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Maddy cops £22K bill for 196 jet trips

A british police force took 196 flights to Portugal costing £22,000 in the first year of the search for Madeleine McCann.

And it ran up 709 days supporting her parents, Gerry and Kate, and helping Portuguese cops.

Flights to Portugal by Leicestershire Constabulary from May 2007 to July 2008 cost £22,055.

The force said: "Officers used budget airlines."

Madeleine, from Rothley, vanished from Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, aged three. Revealed under the Freedom of Information Act, the total cost of the first year of the probe to the force was £500,000, most of which will be met by the Home Office.

in: Daily Mirror, 26.04.2010


  1. And even with this expensive police operation the guilty ones were still not brought before a Court for at least neglect by abandonment. The whole gang should have been cross examined in a Court of Law, not judged by their inadequate statements which have altered in content to suit their agendas. At the very least the police should have made them take lie detector tests, instead they have pussy footed around with these people and at the same time wasted British taxpayers money, bearing in mind that every indication, most importantly Goncalo Amaral's findings and the dogs' reactions, indicate that Madeleine is no longer with us. I find it hard to believe that Madeleine will ever get the justice she deserves.

  2. Hmm bet Team Mccann dont like these negative comments coming out at this time, will Lorriane Kelly mention it "when the Mccanns interview her", think not!!.

    Doing 196 trips = £22K how much in wages and over-time did they get paid for these trips also, in the first year, how many more over the last 2 years as well.

  3. What if Madeleine had gone missing in Australia, or Patagonia, or on the Galapagos ?
    Does the writ of the Leicester Police run that far ?
    This is clear evidence that something very, very strange was going on right from the beginning.

  4. I cannot help but ask how much time, money and effort has been spent by UK authorities on the hundreds of other British children that have disappeared since the 3rd of May of 2007.

    I also cannot help but ask how much longer we will have to wait to see the McCanns doing something - anything! - in terms of reopening this police investigation.

    So much noise, so much indignation over the dozens and dozens of allegedly credible leads that were buried somewhere in a Portuguese police station... but weeks, months have passed and nothing except for a few interviews to keep the public distracted.

    Where is this family's urgency to rescue their captive daughter?

  5. "And it ran up 709 days supporting her parents, Gerry and Kate..."

    I like the way the article is worded. The main job of British police was to support the McCanns.

    Also, sorry to say, but what a bunch of scumbags they all are.
    What could possibly have required 196 flights?
    Leicestershire police never had it so good --- free, all paid for, holidays in the Algarve! The same with the McCanns extended family. At the expense of the taxpayers, kind-hearted people and.... a dead child. Poor Madeleine.

  6. And How much the private detectives spend in the same issue, from Sep. 2007 until now? ZEEEERO.

  7. I think us bloggers should be on a wage (paid out of the Fund) for helping to keep the case in the public eye...

  8. SO many flights, so much money spent to control Portuguese police and pervert the investigation.
    Leicester police fly to Portugal to help the Mccann's, enjoy the sunny Algarve, the food, the wine and the beer.
    The investigation? Oh , the investigation was just an excuse to foolish the public. If the Home Office really wanted to investigate what happen to Madeleine and help the portuguese police, they will NEVER EVER REPLACED THE SCOTHLAND YARD BY THE LEIC. FORCE.
    The Home Office suported the neglectors and abandonned the child.

  9. Fora do tema do post mas nao fora de contexto:

    'O Presidente da câmara do Entroncamento, Jaime Ramos centrou o seu discurso do 25 de Abril na liberdade de expressão e na transparência dos que exercem cargos públicos.

    Falando esta manhã na sessão solene que assinalou os 36 anos da revolução, o autarca considerou que os políticos que não sejam verdadeiros e transparentes “não merecem representar os que os elegeram”.

    “Trinta e seis anos depois do 25 de Abril, quem diria, ainda há quem tente amordaçar quem pensa de forma diferente. Quem não queira deixar os jornalistas fazer livremente o seu trabalho. Não é com silêncio imposto nem com manobras pouco claras que respeitamos os ideais do 25 de Abril. Quem não deve não teme”, afirmou.

    In Jornal O Mirante

  10. Half a million, the total cost spent on just the first year.

    So how much has been spent since?

    And how much have the Portuguese tax payers had to pay for the investigation of this fairy story abduction of the McCanns.

    How much could have been done with that waste of money for children who are alive, or those who are really missing.

    I hope the McCanns eventually get billed for the return of it all if proved they have known all along that Madeleine is dead as the investigators and dogs believe.

  11. Read an article in Metro last week (Wed or Thurs) which gave some hope. A Scottish man who had bludgeoned his friend to death and buried his body was brought to justice after 10 years. The police were unable to solve the crime since the body has never been found, however the man confessed to his girlfriend during a drunken row and, when the split, she went to police. Still without a body, he confessed and it still couldn't be found when he took police to where he thought it was buried. The victim's mother was said to be saving up to pay for sniffer dogs. She obviously doesn't know how incredibly unreliable these dogs are. Seriously, hope her son's remains are located and it just goes that, no matter how long it takes before these things unravel, it still happens.

  12. "...And it ran up 709 days supporting her parents, Gerry and Kate, and helping Portuguese cops..."

    The conflict of interest highlighted in this sentence is laughable!

    If the UK police were supposed to be helping the PJ, then supporting the parents shouldn't have been in Leicestershire Constabulary's remit.

    The UK police team's role in Portugal became obvious when they hot-footed it back to the UK, hard on the heels of the McCanns, to continue protecting them in Rothley.

    Stuart (call me Stu) Prior only returned to Portugal just prior (no pun intended) to the police files of the investigation being released, in an attempt to hide the LPs scandalous interference and deliberate hampering of the investigation.

  13. What an injustice this case is to the British Tax Payer, and still the money making circus continues. Justice and common sense say REOPEN the case, get it resolved and stop this farce NOW!

  14. The Mccanns are obviously of the opinion that there is a bottomless pit of money in the United Kingdom. Surely Leicestershire Constabulary have some say in this case after 196 flights, why don't they ask for the case to be re-opened and those found guilty finally brought to justice instead of turning a blind eye to it all. What a crap police force and they even gave the Mccanns flowers on Mothers Day OMG pass the sick bag.

  15. "£500,000 MET BY THE HOME OFFICE" What is the fund SUPPOSED to be for ?As a tax payer i find this obscene. and as a tax payer I should be able to demand no more money to be spent on this charade esp after Uk and Portuguese police both decided Maddie died in 5A

  16. Will the election in the UK help in this case, Brown will be out in 10 days he is finished, so will that be a help please say yes, Mr Amaral did say last year a new govenment in the UK and maccann fund running dry then see who is telling the truth.

  17. The McCanns must be very special people that everyone holds them in such high regard and money is no object!


  18. Look on the bright side - someone is using the Freedom of Information Act to find out information which many parties would rather remain buried.

  19. Anon 18
    I tried.
    Here is their response
    23 April 2010
    Dear [PeterMac]
    I write further to your email of 24 March, 2010 and your Freedom of Information Act
    request for information about a possible review or re-investigation into the
    disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
    We are considering your information request. Although the Freedom of Information
    Act carries a presumption in favour of disclosure, it provides exemption provisions
    which may be used in conjunction with the duties laid out in section 1(1) of the Act:
    to confirm or deny what information is or is not held (s.1(1)(a)); and to provide that
    information in response to a request (s.1(1)(b)).
    Furthermore, some of these provisions do not confer an absolute exemption from
    these duties and are subject to a public interest test. Section 10(3) of the Act allows
    us to exceed the 20 working day response target where reasonably necessary to
    consider the public interest test fully. This is subject to telling applicants when we
    expect to conclude our deliberations and provide a full response.
    We are currently assessing the public interest in confirming or denying whether or
    not we hold some of the information you have requested.
    The information you have requested must be considered under the provisions
    contained within section 31(3) of the Act; a qualified exemption provision relating to
    law enforcement activities.
    I am therefore writing to inform you that as a result of our ongoing considerations of
    the public interest test in this case, we will not be able to offer you a substantive
    reply within 20 working day deadline provided under section 10(1) of the Act. We are however treating your request as a matter of urgency and now aim to respond by the 21 May 2010.
    This letter should not be taken as conclusive evidence that the information
    you have requested is or is not held by the Home Office.
    Thank you for your interest in the Home Office and for your patience in this matter.
    Yours sincerely,
    Ian Lister
    Information Access Consultant
    Information Access Team

    I love the Clarrie-ism, "This.. should not be taken as conclusive evidence that the information
    ... is or is not held by the Home Office."
    It's got to be one or the other, unless you live in a parallel universe where normal rules about something existing or not existing do not apply !

  20. If the Portuguese police were investigating for free and the Home Office (in other words us tax payers here) will have to foot the bill for British police time spent on the case why did the McCanns feel the need for the Find Madeleine fund in the first place. It seems as if everything was adequately covered.

  21. Almost 200 trips in 14 months time.

    Spread among how many individuals from the LP?

    Who took those trips and why?

    As ever, short on detail and very suspiciously an attempt by the British to control an investigation that belonged to the Portuguese.

    Shame on you, Leicestershire Constabulary, for any involvement you have had in this cover-up.

  22. As a UK Tax Payer helping to fund this case - I DEMAND IT BE RE-OPENED. What of the 'other fraudulent fund'is that just to 'provide financial support to Kate and Gerry' - what a mad, mad world we live in!!

  23. Anon 22

    Yes, we have been told it is to provide support to Kate and Gerry AND to their EXTENDED FAMILY, whoever that may be comprised of.

    Nice one!

  24. Personally, I think the British Police Officers involved and Stuart Prior in particular should be brought up on charges of hampering an investigation, or at the very least conspiracy to pervert the course of justice not to mention witholding evidence. However, as it is very clear that their actions in this case were not 'of their own volition' so to speak, but has to have been on orders from higher up the chain (how high up remains to be seen, as per usual in this country, nothing will get done, justice will not be served and those in power and those tasked with supposedly upholding the law will again be seen to be above it.

  25. Mary @ 16. Unfortunately the change in government will not help - have you not heard that The Pinkster Mitchell has defected to the Tories - and we wonder why. Just put Mitchell, Cameron and Murdoch together and you will come up with another closed book on the McCanns. Sorry, we will just have to hope that Dr Amaral is our saviour.

  26. 'The Force said "Officers use Budget Airlines" '

    Unlike kate and gerry, who are much more partial to private planes.


  27. 196 trips for 22000 quid-thats an average of 112 each trip .

    is that a return trip? if so -sounds a bit cheap doesnt it , even budget airlines cost a good deal more than that during the tourist season

    my guess is they spent far more , and have released this figure as er a reddish herring

  28. English people have the police, the press, and the justice they deserve.

  29. Why didn't Richard Branson offer free Virgin flights to the police, he did for Kate and Gerry, he's flown them all over the world in his private jets, given them £100,000.00 even attended their roof top parties in support of their cause why support the suspects and not the police!! Sounds like discrimination to me!!

  30. Can I make a suggestion to Leicestershire Police - Dig up the foundations of Kate and Gerry's house in Rothley - I think you will be surprised at what you may find, and you may even redeem yourselves in this saga. IMO Gerry brought Maddie back to the UK in the early days, sorry to sound morbid, but he's cold and calculating and capable of doing just that!

  31. £112 return sounds right to me. I have flown return for as little as £55 return with Easyjet.

  32. Have the twins, a Nannie in UK since they return after their big sister went missing?
    Have Kate a helper to work inside Rothley mansion?
    IF NOT. WHY NOT? Money should be not a problem and the house is too big for Kate to deal with Babysitting and tide and clean-up.
    Why nobody talk about who work inside Mccann's house? I'm sure, any other British in the same situation will have his private life with this workers completely scrutinized by the Pink Press.
    The silence means nobody work there? STRANGE, if this is the case.
    I agree, some clues to solve the case must be in Mccann's properties, their friends and their relatives properties.

    If Edgar said Maddie is 10 miles away from PDL that means she is not in Portugal. he just wants to divert attention from her real position, but maybe the number hold clues. The evils always like to play games with investigators, giving some clues. Instead of 10, could be 1000 or 10000, or 1000000 miles away from PDL. COULD BE UK. WITH A BLUE TENIS BAG AND THE CHILD BLANKET or just with a small box holding the crematory remains.
    Sorry if this is too morbid but all crimes have a morbid side, this is why they are not easy to solve.

  33. Anon 29 - I didn`t realise RB attended the roof top party; he just supplied the location. Was he actually there?

  34. Confirmed on gmtv today that interview will be shown tomorrow. I presume it'll be on the Kelly segment which begins at 8.30 am.

  35. 31, I don't agree with your opinion.
    The fact that the McCanns stayed in Praia da Luz shows that they were controlling the place where the body was hidden.
    They were not intending to go back to the UK.
    Criminals always control graves, when the victims are known people to them, relatives, etc.
    They are paranoic all the time.
    Too risky to travel with a corpse, specially depending on others who don't know anything about it, like the airline did not.
    Imagine a delay of the flight, a defect in the engines, forcing the pilot to land somewhere and wait for hours and hours.
    The smell of deterioration.
    Gerry would not take the risk to walk through police posts with a cadaver.
    In my opinion her body is still in Algarve.
    Not even far away from Luz.
    Too risky.

  36. Anon 31

    Yes, perhaps Madeleine has been back home all along.

    But who would look there, it's too obvious!

    The whole house should have been checked out long ago just like the Murats was, with the dogs.

    So why wasn't it?

    As for the foundations, good idea, but how about looking up as well, look up LP, look up!!

  37. If Madeleine had been abducted and was being looked after by someone as the Mccanns have claimed she would be in school now aged almost 7, no sign of that anywhere,and as there is no evidence of this we can rule out that claim. ‘Madeleine was abducted from her bed and taken via the window’ as claimed by Gerry. There is no evidence that the shutters were tampered with the only finger prints on the window belong to Kate, no evidence of anybody else being in the apartment so we can also rule that out. Children were supposedly being checked regularly so there was not a ‘window’ of opportunity available for an abductor to strike.
    Madeleine died in the apartment as claimed by Sr.Amarel who was in charge of the investigation. Evidence of blood and cadaver was found in the apartment. Cadaver was found in the Scenic that was also being used by her parents. Cadaver was also found on Kate’s clothes and Madeleine favourite toy which her mother subsequently washed! British police stated at the time this would be enough to make an arrest in the UK. Immediately upon these revelations Sr Amaral was removed from the case, ridiculed by the British media, he then wrote a book on his findings which Mccanns had banned and Mccanns are now suing him for million euros because he stated the facts as they were.
    She has now been missing for almost as long as she was alive.

    Mccanns would not co-operate with police (!) Tapas would not take part in reconstruction (!) Kate refused to answer 48 questions by Portuguese Police. As soon as they were made suspects they fled to Britain, until then they had been enjoying an extended holiday, paid for from the Madeleine Fund. Going shopping to buy clothes for meeting with the Pope (how could anyone think of buying new clothes at such a time) jogging on the beach. Kate and Gerry openly lie, body language experts scrutinise them! The internet is awash with web sites all declaring how guilty they are and differing theories of what happened that night all wanting justice for Madeleine. Investigators hired by Mccanns have hindered and hampered this investigation and deliberately mislead the media with false and ridiculous claims eg Jane Tanners Mr Egg Head., Victoria Beckham lookalike. Mccanns have subsequently sued British and Portuguese media and individuals for vast amounts of money.
    Leicestershire police have revealed they have spent more than £500,000.00 on this case and not resolved anything. Mccanns have marketed Maddie to the tune of several millions; this fund is for Kate and Gerry’s use and that of the extended family as they are now all on the payroll, and to pay for the expensive lawyers to keep them out of prison. Mcanns have been elevated to celebrity status, fawned over by newspapers and interviewers alike, never once have they been out looking for their daughter too busy with photo opportunities, going to church, suing people and jogging. Hired expensive lawyers to protect their reputations and to ensure they are never extradited. Well you don’t have to be Agatha Christie to solve this case do you!!

  38. I agree with post 31 - the house at Rothley should have been checked when they were suspects, Lorraine should ask them if they have any objections to this being carried out now!!!!!

  39. When Kate and Gerry recently went on their early morning walk next to the sea in PDL, and the visit to the Church, and Kate saying she felt close to Madeleine there and all, it was like they were saying Madeleine is still here, or that was her last resting place.

    That's why you can bet she isn't there. At least, not any more, though she might have been at one time.

    Since when have the McCanns ever cooperated in any way to help discover the truth of what happened to Madeleine. It's been red herrings all the way with the investigators chasing in all directions but one.

    Rothley is the only place that has not been indicated with any red herring clues. After the McCanns shot off back to UK due to the questioning and they were made arguidos, Kate particularly looked emaciated and worried sick.

    Were they worried there might have been a search round their place just like there had been at the Murats? Why there wasn't such a search beggars belief, being as they were main suspects.

    There was a video of them early on when Kate was saying how she felt close to Madeleine in PDL, then she slipped out with something like 'though of couse she's closer to UK', and that was one of those uncomfortable Gerry McCann moments that had to be quickly glossed over.

    Whoops! Is that why Kate was hardly allowed to say much after that? It is only recently Kate has come to the fore, frail Kate, bleat, bleat, and all, since they have been trying to silence Dr Amaral and get the money. Obviously working so far.

    On the reopening of the case, the first thing that needs to be done is a search of the McCanns' property. Even though a body may be removed, it is not that easy to remove cadaver scent.

    I also think the LP were wrong footed when Portugal shelved the case as there were investigators there who thought the same as Dr Amaral and still do.

    If we knew the truth about what investigations are or were carried out in the UK we may be very surprised. The McCanns certainly tried to get hold of information from the LP which they would not hand over, even taking them to court to try and obtain it. But they didn't get it so far.

    Are they hoping it will be handed over to Gamble via somebody he gets to do the McCanns so called 'review'?

  40. Lorraine sucking up to McCanns tomorrow? I wonder who in ITV has sanctioned this...Fiona Phillips man was a producer with GMTV wasnt he?

  41. Anon 40

    He is called Martin Frizell, he left GMTV as Christmas 09.

    Lets hope whoever has sanctioned this interview it backfires big time on GMTV, IMO the UK public have taken their rose-tinted glasses off as far as the Mccanns innocence is concerned.

    Ive spoken to quite a few people about the interview tomorrow and the majority have said they will not be watching Kelly as they can't stand her.FULL STOP!!!!

  42. Wednesday Daily Mail headline - "Police have given up on Maddie say the McCanns.

  43. For anyone interested the Maccann interview is on LK Today which starts at 8-30am. GMTV starts at 6am rest assured it will be covered by every news break from 6am, but please God the election coverage will outdo the Maccanns this time. I will not be watching my blood will boil. God Bless and keep safe Mr Amaral rest in peace Madelaine Maccann

  44. 29, do you expect me to believe Richard Branson was flying the McCanns for free, through Europe?
    Come on, that was probably payed by the laboratory.
    Very few airlines make profit, most of them only survive their costs.
    There were coincidences on those days: the McCanns rent the Scenic and one day later they left to Rome by privete plane(Branson) taking the media with them.
    Luz was empty for a while. A cousin of Gerry's stayed in PdL and I wonder if he used the Scenic and what for.
    Probably the corpse was moved to another place, that is why the couple left no media behind.
    Everything the McCanns did had a purpose, nothing was by chance.

  45. Anon 39

    I always found it phony that K claimed she felt close to M in PdL. They spent less than 6 days there and almost no time together so there were hardly any meaningful memories. I always felt the "closer in the UK" comment referred to memories in the house, M{s room, etc.

  46. Madeleine is buried in the UK of that im Positive.
    Kate has even alluded to this belief on film, she mentions that she wants to stay in Portugal because she feels closer to Madeleine there but continues to say that Madeleine could be closer to the UK.
    ( Gerry facial reaction speaks volume as she blurts this out. )

    I beleive that she knows her daughter has been taken home to rest.... with the assistance of some key figures ??
    who would help and risk doing such a thing ? its all sinister stuff!

    She feels closer in Portugal to Madeleine because this is where she was last Alive.

    The Mccanns know where she is, but the "people who helped" move the body are i believe in positions of power and well connected.
    This case when the lid gets blown off will be nothing short of showing power and corruption working at its finest.
    ( this is why the truth as yet not emerged )

    Madeleine was bought home in a way that would allow the "family" to pay respects yet at the same time allow for the Mccanns to escape charges.

    I think many in the know believe what happened was an accident.
    I suspect many have been told half truths and twisted accounts that since have shown to be false.
    the cloud of suspicion hangs over the mccanns even from their "supporters", they have helped them based on a set of circumstances which they were told and took at face value, but now realise they have been duped. It leaves them between a rock and hard place should they confess there role in this affair.
    They are All in self presevation mode, they have families and reputations that would be destroyed.
    They have made the decision the lies must continue due to the effect of the truth been told.

    A very sinister case no two ways about it!


  47. At one time many people expected that Kate McCann would be charged with the death of Madeleine. So what happened and why wasn't she?

    What evidence is hidden away in those Files, not yet released, that may point to her involvement?

    What was that 'moment of madness' comment that Gerry McCann made which sounded like he was trying to make excuses for whoever was behind whatever happened to Madeleine?

    And why was that 'diary' of Kate's, albeit written after the events, left around to be found. The 'diary' that said that Kate found it hard to cope with the kids.

    Was some sort of defence being set up?

    The McCanns could ask for a reopening of the case yet they wont.

    Did they have a very narrow escape when they fled Portugal after the questioning, and then went and got themselves expensive extradition lawyers and all.

    It is doubtful a request for a reopening of the case is ever going to come from the McCanns.

    They will continue to try to deflect from a reopening by their insistence on a 'review'.

    A 'review' of yet more false leads no doubt, which will certainly not include the findings of the doggies. Those dogs we are supposed to forget about.

  48. Mojo @ 46 - I agree I believe she is buried in UK - Why do the police not re-open this case and start with searching Mccanns property it seems the obvious thing to do. JUSTICE FOR MADDY

  49. 49 Boring! All posters like you do is make statements- never a deconstruction of the arguments or thought provoking facts nd information.

  50. I think you might be playing a little fast and loose with the word "facts", No. 49. In three years of looking, I've found nothing that's not a lie, sinister, suspicious, subject to censorship, showed any sign of searching or co-operation, showed any sign of friends or family not being happy to be complicit in what has been shown to be a lie, but, from what you say, there is obviously some information to which I am not privy.

    I have to say, however, that, if I were able to get my head 'round the fact that millions of the public's money has been spent on:

    * a launderer (with no attempt to retrieve losses);
    * financial detectives with a reported murky past;
    * a duo (or not, as one detective has inexplicably disappeared) who couldn't tell the difference between a pile of ash and an unco-operative paedophile, nor work out that if you flash a photofit image of someone around the world (thus making them seem like a criminal) and call it an important breakthrough, it might be worth conducting a non-imaginary investigation or interviewing them,

    then I would feel immensely guilty wasting my time passing judgement on an Internet site when I could be out looking for Madeleine in the lair in which she is definitely, definitely held, or, at the very least, to point out to someone that the key to trying to find someone is to actually look for them. Can you tell me where the normal, decent people have looked? Someone must have looked... someone? Anyone?

    Just as an aside: you wouldn't happen to know what football game Gerry was watching on the third of May?

  51. Whenever a post mentions that Madeleine could be buried in the Mccanns house another post pops up defending the Mccanns creating a smokescreen and changing the direction of the topic. It has happened on the other sites I have been reading....hmmmmmmm

  52. When you think about how anybody would feel if they had a child that had died in another country, the obvious thing the parents would want would be to take that child home.

    If anybody was able to do that, it was certainly the McCanns.

    They would have the money and the means, and we already know they can think at least three steps ahead. It is all planned out like a military campaign.

    There have been red herring left all over the place which have had people chasing here, there, and everywhere, always pointing away from UK.

    Yet at the end of the day, the goal would be to get the child home.

    Who would leave their child on some lonely hillside in a foreign land with dogs roaming around, or put her in the sea for fish food when they could get her back home.

    I doubt many people would, and I doubt the McCanns did, though I don't discount searching places around PDL as well, just to be sure.

    The searching of the property of the McCanns should be high on the list of things needing doing.

    So how did they get away from having such a search when they were arguidos, being as how Gerry McCann was back and forth between UK and PDL?

    Did somebody pull strings for them on that one?


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