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Another 81 Miles for Madeleine: Gerry McCann asks for further donations for a private company

DAY 1107

Update: Another 81 Miles for Madeleine
Poster for Event

Madeleine has been missing for just over 3 years and recently had her 7th birthday.

This weekend I am competing in the Etape Caledonia - an 81 mile (130km) cycle through Highland Perthshire with almost 2000m of ascent. I am raising money for Madeleine's Fund- Leaving No Stone Unturned and I would be grateful if you would consider sponsoring me. I hope to get round in under 5 hours- weather, injuries and luck permitting!

Donations can be made online via our donation page or directly through internet transfers (direction are on the donation page).

Please include etape in the reference.

Thank you.


LTD Company Donation Page

Non-Charitable Fund [Link to Companies House]

Trade mark name : Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned
Trade mark No : 005917232
Filing date: 18/05/2007

Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 06248215

Status: Active
Date of Incorporation: 15/05/2007

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: PRI/LTD BY GUAR/NSC (Private, limited by guarantee, no share capital)
Nature of Business (SIC(03)):
7487 - Other business activities
Accounting Reference Date: 31/03
Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/03/2009 (FULL)
Next Accounts Due: 31/12/2010
Last Return Made Up To: 15/05/2009
Next Return Due: 12/06/2010

Changes in Madeleine's Fund Ltd. - Full Report

Etape Caledonia - Macmillan Cancer Support PDF

Fundraising Events for Macmillan Cancer Charity


  1. Gerry please don't thank me as I am planning to make another donation to Goncalo Amaral's defense fund, not your private company financed by a fraudulent fund...

    To all who sometimes consider giving up on the case although justice has not been served:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does”
    Margaret Mead, anthropologist

  2. Joana have you forwarded this to the organisers? Im sure they would be shocked and interested in it

  3. The public should be protected from the McCanns.

    Their collection for their Fund, which now includes money for their extended family, should be stopped until the McCanns can state as a fact that Madeliene was abducted.

    She was not, and they can't.

    They have been told by the experts who investigated the case that Madeleine is dead.

    Yet they continue asking for more and more money to be given them.

    Yes, the public should definitely be protected from the McCanns and their spin.

  4. Run Gerry Run!


  5. Questions that should be asked about their Fund, besides can they prove that Madeleine was abducted.

    If they can't prove an abduction don't they realise that this Fund can be construed as fraudulent if they don't inform the public of that?

    Would they be willing to inform the public of no proof of abduction?

    Is it true they have paid off at least two mortgages with the money, and who comprises the 'extended family' the Fund supports?

    Also, would they be willing to inform the public that the Fund is not being used exclusively to help the search for Madeleine?

  6. Gerry,

    I'll sponsor you when Kate answers the 48 questions; when you explain why you never went out looking for your daughter but left it to others; when you explain what Eddie and Keela found and why the twins never woke up despite the intruder in the apartment and the T9 running in and out. I'll sponsor you when you tell us where the money is going; why you as health care professional left toddlers unattended while you went out wining and dining and why the Vatican dropped all information about Madeleine from their website after the Luz priest went to talk to the pope.

    Signed, A mother in Canada who still prays for Madeleine.

  7. Let me see if I got this one right: taking part in a race that seeks to raise funds for cancer research - and diverting the donations to his own fraudulent fund?!

    This REALLY lowers the concept of "low" to new depths!!!

    Madeleine deserved better. Much, much better. God bless her, and help the twins survive this madness.

  8. http://www.etapecaledonia.co.uk/contact_us.html

    Is Gerry basically using the "Etape Caledonia" race, meant to raise money for cancer patients (Macmillan Cancer Support), to invite donations to his private company?
    The lows to which this man(?) will stoop never cease to amaze me.

    Contact details for Macmillan in the link above.
    Race Office
    Please note that we will always do our best to answer your call or email as promptly as possible but there may be times when the team is unable to answer calls.

    Contact No - 020 8233 5900 020 8233 5900
    Email - info@etapecaledonia.co.uk

  9. C'est un chemin de croix à l'envers que fait Gerrry McCann. Là où le pélerin sincère offre sa souffrance, lorsque la pente se fait rude,pour se faire pardonner ses péchés, Gerry Mccann offre ostentatoirement sa sueur, pour que sa faute ne soit pas révélée.Nulle peur d'être foudroyé au sommet par un éclair vengeur de la divine colère car croyance en Dieu, il n'en eut jamais et ses fausses confidences sur sa foi en déclin devant un Dieu ne faisant même pas le minimum syndical pour aider à trouver sa fille, n'étaient qu'un étalage complaisant, pour apitoyer le lecteur moyen de tabloïde, de fausse dévotion mise à l'épreuve.Peut-être aussi un moyen commode d'éviter les sempiternelles visites à l'église nécessaires, pointage obligatoire pour leur nouveau C.D.I ( Contrat à Durée Indéterminée) de Saint et Martyre.C'est Kate, de toute façon, qui s'y colle,elle qui a misé double sur l'option "foi en Dieu" en dépit de sa trahison présumée.Comme cela tout le monde en a pour sa goutte d'eau bénite.
    Quant à l'argent ainsi volé,il ne fait que répondre au vieux proverbe : "charité bien ordonnée commence par soi-même".Et il serait bien bête,Docteur Gerry, de ne pas profiter de la crédulité populaire. "Not'docteur, not'bon maître, i peut pas mentir et nous tromper, c'est-i-pas vrai?"


  10. Well, Gerry McCann did say that when Madeleine was abducted it was like being told he had cancer. (I'm still trying to fathom that one out!)

    I guess he feels entitled to rob a genuine cancer charity so he can fill the coffers of the McCann Private LTD Company, of which he and his wife (along with selected family & friends) are Directors.

    Kate & Gerry McCann obviously feel their need for Image Consultants & top Defence Lawyers at £££Hundreds per hour is greater than cancer patients' needs for McMillan Nurses!

  11. Sorry Joana, just saw you had already posted the link above.
    I suggest we all contact McMillan to let them know and complain.

  12. Interesting to note that around the time Maddie disappeared Jon Corner had his previous company "Keekoscene" dissolved or so it would appear given that the procedure under s 652a Companies Act 1985 was used. I cannot find any reference to this company or what they used to do on the internet at all.

    Also interesting to see that Kate and Gerry are opposite ends of the UK (London and Scotland) carrying out their own independent fundraising "events", or in the case of Kate, hugging the Mizens maybe I should call this "awareness raising" to use the McCann phrase. I thought it was more to do with getting herself splashed across the Daily Mail showing what a loving soul she is (!)

  13. Why not cycling round the 10 miles radius from PdL looking for the "Hellish Lair" his No 1 detective says she is being held in. Still being held, still alive, still in the hands of a pae****, still being abused every night, morning, and day. (But coming to no harm, of course !)
    And you Gerry and Kate, can still keep up this nonsense ?

  14. another 81 miles of taking us all for a ride.

  15. what happened to the luz priest, why was he so scared, why mccanns have you not been in portugal to visit the pope, after he made room for you, or is it you cant face him after they took maddie off the site.
    dont you earn enough gerry, that you are now swindling the cancer fund, shame on you.when is someone going to stop all of tis

  16. How tired Gerry must be by now.
    For three years already he is running from the police, and now he organises a new event, running again.
    Compulsive obssesive behaviour.
    Will he run around dressed up or not?
    Next time! if this event does not bring up enough money.

    They still have 500.000 pounds on the Bank, why ask for more?
    They don't have that much on the bank, have they?

  17. It really is time serious questions were asked regarding the activities of this fund. Over the past three years the public have been harassed by this couple into donating their hard earned money to a limited company. Nobody knows where the money is going because a proper & complete breakdown of expenditure is not made public - as would be the case were it a registered charity.

    Every penny should be accounted for but instead there is nothing but secrecy & deceit surrounding the Find Madeleine fund. It’s astonishing that it is not illegal for individuals to solicit donations for a private company, especially as a large number of the public are under the false impression that it is a charity.

    The McCann’s & their fellow directors really do not want people to know how the money has been spent but, nevertheless, having already collected at least £2million, they still want more - now they have even resorted to exploiting a genuine charity to squeeze more money from decent unsuspecting people.

  18. Gerry and Kate think living well by collecting money from naive "sponsors" is more important than funds for this event going to CANCER research. The organizers should ban him.

  19. The purpose of the fundraising event is clearly stated as "helping those living with cancer".

    Yet, Gerry intends to participate in this Macmillan Cancer Charity fundraising event - and, I remind you, to help those living with cancer - and appeals for donations for Madeleine's Fund?? He says "I am raising money for Madeleine's Fund- Leaving No Stone Unturned".

    Is this with Macmillan Cancer Charity's knowledge and approval? If it is with their approval, is this disclosed on Macmillan's website? I've checked and can't seem to find any mention of a joint fundraiser with one Gerry McCann or "Madeleine's Fund".

    If this separate little 'side venture' has not been approved and disclosed by Macmillan Cancer Support, then why is Gerry being allowed to divert funds away from this worthy cause? Is this the same as theft? And what's to prevent anyone from collecting donations - purportedly to help cancer sufferers - to pay off their student loan, buy a yacht, go bask in the sun or pay off their mortgage?

  20. Cave canem on the way,gerry.Make sure dogs dont run after you.You should hide.We do not want to hear from you anymore.
    GO away ffs

  21. Gerry:- sad, frightened, pathetic, narcissic, greedy, childish,deluded, murderous excuse for a man.Stop trying to make us feel sorry for you.....only your similarly deluded Masonic brothers will care!

  22. Another 81miles, ah?? did we miss something, the only half mile he may have done for Maddie carrying her to the beach and running around apartment 5A pretending to look for her.

    This is truly sickening and really has to STOP!
    I am totally baffled as to why these whackjobs have not been locked up, with all their statements/freudian slips Princess Kate gatecrashing a very sad memorial day and now King Gerry taking money for CANCER victims.

    I have emailed Mr MACMILLAN and informed him of my total disgust, pointed him to certain sites and forums,

    Not expecting a response, will keep you posted if I do get one.

    I am gobsmacked! Miss Justice Hogg needs to stand up for little Madeleine as she is a WOC - Ward of the Courts.


  23. It's becoming increasingly clear to me that the McCanns are used just as they use others. Let's face it, we wouldn't have heard of some of these events they've muscled themselves into had their names not been associated with the events. If what I think is correct, it's shameful that organisations and event promoters are using Madeleine's disappearance to promote themselves. Shame on them all!


  24. A doctor hijacking a worthy cause in aid of the McMillan nurses for his own personal gain. Why could Gerry not have allowed for the donations to go to someone more deserving than him? A better man would have allowed for his high public profile to be used to raise cash to benefit these nurses and their sterling work. But no, he chooses to use the high public profile of the Etape Caledonia to benefit himself.

    When I read things like this, I am convinced more than ever that they know for sure what became of their daughter, and have always known, since there are apparently no depths to which they will not stoop.


  25. I believe entrants can specify any charity to collect for, but the Macmillan Cancer charity are the event organisers and main beneficiaries.

  26. Why is this doctor diverting charity donations from the worthy cause of Cancer Research. Which authority has informed him that his daughter is alive?

  27. @annon 22 well sad!! i dont understand what is happening to our country it is been run by masons who cover up childrens deaths, silence innocent good people trying to get justice, let all sorts of filth go on behind closed doors and turn a blind eye i am disgusted and ashamed to be British, any of you evil sick people who are involved and read this i just one day karma will come around and you will pay for your involvment.

  28. Here is part of the response I received having made a complaint regarding the McCanns hijacking a cancer fundraiser:
    Thank you for your email.
    It may take us up to a week to reply during busy periods, your patience is greatly appreciated.
    . If you have not yet signed up for Etape Caledonia 2010, online registration is now open on www.etapecaledonia.co.uk

    The rest of the email consisted of promoting the event...

  29. I've been 'found' by a pro-McCann nutter, she posted this to me...

    I really want you to help find the kidnapped/missing children. It breaks my heart that there is no dedicated police department spending every hour God sends trying to find them. Mr. McCann is doing what YOU would do if , God forbid, YOUR child was taken by a paedophile. Give him a break and use your energy to force this new goverment into finding the missing children. If Mr.McCann murdered his daughter, he will face the terrifying wrath of God ! My dear, get rid of the hate in your heart, it is doing more harm to you than to Gerry McCann. He must have the benefit of the doubt. Best regards, Vivien....come on...help us.

    Re: Abducted children
    I have asked all sorts of people for their support. You are a strong handsome young man who could put so much energy into demanding that the Government find the trafficked children. It would be wonderful to have you on-side what-ever your opinion of the McCanns. I will ask you just this one more time for your help. Please help the missing children.
    I have very little support because MPs put their careers first; heads of charities are afraid to offend their 'bosses' and lose their financial backing; parents who have missing children refuse to help because of very strange and difficult to understand reasons...for instance...Oh..that will be too expensive !! For goodness sake..we are talking about finding THEIR CHILDREN ! Oh...I often suspect that they are their children's murderers ! I think sometimes that this cannot be Earth..or if it is then it is HELL on Earth ! What is your reason for not helping the children.....because I am 'tainted' by my support of the McCanns ! Well that's a new one ! And of course it it just an excuse like all the others.....the real reason ? None of them give a damn about the children all of them are ONLY concerned with looking after themselves.... isn't it funny !

    She's a nutcase and seems to typify people who support the McCanns!

  30. I got called 'as disgrace' for suggesting on a utube video post (James O'Brien on LBC being a bully as usual) that the McCanns hadnt taken proper care of their children and were 'suspect' - and Im a disgrace! lol!

  31. This isn't the first time that there has been a link between the Macmillan cancer charity and the McCann mortgage fund. Perhaps some kind soul could jog my memory please - I'm getting too old and world-weary to spend time resarching the cesspits of British 'charities'.

  32. Pursued by cyclists dressed in Eddie and Keela outfits would be a sight to behold! Any keen cyclists up for it?

  33. There are some very odd people who support the McCanns.

  34. 34 lol! Its a shame no one can find time to challenge these fraudsters when they do these pathetic 'events' - you idea is cool! An appropriate and legal challenge.

  35. Shubob #24 I think you could be right that the McCanns are used as they use others. But on the other hand would these organisations take the risk to lose credibility. The whole McCann case is beyond my comprehension. One comfort: slow and steady wins the race.

  36. Taken from the poster announcing this race:

    ‘Next Sunday 16th May Gerry McCann will race in the Etape Caledonia to raise further funds to help secure the safe return of Madeleine.’


    When a child has been abducted for ransom, an amount of money is generally what secures the child’s safe return.

    A 'reward' being offered can also, perhaps secure the safe return of the child, or at least it may encourage someone to come forward with information/information leading to the safe return of the child.

    Now on the other hand a Fund set up for the purpose of SEARCHING for the child is a bit different. It may allow parents to hire expensive PI’s, or pay for wristbands/posters/campaigns/solicitors fees and PR Guys like Clarence Mitchell.

    What a Fund does NOT do is guarantee the safe return of the child. The child may never be found.

    Now this is what is quite curious about the message on the poster re Gerry’s race.

    He is not saying, as is usual that any monies raised, will be put towards the SEARCH FUND,to enable them to continue with their SEARCH.

    He is saying that any monies donated will 'HELP SECURE THE SAFE RETURN OF MADELEINE.'

    How so?

    No one can say that any monies will help ‘SECURE’ the safe return of a child, unless the persons who have that child have negotiated a price for her return with the parents for instance.

    Also,there is a huge reward on offer for that very purpose, in the hope that someone will divulge where Madeleine is and her safe return be secured. If this reward had been well publicised, who is to say this may not have been the outcome.

    What I fail to understand is that the McCann's do not speak of this reward. By not speaking of it, they are leaving a stone unturned, something they said they would never do. They always maintained they were told not to publicise it? No point in having a reward then!

    Stranger still, a reward is something which may secure her safe return, but instead of publicising it, McCann has instead decided to ask for monies on this occasion, not for his Search Fund, but for his 'SECURE HER SAFE RETURN FUND.'

    Is this 'SECURE HER SAFE RETURN' money going into the same pot as the SEARCH FUND? If so, why the change of language - from 'Searching for her' to 'Securing her safe return.'

    Bottom line is, he cannot make a PROMISE to those who donate that this money will 'help secure Madeleine's safe return.'

    He cannot possibly know this.

    He can tell people if they donate to his Search Fund that he will search. The quality of his search may not be good enough, but he can search.

    Absolutely he cannot make claim that monies from this race with help secure Madeleine's safe return.

    I would think this is obtaining donations for a purpose that he cannot possibly guarantee. Whether this would then be fraudulent to make such a claim...?


  37. Following on from post number 26. Quite possibly entrants for the race can specify any charity. But let us not forget the Find Madeleine fund is NOT a charity. But a private company.

  38. Three years of donations, and £m's spent and it has not 'secured the safe return of Madeleine.' It has not even helped to secure her safe return.

    What makes them think taking more money from the public will now secure her return?

    As I said, not even sure if it's legal to state that any monies gathered through donation for this race - 'will help to secure the safe return of Madeleine.'

    It troubles me that they should print this. At best it is misleading.


  39. In the above photo, Gerry cannot hide the contempt he feels in the way he looks at Kate. Scary to think what goes on behind closed doors. This is not a family that is bonded by a tragedy, but one of fear and loathing.

  40. A. Miller - you have hit the nail precisely on the head, as usual!

    There has never been, right from the start, a willingness to advertise a huge reward. I have never heard them offer it in any of their interviews, and only heard offers from various celebrities at the very beginning.

    A hoax is what all this is about.

  41. A note to Mr. Cameron, I am surprised that you have taken Mitchell in to your party,there must have been a reason why he changed from labour to conservative,perhaps he is hoping you will help him make Mccanns inocent.Gordon Brown sent him to Mccanns to help them and get rhe help of the Portugese lawyers to get Mr. Amaral off the case becaus he was getting too near the truth. Please listen to both sides to make sure the truth comes out,the whole world knows that there is something wrong with Mccanns story. Mr. Amaral is a honest policeman and he feels sorry for that little girl,he is sure they know where she is.Mr. Cameron you will know the truth if you get in touch with Mr. Amaral. I am british.

  42. Please,read.It is as important as the scum bags.This judge took Pinochet to coiurt against his extradition lawyers ,the very same lawyers working for the mccanns.


    Campaigned for extradition of former Chilean military ruler Gen Augusto Pinochet from UK to Spain over human rights abuses in 1998. Request turned down on health grounds
    Charged Osama Bin Laden over 9/11 attacks in 2003
    Tried unsuccessfully to prosecute Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi on charges of tax fraud and breaching anti-trust laws in Spain through stake in Spanish TV company Telecinco

  43. to 44

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    I'm on all.

  44. A good question, why is the reward never mentioned? Perhaps it should be advertised on Facebook, Bebo, Twitter etc.

  45. http://www.mypoetry4u.co.uk/

  46. This Gerald McCann is almost as good as our Alves dos Reis. Our english friends can Google "Alves dos Reis" for some enlightement... ;)

  47. There is no place on this earth that Madeleine is to be found alive. When she first ‘disappeared’ the search was worldwide through the media the mccanns reached every single country, we all looked and hoped we could find this little child we believed their lies, reviewing their initial interviews it is clear they were lying.

    Three years later we have a clearer picture of what really happened, how un-cooperate they and their friends were with the Portuguese police, the inconsistencies in statements and never searching once for Madeleine. There is circumstantial and forensic evidence to prove beyond doubt that a death occurred in their apartment. Cadaver found on Kate’s clothes and in their scenic car.

    A Paedophile or abductor did not walk into that bedroom and take Madeleine whilst she lay sleeping. Paedophiles have their own agenda for obtaining children and that does not include taking children from their beds in a Mark Warner Holiday Park the sheer idea is ludicrous, and there is not one shred of evidence to sustain their theory.

    This whole scenario that the mccanns have been able to feed the public via the media is incomprehensible. The involvement of the British Government is extraordinary and lending the odious spin doctor Clarence Mitchell has hampered and hindered this investigation.
    The fund should be frozen and what money left given to children’s charities. IMO the whole thing was premeditated. The collection boxes in hotels across the Algarve, setting up of the fund just days after her disappearance, Gerry’s foul language about ‘I’m not on f...... holiday’. Mccanns are are callous and cold hearted.

    The mental abuse heaped on the twins, birthday parties for Maddie and the fear of the man that ‘stole’ Maddy, might come for them whilst mummy and daddy are busy planning that next money making venture, is far from a normal childhood. Will they still be collecting for the fund in 10 or 20 years from now, when is someone going to stop it.

    They have overstepped the mark Kate posing on a memorial day, Gerry latching onto the Etape Caledonia. Mccanns do more harm than good to anything they get involved in.

    The time has come, we are all sick of the bloodsucking mccanns they stand for everything that is wrong with our society, greed and corruption, enough is enough they should be stopped. The case re-opened as a murder investigation and all those guilty brought to account. Proper investigators to get on and do a proper job, they have more than enough evidence to bring this case to court. Dr Amaral should also receive an apology from the British Press for the way they attempted to trash his reputation.

  48. In South Africa you can go to a police station and open a criminal case of "intent to fraud" or something like that. Maybe, if Tony Bennett is reading this blog, it would be an idea for TB to open a case of "intent to fraud' against the McCanns. The police have to investigate it in a similar way to the investigation of any other criminal case.

    Pretending a child is missing and asking the public for money using this pretence is fraud. The child died in Praia da Luz - there is a lot of EVIDENCE of this despite Gerry's pathetic protestations.

    Gerry and Kate - and your families - when you read this, know this. We know you are LYING. "There's no evidence" that's what you say Gerry. "We want evidence, new evidence". "We want real evidence".

    We can turn everything you say around and read it as the opposite. Everything you say is a lie. This is what you are truely saying: "There is evidence. We don't want more or new evidence. We don't want real evidence or we want fake evidence"

    'to help secure the safe return' haha!

  49. Que vergonha estes Mccann... ainda vao acabar na baixa de uma qualquer cidade, a tocar uma falsa guitarra de chapeu estendido. Tudo em nome do dinheiro facil que esconde o lema 'leaving no stone unturned'.

  50. It will be a good idea if we start a Petition asking Carter-Ruck to give the evidences they have to support an abduction by a stranger. The Petition must be send to several Media around the world, overtaking the censorship of the British Tabloids.

    Baltazar Garzon is persecuted because he touch the interests of important people and they are using stupid excuses to go after him. This Carter-Ruck threatened everybody who question Mccann's fate, without giving a single evidence to explain Mccann's behaviour, show their innocence or show a single evidence of any abduction. They went much, much far then Baltazar Garzon and still acting as untouchable.
    The world must move against this Carter-F....

  51. Anon 39 - You`re quite right, my mistake. Their arrogance is so beyond belief, I often find myself thinking `no surely that can`t be right, surely they wouldn`t do that`.

  52. Do people honestly think that David Cameron has got the time or the inclination to think about the McCanns?

  53. He is ready to stolen money from childs suffering cancer to support two parents of a child who 'is alive and not harmed at all' according to their own words. And the British authorities still 'blind'. A SHAME.
    What is next? A gold Olympic Medal without running?

  54. 'I would be grateful if you would consider sponsoring me. I hope to get round in under 5 hours- weather, injuries and luck permitting!'

    That is very interesting 'weather, injuries and luck permitting'. He is planning to stop after the first few Kms.

    Imagine if the organizers of the Cancer Run put that sentence when they advertise the event?

  55. Another 81 Miles for Madeleine:

    Yet this bastard could walk fifty meters to look for his daughter when she supposedly disappeared


  56. I hope a stone leave Gerry 'turned'.... down, falling, falling....

  57. The silly season has started again, The Express have a new suspect for Madelaine. hip hip horray she was kidnapped after all. Who buys this shit.

  58. I must admit that when I first stated looking into this case, about a year ago maybe, little did I expect to be able to experience so much disgust at anyone's behaviour as I do with these two. I know that some people do terrible things, but to have an online shop set up 2 days after the "disappearance"!, a business! making money! out of your own, probably dead daughter according to the evidence, piggy-backing on another charity to misappropriate funds away from a real cause, there are no words for that. And as if it wasn't enough to deceive the public into giving them money through despicable marketing strategies involving the child's birthday and anniversaries, most of this money is used to keep this paying public in the dark about what really happened in PDL and shutting up the dissenters by paying spin doctors, libel lawyers and fake detectives! the rest of the money providing a living for various members of the mcann family. Many people commenting on Joana's blog are very good at finding words for these two, I am so horrified I am speechless actually.

  59. The siloheuette on the front page of the Sunday Express looks familiar.

  60. 47

    it gets worst http://www.mypoetry4u.co.uk/missing.html

  61. When will this dubious fund be properly investigated? It is now diverting funds from the MacMillan charity. Participants in this race can support MacMillan or are permitted to name their own charity. The fund is a private company not a charity, however, it now seems to be posing as such, so why has no-one in authority, including MacMillan, questioned what is essentially fraud?

  62. Joana 64 and 47
    2 very true lines in that poem:

    I want my Mummy,
    But she isn't there.

  63. The new article on the daily express today, about the abductor and his photo when walking on the beach, is very funny.
    I love the express'ironical articles about this case.

  64. Louise @ 26 says:

    "I believe entrants can specify any charity to collect for."

    And this may well be correct. BUT the Madeleine fund is NOT a charity is it???????

    aunty anti

  65. @46 Could be that the reward has already been spent ? Who would know what goes on in these 'trailor trash' (American Term) minds.

  66. 47 and Joanna,

    I do not remember who but wrote here on the blog a very good satirical poem about the mcnns, maybe we should put the poem there, see how much money that brings to the mccanns... ;)


  67. That blarghhh poem???? makes puke!
    This is the most outrageous fraud I've ever seen - even Vale e Azevedo is a saint compared to those bastards (at least he never messed with the well being of his family).
    How much longer can this go on? Where on earth are the british authorities?

    These lovely duo are very outraged because photos of their daughter were used on some silly wiki site - which, if they are public pictures, published by the media, are not covered by copyright - but yet they do not feel the least disturbed to keep on with this miserable beggar's behaviour, trying to deceive others into giving them money!

  68. According the mccannfiles, Gerry has completed the ride. When did he practice?

  69. Another 81 miles exactly what do you mean?
    Doing anything for Madeleine was never part of your scheme
    Everything is about buying your mansion and your new car
    Nothing was done for Madeleine even before the Tapas Bar

    You are not a charity so why are you in a charity race?
    Even for you this is low and a total disgrace
    Taking money from pensioners and school kids really was a poor show
    But stealing from cancer sufferers, what a lousy way to go

    Time was when obtaining money by deception would see you behind bars
    Now it gets you nights out with has-been celebrity stars
    So as the wheels go round on your bike
    Do you ever reflect on what you did was right?

    Setting up a fund so early showed such a remarkable foresight
    Anyone could think you already knew Madeleine's fate that night

  70. As always, excellent poetry, RIPM. You are a very talented person.

  71. Oh poster@72 What a joy you are,to put it as you so cleverly have ,actually brought a smile to my face,NOT a usual facial feature I can admit to whilst reading about the scum,that STILL can pull the wool over so many many people,s eyes to their obvious NEGLECT of those 3 little babies. Anyway 72 ,hope you make a living from your talent,if not you should,well done again!!!!!

  72. Anon 17,i've often wondered about the priest who was involved with the McCanns at the time of this mystery,it's been said that he hasn't been the same since,and that he said he will never reveal what the McCanns told him,and as you say the pope even pulled back from this when the priest spoke to him,so did the McCanns confess anything to him,and if he did why will he not speak out,i've read that if a priest gets permission of an archbishop or indeed the pope he can reveal a confession if it is in the public interest,so surely this would be.I just do not understand these people,if they know something why do they say nothing,the British media,politicians and the police,what is it about the McCanns or about this case that must be covered up?Unless the media know something we don't.

  73. RIPM at 72

    Great post.

    How right you are.

  74. Anon 75, the priest went public to deny that he ever said all that stuff attributed to him in the press. The press lied, people need to remember that. Don't just think of them lying when you read a piece that is flattering twoards the parents - just remember they have LIED AND PRINTED RUBBISH since day one. Trying to 'stand up' old press reports from three years ago is a pointless exercise.

  75. How many other participants in this race has Mccann influenced in donating to his private company through sponsorship money, the man is stealing from cancer patients to pay for his lawyers, spin doctors, image consultants PR people and of course his mortgage, extended family and new found life style - can he get any lower - probably!!

  76. Brilliant poem @ 72 - well done.

  77. Thank you Joana for all your hard work.

  78. Anon 77

    Where did the priest go public?

    it would be interesting to read this.

  79. Will we be allowed to know just how much sponsorship money Gerry collected or is that also information that cannot be released because it might harm the search for Madeleine....... hhhhhmmmmm!!!

  80. The promotors of this event have a duty to the paying public to declare the amount of money Gerry Mccann raised for his private company. They would have this information.

  81. Anonymous said... 83
    "The promotors of this event have a duty to the paying public to declare the amount of money Gerry Mccann raised for his private company. They would have this information."
    But not if people did what Clarence Mitchell told them to, - put it in an envelope and send it to Rothley Towers. How the hell was he allowed to say that ?

  82. McMillan nurses enabled me to be beside my father when he died at home. I have always supported this charity and it made me weep when I saw McCann was going to desecrate this event with his presence. My father was a good man, who looked after me and my sisters; taking us out, even when he had just finished an exhausting work shift or sitting up with me all night when I was ill. How unlike GM!

  83. Does that man ever go to work and EARN money, or does he spend his time practising for races and threatening websites?

  84. Anon 75,i've never read or heard od any denials from the priest,can you tell us where you read or heard this please.

  85. Does anyone know - have the Mccanns asked to re-open the case? Gerry stated they were in Portugal to ask to re-open the case but not clear if they did that.

  86. I Gerry,

    You had no legs to spend 2 hours in a flight, payed by all portuguese, and went back to Portugal for a reconstruction which had help the police and the search of your daughter.
    But you have LEGS, FACE, MOTIVATION to hijack a Cancer Fundraising and thief the money from people in pain, directly to your account. Is that your way to search for Madeleine?
    There is no adjectives to describe your behaviour, your priorities and the blindness of the British authorities and the media who support that thief.
    Parents like you are a shame and don't deserve any respect.

    Don't forget to come one more time to the Rubbish tabloids, accusing the police for not searching your daughter and ask the case to be reviewed.
    We are doing all that- searching your child, searching the truth and revising all your strange priorities. YOU ARE DOING NOTHING TO HELP MADELEINE AND HER BROTHER AND SISTER. At least the twins, deserve to live knowing what happened to their sister- REOPEN THE CASE. STOP THE FARCE!!!

  87. poster @ 88, i too read they "had gone to Portugal to ask to re-open the case ... IMO its all a load of rot ,they have had THREE YEARS, to ask ,why would they bother now? and lets face it they are the last people who want it reopening ,i will believe it when i see it

  88. Robert Murat booked his flight to Praia in a hurry 30TH April flew out 1st May the price would have been expensive - records show there was a lot of unusual activity on his mobile. Kate subsequently deleted texts and numbers as did Gerry. The reporter that became suspicious of Murat, Lori Campbell was a friend of Clarence Mitchell and had previously worked with Mitchell and she had only been in the Algarve 3 days before reporting him. Murat was likened to Ian Huntley and the Soham Murders of Holly and Jessica. When he was made a suspect he stated he ‘was part of the biggest f... up on the planet.’ Strange choice of vocabulary. Gerry also stated ‘I’m not on a f...... holiday’.

    The fund was set up only a couple of days after Madeleine disappeared quickly reached its first million, the on-line store selling tacky bands. Clarence Mitchell was released from his duties on 7th May at the commonwealth office to support the Mccanns but why did they need such a high profile government media manipulator. What would have happened if Madeleine had turned up now, but they knew she wouldn’t? Gerry’s blog everyday to keep the public interested. The media took to the Mccanns printing all the news they were given by Clarence & Co. On 21st May Gerry returned to UK to collect some DNA samples of Madeleine from their home why? Surely this could have been done at their apartment in Praia or specialised teams sent around to their home. Maddies holiday bedding, hairbrush or toothbrush would have been sufficient for DNA why did he need to come home? Clarence flew out to Portugal on 22nd May.

    The nonsense of Jane Tanners statement is confusing because it is clear she is lying. She attempted to frame Murat stating she definitely saw him as the abductor. At the police station Tanner, Payne, O’Brien and Oldfield all said it was Murat who was acting suspiciously. Murat was made a suspect. A few months later events changed he sued and received £600,000.00 from a newspaper his girlfriend received £100,000.00 and his friend £100,000.00 for damages. He was then guest speaker at Cambridge Union and received a standing ovation for a 15 minute talk. Was he being paid off? Gerry Mccann guest speaker also received standing ovation from police. Mccanns are overly confident and are being protected by diplomatic sources.

    The ‘disappearance’ was arranged before their holiday that is why one of the tapas said ‘we knew it would be something but not this’, but something went wrong Murat was supposed to be the scapegoat and take the blame, but something happened to change it. That is the flaw in this case which will ultimately be their undoing.

    Is our government trying to influence change in Portugal’s judicial system secrecy laws to make cases more transparent and will use this case as an example. Government attempt to silence the internet as we all know they do not like these discussions. The early warning alert system across the EU for missing children - these have all been affected by this case. Murat also has an uncle living in Praia and at the time Murat worked for Remax Estate Agents, maybe they had empty properties around Praia!!

  89. Surely Robert Murat could ask for this case to be re-opened.

  90. #87 I'm not 75, but maybe you might read this:


    Or type google: NHS McCanns abuse of power (scroll to index).

  91. @anonymous 91

    It's difficult to know where to begin deconstructing your post because it's brimmed full of inaccuracies and I don't think I've got the stomach for it.

    Perhaps if you'd added that it is YOUR OPINION, rather than stating your speculation as fact, it would be a little more digestible

  92. Today is another anniversary of sorts... 3 years ago today the mccanns filed to trademark their daughter's name and the fund - "leaving no stone unturned" - that is 15 days after Madeleine "disappeared", and less than a week after what would have been Madeleine's 4th birthday.
    What, no charity box being rattled today? no Donate button flashing on yet another milestone?
    I had to check with CTM-ONLINE, as I would not believe it...

  93. Anon 91

    Are you trying to say that Murat would put himself through that agony just so he could sue the newspapers?

    He would have to be a nut case, and there is no evidence of that.

    He has already said that what has happened has ruined his life. No amount of money can make up for that. He was crucified by the media, in case you have forgotten.

    The truth is, he nearly found himself being arrested for abducting Madeleine thanks to those friends of the McCanns, who quickly changed their stories when they found out it could not have been him.

    He was the perfect Patsy for a little while.

    Whereas, with the blood and cadaver scent, and the knowledge by all of the Tapas friends that the child was alone in an unlocked apartment, they were the ones who should have been made arguidos in the death of Madeleine.

    This is besides the mention of paedophile suspicion amongst their group that was alluded to by doctor friends of the McCanns.

    The Tapas friends attempts to alibi each other should not count when they are such close friends. The investigators have already said they are not believable.

  94. The comments I have made in post 91 are facts that I researched on the internet, as all books on the subject are banned!!

    www.madeleinefoundation.org ‘the mystery of Robert murat’ and ‘news article 455145 madeleine suspect’ I found many sites are now incomplete or have been deleted and it can be difficult to find certain information, but the information I found I clearly stated in my post. The last paragraph is ‘my opinion’ where I state I believe this was premeditated simply because everything was up and running too quickly and I believe the motives are political because of the diplomatic involvement.

    If this was a straight forward case Amaral would not have been replaced he was doing a good job and himself stated it was difficult because of the political involvement. All three were made Arguidos for a reason.
    Clarence Mitchell would never have been involved nor any other political people. Kate and Gerry are very confident so they know they cannot be touched all the while this cover up continues.

    IMO Robert Murat was involved I am not sure as to what extent but I believe he was used and it all went wrong with Jane Tanners statement. Robert Murat did rush out to the Algarve he booked his flight at a moment’s notice and he did work for Remax Properties since 2005 and they do have offices in the Algarve so he would have access to keys to empty properties.

    IMO he is not as innocent as he states, he is too close to the Mccanns and therefore involved. Madeleine was hidden somewhere for a couple of weeks before being moved in the scenic, she was hidden in the apartment in the first instance. This is determined by the dogs and I believe it cannot be disputed. If she had been hidden out in the open her body would have been found, the police searched over 400 properties, wasteland etc, so she was well hidden. I am not saying he was involved in her homicide but he had the means to help hide her body and I believe this is how he was used, they would have lied to to get his co-operation and once he realised what was really going on, it was too late to do anything. This case has such huge amounts of money running through it, all their roles are questionable.

    Also the police would have far more information on this case that we are aware. No Murat didn’t get involved simply to sue newspapers, that’s just how it’s all turned out, I feel he was involved but he was not fully aware of what was going on, same as Tapas stated ‘something was going to happen but we didn’t know it would be this’ Murat was used. He may state his life has been ruined but what about poor Madeleine between the lot of them they have destroyed her life, none of them prepared to ask for the case to be re-opened. It would only take one person to shout loud enough and demand for this case to be opened, Madeleine is now a ward of court why does justice Hogg request it ...but no just silence

    Then we have Gerry hijacking charities to make more money for himself, this is just the start of his hijacking charities he’s found it is easy money, It’s a disgrace that these people are allowed the dupe the public and silence the media, so many websites and people have been threatened and closed down. Joana’s is the one with continuity. Well done Joana justice for Madeleine.

  95. Anonymous 97 wrote: "...IMO he is not as innocent as he states, he is too close to the Mccanns and therefore involved..."

    How is he even close to the McCanns, let alone "too close"!

    Robert Murat was investigated to within an inch of his life and no link was found. Gonçalo Amaral states this in his book, A Verdade Da Mentira but clearly you think you're better than the PJ.

    Evidence please?!

  96. Madeleines 'Coloboma' could have meant that she was not a well child.Wikopedia gives a diagnosis and symptoms for coloboma with patients also having large ears, on the Lolita photos of Madeleine many people commented on Madeleines ears.
    There is a syndrome related to this condition which causes heart defects, hearing problems and other health and behaviour issues. Perhaps sadly this is why the Mccanns acted in such a negligent manner. Setting up the fraulent fund to 'market' Madeleine, Gerry already had identical pre-printed photos of Madeleine for distribution, neither parents showed any emotion.
    Perhaps they only wanted the twins and not Madeleine and so this was premeditated. RIP Madeleine.

  97. Anon @ 98 I feel your wrong to critise number 97, they were just sharing their opinion, isnt that what this is all about? I too believe what number 97 written. Well done 97 !

  98. @ anonymous 100.

    in which case, if you agree with anonymous @ 97, perhaps you would be good enough to provide the evidence I requested because I've never seen anything to suggest there's any truth in what anonymous @ 87 stated as fact?

    (BTW, I'm not "anon @ 98", I always use my poster name, as above).

  99. Murat has nothing whatsoever to do with the McCanns or what happened to Madeleine.

    He fully cooperated with the investigators and no cadaver scent or forensic evidence was discovered linking him to the case. This does not hold true for the McCanns.

    Yet we still get people trying to connect him to the McCanns, which makes no sense whatsoever, being as how he is presently suing the friends of the McCanns for their attempt to implicate him.

    Are certain people getting a bit worried about this, because this action could bring up the evidence that restarts the case and so are doing their best to try and discredit Murat.

  100. gmkomd

    Asa compnay Director I note that while my HOUSE details must be given this does not apply to the MCanns,nor the brother John Mccann,how is this?

  101. As a company director I must give my house address,how is theis not the case for the Mccanns and this fund

  102. GEORGE at 104

    Perhaps it is thought they have to be protected from the public.

    Says it all really.

  103. Jilly @ 101 and Jilly @102

    My posting is based around what I have researched on the internet. Murats flight was booked with some urgency booked night before he flew out to faro and there were suspicions concerning the hire car he so urgently needed to rent. http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/mccann-case-f3/robert-murat-the-hire-car-t832.htm

    I clearly stated that I believed Robert Murat was made a scapegoat and not fully aware of the implications of what was going on, he had access to empty properties around Praia and for this he was used by team mccaann he came from Exeter as did Jane Tanner and Russell O’Brien it is possible they knew each other.

    Madeleine probably died on the 2nd May and the 3rd was used as the alibi. Her body was hidden in the wardrobe where the dog detected cadaver but was moved that evening by Gerry probably when the smiths saw him, this timing also coincided with his absence from dinner table as confirmed by staff. For three weeks she was hidden in Praia. Robert Murat would have had access to properties around Praia due to his job as an Estate Agent.IMO Murat would not have hidden the body that was down to Gerry, Murat would not have been aware of what was going on, until later, once the mccanns had implicated him.
    At the time the police searched many properties in case Madeleine had wandered off. They would not feel the need to search locked and empty holiday lets, and there would have been many of these as it was not peak holiday time. Later she was removed in the scenic, to where is anybody’s guess.
    The Tapas group and Mccanns tried to frame murat and I believe that was the original idea, imagine Madeleine found in a property that murat had access to they had already raised suspicions about him. But something went wrong, with Jane Tanners inconsistencies and it aroused suspicions, and she was too persistent in her lies.
    We have to look at all the individuals in this case and because my opinion is different than yours does not mean mine is any less viable that yours that is the point of having a debate.

    The court case Murat v tanner will not resolve anything it will be conducted behind closed doors as is everything in this case. I thought Amaral’s case would enable his book to be published; it looked as if it was going that way, then the sudden change and again meetings behind closed doors. The same will happen with the libel case against him. The whole thing is a cover up Kate and Gerry should never have been allowed to leave Portugal they should have been put under house arrest, but there was too much diplomatic involvement for this to happen.
    This case is all about libel money in the first 10 months their fund reached 2 million. Murat was paid £600,000.00 his girlfriend £100,000.00 and his friend Malinka £100,000.00 The Tapas group received £550,000.00 this is extraordinary money by anybodies standards. British police have spent over £750,000.00 on investigation without the cost to the Portuguese police and the people of Praia. There was never any need to start a fund if mccanns were innocent they would have co-operated with the police and did whatever was necessary. Now they hijack charities they have no shame. This case is full of corrupt and greedy individuals and needs to be RE-OPENED and investigated FULLY from the beginning and that does include MURAT, TAPAS et al.

  104. I agree with anon 106 this needs to be taken back to its start (wherever that may be) and thoroughly investigated with all parties concerned e.g. gaspers statements, smiths statements, staff at ocean club, the priest, the lady who reported car boot on scenic open 24/7, Murat and Tapas group. There are far too many unanswered questions (including Kates 48).
    A transparent, formal and legal investigation away from the glare of the media, overseen by judicial officials that are not bribable, crooked or dishonest. This is the only way the Mcann’s will EVER be stopped. It is a disgrace that they have been able to steal from charities and the public, and overtly lie to the police and still be protected.

  105. anon 106 wrote:-

    "This case is all about libel money..."

    Yet another example of you stating your suppositions as fact.

    We clearly vehemently disagree because I believe you get your spurious information from a meddlesome source that has often been proved unreliable and sometimes just plain wrong about this case in the past.

  106. Jilly @ 106
    We are all entitled to our own opinions I have clearly outlined mine whilst your posts are simply unarticulated dribble.

  107. Jilly @ 106
    Apologies for my typographical error post should have read 'inarticulated'. For your information when the case is eventually RE-OPENED Murat will be questioned again by the PJ, or should they just take your word for his innocence. 8-}


  109. JillyCL 108
    Poster 106 is someones opinions remember 'freedom of speech' Everybody has a right to express their views they may not be the same as yours but that is their perogative and you should respect that.

  110. JillyCL at 108

    The area of my research was in fact Tony Bennett who happens to be a well respected lawyer, who wrote the article ‘The mystery of Robert Murat’ and other articles. I have read his articles and do not feel that my consequent post was ‘spurious’ (not genuine as defined in Oxford concise) or meddlesome (interfering as defined in Oxford concise) or supposition (a fact or idea supposed as defined in same). I stated that the points raised were MY OPINION and would very much appreciate it if you could curtail your vocabulary and also ‘stick to the facts’. I have written two very long posts outlining my thoughts whereas you have written nothing but snide remarks, and I shall not be responding to any more of your vacuous comments.

  111. @ Anonymous 113

    Thanks for naming the source of your 'facts, which is sonmething I deliberately avoided doing. While we're on the subject, Anthony Bennett is NOT a lawyer, either "respected" or otherwise.

    @ Anonymous 108

    I'm at a loss to understand what you mean. I presume you think that disagreeing with someone who's stating their opinion as fact is an attempt to curb freedom of speech? If that's the case, I could aim your accusation straight back at you and claim that you're trying to curb mine. No matter, my shoulders are broad.

  112. The comments above regarding Anthony Bennett intrigued me and I found some interesting facts on the internet. I would recommend posters have a look at www.scribd.com/doc/27156634/24041377 ‘60 reasons why Madeleine was not abducted’ a very informative book written by Tony Bennett. I am new to these post but this book he has written is very interesting and he is also on one of Joana’s older post ‘The Madeleine Foundation; Tony Bennett on Maurice Bolarid Talk Radio Europe’. He has spoken out against the Mccann’s. Why is poster jillycl 114 so defensive of R.Murat he is a suspect along with everybody else in this case or has someone touched on a raw nerve!! I also looked at ‘The mystery of Robert Murat’ by Tony Bennett Poster 97 is right to question Murat’s non-involvement in this travesty. Yours is as marvelous blog Joana I am going to be a regular 'blogger' thanks xx

  113. JillyCL113 @114,

    I respect Anthony Bennett, much more than I respect Carter Ruck. I was hoping he would show up for Clarrie's speech in Coventry. Clarrie apparently cancelled the Coventry event. I wonder why Clarrie cancelled? Did Tony plan to attend?

  114. Murat has nothing to do with the McCanns or whatever they have been up to.

    He became involved because he was too helpful, and probably too nosy for the McCanns' liking. Remember the social worker woman who was told to get lost, but not so polite as that, by the McCanns when she tried to help.

    The McCanns only want who they want around them. Murat was not one of them. Probably not rich enough, or with no political connections to be helpful to them.

    As for needing an apartment from Murat to help hide the body, the McCanns know quite a number of people around there, both wealthy and well connected.

    They certainly did not need Murat's help for that.

  115. Slight problem with the theory that Robert M was involved, if as has been speculated he was brought in inadvertently by providing keys or access to an empty apartment, do you not think that he would have told the police that? Also the fact that Amaral doesnt believe he was involved. But if you want to go around libeling people who are in the process of taking legal action for just such reasons then go ahead. Personally i would rather believe the senior police officer involved in the case, at least he was there.

  116. Anon 118, I agree Robert is not involved. The dogs were brought in to search his place, but didn't find a thing even after digging up the floor! Also while on the subject of dogs. I read recently how a sniffer dog died after being overcome with the fumes from a meth lab it had tracked in the US. The dog had to be euthanised. The cops were heartbroken. And in the McC case the dogs get disparaged for the brave work they do. Makes me sick!

  117. Anonymous 119
    "And in the McC case the dogs get disparaged for the brave work they do.~"
    In the McC case everyone who does their duty, or their job, or follows their professional code... gets disparaged. That alone should tell us something.
    Just imagine ...
    If your child was missing when you got home one night, and the police officers in charge of the dogs told you they had detected blood and the scent of death, how would each of us react ?
    Would we feel helpless with depair, and try to assist the police in any way we could to find the truth of what had happened. Or would we set up a million pound fund and leave that for our brother to manage, and then go jogging and blogging and taking tennis lesssons and swan around in Rome and America and Morocco ?
    I suppose everyone would decide differently.
    Almost the entire population of the world one way, and the McCs the other.

  118. I too read Tony Bennetts 60 reasons,and found it very informative,especially regarding the dogs and the 15 markers that matched Madeleine,i also read on the Madeleine foundation about Robert Murat and it did cross my mind if he knew something,but not actually involved,i remember reading ,but can't remember where,that Kate Healey was a bridesmaid at Murats cousins wedding,also didn't Murat offer to do a lie detector test?.

  119. I see that Debbie Butler is doing a sponsered walk and donating 10% to search for Madeleine,apparently she has asked Kate and Gerry to join her.Does anyone know if she now believes the McCanns aren't involved in Madeleines disappeartance?.

  120. What is hard to fathom is why the McCanns have been given a pass on a search of their property in Rothley.

    Robert Murat's place was gone over with a fine tooth comb, and with the dogs, and they even searched his aunt's property, so why no search for Madeleine on the property of the McCanns? Just because Madeleine was dead does not mean they would not have attempted to get her back home.

    Which of us would leave our child in a foreign country if we could get that child back?

    McCann was back and forth from PDL to UK, and they had private planes, rich backers, the lot.

    Still no search of their property in UK took place when they were arguidos.

    This does not make sense, unless somebody was pulling strings for them. A search would have been basic, and with the dogs.

    Were the LP about to do a search when the case was shelved? The McCanns certainly bucked up after that, as previously they had looked worried sick when they first got back to UK. Kate looked emaciated.

    If they had nothing to hide, and no evidence, as Gerry McCann keeps insisting, what was the problem?

    Also, the rest of the properties of their family and friends should have been searched, just like Murat and his family had to undergo. Is there one rule for the McCanns and one for the rest?

    Has Madeleine been back at Rothley all the time people have been searching every other corner on earth for her, following the red herrings that have been laid down, and false sightings.

    Very possibly.

    No way should that be discounted, with the thinking that Rothley would be the last place anybody would think to search by whoever has hidden her.

    Well, if that is so, maybe they were right as no search ever took place so far.

  121. Aparthotel Sol e Mar/Solimar reference in PJ files makes for interesting reading re Robert Murat. Sol e Mar architect Jacinto Murat company.

  122. Why is Gerry Mccann allowed to take part in other charities fund raising and then keep his money for his private company, surely thats illegal especially as his is not a proper charity, otherwise all sorts of people could jump on the band wagon and do the same as him. Gerry seems to make up the rules as he goes along.

  123. Whatever the cover up is with mccanns it must be big for it to have lasted 3 years, and now they allow him to rob charities even though charities have been hit hard by the recession and are suffering from lack of funds, Gerald Mccann still takes from them and laughs about it. I don't know why mccanns had children they never looked after them and yet they went to the trouble of having them by IVF you would think they would cherish their babies. The pair are evil.

  124. Anon @ 121 I totally, totally agree with you they should do a thorough search of their property at Rothley.

  125. I have just had a crazy idea but I’m going to run it past you....Was Madeleine Mccann ever in Praia da Luz I say this because there are no photographs of her on this holiday the only one is with Gerry and twins by pool and previous posters mentioned the way Madeleine was looking it could have been photoshopped. The photo of Maddie collecting tennis balls could have been taken anywhere. All other photos are of very young Maddie. Mccanns asked holiday makers for their snaps perhaps they wanted to see if mccanns had been inadvertently snapped. They flew out in such a large group one of the other kiddies could have been passed off as Maddie, Jane tanners daughter for example no one would be any the wiser, same with the crèche nobody working there knew maddie. The Tapas group have remained silent.
    All information about the booking of flights and who paid for what has never been disclosed, someone mentioned that at the time there were so many similar little girls running about at least 10 of them. Something could have happened to Madeleine before the holiday, there is the Gaspars statements of the paedophilia link to consider she could have been abused and died as a consequence in England, and they used the holiday with the abduction theory. Gerry took identical photographs of Madeleine on holiday with him for ready distribution, he also had to fly back to the UK to collect Madeleines DNA from his home in Rothley. They would have needed to take some of Maddies clothes and cuddle cat on holiday to cover themselves. There is also the strange sleeping arrangements in the apartment beds not slept in etc.
    Madeleine did vanish into thin air also they knew if the search was focused in Portugal there would never be any need to look in the United Kingdom for a body, perhaps that’s why he kept coming back home. He knew he could set up that fund without her being found. The lady in the supermarket that mentioned she saw Kate with Madeleine it could have been Kate with anybodies daughter no-one in Praia da luz knew Madeleine. Perhaps that’s why they released younger photos of her because someone might have recognised that Kate was with another child that didn’t look anything like Madeleine. If this did happen it would be very damaging to UK and Portuguese relations because of the time and money spent also the damage it has done to so many individuals Dr Amaral for example. Maybe the cavader was planted in the apartment for the dogs to find to completely divert from what really happened.

  126. Anon @ 121 you make some very valid points that should be followed up.

  127. The getting of wisdom is a painful process. Many of us are getting wisdom from these McCanns... as we learn the difference between honesty and deceit.

    The poor forsaken little lass, Madeleine! Blessed be.


  128. #128 - There is the photo of Madeleine getting on the plane and in the park with the same clothes on. She was checked in to the Kiddies Club etc. But most importantly there are the DOGs...the SMITH sighting....the smelly hired car.....

  129. Anon @ 128 you raise some very interesting points, it was odd behaviour of gerry to take postcard sized photographs of her on holiday, arranged the fund hastilty the house in Rothley should be checked he was often flying back hhmmmm.......

  130. There is also a "You Tube" video, that shows Madeleine, sitting at the side of her father and hearing him say, that he isn't going on holiday, to f**king enjoy himself.

  131. Anon at 128 I have just been looking at the photographs of Madeleine baording the plane and her face is NOT visible (3A's site) neither is it visible when she is with Gerry and the twins in the grounds leaning forward with hair over her face the one on the bus is not very clear it could be anybodies child. doctors would know how to take blood/cavader from a dead body maybe a syrene from the body in Rothley then disperse it in bedroom on holiday. Your post is very intriging perhaps she was not there at all.

  132. 128

    I think there has been a lot of deliberate confusion about Madeleine.

    So many different photos of Madeleine at various ages. Why would parents who are serious about finding their child be putting out pictures of a much younger Madeleine?

    Some of the photos don't look like the same child. The child at the side of the pool does not look like the child in the tennis photo yet they were said to have been taken around the same time.

    For a long time the media were referring to Madeleine as a toddler or tot, although she was nearly four. That is not a toddler but the McCanns never put them straight on that.

    Do any of us really know what Madeleine looked like when she vanished, and after reading some of the statements from the Tapas and others, I am left wondering whether they knew her that much either.

    I am sure she did exist and was on that holiday, but it would not be hard to think she didn't.

    Though, as Kate said, the group were into each other. Perhaps not a lot of time left for most of the group to notice the kids. Did the creche people really know who she was either? Especially as they had days off and others took over. Madeleine was only there a few days. How easy would it have been to go and sign a child in? Were the children even checked against the register, though no doubt the Warner holiday people would say they were, after the event.

  133. #128
    there is a disinct lack of holiday photos of Madeleine if she was there all week. climbing plane steps taken from back view.Youtube posters think poolside photo fake shadows, reflections in gerrys sunglasses all wrong etc. Why video on bus and no other holiday videos when was bus video taken? can it be proved beyond doubt that madeleine was on that holiday?

  134. Why are the mccanns allowed to do just as they please, Gerry hijacking charities mentions ‘there won’t be much room for improvement NEXT YEAR”..... he is going to have another bike ride next year for his private company he knows Maddie won’t be found before then and quite a few people sponsored him.

    Why do mccanns and co have libel cases seeking so much money why couldn’t they just complain to the IPCC about newspapers, instead of involving expensive lawyers? The mccanns are two suspects involved in their daughter’s disappearance and they ask to see police files I’ve never heard of anything like it before.
    They were involved in Madeleines disappearance because it was through their actions that she disappeared saying there is no evidence that she is dead, but there is also no evidence that she is alive.

    Police Officers such as Dr Amaral do not rise through the ranks to positions of authority without being good at their jobs. Mccanns are suing him for a million and taking the money raised from his book sales to add to their private company’s fund why are they allowed to do this and still the case is not re-opened. Reading ‘The truth of the lie’ even the most pro-mccann people would question their innocence. The inconsistencies of the Tapas group, kate and Gerry not co-operating with police and jogging around Portugal the possible photoshopped (and lack of holiday coverage photographs) of maddy.
    Why do police not search their property at Rothley. mccanns engage (VERY EXPENSIVE) lawyers such as Carter Ruck which protects their DUBIOUS clients reputations more so than exposing wrong doing. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON !!!!

  135. Poster 128 - this is an intriguing analysis and does cover many of the discrepancies.
    However, there's the blood under the sofa to consider, and the dogs' reactions ....and off we go again in this three-dimensional chess game, sadly.

  136. Do the McCanns advertise internally in the UK Police Force requesting any top policeman about to retire to contact them with the chances they may have a job for them, supposedly searching for Madeleine.

    Is that why the cops turn a blind eye to the fact the McCanns are using spin to keep their Fund going, and have no proof whatsoever Madeleine was ever abducted. Are they themselves hoping to get a job with the McCanns. Probably a nice little earner on top of the pension and not much effort needed, just keep finding bogus leads to hand to the McCanns and their publicity machine.

    It's just a thought because there has to be some reason for the silence of the cops and allowing the McCanns to usurp what should be the role of the police with their issuing of photofits, questioning and hounding of witnesses, statements to the media, etc.

    To all intents and purposes the McCanns are running their own police force, and how many people would be allowed to do that?

    If the cops can't do something to stop them how can any of the rest of us?

    All it would take would be a word from the police that the official investigators believe Madeleine to be dead and their Fund would take a complete nose dive. But of course, if the cops are hoping to work for the McCanns themselves they are not going to say anything are they.

    Who in their right mind would kill the goose that lays the golden egg?

    All in all it is a disgraceful state of affairs that is being allowed to continue.

  137. Let my try and explain why GMc & KMc jump on every band waggon to make money.

    Until I read the Gaspars statment I believed what most of us here believe,Maddy died in 5a.

    If we read the Gaspars statment it would be sound thinking to conclude some if not all of the Tapaz group were involved in child abuse.

    Now it does not take an Einstein to work out the consequencies for the McCann's if proof of chld abuse were to fall into the hands of an unscrupulous blackmailer. Proof such as a lost/stollen camera laptop or other media.

    I hope we can all see where this is heading; fake abduction, I/We return your daughter once X amount of money has been received by Me/Us. Put in this situation the McCann's can hardly report blackmail to the authorities.

    Now here comes the no need for Einstein again. Are we really to believe the authorities in the UK have fallen hook line and sinker for the McCann's version of events. I THINK NOT. When we look at the resources the UK put into helping the McCann's in the Algarve it would be natural to assume they were thouroughly investigated at a domestic level. Even if the UK authorities have found that the McCann's have a case to answer, would they be so silly as to let on and be complicit in the possible demise of an innocent child.

  138. @125 It is not ilegal to do as the McCann's are doing. Check the Scottish daily record and the Scottish sunday mail archives for Bruno Schultz and his registered company Rosebuds. Schultz targeted towns and villages all over Scotland. Cold calling at homes, his army of workers were offering an A4 size leaflet for £3 claiming to be helping kids with cancer. It is believed he made over £250000 from this venture before he was finally stopped when both him and his son were barred from ever being company directors, but this only came about with a charge of false accounting.But his "venture" was perfectly legal.

  139. What a bunch of pathetic sickos you people are.
    I don't know what happened to Madeleine McCann (no more than any of you do), but I do know that the McCanns have not been convicted or even charged with any crime, and that being the case they have a right to be considered innocent. That's how it works in a civilized society: people are deemed to be innocent unless and until they are proven guilty.
    As for the so-called "evidence" against the McCanns outlined on this website, there is nothing substantial in it at all. In fact it's nothing but innuendo, misinformation, unsubstantiated allegations etc., blended in a mixture of hate, resentment and ignorance. There isn't a single FACT implicating the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter.
    Yoy guys really need to get a life.



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