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Sandra Felgueiras interviews the McCann couple in Lisbon

The McCann couple's detective asserts that if Maddie was dead, her body would have been found by now

The private detective that was hired by the McCann couple asserts that if Madeleine was dead, her body would have been found by now. Retired from the English police, David Edgar has the discovery of one missing child on his curriculum.

He accompanied Kate and Gerry on the trip that they made to Portugal this week, whose primary purpose it was for them to gain access to the leads that arrived at the PJ since the case was shelved, one and a half year ago.

source: RTP, 10.03.2010

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  1. Mentions the couple of sightings on the night. The Smith sighting of which they have no interest in following up. I had no idea how close Mr Smith was to the man and child he saw 'That night'until I saw the street on 'Pamalams'. I do now believe it was Mccann with Madeleine and Tanners version was invented because Mccann knew he had been seen. McCann scratching his neck another tell tale sign that Mr.Smiths sighting IS of great importance.

    Something very shifty about our 'Dave'..Eddie has had more luck when it comes to bodies..Bizarre quite bizarre. I would love to know what Sandra thinks.

  2. Only one or two important sightings but they cannot remember them...

  3. C'mon Gerry, game's a bogey and well you know it.

  4. SF asks the McCanns who are complaining that the PJ have ignored sightings if they can remember any sightings which stick in their minds as having potential and they both struggle to remember a SINGLE one scratching parts of their body as they do so. I don't understand Portuguese and what SF says at the end but I think the message in that clip is clear.

  5. For goodness sake, end this ridiculous charade. Someone please re-open this case,put this lying pair of murders infront of judge and jury and let us see justice being done. Enough is Enough!

    SF is brilliant. She really catches the Mc's off guard!!!!

  6. Obviously her body has not been found. But if her little body was removed from the apartment in, for instance, a blue tennis bag and later disposed of, or buried in a place known only to her parents (possibly others) then it is not surprising that it has not been discovered.

  7. "There have been one or two that we had to look at twice" and then when asked by Sandra which they were he says " I can't remember!"
    This is their missing child they are laughing about whilst Kate blurts out that it may have been the sightings in Amsterdam and Brussles!
    And Gerry can't remember????
    Give it up McCann's - you can't act like normal parents no matter how hard you try.

  8. Also - well done Sandra for confirming what we all knew already - that these latest leads had already been looked at and discounted!

  9. There are millions of jewishes whose bodies were never found because the nazis made them disappear.
    An stranger who takes a child and kills it, is not very much concerned to hide it well, because he knows he is a stranger to that child and its family.

    The closer to the child the more they try to hide the body on a perfect way, the more they clean the crime scene, the more they lie, the more they make mistakes.

    There have been few leads that impressed the McCanns and they can not remember them anymore!!!!
    They never read that part of the investigations and it was a wonderful Sandra trap.

  10. Gosh sorry Joanna for posting again but just noticed how angry Gerry got when Kate interrupted at 0.38 - he was well pi$$ed off with her.


    Dave Edgar On five or six occasions we have followed really positive lines of enquiry.

    Sandra Felgueiras Do you still believe that it's possible to find Madeleine alive?

    Dave Edgar Of course it is. Of course it is. No body's been found. In my experience of these cases, if the child's been killed, they dump the body virtually straight away because obviously these people don't want to be associated with the body.

    Sandra Felgueiras From all (have been through????) all of this time there is any (fact???) touched you most, that you kept thinking about it, could have been her?

    Gerry McCann I mean the things that are the most obvious are the sightings on the night of a child being carried, two separate things in Praia da Luz. But since then I don't think there's been anything that I've really, there's been one or two that we've looked at twice.

    Sandra Felgueiras Can you tell me which were they?

    Gerry McCann I can't remember the specific...

    Kate McCann There was one wasn't there? I don't know if that was Amsterdam or Brussels [Portuguese voice over] and that was what we had to look at it a few...



    Gerry McCann The biggest fear for us is that it puts Madeleine in danger. I think there are many...

    Kate McCann It makes the chances us of finding her much more difficult.

    SF When you think about dangers what kind of things do you think about?

    Gerry McCann It's very difficult isn't it in terms of... Because until you know who's taken her you've no idea and there's been many different scenarios by which children are taken and have been held for very long periods of time including years and to the outward world they seem to be living a normal life. I think with a young child in particular the chances of taking them to a new environment and their adapting is greater.

    SF You confess that you think that some of these leads should have been better investigated. Last week the Portuguese Public General Attorney said that all the leads that were recently reported to the PJ after July 2008 were totally investigated and none, none were sufficiently reliable to re-open the case. Why do you think that the General Public Attorney would say that if this wasn't true?

    Gerry McCann The first thing we have to do is to look at the information. But from what we have seen so far is the same thing has been written about each individual piece of information and there is no evidence of the, in the information that's been disclosed. But, you know, its not acceptable to the parents of a missing child for everything to be discounted. You know, it doesn't matter what the information, its just discounted and that's not acceptable. And if it is better for us as a family for the file to be opened, then that's what we'll press for.


  13. The bruises on Kate McCann's arms were analyzed on the old 3As and some thought they looked as though they may have been made by carrying a heavy bag.

    Also discussed at length was the possibility Madeleine's body had been cremated by Eef Hoos the terrorist who operates a pet crematorium near Praia da Luz and a second one near Lisbon.

    They seem very confident that Maddie's body will never be found.

  14. Last week gold dust and one would think that they would have had a good look at the sightings to see if any were viable? But no he cannot remember even one from the past let alone the recent explosive file. What a sham they are. They are just playing a game now with the public at how clever they are. They know nothing will ever come of the case. In a perverse way they are probably enjoying themselves IMO.


  15. It beggins with the right word: PANICO! PANIC! That's right, the releasing of those files to the media caused panic to them, but for their own sorry behinds, not for Madeleine's safety!

    What happened to "she was taken by paedophiles", "there are paedophile rings operating in Portugal"??? NOW "there are different scenarios"??? Really, Mr. McCann?

    And just look at his expression when Kate interrupts his speech right at the beginning (0:39)! He is FURIOUS!

    And what to say about Mr. Edgar?...from 2:38 forward, "of course that it is(regarding the possibility of Madeleine being alive), of course that it is", but his head betrays him, going sideways in a negative manner! I ask, how many of us shake our heads in a negative motion when vehemently affirming something??? And most of all, everything he says about the body, "getting rid of the body", don't want to be associated with the body"! I bet those words send shivers down the McCanns backs! Too close to home, I'm afraid!
    Boy, the man really is not the sharpest tool in the box, is he, and a liability for his employers!

    Those final minutes, talking about which sightings they felt were the most likely to be Madeleine! Oh dear me! The two on the night of the 3rd May, meaning Tanner and...the Smiths(!!!), and the cherry on top of the cake, any others? Ermmm, yes...there was the one...ermmm..., sorry CANNOT REMEMBER, LOL!!!
    It goes to show you how IMPORTANT the sightings are to them, they have just slipped from their minds, sights that could very well be of their "beloved" daughter.

    What a(another) fiasco, AGAIN!

  16. At 2:14, "for the file to be open..., that's what we press for"
    Why "press for" it only Gerry? Why not ASK for it to be???

  17. Speaking about a trace, at the end of the video, did I hear the word Amsterdam?

    If it was Amsterdam, a lady ownor of a Dutch store, saw that little girl: "my name is Maddie ...please help me?"something like that?
    Fortunately she was not wearing the same pajamas.

  18. Seriously.

    Their place back in Rothley should be searched.

  19. Ironically and sadly...

    Yesterday we saw the Mother of moors murder victim, Keith Bennett attend a memorial service.......
    You don't always need a body.....................

    ' who let the dogs out ' woof woof

  20. 15, no cremation even if its ownor would have been Sint Jozef himself.
    The McCanns would never have involved more people in the case, specially people they did not know.
    The risk of being black mailed for the rest of their lives.
    10 hours after her disappearence whole Portugal knew about Maddie, they knew the McCanns faces, while imo the corpse was still in the church or in the priest's home.

  21. #15, I believe that the pet crematorium was checked by the PJ and it had no signs of having been used recently.
    There is someone, a poster, who has made several mentions of the "acid beds" in Huelva?...I have no idea what those are, but they(the McCanns) did go to Huelva, to divulge the disappearance and put up signs in shops. The funny thing is that it was a public holiday in Huelva that day, everything was closed and not all that much people around to be given flyers! Weird choice of a day, humm? Bad luck...or careful planning?...

  22. 19 Kate says maybe it was a sighting in either Amsterdam or Brussels that they had to look at again. Neither Gerry nor Kate appears certain which.

  23. Can't Kate make the difference between Amsterdam and Brussels?
    During her pregnacy with the twins she used to live in Amsterdam, where Gerry was working at one of its hospitals.
    And she does not know where that sighting happened?

  24. What does Sandra say at the end please?

  25. How come they don't remember if it happened in Amsterdam?
    The McCanns lived in that city for one or two years, they had to remember.
    They remember the name of a city, not the facts and they cited Amsterdam.
    Easier for Kate.

    Brussels could have been association with Marc Dutroux, that paedophile.
    Easier for...

  26. Gerry wants to reopen the process?
    What a miracle.

  27. "The McCann couple's detective asserts that if Maddie was dead, her body would have been found by now"

    Recently Mrs Bennett had a memorial service for Keith the son she so desperately longs to give a Chritian burial.

    For a detective and former police officer to make such a crass and unbelievable claim is beyond comprehension. Perhaps its Kate and Gerry twisting his words?


    You can waffle on until the cows come home about "parents of a missing child" its utterly meaningless at this point. The unpalatable fact is you are suspected in being involved in your child's disappearance; there's a million miles between you and Mrs Bennett and their always will be until youve subjected yourselves to full investigation by the PJ- only they have the right to proclaim you as free from suspicion. You are not in charge of the police investigation and never will be. It wouldnt matter which police force was running the investigation that is of little consequence -it will never be Mr Edgar though or anyone else you employ to investigate and give you the result you desire. Madeleine will always remain at the heart of any police investigations.

    You can waffle on about the press in both countries but we all know all youve done is found a loophole in the system the same one used by Archer and others- you really believe youre going to get your hands on the evidence files? Then what? Nobody in the press would want to stop your possible prosecution like us they want you to be investigated and prosecuted fairly. The PJ wont let you run unsupervised through Portugal either. Its a bitter pill but one you had both better swallow - I hope it contains your salvation.

  28. Dave Edgar is a former, supposedly, experienced detective yet he comes out with cr*p like this. All I can think is he's either being highly remunerated for his services to Kennedy and has no conscience or Kennedy has something on him or he's going through a mid-life crisis. Look at the children who've disappeared (adults also) whose bodies have never been found. How can he possibly make such an inane statement? And why isn't he searching PdL for the lair where he thinks Maddie might be imprisoned. He looks and sounds so unconvincing but he's another enabler who's getting away with perpetuating the charade.

  29. To #25,
    Sandra says:
    The memory fails, but the mystery remains...quite alive.

  30. "And if it is better for us as a family the file to be opened, then that is what we will press for".

    promise, Gerry?

    Do you really promisse?

    Good boy!!!!!!

  31. 22, careful plannig.
    Perhaps to confuse the police that was checking on Murat's home on that day.
    No corpse in the car.
    Too risky, at least 150 kilometres or much more.
    Not driving a cadaver around.
    Imo the body is not far away of 5a and not yet buried.

  32. Does anybody seriously think that if the McCanns had hidden or got rid of Madeleine in Portugal they would be giving clues of any kind.

    Yet there are so many subtle clues indicating she is there.

    I would bet that means she is not, and a little game is being played.

    People have also been led by all these supposed sightings to search here, there and everywhere in the world.

    So far there has been one place not indicated and not searched.

    That is the place that should be searched.

    And it is an obvious place to look before searching anywhere else.

  33. @12
    another common line is propaganda.
    also like the fund debateable figures been used.


  34. I think the McCanns would be quite happy to get hold of the rest of the File that has been closed to them so they can see what has been said, what other witnesses there are, etc.

    No doubt they would get their men on to them right away, just like they did the Smiths, Murat etc.

    No way do they want the case reopened.

    Please, Portugal get that case reopened. Get searching for a dead Madeleine. The case should not have been shelved until she is found.

  35. I think Madeleine has been moved a number of times before her final resting place.

  36. Did I hear it well?
    The first previous post, SIC interview with the McCanns:
    at the very end I hear the music of the MCCanns'documentary, made in Portugal?
    or not?
    Insinuating that the McCanns are lying?

  37. Sr Amaral has said there is evidence of the freezing of a body, so where did the fridge/freezer go to?

    Was that disappeared as well?

    Payne, in his statement mentions the McCanns had a problem with the fridge of their holiday apartment.

    I wonder which day that was and what happened to the fridge? Did Payne help with the removal?

  38. At 15

    I think the bruises were result of Kate McCann struggling with shutters and all else she did to set up her 'red herrings.'
    She then kicked and punched doors and wailed we are told by witnesses (which never woke those twins?) this I am sure she did, not as she was distressed, but to have a reason handy when asked why she was bruised - self inflicted! Either that or Gerry caught her in the act of harming the kiddies and he bruised her arms/ wrists by restraining her.They are a disgusting pair. Not fit in my mind to have children in their care.

  39. Off topic I know apologies but the the following is the reply I received from Good Morning Sunday Team:

    'Thank you for your email.

    'The guests on Good Morning Sunday reflect the impact of faith on their lives in many different ways. Over the last few years the guests on Mothering Sunday have all told powerful personal stories in which their religious belief has played an important part. Included among those stories have been the death of a child and coping with illness. The interview with Kate McCann offers a similar opportunity for the listeners to hear someone talk about how their faith has sustained them through the experience of trying to come to terms with a missing child and the effect that has had on their family.'

    The Good Morning Sunday Team '

  40. Kate looks oh so very amused at the end of that clip, stroking her cropped Madeleine-esque blond locks and drawing reference to Amsterdam and Brussels. What was so amusing, Kate? The thought that she could have been spotted in Amsterdam? In Brussels? Or in both? Or at all?? No, don't answer because I'm laughing right along with you. It's really funny, isn't it? Heehee haha!

  41. @ Anon 41,

    There's only one way to expose a fraud: you have to let them have their say. Let the sheep bleat. Just that little bit more for the record.

  42. What was a miracle for Jaycee Lee Dugard became a lifeline for the McCanns. They must have been jumping up and down when Jaycee was found, but for their own sakes, not for Jaycee's. Now they use her example constantly. If someone doesn't confess soon the McCanns have at least another 20 years ahead of them to keep up this charade.

    The McCanns were slated to be charged with "child trafficking" among other things. I don't understand the child trafficking. Anybody know?

  43. Gerry McCann: "And if it is better for us as a family for the file to be opened, then that is what we will press for".


    Now, how can the reopening of the case not be in the best interest of the family? No matter how the case is reopened, isn't continuing the investigation to get the bottom of what happened to their daughter not uppermost in their minds? Is she not worth finding, then, if she is unharmed, alive and well? Isn't knowing your child's fate "better for us as a family"? Are the twins supposed to continue to live in this perpetual fear of all and sundry? Are you saying cooperating to hopefully find YOUR OWN CHILD is a matter of choice?

    What is the yardstick that is being used to measure what is "better for us as a family" then? The consequences of Kate answering the 48 Questions? The consequences of doing the police reconstruction on the police's terms? What is it then? What???

  44. 34, what place is that?

    the church? the priest's home?
    the Anglican priest's home?
    British consulate in Portimao(20 kilometres)?
    you are an anonymous, tell us your theory.


    How can the parents of a missing child NOT remember which sightings to them seemed credible, NOT remember the sightings which gave them hope of finding their daughter?

    Simple - Because they know exactly where the child is, and they know she is not alive. They don't have any need to remember anything else.

    They have both completely lost the plot. They sit their brazenly, Kate with that strange twisted smile, Gerry flitting between his angry pursed lips and his evil smirk when he becomes irritated by Kate or the questions put to him.

    Now he tells us there could be more than one scenario. So Madeleine could be held by paedophiles OR WHAT Gerry? Tell us your scenarios.
    Is she living life of luxury somewhere? Get a grip.

    I pray to God that someone steps in here soon and ends this. This child God help her stood no chance with these parents and stands no chance now of being found dead or alive with these two crazed parents at the helm, and the world standing back and watching two of the most evil people I have the misfortune to cast eyes upon, make a mockery of not only their daughter's disappearance but Justice Systems around the world. For a long time I pitied them. Gave the the benefit of the doubt, I thought there had been an accident and in panic they covered it up, always hoping that they would then see sense and be honest ask forgiveness. Even now a part of me thinks possibly still an accident, but witnessing over the long months the strange behaviour of these two people, I can only conclude that my feeling veers towards, that one of them did in anger, harm the child. And that it has been concealed. The Portuguese Investigation I now feel was "kind" to them in that they suspected an accident occurring in the parents absence.

    One look at the above video clip and it is plain for all to see - these parents have a lot to hide. And a lot of money and assistance enabling them to continue with their charade.

    I can honestly say at this moment in time, having just listened to Gerry McCann state that he 'cannot remember' and his wife Kate then mumble in reference to sightings which were positive and relevant -

    "There was one wasn't there, erm, Amsterdam, or...?"

    has made me feel physically sick. The most awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. How can they NOT remember? How can they not? This is their beloved missing daughter, their first born child - and they CANNOT REMEMBER! I don't feel anger, just physically sick at hearing their words.

    Innocent, hurting, grief stricken parents would know the every detail of any sighting which had given them hope, they would have been able to relate without thinking, without the blink of an eye, any sighting which they had looked at, not once but twice he tells us.

    They 'looked at' these sightings more than once and they cannot even remember WHICH sightings?

    Innocent parents would have been able to tell us immediately of the FIVE or SIX POSITIVE lines of enquiry they followed according to Dave Edgar. Neither Edgar or the parents could!

    When Sandra Felgueiras asked Gerry McCann: 'Do you fear the reopening of the case that you wish can re-open the lead that turn you to formal suspects in the case, do you think about it?

    Gerry, through gritted teeth, and head moving forward in an aggressive manner,almost spitting the words he replies:

    "Definitely not, it is not the slightest piece of concern for us"

    That for sure is a lie, as even innocent parents having been made formal suspects on one occasion, would at the least, give thought to it happening again. They might not believe it will happen again, but they would give thought to the possibility.

    His body language belied his words. His words were not spoken in a relaxed and confident manner. Simply anger and aggression.

  46. She's got his left hand under control to stop him pulling on his left ear, so he reaches round to scratch at it with his right hand, as she looks on in horror Lol. Can't they get anything right?

    Oh and we're not fooled by the dressing down act she's been putting on recently by wearing those 'granny cardingans' from BHS, Littlewoods, Asda or wherever you get 3 for the price of two, are we?

    No more colour coded 'his and her outfits' then? Obviously been advised to appear fraught and very ordinary, in stark contrast to the bright young thing image of the first couple of years.

    Someone been reading the comments on blogs and fora? Well, it won't have been the McCanns will it? I mean, they haven't even read the files containing all those leads which they knew nothing about, and still know nothing about, because unlike all the police forces around the world, and the Portuguese police, who carefully evaluated every lead, they couldn't be bothered.

    Crikey! Wasn't the information described as 'gold dust by their spokesman? Perhaps it was a freudian slip, but if it was it's still a fitting analogy for a couple of gold diggers, because in reality that's what they are.

    I wonder who smacked her right eye?

    Very entertaining but unfortunately it's a very tragic story, and nothing can change that.

  47. They speak of the 30 + years of experience that Dave Edgar has under his belt. They say Edgar would not send anything but CREDIBLE information to the Portuguese Police.

    Did Edgar send the Portuguese police information I wonder on Madeleine being in the lair in PDL? I ask, as much ado was made of this, stories in the press of how he KNEW this is where she could be found.

    We know no major search has been launched by the Portuguese police in this regard. So why if this is the MOST relevant credible information they have, are they not kicking up a stink about it not having been investigated? Why are Edgar, Kate and Gerry not launching a search in this area? It may be vast, but surely they must know of areas which are inhabited? Otherwise if they feel she is not in an inhabited area, that would suggest that they think she is dead.

    Dave Edgar and 30 years experience?

    Dave Edgar to-date has not been truthful. He has not uttered one word of sense. He looks awkward and uncomfortable when answering quesions put to him. He does not come across as believing his own words. He has done nothing but play along with this charade. For that he should be thoroughly ashamed. Perhaps they have something to 'hold over'' him, as no decent honest person would go along with them.

    Sr Amaral on the other hand has nothing to hide. He has behaved impeccably throughout the investigation. His experience honesty and perseverance for this child will one day hopefully lead to the mystery of her disappearance being solved.

    That said, I don't think there is great mystery in what happened to her. That for sure has become clear. The mystery lies in as to where she can be found.

  48. #41
    As a Christian I think it is entirely possible that Kate has turned to the church to find comfort and do not fault her for that. If she HAS turned to God, truly, then I believe at some point she will know that forgiveness is freely available to anyone who turns from their "sin" and changes the way they live when it is outside the teachings of Christ. But until the McCanns account for the findings of the British cadaver dog, until Kate answers the questions the police asked her and until they demand the case is REOPENED to finish the investigation, I object strongly to the Good Morning Sunday program's decision to use Kate as an example of how a person's life can be impacted by faith. Truly impacted by her faith, Kate would do all those things and RUN to PdL to take part in a reenactment of the night. It is not my place to judge another person's relationship with God, but it is my place to state that there are reasons Christ said to "go and sin no more". Grace is a holy concept but the bible teaches we cannot use it as an excuse to continue to do wrong.

  49. "I can't remember" he said. These words are so disturbing.

  50. I am thinking about this again. I cannot get those awful words of Gerry McCann out of my thoughts - he cannot remember?

    The two sightings which they looked at, investigated more than once, they cannot remember?

    It would be etched in your heart and mind until your dying day, you would always wonder if any of these two sightings had been your missing child.

    No one could forget the 'sightings' which were so credible, that you investigated them more than once, so credible that they gave you a glimmer of hope of finding your missing child, hope that you would one day hold her in your arms again and never let her go.

    No, something is not right here.

  51. Eyes on them...
    They are in Portugal very often now...
    Dave Edgar as a crime investigator specialist, he can also help them to hide possible clues knowing what can get them caught!

  52. "Find the body and prove we"ve killed her"...

  53. Off message, but on Sky news this morning.
    Kate is going to run 10 miles for missing children.
    No. Not the 10 mile radius from PdL, but in Hyde Park.
    That's the answer. A Hellish Lair in Hyde Park.
    We should have known.

    I hope someone runs alongside her and asks her the 48 questions.

  54. At 50

    I am no. 41

    As a christian also I believe it possible that some turn to a faith which they may have let lapse and return to in sad or tragic times.
    They can turn their lives around.

    Kate McCann has lied many times since the day her daughter disappeared and it is for this reason that I personally am completely opposed to her telling the nation how her faith has kept things 'together.' If she followed her faith, she would not have behaved in this way she has since her daughters disappearance. Her faith and her God would have guided her, if she was "listening and following" to do the right thing for the missing child. I for one do not believe her God told her to not bother answering questions, tell lies and not do a reconstruction to help Madeleine.

    I replied to Good Morning Sunday as follows:

    Dear Good Morning Sunday Team,

    Thank you for your reply. I do appreciate the format of the programme and the reasons behind the very sad and personal stories related. There but for the grace of God go I.

    So many lies which are contained in the online police files relating to the missing child Madeleine McCann make it quite unpalatable for many, that Kate McCann of all people should be speaking to the nation about her "faith." Honesty and truth have not played a part - therefore it would be difficult for me to listen to this person speaking of her faith. Dishonesty and lies do not bode well with me. For that reason I will not be tuning in.

    Only tonight I watched an interview with Kate and Gerry McCann. They were asked if there were sightings of Madeleine that had been credible and significant. They replied that there had been. That they had in fact looked at these 'sightings' more than once. They were then asked, which sightings these were, that had been so credible for them to have looked at more than once. Neither of them could remember! Gerry said "I can't remember" Kate mumbled, "Err Amsterdam or err...."

    How can they not remember? They cannot remember the TWO most credible sightings of their missing child, the TWO sightings which gave them hope and which they investigated they tell us more than once? That is impossible.

    If my child was missing and any sighting, any sighting at all that had given me hope, hope that I would see my child once again, hope that I would hold her in my arms and never let her go - such a sighting would be etched in my heart and mind until my dying day. I could never forget. I would always wonder if it had been my child. Yet the McCann couple both, could not remember -
    how tragically sad. This child has been missing almost three years, yet recent sightings which they investigated as being the ones which gave them hope they could not identify.

    Something very wrong in this case.

    The video of this interview which took place in Portugal this week is online.

    For Aled, I do have the greatest respect and do enjoy the programme.

    Thank you once again for the reply, it was indeed appreciated. Generally when one comments on the missing child Madeleine, doors are immediately closed. No replies ever received.

  55. @ 55

    Maybe time for the public to do as they do at sports events etc
    have huge banners made with questions such as 'what about the Gaspars?' Why did you leave your children? Why not answer the police questions? etc etc and demonstrate peacefully. - Where is Madeleine?

  56. Kate's smile in the end, sorry for saying, but imo this woman is completely insane. I wish it wasn't true, but I'm totally convinced now that Kate Mccann never cared about Madeleine. God knows what ever happened to her; I have so much pity on Madeleine.


  57. "The McCann couple's detective asserts that if Maddie was dead, her body would have been found by now"

    BAD LUCK for this Top Pseudo-detective: Some Mediatic accidental stories in Portugal, after Madeleine, show us the contrary. Even, when nothing was predicted and everything was a result of an accident, few body's still missing and maybe will be never recovered- The nephew of Simao Sabrosa was dragged by a wave; weeks of search with dogs and a specialized team end without body. Fisherman's, victim of accidents during sea storms... still missing. A lady flooded by heavy rain in Queluz... still missing. The 12 years old boy, who committed suicide in Mirandela, after 11 days still missing.

    This sentence coming out from a detective mouth, show us how incompetent and irresponsible he his. Where he have been? UK criminal story is full of crimes solved many years later then when the victims disappeared because the body remains were discovered, by accident, after more then 20 years.

    I have exactly the opposite feeling. If she was alive and at strange hands, she will be found by now. The world today, is global and will be very difficult for somebody to hide a child without being spotted by a neighbour, a relative or just an attentive member of the public. He or She, will need a very coordinated group of helpers to hide Madeleine and this cost allot of money. Silencing people, cost money. In case of a Paedo ring, I cannot see what is the use of a Child which image cannot be shared or sold because polices and public around the world were hunting her, no matter if the case is shelved. UNLESS THE PAEDO RING WAS CONNECTED WITH PEOPLE WITH ALOT OF POWER AND ACTING UNDER THE COVER-UP OF AN ORGNIZATION LIKE WHAT EMERGED FROM THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN GERMAN, HOLAND and AUSTRIA. But again... WHY Madeleine? Why a little girl on a short holidays in Portugal? Why waiting for the night to abduct the girl from a hotel room? Why taking the risk of being spotted, of waking-up the brothers and have an uncontrolled choir of 3 child's crying in a flat with neighbours around? Normally paedos don't target the victims, they act by impulse because the victim is available at that moment. They choose places to act, not victims and the Ocean Club is not a perfect place for any Paedo.
    In case of a couple or a lady victim of infertility, again I don't understand what is the use of abducting a 3 years old girl when there was baby's available at the same place and moment. What is the use of having a girl which cannot be registered, have a Passport or any document, go to School or to an hospital, travel, etc, etc? She will be not a solution.... she will be a HUGE PROBLEM.

    BUT, KATE AND GERRY STORY JUST FIT ON A PAEDO RING.... Wonder WHY???? Maybe to protect Paedos who act individually or on small groups, targeting their own child's.

  58. when asked about the sightings, Kate McCann is smirking, unbielievable.

  59. Dave Edgar's job depends on his stating that because no body has been found Madeleine could be alive. To say she is dead would mean his work in the case was no longer viable. He knows, as well as the rest of us, that there are many ways to dispose of a body besides hiding it somewhere.

    I still think there is a strong possibility that Madeleine lies at the bottom of the ocean around Praia de Luz, possibly inside a blue sports bag!

  60. Anon 49
    Edgar states that M is within a radius of 10 miles of PdL.
    Pi r squared gives us an area of 314 square miles.
    But half of that is in the sea.
    So we are left with about 150 square miles to search.
    Quite a lot of that is town, including Lagos,and so we have much less area of "lawless" countryside to look at.
    Looking at Gogle earth we can see that this "Lawless" land includes just to the north a golf course under construction, with the roads for the urbanisation, neatly tended fields, and the area of mountains is fairly small
    20 people 100 yards apart can walk an area of say 15 miles in a full day.
    They have had 3 YEARS to search this, Mr Edgar. And you haven't even started yet.

  61. What a shameless liars!
    British journalists, look at them! It's so obvious... The last minutes say everything... And indeed Kate's smile in the end is extremely disturbing...


  62. All I read is disbelief and frustration. Let's never forget that in the beginning there was a small girl who disappeared under almost mythical circumstances. It has become a sort of a greek tragedy with all the classic ingredients.
    I personally believe that the Kates and Gerrys are of all times, that people always try to cover up the truth in tragedies like these.
    In this case two parents fight for their right to be wrong. It will go on and on and on until the day that dogs can speak.


  63. "Off message, but on Sky news this morning.
    Kate is going to run 10 miles for missing children.
    No. Not the 10 mile radius from PdL, but in Hyde Park."

    Well, she can run, but she can't hyde.

  64. Gerry admits there is NO EVIDENCE in any of the files that have been disclosed but if it is his interests as a family to press for the file to be re-opened that is what they will continue to do. So he now seems to realise it is not a good idea to attack the Portuguese Attorney General and his clearly formidable ability to properly analyse evidence, but it is in his interests to want the Portuguese Police to be believing in him and Kate and looking for Madeleine and her abductor and re-open the file on that basis. Well we certainly understand that Gerry! But he is smarter than you and he is not going to proclaim to the world the innocence of you and Kate, people would think he was barmy!

    How extraordinary they cannot remember one single sighting that was relevant to the search! Scratch, scratch! I agree Gerry looks pretty miffed with Kate when she offers up Amsterdam as a possibility. They had to visit Amsterdam and leave their twins to have a nice evening with friends. There was talk at the Goncalo appeal of them creating sightings, IMO, this would have been one of them! I also posted recently that the Pt Police received a phone call from Maddie in June 2008, guess where that phone call came from? A UK Mobile..Say Gerry recorded Maddie saying the few words she did utter, hello its Maddie (or something like that). Remember them telling us how they like to chat to Maddie on their phones? Nothing is too sick for this couple and Amelie obviously would sound like Maddie.

    Gerry does that terrible sneering when he refers to the only two sightings that are properly part of the police investigation, Tanner and Smith. He knows that was a sighting of him, this man is evil and twisted, he does see this as a game he is playing with everyone and ha, you cannot prove anything can you!

    As for Edgar, entirely agree, if you are asserting something as a fact but at the same time are vehemently shaking your head, just as TAnner did on Panorama, you are clearly lying. I also wonder why this man who does not sound or look very well himself is still acting for them, is he being paid so handsomely or, given he comes from Cheshire, does Kennedy have something on him?

  65. No.63 - agree totally.

    Why, from 3.08 onwards, is this interview amusing to two parents who have lost a child?

    Blatant liars.

  66. Anon 47...I also no longer believe a 'Domestic Accident' there is something truly evil going on here. The Mccanns are enjoying the chase because they know Madeleines remains will never be found. 'Mothering Sunday' will be forever tainted because of Kate Mccann.

  67. Sandra F. Hi Kate Hi Gerry Have you already had access to the new sightings which were released last week?

    Gerry We've now got them, but as I say Kate and I haven't actually gone through them ourselves.

    SF. For sure the pictures which have been broadcast of a girl apparantly looking like Madeleine in New Zealand, as parents did that girl look like Madeleine to you?

    K. You know she is not dis-similar to Madeleine I actually thought she looked a little bit young but as you know, that little girl has been identified now anyway so we know it's not Madeleine.

    SF. Kate, as a mum have you seen any picture any video that for you it could be Madeleine?

    K. Kate laughs strange laugh. then answers No! She then continues.
    To be honest we don't get shown a lot of the photographs, err, I THINK the police decided that so many photos get sent to them, you know clips of cctv that... (she trails off)

    SF 'Do you fear the reopening of the case that you wish can re-open the lead that turn you to formal suspects in the case, do you think about it?

    G. Definitely not, it is not the slightest piece of concern for us.


    Start video at 23:39 for the McCann interview.

    Kate appears in this interview not to be bothered that they don't get shown photographs images which could possibly be Madeleine. Yet Gerry expresses how NOTHING should be kept from the parents of a missing child.

    Oddly too, if they have investigated TWO sightings more closely than any others because they were credible, I wonder if the information on these sightings included a photo image? If so surely she would then have answered YES to Sandra Felgeuiras question - had she seen any photo which could have been Madeleine?

    I don't believe that Gerry McCann or Kate do not give thought to the possibility of them once more becoming formal suspects. Even innocent parents would give thought to this. They may not believe it could happen, but thought would be given. I imagine this is a thought that haunts their every waking moment.

  68. You think they came here to look for their daughter? They couldn't be bothered, they haven't looked for her since May 3 2007.

    They must have come to meet with the lawyers regarding the suit against Dr. Amaral for 1.2 million.

  69. If Maddie was abducted, which I don't personally believe, in the 3 years that have elapsed since then, someone, somewhere, would have known who had taken her, or had deep suspicions of that person, and would have come forward by now with information. The absence of anyone whistle blowing up to now tells me that she wasn't 'taken', and those responsible for leaving her alone are well aware of that.

  70. I do feel sorry for the McCann's after watching this.

    I know they are extreme cowards for not owning up to what really happened in 5a. I know they are extreme cowards for their obfuscation and for wanting to save themselves at all costs by blaming anyone and everyone else... but...

    What kind of life are they living now? They are designated to a fictitious search for a dead child and an imaginary bogeyman. Their other 2 children must be suffering immeasurably from K & G's constant trips abroad and press conferences. Their lives are consumed by a fairy tale.

    I bet every day the McCann's wish they'd taken a different course of action on the 3rd May... they would be out of prison and living an almost anonymous life again - happy to move on and devote time to their other children.

    Whether they are brought to justice or not, they are living in purgatory.

  71. http://textusa.blogspot.com/2009/05/t9-virus.html

    The T9 Virus

  72. Já não consigo ver entrevistas deste casal, fico enervada e irritada com tanta calma e falta de memoria!! Vejam a mãe do Rui Pedro, depois de tantos anos tem a memória viva, lembra-se perfeitamente de tudo, tem o sofrimento estampado no rosto e muito mais...

  73. Sandra was a tad soft on them in this interview IMO, why doesnt someone spring a surprise and ask about the dogs?Gaspar ?,at the very start of the video ,when Gerry starts to answer a question and Kate takes over,he is not happy ,he moves about in the chair,the hatred they both have for Sandra is just below the surface,I am still waiting for someone to REALLY shock them ,I wish they would talk to the reporter who laughed at the"abductor"quote outside court ,I think he would ask the questions we want answers to

  74. Does an ex-policeman really believe that it is easier to hide a living child than it is to dispose of a dead body? What arrant nonsense.

  75. David Edgar is a plonker. He worked within the ranks of the R U C. Therefore, he must be fully aware of the dozens of 'missing' that were scattered around Ireland and as yet have not been found.

    Why does Gerry not ask for the case to be opened? simple, a reconstruction of the night would be involved, and the Smith sighting would therefore nail him once and for all!

  76. To anon 72: In my opinion, the main reason they can never own up to what happened and unburden their souls, is the fund! They would face fraud charges and would be vilified by everyone for using their dead daughter as a money making machine. This is something that no PR could fix, no matter how hard he tried.

  77. 70: Yet Gerry expresses how NOTHING should be kept from the parents of a missing child.

    Nothing should be kept from a man who needs to control the investigation, including the 11000 pieces of information he sought from Leicester Police!

    Without this how can he plan his strategy, it must be pure torture for him!

    I agree no parents in this situation would bother to deny they are suspects, in the circumstances where the Portuguese are simply refusing to re-open on the basis they are innocent and the police should be looking for their fantasy abductors. But of course we all know who Madeleine's abductor is, Mr Smith told us, Gerry!!

  78. A message for Mr. Edgar:

    About your professional opinion (based on your vast experience as a former police officer!) that Madeleine must be alive, because if she was dead her body would have been found by now, I just want to make a sugestion to you:


    Have no idea what I'm talking about? No worries, just google for it, even Wikipedia has it! Maybe then you'll realize how ridiculous and unprofessional your statement is!
    The bodies of hundreds, if not thousands, of victims have not been found to this day. The killers of those victims wanted to get rid of them too (doesn't any killer?!) and made pretty sure the bodies would never be found!

    Ask your fellow police officers, where is the body of missing chef Claudia Lawrence? She has not been found, dead or alive, and yet, the police said she was most likely dead! But no body was found to this day!

    Hummm, Jimmy Hoffa just poped into my mind...I wonder why?...

  79. 72 I beg to differ! They would not be out of prison again now, you do not get two years for murder or trafficking your own child!

    I believe the major frustration to them of not being declared innocent, esp Gerry is they cannot make Maddie the Movie and pocket the £10M and the fame and fortune that would have gone with that. To Kate it is more important for people to just believe she is innocent and feel sorry for her, because she is sick in the head.

  80. There appears to be another faked abduction case going on. The British boy supposedly kidnapped by bandits in Pakistan. The father's boy hurriedly flew back to Britain against the Pakistani Police's wishes. Guess the father knew his time was up and close to arrest. Did he take notes from the McCanns?

  81. Did somebody pay attention to some details? I did not watch yet the Video above, but I watch the one which is available at JN or DN site and I think is from SIC.

    Kate spend the time looking around, searching for Hiding cameras or something else? They agree, who is going to be the leader at the interview- Gerry as usual, and Kate spend the interview searching the surrounds. They are afraid. In Portugal not everything is under control. On the other hand, I paid attention to what the camera-man want to show the public, Not only their faces, specially the hands. Why they hold hands? to avoid showing the public how nervous they are.... To pass the idea that they still tight together, in love and in perfect syntonie. IT IS ALL SO ARTIFICIAL AND SO FABRICATED AND THE CAMERA-MAN CAUGHT IT VERY WELL.

    With the modern and most famous BONNIE AND CLYDE, we have to pay more attention to the details then to what come out of their mouths. AND KATE LOST HER TIME... SEARCHING FOR A HIDING CAMERA, WHEN the hiding eyes were just in front of her. SHE IS WORRIED!!! FEW INTERVIEWS MORE IN PORTUGAL AND ALLOT OF THING CAN BE REVEALED. THE PROBLEM IS THE BLINDNESS WHICH AFFECT THE TOP OF THE PUBLIC MINISTERY

  82. Anon 75...lets not forget the hatred they also have for each other.

    Lets also remind ourselves the Mccanns have taken money from small children who made cakes to help in the search. Their greed will be their downfall, every interview reveals more and more guilt. Kate McCann is back in charge and McCann is not happy. Paulo Sargento picked up on their role playing. If you want to feel sorry for someone feel sorry for Madeleine, as the Mccanns continue to enjoy the games they play.

  83. AH, that excellent detective Mr. Edgar...the one that said in the McCann "documentary" that if he had found anything in the PJ files that pointed or in any way suggested the possibility of Kate and Gerry's involvement in Madeleine's disappearance he would have acted upon it, I suppose, meaning that he would have turned them in himself!
    I wonder which files he had been reading...not the PJ ones for sure!
    And I'm not even going into his performance with Tanner's reenactement of who was or was not on this or that side of the road, you know, "it doesn't matter"!

  84. Gerry doesn't like being interrupted by Kate does he. Look at his face and body language right at the start of the video.

  85. Re Kate Mc Cann on Good morning Sunday. Mothersday is about celebrating mothers all over the world. A Mother is a person (human being) that never puts herself first, as from conception she takes care of her child/children. A mother has no selfishness. She never put her self, her happyness, her holiday, her parties ANYTHING before taking care of her child. A mother will stand up against the father if he insist doing something like leaving children unattended to go out with friends. A mother would not care what she looks like or acts like when her child goes missing. In animal life what do we know about any mother animal regarding her off spring? Just try and get too close to a rhino baby, elephant she will kill you. To put Kate Mc Cann on the radio on Mothersday is in bad taste to say the least. Even if there was an abduction the fact to me and many many other mothers is that she did not took reasonable care of her kids. Even if the husband pressured her to leave them a mother will never never never do that. She would stand up against her husband, go against his will, cry mope nag anything but you will not leave your small children allone night after night. I believe there was a mention of the Mc Cann couple having a fight the night before hence she slept with the kids, maybe she was acting like a mum then saying she doesnt want to leave them and he insisted???? In the end, she did went along with it, left them, either there was an abduction and if she was a mother that would not have happened. If something else happened and she is covering up, as a mothr she would come clean. Specially in the eyes of God. To associate her with faith, means to any Christian that she would have taken care cause thats what mothers do. Without even judging her cause no one knows the truth....yet, its not on having her on the show cause everyone is celebrating the love and selfless nature that goes with being a mother and if she was that kind of mother then Madeleine would have been at home. Please don not put Kate as an excample to people to make their faith stronger or lead the to God. Im afraid by the looks of things this can look like a mockery of religion

  86. #34,
    The "Rothley Manor"?
    In the back garden, where the Sean and Amelie play and Kate hangs the laundry to dry?...

  87. Re Kate on Mothersday program,
    One would think they will give all mothers something uplifting and someone to inspire us all for being selfless mothers to listen too. Someone that can finish sentences and do not use fillers erm woosh cluck can remember. What Kate is suppose to be talking about is not *listen everyone, I know its hard sometimes to be a mother, it takes alot out of you bla bla bla, no she should answer the 40 odd questions put to her by the portugese police. She should not be used as an example on mothersday. How can this program producer get it soooooo wrong. Yes as a Christian if you did something wrong and say you sorry there is forgiveness but she hasnt even started realising that her way of parenting is no good. There is no remorse, and me for sure will not listen to her erm goos slosh space about being a mother and faith. Infact if I had no believes and is made to lsiten to her, I will I suppose never believe

  88. In this recent set of interviews it appears to me that Gerry has lost his fighting spirit and that Kate is the controller keeping things going. He has an aura of having had enough of it all and on the verge of giving up.

    On Youtube a few weeks ago a poster to one of the videos wrote that she knew the McCanns as Gerry used to come into the place where she worked and she could see how proud Gerry was of Maddie, yet when Kate turned up the atmosphere always changed.

    Is/was Gerry besotted with Kate and Maddie? Is he protecting Kate and using his knowledge of people in high places to keep this farce going? In this latest set of interviews it seems he is scared of her (not the other way round).


  89. Anon 87


    Madeleine's misfortune was having her and Gerry as parents.

  90. 85 Good point he clearly was furious that she interrupted his carefully crafted little speech. This man just cannot hide his anger and feels there is only one person in that relationship who can save them, him. She does not dare to interrupt him again!

    Sometimes she is almost like a naughty little school girl defying the Head Master, putting a spanner in the works for him. I continue to believe this was his plan and she has never been clear what her position should be, other than now she sees it is too late to go back. I think in the early days it certainly entered her head, phoning Ricardo Paiva. He did an excellent police job in getting the confidence of Kate McCann and IMO almost got a result when Gerry has gone away and left her. She felt vulnerable sad and alone. I think turned to a man who she saw as kind and attractive to her.

  91. Anon 86

    I am beginning to wonder if there are two sets of Files.

    One the Portuguese issued and one the McCanns give people to read.

    It sure does seem strange that these so called investigators of the McCanns and others, fail to acknowledge the findings of the dogs, or could possible dismiss them as not relevant.

  92. Post 59. So far as I know there has never, ever in all of history been recorded an abduction of a child from a group of babies in a bedroom. Proven paedophile incidents have always begun in outdoors or isolated locations. The abduction the McCanns claim is not just forensically impossible, it's unprecedented in all of history.

    The child has vanished from the face of the earth despite all-pervading publicity, and a reward of over £1m by the News of the World newspaper, with no ransom claims. That speaks for itself.
    The parents and PIs have publicised false 'sightings' which if credible would have put any child rescue at serious risk. They have not even searched these areas or asked to reopen the case to get the police to do so.

    All we need now is the truth from the parents and friends.

  93. Viv at 92

    I would like to see that Viv, but can't see anything but a load of play acting.

    Sometimes in the early interviews they gave, sitting on a settee, it looks almost like Kate McCann is trying to stop herself laughing.

    I think Kate McCann is very clever, she just doesn't sound like she is, whether deliberately or not.

    As for that dream of hers, that Gerry since said she did not have, it certainly managed to totally distract the investigators.

    So the question is, where had Gerry gone while she had everybody searching the hillside?

    Sr Amaral would know the answer to that.

  94. The Maccanns are enjoying this Kate is smirking, at the mention of the sighting, so is he, strange they jumped on the Jayceelee Duggard case right away, but no mention of the recent missing boy in Pakistan where some of the family are suspects. Just on UK news Kate is running in a marathon for missing children again. Will we never be rid of this vile pair from the headlines,

  95. 93 It has certainly been my understanding there would be many sets of files on this case, even within the UK.

    I see it in terms of PJ hold the master file that would include the investigations into a possible stranger abduction of Madeleine. UK simply pass those on to Portugal. The main UK file held by LP is in relation to the McCanns involvement in this case.

  96. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Madeleine-McCanns-Mother-Kate-In-Charity-Run-For-Miles-For-Missing-People-In-Londons-Hyde-Park/Article/201003215570998?lpos=UK_News_First_UK_News_Article_Teaser_Region_3&lid=ARTICLE_15570998_Madeleine_McCanns_Mother_Kate_In_Charity_Run_For_Miles_For_Missing_People_In_Londons_Hyde_Park

    Madeleine's Mum In Missing People Run
    An OTHER insult to the families of truly disappeared people

  97. no 97 I see Phil McCann has given Kate some good advice on the list of donations page.

  98. Just an opinion: Sometimes getting the feeling that Kate is 'blackmailing' Gerry, in revenge for? Remembering Kate's 'strength from somewhere' and I think she doesn't mean this strength is coming from her faith.


  99. Sorry Anon 46 for not being clearer.

    I was talking about their property in ROTHLEY. House and garden search with dogs. The Murat's house and garden were searched, so why not the McCanns.

    The signals that have been sent out for so long have been saying to look everywhere, but not there.

    I find it hard to believe the parents of a dead child would throw the child in the sea to become fish food, or cremate the child like a dog, or leave her out in the wilds, or dissolve her remains, IF they could return the child back to where she came from.

    And if anybody could THEY COULD. They had the means and the opportunity and resources, well over and above what most people had.

  100. @59 "Normally paedos don't target the victims, they act by impulse because the victim is available at that moment. They choose places to act, not victims and the Ocean Club is not a perfect place for any Paedo."

    This is very true - if we look at data from sexual crimes, whether rape of adult men/ women or padeophilia, victims are usually pounced on in remote locations. Sarah Payne, bless her, was in fields playing with siblings - as one example. Roger Black abducted from the street, but usually with haste in quiet locations. IT WOULD BE NIGH ON IMPOSSIBLE/ EXTREMELY RISKY for any 'abductor' to choose a holiday resort - especially the Ocean Complex which is so closely surrounded by other buildings. NO PAEDOPHILE or CHILD TRAFFICKING gang would risk discovery.

    There are so many good posts above, I didn't know where to start! Firstly, let me congratulate Joana again - another treasure trove of data is in this video. Hand-on-heart, if this was seen in the UK, I think a lot of people here would be in no-doubts as to who the guilty party are in this sad saga.

    What do we have on our screens in the UK at this moment? KM taking part in a 'run for missing persons'. KM going on Radio 2 on Saturday to extend her faith to UK Christians. Well, I am an Atheist with a lot of respect for believers - and let me tell you this: Christians will NOT be impressed when they find out the truth. Indeed, I spoke with a family friend in her '60's the other day - a devout Christian who mentioned this case to me. Do you know what she said? She said she never believed the McCanns from day one...

    Without going over old ground from the above posters I would like to make general comments. At 0.37 on the video - yes; GM was extremely annoyed at KM. I think he is annoyed with her generally though! I think she has put him in this position. I think something nasty happened to MBM shortly after 5.30PM on 03-05-2007 and KM knows exactly what that was. I also think KM needs to be aware that caressing one's husband during interview (foreplay) is really not acceptable during an interview about a missing child.

    The end segment is UNBELIEVABLE. WHY do they laugh at the 'sightings'? What is so funny about them? I agree with previous posters - are they starting to lose the plot? I see that they couldn't say the words JANE TANNER or MARTIN SMITH? Are they trying to distance themselves from these sightings? Are they now turning their back on JT - after she went out of her way to provide GM with an alibi? It will be interesting to see what happens March 26th during Halligen's trial - and even more interesting to see what happens if Murat does take JT and others to court.

    Not being able to 'remember' potential crucial sightings is unforgivable. I remember one occasion in full detail of losing our youngest daughter in a store for 10 minutes (she ran away to hide). When we found her, I gave her such a telling off - everybody was glaring at me (but they understood my anger). I remember the emotion and can see pictures in my head, even today. There is NO WAY you can forget what the McCanns tell us they can't remember. Unless they don't care to remember? Unless they know different?

    As one parent to another, TeamM - I really do feel for your loss. I really don't think you planned to murder your daughter, or hide her body. I think events got out of control and you have been on damage limitation since. I don't think any words can alleviate your grief, nor touch your soul to admit what happened.

    But this 'abduction' nonesense really does need to stop. You don't even believe it yourself anymore! That is clear on the video above. I feel so sorry for your family, but more for MBM. Something happened to her and it is not what you want us to believe.

    May the truth one day be known.

  101. http://textusa.blogspot.com/2009/05/kate-mccann-confesses-finally.html

    Maybe if Aled was sent this transcript 'WE LEFT IT' there, it has been said.

  102. 97,98 ,I hope her "run" takes her to the horrid place just outside PDL that Starsky and Hutch claim Maddie is being kept ,She has just arrived home from yet another trip to Portugal ,why didnt she jog around the "bad mans"place ?

  103. I read on the Sky blog that BBC invited Kate for mother's day. I hope this is just a rumor, I can't believe BBC would dare to do such a thing.
    What kind of example is this woman as a mother?
    Good God.

  104. I have watched Winnie Johnston on Good Morning after 50 years the woman is still distraught that she cannot find her son. Not one smirk in sight, and she remembers everything

  105. The Portugese justice and the UK Police must be playing a waiting game looking for a break in this case, they must be. These, two are out and out liars they are not even good at it any more, we can all see it, so must they.Its just not possible for 2 nations to be so stupid or is it, I wonder. I know one thing they are both mentally unstable, its got to them both, guilt always nags away at you, A clear conncience is the best pillow

  106. 95 I am quite certain Goncalo knows exactly where Gerry had gone at the time. Without checking I have a feeling it was his visit to the United States to erm, " look at the wider political issues".

    Were you aware that Ricardo was attached to the McCanns as Liaison Officer on the specific instructions of Goncalo? I continue to think that people simply underestimate Goncalo. This man is no fool, who is the most attractive and able officer he has to get close to Kate!

  107. @94 'So far as I know there has never, ever in all of history been recorded an abduction of a child from a group of babies in a bedroom. Proven paedophile incidents have always begun in outdoors or isolated locations. The abduction the McCanns claim is not just forensically impossible, it's unprecedented in all of history.'

    This is not true. There have been well know cases, the fact you have not heard of them shows you need to read up on it. It is simply silly to say things like this.

  108. Hyde Park runners, attention!
    Someone among you is running away from truth for approximately 3 years now.


  109. At 3.14 the reason Gerry is smirking is because what's going through his mind is this, "no there aren't any, but you haven't caught me out Sandra, because I can mention the two sightings on the night, aren't I clever".

    What gerry doesn't think of is that his smirk gives him away because it's inappropriate for a parent to grin when talking about their child's abduction. Gerry always gives himself away don't you Gerry.

  110. The body language tells everything about these two "so called caring parents" I felt physically sick after viewing this video earlier today and when Kate smiled when Sandra asked if she ever thought Madeleine could be dead my stomach churned over I was so shocked at her reaction. These people are so despicable I looked up the meaning of psychopath and it was scary to find that many of the descriptions on the internet are what I've seen in this pair for the past 3 years -

    "The psychopath is one of the most fascinating and distressing problems of human experience. For the most part, a psychopath never remains attached to anyone or anything. They live a "predatory" lifestyle. They feel little or no regret, and little or no remorse - except when they are caught. They need relationships, but see people as obstacles to overcome and be eliminated. If not, they see people in terms of how they can be used. They use people for stimulation, to build their self-esteem and they invariably value people in terms of their material value (money, property, etc..).
    A psychopath can have high verbal intelligence, but they typically lack "emotional intelligence". They can be expert in manipulating others by playing to their emotions. There is a shallow quality to the emotional aspect of their stories (i.e., how they felt, why they felt that way, or how others may have felt and why). The lack of emotional intelligence is the first good sign you may be dealing with a psychopath. A history of criminal behavior in which they do not seem to learn from their experience, but merely think about ways to not get caught is the second best sign.
    The following is a list of items based on the research of Robert Hare, Ph.D. which is derived from the "The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised, .1991, Toronto: Multi-Health Systems." These are the most highly researched and recognized characteristics of psychopathic personality and behavior.

    glibness/superficial charm
    shallow emotional response
    parasitic lifestyle
    grandiose sense of self worth
    pathological lying
    lack of remorse or guilt
    callous/lack of empathy
    failure to accept responsibility for their own actions"

    Truly shocking!!!!!!

  111. Where is the second cop, Cowley? Was he abducted and stashed in a cellar or dungeon in the lawless villages around Rothley?

  112. Anon 80 - please don't forget Suzy Lamplugh -

    Susannah "Suzy" Lamplugh was a British estate agent reported missing on 28 July 1986 (aged 25) in Fulham, South West London. She was officially declared to be dead, presumed murdered, in 1994. Her body has never been found to this day.

    When I watched the video of the McCanns I couldn't believe it when they said that they had not gone through the file to check any sightings that could be Madeleine - what?

    If that was my missing child I would have snatched the file out of Duarte's hand in the court room and no one could have stopped me until I'd been through every photo time and time ago to make sure that none of them were of my precious, missing child.

    These two really are unbelievable - in more ways than one.

  113. Anon 99


    Those descriptions of psychopathic behaviour certainly ring a bell.

  114. Are any of the funds from this charity run Kate is going on being donated to the Find Madeleine Fund by any chance?

  115. In all of this the McCanns are managing to deflect any attention away from the Gaspar statements.

    As well as the dogs of course.

    Those 'ludicrous' unmentionable dogs, that must have been a figment of the imagination anyway!

    Pity the McCanns can't get hold of the case file and completely eradicate any mention of them.

    Or have they already done that with their own copy?

  116. Well if it was my child that was missing I would not be able to muster up the emotional, never mind the physical strength to do the run at all.

    IMO Gerry and Kate know exactly where Madeleine is, and also that she is dead. I am sorry Kate but you would not have the strength to do the run, and at the same time be in the public eye. Have said it before, and will say it again, they have 'closure' because they know where she is.

  117. As ''Personal Responsibility'' seems to be the McCann's latest soundbite, I thought it was worth taking a look at it

    Firstly, I confess to being a bit baffled as to why the McCanns decided to latch onto this particular phrase, because the most obvious and stunning example of people failing to take ''personal responsibility'' is the behaviour of the McCanns themselves in leaving their children in such a dangerous situation

    Two and three year-olds, as these children were, are not expected by society to be able to exhibit ''personal responsibility''. They are too young and possess neither the reasoning nor analytical skills to enable them to do so. They were not of an age where they could be reasonably expected to recognise the potential for danger in their environment, or how their own actions could place them in danger. For example, if a child climbs onto a chair, it does not perceive the danger it places itself in should it fall off, and nor do we expect it to. That's why those caring for the child assume responsibility for these things.
    And yet, there have been many occasions when the McCanns, by their language, have betrayed a lack of understanding of something which is a basic tenet of rearing children. Kate's comment to Fiona Payne about Madeleine using the open door to come and find them should she awaken displays a worrying dislocation from the reality of a situation. The thought process should have been ''Oh God, what have I done? She might try to come and find us, and there are those steep stairs, then the road with cars possibly driving past, and the dark, and a swimming pool.......I had better go and put this right'' That would have been taking ''personal responsibility''. Instead, it is rather as if Kate has passed that onto Madeleine. It's Madeleine's responsibility to stay in bed and not disturb her parent's social time, but in the event she does wake, it is her responsibility to get herself to the Tapas bar safely.

    Gerry does it too. He talks about Madeleine and ''the situation she finds herself in'', as if it's Madeleine's fault this happened to her. Kate displays it in the language in her diary where she says Madeleine ''needs to come back''.Not ''I need to find her'', which I believe would be the response of most parents.

    All through the early months of the investigation, the McCanns were at great pains to ensure that everyone knew that 'no blame attached to them', that the PJ had given them assurances, that lawyers had said their behaviour fell well within the bounds of responsible parenting - all moves to duck their ''personal responsibility''

    When Gerry and Kate use it though, they imply a criticism of the PJ and of individuals in the media. An oft-repeated phrase is ''harms the search for Madeleine'' They imply that individuals, and I suspect they really mean Inspectors Amaral and Paiva, by their assertion that Madeleine is dead, harm the search for her, and that therefore the failure of anyone to find Madeleine becomes something for which they then expect those individuals to take ''Personal responsibility''

    So in brief, Kate and Gerry McCann accept absolutely no ''Personal responsibility'' for Madeleine's disappearance, even though any reasonable person would surely accept that to leave children alone in unsecured premises is surely an abrogation of their responsibility, but they insist that the failure to find her becomes the ''Personal responsibility'' of others.

    They should be very careful about the soundbites they choose to adopt. To hear a couple who accept no personal responsibility themselves insist that it should be applied to others, and for matters beyond the control of those others, simply moves people to anger. It's rather like being told off for eating a cream cake by someone tipping the scales at 22 stone

  118. I understand God's forgiveness is immeasurable and that we are all dependent on it but I like other posters realise that though His Love is not dependent on our behaviour His forgiveness is; I too am abhorred by her appearing on the Aled show most of all because of its timing.

    Mothers everywhere realise that their children are not their possessions but given to them in trust- Kate has yet to grasp that concept- Madeleine is something she lost in PDL as one might lose a bag or wallet. Kate seems to believe Madeleine was her possession to do with how she pleased. The decision to air how her faith has helped her on Mothering Sunday is distasteful.

  119. Somebody has previously posted that Gerry had gone back to UK at the time Kate came out with the dream and had them looking up the hills.

    Perhaps if we knew the date of this reported dream we could check.

  120. Sorry, my comment 112 was referring to the video interview with Sara Oliveira on the other thread. I wondered why Sandra had gone from been a brunette to blonde - silly me.

  121. That PGR must be prosecuted as well. Two million?

  122. The McCanns are thumbing their noses at us all and laughing into the bargain. It is now so so important that the community wanting to get to the bottom of this case and see justice for a little girl start to voice their concerns in all available media including local MP's.

    If we don't keep pushing for the truth, the McCanns will continue to laugh. Tell everybody you know what is going on and gain their support.

  123. Anon @ 65

    At last this is an opportunity for we Brits to get out there and show the McCanns what we think. No doubt the police will be out in force to prevent a 'breach of the peace' (ie to let the McCanns know our contempt for them). Therfore I propose we emulate the actions of our Portuguese friends and hand out red carnations.

    Mr B

  124. K: ...To be honest we don't get shown a lot of the photographs, err, I THINK the police decided that so many photos get sent to them, you know clips of cctv that... (she trails off)

    So, does that mean thier investigators are disregarding a lot of information as worthless without consulting K & M?

    Mr B

  125. It is the clinical nature of the McCanns I think that horrifies people. Every move they make is just part of some highly planned campaign to extricate themselves and get the public believing what they want them to believe.

    IN Portugal, it is an all out assault to get the Portuguese people to believe that Maddie is there to be found and the Pt AG should re-open the case and look for her.

    IN UK, it is now silence other than Kate showing us what a good woman she is, on Mothering Sunday and doing the run. Maybe an acceptance there is not much Gerry can do. Also an acceptance that publishing details of findings in the paper was another of their media disasters! Maybe Kate does sometimes say to Gerry, why don't you just shut up and let me have a go, she is more subtle than him. Does not go for the grandiose and aggressive assaults upon public opinion, the run and the Aled appearance are pure Kate IMO.

    None of it has anything to do with finding Madeleine, they know exactly where she is. It is enough to cause the bile to rise in anyone's throat.

    I am quite certain that British and Portuguese police sit back and watch and wait, they are most certainly working together against the McCanns and they will get them in the end. Not only Goncalo but the Pt AG have just dealt them another terrible blow, they are losing it badly now IMO. Serious cases sometimes take years to make an arrest, this is such a case.

  126. Their non-verbal communication speaks volumes.

  127. What is the name of that man who will be interrogated next 26th, whom the FBI was searching for?
    I think the actual smoke and mirrors could have connection with him.
    The McCanns are scared of what he will eventually say.
    Because that money went to the States, when the McCanns were still arguidos, not with the purpose to search for Madeleine.
    Otherwise the McCanns would have sued him already.
    I think the goal of the money was a privete bank account in the US, in case the couple had to escape.

  128. I have been sitting keep stopping this video because the McCanns body language is so fascinating.

    Have people noticed at 50 he says ... until you know who has taken her

    Kate had been sitting head downcast following an obvious rebuke for interrupting him, but the moment he says that her head shoots around to look straight at him.

    We know that he is the one who has taken her, Mr Smith saw him. I may think that was possibly alive, most people do not agree with me, I think it is possible Maddie was dead, but it does not matter really, Kate gives him that obvious look at that moment that is a dead give away and any professional profiler would surely not have missed that.

  129. Stop the above tape at 49/50, Gerry is saying no idea who has taken her. At that precise moment Kate shoots her head sidewards to look straight at him having been sitting head downcast from an obvious rebuke for interrupting him. No professional profiler would miss that IMO. She does it for a split second, it is one of those involuntary and very brief reactions that people are known to have and just cannot help.

    Gerry may well smirk at the Smith sighting, but Mr Smith will be there at his trial. No doubt the Doctors Gaspar also.

  130. Kate actually does it again, at 3.17, he is smirking talking about two separate sightings in PDL on tht night, just for one fraction of a second she looks up and to the left. Both times with her body language she is pointing the finger straight at him.

    My interpretation of this video is this couple are both covering a big lie but they are pulling in very different directions even so. It could be said that was him carrying Madeleine's body off, against her will or it could be said that was him abducting Madeleine, against her will. Either way, whilst I do not think she properly cared for Madeleine and bonded with her, he is still the greater evil for me, he is, without doubt a man with personality disorders, I believe Narcissism and Psychopathy. She is a woman with mental health problems. That interruption and the hand shooting out at the start were quite bizarre.

  131. Anon 118

    I doubt that Kate would have a problem with doing the running.

    After all, she and Gerry were out running and playing tennis from the day after Madeleine disappeared.

    It's the searching and turning over the stones they don't do.

  132. Anon 114

    Thanks for the Suzy Lamplugh reminder.

    Another strange case, like missing Madeleine. Suzy is no doubt dead but never been found.

    I read the book, but found the cops' dismissal of Mr Kyper, (whose car was abandoned in London), on the flimsy strength of a note from a garage was premature.

    It deserved more attention than that, and the man fitted the description, and was wealthy and well connected. Somebody who Suzy might easily have known.

    So where is Suzy?

    I hope they find out. What a terrible thing for the family never to know.

  133. Why was Kate McCann never asked to explain why she said it was a man and a woman who had taken Madeleine.

    Given the sighting the following night of a man carrying a child, with a Kate lookalike playing a distraught female, what was all that about??

  134. Maybe Mr Edgar should read this forum http://www.helpfindmychild.net/Missing-Forum/forumdisplay.php?316-Unsolved-Missing-Abducted
    Plenty of children missing and never found here.

  135. ANON 34: develop the story. What place you are refering as obvious?

  136. I observe, in the last times, everything is very much concentrated on Kate.
    Interviews at the time of One Minute For Madeleine,Kate running with Rachel Payne,Mothers'Day and now she will start running again.
    What is going on?
    Is there an eventual witness prepared to tell something about her?
    Or are they hiding something about Gerry, that's why they are concentrating everything on Kate?
    At the beginning she had to keep her mouth all the time.
    Now she is allowed to talk.

  137. Correction)
    From all this, we are obviously left to search FOR A CORPSE. The re opening , if theres one, investigation should be about proving that they did it, and a corpse to be found. The RE OPENING, if there will be ever one,is to focus on the MACCANNS.
    That would be prevent them from giving us a parade, a very unlike Molière Show - He at least knew how to lie. This evil couple is giving a disastrous performance, as Kate would say. Iwould add: disturbing and BOUND to be jailed. They are afraid and insane - I doubt their display of such lies is accidental - they are afraid. It seems like they are saying, on the body language: either you are clever than we are, either we are in desperate confusion and want that to stop. You have fed the beast McCanns, now it's swollowing you WHOLLY.
    They are disgusting by their lies and their sick games.

  138. Being as how the McCanns always get themselves interviews with those at the top, is it possible they were over in Portugal to get an interview with Socrates himself, and requesting his help to get the PJ doing what they want.

    Perhaps they had notes from their friends Cameron and Brown with them asking Socrates to cooperate with them?

    Please say this is not possible somebody!!

  139. I don't think Mr McC is a natural liar. I remember at the start he said things that sounded truthful. Like Mr McC and the sightings I can't quite remember what he said. Also could someone please post a link to the youtube where the lady says Gerry is OK until his wife shows up. Thank you so much.

  140. anon @ 22, about the weird decision of going to Huelva on a Public holiday. I remember to read somewhere that the day they choose it is a date coincident with a time when normally the British use to remember and do a special event, if a relative die, like visiting the cemetery or the place where the relative was buried. It is something like the portuguese do when they celebrate the 8th day mess or the one month mess.

    Huelva can hold some clues.

  141. To anon 108: We would welcome any example of these cases from you.

  142. 101 thank you for the explanation.
    But I don't agree with you.
    How could they transport the body to England without being caught?
    They would have involved many other people, to help them.Airlines, a boat, etc.
    Impossible specially because the body was already decomposing, after a few hours.
    They got a large amount of money already in the first week.

    My theory is
    the church or the priest's house( one or two days).
    That Englishman who received the key of the church and gave it to the McCanns.Maybe in his freezer.
    With the fund money, the McCanns let somebody buy an apartment in Algarve, with a big freezer, and later they transported the body to it.
    I believe Maddie is not yet buried and she is being kept in a freezer.
    Last year Gerry went Praia da Luz, for his documentary, during the Holy Week, how do you call it.
    For Catholics it is a very important time, specially Good Friday.
    Jezus'death and burial and the death and burial of our beloved ones.
    Faith of forgiveness, the Catholicism.

    I suspect Madddie's body is in Praia da Luz or Luz itself that is why Gerry went back at that special time.

    The sea would be too risk, renting a boat, carrying a corpse in decomposition, calling the attention of the population and depending on sharks.
    A competent criminal does not depend on eventual circunstances.

  143. Mr B
    I would LOVE to be in Hyde Park on Saturday ,If you are going PLEASE make a banner about the dogs,48 questions,Gaspars,If I did not have commitments I would certainly be there ,banner flying high

  144. Kate can run but she can't walk.
    How ironically sad for Madeleine, if indeed, she was abducted.

    Let others do the walking and searching, right Kate?
    What a pathetic mess are Kate and Gerry.

  145. #129

    The name is Kevin Halligen. aka Richard Halligen.

    The McCanns are not suing him, which is extremely suspicious. He wasted something like 300,000 of the money donated to the Madeleine fund. They sue like crazy but don't sue him. Wonder why?

    I think he is a loose cannon and they know it. Lets all hope he tells the truth once he is safely in US custody. I'm sure it would not be safe for him to whistle-blow in the UK.

  146. #9 I don't think the blue tennis bag was used for the body. I think it was used for Gerry's contaminated clothes. Hence no cadaver smell on Gerry's clothes.

  147. " And if it is better for us as a family for the file to be opened, then that's what we'll press for"

    I repeat: "THE FILE to be opened". FILE, FILE, FILE, not the Case.
    What is that information that he wants to know? Evidence?
    IMO he knows that the PJ has a stick behind the door and he needs to know what that is. That is why he wants a REVIEW from the EVIDENCE.

  148. #22 I read somewhere that it took them over an hour longer than it typically should have for them to get to Huelvas that day......

  149. Anon 31, as Gerry said:

    "And if it is better for us as a family the file to be opened, then that is what we will press for".

    That's a strange thing to say, I can't understand the logic of that. Why not just "we must get the file opened if it helps to find Madeleine".

    Is this statement a threat to Kate i.e. "be it on your head if the file is opened, we'll both go down together" and as Kate said in a recent interview "we are both in this together", another strange thing to say for innocent parents of a missing child as if she is saying "well if I get the blame, I'll make damn sure you won't get away with it". Are they both saying to each other that if one of them goes down, they'll take the other one with them.

    Or am I reading too much into it?

  150. @129 - I agree. You are of course, on about Halligen, former boss of Oakley International and what CM described as 'The Big Boys'.

    He allegedly stole £300,000 from the fund. The question is: Did he learn something he shouldn't have?

    May the truth one day be known.

  151. @ 108 Hi can you give examples please.

  152. 143, I agree ,to bring Maddie back to England was far too risky ,I think Heluva holds the clue ,yes I also think she was kept in the church and then a fridge (the one GM,claimed had broken ,when it was less than a season old) IMO,the was not ONE valid reason to go to Heluva,I remember as a poster said yesterday Kate putting piles of posters into the boot, Maddie could easily have been underneath them ,hence the cadaver in the Renault

  153. poster 149 ,I read that too ,and they did lots more miles than it should have taken

  154. "And if it is better for us as a family the file to be opened, then that is what we will press for".

    Maybe the pressure is getting to Gerry and he wants the whole thing over and done with, even if it means they spend a bit of time in jail for disposing of a body, that is assuming Madeleine died accidentally and there are no murder charges.

    But then there is fraud and wasting police time in countries across the world, the list goes on. No, I guess there is no turning back.

  155. @152

    Polly Klaas was abducted from her bedroom. A little girl in Canada was abducted from her bedroom a few years ago. Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her bedroom.

    Having pointed that out, I believe the Mccans are guilty as hell and that Madeleine was NEVER abducted.

  156. Anon 143

    You may be right, and I thought along the same lines for some time.

    But under similar circumstances what would most people do? I don't think if there was a chance of taking the child back she would be left behind, though it would be very difficult.

    But we don't have access to private planes, rich friends, special treatment showered upon us, people at our beck and call. The path smoothed all the way.

    If the case is reopened and the McCanns are made arguidos, before the investigators go any further their property should be searched just as was the Murats.

    Or are they to be given a pass on that one because of who they are?

  157. I've never heard of this charity (Miles for Missing People). Is it well-known in the U.K.? Has it been around for awhile? I ask because I have heard of people being arrested for collecting funds for the widow of the unknown soldier.

  158. this whole case swings on a text message that the judge refused to be used by the prosecutor. can you believe it?

  159. 65 Skynews being ironical towards Kate!

    10 miles r. from the place Maddie disappeared and Kate does not bother to run the same distance in Algarve, searching for the girl.

  160. According to Halligen he didn't steal anything from the Fund and it was the McCanns who owed him money.

    According to him they said they would give him £500,000 to set up the business (of presumably surveillance as this is his speciality), then after he set it up, and hired men and needed to pay them, they refused to give him all the money and only gave him £300,000.

    He then wanted to sue them for the rest.

    Since then, he was arrested on the other charges and is trying to fight extradition to the US. However, the McCanns say he did not defraud them and they were satisfied with the work he did.

    How the story got into the media is a mystery plus all the ranting on about how he tried to fraud the McCanns.

    Was all that bad publicty a little warning shot over his bows just to let him know what he would be in for if he makes any trouble?

    This also has the same ring about it as Metado 3 who say they were not paid the full amount the McCanns said they paid them, and they too were thinking of suing them at one time.

    What is actually going on??

    What a crew!

  161. @108 I would also like to hear of these many bed abductions. In the last two months there have been reports of children abducted from their beds in the States . Later, police charged one of the parents with the childs murder in EVERY case.

  162. I've jsut been looking again at the 'older Madeleine' picture.

    Actually they have simply 'mixed up' the face with Kate McCann's, Geralds and Madeleines...but people dont resemble parents in that mixed up way. I think Madeleine would probably have looked more like Auntie Phil - she looks more McCann than Healy. I guess it proves that McCann is the father (perhaps - there are of course other possibilities!). Maybe Kate didnt provide the egg?

    Anyway, as she died and, on the available evidence, the McCann's are most likely to have disposed of her little body (to hide the evidence of how she died, maybe?) I guess its all academic - dead people change, but they dont grow older! Are there indeed acid beds in Huelva?

  163. #88
    There was a mention once in the 3As of a shrub or a hedge planted in Rothley Manor, the name of which had some significance. It made one wonder what was underneath. However, Gerry's confidence that the body cannot be found is so disturbing. The place in Huelva sounds plausible. Where did that idea come from?

  164. 108 Yes I agree, please provide all these stranger abductions from the home of the parents!

    It simply nonsense for the McCann's to claim there is no evidence of Madeleine being dead - when there clearly IS evidence - yet to claim she was abducted when there is no evidence at all - except arguably the sighting by a friend of an 'abductor' when others who were alleged to be there at the same time neither saw the abductor nor the alleged witness!

  165. What more proof do we need that the mcCanns - incredibly - control the press in the UK?

    How many crazy sightings have been reported since they complained about them?!!!!

    Either they totally control the press or they were the promoters of the 'sightings'!

    I hope the Portuguese authorities (the judiciary) are made aware of this.

  166. Excuse me Mr David Edgar! - British police today dug up the remains of a body located beneath the patio attached to a house in Londons west end. They believe the body could of been there for 15-20 years!

    So Mr Edgar, within your vast experience working for the British police how can you justifiably draw the conclusion that the body of Madeleine Mccann would have been already found if she were dead?

    I think your statement proves just what calibre of private detective you actually are! Unless of course the discovery of the said body in London is to lead us to yet another credible source of information that you will be investigating as being connected with the disappearance of the Mccann child - the Kray twins maybe?

    As a crack detective has it ever occured to you that a body can be heavily weighted and deposited in the middle of the ocean, possibly never to be found? Alternatively buried in some remote location that is unlikely to be uncovered for some considerable years? There are in fact numerous possibilties worthy of consideration before resorting to your claim that "the body would be found by now"!

    Shame on you!

  167. 21 Why isnt she invited to speak on Sunday Radio 2?

    Oh, is it a middle class god bothering program?

  168. #139 - here is the link - the writer is claudineretard


    Here are some of her comments: - (in no particular order)

    she struck me as a very controlling person. I only saw Kate on brief occassions, when she was meeting Gerry and going back to where they were staying, but at times she did seem a bit overwhelmed by the kids (as I suppose is natural for any mum with 3 lively kids under the age of 4). Madeleine was a real livewire, and like every other 3 yr old, probably a handful when she liked. I did speak2 her 1 day and she said "oh, Gerry spoils

    well, I'm just going on the basis of a few chats I had with him...he usta come in2 the bar & have a coffee or a soft drink while she was shopping r whatever.....but, I can tell u, he WORSHIPPED those kids, espcially Madeleine......she came in 1 day in a fairy dress, and he was fit2 burst with pride, and said 2me "isin't she a beautiful little princess?. But he loved her - any1 with eyes cud tell that a mile away...but I agree, u never know som1...I noticed dat hes got a habit of staring at ppl

    If Kates with him he will totally clam up, and barely opens his mouth..I was shocked when he came in 1 day while she was shopping, and started2 chat 10 to the dozen to me..I got the impression that shes domineering, and very possesive

    When they are meeting the Pope, if u look carefully, Gerry has his eyes closed, and the expression of a desperate father searching for reassurance/hope/comfort. He looks the most genuine, wheras Kate is studying the Pope very carefully, as tho she is ashamed/hiding/holding back something. Mark my words - shes the key to all of this 2

    Having said that, I've just been watching their interview on sky news, and he was asked a q about what he put in the letter2 the judge about the trauma they had endured...I found it interesting that his 1st point was "well, u don t have2 delve very far in2 the internet 2c the abuse we've suffered"......his SECOND point was the search for Madeleine bein damaged...surely it shud be the other way around?

    hes actually a very shy, gentle person...I live in Donegal, and when I returned here from GB a few yrs back, I usta do part time work in a hotel in town...they were regulars staying here.....hes a lovely guy, very quiet, but strangely enuf, only when shes not with him, he will chat away very happily.....he actually fixed this very laptop I'm typing on at the mo.......hes brill with computers.....did u know that he actually started a degree in engineering b4 switching to medicine

  169. 108 There was the abduction and murder of the (2 years old?) son of Charles Lindbergh and his body was found short after it happened.
    There were very strong traces outside the house, I think a chair under the boy's window, etc.
    The police never found out who did it but at least they found the body.

    There has been an abduction of a new born child from a baby room in a hospital, the police found him back, healthy and well.

  170. Sandra Felgueiras looks like Princess Máxima of Holland.

  171. 34 Huelva - acid beds.

  172. # Well said.

    I'm fed up with Kate's everlasting 'to be honest' show, suggesting that she normally isn't.

  173. Be careful on missing madeleine forum, I'm getting a virus from it. I can deal with it but I think there is some nonsense afoot. Ambersuz are you aware


  174. #145 I'm 165, I forgot to type 145.

  175. To Anon 162: Neither of those cases you gave as examples have anything to do with paedophiles. The Lindbergh baby was allegedy kidnapped for a ransom and when babies are taken from hospitals they are always women who want a baby. I don't think that either one of these situations could be relevant to Maddie's case.

  176. 162 LOL! well there ya go!

    Stranger abduction - virtually unknown, certainly very unlikely - especially in the impossible 'window of no opportunity'!

    Besides - if they can't even remember the 'look twice' reports of sightings!

    Surely no adult with an aounce of logic can be fooled by these ridiculous liars!

  177. #145 I'm 166, too much Mccann I'm afraid. :)

  178. 162 - they went to Huelva on a bank holiday, took longer than could be explained and there are acid beds in Huelva.

    Simple as that.

  179. #145 I don't know what's going on, but now I'm 170. :). I give up.

  180. 155 Smart - suspicious - dont know about the others. I;ll have a dig to see if there were suspicious circumstances. One thing for sure, the McCanns are liars.

  181. #155, Elizabeth Smart was taken from her bedroom, but not by a stranger! The man had was once employed by her parents to do some odd jobs around the house. And her case is also in some aspects a very badly told story, one of which is that her captor(s) were never brought to court to stand trial.

  182. I don't know a great deal about police work. But it seems really strange that a police officer would say of a missing person, that because no body has been found the likliehood is that the person is still alive. That is surely not in any way correct. More accurately is that until a body has been found theoretically the possiblity of the person being alive remains unless somebody actually confesses to the murder and it is a true confession.

  183. Anon 139 - this is the link to Youtube:-


    It is in one of the posters comments beneath the video `Kate and Gerry McCann - Behind The Mask. The poster`s name is Claudineretard and it was about 2 weeks back. She claims to know him.

  184. Regarding the Huelva trip


  185. 150, "if it is better for us as a family"

    this means a lot.

    "if it is better for us"(and not better for justice for Madeleine)"as a family" and Gerry is including the siblings,
    it will be not better for the twins if their parents land behind bars.
    In this case, they will not ask for opening the files.
    That is what Gerry said, imo.

  186. There are so many eerie parallels with this case:-


    Check out the video link in the top right.

    and the comments on the above link.....

    Will we still be here in 10 years time?

  187. My reading of the video is:

    When Gerry answers that the sightings that stick in his mind are the ones that happened on the night it is not just Kate that looks off camera - Gerry also flicks a glance in the same direction Kate is looking. (This is at about 3.16 and is for just a fraction of that second.) This to me looks like they are looking to someone off camera for confirmation they have answered correctly.

    Gerry goes on and starts to say that no sightings since then has grabbed his attention. But this answer would cause him some trouble! These "sightings" have been generated by his "team" and they have asked for public donations on the strength of them to enable the "search".

    So he corrects himself mid-sentence and says that there are a couple they have looked at twice.

    When Sandra asks the perfectly reasonable follow up question of which ones?... Neither Kate or Gerry have a spontaneous answer nor a rehearsed pre-prepared one. Their discomfort is obvious.

  188. Please read an article on McCannfiles.
    Kate belongs now also to another fund for disappeared people or children, she will run (after every wallet) and she is raising money.

    What a business!

  189. Can't recall the one or two sightings that caught their attention!! what utter rubbish, these sightings would have aroused emotional attention, the details would have been consolidated to LTM.

    Edgar's performing has not improved one jot.

  190. Response from the BBC to my complaint about Kate McCann being the Mothers Day's guest
    [register your complaints: www.bbc.co.uk/complaints]

    "Thank you for your e-mail regarding 'Aled Jones with Good Morning Sunday'.

    We're sorry if you feel Kate McCann is an inappropriate guest for Mothering Sunday.

    The guests on 'Good Morning Sunday' reflect the impact of faith on their lives in many different ways. Over the last few years the guests on Mothering Sunday have all told powerful personal stories in which their religious belief has played an important part. Included among those stories has been the death of a child and coping with illness.

    The interview with Kate McCann offers a similar opportunity for the listeners to hear someone talk about how their faith has sustained them through the experience of trying to come to terms with a missing child and the effect this has had on their family.

    Nevertheless, we appreciate the time you've taken to make us aware of your feelings about this topic.

    We'd like to assure you that we have registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.

    Thank you once again for taking the trouble to contact us.


    BBC Complaints

  191. Maddie is the spitting Image of her mother, the twins are like Gerry Maccann, also in my opinion for what its worth they have buried her body Don't forget they also went to Fatima, could be around there. I think its near the resort they were staying or its in the sea.
    I doubt very much its still in a freezer, too risky. They were in Portugal a long time so had plenty of time to look for a suitable spot. I don't think Maddie was disposed of quickly she was kept in a freezer. Shame on them both. They also had help in this. Reopen the case and find her remains Mr Amaral said the case can be solved and I trust him.

  192. @167. OK but if I may say so, was Lindberg in a group of babies (risk of waking)? and presumably it wasn't proven paedophilia. The abduction from a hospital was again probably not proven paedophilia.

    The point is that what makes this situation so unlikely is the inherent obvious risks of babies waking, which a paedophile would avoid.

  193. I wonder what will the mccanns say to the twins when they grow up and read all about this case...
    will they keep saying "your older sister is still missing and we will keep searching for her.."
    Poor Maddie, innocent child. Poor twins, innocent children that, one day, will know what kind of parents they have.
    I think that, if the mccanns are really "humans" afterall, there is no worse punishment then this: hated by their own children.

  194. @155. Maybe so, and allegedly, but not with other babies present in the bedroom. Always too risky for a paedophile.

  195. I'm sure God would like Kate to turn back to the police and tell she always knew Murat was innocent.
    While she was praying in the Luz church, she knew Murat was being victim of injustice.
    His life was being destroyed.
    And she even tried to make it more hell that it was.
    This is called hypocrisy.

  196. Ferdinand of Aragon and Elisabeth of Castilla, king and queen of Spain, ordered to start the Inquisition in 1492 and thousends of muslims
    and jews were murdered, while both royals went to church every day,
    After their death they were canonized.
    King Balduin of Belgium, an Opus Dei client, did not oppose himself against the plan of Patrice Lumumba being murdered in Congo.
    Lumumba was murdered and king and queen continued going to church every day and both praying their rosary.

    Let us not expect anything from Kate, who visited the shrine of Fatima while innocent Murat had gotten in trouble.
    Religious people are often worse than not religious ones.

  197. 158 What was the text message?

  198. #168 Your sighting could be very significant! :)

    Groeten uit Holland

  199. Caroline @ 78.

    The "fund" may well prevent an arrest ever taking place too. How on Earth could Leics Police justify them advertising it on their own website if it is found to be fraudulent?

    They would appear even bigger fools than they do at present.

  200. http://missingmadeleine.forumotion.net/witness-statements-f167/mccluskey-statements-t8283.htm

    No.134 - Are these the statements you are referring to? If not, could you provide a link to the ones you are - many thanks.

    No.158 - could you please tell more on the text message - again, many thanks.

    Re the trip to Huelva and the McCluskey statements, what I find quite hard to comprehend is the fact that the McCanns were never "tailed" when driving here, there and everywhere. Or were they? Does anyone know?


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