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Kate and Gerry McCann "We have clues and we will ask for the reopening of the process"

McCann Couple wants to reopen the 'Maddie case'

Gerry and Kate McCann guarantee that they have new clues about their daughter's disappearence and that they are going to formally request the reopening of the process. The couple admits that they do not have any concrete evidence that Madeleine McCann, who would have today seven years old, is alive or if she has been kidnapped and they only know that it will be very difficult to get the agreement of the Public Ministry. In an interview to Expresso, done this week at a Lisbon hotel, the parents of the English child who disappeared three years ago in the Algarve, reveal that they still have half a million pounds in the fund and a 3 persons team working daily in a search that has proved fruitless. [Cover Page image]

The interview

Kate and Gerry McCann In Lisbon, three years after the disappearance of their daughter

"We have clues and we will ask for the reopening of the process"

Madeleine McCann disappeared three years ago and her parents returned to Portugal to try to reopen the process. They admit that they do not have any evidence that their daughter is alive, but guarantee that they have clues which should be investigated.

Is your life back to normal?

Kate McCann - It will never be the same, but we live with a certain normality. Gerry works at the hospital, and I work full time in the campaign to find Madeleine and the twins go to school and swimming. We have children, we owe them a normal life.

Have you told them what happened?

KM - We told them immediately, but as they grow up - they have 5 now - they make other questions. Amelie asked me if Maddie had ran away and I had to explain to her that she was stolen.
Gerry McCann - Sean speaks all the time about finding Maddie and what he will do to the person who has stolen her. They know they went to sleep and when they woke up their sister was gone. But they still don't understand that someone has taken her. When they gain that conscience, I believe they will want to know where we were. And we will have to explain that we were having dinner at a nearby restaurant.

What are you doing at this moment to find your daughter?

GM - We have an investigative team working for us full time. They've analysed all the information in the process, spoke with people who have entered in contact with us and identified a new line of investigation. It's a small team, of three persons, based in England.

Have you found anything in concrete?

GM - There are lines, leads which weren't investigated thoroughly and information has been released to the authorities.

To the Judiciary Police?

GM - Yes and to the English authorities. We know that one of the leads was followed and eliminated and another was considered irrelevant. We don't agree.

Which leads are those ones?

GM - I can't speak about them.

Eye witnesses?

KM - We will not enter in any details so we don't place in danger our findings.
GM - I am not saying that we have someone who saw Madeleine. But leads take to other leads and we have to convince the police to investigate them.

Have you made a formal request to reopen the process?

GM - Not yet. But we will ask for the reopening of the process. Surely. That was what we came to Portugal to do.

But with which fundamentation? Do you believe that any prosecutor will agree with your request?

GM - Can it be done? It can. Will it be done? I don't know. We will never obtain evidence that Madeleine is here or there. At most we might get leads that will have to be investigated.

But everything that you've got till now was inconsistent...

KM - But if someone says that they have seen her in a blue car somewhere, shouldn't that be investigated? Are we going to dismiss leads without even verifying them?
GM - We will ask the police to gather all the case information, we will place it on the same system [sic] and analyse each point. The PJ has statements which are not in the process. It is an enormous work that we cannot do, but someone has to do it.

Why is it so important to prevent the sales of Gonçalo Amaral's book?

GM - The book was prejudicing the search for Madeleine.


GM - Because if people believe that Madeleine is dead and that we have covered up the crime, they will give up on the search. The book is full of omissions and lacks circumstantial evidence.

It is the conclusion arrived by the police who investigated the case. Does he not have the right to his opinion and to publish it?

GM - When we have a disagreement we turn to the courts. And the law said we were right. Freedom of expression in not more important than our right of being falsely accused.

Gonçalo Amaral is not to blame for the dogs who detected cadaver odour in the house.

GM - We were disturbed with the dogs story but the truth is that they are not 100% reliable, they have to be corroborated with forensic evidence, which didn't happen. There wasn't Madeleine's DNA. Even the PJ director [Alípio Ribeiro, former PJ national director] admitted that it was hasty to constitute us as arguidos [official suspects].

Is there any money left in the fund?

KM - Yes. Contributions haven't stopped and we have 500 thousand pounds.

Do you believe that Maddie is dead?

KM - At the beginning yes, I didn't think about anything else. But no one has found any evidence that she was dead and the truth is she might be held by someone. It happened in Austria and in the US.
GM - We are not naive and there is a probability that she is dead. However she is a small child and in abduction cases, the younger you are, bigger is the possibility of adapting and surviving.
KM - It happens. It has already happened.

Is she still present in your house?

KM - Yes. We still keep her room as it was, there are pictures of her all around the house. And we speak about her everyday.
GM - And we have to find out what happened in order to move forward.

Do you dream about her?

KM - I've only dreamt with her three times. Very real dreams, where I was holding her in my arms. Strange, isn't it?

Expresso Portuguese weekly newspaper - page 23, 01.05.2010 [paper edition], written by Rui Gustavo, photos by Tiago Miranda


  1. ~ GM - We will ask the police to gather all the case information, we will place it on the same system [sic] and analyse each point. The PJ has statements which are not in the process. It is an enormous work that we cannot do, but someone has to do it.~

    Yes Gerry. We all know that you're after those files that the PJ held back!

  2. On one hand they said they had leads and WILL ask for reopening....but on the other hand they said .....very difficult to get agreement of Public Ministry.

    What a joke they are. Why should police waste time and resources just because the mccanns think every lead be it useful or pointless should be checked. Surely the police had done all that before arriving at the shelving?

    Either they have concrete evidence Maddie is alive or they dont have it. And, if they dont why dont they STFU. HOw much longer do they want to make fools of themselves. The ploy is getting so transparence.

  3. Yes Kate it is strange that you have only dreamt of your missing child three times in three years. You dream of her on average one time per year!

    That is strange! I cannot argue with you on that one Kate McCann, to only dream three times in three years of your missing child is indeed strange

    The loss of a loved one, an event so tragic as a missing child is one that for most would be a recurring dream. But then I forget you are Kate McCann, you to me are also strange!


  4. @ Anon 1
    ~ GM - We will ask the police to gather all the case information, we will place it on the same system [sic] and analyse each point. The PJ has statements which are not in the process. It is an enormous work that we cannot do, but someone has to do it.~

    Yes Gerry. We all know that you're after those files that the PJ held back[quote]

    bit insolemn this pair of lairs.
    They will ask police? which police? which police have the time to play their game of gathering all the files, have it on their synchronised system and allow them to share analyses together.

    Since when suspects tell police how they should work. This is taking the piss. If he wnats the case reopen, then ask for it, and let the police decide how they want to do it. If the police should decide, they must first and foremost, cooperate fully by answering to their satisfaction all the questions before they start re=reviewing all leads in order not to waste precious time and their meagre resources, then the police is entirely without their power to do so!

    Who do the mccanns think they are?
    GM is literally saying he wants the police to do their bidings. Fucking idiot.

    IIRC, J Domino said after June everything will go downhill for them. I cant wait. I want to see them 'die horribly' because I am sicked to death of them having the gall to repeat the same lies over the over. NOw, even the audacity to dictate what the police should be doing. What a pair of farcists!

  5. No, Kate. It is certainly not strange for you to dream about holding your little girl in your arms. It is strange that it only happened three times in the last three years.

  6. "We were disturbed with the dogs story but the truth is that they are not 100% reliable, they have to be corroborated with forensic evidence, which didn't happen. There wasn't Madeleine's DNA."

    They marked areas in your rented apartment, your hire car, and the keys of that car, cuddle cat, items of clothing related to Kate and Madeleine and nowhere else... they seem pretty reliable to me. And there was evidence of DNA related to Madeleine in the boot of the car - but surprisingly none in the apartment, now that indeed is strange. This rather looked like clinical tampering of a crime scene.

  7. 'Is she still present in your house?'

    Yes, well!! Send the dogs round and let them answer that one.

    I notice they are down to their last half a million yet again.

    Do these people only think in terms of millions.

  8. oh please,why are the dogs not reliable,is it because they found something in your apartment concerning little madeleine,mr mrs mccann you might be stupid but i can assure you there are people who read here and elsewhere who are not.also you want the case re-opened,and pigs might fly, thats all a load of twaddle so please give us a bit of credit
    and stop trying to defend yourselves with rubbish like this because NO ONE BELIEVES YOU.

  9. Oh, Kate, what big hands you've got.

  10. this says to me,DONT LOOK THAT WAY ,LOOK THIS WAY.some thing is afoot, mark my words

  11. For supposedly intelligent, educated people they sound like a couple of morans. They went to Portugal for the purpose of requesting that the process be re-opened but they haven't done so yet.

  12. Adding to my list of victims - Eddie and Keela who are noted all over the world for their amazing accuracy and skill.

    So, because of this cover-up, future criminals will be able to cite the McCann case to discredit the work of these incredible animals?

    Shall we open the doors to all the past murderers who were caught by the use of these dogs? Shall we let Attracta Harron's murderer, Trevor Hamilton go free - to rape and murder a few more pensioners?

    (Ironically, that murder happened in Lifford, Co. Donegal - birthplace of Gerry McCann's sister Philomena. I wonder how the McCanns' former neighbors feel about their dismissal of the dog evidence...)


    "On February 20, 2004, police employed the use of the Victim Recovery Unit dogs from England, which were highly trained to detect and alert handlers to the presence of human remains. A video without sound was shown in the court showing a Springer Spaniel dog (EDDIE)examining two cars and a small van before being taken to the Lantra that had been driven by Hamilton and subsequently burned out, allegedly maliciously.

    The video clearly showed the spaniel examining the other vehicles without reacting, and as soon as it entered the Lantra it began barking and refused to get out. Its search of the vehicle focused on the front passenger and rear seats.

    Further forensic examination was carried out in the rear and passenger compartments of the vehicle and blood was detected from material taken from the car for examination. A car mat from the rear of the car was also shown to contain blood, and because of that, the investigation focused on Hamilton, Mr Mooney said, which included a comprehensive search of the property at Concess Road and in particular the sites of fires in the garden.

  13. The only place blood was alerted to in the apartment was at the same place as cadaver scent was present behind the settee. Not a tiny spot of any blood in all of the rest of the apartment was found.

    So for a start, how much of a coincidence would that be if the blood and cadaver scent were not connected.

    The blood stains had been degraded by being washed and bleach used.

    Unless it is a really good sample, DNA is tricky, and there were forensic people who said the Romanovs so called remains were not theirs when the had been tested independently by others, e.g. Japanese and US.

    Besides that, who would trust the UK forensics, given the amount of people the McCanns happen to know, and their extensive network of receiving aid from all and sundry.

    We can't even trust our Government when it comes to passing on information to Portugal about the McCanns, due to reasons that may cause a breach of confidence and bad relations between the two countries.

    This case is full of 'if onlys'.

    If only those samples had been sent elsewhere.

    It may be too late now, but warning bells should be sounding about sending other samples to UK. How can the UK be trusted.

    All because of the McCanns and their 'neglect'?? of their daughter.

  14. Forget all about Portugal, Portuguese, Praia da Luz, money, Fund, Portuguese PJ, Portuguese Police, Portuguese Courtrooms.
    Forget everything the same way you forgot about the daughter you have lost. But please, remember you are using us as guilty of your mistakes.
    Go away once and for all but don´t forget to pay for all the trouble, destruction and disaster you have caused,including dr Gonçalo Amaral. Antonieta Janeiro

  15. I agree with Gerry and Kate, the process must be re-opened - the Gaspers statement needs to be investigated, the Smith sighting, Tanners inconsistant story must be investigated to understand why she lied. Gerry and Kate need to be questioned - Kate still has 48 quesions to answer.

    The question must be asked, why go to close the door without having checked the children, what was the point of going back to the apartment - and then just going to close the bedroom door!?

    Never thought I'd agree with them. But seriously,I dont think they really want the investigation re-opened at all - they want to distract by chasing shadows - an excuse to keep their fraudulant money collection going. Damned criminals!

    The release of that 'lolita' picture of a four year old child is disgraceful, hideous!!

  16. This explaisn why they didnt want the ludicrous stories in the press recently - they want to pretend they have meaningful investigations to progress to allow them to continue to beg for funds.

    This fraud MUST END! I call upon the UK and Portuguese and European authorities to end this fraud! Now they have published the 'lolita' photo surely anyone can see these people are sick and something very sick lies behind it.

  17. Why was no madeleine DNA foud in the apartment? Surely some would have been found? In itself this claim of a lack of DNA is highly suspicious!

    Someone did some very thorough cleaning!

  18. As regards the DNA, did their Tapas friends give samples?

    If they did, how were those samples taken?

    Did they rely on the doctors themselves to submit their own samples, or was there an independent person taking these samples?

    Did that independent person know these Tapas people and what exactly they looked like?

    I say this, because there was a case in the UK some years ago where a girl had been raped and murdered, and the man who did it got a friend of his to go and submit the sample under his name.

    That is how he got away with it for so long.

    I have read there was semen found on a blanket in the apartment and it was ruled out as anything to do with the child who had slept their previously as he was far too young. Only about six years old, though I have seen people trying to say he was older.

    Now, why would they do that?

    Is this the DNA evidence the McCanns keep going on about?

    Maybe the PJ should consider redoing those tests again if they relied on the the Tapas friends to submit their own samples.

  19. The McCanns are just trying to make it look like they are trying to get the case opened but they know very well that just giving old leads to the PJ will not be enough.

  20. It's somewhat unwise to draw conclusions from the forensic reports, Anon #17.

    One has to remember that the samples which were taken were with the aim of providing evidence which would help to identify a supposed intruder, or reveal evidence of a crime. They were not designed to show whether Madeleine had been present in the apartment.

    Also, some of the results are frequently misinterpreted when commented upon by posters. For example, it is often stated that not even a single hair belonging to Madeleine was recovered. 53 hairs were amongst those recovered which belonged to either Kate McCann or someone sharing the same maternal line ( based on the mitochondrial DNA )

    Now, Madeleine, Amelie and Sean all share the same maternal line as Kate, so it impossible to say that some of these hairs did not belong to Madeleine.

    I would urge everyone to take some time with the forensic reports and read them thoroughly. There have been many misquotes and misinterpretations, and it makes our arguments less credible if we add to those mistakes.

  21. They may have half a million pounds in the Madeleine Fund, but how many other millions have they sorted away that we don't know about.Millions and millions.

  22. #4 nd #5
    About those dreams.
    I'm sure I read somewhere that KM dreamt about Madeleine coming into her room and that being a reason she couldn't sleep at one time. I seem to remember it sounded like Madeleine was "haunting" her and not being "held in her arms" in a pleasant way like she is saying now...

    Algarvisfedup and pleased A Miller is back.

  23. Really what they want is to force the PJ AND the UK cops to follow each and every single of their famous "new leads". They do not intend to formally request the re opening of the case. They simply want to insure their leads will be followed up to be able carry on the story of the "disappearance".

  24. About Madeleine's DNA, isn't it strange that to obtain a sample of her DNA, the forensic team had to get her pillow from home( Rothley)?! What about the pillow she used for at least 5 days in Luz? And what happened to her toothbrush and comb that were nowhere to be found?!
    It was alledged that any DNA from her found in the car could have been from her clothes, sandals, etc., that were transported there when they moved to the villa. If the clothes and shoes had enough DNA to transfer to the car why were those items not used as a source of DNA for the tests? It's all so confusing and it all stinks!

  25. #22,
    It was Kate's mother, Susan Healy, who told that in an interview. She said Kate had told her she could not sleep because Madeleine came in the night to her.

  26. OFF-COURSE they have to say thank you to all the naives who take money from their salaries, to feed a perverted FUND. Without them, Mccann's will not achieved anything. NO VIP FRIENDS, NO FAME, NO TIME IN TV AND NEWSPAPERS. But like a dream, this one day will end-up without glory.

  27. 22,25@

    I think Kate told a lady friend that Madeleine came in her bedroom during the night.
    And she told her mother she saw Madeleine coming down stairs, while she was on the phone talking to her.

  28. Do you believe that Maddie is dead?

    KM - At the beginning yes, I didn't think about anything else.

    This response surprised me - its certainly not what she said at the time. Thus proving, I suppose, that what Kate thinks and what Kate says are 2 completely different things....

  29. more crap from the mc guiltys

  30. A soul that has not been laid to rest, will eventually reveal the truth in some way to someone, including parents, including those who harmed them.

  31. Did anyone follow up Kates "proof" that the reason cavader was still on her holiday clothes,was because she was wearing them whilst" attending" patients who had just died.Gosh standards must have really sunk to an all time low when a doctor goes on holiday in her work clothes!!!!!without at least washing them! oh my oh my Kate ,I,d just love to hear what your ex- work collegues thought when you used to turn up for work with Maddies coddle-cat! but did you really do that Kate ? or was the just the cover up story to explain the cavader on that item as well ! Oh , and what about your explanation for the strong"odour" in the rented car,you really pulled the answer to that right out of the "couldn,t make it up bag" it was because Sean, the little 2 year old had developed a liking for sea bass !!! when did you ever find time to cook that for him? in between dropping the poor little mites off to the creche and your runs on the beach etc etc Please don,t treat us as idiots,i,m just so mad that the authorities have accepted it all without ,it seems question,talking of which ,WHY did you think NOT answering those very important questions could possibly help the investigation into the search for your little girl??

  32. errrrrr they have clues..........so act on them and go look for her!

  33. Anon @ 31 - well said - I can't believe the authorities have not acted either - these two should be locked up, they think we are all stupid when they feed us their lies. It would be interesting to see what Kates colleagues thought of her wearing her 'holiday clothes' to work! They both make me soooo angry.

  34. I think that Gerry wants to get a job in PJ Portugal and Kate should become a trainee at British Police. They just want to know why the police turned to them. What went wrong and exactly when because they tried so hard to convince you. They check it so many times... gosh...

    P.S. Are the police thinking to release the rest of the files? Because the available information is already so interesting. Imagine what they are not telling us!!!!!!

  35. kate & Gerry,your religious???I doubt before this. Then you will know that an unblessed soul cannot pass over. Dear Maddie is wandering aimlessly, are you sure she has not already visited you,I would be tormented at the thought of this

  36. anon # 12 I agree with your post - these dogs are highly trained this is their job and they do it well. The forensic evidence of the dogs cannot be disputed or discredited. This whole case hinges on money, so many people have been paid for their silence or lies. The case should be re-opened as a murder investigation, just ask Eddie and Keela!!

  37. Did you ask for the case to be reopened?? Gerry did you demand it, as part of your Key thing, and leaving no beach rocks unturned. Kate I thought you dreamt she was buried on a hill overlooking the sea??so thats four times you dreamt of her. Shall I tell you how many times I have dreamt of her. I do not know why the police allowed those 48 questions to go unanswered????

  38. The sea bass has a lot to answer to!!


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