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Robert Murat continues to receive death threats and has lost the sense of life

His life has been “shattered”. He wanted to help, he alleges, but ended up as an arguido. Now he tries to find a direction. But that night in 2007 continues to persecute him.

by Idálio Revez

Robert Murat, three years after Maddie’s disappearance, in Praia da Luz, still has his life “shattered” because he was “at the wrong place, at the wrong time”.

The first suspect of being involved in the child’s disappearance was this English man, aged 36, for whom being made arguido earned him a condemnation from public opinion that he never freed himself from. In an interview to Público, the first one that he gives to a member of the media since the English child’s disappearance, leaves a question in the air that robs him of his sleep until this day: “Three of the McCanns’ friends were at the PJ, saying that they had seen me there, that night [May 3, 2007]. What I ask is why did they lie?”.

“I have a daughter, too”, says Robert Murat, remembering Sofia, aged seven, who lives in England with her mother. “My family was a victim, too – the journalists invaded the area where they live, and the British police had to take my daughter to a safe place.” His ex-wife, he says, “even received an offer of 220 thousand euros to give an interview saying that I was a paedophile”. She did not give in. Robert Murat, in defence of his honour and his reputation, had 13 members of the British media sued. He received a significant compensation, but he does not reveal the amount.

Despite the pressures and the money offers for his to speak – he was offered over 300 thousand euros to allow himself being filmed and to speak about the Maddie case -, he shut up. Now, after the book ‘The Truth of The Lie’, by Gonçalo Amaral, the coordinator of this case investigation, saw its sale being forbidden under orders from the Lisbon Civil Court, and after the British newspapers returned to the issue by publishing images that the Portuguese police allegedly neglected, he decides to speak to Público.

Since he saw himself involved in this process, Robert Murat has been searching for a direction to give to his life. “I have been through horrible situations. Just recently, I have received a letter with a death threat, written in English, sent from France.” When this case broke out, he was about to start a real estate business on the internet, “but everything was deactivated”.

Meanwhile, he married an Anglo-Portuguese woman, went to the USA, on a honeymoon, late last year, but did not go unnoticed: “Here, I feel the discomfort of seeing people pointing at me, but over there I was recognised, as well.”

Which is not strange. The appeals to find Madeleine McCann continue and the parents are still convinced that their daughter is alive. Therefore, they have criticised the investigation that was carried out by the Portuguese authorities, because they dropped the abduction theory. From Morocco to the United States, passing through Spain and Holland, hundreds of pieces of information passed on to the PJ, reporting children that allegedly resembled Maddie. News about several appearances of Maddie went around the world and a reward of 2.5 million euros was offered to anyone who could supply information.

From witness to arguido

Robert Murat accuses the media of having “fabricated” news, pursuing audiences. “They didn’t care about the truth.” “I have people I know at the BBC who told me: “Shut up, because they are going to turn this all around””. His lawyer, Francisco Pagarete, gave him the same advice. “That is the main reason why I haven’t talked until now, but it was very hard.”

His life and that of his relatives – a brother and a sister, who live in England -, “has been rummaged and filled with lies”. In the summer three years ago, Praia da Luz became a battlefield between the world’s main television networks, fighting for ratings. “There was great pressure from the English media, forcing the Portuguese police to present a face”, says Robert Murat, lamenting his luck: “I wanted to help, I ended up being pointed out as a suspect”.

This Englishman, who went to school in Portugal, says: “I have always enjoyed helping people, it’s who I am”. In England, where he lived for 15 years and worked as a car salesman, he also cooperated with the British authorities. “I worked as a translator, for the police and at the court.”

When the child disappeared in Praia da Luz, on the 3rd of May, 2007, he had returned to Portugal two days earlier, to launch the Romigen business. He took part in the searches and, together with his mother, was one of the persons who mobilised the local community to find the little girl.

11 days later, he entered the Polícia Judiciária building in Portimão as a witness, and left as an arguido. Concerning the questioning session that he was subject to, he recalls: “It reminded me of a KGB movie, I felt they were trying to set me up”. Nevertheless, he recognises that the PJ “suffered a lot of pressure to find a guilty person”. He, an English citizen who first played the role of a translator for the GNR, then for the PJ itself, “at their request”, was the one who best fit the news that were being published: “I was the scapegoat”, he emphasizes. The English media, he evokes, “were already saying that there would be developments before I was made an arguido”. A British journalist said that Robert Murat had a “strange” behaviour and denounced him to the Judiciária.

He and his mother, a nurse, aged 73, were two of the persons who were at the front line of the solidarity campaign that developed around the McCann couple. At the GNR’s side, or independently, many people took part in the successive searches, in the surroundings of Lagos, looking for Maddie. But that effort was not recognised, he accuses. “There is one thing which, in a way, displeases me – to those people who were involved in the searches, nobody said thank you”. Who does he think should have said thank you? “That has nothing to do with me, but I think someone should have said thank you.”

in: Público, 05.03.2010


  1. Bravo Mr Murat.
    Thanks Joana and Astro for making this available for us to read.


  2. Poor man.
    I hope he does the right thing now for himself and his family - and keeps speaking.
    Sooner or later the lid has to blow off this case and the world will see the injustice done to a little girl by her parents and their supporters - and also the injustice done to Robert Murat.

  3. Thanks for this Joana. It is a very good interview with Murat giving diplomatic answers which actually speak volumes. He makes his point so well. I feel there's more to come from him.

    A massive own-goal by the McCanns not only slating the PJ but trying to shut Amaral up!

  4. slowly the monsters (Mccann's) will be caught. An idea to PJ- INVESTIGATE ARAGAO CORREIA. WHY DID HE OFFER HIMSELF TO DEFEND LEONOR CIPRIANO AND PERSECUTE AMARAL? This parallel case, according to me, hold some clues to explain what happened to Maddie.

  5. The McCanns don't give a damn how many people's lives they damage/destroy and they will keep going until the bitter end (i.e. until they're forcibly stopped) to save their own sorry ar$eS.

    Robert Murat was trying to help in the best way he knew how - sharing his bilingual skill to aid communication and also to help organise and physically help with the searches. Jenny Murat had the same skill to offer, so she used it in the most practical way she could. in trying to help find Madeleine.

    Far from getting any thanks from the McCanns and their similarly mendacious friends,.........well, we know what sort of 'thanks' they got!

    Obrigada dear Astro & Joana for sharing your skill and posting this moving interview - in English! :x

  6. What a disgrace that Robert Murat is being persecuted, while the McCanns who started this ball rolling, when they couldn't be bothered to take care of their 3 children, can go and do whatever they like.

    I would like to know who is persecuting Robert Murat, I don't believe these people are ordinary members of the public. I would imagine at least 90% of the public either don't care or believe that Robert Murat is an innocent man.

    I believe the ones who are persecuting Robert McCann and his family are the ones who have a vested interest in making sure the McCanns are never brought to justice. The more anguish they cause towards Robert Murat, the more the heat is taken away from the McCanns. Or so they think.

    I wish I knew how to contact Robert Murat, because I would love to offer him some kind words.

  7. Lets hope the Maccanns don't get to him or one of there millionair friends he is one person they would like to buy.

  8. Thanks for this important and rare comment from Robert. I do feel sorry for even entertaining the idea he may have been an accomplice of Gerry McCann.

    I know that receiving even massive compensation does not take away the pain of what someone has suffered. His comments describe just how much continues to suffer and are clearly very genuine. He is one of the worst victims of Team McCann perhaps second only to Maddie and his treatment by them/the British media/ "Rosiepops" etc is truly disgusting. This is why I get upset when people suggest the police are just going to let them get away with it. I just do not believe that any police force would willingly turn a blind eye to such terrible and wicked conduct and lies.

    Robert speaking out now and perhaps suing Jane Tanner just gives me that bit more confidence that we truly are going to see a breakthrough in this case and those we know are guilty finally brought to justice, with or without little Maddie, although I do appreciate with her that is so much more difficult.

    I think it demonstrates what a good person he is in that he has never attacked Kate and Gerry McCann including in this article. He has turned up massive sums of money to previously talk to the press and refused. Contrast this with Kate and Gerry who have gone for every single bit of cash they could extract, even the Vanity Fair interview from Gerry, immediately after being made an ARguido and being told he is not allowed to speak about the case. The truth is he never once stopped!

    I am sure we all wish him well and sympathise with his plight but whether that will actually help him to feel a little better, .. It is just so terrible for him. The more members of the public that actually condemn the McCanns rather than him, the better he is going to feel, so let us try to keep doing that, for him as well as little Maddie and the twins. And for all the police officers including Goncalo who have undoubtedly worked so hard to try and crack this case and gain sufficient evidence to actually prosecute them and tell the court the full story. The police do overcome people like Team McCann and I still believe that they will, keep the faith Robert.

  9. I'm sorry to say this, because as Murat (himself) says he is known in Praia da Luz for being "too good", "too available", "too confident", but I'm afraid he never had a real "sense of life".

    In any case nobody should be harassed or punished for being amicable (maybe in excess).

    I hope that any judicial case that he brings against the Tapas group achieves success.

  10. Mr. Murat is very diplomatic which makes his case even stronger.

  11. My thanks also to Joana for bringing this to us. For all his naysayers who said they suspected his involvement because he didn't speak out, I would say he's rebutted them. The Tapas who pointed a finger at him were lying. No doubt they'll say it was a case of mistaken identity but he must have more proof of their lies than we know of.


  12. And do not forget Clarence Mitchell's role in trying to destroy Roberts life.

  13. Kathybelle @ 6. I was lucky enough to be able to speak to Robert October 2007 when we travelled from Exeter to Faro on the same plane as him. He stood next to me on the bus which takes the passengers from the plane to the aeroporto in Faro and I had a long chat with him and was able to tell him he had more support than he probably realised. He came over as a sincere and honest young man and I certainly took to him, as much as I took against the macs when I heard gerry speak! Roberts mother was also very pleasant when my sister and I met her in PDL, they have suffered immensely at the hands of the mccanns and their friends. I do hope there will come a time when all this is finally behind them.

  14. The McCanns couldn't just be happy with getting away with committing a crime. Going unpunished wasn't enough for them. They had to ruin other people's lives while they were or are still at it. They got their gang of Tapas' friends to try and frame an innocent man. They simply did not care what misery they could cause Robert Murat and his family. Through Aragão Correia they wanted to cast doubt on Gonçalo Amaral's integrity, by accusing him of beating suspects and insinuating that he might be implicated in the disappearances of Joana Cipriano and Maddie. They do not care what harm they cause GA and his family.
    The McCanns just seem so evil and without any conscience. No punishment could ever be harsh enough for them. I cannot understand how they can use their twins to perpetuate the myth of an abduction. The twins like everyone else, even their "friends", are just objects to be used for their advantage.


  15. So many lives ruined by the sociopathic narcisstic loathesome McConns,it's all about them,noone can question their version of events,no one dare speak out at the blatent bullshit they come out with,deluded Kate keeps on with the same old mantra "there's no evidence to show Madeleine has come to any harm"clearly demented,what does she think paedophiles do with children,stupid horrible woman,there's a woman on you tube,who knew the McConns,she sincerely believes Kate is the one to watch ,she implied that Kate was the boss in the marriage and that when Kate was around Gerry would just shut up,i can believe that too,Kate is the driving force in their relationship,i can believe she is a jealous woman,i read that on 2.5.07 she stormed home from the tapas bar because Gerry invited one of the employees to join them at their table,also she is an only child,probably indulged from childhood,probably was jealous of Gerry giving attention to Madeleine.I've heard of mothers being jealous of their children ,especially when the husband gives that child attention.In the sun today they have asked British and Portuguese police to reopen the case.

  16. His ex-wife, he says, “even received an offer of 220 thousand euros to give an interview saying that I was a paedophile”. Who in hell's name offered this? A journalist? They should be named and shamed. OT but he looks like Elvis (Costello, not The King) in that pic.

  17. Robert Murat and Goncalo Amaral should join force's. They have both been persecuted by the McCann machine and media.

  18. I agree poster 17 ,they must join up and stand together to out the real villians in this case

  19. Mairy it is called cheque book journalism and has been around for - well since the dead tree press and the media sold their soles to the £. I remember learning about the media away back when I was at University as part (a small part) of my Technology/Psychology degree. I learned then not to believe anything in the dead tree press. There are people in this world who will do anything and say anything for money. It doesn't magtter whose life is ruined. As far as the press is concerned it fills a section in a news bulletin or column in a newspaper/magazine.

    As I was writing this post a question crossed my mind and that is:

    If you found out some important information relevant to the Madeleine McCann case who would you trust with that information?

    (I am still thinking about that - nope nothing yet).

  20. Thank you Moler (13) for sharing your information, I have always believed Robert Murat was innocent and I have felt desperately sorry for his mum, who was dragged into this mess because of the McCanns behaviour towards their 3 children.

    Also you have made a good point poster(17) when you say Robert Murat and Goncalo Amaral should join forces. Goncalo Amaral will know where Robert Murat lives, I hope he takes your advice and contacts him, they can support each other.

  21. Carol (2) - Re: who to trust - well definitely don`t pass any info to CEOP or Leicester Police, in fact no one in the UK. Same goes for any Portuguese authorities - the only person I`d trust is GA and let him decide what`s best - he knows who is trustworthy and who is not I`m sure.

  22. Bravo Murat!
    With his actions he will help Amaral.

    McCanns are talking about theur ''goodname'' (shit) and they give a dam about others.
    And their way to thank people who helped them? Wow!

    Don't they feel ashamed?

    And it is a very good point: none lies without reason!

    Thanks again Joana &comp.


  23. I hope Robert sues the socks of Jane Tanner and comes out the winner. He should go for the jugular!

    Just out of interest, has he ever been asked if he knew the McCanns and their tapas pals before they went to Praia de Luz for that fateful holiday. Gerry McCann was asked of course and refused to comment. I would like to see Robert's answer to the same question.

  24. Mairy @ post #16, my first thought is that the offer came from someone linked to the McCanns. Don't forget Kate's diary. Such claim my his ex wife would have validated comments Kate made about him in her diary.

  25. Mairy. Post 16. 220 thousand euros, that's a lot of money. Who would desperately need him to admit guilt so much that they would offer that kind of money? yes that's right, the same people who pointed a finger at him.

  26. To Mr.Robert Murat. Greetings and much support from the U.K.! What was done to you 3 years ago by the lying statements of some of the friends of the McCanns, compounded by elements of the "Gutter Press", was a total disgrace ! I am from an older generation (same as your Mum I think 73yrs.) we were taught that to bear false witness was completely unforgivable-------especially where a persons good name was involved. My parents told me that a "Liar was worse than a Thief" ------ sometimes ones goods could be recovered from thieves, but liars can take your character and that cannot be returned ! However, apart from a few McCann apologists,the rest of the World knows that you were deliberately "framed" by false witness ! The persons who did that clearly have no conscience at all. Somebody decided that you were the "Chosen one" to provide a smokescreen for the true culprits of a childs disappearance.

    Time may see these liars fall-out with each other to save their own skins------- I long for that day! But perhaps not as much as you do Robert ?

    Finally,throughout this 3 year saga and charade, you have behaved with great dignity and self-control, Well done !

  27. ;)] The best byte for me is this (below). It comes through as some sort of personal message to the McCann's.

    “There is one thing which, in a way, displeases me – to those people who were involved in the searches, nobody said thank you”. That has nothing to do with me, but I think someone should have said thank you.”(quote/unquote)

    Indeed, why was that?

    8-} Cold hearts spiked with ethnical prejudice or something more sinister? Such as?


  28. In my opinion Robert Murat's ex-wife may be key to the reopening of the case. If she will provide the PJ with details of the bribe, perhaps the cover-up will finally be traced to its source. I suspect this is happening behind the scenes. It would be very unwise to approach ANY authority in the UK with the information as it is clear the help given the McCann is from very high places in the British government.

    Good luck to the Murats and all the other victims of the most hideous example of perverting the course of justice ever seen in our lifetimes.

  29. re the 220K offered to Murat's wife to say he is a paedophile. Of course it could well be the press, but there were clearly people on behalf of the McCanns bribing witnesses as Clarence has actually admitted. Brian Kennedy has directly approached Robert and he worked directly with Metodo 3 to go and feed a load of fanciful rubbish to the Portuguese Police. It was also said he was trying to speak to the Smith family I believe.

    At the same time as Metodo 3 were said to be heading up the "investigation" in Spain and Portugal which did involve paying witnesses (the cocaine smuggler/ex senior police officer), there was a British arm to that investigation who rarely get a mention now, Hogan International. Yes, at that time, the Fund was paying for two lots of investigators that we know to! (or was it Brian Kennedy!?) It was reported that Hogan sued the newspaper I believe the Daily Express. Was the Express starting to print details of the "services" Hogan were carrying out on behalf of the McCanns and this really worried Hogan and the impact upon their business?

    Just as the McCanns have hired investigators to dig out as much dirt as they possibly can on Robert Murat and others (including Goncalo of course), even placing a listening device on the bottom of his car, I hope Robert and his lawyers have thoroughly investigated just what the McCanns and their dirty little team were doing to him. That would surely add weight to their case, the Russian friend also!

    The simple fact is that two of the McCanns investigators from two separate firms, now languish in custody on very serious charges involving millions of pounds, that just does not look good for the McCanns(who weirdly enough have also conned millions of pounds) and has to be just a bit more than a coincidence. Mr Marco for example told The Times he was the only firm who met Gerry McCann's criteria, being prepared to accept his thesis of abduction by paedophiles. In what seemed to be a deliberate act of having a laugh, Mr Marco said that hitherto he knew nothing of paedophiles and therefore did a bit of internet research on them. Emphasing just what a good choice Gerry had made, from Gerry's point of view perhaps?

  30. well if 3 of the mccanns friends lied about Robert Murat,what else have they lied about,i just hope Mr Murat succeeds in bringing these 3 to court then hopefully it will be mitchell and lori campbell next because they have all lied to take the heat of off the mccanns.good luck to Mr Murat

  31. Didn't I read somewhere that Kennedy and his son were taken in by the police in PDL for questioning because they were stalking somebody?

    I had the impression it was Murat who was the victim.

    If this is true, why no charges brought?

  32. Viv at 29

    'Listening devises on the bottom of cars'.

    What on earth is going on?

    What else have these people been getting up to?

    I hope Halligen would have some answers. Perhaps he will eventually tell what he was exactly hired to do for the McCanns.

    He did have certain specialities after all. Isn't that why he was hired by them. Didn't someboy recommend him by saying he was 'the goods'.

  33. its a shame that Robert Murat cant help with any onfo on what happend to madeleine,still at least he has shown certain people of T.M to be BIG liars,although most of us know that any how,good luck Mr Murat

  34. ” “I have people I know at the BBC who told me: “Shut up, because they are going to turn this all around””.

    So, if these people at the BBC were aware of the bias, why did no-one try and redress the balance? Because they couldn't? Why?

    These questions are rhetorical, really, because I'm more and more convinced that our media are controlled and that there's not going to be some 'tide turning' moment because it would be too damaging - it's more likely to be members of the public telling other people that'll let people know what's going on.

  35. In view of the above can Murat ask for the case to be re-opened?

  36. Be careful what you write most of this is seriously libelous. The McCanns's have not been prosecuted which suggests there isn't any evidence to say that they did it.

    Murat hasn't been prosecuted so there's no evidence there either.

    The McCanns lost a daughter, I have no idea if what they said was true or not but likely they will have grabbed at anything out of grief. Jesus people, unless you have proof shut the hell up. It's purely gossip and that's a little on the twattish side.


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