accusing PJ of doing nothing to find the girl, feed newspaper with a re-evaluation of the investigation and suddenly fade in an ODD SILENCE... IT IS THE SILENCE OF THE GUILT, OF PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE WAR IS FAR AWAY FROM THE END... THEY FIGHT BUT THEY ACHIEVED NOTHING... EVEN WITHOUT BODY THEY CAN BE ARRESTED IF THE INVESTIGATION FOLLOW THE RIGHT PATTEN AND WHO ARE SUPPORTING THEM NOW, WILL BE THE FIRST ONES TO JUMP OVER THE BOAT let them sank.
    PJ, FOLLOW THE MONEY OF THE FUND. THE MONEY WILL GET YOU INSIDE MADELEINE ISSUE. Re-analise the car and the footage of the car.

  80. Re 62,This is why the priest gave them the key to the church and say that they could go there anytime day or night. The body may be hidden somewhere inside the church and not buried at all. It is time people realised that the parents are involved. How a mother can get rid of her child is beyond belief. Its time the whole world woke up to this. Even doctors have killed old people in hospital for money. They are guilty. HZ Holland.

  81. @ Anonymous 69
    Martin Grime says it himself : the EVRD reacts to dried blood from a living person.
    Do read experiences that were done in Germany where dogs recognize after quite a time the smell on a pad that had been for a short time in presence (no direct contact) of a corpse. Even after being washed.
    KMC could be right : the EVRD caught the smell of her dead patients.
    Experience this isn't impossible. Why didn't they at least send the dogs to Rothley ? I've read somewhere that GA wanted this. Who refused ? The PR ?
    This is a pity, but the conclusion is that the dogs episode was either too much or not enough. The idea that someone could go to jail just because a dog barked is scary.

  82. aacg, em Portugues.

    E capaz de nos explicar como e que uma medica de clinica geral que trabalha em Part-time duas horas por dia, dois dias por semana, entra em contacto com 6 cadaveres na semana que antecede as ferias?


    E A MEDICA KATE LEVA PARA A CLINICA ONDE TRABALHA E PARA VER OS CADAVERES A MESMA ROUPA ( CALCAS XADREZ ) QUE LEVA PARA AS FERIAS? Sei que na altura ainda nao havia Fundo e a conta bancaria nao estaria propriamente recheada, senao escolheriam outro Resort( de 5 estrelas) mais condizente com a apetencia por ser celebridade, MAS LEVAR PARA FERIAS E POR AS PROPRIAS CRIANCAS EM CONTACTO COM A ROUPA QUE USOU PARA VER CADAVERES, FAZ DELA UMA MAE PIOR QUE EU IMAGINO.
    Depois se compararmos com Gerry, ele veste formal para trabalhar e totalmente informal para as ferias. Nao creio que kate se vista informalmente para trabalhar. Num pais onde as escolas usam uniformes e a a forma como as pessoas se vestem credibiliza os espacos, a clinica onde trabalha exige de certeza roupa formal.
    Depois vem ainda o Cuddle cat... Tambem esteve em contacto com 6 cadaveres. Senhorita estranha esta Kate, que mentiu descaradamente a proposito do que os caes encontraram. PODIA SIMPLESMENTE TER DESVALORIZADO OS CAES. MAS NAO, JUSTIFICOU O INJUSTIFICAVEL e isso reforcou a mentira.
    Essa de ser ASSUSTADOR PODER-SE IR PARA A PRISAO PORQUE UM CAO LADRA, E PARA RIR NAO E? Ninguem vai para a prisao por isso, mas nao podemos desvalorizar o ladrar de um cao se ele for treinado para o fazer em determinadas circunstancias. E que treino... Sao SO OS CAES MAIS BEM TREINADOS DO MUNDO, OS MAIS CAROS E AQUELES PARA OS QUAIS A POLICIA INGLESA FEZ UM SEGURO MILIONARIO. COISAS A MAIS PARA QUE OS CAES POSSAM SER DESVALORIZADOS TAO RIDICULAMENTE.

    Kate mente, os caes NAO!!! Os caes inspiram mais confianca do que Kate.

  83. http://www.the3arguidos.info/post25881.html#p25881

    I have followed this case since the beginning. It is the first time that I have seen Gerry loose his cool. He seems quite nervous and lost for words. Kate looked very unconfortable as well. Is it all because they are running out of steam, and realised that they cannot sue the world for commenting on facts that are evident. The McCanns believe that whilst they have some support from the no less than our British PM himself, and having Clarence as their Guru, will continue their charade... and think they can silence the free media. IT MUST BE VERY FRUSTRATING FOR THEM NOT BEEN ABLE TO BRING US TO THEIR WAY OF THINKING...HOW SAD...

  84. @acgg
    Dont worry its not just because a dog barked that is behind the belief that the McCanns are involved in Madeleine's dissappearance.
    Their stories dont add up and they refuse to take part in a reconstruction that clears up why.

    As for your suggestion KMC could be telling the truth about how the smell was on her trousers- how? Checking for signs of life does not mean embracing a patient how on earth would (and why) she have her legs wrapped around a corpse? Remember the dogs dont indicate until someone has been dead two hours or more. Its frankly a ludicrous suggestion.

    As for saying "Find the body and proved we killed her" thats equally ludicrous Madeleine's missing body only proves one thing that she went missing whilst in the McCanns 'care'.

  85. Thanks 73 for the link to the report on Halligen which I was not aware of.

    In addition to saying he was running from reporters interested in the Maddie case it says this:

    The Irish national was hired by Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry, as a security consultant.

    Now hang on a minute, I thought he was supposedly hired to look for Maddie! But I can understand Kate and Gerry being a tad worried about their own security...

    I am not one for weird conspiracy theories but I cannot help but feel there is a connection between the Dutch firm Trafigura and Kate and Gerry McCann. They both employed the same man and they both employed Carter Ruck, maybe that is just a coincidence! But there do seem to be one or two Dutch connections, and it was strange the Amsterdam sighting was the only one Kate could think of! Then of course we had a completely fake Dutch kidnap claim. Ummm

  86. Viv @88. Why did they pay all that money to consult about security? There are agencies in Britain that would do the job for a lot less.

  87. Viv you can see the McCs being worried about security, but why did they pay so much money and for someone who ran his business from the US. Surely that money would be better spent on looking for the child. I also remember Halligen saying no one was interesting in callers who had info about sightings.

  88. 86, entirely agree about the state of Kate and Gerry now, she looks terrified and he just loses it, repeatedly, their pack of cards fell down!

    They were trying to force the Pt to start looking at all of their fantasy sightings again in a last desperate attempt to suggest they are innocent, the Portuguese and the British said, no way!

  89. @aacg

    That's the whole point though - people do NOT go to gaol based solely on EVRD/ CSI Dogs 'intelligence'. Martin himself SPECIFICALLY STATED it needed to be confirmed by corroborative DNA or other evidence.

    What makes me believe the McCanns are not telling the truth is their own words! Not conspiracy theories or what is written in the press - but their own words (and actions).

    GM was interviewed on 04/05/2007 and again on 10/05/2007. On his interview 04/05/2007 he OMITTED a very important aspect, that he did mention on 10/05/2007. It is quite likely that the McCanns didn't realise that their statements would become public knowledge - and this is what is really frustrating them; because dumbos like me can read what lies they fed to the PJ! I hope and assume aacg you have read the PJ Files? What do we make of this sentence then?

    GM 10-05-2007: "Then he closed the shutters, made his way to the outside and tried to open them, which he managed to do, much to his surprise given that he thought that that was only possible from the inside."

    There are few explanations for this bizarre behaviour! It is really straight forward:

    (a) He was tampering with a crime scene out of panic
    (b) He was staging a crime scene

    GM never said he panicked and indeed, he seems to be a very calm, rational individual - certainly, I couldn't be calm enough to undertake Cardiac surgery as GM does! If he panicked he MUST have realised he had contaminated a crime scene, surely? WHY did he not mention this on the 04-05-2007? Such transparency with police is important in the very early stages of a police investigation.

    I believe he staged a crime scene. I believe he opened that window shortly after 9.30PM (if MO really did check that is) and was spotted by the Smiths at 9.50PM carrying MBM away. I do not believe MBM was in that hire vehicle 5 weeks later - but materials from the crime scene alerted the dogs to that vehicle.

    The vehicle alerts by the dogs, in my opinion, CONFIRM that MBM died in apartment 5A and confirm also the dogs findings were correct to alert in 5A - in short they confirm each other. It is BEYOND coincidence that EVRD/ CSI dogs would alert in two unrelated places - a building and a car - when a child is missing from that building.

    For me, the dogs only confirm what we suspect. You are correct aacg that NOBODY should go to gaol based on dogs evidence; if MBM's body could be found, it would solve this case.

    Which is what GM and KM damn well know and why GM allegedly said: "Find the body and prove we killed her". If he truly said that, what an awful comment to make about their missing daughter, eh?

    May the truth one day be known.

  90. I would just add in a last desperate bid to make sure they can get libel monies out of Goncalo Amaral, if they could have persuaded the Pt to start looking for Maddie again, that would have been game set and match against Goncalo. But he won!

    Did you notice the fearful and concerned looks Duarte kept shooting at Gerry as he was being questioned by reporters, she is not under any illusions about her "client".

  91. @ Anonymous 85 and 87
    Your jumping to conclusion scares me.
    Neither MG nor MH went so far.
    Other experiences should have been done. And still could be done.
    The only argument I could accept is that the MCs had money to finance experiences that would have dismissed this particular and disturbing (for many) interpretation of the dogs' reactions.
    May be they just didn't bother.
    Now read the German experience and see that there's no need for the odour's support to be in direct contact with the corpse.
    It should be very easy to check whether KMC fulfilled death certificates and how many and where (not necessarily do patients die at the hospital and in this case a doctor goes when he/she can, sometimes hours after death. An overall doesn't cover everything and CC might have been contaminated after MMC disappeared, just from living permanently with KMC and pants that you see very often on pictures, meaning she likes them particularly). Did the PJ ask for such a report ? I could find no document on this in the CD.

  92. There was a reference in another forum about an involvement of Brian Kennedy's son - I wonder what he did?

  93. anon 84,my daughter in laws father is a gp,and he works full time,and he said it would be very unusual for a gp who only worked two days a week to come into contact with six dead bodies,he said most people who die are elderly and they usually either die in hospital or a nursing home and they are then taken to hospital,which doesn't require a gp visit,and who in all honesty would wear work clothes on holiday,and not only that why didn't the dogs react to Gerry's clothes,he would be more likely to have come into contact with a dead body,those two dogs were spot on in my opinion,they reacted to human cadavar and human blood.Amnd logic should tell us that it must of been Madeleines cadavar,no one else had ever died in that apartment before Madeleine or since Madeleine.

  94. 88, viv,

    the McCanns have lived in Amsterdam for one year, where Gerry worked at one of its hospitals.
    Maybe the association to poison in Ivory Coast, dead young children and possibly Maddie's wrong sedation were also issues that made Kate remember the capital of Holland, not only the fact that they have lived there.

    More and more I start to believe that the power of the McCanns comes from a pharmaceutic laboratory, which payed them to silence about something.

  95. http://textusa.blogspot.com/2010/03/smith-sighting.html

    The one sighting the McCanns choose to ignore...when it matches so well with Tanners Why?

  96. I thought KMcC was still on maternity leave whilst in the Algarve - having had twins, therefore 2 lots of leave? Just how long does the smell of contact with dead bodies linger on clothes for the dogs?

  97. Halligan + Mccann = MONEY LAUNDERING!

  98. Professor David Barclay gave an opinion that the crime scene had been staged. Mark Harrison was also present with Martin Grime when the dogs did their search. I've always wondered who aacg was? I think when certain nails are hit on the head, certain commentators appear. I always look for the likely comments that have hit the target when this happens.
    I think he McCanns trip to Huelva was after the disposal of M, in the full glare of publicity. Nearer to PDL was suggested by the phone triangulations, around 8-10th of June.

  99. In answer to some of the above points. Firstly, there is no point paying anyone to look for your child when you know exactly what you did with her and do not want her to be found.

    The very first firm the McCanns employed, within 3 weeks was Control Risks Group. They are not private investigators who look for children! In the first interview the McCanns gave with Jane Hill BBC, she asked, are you employing private investigators, no they said, but it has enable us to get a really good team of lawyers together. British Police immediately snatched Kate's camera and her memory cards and also Paynes Sony video recorder. By 8 May they were in UK being analysed. The McCanns were not seeking to find Maddie, they were seeking to defend themselves as they knew they were in big trouble. They were employing lawyers and a firm to look for potential creepy characters to pin the blame on! An anon tipoff was sent to London Met, known to be involved in the investigation of the McCanns saying Maddie was stolen to order by a gang of Belgium paedophiles. Halligen was said to have wasted a huge amount of time and money trying to pin the blame on said Belgiums. It is all about their security, not Madeleine's!

    As for employing reputable British companies, who would touch them? They originally employed Hogan International at the same time as they were employing Metodo 3. Mr Hogan finished up suing the media for remarks about him and promptly backing out! Again their remit was not to find Maddie, it was to find "sightings" and favourable witnesses. Clarence even admitted Metodo 3 bribed people! I fear Mr Jiminez may have gone a little further than that!

  100. 6 dead bodies is nothing more than one of Gerry's little red herrings that got slipped into the media by him.

    The British Police report to the PJ is clear enough, she was still on maternity leave. Given the twins were about 3 by that stage, she clearly had not been in any recent contact with smelly cadavers. It is a joke! But I do not find Gerry very amusing really.

  101. 97 I think there are far more McCann connections to property developers who were/are intent on destroying the Algarve with as many buildings as they can cram in. Including a property developer from Drogheda!

    I also think the McCanns former friendships in Holland would explain the reason they so desperately needed to squeeze in the visit to their friends in Holland in spite their busy schedule when they did their European whistle stop tour, which oddly enough got interrupted by a possible kidnap demand, from er, Holland.

    One thing I loved about that particular trip, the roasting they got on German TV, something about the Germans they do get straight to the point!

  102. The number of people involved in this cover-up is growing exponentially by the day. Ministers with other staff involved,lawyers asking questions.Things are overheard,spoken about with partners at home; unease is shared in secret. It can't be kept under wraps forever; it festers and gnaws at those whose principles still remain.It will define forever the lives of those who are drawn in. The screw will turn.

  103. If the dogs were alerting to Kate McCann's trousers because she had been dealing with all those dead bodies, then surely the cadaver scent would have been EVERYWHERE in the apartment where she had been sitting when wearing them, but it wasn't.

    It was not on any of the chairs the dogs came in contact with.

    Both dogs also alerted to exactly the same place behind the settee, the very same place where blood was found under the tile, and the same place where there had been blood splash on the walls.

    Sr Amaral also mentions that it is known that the body had been frozen at some time from forensic evidence found in the car.

    By the way, I don't think Gerry McCann is a surgeon, but please correct if this is wrong.

  104. Anonymous @ 53

    I have managed to locate the source of information to which you refer. This must be some kind of joke! It appears to be T. Bennett who wrote to the Home Office, resulting in a prompt reply stating that the matter has been referred to the Foreign Office. Call me a cynic but I cannot believe that the Home Office has entered into correspondence with the infamous Bennett - who does he think he is to be asking questions about individuals involved in a criminal investigation? On that basis any member of the public can apply to the Home Office for information on any subject within their operational sphere.

    Freedom of information and open government are one thing but penetrating government departments in order to gain a true perspective of what goes on within is another matter altogether! Even if we are sure that the Mccanns did have a private audience with the Home Secretary any matter discussed between them would be confidential and not disclosed to the likes of Bennett. Unless of course Bennett forms part of their innermost intimate circle of suppporters, in which case I would be even less inclined to believe its authenticity!

    The more we hear of this case the more farcical it becomes.

  105. As regards the Gaspars' statements, I doubt these would have been made unless there was great concern about what had been witnessed between David Payne and Gerry McCann.

    I think it must have taken some guts on the part of fellow doctors, themselves friends of the McCanns, to come forward and speak out, unless they were very worried.

    If this information ever reaches the mainstream media who knows what other additional information would come out. There may be other people out there with something to add.

    Why has there been no refuting of it so far, and outrage from Payne or Gerry McCann?

    Is there a gag on this information in the media, as there seems to be a gag on the mention of the findings of the dogs.

    Have the media been threatened about repeating it?

    Is it because of the so called 'accidental death' of Madeleine that it has been ignored, and not even sent on to Portugal for six months.

    It should not be ignored, all considerations should be in play.

    Madeleine was in harms way and vulnerable by being left alone in the apartment, and there were a number of people close to the McCanns who had free access to her.

    They should all be treated as suspects in the death of this child.

  106. Dianne Webster was asked in her rog. interview about a text message on a web browser at 7.30 on the night Madeleine disappeared, with a number ending 00610. What was the number of the Specialist Crime Directorate?I read somewhere that David Payne had contacted them

  107. @ post 92, whether Gerry really said "find the body and prove we killed her" is unclear though based on what Ricardo Paiva claims which is documented in the PJ files, I believe he did say it. Below is what Paiva claims in a note to Amaral dated 03/09/07 ( 10-Processos Vol X Pages 2533 to 2534):

    "More recently, and even before Kate's interrogation, during a telephone call between Gerald McCann and the undersigned, he made a reference regarding the investigation, that he was certain that the police did not have any proof that could incriminate them with regard to the death of Madeleine McCann and he said that the police were wasting their time in directing the investigation around the parents."

  108. Martin Grime was asked (rogatory mission)
    "With respect to the cadaver odour on Kate's clothes, could it be undoubtedly affirmed that those clothes had been in contact with a cadaver'
    Could the alert have been given because the clothes had been in contact with other items of clothing, surfaces or objects that could previously have touched a cadaver, thereby allowing the odour to be transferred"
    -- There is always a possibility of contamination of odours by transferral. EVRD does not make a distinction; he responds with a certain behaviour for which he was trained when he recognizes an odour. He does not identify the reasons for the presence of the odour nor does he identify suspects. Forensic confirmation...
    'The dog EVRD also alerts to blood from a live human being or only from a cadaver'
    -- The dog EVRD is trained using whole and disintegrated material, blood... no trained dog will recognize the smell of 'fresh blood'. They find, however, and give the alert for dried blood from a live human being.

  109. Halligen was employed to provide undercover surveillance and intelligence gathering IN PORTUGAL for the McCanns, not to provide security for them.

    He is an expert in this.

    What exactly did the McCanns want surveilled and gathered there?

    In other words, who was being spied on?

    Perhaps Halligen would like to shed light on this.

  110. It is a pity no confrontation occurred between GMC and DP vs the G. couple. It occurred between RM and the TP4, why not with the G. ?

  111. @ Anonymous 101
    "Professor David Barclay gave an opinion that the crime scene had been staged."
    He was careful, he didn't say that, but
    "We checked the scene of the crime and it struck us immediately how unlikely it would be for anyone to try and access the apartment through the back windows. The shutters there were firmly shut and couldn't be opened and the car park behind the flat was overlooked.
    "We're not saying it was impossible to have gained entry that way, but with all of our collected years of experience to us it seemed highly unlikely and a very implausible scenario.
    "It could be that claim is consistent with staging, but without full knowledge of all of the facts in the case it would be impossible to say for sure."

  112. SB @107. The Madeleine Foundation in fact issued an FoI request about this meeting, the details of which was already in the public domain because of the reports placed in the press about the so-called 'review'. The details are therefore already in the public domain and not confidential to the Home Office. The MF simply asked for confirmation of what was in the press, as it could be false.

    I wonder if McCann has 'created more information' yet, as he put it.

  113. @aacg
    Personally I dont care what scares you neither am I bamboozled by everything I read- let me explain to you why.

    If the dogs reaction was not as we had previously been led to believe. i.e. One indicates at blood the second at a cadavar that would mean (as Gerry would like us to beleive) that anything in the vicinity could alert the dogs that the smell could even move around by "draughts"- thats a total impracticability in cases where a body was outside in vast areas of terrain that would make those dogs completely useless- it would be easier to use other methods of detection. Yet the emergency services dont do they? What does Team McCann think people are dimwits?

    Articles can say what they like- its long been known theres a bias in the reporting that the McCanns try to use to undermine the investigation.

    Some of us are not so easily distracted- its not the dogs indicating death or blood in the apartment alone but them doing so in the context of the whole improbable and unproved abduction scenario.

    So when Mr and Mrs McCann prove their version of that nights events to the satisfaction of the PJ then we will start questioning how and why the dogs indicated.

    Woof woof Gerry.Those pesky dogs and even peskier PJ.

  114. @ Ironside 98
    I don't agree with Textusa. He says that the carrier heard the Smith family and could have taken on time another road, had his purpose been to keep hidden.
    Things didn't occur quite like that. Just read the 3 Smith statements (Martin, his son Peter and his 12 yrs old daughter). There are references to Peter's wife's son, 13, the only one who's sure that the little girl had no shoes on. They weren't walking in a pack, there were 3 groups : Peter in front with his badly feeling pregnant wife (they met the carrier on the yellow point in Textusa's post), then Martin and his wife who met the carrier at the corner of 25 de Abril with rua da Escola and behind, still up the stairs, A. Smith who saw the carrier having crossed 25 de Avril and walking towards her (at a 2m distance).
    This is why I don't think that the carrier could have heard the Smith family. When Peter and wife were crossing 25 de Abril the carrier was entering the final part of rua da Escola where there's no alternative unless going backwards.

  115. Fro Mrs. Gaspar statement:

    "I had the tendency to walk close to the bathroom, if it was Dave bathing the children. I remember telling Savio to be careful and to be there, in case it was Dave helping to bathe the children and, in particular, to my daughter E*****. I was very clear about this, as having heard him saying that had disturbed me, and I did not trust him to give bath to E***** alone."

    As I said in a previous comment, I find it strange that the Gaspar lady felt so astonished and outraged by what she had witnessed in the Mayorca holiday and yet felt no need to protect her daughter from further contact with Payne. She merely warned her husband to watch Payne if he was the one bathing the children or had the casual look in herself! Why on earth would she still let Payne bathe her daughter?! I see no indication in her statement that she stopped it from then on. If it was me, Payne would never have any further interaction with my child whatsoever, PERIOD! Wouldn't it be expected that she or her husband took care of the bathings from that time on?
    I really do not understand her attitude, but maybe I'm just an over reacting, over sensitive portuguese mother-hen.

    As for the whole Gaspars statements being a "red-herring", well, it could be...but, why would Payne agree to being depicted as a possible paedophile? Why would he risk having his reputation tarnished with such a serious suspicion? He is a doctor, he could very well be risking his career! Why? What would make him go along with that?

  116. Oh come on SB, be fair, Bennett is very funny, I love to read his missives telling the labour party how bent they are and demanding they answer him and he is being more honest now and posting on a Pro McCann blog, where he belongs and always has done. Demanding an independent inquiry because Leicester Police are so bent, he makes me howl!

  117. I never read the 2007/11/14 statement of Yvonne Martin. A pearl I can't resist sharing ! A courageous lady for sure ! In France she would be called a raven. Obviously, as her anonymous letter had no success she chose to state under her name ! Ahead she just says that she can't remember where she saw DP's face and that according to her professional experience in 99,99% of abduction cases parents are involved !
    "About two weeks after Madeleine’s disappearance, when the police made an appeal for information about a man, carrying a child, who had been seen in the Luz zone, and whose clothing was described, she wrote an anonymous letter to the British police, telling them the following: : regarding the various details she observed during her contact with the McCanns it is her opinion that they could be in some way involved in the disappearance of Madeleine.
    She did this anonymously because she did not want to be bothered by the media. But she also states that according to what she remembers, when she met with Madeleine’s parents, David Payne, who was with them, was wearing a dark polo shirt, blue or black coloured, cream coloured long trousers, of linen or cotton, and dark shoes (sandal/slipper type without a back buckle/catch). In her opinion, this clothing matches perfectly with the clothing the Police described the man (carrying the child) to be wearing at the time. All these coincidences made the witness think that the parents and their friends could possibly be involved in the disappearance of the child."
    The TP weren't friendly with her, probably suspecting the lady to be able to write a report against them. Who in their place would have reacted another way ?

  118. aacg

    Lets put the dogs aside for one moment and go back to where this case really begins.

    Gerry's sister rings sky news and tells the whole world (and this is on public record) that her brother and sister in law told her that someone smashed the shutters and broke in and took their Madeleine.

    Now why would anyone need to break in if there was an open door? Its clear they are saying someone forced an entry- meaning the apartment was locked- indeed Gerry tells how he used his key.
    It appears then that he must have left the patio doors open only on his last visit- the one before Kate- and wanders around the front by the window to stimulate a break in.

    Meaning those without a key were unlikely to have checked the McCanns apartment at all that evening. That beggars the question why not? Were the twins there? Gerry tells us Madeleine was he describes how she looked in detail.

    So lets forget the dogs for one second (as relevant as they are) and concentrate on the facts. An abduction cannot be proved- there is no DNA either hair/fingerprint/glove mark or any other sign that anyone beyond all those accounted for was ever in that apartment. It makes no sense in the very narrow time frame the tapas crew have put forward how an abductor would as they originally claimed break in and take Madeleine or why he would bother airing the room on his way out. The 'raptor' hasnt enough time to run in through the open door and backout carrying anything even if Gerry wasnt stood at the front and Kate approaching from the back- and lets not forget the wandering Tanner by all accounts she was there too (maybe) and he opens the window? As a red herring Kate- why not in order to shout "Hi" to Gerry and Wilkins? Or have you forgotten your husband was out the front the whole time?

    Team Pinocchio have a long way to go before they even start to address the dogs indicating, we havent moved from the lies of the first few moments yet- the only way forward is a PJ reconstruction until then they remain suspects as anyone would.

  119. It is impossible for Kate to be in contact with a cadaver, unless one of her friends or relatives died and she was close to the body. Madeleine is the only one reported missing and who can fall on this circumstances.

    About transferring odours trough Kate trousers. The trousers have been exactly on the top of the tile behind what a forensic evidence was recovered, in the garden bed and on the boot of the Renault Scenic? Very odd places to leave her trousers and I have to add a child T Shirt which was pointed out by the dogs as well.

    The dogs cannot incriminate per Si, anybody, but they help polices to follow one way better then others. THEY OPEN 'WAYS' in the investigation. The way which this dogs opened, was the most inconvenient for the Mccann's and they refuse to help the investigation clear them. They refuse the reconstruction. Why? Maybe because the abduction was a farce, the Fund a fraud and they lie about almost everything since minute one.

  120. Interesting... Now Bennett is posting on Pro-Mccann's Forums, a place where he belongs to, according to VIV. What is he posting there... accusations, messages of support or questions, doubts? I presume, messages of support, since the other posts normally are baned on Pro- Mccann Forums and did not show up. THIS IS BECOMING WEIRD.

    And here is aacg, which I don't understand what he or she wants to achieve with some comments. And speaks portuguese and thanks Joana in portuguese. Thank you for what, since I did not see any Joana post before and there is some posts raising the same doubts I have?

    I agree with anon @ 122. After 3 years of a missing girl, one of the most expensive searches in the world and a huge team of investigators, crossing several countries and covering allot of languages, WE STILL AT THE POINT WHERE EVERYTHING BEGIN- THE NIGHT WHEN SHE WAS REPORTED MISSING AND ALL THE CONTRADITIONS THE PEOPLE CLOSE TO HER GAVE TO THE POLICE- ALL THE LIES, TO BE CORRECT.


  121. For me it doeasnt matter what clothing any supposed suspect was wearing its a ridiculous premise to think a photofit wouldnt be seen by any imaginary abductor and he would wear exactly the same ensemble in the crime scene vicinity. Besides Payne looks nothing like Gerry he does however resemble Murat- now its hinted at that the McCanns attended a wedding he did- it seems unlikely if true that they wouldnt have noticed his uncanny resemblence to their friend and not asked questions about him.

    In essence was Murat chosen because of his resemblence to Payne?

    Was the statement about Payne from the Gaspars forwarded when it looked like Murat might walk away? Or was it some sort of insurance policy? Or is there something else we dont grasp? After all although Gerry discusses Madeleine there isnt anything but disgusting sex jokes between fathers about their little baby girls. Yet Payne apparently was known to the authorities? Its all rather odd.

    And from the begining they insist their child was taken by a paedophile or an agent of one? Its only later they come up with- oh well she might be wanted for a childless couple- almost as though they are begining to think of the repercussions of what they are claiming.

    I find the prospect of Payne or any other being responsible for Madeleine's death very remote if not improbable - why? Because that would mean that all of them were involved in that activity- no wonder O'Brien is hiding under the bed I would be too.

    Gerry youre an idiot of all the disgusting and distressing things that could have happened to Madeleine you come up with one which will ensure not only the PJ breathing down your neck for years and other concerned forces but one even criminals abhor. What did you think that the scenario was so upsetting that the police would be too upset to investigate? Idiot.

    I take comfort in the fact when they do get you thats the way you will be viewed as someone who had no problem with his little girl being abused.

  122. First Gerry McCann is not a Surgeon, he is a Cardiologist. His role is to order tests on referral from a GP and advise on the best way forward, whether that be change of lifestyle or seek further advice from a Surgeon. He will not come into contact withe the dead.

    Secondly, there may be readers coming across this blog for the first time who have scant knowledge of the case. Using abbreviations will not help them. Indeed after following the case for nearly three years they confuse me at times as they are used with such gay abandon.

    Please use people's names rather than initials, I would hate to think some come here to read and give up as they cannot follow the cast list.

  123. Perhaps the PJ could drop a Halligen a line reminding him that, contrary to what the McCanns would like people to believe, they are the OFFICIAL INVESTIGATORS, and if he has any information that he thinks would be useful to them he should contact them immediately.

    Who knows, he may be longing to talk to somebody who is on top of the missing Madeleine McCann case and could advise him.

  124. Are they all in jail yet?Is this why this big silence all of a sudden?

  125. here we go again,bennett bashing,i would like to know what thoes people who bash mr bennett have done for madeleine apart from putting your thoughs on bloggs,I say anyone who writes letters to any mp or gov regarding madeleine deserves a big thank you who ever they may be.

  126. @ ShuBob post 110

    Thanks ShuBob! Read your postings on SKY News a lot - always good prudent points. I see we've also been invaded by a McCann teamster in here?!

    Personally, I like to 'think out of the box' so to speak; I don't base my conclusions on what is read in the press as it is so open to political bias and interpretation.

    IT IS THE MCCANNS WORDS AND ACTIONS that make me believe all is not as we are being told. Examples? Jogging just DAYS afterwards - it really is not normal behaviour when one's eldest daughter has recently been 'snatched'. Perhaps WEEKS (even that would be early) or MONTHS later - I could understand that. But days after? No - that jogging served a purpose as all of the McCanns actions have. Maybe 'quiet' talking away from the police/ media eyes about what they should be doing etc? Or maybe checking up on certain locations? Either way - the McCanns do NOT do anything without a purpose. I'm surprised their 'jogging' routes haven't been looked into further? Correct me if they have.

    Similarly, comments KM made to Jane Hill such as 'The first 48 hours are the worst' when she ADMITTED they didn't search for MBM (yet Amaral's book harms the 'search'?!) is also not concomitant with parents that have had a child abducted. I would imagine, as most of us are parents, that it could only get WORSE as time goes by: The not knowing what happened to that child; the not knowing where that child is and so forth.

    Yet KM admitted she was sleeping fine again, within 5 days! This speaks volumes to me - it casts doubt on the whole 'adbuction' scenario and infact makes me realise, that KM realised, that they were not going to be arrested 'any minute'. And when they were? They fled Portugal after GM stated on his blog that they were 'not going to be bullied out of leaving'!

    Add this to the Expresso interview after Arguido status was lifted and we can see during that video how NONCHALANT KM was; at times she looked bored with the whole thing, but her expressions appear to be 'look how clever we are - we've got away with this!'

    Not ONCE during that interview did either parent say:

    "Yes. It's great that we are no longer Arguidos; it really was nonesense, but we are desperate to find MBM and need to concentrate harder on finding her. It is still very painful and we need her home. We miss her so very much. We're so broken by her absence."

    These people do not seem to realise that they are NOT expressing or showing how parents should be reacting. It is not good enough for CM to say 'Kate does cry' off camera. On camera it appears they are both having a ball! The only time I have seen either of them TRULY worried, was when they came out of the police station as ARGUIDOS. That is the only time we have seen true emotion from these people.

    We are ALL emotional beings - it is what makes us Human. It doesn't matter if one is shy, jovial, outgoing etc; we all have basic emotions that cannot be hidden. These parents promote 'abduction' to the world, but their inner feelings cannot be disguised; these emotions and their words give a way the truth of what really happened in 5A. Because of privileged position, they are getting away with this at present. Things may change this year. More and more books will be written; they cannot silence the entire world.

    I truly feel for their loss - these people are not Ian Huntley, Roy Whiting or Roger Black. However, truth must out for the sake of a little girl who doesn't have a voice - she wasn't abducted and I wish our media over here would point this out. I'll never believe 'Abduction' is what happened to MBM and it is way past time this was exposed. I don't know why they continue with this farce, but the varnish will crack one day. This is a massive cover up.

    May the truth one day be known.

  127. The weekend of June 9-10 2007 was the trip to Morocco,a big influx of family and friends had flown in,and after this trip Kates demeanor changed dramatically,it was as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders,they had beaming smiles in Morocco,while everyone wore light coloured clothes in Morocco Kate and Gerry wore black,and spent time at the famous necropolis in Rabat,they had rented the scenic on may 27th,on the 7.9.07 John Mccann gave sky an interview and said this,"...but some of the,some of the stuff that's being speculated on just isn't plausible.Like information appearing about samples in a car which Gerry and Kate only got FIVE weeks after Madeleine disappeared,are you trying to tell me that Madeleine was hidden for FIVE weeks and then was suddenly reappeared in this hire car?It...doesn't make sense"he mentions five weeks twice so he meant to say five weeks,was this a freudian slip,because 27th may isn't five weeks after Madeleines disappearance it's only 24 days,five weeks after is Thursday June the 7th-only a few days before the Mccanns departed for Morocco on Sunday 10th 07,Was Madeleine moved in the Scenic hire car on or around this date if we assume that the investigators' theories are correct?

  128. #106, you are quite correct, McCann is not a surgeon, merely a cardiologist, a specialty that a doctor would just end up in rather than aspire to. No doubt he would love to be a surgeon, but simply doesn't have the dedication or brain power required. However, this is one mistake that Clarrie is never instructed to correct - McCann loves the kudos of being thought to be a heart surgeon.

  129. investigation@findmadeleine.com

    Dont forget to tell them that Gerry McCann is a suspect who has no genuine independant alibi for the sighting by Jane Tanner of an abductor (as Wilkins was adamant this sighting did not take place when he was talking to Gerry) and for the later sighting of the abductor as he wandered about the streets of PDL and straight past the Smith family (who would have been easily avoidable).

    Gerry must be arrested and extradited to Portugal for the case to be re-opened.

  130. What about the "tea stain" Kate was at pains to mention in her statement that she washed from Maddie's pyjama top? What was that all about? The information seems totally unnecessary in the circumstances but I'm sure it's of relevance :-/

  131. @ A 123
    "It is impossible for Kate to be in contact with a cadaver"
    Why ?
    There's no basis for that.
    "in the garden bed and on the boot of the Renault Scenic? Very odd places to leave her trousers"
    Who said she left her trousers in those places ? Couldn't she just kneel on the terrace to pick up something ?

  132. Putting personal cynicism aside, it's hats off to Tony Bennett for leafleting and opening the Leicestershire public's eyes to the facts of the case. I don't think that someone who has been threatened with libel action by the McCanns belongs on a pro McCann blog do you? That's completely irrational.

  133. @ A 122
    They may have lied about the window without having found and concealed their daughter's body.
    About what they said to their family/friends on the phone that night there's an obvious preoccupation of minimizing their responsibility.
    The sister believed so much her little brother and felt so helpless that she called the media and transmitted a pure hearsay.
    You can't exactly blame the MCs for that.
    The reactions of the dogs are a fact.

  134. @ A 118
    Why don't you read the reports ?

  135. @ A 119
    Without confrontation or at least inquiry about Mrs G.'s mental state, her testimony is just about her feeling concerning DP. We don't know whether such a conversation occurred at all. Her husband is less affirmative, is he reluctant to admit a fact that disturbs him or is he reluctant to contradict his wife ?
    I would never have reacted like Mrs G., I would have reacted as soon as I had heard what she says she heard. She says there was some silent embarrassment, but her reaction is just the same : null.

  136. Somewhere I read or saw a video where somebody explains that a corpse has to be directly in contact with a person or object, in order to leave its scent on it.
    I believed Kate embraced her or carried her to the car.
    And they put the toy on her chest or arm, before they definitely hidde her.
    As a ritual that could have happen in the apartment before 10.00pm.

  137. @ A 130 Excellent post, thank you.

  138. It doesn't matter where KM's pants were, there was certainly a dead body in the wardrobe and on the tiles where human blood was also found, and the only missing person there is Madeleine. There is enough evidence to reopen the investigation and consider charges of neglect, perverting the course of justice, and fraud.

  139. aacg @ 135,

    '@ A 123
    "It is impossible for Kate to be in contact with a cadaver"
    Why ?
    There's no basis for that.
    "in the garden bed and on the boot of the Renault Scenic? Very odd places to leave her trousers"
    Who said she left her trousers in those places ? Couldn't she just kneel on the terrace to pick up something ?'

    Where she contacted with cadavers? In the clinic where she works 2 hours, 2 days a week? In a road accident to who emergency teams were called and not Kate? To see somebody at home? Again an emergency team will be called, not her. Are you pretending to classify UK, a country without rules where anybody can hand a cadaver? On her work she did not deal with cadavers, she is a general practitioner who gave consultations, not emergency treatments.

    'Who said she left her trousers in those places ? Couldn't she just kneel on the terrace to pick up something ?'
    LAUGHABLE YOUR COMMENT.... The trousers were the clothes about what the police asked an explanation and about what Kate gave the extraordinary explanation of 6 cadavers in the previous week.

    Extraordinary also your explanation for the transferring of the cadavers sense: She KNEEL ON THE TERRACE, ON THE BED GARDEN AND.... ON THE ROOT OF THE RENAULT SCENIC. And on the terrace where she kneel ( by the way was the living room) behind the tiles, the forensic team recovered forensic evidences ( blood) with 15 alleles in 19 matching Madeleine ADN. EXTRAORDINARY THE POWER OF A KNEE.

    We already have a ghost abductor who fly trough windows, carrying a girl, leaving no trace. Now we have knees leaving dead evidences.

    You have an agenda here aacg, which have nothing to do with truth and Madeleine.

  140. @ 142
    "there was certainly a dead body in the wardrobe"
    That's not what Martin Grime says.

    "Somewhere I read or saw a video where somebody explains that a corpse has to be directly in contact with a person or object, in order to leave its scent on it."
    This is not what a scientific article says (available in PDF)
    Cadaver dogs—A study on detection of contaminated carpet squares

  141. People most often die without needing emergency service. I'm not sure but I think that death certificates have to be signed by 2 doctors in the UK. Only when death doesn't seem natural a medical examiner is called.
    The PJ isn't as incompetent as A143 seems to imply : the 6 cadavers story was likely investigated.

    Madeleine would be horrified to read hatred against her beloved parents.

  142. @141 Thank you for your kind words. I don't pretend to know everything and I do try to be objective - but we are not being told the truth about the disappearance of MBM.

    @aacg. "Madeleine would be horrified to read hatred against her beloved parents."

    You have now exposed yourself as a Pro-McCann blogger. You are quite welcome to your opinion that the McCanns are innocent - as a point of law in the UK, we are ALL INNOCENT TO PROVEN GUILTY.

    This Blog exists because people like Joana (and I include myself in this) do not believe the McCanns. It's like LEE HARVEY OSWALD - I am free to read books about him killing JFK and I am free to read books that he DIDN'T kill JFK.

    Yet, with the abduction of MBM, I am NOT allowed to read materials that point to other scenarios that may indicate that she wasn't abducted - because the McCanns have said it is libellous. Book banning belongs in the dark ages.

    PROVE TO US AACG THAT MADELEINE WOULD BE HORRIFIED. What information do you possess that:

    (a) Proves abduction?
    (b) Proves Madeleine is alive and ?
    (c) Proves that Madeleine is reading this blog?

    I will gladly listen - it is evidence we need to hear for your outrageous claims.

    May the truth one day be known.

  143. aacg
    'Madeleine would be horrified to read hatred against her beloved parents.'


    Even after crying and asking her mum ' why you don't come when yesterday I and Sean cried?' ( according to Kate own words in the media), they don't changed their behaviour and put the safe of the childs first then their dinners and social life.


    You have an agenda here which is showing up, post after post.

  144. I'm sorry Joana, but 146 is unfounded argumentum ad hominem as well. I'm, as you know, neither a pro nor anti MC, but only interested in defending GA's right to freedom of speech, even if I don't agree with his team's conclusions (I don't agree with the MCs' doxa as well).
    Posters like A146 discredit your blog. They finally behave exactly as those they critic, the MC team, imposing their version of events.

    Not only Madeleine, who loves or loved her parents, would be horrified by so much hostility, but GA too !

  145. aacg,
    I'm 143. Where in my post you see I'm considering PJ incompetent?

    After many posts which I read from you, wasting my time, I start joking with some of your comments. A knee transferring a cadaver scent which MADE SO MANY TROUBLES THAT ROGATORY LETTERS SHOULD BE ISSUED, A POLICE SHOULD BE DISMISSED FROM THE INVESTIGATION AND A RECONSTRUCTION SHOULD BE REFUSED, IS YOUR LAST CHERRY ON TOP OF YOUR NONSENSE CAKE.

    Did you realised that from your last posts going round by round you fall in a point where you have to admit that the only way to explain what the dogs find is by Madeleine body, itself been in direct contact with trousers, Tshirt, boot car, etc.

    I don't care what you say Martin Grime said about the body in wardrobe. The dogs were trained to react( found) human cadavers and human fluids ( blood, etc). They are high trained and they are reliable this is why the work of the dogs is very well payed. This dogs are expensive on their work, their day care and their insurances. ALL PAID BY BRITISH GOVERNMENT, MEANS BY BRITISH TAXES.
    They still active, working for top polices as the FBI and according to police records with 100% of success.
    Martin Grime don't need to open his mouth and say anything about the dogs. By bringing the dogs to PDL and by the explanations he gave for the reactions of the dogs ( available at the videos which we can see in the Internet), the dogs even not speaking, THEY SAID ALL. WE ARE NOT STUPID, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH NONSENSE COMMENTS, just to suit your agenda.



  146. aacg @148,

    I'm not 146 but I can assure you, we are not imposing our version. we are discussing facts, evidences and the behaviour of the parents, friends and the all team they hire. For most of US, everything is ODD since day one and since a BLOG like that exists we have the right to gave our opinion and expose our feelings.

    I'm Portuguese and I feel very offended by the mccann's behaviour with their childs and by what they have done after everything happened.


    When their life became not so easy because police start closing windows and look at the only window reasonable- The dead of the girl- pointing them as suspects, not only because parents are normally suspects in childs crimes but because police have facts and some evidences to support their suspicion, THEY RUNAWAY AND START IN UK A MEDIA CAMPAIGN AGAINST PORTUGAL, THE PORTUGUESE PEOPLE AND OUR POLICE. I have no adjective to describe people like them.
    You know when the incomes in the Fund dramatically fall down? When the Portuguese open their eyes and stop feeding an outrageous Fund. I would like to see the amount of Euros which come from Portuguese donations. Huge, I believe... and THIS BELOVED PARENTS Don't EVEN HAVE A WORD TO SAY THANK YOU.

    And I can carry on with their outrageous Media campaign which perhaps our British friends (I'm speaking about the public, not the mccann's) did not know. Around 13 of may 2007, the beloved parents went to FATIMA ( the PORTUGUESE MAIN CATHOLIC PLACE)supposedly to pray for Madeleine safety return. Now, I think it was part of the plan to foolish the Pope because they want to meet him. And I explain why I believe on that- Because that day was the most important day for catholics in Portugal and the place was full of people. There, in the middle of all this people there is an old man holding a statue of ' Nossa sra. de Fatima' and he talk to the press how touched he was with Madeleine tragedy and he plans to hand the statue to Kate because he believe on lady of Fatima and she can help Madeleine. It was shocked to see this statue days later, completely abandoned near the resort in PDL. The old man did not manage to meet the mccann's to deliver the statue. THEY HAVE TIME FOR JOGGING BUT NOT TO RECIEVE SUCH SYMBOLIC DONATION WHICH FOR ANY CATHOLIC MOTHER OF A MISSING CHILD, I BELIEVE WILL BE VERY IMPORTANT. And don't tell me,the mccann's don't know the propose of the man- THEY WERE IN PORTUGAL AT THE TIME AND THE MAN WITH HIS STATUE WAS AT ALL SCREEN TVS.

  147. One nanny printed the pictures, on her own printer and with her own paper. A document proves it.

    I do care what Martin Grime says.
    Interestingly he mentions that his dogs don't react to the synthetic molecule called "cadaverin".
    I find very interesting the article I mentioned above, which in fact shows that very few scientific researches are done on trained dogs' capacities and that the odour volatile molecules aren't yet deciphered.

  148. aacg I do not think Joana prevents Pro McCanns from posting on this blog, indeed I have spotted many asking me the same tired old questions in order to try and discredit. But when you speak of Madeleine's "beloved parents", given their conduct and attitudes displayed, the smirks, the shrugs, the lies, the indifference. Kate's refusal to answer police questions as Clarence freely admitted due to fear she may incriminate herself. The investigations by both British and Portuguese Police convinced they are involved in her disappearance in some way because of their obvious and contradictory lies, indeed looking at every option, abandonment, homicide, kidnapping, do you not think those words would be highly inflammatory on here, given this is obviously a blog where primarily people simply do not believe the McCanns, they believe the police? If you come into a place and make inflammatory remarks where you know the vast majority of people are going to be very upset, given their concern about little Maddie, are you not trying to cause further upset by complaining about it?

    What on earth qualifies you to say "beloved parents" in relation to a couple who took her on holiday with them and then proceeded to dump her every hour they possibly could and then relied on their own child neglect to defend themselves?

  149. @aacg

    Madeleine's beloved parents? Who says? The only person whose entitled to say that is Madeleine she was the victim.

    Children are capable of forgiving their parents many things but it seems the McCanns will never know because without doubt Madeleine is dead - the dogs and the unreasonable abduction scenario all point to that.

    As for claiming they are not responsible for what his sister said thats laughable anyone having a conversation with their sibling over their niece going missing would remember what was said- its not the sort of thing you would forget. They told her the apartment was broken into that the shutter was smashed and it wasnt.
    Now they claim the patio door was open why because its apparent that the supposed abductor couldnt have " broken in and taken her". Spin it anyway you want it remains in peoples memories. Even if the shutter had been successfully smashed by Gerry the fact remains there was no time for an abductor to have snatched anyone- they were too busy ensuring they would not be arressted for abandoment to allow "eggman" the time needed.

    The dogs did indicate a dead body in the apartment and this remains their biggest problem- as a crime scene it was sealed- with their own time lines nobody could have taken Madeleine away that evening without their knowledge- they are quite frankly up to their necks in it. They know it and more importantly the PJ do.

    As for Madeleine I for one would have prefered her to have loving parents.

    My idea of loving parents? Ones who didnt take their children on a 'family' holiday in order to dump them nearly all day with strangers and to leave them every evening unattended.

    Thats if you buy their story of 'listening' I for one dont; but then I can see perfectly well how they could be guilty of far worse things than 'staging a kidnap'. After all they went on holiday with a little girl it seems they were planning to give to relatives and she disappears in mysterious circumstances. Beloved isnt the first adjective that springs to mind.

  150. You know what aacg, I have never been quite certain in my own mind whether the McCanns murdered Madeleine or took part in her kidnapping, but your arguments on here actually serve to convince me it must be the former. I have carefully studied the evidence and the police questions to the rest of this holiday crew and I am quite convinced this was a premeditated crime and the police do not believe the witness you refer to who blandly said, ah well no, I cannot produce that printer my boyfriend has it in France. The one picture of Madeleine she supposedly produced is quite obviously a very old one, she has short bobbed hair and looks little past a baby. Do you seriously expect us to believe Russell missed the tennis balls pic but found this one, try pulling the other leg, we are not stupid!

    The British Police immediately seized Kate's camera, her memory cards and Payne's video camera, by 8 May they were being urgently analysed in UK. They were under no illusions about this lot!

  151. What on earth qualifies you to say "beloved parents"

    Nothing qualifies me ! Just my eyes, like yours, can see that this little girl was cherished !
    Do please discriminate between what these people are as human beings (and who has enough wisdom to judge them ?) from a choice which was fatal in their case but finished well for their friends. Who has never done a bad choice ?
    The rest comes from an unbearable feeling of guilt (an incapacity to assume one's choice consequences) and is a disaster, on that point I agree totally.

  152. Brilliant post 151, it just expresses the reality so well and the natural fury of ordinary Portuguese citizens at the conduct of these two utterly sickening British "doctors", people who are trained to protect, to care, to save lives. They cannot even do that for their own child. They abused the training they received in the cynical way they abuse everything they touch.

  153. I believe a young child has always love for her parents, even when neglected, mistreated, abused. Joana Cipriano loved her mother, or better said, the woman that gave birth to her, despite the beatings and being treated like a little slave and forced to do most of the house chores. I believe that the hatred and rebelion come at a much older age, when they are able to look back and have an understanding of what went on and how wrong it was.

  154. Accg,

    'One nanny printed the pictures, on her own printer and with her own paper. A document proves it.'


    Interesting, nannies which come from UK to work for a week or a month, to feel their holidays with some work and some incomes, most of them old teenagers or young adults, carrying a printer to PDL in a time when most of cameras were digital and have memory to hold hundred of pictures. This 'beloved nannies' carried a printer and papers to print Madeleine pictures.
    By the way... the alarm was raised after 10 o'clock PM and soon the GNR arrived and ask the pictures. How the Nannie knows that GNR want the pictures to made them available? Or the pictures were ready even before the alarm been raised and theoretical,before the girl went missing?

    IF the printer belong to a Nannie, why the pictures and the origin of the pictures became a big issue for GNR and PJ? DO YOU WANT US TO BELIEVE, POLICE DON'T CHECK EVERYTHING BEFORE PUTING COMMENTS ABOUT THE PICTURES IN THEIR REPORT?

    But my mind is open, as many of us who post here, show us where we can see that the police have proof that the pictures were printed in a Nannie printer.


  155. Can I just clarify that GPs DO attend the deceased (and No, I am not a McC supporter). And I can state this through experience of having worked in Undertakers, Nursing Homes and as a Nurse for the NHS. GPs are called out to people who die in their homes or in nursing homes, they also attend undertakers to confirm death (two doctors are required to confirm death before a corpse can be cremated). Sometimes they will do a few at a time when visiting undertakers. The number of times they are called out will depend on the extent of the local population and the hours they work.

    They would have to touch the deceased but their clothes wouldn`t necessarily come into contact with the deceased. They always wash their hands immediately afterwards. Unless she leant right across the deceased or had to change the position of the deceased, her clothes wouldn`t have come in contact.

    As KM only worked part time and in a small town, its highly unlikely she confirmed the deaths of 6 corpses in the week before she went on holiday.

    Anyway this could all be easily clarified as it will all be on record at the surgery where she worked (unless of course there`s even more corruption going on).


  156. i think the Madeliene Fund has to be investigated, they have to have all payments identified, I am sure 40% may have gone on posters baloons, sky lights in respect of "the search"in actual fact this is awareness only. How much money to date that has been spent on lawyers should be revealed. The first thing they did was set themselves up with a crack team of lawyers, obviously expecting to be in court at some stage. I do not understand the silence by all police forces involved. When is someone going to pull the plug and open the can of worms????

  157. Has McCann Files been carter Rucked? as I cannot get into any of its links

  158. accg

    You have already told us you think Kate McCann is extremely beautiful, and now you are trying to get us to cast doubt on the evidence of the dogs.

    Whereas in reality it is really the other way round.

    We should cast doubt on the evidence of Kate McCann, and it is the dogs who are extremely beautiful, not her.

  159. 162 - I`ve tried that site - no luck either.

  160. accg The best I could hope for you is that you just close your eyes to what you do not want to see.

    Have a look at Madeleine on the video with her snow white outfit on, biting her lip and looking utterly dejected. My mother was heartbroken when she looked at that. I have never seen anything so sad. Have a look at her being restrained by Kate and her grandmother from even reaching her own birthday cake. Have a look at how the last picture of Madeleine taken the day before on the tennis court just gets ignored in the McCann's campaign, in its stead they prefer an image of her in red dress with tinted red hair and an adult pose, aged about two, it is a good "marketing ploy", no doubt. But to appeal to whom, people who think adults can do children no harm, it gives him comfort says Gerry McCann?

    Have a look at the picture of Gerry McCann playing with her the day before he got rid of her, and then trying seeing what other people see. Something that is so horrible it is hard to even contemplate, it is so cold and calculating.

    Do not be so certain that the friends have got away with this and only the McCanns are in trouble, you may be in for one big shock!

  161. 162 Nige has had problems before, financial, and then come back online. He struggles to keep that site going and has even had to resort to using the library to post on one occasion due to lack of funds.

    I think the McCanns know their Carter Rucking days are over.

  162. 161 UK Police are always silent whilst they continue to investigate. The McCann case in that respect is no different to any other, although given the previous high rate of publicity which Gerry smirkingly accepted he uses as and when it suits him, I think they will be trying even harder than usual to keep a lid on it! We will hear nothing until they are arrested, but it will come!

  163. If it were to be proved the McCanns have known all along that Madeleine was dead they would not have enough money to pay all the people who would be able to sue them in the civil courts.

    That is besides the criminal charges for fraud for which they would get years inside, including charges for waste of police time and costs of all the bogus investigations.

    The newspapers would certainly be selling well with that sensational news on the front page.

  164. I also can't find Mccannfiles. Is the site down or just a temporary problem?

  165. Earlier today when some posters were complaining about not being able to get into mccannfiles, I was able to. However, that has since changed. I hope it's just a minor glitch.

  166. To 134, tea stains are brown, and blood stains soon become brown. It might be as well to wash off a tea stain lest someone should mistake it for an old blood stain.
    To aacg, you are correct that children have a seemingly endless capacity for love and forgiveness towards their parents, even (or maybe especially) those who instinctively know they will never be loved as much in return. Most of us on here cannot conceive of taking children on a so-called family holiday and then paying them virtually no attention.

  167. Viv
    "Gerry McCann playing with her the day before he got rid of her"
    Which picture do you mean ?
    The picture question has always amazed me but I never found any echo.
    For me there's no common measure between the little girl in red with the very visible coloboma or the little girl biting her lips and the one with the tennis balls or the blue football club Tshirt. I don't recognize one in the other. Either these are different kids or quite different ages of the same one.

  168. Gerry McCann-

    "You don't have to delve very far into the internet to see the abuse that has been directed at us"

    No need to delve at all Gerry and Kate for the world to see the abuse shown to Madeleine Sean and Amelie. Three little children, one aged three years, the other two, only babies, 2 years old.

    Left alone night after night, while Kate and Gerry had a good time in bars and restaurants with their cronies.

    And Gerry wonders why people are angry at them!

    Three years since Madeleine disappeared and the McCann's still don't understand why the public are angry at the gross abuse and neglect of their children.

    From the moment this story hit the headlines, the public have been fed lie after lie, with Clarence Mitchell, a professional liar, announcing how he 'shaped' stories in an attempt to portray Kate and Gerry as something other than what they really are.

    That basically says it all! He was trying to make a pair of liars, child neglectors, not nice people, who committed the heinous crime of child abandonment as - 'nice, innocent, honest, and caring parents'

    A task a step too far even for the lying and devious Clarence.

    A spin doctor for celebs, politicians is one thing - in the case of a missing child - it is rather stomach churning and worrying that the parents even considered this.

    The public now are way too saavy in general for spin doctors. To use one in the case of your missing child? The moment a spin doctor appears such as in this case - we all know that whatever he is "selling" and paid a hefty sum for doing so, will be a LIE. Why else would he be employed!

    More to the point WHY do the parents of a missing child require someone to officially lie for them, and at a huge cost?

    They are each and every one of them, a disgrace.

    Their disgraceful behaviour, before, during, and after Madeleine's disappearance - disgustingly horrifying!. This awful duo make me physically sick.

    I find it interesting that Gerry McCann feels that the public on the internet or otherwise are abusing them, simply because we do not believe their tale of abduction or any of the expensive tales spun by Clarence Mitchell, yet neither he nor Kate can see that what they did to their children was ABUSE.

    Arguably, they are still abusing their remaining children. When they drag Sean and Amelie out for the purpose of tv documentaries, when they tell us that they have told these children that a monster has Madeleine and these little ones feel they have to fight and kill the monsters for her safe return, when they lay a place at their dinner table at Christmas for the missing Madeleine,when it suits their purpose and agenda these twin children are exposed in every way. Like little pawns in a game, when it suits the purpose of libel suits, declaring the 'harm' the press stories can have on the twins - then the twins are hidden away from the cameras for a while.........rolled out again when the next campaign, the next episode of the Kate and Gerry Show hits the road.

    The three year blockbuster no doubt being prepared as we speak, "trailers" of same hitting our screens in the week running up to the 3rd Anniversary of this poor child.

    As the twins grow older they will put things together for themselves, they will speak for themselves, but as individuals, not as one. The way Kate always tells us the 'twins said this or that re Madeleine' she tells us how much they miss Madeleine.

    Truth be told, the twins most likely now do not remember Madeleine. They will speak of her as her memory quite naturally lives on in their home, with their parents reminding them of her.

    But as they grow in the next couple of years that will change.

  169. 2.

    But as they grow in the next couple of years that will change. They may not want to be "fed" Madeleine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will want their lives to be about them, not Madeleine nor their mum or dad. It is only natural that they will. Won't mean that they don't hold dear the memory the family have for their missing sister, but life goes on, and Sean and Amelie, so far have had their young lives disrupted in the most dramatic of ways. I hope it stops at disruption and does not end in destruction.

    Kate and Gerry must stop take stock, and seriously consider the harm they are doing to Sean and Amelie. We have heard it all, how the psychologists told them what to do and say to them. The twins are not 2 years old any more, but schoolchildren. Stop filling their heads with Madeleine and let them live a little as normal kids do.

    Kate and Gerry can still have their 'Madeleine time'with Kate going into Madeleine's room in the morning to open the curtains and then going back at night to close them - and Gerry doing whatever his ritual is - but Sean and Amelie I fear for. God help them.

  170. I wonder whether the nanny Charlotte Pennington is also going to be sued by Murat because she was another one who jumped on the bandwagon saying she had seen him here, there, and everywhere, doing sinister things that night and after.

    All her supposed sightings got to sound silly after a while.

    She was also said to be a friend of the McCanns who had known them previously.

    Poor Murat, he hardly stood a chance with all those friends of the McCanns up against him. All saying they were so certain they had seen him, which subsequently turned out not to be true.

  171. Now parents can't be accused of neglect any more, thanks to MCM :

  172. If you want to donate to help Nige get McCannfiles back up and running see details on side of my blog

  173. What is amazing to see is how gagging a police and forbidden a book did not change anything.

    No court, no law, can change minds by an imposition. They just blow fires in some forests where people hard tried to be impartial or gave them a chance to be 'normal parents'. Now most of this people become partial and believing Madeleine died and the police was very close to the truth.

    In my relatives and close friends group, I had some who don't believe in any abduction but agree that the parents should go away with that because loosing a child was already enough to destroy their life's.

    On 18 FEB, even without a confession, they sign their guilt Form and show it outside the court in a Parade of nonsense statements sent 'in a life show' direct to the world.

  174. aacg @ 172,

    Is the picture in the suing park.

    I still waiting for the link, the file, the site or whatever, with document which proof that the 4 first pictures handed to the police were printed in a Nannie Printer.

    You pretend to appear here as the BEST, the WELL informed, and WE, THE EVILS WHO HORRIFIED A LITTLE GIRL ABOUT HER BELOVED PARENTS.

    I'm not a SQUARE MIND. I can reshape my feelings, my sense, what I believe... In front of FACTS, EVIDENCES. IF THE DOCUMENT EXIST AND CAME FROM THE POLICE, SHOW IT TO US.

    I read almost everything about this case and follow it since day one. I never saw anything close to the document you claim and I KNOW THIS 4 PICTURES and THE FIRST STATEMENTS THEY GAVE TO THE POLICE STILL THE MAIN PIECES AND THE MOST IMPORTANT IN THE INVESTIGATION. The Forensic evidences are just flowers to help following a way.

    We are open here... WE just want the truth.

  175. Poster 174
    i very much doubt that Maddie is ever mentioned in Rothley towers ,they just drag her name back out when the pots drying up ,all the utter BS about place at the table,buying presents and bedroom untouched are beyond belief ,These are the sort of thing caring ,loving parents do ,Not the Mc`s who neglected their children then cashed in on blood money ,No take it from me ,Maddie is only used now and then

  176. @aacg

    "What on earth qualifies you to say "beloved parents"

    Nothing qualifies me ! Just my eyes, like yours, can see that this little girl was cherished !
    Do please discriminate between what these people are as human beings (and who has enough wisdom to judge them ?) from a choice which was fatal in their case but finished well for their friends. Who has never done a bad choice ?
    The rest comes from an unbearable feeling of guilt (an incapacity to assume one's choice consequences) and is a disaster, on that point I agree totally."

    Please try reading what you wrote a little four year old child lost her life and you claim it was a bad choice? If she was cherished by them why would they be thinking of sending her to live with relatives?

    Even if Madeleine had been snatched- if their bad choice was leaving her how would suing and defaming others have made that better?

    As it stands its unlikely that Madeleine wasnt dead before the tapas- that being the case they staged a kidnap in order to escape justice- understandably because thats what people try to do and because they have other children. Dont get me wrong I do not believe Madeleine died from an accident that however is for the authorities to determine. Yet even if it had been an accident look at their actions since- theyve reduced Madeleine to a marketable product - theyve abused other peoples trust- theyve insulted a whole nation and its police force.

    They were given the opportunity to walk away- to accept the shelving of the case- they didnt- surely if they had been Madeleine's loving parents they would be full of remorse and grief their only interest would be bringing their remaining children up? They would have grasped the chance to spend what time they had living quietly with their remaining children? In their guilt they would have ignored any criticisim and sought forgiveness?

    I dont know why but you are blinded to the McCanns real thoughts about Madeleine maybe its too painful?

    I think you are under the illusion that we are all sitting here with no thought of the terrible events of that holiday and its consequences for everyone involved but the McCanns are the only ones who from the outset have had a choice and they are the only ones who know what happened.

    Amaral did not choose this case; The PJ did not choose it; the people of Portugal did not choose it - they are only reacting to the McCanns deeds the best way they can its you who are sitting in judgement because you believe that Kate and Gerry are the victims but theyre not instead they are responsible for all the victims starting with Madeleine.

  177. @ 179
    Do you expect me going through all the files ? I'm sorry, but I have no spare time for this. I read this, I'm sure of it, but as well I found no analysis of the quality of the paper and the ink proving that the pictures were done before the 3rd of may.
    So if you can provide me a link to such a study, I'll find the time to look for the file document I mentioned.

  178. @ Anonymous 181
    "why would they be thinking of sending her to live with relatives?"
    Where have you learnt they were planning such a thing ?

  179. aacg,

    Only you read that.

    Who said the pictures were done before May 3? BUT MUST BE. The pictures must be done before, since they cannot be done after she disapeared. The point is when they were printed and where by who? I have doubts that you read the Files.

    The police did not find where the pictures have been printed, then no information about ink, paper, etc. The printer is not from PDL or from anybody in the Resort. IF so the police will reported it in the Files. IT is something which raise doubts to the police.

    Seems that you are fabricating stories to feed your comments.

  180. viv @ 120

    viv, don't mock the afflicted!

  181. Business as usual with 'mccannfiles'!
    Don't know if its coincidence but I have had much difficulty logging on to sites relating to Madeleine Mccann for about a week, especially this one! I was beginning to think that I was under attack! Maybe it was my ISP malfunctioning or maybe it was the gremlins!
    What 'viv' said about mccannfiles is absolutely correct - Nige needs all the help he can get and his site is a very valuable source of information - thanks Nige!

  182. aacg

    You come here to attack one of the most damaging pieces of evidence of all against Kate and Gerry McCann, immediately producing old photographs to the police. Two copies of each, not twenty copies printed by some nanny. Paying people to lie for you does not change the facts. When you are repeatedly confronted to back up your claims, what do we get, oh well I do not have the time to look!

    Your soft backtracking when confronted is something I have been seeing from people like you for the last three years. You claim you did not even know what picture I was referring to of Gerry playing with Madeleine the day before he got rid of her?

    WE have the historic pictures that clearly demonstrate Madeleine was not beloved by her parents, the only use they see for those pictures is to go on holiday and stage her abduction.

    We have the picture just the day before this staged abduction where Gerry McCann is wanting to show what a loving daddy he supposedly is. You pretend you do not know what I am talking about.

    Gerry McCann was just a bit too organised I am afraid and by his meticulous planning of every little detail demonstrates beyond any shadow of a doubt, this was a wicked and premeditated crime against little Maddie.

    If I was ever in serious trouble, you are the very last person I would call to help me.

  183. vi @165
    This photo has always troubled me deeply ,Maddie is TERRIFIED of whoever is taking the video of her in her Snow White outfit ,As a Mother and a Grandmother and someone who has worked in schools over the years ,the fear is plain to see ,why the police/social services have not picked up on this is beyond me ,very sad

  184. One thing is for sure.

    The McCanns don't want this case reopened. If they did, they would have requested it.

    Do they know that if the case is reopened they would not be able to walk away so easily again.

    Do they believe the investigators have information that would make that impossible for them?

    As regards Halligen and his speciality in electronic surveillance, might he also have been able to access sites to gain confidential information concerning this case?

    If the amateur hacker guy they were trying to extradite to the US recently was able to access top secret information at the Pentagon, who knows what information may be accessible to a specialist like Halligen.

    With people like this around there are no secrets any more, and presumably any kind of information can be bought.

  185. Don't forget that the focus was IN PORTUGAL that Halligen was employed to do his work.

    I hope the PJ are interested enough to want to know what or who was being surveilled in that country.

  186. Louise164

    Thankyou louise for trying Mccann files,lets try and help Nige out, a little donation from each of us. Thanks viv for your response, on the Madeliene fund. I just find it so hard to believe, that the McCanns seem to have control over all official bodies. I cannot understand this cover up, and I think I am better living out of UK.
    Someone somewhere, must be able to open this case again

  187. Yes McCann files back on line, cheers to Nige
    lets help him out

  188. @ aacg:
    Persons who haven't read the files of the case shouldn't take part in any discussion.

  189. Ah, yes...the "misterious" postcard sized photos, in that thick and shiny photo paper used in "professional" photos, you know, like the ones you get when you have your film processed in a photo shop! Those WERE NOT photocopies printed in one's printer, those were real photographs.
    They were there ready at hand to be handed over to the GNR officers who first arrived on the scene (either by Gerry or Oldfield, the officer could not remember who). The PJ found this weird, where did those photos come from, why would anyone travel abroad with two sets of almost identical "professional" postcard size photographs? They investigated and determined that those could not have been made at that time of night since there was no equipment suitable in the O.Club and the photo studios were all closed at that time of night. I believe that in the files there is a list of the shops that were investigated and questioned and none had produced the photos. However there was never a plausible explanation about the origin of those photos, not that I've seen. I just cannot understand why the PJ did not "grill" the Tapas9" about the provenence of those photos, if they had those in their possession and they were not brought from England, then were did thet make them, when, with what/whose equipment and from which source( their cameras, etc.)!
    Yet another unexplained detail to add to the very very long list of "unexplained" details of this case, and not a small on, in my modest opinion, because, if they could not prove the photos were made on the spot, on that night, then it could only mean those were brought along from England, and to me that screams PREMEDITATION!!!

  190. aacg:
    it is clear that you have a great deal of sympathy for the McCanns.
    May I ask why? Is it their lies, greed, arrogance, agressivity, callousness towards their children?
    I confess that, their potential involvement in a criminal case aside, I am yet to find any redeeming features in them.
    However, I respect the way you feel, although you seem to have little sympathy towards Madeleine herself.

    You now seem to be defending your right to make unsubstantiated assertions, and your right not to back them up.

    That's up to you but as far as I am concerned you have lost all credibility. I will no longer be reading your posts.

  191. One of the 48 questions Kate was asked was about whether she had considered handing the care of Madeleine to a relative. She could simply have answered "no". The PJ are unlikely to have asked that question without a reason. A FOI request was turned down on the basis that a relative of the McCanns had given the information in confidence. I suspect that it was linked to this question.

  192. Dr Simon Singh won his libel case yesterday, with the defence of "fair comment" against the Chiropractic Association. Let's hope MR Amaral will succeed in his case. He has been more than fair to the McCanns in his assessment of accidental death.

  193. aacg,

    You have an agenda here.

    You don't even need to read the Files to get vital information about facts against the Mccann's.
    You can go TO INTERNET ( IN MANY LANGUAGES, IT IS ALL AVAILABLE THERE). Go to Mccannfiles, like this Blog, is very organized and just post news and the truth. There you can found allot of information about all the pictures.
    Laughable... You don't have time to read proper information but you spend allot of time questioning our posts, our information and delivering 'rubbish'. In some of your comments I see nothing then an Agenda.

    You speak Portuguese, ARE YOU WORKING FOR ISABEL DUARTE?


    If Portugal were not contaminated by a corruption virus who affect all politics from almost all the Parties and SOME LAWYERS OFFICES CONNECTED WITH POLITICS, Maddie case will be solved long ago with everybody knowing what happened on this holidays and where is the body.

  194. @ 184
    Just to illustrate... your own attitude !
    "Who said the pictures were done before May 3? BUT MUST BE. The pictures must be done before, since they cannot be done after she disapeared. The point is when they were printed and where by who? I have doubts that you read the Files."
    So do I, prove your read the files !

    "The police did not find where the pictures have been printed, then no information about ink, paper, etc. The printer is not from PDL or from anybody in the Resort. IF so the police will reported it in the Files. IT is something which raise doubts to the police."
    What source is yours ?

    "Seems that you are fabricating stories to feed your comments."
    Which stories if you please ?

  195. For the general relief and peace, this is my last post on this blog! Some people went away without explaining why. I do.
    I can't stand the idea of being a pretext for hatred.
    Hatred against someone, expressed through insults, is a thing. Hatred against people just because they have another point of view is another.
    Am I wrong to think that this will not benefit GA ?
    I'm afraid ID, in this abusive process, will use the argument that GA's book feeds hatred against her clients instead of supporting the research of truth.
    Vale, as the Latins used to say.

  196. 188 In fact making Madeleine a Ward of Court on 2 April 2008, following intensive investigations into the McCanns and their abuse of that little girl is just about the most dramatic way British authorities could announce they have taken full note of the way she was treated and that if, by some miracle, she is still alive, there is no way on earth she is going to be returned to Kate and Gerry McCann.

    I now believe that Gerry organised the tennis theme that evening for a very specific reason, so that little Maddie could be removed in his blue tennis bag that Martin Brunt tells us the police were always looking for. Those articles on Sky are still there, no Carter Rucking from the McCanns, that tells me one thing, it is the truth. But I think the authorities feel she may have been drugged but still alive when removed during the early evening, probably around 6.30. Tanner and Smith are Gerry fabrications to make out an abduction took place whilst they were supposedly neglecting her. YOu cannot neglect a child that has already gone.

  197. 191 I am pleased people have now donated to help Nige keep going, I have always appreciated his tireless efforts to produce such a good site, packed with information !

    The press reports etc are vital to understanding this case because that is where Gerry puts out all of his spin. If you look at the chronology in the media, you can see all of his varying little campaigns, all eventually coming to nothing.

    The latest one of course being, in conjunction with seeking to rubbish Goncalo/Ricardo/PJ insisting the very same PJ who he has relentlessly abused for investigating him should start investigating his dreams and visions again. That man is pure Narcissist! When they are also criminal you see the most bizarre, spectacular and complex schemes and a resolute determination that by whatever means it takes, they are going to get away with it. But he will not!

  198. Patsy number 3?


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