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'Madeleine, we're still looking for you. Tell someone who your mummy and daddy are'

by Rod Chaytor

Kate and Gerry McCann last night made an emotional appeal to their daughter Madeleine to mark the third anniversary of her disappearance.

Her father, now 41, reassured the little girl: "Madeleine, we're still looking for you. Tell someone who your mummy and daddy are, who you are."

His wife said they would not stop searching for their child, who was nearly four when she went missing from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007 while her parents dined with friends nearby.

Kate, 42, said: "We love you very much, Madeleine, and we're not going to stop what we're doing."

The couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, will mark Monday's anniversary in private but revealed they now feel less guilty about enjoying themselves in her absence.

Kate said: "I'm able to look at it now and think it's positive we're functioning. It's positive for Madeleine and for Sean and Amelie (her five-year-old twin siblings) and unless you're in this situation you have no idea how you cope."

Gerry said that laughter and happiness were essential for living a normal life.

"The guilt, where you feel 'Madeleine is missing so how can you enjoy yourself?' is much, much, much less than it was," he revealed. "If you're going to have some sort of normality, you've got to have some laughter and some joy."

He also said that there were new leads to follow. He added: "Our private investigators have identified new information that needs investigating and other areas where we think there could be further meaningful information.

"But we have to be realistic. We do not have the same ability to follow up lines of inquiry that the police do."

However, the authorities, he complained, had hardly been providing a "Rolls-Royce service".

He said: "The key test is, 'Has everything that could reasonably have been done, been done?' And the answer to that is no. There's no law enforcement that's been pro-actively doing anything for 18 months."

in: Daily Mirror, 01.05.2010


  1. Wouauww ! En 3 ans je crois que c'est bien la première fois qu'ils s'adressent vraiment à Maddie... Le deuil est fait?


  2. Gerry McCann breaks down as he tells how hunt for Madeleine 'is shaking his Catholic faith', 01 May 2010

    This was the heading from the Daily Mail today 1 May

    I'm confused, I thought Kate was the Catholic not Gerry

  3. jesus, PLEASE some arrest these to nutters and get the twins in a safe place for thier own safty

  4. Who would be embarassed if Madeleine was found safe and well?
    We would all be delighted she's been rescued after three years of hell
    But we all know the dogs show that she is dead
    And after three years we don't believe anything you've said

    Three years of lies, spin and suing everyone in sight
    All to hide what really happened on that night
    Why for three years have you declined a reconstruct?
    And instead spent loads of money on lawyers called Carter Ruck

    Why in three years will you not answer questions put by the police
    If your daughter had really been abducted, it could have helped secure her release?

    It is in your hands alone and there is one simple thing you can do
    Ask the Portuguese police to reopen the case, not conduct a useless review
    We do not know exactly what it was you did
    But you obviously think it is worth hiding for a couple of million quid

    But slowly and surely more people disbelieve your tale and eagerly look forward to seeing you in jail
    But the people who will be embarassed will be your media and celebrity mates
    Taken in by a couple of child neglecting liars by the names of Gerry and Kate

    So keep on laughing at us and collecting money while you can
    For justice will come one day for a little girl named Madeleine McCann

  5. The McCanns were in Lisbon and were interviewed by Sandra Felgueiras on RTP1 last night. I missed it fortunately, but the interview can be found on the RTP1 site. This interview could go against them in court because Kate lies by saying that the shutters were open when they were not. No forensic evidence showed that they had been opened from the outside.

    The couple looked very relaxed and smiling in the sunshine. Grieving parents, my eye! This also shows their insatiable craving for personal publicity which should give people the right to criticise them. With the injunction against Gonçalo Amaral, the only story (really lies) we can hear is theirs. Disgusting. Where is the right to contradiction?


  6. The McCanns must be the most hated and arrogant people on the planet.

  7. I have to agree with Gerry, there is no proactive law enforcement. The McCanns are now widely accepted as prime suspects yet they still seem able to use the media at will.

    The case remains closed in the only valid jurisdiction and the Gasper statement remains uninvestigated.

    Kate McCann has yet to answer the reasonble 48 questions and the reason for this failure to turn stones remains a mystery.

    Gerry's 'proud father' moment has been discreditted by Kates own statement that the childrens door should have been undisturbed since she and Gerry had left the apartment.

    The incredible claim that despite their having been aware that the children had cried in their absence and their claimed commitment to taking more care on May 3rd, they still say that they went out for the night leaving the children alone in an unlocked apartment.

    Despite there being no independant witnesses to Gerry not being the 'abductor' and there being an independant witness who claims to have seen Gerry carrying a child, the authorities allow him to speak to the CEOP as a 'celebrity spokesman'.

    In short, Gerry is right - the investigation must be re-opened in Portugal - but they clearly cannot fund it. Perhaps Gerry might suggest the fund diverts money to the PJ to enable them to investigate the events of May 3rd?

    Why - I wonder - does McCann continue to take the risk of aggravating the authorities? Is it his arrogance, his certainty that having completely destroyed his daughters cadaver in the acid beds of Huelva, he cannot be proven guilty? He certainly needs to clear his and his wifes names somehow, by muddying the waters and using his connections to clearly supportive Gamble.

  8. If madeleine were alive (which she is not, of course) then I'd advise her to definately not tell anyone who her parents are!!!!

  9. Why do the McCanns insist on using 'baby talk'?

    Are they so stupid that they dont know how this raises the hackles of parents who would usually support breaved parents?

    Dont they realise that we are on to them?

  10. Hopefully Madeleine is alive and well and has no memories of the vile,disgusting,gruesome,call them what you will, McCanns.

    If she is alive and well, I hope all her memories of that terrible week in PDL, that she endured, are completely wiped out. Along with her memories of the time she spent with the McCanns, who aren't fit to be called her mummy and daddy.

    I can't imagine Madeleine had such a happy life before she embarked on that fateful journey to PDL. She certainly wasn't loved by her parents, their behaviour before and after she disappeared, is not that of two parents, who loved their children very much.

    The McCanns behaviour is that of two selfish cruel people, who put their "Me Time" with their mates, before the health and safety of their children.

    The latest statement from the McCanns, is as sick as the statement they issued last Christmas, when they said they were setting a place for Madeleine at the dining table on Christmas day. They said they told the twins, that Madeleine may be coming home on Christmas day.

    Another sick statement the McCanns and Kate McCann's mother has issued to the press is, how they buy gifts for the twins at Christmas and their birthdays and say they have come from Madeleine.The McCanns had already told the twins, that a monster had taken Madeleine.

    So in one breath the monster was a bad guy, because he had taken Madeleine away, then he was a good guy, because he was giving Madeleine money to buy gifts and send them to her brother and sister.

    Sue Healey, Kate McCann's mother, said she never understood why her daughter and son-in-law, need a Priest to fly out to PDL, so urgently, after Madeleine disappeared, because they weren't religious.

    They certainly are religious now, they must thank the good lord, every single day, for giving them the opportunity to befriend people in "high places" who have enabled them to escape justice, for the gross neglect of their 3 children, especially Madeleine.

    Deep down inside, I don't believe Madeleine was abducted, I believe that wherever she is and if she is dead or alive, she is there because her parents put her there, with the help of one of their Tapas mates.

    I hope I am wrong and Madeleine was abducted by someone who gave her to a couple who will give her the love and care she never had with the McCanns.

  11. I see they're still reading the forums and blogs, then.


  12. Ah, so Madeleine, who we know is living in a Hellish Lair within 10 miles of PdL, because their No 1 Detective Agency tells us so, and it has never been denied by the McCanns or Clarrie ...
    ... is allowed to watch British Television ! And is free to move around and talk to total strangers.

    Disney. Pure Disney.

  13. "He said: "The key test is, 'Has everything that could reasonably have been done, been done?' And the answer to that is no."

    Of course not, Mr. McCann! I have to agree with you on that...your wife has still 48 questions to answer and you and your friends a reconstruction to do! I think that would be "reasonable", don't you?


    "There's no law enforcement that's been pro-actively doing anything for 18 months."

    Oh, but the thing is, they would be doing a lot, if only you and your "protectors" had not pushed for the archiving of the portuguese investigation!

  14. The sooner these two deluded nutters get locked up, the better.

  15. The McCanns everchanging story.

    Now theyre acting as suicidal? Similar to a three year old throwing a tantrum? Only its the adult doctors at the authorities?

    Poor Madeleine and the twins with two sociopaths like this there was no hope of caring adult attention.

  16. Get to hell Maccanns you are almost there. God will not be mocked. Madelaine is better away from this pair. They are losing it eaten away be evil.

  17. Is there a court case coming up soon? I have read most, if not all, of the newspaper articles today and it seems to me that they are covering all bases. Explanation for saying "we've let her down" That's the first time that they have admitted publicly that she did indeed say "we've let her down". Explanation for being happy and enjoying themselves even though Madeleine is still missing but at the same time telling the public that she was suicidal (isn't that part of the basis for the case against Goncalo Amaral?). Using the twins as part of their current story (which imo is sick) to show how it is affecting them now and how it will affect them in the future. There has to be more to this than just the anniversary of her disappearance on this occasion. There has to be something going on in the background imo.

  18. Jesus wept !! if this wasnt so sick it would be laughable

  19. Yet another boring, meaningless and tactless ploy to gain support. These two people are clearly dillusional and at best, must be very sick.

    I see Kate is on SKY NEWS. A very interesting read where contradictions are rife. There are other psychological aspects of darkness; could it be that Mrs McC is about to collapse under the lies and deceipt?

    Personally speaking, I have always disliked these two and I don't think anything will ever change my mind.

    How do you spell sickos again?

  20. The last trick : to speak to their dead daughter as if she was alive and could take part to their alleged rescue operation. They should have done that, if they were innocent, at the beginning, that would have been natural. But they didn't probably because they were too ashamed and the dead of their child, by their fault, to painful. Now,after the years, the pain probably faded and they have no remorse to use her for they own sake.This lack of respect is sickening and show that there is no more value left in their selfisch soul.

  21. So the McCanns want "Rolls Royce service"? Nothing new here.
    Instead of this theatrical garbage and complains about the authorities, volunteer for a re-construction and answer the 48 questions. Your deceit has been going far too long and people (not ssome journalists, unfortunately) have long figured you out. As Anon #1 said: SINISTER!

  22. How are they being allowed to continue to poison the minds of their remaining two children?
    The poor kids are going to be screwed mentally for life.
    They make me vomit.
    For God's sake reopen the case Portugal!!

  23. Its beyond belief how this pair of psychos still have the audacity to go on television to pretend and lie.
    But what is even more surprising is the fact that they still find idiots to give them airtime.

  24. Kate said ‘I think there are people who would be greatly embarrassed if Madeleine was found ... ’the use of such vocabulary is relevant when the Mccanns are found guilty many people will be greatly embarrassed. This is why they never want this case solved or re-opened. For example ‘criminal Gerry kissing the Pontiffs hand’ does not bode well with the Vatican. Diplomatic involvement Gordon Brown’s telephone calls to the couple and involvement with Socrates in the early stages. Gerry given a standing ovation by the Police, heading up campaigns and government initiatives - Kate and Gerry are involved in many projects (and he manages to find the time to do a full time job at the hospital!!).
    The fighting fund quickly reached its first million but how many other offshore funds did they set up in their names. Madeleine was marketed worldwide with phenomenal amounts of money involved. Now Sr Amaral is their target again his assets have been frozen to ensure Kate and Gerry’s next easy million. It is such easy money for them, literally theirs for the taking.
    Why is Sr Amaral ignored he puts the facts logically together if he had been left in charge of this case they would both be in prison there never was an abduction. I doubt Madeleine’s remains will ever be found, it would be too damming for too many people. I firmly believe that at some stage she was brought back to the United Kingdom, Portugal was just too risky, but now there will be nothing left totally destroyed – this is why the Mccanns rubbish the police and are so arrogant, as Gerry once said ‘prove we are involved’. If there were not so many corrupt people involved we would be able to prove it!

  25. I really think some psychologists should perform a citizen's arrest under the mental health act...

    why are these people still allowed on the telly?

  26. Now, after all this time, they are suddenly giving a message to their daughter, which is one of the things they haven't been doing when they have had all the opportunities to speak, and which has been commented on.

    I think they certainly read the comments for advice.

    When they were with LK they looked a bit too perky and Kate was looking glamourous, and that was remarked on, and now we see them in the depths of woe and looking dowdy.

    Why is it so hard to believe the McCanns?

    Maybe too many mixed messages for too long, the message can no longer be trusted.

    And the message that Madeleine was abducted cannot be believed at all by the police, nor the people who have been following this case and know about the findings of those doggies.

    Those dogs the McCanns simply dismiss as irrelevant and ludicrous.

    And so their Fund rolls on. They really should be stopped from the solicting of money from the public who don't know the truth of the investigation and the findings of the investigators that Madeleine is dead.

    Sr Amaral has tried to get that message out but has been blocked by the Court. It is a disgrace. The public should be protected from people like the McCanns.

  27. There´s a report in Spain´s El Mundo today that the Mcanns´ private detectives have identified "a new line of investigation" that they want the authorities to follow up. However Gerry would not offer any more details!

  28. Kate and Gerry are sick individuals and need urgent psyciatric attention PRONTO!

    This is beyond words : totally beyond words.

    These whackjobs need to be locked up!

    Agter die tralies - as we say in Holland (behind bars)

  29. "Sean, in particular, talks about having an aeroplane and flying all over the world and looking for that man that's taken Madeleine and when he gets him he's going to rescue her and put... take his sword out."
    From Gerry's statement - see Mccann files
    Freudian slip???

  30. Thought I should point out that this article is from the Daily Mirror and not the Daily Mail.

  31. Its only taken 3 YEARS for them to address Madeleine directly !!!But still NO mention of reward to abductor !!!!

  32. Translation
    "Come on you gullible suckers, we need more cash to pay the mortgage"

  33. Am I the only one who gets the impression there is something more to all this that simply the need to get more money from people, though the McCanns never miss an opportunity to do that.

    Might not the mention of a reopening of the case still be rattling them, as it has not yet been laid to rest. Nor should it.

    Did Gerry McCann really mention the words 'murder investigation', albeit in a subtle dismissive way.

    Yes Gerry, and this case should be REOPENED as a MURDER INVESTIGATION and all your Tapas friends and yourselves made arguidos.

    Perhaps then you will start to cooperate and answer all those questions you refused to answer and do a reconstruction when requested.

  34. Absolutely sinister,yes...

  35. Its a pity Doris Stokes is dead ,but Maddie could always tell John Edwards

  36. "Gerry said that laughter and happiness were essential for living a normal life."......
    Well, there was plenty of smiling and laughter straight after Maddie disappeared? Let's talk about that. Where has that happiness gone? Had to put a lid on that after the funds got a bit low and we had play on the public's sympathy and cadge more cash??!!

    You are stale news you two......go away!.

  37. A strong aura of deceit emanates from this couple.

  38. well looking at that...give them enough rope...they seem to be having a lot to say for them selves lately...do they forget they were out enjoying themselves when maddie was supposedly took in the first place..looking at that now it is stomach wrenching toe curling....far too little too late....surly anyone observing them will see...how how unconvincing they are...how stupid do they think everyone is.......

  39. "He said: "The key test is, 'Has everything that could reasonably have been done, been done?' And the answer to that is no. There's no law enforcement that's been pro-actively doing anything for 18 months."

    No.Not everything has been done,I agree with this.
    Your persistent refusal in asking for the OFFICIAL RE OPENING OF THE CASE is the key test,isnt it mccann man?
    Once you do THAT and just THAT then people will be interested although it is well known the police would look for a body and not a living Madeleine.....food for thoughts mccann people.Just think about the whole thing,ADMIT,CONFESS and let your 2 remaining children have a normal life if this possible by now which I very much doubt

  40. 'He also said that there were new leads to follow. He added: "Our private investigators have identified new information that needs investigating and other areas where we think there could be further meaningful information.'

    "But we have to be realistic. We do not have the same ability to follow up lines of inquiry that the police do."

    GERRY, YOU HAVE A TEAM OF DETECTIVES (MITCHELL CLAIM) ARE THE TOP IN THE WORLD, to work exclusively, 24 hours a day, in the case of your daughter, only ONE MISSING CHILD.


    And you said: 'We do not have the same ability to follow up lines of inquiry that the police do.' WHAT A DISGRACEFUL COMMENT.

    Wonder if PJ or British police Have 2 Millions of Euros just to search and investigate one person.

  41. Article in Saturday Scotsman. Front page "Three years of hope & despair."
    Inside, Kate McCann: I fantasised we would be all wiped out in a car crash.

  42. About RTP interview today 'Linha da Frente':

    RTP claim that Kate is going to tell for the first time what happened on the night of May 3 2007. THAT MEANS ANOTHER VERSION? A DIFERENT THEN WHAT THEY STATE TO THE POLICE? If so, the case need to be reopened by the PGR. THIS WILL BE NEW EVIDENCES.

    Less then 2 minutes, in the advertising spot for the interview, Kate already fall at Sandra Felgueiras questions. She said how she knows Madeleine was taken and did not wonder by herself: ' THE SHUTTERS OF THE WINDOWS USED TO BE CLOSED THE DAYS BEFORE. WHEN SHE FIND MADDIE WAS MISSING, THE SHUTTERS WERE UP AND MADELEINE CANNOT DO IT.'

    Amazing... The abductor went trough the door and open the shutters of the windows ( making noise and taking the risk to be spotted by somebody) to carry the girl trough the window. Because there is no damages on the Shutters and they have to be open from inside, that means the abductor assessed the flat trough the door ( a open door or he had the keys?).
    And more amazing, the abductor, who have to apply some force on the shutters to open them, leave no traces on it. No fingerprints, no fibres from the gloves, nothing. And they cannot accuse the police of not checking the shutters because some of the first videos from the investigation showed a Lady ( a forensic expert I presume) applying a red power to the shutters to be tested.
    Sandra Felgueiras caught Kate, in one of the most beautiful and most fashionable places at moment, in Lisbon.

    RTP clear said that mccann's refused to do the interview at PDL. Why? Will be a bit too far... insisting in lies on her disappearance anniversary and close to the place where everything happened?

    But RTP reveal more - they don't want any police reconstruction. WE TAKE OUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. Wonder if they have face to advertise their holidays package in portugal, in a public channel paid by Portuguese taxes.

    Less then 2 minutes leave the feeling that this interview will be a disaster for Kate and Gerry.

  43. If they feel less guilty now than they did when their daugher first "vanished", they must be feeling totally relaxed......Not.

  44. Missing Madeleine parents want to reopen inquiry

    Gerry (left) and Kate McCann pose with Madeleine posters reading "don't give me up" in …

    2 hrs 3 mins ago

    LISBON (AFP) – The parents of British girl Madeleine McCann, who disappeared in Portugal almost three years ago, will ask police to reopen the case to follow new leads, they said in an interview published on Saturday.

    "We are going to ask for the reopening of the case. This is what we have come to do in Portugal," the father Gerry McCann told the weekly Expresso.

    Private detectives working for the McCanns have "identified a new line of investigation", Gerry McCann said, "the trails leads to other trails and we have to convince the police to follow them".

    Madeleine McCann disappeared from her family's apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, a few days before her fourth birthday.

    After a 14-month investigation, Portuguese police decided to shelve the inquiry.

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100501/wl ... imemissing

  45. They seem like they are acting a little smarter now, but that's just it, it's 'ACTING'. What a pair STUPID parents.

  46. from another advertising spot of RTP interview:

    ' Who do it have to live with that, but one day will break....'. The sentence come from a British ex-police who live in the area of PDL. A message to TAPAS 9?

    And the journalist add the comment: ' Most of British Expat still feeling that PDL is safe'. Algarve is safe, Portugal is safe. They don't buy Madeleine Fairy Tale.

  47. 'Tell someone who you are' ???? What??

    This guy is just beyond belief. All of their comments in this article give me the creeps.

    Those poor twins, growing up in the care of these two really scary parents.


  48. they are so sick,they definatly need medical help.poor madeleine and i am very concerned about the twins,hope someone is keeping a very close eye on them


  50. SERIOUSLY this couple give me the creeps, weird is not the word for them i think, as the other poster said sinister is the word.

  51. Probably not the right thread for this. But I have just read the full email thread (on the McCann files) with regard to the proposed reconstruction. And all I can think is poor, poor Madeleine. Those grown ups she relied on to keep her safe have, at the very least, let her down despicably on two occasions.(abandoning her to go out to dinner and refusing to return for the reconstruction. As I say at the very least) And both times because they put their own interests above hers. What chance does/did the poor child have?

    And now I see that Gerry once again is putting the onus on Madeleine to get herself "out of the situation in which she finds herself". Yeah Madeleine what have you been doing for the past 3 years? Why haven't you told someone who you are?

  52. "Tell someone who your mummy and daddy are..." We are world famous celebrities, everyone knows who we are.

  53. So it's nice know you are finding some 'joy' in your lives Kate and Gerry!

    I would imagine that if Madeleine was able speak, which I very much doubt, she would certainly be giving whoever, if anyone, took her, her tuppenceworth, but I doubt after three years and one week of not seeing her parents, she would be able to remember who you were!

    Give us a break from your inane ramblings please!!

  54. Well, its the Kate and Gerry McCann "Road Show" once more. Performances twice nightly, histrionics and melodrama guaranteed! Included in this show will be messages to Madeleine from Kate with declarations of much love,denunciations of various Police Forces by Gerry ( both Portuguese and British )and lots of blame-laying by them both.

    Some dark thoughts from Kate about hoping to end things via a road crash together with Gerry and the twins (Oh no, not the twins as well ? ) yes the twins as well!

    What has Gerry got against the Police of two countries ? Well it appears that the "Authorities" ie. the Police et al, have hardly been providing a Rolls-Royce service. This seems to chime with his complaint about the size of the plane which was loaned to take them to meet the Pope, it only had 26 seats it seems-------much too small for Gerry's ego !

    There is more about the Police and un-specified others, persons in both Portugal and Britain dont want Madeleine to be found,their reasons for this are not revealed by Kate and Gerry.

    Finally, their faith in God is now questioned ( more blame ? ) I wonder will they return to His Holiness the two sets of Rosary Beads he gave them ? Well if you dont believe any more, why not ?

    For anyone desiring tickets to the roadshow, there are none, we will all be subjected free of charge, to regular updates via the television, radio and newspapers, plus occasional Courtroom appearances in Portugal and perhaps even in the U.K.

  55. Kate, 42, said: "We love you very much, Madeleine, and we're not going to stop what we're doing."

    Yes you pair of child neglecting twats I bet your not going to stop what your doing, that is lying through your teeth about what happened to that darling daughter of yours and how she met her demise.
    I hope your both ravaged from within for what you are doing.

    Why can't they keep their mouths shut, but no they have to keep digging deeper and deeper that bloody hole dont they.

    They repulse me when I see their faces on TV or in the news papers here in the UK

    Russell UK

  56. And now Gerry is pointing his finger at God.

  57. They seem to be mentally ill.

  58. At Expresso Newspaper they said, they came to Lisbon to reopen the case.
    They already leave Portugal. They fill any form to reopen the case? Lets see if this was not only another game because from Expresso interview is clear what they want to know- what is in the confidential police files.

  59. Who speaks in terms of "37 seconds"? Wouldn't half a minute or even 30 seconds make more sense? Maybe Kate is confusing the "timing" from the restaurant to the apartment with one of their many runs following Madeleine's disappearance.

  60. This is Gerry, reacting to your pics at the top of your blog Joana!!
    i.e. showing Gerry a few days after the "disappearance" laughing his stupid head off. His face being a picture of pure untainted happiness.

    Well done Joana, we all know the "family" read your blog.

    Funny how it's taken them 3 years to actually appeal directly to Maddie. If only it wasn't so tragic, I would really enjoy this black comedy.

    Aunty Anti

  61. Police have done nothing for 18 months?

    Clarence Mitchell media manipulator was sent out by Gordon Brown's Labour government to be the PA for the McCanns.

    General public donated over a million pounds to help find this neglected now missing child.

    A one million pound reward was offered for information that would find this missing child.

    Kate McCann refused to answer questions put to her by the Portuguese police that would have helped with the investigation to find her missing daughter.

    Leicester police held back important statements until Portuguese police inspector Goncalo Amaral was taken off the case.

    Mobile phone, bank account and medical records etc were not made available to the Portuguese police, to help them with their investigation

    When the suspect status was lifted,the McCanns left Portugal and the investigation was archived.

    Clarence Mitchell has now left the Labour party to join the Conservative party as a "wannabe" Member of Parliament.

    Gerry returned to Portugal 17 months later.

    Gerry and his holiday buddies, refused to go back to Portugal to help the police with a time-line reconstruction. Which would have helped to identify where people were and if their statements were water tight.

    Crime scene was contaminated by the McCanns and others who were allowed to wander in and out of the apartment.

    McCanns did not physically search for their missing child.

    Bloggers world wide have put in many hours of unpaid research trying to help find this missing British child.

    Clarence Mitchell admitted it was a mystery.

    Only allowed version of the mystery disappearance of Madeleine Mccann, is the parents. IT WAS AN ABDUCTION!

    An Englishman

  62. New Suspect on video according to Sunday Express tomorrow - headline only at moment

  63. how anybody can tell a bare faced lie and say they are God fearing is beyond me .may God forgive them

  64. I think it is high time the Portuguese and British Police stopped being so cynical and naughty and started to properly work on Gerry's 3300 psychic leads.

    That would be proactive and rational as Gerry suggests. When are they going to drop this silly idea Kate and Gerry need to tell them where Maddie is?

    Kate has been telling us about her pain since 2008, they even wanted to make a movie to set it all out for us and get a little £10M boost to their Fund to Find Maddie. I think it is time people started to empathise with that pain she feels at all these cynical cops who just will not believe them. Ludicrous!

    I do not know why people have to be "nasty bloggers" and cast aspersions at the top investigators the McCanns have employed who far outrank the hopeless cops. Metodo 3, Halligen, Edgar, marvelous effort by her loving parents and I am amazed they have not already found Maddie. Mr Marco told us he would have Maddie home by Christmas 2007 and I am sure he meant that most sincerely. Edgar tells us Maddie is in a lair within 10 miles of PDL and I am sure if the fat lazy Portuguese and British cops just got off their backsides and helped Eddie a little bit Maddie would long since have been returned to her loving parents completely alive and well and what is more with the full blessing of Mrs Justice Hogg who would obviously immediately revoke the Wardship of Madeleine.

  65. Now we have the media saying the McCanns are fighting to have the case in Portugal reopened!!!

    Excuse me while I laugh.

    What an absolute joke.

    Yes, they would like to make it look like they want the case reopened, but what they really want to do is be working the PJ from the back with them running hither and yon following their dud leads.

    Take any road PJ but not one that leads back to the McCanns and their Tapas friends.

    And if the PJ refuse to cooperate the McCanns will go to the media with the story that they have tried to get the case reopened and the PJ would not cooperate. Do these McCanns ever miss a trick?

    It would be one in the eye for the McCanns if the PJ did reopen it like they are going to go along with the McCanns, and then turned the investigation back onto them.

    There are too many things left undone in the original investigation, like the 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer, though she may have thought of answers by now, she has had long enough, and a reconstruction that was requested by the investigators, that did not happen due to lack of cooperation of the part of the Tapas friends.

    The first investigation was never completed and a reopening would have to take account of that.

    It would be interesting to get Dr Amaral's take on this.

  66. No 'Rolls Royce'service, eh?

    Telephone calls from the PM, Government spin doctors employed as PR, specialist professionals sent from UK to assist the investigation, british sniffer dogs - best in the business,apparently. One of the biggest and expensive child hunts in the history of missing children???

    Mmph! This McCann fellow - what's he up to?

  67. http://uk.buzz.yahoo.com/article/1:yahoo_uk_irel306:f7a33384a8da4950ef89ec89daa70ad2/Video-marks-Madeleine-disappearance

    When is this farce going to end? Re-open the police investigation - return the McCanns to face police questioning - put the liars to the test!

  68. Terrifying picture of Madeleine McCann on daily mail.
    Maked up, not like little girls as my daughter did or my grand daughters do, too much like clowns, but like a woman! I saw another photo like this, back like a sexy woman.
    No more comment, I think about Payne statement, and my heart feel cold.

  69. Definately advise Madeleine not to tell anyone who her parents are...mind you, pretty hard for a dead child to tell anyone anything.

    Dont ignorre the cadaver scent and blood!

  70. Now trying to hoodwink people into believing they want the case reopened!!

    Let's hope the Portuguese do unshelve it.

  71. 'Tell somebody who my mummy and daddy are? Um, well, they're the two people who took me and the twins on holiday, put us in the kids' club every day while they did their own thing AND left us all alone every evening while they went off to enjoy themselves with the other grown-ups. I think I'd recognise them if I saw them, but you need to understand we didn't actually see very much of them, especially on the holiday, so I'm a bit hazy on the details ...'

  72. These people are sick.

    No leads towards a psychiatric clinic?

  73. Tell someone who your Mummy and Daddy are, Madeleine.

    Ooops, sorry. To you of course they are Mummy and Daddy, but while you were away, they turned themselves into z-listers, you see?

    Is it just me, or did that strike anyone else?

    Anyway, moving on to the latest grumble.

    ''However, the authorities, he complained, had hardly been providing a "Rolls-Royce service".''

    They really think they are above everyone else, don't they?
    Had the McCanns, following their catastrophic decision to repeatedly leave the children alone, realised the error of their ways and pleaded with other parents not to do the same, it would be one thing. But they don't you see?

    To be honest, Gerry, no-one believes it was just like eating in one's garden, and every time you say that, hackles rise across the land. Everyone knows you did not have a line of sight, and that the checks you made were completely inadequate. Every time you insist that you didn't even have to think about it, it felt so safe, you insult the intelligence of the viewer. The most inadequate, ill-prepared, teenage mum knows that one does not leave babies alone, for countless reasons leaving 'abduction' aside. No-one believes that you didn't know it was unsafe. If you are seriously suggesting that your idea of parenting includes the concept that it is perfectly safe to leave them as you did, in the dark, alone, and with unlocked doors, then frankly Gerry and Kate that ought to raise questions about your suitability to be raising your remaining children.

    The point is, you know it was unsafe. You took a risk, because you didn't want your leisure time to be disrupted by having to fetch the children from the night creche after you'd eaten. It's not as if the resort didn't go to great pains to ensure parents had some way they could go out for the evening and know the kids were properly looked after. It was free, too. You could have left them in the free creche, you could have shelled out £20 for a nanny. You didn't because in your arrogance you think you know better than every child welfare expert in the world. You think normal rules and expectations of responsible behaviour don't apply to you. And one other thing is certain. You are not the tiniest bit sorry you did it. Just sorry you got caught. If you were genuinely sorry, you wouldn't say things like ''Of course we regret we were not with her at the moment she was taken''. Nice try. But we all know that doesn't mean the same as ''We are desperately sorry we left her alone and would urge anyone never to do what we did''

    So when you launch into your next whine-fest and inform us that the Portuguese police haven't done enough, even though it's their costliest investigation ever - or the Leicestershire police haven't done enough, even though they have no jurisdiction - or the British authorities haven't done enough, even though you had far far more help than you were entitled to - you might want to pause long enough to remember that these people were all doing their jobs, and seemingly doing them to the best of their ability. You might also want to consider the fact that the only reason they were there is because a certain couple weren't doing their job. Wherever Madeleine is today, I honestly truly hope that she never knows that for her parents, dinner comes before daughter

  74. Imo they want to get rid of this issue that is why they changed their attitud.

    They are now capable of laughing, of being happy, of joy, the guilt is much, much, much less (if it ever existed!), and this is great, isn't it, McCanns!

    This all shows they want to stop this story and to continue their lives as privete as possible, because they fear something.

    Absurd that their guilt is much, much, much less now.
    Imo they never really loved that girl.

    Could this sudden change of attitude have to do with the eventual results of the next elections?
    Brown losing, Labour losing, that is why the McCanns are saying good-bye to us and to the media?

    "Forget us! We are reallly happy. Everything is OK now! Try to concentrate yourselves on other children! Thanks for everything! And if you want, fuck us! We will not sue you!"

    Some threatening is going on, somewhere.
    They are scared of something.
    They probably did not get support from the other parties, did they?
    Who knows the next government will start an investigation about Maddie.

  75. A very interesting post at Textusa blog.

  76. A quem viu o Programa 'Linha da Frente' na RTP1. Passaram mais alguma coisa alem da reportagem na PDL? A RTP internacional so passou a reportagem na PDL. Fiquei sem perceber o motivo de tanta publicidade no telejornal a entrevista dos Mccann.
    A tao badalada entrevista foi so o que o Telejornal apresentou, foi so para consumo interno ( Portugal) ou ainda vai ser apresentada?

  77. 3 momentos perturbantes na reportagem:

    - As 3 empregadas do Ocean Club que acederam falar, sao da mesma familia, mae e filhas. Duas foram despedidas, a outra despediu-se. Uma delas era a empregada de limpezas do apartamento dos Mccann. Quem sao os outros que sairam? Todos tinham tido alguma ligacao aos Mccann ou Tapas 7, entenda-se por ligacao, te-los visto, trabalhado proximo, etc.

    - A empregada que limpava o apartamento disse que o limpou pela ultima vez na quarta-feira ( Madeleine e dada como desaparecida na Quinta a noite) e que eles estavam no apartamento e disseram que se iam embora. Embora para onde? Porque tiveram necessidade de dizer a empregada da limpeza que iam embora. Simpatia ou algo mais? Afinal as ferias nao terminavam nesse dia nem no dia seguinte.

    - O ex-detective Ingles que trabalhou para a policia inglesa disse ter tido experiencia de casos destes e acrescentou que ele estava feliz por ja nao trabalhar na policia e nao se ter envolvido no caso. Adivinha-se das suas palavras que ele nao queria estar na pele dos investigadores, nao por os achar incompetentes mas por toda a pressao e juizo de valores que se fez, denegrindo e descredibilizando o trabalho da policia. Acrescentou ainda que alguem sabe alguma coisa e que um dia quebrara e a verdade vai saber-se.

    O documentario da RTP teve o merito de trazer a luz do dia o que pensa a comunidade inglesa que vive no local. A maioria pensa que Madeleine esta morta e acha o local seguro, portanto podemos concluir que para eles o rapto e a versao mais improvavel. Tambem achei interessante que todos falassem em nome deles e dos amigos 'e a minha opiniao e a dos meus amigos'.

    A PDL precisa de paz e a investigacao de serenidade, para que se apure a verdade. Longe do circo mediatico que os Mccann montaram com a ajuda dos tabloides ingleses. Como disse outro residente ingles, ha os jornais serios que dedicam 'Zero' ao caso Maddie e ha os tabloides que vivem de escandalos. Nao quer dizer que acreditem nesses escandalos. Alimentam-nos porque chegam facilmente a populaca e os escandalos vendem bem, papel.

  78. seen the new pic of maddy on the daily mail site?

  79. Truth has this great quality that is coming to daylight when is not expected to anymore. Will see...

  80. Those people will stop at nothing.

  81. A todas as MAES, um FELIZ DIA DA MAE.

  82. Pay attention at RTP interview (Telejornal).
    When Kate decide to explain how she found that madeleine was abducted, the shutters, the window, the cortines, bla, bla, bla... First she look at Gerry, like if she is asking permission and making sure there will be no mistakes. Gerry look at her all the time, very tense, controlling. He just relax when she finish.
    Seems a planed question with the answer previous programed.

  83. Mark Williams Thomas is already Tweeting about the inadvisable nature of the make-up photo

  84. They have certainly LOST THE PLOT

  85. Kate, 42, said: "We love you very much, Madeleine, and we're not going to stop what we're doing."

    Is it me, or is that a very odd phrase?

    Not, "We're not going to stop looking for you" or "We'll find you one day"?

  86. Whats going on here, has someone got to Jo?

  87. Just have a look at this picture! It's scary. It's telling so much!

  88. Looks like we have gone full circle in the 'blame game.'

    We have Portuguese police and UK police being tarred.
    Faceless and nameless persons attempting to de-rail their search.
    Faceless and nameless persons who do not want Madeleine found and Gerry not knowing their motive for this.
    Faceless and nameless persons who will be embarrassed should Madeleine be found.
    Information which in their opinion is credible and they do not agree with the police finding it to be otherwise.
    Srn Amaral's book preventing the public from thinking for themselves, so he too sabotaged their search.

    And last but not least - Madeleine in the three years since her disappearance did not have the sense to tell someone who she is, and who her infamous mother and father are.

    Why didn't the child think of this? Could it be because she is in a lair as the McCann PI has said and that she doesn't get out to mix socially?

    Enter Gerry and Kate with their words of wisdom to their daughter.

    This message has come three yeaars too late ... but let us not be harsh, mummy and daddy were busy consulting with lawyers re libel cases, checking out their position re being charged with child abandonment/neglect. Travelling the globe, holding parties. They have had a busy schedule.

    Do remember also, that what the McCann's state about credible information, police not performing to their satisfaction, persons sabotaging their search - it is merely to fill column inches for the third anniversary. They had nothing positive to report regarding their £million search.

    They can easily take information to the authorities, information they know to be NOT credible, present it, so as to say that they made application for the case to be re-opened but the nasty authorities wouldn't play ball.

    One could easily say that the McCann's and their friends, by not co-operating with the Portuguese police by way of a criminal reconstruction, were attempting to de-rail the police investigation.
    That their lack of co-operation was as they did not want Madeleine to be found. That it may be an embarrassment to them if she was.
    One might think just as they do of others, that they have motives for their actions, for attempting to de-rail a criminal investigation.

    It works both ways, this little game they play.

    Embarrassment if a missing child is found? What could be embarrasing for anyone if a missing child is found? Unless of course Kate is referring to a living Madeleine and making accusation against these nameless persons? Surely not?

    They are so transparent it makes one laugh.

    One thing the McCann's should be very sure of, and that is, that EVERYONE wants this child found. Not just Madeleine to be found, but the mystery of her disappearance solved also. Finding Madeleine, if she is dead, still leaves the solving of how this came to be so.


  89. I cannot believe how these so called parents are using their twins in this case this is not right and they need investigating by social services. Poor children what a life??

  90. Excuse me, but I just had to say this:

    But, Maddie has already told her GOD who her daddy and mummy are. In fact she probably also told GOD "my mummy and daddy hurt me, but I am OK now, can I go home please?"

    Stupid mccanns, hope they rot in hell for continuing to lie. When they get to meet God of Hell, hope their tongues got chopped off.

  91. Anon 67, if they are really god fearing, they had better be prepared then on their solitary journey to him because he would condemn them to the kingdom of animals or insects for their reincarnation. The taking of a precious human life is the most sinful thing a human can commit.

    The law of cause and effect (Karma) ensures that they will repay that debt to Maddie in their next life. Hope they reincarnate as snails or a chicken or something - anyway a something that without speech ability because their tongues had been cut off.

  92. McCanns..........yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  93. I am intrigued the plush interior of the mccanns house, panelled and heavy heraldry pattern curtains. cost a bit....dillusions of granduer


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