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McCanns post an update to mark the anniversary of Maddie's disappearance

Thank you to everyone who has stayed with us during the past three years – hoping, praying and supporting our efforts to find Madeleine and bring her home. We know we couldn't have achieved as much as we have without this help.

Milestones and anniversaries are never easy, but the work to find our little Madeleine will continue regardless, with the same determination and tenacity as it always has and for as long as it takes.

It might be three years without Madeleine but it certainly doesn't feel like we're at the end of the line - far from it.

Madeleine. Still missing, still missed, still looking!

McCann couple, on Madeleine's birthday mass, outside church of Luz, Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal 
12 May 2007, 9 days after the «abduction»


  1. Gerry, why are you laughing?

    Kate, why are you smiling?

  2. Gordon Brown was caught out earlier this week and met his nemises. Hopefully, it won't be too long before the McCanns meet a similar fate!!!!!

  3. McCanns...still lying!

  4. This most un-Holy Pair, their lies and performance sicken me !

  5. The only thing those two are looking for is to get their hands on more files.
    They think everyone else is stupid. Isn`t that the first sign of something?

  6. Especially in the early videos the McCanns used to appear in (before they were suspects), on a number of occasions it looked like Kate McCanns was trying to stop herself laughing, and the same with Gerry McCann, when the interviewer told them there had been reported sightings of Madeleine.

    Gerry looked like he found it hard to control himself from laughing as he took a quick glance at Kate, like some little joke between them.

    I wish there was a body language expert on that one if it is still around, and hasn't been clunked whooshed like so much else.

  7. Anon two, they will not be caught out like Gordon. Mr McC reminded Mrs McC she had her microphone on after one of the interviews in Spain.

  8. UK voters! Can't vote Labour, can't vote Tory.

  9. Remember, Joana, when I told you PM's are not elected for ever? Just wait and see. In less than six months the spin-doctors are over, the «fund» will be empty, the private investigators will disappear and the lawyers will demand a fabulous bill. This is what human race is made of. The TRUTH will at last come to daylight


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