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‘Sinais de Fogo’: Queixas na ERC

Depois de mais 600 comentários na SIC on-line aqui e aqui, de variadíssimos emails enviados à SIC os quais receberam uma resposta estandardizada [um provedor do telespectador na SIC é urgente]; depois de centenas de comentários no Facebook, twitter e em vários  blogs que mostraram claramente o desagrado perante a atitude indigna e vil do jornalista Miguel Sousa Tavares, a SIC ainda não pediu desculpas a Gonçalo Amaral, ainda não deu justificações aos telespectadores que esperavam uma entrevista e que foram enganados, e ainda não convidou Gonçalo Amaral para uma entrevista onde ao menos o ex-coordenador da PJ [apesar de estar restringido por uma providencia cautelar] possa exprimir-se sem interrupções de uma pessoa que é visivelmente ignorante do processo 201/07.0 GALGS do caso McCann e do caso Cipriano e que é obtuso quanto as não-tão perspicazes manobras mediáticas do casal McCann.

Entretanto o Correio da Manhã notícia hoje que a Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação (ERC) já recebeu três queixas à entrevista, aliás, ao monólogo inqualificável de Miguel Sousa Tavares contra Gonçalo Amaral no ‘Sinais de Fogo’ transmitido no dia 1 de Março.


  1. One of the comments on sic online Sinais de Fogo states that MST can't stand Gonçalo Amaral because they had had "encounters" when GA worked in the Drugs and Banditism department. Don't know if that is true or not.

  2. Of course I can't understand a word, but it looks like Dr. Amaral faces antagonistic interview with media moron and wins hands down, because he is intelligent, knows what he is talking about, and extremely well-mannered.

    When are the Portuguese authorities and/or PJ going to swallow their pride and ask Dr. Amaral to rejoin the force and get this case solved, because it is quite evident that nobody else has the ability, determination or ethical position necessary to do it?

  3. O meu pedido de esclarecimento sobre as motivações do MST na condução da chamada "entrevista" ao GA foi recepcionado pela SIC que me informou ter canalizado o assunto para quem de direito me possa informar !!!
    Naturalmente, acho natural que esta onda de espectadores indignados seja contextualizada e reclamada junto das autoridades.
    É bom que os poderes instituídos se apercebam que os Portugueses são um Povo digno e não já um bando de Imbecis caracterizado à 110 anos pelo nosso lúcido Guerra Junqueiro!!!
    Pessoalmente, quero e desejo que o MST tenha toda a Liberdade de Expressão mas nno caso vertente, Exijo que ele revele EM CONTRADITÓRIO à opinião publica a justificação dos SEUS ACTOS!!!

  4. Just for two GP? Why? Who paid?


    Home/our clients /case studies /McCann Family /

    McCann Family

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    We helped the McCann family deal with the media storm which surrounded them on their return from Portugal in September 2007. From scratch, we created a comprehensive media handling package within six hours which enabled us to handle 850 media calls in the first week. By giving journalists positive stories to report, coverage turned from hostility to the McCanns to sympathy about their ordeal. This campaign won the crisis communication category at the 2008 CIPR awards.

    Home/what we do /crisis communications /litigation support /

    winning in the court of public opinion is as important as winning in the court of law. Many reputations fail to survive intact following the scrutiny of a legal dispute. Even the victor can be portrayed negatively by the media and face an uphill struggle to restore credibility. Effective communication leading up to and throughout the case itself is important to deliver short term outcomes and long term reputation. hanover has a proven record in helping clients prepare for, and manage, legal disputes. We work closely with our clients' lawyers and senior management team before litigation commences, during the trial and after it concludes. Our approach works because it is thorough and follows procedures which mirror the legal timeline. We assess and prepare for any reputational impact before they are played out in the court room. We manage day to day tactics knowing when to speak (or not), what to say and how to say it, and we will ensure that all relevant players are kept fully up to speed. Our team will help you proactively manage your reputation throughout the legal process and help you win in the court of public opinion.

  5. http://trannyfattyacid.blogspot.com/2008/03/little-left-handed.html

    reputica were the people 2 years ago (think they may have merged since but basically pr/ monitoring online)

  6. This man is known in Portugal as being a very desagreable person.
    My sister in Lisbon has ever met his mother and his sister and both ladies seem to be very nice and civilized people.
    My sister never liked MST at all and never watchs his programs.

  7. Anon no 4. Have just read about your post on hannover website.
    I noted they dont include the Mccanns in their list of current and recent clients.(embarresment ??)
    Its amazing all the professional support the mc canns got straight away regarding pr and crisis/reputation management.
    Professional support of the calibre of their pr teams were never ever sought for the search of Madeleine and we all know why that was/is!


  8. In response to poster 2 the Portugese authorities will never have Mr Amaral back to solve this case. They were complicant with the British Government in flying the McCanns out of Portugal and demoting Amaral. Indeed, the Portugese authorities will help the McCanns apply their coup de grace at the forthcoming libel trial. I do not know how people on here can be so niave as to believe that Amaral can defeat them. If the McCannns were to be brought to justice then questions are going to asked of Socrates and others as well as Brown, Miliband, Mitchell etc. Does anyone believe that will be allowed to happen? The shaft of light is that Mr Amaral has stated he will appeal to the ECHR if-or rather when- he loses the libel trial. One cannot discount the possibilty however of those scumbags having connections in the ECHR (remember their stomach-churning speeches at the EP about child-care)
    Joanna, I would also like to apologise-as others have done- to you and the Portugese people for the damage and humiliation that the evil Rothley pair have inflicted upon your country. However, it is ultimately up to your judiciary to rectify the damgage. What I can see of this case, there is next to no chance of that happening. There is no point anybody berating the British Press adoration of the McCanns. Not whilst Portugese politicians seem set to hang Mr Amaral out to dry to save their own reputations. Not whilst members of the Portugese Judiciary seem set to allow not only Mr Amaral, but their own country to be humiliated by an evil pair who make me ashamed to be British.

  9. 4 Thats interesting, very interesting! At that time the McCanns were arguidos - suspects in the disappearance of there daughter, known to have neglected them.

    In short, this firm is proudly announcing that it will whitewash criminals! Utterly immoral, incredible behaviour.

  10. I actually had a comment printed in the Mail a couple of days ago about the Madeleine sightings, but it was not the complete commment they printed. They left half of it out.

    The comment they left out was about the dogs.

    Now why would that be?

    Do they have some kind of D Notice for mention of the dogs?

    Is it on the orders of Clarence that the dogs are not to be mentioned? Are the McCanns so afraid of the mention of them?

    Please everybody carry on mentioning them. Somebody who vets those comment may get the message that the dogs aren't going away.

  11. I think the case should be reopened because it is possible that something far more sinister than an accident happened to Madeleine.

  12. Portuguese to English

    translationShow romanization
    After more than 600 comments on the SCI online here and here, so many different e-mail sent to the SIC who received a standardized response [a provider of viewers on SBS is urgent], after hundreds of comments on Facebook, Twitter and various blogs that clearly showed the dissatisfaction with the attitude unworthy and base of journalist Miguel Sousa Tavares, SIC has not apologized to Gonçalo Amaral, has not yet given evidence to the viewers who expected an interview and they were deceived, and not invited to a Gonçalo Amaral interview where at least the former coordinator of the PJ [despite being restricted by an injunction] can express themselves without interruption of a person who is obviously ignorant of the process 201/07.0 GALGS McCann case and the Cipriano case and who is obtuse as the not-so clever maneuvers of media McCanns.

    However, the Correio da Manha news today that the Regulatory Authority for Communication (ERC) has received three complaints to the interview, in fact, the monologue of indescribable Miguel Sousa Tavares against Gonçalo Amaral in 'Signs of Fire' broadcast on 1 March

  13. 8-} Apesar de ser sistematicamente atropelado pelo MST o GA ate se saiu bem. Direi ate que somou pontos. Soma e segue. Os cão bem ladrou mas a caravana da verdade mesmo assim passou.

    Esperemos agora que a Entidade Reguladora ordene um corte de cabelo (a escovinha) ao Miguel Sousa-Besteiras. b-(

  14. Eduardo Cintra Torres no Público hoje:

    Sinais de incêndio

    Confirmaram-se as piores expectativas pressupostas no meu artigo anterior. A entrevista a Gonçalo Amaral em Sinais de Fogo (SIC 1/3), Sousa Tavares convidou o ex-investigador do caso Maddie para o humilhar, para verter sobre ele as suas próprias opiniões, para o calar. Não entrevistou, opinou, e se chegou a perguntar não deixou responder: era ele mesmo quem tinha muito para dizer.
    Ao comportamento arrogante e antijornalístico, somou-se a falta de rigor no conhecimento, não só de detalhes, como de aspectos importantes do caso. O comportamento de jornalista foi ainda mais lamentável tendo em conta que Amaral estava judicialmente limitado na sua liberdade de expressão, pelo que não podia responder a questões levantadas pelo enfurecido Tavares nos seus comentários.


  15. I agree with all 9 has said its the Portugese who are allowing this pair go without a blemish on them its the Portugese who have let Maddie down and Mr Amaral. Is he the only one with any backbone in Portugal. This crime was committed in Portugal the cover up started in Portugal, the case was shelved in Portugal, Maddie lies dead in Portugal Every door closes in Mr Amarals face in Portugal. For F--k Sake Portugal you dozy B------s what are you terrified of Tell Brown and the UK govenmet to F--k off and get this case reopened, and get the truth out of these two F-----s once and for all.

  16. In response to poster No.9,

    My view is that change can only be achieved if one stands up for what one believes and uses every opportunity to express that belief.

    Continuing to repeat it a thousand times or more, may eventually change something. Deciding that it is useless to even mention it once, is the best method of guaranteeing that you will change nothing.

    It isn't a question of being naive, it's a question of expressing one's beliefs in the hope that others will come to share them.

    Perhaps those who slam the doors in Dr. Amaral's face underestimate his tenacity and his ability to inspire others, and gather support for a just cause. History is littered with the corpses of those who thought they were so powerful that they could ride roughshod over the rights of ordinary people.

  17. A MMG bem disse no parlamento que esperava que fosse dado ao MST o mesmo tratamento que lhe dao a ela. Sao os dois iguais mas tem tratamento diferenciado- Uma e perseguida e o outro e um protegido do poder politico e um mensageiro desse poder bem ao estilo de Marinho Pinto.

  18. Sim! GM soube manter a sua proverbial calma e tentar a possível cordialidade nas respostas correctas telegráficas, não obstante a grosseria feroz do MST.

  19. Anonymous 15, The cover up was started by the McCanns in Portugal with the help of the British government and the British media. The fact is, if the UK government had not meddled in the case, it most likely would have been solved and the McCanns would be in jail. I totally agree that what has taken place could not have happened without the cooperation of the Portuguese government, but they did not start this cover up. In my opinion the leader of the Portuguese government has been blackmailed, Freeport, into facilitating the McCann's escape from justice. The Portuguese can prevent the injustice that is happening to Mr. Amaral but it is the English who can bring the McCanns to justice by providing Portuguese authorities with the information they requested but never received.

    Anonymous 9, I can berate the British media, Portuguese politicians, British politicians whomever I feel is responsible for hindering justice. It's not a game of England versus Portugal, even though that is what the British media has tried to make us believe. Although I agree with most of your sentiments, I feel that the McCann's persistence in being in the limelight and making money from their daughter's death, will eventually be their undoing. Read T4two comment 16, he or she makes a lot of sense.



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