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Britain has 'given up on Madeleine'

The father of missing Madeleine McCann has said his "innocent, vulnerable" daughter had been "essentially given up on" by British authorities.

During a television interview days before the third anniversary of her disappearance, Gerry McCann urged the Government to carry out a "comprehensive review" of the case.

He told Lorraine Kelly: "It's not right that an innocent, vulnerable British citizen is essentially given up on.

"And I don't think it's right that as parents, that we have to drive the search. Of course we will, but not everyone has had the same resources and support that we have had to be able to do that. And I think it's pretty cruel."

The pre-recorded GMTV interview will be broadcast on Wednesday. Mr McCann said it was "incredibly frustrating" that police in Portugal and the UK are not doing more to find the missing youngster.

At the time of her disappearance, the couple were criticised for leaving their three children alone in a holiday apartment as they went for dinner nearby. Mr McCann said that if they could go back, they would not have left her alone.

He said: "If we could turn back the clock and change what happened, obviously we wouldn't have done it. We can't. And what I would say is, you know, people have got to put themselves into our position. What would you do if it was your daughter? After this, what would you do?"

The parents still believe Madeleine, who went missing when she was three, is alive and are releasing a pack for people to take abroad and put up posters featuring her picture.

Kate McCann said: "Certainly in my heart I feel she is out there. I mean I know there is nothing to say that she isn't, so we have to carry on working and thinking like that.

"I mean logically I can't say, I mean none of us can say for definite other than the people involved. But I know we can't give up because there is no evidence to say that she is not."

source: The Press Association, 28.04.2010


  1. quote:
    Kate McCann said: "Certainly in my heart I feel she is out there. I mean I know there is nothing to say that she isn't, so we have to carry on working and thinking like that.
    "I mean logically I can't say, I mean none of us can say for definite other than the people involved. But I know we can't give up because there is no evidence to say that she is not."

    Could somebody translate this to english, please. What exactly is she saying?

  2. Gerry you have to admit it people are fed up with your manipulation, you and Kate have not done one search for your daughter, you feed the media your fairy story in the hope of making more money. IMO Maddie is buried in your property in Rothley people on Joana's blogs have gone to great depths to explain why they believe this to be the case. SEARCH THE PROPERTY IN THE UK WITH SNIFFER DOGS, like they did Mourat's house in Portugal. Three years have passed and still they have not searched that house!!!!!!!


  4. Hello Lorraine,
    Is it today that Mccann's Circus is back in town?
    Just a pinch of facts, to show you why most of us did not buy Mccann's lies, did not support a campaign full of lies and manipulation from Mccann's Spoke-persons or journalist supporters.
    Sorry, I copy in Portuguese to avoid error translations.
    It is written by journalists in the book 'Porque adoptamos Maddie', pag 79:

    'O Papa vai receber o casal Ingles. A noticia caiu nas redaccoes mas ja nao apanha ninguem desprevenido. E so mais uma etapa da campanha que tem vindo a ser desenvolvida por profissionais da comunicacao. Os Mccann com Bento XVI sera um excelente momento para comunicar com todo o mundo, uma vez que ira conseguir grande cobertura mediatica e um forte simbolismo religioso. Clarence Mitchell, ex- apresentador da BBC, e desde os primeiros dias o principal assessor. Mitchell declara aos jornalistas que Sua Santidade tem acompanhado de perto o 'Caso Maddie' e que estara disposto a receber em audiencia Kate e Gerry, se eles assim o entenderem. O tambem Porta-voz dos Mccann da a perceber que a iniciativa tera partido do proprio Papa: 'Ja demos indicacoes ao Vaticano que a familia acolhera de bom grado tal audiencia.' Mas no dia seguinte, Clarence Mitchell emenda a mao: 'Foram feitos contactos por parte das autoridades catolicas em Inglaterra e por parte do embaixador britanico na Santa Se para que Gerry e Kate sejam recebidos em audiencia pelo Papa. Continua a haver conversacoes e esperamos por uma confirmacao oficial, mas a perspectiva e boa.'........
    ..... D. Januario Torgal Ferreira tem uma visao muito clara sobre o aproveitamento que foi feito naqueles dias: ' A comunicacao social foi muito pouco exacta. Aquilo nao foi uma audiencia. O Papa tem uma aparicao publica todas as quartas-feiras e, quando e assim, pede-se a Casa Pontifica que sua Santidade tenha uma atencao especial. E assim a frente ficam as pessoas que por algum motivo mereceram a confianca do Vaticano.' No entanto, o Bispo diz ter ficado muito contente pelo testemunho e preocupacao de Bento XVI com os problemas de desumanidade, mas deixa uma pergunta: 'Se um dia isto sair ao contrario, que culpa e que o Papa tem?'( CONT)

  5. (CONT)

    IT WAS NOT AN AUDIENCE ACCORDING TO THE BISHOP. EVERY WEDNESDAY THE POPE COME CLOSE TO THE PUBLIC. The only thing was that on that wednesday the Pontific House allowed the Mccann's to seat in the front lines and be close to the Pope... because the British Embassy in the Vatican ask it. MITCHELL TRIED TO PASS THE INFORMATION TO JOURNALISTS THAT WAS THE POPE WHO WANTED TO MEET THE MCCANN'S BUT WAS CAUGHT ON HIS LIES. The all case was manipulated since the beginning.

    Now in the same book, pag 119, what the 'Provedor do Telespectador da RTP' said when he received several complaints about the time the channel gave to Maddie case ( Too much time):

    'O Provedor do Telespectador da RTP recebeu inumeras reclamacoes de quem ja nao suportava tantos minutos de 'Maddie' em antena. P. O. tem uma tese curiosa: ' A comunicacao social embarcou rapidamente no que eu diria uma 'mao oculta' que manejou toda esta situacao. Mas que mao oculta? Bem, ainda nao percebi. Percebi, antes de mais, que sera um caso muito interessante para verificar a relacao do 'poder oculto' com a comunicacao social. So um dia vira a luz quais foram esses poderes e se ja estava montada uma cadeia para veicular aos media, e com toda a forca, este acontecimento.'



    (Sorry to who don't understand portuguese)

  6. "The parents still believe Madeleine, who went missing when she was three, is alive and are releasing a pack for people to take abroad and put up posters featuring her picture."

    I wont be able to do a "mccann" then????
    Will they pay people for doing it?

  7. Well Gerry, if it was my daughter I would answer every question asked by the police, I would be grateful for the sniffer dogs, I would search till I dropped and I certainly wouldn't use my daughter for making money.

  8. Another campaign to manipulate the Public.
    'are releasing a pack for people to take abroad and put up posters featuring her picture.'
    Another pack? Why they just go abroad (to Portugal) fill a form and reopen the case? EASY AND FAIR... Official police will review the case and investigate properly, out of the 'manipulators and liars pressures'.

    They lie again, adopting a victim strategy. Enough with that charade which went already too far.
    Go back for reconstruction. Answer the 48 questions if you really believe she is out there and could be recovered alive.
    YOUR CIRCUS IN LORRAINE STAGE DID NOT HELP MADELEINE AT ALL but can be very useful to promote the new pack. There's always naives who buy nonsense.

  9. "Kate McCann said: "Certainly in my heart I feel she is out there. I mean I know there is nothing to say that she isn't, so we have to carry on working and thinking like that."

    Askt the dogs Kate, ask the dogs.


  10. Grrrrr@the selfish, neglectful McCanns. Anyone with half a brain, knows that the McCanns gave up on Madeleine on that so called family holiday,in 2007. The McCanns are spouting on about the vulnerability of Madeleine, they knew she was vulnerable, on the nights they left her alone, in that dark, unlocked, holiday apartment, full of the dangers that a toddler can stumble on, when they are left to their own devices.

    Instead of listening to the McCanns drivel, why doesn't Lorraine Kelly or anyone else who interviews the McCanns, have the guts to ask them, why they thought it was ok, to leave their vulnerable daughter alone, for at least 30minutes, without checking? Or why they didn't they look for Madeleine, when she first disappeared?

    Apart from Jane Hill (BBC)who asked if they had wanted to join the locals who gave up work to look for Madeleine, no other person who has interviewed the McCanns, has ever asked this question and to my knowledge, no one has ever asked Kate McCann, why she refused to answer 48 questions, regarding events, leading up to Madeleine's disappearance.

    The McCanns behaviour in PDL, suggests that they know where Madeleine is and if she is dead or alive. The authorities in Portugal and the UK, must know this, yet they seem unable or unwilling to bring this selfish couple to justice, for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.

    The McCanns and their private detectives, have said they believe Madeleine is living in a community, around 10km away from PDL. They offer this information, not from the area where they believe she is being held, but from the comfort of a UK television studio or some other place in the UK.

    The McCanns were told when they asked for the case to be closed, that the Portuguese police, would no longer be investigating Madeleine's disappearance. Meaning they would be off the hook, even though the police knew they had broken the law. This was like music to the McCanns ears, they had walked away from the crime they had committed against their daughter.

    Instead of keeping quiet and being grateful that they would no longer face prosecution for their part in Madeleine's disappearance, they have elevated themselves to celebrity status, with the help of their friends in high places, who in my opinion, are no better than them.

    Lets be honest, the only ones who are not afraid to challenge the McCanns actions, are the ones who write on forums. These are the people who have taken Madeleine to their hearts. The McCanns, who should have taken care of Madeleine, have used her disappearance, as a way to make money, to aid their finances and the finances of their wider family.

    I wonder how much the McCanns are charging the public, for the pack they are issuing, for them to take on holiday. If I had young children and was taking them on holiday, my main concern would be to make sure they were safe at all times.

    I don't have young children, but when I go on holiday, I go to enjoy myself, not to look for a missing child. Especially when her parents couldn't be a***d to look for her.

    Does that make me selfish? Maybe in someones eyes it does, but I'm no more selfish than the McCanns.

  11. More Brainwashing what a very cunning pair

  12. "Kate McCann said: "Certainly in my heart I feel she is out there. I mean I know there is nothing to say that she isn't, so we have to carry on working and thinking like that."
    So we are going joging this morning, and then to Rome to met the Pope, and then on holiday to Canada, and then ...
    But we will never start looking - sorry STOP looking, for Madeleine.

  13. Dear Gerry, since you're asking, if it was my daughter, I would have:
    a) fully cooperated with the Portuguese police, laying my life bare to help them discover why my child was targeted;
    b) searched for my daughter until the end of my physical strength;
    c) stayed in Portugal until every single possible lead had been investigated;
    d) done everything in my power to prevent the process from being archived and the investigation interrupted: they would have to peel me off the PJ's door to get rid of me;
    e) engaged the British authorities in investigating my daughter's disappearance if the Portuguese authorities insisted in shelving the case;
    f) protected my remaining children from being exposed to the media, in every way possible.
    And that is just for starters.

  14. This couple is beyond belief. They must think the public are complete idiots. They abandoned their daughter by refusing to cooperate with the police. They abandoned her again by not opposing the shelving of the case. And they abandon her every single day, again and again, by not demanding the immediate reopening of the investigation.
    I don't think this is too hard to see.

  15. If Kate and Gerry really truly wanted police to continue then they should have been more helpful instead of being uncooperative. If Leicestershire Police have spent in excess of £500,000.00 then what is the cost to Portugal’s police.
    Statements such as ‘it’s not right that an innocent vulnerable British citizen is essentially given up on’ by Gerry are so damming considering the cover up and superinjunctions etc involved in this saga (I note the Daily Mail now call it a ‘saga’)
    I firmly believe Madeleine was brought back into the UK as many others do, that is why Gerry was regularly visiting. He need not have brought her by plane; other people are involved in this.
    At some stage she was definitely in the Scenic as the dog detected cadaver I believe she was there for a considerable long journey hence the high mileage of the vehicle.
    Portuguese police would not have followed Gerry into Spain he could have been met and Maddie collected and returned to the UK via road. Remember his blue tennis holdall disappeared; she would have been securely wrapped inside the holdall.
    She is not buried or hidden anywhere around PDL or the acid baths, Fatima, under rocks on a hill, these are all red herrings.
    She would have been hidden in the church at PDL some stage until it was safe to move her.
    Gerry rubbishes the dogs because he knows their evidence is paramount and cannot be dismissed. I noticed since we have been mentioning the possibility of Madeleine here in the UK comments calling the dog’s unreliable have started to re-appear.
    Once the body is found that will be an end to the fund, so you can be sure wherever it is in the UK it is guarded.

  16. The McCanns are still bleating on about a 'review' instead of asking for the case to be 'reopened' which they could do if they so wished, and then the search would be back on.

    Why? Why would they not want the case reopened?

    They are making it obvious they don't want a search by the official investigators to be back on.

    Are they worried they may get their property in Rothley searched just like the Murats got their property searched, and those 'ludicrous' sniffer dogs brought in again?

  17. Oooooooh could it be that they know she is dead!!!!

  18. Ah! Ah! They are back in stage, hand by hand as love birds. Wearing black, a grief color. No yellow, no green, no picture of Madeleine on Kate's neck.
    So sweet... two neglects parents saying if they can go back in time, what they have changed. BUT THEY CAN GO FORWARD AND CHANGE A LOT IN THE CASE- Reopen it. Stop this victimization which is already over. Stop foolish the public. We are not Lorraine's. To foolish her you just need to invite her for a dinner and have a private talk. CLEAN-UP TV SCREENS.

    Sorry Madeleine but I can't be serious at the circus.

  19. I feel terribly sorry for the twins.

  20. But only a few weeks ago we were being told that, as the result of a meeting with Alan Johnson, the West Yorkshire Police were being drafted in to sort everything out.

    I get so confused.

  21. I think the McCanns are right not to give up on Maddy. I think that they have to keep going, keeping the faith, doing everything that they can do keep her in the public eye. Maddy is somewhere out there and needs people to help her, not to criticise her parents. I am sorry that people do not believe that she may be alive. There is no evidence that she is not alive. Please help Maddy and her family.

  22. I have absolutely no patience left for this pair. To even think that I once believed them, that I once felt their pain, that I helped search for their daughter! Sometimes, knowledge becomes torture.

  23. Just watched the ‘pre-recorded’ Lorraine interview and quite honestly even if I did not know anything about this case they are SO GUILTY, body language, guarded. They are talking small talk not asking for case to be re-opened they look shifty.
    Dig up their foundations at Rothley. Why can’t the British Police get the case re-opened Gerry has just rubbished them on prime time TV.

  24. To Joan if you want evidence read the police files before you speak and ask Kate and Gerry to help the police, not as they have done since day one hinder them and the search. To make the comment you have there is no way you know what has been happening in this case.

  25. As far as Maddie being back in the UK - IMHO Skipton C/O Michael wright - significant anniversaries have in the past been spent there

  26. Keeping the faith,now that is a joke what faith Kate is her own pope. Faith don't make me laugh.

  27. I wonder if Kate wears the 'Mumsy' Marks & Sparks cardigans outside the TV studio

  28. @Joan How would anybody possibly help Madeleine and her family? Her family and their friends need to help her first by going right back to where this all began and taking part in a truthful reconstruction to sort out the inconsistencies in the groups statements.

    Assuming they are innocent, if I were them I'd want to know exactly why cadaver dogs were alerting to a dead body in the same apartment my child 'vanished' from, wouldn't you? I might not like the conclusion but I'd certainly want to pursue it and not try to brush it aside.

    I hope they do get the case reopened - I also hope they are willing to answer all the unanswered questions that have arisen. They should be if they want to find their daughter...

  29. KM has abandoned the pink cardi of sanctity and gone straight to Virgin Mary blue.

    She's dressing like a modern nun now. So different from Portugal

  30. @ joan "there is no evidence she is not alive"?? what about the evidence to say she isnt alive either?? the cavader and the dogs the blood on the walls and under the tiles?? i would love for Maddie to be alive but this is what they want the public to think she is alive(keep those donations coming in keep those magazine deals going) when now the majority believe she is dead.

  31. "Q. Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardising the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?

    A. 'Yes, if that’s what the investigation thinks."

    If only someone would remind them of this next time they complain about everybody else´s lack of effort.

  32. I am still of the opinion that there was NO neglect! I believe that a story, involving Madeliene being left alone and vunerable was 'staged' in order to cover-up a more damning event that happened previous to the staged events that were played out on that evening.It was a time of panic and fear! What to do? A plan may have been put in place,(by just a few)in order to cover-up a dastardly act or an accidental action. If it works?....good, if it dosn't? ... then we get done for neglect!!
    I believe that the McCanns are riding on the back of a tiger and fear jumping off!
    Just my opinion

  33. Any other parents will be screaming loud when The PGR decide to shelve the case before closing all the windows of the investigation.
    Kate and Gerry said 'YES, PLEASE SHELVE IT' and after that they scream lies in TV claiming that their arguido status was lift and they were declared innocent. No, they still suspects. If they reopen the case today, they remain the main suspects. THIS IS WHY THEY NEVER DO REALLY ANYTHING TO SOLVE THE CASE.
    They keep carrying on, giving up on Madeleine. They gave up her holidays by dumping her everyday in a creche ( Wonder how many days she was the only one in the creche). They gave up her safety by leaving her alone babysitting her brothers. They gave up her search by never physical look for her. And during 3 years they give up her justice by not helping the police with any important step to found Madeleine.
    WELL DONE WITH YOUR GOOD PARENTING. Animals,following their parental instinct, knows better how to care and raise a child.

  34. 22
    Joan read the files. There is a great deal of evidence that she is dead.

  35. Well, obviously no "review" of the case is planned as they wanted us to believe.


  36. Joan at 21

    Kate McCann refused to answer 48 questions regarding the disappearance of her daughter. Not hard questions to answer either.

    So much for saying the McCanns have done everything to cooperate to help find their daughter. They certainly have hindered the investigation from the start and told lies to the investigators, e.g. saying they had no credit cards, and then going and hiring a car with one.

    Most of us probably started out believing their abduction scenario, but when the case is looked at, dogs and all, the McCann's version turns into a fairy story.

  37. Good morning Joan,(post 21). You seem to have a lot of sympathy with the McCanns, I don't, I only have sympathy for Madeleine and the intenable position she was put in, by her parents.

    That being, I respect your post and maybe you can help me understand why I should not feel contempt, for the McCanns, who not only left Madeleine in a place of danger, but didn't look for her, when they first discovered she was missing. I only know this, because I heard Kate McCann admit to Jane Hill, in a BBC interview, that they had never physically searched for Madeleine.

    You seem a level headed person, so can you help me understand, why Kate McCann should not have answered 48 questions, regarding events leading up to Madeleine's disappearance. Or why the McCanns and their private detectives, have not been to the area where they believe Madeleine is being held against her will.

    The McCanns have criticised the Portuguese police, for not following leads their private detectives gave them, after they asked them to close the case, even though they were told that the Portuguese police would no longer be investigating Madeleine's disappearance.

    It seems logical to me that the Portuguese police would take this route, after all how could they investigate a case that was closed. Especially as the McCanns asked for the case to be closed. I have never understood why the McCanns wanted this case to be closed, if they believed Madeleine was still alive.

    The McCann said, the only way they could access the files, was if the case was closed. They said they urgently needed to access the files, to see if there was any evidence the police had missed, that could lead them to the person or persons responsible for Madeleine's abduction.

    During the recent case between the McCanns and Goncalo Amaral, Kate McCann was asked a question regarding the files "I don't know" she said "I haven't read the files" How strange that after accessing the files almost 2yrs earlier, she hadn't read them. Especially as the reason she gave up her job as a doctor, was to study the files, at least that is what she said in a television interview, in December 2009.

    Joan, the only people who can really help Madeleine, are her parents and the only way they can do that, is by returning to Portugal,to ask the police to reopen the case. Kate McCann should then answer the 48 questions, she refused to answer, in September 2007. The McCanns could also take part in the reconstruction, they previously refused to take part in.

    Maybe I'm missing something Joan, but if any of my two children had gone missing, I would have walked over hot coals, in my quest to find them. Jogging, playing tennis, visiting my friends, would have been the last thing on my mind. I would have answered every question put to me, saving my skin,would have been the last thing on my mind, I would only care about the skin of my missing child.

    Having said that, I would never have left my children, in the way Madeleine was left. I wonder why the McCanns put their enjoyment with their friends, before Madeleine's health and safety. Why was it so important for the McCanns to spend all their time with their mates? They put their children in the crech during the day, so they could spend time with their mates and then left Madeleine alone in the evenings, so they could spend the rest of their waking moments with their mates.

    I only say Madeleine was left alone in that apartment, because I heard Gerry McCann say, they made a mistake, leaving Madeleine alone in their apartment, on the night she disappeared. If they left her alone on that night, its highly likely she was left alone on the other nights as well.

    Please help me understand why I feel the way I do Joan.

  38. Am I in an ET Planet?
    What was the purpose of the Fund when they ask public donations?

    searching doesn't mean found. Then why are they complaining now about the money they spend searching for their daughter? The money was stolen from public salaries. Did not belong to them. They have done ZERO work to deserve it.
    In fact we, the public, we have a complaint. We never saw any evident search for Madeleine. Then were went Millions of pounds? Where did you spent all this money? We know lawyers are expensive, liars are expensive, Clouseau's are expensive. But since there was no COURT CASE to involve the lawyers, and the detectives, apart annoying the Germain Prosecutor, never trace V. BECKY alike and never dig the cellar 10 miles away from PDL, where went all this money?
    Is it true, that Rothley Mansion was paid with Public donations? You went to PDL struggled with money problems, making acrobatic pirouettes to pay your monthly mortgage and in one week you got a jackpot and solve all financial problems? GOOD JOB.
    2 millions is a lot, even for a Rothley mansion and all the perverted members of the team. What Halligen do when was hired by you? Why did you claim he foolish you but you don't sue him? Is there an offshore somewhere to be investigated?
    You must show the public, the movements on the Fund accounts. The public deserve it and need a proof that is dry.

  39. Joan, #21, huhuuu...WAKE-UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!

    No evidence of death?...WOOF, WOOF!!!

    For me and for thousands of others, NOT giving up on Maddie equals REOPENING the PJ's investigation in Portugal, but apparently it is not so for Kate and Gerry! For goodness sake, they are Madeleine's parents and they hold in their hands the power to demand the reopening of the case and yet they choose to do absolutely NOTHING!
    If that is not giving up on their daughter I do not know what it is!

    And what's the Court and Justice Hogg stand on all this?
    Isn't Madeleine a WOC? Isn't she the court's responsibility? Why is Justice Hogg happily sitting on her hands and doing nothing when a ward of her court is still "missing", abducted and being held captive by a paedo (according to the child's parents!, and the honorable court and judge still fail to demand an investigation by the british police!
    Why was Madeleine made a WOC? Obviously not to boost her chances of being found...

  40. Anon @ 15 - I agree 100% why did not police not search their property or that of their relatives in the UK.
    Lorraine, the Mccanns used you simply to advertise more of their marketing Maddie propaganda.
    Anon @ 21 your comments are simply to wind people up and to detract from what we are saying.

  41. Joan at 21 There is no evidence that she is not alive.

    Oh my God !.....
    ...And there is evidence that she is alive !!??
    Oh, I must have missed something...

    Sorry but I have to say, obviously the brain washing really does work.

    Lily from Germany

  42. For those that missed the GMTV interview you can watch it here

  43. From the Daily Mail article:

    "They fear their own £2million search - funded by public donations received since Maddie vanished from their Algarve holiday apartment - has stalled.
    They claim this is due to the failure of both Portuguese and UK police to investigate leads unearthed by their private investigators."

    ...and that's the real problem, isn't it?...the fund has stalled!

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1269363/McCanns-beg-police-start-search-Madeleine.html?ito=feeds-newsxml#ixzz0mNzKJ4L8

  44. Anon 22. I know exactly how you feel. I had a yellow flag draped from my vernada, not because I liked the parents, who were quite unlikeable even from the start, but because I truly believed Madeleine could be found. It is now so clear that nobody really wants her to be found.

  45. How I saw the interview:

    1.Two plastic overmade up dolls

    2.Lots of eyeclosing in a facetious manner again from Gerry

    3.Little pathetic "feel sorry for me" Katy-girl hairstyle (on a middle-aged woman),newly blonded too.

    4.Toned down clothing.....not like the jogging gear.

    5.The everlasting hand grip.

    6.Kate's left eye looking strangely larger?

    7.Definitely NPL-programmed responses.

    8. Showing visible fear that we are all fed up with them!!Correct.

  46. don't worry Kate & Gerry...

    Britain hasn't given up on Madeleine...
    there are thousands of UK bloggers still prepared to keep her name alive - the problem is that our conclusions (along with the Portuguese police & UK sniffer dogs) is that you are responsible for her disappearance

  47. Wow, can you believe that the Daily Mail actually posted this comment?:

    "Blame anybody, the Portuguese police, and the British police.

    Never mind a pretendy review, ask to have the case opened, as is your right, if your doctor ethic with a patient, is to start from the beginning, then surely starting with the whole Portuguese procedure is the way to go, a review would be like taking a temperature with a broken thermometer, useless."
    - Ann, Earth, 28/4/2010 8:04

  48. And this one too! Bravo Daily Mail (for once...)

    "Kate and Gerry McCann had every opportunity to have the case left open, they chose not to.

    Why don't they phone the Portuguese Police, tell them they are prepared to do the reconstruction and answer any questions, get the case re-opened? Also, yes the case should be looked at again, ALL of it. Not just the wild goose chase of fake sitings."
    - N Williams, UK, 28/4/2010 7:38

  49. madeleine on-line store are selling the poster packs for £1.75 plus P&P. Presumably the posters also ask for donations.
    This couple disgusts me they are beyond contempt. Why have they not been arrested and charged.

  50. Lots of "non-favourable" comments in the D. Mail, there's one from "our" ShuBob, concise and acute!
    Wonderful to see that their days of fooling the british people seem to be gone for good!

  51. IMO People purchasing the pack will be put on a 'suckers list' then the Mccanns will SELL the list to scammers.

  52. #15

    Not only would it be the end of the fund - which has really been playing the role of a "popularity thermometer" - but it would humiliate the British establishment some members of which have clearly used Madeleine to push for votes at the European Parliament. Imagine the scandal when it is seen that the extra votes needed were obtained by deception, under the false premise that a little girl was abducted when in fact she had died under her parents' "care" and they concealed the body and cleaned up the evidence - as far as they could but not enough to deceive the dogs. Not only that, the parents were also protected by the same establishment. To paraphrase a quote I would say "There are very powerful people in positions of great authority in Britain and elsewhere who have staked their reputations and careers on the abduction of Madeleine and they are willing to do almost anything to protect themselves".

  53. From Martin Brunt in his new article in Life of Crime:

    "Scotland Yard offered its help in the first few days of Madeleine's disappearance, but the Portuguese authorities turned it down."

    Is this factual? Was the S.Y. really turned down by the portuguese???
    I confess I do not have a deep knowledge of the files, but can anyone confirm if this statement is true or yet another innacuracy from a british reporter? I suspect it is far from true, but...
    Thank you.

  54. Gerry omitted to mention that viewers would have to pay for the priviledge of putting up posters from his media pack. Which puts the whole interview into an entirely different focus, he gave the impression the police had given up on Maddie but really it was all about getting the message across a holiday pack he would like viewers to purchase is now available from his website. Two million pound fund must be running low, must be all those expensive lawyers you needed Gerry.

  55. *I wonder how much the McCanns are charging the public, for the pack they are issuing, for them to take on holiday.*

    Hi Kathybelle. These were my thought when I watched the interview.I also notice ITV were rallying supporters this morning - oh,sorry, I mean yesterday - because Kelly only works two days a week for her £350,000 pay cheque doesn't she. There was HRH Lorraine and the totally obnoxious Tony Parsons. Says it all I think.

  56. Joan 21
    I respect your right to that opinion but have you read all of the case files?, far too many lies and contradictons and they certainly have not been truthful.
    That old British saying comes to mind " bullshit baffles brains".

  57. Joan we on here will do ANYTHING to help Maddie ,her so called "parents"deserve no one help or respect

  58. Of course it would be a good idea to get this case restarted and the search for Madeleine continue.

    Starting with their place at Rothley of course.

    That is where any further searching should begin.

    Why was it never done before when they were official suspects and a search could have been carried out?

    In fact, search everybody closely connected with these people. Poor Murat and his friends certainly weren't given a pass.

    The investigators who worked on the case say Madeleine is dead. Then obviously her body has to be somewhere, she hasn't vanished into thin air.

    Perhaps if the public hadn't been led down the garden path by the McCanns into thinking they had to help search for a child who was alive, they could have spent all this time helping to search for a dead Madeleine instead.

    Who knows what information that would have generated. Somebody may have seen something but ignored it because they have been brainwashed into thinking Madeleine is still alive.

  59. @21
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  60. Roll up! roll up! the Maddy money making machine is back in action again as a mortgage needs to be paid and Maddy needs to keep her parents in the lifestyle that they have become accustomed to by way of receiving donations to help find her. Not that Maddies parents have ever bothered to do so, but finances must be tight so time to get free tv coverage again with the help of a biased reporter.

  61. They were spotted on Eurostar still in costume after this interview was recorded,they will be going to Spain and Portugal to brainwash the public into beleiving that no one is looking for Madeleine ,including UK police in preparation for their civil claim against Amaral which hinges on the search for Maddie being discontinued because of his book. All about positioning for lawsuits and money,as usual. So predictable and boring

  62. Am doing a transcript of the interview from this morning - unless anyone has already done one - will post here about 16.30 UK time.

  63. Open the investigation - come on McCann, demand its opened by the Portuguese police -lets get the McCann's back to Portugal - we have not given up on Madeleine McCann, we want their parents prosecuted!

  64. jjp its been done


  65. "Sean and Amelie [have]... put it all together now you know...the temporal sequence of events".

    Well, that's more than the Tapas 9 managed to do.

  66. I watched the video. I actually thought there would be some hard hitting questions. Not a one. The criticism they receive by readers in the newspapers show that the readers are inclined to think the child was abducted so I can't see the duo being bothered by it.

  67. Hello Gerry and Kate,
    The FSS Lab must be sued for destroying evidences. When Portuguese police ask back the evidences, they answered, they cannot... were destroyed. According to my knowledge, is a commitment of all Labs to preserve criminal evidences, special if the case was not solved.
    A lot of steps to review. REOPEN IT.

  68. Anon 69

    It may look as if most people who send comments about this case, though they may be critical of the McCanns, believe Madeleine was abducted.

    The truth is, it is near impossible to get a comment printed that says that Madeleine died in the apartment. So how many comments from people who know the truth about this case are discarded?

    Quite a lot, because we still keep trying.

    Nevertheless, they are still sent hoping they are being read by those who select these comments and the truth will be sinking in, though no doubt they are not allowed to use them.

    Get that case reopened Portugal and start searching for the body of little Madeleine. At least that message will get across, especially if they start searching in the UK.

  69. Hi MJ (Post 58). Are you M.J.Lyons from the Penny Board? If you are, I am Kath (A.B.D.) from the same board, although I very rarely post there anymore.

    I can't believe that nearly 3yrs after the McCanns, instigated the disappearance of Madeleine, they are still free as birds, with no fear of ever being convicted for at least the neglect of Madeleine.

    The Portuguese police, succeeded in winning their case to have a football fan extradited to Portugal, for his part in football violence.

    Yet although they had concrete evidence, that the McCanns were involved in Madeleine's disappearance, by the fact they neglected to take care of her, they didn't bring them to justice.

    Football violence is very serious and anyone who takes part in it, should and must be brought to justice. Child neglect is a form of child abuse and is just as serious, especially when it is the parents who have neglected the child and the child has disappeared because of their neglect.

    The evidence found in the McCanns apartment, their hire car and their second apartment, shows the McCanns are more involved in Madeleine's disappearance than neglect. Especially as they never physically searched for her.

    Portuguese citizens, who have neglected their children, have quite rightly been brought to justice. Other Portuguese citizens, including those who stayed off work to look for Madeleine, must feel let down by their judicial system, who have let the McCanns off the hook.

  70. Well said poster 63 ,another chance to boost the"fund/holidays/mortgage/extended family ...... bless em

  71. How dare Gerry of all people call Maddie"Innocent and vulnerable" ?????? Has he forgotten ALLOWING Payne to talk filth about his child ? has he forgotten THEY left her "VULNERABLE"No one else ?

  72. Thanks anon 73, I have changed my mind and think you are right. I guess the best way to go about it is
    to write in a way that comments will get printed and to use the red and green arrow option.

  73. If this was the edited version I dread to think what the uncut version was like. Two actors trying to play the victim whilst asking for more money, it worked 3 years ago, easy money the millions just rolled in but now we all know different. The information is out and people do not need to look very far to find the facts. A fraudulent fund paid for by the public, now these greedy people want more. I feel so sorry for the twins living with K & G what a dreadful childhood they must have; Mccanns acting out their cruel fantasy, poor Maddie she never stood a chance. Why did the grandparents not do anything – if my grandchild disappeared I’d tear the place apart searching for them, even now we do not hear a word from them, what a vile family. God bless you Maddie you are in a far, far better place.

  74. If you read the Mail online comments the majority don't believe the McCanns fairy story,i have lef a comment regarding the dogs,bet it won't be printed.BTW it says in the Mail and Express the McCanns were dining only 40 yards away,makes it soound hunky dory doesn't it,but i get the feeling the writer of the mails article is becoming peed off with the McCanns,could this be the start of a serious bit of journalism on this case,i hope and pray so.

  75. The McCanns are delusional if they think that only a small minority think they had something to do with "it".

  76. Mail article "The 3 year saga has already cost UK taxpayers nearly £500,000." ( and what about the massive costs incurred by the Portuguese police?)
    I detect a real note of resentment of the McCanns in this article. It really reads as if it is the police of both countries who are to blame for the lack of funds in their account. Unbelievable arrogance and badness.

  77. Anon 80

    Sorry to say but I read it as the usual "gob shite" from the Mail and Express, no different from the norm.

    When I watch the link to the interveiw with Princess Kelly, I couldnt believe those 2 child neglectors saying that the Police have given up on Maddy....WTF They both chose not to answer questions at the start of this sad case, THEY ARE THE TWO WHO HAVE GIVEN UP ON MADDY BY NOT ANSWERING THOSE VERY VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS.

    Did anyone not find it strange that Kate was talking about guilt and groups of people knowing what has happened, that one day they may speak out!!!!! Obviously they have been reading all the forums because this is what is said all the time that hopefully "one day that one of the tapas friends cracks and spills the beans" this saddly is how I feel that only when some one speaks out will these two ever be held resposible for what they did.


    Yes even the News Channels have also given up, Ive just watched both ITV and BBC Evening News Programes and guess what not a mention of the saintly duo, Gordon has knocked our Gerry and Kates interview with LK off the main 6 tea time news..........

    Ha Ha!! they were on the lunch time news both channels but since then Gordon has been busy abusing some old woman, so sorry Gez your not as important as some old woman moaning at Gordy, Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  79. I noticed they didn't actually ask for money this time out, but they are still pushing those tacky travel kits.

  80. As this was a taped interview, do they not trust themselves to go "live" or was this for a matter of convenience since they appear to have left Britain, having been photographed a day or so ago at the Eurostar sstation.

  81. No mention of the Maccanns on ITV or BBC teatime news Gordy has gaffed yet again and sent the Maccann interview flying. to the bin I hope.

    The Maccanns are doing this because of the case with Mr Amaral, up to now they have got away with it, he is a thorn in their side and he is the only chance of this case ever getting reopened, that is the last thing they want. So keeping the pot on the boil is not for Maddy she is long gone and forgotten, its to save their own skin. They are very cunning indeed, if Mr Amaral gives in we will never hear of Kate Gerry and Madelaine again.

  82. Anonymous 85 wrote:

    I noticed they didn't actually ask for money this time out....

    Oh they did alright! They advertised their "travel pack" sending traffic to their website which has a prominent paypal button. Since I assume the packs have been produced using donations, the McCanns will be making a profit from selling it as opposed to giving it out for FREE. When it comes to marketing, the McCanns know the tricks of the trade. I give them that.

  83. I still get angry when Kate explained the reason Maddies "cuddle cat"also had the cavador scent on it ,was because she,KATE used to take it into work with her!!!!and then washed it!If that had been my missing childs favorite bedtime toy I just don,t think washing away that so precious connection with my little girl would have even entered my mind!but then nor would dumping my little ones in a creche ,and leaving them in danger every evening of their holidays when there was brilliant baby sitting facilities avaliable to ALL the families who needed a" well deserved break" from the few hours they managed to spend getting them ready for bed,before "off to the creche "you go!!!!. PS Why is it I feel SO sick when Kate is stroking Gerrys hand ,and gazing at himwhenever he speaks???

  84. Ah well, they`re not worried about any criticism from the public any more because those people are in the minority now. Just how deluded are you Katie dear?

  85. Back to comment 1, about Kate's convoluted and illogical thought-process. Time and time again I give thanks that she was not my doctor - or, even worse, my children's. You can imagine it, the "err, well, like, err, maybe or then perhaps, err...just take these pills anyway...err, like."

    And those holday Maddie-packs.
    What a wonderful chance of advertising your goods - on GMTV, free primetime for McCann Inc. Drafting fleets of(self-employed) publicity agents to put up posters world-wide.
    We await the persecution of the first over-zealous person being prosecuted for putting up the poster in the wrong place abroad.

    Another international scandal awaits,with the rich and famous McCanns being called on to haul some unlucky holidaymaker out of jail, and being made responsible for paying their fine for unlawful fly-posting...........

  86. Britain has not given up on Madeleine. Rather, Britain has given up on been suckered in by Kate and Gerry McCann. Britain spent £500K on a search for a child said to be abducted by a person, persons, group or groups which translated somehow into 'threats to National Security'. 'What??' you say. Indeed. "We were being watched. Our movements were being monitored." By whom? And for what purpose? To steal secrets on the UK's nuclear energy strategy? Say what? And they 'stole' a child to achieve their aim?

    And so Britain got drawn into spending £500K to protect state secrets. But someone smelled a rat. If it walks like a rat and talks like a rat you can be certain it may just well be a rat.

    The child will be found and so too will the truth of the circumstances of her disappearance.

    Don't you ever think Britain has given up on Madeleine.

  87. Regarding those travel packs. they are being sold at £1.75 + p&p, just in time for the holiday season. I would suspect that any family that would want to participate would buy 3 or 4 packs. That would present a nice earner, and would explain why they are hawking them at this time.Funds must be drying up.

  88. I have just seen little bits of the interview but when GM mentioned at beginning how police have given up on innocent, vulnerable individual, he blinked, for a hell of a long time on the word "innocent", he can't bear to think of the word innocent probably because they certainly aren't that. He gives me the creeps, the way he was intently listening to KM to make sure she didn't say the wrong thing. Why don't they take a lie detector test. Why don't they get the guy Peter Collett to analyse their body language. He wrote the Book of Tells all about analysing body language. Also this book here. http://www.amazon.com/Lies-Psychology-Deceit/dp/0880489979. They want like £10 for the holiday pack of posters etc and £2 for the wristbands. I see it's not a registered charity so you can't actually see how much money has been given to it. How convenient. I'm glad that Gordon Brown screwed up today, takes the spotlight off them. They give me the creeps.

  89. 24, Mary from Liverpool,

    this Joan 21 knows much more than we and the police do.
    She or he does not need to read the files.
    I think it is a she.
    Such a strong feeling I have...

  90. Anon 95

    My immediate reaction too. The wording is all too familiar, and why would a nice polite McCann supporter suddenly turn up here and ask us to help Maddy´s family? Glad I wasn´t the only one to have this feeling.

  91. @ Joan #21

    The day the McCanns stop criticising everyone else is the day I stop criticising them.

    Hours into the search for their daughter, this ungrateful pair of irresponsible parents were complaining that the police weren't doing enough. That was damn rich, considering that Kate sat on her backside that evening. They cannot have it both ways. How DARE they complain that people criticise them, when all they do is criticise others ???????

    They completely disgust me. They really really do. Their daughter asked them why they didn't come when she cried - and what did they do ? They went out and left her. Again !

    They want to remember that, the next time they are feeling sorry for themselves.

  92. Is Gerry EVER at work?
    Someone must have to cover for all these abscences in TV studios and international trips etc.
    Surely he has used up his holiday allowance already?

  93. Dearest Joan @21,

    I am more than happy to help Maddy and her family with this little bit of helpful advice to Kate McCann: Kate, go back to Portugal answer the PJ's 48 Questions. I am sure 'Maddy' would appreciate that kind - albeit long outstanding - gesture on her behalf by one key person, and indeed her mother, who could by this simple gesture reopen the case.

  94. Don't worry Gerry and Kate, some of us have never given up on Madeleine, and never will. We are here, posting and questioning, until the truth of her fate and the names of the real perpetrators are revealed, and they are brought to book.

    A pity that your donors and backers seem to have given up on YOU, but hey, you can't have everything your own way all the time...


  95. Kevin Halligen has been whoosh-clunked.

  96. Quite right, number 99, very good advice that Kate's mum, err I mean Joan, would do well to pass on at the earliest opportunity.

  97. Has anyone on here heard any news on Murat v Tanner?

  98. Justin Millar at the Home office led me to believe that there was an ongoing investigation and liaison with Portugal. Who lies? the Home Office, the Mccanns, both?

  99. That Lorraine whats a face is really a bitter pill to swallow, sucking up to the Mccscumms urghhhhhhhhh. Why oh why are they allowed to get away with this, I only hope one day that the proverbial hits the fan and they are dropped by their protectors right in the proverbial.


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