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Family refuses to accept Leonor Cipriano back

After serving over one fourth of her sentence, Joana’s mother may leave prison before Christmas, but the family doesn’t want her home.

The family of Joana Cipriano’s stepfather does not accept to receive the mother’s child in their home, which is located in the village of Mexilhoeira Grande, in the county of Portimão. Leonor Cipriano has requested the Sentence Execution Court of Évora to grant her a jurisdictional leave license, as she has served over one fourth of the 16 year sentence that she was condemned to, over the crimes of qualified murder and concealment of her daughter’s body (which has not appeared yet), on the 12th of September of 2004.

The refusal to accept Leonor Cipriano – who will learn the judge’s reply to the request that was now filed, after a technical report, namely by the Prison of Odemira, where she is located -, is related to a letter that was sent about two months ago to Lurdes David, the mother of Leandro Silva, Joana’s stepfather, in which she accuses her ex-partner’s family of intending to “take my children away from me”. Ruben, aged 8, and Sara, aged 6, live with their paternal grandmother, an aunt and other relatives.

Joana’s mother’s revolt appears following a letter that was sent to her by Lurdes David, in which she asked her for permission to remove the name “Cipriano” from the children’s identification, leaving only “Domingos”, Leonor’s surname. According to Sara David, the children’s aunt, this would be due to “whenever my niece and nephew go somewhere and are called Cipriano, everyone stares at them, remembering Joana’s mother and the story of her daughter’s disappearance. That was what happened when the children went to the Registry to get their ID cards”.

If Leonor Cipriano obtains a licence to leave prison, which during an initial phase will only be for a maximum of seven consecutive days every four months, under article 79, number 4, of the Sentence Execution Code, her life does not look easy.

“We are not her family. We are simply Leandro’s family. We won’t take her back for one single day, and we won’t allow her to see her children, who are under our care. She is ungrateful. Her lawyer, who didn’t even bother to contact us concerning that issue of her possibly leaving prison, he can find her a home, or she can go to her own family, who never cared about her, either. We are not going to suffer again what we suffered when Joana disappeared and many people stopped speaking to us and my sister lost her job and her boyfriend”, Sara David told DN in a revolted tone.

Leandro Silva, who continues to work at the family’s junk site, asserts that he still “loves” Leonor, although now he lives with another woman, in Portimão.

On the other hand, lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia, the legal representative of Leonor Cipriano and Leandro Silva (in a process against former PJ coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, over suspected aggression), has advised the family to be “sensible”, recalling precisely that he is also that man’s lawyer without charging any honoraries. “I showed my solidarity towards Leandro when he couldn’t afford the processes’ expenses and walked around without any documents to request judicial support from the State”, Marcos Aragão Correia observed.

in: Diário de Notícias, 10.05.2010


  1. what sensible people they are,lets hope they stays that way.
    leonor is a dispicable woman and as for Correia he should be in a mental hospital under going treatmant.

  2. I'm surprised her return to the family has even been considered - how could anyone even contemplate allowing Leonor Cipriano anywhere near a child? Surely the court would not allow her any contact with her remaining children - their safety & welfare must be a priority. This convicted murderer subjected her own 8-year-old daughter to violent abuse and a cruel traumatic death.

  3. What a 'wonderful' and 'good' 'girl'. Whatever rule human destiny's made a huge mistake when decide her to born as a women. She must be a cow, a pig, any sort of proliferate animal. How many childs she have? From how many different mans? I lost the number... And from that huge group, nobody want her.
    Aragao can give her an hand, in Madeira. In Portugal will be hard for both to live.

    She was a so good mother that her family request the court to change the surname of her childs. They don't want to sign 'Cipriano'. The name have a karma.

  4. They can all, live in Rothley with happiness.

    K. busy with her home search of Madeleine.
    G. as a cardiologist to help all hearth beaten....
    Leonor as a Babysitter for the twins.
    Leandro working in the garden, taking good care of some 'special flowers'.
    Aragao, as a driver.
    Mitchell will end-up as a priest, trying to save is soul.

    One day, the house will be sold to a diferent family, who by a strange coincidence will have a naughty dog. The dog will love to dig the garden, destroying some flowers. The owners will find that behaviour strange and will try to solve it.

    The all previous family will be called into the S. Yard office to explain the odd behaviour of the dog. And the couple, shaking, will be saying, 'the dog is not reliable', the 'flowers did not exist' and will fade in silence when asked about what police found under the flowers.
    Any similarity between that and reality, is pure fiction. End of the novel.

  5. I have a suggestion, Aragão Correia can welcome her in his home in Madeira. It would be a nice time to this "lady" , get holiday in a beautiful place, and AC could socialize with her in a diary base.

  6. Have I understood this correctly?

    Leonor Cipriano was having incestuous sex with her brother João Cipriano.

    The passionate interlude was interrupted by Leonor's innocent young daughter Joana.

    Leandro Silva, common-law husband of Leonor testified to the fact the child had witnessed the incest.

    Leonor Cipriano confessed to killing her daughter.

    João Cipriano confessed to beating the innocent child Joana until Joana lay "quiet on the floor".

    João Cipriano said he cut little Joana's body in small pieces.

    João Cipriano put the pieces of Joana's mutilated body into a fridge box.

    João Cipriano then put the pieces of the child Joana inside an old car that was taken to Spain to be crushed and burned.

    When João Cipriano was asked (in the presence of his lawyer) if he had sexually abused his niece Joana, he uttered those famous words "I did not harm her, I only killed her".

    And now, Leonor is eligible for week-long stints of home leave?

    Let me tell you this and state it with complete conviction:

    If Leonor Cipriano and João had first murdered, then mutilated the body of an innocent 8 year old child in the United States, they would never see the light of day outside a prison again. Not only that, but most likely, they would receive the death penalty - certainly at the very least, life in prison without parole.

    If, God forbid, any child in my country, was ever brutally murdered, chopped to pieces and thrown away, the people committing such an atrocity would never safely walk the streets again.

    I am simply stunned that in Portugal this so-called mother - who I would define as less than human - will be allowed to return to society - EVER.

    And that her "common law husband" Leandro Silva still "loves her"? Well, it pretty much explains the state of that man's mental, spiritual and emotional capacities. In other words, he is a complete piece of scum himself.

    For the McCanns to have used this hideous case as part of their attacks on the character of Goncalo Amaral suits me just fine. It tells us more about the McCanns than it does about the incestuous murderers themselves.

    "Leandro Silva, the common-law husband of Leonor Cipriano, commented that "the only difference between the McCanns and us is that we don't have money"


  7. Poster #6 Brilliant novel, could be a bestseller!

  8. I agree with the comments of Anon. #8.

    This woman should NEVER AGAIN be allowed to walk on this earth as a free person.

  9. Not to excuse Leonor Cipriano's behavior, but to offer as an explanation of who she became, she was neglected and terribly abused by her own family while she was growing up. Her mother is largely responsible for who she became. At one time Leonor was a child victim.

  10. A little snippet out of the mouth of the loony lawyer:

    ""Our enemies also used to say that I was representing Leonor only to become famous. As usual, they fully lie. First, I do not need to be famous. Second, I was already famous before Madeleine and Joana disappearances, because my deceased father (from whom I’m the only child) is, in the words of the specialists, "one of the most important names of the Portuguese Culture". Even before he died, the Funchal city authorities placed his name on a street of Funchal (Rua Dr António Aragão).""

  11. 11 Good point. Madeleine may well have followed the path of her errant parents...as indeed may the twins. I hope they are carefully monitored.

  12. Slightly off topic, but Alistair Cambell has stated that the media slavishly followe Cameron during the election...the work of Clarence Mitchell?? Is the UK media so in the pocket of that Australian guy Rupert Murdoch?

  13. I think people should refresh their minds as to what in fact this "monster" did to her child....she's no better than the Myra Hindleys of this world and I wont repeat here what I think about her lawyer!



  14. I think people should refresh their minds as to what in fact this "monster" did to her child....she's no better than the Myra Hindleys of this world and I wont repeat here what I think about her lawyer!



  15. I accept that his deceased father may be famous as one of the most important names of Portugese culture, but in my opinion the son is now infamous for his role in this tragic case.

  16. Anon @ 12,

    Ah! Ah! Ah!

    It is a common story in Biology, I don't know if was true or not:

    Marylin (Monroe) sent a letter to Einstein, inviting him to be the father of her first child. She was fascinated with what Science, specially Genetic is showing to the world- The beautiful, the wonderful miracle the genes can do. The ADN molecule was just discovered by Watson and Crick.
    Then, she write to Einstein a beautiful missive about how wonderful will be a child with her beauty and Einstein intelligence.
    Einstein answered in a telegraphic sentence:

    'well, well, Dear... Imagine if the child born with my beauty and your intelligence...'

    Did you got it, anon 12? A wonderful Father in the Genetic lottery, sometimes means a despicable son.

    And Famous? Where?.... In Madeira? I will use a sentence from a singer which I like very much, Jorge Palma:

    ' Deixa-me rir, esta historia nao e tua....'

  17. Whatever can be done to help those innocent young children should be done.

    Why has this woman been allowed out of prison so soon, and what kind of message is this sending out?

    Has the life of a poor young girl no value on it at all in Portugal to have this joke sentence given the mother.

  18. to @ 18

    'well, well, Dear... Imagine if the child born with my beauty and your intelligence...'

    Just great.

  19. Kate Maccann has no shame to stand alongside the parents of Jimmy Mizen, this family are what true Catholics should be, in every sense of the word. Kate you disgust me your downfall cannot come soon enough for me not fit clean the shoes of the Mizen's

  20. There is something very very wrong with the Portuguese justice system if this woman is allowed out so soon, and is allowed to be near her children. Is this why the McCanns have never been charged? Because in Portugal it's no big deal to kill your children?
    I mean really...

  21. To anon. 12,

    Can the infamous son of the great father explain who pay his expenses in Portugal? Who is that charitable person, who is paying and don't want to be famous or known?

    Can the infamous son, share with us which other 'guys' is he defending, apart Leonor and Leandro?

    Can the infamous son tell us, who made him travel from Madeira to replace Joao Grade ( without notification) in Leonor case, already judged, solved and with the infamous murders in prison? Don't tell me was Leonor or Joao Cipriano, by Para-mental contact.

    Can the infamous son explain why the defence of Leonor become irrelevant and the persecution of Amaral, the main issue, over the time?

    Can the infamous son explain us why he connected Madeleine and Joana? Cannot be the Inspectors, because not all shared the two cases. Cannot be the Algarve because the Algarve is safe for all responsible people. Cannot be the fame or the beauty of the girls....

    Can the infamous son tell us something about Amaral dog, who was killed and Malinka car, which blow in fire with word 'fala' (talk)? This deserve an investigation and a huge headline in Portuguese serious newspapers.
    The infamous son, as a clairvoyant, must had a vision to help Portuguese society to clarify this two enigmas.

  22. Release Leonor into the care and supervision of Mitchell and the McCanns.

    They made a deal with the devil when they made themselves her official sympathisers and supporters and now have a chance to honour that deal. They truly deserve each other.


  23. More puke


    I wonder how on earth this can possibly happen!!!!
    Caption of a picture of TWO totally UNrelated persons AND cases or is it now Madeleine has been murdered?????
    Caption: "Tragedy: Madeleine McCann has not been seen since she was snatched in Portugal three years ago, while Jimmy Mizen (right) was killed in 2008".
    And WHY is there FOUR pics of the mccann woman is one of those incredible mysteries of the uk media....(In one of them she looks rather pregnant to me but I might be totally wrong.It might just be the shape of her jacket or something)

  24. I think the comments under the Daily Mail article about the Jimmy Mizen service are extremely telling. The McCanns would do better if they just shut up and disappeared while they can. Bad poker players...

  25. Jimmy Mizzen's mother personally invited Kate Mccann to that service. She isn't answerable to people like you, nor to anyone else. She had a perfect right to invite who the hell she wanted and if you don't like it, it's just tough!

  26. We have the church at prison too. I would like to invite Kate McCann to that church.

  27. @ Anon 24

    Yes.A pact with the devil.I can see a new team is forming with the cipriano woman who will now dedicate her life looking for madeleine.She cant look for her own because she killed her and should be and STAY in jail forever without seeing even the light of days.
    Anyhow,the perfect team.

    @ Anon 25
    People are not fooled nor fools any longer...

    @ Anon 26
    Certainely Jimmy Mizzen's mother has all the rights to invite who she wants at her events.She should have invited the cipriano woman as well. I wonder how comes she didnt?? are the 2 news released at the same time recently meant to mark the difference between murderers, do you think? uk murderers and "south" murderers?

  28. I see in the caption under a photo in the DM that the McC child was snatched. How do the DM know she was snatched? I thought there was no proof of her being snatched.

  29. #27, did she invite K. of her own volition, or was she "persuaded" to? Many times one has to swallow "big frogs", as we say in portuguese...

  30. #25,
    Kate seems to have lots of items of clothing in the "maternity style"(tops), this coat is another one in the same design. Maybe it is to make her look more "maternal"...didn't she complain before that people were not warming-up to her because she didn't look very maternal( no big boobs, more meet on the bones, etc.).

  31. What? NO photo with Prince Charles?!
    How dare His Royal Higness ignore the holier than holy Kate McCann?

  32. Hi Anon 27, Clarrie represented both sets of parents and I think he would agree with you.

  33. Was Ben Needham's mother Kerry invited?

  34. I don't suppose Jimmy Mizzen's mother has the time or the energy to read the blogs. so her info about Princess Kate of Rothley Castle will only be coming from the tainted press, and from super spinner Clarence Mitchel.

    She probably thought, inocently, that she was doing the right thing by inviting Princess Kate, the holy one, friend of the Pope, chosen by the BBC to represent all mothers on Mothering Sunday, the good but naive parent who's too frightened of the dark to look for her daughter, but is incredibly busy shedding tears behind the scenes, with incredible support etc etc etc.

    Aunty Anti

  35. 1. Unfortunately for his family, Marcos Correia is the son of one of the most proeminent figures of the portuguese culture of the XXth century, recently deceased. And if he was a good son to his grieving mother he wouldn't keep engaging in stupid "causes" as if he was still a brainless teenager - for God's sake Marcos, you are over thirty years old, when will you grow up?!

    2. In Portugal, the maximum prison sentence is 25 years, with which I agree entirely - there's no point in keeping people in jail forever: either they are recoverable or they aren't.
    It is known that prison do not rehabilitate people, it only punishes. In order to try to allow the criminals to go back to society as productive citizens they have to be given the means to do so. We have several measures for that: allowing them to go home for small periods of time, allowing them to work in the outside, etc... In many cases (not as many as I wished) it has revealed to be positive.
    However, in Portugal, we lack the necessary tools to make this measures result fully. The educational teams in prison are almost innoperatonal due to the amount of cases assigned to them, the reintegration officers are not enough to keep an eye on the prisioners that are reintegrating the work market, etc... But I still believe this is the way to go. Live penalties or death penalties do not solve the problem of criminality.

    However, if a criminal is not able to recover because of his/her mental condition, as seems the case of Leonor and João Cipriano, then he/she should be declared as such and sent to a closed psychiatric facility where they should get treatment (for me a psychopat is totally unrecoverable, but kept away from society.
    I know that this is like a life sentence (we call it "security measures"), but at least they have the beneficts of medical and psy treatment.

  36. ...By the way, that's what I think that Mrs Kate Healy should get, psychiatric treatment.


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