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McCanns beg police to start again in the search for Madeleine

By Andy Dolan

The parents of Madeleine McCann have accused British police of 'giving up' on their missing daughter.

Kate and Gerry McCann spoke out just days before the third anniversary of Maddie's disappearance, urging investigators to go back to the start and review the case.

The McCanns, both 41, fear their own £2million search - funded by public donations received since Maddie vanished from their Algarve holiday apartment - has stalled.

They claim this is due to the failure of both Portuguese and UK police to investigate leads unearthed by their private investigators.

In a pre-recorded GMTV interview due to be broadcast today, Mr McCann said: 'It's not right that an innocent, vulnerable British citizen is essentially given up on. And I don't think it's right that, as parents, that we have to drive the search.'

He added: 'We need to have a proper review of all the information --that's how we will move the investigation forward.'

Mrs McCann, a GP who gave up work to concentrate on the search for Madeleine, said: 'We do this in medicine. You know, if there is a case that you don't seem to be getting the diagnosis, somebody will come in and review it. They'll go back to square one... and that's where you find out what else needs to be done and it will help point you in the right direction.'

Leicestershire Police has carried out its own inquiries as has the taxpayer-funded Child Exploitation and On-Line Protection Centre. But neither is actively seeking the little girl.

The three-year saga has already cost UK taxpayers nearly £500,000.

The couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, told GMTV's Lorraine Kelly it was 'incredibly frustrating' that police in Portugal and the UK are not doing more to find Maddie, who was three when she disappeared from the holiday complex at Praia da Luz on the evening of May 3, 2007.

The McCanns were criticised for leaving the girl and their twins Sean and Amelie, then two, alone in the apartment while they dined with friends at a tapas restaurant 40 yards away.

In the latest interview, Mr McCann, a consultant cardiologist, said that if they could go back, they would not leave Maddie alone.

in: Daily Mail, 28.04.2010


  1. I also find it 'incredibly frustrating' that the police have not yet searched their house in the United Kingdom. This should have been one of the first places to look especially with Gerry coming to and fro United Kingdom so often.

  2. beg??? on a pigs back, another lie from the mccanns,the fraud fund must be really running low now.please will some one just arrest this pair.

  3. "They'll go back to square one... and that's where you find out what else needs to be done and it will help point you in the right direction"

    Square one: non-abductor #1
    Right direction: Prison

    Check, please.


  4. Well they obviously believe the have gotten away with it thus far.
    Notice that they do not want the case reopened. They just want a review. In fact the only thing they are really after is to get hold of all the evidence in the PJ's possession so they can prepare a defence and discredit if and when it becomes necessary.


  5. oh dear not a wise move mrs mccanns 48 questions are gonna come back and also a rainbow too. they are starting to get abit frayed i think the public has long memorys and mr mccanns mantra she hasnt been harmed is gonna look a bit thin.

  6. As such dedicated parents, why did they make Madeleine a ward of court? If she is a ward of court, why does the court not ask for the case to be re-opened?

  7. ET voila, the main explanation for that interview- The Fund has stalled. They need more money, not to search or do anything PRO-Maddie but to feed lawyers and private detectives.


    -If they can choose personally who are the polices involved in the investigation (only corrupt are allowed)
    -If the police work close to them and pass all the information, even the confidential.
    - If police just investigate ' ABDUCTION BY A STRANGE'.
    - IF police plant evidences to support an abduction.
    - If police plant evidences against Amaral to accuse him of incompetence.
    - If British police testify in court against the portuguese police to help them sue Portugal and ask trillions of Euros.

    This two want to be clever but we are not stupid, and you Lorraine buy your decadent start in TV. Why don't you ask the obvious? why don't you advise the obvious?- REOPEN THE CASE IN PORTUGAL. THIS IS A PORTUGUESE INVESTIGATION. THE BRITISH JUST PONTUALLY CAN HELP CARRYING OUT WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE IN UK. AMARAL WILL NOT ANYMORE INCHARGED OF THE INVESTIGATION... What are they afraid?
    I Know.... Rebelo achieved the same conclusion as Amaral. The girl is dead. The search is for a body not for a live Madeleine and the last person who saw her knows everything. THEN, GERRY KNOW EVERYTHING... this interview is another cheat.

  8. The interview was nothing more than an advertisement for their holiday photo pack."Sun cream, passport, insect repellent, maddie photo pack' thats me sorted I'm off on my hols.
    Seriously what the hell is going on here - I mean this couple have ripped the public off big time, sued for trillions and still no one stops them!
    They insult the police who have spent 100 of man hours and money looking for their daughter, who was never abducted in the first place, if a child had not died this whole thing would be quite amusing - manipulation in its extreme.
    I wonder what they will come up with next and just out of curiosity how much does this holiday pack cost.

  9. Well that was an in depth and revealing interview Lorraine, just as we had predicted.

  10. Watched this interview an they were both so wooden trying to be so careful what they said. There twins must be pure geiuses cos my grand daughter who is 5 cannot remember what happened to her at 2. She had an operation to have a toe removed cos she had 6 toes on one foot its all a blank to her. There is no way those twins could remember what happened 3 years ago(some adults find it hard to remember what happened 3 years ago) The Mc Scanms must be spoon feeding them with those things about the nasty man!! Also whats this about a review and the police not bothered THEY got the investigation closed and if They want it opened THEY only have to say. THEY are the ones who have not cooperated but in their usual way its everyone elses fault but there own O and Lorraine Kelly can you prove to me and everyone else on here HOW DO YOU KNOW SHE WAS ABDUCTED?????????????????????????????????

  11. Here we go again. It's not their fault the private investigators are getting nowhere. Oh no, it's not because they are dicks! carefully chosen to be useless.

    Oh no no no, of course, it's the fault of the PJ for not following more (useless, red herring) leads.

    Nothing is ever their fault is it? poor me, poor me, poor me.

    aunti anti

  12. Dear Kate, please feel free to poke yourself and Gerry in the eye... now your pointing in the right direction!.
    Textusa #3.. absolutely correct.

  13. Unbelievable statements from these parents who didn't even bother to look for their daughter the night she went missing.

  14. "Who do you think you are kidding Mr Gerry?" A real Dad's Army song!
    Gerry is smug and full of self importance. I suspect that it will be on one of these 'nice' interviews that his guard will slip. The whole world is watching! Come on Gerry!show us the real gerry.

  15. Which police are they appealing to? Come on PJ - re-open the case!

  16. Anon 17


    So what did happen to those so called 'leads' that they and their lawyer made so much fuss about.

    Have they turned out to be exactly what the PJ said they were, useless. Of no relevance.

    After all, how could they be anything else when Madeleine is dead.

  17. So people are expected to pay for the packs!!

    These McCanns are something else surely.

    What parent with a child missing would not be willing to give away such things with her face on if they wanted her found.

    Not the McCanns.

    Surely the money the McCanns have been sent from the public should have been used to cover these 'free' items for the public to display.

  18. Gordon Brown has stopped by his gaffe today the Maccann interview from all the main UK news programmes, no mention of it at all.

    Regarding the Liverpool Echo interview with Kate Maccann same old fairy story, you can write to the Echo or email the letters page you must include your name and full postal address and phone number you can ask for your name not to be included if the letter is printed. they don't publish your address, but the echo loves the Maccanns and backs them all the way so if anyone writes don't hold your breath for it to be printed. The details are. Postal address The Editor, Liverpool ECHO PO Box 48 Oldhall Street Liverpool L69 3EB.
    email letters@liverpoolecho.co.uk

  19. This pair of sociopaths need to be stopped, however they appear to be protected from powerful influences. Who in the right mind lets them off the hook for child abandonment every bloody night then all the evidence of a dead body, and not one piece of evidence to suggest abduction. This whole affair stinks, stinks of COVER-UPS, LIES and CORRUPTION

  20. Have you seen the latest installment from the gruesome twosome, they have said in an interview that they are losig their faith and they pray for the abductor. How dare they, the neck of it. If this pair are as guilty as the evidence suggests they must have really good protection from somwhere or they are both lunatics ejoying the celebrity.


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