1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

EU Child abduction alert system to be adopted in the UK

In 2006 from the European Commission on «Children - Violence against children»

Within the framework of the protection of children, the Commission adopted a Communication on 4 July 2006 entitled “Towards an EU strategy on the Rights of the Child". It aims at establishing a comprehensive EU strategy to promote and safeguard the rights of the child in the European Union's policies and to support Member States' efforts in this field.

The Communication, whose main goal is to underpin the existing legal structure, follows on from other measures taken in the area of violence against children, such as combating trafficking in human beings and sexual exploitation of children, child sex tourism, child pornography, and civil society's contribution to finding missing or sexually exploited children.

Measures listed in the communication that have already been taken in this area include the "116000" hotline phone number for missing children and reflections on how to implement an alert system for missing children throughout Europe, such as the “Child Alert” system recently launched in several European countries, with has been a resounding success .
From the European Commission Press Release system, on 25 May 2009

On International Missing Children's Day, organised by Missing Children Europe, Mr Barrot took part in launching a high-profile publicity campaign for the 116 000 hotline. He expressed the Commission's encouragement for the initiative and its willingness to continue working closely with associations active in the field of protecting children's rights. He expressed his personal commitment to encouraging the adoption in each Member State of an "abduction alert" type of system, which could save lives. He regretted that the 116 000 hotline to social support services for missing children and their families was only operational in five Member States and found the delay difficult to explain. In his view, it showed the importance of resolute action to ensure that the EU's instruments produced practical results on the ground.

On the same occasion, the President of Missing Children Europe, Sir Francis Jacobs, said: "While establishing one and the same telephone number for missing children across the EU sounded quite ambitious and farfetched at first, it is now becoming a tangible reality. With the launch of the campaign in 10 EU Member States, we look forward to reaching out to many children and parents across the EU, through the immediate support granted by our member organizations operating a 116 000 hotline at national level. Every member of society is encouraged to call the number immediately if they know or even suspect that a child is missing or abducted."

To show solidarity with all parents and missing children, Mr Barrot asked European Commission staff to express their support for families affected by a disappearance by wearing a forget-me-not: missing children must not be forgotten.


116 000

A Commission Decision of 2007 requires the EU countries to make the number available but does not require them to assign it to a service provider or operate these services. This calls for a firm commitment on the part of the national authorities. The Commission has repeatedly urged the Member States to make this number operational as soon as possible. So far this has been the case in five Member States: Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal and Romania.

As of today, 25 May 2009 - according to information received by the national organisations concerned - the number is also operational in France, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Slovakia. This headway is undoubtedly due to the awareness-raising campaign conducted throughout 2008 as part of a Commission-funded project under the Daphne III Programme which was designed to encourage the EU countries where the number is not yet in use to assign and operate the 116 000 hotline.

"Child abduction alert" system

The Commission has adopted a working paper on best practices for launching a cross-border child abduction alert, which was welcomed by the JHA Council on 27 and 28 November 2008. It has published a call for proposals totalling €1 million as support for the Member States that have not yet adopted a "Child Alert" type of system.

Combating trafficking in human beings and the sexual exploitation of children and child pornography

In March this year the Commission adopted two proposals containing new rules to step up the fight against trafficking in human beings, the sexual exploitation of children and child pornography. These new proposals will guarantee greater assistance for victims and harsher measures against the criminals responsible for the sexual exploitation of children and trafficking.

As of 29 June 2009 the EU Child Alert System was implemented in Portugal, as reported in this blog entry :«Portuguese Child Alert System in Action»

As of today, Portugal has a child abduction alert system that will allow to gather, immediately after the crime, elements that can help quickly locate an abducted child.

A protocol that will be signed today at the Polícia Judiciária Superior School in Loures will associate several tens of public and private entities, including Lusa agency, which are apt to broadcast the message of abduction alert, with the judiciary and police authorities.

The creation of the national child abduction alert system follows the proposal that was presented during the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union at the Justice and Home Affairs Council informal meeting, which took place in Lisbon, where Portugal proposed the creation of a Europe-wide mechanism.

Today the UK News Agency Press Association reports:

Kidnap alert system to be unveiled

Police will unveil a new nationwide alert system for enlisting the public to help them rescue abducted children next month.

Officials have been working behind the scenes for months to iron out bureaucratic hurdles to broadcasting sensitive information.

Kate and Gerry McCann have campaigned for such a system to be introduced since their daughter Madeleine disappeared in Portugal in May 2007. They emphasised how the first hours after an abduction are crucial and that an alert would spread information more quickly.

The new network, comparable to the amber alert system in the United States, will be compatible with other European countries for the first time.

As a result a continent-wide alert could be issued in circumstances where youngsters may be taken across national borders.

Although some 100,000 children are reported missing to police each year, senior officers expect the national alert to be used extremely rarely.

The upgraded child rescue alert system will use new computer software to handle the anticipated deluge of calls from concerned members of the public.

Similar alerts in France provoked 600 calls within the first three hours, leaving investigators struggling to prioritise information.

Regional and national television and radio stations will broadcast messages, in some cases interrupting scheduled programmes. Those behind the system also hope to eventually use internet and text messaging as well as motorway information signs.

The system is being co-ordinated by the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA) and any national abduction will be led by Greater Manchester Police.

Related: British Media: How lies are spun, grown and perpetuated «Again the British newspapers keep perpetuating the myth - the McCanns did not have the idea nor did they campaign for the EU Wide Child Alert System, at best they opportunistically obfuscated the real protagonists of the EU Child Alert System: Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Franco Frattini, who was the among the first ones promoting this project, along with Ludmilla Putin, Margarida Sousa Uva Barroso - link to an article of 2005, Laura Bush, and a few European Union MEP's


  1. And it would work only during the day time?



  2. And how is this supposed to help Madeleine, whom I doubt very much, was abducted !

  3. It's ridiculous and humiliated to get sticked to a project that was already being developed before the bloody fucking Mccanns appeared in their poor May holidays to a new image with lots of durty money made from their daughter dead. I rather be death than living like this. But I guess this is the thin line between pigs that eat their own kids and human beings!

  4. load of boll****.MADELEINE WAS NOT ABDUCTED.... and the cover up continues.but just remember mr and mrs maccann and family and friends who LIED, god pays back without money

  5. "As of today, Portugal has a child abduction alert system that will allow to gather, immediately after the crime, elements that can help quickly locate an abducted child."

    Quite so. An ABDUCTED child.
    But since the pplice who arrived at the scene realised immediately that Madeleine had NOT been abducted, that there was no evidence at all for an abduction, that an aduction was the least likely of all possible explanations, this would not have been put into effect.

  6. "Kate and Gerry McCann have campaigned for such a system to be introduced since their daughter Madeleine disappeared in Portugal in May 2007. They emphasised how the first hours after an abduction are crucial and that an alert would spread information more quickly."

    How interesting that in those first crucial hours:

    1.The McCann parents did not search, Gerry looked around in the immediate area for a few minutes and gave up the goose.

    2.Kate didn't search at all.

    3.And neither searched for the rest of the following week.

    4.Jane Tanner kept to herself for the first few hours, that most vital piece of information, that she had seen a man carrying a child, a female child who could have been Madeleine.

    5.Jane Tanner told Fiona Payne of this.

    6.Fiona Payne chose to say nothing either.

    7.Jane Tanner told Rachael Oldfield of this.

    8.Rachael chose to say nothing either.

    9.Can you imagine how different the police investigation could have been if these THREE MOTHERS had for one moment considered informing the police IMMEDIATELY of what Jane Tanner had witnessed?

    10. That when they DID eventually find out about this, that NONE of the McCann party then went out to search or go down the route that Tanner had seen the man carrying a child.

    More crucial than any alert system was a witness sighting of a man carrying a female child, yet not one of them thought to mention this to the police until the early hours of the following morning?

    Any parent who loved and wanted their daughter returned would have immediately on hearing this information, taken the route the man carrying the child was seen and searched every inch, knocked on every door.

    Whilst I have no problem with alert systems per se. But such a system would never have helped Madeleine. Madeleine was not abducted by a stranger. She WAS removed from apartment 5a but not by some mysterious man who had "watched" the family all week prior to the disappearance and who foolishly decided to choose the most inopportune "window" to pounce!

    I happened to watch a film last evening 'Gone Baby Gone'

    Now whilst it had little in common with the case of missing Madeleine, other than it was about a missing child who had been left alone in bed in an apartment - as had Madeleine McCann - two points raised however in the movie, which I found of interest were that the police who were "investigating" stated it was not an abduction/kidnap as no ransom note had been received/and that the mother had told a lie as to where and how long a period she had left the child alone. She covered up so as not to make it look like she was a 'bad parent.'

    The McCann's and their friends have lied too regarding the timeline etc and are afraid of a reconstruction. They know all too well now that if the police files being online and having been read by thousands of people, that they will be caught out when they next lie at any reconstruction. As it stands their timeline is full of holes, but how can they rectify this without lying again and being caught? Short answer - they cannot. Simplest move? Not to do a reconstruction.

    And never was there any ransom note for Madeleine.

    Worth mentioning also, was that when they spoke of paedophiles, they said that 7,8,9 years old was 'preferable' to a child of 4 years.

    Madeleine Beth McCann was not abducted by a stranger. Removed yes, from apartment 5a, but by someone who knew her.

  7. I saw the headline on Sky News online about police unveiling the new child abduction alert, and when I clicked on it was completely unsurprised to find a picture of Madeleine. The British media continue to be a mouthpiece for the hideous child neglectors.

    Still, they have to keep plugging away at the abduction theory, especially as their high-profile trip to the Vatican to meet Il Papa may now be backfiring on them amid the Catholic church paedophile scandal. I long for the day when they are hoist by their own petard.

  8. maybe off-topic.. but I noticed Nigel is in need (again)....
    just like me longing for a sunny week on the Bahamas... ;))

  9. The media may be on their side - most likely forced to be - but have they never heard of over-exposure? Surely all but the most ardent McFans must be sick to death of them.

  10. From day one, I was of the opinion that litte MBM was not abducted and that her parents know exactly where she is.

    How the hell the McCanns are still free celebrities, oops, sorry, I mean citizens, appauls me.

    I'm afraid that unless the McCanns are brought to justice VERY SOON we will hear of more more 'faked abductions'. To date, little Shannon Matthews and the poor litte girl from Mexico. The British justice system should hang its head in shame!!!!!

  11. I've just copied and pasted the following paragraph:-

    Kate and Gerry McCann have campaigned for such a system to be introduced since their daughter Madeleine disappeared in Portugal in May 2007. They emphasised how the first hours after an abduction are crucial and that an alert would spread information more quickly.

    My response is:-

    The first hours are crucial are they Mrs. McCann? Where were you then? Oh yes, "working very hard" and "praying for daylight to arrive so you could get out there and search" you said on video.


    How the hell are these people getting away with this?

  12. How would this have helped Madeliene?The parents looking after Madeleine would of helped Madelein. But of course what they was doing is well within the bounds of resposible parenting! How sickening jumping on the bandwagon again.

  13. the mccanns are hijacking this gravy train with the help of the UK press.

  14. Strange choice of photograph for the article: hilarious devastated parents!
    In France the Alerte Enlèvement was trigered about 9 times,with succes 8 times, but only in a cupple of years and if it's successfull it's because the Alert in only activated when there are witnesses or clues that can give precise details on the abductor : photo fit /name/ registration plates of the car... when the child is at risk ( that eliminates a lot of abduction by one parent). When it's the case, informations are passed on motorways, televisions ( under the usual programs, and repeated frequently for the first hours, days)and in the first page of the medias.
    But when there are no relevant informations about the disparition of the child, the searches are organized locally and, may be, appear in the medias but without the Alert.It was the case last year with the disparition from his home of Antoine, a 6 years old boy whose parents were dining in a restaurant of the city center. In this case, called by the prosecutor in charge " the French Maddie case", the mother and the boy friend were strongly suspected but released after a while because there was no proof against them.It's still a mystery but the police are convinced that it was a fake abduction . the child was not seen the days before his disparition.Last august a little girl, according to the mother, escaped her supervision in a city center, but was found dead and burried months after: the parents were the culprits ( accidental death after punishment). Short ago, a little boy Elies also left home, one night, after a parental row, according to the parents, and was found dead , a week after,in a river ( more than a kilometer away ). The enquiry has not given conclusions yet but again the parents are suspected.

  15. This proposed system may help find children who were actually abducted. The dogs have told us Madeleine was not abducted so I fail to see how such a system would have helped her.

  16. http://www.cmjornal.xl.pt/noticia.aspx?channelID=00000113-0000-0000-0000-000000000113&contentID=79F42850-3A35-496E-BD2E-904763C4A758

    Sorry to put this here, just for info, not sure if its relevant at all

  17. correction for 14. I gave a wrong name : it's not Elies but Youness who was, according to a Belgian newspaper,murdered by suffocation before being thrown in water.Enquiry still on.

  18. #9

    How amusing and very brave of you to stay 'Anonymous'.

    Give yourself a pat on the back.

  19. www.freindlyfirezone.com

    (Christopher Freindly blog)

  20. I thought we could at least have an Easter without a mention of the McCanns. I don't understand the fuss as this is widely used here in the US but you have to have a license no. for a car. It's almost impossible with a Jane Tanner on her say-so as the main witness. We all know it's c@ap. But why do the British newspapers promote the McCanns.

    It's time for the farce to end. Is there a British newspaper out there willing to put an end to the McCann mythology?

  21. I've been following the case for a few months now and I'm piecing together all the strong and circumstantial evidence against the McCanns. There appears to be strong evidence against the McCanns - apart from their obvious lies and that of their 'Tapas' friends. I've just discovered that there was a bloody footprint in the 5A apartment. This footprint later matched another footprint (same pattern mark and from a size 5 or 6 shoe) which appeared above the rear bumper of the Renault Scenic. This is new evidence I personally wasn't aware of but may be old news for some. Can anyone give more detail about this?

  22. Success of Amber alerts are hard to determine. How many kids are found back pure because of the alert?
    Not that long ago there was a stranger abduction in Texas. It met all criteria for an Amber alert which was issued immediately. They even gave name and face of the abductor. Later that night the child was found, thank God still alive, but the abductor was not the person accused of the kidnap but someone else, never mentioned, who just drew attention because his suspicious behavior.
    Of course this case is listed as success anyhow.

    Now as far as the contributions of the McCann to the case of missing children:.............

    enuf said...

  23. Yes, from the UK News Agency Press Association more McLies. Well at least the public know they're lies. Even if the McCanns have been given a free 'get out of jail' card, how long will it last as the public perception grows and grows?.

  24. http://www.freindlyfirezone.com/index.php/national-news/item/8-madeleine-mccann-forsaken-by-gerry-and-kate-again/8-madeleine-mccann-forsaken-by-gerry-and-kate-again?start=10

    Monday, 29 March 2010 10:20 posted by John

  25. So how would this have helped the dead Madeleine?

    When is this farce going to come to an end.

    Come on Portugal, get this case reopened and arrests made.

  26. This is a load of bull----, there was already a discussion for the instigation of an amber alert system long before the mcCanns jumped on the band wagon. The instigation of this alert system is nothing to do with the McCanns, it had already been campaigned for...so Kate and Gerry with your oh so happy faces in the photo, you are no heros. There were many parents that lost children after divorce or seperation, taken by the other party. I do not live in UK anymore but the press astound me with their constant creeping up to the MCScams. He should not be permited to work in the hospital until this child turns up...the situation is dispicable, wake up Scotland Yard, and get your best officers out there. As child neglectors the 2 should be struck off.

  27. 10, one of the proofs the family knows what happened to Madaleine and what they did to her body is the fact that John McCann exchanged his permanent job at the laboratory for his job at the Fund.
    He knew Madaleine would not come back, no risks at all.

    And now I understand why Tapas 7 never came forward with the truth.
    I believe the laboratory payed them as well, bank accounts somewhere abroad, they must have become millionairs too.

    Reading about Calpol side effects, google, I found an article of Times(on January or February 2009), where it is published that this medicine is not as innocent as we think.
    Even giving it once a month to a young child, it can do harm.
    By the age of 7, the child can get astma as consequence of using it.
    Conclusions : it can attack the lungs.

    Imo, if the child has very bad luck, it can suffocate, even before being 7 years old, dependig on how often the child took it.

    Fiona Payne stated that Kate was putting her own hand in front of the twins noses and mouths that fatal night, testing if they were still breathing.
    My conclusion is that all three children got their sedative at the same time and Madaleine had bad luck.
    I remember have reading the McCanns left 5a and later they went to live somewhere else in PdL, and that they told the twins had difficulties to fall asleep, staying awake for a long time in the evening.
    Imo the parents did not dare to give them any medicine anymore.

  28. madeleine was not abducted. Alert systems have nothing whatsoever to do with the McCann's.

    If such a system had existed in Protugal it would still have had to be triggered.

    Even if it was, all it would have done is proved that Madeleine had not been abducted, which we all know anyway.

  29. You stood up very early this morning, didn't you Joana?
    Me too!

  30. Uncle held over stabbing to death of girl aged 12

    «The uncle of a 12-year-old girl was being held on suspicion of murder last night after his niece’s body was found in a bedroom at his house.

    Tia Rigg, a Manchester United fan who is thought to have been visiting her uncle to watch her team’s televised Premier League match against Chelsea on Saturday, died of multiple stab wounds and strangulation.

    John Maden, 37, was arrested after police were called to the end-of-terrace council house in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester on Saturday afternoon. Neighbours described him as a man who “had no mates”. » continues http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/crime/article7087308.ece

  31. Did I by chance write here somewhere that I suspect that the laboratory which payed Tapas 9 probably infiltrated in the foresinc laboratory in Birmingham and destroyed Maddie's blood samples and that is why the results were inconclusive?

  32. Can you imagine if the cause of death will come out?
    Caused by a medicine, parents doctors -and more 5 doctors hiding how dangerous that drug can be, supported, corrupted and payed by its laboratory, and further supported by Mitchell and by the PM of the UK?

    Who knows the forensic laboratory found traces of the medicine in Maddie's blood?

  33. Hi Nigel,

    For every pro McCann like No.9 who has no guts and insults you anonamously, there are untold numbers who appreciate wholeheartedly the untold hours of work you do on your McCann Files. We can't thank you enough. It is the first place the majority of us go to each day because we know there will be accurate and up to date information to be found. Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of Madeleine and those who believe the truth has not yet been told.

  34. Madeleine's death could have been caused by something other than accidental drug overdose, and the blood spray on the wall, and blood found under the tile may be related to something much more sinister.

    Too much benefit of the doubt as to the cause of death being an accident is being given.

    It only takes a moment to form the intent to kill and follow through with it.

    That is murder, not accident.

    Gerry said something about there being a moment of madness, and an accident.

    It may have been a moment of madness, but it would still have been a moment of murder. That is not accidental death.

  35. A couple of "actors"

    Happy smiley faces when they are getting things their own way, accepting praise for good works which they 'hi-jacked-' but then turn on the sad face for the press when they are out mugging... oops suing people and pretending they are the victims.

    They turn it off and on like a tap! They can stand in front of press/cameras/public and lie, just as easily as they can stand and laugh.

    When it is "poor us" time, Kate arrives with dishevelled hair, dark droopy clothes to make her more miserable looking no make-up.

    When it is party time, or time to accept praise for something - in comes a dash of colour, no droopy old fashioned coats (where does she get them incidentally) hair-do in place, make-up and lippy slapped on - beeming smiles all round.

    If if was not so tragic one would laugh.

    These two parents and their friends are not fooling the world as to the events of the evening Madeleine disappeared.

    They are fooling themselves though in believing that the the truth will not one day be known and proved.

    In our world we all make mistakes of different magnitudes.

    In our world there are people "sick people" who may do harm to others because of their sickness, mental illness which they perhaps cannot control.

    In our world there are those of us who may do wrong and try to conceal it. Not maybe bad people, but people who make a bad choice.

    Also in our world we have those who in my book are simply evil and do harm because that is their 'make-up.'

    Then we have those who would not necessarily harm anyone intentionally, but if ever they found themselves in such a situation, and weighed up what they had to lose if the truth were to be known - they would lie and cheat they would sell their granny, their their own souls, to keep their dirty secret.

    They would have no qualms about hurting innocent persons along the way, as long as their secret remained just that.

    It is this last category that I think the McCann's belong.

    They know they have lied, and lied, and lied.

    It is there for all to see. It is not a question of maybe they lied. They have!

    Unless someone puts a stop to them, they will continue to. They will lie and cheat until their dying days or until someone finds Madeleine's body, and I think we all know the likelihood of that happening is a big fat zero!

    The McCann family are not all working for that Fund because they think Madeleine will be home soon! It is because they know she won't be.

  36. Anon 31

    Yes, I could believe that would be possible.

    So many, 'if onlys'. Like, if only those forensic samples had been sent to another lab in europe, and not one in UK.

    It is not wise to be too trusting where this case is concerned.

  37. 32. Whilst I agree the children were all medicated prior to Madeleine`s disappearance, I do not see how medication could cause blood splatter on walls etc.
    I believe a more violent end was there for Madeleine.
    Also, for the dogs to pick up on traces of death, Madeleine must have been in the apartment for some time afterwards.
    I believe Mrs Fenn heard this happening. Kate has said she was in there at the time.
    Wasn`t this the night Gerry was hanging out with the quiz lady?
    Could be enough to cause a jealous fit in a possibly already unstable person.
    That would then give them plenty of time to clean up & set the scene, IMO.

  38. Morning Nigel,

    So many lies spoken by Kate and Gerry McCann and Clarence Mitchell are recorded on camera, are published in the press, and in the police files online, and still there are people out there without the sense to, at the very least, question the reason for/behind the lies.

    Your work clearly rattles Camp McCann's Cage!

    If they or their followers had nothing to fear they would not resort to underhand comment.

    It would I have to say, have been better if the Number 9 had put forward a rational question, anything at all by way of discussion or debate as to why he/she believe the McCann's have not lied, or what evidence they have of an abduction having taken place. That would be welcome. We all like to hear both sides of any argument.

    Alas No 9 had no reasonable rational ideas for debate, so resorted to what they know best - attempts to insult.

    Number 9 lashing out with ridiculously silly comment stems from fear of the truth being known.

    I would take it as compliment Nigel - a clear sign that you are on the right track.

    Some don't like it that you are. Some would rather we all stayed quiet. Some believe they can bully others into doing just that.

    Some are even more foolish than I thought if they think for an instant that is going to happen any time soon.

    All the Very Best Nigel

    An Admirer of your Work.

  39. "I was sure immediately that she didn't walk out of that room."

    Kate McCann comment on Madeleine.

    That is just one of the lies.

    Kate McCann said she thought Madeleine had gone through to her and Gerry's bedroom.

    To do so, Madeleine would have to have 'walked out of that room.'

  40. Never mind tha higher they get the harder they will fall and if all else fails one of the twins, if they manage to grow up without being "abducted", will undoubtetly want to question the parents and take revenge for their sister's demise.


  41. "I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleines disappearance in the long term."

    Gerry McCann quote.

    Why did he have no doubt of this? For most parents they would be worried sick that their child would be forgotten and would be unable to keep their case high profile. Most parents would NOT be considering 'LONG TERM' they would be hoping with all their hearts that their child would be found as soon as.

    What made Gerry McCann so sure that it would be 'long term' and what made him so sure he could keep it high profile?

  42. "We are hoping for the best possible outcome for us.... and Madeleine"

    Kate McCann comment.

    Oops she almost forgot Madeleine in that one eh?

  43. #33 Nancy. Well said, totally agree.
    #18 Nigel. Thank you for your work and your source of information.


  44. #27 John McCann left from his job as a medical rep for the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. (Seroquel)


    'As a result of aggressive marketing, Seroquel has been increasingly used for children and elderly people for indications not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Doctors are permitted to prescribe any approved drug for off-label uses.

    Seroquel was the top-selling antipsychotic drug in America. It had $17 billion in sales in the United States since 2004, according to IMSHealth, a research firm.'

  45. There is a forum myth being created right before my eyes.

    John McCann did not work in a laboratory, he was a Medical rep. That is, he called on GP's and Hospitals selling drugs.

    He wouldn't have worn a white coat but a suit.

    I agree it was most odd to resign his job so promptly, but it wasn't because he worked in a laboratory, because he didn't.

    I hope this gets knocked on the head before more people start quoting it.

  46. This will not help Madeleine in any way.


    BUT even without an abduction evidence, I SAW IN RTP INTERNATIONAL THE POLICE APPEAL TROUGH THE JOURNALIST who was presenting the NEWS '24 Horas' at midnight, which means less then 2 hours after she was reported missing and GNR arrived to the crime scene. And I live thousands of Kms away from Portugal, in the Asia Continent. This Proof how ridiculous were the claims of the mccann's about the Borders and the competence of the police. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING TO HELP THEIR CHILD. THEY DID NOT HELP THE POLICE TO RAISE ALL THE INFORMATION IN THE FIRST 24 HOURS, and the only reason under I can understand this behaviour, is because they are committed with something they want to hide. THE POLICE WAS A FORCE TO AVOID, AN ENEMY IN THEIR TERRAIN.

    On their nonsense campaign to spread their lie,they tried to hijack the European ' Missing Alert with 116.... number'. They went to the European Parliament trying to stick their names and Madeleine to this system. Another stupid campaign, because the system already existed in some countries, including Portugal and the wife of The European president, Margarida Sousa Uva, was one of the activists for that, years before Madeleine disappearance. MCCANN'S LOST AN OPORTUNNITY TO STAY AT HOME. BETTER THEY WENT TO PORTUGAL TO DO THE RECONSTRUCTION THEN GO TO STRASBOURGH TO A SO USELESS CAMPAIGN ON THEIR CASE.

  47. "We're good parents, not suspects."

    Kate McCann comment.

    I think she got this one back to front.

    Should have read:-

    'We're suspects, NOT good parents!'

    Good parents don't leave their children night after night alone in an apartment, open to the public.

    If they had acted on that night as good parents would have, Madeleine would be where she should be.

    Good parents don't blame others for their actions.
    They don't blame the Holiday Complex for not having baby listening services.
    They don't blame the police for their daughter being missing.
    They don't accuse an entire country of not coming forward with information.
    They don't lie about what happened on the night their daughter disappeared.
    And good parents don't leave their babies alone.
    They don't make ridiculous statements like ' we would have taken them with us but they were asleep'

    What in hell does that mean?

    or 'We would have taken them with us but in the UK our children go to bed at 7:00 pm.'

    They weren't in the UK!

    Do they honestly think we all swallow this codswallop?

    We must not forget that 'Good Parents" have no need to ask a lawyer if they acted as responsible parents.

    Guilty parents, guilty of child neglect consult with lawyers as to their position in this regard.

    Guilty parents consult a lawyer so as to find out if they may be going to jail for the neglect. They don't consult a lawyer, because they are concerned about their parenting skills and are looking for a few tips as to how best look after their babies, but because they know they did not provide the care, protection for their children which they know they should have. The lawyer is simply to find out which loophole they could slip through to avoid a prison sentence.

    Their actions in consulting a lawyer in this regard, sums it all up!

    Good parents? The McCann's don't know the meaning of it!

    If this tragedy had not happened, think for a moment, the McCann's and their friends would have continued, year after year on holiday, abusing their children in this way, leaving them unattended in countries throughout the world.

    These people still do not believe they did wrong. In fact they tell us the LAW tells them they acted responsibly.

    This is their mantra.

    I can only hope and pray that someone somewhere is watching over Sean and Amelie, as their parents STILL maintain that leaving them alone with Madeleine, a three year old girl as their carer, as they did in Portugal, and despite one of their children disappearing, they still believe it was right, responsible and lawful parenting.

    That frightens the hell out of me!

    Now they are taking credit for an alert system!

    These parents have nothing to be proud of. Their daughter is no doubt dead. No doubt she died alone and petrified. If by chance taken by an abductor the horrors that brings too awful to mention. Each and every day hoping mummy and daddy will come to save her. Each and every day wondering why mummy and daddy let the bad people take her.

    Alert systems? In the case of the McCann's, good old fashioned child care would have prevented this tragedy.

    The McCann's make me sick to the stomach.

  48. Why the British Royal family never gave any public support to the Mccann's? Their 'humanitarian' propose did not go that way. WHY?

    Not even Sara or her daughters express anytime anything about the most hunted British girl who become a celebrity after holidaying in Portugal. WHY?

    And the Mccann's do everything to foolish the Pope, Oprah, Bush ( Obama was not foolish because Oprah did not made the connection to happen and Mitchell, as a rat, have no credibility in USA soil at moment) Moroccan government, important ministers in Spain and German, BUT DID NOT MADE A SINGLE STEP INTO ANY OF THE MEMBERS OF THE ROYAL FAMILY. THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES TO ME. Since the Queen is the representative of God in the Anglican church, they don't want to foolish God, at least in the Anglican Church. For me, the Mccann's were not catholics. They used the catholic religion to suit their agenda, strategical, because Portugal is a catholic country and trough the religion they can break and touch the heart of the Portuguese community... making donations and the abduction story easy to spread.
    Their IMMORALITY should be studied at the Universities as a subject in Psychology, sociology and criminology. I did not buy they CATHOLICISM. IS ANOTHER FARCE!!!

  49. At 45

    You are quite correct. John McCann, Gerry McCann's brother was no more than a sales rep.

    The duties this involves is calling at GP surgeries to promote and hopefully sell the 'wares' of whichever drug company he was employed by.

    It is considered a 'sale' when the GP surgery he visits begins using/prescribing, whichever drug he was promoting.

    Sales persons such as this, generally are allocated an area which they should work. They call at the GP surgeries within their designated area, and often arrange to take GP's to lunch or arrange lunch to be served at the GP surgery at a time suitable for the surgery staff in a bid to promote their particular product.

    These days, these sales persons are quite often, nurses etc, who can make much more money doing this, than they can working for the NHS. Most older salespersons, like John McCann, would have had no medical background (not necessary for the job)they would simply be sales persons.

    Often these contracts last for short periods of time, and often not renewed. You will find that salespersons in their working life, have shifted between most of the drug companies, with short term contracts with each. It is not the most reliable line of work. They are provided with a car, mobile phone and lap top.

    I could easily see why John McCann, if Gerry put it to him that working for the Fund would offer more stability and be LONG term, would have jumped at the opportunity.

    It still leaves the six million dollar question - how did Gerry McCann know that the search would be long term?

  50. 37, blood on the floor and on the wall,

    Madeleine could have had a cardiac arrest and somebody could have gaven her a heart massage.
    Many times a heart massage causes broken chest bones and perfuration of the lungs, etc.
    She could have vomitted some blood, that's it.

  51. 45, a mistake, a question of wrong preposition.

    I said "at a laboratory" and probably I should have said "for a laboratory".

  52. Perhaps there's a connection with the McCann case and Operation Ore?

  53. Yesterday, the McCanns said: "We are delighted and relieved that this system is being introduced. The first hours after a child goes missing are crucial." -The Sun

    THIS OPORTUNIST PARENTS WITH HELP OF THEIR JOURNALISTS SUPPORTES, LIKE ANTONNELA, Still sticking at every wagon. They break their silence for that? How this help Madeleine? On which part Madeleine story fits?
    THEY WERE THE FIRST ONES TO BLAME FOR NOT HELPING MADELEINE ON THE FIRST HOURS. GERRY WAS BUSY LOOKING FOR A PRIEST AND THE CHURCH KEYS- THEY WERE MORE IMPORTANT THEN HIS DAUGHTER, and Kate stays in because was too dark and too cold to go out looking for her daughter. A pair of clowns which don't dignify any circus.

  54. Nigel
    In another thread a while back, we had a bit of an "exchange" regarding the "association by title" that you made between Dr Wakefield and the mccanns. Dr Wakefield is probably going to lose his licence to practice medicine on Wednesday, 7th April http://www.rescuepost.com/files/final-us-statement-ajw.pdf - . The 2 mccanns are still free to practice. Dr Wakefield has been demonised in the press - a journalist lost or nearly lost his job at the Observer for writing a positive article about him, the mccanns have received protection so that only positive press could be published about them. Dr Wakefield actually cares about the injured children that were brought to him, and has been vilified for it, the other pair have actually neglected their own children, and praised has been heaped upon them, Gerry has even had a standing ovation.

    If you have the time, can you please listen to this link, I know it's difficult, when all the propaganda has made you turn against a particular person, to give them a fair hearing.

    It gives an insight into the workings of government that will find a use for some lowlife like the mccanns that can serve a purpose, like being ambassadors for the amber alert - with some ulterior motive that will probably curtail our freedoms - I'm thinking here of the transeuropean DNA database and I'm also thinking that it was one of the reasons for all the protection they have received in high places, and at the same time seek to destroy a valuable doctor because what he said threatened their reputation and the profits of their cronies.

    By the way, I also wish to thank you for your invaluable work on the mccanns files.

  55. http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/john-mccann/11/589/304

    John McCann’s Education
    The University of Glasgow
    BSc , Chemistry , 1976 — 1980
    Activities and Societies: Rugby, Debating, politics


    'This chemical compound is manufactured by the Huntsman Corporation in Huelva, Spain. TiO2 is an important chemical used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is likely to be a chemical traded with AstraZeneca - the pharmaceutical company that Gerry McCann's brother John works for. John McCann supposedly accompanied his brother and sister-in-law on their trip to Huelva. Did John have any acquaintances or friends in that town?'

  56. If the McCanns had spent more time immeidately speaking to the Portuguese and not priests and family and Sky News and politicans etc in the first hours of Madeleines 'disappearence' then perhaps talk of early warning systems wouldnt have been necessary.

    They are liars - we know it, the world knows it. We know they lied about checking, we know McCann lied about his 'proud father' moment - to lie when time is of the essence is indiciative of a greater lie.

  57. Wonder how many times police used and are going to use dogs to help them searching missing persons. Are they out on UK ALERT SYSTEM, because they don't suit the Mccann's story?

  58. An accident while the McCanns were out could easily have been accounted for by putting the time of the accident back to the time they were in bed that night, and saying Madeleine was found the next morning.

    Madeleine was said to be a sleepwalker, so no doubt medication given for her for that could have accounted for any drug overdose accident.

    Unless the dosage was huge enough to kill her deliberately, it would have been accepted as an accidental death.

    So what does that leave?

    This case should be treated as a murder investigation, and all those of the Tapas group who had access to Madeleine that night should be made suspects until they are cleared.

    It was clearly no accident that killed Madeleine, and that is why her body had to be hidden.

  59. September 7th 07 was a watershed.Gerry's colleague Dr.Peter Reading made a shock resignation.Steve Kingston's story about a laryngeal blood spray pattern disappeared from the BBC website and Kate Healy was made an arguido on that day.There was quite a few people from the medical profession staying at the Ocean club the same week as the McConns and their tapas friends,infact the partner of witness Jeremy Wilkins,Bridget O Donnell remarked that there was 10 blonde haired three year old girls in the Kiddies club including Madeleine.It doesn't say in the files whether this inordinate amount of medical people and their children(little girls)was looked into.

  60. At present Kate and Gerry have The Madeleine Fund to pay corrupt professionals and the like but as time progresses the fund will deminish, most people now doubt their innocence, they are complacent with being corrupt, money is power but for every court case they bring, it heaps more doubt on their innocence and brings more questions into focus as did the Amaral case. Kate and Gerry are guilty there is too much evidence against them for it to be dismissed and it will not go away eventually they will all be found guilty for their crimes. FACT 97% of murders are carried out by either relatives or acquaintances of the victim. FACT Sniffer dogs detected the scent of death in the McCanns appartment and car. There is no evidence of abduction but plenty of evidence of a murder. Poor Maddie even denied a burial by the two people who should have protected her, not neglected her.

  61. @58 - You're right, it was no accident or overdose that killed Madeleine - it was something worse ,that the body had to be hidden at any cost. Choking perhaps ?

  62. 55, I don't believe the McCanns traveled that far away, Huelva, from Praia da Luz, carrying a corpse.
    They could have gotten an accident on the road, police would have come etc.
    The trip to Huelva was smoke and mirrors, trying to confuse the police.
    It happened on the day the dogs were investigating Murat's home and AFTER the dogs had investigated 5a and the McCanns's new home in PdL.
    Traveling to Huelva with a corpse, 150 km from Luz to the border of Spain and after the border I don't know how many kilometres till Huelva, and the McCanns knowing the police could have found cadaver scent and even blood,one or two days before, no, it would have been very stupid to travel around with a dead child.
    And of course they knew they were attracting the attention.
    And who knows they were been followed all the time.
    I think they were.
    My opinion is that Madeleine is still in Algarve, even in Praia da Luz or Luz, not far away from 5a.
    The cadaver scent in the car happened much before the dogs came.The body was already transported in it, perhaps when the McCanns went to the Vatican, one day after the McCanns rent the Scenic, and their nephew stayed in PdL with the twins and the Scenic.
    A lady neighbour, Portuguese, observed that the car boot was left open night and day, before the dogs came.
    I only believe John McCann could have involved Huntsman Corporation and AstraZeneca in this story if the medicine Madaleine died of was fabricated by them in Spain.
    It could be.But in this case he woud not have attracted the world's attention to this factories, going to Huelva.
    And the more people would get involved in her death, the worse and the more risky for the parents and Tapas 7.
    More and more people who could talk too much.
    An who could blackmail the laboratory, the McCanns.
    Besides the PJ could have asked the Spanish police to have a look at that factory.
    Imo Madeleine never left Algarve.
    And if those laboratories are paying the group, they are not paying them from a Bank in Spain. Too close to PdL.
    There are very few people involved in the disappearence of the corpse and a lot of people being payed to silence.
    And who said the fatal medicine came from those laboratories above?
    Maybe from another one who also guarantees John McCann's salary and pension.

  63. 58, I think Madeleine died at the beginning of the evening.
    A autopsy can tell nearly exactly the time a person died.
    Everybody knew at what time Maddie had her 5.00 o'clock tea and a pathologist could determinate at what time her digestion stopped.
    It is easy to see, if the doctor knows at what time she took her last meal.

  64. Interesting info from Hollie Grieg Facebook :

    It's interesting that when Hollie's mum Anne, heard about Madelaine McCann's disappearance, she contacted her local police force (Mercia) to tell them that her former husband - a known international paedophile, owns a house just one and a half hour's drive away from where Maddie was abducted - She also told them that he spoke fluent Portugese. NONE OF THIS INFORMATION WAS EVER INVESTIGATED OR ACTED UPON.

    Eventually, Robert Green managed to make contact via a very respected journalist on Merseyside - who then relayed the info to Maddie's grandfather - this was a long time after Anne's initial request to the police in the U.K to pass on this information to the Portuguese Police.

  65. #59, and #61,

    "a laryngeal blood spray pattern"

    Maybe from an emergency TRACHEOCTOMY because the child was CHOKING to death?...

  66. @63

    Not three years down the line, they can't

  67. Jen/Nigel 54 - Thanks for the reminder of the terrible injustices done to Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues. There is one hell of a sickness in our society when good people are criminalised and the bad are given a standing ovation.

  68. Glad to see Nige back on line, a brilliant site thanks Nige. McCanns may come and McCanns may go, but I am afraid that they are still pulling all the strings, but such caring parents are they that they havent bothered to ask for the case to be reopened. This point proves they already know the answer to the missing Madeliene.
    Why cant someone within the authorities actually wake up and take control here, lets get some action because I am very frustrated by the way they live like celebrities.

  69. Huelva acid beds, its bloody obvious - McCann knows there is no chance the body will be discovered.

  70. 60, you are using the word murder and that is a strong word.
    You can better use the word homicide because we don't know under which circonstances Maddie died.
    I believe in a terrible accident, terrible and strange.
    Strange enough to be hidden by her parents.
    No ambulance, no hospital and that is strange.
    They prefered the situation in which they got involved later than a post mortem.
    Irresponsible with medicines? Knowing the coloboma was a sighn of physical weakness? That she was cardiac?
    And Gerry a cardiologist, Kate a GP?

  71. Hi I'm new to this blog. A friend suggested that I read some articles here and what I really wanted to know, what really makes me confused, is that the McCanns havent asked for the case to be reopened, have they? Because I dont think they have and from what I've read in here, that is the truth and frankly I dont think most British people are actualy aware of that. If they were, I think they would see the McCanns under a very different light. Congrats on the blog, I've just started to read and I'm deeply shocked, will recommend this to others.

  72. Well it looks like the McCanns with help of the ever faithful but very stupid Antonella Lazerri have set the UK police a BENCHMARK regarding the future of abducted children in the UK. Find 80% of our abducted children within 72 hours or else you are going to get it in the neck :))


  73. http://textusa.blogspot.com/

    The Smith sighting......and how Gerry HAD to be seen...

  74. Antonella Lazerri writes for the sun,so that just goes to show you what sort of paper that is,she is one stupid person to have conned by the mccanns,like so many who THINK they are inteligent,jesus the mind boggles how so easily some people are fooled by this pair of child neglectors or worse.

  75. Gordon Brown is calling a general election for the 6th of May. I used to believe that it would make a huge difference to Justice for Madeleine McCann, when finally the government in the UK would change. I used to believe that once Mr >Brown would be out of office, there could be an unbiased, proper investigation into Maddie's disappearance. Unfortunately, I have come to realise that it does not matter, Labour or Tory, nothing will change.
    Nevertheless, one thing has changed, and it is very real and very palpable: the general public does not believe the McCanns anymore. I have seen several people change their minds over the last year or so. Suing Mr Amaral was a major mistake, and not asking for the investigation to be imediately reopened was another mistake, after they allegedly got their hands on hundreds of unchecked leads.
    They may have gotten away with it, legally and criminally, but they are guilty in the eyes of the public and that is not likely to change until they go back to Portugal to reopen the investigation, take part in the reconstruction and answer the questions that they evaded in 2007. Full cooperation without political and diplomatic interference is the only way out for the McCanns. They know this very well.

  76. People who are interested in this case should consider the possibility that there was no political interference in the investigation, but rather a massive diplomatic operation. The orders may have com from above, but it was the British Embassy that took care of everything and made sure that the McCanns were protected on all levels and at every moment, starting well before the Ambassador set foot in Praia da Luz in the morning of May 4, 2007.
    People should also take a closer look at the alleged plea bargain that was offered to Kate during her questioning on September 6. Maybe some day her lawyer will tell the truth. So far, everyone is mistaken about that episode. There is no smoke without fire.

  77. Anon 71, if the McCanns had wanted the case reopened they could have requested it.

    The only way they want it reopened is if all that has gone before that points to their involvement, e.g. the dogs, is erased, and they can be in charge working the cops from the back.

    They are something else this pair, yet they always seem to get their way.

    If the Portuguese don't hurry up and reopen this case, then who knows who will be stitched up for the death of Madeleine.

  78. While people are being told Madeleine died by an accident, this case will not be taken seriously enough.

    The explanation as to why it could not have been an accident has been given, and Madeleine's body had to be hidden instead.

    It is a murder investigation that is needed, and then maybe people in authority will sit up and take notice and this case solved.

  79. @63 - interesting point, that would explain why it had to be a fake (IMO) stranger abduction rather than an "oh dear, she died in the night, we have no idea what happened!"

    This is an ugly case, but unfortunately not inexplicable. What is inexplicable is why these McCanns, unlike any others in their situation, are getting away with it with protection from media and legal systems.

    What makes these McCanns special? It is not their personal qualities, they are both complete mediocrities. What is the special sauce in play? Qui bono?

    May justice prevail.


  80. I do not understand poster 75 when he infers that the McCanns suing Mr Amaral is a mistake. The Portugese have backed the McCanns all the way so far. They complied with the British Government in the sabotaging of the original investigation. They have defied their own constitution and imposed an injunction on Mr Amaral's book. The McCanns would not be taking libel action against Amaral unless they were ultra-confident of winning. When they defeat Mr Amaral later this year, the British gutter press will have a field day. It will be the equivalant of the McCanns being declared innocent in a Court of Law.

  81. @80
    You are sadly correct.
    Who on earth is protecting this vile pair in Portugal and why?

  82. We all know very well that no alert system would have helped Madeleine. What would have helped Madeleine would have been her parents staying home with their children watching over them and taking parental responsibility for them - end of.

  83. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1263886/Two-women-caught-trying-smuggle-dead-relative-plane-Liverpool-airport.html

    If Santacoloma is reading - this might interest him - is that lovely cat in yet?

  84. Uk election callled for May all the Macs attention now will have to be on Cameron, Looks like Brown will be out, I also agree the Maccanns are sure of winning the next round with Mr Amaral unless he has further evidence that can open the case, this pair are untouchable.

  85. If an autopsy had been done and determined the last meal Madeleine had eaten, so what? If she had died that day the times of the meals could be changed to whatever the McCanns wanted to say.

    It is actually very difficult to put a precise time on a death after a certain amount of hours have gone by.

    The McCanns could easily have got away with saying Madeleine had died during the night when they themselves were asleep.

    It would have been an accident anyway, and nobody would have been the wiser, and no criminal investigation set in place.

    I bet there are a lot of people who would be sweating though if the investigators did reopen the case as a murder investigation.

    I bet they are sweating now if they are reading of the possibility of that happening.

    How certain people would like everybody to carry on believing that if Madeleine is dead, it was an accident.

    Perhaps a murder investigation would start to loosen a few tongues and get some cooperation from those who wont speak out while ever Madeleine's death is being considered an accident.

  86. Anon 90, that is very interesting, but what speaks against the time being earlier is Madeleine's attendance at the creche.

    Madeleine is signed in for those last couple of days, so how could she not have been there?

    Not impossible perhaps, but it would have been very risky.

    I do wonder whether the people who worked at the creche knew Madeleine though, as one of them had described her as quiet and shy. That is more likely a description of Jane Tanner's little girl, and not Madeleine.

    Madeleine was said to be the opposite of quiet and shy.

  87. At 79: I always thought it would be impossible to turn up a few hours later at the dinner table looking normal and not red and puffy-eyed from crying, or nervous about a plan they had just concocted.
    G. IRL

  88. I meant to say 'at 90'.
    G. IRL

  89. Anon.#90, ´
    According to this article from Paulo Reis in his blog Gazeta Digital, Kate indeed was in apartm. 5A during the crying incident!


  90. A little bit off topic, but I read Tiger Woods answered over 40 questions from the press yesterday . He is ready to move forward with his life. Perhaps if Mrs McC answered over 40 questions she could move forward with this case.

  91. Anon 90 - I don`t think anyone can say you`re barking up the wrong tree - as you say `we all have our working theories` from the case files, from statements made, from gut feelings and also common sense. We also know that statements can be false, people paid off etc. The McCanns have scored by causing confusion.

    I agree with you that Maddie`s death occurred on the 1st or 2nd. IMO the date is relevant, May 1st being Beltane and on 2nd May 2007 there was a full moon.

  92. Anon 90
    I hadn't spotted that before.
    Did GM think that the police would find his prints on the shutter, and therefore put that in his statement so as to neutralise the evidential value of that.
    Fingerprints need a denial from the suspect that he had ever been in the place to make them of evidential value. Not a lot of people know that !

  93. post 90
    I agree with your post ,in my opinion ithink they were running on adrenalin getting everything sorted for a few days Then as soon as the alarm was given all that wailing was fineally let free.

  94. 90. I`ve said many times that I believe what Mrs Fenn heard was sadly the end for Madeleine. I know Kate has said she was in there too at the time. We don`t know if anyone else was also there in that apartment when Madeleine cried or if it is all down to Kate.
    That was the night Gerry was "flirting" with the buxom quiz lady.
    For God`s sake someone get the case re-opened in Portugal.

  95. No 76, is it significant that their source of protection was the British Embassy rather than the British government? I just want to know why rather than who...

  96. poster @85 ,IF Maddie had died on the night they claimed she was "abducted" they could have said she had got out of bed(charts at home on the fridge for back up )and had an accident whilst everyone was asleep ,but I doubt and always have doubted she died on that day ,I have always believed she died the night before when Mrs Fenn heard her crying ,therefore they could never have got away with it

  97. poster at 90 , no I am barking up the same tree as you ,there is no way ,knowing as we know that the smug,arrogant mc`s have not covered their backs ,I too think Maddie died on that night ,they allowed themselves time to try to get rid of blood stains (not well enough !!) and for the Tapas lot to get their heads together to work out a story( the list written by one of the Tapas(cannot think of his name ) ,they then had a night (4th) of extra checks ,making sure they were seen (Jez/tapas staff)IMO it was all planned,all worked out ,and up to now they have got away with it

  98. Looking through many other web sites regarding the McCann’s one finds they are all very much the same ‘how vile this pair of liars are’ ‘greedy, arrogant manipulative pair’ the list goes on. The overwhelming consensus now is that MBM was never abducted. Kate and Gerry never even searched for their daughter. Instead they telephoned the media and went jogging on the beach. Not exactly what you would expect from parents in that situation. With hindsight we know why they behaved like this because they knew where they had hidden the body so there was no point in searching, but the tide has definitely turned against team McCann. I doubt the McCann’s bother checking sites, (far too busy counting their money) but the Tapas probably do and realising the severity of this crime and their involvement they must appreciate judgement day is coming and their silence is their guilt. The British legal system now needs to re-open the case and all involved co-operate or face the consequences. This circus has gone on far too long. There is too much evidence and unrest against the McCann’s, and not to do anything is now totally unacceptable considering the sniffer dogs evidence, various conflicting statements from Tapas group, Kate’s obvious fragile state of mind, Gerry’s controlling arrogance, their neglect of three children whilst consuming vast amounts of alcohol. Humans are creatures of habit and through their body language it is apparent Kate and Gerry have manipulated and lied to cover up the concealment of the body of MBM. The fraudulent fund should be frozen and fully investigated, as should all those operating it. Obviously others are heavily involved in this for whatever reasons they chose, but they should be worried as a secret is only a secret when no-one else knows here too many people are involved for it to stay silent forever and with somebody like Gerry who fled Portugal when he was named a suspect, fled the court case with Amaral when it was not going his way, was prepared to let an innocent man Mourat take the blame, rages in television interviews ‘when they do not stick to the script’, sues anything and everyone that dares speak unfavourably of him, courts celebrities and the media, attempts to silence freedom of speech and thinks he is untouchable and above the law - this man is such an accomplished liar he will name every one of you in court to try and save his skin. That is the day there finally will be justice for MBM (R.I.P.)

  99. http://textusa.blogspot.com/


  100. Can someone please wise me up about the Huelva acid beds. I've had a 'google' about but can't find any information.


  101. "This to me is important - or has importance. The McCanns always deflect away from important information. Recently on another feed on this blog, we had a McCannite infiltrate and attack (a) The Dogs and (b) The Smith sightings. This to me stipulates these 2 independent pieces of information/ evidence are crucially important."

    Do you think I am a "McCannite"? I suggest you read my blog!

    Those two pieces of "evidence" are crucially important, to Gerry McCann!

  102. People who say that where there is smoke, there is fire, have never tried to cook on a camping.

  103. About the time the McCanns were made arguidos, the British ambassador to Portugal abandoned his diplomatic carrier and disappeared to somewhere, refusing to give any interview.

  104. I think the whole problem is based on:

    no corpse
    no autopsy, in order to hide the medicine in her blood and the cause of death.

    I also believe that her blood was contaminated by other elements in the Burmingham laboratory and eventual traces of sedative were destroyed.

  105. It's good to see that some posters on here are living in the real world. Posters 80,81, 84 and 87 are right in their assessment of the Portugese authorities and that the McCanns are untouchable.Poster 87 however is wrong to suggest that the British press would make more money going against the official abduction fairytale. They would be sued just as Mr Amaral is being sued. As for those on here repeating the "re-open" the case mantra, they must understand that the McCanns do not want the case re-opening. It is the McCanns who set the agenda with this case.

  106. The proposed UK 'Libel Reform' legislation announced by the Brown government has been dropped without any explanation (BBC Newsnight). What a surprise... not... just who is pulling Gorden Brown's strings in the UK? By the way, the Sunday Times reported that Justice Eady, the infamous libel case judge has been criticised scathingly by Appeal Court judges when they overturned his 'bizarre' decision which found in favour the Chiropractor professional body who claimed that manipulation of the spine could cure such things as Asthma. The appeal court commented that there should be more weight given to legitimate public interest defense in cases. This means that public opinion and Freedom of Speech in blogs like Joana's are very important and can really fight injustice and humbug even though Gerry McCann doesn't think so.

  107. There is a (new? ) website in the USA, that publicises about injustice in the world.
    They guarantee the information remains anonymous.

    I don't know if they would accept news about injustice about Madeleine, CEOP, corruption and no freedom of expression of the British media.

    its address


    and you can just call it through Google.

    TYhey are even talking about Trafigura, the firma which Halligan said he was working for.

  108. Viv @105, "Do you think im a mccannite"
    Maybe you are maybe your not
    Still waitng though for answers from you for a couple of Questions in the previous posting regarding your statement that the Smiths were Gerry mc canns fabrication and your distortion of the facts regarding Madeleine being made a ward of court and NO you didnt upset me I just want enlightenment.


  109. The whole link to the Pharmaceutical industry is a complete red herring as they don't need to do secretive testing on a single child for approval of a new drug. All new drugs can be tested perfectly legally using groups of adult volunteers for Phase I to IV tests, often followed by voluntary paediatric trials once the drug has been approved for adults. If Madeline was enrolled on one of these there would be no need to hide it as all such information about these trials is published freely on a website called clinicaltrials.gov.

    John Mc Cann as a drugs sales rep would be very low down the food chain in the pharmaceutical industry as they are basically little more than glorified double glazing salesmen. He certainly wouldn't be involved in new drug development, major contracts or have access to any new unlicenced drugs

  110. May the 6th there will be elections in the UK.

    I hope the media will use the power they still have left in order to pressure the political parties to change their libel laws.

    Straw promised to change them.

    Did you all see Brown hand in hand with his wife?
    McCanns' fashion.
    They introduced it in Algarve three years ago.

  111. Anon @ 92,

    Madeleine last Creche attendance is also a mystery.
    The Creche Attendance record is not clear about who sign the last day. Who drop and Pick-up Madeleine? Look like somebody signed with Kate Mccann name and a different signature then Kate, who is Healy and not Mccann. A Nanny signed? Why and for what purpose?

  112. Wonder if Madeleine and the special support gave to the mccann's will be an issue to be discussed and clarified before next Uk elections. Who will be the brave journalist in charge of asking some important questions to all candidates? Yes... TO ALL CANDIDATES... because Brown drop himself, by accident or not, into Madeleine Circus, but the other candidates closed their mouths and asked nothing about such weird behaviour from the British authorities. AND ONE EVEN GOT MITCHELL TO HELP HIM SPREAD 'LIES', SINCE MITCHELL IS A SPIN SPECIALIST ON LIES. CAMERON SHUT HIS OWN FEET BY CONNECTING HIS NAME WITH MITCHELL. He lost all credibility. WHO HIRE MITCHELL CANNOT BEING SEEN AS A SERIOUS POLITIC because Mitchell did not know the mean of Honesty. He first see the salary ( HUGE NUMBERS) and after, THE LIES ( huge numbers).


  113. Who saw Madeleine alive on May 3? Nobody strange to the group and the Creche Records look they were falsified for that day, perhaps by a Nanny.
    Kate claim about Madeleine complaint that morning ' Why did you or dad, not come when me and Sean were crying last night?' seems a scapegoat to made Madeleine alive on May 3.
    I tend to agree that MRs Fenn was the last credible witness about Madeleine alive. Why she cried for so long? Could not be because she was alone. No any child cried for so long, unless she was hurt or ill. ONLY PHYSICAL PAIN CAN MAKE A CHILD CRY FOR LONG TIME AT NIGHT, NOT THE ABSENCE OF HER PARENTS. AND ACCORDING TO THE FILES, KATE MUST BE IN THE FLAT DURING THAT REPORTED TIME. Her relationship with Gerry was not so PINK AS THEY PRETEND TO SHOW THE WORLD.

    A MURDER MUST BE INVESTIGATED, LESS THEN AN ACCIDENT DUE TO NEGLIGENCE. What made them choose to appear as negligent parents? Because what really happen could be more serious and more condemnable then the negligence. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE...

  114. Anon 110

    I doubt the McCanns are as untouchable as they would like us to think they are.

    Otherwise they would not be trying so hard to stop the case being reopened.

  115. The Huelva acid beds should be considered the same way as Kate's dream.

    As a great big red herring.

    Has anybody noticed yet the one place that attention has not been drawn to?

    The McCanns property back in Rothley should be searched, just like the Murat's was, with the dogs.

  116. Well done Joana and thank you for all your hard work. I’ve started my boycott list for people supporting the McCanns – never travel with Virgin again, we always went Virgin to Scotland several times a year, never again from now on its GNER, just seen a photograph of Richard Branston in Daily Mail business pages, perma tanned and dyed blonde hair (yuk). I can’t really boycott Aled Jones as I’ve never brought anything of his anyway he is just crap. IMO Maddie died earlier in the week when Mrs Fenn heard her calling Daddy, Daddy. Kate was probably in a temper due to Gerry inviting that woman back to their table for the evening and poor Maddie suffered the consequences. These two should be locked up and the key thrown away. Never see Kate with her parents, they never speak out supporting ‘Killer’ Kate Maddie was their granddaughter, in fact nobody, apart from creepy Clarence speaks up for them. I suspect we will soon have another ‘sighting’ of Maddie as we haven’t had one for a while and the fraudulent fund is beginning to dry up a bit, still they could always ask perma tanned Branston for another £100,000 he won’t miss it. Seriously why are our police force and legal system not doing anything about these two, this crime was committed in Portugal, but the fund was set up here in the United Kingdom so it comes under our jurisdiction, there are so many flaws in this case people have been put in prison for less, they have concealed a body, lied, been unco-operative in Portuguese and British investigations, silenced our media, tried to silence Amaral (well done Amaral your book will be a number 1 Best Seller, we all support you) they also set up a fraudulent fund (why does the Inland Revenue not investigate this holiday fund) supporting their lavish lifestyle jetting around the world and never having to work again, IS THERE NOTHING THAT WILL STOP THESE TWO CRIMINALS - WHAT ARE THEY ALL AFRAID OF? This reminds me of the moral of the fairy story ‘The Emperors New Clothes’ - when one person, spoke out and stated the obvious and ‘The truth of the Lie’ was revealed!

  117. Just watch close what is going on in Mexico with Gebaras. Police close their mouths. Lissete and Mauricio ( the parents) open WIDE their mouths with accusations between them. OFF-COURSE THERE IS NO MITCHELL WORKING FOR THEM TO ADVISE HOW TO ACT WITH MEDIA, HOW TO LIE, HOW TO SHOW OFF WITH RIBBONS HAND BY HAND TO CATIVATE THE PUBLIC AND FOOL THE POLICE AND THE MEDIA.
    And on COME THE FRIEND AMANDA, with interviews, but unable to clearly say that Lissete have nothing to do with case. They all are trying to save their skins BY INCREMINATING THE OTHERS IN A DARK WAY.... WAS NOT OBVIOUS THE INCRIMINATION BUT IS THERE IN ALL WORDS.

    Lets see what come out from the forensic evidences...

    Mccann's were lucky. Mr. Brown drop at their feet's the Pink man, a specialist in lies and most important ... a specialist in spreading lies using the Media. WHERE IS MADELEINE AND HER RIGHTS INSIDE THIS GAME? SHE WAS AN OBJECT TO USE.... ABUSE.... AND TROW. DISCHARJABLE POOR GIRL.

  118. #114, if what happened had anything to do with drugs/medicines I think it had nothing to do with trials or experiments, but it could very well have been due to the use of drugs that were still on a trial phase, not yet approved for sale and which they had access to, maybe through John McCann.

  119. Given they had girls the same age, I was under the impression that Jane Tanner knew Madeleine well, but after reading her statement now realise she didn't know her well at all.

    Did JT really see Madeleine that day of 3rd May at all?

    She says she was playing tennis and Gerry and Madeleine passed by, but she does have a tendency to get days confused, so was it really that day?

    It is very confusing. But didn't Gerry say something about confusion being best.

  120. 120 The acid beds are not a red herring, they ae the msot liekly explanation and need to be investigated. No one has investigated the posibility and until they do, then we must not allow people to distract from them.

    Is this your plan, to use a ridiculous idea that Madeleine was taken to Rothley to keep the acid bed theory from investigation?! Rothley, even I - who is sue the McCDann's disposed of her - think the idea of Rothley is ludicrous!

  121. What about organ trafficking? Is it possible to happen?

  122. #123 This is exactly what I think; it could be a possibility of what has happened.

    Off topic, but does anyone know if John McCann left AstraZeneca because he wish to do it or was it a kind of 'discharge' by AstraZeneca?

  123. Annon 123, yes Ive always at the back of my mind wondered if this was the real reason John McCann left his "well" paid job to work for the Fund, knowing what really happened to Maddy and what the outcome was, did he have anything to do with a drug trial that went wrong? imo yes!, that is why he was so "hands on" he had to help becuase he was part of what happened? was he the one who left PDL the night Maddy supposedly disapeared yes I think he was the one who flew out of PDL that night. (imo she was cremated the day befor!), Did he have her remains with him, is that how she was removed from PT, is that why Gerry was so confident "find the body and prove we killed her".
    Strange how we dont hear anything from Johnny McCann now isnt it, I wonder if he is on the dole, or has he gone back to his high paid job?
    Never mind re-questioning the T9 he should be re-questioned imo.

    PS That picture of Gerry above makes me feel sick, but I know one day that smug look is going to be well and truly wiped off his guilty fat face, thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  124. Further insight into the workings of government and politics - under the pretext of protecting the rights or profits of a few, in this case the entertainment industry, they threaten our freedoms -

    "Controversial Digital Economy Bill set to become law in 'wash up'
    The controversial Digital Economy Bill - which its critics say will see websites blocked and people cut off from the internet on the accusation of copyright infringement, and may lead to public WiFi being shut down over fears of prosecution - looks set to become law today via the 'wash up' process, after it was voted through in its second reading in an almost empty House of Commons."


    To quote Noam Chomsky "I think there is a good reason why the propaganda system works that way. It recognizes that the
    public will not support the actual policies.
    Therefore it is important to prevent any knowledge
    or understanding of them."

  125. "Devastated" Gerry McCann wants Portuguese Police to re-open investigation


    How much money has Gerry made out of the "evidence" of the dogs and how much more does he intend to continue to make, about £1M, at least?

    Why is it that serious police witnesses stay out of the newspapers/do not talk to McCann investigators/Brian Kennedy but in early 2008 Martin Smith was commenting in the Daily Mail? Why is it that if the whole of his family saw this bizarre spectacle of Gerry parading around the streets with (dead apparently) Madeleine, only he and his two younger children were prepared to go back and give a statement about that to the Portuguese Police and why did they not want him included in the rogatories? Could it be they thought he was a bit of a waste of time, like all other Gerry witnesses who feature in the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror etc?

  126. #123 I know the Pharmaceutical industry well and sales reps are considered as the bottom feeders within the organisation, there is no way in the world they would have access to new unlicensed drugs before they are released to market, it just doesn't happen and is not the way such companies operate.

    The only possibility along these lines is that they could have given Maddie a much stronger drug such as a sedative approved only for use in adults but not for children.

  127. Well this is certainly a mystery! (Can I use that word?). Correct me if I am wrong but I have only seen this press release crediting the Mccanns for the 'campaign' (that word again)on sky news and the infamous Sun, courtesy of the Mccanns hired accomplice Anotella Lazzeri. I think we can ignore that one!

    What I find mystifying is the fact that as we are fast approaching another two anniversaries, Madeleine’s disappearance and birthday both in May, and not a word from clan Mccann. No celebrations, no awareness campaign, no media interviews - just total silence! What does this imply? In my opinion it speaks volumes!

  128. Anon 90 - The creche records could have been tampered with. There is one day where it looks obvious that Maddie`s name has been squeezed in the gap between the morning and afternoon sessions. I think it may have been on the one that`s labelled 1st May, but was the date altered and it was actually the real one for the 3rd May? I`m not at all confident that the nanny`s statements are true and how odd that Maddie`s Nannie was invited to the McCanns house some time after they got back to UK. Have you seen the photos of the other Nanny? - say no more.

  129. Anon 120 - I agree about the trip to Huelva - it was all too contrived with camera man etc.

    Like another poster, I can`t find info about the Huelva Acid Beds and think its probably just a piece of land where the earth is very acidic - if they wanted to dispose of her in acid there are other places nearer like old open mines which are filled with acidic fluid where a body could be weighted and decompose very quickly even the bones.

  130. you all can watch amaral's video A verdade da mentira, where you can see Kate picked up Madeleine at 17.30 hs(5.30pm) at the creche.
    She signed "Kate Mccann".

  131. Post 130. Nice try but the Smiths weren't included in the Rogatory interviews because they took place after Snr Amaral was taken off th case. So the investigatin had lost it's direction and gone soft on the McCanns by then. This doesn't discredit the Smiths, their evidence is sound and independent, nothing to do with McCann. Careful your showing your true colors again.

  132. Who is nanny Pauline McCann?

  133. To posters #114 and #131, thank you for being the voice of reason here. One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that all theories of Madeleine being given an unlicensed medicine, trial drug or anything else untoward, and especially the preposterous idea that this could have come from her uncle, are complete and total bunkum. Anyone who has worked in the pharma industry would be able to tell you that.

    Wild speculation doesn't help to present a credible thesis for what could have happened to Madeleine. Better to work with what we know, and state that we don't know all the circumstances.

    As for acid beds and transporting bodies home, I think not, on both scores.

  134. Also - question for Viv.

    What exactly are you trying to suggest with reference the Smith family?

    I read your posts and they baffle me sometimes, as do your posts elsewhere, putting suspicion back onto Robert Murat. Are you attempting to discredit Mr Smith ?

  135. @ all who have posted past my original post @90:

    Many thanks for the responses and the links!

    @ Viv - no; I do not for one instance think you are pro-McCann. The individual I am on about posted as 'aacg' in here recently - I think that person was a Team McCann spammer - but I could be wrong? For sure, we should consider other alternatives - even 'Abduction' - but comments aimed at this blog by that person were backed up with little evidence - rather slurs. If we use the information gathered by police, I believe it will at least point us in the right direction?

    After reading FAKED ABDUCTION recently - and reading in here over many months - the penny has dropped for me. I believe the McCanns always have wanted us to focus SOLELY on 03-05-2007. Maybe the truth is that things were already set in motion a day or two earlier?

    I can't reproduce here some of the material from FAKED ABDUCTION as it would be copyright violation - but it has some interesting material regarding the creche.

    Whatever the truth I do not believe that (sadly) MBM is not alive and I feel for her extremely. How very sad.

    May the truth one day be known.

  136. Anonymous said... 119 Anon 110

    I doubt the McCanns are as untouchable as they would like us to think they are.

    Otherwise they would not be trying so hard to stop the case being reopened.

    Your post is uplifting.

  137. BEWARE OF VIV @130

    VIV @130
    Your link to the express is meant to mean what??
    This article as well you know is from the sunday express APRIL 12TH 2009 (NICE SLIMEY TRY)

    Regarding MR Martin Smith:

    Again as you well know your distorting the facts.

    Mr Martin Smith did not make any comments to the trashy mailin early january 2008 or at any other time for that matter.
    The Real Facts are there for all to see in the MC Cann files website click on The Smiths sightings heading and Eureka its all there, but of course you are well aware of this but for the record let me state some of the real facts here.

    1.MR Martin Smith has never courted the media or indeed gave any comments to the mail at any time.

    2.Mr Martin Smiths Lawyers sent letters to SIX Tabloids/papers and ALL papers printed an Apoligy to Mr Martin Smith.

    3.Mr Martin Smith Never helped in any photo fits etc Recquested from him by Brian Kennedy .

    4.Mr Martin Smith with some members of his family returned to Portugal(unlike the tapas gang) and made and signed statements on the 26th of May 2007 .

    5.MR Martin Smith contacted his local police in september 2007 very upset, when after viewing on all the uk news stations, Gerry Mc Cann stepping off the plane from portugal carrying one of the twins Stating with an 80% probability that the man he had witnessed carrying the young girl on the night of May 3RD 2007 was in deed Gerry Mc Cann.

    6.MR Martin Smith made and signed a further statement on January 30th 2008 Confirming Gerry Mc cann as the man they had witnessed that night carrying the Child and that his statement signed on May 26TH 2007 STILL STOOD.
    Beware of Viv some times she Lies through every tooth in her head!!


  138. 119,congratulations!
    This is also my opinion.

  139. 136 I think you are in for one almighty shock!

  140. It seems that the UK politicians are willing to do something about freedom of expression.
    It is absurd that suing in the UK kosts 140 times more than in any other country in the European continent.
    A dictatorship in a called democratic country.

    By the way : people from Britain, when they talk about the Europe continent, they say: _"In Europe..."
    This is funny.

  141. 34, Gerry wrote about "a moment of madness" and it was not a Freudian mistake.
    He wrote it on purpose, trying to achieve something.

    At that time I thought he was insinuating about Kate.
    The fact he describes a sort of aggression,violence and madness is, according to myself, a proof that it was not Maddie's cause of death.
    He insinuated it too strongly that is why it could not be.

    He wants to distract the attention of his and Kate's responsibility about the medicine.
    Impulsive aggression is much less serious than to give medicines to a cardiac child, the mother a GP, the father a cardiologist.
    A medicine is not an impulsive something: you think about it, you go to the pharmacy, you buy it, you pay it, you come home, you put it in your luggage,you travel with it and you determinate at what time you will give it to the child and you give it at the right time: short before the child goes to bed.
    You have hours and hours to think about it and to realise what you are doing.

    The fact that they hid the body means one thing: they knew what the consequences could be and they took the risk.
    After have read a lot of litterature about cardiac problems,it was not a terrible surprise.Or better, it was terrible but not a surprise after all.
    And they were the reponsible ones.
    Or better, the irresponsible ones.
    At a Sandra Felgueiras'interview, Gerry denies having ever given any sedative to Madeleine.
    After her grandfather had told about Calpol.
    He denied it so heavily that I have no other choice but to believe he really did.
    Because those people lie all the time.
    And according to Fiona Payne, Kate was putting her own hand on the twins noses and mouths, checking if they were still breathing.
    The twins were safely sleeping in their cots, there were no signs of having being harmed, isn't such an attitude ilogical, if Maddie was victim of madness and aggression, like Gerry suggests?

    Isn't more logical that Kate was scared of losing the twins too, attacked by the same medicine?
    That is why she was checking on them so many times?

    Another thing: why did Fiona tell this detail in her statement, being Kate's best friend and knowing Kate's attitude that night was a confession? She could have protected her by not telling it, what difference would it have made?
    Was that an indirect way to say: "My husband David has nothing to do with this case"?

    This is my opinion,34!

  142. Annother brilliant article at Mccannfiles:

    'We Are All Blighted'

    By Dr Martin Roberts

  143. If I recall correctly when the PJ made the rogatory letters asking for further questioning of the Tapas7 to be held by the british police, they wrongly included the request for the Smiths in that same "packet". This complicated the matter even further (just think of how long those rogatory letters took to reach the U.K. due to bureaucracy and stupid little diplomatic details, the involvement of EuroJust, etc.), because the Smiths were irish, not british, and they would have to be interviewed by the irish police, which meant composing a separate rogatory letter to the irish police asking their questioning. I believe this never happened. I have no idea if Rebelo even considered doing it or if he was not able to because the case was archived in the meanwhile (considering the absurd amount of time it took to make and send the "british" rogatories I would not be surprised if this was the case).

  144. In his 'moment of madness' scenario Gerry was not indicating anything aggresive. He was making out that what could have happened to Madeleine was more of an accident.

    This may have been said around the time Kate was in the running for being the one who might have been charged for doing something to Madeleine which resulted in her death.

    There was also Kate's diary left open to be found by the investigators telling of the difficulty Kate had of handlng the children.

    Was some kind of defence being set up just in case Kate was charged?

  145. #128, I too think that Madeleine's body was long gone from Portugal when they reported her missing. She was "safely" out of reach of the PJ, no chance the police would find the body!
    And about how John M. is making a living now, well, it seems that the fund is now also paying for the living expenses of the "extended family", according to Mitchell.

  146. I do not understand the meaning of "acid beds", but in Huelva there is a phosphoric acid factory, one of the largest in the world. It is used in many product, mainly in fertilizers and as a metal rust cleaner(corrosive).

  147. #146 Your opinion is my opininon too, so thank you for posting.

    "Another thing: why did Fiona tell this detail in her statement, being Kate's best friend and knowing Kate's attitude that night was a confession? She could have protected her by not telling it, what difference would it have made?
    Was that an indirect way to say: "My husband David has nothing to do with this case"?"

    I think you are right; I think all the other Tapas ladies protected their own husbands. Rightly or not?

  148. Anon 125

    Let the acid beds be searched then. To find what?

    Yet a search of the McCanns property back in Rothley is BASIC to a reopened investigation. And the McCanns know that.

    How they have managed to get away with this not happening so far is the question.

    Or is it only the little people who get their property searched.

    Or, could it be there has been so much emphasis on keys to churches, acid beds, discarded towels, letters from Amsterdam, strange telephone calls, maps and photos left to be found, and all the rest, that nobody has had much time to think about a search at Rothley.

    Search all the rest for sure, but don't forget the property of the McCanns, and all the travels back and forth between Portugal and UK.

    A child is dead and was hidden somewhere. While the world was watching she was hidden. That is not an easy thing to do.

  149. I think Martin Smith and family are the only reliable witnesses.
    What could this family win and what could they lose?
    Martin Smith (just like Goncale Amaral) is a brave man and I wish him and his family all the best.

  150. No doubt the McCanns think this amber alert system which they are trying to make out was their idea will redeem them in some way in the eyes of the public.

    Yet no amount of amber alerts would have saved Madeleine, because how can a dead child be abducted in the first place.

    No doubt it will be a hard task ahead for the McCanns to get those who have followed this case to dismiss those 'ludicrous' dogs as a figment of the imagination, but they will still try.

    Dream on, McCanns, dream on. The dogs don't lie and they have never been wrong. Sadly, Madeleine is dead.

  151. If Jane Tanner changes her story to put her sighting to the later time when she returned to her apartment after 9.30pm, can we then expect a reopening of the case?

    This later time would coincide with the Smith sighting and the absence of Gerry McCann from the Tapas restaurant.

    Gerry McCann was absent for half an hour according to two Tapas workers.

    He was gone from about 9.30pm and returned shortly before Kate went and did her check at 10pm, and then her announcement that Madeleine was gone.

    No wonder Clarence is already at work trying to spin it for Jane that she never said Murat was the man she had seen. What??? Are they kidding???

    What talks behind closed doors are already happening to try to get this case stopped before it has a chance to come to court?

    Will they succeed?

    Hopefully not, and Robert Murat will get his day in court suing these people.

  152. @146
    I also agree with most of your points, but even a Calpol overdose could be explained away as accidental, the child could have got hold of the bottle and swallowed too much, even with the parents around, just a moment of inattention - I know from experience that it can happen (with a cough mixture, and a long night under observation at the hospital it was too...) - so the drug link that must remain hidden (accidental or not) would have to be the ingestion of an illegal drug, a strong anti-psychotic or adult-only drug as a more likely scenario.

    I agree, this is a brilliant bit of analysis of Gerry's words - no wonder erm... they had to be allocated erm.. a PR erm... man... 8-}. I am certain that some "well-placed" people cringe in anticipation of the next blunder that will come out of the mouths and expressions of these two when it is deemed absolutery necessary that they should express themselves... no amount of coaching will change them...

  153. Viv, ''The Dubliner'' is quite right, and for the life of me I cannot understand why you are taking this tack with regards to the Smith family.

    I'm finding your posts more and more bizarre as time goes on. Can you not try to remain at least vaguely connected to the facts?

  154. @ 157 Jen

    Calpol in May 2007 was an illegal drug/medicine in most European countries including Portugal and France due to toxic E numbers.

  155. The blood splatters against the far wall next to where the blood under the tile was found is about child height, forming an arch type pattern.

    Falling forward from there it is about child height distance to where the blood under the tile was found. For blood to have gone under the tile there must have been a fair bit of blood on the tile so as to make its way under the tile.

    I don't think any of this speaks of drug overdose, and wasn't it also said there was forensic evidence of injury of some sort to the neck.

    Was Madeleine standing when whatever happened to her occurred? An initial blow, and then something far worse?

    The accidental death scenario should not be taken as given. The investigation needs to be reopened as a murder investigation, and the benefit of the doubt as to an accident removed.

    This case will never be taken seriously by certain people until it is.

  156. Bridget @138
    Thats right you wouldn't do any sort of drugs trial on a child, this imo is why her body had to be hidden, The McCann Brothers know exactly what happened to Maddy imo.

  157. 140 - aacg is a friend, and not a McCann parents supporter, aacg is here to find the truth of what happened to Madeleine McCann on the 3rd of May 2007 like me and you; questions raised by aacg are sometimes pertinent even if presenting opposing views and even if based sometimes in factual mistakes regarding the PJ case files, but aacg is not alone, I've read several comments posted here which are a total adulteration of the case files - people who don't read the MM process tend to make mistakes. One more thing it is hypocritical that you say «I can't reproduce here some of the material from FAKED ABDUCTION as it would be copyright violation - but it has some interesting material regarding the creche.» when the author of that book, like another person who has been using parts of this blog to publish booklets and PDF's, has been using material translated by this blog authors and the Maddie Case Files translators team without permission. Enough said.

  158. @159

    Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware of that. This is an interesting point actually, would the mccanns have been aware of the illegality of this medicine in Portugal. One always tends to believe that what is legally available in one's own country is universally good and proper.

  159. Anon 159, I believe another poster recently said it was 'CALPOL NIGHT' that was banned as being unsafe, not 'CALPOL'.

  160. It should not be forgotten that Jane Tanner, by saying she saw bundleman at the same time as she saw Gerry McCann and Wilkins, not only gives an alibi to Gerry, she also gives an alibi to her husband and herself.

    The question is, did she even do a check at that time at all as it was said the women did not leave the table.

    Also, if she did a check, then why did her husband do one almost immediately afterwards?

    Can it be proved that Jane Tanner never did any check at that earlier time?

    If so, she may find herself in deep trouble because witness statements are treated very seriously in Portugal, and that is besides the court case that Murat wishes to bring against her for false witness of him.

  161. Info Calpol.

    "Calpol is a common cause of accidental child poisoning, due to its pleasant taste."


    "Calpol is a brand of children's medicine sold in the UK, Ireland, India, Cyprus, China and the Philippines."


    "Sinister use of Calpol by politicians." (Tony Blair among others)


    "Although it was successful at curing these endemic illnesses, it had the unnerving side affect of making kids have bad trips and 6 year-olds beginning to develop scruffy sideburns and wear ridiculous red and blue ties.
    If these sides effects weren't bad enough, the drug was often cut with spinach, rhubarb and brussels sprouts, having an effect more commonly observed with heroin. Scores of children became desititute and lived on the streets resorting to petty crime and begging for their next hit of Calpol. Calpol is banned in 13 countries, but still legal for anyone pretending to be Oscar Wilde or his pet anthrax spore in the United Kingdom. Otherwise possession carries the penalty of instant death by moving to Herne Bay and 2365.45 blows by a whip with barbed wire tied to it.calpol comes in diffrent types they are capsules and off course the popular liquid which if taken not according to insturction eg.more than twice evry hour can lead to strange side effects one that is unknown but definitly a threat is penile disfunction."

  162. IMO Maddie was given medication that a child should not have been given and the McCann’s knew this would be revealed and they couldn’t risk an autopsy. With the suspected falsifying of crèche records and the unexplained pre-printed postcard holiday snaps of Maddie, deleted phone texts, Gerry’s reading material, this looks more like it was premeditated. This child was never abducted, and if she where wouldn’t the parents have been searching here, there and everywhere for her. Kate never bothered to look outside the apartment on the night she disappeared not the usual behaviour of a parent of an abducted child, and then to state that ‘after 5 days I was sleeping normally again’. What amazed me was their first interview outside the apartment Kate all made up and wearing earrings, hardly a distraught parent. Their house at Rothley should be checked by the dogs, it should be done as a matter of course. If it is possible the acid beds should also be checked, these could be red herrings but they should still check them out and if the McCann’s argue about Human Rights what about Maddies’ human rights. McCann’s have manipulated the media and silenced and sued for vast amounts of money. Much of which they have achieved is done behind closed doors and is very questionable but as their guilt becomes more obvious, and questions remain unanswered, more theories are speculated upon, it becomes apparent that this case will need to be reopened. At the time the McCann’s had probably assumed 3 years later it would have all died down and they could sit back and enjoy the trappings of their new life, but Kate and Gerry ‘even the best laid plans can go wrong’. Amarals book is based on facts not speculation, and the pursuing court case and bad publicity made many people question why the McCann’s have been allowed to manipulate the judicial system, the outcome was clearly unjust for Amaral, Mourat suing Jane Tanner will be the turning point in this case as she will be on her own, will she be prepared to commit perjury for the sake of her friend Gerry? It should be reopened as a murder investigation with a much stronger focus on what really happened to Maddie. In the midst of this corruption a child probably died through her parents neglect, they have continued to make money from this with their disgusting on-line store and Maddie Fund, television appearances, standing ovations and parties. They may think they have got away with it but justice will come when they least expect it. Kate and Gerry what goes around, comes around.

  163. 'Produtor de ‘Survivor’ detido em Cancun por suspeita da morte da mulher'
    'O norte-americano Bruce Beresford-Redman, produtor de séries como Survivor foi detido quinta-feira como suspeito da morte da sua mulher, dias depois do próprio ter reportado o seu desaparecimento num resort de luxo na estância turística de Cancum

    'O corpo da brasileira Mónica Burgos foi encontrado quinta-feira numa fossa séptica do hotel Moon Palace e apresentava sinais de estrangulamento.

    De acordo com funcionários do hotel, havia a certeza que Mónica Burgos não tinha saído da unidade hoteleira porque desde 2009 que existia um controlo muito rigoroso com registos de entradas e saídas de pessoas e veículos após o desaparecimento de uma turista inglesa, cujo corpo foi encontrado semanas mais tarde a cerca de cinco quilómetros do hotel.

    A polícia concentrou as investigações no hotel que tem cerca de dois mil quartos e o cadáver com sinais de violência foi encontrado na fossa logo na manhã de quinta-feira.

    A detenção foi determinada pelo Procurador da região que sublinhou que Bruce Beresford-Redman apresentava arranhões e feridas no corpo.

    O produtor americano está a ser acompanhado por funcionários da embaixada americana em todos os interrogatórios policiais.'

    Lusa / SOL

    E AS HISTORIAS REPETEM-SE DANDO CORPO A TEORIA DAS PROBABILIDADES - Normalmente sao os familiares proximos das pessoas desaparecidas, os responsaveis pelo seu desaparecimento.

  164. Joana, I was sorry to hear that the author of a book that I have ordered has not asked for permission to use translated material. I'm sure permission would have been granted if requested.

  165. I had questioned some of aacgs comments, politely, I hope,because my understanding was that this site supported Mr Amaral's position; as I do.He believed that M died in the apartment and his libel case is based on this. aacg seemed to be posting that there was no evidence of a death in the apartment, so I'm somewhat confused now. I know aacg supported Mr Amaral's right to free speech, but I didn't understand his position in some postings.

  166. poster @160
    I used to believe Maddie died as the result of an accident ,but I no longer do ,IMO,Maddie was murdered ,and by kate in a fit of temper (as seen outside the court)and disposed of by Gerry ,to reopen the case as an accidentle death is wrong

  167. What speaks loudest AGAINST Madeleine having died of a drug overdose is where the blood and cadaver odour were indicated by those 'never been wrong yet' dogs.

    If Gerry had found Madeleine dead of an accidental overdose then surely she would have been FOUND IN BED.

    If Madeleine had been given medication to make her sleep, and according to Kate McCann she last saw Madeleine asleep in bed, then why and how did Madeleine end up behind the settee, cadavour odour, blood and all?

    The cadaver dog is saying that MADELEINE DIDN'T DIE IN BED. There was no cadaver odour indicated there, or in the children's bedroom.

    If Madeleine had died behind the settee while Kate and Gerry were out, and it really was an accident, then it could easily have been covered by waiting until morning to report it, and then saying she must have died when they were asleep in bed.

    And, if it was a drug overdose she would have died in bed, but didn't, indicating it was not a drug overdose she died from, then what is left?

    This case should be reopened as a MURDER investigation and start again from there. I do hope the investigators will do this and get things moving again.


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