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Kate and Gerry McCann are interviewed by Lorraine Kelly for GMTV

Pre-recorded interview broadcast by GMTV on 28.04.2010


By Jaya Sidodia

THE parents of Madeleine McCann have accused the British police of giving up on the hunt for their missing daughter.

Gerry and Kate McCann have called for British detectives to review the case from start to finish.

They made their plea days before the third anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance from a holiday apartment

The McCanns, both 41, believe that the investigation has stalled.

They say the British and Portuguese police have failed to follow up leads generated by the couple’s own private investigators.

In an interview due to be broadcast on GMTV this morning, Mr McCann, a consultant cardiologist, said: “It’s not right that an innocent, vulnerable British citizen is essentially given up on.

“And I don’t think it’s right that as parents, that we have to drive the search. Of course we will, but not everyone has had the same resources and support that we have had to be able to do that. And I think it’s pretty cruel.”

He added: “We need to have a proper review of all the information.”

Mrs McCann gave up her work as a GP to focus on the search for Madeleine, who disappeared aged three on May 3 2007 while the family was on holiday in the Algarve.

She said: “We do this in medicine. You know, if there’s a case where you don’t seem to be getting a diagnosis, somebody will come in and review it.

“They’ll go back to square one – and that’s where you find out what else needs to be done and it will help point you in the right direction.”

She added that she finds her daughter’s birthday, May 12, harder to cope with than the anniversary of her disappearance. “Her birthday is actually a much more difficult day for us than May 3,” she said.

“May 3 really is just another day without Madeleine, but the 12th is obviously a day when we should be celebrating Madeleine, celebrating with Madeleine.”

In a separate interview yesterday Kate recalled how one of her son Sean’s friends had asked her: “Are you a doctor?” She said: “Sean just came in and said, ‘Mummy was a doctor but her job now is to find Madeleine’.”

Kate also told of the heartbreaking moment she told Sean and his twin sister Amelie that Madeleine had been taken.
“I think it was last year Amelie said to me, ‘Has Madeleine run away?’” she said. That really upset me because I thought I really don’t want her to think Madeleine is at fault.”

The couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, left Madeleine and Sean and Amelie, then aged two, alone in their holiday apartment while they went for dinner with friends.

Mr McCann said that if they could go back in time, they would not have left Madeleine alone.

He said: “If we could turn back the clock and change what happened, obviously we wouldn’t have done it.”

in Express 28.04.2010


  1. No good, I can't sit through to the end of this drivel. Those two and the gushing Lorraine as well. Simply too much.

    But notice how perky they are both looking!! Kate not worrying herself sick about what might be happening to Madeleine in that paedophile lair then? She is certainly looking well at the moment and quite glamorous.

    It is hard to keep up with this woman and her changes in looks, one minute frail and looking oh so ill, and the next looking happy and glamourous.

    Come on Portugal, get this case reopened and then let's see how they feel. They should feel pleased for it to be reopened, yet that is the last thing this pair want. What's betting that would wipe the smile off their faces.

  2. I didnt get past "Madeleine is in our lives everyday."

    Hows that Kate? Dont you mean evading justice and the PJ is on your mind?

    Or maybe you mean the Madeleine Fund? After all what has the 2 million AND is that with the payouts from newspapers ect (does that add up?)been spent on besides lawyers and fraud specialists?

    What part of it are you spending personally-besides mortgage repayments?

    The soft make up and sober clothing arent fooling anyone Kate -you look well. Too well for parents who claim their child was abducted and is held by child abusers.

    Need more money to fund your new lifestyle? Or perhaps fund prosecutions against those like Amaral-the senior detective on your case who has dealt with other cases like yours and believes the EVIDENCE shows Madeleine died in the apartment?

    I know youve not much sympathy for Madeleine LK (to be honest I believe she is beyond suffering now) but try to look at those photos from the apartment-showing the blood stains- try to remember these wannabe jetsetters have travelled everywhere but to the place they claim theyre detectives KNOWS their daughter is or has been held- a sex lair just outside PDL.

    When youve thought about that if you can- watch the dogs if you still feel sympathy for the McCanns try to imagine being nearly four in a dark foreign apartment babysitting your baby siblings and suffering night terrors -imagine your child screaming for the hour and a quarter Mrs Penn heard Madeleine screaming for. Still sympathise with two doctors?

    Have you been to the bar in PDL? Sat in it at night -seen how much of the apartment CANT be seen from inside from their table? Imagined your children there?

    If youve done all that and say as a mother you sympathise I despair for our children- Madeleine was the victim here and they still havent answered the PJ's questions. Everything suggest that that night unlike the previous ones Madeleine wasnt able to cry that the tapas stories are alibis. Doeasnt that worry you LK?

    There's a perfectly good investigation that could be started today and needent cost the Portuguse and English public one penny over the millions theyve already spent yet its only half finished because the PJ couldnt get the McCanns to cooperate or apply to keep the case open; the McCanns want another and you support that LK? Why?

  3. Available at MCCANNFILES:

    'Kate McCann exclusive: My Liverpool and why we're closer to finding Madeleine - Liverpool Echo'

    I just pick some parts which I consider jokes:

    'EVERY time I'm back home at my mum and dad's and I head off for a run, it fills me with a great sense of warmth and hope to see the green and yellow 'Madeleine rosettes' tied to the railings along Allerton Road. It makes me very proud of my Liverpool roots.

    Liverpool has been a bedrock of support for all our family.'- CAN AN INDEPENDENT PERSON LIVING IN LIVERPOOL, TELL US IF THIS IS TRUE? After 3 years, green and yellow rosettes? How she know they are for Madeleine?

    'It's incredibly painful to think that three years have gone by since we last saw Madeleine. Just the thought of it makes me panic. Strangely though, it sometimes feels like it all happened yesterday, but then reading my journals reminds me very clearly, of just how much has happened...'- 3 years without Madeleine looks like yesterday? IF IT WAS MY DAUGHTER WILL LOOK LIKE AN ETERNITY.

    'Gerry works full-time at the hospital....I spend my 'working day' dealing with the campaign to find Madeleine.'- Which campaign? VIP dinner's, Charitable runs? How this help finding Madeleine?

    'I honestly don't know where we'd be without them (The twins).'- Why that sentence? She means if they were arrested, if the twins were at State or Relatives care?

    'Madeleine remains a hugely significant person in their life. She appears in their role-play, in their conversations and in their prayers at night. I've heard them on many occasions talking to other children in the park saying "our big sister's six-and-a-half… blah, blah, blah".- POOR TWINS, FORCED TO CARRY ON A FAIRY TALE. (CONT)

  4. (CONT)
    Late their friends will moke them because they all read and got properly information about the case.

    'It's difficult to talk of 'success' when we still haven't found Madeleine but this year has certainly enhanced our chances of doing so'- Where I heard that? Ah, it was M3 promising Madeleine at Christmas.

    'The court case in Portugal over the past ten months, which led to the injunction against Goncalo Amaral’s book and DVD, has been a significant step forward.

    The damage caused in Portugal, by this book and 'documentary', to our efforts to find Madeleine may not have been apparent in the UK but we believe it has been highly detrimental.'- THE BIG JOKE. Blaim yourself. You have done nothing to help your childs. Reopen the case. Don't tell me that is Amaral fault that you don't reopen the case..

    'The injunction has therefore brought us great relief, as we can hopefully start moving forward with the search, in the places were it really matters.'- Another joke. Why we don't see anything? Sorry, I see the last one in N. Zealand with police discrediting you and ID and the father of the girl asking you to shut-up and leave them alone. Great job... you fade into silence.

    'Another significant project during the last year was the fundraiser'- THAT WE NOTICED and make you crap parents.

    'many pieces of the jigsaw, not yet joined up.' - YES, 48 questions not answered, a reconstruction not done, the Smiths and the Gaspar's not interviewed by police, Aragao not framed, M3 and Halligen not framed, etc.

    'We believe that by doing this, we will be much closer to finding out what has happened to Madeleine.'- AGREE. Amaral already got close and this was the problem. He will never had troubles if he did not close, YAH?

    'It's very hard to feel that the key piece of information, which would unravel this whole nightmare and bring Madeleine home, could be sitting on someone's desk.'- Well, is seating on your desk and God and you Kate, know it. You said that in Feb 18, do you remember?

    'And of course, it will not just be the person who took Madeleine that could help to give us this breakthrough…their mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandmother, grandfather, partner, colleague, neighbour or friend.'- What a joke... MEANS THE TAPAS 7, Kate parents, Mitchell, Gerry mum, etc?

    'Everybody is known to someone. Everybody confides in someone.
    All we need to do is reach one of these people or hope that one day, they will find the courage and compassion to come forward and tell us.'- Is that a message for Tapas 7?

  5. Anon @ 3 and 4 that is a brilliant post.
    Re-open the case - JUSTICE FOR MADDIE

  6. Good grief this is unbeleivable! They are so buoyant and perky. They seem barely able to contain their laughter-laughing at Lorraine Kelly's gullibility in believing their abduction fairytale. Their PR offensives do have a habit of back-firing. Hopefully, many people watching this will see through their flippant, smirking attitude.

  7. Why are the authorities not re-opening the case? Surely the parents are begging the authorities to re-open the case? No, not a 'review' - a re-opening of the investigation.

    Why oh why do the interviewers neverr put it to the McCanns that Kate refused to answer 40+ questions that could have assisted them in their enquiries? Why does no one point out to them that Kate claims a door that was moved was moved by someone else and Gerry claims he had a 'proud father' moment which would have necessitated the move?

    WHen are the authorities going to deal with this open wound and prosecute these 'parents'?

  8. Glamourous kate I must have been watching the wrong programme she looked happy but her hair was dreadful like a witch, she reminds me of the portrait of Dorian Grey they both do wonder if they have a picture in the loft' Look at the faces of them both in Portugal and compare, to now the evil is showing in both faces.

  9. So, Madeleine is in their lives every day, eh.

    I bet she is.

    After all, didn't Kate say she went and visited Madeleine's bedroom each day!!!

  10. What was the point of the Kelly interview, Tonight's Liverpool Echo (which by the way favours the Maccann's) has a full 2 pages of an interview with Kate Maccann how the twins are her like her best friends, (did'nt she also say that about Madelaine or was she her best buddy)and Mr Amarals book and video has had a determental effect on the search, same old story about the abbductor and pleading for information I thought she went missing in Portugal was it Liverpool.
    How people in Liverpool love her parents and hug them in the street.
    I would say 95% of Liverpool people blame the Parents. The echo interview like the Kelly one is pure tosh.

  11. The way they go on about the cops having let them down. Turning on the UK police as well as the PJ now.

    The UK cops wont search for Madeleine, nor will the PJ. Why should they when they concluded Madeleine is dead.

    Be careful McCanns. It is beginning to sound like you are throwing down the gauntlet.

    You might get more than you bargained for if you keep trying to dismiss the cops as not having helped you. Seems to most people they have bent over backwards to help. In fact, given you too much help compared to other people.

    Or is your complaint really that they wont give you the information you tried to get to see when you took them to court in UK.

    Are you hoping that by getting your friend Gamble to request a 'review' that the confidential/secret information will eventually be released to him as well.

    Is it that important to you to know what information they have which they wont let you see.

    Do the McCanns really think they are above the law and can do what the hell they like. It is about time somebody told them where to get off. They have been very lucky not to have been charged with neglect at the very least. They may just be pushing that luck too far.

  12. it seems they can say what they like about pj and british cops and get away with it,my question is why, is it because they are really are being protected by some one high up. as for the interveiw what a load of cobblers

  13. Come on Portugal.

    Fling one great big present into their laps.

    Reopen the case.

    Let's see how grateful they will be to you for that.

  14. Gerry looks like an evil violent controlling manipulator, both are hard. Why do people in authority accept this cover up, Mccanns have ridiculed the police why don't the police request the case be re-opened. Surely Mccanns can't control everything. How Madeleine must have suffered in her 3 short years at the hands of these two monsters - even now with all the available information nothing is done about Mccanns. WHY?

  15. I found it interesting that the interviews at the time of the CEOP age processed pictures, Gerry was very keen to emphasise that Law Enforcement (and he used those very words referring to CEOP) was fully involved in that venture. And..., barely a few months later, he is very clear in that law enforcement is NOT involved in the search. Something doesn't sound right about that to me.

  16. Could it be the McCanns are wanting to know what Payne had to say off the record, the information about the disappearance of Madeleine that he said he didn't want put in his statement?

    Did any of the other Tapas friends have something to say off the record as well?

    Obviously it may not be something they want the McCanns to know about, so are they going to admit they said anything other than what was in their statement.

    The McCanns have got a nerve trying to get the UK police to pass on all the information they have to them.

    Who do they think they are. Obviously a law unto themselves, all done under the pretext of trying to find Madeleine, even though they wont return to PDL to answer the questions or do an official reconstruction. Not the McCanns, who have to do their own version!

    By the way, it is hard to believe their friends would not have gone back and done an official reconstruction if the McCanns had requested them to.

    Pity they can't be charged with hindering the investigation.

  17. "Dave and his team"

    Seems like confirmation that Cowley's no longer part of the team - now, why would he want to leave a job in difficult economic times?

    "you'd move Heaven and Earth"

    Seems like moving Heaven and Earth might include looking, not just posing with death-scented toy cats. If you have to adopt a forlorn pose while you're doing it, there's a possibility you might be somewhat insincere in the way you present yoursself. Interesting to note, too, that the amount of people criticising them has changed from a "small minority" to, um, a "small minority".

  18. So, a birthday is so much more dificult than the 3rd of May?!...
    ...Well, that certainly was not the case in Madeleine's fourth birthday, back in 2007, was it? The world has seen the proof of it in those infamous photos outside the church in Luz!

    And, have they been "coached" to learn how to control their telltale signs of disconfort and untruth? This time we did not get the "itchy and scratchy show"...

  19. Where does Lorraine Kelly comes from?
    She has a different pronounciation.

  20. Lorraine Kelly holds up one of their holiday packs to show her viewers. She tells her viewers it aimed at people going on holiday anywhere. Kelly encourages people to get a pack (it has to be bought! Why not free?) and put up the posters! Is it legal in every country to do so? Off the top of my internet nutter head printed matter cannot be taken into China!


  21. I live in Liverpool and from what I hear in the hairdressers even in hospital wards, most people do not believe the maccanns, The Liverpool echo favours the Maccann fairy story. I was in the company of kate maccann's parents and lets just say her mother had a very good idea, I was one scouser, from who she would not get a hug. I don.t know about the rosettes on Allerton road that,s where her parents live its a good way from me Liverpool is a big city, They may have been put there by family and stll there I don't know. I would say most People in Liverpool blame the parents. and back Mr Amaral.

  22. Kate was hyperventilating badly throughout that interview with the sycophantic Kelly and didn't stop for breath. She seems to be incapable of stringing a sensible sentence together but changes track mid way and Gerry is sitting there looking very supercilious and obviously terrified that she is going to let the cat out of the bag!

    You don't have to be detective to see right through them. As for them thinking that only a minority of people don't believe their story, they are living in a fool's paradise if they believe that!

    As for telling two toddlers that their big sister was taken by a stranger, just shows what uncaring parents they are. Those children will be lying in their beds wondering when it will be their turn for the bogeyman to take them too. Disgraceful!!

  23. Gerry McCann keeps insisting there is no proof that Madeleine came to any harm.

    He is even suggesting that if she really had been abducted as in their abduction fairy story, that would still mean no harm had come to her.

    That is insane. Does he seriously expect people to believe that?

    Far from it Gerry McCann.

    Madeleine came to so much harm in that holiday apartment that she ended up dead.

    That is why the investigators are no longer searching for an alive Madeleine and you know that.

    It is a dead Madeleine that the investigators should be searching for, and if that case is reopened that search can continue.

    No wonder the McCanns wont request a reopening. After all, with the help of the dogs she may be found, and then we will all discover the extent of the harm done to her.

  24. Being as how Murat was also dragged into this case, through no fault of his own, and ended up as an arguido, does that mean that he also gets a say on the reopening of the case?

    Can he himself request it, or is it only the parents who can do that?

  25. They are both a bag of nerves ,and so they should be

  26. anon 8 yes i agree with you .Evil eats away your looks and you cant hide guilt from the Almighty

  27. TO anon 3
    I live in Liverpool and do not support this child neglector. She is boasting in the Liverpool Echo that her dad has had ' a fair few pints bought for him'

  28. Could somebody please point out the evidence of the cases that Gerry referes to- children younger than four abducted by paedophiles(they claim) or at the least a strange man (here Gerry says)and returned unharmed years later?

    Does anyone else see the irony of a bookmark? A milk carton a car sticker these I understand but a bookmark?

    Very interested in Kate's little speech about Amelie (obviously not edited enough-still allowed to speak!)

    Remember Kate telling us almost from the begining that the twins understood Madeleine had been "stolen".

    Now she tells us that recently Amelie started asking in supermarkets if Madeleine had run away-(very revealing considering posts about Kate and Madeleine in PDL supermarket). Where would Amelie get that idea Madeleine running away if as they both keep claiming the twins are well aware of their parents saying to people that Madeleine is missing?

    My final question does LK ever join the dots? Id like to think she did a sterling job -for the PJ and somewhere in those edits is a load of information that was thought revealing.

    We are still not out of the apartment Gerry and all your talk of strange men and paedophiles does only one thing for me-convince me it was a domestic incident; because everytime your or your wifes mouths move all I can see is smoke rising from your posteriors.

  29. Kate says : "May 3 really is just another day without Madeleine"

    so, it wasn't the day she was taken then...... she obviously died before May 3rd, otherwise how could it NOT be a significant date!!!!

    In fact, May 3rd, according to the McCann version of events, wasn't another day without Madeleine at all, she was only nissing for about 3 hours in that night, she was supposed to be present all that day.

    Fruedian slip Katie???

    by the way Katie, why so many new hairdos, newly done expensive highlights (which looked as if they had a pinky aspect to them!!), yet your clothes always have to be covered with pathetic cheap looking scraggy cardigans. It doesn't add up.

    Aunty Anti

  30. The lies are getting monotonous. Answer the 48 questions, and do a reconstruction as requested by the Portuguese police. Reopen the case. Anything less - you are clowning around, Good Doctors McCann!

    Curiouser and curiouser...


  31. Are Gerry's pupils ok, comparing whis his iris, during that interview above?
    Or are they a little too big?

  32. 18, Lorraine Kelly comes from Scotland that's why she has such a lovely accent.
    I love Scotish accent.

  33. What is Kate staring at, at the beginning of the interview???

    It's as if she is in a trance, and suddenly comes to, to look at Lorraine.

    Plus Gerry has his usual enlarged pupils, (even in a well lit studio) indications of lying or drug taking.

    aunty anti

  34. Poster #3,
    I was in Liverpool a year ago. My family live near Allerton Road. The green and yellow rosettes were indeed there then. The people I spoke to in Liverpool still believe the McCanns. I DO NOT, but they are still sucking the locals.

  35. To 18:
    Lorraine Kelly is from Scotland.
    When will the McCanns shut up? Madeleine's being missing for 3 years so at some point the police will give up the investigation unless it is reopened as a cold case, if there is substantial new evidence, and surely that would be undertaken by the Portugese police.
    P.S. Anyone tell me why there may have been cadaver smell on the flower bed?

  36. Hello British Police,
    Yesterday at Dubai radios....
    '... Mccann's were accusing British and Portuguese police....'

    Last time was only Portuguese police. Now they increase the forces to blame. Since nothing change after 2007, why they increase the people to blame and do nothing to reopen the investigation?
    A strategy, to pass the image of victims. Now they are not only victims of the 'egg man' but also of the police. Wat they want? MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.
    Hello Stuart Prior, you will be next to be accused. This type of Characters go very low when they look for money.

  37. Hello Gerry,

    Because of the teenager Vizela Boy abducted and found by PJ and Spannish police in Spain, after 4 days of been missing, PJ IS REVIEWING ALL CASES OF MISSING CHILDS IN PORTUGAL, SINCE 2 YEARS. A THIGHT REVIEW BECAUSE THEY TARGET A NET OF PEOPLE TRAFICKING TEENAGERS TO WORK AS SLAVES.
    Madeleine was missing for 3 years now and was not a teenager seduced by Internet. She did not fall on the group of that missing persons because PJ has enough evidences to conclude that she was not abducted, she died and her body was concealed somewhere by who live close to her, not by a strange.
    Reopen the case instead of asking more donations and exploring the tragedy of your child.
    Last Feb. you said that the new information released by a Portuguese Prosecutor to British newspapers, damaged the search of your girl because your 'Pro-Supporters' papers and lawyer, helping you, cover the world with news about Madeleine in New-Zealand, Austria, etc. For the first time, a police and a father( New Zealand) ask you to shut-up and fade into your little world, leaving innocents to carry on their normal life. And YOU SHUT-UP in silence for some months.
    Now A new pack is on sale, with more pictures, to raise more sights, to annoy more innocents..... to DAMAGE THE SEARCH OF YOUR GIRL? YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT IN THE MEDIA, WITH WHAT YOU WANT. Don't adapt the campaigns according to your Justice or financial agenda. The Public is more intelligent and more attentive then what you think.

    EVERYTIME THIS TEAM SHOW UP, MORE JOKES TO ADD TO THEIR LITTLE DAUGHTER. Poor twins, if this continue... they soon, will be mocked by their friends in the playground.

  38. Anon.@ 28,

    Even Amelie Knows that most people who were missing, Run away. Let her grow up with her brother.... The twins will be hunting their parents.
    Who said that young childs have no memories? Kate wait... your time is coming, even because now DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BECOME AN ISSUE TO BE EXPOSED AND DISCUSSED, not something to hide inside family walls. THE TWINS WILL ACTIVATE THEIR MEMORIES TO UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPEN TO THEIR BIG SISTER.
    If Maddie case is passionate for trillions of bloggers, will be an obsession for her twin brothers. THEY WILL TAKE THEIR PARENTS TO JUSTICE WHEN THEY FOUND THE TRUTH.
    The nightmare just began.

  39. Yesterday, a new report shows that most of the childs victim of crimes, were victims of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE done by their parents or close relatives. WHY SHOULD MADELEINE BE DIFFERENT AFTER SEVERAL EVIDENCES?

  40. I put on the tv and there sat Kate and Gerry
    Speaking to some old fat bird off the telly
    There were no subtitles, so it was difficult to understand all she said
    But it was something about a girl snatched from her bed

    But fair is fair, they want her back
    So I thought I'd help them by getting a travel pack
    But to my surprise the packs aren't free
    To help them, I must pay a fee

    I find this most odd and funny
    To help find their daughter I must give them money
    But the public have given millions for just this event
    Not for lawyers and PR teams, was it meant

    So for this reason alone I find the McCanns odious scum
    And live in hope justice for Madeleine one day will come

  41. what gets me poster 39.....why are they never challenged...on the lies why is the abduction...the only theory...when there is not one single fact to back it up..or one single piece of genuine evidence in all of the publicity....

    and now they want to sell holiday packs at £1.75...with more posters of maddie....to make people aware.......as if they are not already.....the fund is now running dry....so imo another begging tactic on the solidarity and generosity of the Liverpool people.....imo also not her own words it has been tactically wrote for her...my Liverpool....it is getting and has been for so long a joke....how do they and have been getting away with insulting peoples intelligence...not only ours....but the ones who are paid...to protect....not the comic parent...the child maddie....the victim....who has not only been abandoned by her parents....also by the ones that have robbed maddie of her right...to be protected..BY ALL WHO HAVE FAILED HER...


  42. Anon 32

    I used to like the Scottish accent, but now when I hear it, especially from a man, Gerry McCann always comes to mind. It somehow does not have the same ring it did.

    Now it's a real turn off. Sad.

  43. There is only one way to have the Police have the case re-opened and that is Gerry & Kate themselves. Stop pussyfooting around and ask the PJ to re-open the case, unless for some reason they don't want it re-opened at all.

  44. Are the McCanns turning publically on the UK police, especially the LP, because they are still denying them the information they would not give them when the McCanns took them to court to try and get it released.

    Instead, the only information they were given was what they already knew.

    What information do the LP have that the McCanns want so desparately to get hold of?

    Now we are hearing the LP being dismissed as no good because they did not do their job to help find Madeleine. It is getting as bad as their anger towards the PJ.

    This is backed up by their pal Gamble who has already given the impression they could have the 'review' they wanted, but singled out the LP as not being worthy to do this. Who are these people kidding. Now this getting the 'review' doesn't look like it was true. Or can't they get any police force to cooperate with them?

    What do LP really think about all this? What is really going on?

    When is somebody going to publically challenge the McCanns in what they say? Are the LP or the UK police going to sit silent and let the McCanns go around dragging them down in the eyes of the public because they can't get their own way?

    As usual the McCanns are able to say whatever they like and get away with it.

    For their friend Gamble to publically say the McCanns are innocent is a disgrace. He was not one of the investigators who worked on the case, and he does not have the confidential information that has not been released by both PJ and LP.

    Hopefully he wont get it either.

  45. If they loved her so much, can someone please explain why they made her a ward of court? What is the significance of this move - anyone have any comments?

  46. For the life of me I cannot understand these two IDIOTS,

    According to their self employed Private Eyes - she is being held in a lair with a 10km radius of PDL, straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

    Why oh why are they on the telly - when they "know where she is" ooops I forgot being held by a paedophile gang, Madeleine has come to no harm???

    What, get these two whack jobs behind bars.

    PORTUGAL re-open the case as a murder investigation,

    I hope the comments from Kate and Gerry will give the LP and the PJ some form of retaliation, I am sure they must be really pissed of at these two.

    The chance is now and someone should take it, ASAP

  47. How abot this for puke inducing?


  48. What a show Mr. and Mrs. McCann are putting on?
    IMO it's all about money and as somebody said before they want get hold of information LP might have held back.
    But the worst is the incessant smirking of the father of the missing child!

  49. KK at 46

    I agree, and that it should be reopened as a murder investigation.

    It only takes a moment to form the intent to kill and follow through with it. That is murder.

    Nobody has the right to take the life of another person. Madeleine was a happy, skippy, chatty little girl. Somebody is getting away with taking her life away from her, and it is in that person's interest for us to think of the death as an accident.

    Has this perception of an accident been manipulated into the minds of the investigators because of various things said? Or do they really suspect something different caused Madeleine's death.

    An accident could easily have been covered over as happening when the parents were home in bed asleep. No blame would have come to them as they could have said Madeleine was sleepwalking when she died.

    An overdose of sleeping medication would also have meant Madeleine died in bed which is where Kate said she left her.

    She didn't die in bed. The dogs have revealed that. Madeleine died behind the settee where there were blood splatters on the walls, and blood under the tile where the cadaver scent was, and the settee had been washed.

    At the very least what happened might be reduced to manslaughter, but 'madness', as in Gerry's 'moment of madness' scenario would have to be proved.

    If there is somebody who is prone to such 'madness' then there is a very dangerous person at large because who knows when this 'madness' may burst forth again.

    Is this a person who is unable to control their temper at times of stress or impatience, and then resorts to violence?

    Perhaps even more sinister motives than that?

    The body had to be hidden because the truth of her death would have been obvious.

    The case should be reopened and a murder investigation set in place and all those close to the case who knew Madeleine was alone that night and had access to her made suspects.

    Perhaps then the Tapas friends would return to do that reconstruction as the non cooperation of all these people, including the McCanns, has hindered the investigation from the start.

    They have virtually done whatever they like and chosen to ignore requests to help.

  50. Anonymous 42 Anon 32
    Before we get into racial stereoptying, there is no such thngs as a "Scottish " accent.
    Try the Gorbals, High class Edinburgh, Lowlands, Highlands and the Outer Isles for five totally different ones to be going on with. For some you will need an interpreter. For the outer Isles, where they speak Gaelic as a first language, there is a gentle lilt on an educated English

  51. Anon 45

    This 'ward of court' thing is very strange, though people have said Madeleine wasn't made a ward of court until after she disappeared, and even give dates, but is that factual.

    No real explanation has yet been given as to why she was made a ward of court. Have the other children who disappeared also been made wards of court?

    Was Madeleine already a 'ward of court' and does that have something to do with why the McCanns were asked the question of whether they were going to have Madeleine adopted.

    Where did the investigators get that idea from? They must have based the question on something they knew. In adoption processes children may be made wards of court.

    The other usual reason is for a child to be made a 'ward of court' when they are placed on the 'at risk' register, usually when at risk in the parental home. Supposedly so that child can be removed if need be, amongst other things needed to try and safeguard and protect the child.

  52. anon 46,
    I strongly agree with you! This show must gone.

  53. I have the utmost respect for Kate and Gerry.

    They have spent the last 3 years tirelessly searching everywhere for their missing daughter. They've even hired their own detectives with their own money.
    The Portuguese Police haven't helped Kate & Gerry at all. In fact they have hindered them in their search.
    Some rubbish about "concealment of a cadaver" and "simulation of an abduction."

    They are doctors for goodness sake. Why on earth would they harm their own daughter? Yes they were negligent to leave her (& twins under 2) night after night on holiday. Yes Mrs. Fenn the neighbour heard them crying for nearly an hour at night two nights before the abduction. Yes it was like dining in their back garden and yes an abductor, who'd been watching them, had got in by jemmying (or not) the shutters or by opening a locked door (or unlocked) and left through a too-small window without leaving a single trace. These things do happen. He is still out there and could strike again at any moment.

    Yes the british dogs detected cadaver odour in the flat, hire car and some clothes. But this odour could have been transferred or planted. Yes they left the scenic boot open night after night but dirty nappies leave a terrible smell.
    Yes Gerry was spotted walking around with Madeleine in his arms by the Smith family but they were probably drunk and mistaken.

    In fact the only people who have ended up having to carry on the search for their own daughter are Kate and Gerry. They have had to assume all responsibility for her which is just not on.

    Surely the media and the government could help the McCann's.

    1. Doctors has nothing to do with it.
      Harold shipman doctor killed hundreds
      Ted bundy lawyer killed probably 100
      Profession doesn't dictate no personality or narcissistic disorders.
      You can see in Garry's eyes drugs lies or a violent bdsm type.
      Something not quite right.
      Lies show in the eyes and aura.
      Now they are using young maddies death or professional kidnap to make money. Disgraceful.

  54. Not only is it puke inducing @47, it's totally manipulated.
    The mail will not print comments which don't support the 'abduction' fallacy, you have to get online on blogs and forums to see genuine public opinion which raises the question what is so awful that it must be kept from the public's sight at all costs? FOI requests are worthless - hope Amaral does go to the ECHR because I believe it's the only way we'll ever get to the truth.

  55. @ 47 Gone all out havent they? Trouble is even if all those comments of sympathy are not from keyboard monkeys they equate to one thing people wanting the case reopened.

    Its a nice ploy to move on pushing for a review but a few hundred supporters amounts to what? In a Catholic family? Sorry but not much.

    I can count twenty five cousins alone on my mothers side- they all have at least two children (my second cousins could make their own mafia)Im slightly younger than Kate - her article aimed at the people of Liverpool was for a reason. A few hundred letters or arrows says nothing and changes nothing there are thousands who would be negatively posting IF they were allowed.

    The investigation remains in the PJ's hands unless they give up on justice for Madeleine this wouldnt mean anything even if there were thousands of arrows supporting the McCanns.

    Nice try to get Kate sympathy and try make a review possible. Gerry youre not out of the apartment yet the more you push the more curiosity you make and more people read the true facts and the more appalled they are. All your conspirarcy rumours your posts of paedophiles, templars, massive medicine trials, cloning, masons and other dribble has got you where? In this hole you idiot.

  56. scouser who is not and never will be a maccann supporterloverThursday, April 29, 2010 2:29:00 pm

    Liverpool people are not all supporting the Maccanns, the local paper is, but that rag supports anyone who breaks the law, that's no surprise
    people who support them are mainly their friends and elderly who don't have access to the internet people know only what they read in the press, and we all know they have the Maccanns walking saints. My friend believed maddie had been taken and was still alive untill she read Tony Bennets book that changed her mind. The maccanns have been very cunning from day one with the Catholic farce and in law as yet they are innocent, I really blame the PJ come get your finger s out Gordon is finished, nail this pair of liars for good.

  57. If I'm not mistaken, the portuguese police, the PJ, cannot by their own volition make the decision to reopen any investigation that has been archived by a public prosecutor (the public ministry) and vice-versa. It was not the PJ who archived the case in the first place, it was the P.Min. I believe that only the public prosecutor(s) have the power to decide of the destiny of each investigation, if it stays ongoing, close, archived, whatever.
    Can anyone from Portugal, with legal knowledge clarify this, please? It's just that I feel it is so unfair that people think the PJ is somewhat at blame for the case not being reopen (and for its archiving as well).

    Oh, and it's my feeling too, that the Public Ministry is heavily influenced and manipulated by the political powers...what other explanation can there be for the outcome of so many "sensitive" investigations?

    Thank you.

  58. Anon 53, are you serious?! Or you are McCann? There's no one true word in what you've written there! Completely opposite! It's not so funny any more. The criminals are walking free. Making money on the death of the child! Laughing on the face of Justice! In front of all of us! And THIS MUST BE STOPPED!

  59. From the D.Mail article mentioned in #47,

    "Even now, the questions remain. Could she still be alive? Worst of all, is she the prisoner of some twisted individual? I know that must be your deepest fear - indeed it doesn't bear thinking about - although of course it must always be at the back of your mind."

    Of course not, Esther Rantzen! You obviously have not done your homework, you've not been paying attention to the McCanns mantra, you naughty girl...tststst...
    Kate and Gerry will not be amused by your letter, better apologize quickly, or else...

  60. IMO Madeleine died as a result of domestic violence at the hands of Gerry on the night Mrs Fenn thought she heard Maddie calling Daddy, Daddy. Kate could have been sobbing Maddie, Maddie.
    She could have suffered a nose bleed as a result of a fatal punch to the head in his ‘moment of madness’.
    Gerry has manipulated this situation, he is in control. Kate I feel is unbalanced and mentally unstable and has difficulty stringing a sentence together and totally relies upon Gerry for her prompts. Maybe she suffered a nervous breakdown after the twins were born; he does not look a supportive husband.

    She never answered the 48 questions because she is incapable of doing so, even the guilty would have attempted to answer some of them she was interviewed without Gerry and was unsure of what to say or do. Undoubtedly she is his accomplice and as guilty as he is.

    He looks an abuser with a violent temper. At first he attempted to cover up by hiding Maddies body, and that would have probably been the end of it if he had stopped then, but then the money started pouring in.
    Hungry lawyers became involved they are the ones with the connections when we assume it is a government cover up, it is not, simply top notch lawyers have all the connections to all top people always managing to keep the guilty rich out of prison all the while they are being paid huge salaries.
    The fund is drying up so desperate measures were taken by this couple to do an interview with Lorraine advertising their media packs for gullible viewers to purchase. They care not if the police are looking or not looking for their daughter – their only message is and always has been – donations.
    If they were being protected by governments or anybody else they would not have needed to do that interview. What of Clarence he seems to have disappeared. If they successfully sue Amaral, Clarence & Co will be back on board as there will be another million or so in the money pot, and so the greed continues...

  61. Anon.@ 53.

    Good Irony but I'm Afraid that Mccann's little brain will send you a 'thank you card' with a little note at the end asking you to buy the new pack or just make a symbolic donation.

    This Love birds are desperate for trillions of little grains.

  62. Anon 59 do you not understand irony???

    the fact that the McCann's have even tried to excuse that long damning list of anomalies is inexcusable

  63. The judge in the damages suit against Amaral must be persuaded that no police force is actively seeking Madeleine so they can steal his money-end of story.All cooked up by spin doctors and as usual easy to see through.Gerry knows we know what he is up too but does not care as long as the judge is as easily swayed by propaganda as the last one was.

  64. Anon 59, I think if you read Anon 53's post again, you will realise he/she is not being serious and pointing out how silly it is to believe the fairytale.

  65. Anon 53

    Methinks you are having a little leg pull with your posting.

    Am still laughing.

  66. I'd like to ask the Portuguese people how much they have lost in tourism over the last 3 years because of this saga. Derek

  67. The duo are everywhere. In an interview Mrs says she was given advice to be honest with the twins questions. How about the presents their sister sent?

  68. Anon 51, I read somewhere she was made WOC on advice of their lawyers. I can't remember why although at the time it was explained.

  69. Dr Amaral has said that with a different prosecutor this case could go ahead.

    Prior to the case being shelved the investigators who worked on the case believed there was enough evidence to proceed to bring charges, so why did that prosecutor back down.

    Did his decision have something to do with the Attorney General and higher political intervention?

    Was there great concern for the state of the health of somebody involved in the case at that time, and is that what swung in favour of shelving.

    I can clearly remember talk of concern of suicide, though not certain who that was referring to.

    As regards the question of paedophile involvement in this case, I think the Gaspar statements should be taken seriously because who knows what may have been going on. The people who reported it are doctors themselves and they were concerned enough to contact the police.

    Their statements should not be shoved under the carpet as there may be others who have more to add to these statements.

  70. These parents did learn something in the 3 years they've been giving interviews, they keep those hands on their laps now, as not to give anything away. No more body language, they sit there like a couple of stiffs.

  71. Just looking at the Smarmy photo of them looking at each other at the top of this page tells it all. Thay are hiding something and think they have outwitted evryone. Not quite as they will shortly find out.

  72. poster 53....are you for real....they are doctors for god sake....you say..

    wasn't crippen and also shipman doctors..and many more so called [highly strung]respectable people...they have never paid anything with there own money....the mortgage was paid from the fund...in my eyes like robbing your child's piggy bank for your own use....they care only for the fund,,,,,and themselves....

  73. Poster 59 ....IMO poster 53 is a wind up ,having a laugh ,I know there are some gullible people in the world,but NO ONE is this gullible

  74. Poster @ 49 ,what an EXCELLENT post ,I totally agree with everything you say ,it is by time the smirks were wiped right off both of their smug faces ,remember Gerrys immortal words"Find the body and prove we killed her"Why would he say this? they both KNOW Maddie cannot be found ,but other cases have be to court without a body ,IMO the police have more than enough to re open this case and get justice for Maddie

  75. I've watched and listened to the this drivel. It's more like the Gerry McCann show with him interviewing a very smitten Lorraine Kelly. They disgust me.

    Furthermore, the McCanns will never ask for the case to be re-opened because they know where little Maddie is and they know they are responsible for the disappearance. So come on Portugal - re-open the case now and issue a warrant for the arrest of the parents. The McCs have made fools of all us for too long, it has to STOP NOW!

  76. Does anybody know who would be in charge of the case if it got reopened in Portugal?

    Will the same people be working on it?

  77. Anon @ 53

    I get quite frustrated when her comments like "They couldn't do it, they're doctors", "She couldn't do it, she's a mother" or, from a policeman, "She couldn't do it, she is religious". These are ridiculous statements that do not bear up to close examination. It's like when people say that the Krays (famous London gang leaders) loved their mother and were nice to people. people are complex. They have more than one side to their peronalities. Being a parent does not stop you abusing a child. The biggest mass murderer in history was the doctor, Harold Shipman. And let us not forget the priests who have comitted abuse.

  78. @53

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  79. Anonymous @ 47......

    Esther Rantzen - open letter to Kate Mccann.

    Before going into over-drive about this I think it wise to try reading between the lines. You might find a whole new interpretation rather than taking the letter on face value!

  80. Anonymous @ 53 said, "They've even hired their own detectives with their own money."

    Well this one really takes the biscuit. With their own money? Are you sure about that?! And as to the suggestion they've been searching for 3 years: did they search at the most critical of times, ie the night she disappeared? Oh, "it was soooooo dark...."

  81. Portuguese state tv channel, RTP1 program "Linha da Frente" will be about the case:

    rtp1 > 01-05-2010 | 21:00 | Episodio 21 - DEPOIS DE MADDIE

    Three years after Madeleine's disappearance RTP went to Luz. The film crew talked to sacked Ocean Club workers, local shop-owners and british expats who reside in the region.

    It will be interesting to watch what these have to say about the whole thing...

  82. #35 one theory about cadaver smell in the flower bed is that Gerry dropped the corpse off there because he was interrupted by Jerry Wilkins

  83. poor Madeline, she was hiding behind the settee in a desperate attempt to try and escape being beaten to death.....

  84. anonymous 53 do you know where the Madeleine is? Obstruction to justice is crime, do you know that?

  85. I think 53 is having a bit of fun!

  86. anonymous 58 the case will never be open because the system has already spent too much money with this hopeless case. But I assure you that McCann will fall down. The fall will be done inside UK not here.

    I have a few botles of very old Port to celebrate the fall. I'm not in a rush to open them. Leave the wine getting a proper age, let's put all the facts in perspective, we all know much more about this case than in 2007.

    Kate is wrong when she said to Lorraine that it's only a minority that thinks they are connected to Madeleine disappearance. In fact, is a growing majority that has more and more information from the files released by the police to the media and what was discussed in court. New books will be printed about this matter.

    Please remember that only part of the files were released. But the information is already so interesting, imagine what they are not telling us.

    See, I hope this won't be solved so soon. Agony and fear is a better verdict than justice at the court of law. In fact, is better than justice.

    There is no innocent people here, only different levels of responsibility. Open your eyes.

    Yes, I'm back!

  87. 53@,

    "he is still out there..."Kate's words
    (I am her mummy, I know she is (still) OUT THERE)
    "some RUBBISH" Kate
    "they are doctors for goodness sake"
    ("Kate is a doctor, for goodness sake")said by Mrs.Healey.
    the odour could have been planted( Mrs. Healey words).
    Comment 53 comes from a person very close to the McCanns.
    It can be Kate but I suspect Mrs. Healy.
    That is my opinion

  88. I Have just viewed the GMTV interview with the mccanns and Lorraine Kelly and I strongly beleive our perception of Lorraine in this instance is incorrect.
    In my opinion Lorraine has always come across as one of us so to speak, salt of the earth type and fully in tune with the normal general consensus of things.
    I dont for one minute having viewed the footage of the interview beleive Lorraine was comfortable or indeed beleived any of the things the mc canns were saying,she just had to go through the motions coz its her job.I could be wrong?perhaps we have been too harsh in our comments regaring Lorraines opinion in this case.
    And no S.B

    Im not part of the Dundee scottish fraternity or do I know Lorraine personally either. its just my opinion , I would be interested to hear DR Martin Roberts assesment on this interview.


  89. Anon 53 -

    You said - "I have the utmost respect for Kate and Gerry"

    You also said - "Yes, Mrs Fenn, a neighbour, heard them crying for nearly an hour at night 2 nights before the abduction".

    Remember those children were left for six nights, not just one.

    How can you respect parents whose neglect caused their children such distress? You are obviously more in tune with bad parenting than with neglected and frightened children!

  90. I have long ago concluded that Maddie is sadly no longer alive, that the McCanns are clearly lying to the world and therefore I've lost the incentive to even attempt to argue this with anyone who still has their head in the sand. If there is anyone who has read the police files, watched the McCanns over the last 3 years, read the statements from their Tapas pals and Clarence Mitchell and still does not see this deception, I can't help them.

    What I believe needs to be found is not whether or not this is a cover-up, but WHY it is a cover-up. Who is behind this? What could possibly be causing those who know the truth not to blow the whistle?

    Fear. There are people going to sleep every night having nightmares about this - about what they know and their inability to safely come forward.

    It is easy for us to be outraged, but we are not the ones with our lives at stake. Yes, I think it is that sinister and that it is not a lack of desire keeping people quiet.

    It is a justifiable fear of the people behind this cover-up.

  91. If you read post 53 properly he/she is being cynical of the Mccanns not defensive of them. It is a clever post.

  92. Anon @ 61 totally agree - too many greedy lawyers out for themselves.

  93. Anon 53;
    You are naughty, but I like you.

  94. @88 Excellent post.

    The McCanns have to go on with this circus, because Kate's 'minority' didn't disappear and worse they aren't able to gag this 'minority', a real danger, because it gives the opportunity to become a 'majority'. Pride will have a fall.

  95. 92 I agree that there have been many people in this case who have been threatened; in order to maintain their silence. I also think the lack of reporting on Kevin Halligen and the case against Jim Gamble in the High Court this month is very telling.

  96. Not a shred of emotion, not a tear wiped away, not one tremble of the lip- in short-phony. My sister and friend who watched this said how GM gave them the creeps. I could only watch some of it before I had to switch off.

  97. Maddie is dead!!!!

    This is what Esther is saying at her open letter to Kate. The rest of the text is just Esther being providential to avoid any legal action against her. She clear said: 'Everybody knows, she is dead. It is time to stop the farce, to end the circus.

    Maddie is dead!!!!

    This is why her parents start campaigns after campaigns just to raise money and foolish the public. They know, there is no risk that she can come to any harm at the hands of an abductor, because she no longer exist and the abductor never existed. No any campaign can cause any pain to Madeleine or put her at risk of being killed.

    That are the only conclusions we can take from Esther letter and Mccann's actions.

    No any parent of a missing child with hypotheses of being alive ( even if it was a small probability) will engage all Media shows and campaigns like the Mccann's do. They are showing us, MADELEINE IS DEAD.

  98. This interview is a warning to politicians involved pre-elecion-Do not let us down; we are in this together. Nothing to do with selling tacky merchandise which would take a lot of shifting at this price to cover their high-maintenance life- style.

  99. Very good points in posts 61 and 88.

    Once again I tried to put a comment on a Daily Mail article and it went straight to trash. I think I'll have to start writing like poster 53. Will DM recognise it as a send up?

    Dr Martin Roberts has a brilliant new article on mccannfiles.


  100. Re the gmtv interview; it went immediately to the cooking segment once finished and unfortunately the chef was called James Tanner - which made Lorraine stumble somewhat! A coincidence - surely not, it's a different chef every week.

  101. Why wasn't Kate McCann made to give evidence at the last court case when Gerry McCann came out of court and contradicted one of the witnesses of Sr Amaral?

    This was regarding the issue of whether or not Kate McCann had said she had a dream indicating Madeleine was buried on hillside.

    This dream had the investigators off and searching the hills.

    Gerry categorically said Kate never had such a dream. Would Kate McCann have confirmed that she never had such a dream? Or would she have contradicted Gerry?

    If she had agreed with Gerry that she had never said she had a dream, hopefully there would be something on record to prove she is lying.

    As it is, Gerry McCann has tried to give the impression that it is Dr Amaral and his witnesses who are lying.

    This should have been addressed in court before the judge.

  102. Anon 92

    Yes, there is an element of menace running through this case.

    The death of Dr Amaral's dog, if nothing else, should be an indicator of that, even to the intimidation of an elderly lady like Mrs Murat.

    And we have seen how very easy it would be to stitch somebody up for the death of Madeleine, as Robert Murat very nearly was.

    Also, the Tapas worker who has been said to have gone into hiding. Why did he need to go into hiding?

    How many others, we have not yet heard about, have been intimidated and menaced?

    Halligen certainly is giving off the impression of fear, and he has already had a dose of what the pro McCann media can do to him.

    Who fed the media all the information that whipped up the fury against him which became almost like a lynch mob mentality. He no doubt knows.

    Is he now too afraid to speak out?

  103. anonymous 68 let me answer your question: Portugal is one of the most safe and warm destinies in Europe. The problem is that we cannot select good clients from bad clients like McCann and Associates. They all came as a package.

    There is no damage caused to Portuguese tourism, only to the people that lost their jobs is Ocean Club.

    What Portugal needs most is to avoid low price tourists like McCann and friends: they came for low costs (not much money to spend in Barbados, right?), left small children alone and crying for hours what tells a lot about them doesn't it?, spent a great amount of public money for a search that had no reason to happened and left the country with a fraudulent Fund smelling cadaverine odour like the dogs findings.

    That's exactly what we do not need here...we want respectable English, French, German, Belgium, Dutch, Sweden, Italian, American people that always return because they feel very welcome here. This is not Rothley, ok?

    See what you can do in your tourism offices and send the McCanns and Associates to cold beaches in the North of your country.

  104. Dr Martin Roberts assesment of the Kelly Maccann interview is on the maccann files he called it pop goes the weasel. in other words a nursery rhyme

  105. @ 61

    "Maddy Maddy" screamed by a woman is not the same as "Daddy Daddy" screamed by a sobbing child.

    Im sick of hearing poor Kate shes controlled by Gerry.

    Let me ask you this Kate we are told is the one with connections-not Gerry- it was her on the phone to the British Embassy demanding something be done in those first days.

    So if Kate is the reason for Clara and all the help she is surrounded by people who could easily get Gerry arrested - so why doesnt she?

    Its been said by many shes the driving force- take a long look at her cool as a cucucumber going into the PJ offices to be questioned- texting from there.

    I do not believe Kate is a battered wife I think she manipulates people -like her husband. I think they are a Team- Team McCann- he milks it one way and she the other-mutual self interest.

  106. Thank you, poster 53.
    Miracles do happen. I got a comment posted on this article in the Daily Mail. I had to be cunning, but I got some of my points across.

    to Derek, post 68:
    I'm no expert, I just live here, but I haven't really felt that tourism in the Algarve has really been affected by this tragedy. The Ocean Club and Praia de Luz suffered but 2008 was a bumper year for tourist revenue in Portugal and 2009 was hit by the economic recession, like other parts of the world.
    This year I visited Praia da Luz after Easter and it seemed reasonably full of foreign tourists for April and I hear lots of English speakers around Albufeira.

    Algarveisfedup (of the Mccann parents)

  107. I was fortunate to be on holiday and visited Lisbon on April 25, the day of commemoration of the 1974 revolution. The Portuguese are ernest, charming and helpful people and the tourism personnel are second to none. McCanns are a disgrace.

  108. The McCanns come across as scared and uncomfortable, like liars. They maintain their complete denial of the fact that the police aren't searching because they know it is futile. They still seem to need to convince the public of their story, and that's why they are on GMTV. They are still afraid the public don't believe them. Kate convinces nobody when she defiantly says that it is only a minority who don't believe them. In reality it is millions of people. They must realise that nobody supports their version of events but ever lost in self-deception they believe that they can bluff it out all of the time, a narcissistic trait. They need a whitewash review desperately.

    Celebrity support has fallen away, donations have dried up. Many websites publish the real case evidence for all to see. Only some media friends support them now, their only comfort, but their story has been shredded and hangs by a thread.

  109. 93 @ an,

    you are right. Post 53 is ironical.

  110. Anon 110!
    But still their faces on big screen, full respect from TV presenters... . In front of all of us, knowing the truth about their lies!! Who a hell is conducting all this disgusting play?!

  111. The reason kate was staring into space is because she is junked up on anti-depressants and we know that some of these affect our perception of reality. Gerry looked discustingly scruffy and he really should shave that chest fluff that hangs over all his polo necks. To me they portray a couple that are convinced they have got away with it...whatever that may be

  112. I find it very, very strange, that no one has come forward to claim the reward. I find it strange the parents would hire "off the shelf" private detectives to help them when, in reality, there are many former Scotland Yard detectives who have more credibility and just as many sources. There are just too many strange gaps and not enough credible sources which give this case real continuity even though this has been going on for so long and broadcast around the world. Eerily, it seems like we're searching for a girl who never existed (distraction by phenomenon). I also sometimes wonder (just sometimes/yes, I'm completely sane) whether the parents became aware of something "sensitive" (given their respective professions) and because they shared it with "an adversarial party" their child was kidnapped, or maybe the child herself was "very special" (biotechnology) and that was the reason she was kidnapped by those who were against. . . cloning? Absurd? Just watching the mother's blank, cold expression and it's almost as if she talking about a lost handbag.

  113. Gerry's face @ 5.52.

    Disgusting and guilty as the day is long.



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