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The Sun turns Madeleine McCann into a Sims Game Character

Comment of the Day: «But worst of all, in this resumption of sick spin, are the illustrations in the Sun. They've finally succeeded in turning Madeleine into a complete joke, into a cartoon. How dare anyone put such loathsome caricatures of a missing (probably dead) child into a newspaper? I see the article containing these comic-strip images is by By Antonella Lazzeri - why am I not surprised? The depths to which some newspapers will sink gets greater by the day.»

in The Sun


  1. ALL dark and swarthy getting the image as far away as possible from Martin Smiths sighting who saw a white man between the age of 35 and 40 years. Mr Smith even described his hair and it was not curly.

  2. What can I say? Truly hideous.
    This is the sickest stunt so far.
    P.S. I tried logging in to Blacksmith bureau and it says by invite only. I put in my email address and password and it seems I'm not invited. How can this be? Does Blacksmith KNOW this is happening? I have been a fan of his for years.
    I hope this isn't some kind of phishing expedition by the AUTHORITIES.

  3. Words fail me. Words simple fail me!

  4. In fact taking a second look we have gone from dark and swarthy to NEGRO:::and where did Madeleine get those sandals from...did the abductor buy them for her?? Beyond a joke and SOMEONE has to put a stop to this. Ilong to see the McCanns charged with FRAUD.

  5. The words "shock" and "sue" spring to mind!

  6. Let's not forget that Antonella Lazzeri has taken over from Lori Campbell as Clarence Mitchell's muse. I can only conclude that these vile images have the McCanns' blessing. It's sick!

  7. They obviously didn't think it through as the faces of the various gallery of "abductors" could have been used instead of a generic swarthy male - over to Himself I think!
    (I've never been able to get into blogs once they're invitation only and don't understand how to do it either!)

  8. I don't know if I should vomit or laugh out loud. British newspapers treatment of this case has been ridiculous for quite some time, but it is now reaching the realms of absurdity. Complete madness splashed on the pages of The Sun.

  9. Who the hell would need to hold a four year old at gunpoint? what a ridiculous picture.
    A real abductor would keep a child so well known far far away from public view.
    The show goes on with more smoke and mirrors, I wonder what the real motive is behind all this is.

  10. Who feeds this garbage to Antonella Lazzeri?
    Can't wait to see the McCann Gallery blog's captions on these ridiculous pics.

  11. In all of these cartoons I see Madeleine is indeed giving the "abductor" her tuppenceworth. She appears to be trying to run away or indeed face out her "abductor". As if!!!!!
    In real life any small child would be a huddled heap, crying with her head down.
    What a complete farce and so disrespectful to Madeleine.

  12. As far as I can make out after reading several of the articles the McCann's and ID have had this information for a couple of weeks now. But the papers have got hold of it too and are printing it in blocks of several sightings. This being the first block if you like. This is not how I imagine the McCann's and their PR would release it. At least it's not how they've done it before. I think it's a preemptive strike by the media to take back control of the story.

    At two thousand pages or so the McCann's investigators have a lot of work to do....and it costs a lot of money.

    The water will be rising...

  13. Hey hey, she mutated into Bridget Bardot's gnome. It's not cruel, it is just completely tasteless and disgusting, but of course what else do you expect from THE SUN?

  14. @Slave - Blacksmith's site is down at the moment as he is taking a break...
    the password message is just a default setting

  15. Mocking a most probably dead child in this fashion, is beyond any acceptable level of decency, not that we expect too much from Ms. Lazzeri. This is beyond the pale.

    I would like to remind The Sun, that according to Dave Edgar, the McCanns Private Investigator, Madeleine is most likely to be found within 10Kms of PDL. He based his ascertion on years of experience and his reading of the case files.

    I wonder where DE is these days, it has been a while since we have heard from him.

    Perhaps he is out searchng the lawless scrublands surrounding PDL, whilst the media make a mockery out of journalism.

  16. @ post #14, I share your sentiments. The McCanns are on the back foot with this story. Sandra F asked Isabel Duarte for details of the 'ugly' sighting outside the Lisbon court a few weeks ago and was given short shrift. Clarence Mitchell may lose all his hair at this rate of pre-emptive spinning.

  17. Well at least she looks happy in NZ. Her new dad and brother look very normal as well.

  18. Grotesque, vile and positively sickening. But then, what else would we expect from Antonella?

  19. The Daily telegraph appears to be the paper that applied for and got this file first, according to its article today.

  20. THE SUN IS A DISGRACE. Now let's see what team McCann have been up to today...

    On SKY News today we have two other big stories: Jon Venables, one of the child-killers of James Bulger in 1993 is back in Gaol following breach of his life-licence. Sarah's Law is also on the news; a trial was recently proved successful after introduction of a watered-down version of Sarah's Law by police (with the influence of that wonderful woman Sara Payne - wherever you are Sara, I hope your health improves).

    So: We have convicted child killers and paedophile-related news items on SKY.... sounds like a good day to 'bury bad news' to coin an awful term used by that awful woman on 9/11 who worked for the Labour party. We have tentative links here people, as to Team McCanns strategy. Every time there will be an abducted child on the news; any talk of paedophiles, Law Enforcement laws or child killers on the news; they will release more RUBBISH about MBM's 'Abduction'.

    They are trying to create an 'URBAN MYTH' that MBM was 'abducted'. This is a direct attack on those Cadaver Dogs who's finding are irrefutable; MBM unfortunately died on 03-07-2007 as Senhor Goncalo Amaral stated.

    Ask these questions: What 4 year old is capable of lying about her name and saying 'Haley' when at an airport to a security guard in New Zealand? What 'Abductor' walks his 'prize abductee' through a busy airport? What 'Abductor' allows his 'prize abductee' to speak to a security guard? What 'Abductor' needs to use a gun to get a 4 year old into a car?!?!

    Remember KM said MBM would give her 'Abductor' 'Her tuppenceworth'. So this really isn't credible the sighting in New Zealand. She would have been more likely to shout "I want my Mommy and Daddy!"

    They are getting lower and lower, more and more ridiculous as time passes; infact, it's quite desperate.

    May the truth one day be known.

  21. Ita time we had some pictures of what really happened, like Gerry McCann hding Madeleines body in the bushes at the foot of the steps before crossing the road to hed off Wilkins, or Kate McCann shoving Madeleine across the apartment as she tried to shut her up, or Madeleine sitting in bed crying, scared to leave the bed or lose her stars from the star chart, or Tanner seeing McCann carrying Madeline away...

  22. So far as I can see the Mccanns now have evidence that she is being "harmed"coming to harm suffering harm whichever way you swing the bat these latest revelations say it all!

    If the Mccanns are angry dispapointed and disgusted why have they not DEMANDED the case be re-opened,

    Oh sorry I forgot - being held at gunpoint or being dragged away or ofcouse being abused by the frenchman is not harmful!

    What the fuck are these whackjobs smoking! re-open the case Kate and Gerry - PRONTO!

  23. Evidence that Madeleine came to no harm, uh?
    Dragged at gun point on a motorway hard shoulder by a half-naked man is Kate McCann's evidence of "no harm"?
    This woman should be a patient in a unit for the criminally insane.

  24. How long do the McCanns think they can run with this story for?

    No matter how many so called 'sightings' of Madeleine lookalikes they have, sooner or later it is going to get so boring as they all turn out to be bogus. Surely, they and their media pals realise that.

    Many people are groaning yet again at the reappearance of the McCanns and their 'sightings'.

    Are there really people who are still giving money to this pair?

    If so, they have more money than sense.

  25. There is a cctv image of the New Zealand family posted on MMF -just a normal looking family.
    (scroll down) http://missingmadeleine.forumotion.net/main-maddie-thread-latest-news-f1/new-sightings-on-sky-now-t8680-120.htm

  26. 21 We also have fraudulant use of the 'Live Aid' funds by rebels - who only used 5% for feeding the starving!

    The fund needs some focus - I just hope that the ridiculous state authorities in Portugal do not allow the McCanns to steal more money via the crazy Portuguese courts!

    At least the English courts knew the money wouldnt leave the country!

  27. Its a good thing that this 'dossier' has been released, as it reveals how stupid it would be to pursue all these crazy world wide 'sightings' by people seeking their 5 minutes of fame!

    Focus is required, focus on the most likely evidential trails - e.g. sniffer dogs and inconsistancies, changing stories, sightings of McCann carrying a child and Tanner latering her story to put Gerry out of the frame!

    Come on Portugal, come on judiciary - re-open this case on your terms!

  28. @22, 23, 24, 25 and 27.

    All good valid points!

    This truly is a travesty of justice. The images in The Sun are designed to refocus our ANGER at this God-awful paedophile, who is treating her like a princess, whilst shoving her into the back of a van at gun point!

    Of course, 'No harm has come to Madeleine'. WHAT?! If somebody pointed a gun at me, I'd be traumatised for months. The McC's spin team beggar belief. And as stated above, the McC's must have said it was okay to print these depictions? I think this sad story is devolving even further; it's almost bereft of any morality. A little girl has quite likely, lost her life and all anybody can see is £££ signs and Libel suits.

    At least Joana and other brave individuals are trying to force some form of justice. I still hope that one day we can get to the bottom of this mess. This is becoming so farcical and very tragic. CM was on SKY News just, Rabbiting on about how this is 'no way to run an investigation'. Yeah? Well CM, get your clients to co-operate FULLY with the PJ; Do a reconstruction; get KM to answer those quite innocent 48 questions and so on...

    I don't know how these people are allowed to walk around scot-free. I know if it was me, I'd be in the nick by now. This cannot be allowed. They cannot be allowed to snuff out a young girls life and threaten those who don't believe them or gag people from speaking out. I feel for MBM (and her siblings) and for the people of Portugal who have been so derided by these awful individuals.

    May the truth one day be known.

  29. This has been on the ITN lunchtime news again the PJ made a mockery of for making the Maccanns suspects and not investigating the case and closing it letting a child down. Clarrie had been on with his verbal shit what is so wrong that the Portugese police are held to ransom by this pair and seem to love it and want more for Gods sake speak out what are you so afraid to defend your Integrity. You are the laughing stock of Europe. I just dispair. Only for this blog I think I would start to believe the Maccanns now that is saying a lot because I hate them.

  30. Antonella Lazzeri is taking the pi** out of the mcanns thats plain to see ,but she should not do it to madeleine,Antonella is a vile person

  31. You know what, even if Madelein Mc cann is found and taken home, unharmed by this ordeal as her parents insist, I still would like to see them charged with negligance. If they were doing what all parents should do take care of the children, putting them first before ones own needs and wants like having adult time, then all this would not have happened. If they are not charged with at least child neglect then Im sorry but what exsample does the law and court sets to future wanna be parents. Its a disgrace the pair of them

  32. UTTERLY DISGUSTING!!! What a sick joke!
    The one supposed to portray Madeleine is particularly grotesque, it does not look like a child at all! It's more like a small adult, someone with dwarfism (no ofense intended towards people who have that condition)!

  33. Jacinta at 30

    That is what I was also thinking.

    It is almost like there must be some kind of wish to inflict self harm by those in authority in Portugal by simply allowing these people to say what they like about the PJ, and by implication Portugal, and not saying a word to refute them.

    Perhaps they don't give a damn about the reputation of Portugal? They don't appear to care that much about freedom of speech.

    Sr Amaral tried to get the truth of the findings of the investigation out and he has been stopped. For how long, who knows.

    Yet meanwhile the UK public continues to be fed spin after spin. Nobody asking the McCanns or that spokesman of theirs the obvious questions.

    What is needed is a clear concise statement given by the authorities in Portugal saying why they shelved the case and mentioning the findings of the UK DOGS who are indicating a death in the apartment.

    The UK media would use that. How many times does it need saying, THE UK TRUST AND RESPECT THOSE DOGS, THEY WILL BELIEVE THEM whether they can be used in court or not.

    The McCanns dismiss them as useless at their peril. And they know it. That is why they would prefer not to have them mentioned.

    That is why they should be mentioned at every opportunity.

  34. For us in UK, let's not forget that Clarie is a wannabe Tory MP at the next election in 2 months time.
    Do we want such a moron to represent us in Parliament? To make laws?

    The Conservative Party must be warned about this buffoon.
    Let's tell them our views about him here:


    They want our views, they say so on the form:
    "Your views are important. Make them count with the Conservatives"

  35. Mr Amaral was minding his own business, doing his job, living is life, and because of two irresponsible arrogant so called professional adults that could not care to put their children and their needs first, his life is ruined. He was one moment still just doing his job and the next he was looking for a english child of spoilt parents. he did all he humanly can but that will nevr be enough for tem. They have ruined his life, his career, his family life, the life of madeleine and the twins, all their friends dor the shadow will always be there. They have ruined Murats reputation and the man in the streets trust in the justice system. Kate always mostly radomly reminds everyone taht a innicent child is still missing. I wanna remind Kate why this is so!!!! Its because of you and Gerry. Not us the public and not Mr Amaral. Its your fault!!!

  36. #11 mccann feed the monster called lazzeri. mccann got these "secret" files, and fed them to the papers, mccanns, are the real evil, tasteless, mcabre circus owners.


  37. All this hype in the media about ignored sightings! There is no way that all sighting could be investigated when you imagine there must have been thousands to date. And countless people ready to make anything up to earn a few bob! All with an eye for the main chance!

    There are countless little girls who look like Madeleine, but if someone had abducted her there is no way she would be taken to the local supermarket looking exacly as she looked on 3rd May 2007! They must think the public are absolutely stupid to be taken in by all this hokus pokus!

    When will the media mention the most obvious things to be done to help find Madeleine, like reopening the case, doing a reconstruction, answering those questions, the sniffer dogs and how the McCanns only went back to the UK when they were taken to PdeLuz.

    I tend to think the McCann team are crying wolf once too often and are heading for one hell of a let down eventually.

  38. 8-} These stories are probably (as Joana observes elsewhere) part of a counter PR exercise on the wake of Goncalo Amaral appearance on the MST "show" which might have tipped public opinion (certainly the Portuguese) in favor of Amaral's theory. The support for him will grow and grow.

    The Daily Mail is the newspaper of "Middle England" par excellence and the Sun is a best-selling tabloid. Both serve ideological meat to the masses.

    Nationalism is the most potent ingredient of ideology - Us, the one and only civilized nation against them: the stupid Portuguese.

    Have no illusions. British public opinion is on the whole firmly on the McCann's side.

    This however, will not really matter when Portuguese public opinion starts to see the wisdom of Amaral's theory and realize what the McCann's franchise is up to:

    Namely to divert 1,2 million from the Portuguese economy while at the same time curtailing Portuguese constitutional freedoms.

    McCann's argument that Amaral's theory affects their right to a "good image" is void from the moment they abandon their children to their fate.

    The only problem so far, has been is the subservience of the Portuguese courts (and politicians) to the powerful McCann PR machine but the increasing strength of Portuguese public opinion could change all that.

    Let us sit comfortably, wait and see...

  39. And where is Justice Hogg in all this madness and disrespect? Hidding under a stone(unturned)??? As far as we know Madeleine STILL IS a WOC, isn't she?

  40. The only persons who did not get directly involved in this case was Mrs. Webster, Fiona Payne's mother and David Payne himself.
    For some reason, she did not "recognise" Murat and she did not go to 5a to see the children.
    Matt Oldfield was careful about himself, he only "saw" the twins.

    Jane Tanner, Russel O'Brian, Rachel Oldfield and Fiona Payne, all of them "saw" Murat.

    David Payne never showed up, after his official statements to the police.
    He did not notice anything that night, good guy!

    By manipulating Tanner, Russel, Rachel and Fiona making false statemnts,
    the McCanns succeeded putting them in trouble.
    Murat was made arguido and his life became hell.
    And the McCanns became rich.

    Tapas 3 have difficulties to admit they lied.
    The McCanns manipulated them like they do with everybody.

    McCanns use their friends, they use everybody they can use.
    And they become richer and richer.

  41. Annon 39

    Agree with most of what you say, but in my own experience i haven't spoken to a SINGLE person, be it friends,family or acquaintances that believe a single word out of their mouths, nothing, zero. They may not have as much information as we have learned, but from their own observations of the sue happy greedy pair, they have come to the same conclusions as us here.
    So i don't think the British public as a whole is on their side, they just haven't been given an opertunity to express their views....you know how selective the media are regarding comments about this case......again the threat of lawsuits, but one day the flood gates will open and the media will have a field day most especially those who have already had to pay out to this pair

  42. 39 UK public opinion is not on the McCann side - though I agree the media seem to believe it is!

    Nobody I know likes them or believes them.

    Most of the UK public will roll their eyes in disbelief at this latest outpouring of nonsense.

  43. Actually, 39 is totally wrong - the UK public are not, in my experience and judging by blogs and those little red arrows, on the side of the horrendous pair.

    Most people think they at least neglected their children and many think much worse things.

    After all, its pretty damn obvious the McCanns aren't actually doing anything to find their daughter - but are doing a great deal to generate income and divert attention away from the fundamental questions - did Tanner see Gerry, did she add Gerry into the same scene as the 'abductor' to keep him out of the frame, did Gerry really look down on Madeleine and think the 'disney' thoughts? Is Kate McCann a killer bitch with a temper?

    These are the things I hear the people I know discussing when the McCann's are the subject of conversation (which, I must admit, isnt often!).

  44. thanks anonymous 26, there's already one with better quality posted as an update in this blog here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/03/was-this-madeleine-revealed-photo-files.html Obviously it's another innocent family who unfortunately were caught in this sorry saga by an hysterical fame-thirsted-sight-seeker woman.

  45. :)] To Anon 42

    Referring to the UK? Point taken. I respect your own personal experience.

    My theory is based on the assumption that if the media sticks to the McCann one-only possible scenario, rather than Amaral's multi-scenario theory (inc. his Occam's razor type of preliminar conclusion) is because that sells. In other words that is what the public wants to read.

    Amaral's expert opinion would not sell - mostly because he is Portuguese. I have observed the same kind of attempt of character assassination by the British media.

    If you go through the photos and features published about say Jose Mourinho and/or Cristiano Ronaldo they invariably look comical or stupid. They are made to look pathetic.

    Anyone who has seen and/or spoken to any of them in public can see they are not like that at all. Furthermore, they are extremely competent at what they do.

    I may be biased here but I sense Amaral is a top investigator not just another media-made idiot.

    He looks pretty calm and collected even when confronted with a prejudiced, latent psychopath as Miguel Sousa Tavares. Watch the video. Even if you don't understand what is being said, observe Amaral composure even when he is constantly being challenged and interrupted. This is a far cry of those photos we saw in the Brtish media attempting to portray him as a cretin in disarray and nicknamed "sardine muncher".

  46. The authorities should surely see this is an attempt to generate funds for the fraud (fund).

    Until abduction is supported by one shred of evidence, the fund should be frozen as it is based on an unproven hypothesis.

  47. First they didn't even participate in the search for Madeleine, THEIR OWN DAUGHTER. Sorry, were already too busy with the PR camapign.
    When they were made arguidos, they went berserk!
    Afterwards they fled the country!
    Later on refused to do the reconstruction.
    Were happy to see the case archived.
    Embarked in a smear campaign against GA and the Portuguese police and people.
    Now they complain nobody searched for Maddie. Always playing the victims role. Shit!
    How can this people be allowed to walk free among normal human beings? They are dangerous! They belong to a psychiatric hospital for goodness sake! Lock them up before it's too late.

  48. Showing the pictures and the false trails surely is doing damage to the search for Madeleine by making people think that this was Madeleine - no need to search for her now?

    Isn't this as damaging to the search as Sr. Amaral's theory?

    I hope the Portuguese judiciary take this into account before dishing out unwarranted damages to the McCann fraudsters.

  49. 46 I totally disagree with your assertion that the media sticks to the McCann fairy tale because it sells!

    Its fear of being sued (and other less visible reasons, such as the writers of articles being 'presenters' and 'journalists' - a class of people who also use McCann child care methods, and political influences and PR control).

    Do not make the mistake that the boring old abduction tale sells, I can assure you that a few more lurid stories would sell much better!

    Having said that, I do agree with your view regarding 'johnny foreigner' being considered less intelligent than the UK population think they are themselves and attacks on foreigners is considered to be good business by those who generate rags like The Sun, The News of the World, The Mail etc.

    The irony is that these papers aren't British owned anyway.

  50. I just googled for girls names in New Zealand
    Look for yourself at page 4 Mistery solved



  51. Looking at these pictures does put the idea of abduction by stranger firmly into the world of fantasy!

    Well done the Sun, Antonella Lazzeri has wrecked what might have been left of the McCann's credibility!

    With help like this, they don't need any critics like us!

    Badly damages 'the search' as people will be looking for a blonde mini-woman who looks even less like Madeleine than the photo's of children out and about with their innocent parents!

    Surely this will be taken into consideration by the latest greed motivated McCann litigation.

  52. Lazzeri didn't draw those pictures of a 35 yr-old dwarf, and she probably dislikes them as much as we do. It's just her editor thinks the readership have to have pictures otherwise they don't get the story :D
    I don't believe the Mccanns gave the stuff to the papers either - they went to the PP, I hope we can find out what law they used.

  53. My God! I wonder how Sean & Amelie will be greeted in school tomorrow.
    Can you imagine it!? Hey Maddie I saw your sister in the paper yesterday, she was being held at gunpoint, is that what happened? What do your mum and dad think?
    How can this Sh ite be at all helpful to the remaining kida?
    I ask you.

  54. British press (especially the Sun!) hang your heads in shame! The female in the pictures above looks like a 90cm woman!

    I am sick of the British press/media allowing themselves to be used as vehicles for distributing all this McCann/Mitchell spin! Which imo is this:



  55. More bogus sightings lol

    If that is her in the grainy pic from NZ then she's being well looked after by the looks of it lol.

    There making themselves look more and more stupid by the day lol


  56. To all ye British journalists. Do you want to be remembered for being a sheep or being the one to probe and ask the questions of the Mccanns that need to be asked? Grow some fucking balls and use your head.
    When the herd of wildebeast are standing at the edge of a crocodile infested river all it takes is one to be the first to jump, then the rest follow.


  57. These cartoon pictures are disgusting. Why is Mitchell not speaking out about them as being hurtfull and unhelpfull to the McCanns and their family.

  58. I think I've worked it out. George Harrison lookalike kidnapped the child, she was kept in a lair, but the
    keeper became ill and she escaped. George's brother found her and took her to France. She escaped again! George's bro got tough and ordered her by gunpoint to get back in the car. Sadly she was taken to another lair, but escaped again. Caught she was taken to Australia and given to Mrs Beckham. Alas, she was abducted again by Kenny Rogers and taken to New Zealand. I want my reward in fairy dust for this fairy story.

  59. @ post #58, I doubt Clarence will speak out about the images as he's probably commissioned them. Antonella Lazzeri is his muse after all. She helps spread the McCann propaganda.

  60. I have been really busy with other things, so have missed 3 days of checking in to see how things are. I really wished I had made it 4 days now. I have not read anything properly yet, just cannot take my eyes of those bloody cartoons.
    If Kate McCann can see that in a newspaper and not feel now is the time to come clean then she is sicker than I ever thought possible. I can quite imagine Gerry having a great laugh at it, until he realises he had not copyrighted her cartoon image.
    Please hope her siblings do not see it, as it trivialises her loss even further.

  61. How is any of this disgraceful stuff helping their twins for Christ's sake??
    They now don't care who gets hurt , as long as it isn't themselves.
    The twins, the Labour party, Alan Johnson, Jane Tanner, Robert Murat, their families.....etc.
    Can you imagine the horror of seeing these images if it was your sister or grandchild ?
    Kate & Gerry, you're going to Hell. Of that I'm certain.
    They may have to make a special place , just for you two.
    Locked in Hell together, alone,apart from your private demons, for Eternity.

  62. #39
    Good post but I don't know why you think British public support is firmly on their side. I don't know one single living breathing person who actually supports them.

  63. Completely agree with the OP, The Sun, the paper Gerry so lovingly speaks of, sick enough, even for him,

    Justice for sweet little Maddie and it most certainly will not come via The Sun or her father!

  64. On the contrary I really love these cartoons, and they really are full of steam like, emanating from an horror film. Madeleine Beth McCann is 99,99% dead and nobody is interested in finding her body, because it would be too much of an embarassement to the macs plus other people in question., ( or rather , they know exactly what happenned to her ) . Thus I faintly hope that Mary Queen of Scots will not be the only one so tragically remembered.

  65. #42 and #46, I remember that soon after Maddie disappeared, when portuguese people started to criticise the parents for leaving the children alone in the apartm., some reporters tried to embarass José Mourinho and put him on the spot. I think it was in a press conference after a game, and, among the usual questions that are placed after a match, out of the blue he got asked if his children were alone at home, since both he and his wife were present at the game and conference. Mourinho immediately understood what they were aiming at ( I can vividly recall the shrewd cold look in his eyes), and calmly replied that, although his children were not babies anymore, they were never left alone, never, and told the reporters not to worry, they were being well looked after and in good company in the absence of their parents.
    Those slime balls! What on earth had Mr. Mourinho to do with the McCanns and their actions?! He was targeted preciselly because of his nationality, another sardine muncher, and a famous one too, just there, so handy, they just could not resist it!

  66. In the RTP news, the PGR, Pinto Monteiro( Attorney General)said that all those leads were duly followed and dealt with, meaning that those brought nothing relevant for the process and did not serve towards the reopening of the process. I wish he would have taken the opportunity to put the McCanns on the spot and state loud and clear that, although those leads were not cause for a reopening, the parents of the child, Mr. and Mrs. McCann are and have always been, in the position to file for the reopening, that the ball is in their field. Pity he did not say it...and never will! He has as much interest in the reopening as the McCanns have, that is, NONE!

  67. Oops! I've been following a reality show in Discovery Travel and Living, about a "little people" family, the Roloffs (lovely family, by the way!), called "Little people, BIG world". The girl/woman in the pictures is a dead ringer for the lovely Amy Roloff!
    Take care, Amy Roloff, next time you go to the shops you might get people mistaking you for Madeleine! That would be a riot!

  68. @Anon 57 - yeah, and it's the first wildebeest into the crocodile-infested river that gets et. Hence their reluctance to take the plunge.

    British journalism is a disgrace. We need more good old-fashioned muckrakers! I'd settle for one.

  69. What sort of ignorant berkshire hunt would drive past a man holding a child at gunpoint and not bother to call the local emergency hotline? Just curious... Answers on a postcard please.

  70. I honestly thought these pictures were from a less-than-tasteful blog or forum thread... I couldn´t believe they were printed in a UK newspaper... Had an absolute wtf moment on realsiation...

  71. 71 Me too, but the blogs satirise the Tapasniks, not Madeleine herself. Please, please, let's not hear of merchandising dolls of Madeleine and the Predator, more stories of the Misadventures of Madeleine or a film featuring Kate and Gerry. OK- the first 2 a bit far-fetched, but the film was nearly a possibility.

  72. 54 It might work in their favour esp as they want 86K or so for distress caused to the twins by kids saying things like that to them at School.

  73. Why would a half-naked man (or a fully clothed one for that matter) need to use a gun to "hold" a four year old child?


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