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Maddie, the heartrending dilemma

statistics from PACT report 'Every five minutes' published in 2005

by Martin Samuel

There are, it is roughly estimated, as many as 180,000 missing children in the United Kingdom.

According to the home Office, the number of full-time police in England and Wales is 142,000.

You see the problem, yes? Even if we took one officer and told him his only job was to find Madeleine McCann, he would still have to take alternate Thursdays off to help investigate some other disappearance.

This is why there exists a point at which investigations into missing people are scaled down.

Always reluctantly, always with the hope that one day circumstances will change, but Gerry McCann is wrong to say the police have given up on his daughter, as the third anniversary of her disappearance approaches.

They have not forgotten, but simply lost the trail.

This happens. Not every investigation can be resolved, or allowed to continue interminably when leads and clues are exhausted.

I do not believe any police officer fails to comprehend the significance of finding Madeleine; not just for her parents, but for the mental health of the nation.

Police may respond inadequately to vandalism or petty crime, but if any of the information Mr McCann says has recently been unearthed by private detectives was of use, an official investigation team would have been all over it.

The charity PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together) says one child goes missing every five minutes [Every Five Minutes - pdf link]; the police, therefore, are not, like the McCanns, solely responsible for a single lost toddler.

Are those most urgently in need of help now to join the end of an ancient queue?

Police work prioritises, it shuffles resources, evolving in the most harshly pragmatic way.

It cannot become mired in history, as cold as that sounds. Russell Bohling is a vulnerable 18-year-old with a speech impediment, who was about to inherit £300,000 to start his own business.

His car has been found on a cliff top in east Yorkshire, and he is missing. The quicker police act, the more chance there is of resolution, happy or otherwise.

At the same time there will be other cases in the area, as yet unanswered. each officer assigned to Russell’s disappearance is therefore being taken off another duty. What is the alternative?

Give his family a number like at a supermarket delicatessen counter and tell them to wait their turn?

‘Find Madeleine’ was the campaign. The police tried and failed. Now they must find Russell.

Next week, it will be someone else. Tragic realities are confronted all the time, but what more can they do?

opinion article continues in Daily Mail - 30.04.2010
Russell is 5ft 8in, of medium build with short, straight, brown hair. He was last seen wearing black Ben Sherman jacket, blue jeans and black leather trainers.

Chief Supt Davison is urging Russell or anyone with information to contact him on (01482) 597801 or police headquarters on 0845 6060222.


  1. Had Martin Grimes dogs been all over Russells car and the scent of cadaver had been found I wonder if Martin Samuel would have had any other comments to make.

    The Mccanns have a lot to answer, apart from the fact they have destroyed the wonderful work of Cadaver dogs. But every dog has its day and time will prove the dogs were right...and the McCanns know where Maddies remains are.

  2. Priorities do change, as they must. Sometimes it's by increases in workload and sometimes it's by changes in what we'll call The Storyline...also known as INCONSISTENCIES.

    On mccannfiles.com (thanks, Nigel), in Latest News there is a Press Release immediately under "The McCanns on 'Las Mañanas de Cuatro" where Kate McCann is quoted as saying, "In my mind it is very clear that A MAN took Madeleine and we have to find HIM to know where my daughter is. That the police don't search for that MAN but suspect me and Gerry ... That hurts me."

    Now hold on a minute: is this from the same person so deeply embedded in this case whose original assertion was that Madeleine was taken by A COUPLE? Why the change? The police will want to know.

    How does the scenario of a 3-year-old girl having been 'stolen' by A Man gel with comments that lead one to consider that she has come to no harm? Why on earth would a man abduct a little girl - or any girl for that man - if not to molest her? Do they think it's because he wanted a child to care for?

    You see, in the context of an abduction by a couple one might indeed consider that it might have been a childless couple who wanted a child to raise as their own...but equally, chances are that human trafficking may have been the motive, meaning the child would have come to harm.

    It may be convenient in the context of Jane Tanner's 'sighting' to speculate that Madeleine may have been taken by a man, but even that at best is weak given what we know of the sniffer dogs' findings.

    So what's prompted this change from abduction by a couple to abduction by a man, and do the assumptions made the parents on Madeleine's welfare make any sense at all?

    Unfortunately, I think not. And fortunately the police will be alert to such INCONSISTENCIES.

  3. The real clues in this case go back to the beginning, before spin took over completely. The taxi-driver Antonio Castela's story has always intigued me. It is either a complete fabrication, with the question why would he do this.(it was a set-up), or it is true, but the dates and timings are wrong.He reported this on May 17th.(why the delay as it was obviously M he is referring to?)
    On May 3rd at 8.10 in Monte Gordo, he took 3 men, a woman and a child in his taxi. 1 man looked like Murat(David Payne?). The woman was slim, blonde with hair tied back and wore a yellow coat. The girl's eyes were open but she said nothing and stared ahead. She was wearing pinkm pyjamas. Her chin twitched (was she dead?) He noticed her eye condition because his son had a similar marking. His son was a police officer. The group only asked "how much?" on the 2 mile (kilometre?)journey to a hotel, where the group tranferred to a metallic blue jeep with yellow plates. (UK)There had been no booking made at the hotel.

  4. "The police..... suspect me and Gerry." Really? That´s news to me. Does that include the British police? I thought it was only nutters and vampires who suspected them. Interesting.

  5. More on 3 The hotel was in Vila Real de San Antonio.

  6. Yet again this article confuses two issues. A confusion which the McCanns have deliberately exploited.
    Consider - "There are, it is roughly estimated, as many as 180,000 missing children in the United Kingdom." and "The charity PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together) says one child goes missing every five minutes"
    But these are not children whose whereabouts are completely unknown. One parent has the child, safe and probably much loved and being looked after like a little princess.
    This is why it is the job of a Charity to look into the circumstances. These are not abductions in the sense that the McCanns are insisting took place. They are breakdowns of marriage with a child treated as one of the central goods to be distributed. Very often the Police role would be nothing more than to sonfirm that the child was alive and well. They would not routinely return it to the other parent even if they insisted that they had legal rights.

  7. Martin Samuel have to ask the Mccann's ' what they have done to help the police on the first days, when Madeleine was an urgent case, when all the police forces and sources were concentrated in Madeleine case?'. They lie on their statements, spreading confusion instead of consistent information. They disrespect any police advise and use the TV to start their show.

    If the police lost the clues on Maddie case, it was Mccann's fault because they only agree and want an 'abduction by a strange' to be investigated.

    When somebody is missing, several hypotheses have to be considered by the police. And this was done on Maddie case. Police gathered evidences to dismiss an abduction and concentrate the investigation in a dead Madeleine with her body concealed by somebody somewhere.

    Another question Martin samuel should ask: ' How much money, sources, polices were involved in Maddie investigation, when compared with other missing persons?' In Portugal is largely known that was the most expensive investigation and search, with a lot of polices involved, best dogs to rescue alive and dead people( and I'm not talking about Eddie and Keela), helicopters, boats, divers and the most modern forensic techniques to evaluate and test samples.

    Thousands of Parents of missing childs may have complaints about what was done on their case, not the Mccann's.... Mccann's complaints are a great injustice, even to people from the Algarve who take working-days off to physical search Madeleine, when her parents never put their feet out to do it.

    This Mccann's long ago reached the NONSENSE POINT.

  8. Can you just not feel the press starting the "abandonment" phase, which is just prior "let's tear them apart" one... and doesn't that just make you feel good.

    They say... "McCanns it's time to move on...", I hear "McCanns, your time is coming..."


  9. This is still a Portuguese Case. End of story. The McCanns can ask for a re-opening, but they won't. Their never ending "I feel sorry for myself" is getting a bit much. Shut up or Own up.

  10. Dr Martin Roberts - McCann Files - great read - he doesn't miss a trick and such insight!

  11. Anon@ 3,
    I remember reading that at newspapers at the time. The blond lady was reported to resemble Kate.
    I believe, PJ follow and investigated all the leads and this was dismissed as many other stories like the one involving Micaela ( Murat girlfriend). There was a paranoia at the time in Portugal. Everybody wanted to help and act as a police suspecting and reporting everything to the police. Police have to concentrate in what they got from people close to Madeleine and close to the crime scene.
    Always wonders me WHY THEY INSIST IN A MAN AS THE ABDUCTOR? To Stick Murat, I believe.

    That single sentence of being sure that the abductor was a man, gave enough evidences to the police to investigate the all Tapas 9 and to suspect them. WHY THEY SAID THAT? HOW THEY KNOW? Special because the crime scene 'told' the police that no strange have been in the flat, no damages on the doors or windows, or flowers under the windows. And no evidences of Madeleine in the bed from where they claim she was abducted.

    Why the Cuddle Cat become an important symbol since the beginning for her parents and why Kate used it daily, as a mascot to attract the public? For me, this was ODD and always see that like something programed, well planed.
    I would like to ask if somebody know when and from where the Cuddle Cat was brought. At May 4 2007, look quite new and not at all a teddy used by a child to sleep or get some comfort.
    Kids tend to have an emotional connection to Teddy's they have since they are young babies. If this was not a teddy from Baby Maddie, why Kate pretend to pass the message that it was?
    If we look to the videos before May 3, we never saw the Cuddle cat anywhere, close to Madeleine. Not even on the Mobile video record, when they went to Algarve. THIS CUDDLE CAT CAN HOLD A LOT OF CLUES.

  12. Please, Joana! Tell us something about how Dr Amaral is doing. Is there any chance the case be reopened. This endless story about shameless couple squirming and showing off in front of cameras, cynically insulting a memory of their (?) little girl, ... . Disgusting! Where is the end of their lies? What should we do to unveil the Truth?!

  13. IMO all the McCanns are doing is making a good story for the twins. The twins are getting older, will ask well-considered questions and other children will question them. 'A MAN took Madeleine' is an understandable explanation. That's Kate's new career, to pretend she's looking for Madeleine to 'protect' the twins.

    "Sean just came in and said, 'Mummy was a doctor but her job now is to find Madeleine'. He was straight in there. So they understand that we have got a lot of support." (KM)

    Entangled in their own lies and be forced to have the 'honour' to be in this 'paper'.

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/2950733/Mummy-was-a-doctor--but-now-her-job-is-to-find-Madeleine.html#ixzz0mZedmgsv

  14. The Maccann's do know the fate of their daughter, they know she is dead and where her mortal remains are. Any woman worthy of the name mother, would want the the child she loved and carried for nine months.
    given a christian funeral, and her little body respected, not disgarded like rubbish, to save her own image. How can Kate Maccann love Madelaine how can she, this little child is crying out to her.
    She is a disgrace to be called a woman. She is cold hard hearted with a criminal mind, she will get exactly what she deserves, and it can't come quick enough for me.

  15. At last people are writing sensibly about this case. The police have done what they can for the time being. The case has to be scaled down and put to one side, until something significant turns up.

  16. Maybe Kate and Gerry are going to try and claim that Dr Amaral's book has even influenced the police in UK into not searching for Madeleine.

    Whereas, in reality, if this so called 'disappearance' had happened in UK, with the cadaver scent and blood and all, the McCanns would likely have been charged and sentenced by now.

  17. Poor Russell, let's hope he is found quickly, This Martin Samuel is right, sadly there are other children and vulnerable adults missing aswell, the police resources cannot be directed at just one child indefinitely. I agree with this quote from the article '' The police, unlike the McCanns, are not solely responsible for a single lost toddler.''

  18. I hope that Russell is found safe and well very soon, and that more resources will be channelled into helping to find all the rest of these missing children.

    After reading about children who are really missing the McCanns make me utterly sick with them wanting more and more money, besides the millions they have already had, and all the limelight for themselves and their abduction fairy story.

    They should be stopped from having a Fund at all until they can prove there ever was an abduction when the police are saying Madeleine died in the apartment.

    Then, if they want to carry on and try and convince us they are genuine let them sell that great big house of theirs for a start and use their own money.

    That would be really telling.

    But somehow I don't believe it would ever happen.

  19. Never in previous recorded history has there ever been a stranger abduction of a toddler from a bedroom in which babies were also present, anywhere in the world. If anyone knows otherwise, please let us know. In this Maddy tall story the circumstances also make it impossible.

  20. I dont think anyone of us who isnt a McCann supporter actually suspects them - we KNOW they know more - we KNOW they have lied about the checking and moved doors and 'proud father' moments and sightings...nothing to suspect - we have KNOWLEDGE!

  21. The supposed gazing in on Madeleine asleep in bed which Gerry said happened, and the supposed sighting by Jane Tanner of bundleman about the same time, don't tally with the findings of the cadaver dog and cadaver scent behind the settee.

    Cadaver scent takes some time to develop.

    The police know there was no abduction, and the McCanns know they are not believable where the experts who worked the case are concerned.

    Yet before the dogs were brought in how handy the stories were for giving alibis to Kate, Gerry, Jane, and her husband, and the rest of their Tapas friends.

    Madeleine died in the apartment She was not sleeping peacefully in her bed and then taken away.

    The case should be reopened, and every one of them made suspects in a murder investigation.

  22. Textusa- I can also detect a change in the wind. The electorate are becoming very familiar with spin and how it is used to manipulate the truth. They are becoming more adept at spotting liars. The biting satire on Facebook about the McCs is the only way people can express frustration at a gagged press.

  23. Perermac at 6
    Of course you are quite right! If we had that number of children abducted and missing without trace, we would be in a state of national catastrophe. The figures cover very different situations. I've been involved in cases where a parent refuses to return a child after a contact visit. This is not an abduction "al la McCann" which has a more obvious explanation.

  24. @ 3

    Sorry but the only clues worth hanging onto are the dogs and forensics. The lies are self evident.

    I believe there was nobody in that apartment that night- until the twins were brought back drugged from Russell Obriens (?) or whichever other apartment they were in. The apartment had been thoroughly cleaned and their timelines (stories) been written up. Whoever was in that taxi it was not Madeleine.

    This story like the others its meant to take our mind off the ball- the McCanns are not the grieving parents of Madeleine- one only has to look at them grinning in PDL days afterwards (one holding hands in street especially)to realise that. Those pictures saved by the PJ and Amaral (I suspect) would only have to be published in a UK paper for all doubts to be erased whatever story ran alongside it.

  25. The damage these pseudo parents have done to the case of missing children is unmeasurable.

  26. Checked the article. Very good readers comments being allowed too for now.

  27. How can the Maccanns be so certain it was a man that abducted their child.

  28. I believe that there was no abduction, no strange man or couple, no neglectful child abandonment, no 3rd may event that triggered this whole saga. Maddy, most likely came to a sorry end before the 3rd, and the rest was a big stinking lie in order to offset a far worse cause for her demise. Smoke and mirrors! Think about it, why would two well educated doctors admit to leaving their children on their own? Dosn't seem right, because it most likely wasn't the case. It may have been the lesser of two evil excuses.

  29. @3 very relevent to solving the case.

    to this day i am surprised we have not heard more about the "taxi" driver.
    I believe he reported very soon after it became known Madeleine was "missing" ...his son i believe is a policeman also, the papers were late in reporting his account.
    Clarence was aware and immediately said the dates and timings were wrong????

    the taxi driver's account for me is more important than the "smiths".


  30. There are times when I seriously question the sanity of some of the remarks they make. Joana, I hope it's okay to post a link to this, it links to an excerpt from a radio interview


    In this interview, the McCanns claim that some people are trying to derail the enquiry, and that there are also some who would be embarrassed were Madeleine to be found.

    Will someone answer a question for me?

    Can you think of a case in the past where the parents of a missing child have complained and whined in this way about the failure of the police to find the child? Normally they are touchingly grateful for any effort made, and often form a close bond with the investigating officers

    People have given them money. The Foreign and Commonwealth office gave them far more assistance than they were entitled to receive. Portugal spent more money than on any investigation in their history. The Leicestershire police spent £0.5M on basically holding their hands.

    And all they can say is that people are trying to derail their investigation.

    It takes one's breath away at times, it really does.

  31. I do believe the Mccanns have just thrown down the gauntlet with their arrogant statements regarding the police. I suggest M15 use their sophisticated satellite imaging from PDL on 3rd May 2007 showing Gerry Mccann carrying Madeleine as described in the Smiths statements also what else was going on around PDL. Imagery is never destroyed; it is filed and referenced (for future reference!) Every person is captured on CCTV cameras at least 30 times a day when out and about.
    There is undoubtedly evidence which would prove the guilt of the Mcanns . When Gerry was arrested in PDL and the subsequent footage shown on TV he is accepting of his guilt, he knew he was guilty this is evident from his body language. Portugal’s secrecy laws enabled him to stay silent and to set up the Madeleine Fund, and influence the media into spreading the abduction theory.
    On Lorraine’s show the pair are uncomfortable they both look guilty. They have made a trade mark of their daughter to fund their lifestyle, whilst expecting the public to give donations to pay for their mortgage and lawyers. It’s not all gone how they wanted though earlier they were hoping to make a film (that money making idea fell through) so now they are reduced to flogging posters of Madeleine along with sweatshirts, wrist bands and whatever else their marketing company comes up with.
    The fund is proof of their guilt set up THREE days after the child ‘disappeared ‘there was never any need of a fund, Portuguese people gave time and money from work and volunteered to look for Maddie, giving the couple flowers and feeling their grief, no-one ever asked the Mccanns for money, the Portuguese and British police worked for free, the cost of Eddie and Keela was not charged up to the Madeleine Fund, it was all paid for by tax payers. This fund was not a charitable fund it is a Limited Company, in other words ‘A business’.
    This twisted pair manipulated the good will of Portugal, which incidentally is a low crime country. Gerry photographed kissing the Popes hand for media effect and to appeal to the sympathy of this Catholic nation ensured more money from donations. They spread their campaign worldwide children gave their pocket money; elderly gave money from their pensions and savings. Mccanns stole from everybody and anybody. When people asked where to send money Clarence announced “just pop money or cheques into an envelope and send it to Kate and Gerry Rothley ”.
    The Mccanns are pure evil; ‘False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil” PLATO

  32. Anon 4

    Yes agree it was supposed tobe only the sad forum nutters that suspected Gerry and Kate.........its called shooting yourself in the foot Kate(they do seem to be making quite a few mistakes lately)
    As my OH said after watching the L Kelly interview (by link not by watching GMTV) the other day that they are getting a little lacks lately, Kate informing us "a Man took Maddy" strange it wasn't long ago it was a Australian woman (Beckham lookalike) now its a MAN.


  33. I was quite impressed with the sarcasm - 'to save the mental state of the country', lol

  34. Taken by a man?...Didn't Dave Edgar say it could have been a woman that Jane Tanner saw?!

  35. A comment to this article made by Trouthseeker, that mentioned the videos of the police dogs(Eddie and Keela) got published by the Daily Mail! Maybe it will make some british readers curious about it, "what videos, what police dogs, let's google it up..."
    GOOD! Well done Truthseeker!

  36. The Maccanns have been on the Radio Merseyside news every hour today (friday) about the police not looking for Madelaine, and the case going cold. Kate Maccann said if it was a murder Investigation it would have been reviewed long ago. What is it this pair are after its not Madelaine its got to be some sort of evidence they want so urgently. Or is it just a case of Nuts in May.

  37. It's getting worse.
    Gerry stages a breakdown!


  38. Well now theyre claiming theyve been suicidal (in Mail ect)and only just putting a brave face on it- too late Kate weve seen the very real joy and happiness in your faces only days after you claim Madeleine was snatched.

    One despicable comment Kate made says everything about the mentality of these two who refused to help the PJ and thought the danger of her abductor blinding her to hide her distinctive colomba (as warned by the police) was worth it as it was "A good maketing ploy"

    "KATE: I also think there’ll be some people who would be greatly embarrassed if Madeleine was found and that scares me. That might affect their want, or not, for Madeleine to be found."

    How sick you are madam everyone wants Madeleine to be alive and unharmed but the evidence from your apartment suggests she never will be.

    Why do you care what anyone thinks but the official Portuguese investigation who have spent at least a million pounds searching for Madeleine?

    Get off your backside and fly to the PJ and cooperate - there's nobody left to sue and nobody left that can afford to keep financing a bogus search when there are plenty of genuine missing children whose parents would give anything for the sort of help youve already received.

    But you wont will you- do anything to help Madeleine because this PR is not about her but you and your husband using the papers to finance you both escaping justice.

    Thanks nige at mccannfiles- much prefer reading their rubbish at your site.

  39. This is an excellent article.
    British media starts to dare writing what they think.
    I wonder if the McCanns will sue the Daily Mail.

    an 3@
    this story of the three men, a lady and a staring child in the taxi could not be true.
    Or is not true.
    It is a fabricated story.
    A cadaver of a child in pink, four adults and the chauffeur, in total six people in a car, the cadaver was sitting, can't you see that Mr. Castela made this story up?
    Mr. Castela wanted also some minutes of glory, being interviewd by the media.
    Probably he wanted to get more clients and I don't blame him.

  40. Money, money, money!! Interviews, interviews, interviews!

    And they still charge for people to use stickers to help find their daughter!

    Answer the questions Kate - you don't hold back wuth the media! Maybe the PJ's should pay you to open up!

    Unbelievable pair with no parenting skills whatsoever. I feel so sorry for the twins - their lives are being deeply affected by two so called doctors.

  41. Bridget @30 Agree. And as you said in an earlier post, again the McCanns are blaming others.

    Although I think Madeleine is not alive, I desperately do hope Madeleine will be found, dead or alive. I don't understand why the McCanns only want to search for a living child. Don't they want to put an end to the unbearable uncertainty?

    Who should be embarrassed?


  42. Anon 28 - I agree with you - I just do not believe that all those doctors left their children alone. Surely it is supposed to be doctors that educate their patients about all the things that can happen whilst a child is sleeping - I don`t believe for one minute that they did leave them. As you say, the neglect story is the least of the two evils.

  43. To the left of the Daily Mail's May 1 article on Kate claiming she wanted them to all die, is an item headed "Fraud probe shuts down Charles's health charity" and,under the article on the same McCann interview, is an item entitled "In the blinke of an eye, the tell-tale signs of rudeness". Coincidence?

  44. Off topic a little bit, but a very good article in the May issue of Oprah Magazine. Oprah is being interviewed by various people. She is asked about interviewing and if there is anyone she would still want to talk to. One of the people she would like to interview is Susan Smith, the woman who drowned her children by buckling them in a car and letting the car roll into a lake. She said that it changed the way we look at parents in the US. I quote" When somebody comes forward and says, My child is missing," we now suspect the parents first. She changed the paradigm. "

  45. Why do the McCanns even need to mention the twins, or do they have to be included in the marketing ploy.

    Why keep telling us what they are saying regarding this supposed abductor? Is it all to try and win people over to believe in one just because they have got their kids to do so?

    Keep the twins out of it McCanns!

    At least Michael Jackson, though he did nutty things, made sure his kids weren't recognised when they went out, and led as normal a life as possible given the circumstances.

  46. Mary at 36

    By Kate saying that about a 'murder investigation' she is trying to get across the message that it was an abduction and not murder.

    Whereas in truth they must be worried sick that the case will get reopened as a murder investigation.

    They know the police are not going to change their opinion that Madeleine died in the apartment, and the 'accident' theory is giving the benefit of the doubt as to how she might have died, though they leave off saying definitely that was how she died. There are other options.

    That's why the McCanns want to get their hands on all the evidence. They have tried all ways to get their hands on the rest of the information from the PJ and the UK police, even resorting to taking the LP to court, but they can't get it. Not officially anyway.

    Let's hope it stays that way until this case is reopened.

  47. Kate wanted to die with her husband and the twins in a car crash. This is why she went for jogging since early days to be fitted and health. This is why she gave part of the money raised by the Fund to charity, to help other childs who were not blessed and victims of abuse or just ill.

    She keep destroying her image and reputation. After don't blame Internet and Amaral book. Are your words, your mouth. DISGUSTING.

    Why she wanted to end the life of the twins? they are too young to remember Madeleine with great pain. Unless their parents keep torturing them with stories and memories which, in fact, they don't have.
    Many childs, older then the twins, lost a brother or sister in a tragic accident or disease and they are able to carry on their life with happiness and success. They become happy adults.
    Mccann's twins need to be rescued before they become completely affected by their parents karma.

    And kate add that words: ' there is people here ( Portugal) who will be not happy if madeleine was found'. She is talking about bloggers? WHAT A DISGRACE LADY WHO TEND TO STICK HER BEHAVIOUR AT OTHERS.
    We are here for Madeleine, for the truth. We want her to be found well, if possible. Unfortunately nobody show us a single evidence of an abduction to change our minds. We don't believe on their stories. We don't say Yes to parents who refuse to help an official police investigation. We don't have a great sympathy with parents who sale stickers to advertise their childs, even because this stickers were, supposedly, already paid by donations ( double charged). But we love Madeleine and all the childs at risk. THEY DESERVE JUSTICE AND A LIFE WITH DIGNITY.

  48. We now have their long story in the Daily Mail,they should both come out and tell the truth of where they put Madeleine,at least we will get an end to the story.Mitchell has been very busy to advise them on what to do and say. The people do not feel sorry for them on what has been written in the paper. We think K. knows where Maddy is and they are still trying to make money out of it. God will not help them they are guilty.

  49. In any case of a missing child the Police Investigation relies on accurate information from people who know the circumstances surrounding the disappearance.
    Luckily most children are safely located within 48 hours,even if they are not reunited with their family.
    In this case the family have to accept that because they witheld information (whether it was deliberate or not) at the critical point of the investigation the chances of finding Madeleine are now very slim.
    Stop using the press and step away in a dignified manner,you have 2 other children who need your love care and attention.....and a good babysitter when you nip out for a meal!

  50. I don't like those misleading statistics of missing people. There are not very many missing under fives where no member of the family knows of their whereabouts. You can't compare missing toddlers to missing teenagers and adults.


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