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Fat gypsies, white vans and pink pyjamas

'I saw Maddie in pyjamas the day after she disappeared'

By Antonella Lazzeri

A dramatic sighting of missing Madeleine McCann the day after she vanished is being urgently followed up by private investigators.

A man has reported seeing a girl he is now sure was Maddie lying in the back of a van.

She was wearing pyjamas identical to the pair Maddie had on when she was abducted.

The vehicle was white - and other witnesses have recalled seeing a white van near the holiday apartment in Portugal from where she was taken.

A child in pyjamas was also seen being carried by a man at the resort.

New witness Carlos Moreira, 65, has told investigators the little girl he saw was with a man and woman who looked like gipsies.

When shown a previously-unpublished e-fit of a suspect, he identified it as being the van's driver.

A source close to Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry said last night the sighting was "highly significant" and added: "It could be a key breakthrough."

Maddie, of Rothley, Leics, was three when she disappeared on a family holiday in Praia da Luz, on the Algarve, on May 3 2007.

Portuguese Mr Moreira said he only recently connected his sighting with the Maddie hunt because it was 160 miles from where she vanished.

He was driving from Carregado, near Lisbon, to Alentejo on May 4 when he stopped at a snack bar in the Benavente region at 8am.

He told The Sun: "I saw a white van with the back door open. I saw a girl, lying on a pile of clothes in the back. She was wearing a two-piece pyjama set, pink and white, or yellow. I saw her back, I could see her hands and feet.

"She moved one of her fingers but she was deeply asleep. When the van door was opened, she did not wake up, as if she was drugged."

"This girl was blonde and looked around four. A woman came out of the back of the van. I noted that a strong and tall man, wearing a suit, was in front of the snack bar.

"He looked like a gipsy. He was with the woman from the van, he was younger than her. He told her off for leaving the van."

Mr Moreira said the experience stuck in his mind - but he only realised it could be useful when he saw a cop being asked on TV why roads to the north or to Spain were not blocked after Maddie vanished.

He explained: "The road I saw the van on was such a route."

He said the man he saw was clean-shaven, aged 40 to 42, fat but good-looking. The woman was 60 to 65, fat with grey hair.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "His account is being looked into. He has done the right thing in coming forward."

in: The Sun, 25.05.2010

The advice was for Sunday Express James Murray, apparently Team McCann thought it was a good idea to play the Gipsy card again as they did in January 2008. extract from Sunday Express Presents: James Murray Humourous McCann Spoof Non-News [16.05.2010]

Or these ones again:
Melissa Dring Little's sketches again, as witnessed by Gail Cooper almost one year later - a George Harrison look-a-like and a obvious southern-looking Mediterranean or gipsy man
[you can even use the prejudice and racist cards here Murray, it will work,
just ask Tony Parsons at Mirror, he'll tell you all about it]


  1. So, let me get this straight:-

    White Van Man snatched Maddie and drove 160 miles for a cup of tea, then drove back to his lair within 10km of Praia da Luz?

    So, where does the luxury yacht and Barcelona fit in? Did he hitch a iift on a boat to Barcelona with Maddie in the back of his van and then drive back (stopping for a cuppa 160 miles from Pdl) to his lair, just for the fun of it?

    And when did he find time to go to Morocco, USA, Australia, NZ, Croatia...(insert numerous other sightings here)...?

    White Van Man's carbon footprint must be bigger than the Yeti's! D'oh, there I go again, giving the McCanns ideas! Next sighting, Himalayas?

    Britain is sick to allow this scam to continue damaging/destroying lives.

    RED ALERT! The McCanns are a menace to society and a danger to children everywhere.

  2. As soon as I saw the writer of the article's name I stopped reading.
    How ridiculous will this absurd woman feel the day the gruesome twosome finally face justice?

  3. Oh good grief! Three years to make a connection and then have perfect recall. The mind is an amazing thing!

  4. Lazzeri & Pinky striking again with pink puke,pink elephants and of course, a pink pyjama.
    Now may be it is not a white van after all (we"ve seen that one already) but a pink van??? Did the new witness had an eye check up before "witnessing"?
    Now we are talking of clean and shaved well dressed gypsies and a new witness,a portuguese citizen,shooing the van away to the inexistant spanish border ...yawn...big yawn

    Is there something "bothering" the mccanns right now?The dangerously drying up of the fund may be? or unpleasant legal matters on the way? or both? :))

  5. nearly fell of my chair laughing, biggest load of bol*** i have ever read.my heart goes out to madeleine, what in gods name did she do to deserve all these people who are against her,but they fall over backwards to TRY to convince each and every one of us that the mccanns parents are innocent. and as for Antonella Lazzeri pass the sick bucket.

  6. Enough is enough. When will the Mccann's realise how utterly offensive their endless media appeals are to thinking people who can see beyond their lies and fairytales. How many more people will have their lives invaded and upset in this "search" for a child they abandoned to strangers and creches even before "they" took her.
    Please explain who "they" are Mrs Mccann. And if you really want to help the police find your daughter return to Portugal answer the 48 questions and beg your friends to co-operate and participate in a reconstruction.
    Dogs don't lie. And the vast majority of people know it.

  7. Faz-me lembrar as histórias que lia de :



    no :

    Sol da a.lazzeri


  8. Is Antonella Lazzeri of sound mind or does she really believe what she has written,also how can the editor of the sun newspaper even allow this to be put in the paper. is this what the sun is all about now, printing complete rubbish instead of printing from the files and therefor getting out to the public how the mccanns and tapas friends lied.

  9. Two quotes from the article

    ''She was wearing pyjamas identical to the pair Maddie had on when she was abducted.''


    ''She was wearing a two-piece pyjama set, pink and white, or yellow.''

    Clearly identical. Uncanny

  10. "She was wearing a two-piece pyjama set, pink and white, or yellow."

    Or green maybe, or skyblue pink with purple spots? I`ve never noticed that yellow so closely resembles pink or white... come to that, I`ve never noticed a gypsy in a suit before either, clearly I`m moving in the wrong circles :P

  11. Oh that's Ok then, because this one is handsome, not a horrible scarey ugly looking man. So the twins can rest easy in their beds at night.

    If my memory serves me right, the white van was traced and discounted anyway.

    Probably a child from their own family (woman the grandmother?) The handsome man was concerned that the older lady had left the child unattended in the van for a few moments - goodness me, she could have been abducted!! Handsome prince (if a little overweight) sounds a lot more caring than the neglectful Kate & Gerry!!!

    So, how much did this "witness" get paid to keep the abduction theory going????

    Aunty Anti

  12. The McCanns continue abusing Maddie. When will it end?


  13. "Portuguese Mr Moreira said he only recently connected his sighting with the Maddie hunt because it was 160 miles from where she vanished." - YAH!... he connected WHEN HE SMELLS THE EASY MONEY FROM MADELEINE FUND.

    The Circus must go on. Just to remember Antonella (Lie)zzery...You forget the master point: HAVE THE MCCANN'S REOPENNED THE CASE TO FOLLOW THAT VISION?

    I can tell you- Your article is nothing else then rubbish to fool more British people. Mccann's were desperate to raise money. Gerry salary was not enough to feed Mitchell and the Carter-F....

    You are so ridiculous with that story, showing that you don't do any investigation or homework before publishing such lies. I can tell you why:

    - A part Aragao and the portuguese mccann's lawyers you don't find any portuguese supporting the Mccann's. Unless they WERE VERY WELL PAID AND ALMOST ANALPHABET. even on that situation, I have serious doubts.
    - Carlos Moreira is a very common name in Portugal, as Maria or Silva, which means that can fit millions of Portuguese or NOBODY.
    - A lot of gypsy childs in Portugal have blond hair. Last summer I saw a lot of them in Praia da Rocha with blond hair and colored eyes and no-one of them looked like Madeleine.

    Connecting a crime they committed with gypsies or tan mans is a kind of discrimination which reveals a lot about Mccann's personality. THEY ARE DESPERATE BECAUSE THEY CAN MANIPULATE AND CONTROL some politicians and the RUBBISH MEDIA, but they cannot control the public and the blogs. THE NET WERE THEY MAIN WORRIED AT MOMENT.
    One day... somebody knowing something could use that way (the Net) to crack the mirror and expose the true face of the Mccann's.
    We will be here, posting, waiting... until the farce will be exposed. Politics and Media editors did not last forever, but our fight, as citizens and parents will last forever, because first they abused their childs and after they abused our intelligence.

  14. This article is an insult to Madeleine's memory.

  15. Good grief!!! Three years later this guy comes forward with "information" - about a sighting that allegedly took place at a time when the disappearance of Madeleine was TOP NEWS (!!!) in Portugal (and everywhere else)?! Put this guy in jail - either for lying through his teeth, or for failing to report what he saw, when he saw it, to the POLICE and potentially ruining the chance to recover that child.
    I mean, if this load of BS was believable to begin with...

  16. So now they can demand the Portuguese police to reopen the case immediately - I mean, new relevant information, an eye witness, etc. Surely more than enough to prompt the immediate reopening of the investigation...? Right?!

  17. Anon #16 - ABSOLUTELY.

  18. The Latest MCCANN SCAM::::OUTED with many thanks to HLM from Exposing Myth...
    The one and ONLY :::Carlos Moreira

    disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been a big story for a number of media outlets.

    Martim Cabral, Deputy News Editor for Portuguese TV
    station SIC, gives us his perspective.The search for Madeleine is one of the biggest manhunts that I can remember ever having taken place in Portugal.

    The sheer number of police officers, detectives and members of other emergency and rescue services involved has left many people here in Portugal wondering if the same effort would be made if the victim wasn’t a foreigner.

    The authorities say they treat all cases with the same thoroughness, whatever the nationality, but the fact is that in the Algarve at the moment the only thing missing are the armed forces.

    Notwithstanding the criticism which has been voiced in the British media about the search operation, the fact is that Portuguese detectives have an enviable record in these kinds of cases.

    In 2006, 30 children (the majority adolescents) went missing in Portugal. Twenty-four were recovered. It’s not 100 per cent but it’s not bad.

    The fact is the Portuguese Judiciary Police (Detective Division) has a very good reputation for thoroughness and an enviable success rate.

    As a journalist I too am frustrated by the laws of this country, which prohibit police officers during an investigation from speaking to the press.

    The reasoning behind the law is legitimate and valid – it aims to protect the identity of the people being investigated and someone who could turn out to be innocent from having their names splashed all over the media and their reputations ruined.

    But the fact remains that we live in an era of 24 hours news cycles – my station (SIC TV) also has a 24 hour news channel like SKY as well as an Internet site. And these media ‘beasts’ have to be fed regularly.

    The answer surely is for the authorities to hold regular briefings where they can reveal some information without prejudicing the investigation – especially in a case like this one where there is such huge international interest. This is what the Portuguese police in the Algarve are now doing.

    Written by Sky News, 09/05/2007


    Comment to above article by one Carlos Moreira.

    I would like to say that the Portugal has no longer any
    effectively controlled borders with Spain. Our borders are a shame! We have terrorists, pedophiles, arms and drugs dealers passing through so easily by the major international motorways, if you Britons could only witness this shame to our country! Our government must enforce our borders immediately, but European laws prevents us from doing it.

    Posted by:
    Carlos Moreira, Rio Tinto, Portugal
    10 May 2007 22:04:50

  19. Few sentences to proof the all story is a lie:

    -"A man has reported seeing a girl he is now sure was Maddie lying in the back of a van". ( NO ANY PORTUGUESE WILL WENT CLOSE TO A GYPSY VAN TO SEE THAT)

    -"The vehicle was white - and other witnesses have recalled seeing a white van near the holiday apartment" ( CARLOS MOREIRA IS NOT A PORTUGUESE MAN, HE IS A PARROT, REPEATING LIES CONVENNIENTELY DELIVERED TO THE PRESS, BEFORE)

    - "A child in pyjamas was also seen being carried by a man at the resort". ( ON GOES THE PARROT).

    - "When shown a previously-unpublished e-fit of a suspect, he identified it as being the van's driver". ( WAS IT THE EGG - MAN, THE CREEPY GUY or VIC. BECK LOOK ALIKE?)






    - "Clarence Mitchell said: "... He has done the right thing in coming forward." ( HE HAS DONE THE RIGHT THING IN LYING FORWARD, YES MITCHELL? IF YOU WANT TO BE ACCURATE....)

  20. Can't decide whether to laugh or to cry. Poor, poor Madeleine. What a shameless insult to her memory.

  21. Attention... the Pyjama was pink or yellow. We know, over the time everything get old and yellowish.

    Next article from Antonella- The guy managed to see the branch of the pyjama- Marks&Spencer, of-course.

    I always had a suspicion about that pyjama. Delivering the photo of the pyjama was very useful... but not to find Madeleine.
    I can just make some naif questions?

    - Where they find the pyjama used as a sample for the Picture, if the girl take it with her and there is no Marks&Spencer in Portugal?

    - Or she did not took that pyjama at all? Instead, she took the underwear, or the trousers or the shorts which go with a T Shirt picked-up by the dogs with smell of dead? I rely on the dogs. Dogs don't lie.

  22. Where is Isabel Duarte? She must be runing behind the van, Trying to catch-up the Gingerbread Man.
    Was the picture of such Good Look gypsy, what shocked her?

  23. @ 17

    Thanks for the info - so Carlos Moreira has been around since May 2007.

    This case has made me realise just how little protection children really have in our society. Even if a child is missing, & possibly dead, it would seem that if you have enough money & contacts, you not only don't have to co-operate with the investigation but you can make a laughing stock of the police, the media, children's charities, parliament etc etc - these organisations appear toothless where this couple are concerned & act as nothing more than enablers.

  24. It was the Victoria Beckham sighting that got me suspicious last year and caused me to get on the net and begin searching for information about this case which I had never questioned before. It was the information I began reading that led me to believe the Portuguese police got it right first time. I only hope this 'sighting' does the same for others. All those of us who have seen a pattern develop in the Madeleine sightings were expecting another one about now. So we are not surprised by this.

    All the McCann family members who are not in the know about what really happened to Madeleine must have their lives tuned upside down every time there is another one of the bogus sightings. I just hope the McCanns do not tell the twins each time.

    This is becoming one of the saddest stories of the century and certainly the biggest scam.

  25. Thank God we finally have a clear suspect:

    A handsome, fat, well dressed, thin, unkempt, ugly, buck-toothed clean shaven gyspy man with long, short hair and a mustache. Who also drove a white van and wandered around in the rain wearing the same clothes as Jerry McCann whilst wearing a suit. He has the ability to change his body shape and face into that of Robert Murat, Raymond Hewlett and a strange egg-man by the pseudonym of Mr. H. Dumpty.

    This supsect has the ability to be seen all over the world simultaneuously with blonde 4 year old girls, who may or may not be wearing pink, white or yellow pyjamas and may or may not be drugged or sleeping. He also has the ability to access and leave any premises without leaving any fingerprint or DNA traces, without being seen by any other human or without waking other young children present.

    Approach with caution.

    I'm so glad we have that one cleared up....and who is it that has released this 'investigative' information? The police? No. Clarence 'Tall Tales' Mitchell, no doubt via the McCanns, the top detectives on the case.

    If this sighting is so significant, as parents desperate to find their daughter, they should go directly to the Portugese Police with it and IMMEDIATELY call for a reopening of the case to find their daughter, I mean, after 3 years, the trail on this guy must still be red-hot, right?

    What are the odds this information and details of this sighting, nor the witnesses details will ever find it's way into the hands of the Portugese Police via the McCanns. In fact, no doubt they or their reps still read this blog, if you have any consderation for your own daughter over yourselves, I DARE YOU to take this to the Portugese Police.

    I wont hold my breath.....

  26. When Lazzeri first became a journalist I'm sure she didn't intend to be a paid mouthpiece but that's all she is now. She churns out nonsense to order just as Lori Campbell did. Lazzeri is devoid of any journalistic integrity - she must sit at her desk cringing with shame as she types. Five minutes work would have revealed that the 'new witness' Carlos Moreira has been around from the beginning.

  27. #13 Well said, totally agree.

    This 'article' also in the Dutch paper 'De Telegraaf' today, title: 'Witness saw Maddie in pyjamas', illustration the 'Tanner abductor' carrying a child in pyjamas (snippet from the Sun).

  28. Has he? Where is he in the files?

  29. Wonder who wrote Carlos Moreira's script.

  30. i think this is put out to try to distract us all from other important things going on, SO KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN TO THE MURAT/TANNER CASE,HALIGAN AND MR AMARAL.

  31. This looks like they are setting up the abductor as Hewlett, these people have no shame. I've seen many gypsies in my time but never one that wore a suit.

  32. Ironside, actually the name used in that comment http://skynews6.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/05/the_world_on_ou.html, if I'm not mistaken, could be an intentional joke to a former Judiciary Police chief-inspector who lived/s? in Oporto, really called José Carlos Moreira http://www.wook.pt/authors/detail/id/33064 - who used to write for the Revista de Investigação Crimal [Criminal Investigation Magazine], who won the literary prize of ASFIC [Associação Sindical dos Funcionários de Investigação Criminal da Polícia Judiciária(PJ Union Workers)] in 2005 and who is now a writer of police novels [fiction]. Obviously, the other hypothesis is that that it is really the coincidental name of some guy who does live in Rio Tinto, Oporto - North of Portugal. The third hypothesis is that it could be a fake signature/name used to comment - I know a lawyer who does that in several PT online newspapers, and his initials are MAC.

    The McCann's Carlos Moreira of the Lazzeri's SUN exclusive is just a dismissed account witness from the PJ 'sexed-up dossier' files, that Isabel Duarte and the McCanns themselves via Clarence Mitchell and UK media have been trying to exploit. Nothing new in there. Nothing to come from there, except an intentional Team McCann machiavellian spin to validate the previous spin on Raymond Hewlett's [and re-accuse the dead and defenceless Hewlett] white van as a «new» lead now confirmed by Carlos Moreira.

  33. Although I would love for Madeleine to be found, none of the sightings have led to a viable location for this beautiful child. As the years have gone by, even for those believing an abduction had taken place, the likelihood of finding her diminishes, and a dwindling of donations would reflect this tragic probability.

  34. Thanks Joana for the information. Liz come and live in Spain the head of a clan wears a suit and all gold teeth LOL

  35. joana,i thought that hewlett was checked out and that he didnt have any thing to do with madeleines so called abduction.
    who in there right mind would believe any thing written in the english newspapers ever again after 3 years of them reporting lies from clarence(angel of death)mitchell about a fake abduction.

  36. You're probably right dear Joana because, as I understand it, it's a common name in Portugal but it's rather a coincidence that both Carlos Moreiras appear to be preoccupied with the Portugal/Spain border issue ;)

  37. So is this woman working for the McCann's or is she working for an abductor?

    She clearly has no feelings for Madeleine - what is her game?

  38. How wonderful that after all this time Carlos Moreira has finally decided to mention what he saw on that fateful night a few years ago.....Maddy's parents must be strapped for their mortgage payements (again)

  39. Sky News
    McCanns Launch Missing Child Alert System
    They launch???

    InTheNews.co.uk ‎
    Madeleine McCann parents help launch new child rescue alert system
    They only help to launch???


  40. time for some ground rules,any sighting MUST reveal WHEN, TO WHOM it was made or else be dismissed as rubbish.
    we can live in hope.

  41. Booooooooooooooooring.

  42. surely poor little madeleine died in the apartment and has been somehow buried or disposed of illegally without a death certificate and the fund is all cons to get money.Madeleine is better off without these who left her and the twins alone in tears repeatedly.Poor little thing!

  43. I see Mitchell is back working for the McCanns - I thought recently he got himselfa real job.

  44. poster23 Well said, but you have to admit its just SO frustrating that whatever the investigations results were,eg dogs "finding" cavader in the apartment , on kates clothes,cuddlecat,the hired car ,NOT answering the 48 questions ,refusing to the re-enactment of their movements that evening etc etc etc THEY ALWAYS HAVE A ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING;IMO the most ridiculous one was the cavader in the car was because Sean had developed a liking for sea bass,like you do when your nearly 2 BUT,the weirdest explanation she gave for cavader being on cuddlecat was because she ,a doctor no less USED TO TAKE HER LITTLE GIRLS FAVORITE BED TIME TOY TO WORK WITH HER,whilst certifying someones death WHAT PLANET are you on mrs macaan????but ,they, those in charge, believed you!!WHY???? If only you had been a couple from a council estate ,it would all have been done and dusted by now ,and you would be "serving your time "for leaving those 3 little babies night after night!!!shame on you !!!!

  45. Hi Joana,
    Greetings from UK my friends and I wanted to thank you for your brilliant journalism, and also all the hard work and research that you and your team are involved in. Through you we are kept up to date in the developments of the Mccann case, we are all of the same opinion that Kate and Gerry are guilty, in our opinion we think they will be caught out by something unrelated to the Madeleine case as so often happens. We would also like to thank Astro for his work on ‘Home and Humanity’ and the ‘Wrong Road,’ we all log on every day to see what has developed. We enjoyed your post number 137 and 138 Maddie 7th Birthday, absolutely brilliant. We have told all our friends to look at your websites and they all do. We know its three years since poor Madeleine ‘disappeared’ and sometimes we feel we are ‘bashing our heads against a brick wall’ but eventually there will be results and justice for Madeleine, we must all keep going and pursuing the truth, we owe it to this little 3 year old who has clearly been forgotten in her parents pursuit of fame and money. Well done Joane and may God bless you.

  46. Lynn @ 44 and poster 23 brilliant comment my thoughts exactly.

  47. 44 Lynn

    Actually they are never taken to task, they dont give explanations as they arent ever asked to - thats what is so incredible.

    They have grabbed the religious vote, that is people who fill space with invention - damned clever getting that core support!

  48. They seek to grind us down!

    We must resist this ongoing drip of ludicrous rubbish!

    There is no evidence of abduction and plenty of evidence of McCann's speaking wih less than frank honesty.

  49. Ironside 17...

    Rio Tinto?

    Anything to do with industy and acid beds?

  50. Joana,
    I agree with you. They've been trying to find a way to get Hewlett back in the game.

    If this is their plan, they are idiots to try it, and quite frankly, I am hoping that they *will*

    The only person claiming Hewlett had a white (Mercedes) van was Peter Verran. The vehicle that the Hewlett family lived in was a beat up blue van, very distinctive and easily spotted. Note I said they LIVED in the van.

    I am certain that the PJ were confident Hewlett had nothing to do with Madeleine's so-called "abduction" and I think they saw this as McCann manipulation from day one. Even so, the PJ inspected the Hewlett van, took his fingerprints and DNA and it is my opinion that they absolutely were NOT going to be manipulated by the McCanns, Verran or any other fool who actually believed them to be incompetent.


    Verran needs to face Portuguese investigators, IMO. They need to take a look at his finances and grill him again about the lies he told about Hewlett.

    Every single thing the McCanns have tried to use to link Hewlett to this has originated with Verran (or Cindy and Alan Thompson, the ones who found Bin Laden). Verran, according to at least one visitor to my blog, may have a bit of a shady past himself:

    " Anonymous said...Peter Verran should be looked at more closely by the Detectives involved in this case. Especially his background in Cornwall and previous convictions. What are the odds that two men from the same regiment albeit years apart meet in a campsite in Morocco, one a paedophile and the other who has a dodgy childhood past and did not have a good army career and lies about his service and apparently worked with children after the army, 1 in a Million!!! Is someone missing something somewhere, it is my opinion both of them had something to do with it, and Maddie ended up in Morocco!! Mar 4, 2010 8:01:00 AM"

    Although I don't agree with the visitor's opinion that Hewlett and Verran both had something to do with Maddie's disappearance (British cadaver dogs don't lie), this comment did begin to confirm my suspicion that Verran is not to be trusted, and may even be key to finding out who is behind the cover-up in the McCann case.

    I really do hope this is the beginning of the "Maddie was seen in Raymond Hewlett's white van on the way to Spain" end game. It will open Pandora's Box to the Molseed case, corruption in the FSS, Verran's past and might even create enough pressure for the Castree case to be reopened.

    I'm no defender of Raymond Hewlett, in fact I believe he was a horrible man and a danger to children, but he had nothing to do with Madeleine.

    Frankly, I think it is highly likely that Hewlett was employed by MI5 to hang around in Ireland (Letterkenny/Dundalk, etc.) in exchange for being eliminated in the Molseed murder case. I wouldn't doubt Verran might have a similar gig.

    If you think it is not possible that these types of things occur, take a close look at Dr. David Kelly's death. There is a very ugly shadow behind many things that happen in the UK.

  51. Antonella Lazzeri

    Custodian of our right to free expression - she has failed in that duty and responsibility.

  52. Anon.@ 27.

    Interesting that you bring here an article similar to the one in The Sun, in De Telegraaf. The same newspaper who conveniently delivered the letter about Madeleine dumped in Algarve and lead PJ to waste time searching the girl in the wrong place.
    I always had the feeling that Mccann's were behind that letter and that strategy. The letter happened few days after the Mccann's went to Holland ( where they lived one year before) and there, they meet one of the Tapas 9 ( Reported at mccannfiles).
    With that letter they distract PJ from themselves, leaving them and the Renault Scenic out of sight. Dogs don't lie and because the Madeleine Fund could not corrupt them, dogs said that a very sinister situation was witnessed by the Renault Scenic.

    Thanks for that information.
    De telegraaf belongs to the Media Group, like the Sun, Daily Mail, etc. ( I don't know if is the same Media Group).
    There is Newspapers behind the tragedy of that girl, making money, exploring her as vultures to cash in and balance their incomes. That immorality is a profitable business for all Mccann's gang, which include this tabloids. If you believe in justice and respect childs rights, don't buy any of this tabloids and don't make any donation to the fraudulent Fund. Slowly, they all will be exposed- BOYCOT THE GANG...

  53. "Fat gypsies, white vans and pink pyjamas"

    The return of Clarence "PR angel of death" Mitchell.


  54. OK so let's get this right, the alleged kidnappers of Madeleine, driving a conspicuous white van, pull into a very public roadside area for a cup of tea, leave the van with open door, revealing her for all to see. I have only one question, WHY? And even in the midst of a vast countrywide media alert for the child. Are these the same kidnappers that were able to find her in complete darkness, making no sound, and leave through a closed shuttered window without leaving a trace?

    How convenient that this story repeats the previous diversions like the 'white van', the 'pink pyjamas', 'gypsies', and being 'good looking' the man could look like McCann. Wow ha ha.

  55. 16 Yes! It proves they do NOT want the case re-opening - they have not demanded the re-opening or it would have happened by now.

    The last thing they want is a real investigation.

    It is a terrible indictment of our authorities that the McCanns are allowed to perpetrate their fraud and use unfounded claims to seek money from an unsuspecting (generally ignorant) public.

  56. we are all wasting our time thinking that the mccanns would feel shame for leaving madeleine and the twins at night why they went out to enjoy themselves,the mccanns and the tapas friends do NOT care about madeleine one iota,just as long as people keep donating to THIER fund so as to keep them in a life they have become used too.
    but what puzzle me most of all is the grandparents of madeleine,how could THEY let this charade go on and on, and dont no one try to tell me they dont know whats happend to thier little grandaughter or they would have put a stop to it on the 4 th may .

  57. I want a real breakthrough in this case. Not in the form of a rehashed, unreliable, 'witness' (quite possibly with a political agenda if it's the same Carlos Moreira) on a tip off from the pretendy cop, but in the form of a re-opening of the official police investigation.
    Anything less, is a betrayal of Madeleine McCann.
    If this latest 'sighting' can be used as a pretext for that ultimate outcome then it might just be more than than the waste of paper, ink and bandwidth that it currently is.
    Please someone in Portuguese justice have the courage and decency to call a halt to this damaging case.

  58. The investigations got to be re-opened immediately.
    It is a scandal that the parents are not demanding for re-opening.
    Unless they are afraid to be sued by those suspects and it could happen.
    This kind of suspects can go very far, they know exactly how to make money.
    By now the pyjamas must be very dirty, not fitting her well.
    But still recognisable by us all.
    The white van with a gipsy inside is very commom nowadays, you see them everywhere in Portugal, every day.
    And full of abducted children, that is the whole problem.

  59. Anon 4

    Just what I was thinking.

    Is there something threatening them on the near horizon which is making the McCanns pull out all the stops with these brainwashing nonsense stories of abductors.

    Is it fear of Murat winning against Tanner, and the case reopened with Mr Smith's sighting of the Gerry McCann lookalike coming to the fore? If Tanner is discredited, then Gerry's alibi will be gone.

    Are they working their socks off in secrets talks with the judge in the Murat V Tanner case, as they were in the case against Dr Amaral?

    Are they not sure they can persuade the judge this time?

  60. Agora pergunto que raio andam o MAI, o MNE, o PR, o PM, a AR, a ASFIC, SIS e a PGR a fazer? Fecham os olhos e assobiam para o lado como se não fosse nada com eles? Isto é uma palhaçada total! Até quando é que estes tipos vão impunemente gozar com a soberania e Justiça do nosso País? Os negligentes casal de starlets McCann, o aldrabão do Clarence Mitchell, os incongruentes Tapas 7, alguns diplomatas, cônsules e vice-cônsules da Embaixada Britânica[2007] que estranhamente foram "postos a andar" e os variadíssimos detectives privados que por cá andaram alegadamente a ameaçar testemunhas e a «plantar» falsas informações, como os Método 3, deviam ser considerados personae non gratae em Portugal. Todos os outros que permitiram, sancionaram e ajudaram que o curso natural da Justiça fosse pervertido, obstaculizando a investigação conjunta da PJ/MET/SY aka Operation Task deveriam ser castigados exemplarmente. E aqui, refiro-me claramente a alguns jornalistas [churnalistas] e directores de jornais com agendas pessoais; advogados alegadamente psíquicos que não se coíbem de admitir fazer bluff para «arrancar» confissões, actuais e ex bastonários tendenciosos que oportunamente abusaram desses cargos para manipular as opiniões nos média, e mais uns quantos 'tipinhos' sem escrúpulos e morais que tentaram limpar a imagem do casal McCann em operações de media Lift. Já chega desta merda, não?!

  61. Just a thought, "if the Macaans had been penniless" and from a council estate would Clarence Mitchell have put himself forward as their spokesman??????I THINK NOT !!!!!

  62. With regards to the pyjamas Madeleine was said to have been wearing when she 'vanished'.

    Thinking way back, wasn't there either a top or bottom of pyjamas found on the beach and the McCanns when shown it said it was not Madeleine's.

    With hindsight, might it not have been a bit too trusting to believe the McCanns about this.

    Maybe the UK sniffer dogs should have been given a sniff of the item instead, though I don't think they had arrived on the scene at that time.


  64. @ Anon 59

    In the other scale of the balance,we have Dr.Amaral"s complete silence and steadiness
    I like that very much.
    Meanwhile,let them rattle their cage and not a very golden one as it is

  65. McCanns Launch Missing Child Alert System

    More circus


  66. Here is a more up to date piece on abduction. On the news(HLN) today in the US, it was said that parents should teach their kids to kick, scream and fight if someone tries to abduct them. It said 84% of kids who do this are let go. I hope the McCs will educate people on this information.

  67. #49,
    Rio Tinto is just a small town in the north of Portugal, near Oporto, nothing to do with the international mining group called Rio Tinto, if that's what you're thinking. No industrial connections at all with acid beds, chemicals, etc.

  68. I fully expected Hewlett to confess to a newspaper in return for a vast amount of money even though he knew he was innocent. He could have died knowing his family had funds. He did not confess, and I can only presume that is because he was innocent and felt there are some things more important than money. Pity the McCanns do not think the same.

    This latest story is beyond stupid and if the McCanns had a brain cell between them they would know they should put a stop to articles such as this being written because it is making a mockery of this sad story. They have gagged other people, so why allow this rubbish to continue. I have never understood the McCanns and never will and I have never agreed with one single course of action they have taken. Any "normal" parent would have co-operated by taking part in the police reconstruction when requested even if they did not particular like the personel involved. Not the McCanns, they went off in a huff to do it themselves and have not got anywhere. A lot of the blame IMO lies with all the people who donated to the fund because without it they would have had to co-operate with the police and who knows what may have happened as a result - They would either be in the slammer or perhaps the truth of what happened to Madeleine could have been found out. The big question now has to be "Do they really want the truth to be known"

  69. maybe the portuguese police should use this opportunity to re open the case...whose paying who

  70. Someone please lock them up and throw away the keys!

  71. What a charade, it is so transparent - just another knee jerk to distract and bring attention to the 'poor sad parents'. This pair are just 'MAD' imo - this has to stop, poor MBM deserves so much more. Come on Portugal - force this issue, reopen the case - PLEASE!

  72. I firmly believe that the "good looking,clean shaven and fat" is a deliberate ploy to make us think of Goncalo Amaral. After all he is the bad guy in all this.

  73. When I first came to Algarve, 34 years ago, I left the airport of Faro and I immediately noticed hundreds of white vans on the roads.
    At first I thought it was the wedding of an arabic princess but the taxi driver explained me that those vans belonged to gipsy abductors whose jobs were to abduct little children.
    I got really upset about what he was telling me but he assured me that gipsy abductors don't do any harm to little children.
    They love children, they don't let them down, they contract nannies to take care of them when they go dining and wining, they are really reliable.
    That's probably why the McCanns are sure that Maddie did not suffer any harm.

  74. Is this George Harrison suffering of gingivitis?

  75. I'm not the type to involve myself in news papers stories, I don't like to comment but I have to.
    I read this article on Sun today and a friend of mine advised me Joana Morais blogs' in order to tell what I know.
    I remember this couple on May the fourth 2007 near Carregado.
    They were gipsies but they spoke Catalán, the language they speak in Barcelona. The woman's grey hair was false, and she had a glass eye and a wooden leg.She had difficulties to walk and she was not capable to see very well, altough she was the driver of the van.
    When I tried to warn her and the man about the danger of driving in such health conditions, they beated me.
    I ren to a telephone cell in order to call the police but the couple threatened me saying they worked for Carter Ruck.
    That is why I gave up telling this story to anyone and I thank Joana Morais for giving me the chance to tell it hier, anonymous.
    Thank you, Joana!

  76. 75 if you have any information you believe is helpful to the case please contact the Judiciary Police, thank you.

    Departamento de Investigação Criminal de Portimão
    Rua Pé da Cruz, nº2, 8500-640 Portimão
    Telefone/Phone: +351 282 405 400
    Fax: +351 282 412 763
    Piquete: +351 282 427 671
    E-Mail: dic.portimao@pj.pt

  77. Anon.@75,

    If you know something follow Joana Instructions. Is never late to make justice.

    We believe, People in Portugal know important information, special the workers at the Resort and people from PDL. They are holding this, worried by the intimidation the Mccann's use to do using their manipulated press and their lawyers. They claim a power which really they don't have. When the first domino piece roll off, the all castle will fall down in less then a blink.

    If you have information come forward. The portuguese, the all country and trillions around the world will support your courage and your decision. Madeleine and all missing childs deserve it.
    3 Years of fabricated news and manipulation, more or less showed how fake was the abduction and the Fund is a fraud, not different then what some banks have done with their clients. If the managers of that banks faced justice ( in USA with many years in prison) why the Mccann's have to be different and still asking donations?

    They damage the search of all little childs really abducted. After Madeleine, every time a child went missing, we doubt and this can dramatically damage the recover of the child. I hope, apart the british tabloids, all the Media in the world had learn a lesson with Madeleine case: CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION SHOULD BE DONE BY OFFICIAL POLICES, NOT BY FREELANCER JOURNALISTS, paid according with the news they produced. this can be profitable at the hot moment, but they will pay with their reputation, serious damaged at long term. Portuguese papers, long ago abandoned the Mccann's strategy and I( as a portuguese citizen) would like to congratulate our papers and our editors who decide to make a full stop on that circus.
    Madeleine issue, is not anymore a portuguese or British case. It is global. And we cannot still blind and accept what all our governments do behind scenes to protect very dark situations. A child is not a puppet or a cartoon. She was real and her human rights should work on her behalf. We are here for that. Fighting for her rights. She deserve justice. All the childs deserve to know what happened to her, special her little brothers, to ban from their nights the fear of monsters coming from nowhere and going to the darkness without leaving any trace.
    At the end we also cannot accept that a huge team of polices worked on the case, achieved the same result and believe on the same situation and only one head rolled off to be accused and persecuted in a humiliate way. This is too danger to be left like what it is. It was not only the right of free speech which was violated. There's working rights violated here and human rights.
    If a police head have to be rolled off because the investigation was bad( WHICH I DON'T BELIEVE BECAUSE NO ANY POLICE- PORTUGUESE OR BRITISH- ASSUMED ANY WRONG ASSUMPTION IN THE INVESTIGATION. NOTHING PREVIOUS ACCEPTED WAS DISMISSED ) then the head which have to be rolled off, must be Alipio Ribeiro or the Minister of justice, never the police. The police is a small piece in the master jigsaw. He was used as a scapegoat to protect the Mccann's from a serious crime. And because this happened, I tend to believe that the crime was not a domestic accident due to negligence. Must be a planned crime or something involving paedos in the friends and family circle.

    If you know... come forward. Help the truth. help Madeleine. help justice.

  78. @76,that story is more credible than the one in the sun newspaper

  79. Fencesitter @ 68,

    Hewlett at his dead bed smelled Mccann's method:

    He know that after his false confession and his dead, his family will not receive a single pound. Mccann's are experts in 'fool' and they 'robber' everybody, even our taxes without our permission. If they abuse their dead child and the twins, how they are going to respect an agreement with a dead man? NO WAY...

  80. Anon @ 50, I'm not surprised with what you said. I have the same feeling. Mitchell and carter-Ruck are on the Saga with a clear purpose: to corrupt people to avoid the truth.

    Mitchell, even if he had nothing to do with what happened in May 3 2007, he got involved after. The amount of easy money running on his hands and the promise to achieve important places in UK, made him a 'cumplice' in a horrendous crime. He knows that if Mccann's faced justice he will be incriminated as well. MITCHELL WILL END-UP TOGHETER WITH MCCANN'S. He have to run around the world all his life to protect himself. If not, just think:

    Why he came to Dubai, a town faraway from Europe and from PDL to spread the abduction theory? Most of the people living in the UAE don't even know where is the Algarve or Portugal. They have to recover their History with portuguese traveling around the world during the 15 Century to achieve Vasco da Gama, Afonso de Albuquerque and then Portugal. It was so ridiculous.... but he have to do it, not to search Madeleine, but to sale Mccann's theory and intimidate Portugal.
    portugal need a Baltazar Garzon to crack the mirror and bring some dignity to the country, exposing all this liars.
    Mitchell will go to Afghanistan to convince the Taliban's, if that intimidate Socrates and Pinto monteiro. He know... there is no real b... in portugal. But will not be like that for 20 years.

  81. Every time another crank sighting story emerges, the more obvious TM's lies become, and more people wake up and begin to question. The more they carry on with this tired charade, the more people begin to feel outraged at the trashing of this poor little girl's memory, people that might otherwise have forgotten by now if TM did not keep on prodding with a big stick.

    So Mr Moreira tells us that he saw the little girl's finger twitch - well, that's it then! She must have been alive, just like Kate and Gerry kept telling us! Now we can forever discount the dogs' findings because Mr Moreira observed a twitching finger. :))

    Still waiting for the parents to request the re-opening of the case so that they can fully submit themselves to some rigorous questioning and *ahem* clear their sorry names. Still waiting for justice for Madeleine.


  82. "He told The Sun: "I saw a white van with the back door open. I saw a girl, lying on a pile of clothes in the back. She was wearing a two-piece pyjama set, pink and white, or yellow. I saw her back, I could see her hands and feet."
    Pink and white, or yellow.
    Strange how this exacly matches the Tanner description, 'pinkish tinge'. The only problem is that we know it was totally wrong. The pyjamas were white, and had an Eeyore motif on the front. And didn't have the frilly bit around the bottom of the legs, and anyway didn't reach the ankles. At least according to the McCanns, who might be expected to know.
    But JT saw what she saw. And isn't making this up, you know, and is telling the truth.
    So what she saw can't have been Madeleine. But then is was gently pointed out, about a thousand times, that there is sodium lighting in the area, so everthing looks either yellow or grey. Suddenly the pyjamas become yellow. Perhaps this new person thinks that the lighting somehow dyes the cloth on which it falls.
    But then we are told "She was wearing pyjamas identical to the pair Maddie had on when she was abducted."
    So they weren't pink or yellow. In which case why say they were ?
    Just say - They were identical to the pair Maddie was wearing, whatever colour or style or type they were. Or perhaps were not. -
    That should just about cover it.

  83. "The woman was 60 to 65, fat with grey hair."
    I thought we were still trying to trace a Victoria Beckham lookalike. Clarrie has never told us that that particular "strong lead" has been discontinued, has he ?

  84. The Sun didnt get its name 'The gutter press' for nothing, if this is a sample of its journalism it is living up to its 'gutter press' reputation, everything and everybody the mccanns touch becomes tarnished.

  85. Anon 75

    And this then you never said a word? are you sure youre not telling porkies? Why now?

    "They were gipsies but they spoke Catalán, the language they speak in Barcelona"

    Are you so fluent in spanish that you can make the difference between spanish and catalan?

    "I ren to a telephone cell in order to call the police but the couple threatened me saying they worked for Carter Ruck"

    Really? And on the 4th of May 2007 you already knew of Carter Ruck,didnt you?

    tut tut....

  86. Posted by: Carlos Moreira, Rio Tinto, Portugal 10 May 2007 22:04:50 on Sky.

    Comment by this man about halfway down page.

    Seems like he was around from a very early date after Madeleine went missing giving his views about the borders in Portugal.

    Link below:-



  87. Thank you 75 for your amusing wind up story, false hair, a glass eye and a wooden leg - Are you a reporter for the Sun?

  88. I also think 73 is another wind up merchant on here today. As if Portugal would just accept this as the norm. As if gypsies would hire nannies. Is this your subtle way to get onto sites and discredit the Portuguese. If you were just making a tongue in cheek comment then I apologise but if not you should not have waited 34 years to make this child abduction known.

  89. I think 75 is humorous ! :). Only rich people work for Carterrrrruck ;)

  90. @ Anon 73 & 85

    I think I am going to report (to the Sun) that I have seen maddie ridding pink elephants.It is as credible as gypsies hiring nannies =))

  91. In the Sun today. Four year old twins were snatched from social services, but have been found. Their mother snatched them.

  92. 75 look more like one of the Pro, coming here to distract the main purpose of that Blog. We know, the Carter-F... love to F.... everywhere, but on May 4, near carregado with an old Catalan rescued from the Taliban montains with all that injuries, was not only a joke, was an insult to Madeleine memory.
    Rosiepop, you cannot do better with all your Kate frustrations.

  93. #73 almost made me choke on my cup of coffee! How stupid can one get?! Must be under the "influence" of something...well, one thing he/she got right...portuguese gypsies are good and loving to THEIR children, but it is utterly offensive to label them as child-snappers! That idea comes from the old days when parents scared their children to make them behave good by telling them the gypsies would come and take them if they didn't obey, a sort of boggeyman thing.

    And when I had recovered from the coffee choking, oh dear, it almost happened again with # 75 comment!
    So funny! I too, think you should contact the authorities...if the McCanns and their "team" can come up with all sorts of sightings and expect to be taken seriously, then why can't you or any of us, for that matter? In fact, some HAVE indeed taken you and your "testimony" seriously...like #78, bless him/her, LOL!!!

  94. Oh, I see that #85 took #75 seriously too!
    What's with you people today? Go get a cup of coffee, start up the "little grey cells"!

  95. 89, those gipsies were undercover, working for carter ruck.

    85,I speak very many languages. That's why I heard it was Catalán.

    87, I am a reporter for Daily Clarence Mitchell.

  96. Joana, thank you veery much for giving me the address of the police in Portugal.
    I will sure write them!

  97. This man is clearly telling the truth:

    "She moved one of her fingers but she was deeply asleep. When the van door was opened, she did not wake up, as if she was drugged."

    Because, let's face it, it's normal to see 4-year old children lying in the back of a van, drugged up and not do anything about it. I often see children in the back of cars 'drugged up' and don't consider reporting it to the police. I'd wait 3 years first, then ring up a newspaper, because this wouldn't alarm me at all.

    How ridiculous. How utterly appalling. How disgraceful to the memory of little Madeleine. Do none of these people have any honour? Is there not one iota of decency amongst any of the Tapas gang or their relatives? How much longer will the media publish these nonesense stories?

    May the truth one day be known.

  98. Isn't it a white van that is always seen at crime scenes world wide?

  99. She was thrown in the wagon of a travelin' show and her daddy used to lie for the money you know.
    Mama would do whatever she could, praying like mad and drinking some bottles of Doctor Good.
    Gypsies, tramps and thieves, we'd hear it from Mitchell and he's no good.

  100. Nobody take 75 seriously. Some of us just use it to highlight an important point - People near to the resort and PDL know and hold important information and they must come forward and don't be affraid of the Mccann's, specially the British Expats. This is the message under lines at post 78.

    75 is a pro. Kate spend a lot of time at home in the Internet searching for her daughter. Must be her. She is part of the gang who know at May 4 that Carter-R was already at stage.

  101. @ Anon 95

    I do not believe you

  102. @Anon 75

    Entertain us please =))

  103. lj 98
    "Isn't it a white van that is always seen at crime scenes world wide?"

    Indeed it is, driven by a swarthy foreigner, probably of gypsy appearance, who has long greasy hair and spots, and walks with a stoop, and has bad teeth, and dresses in a 'foreign' way, and 'lurks', and looks furtively around, and mutters to himself in a 'foreign' language, and behaves 'strangely'. He eats young children and 'grinds their bones to make his bread'. Or, in the modern editions of the Fairy Tale, sells their body parts.
    In other words the bogeyman from every mythology and tradition known to human history.
    They were used to frighten children into behaving sensibly and not running away.

    Or in the case of the McCanns, simply to terrify their remaining children, with no reasonable excuse for so doing.

    Actually there are a hell of a lot of white vans around in the world. So the chances of seeing one near a crime scene have got to be very high.

  104. How true PeterMac at 103,

    and besides frightening their children they are frightening the rest of the kids into think they may end up being taken away in the night, just like Madeleine, which they have been brainwashed into believing.

    The McCanns have a lot to answer for.

  105. Maddie 'key' quiz, 27 May 2010

    Maddie 'key' quiz The Sun (paper edition)

    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    DETECTIVES working for Madeleine McCann's parents are in Portugal to quiz a "key" witness who has come forward.

    Carlos Moreira, 65, told The Sun this week he saw her in a van the day after she vanished.

    Maddie, of Rothley, Leics, was three when she disappeared in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007.

    A source close to Kate and Gerry McCann said: "He could prove to be the key we're looking for."

    No news.Just waiting for the next spin.
    May be Edgar will look more closely at the Obscure Lair where the poor child is? happy and well looked after.....?

    I guess something is going on hence the pinko spin(s)

  106. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2990736/Mum-is-led-off-packed-beach-with-burt-baby.html

    "She was not arrested for allowing the baby to suffer the nasty injuries, but police and social services are investigating to see if the child needs protection".

    Fine.What about the twins? has it been assed if they needed protection? Her sister just "vanished",her parents are extremely suspicious of having a part in her "disappearance"...what about child protection issues in this very concrete case?
    Anyone knows?

  107. Anon 106

    Agreed, but more than 'vanished', the dogs are saying the child died in the apartment, yet the McCanns have still been allowed to keep the other children with no fuss whatsoever.

    Madeleine was definitely in harms way, that is why she is dead.

    Are the other two also in harms way? Is there somebody around who may be a danger to them?

  108. Following on from many of the above ..
    Can Mitchell or indeed anyne on TM now tell us publicly and formally whether
    1 the Victoria Beckham lookalike "stong lead" is now over.
    2 the "Hellish lair" within 10 miles of PdL is no longer being sought
    3 the late Mr Hewitt has been ruled out
    4 this White van gypsy is now the main suspect
    because as far as I can make out he is just adding confusion to nonsense. Which may of course be his intention.

    Come on Press, just get one decent journalist to ring and ask him on the record where were are up to.

  109. PeterMac at 108

    The McCanns can only do this for so long before the public are visibly yawning at yet another load of rubbish.

    It is getting to be a big turn off, all these bogus sightings of Madeleine, and the daft pictures of yet another supposed 'abductor'.

    And what is not making sense is why those so called 'investigators' of the McCanns feel the need to tell all to the media so as to alert anybody who might have Madeleine.

    Surely if they seriously believed Madeleine was alive and did not want to put her life in danger, they would go and find her or the abductor first, and come back when they do.

    But then, the McCanns wouldn't get the publicity they crave, or the money to keep this fiasco going.

    Meanwhile the truth of the findings of the real investigators is kept under wraps by the media.

    It can only last so long McCanns before they turn.

    After all, they have to sell news, and your feeding this stuff to the media will no longer be of interest to them. It will be something much more sensational they will be after.

  110. So another "witness" has appeared out of the blue three years later to remember in detail a strangers face that he only had a fleeting glance at.According to the Express an e-fit image will shortly be released,I wonder which one of the previous pictures will he match. Why do they not interview Mr. Smith who was,at the time,in no doubt of who he had seen carrying a child near the beach. Mr Smith why did you change your mind,you spoke to who you identified as Mr Mccann and he turned away and went off. Please Mr Smith if you come forward and tell the truth the whole case would be cleared up and the Mccann lies would be stopped.They have treated little Madeleine very badly,she always looked frightened and you have children of your own. Dont be on the side of those that are lying and evil.G.Germany.

  111. Lazzeri specialises in mysterious sightings- like the Loch Ness Monster and UFOs. This load of twaddle fits in with her limited repertoire of hack jouralism; using the word journalism in its loosest sense.

  112. FOI request to British government due for response aroung June 18th. What garbage will it get as a response, or will the new coalition government surprise us? Sorry Theresa, the Home Secretary's job has always been a poisoned chalice- never more so, as you will have gathered. What have you decided to do about Kevin Halligen?


    Have a look around ... they are everywhere... white van men all around us... of course... and a horse is a horse...


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