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Madeleine McCann's parents to be interviewed by Lorraine Kelly

Madeleine McCann's parents will be interviewed by Lorraine Kelly as the third anniversary of her disappearance nears.

Kate and Gerry go on the GMTV couch on Tuesday, to be seen by viewers the next day - their only UK TV appearance before the May 3 anniversary.

Madeleine, then aged three, vanished on holiday in Portugal in 2007.

"Lorraine's been very supportive of the family," said a source. "This is a thank you and a reminder that she's still missing."

in: The Mirror, 22.04.2010


  1. Blöd!
    Die Damen-Herrenschaften sollten sich lieber gründlich und unverlogen von der Polizei interviewen lassen.
    DAS würde viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiel mehr Sinn machen.
    Traurig ist das!
    Arme kleine Madeleine.

  2. another love-in,they are on veryyyy safe ground with this stupid woman

  3. Yes, exactly, "She's a supporter of the family," that is why she gets to interview these two.

    Bring them to me and I'll interview them. I've got a few questions right off the bat and I don't intend holding back any.

  4. Oh is she still missing? Thanks for the reminder. Hope she asks them 40 or more questions.

  5. So who is saying thank you? Is it the McC's honoring GMTV with the interview or GMT giving them the interview. Oh and thanks for reminding us the child is still missing.

  6. Yet more of the same load of spin.

    Will Kelly ever bother to read the facts of the case instead of helping the McCanns push their fairy story abduction scenario.

  7. The McCann's NEVER get interviewed by people with any intelligence do they :)

  8. well done Lorraine just when i thought you could not get any lower!! well remember Fiona Phillips, Richard and Judy etc all big supporters of The MCCanns, and where are they now??? maybe your days as a presenter are numbered now also?.(shame on you)

  9. Surprise, Surprise!

    They just couldn't help themselves could they?

  10. "This is a thank you....."????? I suppose that means for her support but at first glance I took it to mean the McCanns are thankful Madeleine is still 'missing'.

  11. Did the "journalist" mention the private detectives? By the way, where are they our brilliant ones?Any news? Have they been kidnapped as well?

    Anyway, this is far more important than the usual boring pack of poopoo
    Sign the petition.Thanks


  12. Oh dear, last year it was a much publicised transatlantic trip and Oprah Winfrey. This year GMTV studios and Lorraine Kelly.

    "O Hamlet, what a falling off was there."

  13. `This is a thank you` !!! My god, they really ARE full of their own importance.

  14. And what does a planned interview with the gushing and gormless fifty-year old schoolgirl Lorraine Kelly tell me?

    It tells me what I've always known, that no-one with any clout in the media really believes the abduction lie. No-one with any clout really believes the McCanns have been let down or 'defamed' by the police investigation and its subsequent press reports.

    If people with clout and authority really believed the McCanns were victims rather than a pair of highly suspect individuals avoiding serious and pertinent questions, then this 'interview' would be conducted by someone with far more prestige than Kelly, and on prime time TV - not tucked away with a safe audience of tut-tutting blue-rinse types, like my mother-in-law.

    Still, if nothing else, it should provide the body-language boffins with yet more interesting footage.

  15. Of all the questions that Lorraine Kelly could ask the fragrant Kate, I can think of 48 that won't even be hinted at.

    "Lorraine's been very supportive of the family," said a source. "This is a thank you and a reminder that she's still missing." Says it all. Another obsequious piece of fluff from an obsequious..er...;)


  16. http://twitter.com/reallorraine

  17. From Twitter:

    reallorraine: I am baffled by people who have no sympathy for Madeline's mum and dad. They have endured three years without their child. A living hell.

    me: @reallorraine what are 3 years without the child that died in their care compared to a lifetime without a brain?

    all there is to say...

  18. My email has been sent forthwith to GMTV - bet I don't get a response. I shall watch the interview to see if Ms. Kelly puts any of my questions to them - but won't hold my breath!!

  19. hopefully the election will drown out most of what they are saying...

    they can not bear to be out of the limelight...

    there's one sure fire way to get a lot of column inches - just confess

  20. Delusions of grandeur have been a regular feature of this case. The MCcanns and their friends all have a superior attitude,demanding special discounts from Warners before they even arrived in Portugal and special treatment as regards accommodation allocation and special dispensation from the Tapas managers to break the rules and book a table all week for their personal use,demanding food be re-heated to align with their whims and having denied other holidaymakers use of the dining facilities,arrogantly and rudely arriving up to half an hour late. All part of the galloping meglomania. Who can forget "Rome preparing itself" for their state visit and now they have kindly granted Lorraine Kelly an audience, another opportunity to fawn all over them. Gerry is ,unlike Cardinals and Archbishops,on first name terms with His Holiness The Pope, no doubt he would call The Queen "Liz" if they ever found a window in their diary to grant her special access as a thankyou for her governments unstinting assistance

  21. This interview will no doubt give Gerry another opportunity to have a go at trying to silence the internet.
    Lorraine as a presenter you should do your homework on the people you are interviewing, not just take their word and the spin that has been put about by them in our media. If this programme is live you have a golden opportunity to ask the questions that the Mccanns have refused to answer. First question should be about having the case re-opened, not reviewed, reviewed means nothing.
    Why do Mccanns and Co feel they do not need to answer police questions and why do they need a Madeleine Fund and Madeleine on-line store. Mccanns are a pair of schemers, fund is probably drying up. Will there be a ‘PayPal button’ on the corner of the TV screen. LORRAINE A 3 YEAR OLD GIRL DIED, THESE TWO HAVE LIED IN EVERY INTERVIEW, DO A PROPER JOB AND ASK ABOUT SNIFFER DOGS, LACK OF CO-OPERATION, GET SOME ANSWERS THEY WILL CONTINUE COVERING UP AND MAKING MORE MONEY – IF AMARAL’S BOOK HAD NOT BEEN BANNED THIS INTERVIEW WOULD NOT BE TAKING PLACE, THEY WOULD BE IN PRISON, WHERE THEY BELONG.
    Remember they neglected their children every single night to go out boozing, they left babies in an unlocked apartment EVERY NIGHT, and then marketed ‘Madeleine’ and they are so blasé about it, as a mother yourself how can you relate to people like this, have another guest speaker a representative from a children’s charity asking questions of these two. I suggest you keep a copy of the video of this interview, because eventually these two are going to be found guilty, and it will be one interview you will not be proud to show your grand children.

  22. this silly woman thinks she has an exclusive but alas untill she asks some REAL QUESTIONS like the 48 questions and how kate new that madeleine had been abducted also the changes in the mccanns and the tapas statements she will let herself and madeleine down,so i wont be bothered to watch it as it will be another interview begging for money from the mccanns with kelly gushing all over them and NOT a serious interview

  23. "This is a thank you and a reminder that she's still missing."

    A thank you to who? Who's still missing?

  24. Kelly on twitter posted this
    I am baffled by people who have no sympathy for Madeline's mum and dad. They have endured three years without their child. A living hell.
    I along with others have bombarder her all afternoon ,i have sent her you tube videos, link for the Gaspar statements ,how sick is she? doesnt she know that by supporting them she is stabbing Maddie in the back?

  25. The Mirror this morning was offering messages,but I have just looked and there isnt one single message ? have they pulled them ?

  26. Whatever else happens they will NOT be interviewed.
    They will say out loud some well rehearsed lines in answer to carefuly scripted prompts, masquerading as questions.

  27. poster 9
    We KNEW something was going to come up ,God damn it ,their mate has had the barefaced cheek to call the election in between the "Anniversary" and Maddies birthday !! how DARE he take the limelight off them at this important day in the "Fill the pot" calendar ?

  28. They can't go beyond a few weeks without going on tv for their usual fix of sychophancy from the usual sychophants,they are clear narcissists,it is all about them and always has been even when they were in Prai da Luz with the children they put their own pleasure first,i suppose the usual gullible public will send the money in thick and fast,i'll be at work ,and if i wasn't i wouldn't watch Kelly or the McConns anyway,i'm sick of the sight of them,and i'm sick of the medias obvious intentional protection of them,what i want to know is why they are so protected by Brown and the media,could it be that many of them belong to the same sort of group and know each other through this.

  29. Anon 7 You are right.


    ‘I really don’t know why there is this fascination with my boobs. Even so, I find it all hugely flattering of course.’ (Lorraine Kelly)

  30. Lorraine Kelly and the Mccanns - quick pass me the sick bucket !!

  31. So this evil pair are back on telly
    interrogated by Lorraine Kelly
    I knew that we weren't wrong
    they couldn't stay away for long
    Gerry knows how to pick his mark
    and make sure we stay in the dark
    but rather in the spotlight basking
    just answer the questions the Police were asking

  32. They are being interviewed Tuesday, but we won't see the programme until Wednesday - presumably after Clarence and Co have cut all the awkward bits out, so we'll see a slick, edited programme which will appear as if it is 'live'.Team Mccann leave nothing to chance do they !

  33. I used to quite like LK before the Mc affair and would not have thought her the type of person to support the kind of thing the Mcs are involved in.

    It seems child abusers are in the ascendancy these days. Noticed in the news yesterday that paedophiles can now apply to be taken off the sex offenders register to protect their human right to privacy.

  34. They need to be interviewed by Paxman!

  35. Anon 7 - Gerry did get interviewed by Jeremy Paxman - its on Youtube but you can tell Jeremy is nearly bursting a blood vessel trying to stop himself saying what he wants. It was not Jeremy Paxman as we know him.

  36. Another load of old spin Fake interview to go with the fake abduction, fake sincerity, fake stories. The only thing that's real in this is the money, money and more money they are making. Perhaps there'll sue GMTV for using wrong camera angles and add another million to the fake fund.

  37. Well, this will be a rigorous, in-depth interview, well worth watching. Shall we start predicting what "questions" dear Lorraine will ask? I doubt whether her IQ reaches double figures, but that is just what the MCs want, of course. They wouldn't get on the couch with anyone with more than a couple of brain cells. I think Bill and Sian are just too perceptive for this pair - I thought I noticed some doubts about the McFairytale creeping in last time they appeared on BBC Breakfast Time. Utterly pathetic.

  38. I hope it's posted on youtube, and I hope Lorraine Kelly reads the comments

  39. Oh no! here goes the Begging Bowl again.

  40. Anon 8
    Well said, obviously Kelly has to get to rock bottom, and by her lovefest of the Mcs she will end up at the bottom just like as you say R&J, Philips and many others,KARMA!!!
    The good thing with this is the public will be more awear of these two and their "we have no evidence that M has come to any harm".
    Fuck off you pair of neglecting twats nobody believes you anymore apart from Lorriane"YOUR SACKED"Kelly.

  41. ANON 7


  42. I truly hope Kelly looks at just one of the links i have sent her ,maybe her curiosity will get the better of her ,she has just twittered "whos watching the debate then ?" i had to jump in with "more than will be watching YOU brown nosing the mc canns!" interesting just looked through her twitter friends and she has Sarah Brown( wife of Gordon) on her friends list ? odd or what ?

  43. Hmmm strange how we have last year, the very famous and important "Oprah" and this year the simple, yes as in the word simple "lorraine Kelly, Oh dear how times are hard.............VERY BLOODY HARD!

  44. Well imo LK will sit and watch and listen to everything these two child neglectors have to say........sorry but I really dont think LK is as thick as she makes out, or is she???? we will have to wait and see!!!

  45. Ah, poor Lorraine. She's feeling the pinch. Seems she may have to work 5 whole days instead of 2.
    Maybe there's a small donation to help her out? You know,
    backscarcthing and all that???
    Who knows?
    All imho of course.

  46. who the hell is lorraine kelly?

  47. This is going to be a rubbish interview Ive yet to come across anyone that likes LK. As far as Im concerned watching and listening to UK TV there isnt anyone that actaully likes this silly bint!!


  48. To be or Not to Be that is the question.
    Not to Be , just fits them right
    Or , maybe Macbeth with all that bleeding.
    Will send them screaming.
    How I wish they would get out of mind and out of sight
    A fishmongers daughter ?

  49. Lorraine 'my boobs are just for me and my husband' Kelly, and Kate and Gerry 'who shall we sue next' Mccann = rubbish telly !!

  50. But this two have something new to justify another interview? BORING.... Will be boring. They are going to repeat one more time the bla, bla, bla about an abduction and how the book damage the search. Bla, bla,bla. Lorraine you are falling down with your friends. The public did not buy anymore their fairy tales.

  51. Lorraine - see you at the job centre next week.

  52. Maddie should be enjoying school now and making friends, instead that has all been taken from her, because of the Mccanns, the people of PDL have lost their livlihoods because of the Mccanns, PDL has been ruined as a tourist attraction because of the Mccanns and now thanks to twitter, and U-tube Lorraine Kelly will now loose all credibility as an interviewer - thanks to the McCanns. Lorraine - welcome to the Mccann club and Karma its far reaching and unforgiving and of course makes loads of money(for the mccanns) you may mock us, but just wait and see....

  53. Hello Lorraine,
    Did you know that after Madeleine, and only during the first 6 months after her disappearance, 800 people went missing in UK and most of them were children or teenagers? How many still missing? How many of this parents received your support during this 3 years? How many parents from that missing childs you interview? WHAT MADE THE MCCANN'S PARENTS OF FIRST CLASS and the others, PARENTS WITH NO CLASS AT ALL? You ARE A SHAME. People like you Lorraine just raise more suspicion on top of the Mccann's because innocent parents avoid the spotlights of the TVs to grief and remember their childs with respect and dignity.
    I hope people in UK will turn off their TVs or change the channel. The exploration of the tragedy of that girl, smells bad long ago. Enough.
    Who commemorate days, months, years of the day their child disappeared? Only THIS TWO NONSENSE PARENTS. INSTEAD OF BRINGING A BOUQUET TO MADELEINE THEY GO TO THE TV like perverted celebrities.
    And some stupid journalists take their boat. They are all to sank.
    Look at Oprah. Her popularity and respect is going down ( Mccann's side effect). Now she is being accused of using poor stories to make her talk show very popular, using the tragedy of others.
    Opportunism is what are all this interviews.
    BY THE WAY, I HAVE A QUESTION FOR THEM: When are they going to reopen the case? Now... or in 20 years... forced by the confession of one of the Tapas 7?

  54. Incredible! They are so arrogant and full of their own self importance!

  55. Clegg, one of the candidates in the UK speaks perfectly Dutch as his mother comes from Holland.
    That is now a perfect opportunity to send her the Dutch translation of The Truth of the Lie, telling her what is going on in the UK, asking her to warn Clegg about the corruption in his country and to show him in short the results of the PJ investigations.
    Maybe he has gotten brothers and sisters who also speak and read Dutch.
    I hope he will win the elections.

  56. On the video(Joana) The McCanns Media Marathon the journalist of the GMTV who interviews Kate, Gerry and Gamble does not seem to believe Maddie is still alive.
    He seems to be a pressure on the couple and Gerry is breathing nervously and rapdly while Kate watchs Gamble on a shocked way.
    The GMTV could be a TV channel that is not very much in favor of the McCanns.
    Let us wait and see what Quiche Lorraine will ask.
    ( How are the twins doing? Are you praying every day? Have you got yet the key of the Vatican?)

  57. Perhaps a different approach is required chaps? A slick marketing campaign is staged with the support of a compliant press...compliant when it suits them..

    Please when angry think back to how Paul Burrell could do no wrong in the eyes of the tabloid press, of course they heard the same stories as some of us who knew! But to be Princess Diana's Rock sold papers. Now what is Paul Burrells standing?? Has the press had some shocking attack of integrity or had being a Rock merely run out of copy?

    People post here and on a host of other sites argued and rational points, they get frustrated and are labeled vile sick nutters or worse. But posting on here etc is to a certain extent preaching to the converted, it reaches a limited audience.

    Might i suggest we give it a break and write in support of the McCanns, yes!! We write outside of the blogosphere. We write complimentary and postive letters and emails about the McCann forebearance, how they have suffered and continue to do so.(Resisting the temptation to say what we feel they are suffering from). We write about their relentless search and publicity drive in the face of so much criticism.

    In short think Rosie Plop and Philomena, extend the hand of friendship, support and a genuine desire to help see the perpetrator or plural brought to justice! I for one will write to Lorraine and ask her to press for Kate and Gerry to undertake a lie detector test etc and silence those vile critics once and for all.

    Sit back not in dispair but in thought about a different way to move this business forward.

  58. I doubt LK would even listen to anybody who spoke the truth about the Madeleine investigation.

    I get the impression it would be too confrontational for her to handle.

    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Like one of those monkeys.

    Has LK ever put her head above the parapet about anything in a face to face confrontation?

    Somehow I can't imagine it.

  59. An erstwhile presenter called Kelly
    Used to pop up a lot on the telly
    With her precious McCanns
    Which annoyed all her fans
    Now she's sweeping the streets in New Delhi ...


  60. Lorraine Kelly is the most stupid woman on the UK TV I never ever watch this silly woman she speaks nothing only rubbish, hand in glove with the Maccanns. She hates two things the Catholic church and anyone who is against the Maccann's I for one will not be watching.

  61. This was to be expected, The Maccann's you have to admit have some nerve, they will never ever give in, they now believe every word of this fairy story. They are living this lie with every breath they take. Its not Lorraine Kelly they need (she will bow and scrape to them) it's urgent medical treatment. They are both mentally unstable.
    It will be woosh woosh the window of opportunity the twins waiting for maddie, the toys her room ready the people who know. Mr Amaral damaging the search for maddie, They really do insult the UK public.

  62. They are thankfull that their child is still missing, this way they still make lots of money.......(money maters)

  63. Why have the McCanns and their tapas pals never been obliged to take lie detector tests, considering the disappearance of a three year old child is involved. And why have their spurious statements been taken as gospel? They could have been, and probably were lying through their teeth or at the very least spreading the truth very thinly on the ground! You would have thought they would want to have their innocence shown to the world by co-operating with the police in this way. Not to have done so just shows they were all scared to death of what the results would be.

  64. I have never heard of Lorraine Kelly - could someone fill me in?

    -- Trismegistus (not a big telly-watcher)

  65. Lorraine Kelly earns over £350,000 per year (for what!!!)working 2 days a week (2 live shows rest recorded )and she may be forced to work 5 days a week (live) due to cutbacks at GMTV, why don't the producers make her earn her money with a proper interview, not pre-arranged questions and sugary sweet fawning over two manipulative liars, Lorraine you have reached rock bottom, just look at the comments posted her there and everywhere.

  66. We know Madeleine is still missing. No one needs to remind us. Its the parents that should be reminded this is no circus, but a serious situation and until such time as they answer truthfully, no one will believe a word they say.

  67. I can't wait for Lorriane Kelly to do the Richard and Judy/Fiona Philips fall from grace.
    IMO I think this is a sending of present for LK by GMTV knowing it will kill her career stone dead.

  68. lets hope this silly bimbo Kelly, remembers to ask her best friends this question.

    "Gerry Kate how is Maddy doing in her Liar in the 5 mile radius of PDL that your PI says she is in, I think its terrible that the UK public are not going out there to look for her for you"

  69. I wish GMTV would hurry and get rid of this anoying stupid woman, they got rid of Ms Philips,just LK to go, I will then maybe start watching GMTV again, I said MAYBE.

    First I will have to wait to hear how the McCann show goes when they interview Kelly.

  70. The Mccanns just can't stop can they, they have to be in front of the Camara, what makes me laugh is they can only get Lorriane Kelly to talk to them, yer talk to them because it will not be an interview, cos thick "ive benn sacked" Kelly can't interview, full stop.

  71. I was interested last night after finding Sarah Brown (wife of Gordon)on Lorraine Kellys friends list/following on twitter ,so I sat for over an hour and half (odd but true )going through Sarah Brown 4,480 following list and was interesting to find "PrayMaddyMcCann"what a set of idiots on there ,All praying for the golden couple I left some "nice"messages !! also interesting to find Sarah follows our own Joana ? very odd IMO

  72. Christ that Kelly woman is so anoying, I stopped watching GMTV when she had to much to say about the Mcs, just like her buddy Richard Madley, look were it got him.

    Kelly is well past her sell by date imo.

  73. I dont like anything about this Kelly person, what surprises me is that she sucks upto to child nelgectors I thought she would have been apposed to anything like this, one thing I remember about Kelly is that she seemed to love her daughter very much, I wonder how many times she had left her daughter when she was a small child, to be with her friends drinking and socialising to feel the need to support the Mccanns so fiercely

  74. You never know, this could all be part of a brilliant LK plot. Maybe she is just lulling them into a false sense of security so she can hit them hard with 48 questions! But, no...
    Alas, she will just hand them the kleenex and all 3 will talk about how important it is for us to keep paying into the fund.
    These 2 schemers need to be interviewed by Paxman.

  75. Ah! Another McCann ego-trip due then ? Whilst I believe fervently in free speech without any form of censorship,it could be interesting if instead of hearing the words of the McCanns,their replies were dubbed. When Mrs Thatcher wished to deny Sinn Fein what she called "The oxygen of publicity" their broadcasts were dubbed. Imagine the situation if the McCann interviews WERE dubbed and all the hard questions were asked,they would soon be screaming "This is censorship"------yes,ask Goncalo Amaral about censorship! You two have put him on the rack.

    As to the Lorraine Kelly interview, all I can say is Strewth!

  76. With any luck we won't have to put up with this silly, talentless woman for much longer. I can't imagine that she will be prepared to work five days a week for £350,000 when she has been getting it for working only two days and spending the rest of the week in Scotland or her villa in Spain. Aaww - don't you feel really sorry for her. A spokesperson has come up with the usual garbage excuse that her family comes first but my question to you, Lorraine, is this - If you are so family orientated how can you support a pair who put their holiday time before the needs of their chidren day after day and who left them alone, in a strange environment every night to go on the lash with their mates? I think it's about time you did us all a favour and disappeared off our TV screens. I can assure you that you (as well as Fiona Phillips) will not be missed one little bit. As you would say - noo, noo, noo.

  77. Whats the bet Kate starts with her "if I must be honest" crap again.

    No Kate you CANNOT and HAVE NOT ever been honest and hopefully Lorraine will ask some serious querstions.

    I have twittered Lorraine Kelly, told her she was losing it and will lose it if she fails to do what we the public are dying to do, get these two whackjobs in a corner,

    My first question would be -: Are you preapred to take a lie detector test, they did say they would back in Julky of 2007???

    Tick tock Kate and Gerry tick tock.

  78. How's the fund doing? Interview for cash....or what?.
    We will again hear that idiotic Gerry's favourite song: "We've been exonerated" :))

  79. all i can say to Lorraine Kelly is read the gaspers statement before you make a idiot of yourself by sucking up to the mccanns also it wouldnt do you any harm to read up on the case,but like many in the media you cant be bothered but will go out on a limb to make the mccanns seem normal parents with out reading the evidence regarding the and the tapas friends

  80. Post 20-Don't forget the tennis court booking at the T9's convenience. Even Jane Tanner expresses some embarrassment at the group's arrogance in making sure they get preferential treatment.
    "How are the mighty fallen" is my only commment about the GMTV interview.

  81. Editors will have to work hard to cut out ums, errs, you knows, if I'm honest, a child is missing, we're her mum and dad.... Money, dogs, suing all and sundry, Lee Rainbow and babysitting arrangements won't get a mention

  82. Lorraine left a message on Twitter

    "I am baffled with people who have no sympathy for Madeleine 'parents who have been living hell for 3 years ."

    Well Lorraine their children were under their responsability. They were far from thinking the worse could happen in this quiet bedroom.

    No Lorraine, we are sorry for the parents who lost their child but they have been lucky to skip prison, to be left free to work and look after their two other children, although they cannot be considered as dangerous criminals, I cannot help thinking that if the portuguese police had been a bit more clever right at the beginning of the case...

  83. Anon 61 -

    I agree that they must be mentally unstable to have laughed on their child's 4th birthday (above picture). Only parents completely uncaring or unstable could have laughed on that day. Normal parents would be in the depth of dispair. Unless of course they knew where Madeleine was and that she was alive and well!

  84. Before Jade Goody died she wrote her autobiography and she stated in it that when all the controversy was going on about the alleged racism row between herself and Shilpa Shetty Lorraine Kelly interviewd Jade Goody and sympathised with her,but Jade overheard Kelly calling her some awful names behind her back,Jade Goody said Kelly was very two faced,and she had now seen right through her,Jade was right there,not so thick after all was you Jade.R.I.P.

  85. Yea "thank you" LK, no other idiot would give us the time of day....

    @Anon 61 - you're absolutely right!! "mentally unstable"

  86. To poster 58.
    "Has LK ever put her head above the parapet about anything in a face to face confrontation? Somehow I can't imagine it."

    Actually, I do remember such an interview.

    It was a few years ago now, probably 10 or even 15 years, but I remember it like it was yesterday. She interviewed the very dashing young Dr Hilary Jones (who was a Breakfast TV colleague)after he had been caught having an affair in between presenting health matters on television! Aparently, according to him, he used to dash out of the studio, do the dirty deed, and return in time for his next slot! (pun unintentional)

    He made a public apology, both to the viewers and to his wife and children, and was interviewed by Lorraine Kelly. Well... to my amazement she absolutely laid into him, like a prize fighter. I ended up feeling sorry for him, she utterly humiliated him, to use another cliche, she was like a dog with a bone ...... so lets just see what happens this time.....

    PS just checked google and the above info on Hilary Jones is as I said, reported in May 2009!

  87. The Mccanns will not take a lie detector test for obvious reasons - so why not let Lorraine Kelly take one during the interview they only need to ask her
    "Lorraine do you truly believe the Mccanns are innocent of all wrong doing and are not involved in the disappearance of their daughter, have you read the files that a freely available on the internet in preparation of this interview. What are your thoughts concerning Amarals factual book based on police files and witness statements. As a mother yourself are you not repulsed by the marketing of Madeleine by team Mccann, and finally if they are innocent why do they need such high profile lawyers to protect them"
    It would be interesting to see the results of such a test, instead we will view a highly edited, polished performance by two very accomplished liars who now believe the lies they spread.

  88. When Madeleine first disappeared the majority of people genuinely beleived the abduction theory, due to the lack of information coming from Portugal, but now we have a fuller picture of what really happened and the conspiracy of silence from Mccanns and Tapas it is clear that the parents and friends lied in the first instance.
    So why does GMTV want to discredit itself interviewing such people. The Mccanns will answer all of Lorraines pre-arranged questions, but refused to answer any of the Portuguese police questions. Why bother with such gutter television interviews, why insult us, we may have been taken in by it all in the beginning but now we all know different.
    Why give the Mccanns airtime, they have done nothing towards finding their daughter, because they know what happened only too well to Madeleine.
    Disgusting TV viewing and insulting to us, especially when Sr. Amarals book is banned by Mccanns citing it damages the search, it did no such thing, the book made it quite clear that the case should be re-opened as a murder case Tapas and Mccanns taken back to Portugal to answer questions.
    Stop paying lip service to the deluded Mccanns - they are laughing at everyone (and quite rightly so never before has the public been made such a laughing stock )

  89. Anon 84 - I too have read a similar thing about Kelly. A guest on her show, who was just an ordinary member of the public, said she was all sweetness and light towards him when the cameras were rolling but totally blanked him as soon as they stopped. Who the hell does she think she is - royalty.

  90. any one think that lorraine kelly will bother to read the gaspers statement or will she try to pretend she knows about the case although she has not read or is interested in reading the official files for the truth about what happend to little madeleine but willingly takes the mccanns lies as the gospel truth

  91. 86 Hey! There is a flock of pigs whizzing overhead!

  92. The evil that is the Mccanns.

    Whatever way you look at it, the McCanns have nto told the true story of May 3rd 2007.

    By slewing the investigation they prevented the police and authorities from finding their daughter, alive or dead, at their hands, through neglect or through another.

    Gerry told a 'Disney' story of proud fatherhood. Kate admitted that they ran at best a listening service and in the telling revealed that Gerry had not moved the door in their apartment.

    These are facts, the effect would have been to slew the investigation as the events of the night are the basis of any investigation.

    We see in the press right now the effect of Clarence Mitchell - look at the Sun headlines every day - this is the same source as many McCann reports and Clarence is working in the background for Cameron.

    The CEOP is led by a McCann supporter who ignores the facts of the case and addresses only the proven to be worthless crazy sightings file, incredibly inviting a known suspect in a missing child case to address a CEOP conference!

    This is the world we live in - if there was a Hell, then surely this life is it!

  93. Dont forget - nothing will be broadcast live.

  94. This will be another source of information on the McCanns through their body language and look out for inconsistancies...why have they never challenged any of the stories about them? Precisely to avoid errors - better to say as little as possible, make empty statemnts about 'the search for Maaadeleine mus go ooon' (doesnt Gerry McCann have the most awful accent you ever heard?!).

    And Kate dripping on about the little person she shared 'girly time' with! Incredible, this child was under 4!!!

    I wonder how many time McCann will remind us that he is a parent by using those hackneyed phrases 'as parents' and 'any parents will understand'!

    No Mr McCann, we DONT understand - as parents we would not behave as you did or claimed you did. I know no other parent who'd laugh with another male about the things you did in the Gasper statement!

  95. Lorraine Kelly was VERY hard on Karen Matthews in her newspaper column. She had no sympathy for her whatsoever. The hypocrisy of it all is hard to stomach.


  96. Anon 86 Thanks for that information.

    Well, well, wonders will never cease.

    Pity she can't find it in her now to even chide the McCanns for leaving their kids. That might help set an example to other parents not to do the same.

    But then, people have to be careful what they say about the McCanns, they have the media and powerful others on their side.

  97. There are always a few 'hard' questions thrown in during interviews these days, but I wouldn't think there are many surprise questions.

  98. I despair at what has become of our once great country, we were considered a democratic, fair country, we prided ourselves on freedom of speech it was of paramount importance, but now with the MP’s expenses scandal, compensation culture, greedy bankers, benefits culture we have become a complacent Nation, accepting of anything.

    The Internet offers freedom of speech and through these forums we articulate our opinions on the Mccann case. For months I have followed these discussions and made valid points, as we all have and thank you to Joana and all for giving us this platform to do so.
    Statements, facts and common sense depict the guilt of the Mccanns, but until such time as somebody stands up to this money making machine Mccanns will continue with their delusional dream. Three years ago we would have accepted an interview on GMTV with Kate and Gerry, probably watched it and believed what was being said BUT since May 2007 too much information is now in the public domain for us to accept the Mccanns ‘abduction’ theory.

    GMTV it is no longer acceptable to present this propaganda to the public, we all know different – we have read the statements, the video evidence of Eddie and Keela, read the Gaspars and Smiths statements, please do not insult our intelligence. I would suggest that the producers of GTMV have a good, hard long look at what is being said on the internet about this case, read the files before going ahead with this programme, if you pulled the plug on it you would be doing justice and Madeleine a great service.

    Kate and Gerry will ultimately face justice, criminologists will drag out all the old interviews, your GMTV interview will be amongst those shown as people who were fooled into believing Mccanns We are not ‘nutters’ nor is this a ‘hate campaign’ we are people who have read the facts of the case, and have an opinion, we are not accepting of what the Mccanns feed our media in order to fill their money pot, all we want is justice for a 3 year old child, who seems to have been forgotten in this media circus.
    There are many businesses and people in PDL who have lost their jobs because of the Mccanns, we at least owe it to these people, who were the first to help and trust the Mccanns and have been betrayed by them to find justice for Madeleine, and Dr Amaral who has also been treated appallingly by these two. THIS CASE SHOULD BE RE-OPENED

  99. How can they have those faces in that photo? Are they inhuman?

    Or did they know where she was, what had happened?

    What is the truth behind those faces?

    They should be made to tell...mandated to take a lie detector test.

    There is no justice in this evil world....is this place the Hell we all speak of as if it were another place?

  100. According to the McCanns Amaral's book is hampering the search for Madeleine. How is it that the McCanns think that an interview with this Kelly woman will help the search for Madeleine?
    Disgusting, a kind of entertainment, abusing your own child, it is beyond belief.

    "Lorraine's been very supportive of the family," said a source. "This is a thank you and a reminder that she's still missing."

    The only one that has a right to say Thank You is Madeleine, but alas she says nothing.

  101. #86,
    it seems that adultery is a very big sin for L.Kelly...maybe she has been a victim herself and hence the fierceful treatment she gave that doctor! But when it comes to two doctors, who, at the very least, are guilty of neglect towards their three children she thinks nothing about it, fells perfectly o.k. with it, so it seems, judging by her Twitter comment! ( see post #17)

  102. Mais uma vez vao estes pais, gemeos siameses, a uma entrevista de chacha para revisitar as charadas de sempre. Quantos Pounds vai o Fundo encaixar em mais uma operacao de angariacao de fundos? Esse e o objectivo principal destas entrevistas.
    Quando e que vai aparecer um(a) jornalista corajoso(a) capaz de separar cirurgicamente estes siameses e entrevistar so a Kate? NESSE DIA TALVEZ O JORNALISMO FACA ALGO POR MADELEINE, PARA QUE SE CUMPRA UM DOS SEUS DIREITOS FUNDAMENTAIS, O DIREITO A JUSTICA ( O unico a que ela ainda pode aceder).

  103. There is only one response to this interview and that is to not watch it. How else will GMTV get the message?

  104. Mais uma bofetada de luva branca bem no meio da cara dos Mccann e dos jornalistas ingleses que os apoiam e insultam a PJ acusando-a de incompetente:

    O adolescente de Vizela de 15 anos, seduzido pela Net, foi raptado e levado para Ourense onde ia ser vendido para trabalhar como escravo.
    Quantos dias esteve desaparecido? -4. A policia portuguesa e espanhola, num exercicio conjunto, resgataram o adolescente e prenderam os traficantes. A Pj continua a investigar o caso para chegar ao miolo da rede de trafico.
    Quantas fotografias do adolescente foram reveladas pelos Media? - Nenhuma.
    Quantos apelos a policia espanhola ou portuguesa, fez nos Medis? - Nenhum.
    Quantos apelos os pais do adolescente fizeram nos Media?- nenhum.
    Terao os pais do adolescente, residentes no interior do pais e pertencentes a classe media-baixa, alguma vez contactado o primeiro Ministro, o P. Republica, ministros, etc? - Nao.
    Terao os pais montado um fundo e contratado detectives privados para localizar o filho? - Nao.
    DEIXARAM A PJ TRABALHAR COOPERANDO COM TUDO O QUE ERA NECESSARIO, no recato que as investigacoes criminais exigem, sobretudo quando a hipotese das vitimas estarem vivas sao grandes, ou seja... LONGE DOS MEDIA E DO CIRCO MEDIATICO DOS APELOS E DA MANIPULACAO DA OPINIAO PUBLICA.

  105. Compare the photos above, of what would have been Madeleine's fourth birthday, with the photo of their first photo-op on the tragic Wednesday (?)night.
    Standing outside 5a, with a written statement- and a torch - they are entirely different people. Kate, on that first evening, looks untidy, uncombed hair straggling, tracksuit - rather slummy looking. Gerry looks ordinary but very serious, worried.
    Since then she had her hair well-done,bleached, new stylish clothes, Gerry looks smart and they both look on cloud nine.
    I wonder if a measure of what could tactfully be called 'self-medication' had taken place. It is the only way I can resolve the ecstatic smiles on their faces.

  106. Yes I can just hear it now the usual from Kate......

    "To be Honest Lorraine"

    And the usaul from Gerry......

    "Lorraine there is no evidence maddy has come to any harm"

    FFS Lorriane remember there is more to life then suckiong up to these 2 child neglectors!!!!!



    What would you think of your Daughter if she left YOUR Grandaughter all alone to look after your other 2 Grandchildren all under the age of 3 in an unlocked apartment, while your Daughter and Son-in-Law where out drinking and laughing with friends night after night, and one of your Granchildren vanished in to thin air......But they found blood marks on the floor and walls and cadavar sent in the wardrobe.

  109. The whole McConn protection is sinister,something terrible lies behind it,and it involves people high in public office,favours have been called in to help protect the McConns and the tapas crowd,there are hundreds of journalists and news anchors,i don't believe for a second that most of them believe the McConns,they can read the files like us and probably have,so why do they act like they do towards the McConns?There's more to it than meets the eye,something carrying it along,as for our country being a democracy,don't make me laugh,when a pair of child neglectors(at least)can dictate what we can and cannot read.Something is going on here that goes beyond this case.Is there not one journalist who will break ranks and speak out on behalf of justice for Madeleine.Sinister.

  110. Anonymous4 said... "Oh is she still missing? Thanks for the reminder. Hope she asks them 40 or more questions"

    I love your command Anonymus 4. There's no sense in saying more than you did.


  111. 101 No doubt she uses the same child care methods as the McCann's, as does Fiona ('slut') Phillips.

    I think thats what people in the media (especially the ladies) do!

  112. Marvellous.

    Lorraine Kelly. The thinking man's Fiona Phillips.

    The sound of barrels being scraped reverberates around the GMTV studios

  113. #103 - my Portuguese is not good - in fact it's cr*p. But I can interpret it via Spanish and French and understand it. I think what you're saying is that Kate McCann should be interviwed by herself, without her alter ego, ie Gerry McCann being present. It's true, I think she's only given solo interviews on the radio where no one can see her body language.

  114. Extractos da unica entrevista importante que os Mccann deram ate hoje. Retirado do livro 'Porque adoptamos Maddie' da autoria de Luis Castro, pag 111 a 114:


    'Ha perguntas que estao por fazer. E preciso ouvir essas respostas da boca dos Mccann. E nem de proposito, o casal disponibiliza-se para entrevistas individuais com as televisoes portuguesas. Porque considero de maxima importancia as respostas conseguidas pela reporter que acompanha o caso desde o inicio e para lhes dar mais impacto, decido separar 3 perguntas na abertura do TELEJORNAL do dia 10 de Agosto. JRS e o apresentador e esta de pe junto a um ecra interactivo onde vao aparecendo palavras-chave como: 'SUSPEITOS',' SEDADA' e ' ACIDENTE'....
    A primeira ( pergunta) foi saber se eles sao suspeitos no inquerito. O realizador cola... a resposta de Gerry: ' Sabemos que todos tem de ser investigados. Faz parte de qualquer investigacao. Sempre cooperamos e a policia tem de fazer bem o seu trabalho'.
    SF insiste: 'Tem medo disso?'
    'Se a policia diz que vai voltar ao inicio e isso implica comecar por nos e pelos nossos amigos, nao ha problema, pois precisamos de saber o que aconteceu. Se nao fossemos sujeitos ao mesmo escrutinio que todos os outros, entao a policia nao estaria a cumprir o seu trabalho.' (CONT)

  115. ( CONT)
    ........ 'A segunda questao crucial....: Terao ou nao os pais administrado sedativos aos filhos na noite do desaparecimento de Madeleine?'
    Percebe-se que a pergunta os incomoda e que nao ficam a vontade na resposta. E o pai quem comeca:
    ' Nao vamos contar nada, mas nunca usamos qualquer sedativo ou algo do genero'.
    Gerry deixa escapar um riso nervoso e coca a orelha antes de reafirmar que sempre cooperaram com a policia, que responderao a qualquer inquerito e que permitirao qualquer teste que seja pedido pelos investigadores. Kate intervem e trata a jornalista pelo nome proprio, como que tentando obter a simpatia de quem a questiona:
    ' Cooperamos a 100%, S. E continuaremos a faze-lo. Quero a Madeleine de volta. E o que mais quero. Precisamos de saber a verdade.'
    .... A terceira questao que arrastara o restante da entrevista: 'Tera ou nao havido um acidente que provocou a morte de Madeleine?' Kate responde:
    ' Nao sabemos se havia sangue no chao. Ha muita especulacao e a especulacao e prejudicial. Ate que alguem nos diga isso, que ha provas contundentes de que fizeram mal a Madeleine, nos vamos ignorar a especulacao e agarrarmo-nos a esperanca'.
    SF encaixa as outras perguntas que havia preparado:
    ' Gerry, lembra-se quem foi a ultima pessoa a ver a vossa filha, alem de si, nessa noite?'
    ' Essa e uma parte critica da investigacao. A policia sabe e quem a levou tambem sabe'.
    'Acham normal voltar a ser chamados?'
    ' Com as nossas declaracoes, com todas as provas que possuiam e com a ausencia de marcas de violencia, sentimos nas primeiras semanas que nos tinham excluido...'
    ' Ate quando vao ficar?'
    A resposta vem de Kate:
    ' Sinto que tem sido o certo para mim e para a Madeleine. Quem sabe? Posso acordar um dia e dizer que quero ir para casa.'
    Esse dia estava mais perto do que os jornalistas e a opiniao publica imaginavam. A entrevista da RTP e muito comentada e os especialistas consideram-na a mais importante de todas.......
    A reporter ainda hoje relembra aqueles momentos: ' Essa foi sem duvida... a grande entrevista que os Mccann deram ate hoje... tivemos a capacidade de colocar as perguntas certas... As nao respostas em muitas situacoes foram extremamente significativas. Tiveram um poder semantico extraordinario e a prova e a pergunta do 'Colpol'.....'
    Confesso que ja por mais do que uma vez me apeteceu convidar um especialista em neurolinguistica para descodificar o comportamento daqueles pais, mas sinto que pode ser perigoso e que a audiencia nao esta preparada para tal.... O certo e que na pergunta sobre os sedativos, eles atrapalharam-se na resposta.'

  116. Olhando para a entrevista acima 114 e 115, ha um comentario que nao posso deixar de fazer:
    Passaram 3 anos de mais mentiras.

    'Gerry deixa escapar um riso nervoso e coca a orelha antes de reafirmar que sempre cooperaram com a policia, que responderao a qualquer inquerito e que permitirao qualquer teste que seja pedido pelos investigadores'.

    Quanta mentira e a facilidade com que nao cumprem aquilo que dizem perante as camaras de Tv e arrepiante: Nao colaboraram com a policia, nao responderam as perguntas do inquerito ( Kate deixou 48 perguntas por responder, mesmo depois dos investigadores lhe perguntarem se estava ciente que ao nao responder as perguntas, comprometia as buscas da filha e de ela responder que estava). Nao autorizaram analises nem entrevistas aos gemeos. Nao participaram na reconstrucao do crime. BOICOTARAM TODA A INVESTIGACAO.

    Interessante a leviandade com que Gerry acha que as provas recolhidas os excluiram. Quais provas? As de rapto que nao existem ou as circunstanciais que os colocam sempre no centro do crime? E que o Porta-Voz da PJ disse aos microfones da RTP:' O CRUZAMENTO DAS PROVAS TESTEMUNHAL E PERICIAL REFORCAM A HIPOTESE DE QUE A PEQUENA MADELEINE ESTEJA MORTA'. A PJ abandona a tese de rapto (sem provas) para a de morte( ainda que sem corpo, porque tem provas circunstanciais que precisam ser aprofundadas com mais investigacao e nao com arquivamento). A somar a isto, Barra da Costa responde na RTP a pergunta sobre a fiabilidade dos caes pisteiros: 'Quando os caes pisteiros falham 10%, sao oferecidos'. SERA QUE JA OFERECERAM OS CAES TOPO DE GAMA DA POLICIA INGLESA?

    Quanta mentira prolifera na vida destes pais. Pelas amostras que tem oferecido publicamente aos milhoes de pessoas de todo o mundo, sempre que abrem a boca em auto-defesa, nao e dificil percebermos a facilidade com que terao mentido a policia, desde as primeiras declaracoes. Mas depois nao se coibem de processar quem se indigna, quem os questiona, quem num puro e simples exercicio de raciocinio lhes demonstra que os raptos tambem precisam de provas testemunhais e periciais para serem comprovados e que essas provas nao existem. Sao uma mentira do tamanho de todas as mentiras que tem contado ate hoje.

  117. Enquanto Kate e Gerry se atrapalhavam com a pergunta do 'Colpol' e negavam sedativos ou coisas do genero, o pai de Kate admitia em Inglaterra que eles costumavam dar a Madeleine o 'Calpol night'. E Gerry diz ' Quanto a isso nao vamos contar nada', admitindo assim que havia qualquer coisa para contar.

  118. Kelly Lorraine,
    Que tal pegar na grande entrevista que eles deram a RTP e continua-la? Ou simplesmente perguntar-lhes o que e que fizeram para honrarem e cumprirem as palavras que em 10 de Agosto de 2007, proferiram num canal televisivo Portugues?

    Madeleine, onde quer que esteja, ha-de estar interessada em saber e ouvir dos pais o que e que em 3 anos eles fizeram ou permitiram que se fizesse, por ela.
    Se estivesse viva, rebolaria de raiva com tanta mentira, tanta hipocrisia, tanta exploracao e tanto oportunismo. O pior e que estes adjectivos sao transversais em Inglaterra e vao desde os pais ate aos Media que vegetam a volta da desgraca da crianca. Lorraine e mais uma na tribuna a espera de um lugar ao Sol. vai ficar 'esturricada'.

  119. A Espanha esta na rua por Baltazar Garzon. espero que um dia Portugal esteja na rua por Goncalo Amaral.
    Esta guerra entre juizes e advogados ligados aos politicos, em portugal, deveria fazer transbordar tambem a vergonhice por tras do caso Maddie e da Ordem dos Advogados. Nunca sera tarde e um dia tudo se vai saber. 20 anos dao para muita coisa, e dao sobretudo para nao adormecer consciencias nos casos mal resolvidos. Ate porque os cargos politicos sao efemeros e quando se 'zangam as comadres, sabem-se as verdades'.

  120. Nao e que eu simpatize com o estilo Moura Guedes mas e interessante ver como o caso dela nos mostra a 'Bitola' com que o PGR rege o seu mandato.
    Moura Guedes foi notificada para apresentar as provas que detem contra Socrates. Sera que os Mccann tambem foram notificados para apresentarem as provas que detem suportando a tese de rapto? E que a policia nao encontrou nenhumas. Mas como eles defendem tao acesamente tal tese, movem processos judiciais a quem os questiona, ganham providencias cautelares em tribunais portugueses, proibem livros, perseguem e silenciam quem evidencia provas para outras teses, DEVEM TER PROVAS PERICIAIS A SUPORTAREM A TESE DE RAPTO(?).
    Sr. PGR, mostre que tem verticalidade, use a mesma 'bitola', reabra o processo e convide-os a apresentarem as provas de rapto.

  121. I googled Lorraine Kelly, as I'd never heard of the lady. She appears to be a product of the celebrity culture, someone with undue influence stemming from fame rather than any sort of actual ability.

    Best ignored.


  122. Slightly off-topic :) but in this disgusting affair in which the main suspects of a child's disappearance become celebrities and make a fortune, lie in every single statement they give to the media and manage to get a police investigation shelved in mid-air, some people shine like a beacon of integrity in their search for the truth.

    Somebody please tell me if I got the date wrong, otherwise Happy Birthday Joana! :-*

  123. 103 - no! Have to watch! Every time theyn open their mouths and nothing comes out, they are adding to our knowledge!

  124. 105 Good point, but I suspect they didnt know how it was going to work out (re:neglect charges) and by the time it was her birthday, the protection was in place.

  125. At Daily Star and Daily Express, a NEW PICTURE OF MADELEINE with 7 years old. A lot of photo-shot to show a beautiful face, ready to ask more donations. And a crap fashion adviser because her clothes are really ugly and completely out of fashion.
    Again, here is... happy Madeleine, showing that where she is, is at some caring hands. The abductor did not neglect her, did not leave her babysitting baby's at night. No scars, no bruises, no signs of abuse, violence. She looks health and well feed, and amazing... she remain with same hair cut. The abductor is really outstanding, if the girl is alive and have any similarity to that picture.
    What an injustice, Kate and Gerry are making when they adjective him , as a monster, evil, bad. He must sue them for all the defamation they made, for all distorted image about him. They pass to the twins the idea of a monster and all the progressed pictures about Madeleine show the world a charitable and kind guy. He is amazing... he preserves Madeleine, as a precious princess and don't ask any ransom or any financial support from the Fund.

    That picture justify Mccann's silence since Feb 18. A lot of work for a new campaign to foolish people. Unfortunately I still waiting for a single prove to support the abduction and for the day the case will be reopened.
    When are this neglects and their army of journalists going to stop ' exploring' the image and the tragedy of a little 3 years old abandoned at herself in a foreign country? SHAME ON THEM.

  126. Here's hoping the PJ will listen to the McCanns' lawyer Isabella with her suggestion of a reopening of the case.

    That sounds like a very good idea.

    Well done Isabella for saying that, although since then we have seen nothing but your clients do everything possible to deflect from it.

    Why would that be do you think Isabella, when they could have followed your suggestion and requested a reopening, and the PJ would have done everything possible to make their request come true and the search would be on again.

    After all, there is a little girl missing, as the McCanns are so keen on telling everybody.

  127. What is really telling is that this pair dare not risk a live interview being broadcast, even one with the brain-dead and sycophantic Lorraine Kelly in charge! What can they possibly be afraid of? What on earth do they think will need to be edited out? It is going to take 24 hours to "Clarify" it - but is Clarrie free to do this at the moment?

  128. Lorraine Kelly: Comment, The Sun (appears in paper edition)

    24 April 2010

    It's hard to believe it is almost three years since Madeleine McCann vanished and impossible to imagine the agony her parents still endure.

    Next week, I will be talking to Kate and Gerry about life without their daughter.

    Both of them are still hopeful of finding her and are more determined than ever to keep Madeleine's name in the public eye.

    This couple have not only had to deal with the agony of Madeleine's disappearance every single minute of every day, but they have also been subjected to vicious and ill-informed abuse.

    They have tried to do everything in their power to find their child, but they have had the kind of vitriol heaped on their heads usually reserved for hardcore politicians or dodgy politicians.

    Shamefully, they have even been accused of murdering their own child.

    Of course they shouldn't have left Madeleine and the twins alone, but to suggest that they deserved to have their daughter abducted is disgraceful.

    Three years down the line, a little girl is still missing and all her parents want is to have her back.

    Surely they deserve our support and our deepest sympathy.

    Source: http://www.mccannfiles.com/id232.html


  129. Anon 125 -

    You have hit the proverbial nail right on the head - nothing to add to that except to say the McCanns must be rubbing their hands waiting for the next lot of little brown envelopes to come through their letter box!

  130. LK must have been reading blogs because no British media dare publish anything other than sycophantic drivel.

  131. You cannot run something like the Madeleine Fund and still be capable of feeling "shame". The McCanns won't feel shame until they try to approach heaven. I wouldn't want to be them or anyone covering up what happened to Madeleine if I were hoping to enter heaven.

    The thing is, none of them believe in God. It is obvious or they couldn't have endured the last three years. If they WERE godly people or even believed in a word taught in the church they claim to love, they'd know that if they had been honest, they'd have received forgiveness. As it is, I predict damnation for them all.

  132. Shubob @128. Thanks for sharing the article. Mr Amaral is the one who deserves support. Of course to suggest the child was abducted is disgraceful, I don't know anyone who thinks she was abducted in the first place.

  133. Espero que Joana e todos portugueses por todo o mundo tenham tido um boa feriado 25 de Abril!!!!
    Viva Portugal viva a liberdade!!!

  134. Lorraine Kelly...well that says it all, hardly your tough out for the truth kind of girl...the best interview I saw was on spanish television (Antennae 3) the programme La Nuria, interviewer Jorge --sorry cant remember the surname. Very popular and out for the truth guy, Gerry stormed off set half way through, accusing Jorge of investigation, he asked some tough questions. Gerry was pissed off because he hadnt been given the questions in advance. Think he should re interview them again. Our Gerry likes to know the questions in advance so he can approve them and rehearse his answers. remember these two are now well practiced, they have been at it for three years.

  135. Just because they are doctors doesn´t make them intelligent... I know a few who are knowledgable but not intelligent. Any parent who honestly believes their child was abducted would be screaming for the case to be reopened, they have done F--- All and whilst they pose and grin like monkeys they will never have my sympathy. I do not understand what has happened in UK that these two are able to control everything and why the press and media are so frightened of upsetting them...where are their private tecs?? what are they doing winding the case down nicely so it slips into oblivian, or maybe they have discovered the truth and resigned.

  136. Is there any investigation going on in the UK?? Why are the McCanns not asking for the case to be reopened. Where is Dr Amarel and what is happening to him? we hear nothing these dys, do you know anything Joanna?? ·rd anniversary...top up the fund time for more 5star hotels in Portugal, fiestas and rubbing shoulders with the famous............I would not as doctors allow you near my child

  137. Does the Kelly woman realise that it is the OFFICIAL INVESTIGATORS from UK and Portugal who worked on the case, who have come to the conclusion that Madeleine died in the apartment.

    Nobody is making that up.

    Neither are the findings of the dogs made up. Blood and cadaver scent behind the settee, and blood under the tile in the same place as the cadaver scent. Also, in the back of the McCanns' hire care.

    Much as the McCanns would like us to ignore the findings of the dogs and treat them as 'ludicrous', the dogs cannot be ignored by rational people who are not bending over backwards to believe all the McCanns say.

    Does Kelly also think the dogs are 'ludicrous'? Would she dare say that in front of a UK audience.

    No, she bloody well wouldn't, because she knows what the reaction would be from that UK audience. These dogs are trusted by the public at large. The UK public know the dogs know their business, and if they are indicating Madeleine is dead, then she is dead.

    If the McCanns want us to believe in their abduction fairy story then they should have to prove it first. That Fund of theirs should be stopped until they do. After all, if they are stopped from soliciting money from the public they could always get money from selling that great big house of theirs for a start. Perhaps their own family could also help with money if they need it so desparately.

    So far we have to see the McCanns use any of their own money. If they are really serious about the supposed searching for Madeleine now is the time to start using their own money, instead of trying to get people who are much poorer than themselves to cough up.

    I read somewhere that so far it is estimated they have had about seven million pounds. Now they want the tax payers to fund them as well with this so called 'review'.

    If this is true, how much more money do these people want spent on them.

    Yet the McCanns could get their 'search' done for free by simply asking for the case to be reopened in Portugal. They wont do that though will they Kelly. Have you asked yourself why.

    You probably call yourself a journalist Kelly, so go do some research on this case instead of believing what the McCanns tell you and then spouting a load of rubbish blaming people who don't and can't believe Madeleine is alive, and that she died in the holiday apartment.

    After all, you would have to include the PJ and the UK cops in that, because they don't believe Madeleine is alive either.

  138. Lorraine Kelly could stop all the speculations around the "suffering" parents and ask for reopening the case. For the JUSTICE. For the little girl. Or? may be to come to the history as some different ... interviewer. As someone to help in finding THE TRUTH ABOUT DISAPPEARANCE OF LITTLE MADELEINE MCCANN.


  139. Does Lorraine Kelly think the blood and cadaver dogs who worked on the case were 'Scotch Mist'.

    She needs to wake up and start doing some serious research on the case, instead of buying into the McCann spin of an abduction scenario, for which there is no evidence at all.

    She is too up close and personal to these people, just like Gamble. It is hard for objective thinking when that happens.

  140. somebody above said that Kate's father told that Maddie used to take Calpol Night.
    I knew about Calpol but not about Calpol night.
    On internet I read that C. Night has diphenhydramine, witch can even cause heart attacks.
    Who said it was Calpol Night and not simply Calpol?
    Unless the father used the generic name of the medicine.

  141. I`ve found your article using google, and i think you should better promote your blog. you post some very interesting articles. The best regards for you :)

  142. Wonderful posts at Mccannfiles about how useless were age progressed pictures in many USA missing childs and how useless is the Money, the congress pass every year to the hands of a organization who pretend to 'search' or at least raise information about abducted children.

    Mccann supporters, open your eyes and see how useless is the money you pass into hands that did not work close to official polices.
    If Madeleine was really abducted by a strange ( a situation which I don't believe at all) only official polices have the knowledge and the power to recover her.
    All this age progressed pictures of Madeleine, are very danger and can dramatically damage her search. There is no any similarity between the last picture ( Madeleine 7) and the previous two (Madeleine 6). Which one is more accurate? PROBABLY NONE. This pictures damage more her search then the Amaral book or the criticism of many bloggers in the Internet.
    The way that pictures are delivered to the Media, say a lot about that case. Since I did not find any similarity between Maddie 7 and Maddie 6. And Maddie 7 looks like Maddie 3 ( even the hair cut remains) and Maddie 6 looks like a teenager, I achieve one conclusion: THEY DON'T WANT MADELEINE TO BE FOUND.
    The pictures are strategical delivered to the Media( always to Express group) to keep the story alive and 'cash in'. Express group sale more papers to their less attentive or naive public, because of that picture, and some pounds will fall in Mccann's Fund, PERVERTING ALL THE PHYLOSOPHY OF ANY ABDUCTION, OR ANY SEARCH.
    Again a picture is delivered but They don't offer any reward to people who search the girl or who spot her. WHY? The Fund spend huge figures with Lawyers, spoke-persons, detectives, pictures, BUT NEVER OFFER ANY REWARD. The Express group insult the police, support charitable dinners and runs, but apart the first reward (which become a fossil now) never re-offer it again. THEY ALL KNOW, SHE IS DEAD AND CANNOT BE RECOVERED. ALL THIS IS A MORBID EXERCISE SHOWING HOW LOW CAN PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS FALL, WHEN THEY DISCOVER THE MAGIC FORMULE OF MAKING EASY MONEY.

    Maddie case become an issue to be investigated not only by the police but also BY 'SOCIOLOGY', 'PSYCHOLOGY', 'MEDIA', 'BUSINESS' and many other subjects. A passionate issue to be done by experts in Universities.

  143. The new picture of Madeleine is for UK consumption. No any Media in Portugal published it. Portuguese editors don't take anymore Mccann's boat, unless ID or Aragao pay for it.

    What a disgrace country, yah Kate and Gerry, your business is over in Portugal. No more Euros coming from the sunny rectangle in Europe.

  144. Anon @ 140,

    When the possibility of 'dead by accident due to sedatives' was largely discussed in the Media, it come out that they don't assume but Kate father assumed in UK that they use to give Calpol night to Madeleine. Calpol night is forbidden in Portugal due to is sedative side effect. Is a kind of medical cocktail which relieves the fever and the pain ( like the regular calpol) and work also as a sedative.
    Strange for a family holidaying with small children, when the police checked the flat and their belongs, they don't found any medicine for childs. WHY? I don't believe, they travel to a foreign country with babys, for a week, without medicines to relieve fever and pain.
    From my experience as a parent, I always travel with SOS medicines for small injures, fever or allergies. Everybody knows that fever can happen suddenly in a child and ruin their day. And the normal Calpol is a friendly medicine to help any parent deal with fever until find a proper treatment if the illness become more serious.
    THE STRANGE MCCANN'S TRAVELLED WITH ADULTS MEDICINES BUT WITHOUT CHILDREN MEDICINE. Or they hide the childs medicine from the police to avoid troubles with investigation. IF THE POLICE FIND THE CALPOL NIGHT, THE TWINS WILL BE TESTED STRAIGHT AWAY IN THE HOSPITAL WITHOUT PARENTS PERMISSION. And the twins did not wake-up, even after the earthquake of hundred of people in the flat, the screams, the police. And Fionna noticed and remark the behaviour of Kate that night, always checking the twins if they were breathing. Kate was not worried with Maddie, she did not went out to search for her, she was worried with twins.

  145. Anon 142. Excellent post. Totally agree.

  146. OFF-Course, Lorraine come to Blogs to Spy, not to grab proper information about Madeleine investigation.
    She look for 10 minutes of spotlight, as many decadents celebrities, trying to stay longer in the fame stage. In the middle time, maybe she cash in some Pounds from the Fund. THERE IS NO CHARITY WITHOUT INTEREST AT THE PERVERTED WORLD OF THE CELEBRITIES. They always 'cash in'.

  147. First the announce of an interview because 'the third anniversary nears'. Second the age progress picture of Madeleine 7, because the Fund soon could be dry. Remembering the public that a beautiful little girl still missing will encourage the naives to snatch from their small monthly salaries some Pounds and deposit them in the Fund.
    Third, the detectives will follow all the business campaign to remember that she is in a cellar, 10 miles away from PDL. Like that, they will 'thanks' all the donations and leave the 'suspense in the air', ready for the next round- THE CRISTHMAS CAMPAIGN.
    Madeleine is the first person who achieves eternity. Wonder to see her with 20, 30, 40....90 years old and always the same hair-cut. A Kind of COCO-CHANNEL or LADY DI.

  148. See how loopey Lorraine Kelly (in the sun article)deliberately misinterprets peoples anger by saying (i presume she means bloggers)"of course it was wrong to leave the children alone,but for people to say they deserved their child to disappear because of that is cruel" no one has ever said Madeleine deserved to disappear because of the McConns neglect,she is certainly in there with the McConns isn't she,using words to try and turn genuine anger by people concerned about justice for Madeleine into a sychphantic article vindicating the McConns actions on that fateful holiday and their disturbing actions against anyone who dares to disbelieve their fairy story.

  149. Reading LK pro McCann comments this will be another media money making exercise organised by team McCann. What is the point of GMTV giving this type of interview with such a biased interviewer, chatting and laughing on the sofa, all very tame, and if this was not such a serious case probably be quite mild telly viewing BUT considering a child has probably lost her life, what value do we put on human life especially that of a child, when presenters fawn over criminal suspects make brash statements about their innocence whilst condemning and suing anybody who opposes their ridiculous abduction theory as ‘hate campaigners’.
    GMTV I suggest you keep the uncut version of this interview, once this case finally gets re-opened and the McCann’s are found guilty it will make interesting viewing.
    What has happened to Express Newspaper Group to print such a pro McCann story about ‘what Maddie would look like now’ – this is the newspaper that was sued for over half a million pounds by the McCann’s Express Group just ignore the McCann’s, like all the other newspapers do. The super injunctions that McCann’s have slapped on the media stop them reporting anything but pro-McCann’s articles, best not to print anything at all.
    Why this gutless government protects this corrupt couple, with no integrity, no shame, disgraceful, is beyond belief.
    Adrian Chilles has just moved to GMTV for mega bucks and will be looking for a female co-presenter, but after her disastrous interview sucking up to the Mccanns and then all the comments that will appear on face book and twitter Lorraine Kelly will obviously be out of the running there will be too much controversy about her interview for her to be considered for the position, KARMA

  150. poster 128 ,thank you for making my lunch re-appear ,how sickly is LK ?For a long time now I have not been able to bear to watcher show ,on the fashion items she gushes over EVERYTHING,not once have I heard her say"I wouldnt be seen dead in THAT" and she must think it ,she is false ,she is fake and shes a creep ,no wonder shes a Mc groupie

  151. I can't bear watching the way she moves her mouth around, like somebody once told her it looks cute.

    That is besides what comes out of it which is a load of gush.

  152. I don't think LK has been reading other blogs - she has been deluged with comments on Twitter, and some of them don't help the fight for Justice for M. Sending her posts that include personal attacks on her (and I understand the frustration as she truly isn't the sharpest tool in the box)are counter-productive.

    Sending her such remarks as 'Three years without your child is better than a lifetime without a brain', it's little wonder she wrote that 'piece'. It will just make her identify with and agree with the McCanns more!

    I didn't know about Facebook as I hardly use it, but a bit of adult reasoning rather than facile ad-hominem remarks will go a lot further, and any intelligent life happening to read them won't be put off to find out more.

    Anyway, this, along with a few other blogs/forums are excellent and I'm still hopeful that the truth will be accepted and acted upon in the not-too-distant future.


  153. Anon 147, there might be a lot of people looking after the interview so the abductor made sure she had a nice hair cut and didn't look too different.

  154. Anon @ 153,

    Good Point. Even because the Abductor will be in Studio, next to Lorraine.

  155. Lorraine complaining about some comments on twitter? Poor little brain.
    In democracy, celebrities should know that their behaviour is watched close by the public, special when they publicised that behaviour and show it as 'big news'.
    The criticism made the society health and we use to say: ' Who don't want to be treated as a wolf, should not wear is skin'.

    The comments are a direct reaction from what the Mccann's have doing during 3 years without her daughter. And the reaction is against the all picture, not only against few months, the last silence or this interview. Parents like them are hated by the big majority of other parents, who have to work hard and look after their children if they just want to live a normal life.
    Instead of putting your feet in Mccann's shoes to feel their pain about a child they lost due to lack parental caring, put your feet on the shoes of normal parents from all over the world. Any parent in any country, in the same situation, will be since August 2007 in prison ( if not before) with their other childs moved to State care or to a Relative care. This is the reality, not fiction. The fiction is the story of an abduction without evidences.
    In UK, there is thousands of parents who deserve more an interview to remember their lost child and you Lorraine and 'your TV', just ignore them. Parents who really missed their childs in accidents, in serious and fatal diseases, in real abductions because somebody seduced them. Caring parents who lost their childs because something which they cannot control went totally wrong. And this parents, because they respect their childs and themselves, did not come to the Media to complaint about their unlucky situation, they don't transform a tragedy into a circus, and most important... they don't use the tragedy of their childs to earn money or become famous. THIS PARENTS DESERVE RESPECT, NOT THE MCCANN'S.

    If Kate had answered the 48 questions. If the all Tapas 9 had said YES to the police reconstruction. If some British journalists and papers had not printed what they printed about Portuguese police. If Gerry, Kate and Isabel Duarte had not presented the world with jokes outside Lisbon court.... perhaps THE ATTITUDE OF THE PUBLIC WILL BE DIFFERENT. 'They made the bed where they sleep in'.
    Shame on you Lorraine ( and this is not an insult, is a fact) that you become another clown on Maddie circus.
    If one day a 'movie maker' like Ben Affleck decide to tell in big screens Maddie tragedy, The movie will be expensive just on the number of characters involved and on the trips to Portugal with all 5 stars hotels.

  156. Anon 155. Excellent post. Tells it as it is. You verbalize my thoughts and I think those of many others.

  157. Anon @ 155 - I totally agree with everything you have said,spot on -brilliant post - hope Lorraine reads it.

  158. Haven't been on lately.I see nothing has really changed. The UK tabloids living in delusion and propaganda, The McCanns' still at large...I don't know, but isn't journalism ( the noble one, not the sensationnalism dirt) about being NEUTRAL and INVESTIGATING facts, not emotions?
    Thanks Joana for the updates, Ill keep checking up although this is really depressing news.

  159. The thing about Lorraine Kelly, and this is why she identifies so strongly with the McCanns, is that she can only see things from what she thinks is their point of view, not from Maddie's. So anyone who doesn't believe the parents' fairytale must be pleased that Maddie was "abducted" to serve them right. It doesn't occur to her that some of us identify with the child and what she must have been feeling when whatever dreadful event that made her disappear took place. Kelly, because she is totally self-obsessed, can put herself in the shoes of the equally self-obsessed McCanns, but not into the mind of an innocent defenceless child, who is the main concern of most of us here, I believe.

  160. latest tweet from LK.......Kate and Gerry mcCann on with me tomorrow. I can't believe it's almost three years since madeleine disappeared.

    "disappeared." mmm


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