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NOTW: Brits launch Maddie probe

Jim Gamble, CEOP

By Lucy Panton

British police are to launch a new probe into missing Madeleine McCann after massive failures were found in the Portuguese investigation.

Our top child protection cop Jim Gamble has completed a fresh look at the three-year-old investigation for the Home Office.

He told ministers there were huge holes in the original inquiry that need to be revisited if they want to "come close" to reaching UK standards.

It will come as a bitter pill for Portuguese investigators who have fended off criticism since Maddie disappeared in 2007.

But parents Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41 and both doctors, are "delighted" at the move.

Failures in the original investigation are said to be "so gaping" that British authorities feel it is their duty to look at it again.

This time police will review all the leads using technology and standards expected in a homicide or kidnap case in the UK.

Mr Gamble, head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, found a basic failure to collate information and join up links that should have been made.

Telephone records were not properly analysed, missing early opportunities for leads.

And Kate and Gerry McCann were named as Arguidos, or formal suspects, by Portuguese police - something that the review says would not have happened if the probe had been carried out in the UK.

Mr Gamble found no evidence sufficient to make them suspects. His findings have now been formally submitted to the Home Office with recommendations to re-investigate.

The damning review has now set the Association of Chief Police Officers the difficult task of trying to decide who takes on the mammoth task. It is already predicted to be "an extremely costly" investigation that, even if done properly, will probably never be solved.

A source said: "It is something that has to be reviewed. It is only right that the McCanns are given the satisfaction that everything that could be done has been done. It now comes down to who is up to the job."

The Home Secretary Alan Johnson is expected to announce that the new probe will NOT be carried out by Leicestershire police, the McCanns' local force. The review has highlighted failures within their handling of the case and ruled them out of the review.

Instead ACPO are now asking around their top cops to see who could take on the very difficult and complex investigation.

The source added: "It will be extremely costly and sadly is unlikely to result in a positive outcome.

"As much as we would all like this to end with good news for the McCanns, the fact is there have been a lot of missed opportunities and no-one will ever be able to reclaim the time and evidence lost."

Two thousand pages of evidence released earlier claimed Portuguese detectives failed to follow up leads.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson ordered officials to examine the "feasibility" of British detectives having a fresh look at all the evidence back in March.

Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, met Mr Johnson to plead for help in their search for their daughter who vanished aged three from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

in: News Of The World, 11.04.2010


  1. mccanns are paying for it are they?or just the british tax payers?

  2. Gamble found no evidence sufficient to make the McCanns arguidos! Don't make me laugh.

    Well now, nor would he, given they are best buddies. Now will those who have been trying to say this guy is OK see the light.

    Is it a question of not being able to see the forest for the trees with Gamble, or something far worse, that can make him overlook the evidence of the UK dogs.

    I notice the Leicestershire police have been ruled out to do the review. Not up to scratch for the McCanns, eh?

    Not willing to change their minds about the death of Madeleine more like.

    I think I will have to take back what I said about these Leicestershire cops as it seems like there are some of them who are holding out.

    Presumably all the evidence the McCanns want discarded will be.

    It will also be a good attempt by them to get hold of those Files in Portugal they have not yet been given access to.

    To let Gamble have them is the same as giving them to the McCanns. Nice one McCanns if you manage to do it!! What is the saying 'where there is a will, there is a way', well you certainly are showing the truth of that.

    Please somebody in authority in Portugal, can we have a comment from you, because all this is getting out of hand here in UK. The McCanns are doing what the hell they want.

    Please Portugal, do what the McCanns do not want at any costs, and get that case reopened.

    Notice how all this action from the McCanns and their 'review' has managed to deflect from a 'reopening'. They had to say they wanted a reopening of the case, then have done everything possible to stop it happening.

    That reopening of the case is their Archilles Heel and they do not want it to happen under any circumstances, otherwise they would request it.

    Now why would that be, when every other parent with a missing child would jump at the chance? Answers on a postcard!

  3. 'Mr Gamble found no evidence sufficient to make them suspects. His findings have now been formally submitted to the Home Office with recommendations to re-investigate.

    .... 'an extremely costly" investigation that, even if done properly, will probably never be solved'

    With the full cooperation of the McCanns and their friends. Good

  4. "He told ministers there were huge holes in the original inquiry that need to be revisited if they want to "come close" to reaching UK standards."
    UK standards, as in Operation ORE ?

    "Telephone records were not properly analysed, missing early opportunities for leads."
    Telephone records were erased.

    "And Kate and Gerry McCann were named as Arguidos, or formal suspects, by Portuguese police - something that the review says would not have happened if the probe had been carried out in the UK."
    In the UK they would have been arrested, and interviewed under caution.

    "Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, met Mr Johnson to plead for help in their search for their daughter who vanished aged three from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal."
    But their own detective says she is in a hellish lair within 10 miles of PdL. So how difficult is it to start the search there. In fact, when will ANYONE actually start looking for Madeleine.

    This is just nonsense on stilts. The evidence is in the reports.
    Ask the dogs.

  5. http://textusa.blogspot.com/2010/04/jim-gamble-top-child-protector-cop.html

    Another side to Gamble you dont want to know.

  6. Ths is just so rediculous. Who is going to believe a British cooked up load of crap? Not me, that`s for sure.

    Portugal, if you don`t act now & fast, all will go down the tubes.
    This is your case. You have evidence not privvy to UK, I`m sure you have.
    Come on or are you intimidated by McCann & team?

  7. Very Strange!!!
    Why would Gamble at Tax Payers expence want to be sooooo involved in this case for the Mccanns, isnt he supposed to stop people from neglecting children and stop parents like the T9 leaving children, as young as 2 Years old to go out on the lash...........someone needs to get to the bottom of the connection between Gamble and Mccann dig very very very deeply and Im sure something will some to light.
    Either Gamble is on to them and is playing them at their own game or he is in on it.....simple!!

  8. How does Gamble know what was or what was not investigated.

    Has he been privy to the rest of the File that has been kept hidden? The one the McCanns would like to get their hands on?

    If so, how did he manage that?

    Could Halligen shed some light on this?

  9. Please, everybody, if you can, please mention the Gaspar statements in any postings you make to newspapers, etc.

    When is Gamble going to take that seriously?

    Surely, his pal Gerry and David Payne should be top of his list.

  10. The News of the World are billing this latest news as EXCLUSIVE.

    Newspapers can only be sure of an EXCLUSIVE if they have paid someone for the EXCLUSIVE rights

    So the question is who has been paid for giving The News of the World the exclusive publication rights to this story -

    CEOP? Jim Gamble? Alan Johnson? Clarence Mitchell?
    The Mccanns?

  11. Jim, do you not find it strange that your friends are claiming that someone won't co-operate when they are, in fact, dead? Not just dead but a pile of ash. I'm having a little trouble with that one even after the 'Victoria Beckham' non-investigation.

    Yes, the superior methods of British investigative techniques are the stuff of legend.

  12. The overall tone of the article does not give much hope that Madeleine will ever be found. Why contemplate spending all that money on something that they already know it is going to be useless?

  13. I am so, so angry with Portugal for not re-opening the case.
    They are as corrupt as the British.

  14. They are already predicting it will get nowhere.With the collusion and manipulation going on with CEOP, you can bet it won't. There is going to be a case mounted against CEOP in April, I believe.

  15. 15 out of 19 markers good enough for me!

  16. IMO, the aim of all that is , before the result of the Murat's trial and especially the trial Amaral versus McCann to come, to prove that the Portuguese police and justice are incompetent and may be corrupt. So, if they are, in Portugal,in the trials, elements found against the Mccann and conclusions that they are involved in the death of their child, the British public opinion will be prepared not to believe them because the conclusion of the British " enquiry" will say, I am nearly sure, it's allready implicit, they were incompetent from the beginning and wrongly accused the Mccann.
    By the way, I am sure that the British tax payers will be delighted to see they will contribute to an enquiry that will have no result and will cost a lot of money. And the parents of all the numerous "other" missing children will be "delighted" to see that the governement asserts the McCann are worth such an useless and expensive enquiry. The McCanns only, whose negligence is the sole origine of the disparition of Madeleine, versus all the other parents, the vast majority of them, probably beyond reproach. What kind of democraty is it?


  17. I can't wait for the news that the McCanns have been called for interrogation by the British police. Followed by the rest of the Tapas gang, of course. I AM NOT JOKING! ;)

  18. Viv's faith in the system will be tested to destruction with this announcement. Viv believes in the system as it should be; not how it actually is.The PJ were not allowed to use phone intercept evidence,Frances Kennah at the Home Office denied access to financial records,Leicester Police failed to send statements to the PJ for 5 months, Rebelo had to wait for 8 months for urgent samples to be retained. I could go on. Just read Nick Davies article in The Guardian last week about Scotland Yard withholding evidence in phone tapping cases, to see how wonderful our own police are. I've worked in the Criminal Justice system for most of my life and couldn't be more horrified at how bad things have become.

  19. My letter of protest to Ed Balls about Gerry McCann speaking at the CEOP Conference was answered by Justin Millar of the Home Office, who has attended events where Jim Gamble is on the menu. Says it all really.

  20. Put a comment on the news of world early this morning and just has I thought it would not be added only people for the Mc Canns are getting their comment show as usual. This is nothing to do with British police the CRIME happened in Portugal. Its the PJs investigation. If the Mc Canns had fully cooperated and not lied then no one else would have needed to try and get involved.

  21. here's the missing clue ...


  22. We have not heard anything lately from McCanns,are they not looking for Madelleine any more, they didn't do it when she was first missing. I think they are happy without her,she did not die from an accident and she was not taken.I think she had a hard life with her parents and had to look after the babies. The Mccanns look very happy in recent pictures it just shows they are not worried any more. Lets hope the investigation and court case will bring out the truth Poor Madelleine. HC Germany.

  23. It would have been fair to explain just WHY there were large holes in the Portuguese investigation, i.e. interference and blocking enquries by the McCs, UK not responding to PJ requests, policital interference, media manipulations, the list goes on. How dare they not explain all this.

    And how come Jim Gamble gets to do this? There`s no chance for justice now.


  24. Woke up to find Jim Gamble and his Quango is now in charge of the Home Office! It's your job, Alan Johnson, to decide to RE-OPEN the case and allocate a competent Police Force to investigate(and to find one without any previous history with this case).Gamble will choose someone from his past, probably with Northern Ireland connections.
    My poll card is popped through the letterbox as I type. Can't wait to ask some pertinent questions when my candidates call.

  25. Will Gamble choose Avon and Somerset police to investigate?

  26. Gamble can't choose North Yorkshire Police because the Chief Constable and deputy have been suspended.

  27. I can't see why Gamble has got involved in this.

    Interesting quote, from the article
    ''The Home Secretary Alan Johnson is expected to announce that the new probe will NOT be carried out by Leicestershire police, the McCanns' local force. The review has highlighted failures within their handling of the case and ruled them out of the review.''

    Perhaps it would also be very interesting to know & share the information and intelligence the McCanns have spent £3M on, after all people have been phoning directly to their helplines, even from the start information was going directly to the McCanns lawyers.

    But how many missed opportunities can there have been ? When no one has idea either what happened or where on this EARTH Madeleine can be or has been possibly sighted.

    The LP failed to pass vital information to the Portuguese regarding statements from people who spent holidays with the McCanns, did the LP investigate the claims?

    Much is left open to speculation. The McCanns had the right and didn't exercise to stop this case be shelved. Equally they and the group REFUSED .... for whatever reason to accommodate this vital request. Why??

    Why ?

    Yes this case can be moved forward.
    McCanns to request it to be reopened to the Portuguese authorities, rather than bleat on and on about it to the rest of the world
    Then to participate in that investigation.

    Perhaps that is why the case is where it is to day.

    NON CO-OPERATION from whome?


  28. @ katzz 21, i dont bother putting any comments to the british press now, as they are as corrupt as the Mccanns, Goverment etc, if any British journalist comes on here all i eant to say is you are the lowest of the low, you would rather protect the MCCANNS then get justice for a innocent 3 year old child, i hope you do not sleep well at night knowing what you are doing shame on you all!!!thanks again joanna for if it wasnt for you us Brits would have no where to let our so called free speechout, as we are not allowed to in the UK.

  29. Pantomime is starting early this year in England.

  30. Well if the poor McCanns should not have been made suspects then why did she not answer the 48 questions and why the dogs reaction at the apartment? Why all the lies? I said on this site weeks and weeks ago that they would be cleared in the UK by chosen cops. This case must never be allowed to come to open court as the real truth would be tested. I am not a bit surprised really...... its not rocket science to see the link with CEOP and McCann, manuals, guest speaker at the CEOP etc. It looks like the Police in the UK have gone bad again like they were in the 70's. rotten and corrupt to the core. Well done LABOUR.

  31. I remember an amusing quote by a blogger "Anyone who walks upright and uses a knife and fork" knew the MCCanns were involved. I can only presume Jim Gamble doesn't use a knife and fork, because he seems to have mastered the skill of walking upright.

  32. Don't forget about Kevin Halligen in all this. He claimed to have been involved in activities connected with Northern Ireland. When is his next hearing and why is anything about him no longer reported in the press?

  33. Will Kate finally answer the 48 questions she refused to answer in Portugal?- including the one about handing the care of M to a relativ?.

  34. A Jim Gamble panic button should be installed on every computer, asking for enquiries to be made as to his involvement in this case.

  35. Perhaps, Gamble's 'review' will shed light on why he profiled Murat and concluded he matched the profile of Maddie's probable raptor by around 90%. The review may also explain why the Gaspars' statements seemingly did not compel him to profile David Payne AND Gerry and what he did with the holiday snaps sent to him by holidaymakers who where in PdL around the time of Maddie's disappearance.

    I live in hope.

  36. Wake up jim gamble and smell the coffee. Both the Portuguese police AND the British police believe the mccanns to be guilty. So whats in it for you, Mr gamble?


  37. Letter from Iberia

    The lies spin and injustice goes on and on and on, until the authorities of the justice system in Portugal admits that they encouraged and assisted two parents who were (and still are) suspects of the Police in the disappearance and murder of their daughter to escape justice and leave Portugal for the safety of the UK

    Until this same justice system issues a European warrant for the McCann’s to be arrested and returned to Portugal for trial .This whole fiasco will drag on.
    The McCann’s will continue to bad mouth every thing Portuguese other than the deplorable system within the courts which appears to have nothing to do with justice.

    Justice and Portugal two words that are not compatible

  38. Did Jim Gambling(pun intended) realized he hasn't read the hole files?
    Does he not think that many of the large holes could maybe be filled in if he actually had excess to and has read all of the files?
    How can a so called "professional" person base his "professional" opinion on just some little piece of the existing information? That is really unprofessional!
    Or did he mean by large holes the lack of bank and medical records and the parents failure to fully cooperate with the investigation?
    One can only hope...
    I hope soon the Portuguese will make their move and tell to the whole world they are still waiting for the official request of the reopening of the investigation from the parents and are willing to do so if/when the parents and the UK authorities are willing and promising to fully cooperate.
    Or is Madeleine still NOT that much worth for their so called parents???


  39. Old tactics, come out fighting first. So what is making them do this? Oh yes, the Mr Murat suit and Dr Amaral.

  40. No one should now be in any doubt that a whitewash is in full swing. Unless the McCanns are wrong-footed in the next two or three weeks with something like news of the Murat v Tanner case gaining ground, I think they'll be pretty silent on the media front around their annual Maddie anniversary. IMO Gamble has long been paving the way for them to slink off from view. The "Minute for Maddie" viral campaign was to end the McCanns penchant for issuing details of "suspects". This is a new phase of the slinking off campaign. Watch out!

  41. What happened to West Yorkshire Police? Was the connection with Hewlett too obvious????

  42. If anything the LP helped the McCanns.....that's the worrying part. Suspects being assisted by the Police that is more than a failing. That is obstruction of justice at the very least surely a criminal offence?

    Is Gamble so conscientious about other cases in the real world where the Police have not done their duty or framed people. I also love the bit where the McCanns should not have been made suspects ( was that bully McCanns input ) and holes in the inquiry. How can such a conclusion be drawn when she was never fully questioned or gave answers? A suspect that refuses to answer questions means what in the UK? Innocent? No way.

  43. Annon 18

    Vivs name is Turner- on her(?) emails- perhaps she is a relation?
    That would make Docmac what her husband/colleague/Gamble? He is certainly not a doctor- multiple births are recorded on an international register the ones he mentioned werent on it and the Doctor author he claims to be lives on another continent- America.

    Dont count on the arrest or questioning of the McCanns Fernis @ 17 Madeleine died in the apartment-probably the day before lots of people realise that- but Gamble has already declared them innocent- strange concept a policeman that declares the suspects innocent without seeing the full evidence. Then half his staff arent even policemen are they? Probably already planted evidence for the "top cops" to "discover". If the PJ have any sense they'll hang on to their files.

    Pinky et al even if Gamble did a whitewash- its not going away even if they pin it on an innocent (if you can call someone like Hewitt an innocent).

    Lets hope they dont do any more damage to real innocent lives- theyve enough victims already and theyre not beyond fabricating evidence it seems. With the world wide web they could be on any one of our computers now without our knowledge how often do you not use shut down but sleep? I know Im guilty of not always shutting down. With the remote use of others PC's it seems its likely theyre able to do anything if you use a PC. A sophisticated trojan and their in- scarey thought- whatever you do dont store pictures of Madeleine or like me be writing a novel baseed on the case- even very loosley through letters addressed to others- those notes could see you burned at the stake for the McCann's ascent into respected experts on child abduction.

    Just wait another two years and Kate will be an ambassador for children and Gerry spokesman for the CEOP though it will never been seen credible by those who care they will still do business with them and the UK's decent into a country resembling a third world justice system will be almost complete.

  44. The expected whitewash begins!

    The McCanns are clearly liars - Gerry said he had a 'proud father' moment as he looked down at Madeleine...Kate said she knew the door was in a different position than when She and Gerry had last been in the apartment.

    How can there be any doubt that the McCann's were involved in a cover up?

    Who is this person Gamble and what right has he to be deciding that the Portuguese investigation is justiciable?

    The Portuguese must re-open the case and demand the assistance of the UK executive in bringing key suspects to take part, Gerrry and Kate must naswer the questions they have so far refused to respond to.

    The whitewash must not be allowed to happen! Only an independant investigation - by the Portuguese authorities - will do.

  45. 'Mr Gamble found no evidence sufficient to make them suspects'

    Then he has proven himself to have no investigative skills whatsoever.

    How can the massive inconsistancies which we have all seen be dismissed so easily?

    Kate knew the door had been moved, yet Gerry said he had entered the room. How can she know that he didnt move the door then...and why did she jsut go to shut it anyway - this proves they lied about visual checking. One lie is enough to cast doubt on their words.

  46. How credible is the NOTW? I read the article attentively, it's written in a curious manner. All that it says is that Mr Gamble has reviewed the investigation for the Home Office and recommended a new investigation - while stating that Kate and Gerry should not have been made arguidos and the PJ are incompetent. It does not say that there will actually BE a new investigation.
    Maybe Mr Gamble should phone Dr Pinto de Abreu. A single call might spare him some major embarassment.

  47. As Gamble referes to the file of sightings, he clearly is not a serious investigator.

    A whitewash attempt that must not be allowed to work - we must ensure that the public are not fooled by this nonsense.

    The McCanns at the very least are guilty of neglect, they failed in their duty of care - causation is there. This is the very least of their possible guilt.

    They must not escape justice and be allowed to ever speak for lost children...they do not have the right and we must never afford them that right.

    It is terrifying to think that Gamble is considered to be a person worthy of defending children!

  48. As a Portuguese, I stand proud of the men and women that work for the Polícia Judiciária.
    I have absolutely no respect for their upper hierarchy, though.
    They are as corrupt as our government and the british government and diplomacy.
    As for this story about Gamble and the innocent McCanns and the evil PJ... this has been going on for almost 3 years now! Blame the PJ, clear the saintly couple, blah, blah, blah... How credible is an investigation that starts out by stating that the McCanns are innocent?! According to police standards, that is simply rubbish!
    I have waited for almost 3 years, for the Portuguese authorities to stand up and defend the men and women at the PJ against these insults, against the humiliation and the defamation.
    I continue to wait.
    I wait in vain.

  49. Sadly Portugal has been hugely damaged by this affair. Few of us would now expect to recieve justice in this last vestige of the British Empire.

    Sad end to a once great country - joining the UK in its demise.

  50. Dear internet, I want a "JIM GAMBLE PANIC BUTTON" that henceforth keeps me safe from this gentleman's bullsh*t. Thank you.

  51. THIS is the man who is supposed to keep our children safe?! God help us.

  52. The McCanns want Madeleine's body to be found because they believe that all evidence incriminating them will have disappeared by now and they can get on with their lives as grieving celebrity parents. Madeleine has been a source of money and prestige to these people. Once the become grieving parents they will reach the next stage of celebrity. This is why the are 'delighted.'

    Where's the priest? When will he stand up and do the right thing? What about the other members of the Tapas group. When will they admit the truth and what is stopping them from admitting it?

  53. A new investigation? I'll believe it when I see it.

    (also please note that it is still NOT the McCanns who are requesting an investigation...)

  54. The maxim "set a thief to catch a thief" springs to mind. Or conversely, "set a paedo to cover-up the activities of a paedo (or lots of VIPaedos!)" It looks as though we will never know the truth.

  55. Anon 12 asked:
    "The overall tone of the article does not give much hope that Madeleine will ever be found. Why contemplate spending all that money on something that they already know it is going to be useless?"

    Why indeed? It is quite obvious that this probe is a whitewash to make the case against Amaral stronger. Everyone knows it isn't going to bring out the truth about what really happened in apartment 5A.

    This morning I saw this on a t-shirt on sale in the Lagoa market:

    "When faced with COMPLETE DISASTER, the only solution is TOTAL DEFIANCE!"

    I think it sums up Mccann strategy from the beginning.


  56. How can the British police say that the Portuguese police had not carried out their investigation properly when they were taken off the case by pressure from British politicians and is the new one friendly with Mccanns. Will they take into account Mr Amaral's findings? U.M.holland.

  57. Knee-jerk reactions are not necessarily the best or the right reactions.

  58. ;)) What the News of The World (Brit tabloid par excellence)says means nothing. It is another essay in ideology and post-colonialism that reads: We Brits clever! You "geeses" stupid!

    The truth is: there is no point the Brit pack can make the PJ Colombos cannot counter-point. Image's detergent - I call it.


  59. This report also states that it won't be Leicestershire police who will investigate,because they fell short of what was required of them too.So it wasn't only the PP then,it was british police too.I wo0nder who it was who gave those two CEOP manuals found on Gerry's bedside cabinet in august 07,could it be Gamble himself?.The whole thing stinks,everyone involved is covering for each other.

  60. Can someone please tell me why Jim Gamble is involved in the McCann case? His remit is the sexual abuse of children on the internet and Gerry and Kate have always said that there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm. So why has Jim Gamble become involved? If he has read the case files he must realise that there's no evidence of an abduction either and it's a bit premature to state that the McCanns would never have been made suspects in the case in the UK surely. How can he possibly know that?
    Maybe he's just trying to push himself more into the public eye and get some more power - and money- by climbing onto the high profile MacCann case?

  61. well if its the british police launching a new probe then i expect the mccanns to be arrested forthwith,and if jim gamble has any thing to do with this probe expect the mccanns to get away with murder,simple as

  62. WTF!! So then Mr Gamble - the gaping holes, like the telephone records, the Gaspars staments will be investigated will they? As well as the Smith sighting!OOOOPS and of course the biggest hole is the 48 questions Miss Kate REFUSED to answer??

    Whitewash, plain and simple, this will lead no-where, LP and PJ have come to the same conclusions - Mr Gamble is going to achieve what - Oh I know - he is going to find?? the Suicide note confession of Mr Hewlett.

    Watch this space....................Mccans are so predictable is would be quite funny if their was not such a sweet adorable little girl involved.

    Tick tock Kate and Gerry.

  63. Beaucoup d'argent en jeu !

    Comprendre à qui il profite, et d'où il provient, aiderait certainement à comprendre une grande partie du mystère Maddie.

    And the all group is going to be FORCED TO DO THE RECONSTRUCTION?
    AND THE MOBILES TRIANGULATION ( antenna signal) showing Gerry and at least one Tapas 7 in suspect areas at PDL will be investigated?
    And the CREDIT CARDS and THE BANK ACCOUNTS will be investigated?
    AND THE MONEY OF THE FUND WILL BE INVESTIGATED? IF Rothley Mansion was payed by the Fund, nothing will happen to the mccann's? BRITISH MADDOFF's will remain untouchable?


  65. I would not be surprised if the McCanns would come now with the theory that Madeleine was abducted by a paedophile priest, in Algarve, because Portugal is a Catholic country.
    These scandals that are going on in the Catholic Church right now are certaily a source of inspiration for the parents and Jim Gamble.
    Yes, it was a priest and, who knows, Father Pacheco.

  66. AND THE MCCANN'S ARE 'DELIGHTED'.... Off-course, the new word after ' ludicrous' is 'DELIGHTED'. They will stick at every spin which can keep them in the news without having to break their silence because they are not going to reopen the case. REOPEN THE CASE, AFTER 18 FEB WAS THE ONLY STEP ACCEPTABLE FOR THE PUBLIC ALL OVER THE WORLD. NOT DOING THAT, THEY WERE FORCED TO REMAIN IN SILENCE AND BEING 'DELIGHTED' WITH ALL SPIN AGENTS WHICH THEIR FUND CAN PAY. MITCHELL AND CARTER RUCKS ARE BECOMING TOO EXPENSIVE FOR THE FUND INCOMES and they are worried because will be not easy to feed so many AND SO BIG mouths during 20 years.

  67. I will be DELIGHTED to see this GAMBLE eating every word of his STATEMENT.

  68. ANOTHER GUY FALLING IN DISGRACE. I don't see HOPE on his face, I see PAIN. A FARCE always end-up with pain.

  69. I must confesss I could not understand well the two last articles published here, about libel laws?

    Who can explain them to me, in few words?
    Is Uk doing something about this?

  70. Como a bela historia do Rato do campo e o Rato da cidade, ainda havemos de ver os mccann implorar para que deixem a filha em paz, abandonada a sua sorte de aparecer viva ou morta, quando a natureza o entender, porque eles preferem ser os Ratos do campo a enganar jornalistas corruptos e descredibilizar policias estrangeiros, a TRANSFORMAREM-SE NO RATO DA CIDADE e MORREREM NA BOCA DO GATO QUE A POLICIA INGLESA CONSTITUI, SE DECIDIR INVESTIGA-los IMPARCIALMENTE.

    E agora para o Sr. gamble... Vai utilizar os mesmos metodos e meios que usa para outros desaparecidos ingleses que nunca foram localizados, ou se o foram, apareceram mortos fazendo dos UK um pais negro nesta materia? Ou vai fazer de Maddie outra excepcao? E que ja e a desaparecida que bate recordes em uso de meios financeiros, tecnicas cientificas (incluindo o Low copy e os caes topo de gama) e policias.
    E vai pedir a utilizacao dos dinheiros do FUNDO, gerados para procurar a crianca, para financiar a investigacao ou vao os ingleses pagar a factura do Cover-up das autoridades inglesas que substituiram a Scotland yard pela policia de leicester para poderem manipular e controlar a investigacao, ATRAPALHANDO-A?
    PORTUGAL COMPRA BILHETE PARA A PRIMEIRA FILA. Estamos ansiosos por ver decorrer o novo acto desta Farsa. NOS PORTUGUESES, NAO PAGAMOS UM CENTIMO DESTA INVESTIGACAO... NEM QUE CAIA O CARMO, A TRINDADE, O SOCRATES, O CAVACO e TODOS OS QUE VIEREM. Tivessem tomado conta da miuda, como fazem todos os pais portugueses, pois se nao o fizerem ficam sem os filhos e nao ha larachas nem lugar para montar FUNDOS A CUSTA DA NEGLIGENCIA.

  71. 'Mr Gamble found no evidence sufficient to make them suspects. His findings have now been formally submitted to the Home Office with recommendations to re-investigate'

    And all criminologists, top criminologists said that an investigation to be done properly and with success, they have to apply 'LOCCARD METHO'. This method was applied by PJ and end-up with mccann's being the suspects. the evidences pointed to them, not to a strange.

  72. Do you all believe this spin or what? =))

  73. Of course there are 'holes in the evidence' One person refused to answer police questions. And others would not take part in a requested reconstruction.

  74. Why do so many people believe everything reported in the tabloids? They are designed for scandalmongering and read by those who enjoy escapism as a form of entertainment.

    I should be seriously inclined to 'shelve' this report and mark as "not relevant to the investigation"!

  75. Save your breath SB, seems it did not occur the "source" this illustrious rag is referring to would be Clarence Mitchell, or that it is doing exactly the same as the last lot of little McCann entries into the press, in Yorkshire and in The Sensational and totally believable Sun, rubbishing both LP and the PJ.

    I would be more interested to know why they are needing to spin this, things are clearly not good for Team McCann, but I would not wish to disappoint the "gloom and doom merchants" who are so convinced they have all of the right answers.

    And yes of course, my surname is Turner, and yes of course that means I am in America with my hubby enjoying a free jolly=))

  76. Sorry all,

    Reading and re-reading daily, I see a bunch of maybe well-meaning, but surely very unfocussed people.

    As I proposed before: let's divide into task forces, analysing the evidence from day minus one, from the question who thought fit to air the take on GM's declaring he was not going on a holiday.

    Who filmed him, then. Why did this person put that fragment on the air, knowing it was lethal to GM?

    I suggest we go over the witness statements starting may 1st.
    We cover the evidence in the day care register.
    We find the disappearing nannies.
    We interview them.

    We find the run away ambassador.
    We ask his views on the situatation. Or why he removed himself and kept quiet.

    I see a lot of interested people, but I do not see why they are interested.
    Everyone is just blabbering at the mouth, but there is no system at all, after three , soon 4 years.

    Going on like this will get us nowhere.

    So, my proposal to one and all is to get our act together and stop dithering.

    Plan, do, act, check.

    In fact, I am getting very bored, and very surprised at the total lack of direction and focus.

    Sorry guys. Had to get this off my chest.

    If the level of research is not getting any better, above the level of innuendo that is, I am bowing out.

    Sorry again.


  77. The Portuguese judges did not do much to catch Mccanns why not, are they afraid that they may upset someone.No doubt Mccanns laughed their head off to think the Portuguese were so soft.Why did the law let them go free and let their country down,they are guilty and everyone knows it.

  78. just been reading about jim gamble and operation ore,oh dear he,s not all he seems to be by the look of it

  79. Gamble has already declared the Mccanns innocent; so this is the final winding down in this corrupt case before they are officially declared innocent and victims of Portugal’s erroneous judicial system. Hewlitt will probably be accused of the ‘abduction’. Sniffer dogs evidence cannot be dismissed, or Gaspars and Smiths statements, Kates refusual to answer questions, their blatant lies, defrauding the public, superinjunctions. Gamable states ‘holes’ that need filling would that include the one that Madeleine is buried in Jim. Portugal’s PJ should not stand for being humiliated by these corrupt officials on both sides there must be someone willing to speak out against this injustice. Maybe something is going on with the Murat v Tanner case not to team Mccanns liking and this is being pushed through, they certainly are very quiet at the moment. The Mccanns are pure evil, scheming and manipulative liars why are they being protected like this what hold have they got over everybody. This case is full of so many corrupt people all being paid for their silence, they are all beneath contempt the scum of the earth and I hope they all rot in Hell even the priest in PDL who could have spoken out against Kate and Gerry but chose to say nothing, through their silence decent people like Amaral get ruined. Kate and Gerry must laugh at how stupid and gullible people are and how easy it was to con everyone and everybody. Once they are officially cleared they will probably write a book on it, perhaps they will call it ‘The Truth of the Lie’


  81. I too expect the suicide confession, but the prblem is that he would have told them where the body is - judging by the usual way the authorities trail after the inredibly well connected McCanns, a stuffed doll with a flawed eye painted on would persuade them!

  82. I feel that anyone who has been subjected to child abuse deserves to have the perpetrators brought to justice who ever they may be.

    I do believe that here in Great Britain there have been many instances of cover-ups into child sex abuse. I personally know of someone who suffered years of torment but was brave enough to come forward and report the abuse, Operation Nevada led by Lancashire Police investigating children who alleged that they had been abused whilst in the care system were working on this case. My friend who I might add I have known for many years has been informed that there is no record of my friend ever being placed by the authorties into the care of the absuer/abusers. My friend also believes that the abuser/abusers were in a position of authority.

    Mr Gamble in my opinion has done an injustice to the very children he should be protecting. The McCanns have led the way for neglecting children with the backing of this government.

  83. 62 These reports arent usually without reason.

    So what makes Gamble a 'top cop'? Is he talented - is the talent proven? Is he in his prominant position for good sound reasons?

    Certainly his investigative and professional skills seem suspect - he doesnt see the inconsistancies and believes the suspects without all the evidence to hand?

    Do we the people want this unelected member of the executive making judicial decisions like this - through a somewhat dubious newspaper (known for its pornographic approach to life)?

    Was he part of the cover up that was 'operation ore'?

  84. 60 We believe that Gamble invited suspect McCann to speak at a conference about missing childen!

    I believe that this 'newspaper' is an immoral (amoral) rag.

    I beleive that the UK state has allowed the McCanns incredible freedom and to run a fraud.

    Yes, I can believe that a whitewash attempt is being made - and it MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO SUCCEED!

  85. Really SB?

    I take the tabloids with a pinch of salt but so far theyve been very informative theyve given the McCanns enough rope and theyve hung themselves with it.

    Without the early reports on sky; their ever changing stories in print; their nausating television interviews and the good sense of the PJ to give us just enough information to counter act their load of tripe where would we be?

    Okay they dont print negative comments but lets face it if there is ever a better testimony to the level of the McCanns involvement its the baised stories and comments who anyone with any sense of fairness, justice and (to borrow a quote) could use a knife and fork would find repulsive. Who besides Uncle Rosie's clan would find inspiration in Tony Parsons? Hardly the moral highground is it? Yet they use it because its all theyve got. They have to go to one ridiculous suspect after another because theyre buying time- dont see its going to buy them twenty years though. Now theyve moved on from suspects like eggman and poshspice to paedophiles there will be more proper policemen investigating.A very risky prospect. So whats Gamble's next move can he magic up some poor defensless bunny from his expensive government hat?

    Without getting hold of the PJ files though he's no chance of discrediting them and that is the only thing in this report that gives me hope.

    "Failures in the original investigation are said to be "so gaping" that British authorities feel it is their duty to look at it again."

    Only the hairy idiot and his Frankenstein bride would think that was an appropriate way of securing access to the files- by that account Gamble doesnt have enough brains to tie his own shoelaces.It smacks of Uncle Rosie's idea of what passess for diplomacy- still it doesnt matter I couldnt see the PJ voluntarily giving their investigation to whatever the imaginary UK force Gerry finds it so hard to name.

    You are some crazy idiots McCanns do you think any police force is going to manufacture evidence to fool another highly competent force who already have enough evidence for other countries to have prosecuted you? Its not just Kate who needs help its all of you try getting away from each other for a while your all suffering from some form of Mass Psychogenic Illness, you cant even see how inappropriate your behavior is.

  86. Of course they wouldnt have been made arguidos, they would have been in the nick.

  87. The McCanns are probably terrified - if it is a real investigation it can hardly fail to reveal the Gasper statement, the fact that Gerry didnt have his 'proud father' moment and that at best they were running a 'listening' (not a 'looking') service.

    Add to this Gerry's failure to secure an independant alibi and we have the makings of a case against him.

    Time we all contributed to a private prosecution of the McCanns.

  88. The alleged response of Alan Johnson certainly has the ring of truth to it IMO. He is part of a generation of dim-witted but ambitious politicians who understand little and care less about the country's constitutions. We have never been so burdened by 'advisors' and 'experts'. Johnson, like Smith before him, is a politician out of his depth - almost totally dependent on, and in awe of, such 'experts' - the clever people who do the thinking for lazy amoral politicians. When things go wrong no-one is held to account - for the gormless politicians were merely 'following advice'.

    Anway, I wonder how the police in Leicestershire feel about this embarrassing revelation? Time to get serious, chaps. Grow some balls, get in touch with your Portuguese colleagues and get this case re-opened. Now,doesn't that sound grand?

  89. That's right #61! Those are the two biggest "holes" in the investigation! Why not start up by "filling-in" those two?...will Gamble instruct the police force who will be given the job, to again ask Mrs. McCann the unanswered 48 questions and the whole Tapas group to fly down to Luz and do the reconstruction?...Now, that would be a good start!

  90. http://www.madeleinefoundation.org.uk/PDFs/Madeleine%20Foundation%20NOTW%20article%20re%20Gamble.pdf

    This excellent document must be circulated as widely and as far as possible - send it to the media, to the BBC, the news of the World, the Sun, the Mirror...far and wide!

    Gamble is not an independant - he is a McCann supporter.

  91. Nick Davies Guardian article "Hacks and the Yard"-about Scotland Yard and the News of the World phone tapping story- he writes that SY failures were the result of " a desire to avoid alienating the Murdoch papers."

  92. The Government will not want to upset the Murdoch press prior to an election, so will try and dodge dealing with the McCanngate affair for as long as it takes. We need a Woodward and Bernstein to tackle this, but we lack journalists of this calibre.

  93. Jim Gamble = Operation Ore = CEOP = Paedophile protecting not children, but other Paedophiles !

  94. this is what I read
    He told ministers there were huge holes in the original inquiry that need to be revisited

    This is what I understand
    He told ministers there were huge holes in the original statements that need to be filled

  95. Poster 30- your comments about the police reverting to the levels of corruption of the 70's echoed exactly what I had recently said to my partner . I remember policing at this time and thinking we had moved on; that is, until I saw what had happened in this case.

  96. 69 You are so right. A lot of our politicians are lightweights in the intellectual department. I did think that Alan Johnson was a fundamentally decent man, but he is out of his depth in this crocodile swamp.

  97. 80 Cosmetic surgery on a large scale to fill these potholes and caverns.

  98. One hole to fill- Who did jane Tanner phone at 8.30 on the night M disappeared-447949731844. LP know who that was.

  99. So the LP is now on a par with the PJ as a bumbling, inept police force and Gamble will be given the pick of an impartial, objective non-sardine or pie-eating force. Personally, I doubt if this will happen. It's more hot air and we'll probably never hear about it again. If Jim Gamble really spoke to NotW on his own, then he's not fit to be in charge of the CEOP. I doubt dissing the LP will go down well. The PJ are used to it by now but...

  100. Does Gamble have some hold over the Government in relation to information he has concerning Ministers or MPs?

  101. To Joana and all who seek the truth:

    I thought you'd like this reply from an email I sent to David Cameron. I complained about CM joining the Tory party. I have blacked out my name and the person who responded, but this is the genuine reply:

    >>Dear XXXXXXX, I am writing on behalf of David Cameron to thank you for your letter about the role Clarence Mitchell is playing in the election campaign. We do take on board the points you make and are grateful to you for making us aware of your concerns. Clarence Mitchell has been recruited to act as the Party’s Head of Election Media Monitoring for the duration of the General Election campaign. Mr Mitchell has considerable experience in this field, having previously been Director of the Government’s Media Monitoring Unit in 2005-2007. His joining the team is a big boost for the professional Party and for our campaign. Mr Mitchell will not be an active spokesman for the Party. He is solely employed on a full-time basis by the Party and, while with us, will not be engaging in any other professional activity or employment. I hope you find this reassuring. Yours sincerely, XXXXX<<

    Until people in Portugal in offical capacity stand up to these McCanns, justice will not be served. It's time the police force in Portugal admitted they made mistakes and reopened the process. We have all learned much more since it was archived. I was going to vote Tory, but I am NOT going to do so now. Not with CM on board - it is the McCanns snuggling up to the next Government that this is all about. I shall be reluctantly voting Labour or LibDem.

    May the truth one day be known.

  102. Regarding Mitchell and the Tories.

    Rgeardless of which party is in power, the UK system of government is corrupt. Its just coloured differently - the same personnel run it, the same systems operate. It is not the peoples government or parliament.

    The McCann story simply reveals the corruption.

  103. LP being dissed is an intersting turn of events. But is it true?

  104. "Failures in the original investigation are said to be "so gaping" that British authorities feel it is their duty to look at it again."

    Let's get real shall we? No responsible senior police officer would ever make such prejudiced comments in connection with a criminal investigation still in progress, before it has reached it's conclusion. To do so shows extreme bias and is very unprofessional, expecially to do so in the press. To make such comments compromises the integrity and objectivity of the ivestigation and shows that it is not following true professional protocols.

    "Two thousand pages of evidence claimed earlier that Portuguese police failed to follow up leads."

    This quoted sentence makes no sense gramatically, nor does it make sense factually. The leads were in fact followed up by several EU police forces and Interpol. These words are a blatent lie. This NOTW article has been hastily cobbled together, so why would a figure like Jim Gamble associate himself with such an article which makes him and CEOP look like unprofessional fools.

    The outcome of this so-called re-investigation is clearly intended to exonerate the McCanns even before it has started, as it says so in the article - they "would not have been made 'arguidos' in the UK" (well obviousely, as there is no such criminal status in the UK). How can they reach such a conclusion befor the re-investigation has started?

    These idiotic silly antics by the British Home Office and CEOP will make the UK the laughing stock of the world. They are attempting to rewrite history in favour of the McCanns by discrediting the PJ files. It won't work as long as the internet blogs that publish the truth in this case, like Joana's can keep reinventing themselves if they are closed down. The UK government will be unable to block them all with their new legislation about 'copyright', although I've no doubt they will try soon. It's time the internet blogs took precautionary steps in case these tyrants try to destroy Freedom of Speech. I don't believe that anybody will believe this whitewash. People like Gamble are just making fools of themselves in the public's eyes.

  105. Anon 89 - Just read Tony Bennett`s article - its clear and to the point as usual.

    Another good piece written by Himself - `Jim Gamble, Judgement or Agenda` and `Connecting the Dots`.

    Thank goodness for Joana and all these good people.


  106. Sorry forgot to put the link :-


  107. Comment number 101, don't worry.If Clarence Mitchell is indeed being employed for the Conservative election campaign, then he can no longer speak for the McCanns as such action would jeopardise the Tory election campaign. Employing Clarence is a master stroke by the Tories-he will not be an active spokesman for them so we won't hear his nauseating ramblings but he is good at what he does("spin")and this would help any election campaign. Let's not forget that it is this government NOT the opposition who have protected the McCanns!

  108. @101 i exactly the same e-mail sent last week, was going to post about it, i think they must have had a few complaints, i actually replied to the lady who sent it and told her i do not find it reassuring whats so ever and will never vote tory with him on board , but i also said i wont vote Labour due to their cover up of the Mccanns 3 years ago, so i will now vote lib dems9or the green party) it makes me wonder how many people complained like us?

  109. I am delighted to hear of the revisiting of this investigation and hope it is correct....the original investigation was an embarressment to any police force and although I understand that the chances of finding Madeleine or even what happened to her are extremely remote but at least it may serve to focus the police force in foreign countries that a shoddy investigation is unacceptable...what they did to the McCanns was shameful.

  110. How much more are the Portuguese authorities going to put up with before they re-open this case and at least open a charge of child neglect on the parents?

  111. Anon 100 - That must be the case. Not only him but GM and DP as well.

    It seems this country (and maybe the world) is run by paedos. After all its only inadequates that crave power. There are masses of paedo cover ups - for some reason paedophilia is acceptable amongst our heirarchy.

    Don`t forget Tony Blair was also involved in covering up Operation Ore. That was all happening around the time of Maddie`s disappearance.

  112. Could somebody please re-iterate the 48 questions Kate McCann wouldn't answer please?

  113. Who is taking this article serious?
    I just checked on google, News of the World, and I found out that it is nothing more than a riff raff cheap tabloid, trying to make up a story.
    Very low level and no class at all.

  114. 64

    ...and the telephone records or did you mention that?

    If anything comes to light in this - if it's real - review, investigation, probe, scoping exercise whichever, then surely new information would have to be passed to the PJ, if as I understand it, only the PJ can reopen this vase.

  115. what I find interesting/appalling/the investigation as already decided that all finding will be to no avail.
    How do they know this?

  116. Anon 101 - Mitchell is a useful idiot to the Tories. At least, it sounds as though they're keeping him out of the public eye. Can you imagine him spouting in all his pink glory that to doubt David Cameron is ludicrous, hurtful and unhelful.

    My criterion for supporting Obama was that he would pull the troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq sooner rather than later. However, it's not happening. I know they can't withdraw tomorrow but there has to be a plan. I'm a British citizen living in the US and if I still had a vote in the UK, I would vote for a party who has a plan to withdraw troops from these countries. My OH informed me tonight that even the Lib Dems don't have a plan. At least he's honest I suppose.

    I feel very sad because I used to get annoyed with people who couldn't be bothered voting but I begin to understand the apathy. I don't excuse it but I can understand.

  117. Very frustrating. Can't imagine what Jim Gamble thinks he is up to.
    However on the side I see ridiculous remarks like this:
    "Someone asked me today who I thought was a better father, Gerry #McCann or Joseph Fritzl? I said Fritzl. At (cont) http://tl.gd/qrgu4" on Twitter
    Extremist remarks like this don't help McCann skeptics, it makes us look like rabid nutters.
    Please be careful people.

  118. The overall tone is about Maddie, the search for her, or that she is alive.

    Rather, the essence seems to be either
    1) the exoneration of mccanns or
    2) the trapping of the mccanns depending on whether people think Jim Gamble is in it with them.

    If the govt is involved in the cover up, then Jim Gamble instructions to the independent prober will be to white wash it.

    IF not, then the probe, if truly independent is going to show up the mccanns as lairs, and if Jim Gamble is in it, he will be shown up as well.

    I think the mccanns is in for a roughride and shock to come, simply because if the govt was in it...no need to spend more money to white wash what was already well covered up and incur more unnecessary publicity over an scandalous issue. In other words, no need to heed the mccanns plead.

    My intuition tells me this will throw the dirts on the mccanns.

  119. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified loved and preserved thrMoughout the world
    now and forever.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus pray for us, St Jude Worker of Miracles, pray for us.
    Oh Sacred Heart I place all my trust in thee to bring the McCann’s and all who are involved in the disappearance and concealment of Madeleine Beth McCann to account for their sins and face the consequences of their deceit , may justice be swift and soon.

  120. Please could someone help me to understand this.
    Mrs JUSTICE HOGG is Madeleine`s LEGAL GUARDIAN, since the order making her a WARD OF COURT.

    Why are the so-called parents ( who gladly/freely gave up rights to Madeleine ) calling all the shots & reaping rewards on the back of the very girl they gave up.
    Where is Mrs JUSTICE Hogg? Why isn`t she getting the case re-OPENED.

    I want to appeal to anyone in power to DO SOMETHING to STOP this
    farce before Gamble whitewashes the whole thing.
    Who the H**L is he anyway? He IMO has been sucking up to Gerry from the start.
    IMO the whole lot in this case are covering for paedo`s. That is the only thing that makes any sense for such a major cover-up.
    So maybe Gerry did say a bit of truth when he said Paedo`s had "taken" Madeleine.

  121. From the reply posted by #101,

    "He is solely employed on a full-time basis by the Party and, while with us, will not be engaging in any other professional activity or employment."

    Does this mean that we will no longer be speaking for the McCanns?...at least we won't have to watch the pompous idiot anymore!

  122. More than 30 doctors from the UK
    All went to Praia da Luz in early May
    It wouldn't be hot, it wasn't the weather
    So what was it that brought them together?

    Work out which company paid all the bills
    You'll find its a company that makes potions and pills
    It was not a drugs trial but there was a mistake
    And the life of Madeleine it did take

    Even the McCanns know she is dead
    Watch the body language and what they have said
    But we will never know the truth
    The pharmaceutical companies have closed ranks to hide the proof

    Bad publicity they don't need
    So they rely on politicians' greed
    No party donations will come your way
    Unless you do what we say

    So a little girl is disgarded as a bag of trash
    So all political parties can get their cash
    If anyone thinks justice for Madeleine will come if Cameron gets in
    Just remember who he has appointed as Director of spin

    British governments will continue to protect their donors, crooks and paeodophiles
    And will bury anything incriminating in the Portuguese files
    And when they appoint Gamble to investigate,
    It won't be long before its Sir Gerry and Lady Kate

  123. Post 119- I pray too that justice for Maddie will prevail. Kate and Gerry feel they are untouchable. I have been looking at clips of the pair of them on U-Tube their body language and lack of emotion speaks volumes. So many web sites are calling them guilty statements and evidence cannot keep being ignored. When this case is finally solved, and it will be, people will regret having been involved with the Mccanns as this pair of liars will implicate as many people as possible. I await the Courtcase.

  124. Well done Joana for all your hard work, over a million visits and the numbers are growing daily. We will get to the bottom of this, these corrupt vile people will be brought to justice. Team Mccann are NOT invincible.

  125. Post 122 - Brilliant poem.

  126. @108 and 116.

    Thanks for your replies. One wonders if there is any reason to bother voting for politicians of any ilk, here in the UK?

    The expenses scandal - and the Madeleine case, amongst problems - have amplified the corruption that we all knew existed. Oliver Cromwell would turn in his grave.

    The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is so sad - yet it doesn't stop people on either side of the debate making money from her. I feel so very sorry for that small child. At least Joana and other individuals are still trying to seek some sort of justice?

    May the truth one day be known.

  127. Have the McCanns and Gamble got the 19,000 pages still under Portuguese Secrecy Laws? I sincerely hope so for their sakes ! Inept PJ my eye ! More like inept parents.

  128. @122 Excellent piece of work - wouldn't surprise me in the least.

  129. @104
    I agree with every word the UK will be the laughing stock of the world. Our libel laws are already gathering attention with the Americans trying to counter act them and their abusive effects on justice.

    Im appalled by the insistence that the McCanns are doing this of their own bat that they alone have the power- how can there not be enough to make them return to Portugal and answer the questions and take part in a reconstruction?

    A small child is missing at her parents have yet to qualify their movements how is it possible that a European arrest warrant hasnt been issued? Why do people keep insisting justice is coming when it isnt? If it was wouldnt the case have been kept active wouldnt the concerned parties here in the UK have pressured the Portuguese to keep the investigation open- even offering to pay?

    What is this nonsense about waiting as one poster pointed out its four years on and there are no signs of the McCanns giving up persecuting those who question their obvious lies.

    Isnt it time now for the press and media to be banned from promoting the McCanns -now its obvious to everyone that whatever happened to Madeleine they are involved in it up to their necks?

    If the McCanns think that stopping/restricting the internet will help their case they are complete idiots unless three quarters of the populous are unable to retain any long term memories (totally absurd) everyone has heard their lies- the most generous (and probably most unaware of other aspects of the case)say they should be prosecuted for neglect at least and they are the ones who have been spoon fed the McCanns PR, the longer this farce goes on the more guilty everyone associated with them looks.

    There is only one way out they must cooperate with the PJ its the only way for them to establish their innocence;until they do all of the UK and Portuguese legal systems will be held up for ridicule its not just Gamble who is being made to look a fool- only the PJ and Amaral are likely to emerge from this farce with any credibility left.

  130. Quote from an interview with Jim Gamble

    '' "We absolutely support the McCann family," he says, sitting in his glass-walled office in Pimlico, Central London.

    "They are to be applauded for their tireless work to keep the campaign to find their daughter in the public consciousness. It is a case for every parent of 'There but by the grace of God, go I'." Mirror 7th October 2007''

    October 2007. Shortly after the McCanns had been made arguidos and long, long before that arguido status was lifted.

    And this is the person who has completed a review of the evidence, is it?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I would have thought that to have any value and to be taken seriously any such review should not be conducted by someone who's association with the McCanns is as close as his appears to be, and who has previously voiced his support and praise for the family in such a way

  131. @98,if thats the whole number, just googled it and it came up with fedex ??

  132. #112

    These are the questions:

    1. On May 3 2007, around 22:00, when you entered the apartment, what did you see? What did you do? Where did you look? What did you touch?
    2. Did you search inside the bedroom wardrobe? (she replied that she wouldn’t answer)
    3. (shown 2 photographs of her bedroom wardrobe) Can you describe its contents?
    4. Why had the curtain behind the sofa in front of the side window (whose photo was shown to her) been tampered with? Did somebody go behind that sofa?
    5. How long did your search of the apartment take after you detected your daughter Madeleine’s disappearance?
    6. Why did you say from the start that Madeleine had been abducted?
    7. Assuming Madeleine had been abducted, why did you leave the twins home alone to go to the ‘Tapas’ and raise the alarm? Because the supposed abductor could still be in the apartment.
    8. Why didn’t you ask the twins, at that moment, what had happened to their sister or why didn’t you ask them later on?
    9. When you raised the alarm at the ‘Tapas’ what exactly did you say and what were your exact words?
    10. What happened after you raised the alarm in the ‘Tapas’?
    11. Why did you go and warn your friends instead of shouting from the verandah?
    12. Who contacted the authorities?
    13. Who took place in the searches?
    14. Did anyone outside of the group learn of Madeleine’s disappearance in those following minutes?
    15. Did any neighbour offer you help after the disappearance?
    16. What does 'we let her down' mean?
    17. Did Jane tell you that night that she’d seen a man with a child?
    18. How were the authorities contacted and which police force was alerted?
    19. During the searches, with the police already there, where did you search for Maddie, how and in what way?
    20. Why did the twins not wake up during that search or when they were taken upstairs?
    21. Who did you phone after the occurrence?
    22. Did you call Sky News?

    23. Did you know the danger of calling the media, because it could influence the abductor?

  133. 24. Did you ask for a priest?

    25. By what means did you divulge Madeleine’s features, by photographs or by any other means?

    26. Is it true that during the searches you remained seated on Maddie’s bed without moving?

    27. What was your behaviour that night?

    28. Did you manage to sleep?

    29. Before travelling to Portugal did you make any comment about a foreboding or a bad feeling?

    30. What was Madeleine’s behaviour like?

    31. Did Maddie suffer from any illness or take any medication?

    32. What was Madeleine’s relationship like with her brother and sister?

    33. What was Madeleine’s relationship like with her brother and sister, friends and school mates?

    34. As for your professional life, in how many and which hospitals have you worked?

    35. What is your medical specialty?

    36. Have you ever done shift work in any emergency services or other services?

    37. Did you work every day?

    38. At a certain point you stopped working, why?

    39. Are the twins difficult to get to sleep? Are they restless and does that cause you uneasiness?

    40. Is it true that sometimes you despaired with your children’s behaviour and that left you feeling very uneasy?

    41. Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative?

    42. In England, did you medicate your children? What type of medication?

    43. In the case files you were SHOWN CANINE forensic testing films, where you can see them marking due to detection of the scent of human corpse and blood traces, also human, and only human, as well as all the comments of the technician in charge of them. After watching and after the marking of the scent of corpse in your bedroom beside the wardrobe and behind the sofa, pushed up against the sofa wall, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

    44. When the sniffer dog also marked human blood behind the sofa, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

    45. When the sniffer dog marked the scent of corpse coming from the vehicle you hired a month after the disappearance, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

    46. When human blood was marked in the boot of the vehicle, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

    47. When confronted with the results of Maddie’s DNA, whose analysis was carried out in a British laboratory, collected from behind the sofa and the boot of the vehicle, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

    48. Did you have any responsibility or intervention in your daughter’s disappearance?

    Q. Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardising the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?

    A. 'Yes, if that’s what the investigation thinks.'

  134. jim gamble+The gaspers statement+D P = paedophilia,and that in my opinion is why the big cover up.

  135. Nos. 93 & 100

    You could be right - there are various rumours regarding the 'elite' currently circulating the internet.

  136. Portia at 76

    Why was the video of them going on holiday released?

    Don't forget we got to see Madeleine falling up the steps supposedly cutting her leg.

    Don't forget the McCanns have also said Madeleine had a nosebleed.

    Don't forget blood was found in the apartment.

    Don't forget the saying 'always be prepared'.

    Everything the McCanns do has a reason, don't you know!!

    Do you honestly think that video would be there for us to see if not approved by the McCanns!!

  137. Matt Baggott got the job in Northern Ireland, the one Gamble was after, in spite of Leicester Police failures.

  138. 130 That was the number Andy Gierc LP was following up. It's in the PJ files. I don't know why it shows as fedex.

  139. @Viv
    Well dont be suprised that your surname is the source of some speculation why?

    You ran a whole page discrediting Bennet and urging other antis to shun him.

    You described Madeleine has having had the same beautiful nose as her mum. All along you have promoted Kate as being dominated by Gerry although its clear to everyone else she is not intimidated by him or anyone else. (although most of us realise some women are in abusive relationships)

    You described Amaral as Tony Bennet's hero- in a most derogatory manner.(on the 3A's)

    Your friend/associate Docmac told us all how one member of the tapas crew was going to squeal- before the UK interviews.

    You tell us there is an ongoing investigation- where? Run by whom and how do you know?

    Lastly explain to us non legal types why the McCanns cannot be arrested for neglect resulting in serious harm to a minor-their assertion- by the Portugese? Then surely they would have to qualify their stories of that nights events- if they are telling the truth that prosecution could procede if they could not validate their accounts another prosecution with more serious charges could surely then be brought?

    In that way they would at least be forced to participate in a police reconstruction -which they should have been from the begining.

    As it stands theyre going to escape justice and inspire more greedy parents- Mitchell's assertation that all British people get the children to bed early and clear off to the pub is already working its magic.

    I ask myself why this pair are still being lauded in our press and the quietness we are experiencing convinces me of one thing- theyre cooking something up. After the election what do you think are the chances that political moves will be made to force the PJ to hand over their files and if unsuccessful a UK 'investigation' be reopened and find the McCanns innocent and the PJ total morons or are we waiting for some other patsy to be dragged into this abusive pairs web?

    Only most of us are fed up- the internet is only an outlet for some frustration we all need to see something being done whilst we have some small degree of faith in the UK's legal system/governments and press.

  140. Im not sure why it is that this article makes such a dela of cost, is this simply to exonerate the McCanns by stating they are innocent and want an investigation but not having such an investugation on the basis that it is too expensive?

    Is this the whitewash attempt? If it is it will fail miserably - but the Digital Economy Act may silence us all!

  141. It looks very much as though CEOP, under the watchful eye of Jim Gamble, is actually there to filter any reports of paedophilia - a task it is in a very good position to accomplish. As long as all the information ends up with CEOP (hence the need to call Facebook to heel) any paedophiliac activity by Masons or politicans can quickly and easily be covered up, and fake outrage can be broadcast about anyone else. There is no need for incontrovertible proof when accusing other people - just the suggestion is enough to ruin someone's life or drive them to suicide - but CEOP is nevertheless seen to be doing an excellent job. I am not one for conspiracy theories, but I genuinely cannot think of another explanation for the way Gamble carries on. Would love to hear from anyone who can think of an alternative rational explanation, as the depth of corruption at the 'top' echelons of British society makes me utterly sick.

  142. Anon 109

    Where on earth have you been getting your information about this case from?

    If you are believing the McCanns, can you explain the findings of the best blood and cadaver dogs in the world, who have never yet been wrong, and are telling us that Madeleine died in the McCanns' holiday apartment?

    Can you also explain why the McCanns want the official case closed, because if they wanted it open all they have to do is request it, but they wont.

    The McCanns have been treated more than fairly, it is their refusal to cooperate with the official investigators, both Portuguese and UK investigators, which has hampered the investigation.

    Why don't you contact Kate McCann and ask her to answer the 48 questions she refused to answer, and ask the McCanns to get themselves and their friends back to PDL to do a reconstruction.

    But that wont happen either, because the McCanns have not helped with the official investigation at all.

    But they have issued a load of spin about an abduction for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

    All the evidence points to the death of Madeleine and to the involvement of her parents, and the official investigators know that.

  143. 132 Classic criminal response is for one of a pair to answer and the other to refuse to answer, result, no contradictions.Having said that I can imagine Kate refused to answer because she felt she should have been questioned by the Portuguese Head of State and not some lowly copper!

    The only direct contradiction we have seen is in the statments of McCann and Tanner. The reason? There was another independant person there.

    If Gamble was a real copper, he'd realsie that Gerry's 'proud father' statement pure disney - and it can easily be demonstrated that either Kate lied about recognising the door being in a different position or Gerry lied about having seen Madeleine at 9 pm or thereabouts.

    We know that they were running a 'listening service' (they all admitted that - even Kate said she would have left without looking if she'd not noticed the door in a different position - source:her own words in the so-called 'Custitng Edge' so called 'documentary') - so why did Gerry actually go in and view Madeleine?

    Answer..he didnt - Kate said the door was moved since 'they' had last been there. So he lied and slewed the investigation - if she had been abducted this would ahve risked his child life - now why would he do that?


  144. To #101 - you were lucky to get a reply, my email has been completely ignored by the Conservative party. Needless to say, I shall be breaking with the habit of a lifetime and not voting for them this time. Do they seriously think the appointment of that disgusting, pompous creature is a good thing for the Party, even if they have managed to keep his appointment pretty quiet? I can hardly bear to go on living in this country, knowing that even a well educated man like David Cameron, with a lovely wife and children, is happy to have this vile person on his payroll.

  145. Gamble is a surname which suits well a Mafia member, not a serious guy. Who contacted who first? He contacted Gerry or Gerry contacted him? NO MATTER.... WHO DO THE FIRST CONTACT, HAD AN AGENDA BEHIND IT AND THAT AGENDA HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH FINDING MADELEINE.



  146. When are people going to get the message that Gerry McCann and Jim Gamble are joined at the hip?

    There is no way any review of the case would be impartial when Gamble has already decided the McCanns are innocent.

    How does this so called investigator explain the evidence of the dogs one wonders? Or has he obeyed Gerry and simply ignored them as 'luducrous' and a figment of the imagination.

    This Gamble guy is up too close and personal for any involvement in this case whatsoever. Who is he anyway? What has he got to do with the investigation of this case? It has been declared by the official investigators that this is not an abduction case, so how can this guy overule that? He should get his nose out.

    How can we have any confidence about any of this?

    Come on Portugal, this is running away from you, get the case reopened.

    A murder investigation at that, and watch the media then. At least the message that Madeleine is dead will get across, and the Fund of the McCanns stopped.

  147. Many of the problems in the Madeleine Mccaan case have resulted from false claims and smoke screens reported in our media, we need a media that actually does what it claims to do – that is hold people in power to account, investigate and criticise, rather than blindly printing every press release and false lead issued by the Mccanns whilst claiming they are made by powerful groups, for example the Police. It is no good being wise years after the fact. If there were just some goddamned scepticism among our ‘professional’ journalists the case would have gone very differently, If people desiring to preserve some semblance of liberty are to make any progress, our biggest enemy- the acceptance of inevitability- that we are on this road and we can’t put the brakes on, and that is just the way of the world. Many thanks to Joana and her forum we have a voice, the Mccanns are corrupt, they employ corrupt and dishonest individuals such as Gamble and co to try and salvage their reputations whilst safeguarding the Madeleine Fund. Is there not an honest government or police force that can ask the questions and get this case re-opened, so this whole vicious circle can be broken.

  148. It has become a european case. So another country France, Germany, should do it.. If an english team execute the investigation there will always be the idea that the mccanns are involved..

  149. As much as I detest such tabloids at the NOTW, there is no smoke without fire so I wouldn't dismiss the whole article as b......t yet! I believe that Jim Gamble as well as putting the PJ's in a bad light, is out to make sure the McCanns never face justice! And I also believe he is jumping on the 'celebrity' bandwagon just like the McCanns have. Why would he be doing the job of one of the McCann's highy paid detectives when he is not qualified to do so. His job is to protect children, not spend valuable time helping a couple who lost their child through their own neglect in the first place. Many families with lost children must wonder just why the McCanns are given priority over themselves.

  150. Has anybody noticed when all this frantic running around trying to get a 'review' of the case happened.

    It was after the court case where Isabella suggested a reopening, and Gerry had to agree that they also wanted the case reopened. Gerry McCann looked like thunder, he was not pleased.

    A 'reopening' is the last thing they want.

    Since then it has all been about a 'review' needed, one excluding the evidence that indicated involvement by them, and those 'ludicrous' dogs of course.

    What are the McCanns afraid of that the suggestion of a reopening sends them into a spin?

    Have they an idea of what the rest of the File contains, or is it the hopefully upcoming Murat vs the Tapas case, or that Halligen may speak out about what he was hired to do?

    That case could be reopened by Portugal at any time, and they know it.

    Do they see it as a great big sword of Damocles ready to fall. Then the abduction spin has to be bought by as many as possible before it does.

  151. Sadly and reluctantly,I have abandoned my previous most likely thesis of accidental death and cover up by the parents and maybe one or two friends. Jim Gambles behaviour is indeed bizarre for a senior law enforcement officer. The willingness to discredit the pro mccann leicester police in spite of the crawling and fawning attitude of their officers indicates that they too are expendable and the cover up goes much higher than two rough round the edges medics and their common as muck mates. This is looking ever more like protection of government personel its the only remaining rational explanation unless Gerry has done a course in hypnosis.

  152. Gamble is there to deconstruct the evidence and find the duo blameless. Why did the Police in the UK do nothing in the last 3 years and Gamble an Co also played a passive or protective role? Do any of us really care anymore about these people? They are never going to make us believe that an abduction took place and all the disgusting lies that have been peddled.

  153. @101,I too email david cameron,and got the exact reply as you have,seems to be a standard email to all those that complained,so on this they can say goodbye to my vote.

  154. # 13 I understand your feeling , but there’s no point in re-opening the investigation when it is clear that there will be no co-operation from Britain or from the Tapas 9. In fact keeping it archived is the only measure to ensure that it will not prescribe before any relevant evidence allows it to be re-opened.
    # 36 What makes you believe that the UK would respond to a EW arrest for the McCann??
    There is a convicted portuguese criminal that took shelter in the Uk. Portugal has been demanding his repatriation so that he will serve the prisons sentences he was condemned to, and UK authorities have already taken court sessions denying Portugal his return. Now does anyone believe they would send a british citizen to a country where there is every possibility that they can be charged condemned and arrested?! If so the british diplomacy would not have been so mobilized from the first day in order to protect the shameless pair.
    And they could not be charged for neglect anymore – it can only be done during the 6 months time after authorities took knowledge about it.

    I don’t believe a little bit about what’s in this article. If the British authorities were interested in finding out the truth they would have co-operated when the investigation was ongoing. In my opinion this is just another spin campaign in preparation for the next anniversary when they will be once again appealing to the hearts of the good people of Britain to replenish their Fund.

  155. @139,thanks for your reply,that number came up with fed ex which is some sort of courier company,hmmmm

  156. Well, one thing is for sure.

    Madeleine didn't die peacefully in her bed where Kate said she left her fast asleep.

  157. The only mistake the PJ made was not arresting the suspects "parents and some of the friends"

  158. Where is the journalist with courage to ask Gamble how many missing persons he recovered and where they are? CAN HE SHOW THE WORLD THAT NUMBER?
    He seems another incompetent who achieved the place not by merit but because he is a 'YES MAN'. The Portuguese know this type of guys very well....'JOB FOR THE BOYS'.

  159. @144.

    My thoughts exactly. This country is becoming a run-down 3rd world. (The UK that is). Since Labour came to power in 1997 we have:

    Lies and Spin (Think Dr.David Kelly for instance? A good day for burying 'bad news' on 9/11?)
    CCTV all over the place
    Speed cameras, ramps and lines on nearly every street
    80,000 offenders released on early licence (Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime?)
    The signing of the Lisbon treaty WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE BRITISH ELECTORATE; yet Blair promised us a vote
    An increase in illegal immigration
    Some of the worst drunken, yobbish behaviour in Europe; Some of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe
    The country becoming a TIP. Look out of your windows: Litter everywhere. It is DISGUSTING. I do my bit in my neighbourhood, but nobody else bothers; fag butts, bottles, cans, fly-tipping etc.,
    Unemployment and recession
    Banking scandals and £50 billion to save the corrupt bosses who caused the damn problems in the first place
    MP scandals, expenses scandals (to be fair, other parties are involved too - making the situation worse)
    Petrol prices at an all-time high
    Unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (Iraq being an illegal invasion) - and ordinary men and women being killed in those countries - Afghans, Iraqis and Brits/ Americans (A few other nations too)
    Labour wanting to introduce DNA Databases and ID Cards (1984 anyone?)
    And much more. All this before we even talk about 'favours for the boys' in the MBM saga.

    If I had the money, I'd emigrate; I quite fancy Portugal actually! A peaceful, family-centred country of what seems to be well-mannered people. People like Joana; people like Amaral.

    That's Amaral's REAL problem: He was too damned nice to those McCanns! Accidental death does not seem to be a valid reason for covering up whatever happened to the poor tot. But Amaral does not have a warped enough mind to be able to have seen through what is fast becoming a very sad charade - that and his hands were tied before he could complete his mission. That's what this 'Libel trial' nonesense is all about - gagging the man and making a few quid into the bargain. I find it all surreal and it makes me sick to my stomach.

    May the truth one day be known.

  160. viv..
    are you a friend of Jim Gamble?
    do you know him at all.....have your paths ever crossed?
    Have you advised on any cases involved with him or ceop.

    I dont like to speculate if the question can be asked?
    I hope you find time to answer with a simple yes or no?

    no reply ..leaves ones mind to speculate.....fill the void.


  161. Interesting the way he discredit Leicester police is bizarre and say ALL about his propose. He don't want anybody from Scotland Yard, any competent, impartial police. He want somebody chosen by him, somebody who he can control and manipulate, somebody to clear the Mccann's with manipulated forensic reports.

    Now I can understand this words:

    'It is already predicted to be "an extremely costly" investigation that, even if done properly, will probably never be solved.'

    'The source added: "It will be extremely costly and sadly is unlikely to result in a positive outcome.'



  162. Agree with 141- Facebook should tell Gamble exactly where to insert his panic button. He is just "bigging up" CEOP and extending his empire. Just think what power you could hold; knowing who were the paedophiles in the higher echelons, and the influence you could exert.

  163. 151 I have moved in exactly the same direction.


  165. If Jim Gamble knows the McCanns well and the McCanns know David Payne.
    Is it posssible there is a link there

  166. Somebody has to be protected at all costs. Gamble protected members of Parliament in the Operation Ore case, he is now protecting somebody else high-up. Either directly or indirectly somebody in a very high position is involved with Madeleine's demise or some kind of paedophile actions or both. The reason why Gerry never faltered in his smirks and arrogant self is because he knows that he is protected till the hilt. The strange pictures of Madeleine could be the key...

  167. 109

    What an incredibly naive post.

    Perhaps you can explain yourself rather than making these vague statements?

    The McCanns are liars...Gerry lied about his 'proud father' moment...Kate lies about 'knowing' Madeleine was abducted - as she has still to tell us how she knew - she couldnt tell us before due to the judicial secrecy, so why cant she tell us now?

    Come on, put yur money where your mouth is, lets see you try to refute the facts.

  168. 151 Quite.

    What is it that Gamble is in place to hide? Why couldnt this 'senior' person simply state that things as they are and not jsut come out with this ridiculous unsubstantiated statement that the McCanns are innocent?

    It certainly stinks more of some senior government official being involved.

    Its difficult to come up with any other reason for this peculiar instant dismissal of the view of senior officers in Portugal and the UK.

    This dismissal of the LP is particularly odd. I can see that getting them out of the loop might be a good idea to avoid people like us pointing the finger, but why then make a statement that totally undoes the benefit of excluding LP?

  169. Considering the outrage that Operation Ore created not least that 36 people committed suicide over false accusations regarding child abuse this case is moving towards the realms of paedophilia. Gamble headed up Operation Ore he is clearly an unsuitable choice. IMO paedophilia is at the heart of the McCann case. Gerry has used every means possible to cover the atrocities that he and his wife carried out. Due to the seriousness of this case the European Court of Human Rights should take control, remove the superinjunctions, appoint an efficient police force to initiate the re-opening, deal with the facts and evidence, re-interview the Tapas, and find out who else is involved and ensure they all face justice. Jim Gamble is going to do a white wash and declare the Portuguese police inept and then Kate and Gerry will ride off into the sunset with their ill gotten gains.

  170. Ironside @5
    Yes just been reading up on Mr Gamble, bloody hell there is def more to this guy, I read the NOTW and decided to check him out, imo I think Mr Gamble should keep his opinions to himself.

  171. Read truthseeker's blog,Operation Ore.

  172. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/8616261.stm

    It gets worse. Parliamentary privelage argued as a defence to expense fiddling. They arent even trying to fight the actual charges - but the right not to be charged like the rest of us - what about the rule of law!

    Time people in the UK woke up and time for a revolution to create a constitution.

  173. The death of Madeleine was no accident.

    I think we have been brainwashed into thinking that because the PJ have been too kind to the McCanns.

    The evidence stacks up more for foul play. A murder investigation is needed.

  174. http://dn.sapo.pt/inicio/pessoas/interior.aspx?content_id=1541798

    " Chamava-se JonBenét Ramsey, tinha seis anos e já era uma celebridade no mundo dos concursos de beleza para crianças quando o seu corpo foi encontrado, estrangulado e com marcas de um violento espancamento, na cave da casa dos pais em Colorado, nos Estados Unidos, em Dezembro de 1996.
    O caso - que tem algumas semelhanças com o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann - continua por resolver..............."

  175. A morte de uma 'miss' de seis anos que chocou os EUA
    Diário de Notícias - Lisboa - ‎Há 10 horas‎
    O caso - que tem algumas semelhanças com o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann - continua por resolver. Os pais, um milionário da informática e uma antiga ...

  176. Post 109. I'm not sure what you mean by "shoddy investigation". Whats shoddy about it? On the contrary, it is naive to assume that what suspects say in an ongoing criminal investigation is fact. By way of illustration, which of these satements by the twosome are the facts. Was it the unlocked patio doors, or the locked patio doors', was it the statement that they entered by the front door, or the patio door? And which was factual, the jemmied shutters and open window, or the forensic evidence of no tampering with the shitters or window by any so-called abductor and only Kate's prints on the window?

  177. "He told ministers there were huge holes in the original inquiry that need to be revisited if they want to "come close" to reaching UK standards." =)) =))

  178. What kind of joke is it when Gerry McCann is hand in glove with Gamble, the paedophile hunter, when McCann and his friend Payne are the ones who have been reported to the police by fellow doctors for questionable behaviour regarding the missing Madeleine.

    Is Gamble vouching for McCann and Payne then?

    If so, on what basis?

    Is the basis because Gerry McCann is a friend of his? Is that why McCann and Payne are given passes?

    Is it on the same basis that he can dismiss the McCanns as having nothing to do with the disappearance of Madeleine, contrary to those who worked on the case, or the findings of the dogs, or him not being privy to the complete case File?

    Some investigator, eh!

    It sounds like Gamble is a law unto himself, hopefully somebody in authority is taking note.

  179. http://www.debateforum.co.uk/viewforum.php?f=9

    Who is Garthy? Originally Garth in anorak, still blowing the McCann trumpet.

    We should be told!

  180. They waited for Matt Baggott to get off the LP till they started slagging the investigation. Guess where he went?

  181. @165.thats what im thinking as i cant see any reason for gamble to be involved like he is and if there is a link then you have to think about poor madeleine, what ever did she do to deserve the mccanns as parents

  182. Maybe I'm an eternal optimist but the article mentions homicide, telephone records, and no happy ending for McCanns.

    I wish people would stop trying to discredit Gamble on the basis of Operation Ore detractors. Fact is, in an investigation of that size, that has so many people to investigate, there are always going to be people caught up in it innocently, through fraud say, but they will be a small part of it. Then there are people who are good at arguing their case, it's not something people will throw their hands up to and say 'Ok you got me guv'

    And we have 'posters' on other sites, and people linking to them here, claiming that people at the heart of government et al are somehow closely involved in a child exploitation network.

    You don't do yourselves any favours when you link up to the fantasists. I've no doubt there are people in high places that need to be looked at more closely, but that's a stretch too far.

    Anyways, hope it's nipped in the bud.

    I'm not a policeman but if I was I would try to gain the trust of the Mccanns because there seems to be quite a circle surrounding them. Small fish leading to big fish.

    Oh well, I did say I'm an optimist!

  183. So let's see Mr Gamble reviews the case. What information has he used, you think? I doubt he had all available files translated again. I also doubt he would have gone to the Maddie Case Files. Too much criticism there and something tells me he can't handle that too well.
    So he must have used the information the McCanns have, and had translated.

    So we have someone, who is not in active LE duty, who reviews a case with information he got from the prime suspects, and then comes to the conclusion that they should not have been made suspects.

    Yeah, right, can anyone say that without bursting out laughing?

  184. GM looked down at his daughter...who was lying in the typical recovery position?? I wonder why and who put her in that position?
    This is one major cover up, KM should be made to answer those 48 questions, and why havent mccanns asked Portugal to reopen the case, this all stinks of corruption. GM always looks like he has a bad smell under his nose, maybe its himself. Totally disgusting all of it..and he is still working in a hospital? and using the address for his fund..Disgusting. Investigate this fraudulant fund, does honesty not exist in Britain no more?

  185. Anon 170

    Thanks for that information re Truthseeker and what is written about Operation Ore. I hope everybody gets to read it. The poor children in the hands of these evil people.

    No doubt this is one of the reasons the scumbags want control of the internet, so they cannot be revealed for what they are.

    Low life in high places. All protecting themselves and their scumbag pals.

    Didn't Jesus say something about 'spiritual wickedness in high places'. Well he should know. There certainly is. Yet we still see them sitting there in church when the Queen is up front. Blair has even become a Catholic. What is he trying to prove?

    One great big cover up. Utterly disgusting.

    When are these monsters going to be brought to justice? Surely the tide has to turn and expose what is going on.

  186. Why is the Home Secretary bothering to let the McCanns have their own way with a stupid, expensive, exercise in reviewing the case (based on what they want reviewed of course, minus dogs and death of Madeleine no doubt), when all he needs to do is tell the McCanns to go request a reopening of the case in Portugal.

    Though that is the last thing the McCanns want. The word 'reopen' should not be mentioned again after Gerry McCann was cornered into saying they would welcome a reopening. Yeah, pull the other Gerry.

    Has Isabella got the message yet, and what does she think of that? No, Isabella you must not mention that word 'reopen' again just when Gerry has got everybody spinning off in the direction of 'review' instead of a reopening. Gerry wouldn't like it.

  187. Read truthseeker's blog,read what a Brtitish journalist now living in Germany named Martin James,states ablout Gordon Brown,Mandelso,Lord Robertson and the connection with Thomas Hamilton,the paedophile who shot all those poor children in Dunblane.Operation ore.

  188. Anónimo

    Semelhanças? Desaparecimento? E o casal Mc por que razão não pede MESMO a reabertura do caso? E qual a razão para esta Não notícia?

    Foi este (e apenas 1) comentário acerca desta notícia,deixado por mim.


  189. Hello ,

    I have a question for all the british people reading and posting here. Now that it is election time and because every party is motivated to show/prove they are the better choice in May, I wonder why don't you ask GB about Madeleine case OPENLY and loudly?
    Blogs like this are good to give air to the frustration we all feel , but we do not solve much here...So, why not try to talk open about this case now and make it a political issue, a campaign issue where unhappy citizens can ask questions and eventually force them to give some answers? I feel that now is a big chance for that.
    Sorry if I missed something and you already had a plan for this.


  190. So many more top names are becoming embroiled in this suspicious white wash which is now so far reaching, do these people not have any conscience, is this cover up for their own self gratification so they can continue abusing children behind closed doors, is there not one decent human being in this whole saga that will bring these people down. Why are we all so helpless? Kate and Gerry are unable to show any emotion towards Madeleine when they speak because they had no feelings for the poor little girl. I see children out with their parents laughing and being protected and then I think of these two low life’s how they have lied and swindled money from the public, they tricked us all, they had an agenda from the beginning. What of the twins, surely it is not safe for them to be with such unscrupulous unstable people, what will they think of all of this when they are older. I truly despair at the human nature displayed in this case, the Tapas 7 with their arrogance and silence, expensive lawyers to protect reputations, diplomatic involvement, superinjunctions, Clarence Mitchell and Jim Gamble (two peas in a pod if ever there were) never once did Kate and Gerry properly search for their daughter, they dismissed all evidence against them as ludicrous and a hate campaign. Even Madeleine’s relatives joined in with this farce, why did her grandparents not speak out or help her, why did none of them question the Mccanns especially after the sniffer dogs evidence, and Kate and Gerry’s obvious lying and body language, what of Amarals book based on police facts, just silence, how guilty and despicable they all are what a vile family. Mccanns have used religion as a tool to gain public sympathy and money - all their interviews are staged - they seek celebrity status through such a heinous crime, what has happened to our society that we protect these people, is our Country really so corrupt that we allow this money making circus to continue unabated. Justice for Madeleine

  191. @ Viv post #75

    I would have put this on your own blog, Viv, but I'm not opening a blogger account just for the privilege of leaving a comment.

    I do not wish to be unkind, Viv, but it is my opinion that your poorly researched and overblown posts are more likely to do harm than good. Personally, I am amazed someone hasn't dragged you into court yet. I find in particular your comments about Robert Murat, and especially his mother to be completely beyond the pale. It's about time you left that man and his family alone. Your comments on here and elsewhere about one of the witnesses in the case, Mr Smith, are not only inaccurate, they are a complete fabrication, and pretty disgraceful. The man has done nothing wrong, yet you spoke about him as if he was a criminal. Unfair, Viv. Damned unfair.

    This is just an appeal to you really to please familiarize yourself with the facts in this case - read the police files, perhaps, that would be a start. Perhaps then you won't make such ridiculous statements as your latest claim that when the McCanns went to the High Court to try to gain access to information held by Leicestershire Police, ''for their cheek, Madeleine was made a Ward of Court and they were told to go and get lost''

    Most people who have taken the trouble to familiarize themselves with the case would know that Madeleine had been made a ward of court a year earlier, Viv, at their request. I would suggest you read somewhere like the McCann files and try to fill in some of the gaps in your knowledge.

    By making such inaccurate statements, and indulging in the wild, ill-informed speculation which seems to be your forté, all you achieve is to ensure that you give a bad name to those who are actually interested in the truth of what happened to a little girl nearly three years ago. That's why most of us are here, Viv. The fact that you felt the need to comment 85 times on your last article on your own blog, suggests it's time to take a break.

    Apologies, Joana, if I have wandered off topic, but I felt it was a point which needed making. Forgive me.

  192. ANON 161


  193. It dosen't matter how much high profile people (Brown and Gamble etc) try and cover this up, these supporters will not be in these job forever, Maddy WILL get her justice, and these people WILL be held to account.

  194. I think McCann would be more than happy about Amaral theories (about some kind of accidental death) and keep very very low profile (not Oprah, not Amaral trial) if they really would be some paedos. I don`t believe it and YES I have read that Gaspars statements (and it was shocking).

  195. Anon 182

    Nobody has to try and discredit Gamble because he is surely doing that himself.

    Who does he think he is that he can say the McCanns are innocent, and the official investigators did a bad job. Why does he think that? Because they refused to let the McCanns take control of the case?

    What is Gamble hanging around for when the official investigators have told their conclusion is that Madeleine died in the apartment, and there was no abduction.

    Hear that Gamble? No abduction. So butt out and stop trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the people in your efforts to support your pals Gerry and Kate.

    Also, if you want to investigate anybody, try investigating McCann and Payne, they are the ones who were reported to the police because of concern by fellow doctors about their behaviour regardng Madeleine.

    Or, have you given your pal Gerry the all clear on that as well?

    You really have no business in this case of the death of a child in the holiday apartment, and I hope the authorities are taking note of how you are helping the McCanns spin their abduction fairy story for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

    Oh, and by the way, how do you explain those never been wrong UK dogs Eddie and Keela, the best in the world, or are you willing to take McCanns word that they must be 'ludicrous' because they dared to tell a different story to the McCanns.

    What are we expected to think of you Mr Gamble but that you need to get your head of out the sand and contact your brain where these McCanns are concerned, and let the real police do their job.

    You can always encourage your pals to request a reopening of the case in Portugal. But of course, you know they wont do that will they, preferring to spin their abduction fairy story from the UK with help from people like you.

  196. 187.
    I too have read what you are referring to about Brown/Mandleson/Lord Robinson etc and Thomas Hamilton.

    Makes you wonder if the McCann cover up is not in some way connected.

    I'm now just waiting for a parliamenary candidate to knock on my door asking for my vote - and I shall ask the question - we all have a right to know!


  197. mc 174 e 175,

    Ja tive oportunidade de realcar o caso de JonBennet Ramsey aqui, ha semanas. Basta procurarmos na Net pelo nome e encontramos toda a informacao disponibilizada pela investigacao, incluindo detalhes da autopsia e do que foi a vida desta menina.
    Os pais, cidadaos normais, tornaram-se famosos e ricos a custa da expolracao da imagem da filha. Bonita e desenvolta, JonBennet antes dos 6 anos era obrigada pela mae a usar maquilhagem, pintar o cabelo e usar vestidos festivos, numa aproximacao ridicula ao estilo de Marylin Monroe. Com isso ganhou inumeros concurso de beleza e cativou politicos que se aproximaram da familia, usando e abusando tambem estes do sucesso da crianca. A casa dos pais era conhecida e famosa pelas festas que davam com convidados famosos que incluiam inumeros senadores. Ninguem sabe o que se passava nessas festas, mas era ponto acente que circulava alcool em grande quantidade. Desconfia-se que a crianca seria molestada de alguma forma porque dias antes da sua morte soube-se que seria ela quem ligou para o 911 a pedir ajuda mas nao conseguiu explicar-se e quando a ajuda chegou a casa deparou-se com uma festa em que estavam todos embriagados. Pensaram que fosse uma brincadeira e nao desconfiaram de nada. So depois da morte da crianca somaram factos e tiraram algumas conclusoes.
    A mae permaneceu sempre como a principal suspeita com o cover-up do pai, pois quando a policia procurava a miuda ele imediatamente apareceu com o corpo vindo da cave ( manipulando e contaminando a cena do crime) depois de terem dado um alerta de rapto e quando a policia ja tinha descartado a possibilidade de rapto. Sentiram-se encurralados e antes que fosse a policia a descobrir, apresentaram-na. Todos os vestigios eram da mae mas nunca foram absolutamente conclusivos e ela acabou por morrer sem confessar o crime. DIZ-SE QUE NUNCA TERA CONSEGUIDO SUPERAR A MENTIRA EM QUE VIVEU, pois fosse ela uma cidada americana normal e teria enfrentado a pena maxima. Como era uma celebridade a custa da filha, escapou da justica dos homens mas nao da da sua propria consciencia.

  198. "British police are to launch a new probe into missing Madeleine McCann after massive failures were found in the Portuguese investigation."

    In my opinion the above statement has nothing to do about finding the truth or what happened to her, it's about nit picking and finding faults in the investigation until they have a case to sue the police, Portugal, Amaral, or who ever they can pin it on and make a few more million.

    The British police can pick fault all they like in how the Portuguese police handled the case BUT there is not a police force in the world that could have done a proper investigation with all the media flack and interfering that was going on by her parents and people working for them.

    I suppose all the big holes in the investigation are all the bogus sightings around the world we have had, investigating that lot should keep some one busy for years and also keeps the finger pointing away for the mccanns, plus it's tax payers money paying for it and not coming out of there fund.

  199. There is a bit of a muddle as to why Payne went to visit Kate and the children.

    Payne says that Gerry asked him to go, though he is not sure the reason, but it might have been to make sure it was OK for Gerry to stay and play tennis.

    Being as how Gerry had not long ago been at the apartment, supposedly helping with the bathing of three small children and then had got ready to play tennis which Kate would have seen, does that make sense?

    Gerry is making out that the visit was something that Payne simply did, presumably because he decided to and not mentioning if he himself had requested it, and if so, why.

    I hope the investigators got that straightened out because if Payne is telling the truth, then it looks as if Gerry is saying that Payne is somebody who takes it upon himself to go visit women and children when they are alone.

    Also, Payne is saying the children looked like angels when he saw them, so contented and all.

    Were they in bed at the time or what, because he mentions about it seemed a bit early for them to go to bed.

    According to Gerry all was so well and happy for the family during the holiday, and the reason Kate slept in the kids room was because of his snoring.

    So when was the argument then? No mention of that?

    Gerry also mentions about the remark from Madeleine on the morning of the 3rd May, and again puts Payne there as having checked that night when she said the little boy and herself were crying.

    If I were Payne, and Gerry had asked me to check on Kate and the kids, I would be left wondering why Gerry didn't mention it was his suggestion.

    Also, the slipping in of Payne's name as checking on the kids the night Madeleine was supposed to have said they were crying, (although this night does not tally with what Mrs Fenn said, in that the crying was the night before), doesn't look too good for Payne given the Gasper statements and all.

    Has Payne actually read Gerry McCann's statement? If not, he should. Sometimes it is the things that are not said that speak loudest.

  200. Liily from Germany you are spot on. Its vote for me time folks the will give you anything for that cross on the ballot paper. Get the bastards grovelling to you. Get justice for Madelaine


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