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Agnus Dei - In Memoriam

This music piece, Agnus Dei (‘Lamb of God’) was originally written for strings named ‘Adagio for Strings’ composed by Samuel Barber (1910-1981) in 1936 as a part of his String Quartet No.1, Op.11. Later on, he transcribed it into an 8-part choir piece in 1967, as a setting for 'Agnus Dei'. This is perhaps the most famous music piece that Barber has ever composed in his life Performed by Accentus Chamber Choir, conducted by Laurence Equilbey.


Agnus dei
Agnus dei
Qui tollis peccata mundi
Agnus dei
Agnus dei
Qui tollis peccata mundi
Dona nobis pacem
Dona nobis pacem
Dona nobis pacem


Lamb of God
You who take away the sins of the world
Lamb of God
You who take away the sins of the world
Give Us Peace
Give Us Peace
Give Us Peace.


  1. Thanks Joana, it's beautiful!

    We will never forget you, sweet little angel!
    May the truth be known and may Justice prevail for little Madeleine!

    Thank you and all of your team for your hard work, devotion and determination!


  2. Was this catholic sentimentalism needed? I doubt it

  3. "They know they went to sleep, woke up and she had disappeared. But they still don't understand somebody took her. When they do they will want to know where we were. We'll have to explain we were having dinner in the restaurant next door."

    I hope they told them it was "god"s fault" because it MUST be somebody"s fault init?
    Sick and sinister

  4. Thank you, Joana, especially when the parents' contribution to this day only makes it sadder than ever.

    Your memoriam is full of hope.

  5. It is so sad, i just hope this sweet little girl is at peace and one day the real culprits will pay for their crimes,(and also the scum who helped to protect them) Thanks Joanna(again) for your commitment, and also to Amaral the good people who are trying to get justice for this innocent 3 year old child.

  6. Thank you, dear Joana!

    Just look at those big sad eyes and the tense little mouth, not a happy confident child...poor angel.

    And to #2,
    Your remark is surelly adressed to the McCanns, isn't it?
    Catholic sentimentalism is their speciallity, when stricktly necessary of course...

  7. Sentimentalism?!

    NO! It's SENTIMENTO, feeling(s)! You know #2, those anoying, inconvenient sensations the britons feel so awkward about and do not allow themselves to experience, and bury under a "stiff uper lip"!

  8. Whats not needed is putting a religious label on it - can`t it just be a beautiful uplifting sound without bringing any religion into it at all?


  9. Anonymous 2 it is regrettable that you do not understand the choice of the piece 'Agnus Dei' nor the small tribute to Madeleine's memory. Sentimentalism? Maybe, yes, after three years of being in this case I felt it was owed to her a small, even though virtual, memorial on the day I believe she died. I do feel that any life, specially a child's whose life, dreams and the fulfillness of her potential, have been deplorably put to an end justify a 'kind' of requiem... This particular piece expresses my feelings on this day, it helps me to remember why I have been here for the last three years, it gives me and hopefully gives to those who perhaps are more sensitive and human than you a chance to consider our role in life, our own mortality, to assess what matters regardless of each of our individual beliefs and faiths... Music is an universal language, I truly hoped that sharing this beautiful piece by Samuel Barber could bring us together in a different awareness - perhaps away of the mediatic excesses that can be seen in almost every newspaper or TV; some time to think, to appreciate with some gratitude the simple fact that we are alive - something so fragile, that we can enjoy the simplest and the most complex pleasures and pains, that we are loved by our family... We can still feel all that, and more, whilst others will never have that chance. Maybe one day you too will understand.

  10. Thank you Joana for your memorium to Madeleine - Agnus Dei, Lamb of God - most appropriate.

  11. It's a truly beautiful memorial Joana. A fitting one for that tiny child, bless her soul, and one which is doubly poignant for me as I had it played at my Mother's funeral two weeks ago.

    I agree with every word you have posted to poster 2.

    Thank you for all your work and dedication.


  12. I'm truly sorry for your loss Hamish, my condolences. A big hug with affection, hope your pain and suffering will be eased by those who are still with you and by the remembrance of happier memories of your mother.

  13. Thank you Joana, that's very kind of you. It's difficult at the moment, but it's early days yet. At least my Mother had a long and fulfilled life - something which was denied little Madeleine by her neglectful parents.


  14. Thanks for this Joana.

    It is uplifting to think that in this sea of filth that the McCanns leave behind (and which is now complete with a photo of a 3 year-child who appears to have been groomed for paedophilia) there are still people capable of a dignified tribute to Madeleine.

    RIP Madeleine, you were very little and very unlucky with the family you were born into.

  15. Joana -

    Thank you so much - a fitting piece of music if ever there was to mark the 3rd anniversary of poor little Madeliene's fate.

    And to Anon 7.

    I'm sorry you feel the British are just 'stiff upper lip', and yes, it's true many are when the need arises, but the vast majority of us would die for our children and never see them suffer, just like most other nations in the universe. People like Anon 2 should be ignored with the contempt they deserve.

  16. 3 years in a unmarked grave, her so called"parents" made £m`s ,yet they STILL walk fee ,it is obscene ,RIP Maddie

  17. This is a fitting tribute to a daughter that Gerry often describes as 'innocent' - the only true word he ever manages to say.
    We have to remember, on this site and others, that something valuable and sacred is at stake here. We are not just involved in a gigantic puzzle (however beguiling.)
    Joana has brought us back to first principles here, and I, for one, am glad of that reminder( and also humbled.)

  18. God bless you Joana and all for your hard work. Madeleines memory will live on. The Mccanns sullied her image but with this beautiful dedication you have given her the childhood innocence she rightly deserves. Justice for Maddie and Dr Amaral.

  19. More touching than anything the McCanns could ever do. It seems they have no emotions - just the eye for the 'main chance'.

    They treat Madeleine like a commodity - Gerry made his position clear to the world - his marketting ploy!

  20. Thank you Joana, absolutely beautiful, especially with the horrific photographs her parents have produced for this day.

    Thank you for all your hard work and that of your colleagues too.

  21. A heaven sent piece of music truly beautiful.

    May angel winged arms cradle and hold you close little one in slumbers deep.


  22. Beautiful piece of music!

    RIP, Madeleine.

    says algarveisfedup

  23. Its not Catholic semtimentalism to remember the dead, A lovely thought Joana God Bless you, shame on you no 2 This little girls mortal remains are dumped in Portugal not even respected by her own Mother disgarded quickly and out of the way. There is a mass in her grandparents parish tonight for Madelaine in Liverpool. Angels do not need a Mass, it should be said for her parents. They need all the masses and prayers they can get.

  24. A most fitting tribute to this lovely little girl who was nominally a Catholic, but whose parents did not realise until it was too late that they simply weren't up to the task of parenthood. Hopefully one day she will at least be given a proper requiem service, and maybe this beautiful piece will be a part of it.

  25. Thanks Joana for all your hard work over the past 3 years. Let's hope that with a change of government in the UK, different forces will come into play and the UK government will pursuade the Portuguese government to bring the McCanns to justice. Let's hope that justice will prevail over embarrasment. "A lot of people will be embarrased if Madeleine is found," said Kate. Yes...because it will be a corpse that is found and the most embarrassed will be Kate and Gerry, and their families and supporters......

  26. You are a dear dear person Joana. Thank you for everything

  27. Fly free Madeleine, keep flying, never look back.

  28. In memory of all children that had the same destiny as Madeleine did. A light of hope that this century brings a new understanding about the importance of every single little life: An AVATAR supreme defense for the little ones and a heavy and serious punishment for those that should protect them but failed for not very dignified and honorable reasons!

  29. Thank you, Joana! What you are doing is truly great. THANK YOU!

    Little Madeleine, we are with you... Every day.

  30. Thank you Joana. My most favorite piece so aptly used by you today. God Bless Madeleine. x

  31. Justice For Madeleine Always In Our Thoughts Forever In Our Hearts xxx :-) 1 Love <3

  32. Dear Joana,
    The piece 'Agnus Dei' is indeed very well chosen.
    I do "respect" your choice of this song
    I 100% agree with your reply to @2

  33. Beautiful and tragic composition, Joana.

    A little girl that lost her right to live and that is not allowed to be dead.

    All this decided by her own parents.

  34. On McCannfiles you can read a BBC interview where Kate shows herself as a human being, for the first time.
    She talks about wishing she would die of an accident or something else.
    She talks about the pain she feels.
    For the first time I see a human Kate who is not concerned of blaming everybody like the couple always do.
    This could be part of an eventual treatment she is getting.
    The collour of her clothes is dark, she is learning to accept what happened and learning to show us her daughter is dead.
    Telling the truth would relieve her, before she gets insane.
    I wonder why they will ask the reopening of the process, if they will.
    She is living under a terrible pressure and I wonder how she can stand it.

  35. Thank you Joana and God Bless Madeleine McCann. She never chose to be "famous" or a poster child. She was just a little, innocent girl whose mommy and daddy didn't love enough to protect.

    With determination to find justice for her, we all remain and on this day it is right to be solemn and respectful to this child we've fought for over the last three years.

    As a Christian, I have some peace knowing that children are a precious gift of God and when they return to him, he wipes away every tear.

  36. To Nancy @15 and everyone else that is interested.
    Just a detail, but I feel the need to tell this.

    On holidays on a camping here in Holland we had British neighbours, a family with 3 children.
    I've never seen more caring parents in my whole life.


  37. Bravo Joana,

    I'm an atheist but loved the music. Appropriately solemn for a tribute to Madeleine on this occasion.

    Anon #2

    I understand your point. Forget the words. Just listen to the music

  38. Thank you Joana very appropriate at this time... "God Bless you Madeleine".

    Anon 2 - Jesus our Saviour is open to ALL who believe we have no need of ancient Institutions or trappings to receive His grace, simply to believe He is who He is.

  39. I am anon 2 and I am also deeply atheist and deeply anti catholic.
    I do not like the church and I do not like anything remotely linked to it,including music.
    Yes,music is an universal language as long as it does not involve RELIGOUS BELIEFS but it does doesnt it? agnus dei IS religous isnt it?
    Here you go...

  40. No master,no god,no opus dei nor agnus dei.NO pope,no mccanns.
    Pack up bigotery and eradicate the church because the catholic church IS responsible for many of the unfortunate crimes committed against humanity.Thats the hard,harsh and the truth in its most simple form.
    I hope this post is going to be published as we are all entitled to our opinions.Thank you

  41. Thank you Joanna. Kabuki syndrome could be something Madeleine was born with. Why is that relevant? Young children with this syndrome require much care and attention and it is exhausting for Mum! These children have very good memories when it comes to faces and events. Reliable witnesses. Like Hollie Greig. If Madeleine was born with Kabuki syndrome then surely this would have been broadcast around the world because her captors would need to know she had this condition? (with all the health issues it brings about). But instead the McCann's used the eye defect (characteristic of Kabuki) as a marketing gimmick! I believe the McCanns sought urgent medical attention for Maddie: http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/02/taxi-driver-story-and-rogatory-letter.html. I believe she suffered a serious seizure (characteristic of Kabuki) after the stress of being abused by someone known to the McCanns. She died in 5a during a botched attempt at resuscitation by the Docs. All prior to 3 May 2007.

  42. A little girl that lost her right to live and that is not allowed to be dead. This sums, everything from the past 3 years perfect.

    Very well put 33, very touching, brought tears to my eyes. How can Kate MaCcann do this is beyond me.

  43. Lambs of God, children of God they are,
    they are innocent, fragil and beautiful,
    They have done nothing wrong,
    still they pay for the mistakes of others.
    Madeleine is a God's child and may she rest in peace.
    Thank you Joana.

  44. Hi All - John again after quite some time.

    I could not hear the piece but I think the sentiment is spot on.

    Following No.2 - the very real problem that Kate and Gerry have is the twins. Whatever happened - and it really is not clear - the twins will want continual explanations - more and more detailed as they grow older.

    Kate and Gerry will be forced to carry n looking - long after all of their money is spent. It will also be a crusade for the twins - to find their sister. The Mccanns cannot back out unless they are prepared to tell the twins that Maddie is dead or most probably dead. They really need to do this before they get much older - maybe this is on their agenda at the moment - re open case and get one of the Police forces to state that 'in all probability' Maddie is dead. Then the Mccanns can get on with their lives and let the rest of us get on with ours.

    A nice service can be held for Maddie - and though justice will not have been served (I am not convinced one way or the other) - this is not a just world.


  45. God Bless you Joana for your Great Job, for everything you're doing for Madeleine. For the Truth to be unveil. Thank you again and again!

  46. A beautiful and very fitting choice in remembrance of Maddie.

    Thank you dear Joana, this piece of music never fails to move me.

  47. Lovely tribute thanks Joana! As the Mcs say they have been in Portugal to ask for case to be reopened, is there any way you can find out if they have actually done it Joana?

  48. The one consolation Christians have about Madeleine is that she herself is safely with Jesus, as He himself said as much about these little innocents.

    For anybody to hide this child away and continue to lie about her death so that other people are blamed and crucified in the media, means they themselves are far from the Kingdom, no matter how much they may have confessed in secret.

    To continue with the lies negates any forgiveness of sin.

    If they want to be truly forgiven they must do the right thing and, if they are really Christians, they know what that is.

    That includes any others who also know the truth and are calling themselves Christians.

    The lives of many innocent people has been badly damaged by this case.

    It has to stop.

    How anybody can listen to such beautiful, holy, music, and not be moved to doing so is beyond belief.

  49. Anonymous said... 43

    Lambs of God, children of God they are,
    they are innocent, fragil and beautiful,
    They have done nothing wrong,
    still they pay for the mistakes of others.
    Madeleine is a God's child and may she rest in peace.
    Nothing to do with any god
    Nor little lambs
    Madeleine was a little human being and she had human parents

  50. 49
    Maybe you should just respect my post.
    the way I see it, and if I beleive in God that is also my choice.
    If you have something to say about Madeleine then do it with out pointing out my post.
    Thank you.

  51. Oh 49 how you misundesrstand. Madelaine was a human being and also a child of God as we all are. Even if we have no belief in God we belong to the God Maddie has gone back to. Rest with the Angels little one.

  52. 50 Do you beleive in God? I'd love to hear your reasoning!

    If there were a single intellect behind the universe, it would not be gender specific - it would be beyond reproductory differences...it would also be completely without morals.

    I've always struggled to understand the biggest mystery, not 'is there a god' - as I have seen no more evidence of a deity than that it was invented to fill the void by people (as they have invented deities since the stone age) than I have seen evidence of an abduction in the McCann case. No, the big mystery is how usually intelligent logical people can believe in something they cant even describe - and blindly beleive the words written by men to control other men (which is what the bible is - a rule book!).

    I can understand people like the McCann's beleiveing in a god - they are doing what others have done before them, hiding in 'faith' (which means 'blind belief'). Not that I think they have even blind faith, or they would be terrified at what will meet them when they die.

  53. 52
    Your posts are drifting from the subject of this blog, and attacking and desrespecting other people's choices and beleives.
    Do you want to know if I beleive in God? Yes ,and I don't have to give any reason or explanation to you or anybody.
    If You want an argument try someone else.

  54. Dear all, this is the end of the discussion about religion. I am sure that you understand. Thank you.

  55. I love this music, Thank you Joana for all your hard work, and god bless little Maddie where ever she is
    in this world or in the next;

  56. Foi uma vergonha o programa '30 Minutos' da RTP, no tocante a Madeleine Mccann. Com a ajuda de Jose Alberto Carvalho, os impostos dos portugueses estao a ser usados para branquear um crime, lavar a imagem dos Mccann e condenar publicamente G. Amaral.
    Este programa desvirtuou completamente as partes da entrevista de Sandra Felgueiras, transmitidas anteriormente. Ficamos a perceber porque e que a RTP transmitiu a entrevista a conta-gotas. Na realidade nao pretendia ajudar a eclarecer nada no misterioso desaparecimento, pretendia apenas passar a imagem do casal Mccann, vitima do policia mau que tenta condena-los; dos pais coitadinhos que perderam a sua adorada filha e nao fizeram nada para que isso acontecesse.
    Sobre Madeleine? Nem uma palavra... O que ela sente, como serao os seus dias? NADA. So interessava o bla, bla dos Mccann.
    A RTP deve fazer parte de outro pais. E pena que consuma parte dos impostos que os portugueses estao obrigados a descontar para um estado fantoche. Com que entao os Mccann tem ganho judicialmente sucessivos casos contra G. Amaral e isso da-lhes o estatuto de ilibados? Quais casos? os dos jornais ingleses que os indemnizaram sem o aval de um tribunal? O do livro ' A verdade da mentira' ganho em secretaria ja que as testemunhas, desde Inspectores aos jornais e TVS disseram que o livro era exactamente o que constava das files da policia? Que eu saiba so houve este julgamento, nao sucessivos julgamentos, mas devo viver num planeta diferente da RTP. E deste julgamento nao resultou a ilibacao dos Mccann. Isso queriam eles e pelos vistos os Editores da RTP tambem, por isso fizeram esta manobra que envergonha cada portugues. Por acaso ja pensaram que a outra face da moeda e uma crianca que foi negligenciada e que continua hoje a ser usada de forma abusiva para angariar dinheiro e fama? Senao, porque se vendem Tshirts e pulseiras num negocio on-line que nem paga impostos porque esta mascarado de Fundo com objectivos de caridade?
    A insensivel RTP conseguiu apresentar no mesmo pacote a mae da Ines, a adolescente de 15 anos cuja mae a respeita e chora num luto profundo que me comoveu e a Madeleine com os seus bizarros pais que admitiram nesta entrevista terem achado estranho os gemeos nao acordarem naquela noite. (CONT)

  57. CONT:
    Agora (que ja nao podem ser testados) admitem que podiam estar sedados, mas na altura oposeram-se a que os filhos fossem observados num hospital, mesmo depois de terem perdido uma filha para a unica hipotese que aceitam, a de um raptor pedofilo ligado a uma rede. Interessante...
    Interessante tambem e vermos que afinaal admitem que os gemeos estariam sedados mas continuam a dizer relativamente a Madeleine, que nada de mal lhe aconteceu. Ela foi levada nos bracos de um pedofilo carinhoso que nao lhe fez nenhum mal. Que vomito, toda esta historia. E a Sandra felgueiras que muito bem fez a pergunta dos gemeos profundamente adormecidos, deixou na gaveta a pergunta que imperava fazer a seguir: 'porque nao deixaram testar os gemeos?' Se eles tivessem sido testados, se os pais nada tivessem a haver com os sedativos, se se revelasse a substancia que os sedou, quanta informacao vital estaria a disposicao da policia para ajudar Maddie? IMENSA. Desde logo se ficava a saber onde se podia adquirir a substancia, se era de venda livre, se estava disponivel em Portugal e mais concretamente no Algarve ou na PDL. Criavam-se circulos a volta das evidencias fundamentais para ajudar a encontrar a crianca. O pior era se a substancia era de uso medico e nao disponivel em portugal, nao e, queridos papas? Se fosse este o caso, esta evidencia somada as inconsistencias contadas a policia ja nao dava lugar a Mitcheis, nem a Fundos milionarios, nem a advogados de topo. POR ISSO SE OPOSERAM AS ANALISES e afinal a policia que defendeu que os gemeos estavam sedados, desde a hora zero, estava certa e os pais andaram 3 anos a mentir ao mundo inteiro dizendo que era tudo mentira, fabricacao da incompetente policia que os queria culpar.
    Agora so falta admitirem que os caes sao fiaveis e que encontraram evidencias de Madeleine no apartamento, no Renault scenic e nas roupas de Kate porque o raptor usou estas coisas antes deles ou porque a policia plantou essas evidencias, como a mae de Kate ja insinuou uma vez.
    E A RTP E OS EDITORES DO PROGRAMA '30 MINUTOS', CUJOS SALARIOS SAEM DOS SALARIOS DE TODOS OS PORTUGUESES, pretendem branquear mentiras e ajudar 2 pais negligentes a acusar a policia portuguesa. Esta realmente montada ao mais alto nivel a caca as bruxas a G. Amaral.
    Acho que os investigadores da PJ devem olhar para G. Amaral e reflectirem muito bem, se vale a pena investigarem e tentarem proteger as vitimas, procurar os culpados, quando eles mesmo depois de terem feito um trabalho competente acabam por ser os acusados e por ter a sua vida destruida. Prestam um servico ao pais... para nada. Comecem a recusar estes casos. Va o PGR ao terreno investigar, va o Ministro da justica, o PM, va quem decide os casos nas secretarias.

  58. As both an atheist and a classical singer, I had to learn long ago not to get hung up on the fact that much classical music in the Western tradition also comes from the Christian tradition. What works for me is to look behind the metaphorical language being used to the human feelings being expressed - just like you look past the actual language being used to its meaning. To cut yourself off from that tradition is to miss out on many wonderful works of art - you don't have to share the belief system to appreciate the art. (For the record, I've done other religious traditions as well, for instance I sang for High Holy Days for several years at a Jewish Reform Temple - gave me the opportunity to learn to read Hebrew and participate in some lovely music.)

    There was a time in my life when I refused to read any poem that referred to the stars as other than what they are physically - that ruled out a whole lot of the poetic repertoire...

    My advice is - get over it.

    (Hope this post isn't out of line, if so feel free to bin it...)


  59. Joana - thank you for such a beautiful memory - where I work we all read the messages everyday and discuss Madeleine at work. I remember so clearly when she first vanished it was a Friday evening at work, and came on late at Sky news and even then none of us could believe parents would leave young children unattended. Since then we've had many debates at work, we regularly comment on the comments made on your posts, but we are all of the same opinion that Mccanns are guilty in the concealment of Madeleine. Thanks Joana hoping justice will prevail.

  60. Aqui vai o meu protesto enviado ao Provedor do Telespectador da RTP, a proposito do programa '30 Minutos' de 4 de Maio- assunto Madeleine Mccann:

    'Caro Provedor,
    E com profunda indignacao que assisti ontem a ultima parte do programa '30 minutos', onde foi entrevistado o Casal Mccann e abordado o desaparecimento de Madeleine.
    Foi perturbante e vergonhosa a forma como os dois jornalistas da RTP tomaram claramente partido pelo casal Mccann, em detrimento da policia judiciaria portuguesa, acusando ate um dos seus membros, G. Amaral de fazer uma especie de perseguicao ao casal tentando acusa-lo. Na pratica, para quem anda informado, e ha milhoes de pessoas bem informadas nao so em Portugal mas pelo mundo fora, a realidade mostra exactamente o contrario- e a policia quem tem sido perseguida e acusada na tentativa de descridibilizar evidencias que tera encontrado.
    Os jornalistas da RTP, na sua vida privada, tem o direito de manifestar a sua opiniao. Em Publico e perante as camaras da RTP, Canal publico financiado pelos impostos dos contribuintes portugueses, devem manter-se isentos, ainda mais quando o caso em questao e sem duvida 'um caso de policia nao resolvido' que nao deixou ninguem indiferente e continua a dividir opinioes.
    Houve nitidamente uma tentativa de manipulacao da opiniao publica por parte da RTP quando os jornalistas dizem que o casal Mccann tem ganho sucessivamente processos em tribunal e por isso se consideram ilibados. Confesso que os milhoes de pessoas que seguem o caso desde o inicio, nao sabem de que processos fala a RTP. Em Inglaterra, as indemnizacoes pagas por um grupo de jornais, foram a margem dos tribunais e resultado da accao directa de Clarence Mitchell sobre os editores dos jornais. Em Portugal, a censura ao livro de G. Amaral foi um processo polemico que indignou milhoes de portugueses, pela rapidez com que foi executado, pelo caracter excepcional da materia ( muitos livros foram escritos por outras pessoas a proposito do mesmo assunto e nao foram alvos de qualquer processo) e por se ter percebido que a grande maioria das testemunhas corroborou que o livro nao era uma conviccao pessoal mas a exposicao daquilo que a investigacao feita pelas policias portuguesa e inglesa concluiram e que consta das files libertadas pelo Ministerio publico. A RTP envergonhou Portugal.

    CONVIDO QUEM SE INDIGNOU A PROTESTAR TAMBEM. Basta de nos atirarem areia para os olhos, ao servico de escritorios de advogados pagos com o dinheiro de donativos feitos por gente honesta que julgou estar a contribuir para a procura da crianca e para que lhe seja feita justica. afinal o dinheiro serve para financiar operacoes de charme e de lavagem de imagem de quem a negligenciou de forma grave.

  61. It is unbelievable the Media Parade in UK, Spain and Portugal, promoting the Mccann's as heroes and manipulating the public opinion. Facts have being distorted with propose to discredit Amaral and the police' And suddenly, Mccann's BECAME THE MOST EXEMPLAR AND LOUVABLE PARENTS IN THE WORLD.
    The media insist in a lie. They insist in connecting Kate and Gerry with Amber Alert, when 80% of the public knows how they jump on that issue, claiming that is their own idea, when the idea was already started by members of the European parliament with a SOS number to call. Disgusting and danger the way that Media break the laws and totally disrespect the life and the rights of Madeleine. The girl was victim of a crime and still the victim. The case is a police issue, not a novel to be delivered everyday at screen TVs to entertain the Public. Unfortunately for the Media and for the parents, Madeleine was nothing else then a daiy novel to entertain, foolish the public and raise money. No matter if this money come in direct deposits in the Fund, by the sale of Tshirts, bracelets or travel packs, OR TROUGH THE PRICE OF THE RUBBISH NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES.
    We should boycott all this papers and read the news only at Internet. No money transferred to the hands of perverted people.

    That Parade of Mccann's Media-support now, it is called 'PACK JOURNALISM'- you just need to convince somebody in one of the Media to do a huge cover about something and all the Media feel obliged to follow and do the same. And we know that Mitchell is an expert to convince the Media. He assumed in Dubai, how he manipulated some Media editors to made them publish Pro- Mccann's stories. This time is back, with a huge difference: IN 3 YEARS MOST OF THE PUBLIC GOT WELL INFORMED TROUGH INTERNET SITES; MOST OF THE PUBLIC READ THE FILES and had an opportunity to made a proper opinion about the game Mccann's were playing behind their daughter tragedy.
    Mccann's believe they are inside of a Kind of 'Big Brother' or 'Idols' talk show, with absolute certainty that they are going to win and eliminate all the adversaries, by magic. This is why they delivered to the public, 3 years of themselves, 3 years about them. Madeleine just gave the name to the campaign... the main issue in the campaign were them... their feelings, their days, their pain. What about Madeleine feelings? How were her days and nights, if she is alive, without anybody she knows? Kate, Gerry, the twins, have a lot of shoulders to rest and cry. And Madeleine... where she rest? who wipe her tears?
    If Mccann's campaign have not a taste of money all over it, if have not a huge 'PAY PAL', maybe I can feel a little empathy. Under the real circumstances, their campaign, their words, are false and disgusting, showing just how low can go the human condition when the life was drove with egoism and easy money. An insult to all missing childs in the world.

  62. Thanks Joana,it's very moving!

    RIP Madeleine. I will always remember you with love.

    Thank you and contributors for all this hard work since the beginning of the case.

    Post # 61
    Let me congratulate on your post!

    An Argentine woman.

  63. Bravo Joana, once again.

    I hope this comment is not out of line:

    Perhaps certain readers could try to keep in mind that this is Joana's blog and that she chooses what she posts here and how. Those who follow it are not obliged to always agree, but that does not entitle them to be disrespectful to her or to others.

    Descansa en Paz, Madeleine

  64. #56/58,

    Partilho da sua indignação! A RTP, tal como a BBC, dobraram a espinha aos McCann e aos poderes ocultos que os acobertam. Se até as cadeias "independentes" são vítimas e alvos dos interesses escusos dos poderes políticos, imagine-se então o que não vai nas estações públicas, dependentes de financiamento estatal!
    Acho que deve ter andado por ali a "mãozinha" da Lift Consulting, a empresa de rel. públicas(leia-se lavagem de imagem, tipo "Omo lava mais branco")que os McCann contrataram para "conquistar a simpatia dos portugueses"...trabalhinho de sapa! E o Zé Povinho não tem outro remédio senão comer e calar, não pode fugir á "taxa" bem encapotada na conta da luz, quer tenha tv ou não é "paga e não bufa"!

  65. On McCannfiles you can see Kate's parents who aged an extremely lot in these last three years.
    Mrs. Healy is wearing black, Mr. Healy wearing dark blue or perhaps black aswell.
    They know much more than they did before, don't they?
    They probably read the files.
    They both have had enough time to analyse and to think about the case.
    And they are intelligent enough to notice Freudian slips of their daughter.

  66. Liver bird from LiverpoolThursday, May 06, 2010 1:53:00 am

    Kate's parents probably do know, are they worried in any way, I would say No NO No NO No NO.

  67. As parcas perguntas que a Sandra felgueiras fez aos Mccann e que a Kate respondeu, com Gerry sempre nervoso a tentar controlar a situacao, eram suficientes para qualquer PGR competente abrir o processo. Fossem os Mccann portugueses, mesmo que VIPs e tivessem respondido da mesma forma em Inglaterra, Espanha, Franca ou na cochinchina, tinham o processo imediatamente reaberto. Kate provou perante as camaras da RTP ( e e importante salientar que foi perante as camaras da RTP internacional, portanto para todo o mundo) que mentiram a policia em diversos momentos fundamentais da investigacao. Mentiram a jornalistas e ao publico em geral, quando em entrevistas anteriores insultaram a policia dizendo que tinham visoes, relativamente aos sedativos, e agora os admitem, admitindo mais.... admitindo que se aperceberam da situacao na propria noite e mesmo assim recusaram os testes propostos pela policia que podiam ter sido vitais para a procura de Maddie. Deliberadamente, limitaram e impediram a investigacao. So este gesto diz tudo sobre o tipo de pais que sao e sobre a sua inocencia. Fiona Payne, reparou na preocupacao de Kate em testar a respiracao dos gemeos e reportou tal facto a policia.
    E de facto indignante percebermos que no pais da treta em que se transformou Portugal, ja ha lata para dizer aos jornais que nada de novo se passou para reabrir o processo e tentar criar assim uma cortina de fumo a volta do publico que de cego nao tem nada.
    Segundo o jornal ABC espanhol ( Mccannfiles), contactaram a Procuradoria Geral da Republica para saberem se ia ser reaberto o processo. Responderam que nao porque nao havia nada de novo. Pode nao haver nada de novo nos avistamentos e no que poderia suportar a tese de rapto, mas ha muita coisa nova, vinda das entrevistas que deram e sobretudo das entrevistas portuguesas. Nao ver o que esta evidente para todo o publico, so pode ser manipulacao e um sinal evidente da corrupcao que polula a volta deste caso.
    Gostavamos muito de saber o que pensa o PGR da foto de Maddie Lolita e de todas as outras tao pouco apropriadas para uma crianca de 3 anos e ainda por cima desaparecida, alegadamente nas maos de pedofilos. Que autoridade tem as AUTORIDADES para pedirem aos jovens que nao exponham fotos suas na Net, que nao usem Fotos que desencadeiem interesses especiais por parte de desiquilibrados. Estas foram postas pelos pais. E francamente, a que mais me chocou em particular, e a do chupa-chupa, sobretudo quando penso no depoimento dos Gaspar a proposito da conversa de Payne com Gerry e dos gestos associados a conversa.

    E Kate terminou dizendo a S. Felgueiras que nao conseguia ir a Praia. Nao a Praia da Luz, mas a praia em geral. Porque sera? O que tera em comum, a PDL com as outras praias do mundo, para que Kate nao as queira enfrentar? Nao serao por certo memorias de Madeleine brincando na areia ou nas ondas, porque ela passou os dias a guarda de outros na creche. Sera o mar? O Atlantico que se une a todos os Oceanos e faz das praias do mundo lugares malditos? Que segredo guardara o Atlantico? NAO HA RESPOSTAS INOCENTES E PARA UM INVESTIGADOR, ESTA RESPOSTA DA PRAIA PODE SER MUITO MAIS DO QUE O JA NAO GOSTAR DO SOL, DAS ONDAS OU DO UIVAR DO MAR.

  68. Anon. 65,

    Obrigada por comungar da mesma indignacao. E provavel que haja dedo da Lift Consulting. Pessoalmente acho que ha muita manobra de um ciclo vicioso que roda a volta desta cadeia: Escritorios de advogados - Deputados ( de varios quadrantes com maior incidencia no bloco central PS/PSD) - Editores de 2 ou 3 jornais + RTP. Depois e o 'Pack journalism' com us jornais a ignorarem a noticia ( Esses sao os que nao acreditam na historia vendida) e outros a nao querem perder o barco das vendas que estas historias garantem.
    Se repararmos e somarmos os casos judiciais mais polemicos e os dividirmos pelo denominador comum, chegamos aos advogados. Sao sempre os mesmos advogados e os mesmos escritorios a defender estes 'inocentes'. Ainda ontem, la vinha o ex-presidente da Camara de Lisboa e o douto Pinto de Abreu, de um julgamento que o juiz considerou nulo. Ate podia ser que realmente nao houvesse materia para julgamento, mas so a presenca de um certo grupo de advogados ja descredibilza a decisao do Juiz.
    Quem tera indicado estes advogados aos Mccann, se eles estavam pela primeira vez em Portugal? So pode ter sido quem se move no mesmo meio da justica e da politica. Quais sao os honorarios destes advogados ( logo 3) que nao se movem por amor a camisola, nem para criarem nome? Imagino... sequem o Fundo. Deixem de alimentar com donativos, a fraude maior do seculo e verao se os tribunais continuam a fechar os olhos a tantas evidencias.
    Coitada da PJ que ha-de fazer um trabalho honesto, mas so e reconhecido se nao mexer na 'vidinha' dos que controlam a sociedade portuguesa. Por isso sao reconhecidos em Espanha, em Franca, etc. Em Portugal, sao odiados pelos advogados. Atrapalham-lhes as defesas, Fazem-nos ter de 'trabalhar' mais os casos para obterem sucesso. E trabalhar muitas vezes nao significa argumentar melhor, significa um trabalho de bastidores a manipular testemunhas, etc.

    Tem de ter muita coragem e determinacao, G. Amaral para vencer os que o querem arruinar. Espero que os amigos nao o abandonem e que se batam nas TVs e jornais, pela verdade. Que sejam a sua voz, agora que foi silenciado. E na adversidade que se mede a verdadeira amizade. Os portugueses costumam dar licoes de coragem e determinacao. O publico tambem nao baixara os bracos. MAS PRECISAMOS DE JORNALISTAS BONS E SERIOS PARA DESMASCARAREM A PODRIDAO QUE RODEIA O DESAPARECIMENTO DESTA CRIANCA.
    Tal como dizia um comentador na TV 4 espanhola, o problema foi ter-se transformado uma investigacao policial numa investigacao jornalistica. Eu agora acho que chegou o tempo da investigacao jornalistica ajudar de facto a investigacao policial. Se querem grandes historias, facam um trabalho honesto e sabio e ajudem a Pj a desvendar todas as verdades ocultas deste caso.

  69. Thank you Joana.

    #61 "An insult to all missing childs in the world."
    Excellent post.


  70. Can the McCanns be thinking straight?, 04 May 2010

    Can the McCanns be thinking straight? The Independent

    By Terence Blacker
    Tuesday, 4 May 2010

    Three years have passed since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and her parents are determined that the search for her should not slip out of the world's headlines. To keep the story alive, they have just released a moody video, complete with a musical soundtrack, which includes a photograph of the three-year-old wearing make-up and gazing into the camera. It is that image which, predictably, has featured in the media.

    It seems a bizarre and unsettling development. Clearly, Kate and Gerry McCann have been living through a nightmare of unimaginable horror and perhaps, even after three years, they are not thinking straight. If so, someone should surely have pointed out to them that, in a case over which paedophilia casts an obvious shadow, it looks downright weird when a photograph which has the effect of sexualising the missing child becomes part of the campaign to find her.

    Obviously, the make-up game and the photograph were innocent at the time but, when the private picture is released into the public domain in these circumstances, something altogether nastier kicks in.

    What was the point of this exercise, apart from getting more news coverage? At a time when there is justified concern over Primark selling Little Miss Naughty padded bras for eight-year-olds and allegations that Playboy brands are being aimed at the primary school market, the circulation of this can only feed prurience of the very worst kind.

    Maybe it was a misjudgement, but it confirms a niggling sense that the McCanns' publicity–at-all-costs campaign has seriously lost its way."

    They dont think right ,no.
    They dont act "right" either
    They dont live right
    Thats why they need "god" or more exactely they need to give this image of being "such good believers who do not understand whats happening to them".They even "pray for the abductor".What good people they are aint they?
    What an awful lot of bollocks.....

  71. poster @66 ,I agree ,I think the Healeys know what happened,If this my Grandchild I would be scouring the net ,and curiosity would make you read everything ,Kate is dangerous in more ways than one ,IMO that is why Gerry keeps hold of her hand (the occasional squeeze when shes ready to say the wrong thing ?)He never takes his eyes of her when she speaks ,I love my daughter with all my heart but if i thought she had done what kate has done would i cover for her?No i dont think so ,this is maybe why the Healeys have kept such a low profile ,they have not been there with them as supportive parents would be ,It could be their way of saying "I dont condone what youve done,but I will stand by you "Not only have they destroyed Maddie`s life her parents are victims too

  72. Post 71,
    Thank you for letting us know. The Independent spot It but The Sun, Daily Mail and Sky News, feed it.

    At the Channel 4 ( Spanish TV4- Las mananas de 4), Mccann's strategy did not go so well. The main programme was clearly manipulated and it was ridiculous to see the journalist highlighting that they answer the questions without censorship ( Sandra Felgueiras repeated the same at RTP), showing that this must be one of the requests of the Mccann's to give the interview- Passing to the public the message that the questions and the answers were free. Laughable.
    Going back to 'Las mananas de 4', the programme was manipulated but Antonio Cabreras and the other periodist ( man), sorry I don't remember the name, Not. They clearly criticise the Mccann's and made clear that for them this campaign it is only marketing.

    I agree, marketing to sale again the image and the drama of an innocent 3 years old. I don't know what is more dramatic for Madeleine, if Being abducted by the egg man or if being raised inside a family like that their parents show to the world. And they both have a high education ( university degree), top lawyers and top Media advisers, a lot of money and VIP relations.
    They already show how they manipulate and use and abuse the twins by raising them with the idea that their sister was kidnapped by a monster which can come from nowhere into their rooms and disappear without traces. The twins are growing with nightmares and developing a kind of revenge behaviour, since they feel responsible for the hunting of the monster to kill him. Too much disturbance on their brains, specially when we look at the cases of Adults who become rapists and childs abusers because they have been themselves abused during their childhoods.

  73. I certainly agree ! Kate and Gerry have taken the glory (so to speak) for the AMBER ALERT!

    The AMBER ALERT was started in the late eighties, a sweet little ginger haired, frekkled faced cutie little girl named AMBER was abducted, raped and murdered, AMBER and her brother were playing outside on their bicycles when she was snatched, her brother did not see a thing, her MOTHER faught for five years for the AMBER ALERT to be introduced, it was very late eighties (I beleive) - two weeks after that a tiny baby - a few weeks old was SNATCHED and found - a few hours later, THANKS TO THE AMBER ALERT

    Also in the latest interview in spain, chapter 5 blip.tv (not sure if it is still there) When asked to describe Maddie, Gerry specifically states 8TIMES

    She WAS caring, she WAS energetic, she WAS a little leader.

    Its not SHE Gerry her name is/was MADELEINE!

    Time for Miss Justice Hogg to stand up and do her job - PROTECT MADELEINE as the little one is still A WARD OF THE COURT!
    Time for this farce to stop!

  74. to poster @72

    The grand-parents do not want to loose the twins also.
    That is why they still support Kate an Gerry (in public)
    Whow ever , if they understand the meaning of Maddies lolita picture, spread all over the world, they maybe also reach the limit.
    For the well-fare of the twins.

  75. Does anyone know when the Murat/Tanner court case is to take place?

  76. I believe Kate is the key to all this,watching the McCanns latest interview with Sandra Felguiras,just confirmed to me that Kate ino isn't all the ticket,she said"i ran back to the bar and said Madeleine's gone" in such a cold matter of fact way,she could of said " i've misplaiced my keys"and it would of meant the same to her,there's no passion there at all,Gerry looked to me,quite stressed and worn out with it all.I'm now beginning to wonder if Gerry will crack soon.Kate is the strentgh in this marriage,she's the boss.

  77. i"t looks downright weird when a photograph which has the effect of sexualising the missing child becomes part of the campaign to find her."
    "Obviously, the make-up game and the photograph were innocent at the time but, when the private picture is released into the public domain in these circumstances, something altogether nastier kicks in."

    Says the above article...
    May be I should send the article to the Healeys?

  78. poster @ 74 ,thats my point they DO NOT support them in public,I have never seen them once doing anything with the vile duo ,in fact I have never seen her Dad,only saw her Mum first few days ,kept a very low profile since ??? VERY odd to me

  79. 56/ 58 65
    Por isso é que eu há muito não vejo a RTP.Concordo convosco que é uma vergonha uma vez que é paga com o nosso dinheiro

  80. KK at 73

    So when will the McCanns be getting the name changed to the 'Madeleine Alert'?

    That would not surprise me in the least. That would cetainly be an excellent marketing ploy and the joke of all time being as how Madeleine has not even been abducted.

  81. There is still hope.

    In May 1993 a 13 years old girl was murdered in some woods in Holland.The police took 2100 DNA tests of all men around and they could not find the assassin.
    Not long ago the DNA test of an aggressive husband matched the DNA found on the that girls clothes, they arrested the man two days ago, who confessed the murder.

    He was unknown by the police, he did not belong to the region where that girl lived and died, they did not know each other.
    It is a good thing that his wife complained to the police about his aggression at home otherwise he could murder again.
    There is still hope for Madeleine. Some day we will know her truth.

  82. Correction: the murdered girl in Holland was not 13 but 15 years old.

  83. A little girl lost her right to live and is not allowed to be dead. This is exactly what this awful picture transmits. Forced into life and out of life.
    Music is beautyful and universal and sad!

  84. @81 wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    New Law - MADDIE'S LAW : Never leave young children unattended!

    Thats the least they can do for their sweet little angel.

  85. @76

    The Murat Tanner case is taking place behind closed door, first and foremost a decision will be made whether the case will go to trial, its a civil case at present with high secrecy laws.

    Murats case has been presented to the judge!

    Tick tock

  86. Anon 82

    The DNA testing is all well and good as long as they have not allowed those doctors to submit their own samples.

    If so the samples should be retaken by somebody who knows the people they are taking samples from really are those people.

    For example, would we at the beginning have known what Payne looked like? Would the person who took the sample have known either?

    I say this because several years ago a rapist and murderer got another man to go and submit a DNA sample for him, and nobody questioned it.

    Because of this he was able to evade capture for quite some time.

  87. I agree with most of the sentiments on here Joana:

    Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for keeping us informed, here in the UK. Your Blog is excellent. I view it daily.

    It also demonstrates to detractors who call us 'inhumane' or 'evil' for not believing in 'Abduction' that we are VERY Human. That all we want is justice for MBM. That we know the truth has been hidden from us. That the official story is not true.

    I am not religious. But to all of you who regularly post in here and especially Joana and Dr.Amaral I say:


    May the truth one day be known.

  88. 86. tick tock, are you sure thet Murat's case is not taking place behind open shutters and the the tribunal door is not slamming?

  89. ABOUT THE SHUTTERS, There is a lot of information at 'Mccanfiles' if you read about the FLAT 5A. I hope Joana and Nigel did not feel bypassed by me because I'm copying and posting here that information. I try the links to the Newspaper, but I did not find the information- Gagged perhaps.

    After what Mccann's admited in the last interviews, become important to go back to old news and see what they said to journalists, witnesses and police at the first hours and days, and 'how' and 'what' the police find in the crime scene:


    'Apartment 5A - Damage to the shutters?'

    'Jon Corner was quoted in the Daily Telegraph of 07 May 2007:

    'Jon Corner, a close friend of Mrs McCann and godparent of the twins, said she telephoned him in the middle of the night distraught.

    He said: "She just blurted out that Madeleine had been abducted. She told me, 'They have broken the shutter on the window and taken my little girl.'

    "They had left the apartment locked while they were having their meal, but when they went back the last time they saw the damage."

    The shutters of all the apartments are old and heat-affected and would mark very easily if forced, yet, as can be clearly seen, there is no damage at all to the shutter in question.

    This can be seen even more clearly by following this link

    It's also worth observing, from the link above, that the bedroom window appears to operate in a similar way to the patio doors at the rear of the apartment. There is one fixed pane and the other pane slides behind it. This would surely make the removal of a child by this route even more difficult and time consuming for an 'abductor' who we would assume wanted to get out as quick as possible. Using the front door to escape, or the 'open' patio doors, shrouded in darkness, would surely have been a much more sensible, and less conspicuous, option.'

    ' BBC News report, 04 May 2007 (link)'
    Madeleine McCann's parents, from Leicestershire, were at a restaurant near the Mark Warner Ocean Summer Club in Praia da Luz when she went missing.

    Kate and Gerry McCann returned at about 2145 GMT to find an empty bed and the apartment door and window wide open. - CONT

  90. CONT_'What was locked and what was open? Was there an 'abductor'? '

    'To answer these questions, we need first to look at what was said by the McCanns to family and friends in the immediate aftermath of Madeleine's disappearance.

    Jon Corner, as quoted above, clearly states that Kate had told him that they had left the apartment locked while they were having their meal. In other words both doors, front and patio, were locked.

    Trish Cameron recalled that she received a call late that same night from Gerry and she recounted: "Kate went back at 10 o'clock to check. The front door was lying open, the window had been tampered with, the shutters had been jemmied open or whatever you call it and Madeleine was missing... They think someone must have come in the window and gone out of the front door with Madeleine."

    Philomena McCann, Gerry's sister said on 04 May: "Some people may ask why they left the children alone in the apartment but it was locked and they had a full view of the front door and they were checking every half hour."

    Jill Renwick, a family friend, told GMTV on 04 May: "She's obviously been taken as she couldn't have gone out on her own and the shutters had been forced open."

    The clear implication in Jill Renwick's statement is that she couldn't have gone out on her own because the front door and patio doors were locked. Otherwise Madeleine, as an active 4 yr-old, could surely have got out through 'open' patio doors very easily and on her own. She was clearly too small to attempt a climbed escape through a closed and shuttered window.

    However, police tests showed the heavy metal shutter had not been forced up from the outside, so must have been pulled open from inside the room.

    Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa, spokesman for the investigation, confided in British former Chief Inspector Albert Kirby that neither the windows nor their shutters had been tampered with.

    What must be appreciated, at this point, is that these comments, from closest family and friends - the first to be contacted, are not Chinese whispers. It is not a case that the McCanns rang one person, who got the message wrong, and this got passed on to everyone else. These are four people who received independent telephone calls from Gerry or Kate, in the hours following the 'abduction', and made independent statements. Yet, the statements all recount the same story. The McCanns' apartment was locked, so the 'abductor' must have gained access via the jemmied shutters and left via the front door.

    But this begs the question: How did the abductor get into the apartment if the patio doors were locked and the shutters, as attending officers quickly assessed, had not been forced from the outside?

    There now appear to be two problems with the recounted version of events. How did the abductor get in and why was the window open? And it's at that point the story changes, in a crucial way.

    It is suddenly revealed that the patio doors to the rear of the apartment were left unlocked. This immediately resolves the problem of how the 'abductor' entered the apartment but it makes the decision to leave their three babies alone, inside an exposed and unlocked apartment, seem almost unbelievable, not to mention grossly negligent.

    So, to further justify and soften the decision to leave the doors unlocked, it is 'revealed' that the McCanns and all their friends on the holiday left their patio doors open throughout the evenings for fear of fire.

    They also embark on a series of interviews where they repeatedly assert that they are responsible parents and that their decision to leave the children alone was quite normal behaviour. Gerry goes so far as to describe it as no different to leaving them in the house when you go into the garden. -CONT

  91. CONT
    'The second problem that now faces the McCanns is that they have committed themselves to an 'open window and shutter' story. Indeed, it is quoted as the very reason Kate knew something was wrong because when she says she opened the patio doors at 10.00pm, the bedroom door slammed shut as a result of the wind running though the apartment.

    So, if the abductor clearly didn't enter through the bedroom window, why was it open? The McCanns hadn't opened it, so there could be only one reason. The 'abductor' must have used it to escape from.

    It is also vaguely claimed that the front door has curious locks and can only be opened with a key, further strengthening the bizarre decision of the 'abductor' to escape through a window, carrying a child who would surely have woken up.

    But why, with access to a front door and an apparently unlocked patio door, would the 'abductor' complicate things, and heighten the risk of detection, by clambering through a window with a heavy metal shutter?

    This idea of a complicated 'key-only exit' front door can surely be discounted, as no apartment would be granted a fire certificate if you could only escape through the front door if you had the key. Mark Warner would surely not install doors that could leave them culpable in the event of a fire.

    So, we now have the McCanns' insistance that the 'abductor', or 'predator' as he is now referred, was laying in wait, and entered through the open patio doors between checks on the children.

    So what can we make of the way the story changed so quickly?

    There is only one conclusion to be drawn.
    If the patio doors were locked, as Kate and Gerry independently told Brian Healy, Jon Corner, Trish Cameron, Philomena McCann and Jill Renwick, and the window shutters had clearly not been 'jemmied', then there can have been no way into the apartment that evening. And therefore, by deduction, no abductor.

    And that, is a very disturbing conclusion.'


  92. Some comments on Martin Brunt article (Sky News) are saying that Kate knows Murat before May 3 and she cried on his shoulder on the quiz night when there was a case between her and Gerry about one lady.
    Can this explain Gerry answer when journalists asked him if he knows Murat?
    'I will no comment on this'- was his answer.

  93. Mccann's interview at 'Las mananas de 4' (Spain) was interrupted without any explanation.
    Why the channel interrupted the interview? anybody have news about that incident to provide us some information?

    The program did not go so well for Mccann's. Some guests criticised a lot Mccann's attitude.

  94. This poor child to have such vocal parents when it matters to them such as TV interviews and speeches, but when Madeleine needed her mother to help find her Kate refused to answer any of the questions of the Portuguese police, the Tapas friends refused a reconstruction. For a child to be born of such cold uncaring parents and grandparents, how miserable her short life must have been. This whole Mccann circus is based around making money playing on the sympathy of people ‘ please give us your money so we can carry on searching for Madeleine’ the night the little girl disappeared her parents never even searched for her, instead they were busy telephoning the media to push the abduction theory and kick start the Madeleine Fund. The Portuguese people helped the Mccanns they gave their time, their love and hope in return the mccanns reached into the Catholic heart of this nation and tore it out with their lies and contempt. For three years they have been allowed to cheat justice because they have had the funds to do so, and this money has come from the people who believed their lies. The despicable Mccanns. Rest in peace little Madeleine sadly you could not chose your parents but we as parents pray for justice for you. Joana the Angus Dei is a fitting and beautiful dedication to Madeleine Beth Mccann may she be kissed by the angels. God bless.

  95. I saw the film about how the Amber alert was started in the US, and it had long been in discussion in UK fronted By a lady (sorry cannot remember the name) who husband has tken the children. McCanns just jumped on the bandwagon, this is of no credit to them, the only credit they have is for neglecting Madeliene. Look at the plushness inside Rothley Towers, cost a few bob I would say.
    The only alert they should have is the McCann left your children alone.
    Its all too sad, and all we do is keep feeding them.

  96. See

    Specifically at 12:28 when Gerry states.........."the night we found her"

    A freudian slip or what ???

  97. @Anon 84 - you put it so well: "A little girl lost her right to live and is not allowed to be dead. This is exactly what this awful picture transmits. Forced into life and out of life.
    Music is beautyful and universal and sad!"

    Blessed be!


  98. @96, AMBER HAGERMAN - was a little girl that was raped and murdered,

    The convict moved to another state hence the AMBER alert was started, In my above post I stated late eighties, it was actually late nineties 1996 - see my above post on the story!

    McCanns tried to take credit for this (as they always do)
    I saw the documentary and Mrs Hagerman was TOTALLY opposite to Miss Kate, (a really sad story)

    Hopefully the end to this story (farce) can be,

    MADDIES LAW: Never leave young children unattended.
    God Bless her

  99. A indignação só serve para odiarmos mais os pais repelentes e abjectos com dores de estômago a acompanhar. O ódio afecta o discernimento.

    Esperemos serenos, porque a verdade tem uma qualidade intrínseca de chegar à a luz do dia quando já não se espera.

    Desenganem-se! Não haverá reabertura do processo porque não há provas suficientes para acusar dos pais e o Estado já gastou demasiado dinheiro com este caso.

    O que há é evidências suficientes para os tornar pais e amigos suspeitos. Mas isso não chega.

    A queda dos McCann virá de dentro de Inglaterra. É que os ingleses, apesar do desdém duma minoria portuguesa, tem a coluna para actuar quando chegar a hora. Nós falamos muito, mas fazemos pouco. E o momento certo não é determinado por nós.

    Pistas? Sim... é impossível manter um segredo para sempre quando há muitas pessoas envolvidas num crime. Um dia de maior fraqueza, uma partilha precipitada porque se tem má consciência, porque se recebeu dinheiro indevido, porque não se vive em paz com a possibilidade de uma forte pista ser revelada, enfim... há tantas fragilidades neste caso como mas almas humanos, e se os há, humanos determinados, também os há frágeis e culpados pelas tragédias que a vida nos reserva...

    Calma e tranquilidade precisa-se! a verdade está no casulo e estes processos são morosos mas têm mesmo de seguir sozinhos....

  100. The window- 'There is one fixed pane and the other pane slides behind it. This would surely make the removal of a child by this route even more difficult and time consuming for an 'abductor' who we would assume wanted to get out as quick as possible.'

    That means, The abductor only had half of the window free and available to pass trough, with girl on his arms. Unless he remove the two panels of the window, which will take time and make a lot of noise.

    Kate lies with every teeth she have on her mouth and no any of this manipulated journalists had a brain and courage to ask her to explain how the abductor fitted with girl on that space. It was impossible for an adult to pass there ' even without carrying anything... with a volume, totally impossible. They can foolish people in England who didn't know the Flat, but just a little work to find information is enough to catch their lies.

  101. O problema dos portugueses, e termos a capacidade de engolir muitos sapos e nao reclamarmos. No caso Madeleine, ja engolimos sapos a mais, e tempo de demonstrarmos que basta. A forma ligeira com que os Mccann sairam deste crime, deixou em perigo milhoes de criancas portuguesas:
    - Primeiro porque se agora acontecer um rapto a serio, ja ninguem acredita.
    - Segundo, a autoridade da policia ficou tao abalada que a policia mesmo que esteja presente, ja nao e dissuasora de qualquer crime. Os criminosos nao respeitam a policia nem se intimidam com ela.

    Os Mccann tem um efeito contrario ao do Amber Alert, conseguiram descredibilizar os raptos e agora sempre que uma crianca desaparece, o rapto e a ultima hipotese que o publico considera.

  102. I have seen these windows when abroad in Spain. They have a small button on the inside of each window which needs to be pressed to slide one window behind the other, so unless the window had been left slightly open, nobody could get in from the outside. If the shutters were also left down then it would be doubly impossible.

    So when that had been verified, the McCanns had to change their story to unlocked patio doors.

  103. What?

    "it was not as bad as the night we FOUND her"?

    Those are Gerry's words at the end of Las Manãnas de 4 interview (McCannsfiles).
    A Freudian slip and was this probably the reason why the tv was obliged to interrupt the broadcasting of the rest?
    Risk of more slips?
    I hope the rest of the video is now in the hands of the police.
    Was Kate in the bathroom brushing the twins teeth or in their bedroom preparing them for the night, when Madeleine felt unwell on the sofa and she saw it too late?
    Or both saw it too late?

  104. Gerry lost a lot of weight.
    You can seei in on Las mananas de 4.

    He is scared, isn't he?

  105. Anon. #104 - "It was not as bad as the night we FOUND her."

    I too hope the police have seen this video and enquire why the other broadcasts were cancelled (and by whom).

  106. Kate Maccann,s school friend Easter Macvey has been elected MP, she was very involved at the early stages in this case. The maccanns will be after her again as fast as their lies will let them she is 1 person they will want.

  107. All I can hope is that somewhere behind the scenes a police force is carefully and secretly fitting all the errors and changes together, especially that enormous blunder "The night we found her" what...missing, abducted....????
    and whoosh clunk....out come the handcuffs again

  108. Martin Brunt Blog- SKY NEWS- Still, almost all comments are against the Mccann's.

  109. Anon @ 90-92 that is a very interesting post, when I looked at the reconstruction on Pamalam's site it didn't make sense that Tapas said they walked the extra distance to the front of apartment 5A when there was a much shorter option but after reading your comments they did it to cover for mccanns and it was to prove that the patio doors were unlocked, more lies.
    This whole case mystifies me why have the mccanns not been charged, anybody else would have been.

  110. having watched most of the mc cann interviews on videos etc,
    Im convinced they hold hands during these interviews to give each other hand signals whenever either of them is about to put their foot in it,it shows quite often when either of them doesnt finish off their sentences and thats why they watch each other like hawks when either one is speaking.
    I would dearly love for some intreviewer to ask them questions with strictly yes or no answers.

    1. Have you asked for a reopening of the investigation .?erm No

    2.Did your friends agree to the police request for a reconstuction.?
    erm NO.

    3.Did you answer 48 questions put to you by the police?.erm NO.

    4.Did either of you search for Madeleine at the time you said she was missing.?erm NO.

    5. Do you beleive in the Dogs capabilities and reliabilities? erm ye erm i mean no erm i want to go home and the mike comes off and another stormoff!!
    You could just imagine it couldnt you the interview wouldnt last too long I can tell you.

  111. like everyone else don't know what's really going on with the McCann's but it does seem that they have wangled it so someone else thinks they are responsible for Madeleine's death.

    They are the victims.....? not

  112. Esther McVey was elected as a Conservative M.P.; school chum of Kate McCann.

  113. See News of the World article - Murder Chief for Maddie- Top cop spearheads new probe into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    "It will delight Maddie's parents.......". I don't know how delighted they will be with the headline which includes "Murder".

  114. De Clegg liberal democrat will for sure take part of next government.
    Probably together with the Conservatives.
    Something will change in the UK, I hope.
    This is the chance for Madeleine.

  115. ..."the night we found her".

    Is it sure that she was alive on Thursday the 3rd or did she die the night before, that's why Mrs. Fenn did not hear her, for a change?
    And that is why there was that fake swimming pool photo, at 2.30 pm of thr 3rd, etc?
    Why did the McCanns need to show she was alive at that time?
    Because she wasn't?
    And the parents had 24 hours to prepare the concealing of her body?

  116. It is known that Mrs. Fenn complained to the Ocean Club management about Maddie crying for 75 minutes.
    It is possible the manager worn the parents about it and the couple decided to give the girl a stronger dosis sedative the following days, instead of paying a baby sitter.
    And it went wrong.

  117. How often have we read or heard Kate saying that Madeleine was very tired.
    Is it normal to be so tired at 5.00, 6.00 pm when you are about to become four years old?
    Was a busy day at a creche too heavy for her, did she have heart problems?
    Was she used to a creche with many noisy children around her the whole day long?

  118. Wonder if they are going to commemorate Madeleine 'virtual' 6th anniversary on May 12. And are they going to take some money from the Fund and buy two travel tickets to, at least, see the Pope in
    Portugal? 3 opportunities available and that time they don't need to contact the Vatican. Sorry... I forgot, the volcano is disturbing the air between Rothley and Lisbon.

  119. I hope the British Hanged parliament will hang the Mccann's and their Fairy abduction. Time to end the farce.
    What we should call that campaign? AMBER ALERT Or MADDIE DISASTER?

    Mccann's deserved to be sued by all the parents in the world because they damage the safety of the child's and put every child at the risk of predators with complicity of all the society.

  120. 'BRITAIN'S top murder cop has been lined up to spearhead a new probe into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, we can reveal.

    Det Chief Insp Colin Sutton, 49, who has been involved in some of the UK's biggest inquiries - including the murder of Milly Dowler and the terror reign of the Nightstalker sex beast - is seen as the best man to handle the challenging review.'- News of the World

    Gamble replaced Mitchell on the saga. IS Collin Sutton, a Cop or a Ghost-buster?

    Kate need a ghost buster. Only a ghost buster can hunt a guy which used half of the window with shutters down, leaving no ADN, fibres, hair or any type of prints.

    What about the ghost busters of Yorkshire, the one which claim success with Shannon Mathews? They were announced in the Media, as the Top, the Best and they fade also, leaving no trace about their investigation?

    And the clairvoyant Kate was invited by Prince Charles ( I doubt if he, even know that she was putted in the list following a request from Gamble or Mitchell) to attend a ceremony to remember missing childs. Wonder how many missing childs, remembered on that ceremony, have attached to them a story of an abduction from a bed, without traces? For how many, their parents still the first suspects for the police?
    Shame on Prince Charles if he let his name and position being connected with Madeleine farce.

  121. Sunday reading


    "Tomorrow Madeleine’s mother Kate, 42, from Rothley, Leicestershire, will meet Prince Charles at Westminster Abbey during a service to remember young victims of violence. She will be among 1,000 guests marking the anniversary of teenager Jimmy Mizen’s murder in 2008, during a fight in a bakery shop in Lee, south-east London".

    So Madeleine was victim of violence,was she?

  122. @Anon

    "it was not as bad as the night we FOUND her"?

    Yes thats right: they found her... dead and she probably died while they were boozing

  123. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/808480/Top-cop-spearheads-new-probe-into-the-disappearance-of-Madeleine-McCann.html

    BRITAIN'S top murder cop has been lined up to spearhead a new probe into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, we can reveal.

    Det Chief Insp Colin Sutton, 49, who has been involved in some of the UK's biggest inquiries - including the murder of Milly Dowler and the terror reign of the Nightstalker sex beast - is seen as the best man to handle the challenging review.

    Senior child protection officer Jim Gamble has asked Scotland Yard to take a fresh look at the three-year investigation.

    He blasted Portuguese cops for their handling of the hunt for Maddie - who vanished aged three from her family's Algarve holiday apartment in 2007. Now the Met Police are set to review all leads in the case, using technology and standards expected in a UK homicide or kidnap.

    It will delight Maddie's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. A senior police source said: "They deserve reassurance that everything that can be done has been done".

    How BORING.....

  124. 'Senior child protection officer Jim Gamble has asked Scotland Yard to take a fresh look at the three-year investigation.' - NOT THE MCCANN'S. Gamble asked. The TOP LIARS, Mccann couple, who Played in a Media parade last week claiming that they want the case to be reopened, DID NOTHING TO REOPEN IT.
    WAS NOT REOPENNED IN PORTUGAL and was not reopened in UK.
    How can LEGALLY, GAMBLE DO ANYTHING IN PROL OF MADELEINE? HE CANNOT. This is only another media charade to divert the attention of the public from what came out on the last interviews:

    - Kate confessed, the twins were sedated and most probably Madeleine.
    - Kate lie about the damage of the shutters to stick an abductor to the crime.
    - Gerry confessed, they found her.
    - 'Las Mananas de 4' in Spain were a disaster for Mccann'S, the TV channel and Concha. This is probably why the rest of the interviews were shut down. THE MOUNTAIN DELIVERED A RAT. They try to whitewash the Mccann's and ended up hanging them.
    - Gerry said if he had an opportunity to go back in time he will not change anything ( what a disgraceful father- If it was me, I will change everything including the decision to have that holidays with that friends and take the childs).

    Gamble cannot do anything to help or look for Madeleine. No any Court gave him that power. What he claim, is not legal, is not possible. If even PJ, who was direct involved in the investigation, cannot do anything. Then he is lying and become part of the farce. WHY? this what the British people have to find out.
    Because of that he did not deserve to be part of the CEOP, unless the propose of the CEOP was sinister and not look for missing or in danger childs.

  125. OK Scotland Yard, first question Mr Halligen and M3 and if they can't help, ask the doggies woof woof.
    I'm sorry to hear it is now a murder case. I hoped it was a friendly, clever abductor that took the child.

  126. If this was an innocent accident which happened while they were out, then why the great need to make much of Payne having visited earlier on and seen Madeleine alive. The kids like little angels dressed in white.

    He supposedly asked Kate why the children were going to bed so early, but doesn't actually say he definitely saw Madeleine.

    Sorry, but even regarding what appears to be a slip on the part of Gerry McCann, I don't believe anything the McCanns say, especially after three years when they have had plenty of time to perfect the story.

    I doubt Gerry McCann says anything except for a reason. He knows the doubters will listen to his every word.

    Are the McCanns so worried about a murder investigation which might turn around and focus on them instead?

    Accidental death while they were not there is certainly preferable to murder or manslaughter while one or both of them were.

  127. This was a very moving piece of music - thank you Joana - I think the picture says it all really - very, very sad.

    Whatever did happened to Madeleine - she will never be forgotten. Many, many people will have her in their thoughts and hearts for years to come.

    Thank you for bringing us this Memoriam and thank you for your hard work and please continue for as long as it takes.



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