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McCann couple interviewed in Lisbon (Video)

Casal McCann fala com RTP sobre desaparecimento da filha
O casal McCann explicou pela primeira vez a sua versão do que aconteceu na noite em que a filha desapareceu. Kate explicou à RTP o que viu quando chegou ao quarto de Madeleine e porque deixou os gémeos para trás enquanto correu para o Tapas Bar a pedir socorro.

McCann couple speaks with RTP about the disappearance of the daughter
The McCann couple explains for the first time their version of what happened on the night their daughter disappeared. Kate explained to RTP what she saw when she arrived to Madeleine's bedroom and why she left behind the twins whilst she raced back to the Tapas Bar asking for help.

Full Transcript (thanks to anotheroneforjustice)

Kate McCann: Well, I remember that night very well. Well, I ran. I said, "Madeleine's gone. Someone's taken her."

At 0:20, Sandra Felgueiras voice over - Three years later Kate McCann still refuses to go back to Praia da Luz to reconstitute the night when Madeleine disappeared. Lisbon was, therefore, the stage chosen to listen for the first time, in the first person, the story version which intrigued the PJ.

Sandra Felgueiras on location: When you got into the apartment at 10pm and you didn't see Madeleine, you just ran shouting that she was missing. Weren't you afraid to leave Sean and Amelie behind? What crossed your mind?

Kate McCann - Well first of all, I didn't just walk in and notice she'd gone. It was the fact that the door was open to the bedroom quite wide. When I went to close the door, it slammed and that's when I noticed that Madeleine was there. And then I thought had she wandered through to our bed, so I went through to our room and she wasn't there and then I went back in again. And ermm... And then I just literally flew round the apartment, once I realised that the window was open and the shutter was up. I flew round the apartment and I just flew. I don't know, I don't... You know, I just ran out, I mean, I knew I could be there in seconds and I just screamed as soon as I saw the table. I screamed.

Sandra Felgueiras - Now when you look back, you realise it could be, could have been dangerous for Sean and Amelie to let them behind? No?

Gerry McCann - I don't think that's right and certainly in medical training, the first thing you get taught in an emergency situation is to call for help. That's part of, that gets drummed into you.

Sandra Felgueiras - So it was a natural reaction?

Gerry McCann - No, err... Its one of the things that should be considered for us but I think most people would react like that.

Sandra Felgueiras - Did it ever cross your mind, Madeleine wouldn't be able to cross the door just looking after you, alone?

Kate McCann - If I can just explain what I found. The shutters which had been down all week and when I went in and there was a gust that blew the curtains open, that's when I noticed that the shutter had been pulled up.

Sandra Felgueiras - So you have no doubts, she was taken from the bed?

Kate McCann - No doubts. A three-year old would not be able to do that.

Gerry McCann - If you are saying, "Is it theoretically possible that Madeleine left the apartment, then yes. Do we believe it and do we think she was capable of leaving the apartment the way it was found and by which exit did she leave, then absolutely not.

At 2:49, Sandra Felgueiras voice over - Three years later, Kate and Gerry can now smile, but they confess since the day 3 of May of 2007, they have never knew what is complete happiness in a sunny day.

Broadcast by RTP 30.04.2010


  1. another load of b*l*c*s from the mccanns,jesus i hope sandra has not been taken in by this vile pair

  2. Kate specifically states : approx - 40 -50 seconds into the video

    KM Well first of all, I didn't just walk in and notice she'd gone. It was the fact that the door was open to the bedroom quite wide. When I went to close the door, it slammed and that's when I noticed that Madeleine was there. And then I thought had she wandered through to our bed, so I went through to our room and she wasn't there and then I went back in again. And ermm... And then I just literally flew round the apartment, once I realised that the window was open and the shutter was up. I flew round the apartment and I just flew. I don't know, I don't... You know, I just ran out, I mean, I knew I could be there in seconds and I just screamed as soon as I saw the table. I screamed.


    This is getting too crazy for words,
    I honestly belive that there are things happening "backstage"as Gerry likes to call it!

    Tick tock Kate and Gerry tick tock!

  3. Sandra Fegueiras asks Kate why she just ran out and left the twins alone?

    Gerry said that in medical training you get it drummed into you that in a medical emergency the first thing you do is get help!

    There wasn't a medical emergency! These medical analogies are coming fast and furious now.

    Lets's replace 'Doctor Kate McCann' with Mummy Kate McCann.

    What is the first thing a mummy does in an emergency which affects her babies?

    Protect them of course!

    The mummy doesn't leave them in a place of harm. And if Kate believed Madeleine had been taken by a madman who had been in her apartment, then she was leaving her other two babies in a place of harm.

    She ran out she said because she knew it would only take her seconds! So she thought about it then? She considered/ weighed up how great the dangers may be to Sean and Amelie, what the risks to them might be to be left in an apartment where an abductor had just visited and taken her eldest daughter, and decided, hell what is a few seconds.

    She put them at risk all things considered.

    She is one strange mama!

    They will say anything to protect themselves, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

    Kate is a strange one, she speaks of events in a dismissive manner as though her cat went missing.

    They sat there and said that Madeleine would not have left of her own accord, yet they stated at the dinner table that they had left the door unlocked for that very purpose.

    How easily they lie!

    One has to ask, did she run out and leave Sean and Amelie because she was SURE they would not come to harm that there was NO abductor?

    Gerry McCann has stated in previous interviews that Kate was gone a long time, and that he was about to go look for her when she appeared.

    What was she doing during this time, wasting time? If she took so long, her medical training clearly failed her as she obviously did not act immediately on it. Her parental skills failed her also, as did a mothers natural reaction to protect her young.


  4. Slip of the tongue ! Madeleine was there ? Hmmm ! Sandra has that effect on Kate - and good for her .

  5. If I could tell the truth, what I really saw..you all would understand why we follow this line... this is it or...jail... you know?

  6. These characters have got to reinforce their abduction scenario which they see slipping away from them. More and more of the public are not believing them.

    They know the investigators are not going to follow those 'leads to nowhere' leads of theirs, yet have still have to sound like they want the case reopened because they read the comments, and so many people have been remarking on why they don't request a reopening.

    Far from wanting a 'reopening' they want this case closed and no possibility of them becoming arguidos again.

    The investigators, both Portugal and UK, know Madeleine is dead. They know the so called leads from the McCanns are a waste of time.

    And the McCanns know they know.

    It is a sick game they are playing, yet they also want the million from Dr Amaral so they will go through with it.

    What the investigators are waiting for from the McCanns so as to reopen the case, is the cooperation of the McCanns to answer the questions, and for them and their Tapas friends to do a reconstruction, so the case can pick up where it left off, and the McCanns are not going to go along with that.

  7. Felicidade plena num dia de Sol... poeticamente criminoso...Sol? Só se for aos quadradinhos!!!

  8. Its too late for them to leave well alone. They are inextricably entangled in their own mess. Good. Cant wait to see them hang themselves given enough rope.

  9. Regarding the photo of Maddie with made up eyes and lips,(McCann Files), Kate says Maddie messed about with the make up, but there is no way that a three year old could have put it on so perfectly. Kate must have done it for her and I wonder why - a glamour photo at 3 years old!!

  10. Kate has always put so much energy into her hand and arm movements. Whoosh, clunk! What a pity she didn't use that energy to look for Madeleine when she went missing. Sandra definitely got Gerry rattled and Kate nervous.

  11. What are they playing at? Surely,They knew v well from the DVD that the PJ had stated that the shutter was not open neither is it possible for the shutter to open from the outside. This I thought the PJ had tested it out for themselves.

    I am lost as to what they are playing at. Why the need to keep up publicity in this manner, afterall they know the public did not believe them, so why the continued consistent lies.

    Neither of them looks comfortable in that interview, especially Gerry he was the more stressed of the two.

  12. Has anybody any idea what it is about the McCann case that is so secret that if it were to be revealed would damage relations between Portugal and UK.

    This information is being kept under wraps by the UK, and has been supplied to them by somebody close to the McCanns who will refuse to say any more.

    If this information has relevance to a criminal investigation how can they get a way with that, and why aren't the Portuguese protesting their need to know after having spent so much money on the Madeleine McCann investigation.

  13. Anon 13

    When their story that the so called 'abductor' had jemmied the shutter and got in from the outside was not believable, then they changed it to say that he must have opened it from the inside and got out that way.

    When they had to change that part of the story, then they had to say they had left the door unlocked, because otherwise how could he have entered the apartment if he didn't enter through the window, and the door wasn't forced open.

    Their story has changed as they have gone along.

    One of the things Kate McCann said was that it was seeing Cuddle Cat on the shelf that made her instantly realise Madeleine had been taken,(presumably not the open window and breeze then).

    Since then Cuddle Cat was said to have been on the bed all the time.

  14. Why did she go to close the door?! She hadnt checked the kids at that point! LIAR!

  15. Where the hell are the authorities!

    Are these people beyond the law?

  16. They incriminate themselves in every interview:

    Everybody who leave a flat with shutters down will noticed straightaway that they are up when enter the flat. Kate made a so big and romantic story about the way she find the flat, that honestly, we have to say, the 'story look like another lie'

    Kate need another interview to explain how the abductor open the shutter without making noise ( having the risk of waking-up the twins and Madeleine and the neighbours) and how he leave no traces.

    A mum did not leave her childs behind in the same place where one is already missing. This is 'INSTINTIVE REACTION' which is present in all animals,including humans and cannot be controlled, is automatic. If Kate left the twins behind is because her brain knows they were not at risk. Gerry explanation about Medical reaction is nothing else then Rubbish. Gerry bla, bla, bla is for analphabets consumption. Imagine how many times doctors are in emergency situations and have to act without time to call any help? Almost every time. Doctors were trained to act, to solve problems, to rescue in emergency, not to look for help. If they are not able to act like that, then they are incompetent doctors.
    Any mother of a really abducted child, in Kate's situation, will run holding the twins very tight. And never leave the twins in the creche, at strange hands, on the days after.

    Any parents of an abducted child will fulminate their other childs with questions about what they remember from the last night they saw their sister. Even toddlers have memories which can be highlighted if properly activated. The way that Kate and Gerry presume the twins did not remember anything, speaks volumes. And the way they dismiss this tool in the investigation tells a lot about the abduction and their real propose to find Madeleine.

    All this media parade have only two objectives: foolish the public with a pretended ' REOPEN THE CASE' which never happen and look for MORE DONATIONS to feed the FUND.

  17. They talk about their medical training. Did no one tell them not to leave three toddlers alone while they went out drinking? Even people without medical training know that.

  18. Have they decided that Sandra needs to be brought into line...that she is the key to 'persuading' us that black is white?

    I wonder.

    Whats happened to Amaral? Whats happened to the Murat case against Tanner?

    Is money winning through?

  19. Where did Gerry McCann go for half an hour between 9.30pm and 10pm as was stated by two 'independent' witnesses who worked at the Tapas restaurant?

    Half an hour seems like a very long time to be checking on the kids, and Gerry hasn't mentioned that he did another check at this time.

    This time also coincides with the time of the Smith sighting.

    If only somebody would ask him that question.

    I say 'independent' witnesses, because it is hard to make sense of the statements of the Tapas friends as regards timing, and how could these people be treated as objective witnesses anyway.


    Then came all the mess with open door/closed door- open window and closed window.

    To avoid being accused of negligence they have to made a story with the door closed. Otherwise the childs will be exposed at risk.

    Now come this story, and Sandra Felgueiras made it clear, was Kate telling it in first person, to the world:

    She find that Madeleine was abducted not because of the Cuddle cat ( then she lie to the police and there is implications for that) but because of the changes in the shutters. If the abductor open the shutters without damaging them, means he went the flat trough the door, and that means the door WAS LEFT OPEN. Kate assumed NEGLIGENCE IN FIRST DEGREE. They exposed the 3 childs with high risk of danger. Only one disappeared, but the all 3 could wander by themselves and fall and die in the swimming pool or in any of the excavations reported in the roads near the resort.

    What made Kate assuming the negligence now to support the abduction by a strange? Is it because they cannot be accused of negligence anymore.... already passed more then 2 years to the day that everything happened? Lawyers always use the timing to play dirty games with justice.

    I think, sandra felgueiras interview gave enough evidences to the PGR to reopen the case. There is no new or more suspects, but there is evidences that the main suspects lie to the police dumping the investigation and this need to be clarified.

  21. @ 16

    You make a very good point, why did Kate close the door when she had not checked the kids. They lie with as many teeth as Clarence imo.

  22. Kate went out for dinner with shutters down... then a dark flat, no lights coming trough.

    Kate come back to the flat with shutters up.... light coming trough the window and she did not noticed.

    She have to made all this story rounding and rounding from one place to another, with the wind blowing the cortine, etc. Not a single word about the light and she is not blind.
    And she want to blind somebody... maybe her supportive journalists from the British tabloids because bloggers have brains and will not change their feelings with Kate lies.
    Kelly and all other supporters must hide their faces in shame after Sandra Felgueiras interview and how the Mccann's were caught like rats. A 'sun' side effect.

  23. As regards the 'secret' about the McCann case that is being kept under wraps by the British Government because of fear of damage to relations with the Portuguese, they must be aware that in this day and age it is very difficult to keep much secret.

    What with hackers, whistleblowers, and all.

    However, the hackers and whistleblowers have got to know that this 'secret' exists to begin with in order for them to attempt to get hold of the information.

    And so far the knowledge that this information exists is not known to many.

    Could this information be the key to solving this case?

    If so, it is a disgrace that it is to be kept hidden when the lives of so many innocent people have been marred because of the McCann case.

    Are politics and relations with other countries really so much more important than the lives of human beings? How can the case of a little missing girl be believed to have so much impact on the state of relations between two countries.

    And how much longer is this McCann saga to continue, and how many more lives are going to be caught up in it until the UK admits what this is all about.

    By the time the McCanns have finished there may not be much of a good relationship left between the two countries anyway.

    Perhaps we should all protest and request the release of this 'secret' information from the next administration.

    Maybe they will take a different attitude to the Brown one.

  24. Anon @ 11.

    Absolutely. There is no way a three-year-old would have the manual control necessary for a make-up job like that. Besides, what is the point of issuing that disturbing out-of-date photo now? How will it help in the search for a seven-year-old Madeleine? Or do they think the nice abductor will have treated Madeleine to a kiddies´ make-up kit out of the kindness of his heart?

    Incidentally, how disappointing that the Independent is giving a lot of space to this story and without a hint of cynicism. I had always thought it was a cut above the gutter press. Depressing times.

  25. Did Matthew Oldfield not notice the wind through the bedroom, why did not the door slam before Kate arrived?
    The wind would have crossed the bedroom towards the living, much before Oldfield had arrived.
    Even dislocation of it would have happened when Oldfield came and left through the patio door.

  26. Kate and Gerry are now in the final stages of this saga this is one last push with the worldwide poster campaign for more money. All along this was about money and was planned long before they ever went on holiday; the main players in this all have dubious backgrounds and are linked to each other. This has all been acted out the vast amounts of money involved have provided the cover-up.
    Jane Tanner and the rest of Tapas were told half truths by the Mccanns to get them to co-operate and when they realised what they had become involved in it was too late. The Gaspars statements came late because David Payne said he wanted to change his statement, so the Gaspars statements were brought into play threatening him with the prospect of being named a paedophile and facing ruin many people have been threatened because of the power of the money involved in this.
    There is a new photograph of Madeleine in the Sunday Mail today aged three wearing blue eye shadow in a ‘dressing up’ mode – why have they only just released this photograph, it has an air of paedophilia all over it – Maddie was set up by the Mccanns for this, they are heartless.
    The on-line shop after three years still only sells wristbands and vests, it has not progressed onto tacky Maddie dolls, or jewellery, books or anything else – this is because it is used to deposit the money into other offshore accounts, a bit like money laundering. Mccanns made much more than the 1.2 million that was in the original fund (this fund was just a cover) this was a worldwide campaign, collecting boxes in hotels all across the Algarve, celebrities appealing for donations, collections at football matches, libel cases the fund would have received several million in the first few days that’s why Gerry did his blog and pushed family and friends to involve media, his meetings with high profile people added to this media frenzy.
    One of their websites received over 92 million hits in the first few weeks. Everybody heard of Maddie. This was all well planned. Now they are ‘having a go’ at authorities and God and anybody else they chose because after this last push they will say they are leaving England because it is too painful for them, they will give the last few hundred thousand that is in the original Madeleine Fund to Charity, go and live in America or somewhere with all their hidden millions. This whole thing is a complete scam. Why do you think the Tapas gave their £600,000 libel money to the Madeleine Fund, ordinary working people would hang onto money, they have all been paid or are going to be paid for the part they played. For three years the Mccanns have been unable to spend this money, they have acted out this abduction fantasy and now they are set to move on.


    Kate describing about the bedroom door - first she said it was open, then it was shut, then she went out(to her own bedroom)then she went back into the children's bedroom etc etc etc.

    Sounds more like she was doing the bl***dy Hokey Kokey.

    K & G, do you realise how pathetic you both are!

  28. I saw a terrible photo of Maddie's on McCannfiles.
    She is wearing eye shadow.
    My goodness, this is a crime.
    Who knows the McCanns sold her alive, that's why they became rich, and the poor child was taken to some place like Thailand.
    Or to some children red light place, somewhere in Europe or even in Algarve.
    There is a new video of the McCanns on McCannfiles, that photo is not fabricated.
    It is published by the McCanns themselves, on their new video.
    I'm horrified.

  29. I believe operation Ore is behind all of this. People in high places and a 100 year gagging order placed on the Dunbane Massacre and the elite who are all behind this.

  30. Please please Portugal, don't let the McCanns get away with this. They are dispicable. There must be enough evidence now to arrest them.

    Very best wishes to Mr Amaral and his family.

    Thank you to Joana for all your hard work.

    An English lady.

  31. Kate has had Botox around her eyes and fillers from nose to mouth plus across her top lip which has made her smile even more sinister.

  32. Anon 32,i agree with you,in the book Faked Abduction the author writes of a British journalist name Mike James who now lives in Germany who on his various websites writes about exactly this,he names at least two prominent government ministers who are allegedly paedophiles,these two names beggar belief if true,but the author also says there has never been any rebuttals of these allegations,also on that website he claims Blair gagged the newspapers from revealing the names,i don't know if i believe these allegations but the allegations stem from operation ore,btw Mike James also claims that Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton was a close friend of Lord Robertson.

  33. Poster 29 you have hit the nail on the head - the authorities must act - follow the money. I remember reading about Murat's ex-wife was offerred £200,000.00 to say he was a peado. Halligen was a dodgy character ideal for the Mccanns though and Carter Ruck - this was premeditated and planned well in advance - thats why Mccanns have become so vocal getting ready to pack up and leave, but how can they be stopped?

  34. There is nothing more sickening than to see a couple of adults scrabbling around desperate to save their own skins and blaming it on everyone but themselves. They would rather constantly tell lies about their dead daughter than be found out.

  35. Even their lies do not interest anybody anymore...
    Madeleine is dead.
    The PJ knows it,the UK cops know it,THEY know it.
    They have reached a dead end.They know it but even though they wont shut up and thats their fall.
    Its a question of time: we know it

  36. 28 ...and why did she go to close the door anyway? She couldnt have checked could she, so it was a pure 'listening' procedure!

    No parent would go all the way back to the apartment where their children slept and not even look at the children! Gerry claims he did that very thing when he allegedly checked the children!

    So why did she just go to shut the door?!!!!

    Why even make up that story? Why not say she went to check the children and found madeleine not there? Why do we have to have this story of door positioning? It is simply to be able to claim the shutter was up and the window was open?

    It makes no sense! Why do journalists not pick op on these oddities? Why do the authorities not see them? Are they going to get away with it?!!!!!

  37. They can't leave well alone now its gone too far they have to keep up this pretence, for as long as they seem to be getting away with it. They are a couple who know no peace, eaten away inside by lies and deception. Maddie did not ask to be born. and I suppose you can say God's will did not even come into her being,her conception was ordered by selfish parents, and that same selfishness by those parents was the cause of her death. The maccanns souls must be in torment, and its not over yet. A little girl lies in death waiting for justice.

  38. Sandra says:
    3 years on Kate and Gerry are alredy able to smile...
    Will someone please send Sandra the photos of the pair of "Cheshire McCats" on May 12th 1007, Madeleine's 4th birthday, 9 days after the "abduction", outside the church in Luz?

  39. I tried several times, I listened carefully, but I do not hear "Madeleine is there", instead I hear "Madeleine is eeerrr..."(or aaarrr), sort of an hesitation, one of the usual Kate's hesitations, like the hermmms, humm, I mean, etc.
    I am not english though, so I might not be listening and interpreting it right.

  40. #28,
    just like Tanner failled to notice the open window when she turned the corner of the building on her way to her apartment to check on her children. Remember that she had just seen the "abductor" with the child on his arms, so the window had to be opened alredy. Yet, she did not notice it, nor any "flowing in the wind curtains", nothing!

  41. at 1.03 door slammed and 'that's when I noticed that Madeleine was there'

    Interesting slip up. At some point Madeleine was there, the night before?

  42. I watched the video, where Sandra Felgueiras interviewed the McCanns. I saw Kate McCann flinch, when Sandra asked her why she left Sean and Amalie in the apartment, when she went to raise the alarm. She flinched but didn't answer Sandra's question, how I wished Sandra had asked the question again, because I would love to have heard Kate McCann's answer.

    In my opinion, Kate McCann didn't answer Sandra's question, because she knows the twins weren't in the apartment when Madeleine was spirited away. The McCanns have lead us to believe for almost 3yrs, that the twins never woke up, when Madeleine was taken. That is until Gerry McCann, let the cat out of the bag outside the Lisbon court back in January.

    He told the waiting press, that Madeleine was alone in their apartment, on the night she disappeared. I was always puzzled why Madeleine's bed had lots of bedding, while the twins cots had bare mattresses and no bedding.

    I have come to the conclusion, that if Kate McCann was speaking the truth when she said Madeleine told her and her husband, that she and Sean had woken up the previous evening, that the twins were taken to another apartment and babysat by the mother of one of the Tapas group, while she babysat her own grandchild.

    I think that Madeleine was then sedated, to make sure she didn't wake up, only she was overdosed with the sedation. I think the person who could have given her the sedative, was David Payne, who spend some time in the McCanns apartment, with Kate McCann, while her husband played tennis.

    I believe whatever happened to Madeleine's body, happened before the McCanns went to meet their friends and David Payne was involved in the disposal of Madeleine's body.

    Some might say, how could the McCanns go to dinner, after they had done what they did? I would say that if Madeleine is missing, through no fault of the McCanns, apart from neglect, why did they not look for her? Also the rest of their behaviour was and still is very strange, for a couple whose child is missing.

  43. "Gerry McCann - I don't think that's right and certainly in medical training, the first thing you get taught in an emergency situation is to call for help. That's part of, that gets drummed into you."

    Then the second thing must be to contact the British papers to let them know that you have immediately concluded that your daughter has been abducted, because, taking into account the two-hour timeframe between finding your daughter missing and an article being online, you wouldn't have had time to entertain any other ideas.

    Let's see:

    * Run out of apartment.
    * Have conversation with rest of group about what's happened.
    * Go back to apartment.
    * Check rooms again to be sure (but don't check outside, as you're not going to have enough time to get your story online by midnight)?
    * Wave fingers under twins' noses to see if they're breathing.
    * Find mobile, as you had neither this nor a watch, but you did, but you didn't. But you couldn't have because otherwise you could've called someone at the table and not left the twins.
    * Work out how to make call to UK (unless already known), which can be fairly time-consuming judging by the experience of foreign students I've hosted.
    * Work out who you should be calling to get through to the papers. Of course, there will be a magic operator on hand who's had experience of this sort of situation and will put you right through to the right number.
    * Person answering the call will be exactly the person to whom you need to speak, especially since it's the middle of the night, when most people tend to be at work and you have your choice.
    * Experiencing no anxiety, you will calmly explain what's happened and the person at the other end of the phone will immediately agree to write it and put it online. There won't be time for fact-checking or seeking permission from your superiors, but there won't be any need because you just 'knew' that your daughter had been abducted, despite not checking outside or talking to the police or people in the area.
    * Journalist writes article and just sticks it up without proofreading, checking, etc.?

    Yes, it seems plausible. I've watched Challenge Anneka.

    Facetiousness aside, and I don't know who made the call, but this scenario doesn't even take into account everything that happened that night, which would make it seem even more unlikely.

  44. Spot on no. 46 - far too busy with more important matters than to organise and participate in searches of the locality before arriving at THAT conclusion. And that just about sums the story up. Busy, busy, busy. Always working really, really hard, except at the the things they should be taking care of, like actually searching, and co-operating fully and ensuring their friends are also co-operating fully with the police enquiry. No sane person would even speak to those friends again after their performance in this saga but no, this lot are stronger than ever and 100% sure of each other's lack of involvement! The medical training comment is laughable and contradicts even first aid training where safety is key. A trained medic is admitting here she ran away from her two babies and left them exposed to potential abduction which is what she said she knew had happened. Shame this kind of revelation is never aired in the British press.

  45. Considering Sandra goes straight for the jugular in her interviews with
    the McCanns, they keep coming back for more and you have to wonder whether they have become overconfident now or the interview is edited before it is aired.

    I see Kate dressed up for this interview and looked quite cheerful whereas she dressed down for the Spanish interview and looked very solemn.

  46. she also states that .... madeline was there ???????????? though she said she thought she had gone out the window . the mind boggles


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