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Interview with Portuguese Ambassador in London

Excerpt of the interview with the Portuguese demissionary Ambassador António Santana Carlos in London

Journalist - The 'Madeleine McCann' case turned the relations between both countries difficult, mainly because of the media mutually attacking each other. You, Mr. Ambassador were strongly criticized by statements given in an interview to 'The Times' newspaper by the well known columnist Tony Parsons. Was this the most difficult case of your commission?

Ambassador - No. The story had a great media attention. What I said is that there are many more kidnappings in the UK than in Portugal, and no one mentioned that. There are speculations and books written [on the case], but we do not know what has happened. As far as I know the parents called first the media before the police. There were some problems with the lack of information and misunderstanding, since the British do not have the concept of secrecy of Justice. Besides 'The Times', I gave four other interviews on the British television stressing the importance for both countries police authorities to work together. There was even data that was investigated in British laboratories. Portugal was not trying to hide anything. The case was archived because there weren't evidence [material proves], but it might be reopened. I will not make value judgments, the parents lived difficult moments. I understand their pain because I have a son.

Journalist - Did the relations between both countries return to what they were?

Ambassador - Yes. I did not feel any kind of antagonism from anyone. In the statements given to 'The Times', I have said a few things which seem evident to me. For example, that we as Latins privilege the nuclear family, all together, and that we do not leave children alone. That was perceived as criticism. I also said that there was too much media attention, and that that has hindered the investigation.

Journalist - And now that you are going to retire, what do you intend to do?

Ambassador - I hope I have more time to dedicate myself to activities that give me pleasure, like playing golf. Here I could only practice it every two months. Besides that, I do not plan to be inactive but as of now I still haven't made any plans.

in DN Portuguese Communities, 30.05.2010 - by Rubina Vieira

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  1. Obviously diplomacy is a key requirement for anyone in an ambassadorial role but, IMO the Portuguese have been way too gracious! The Britsh Ambassador showed no such graciousness in Portugal.

    The job of an Ambassador should entail fairness in taking care of their own country's interests in the host country. Maybe I'm being unfair and there were attempts at (pro-justice) negotiating going on behind the scenes but I have to say, living in England, I've heard/read very little from the Portuguese Ambassador in the last three years. IMO the British Establishment (I include the media) has been allowed 'to get away with blue murder'!

  2. I'm sorry Mr. Ambassador, but Portugal was and is trying to hide something, namely the unexplainable premature interference of the British diplomacy, secret services and government. And so are you Mr. Ambassador, otherwise you would have asked for an intervention of the Portuguese authorities in order to protect the good name of our institutions.
    It's sad that a child had to suffer to show how useless the portuguese diplomacy is compared to the British one, even if I disapprove the lattest ways.
    In Britain a portuguese subject may be sentenced to life in prison without the minimum possibility of a decent defense and the Ambassy doesn't even acknowledges that subject's family attempts to get some support - shame on you Mr. Ambassador.
    I'm happy that you chose to go play golf because as a diplomat you are a shame.

  3. Thank you Joana for posting this interview. I wonder if the vile British press will publish it.

  4. Well, querida Jilly, I believe the importance of a diplomat and his media "value" are always related to a country's economical power or «prime» resources which is not, unfortunately, the case of Portugal. In the particular case of this Portuguese Ambassador, he did have early on a certain mediatic value in the UK, even if it was just to fuel the Tony Parsons like minded people and convince them of a «us versus them» racist theme.

    In any case, unless you have access to the appropriate circles, or search for the right information at the right places most likely you won't know or hear about the work or actions of diplomats, even more when at cause is a matter of criminal nature that affects and strains the relations of two countries.

    beijinhos e bom Domingo :)

  5. Tony Parsons is a xenophobic, unintelligent asshole. I am sure the British are as embarrassed about him as the Americans are about people like Maury Povich. I think the ambassador is correct in swatting Parsons as one would an annoying gnat. He is nothing more than that. He no more represents the British people than the idiots on the "Maury" show represent Americans. Unfortunately, in both cases, those looking in from outside the UK or the US might truly believe these are representatives of both societies. They are not. I repeat - they are annoying gnats and not worth the time it takes to even discuss them.

    Throughout the last three years I have been struck time and time again by the DIGNITY shown by the Portuguese. IMO, this is another example of it.

  6. tony parsons appears to be furious when a foreigner says something which could well be a fact. I would have said to mr.parsons that i cant imagine a portugese couple who had lost their daughter smiling and laughing happily only 9 days later i am english by the way

  7. Certainly the McCann's have brought disrepute on the parents of the UK.

    But we too (the 'silent majority') believe in the nuclear family and are appalled at the words of Clarence Mitchell and the better off media professionals (especially the women who have children and farm them out to nannies and creches!).

    The McCann's have from the very beginning sought only to defend themselves over and above seeking their child.

    It seems almost a relief to them that their daughter has been removed from their 'care' - how else can they have laughed only days after!!!!

    Perhaps she was not a perfect child - they clearly live in a 'disneyesque' world.

    I can only hope that one day their fraud will be ended and their activities investigated.

  8. Ambassador António Santana Carlos

    "As far as I know the parents called first the media before the police."

    "The case was archived because there weren't evidence [material proves], but it might be reopened."

    The above said in May 2010. Imo justice will forthcoming for MBM!


  9. Parsons is an odious little twerp

    His comments re. the ambassador were clearly racist and meant to inflame

    Those comments IMHO do not reflect what the vast populace of the UK
    think about the Portuguese

    - man's a stirrer..suppose having been close to the Burchill woman does that to a man

    Parsons' racism and idiocy is not the UK's racism and idiocy

    nor should his pathetic views be politicised to other ends


  10. Interesting that the Ambassador confirms that the McCanns called the media (Sky News?) before the police. According to our friend Brunt that was completely untrue and simply a myth put about by the anti-McCann media. (What anti-McCann media, you might well ask!)

  11. If he is an example of what the Portuguese Government would say and do if even more nasty comments about Portugal were broadcast because of the McCann case, then there is no need for the British Government to be keeping whatever it is they know about the McCann case under wraps.

    This 'secret' information is said to be of such importance that for it to be revealed would ruin relations between the two countries.

    As it is, if this man is anything to go by, it will be water off a ducks back.

    No doubt the McCanns want whatever it is to be kept secret, but please British Government, publish and be damned (not)!

    You have nothing to fear.

    Don't continue to cover up information which has been provided by somebody close to the McCanns for a second longer. This is a criminal case and a little child is missing, and all evidence and information should be sent to the investigators.

    To do otherwise is a disgrace.

  12. I dont know that anyone genuine would start a ltd company fund and e bay shop, such a short time after she went missing, this is not normal behaviour of grieving parents. they keep a low profile, this fund is fraudulant and should be investigated as those should be again.

  13. I hope he did not retired gagged. He must know part of the game, the governments played behind scenes to manipulate reports, corrupt people and protect the criminals, leaving a little girl out of the role of justice, completely used and abused....by her own family.

  14. Must be a legal loop in the portuguese justice system which allows the re opening of the case that people want it or not ffs!
    I just cant believe nothing is done about it not the slightest thing

  15. Mr. Santana Carlos is a great man.
    "The case was archived because there weren't evidence(material proves), but it might be reopened."
    Not "... archived because the parents are innocent".
    He knows like we know that it is a question of evidence.
    No words about "no indications", "no leads", "a mystery".
    How does he know "it might be reopened"?
    Because he believes the PJ and Amaral's book and he must have spoken to Portuguese authorities.
    And by now he must know a lot more than we all knew when the files were published.

  16. No-one called the medias before the police. That is just symptomatic of believing 'commentators' who have their own agendas. Just read the files, it was disproved. It's unfortunate that the distinguished amabassador has been misled.

  17. Paediatrics! David Payne's first viva exam in his urology qualification, taken in Athens in 2008. Confident and smug, he reports on his enjoyable time sipping coffee in a cafe. Hope he wasn't in the vicinity of any holiday- making families. Not expecting to be brought to justice, it would seem.

  18. Non story which suggests the ambassador knows little about the case

  19. 16 You will be telling us that there was an abductor next!

  20. I previously tried to post about this but was shot off the site before I had a chance to send it so will try again.

    In his statement Payne mentions that the McCanns, besides the problem they had with the blind in their holiday apartment, also had a problem with the fridge.

    Although the File mentions the blinds were repaired, there is no further mention of a fridge being broken or repaired.

    Yet at one time the investigators were searching for a fridge which the body had been stored in, and Dr Amaral believed that was so because of forensic evidence.

    This being so, did anybody tie in the search for a fridge, with the broken fridge mentioned by Payne?

    Was the fridge in the holiday apartment ever repaired? If so, who repaired it? Who told Payne the fridge was broken and when was he told? Which day exactly?

    If the said broken fridge was replaced then where was it taken to? Was it taken to the dump along with the rest of the things the McCanns dumped there, or was it put somewhere else? Does Payne know?

    Or was the story about the broken fridge told because a fridge was purchased by the McCanns and the purchase needed to be explained?

    If so, where was this new fridge stored, was it taken to a new apartment, or was it small enough to be transported in the back of a vehicle? Were there any photos of such a thing being put in a vehicle?

    If a fridge had been purchased by the McCanns then maybe the credit cards would have given evidence of that. The credit cards the McCanns were said not to have, but then it turned out they did when they hired a car with one, though the investigators were not allowed to see them.

    All in all, that fridge mystery is still out there and needs explaining.

  21. Belleving tittle tattle doesn't help anybody 19.

  22. @20

    re:the fridge.

    I've heard mention of a fridge being bought by the Mccanns before. Can't find any real info but i always thought, if true, that it was odd. After all, if the fridge in your holiday apartment broke down, no-one i know would replace it themselves. Surely it would be down to the villas owner?. Odd, very odd. Does any have any further information on this please?

  23. Does he mean that the parents called the media before calling the police, OR does he mean the parents called the media before the police called the media.

    In any case we know that Sky wasn't contacted before the police were contacted because Sky confirmed that.

  24. Good point, anon 20!
    Mccanns wouldn't like it.

  25. 24 Obviously Sky News statement relative to that McCanns first [media] phone call, belonging to Murdoch News Corporation, owner of FOX in the US and tabloid SUN, is extremely reliable - just as reliable as Gail Cooper's «gipsy» man or Clarence Mitchell's spins. It is a pity that some journalists do and say silly things because they have to follow His Maters' Tyrant Voice - that's the problem of working for Murdoch's Media Monopoly - you didn't gave the source for who wrote that rubbish in a blog, but I'm confident most people that read this blog know.

    By the way, did you know that Sky News has a kind of media team composed of some Brit freelance journalists hired in the Algarve? Just in case that «special scoop» happens?

    The Police, and not even the PJ but the GNR were contacted 40 minutes later after that first phone call - and that is an undeniable fact.

  26. Good answer to Anon 24, Joana
    The mccanns and whoever can say whatever they want: the files are there.
    There is also an ideniable fact:they have been formally under suspicion and to this day,they are even though there isnt (apparently) enough evidence to prove their involvement.
    In any case,the remains of this sad case are that the mccanns have never asked for the re-opening of the case and they never stopped it being shelved in the first place.
    That has become and is the main and crucial issue and the rest is and has become fairly irrelevant.
    I,personally,still believe that justice will be made to Madeleine.If not in the very next future, it is bound to and it will happen at a much later date.Lets time takes its toll upon them and whoever has "mingled" with "it".
    Somebody will "break down"

  27. Hmmmm ... I wonder how Sky would know whether they had or hadn't been contacted before the police.

  28. Five years ago a young American woman disappeared forever in Aruba, after having going out with a young Dutch man, on a night.
    Evidences against him were too weak, his father was judge in Aruba, they even say a police man in Aruba was protecting the young Dutchman.
    Once, the young man told an undecover that the young woman was dead, it was secretly recorded and filmed, but he denied this story later.
    Last Sunday he killed a woman(21) in Lima, Peru, escaped to Chile where he was caught by the police today.
    In Holland we knew already he was a dangerous man, a psychopat, according to psychiaters.
    We regret he was not brought to justice and condemnd five years ago.
    The lady in Peru would be still alive.
    There is no cure for dangerous people.
    They remain a threat.

    Somebody must know what happened to Madeleine and why there was no post mortem.
    Are other children in danger?

  29. Anon 28


    Madeleine is dead.

    Are other children also in danger? Is there a killer on the loose, while this case is being referred to as a possible accident.

    There is no proof it was an accident. Isn't it better to err on the side of caution and reinvestigate this case as a murder investigation until the blood and cadaver scent is explained.

    Whilst ever it is considered as accident there will be no cooperation from those who were directly involved with this child.

    They will continue to refuse to cooperate, like they did by refusing to return for a requested reconstruction. A murder investigation where they are all made suspects may bring about the needed change.

    Get serious Portugal. Change your rules on the reopening of cases if you have to, surely these things are not written in stone. The life of another child may be at stake.

    How can this case have been shelved when the property of the McCanns, their family and friends has not been searched, as was the case with the Murats. Are the McCanns exempted, unlike the rest of us would have been? The investigation was not concluded by any means.

  30. Good points all at 28 and especially at 29, but who refused to provide information of the kind fundamental for conducting an investigation with any prospect of success at all? Why was there so little cooperation from the British authorities that only background information on the McCanns sufficient to fill one page of A4 was provided? Who decided that the suspects' credit card records had no bearing on the case whatsoever and so refused to supply this information, ditto mobile phone records, ditto Madeleine's medical record? Shouldn't voices be raised to scream for a public inquiry into the role of Leicestershire Constabulary and in particular its Chief Constable at that time, ditto the role of the Home Office and in particular the Home Secretary at that time? Perhaps the Portuguese Ambassador should have raised these questions again? Why didn't he? What a lost opportunity.

  31. This case should be re-opened in the name of Justice.

  32. Latest news/Newly added old articles of interest


    The Defenders Evening Standard (paper edition)


  33. the young Dutchman arrived this evening at the border of Peru and the police from Chile delivered him to the Peruvian police'.
    In Holland we are following every minute of this case.

  34. Thanks anon 32 for pointing out that article. I'm sure the lawyers were very expensive. I wonder why they felt they had to say their local lawyer looked in the phone book and chose them.

  35. 21 You'll be telling us that the McCann's are good paents next - LOL!

    Why not spend time discussing the facts we know rather than attacking the facts we ae 90% sure of?

  36. There was what looked like a fridge standing outside next to the door of the McCanns holiday apartment in one of the early photos.

    A strange place to put a fridge, unless that is the norm in Portugal.

    Otherwise, come to think of it, where exactly did the cadaver dog alert outside?

  37. Anon@32

    There is not enough silence.

    So wrote the great French existentialist Albert Camus.

    Silence. Shhhhhhhhhhh.

    It terrifies the guilty and manipulative.

    What's really happening? they fret. What's behind this noiseless facade?

  38. With Mccann's everything is fraudulent. Sometimes, I even think, Madeleine could be a fraud. Why the Forensics used a pillowcase to find her sample of DNA in the flat 5A? There is no hair available? No hairbrush, no tootbrush? No hair or skin tissue in the Cuddle cat?
    Amaral on his book claim that GNR dogs (the first dogs arriving to the crime scene to search and rescue her) used a bath towel to get her scent. Again strange. If she disappeared with pyjama, where have been the clothes she weared on day 3 and the previous day? I'm sure, this clothes will be impregnated by her scent and DNA. Why they don't gave them to the police? Why is everything surrounding the life of that little girl so strange and so fake?

    Only people who never went on holidays, can believe that a holiday flat could be without hair of people who live in. There is no deep cleaning inside the flats and kids playing, spread hair and skin cells everywhere. Whatever they have done with Madeleine, hapenned much before May 3 night and leave them with time to clean deeply the flat and get ride of Madeleine evidences. There is always, no perfect crimes. And that absence of evidences is the prove that the crime was not perfect. The investigators have to deal with absence of evidences belonging to any abductor and belonging to the victim. If the case went to court, Mccann's will be facing difficult to prove that the little girl lived on that flat with them. A part MRs Fenn, who heard a child crying one night ( not sure that was Madeleine, could be one of the twins) and their friends, no independent witness saw Madeleine in the flat. There is the blood and the cadaver scent, found by the EVRD dogs. They tend to dismiss that and say the dogs are not reliable. In court, they will be forced to accept that, as evidences of Madeleine in the flat 5A due to lack of other ( more normal and more common ) evidences.
    How they explain presence of blood and absence of hair? How they explain blood behind the tiles? (CONT)

  39. CONT:
    I can find only one explanation to answer all my questions: somebody have done a deep clean of the flat 5A. Who cleaned the flat, do it with purpose to eliminate evidences. This did not fit a normal clean done by a worker of the Resort, THIS FIT A CRIME. WHO CLEANED THE FLAT WANTED TO HIDE EVIDENCES OF A CRIME. DOCTOR'S KNOW HOW TO GET RIDE OF EVIDENCES BUT DON'T KNOW THAT POLICE HAVE SPECIAL DOGS, WHO CAN FIND THEM IN THE MOST UNUSUAL PLACES- UNDER THE TILE.

    Mccann's will do everything they can, to avoid the case BEING REOPENNED... and this is how they look for their daughter- A EASY WAY TO FIND MONEY AND FAME.
    I don't understand why the Portuguese Attorney general insist in a blindness when the public from the entire world already got all the lies Mccann's delivered to the press and the investigation. Bring the case to Court. Lets see Carter- Ruck strategie to prevent the extradition of two parents suspected in a blood crime against their own child. THEY ARE NOT THE OLD AND ILL PINOCHET, who was spelled from his country by Chlie citizens who already judged him. LETS SEE HOW LAW WILL FALL THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT REPUTATION, IF THEY INSIST IN PROTECTING PEOPLE INVOLVED IN SUCH CRIMES. Lets see how Gerry explain the total absence of physical evidences of Madeleine in the flat where they said she spend a week with them.

    This looks faraway from a domestic accident and they look faraway from two innocent parents. Amaral was very kind and soft with them. Now that I re-read his book, I'm sure Amaral was very kind when he said police think, Madeleine died because was victim of a domestic accident. 3 Years after... Many interviews, after.... Many events to raise awareness, after.... many spin, after....A cancer raising money assault, after.....I have no doubts, THERE WAS NO ACCIDENT AT ALL. Accidents hapen everyday, even with parents around. Accidents don't need a depp clean. Accidents leave evidences of the victim, spreaded everywhere. A JUDGE IN COURT, QUICKLY WILL ACHIEVE THAT FEELING AND WILL LEAVE CARTER-RUCK WITH THE METHODE THEY USE- CORRUPTION AND INTIMIDATION TO PREVENT JUSTICE AND GET SUCCESS WITHOUT FACING THE RULES OF A COURT.

    Mr. Pinto Monteiro, you don't need new evidences, You have enough evidences. You need COURAGE AND STRENGHT to let a little girl achieve justice. You don't have a body, but I'm sure few court sessions with all Tapas 9 will be enough to find the body.

  40. Anon @ 24,

    Carlos Vaz, a freelancer portuguese camera-man was the first arriving on the crime scene, early morning of May 4. He arrived, working for Sky-News. Sky-News, contacted him and contract him during the night (May 3). And I presume, his contact was not available at the desks of Sky-News, they spent some time looking for somebody who could cover the issue before their own camera-mans arrived into the crime scene.
    Some facts tell the truth and totally contradict Mccann's lies and their spin machine, in which we have to include Sky-News and their British freelancer journalists.

  41. 39 Control Risks Group cleaned the flat. Goncalo Amaral expresses hids concerns about that in the PJ files.
    "CRG - Give your property the just-scrubbed look! We remove stubborn stains and odours. Available for emergency call-outs. Government approved.Give us a call for an estimate of costs. Will accept fund handouts.

  42. ANON @39

    A brilliant post,
    Thank You,

  43. Excellent points at 38/39 I think Maddy died before 3rd, no-one saw her on 3rd no phtotgraphs of boat trip or 'end of holiday photographs'. After she 'disappeared' the mccanns planned everything, down to the last detail and all the while we were being told she had been abducted, but they knew different.

  44. Anon 38-39!
    Excellent post! Totally agree with you!

  45. I cannot accept that people are allowed to post rubbish here - about CRG 'cleaning the flat' for example, while a factual comment on the misleading of the Ambassador - an important matter - is repeatedly censored.
    This is not free speech, it is its antithesis.

  46. It would be great to request the police from Peru to interrogate the whole Tapas 9.
    The young Dutchman who escaped from Lima and was caught in Chile, was sent back to Peru, confessed to have killed the 21 years old Peruvian Stephany.
    He confessed it short after he arrived back in Lima.
    The reconstruction of the crime will be tomorrow(today), at 5.00am local time, the time he arrived back in the hotel with his victim.
    Five years ago, the 18 years old American girl, who went out with him one night, disappeared forever.
    At that time, his Dutch father was working as a judge in Aruba and very good friend of the police.
    His father is now dead, no Clerence or Brown in his life, the Peruvian police is doing their job without any political or diplomatic pressure on them.Great.
    It seems Joran was short of money and he was visiting casinos in South America, chasing(chacing?) rich young women.
    Now Colombia raised alarm: two young women who used to visit casinos in Bogotá, disappeared misteriouly short ago, 6th and 14th of last May, after they were visiting a casino at the same time Joran was present there.
    The Colombian police wonders if Joran has gotten something to do with those disappearences.
    Ideal police, the South American ones.
    Let ask them to talk to Tapas 9 and in one hour we will know what happened.
    No pardon, no consideration, very good.

  47. @46,how do you know that its rubbish,are we not all entitled to our own opinion,not all agree whay is wrote here but at least we have been given the chance to put our opinions forward thanks to joana and team.

  48. Carina Ferreira tera sido provavelmente a primeira vitima do Sindrome deixado pelos Mccann em portugal.
    A mediatizacao do caso e os palpites de amigos e familiares a alimentarem com misterio, ciume e vinganca um hipotetico sequestro, levaram a PJ a investigar um oceano de hipoteses, mesmo que as pistas fossem nulas ou pouco convincentes. Assim ficou para tras, o mais banal, o mais provavel, a tese que mais convencia a policia- O acidente ou o desaparecimento voluntario.
    Mais uma vez ficaram duas licoes:
    - A importancia dos telemoveis na investigacao criminal. Os telemoveis nao mentem. O ultimo sinal dos telemoveis de Carina, mostrou onde ela se encontrava. E se, a semelhanca do que aconteceu no caso Maddie, a Pj ficasse impedida de aceder a informacao dos telemoveis? Carina permaneceria na escarpa e os seus familiares indefinidamente a procura dela e de um(a) monstro(a) imaginario que afinal nunca existiu.
    - A importancia dos caes na localizacao e recolha de vestigios. Buscas com helicopteros, barcos, etc, de nada servem quando e necessario outros olhos que nao os humanos e o apuramento de outros sentidos. A prova-lo vem a informacao disponibilizada pelo DN:

    "Estiveram envolvidos nas operações 27 mergulhadores e quatro embarcações. O helicóptero voou duas horas. Feitas as contas, as buscas (infrutíferas) da jovem custaram 16 mil euros - 12 mil euros o "heli", 4050 euros os mergulhadores e 400 euros as embarcações.

    Alexandre Santos, especialista em buscas e formador da Escola Nacional de Bombeiros, disse ao DN que "em poucas horas, dependendo do tempo, os cães pisteiros, especialmente os treinados pela PSP e GNR, podiam vasculhar uma enorme área de mato. E ilustrou: usar os cães "é como andar no mato, de noite, com uma lanterna"."

    ( Nao ha palavras para expressar o sofrimento que a familia de Carina estara a passar, depois de um desfecho tao tragico. Para eles um voto de coragem e resignacao. Finalmente Carina descansara em paz, amada e recordada por quem mais a estimou. Madeleine nao teve esse direito. Quem tinha a obrigacao de a amar e estimar exerceu o direito de a abandonar e continua a deixa-la longe do carinho e do respeito de milhoes de pessoas que passaram a ama-la, depois de 3 de Maio 2007. Pedem donativos de qualquer cor, em qualquer lingua, quando as unicas coisas que Madeleine devera necessitar sao oracoes e flores.)

  49. Anon @ 47,
    I think you meant 45, not 46.

    46, thank you for the information on your post.
    More childs could be in danger inside the Tapas 9.
    I agree, Pj made an error when they left the Tapas 7 out of the 'arguido' status. If the all group were made 'arguidos' on the first days and not allowed to travel back home, the case will be solved long ago.

  50. To the poster of 38/39
    Well said.

  51. 47, we know that it is rubbish because the Mccanns had no access to the flat after the arrival of CRG. Do you think the PJ just gave them the keys and said 'OK boys, go and do your stuff'?
    There is a huge amount of old spceculation being revived and revisited just lately, and I can only think it's because the FILES are not interesting enough to some people. Speculation is OK as long as you make clear that's what it is, but it is all too often prsented as 'truth' and 'fact' when it is based on nothing other than a feverish imagination. None of that helps the search for the truth, and some of it is actually disrespectful and insulting to the child concerned.

  52. It seems that the police from Aruba will go to Lima in order to interrogate Joran van der Sloot about the disappearence of the American girl Natalee Holloway, five years ago.
    The police from Colombia is already busy to find out what happened to the two young women, and if it has to do with Joran.
    That is what we also need.The first shot, the first bullet in Maddie's case and the whole Tapas 9 will be caught.
    It will depend on a new incident and it will happen.

  53. 45 I was referring to Goncalo Amaral's expressed concerns about the flat being cleaned Have a look in the PJ files.

  54. 45 See processos X1 Pages 2952 Report from DCCB to Goncalo Amaral re CRG and cleaning the apartment.

  55. Since Labour lost the elections we did no hear a word about sightings, privete detectives, etc.
    The McCanns are hiding themselves in their home, no word about abductions.

  56. Agreed Anon 49

    The Tapas party should have been top of the list of suspects along with the parents, way ahead of Murat.

    But Jane Tanner with that supposed sighting of hers effectively gave them all an alibi and had the investigators chasing all over the place. So much time wasted, and the McCanns are still trying to sell their abduction scenario with her discredited information as fact.

    Here's hoping the investigators will go public and say they do not believe her and look at the Smith sighting as the main sighting so far.

    Gerry McCann had left the Tapas during the time of that sighting, as told by two independent witnesses, though it will be no surprise if his Tapas friends say he was with them. But the investigators have already said they don't believe what they say about their timeline.

    Justice has caught up with Joran van der Sloot in the killing of the poor girl in Peru. Even after years, who knows what may crop up next and shed new light on something. Bet he wishes he had come clean to begin with and told the truth about what really happened to Natalie.

    The same with this case, somebody knows how Madeleine died, this is not going to go away. That person or persons can never rest. It will eventually come out. It would be better to come clean now.

  57. 56, yesterday I read on the FAKEDABDUCTION.COM about "Madeleine finder’s sudden death and cremation in Skipton". Have a look! The Mccanns Big Lie have gone so fare that people who know about Madeleine death have any reason to keep silent!

  58. 55 - since the elevation of Nick Clegg to Government, I assume the McCanns are privately burrowing away in the background, trying to woo him to their cause! Their champion, Gordon Brown is hiding somewhere up in Scotland ......
    There are, sadly, far more important matters arising in England right now than the problems of a pair of would-have-beens.

  59. Anon 57

    As regards Blackwatch saying no Freemasons involved, he has got to be kidding.

    This case is heaving with them!

    Besides that, I always thought he was the guy who ran off with the personal info of the people who posted on 3As. Please somebody correct me if this is wrong because am hoping this is not true.

  60. 45, can I suggest you read your post again. Then go for a long walk to ponder its content. What you have posted has to be one of the most foolish posts I have read on this case.I do so try to be respectful of opinions, but, 45 - you're a buffoon.

  61. well I am 45 and I am not a buffoon. What i posted is simply the truth. Anyone who can read the files for themsleves KNOWS that the Ambassador has been misled about when the media were contacted, and it's not a trivial matter at all. To have public servants at a senior level deliberately led down the garden path like this does no good for anyone. It makes those who doubt the Mccanns look as if they are happy to twist the truth for one thing, and for another it riskes damaging his standing, something I'm sure he does not deserve.

  62. No, Blackwatch did not run off with anyone's details. Where did you get that from? I think you will find it was a chap called nbrado.

  63. 45 Have you not seen the photos of the T9 moving all their property out on the 5th? How difficult would it be for CRG to get into the apartment? My original reference seems to have caused a lot of consternation. I wonder why?

  64. 51 As you refer to looking at the files, that's exactly what I did before posting.
    DCCB Report to Goncalo Amaral 27.09.07. Processos Vol.X1 pages 2945-2952
    "The undersigned, accompanied by Inspectors Ramos, Ricardo, Brigaantim and Dordonnat, in compliance with superior orders, and following information related to the possible arrival in Portugal of individuals of British nationality, belonging to a private company linked to various activities, mainly the gathering of information, a company called Control Risks Group, who supposedly have the objective of cleaning spaces/objects related to the Mccann family...Date of occupation of the apartment 28.4.07 and the departure date was registered on 5.5.07.
    6 pages in all, so too much to write in full.

  65. Company Name : MADELEINE'S FUND: LEAVING NO STONE UNTURNED LIMITED Company Number: 06248215

    The following form/document(s) have been filed for the above company and are available to order from our Companies House WebCHeck service:

    Document Type Form
    ------------- ----
    Appointments CH04
    Appointments CH01

  66. 'Life for murder paedo wanted by Maddie tecs'

    "A SERIAL paedophile linked to the Madeleine McCann case was yesterday jailed for life for murder."
    LNKED?? WHO LINKED HIM? MRS LIEZZERI AND HER BEST FRIENDS MCCANN'S. Where are the forensic evidences about him inside the flat 5A and the Renault Scenic? Is he the secret Tapas 10? If he is the Tapas 10, then there is a link.
    MURDER...Mrs Liezzeri? Are you saying that Madeleine is dead and your good friends foolish a cancer Fund raising by jumping on it for money?

    "Charles O'Neill has repeatedly refused to be quizzed by detectives working for Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry." And he is right. Even if he was in the Algarve at time, I can assure you, more then 10 Millions of people were in portugal. The Closeaux want to quizz 10 millions? What a rubbish article, good to suit some Pea brains. Antonella is reaching her best and the Mccann's their bottom.

    If O'Neill is jailed for life, who is taking care ( don't forget a 5 stars care because there is no evidences of harm at all) about Madeleine? Gail Cooper yah?! This is why she was sent to PDL.

  67. ''who supposedly have the objective of cleaning spaces/objects related to the Mccann family..''

    It does not say they cleaned the aprtment. Given that the PJ were forewarned, why on earth would they let them?

  68. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3009422/Life-for-murder-paedo-wanted-by-Maddie-tecs.html

    The mccanns couldnt help it! They"ve spend too long without being in the "news" didnt they?.
    What Anon 66 didnt say is that on that piece of rubbish wrtitten by Lie...zzeri, there is also a pic of Jeremy Vargas and Allison...

    "Jeremy's mother Ithaisa Suarez, 24, and Kate, 41, from Rothley, Leics, have written to each other regularly."

    yeah....they are best mates of course...I wasnt aware the mccann woman spoke and read spanish fluently! what an accomplished murderer!

    "Charles O'Neill has repeatedly refused to be quizzed by detectives working for Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry"

    Well...at least its kind of good news....

    More spin this weekend?

  69. Anon 66 I just posted my views on O'neill on another thread. I noted he and his partner are GAY so I cannot see why they would take a girl even if they were in Portugal. Team McCann will link anything so long as they stay in the papers. Strange how they wait till someone is caught before they "link", Hewlett was on the hit list several months ago, maybe their next stop is to ask the Pope for the list of priests who have been abusing children.

  70. http://www.anorak.co.uk/250301/madeleine-mccann/madeleine-mccann-kate-mccanns-art-for-sale-on-ebay.html#comments

  71. http://uk.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PublicHomeServlet

    I am not sure why but I cant find any trace of Madeleine on this site (link above).Could somebody have a go please?

  72. The guy refused to be quizzed by detectives working for the McCanns. How dare he? Doesn't he know the McCanns have their own pseudo police force and the blessing of the real cops because they sure don't raise a finger to stop them.

    As for refusing to answer questions, perhaps the guy has been learning from Kate McCann. She can hardly complain about anybody not answering questions being as how she herself refused to answer the questions put to her by the REAL COPS in the case.

    The McCanns have an arrogant nerve to put questions to anybody, they really do! How about they PROVE Madeleine was ever abducted in the first place, contrary to what the real investigators say that she is dead. They can't.

    Is this rubbish going to continue for years all under the eye of the police forces from both the UK and Portugal? Is nobody going to step forward and stop them and protect the public from the McCanns and their begging bowl.

  73. 63 This makes sense - CRG arranging a deep clean. It is utterly incredible to me that a couple who claim to have had a child snatched employ a group called Control Risks Group - and dont expect people to raise their eyebrows!

    Why does this woman who writes for the Sun (an accepted rag) so blatently continue to support these known child neglectors? Its very odd indeed.

  74. "Jeremy's mother Ithaisa Suarez, 24, and Kate, 41, from Rothley, Leics, have written to each other regularly." What a lie from the best liar after the Pink man, Lie...zeri. I believe that Mrs. Ithaisa Suarez don't even know that her name is on that rubbish from the Sun and connected with a couple of parents, first suspects on the disapearence of their child. Outside of UK, who cares about what a poor tabloid write in english? Nobody... Nobody buy that miserable paper. This is for home consumption and the British are now the main victims of Mccann's Fraud.
    Remember, when the Mccann's jumped on Mariluz tragedy and dragged Jeremy Vargas into the same pile? Quickly Mariluz father claim that Madeleine case was different then Mariluz ( Probably advised by Spannish police who helped PJ several times looking for faked sights of Madeleine). And the Vargas also said they don't want their case connected with Madeleine. Then... no Madeleine campaign on the supermarket trolleys, in Spain and Portugal. That was the first big lie from the Mccann's- They advertised a huge event which never hapenned. They were looking for another parents to pay the propaganda of their daughter. That parents refused to be foolish and Mccann's intention died immediately. THIS IS HOW THEY LOOK AND SEARCH THEIR DAUGHTER.... LYING!

  75. 'Kate McCann, mom of Maddy McCann, original art for PACT ebay.co.uk'

    Amazing the trick.... PACT. Which Pact? The organization or the agreement between the Tapas 9? Some confessed in Papers, they have a pact.

    And calling that a piece of art is insulting the real ART and the real ARTISTS. This is a piece of stollen sentences, completely out of context. They give-up long ago... when they left 3 childs unsupervised, when they refused to answer 48 questions to the police, when they refused to do the reconstruction, when they accused the only police officialy intatled to search their daughter.
    If PACT(the organization) think that Kate is a good issue to give credibility and raise money... then jumped on the wrong horse. Anything signed by Kate, is to avoid, to don't buy. It is all full of fool and hipocrisy. The only pact which Mccann's help, is their own pact. This smells so much like the Cancer Fund raising Gerry jumped on... to raise money for his Fund.
    The countries are chasing the evil managers of banks who foolish their clients. And leave this two, free to use all strategies to get money and pay lawyers, spin people, etc, who help them keep their daughter away from one of childs main rights- JUSTICE.

  76. 67 If you noticed, the DCCB report was written in Sept. It was written after the cleaning incident had been reported to them to investigate. I think the translation should have read had, not have. Russell O' Brien also asked for his original reference to CRG being given the T9 timeline to be taken out of his statement, so I think damage limitation was already being employed.

  77. Still no mention of the Gaspar statements in the mainstream media.

    We must try and make sure this is not forgotten as most people don't realise this case has its own inbuilt suspicion of paedophilia with the finger pointed at somebody amongst the Tapas friends.

    This concern and suspicion is not coming from outsiders either, but from people who themselves are friends of the McCanns and have been on holiday with them.

    No doubt the McCanns don't want that mentioned, though it's OK to point fingers at others and inform the media.

    Who knows what the opening of Pandora's box the Gaspar statements would produce if there was widespread knowledge of it.

    Maybe even some information that would reopen the case. Another thing the McCanns definitely don't want.

  78. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20100613/tuk-pool-incident-boy-2-critical-6323e80.html

    McCann school of babysitting strikes again! I wonder if there will be a fund to pay the mortgage?

  79. anon @75 speaking of original art for pact.
    Take a look at Kates signature all steady and neat,
    Then have a look at her signature(maddies case files) when she supposedly signed Madeleine out of the creche on the evening of May 3rd A BIG difference?IN fact in the case files her signatures in the creche on the 3rd of may dont match in my opinion.
    The first signature earlier in the day is the same as the one she signs off her "art work on"but the second signature she signs off with in the creche on the 3rd of May is either a forgery or was done by Kate clearly emotionly disturbed?
    Are there any hand writing experts out there to analyise these signatures?

  80. Control Risks were not called to Portugal by the Mccanns. You do know that don't you?

  81. @80 if this is true quote... The Daily Mail refers that Control Risk Group has been working with the McCann since several weeks, and a team of specialists from the company has been working in Portuguese territory. then they were in portugal

  82. Kate Mccann must be in denial her artwork on e-bay for PACT she quotes Einstein

    ‘Those who look on and do nothing’ but isn’t that just what Kate did the night Madeleine vanished; she sat on the bed and didn’t even attempt to look for her daughter. She refused to answer police questions even when told her silence could harm the search for her daughter.

    In her first interview a few days later she wore full make up complete with dangly ear rings, but couldn’t look directly into the camera. This was not a woman who had just had her child abducted this is the face of a liar.

    PACT should never associate its image with the likes of the mccanns they are still suspects in the disappearance of their daughter and when this case is finally re-opened that will be their status ‘ criminal suspects’ .

    Also the organisers quote the work as being painted by ‘Kate Mccann mom of Maddy Mccann’ suggest they do their homework because Mccanns said they never called Madeleine Maddy.

    When Kate finally faces justice her artwork might be worth a fortune and for all the wrong reasons.

    Here’s a quote for you Kate for your next piece of artwork ‘O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive’ and you could paint a picture of Eddie and Keela, should be a best seller.

  83. Im so sick of the authorities leaving the pursuit of justice to ordinary folk! The McCanns have much to answer for and must be brought to book.

  84. Anon # 82 - brilliant post.

  85. Anon @ 79,

    is not only the signature that seems odd on the creche record for May 3. The time line, odd aswell. Madeleine came out before the last child( according with time). All the other childs came out one after the other following an increasing time, then come Madeleine with time out of the set. A small error which speaks volumes, special if we add to that,the excuse Mitchell gave to the press to justify their inconsistences with time at Tapas on that night- They don't wear watches during the holidays. Madeleine was squeezed on the Creche record that day and who do it had one purpose, match the record with the time they gave to the police for the last picture near the swimming pool. The way that picture was delivered to the press and the police is also amazing... after May 21 and after Gerry first trip back home. Why the last picture was not available immediately on may 3 night? With digital cameras, everything is available on second one. I remember that I read on Mccannfiles, 2 years ago, an article raising doubts about that picture. Madeleine look young then the picture in the Tennis court and the day in the last picture was too sunny for May 3, 2007.
    Back to the creche record, who signed for Madeleine also fill the record for her name and for the time( is the same handwriting) and did not hapenned the same with other childs, who show a different handwriting for the signatures.
    A Nanny fill the Gaps for Madeleine and signed for Kate. Is that the reason she was sent to Greece in Rush, before the police start framing the Nannies? Team Mccann and their helpers worked ahead of the investigation, that mean they had some time to plan everything. They fail the details and the key to solve that case lyes on the details.

  86. Kate, reported by workers from the Resort, was enjoying the swimming pool om May 4 2007, like a happy mum. She did not behaviour as a mother of a child abducted on the night before. When thousands of people in PDL and Portugal were out searching her daughter with anguish and double attention, she was enjoying the pool and having her lunch at the same place where her daughter went missing. I believe any other mother of a missing child ( really abducted) will got an anti-reaction against the Resort and will leave the resort immediately after reporting the case to the police, to protect her other childs. Wonder what oblige them to stay- The BODY and the absolute need to take care of the body, leaving all strange eyes out of the place where the body was.
    Strangelly and suspicious, Mccann's did not lost the confidence in the Resort or the Creche. They keep using the facilities even after moving into the villa. AND KATE, AFTER 3 YEARS, STILL COMING TO THE PRESS SAYING THAT SHE FEELS CLOSE TO MADELEINE IN PDL and she went there last time to visit a place where she can see the Atlantic.
    A body and a sport bag went missing at the same time. The Atlantic could be holding both.

  87. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/2010/06/13/mum-reveals-fears-evil-scottish-predators-murdered-her-snatched-son-86908-22330404/

    No comments

  88. Anon 82 Brilliant post - it says it all !!

  89. #82 - 'When Kate finally faces justice her artwork might be worth a fortune and for all the wrong reasons.'

    The Terms and conditions of the sale of the PACT 'drawings' states that:

    'The copyright (c) for each work is the property of the artist and is not included in any sale of the work. Each artist asserts the moral right to be identified as the creator of the work. The work may not be reprinted, re-sold, or redistributed in any way for commercial use without permission from the copyright holder.'

    Which essentially means someone has paid £209.99 for a worthless piece of paper.

  90. #82 - With reference to my previous post re: copyright, I thought I'd just check on how long copyright extends for after the 'artists' death and it appears to be 70 years. Which means the person who bought Kate's balloon would, with a positive estimate, have to wait well over 100 years to 'cash in'.

    Information taken from this:

    The duration of copyright
    The time period for copyright has grown continually longer over the last three centuries. Many think it is now absurdly long. In Britain the Copyright Act of 1842 introduced the idea of post mortem copyright protection; it established a copyright period of 42 years from the date of first publication or 7 years after the author's death, whichever was the longer. The Copyright Act of 1911 extended the period to 50 years after an author's death; and the European Union Directive on Term of Copyright (adopted by the UK on 1 January 1996) further extended the standard period to 70 years p.m.a. Thus in 2009 works by authors who died in 1939 or any year thereafter remain "in copyright".

  91. 85 - you raise some very valid points, criminals often get caught out by something un-connected to the crime, ie her signature on the painting does not match the creche records signature. This is quite important and should be followed up or at least put on record until such time as this case does go to court. Young O.C. Nannies faced with the prospect of prison sentences because they lied in the first instance will panic and start to remember the truth. I also believe Madeleine was disposed of in the blue holdall into the ocean. RIP Madeleine.

  92. The behaviour of the Mccann's is a shameful disgrace. If anybody wants to use Madeleine pictures, have to ask permission because the pictures became protected by copyrights, after the big majority of the public start raising doubts about their abduction fiction, at the Internet. But Kate can stole sentences from Churchil, Einstein and others, and use them in a piece of poor pseudo-art to cash-in and fool the public. They keep adding crimes on top of crimes. One day( because will be one day) when the police reopen the case, there will be a cocktail of crimes to be investigated. I believe, PJ looks quite but they are very attentive and registering everything. A crime like that, never fade, never go away. One day, when they were almost convinced that they went away with it, all that crimes will fall on top of their heads. If by the time, the twins and the other Tapas child are teenagers, I can imagine HOW PROUD THEY WILL BE ABOUT THEIR PARENTS AND ALL THE LIES THEY DELIVER TO THEIR CHILDHOOD.
    With their behaviour and their choices, Mccann's lost their 3 childs. It is only a question of time... the twins will fill the gaps we have on the puzzle and will make their own conclusions even if their parents spent their life making and formating their minds. And the Tapas 7 will got the same from their sides. There is some type of crimes which nobody can forgive. Madeleine for her brother and sister, is one of that crimes.
    And Mccann's and the tapas 7 must keep on their brains that:

    - Criminology and forensics are sciences, and like other sciences, they will benefite from evolution. Tommorow more techniques will be available to reanalise the evidences with more accuracy.

    - PJ hold a lot of samples and evidences to be re-examinated at any time ( that is the Karma of the Mccann's and what they are desperate to know and control).

    - The Tapas 7 gave statments to PJ, recorded as 'Memoria Futura' means with full value to be used in court at any time.

    - Carter- Ruck will not last forever untouchable. In a global world, one day somebody will expose them and their methodes.

    - The money in the Fund will not last forever aswell and day after day, the way the Mccann's ask donations and assalt other events, become an insult and a crime against the law and the moral.

  93. 92 spot on - one day the mccanns will face their judgement day, they cannot escape justice indefinitely. Everyday their lies just get bigger and bigger then one day when they least expect it - Justice will call. Patience is a virtue.

  94. What exactly is Kate McCann famous for
    Oh yes, leaving three children alone when all aged under four
    People say, oh why keep bringing this fact up
    They are having to use their resources to employ Carter Ruck

    But remember a colouring book was the last thing in Madeleine's life
    Ripped to pieces in a panic to create an alibi for Gerry and his wife
    So they knew Maddie would not want or need her book again
    Who exactly decided this and when?

    Kate, spend your time answering questions put by the Police
    Not colouring in your latest press release
    This is the second time you have joined a pact
    But could you give us one unaltered fact

    Quoting Churchill the toy dog from the TV ad
    Would suggest Kate is going slightly mad
    The ads tell us we can rely on a dog
    Entirely different to what she said on her blog

    Churchill didn't really move house for Rolf Harris
    Nor did he go with Melanie Sykes to Paris
    These are just fairy tales made up to part people from their money
    Just like Kate and Gerry and thats really not funny

    Oh Yes!!

  95. Re the plate - The signature is nothing like the one on the creche records and even less like the one on police statements because she is Kate Healy when it suits her.

    Probably the plate signature has evolved with lots of practice now she is a star and signing autographs.IMO its a fake, but Kate will not mind it if she is being praised for doing it. Maybe some idiot will pay her for a signed photograph next, she can sell them at fetes and garden parties - truly sickening.

  96. Anon 86

    Nevertheless, their property back in Rothley NEEDS to be searched.

    If anybody could get their child back home, they could.

    Which of us would leave our child buried in a strange country or fed to the fishes if we could get her back home without anybody knowing.

    There are red herrings all over the place leading to nowhere, but never any leading back to Rothley. They are saying look anywhere and everywhere, but not there.

    All the more reason to look!

  97. The local supermarket Baptista next to where Mccanns stayed would have CCTV images- if Kate and Gerry purchased bin liners, cleaning fluid etc that would have been on their CCTV images especially if they went shopping whilst their friends were in the paridiso restaurant, most friends usually spend their last day together but the Mccanns had other things to do!!

  98. Anon at 96 I totally, totally agree with you their property should be checked at Rothley and that of their family. Why the mccanns have been allowed such a free rein is beyond me, most people in their situation would have been cautioned and fully investigated and MADE to co-operate with the police, what is going on here is a farce. The majority of people know the mccanns are guilty, why they are still free to hand out their begging bowl - beggers belief!

  99. Definitely, Rothley, all their properties and the properties of their relatives and close friends like the Tapas, need to be searched. The Loccard Methode never failed and is based in two facts:

    - The victim always take with her evidences from the crime scene and from who murdered her.
    - The criminal always take with him evidences from the crime scene and the victim.

    ( UK hold important evidences to solve Maddie case and explain the truth. Any government and any justice who prevent this evidences to be known, is working against the childs rights and did not deserve the support of the citizens).

  100. RIPM @ 94 - brilliant.

  101. From 'Little Morsals' about Mccann's interview for 'Las Mananas de 4'-

    CGC: I was very impressed at some point it was said that you came to drug the children, I suppose it is the most serious allegations made to you.

    KM: Well, again that's a total lie, errr is a shame it was published. You have to keep in mind that this has no basis; it’s all a lie, what more can I say?

    GM: There were things said, that were published and clearly some things were invented, other people who have gone through similar tragedies and are exposed to the media have gone through similar things.

    'Before, Journalism had credibility, but now they seek quick profits, no matter how damaging it is to people.' FROM GERRY TO ANTONELLA LIEEEZZERY with chears.

    ( Have a look on the interview, specially at the painel opinion- Mccann's should be in prison long ago. And Gerry keep scratching his head, for every hard question.

  102. If a control freak wanted to hide something he never wanted found where would he hide it?

    Right under his bloody nose that's where, so he could keep control of it. To leave it somewhere else is far too risky. Maybe even right under the noses of other people who never would dream that would be a hiding place, and feeling safe it would never be searched.

    As for the sea as a hiding place, the Peterson guy must have got the shock of his life when his victims popped up. He thought his crime would never be discovered. The sea is not a safe hiding place except for scattering ashes.

  103. RIPM

    Great poem, so true.

    Yes, let's not forget that book of Madeleine's. Were they so sure she would not need it again? How do they manage to predict the future so well that they can plan for events far ahead of time?

  104. Ex Cop challenges crazy Sun reporter


  105. Anon 104 Thanks for the link. I wish the ex cop had also asked her who paid her to link Madeleine to the GAY paedo and why she is not writing more about a possible link to missing Jeremey which is much more feasible.


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