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Party for Maddie on her 7th birthday

The 'party' in Praia da Luz, on the 12th of May of 2007 - the day that Madeleine would have been four years old - 9 days after she disappeared

By Antonella Lazzeri

Madeleine McCann's little brother and sister will today mark her seventh birthday with a family tea party.

Five-year-old twins Sean and Amelie will be joined by relatives and friends at their home in Rothley, Leics.

A spokesman for mum Kate, 42, told how her daughter's third birthday since vanishing on holiday in Portugal was "particularly painful".

But both she and husband Gerry, 42, "still have hope and that keeps them strong".

Kate said: "The 12th is obviously a day when we should be celebrating with Madeleine."

The twins still talk often about their sister.

Kate recently revealed: "Amelie said, 'Mummy, she might speak another language'. And Sean said to me, 'Never give up, Mummy'. I just said, 'Don't worry, I won't do that. None of us will'."

in: The Sun, 12.05.2010


  1. "Sean said to me, 'Never give up, Mummy'. I just said, 'Don't worry, I won't do that. None of us will'."

    Sean. Please understand that none of US will give up either, until your parents tell the truth about what happened.

  2. I make it the FOURTH Birthday without Madeleine.


  3. They don't resist:
    A REAL PARTY for a VIRTUAL BIRTHDAY, for A VITUAL GIRL. Who is going to blow the candles? Which logical explanation, can parents give to 5 years old childs which participate in a party where the main 'object' of the party was absent? Can you imagine going to a Birthday party where the Birthday person was absent and you don't know if that person still existing? I NOT... And this is too disturbing for my mind.
    Where are the British authorities who assist that charade without any action. This twins were raised in a completely nonsense and danger environment. Who they will be when they grow up? DISTURBED ADULTS with a new pathological syndrome which the world never faced before.
    We know, abused childs tend to be abuser adults when they grow-up. Raped childs, tend to be rapists. This twins, raised in a faked and disturbed childhood, will be faked adults, always chasing a monster who never existed and having the mission to rescue a sister victim of the negligence of her parents. DISGUSTING.

  4. It seems like their life has been just a big party for McCanns after Madeleine disappeared.

  5. Instead of searching for their girl which, as we know and they know, is a non-starter... they travel the world trying to convince people of their innocence. They attend memorials for other dead children.

    The sad thing for them is that they will never convince everyone. The longer it goes on, with no other similar abductions ("he's still out there") the more guilty they look.

    They will forever be looking over their shoulders.

  6. Words fail me!! Sick sick!!!

  7. No message to the Pope. No thanks, now when he is in portuguese soil and had an amazing warm welcome with thousand of people in the streets and THOUSAND OF CHILDREN.

    Why they don't sent any message to the Pope?

    People were holding posters with a message to the Pope- asking him to look after the children in Portugal, to seek justice for the children. Off-course on the mind of that people was also Madeleine. The Country did not forgot that little girl and the justice she deserves. THAT, WAS THE BEST WAY TO REMEMBER MADELEINE ON HER BIRTHADAY AND TO GIVE HER A PRESENT, not that ridiculous tea with twins in Rothley, disturbing their minds and compromising their Future.

    I Hope, if the Pope know something, he become touched by the Portuguese hearts and let the Country know the truth and Madeleine rest in peace with justice. Since, after 3 years, the abduction theory was almost dead.

    Today Mccann's showed again how they use the religion according to their agenda. They are catholics when is convenient.
    They rush to meet the Pope and to go to Fatima in May 2007. Now, the pope is in Fatima, is May, is Madeleine birthday. Why they did not fly to Fatima to see the Pope and give a tribute to Madeleine on her birthday? GOD AND KATE KNOWS.

  8. My fingers are so far down my throat i am nearly blacking out !! "We never will stop looking for her " more like you "never will" start looking ofr her ,but why bother ? you know sure enough where she is

  9. Party's....Party's.... Their life is a NON-STOP PARTY. Even when they attend memorials for dead childs, victimes of violent abuse, they go with that feeling of 'going to a party'.

  10. Kate recently revealed: "Amelie said, 'Mummy, she might speak another language'. And Sean said to me, 'Never give up, Mummy'. I just said, 'Don't worry, I won't do that. None of us will'."

    What utter tripe!

  11. Will the newspapers reporting today's event be showing similar photos of the parents with huge grins, as on Maddie's 4th birthday, or will they suddenly present grief stricken photos on their front pages?

    As for having a party for a missing child, and her siblings being drawn into this dispicable idea, words fail me! But then, they will get their pictures on the front pages, which is what it is all about at the end of the day.

  12. Madeleine, who have no place to rest, no place where people can send her a bouquet of flowers, has a Birthday Party in Rothley, where somebody is going to blow 7 candles on her behalf.

  13. They don't care what people think or know, It's stuff you all prove it. Madelaine was the Goose that laid the golden egg, all the doors she has opened for her parents and not one of them has closed in their faces YET! its hard but we just have to wait and hope.

  14. this is sick,my fears are for the twins living in this make believe world the mccanns have created for them.but the question is ,how are they allowed to get away with it,surely some one in authority has read the official police files.

  15. There is no doubt now that "the twins" are being mentally abused.

    It was quite clear in that home movie - the McCanns' own documentary - that the twins had no idea who this Maddie person was.
    Kate asked Sean who his other sister was, and he had to be heavily prompted. And don't forget, that film was controlled by them, so I bet they tried for hours to get just one piece to camera, to coax just one twin to even mention Madeleine. And that was their best attempt.

    They are being brought up on fiction, it's quite clear that mummy spends more time dealing with this ficticious person and throwing her parties, than she spends with them. I agree with everything said by poster 2.

    social services need to put a stop to it all. The twins might get to such a desperate stage in trying to please their mummy, that they may kidnap a child themselves, bring her home and say "here you are mummy, will you be happy now and play with us?"

    one thing for CERTAIN, their heads will be messed up already, how confused they must be. I thought Kate said that child psychologists advised that they tell the twins the TRUTH.

    so.... a message to you Princess Katie..... How much do you love your remaining children???? Enough to tell them the truth RIGHT NOW... UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE THEM (at least mentally) AS WELL.

    aunty anti

  16. Jacinta @ 13, Not exactly true.

    The door of the Vatican was closed.

  17. message to poster number 5.
    Don't give them ideas!!

    money talks, we've already heard about buying witnesses, etc. they could easily pay someone to do an abduction, headlines would be: Maddie abductor strikes again. Perfect for their farce.

    we already know they care nothing about destroying other people's lives - just look at Goncalo Amaral.

    Aunty Anti

  18. Is this a scenario from the ghastly online setup(for broken people) called SECOND LIFE..... where all participants assume strange alter egos and flit about believing what they want to believe?
    Are they in there at a teaparty with the 'spiritual' version of Madeleine? I think that psychiatrists need to help this disturbed couple.

  19. @ number 3 - excellent observation.

    To lie to one's children is the lowest of the low.

    How frustrating is all this? Many of us no that the 'abduction' is a lie. Yet we can't seem to get anybody with the clout to do something about it take notice?

    Justice for Madeleine, please...

  20. You might think it pathological and morbid, but she isn't your child and you don't get a say.
    Just as well really, because those poor twins would have been left emotional wrecks if any of the regular commentators here had been in charge of them. A child psychologist has been advising the family so I think they would have said if they thought it inappropriate.

  21. 15 - I agree that infants/children should not be subjected to their parents` loss. Kids are not interested nor emotionally in tune with adult pain. If left to take its natural course Maddie would not even be remembered by them - perhaps just a vague memory. It probably wouldn`t be until their teens or even twenties that they`d want to know about Maddie - that is the time for K & G to tell them about her.

    I doubt very much that a child psychologist has advised K & G to perpetuate this loss to the twins.

  22. Kate recently revealed: "Amelie said, 'Mummy, she might speak another language'.

    What did you answer Kate? I wouldn't be surprised if you said: "Madeleine is on world tour and she'll come home when she speaks every language fluently and has become rich and famous.

    What disgust me the most is not Amelie's remark for I don't believe Amelie has said this, but the fact that Kate told this to a 'journalist' and the fact that this 'journalist' writes on this.
    Leave these kids alone.

  23. what did gerry say, when the twins are older we will tell that maddie was taken whilst we were having dinner in a restuarant next door.......bit like in your back garden isnt it gerry

  24. My heart goes out to Sean and Amelie. They live a fantasy life like no other 5 year olds - they must be incredibly damaged by all these 'parties.'

  25. Wouldn't it be better to have a quiet private party with the kids? What is going to happen after the party.

  26. Gruesome! These 'Disneyesque' statments by a couple of kids who will not be able to remember their sister.

    Does the evil witch not realise we know she is making these statemtns up?!

  27. Social services have to get involved soon surely?
    Or are the vile pair exempt from them too?

  28. I think this is yet more Mc Cann (LTD) Utter BS ,I doubt very much Maddie enters their busy little heads ,the "party" and involving the twins is all yet another pack of lies ,If they told me it was Wednesday today I would not believe them ,everything they do is for one reason,and one reason only MONEY

  29. "Sean said to me, 'Never give up, Mummy'. I just said, 'Don't worry, I won't do that. None of us will'."

    No one buys this shite do they!?

  30. Happy Birthday Madeleine may you soon be home with your family.

  31. I don't believe the Mccann twins said those statements, at least not without a great deal of coaching from their parents. If this charade goes on much longer the twins will be doing their own interviews. I'm surprised the McCanns don't have a reality show complete with cameras in their home filming every move they make. Maybe Kate with be on Dancing With The Stars next.

  32. In extraordinary bad taste. If they want to do this kind of thing, they might as well keep it private. This couple has had no education whatsoever. The twins will be just the same.
    Poor Madeleine.

  33. Cena mais sinistra, esta.

  34. Poster 20- Hi Gerry!!!!

  35. it is terrible that the twins are being mentally abused like this!!!!! and that it is being allowed why wont anyone think of the children!!!

  36. @ Anonymous 20

    Is she YOUR child? YOU can get a say but others dont?
    Yes,Hi! gerry...get a life and psychiatric treatment for all of you,including the "child psychologist" of yours...na...on second thought,dont bother really:its too late for the twins,they already are emotional wrecks.No doubt about it.
    I dont give a fig about you though

  37. Poster #3 is correct - This is the fourth birthday without Madeleine. How quickly the McCanns have forgotten but I guess they have other things to think about.

  38. 20 Id love to know who this poster is! The twins are probably not being damaged, as they emerged (so it is claimed) from Kate McCann as a result of input from Gerry McCann and were already therefore seriously damaged!

    Of course they were not the result of a natural conception - and the source of the eggs is not known (likely not to be Kate as she seems to have no real motherly instincts, hence the false and 'Disneyesque' statements).

  39. 30 Im not sure a corpse in the living room would be appropriate!

    Of course, there is no corpse - the corpse was probably subsumed in the acid beds of Huelva .

  40. well we know theses people love a party dont wee, well there is enough clowns around those poor children to keep them amused, so Kate and Gerry you saved yourself some money there disgusting people.

  41. Louise 21

    I agree with you

    Anon 30 just dont be silly! please a bit of respect for Madeleine who unfortunately will never celebrate an other birthday nor will she be back home "soon".Enough now of repeating the mccanns-abduction-mantra and taking everybody for a complete fool

  42. Good point why are the Maccanns not in Fatima this week for Madelaines birthday, you can bet your bottom dollar when the Holy Father comes to the UK in September they will want another audience, another photo opportunity. Its our lady of Fatima's feast day tomorrow please say a prayer this case will be solved and justice served.

  43. Also to poster # 20. G'day Gerry, are we annoying you and your dreadful wife ? Is the Child Psychologist one of the same people who are supposed to have declared that "Leaving small children alone and un-attended in a locked/unlocked apartment,is good and acceptable parenting"? This sick charade each year, of having a birthday party with your twins, and giving quotes of their supposed comments about Madeleine,is not acceptable to all decent and caring parents. If you both really believe this is normal behaviour, I suggest that you seek the advice of a Psychiatrist as soon as possible !

  44. Hi Anon 20. Sometimes psychologists get it wrong. If they were my twins I would have allowed them to be gently questioned while in Portugal. They are very articulate and I think they could have helped the case at the time. I also would have ignored the child psychologists and trusted my own instincts about this party. I would have kept it quiet and not broadcast it or the twins quotes in the media.

  45. 9 and 29 -I couldn't agree more. It's a long time since I had very young children but I'm certain that 5 year olds would'nt use phrases like that. If they do then the McCanns deserve an award for being teaching parents of the year. We have the twins using grown up language and Madeleine reading Harry Potter books at the age of 3. WOW. What an absolute load of bo****ks.

  46. Today is madeleine's birthday and my late father-in-law's one year aniversary.
    God be you.

  47. For anonymous 20, you should better shut up and read the study «Assessing the needs of siblings following a child abuse death» by Peter Reder, Consultant Child Psychiatrist in the Child and Family Consultation Centre, Director of the Centre for Relationship Studies, Riverside Mental Health Trust, 1 Wolverton Gardens, London W6 7DQ and Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Consultant Child Psychiatrist and Clinical Director, Pathfinder Child Mental Health Services, St George's Hospital, London

    Published on Child Abuse Review, Volume 4, Issue 5 (p 382-388), 30 April 2002

    Extract from page 385 (or page 4 from the study)

    «Parental denial is an absolute contraindication to rehabilitation»

    Does the Parent Accept Responsibility for their Part in
    the Child's Maltreatment and Death?

    «Parental denial not only precludes the possibility of psychological
    change in them, it also paralyses the siblings by insisting that
    they inhibit any curiosity, remembering or thinking (Bowlby,
    1979). It can place a massive emotional burden on the surviving
    child, as exemplified by a 4-year-old boy who felt responsible for
    his 2-year-old sister falling to her death from an open window
    while they were left alone unsupervised . The mother never
    challenged his guilt and even encouraged him to sustain his belief.
    An additional danger is that the unpleasant family history will
    become less and less accurately remembered by professionals over
    the years, so that the risk to subsequent children is not truly
    appreciated. In one case reviewed by Reder et al. (1993), health
    visitors had been monitoring a second child for risk of cot death,
    rather than murder, because the first child's cause of death was
    not clearly acknowledged by the mother or the professional

    page 387 (or 6 of the study)

    «There will be some cases in which it remains uncertain
    whether the previous child's death resulted from nonaccidental
    injuries : the history may have been suspicious but medical evidence equivocal, or the coroner's verdict cautious . Professionals should be especially vigilant in these
    cases and alert to the possibility that the remaining children
    are suffering abuse or neglect. Collating a chronology of
    events will help clarify the children's experiences and how
    old they were at the time of critical changes.
    Practical parenting skills and psychological functioning
    must be assessed in parallel and a social services family
    centre or health trust day unit are ideal settings for such
    work, supplemented by specific psychiatric or psychological
    interviews. The work can be considered as a therapeutic
    assessment and the parent must be aware that their responses
    to interventions are being monitored for evidence of positive
    change . An important element when reviewing the parent's
    psychological maturity is whether their previous pattern of
    violent, crisis-ridden, masochistic or dependent relationship
    with partners has changed. Another is whether their
    children's identity, boundaries, needs and developmental
    capabilities are recognized and tolerated .
    Different combinations of interviews are necessary : with
    the children; with the parent/s; and with the parent/s and
    children together. The children's understanding about what
    happened to their sibling, attitude to their parents and fears
    and wishes should be explored. (...)Contact is contraindicated if the parent perpetuates a myth about who killed the previous child,
    minimizes their own responsibility, tries to disrupt the
    present placement or threatens the child.»

    And there are many more studies that prove that perpetuating the myth of a live child when she is in fact dead to the remaining siblings will create severe psychological problems to the siblings in the very near future.

  48. Thank you Joana for bringing that study to our attention. I have often thought the twins will blame themselves for not waking when the "bad man/monster etc." took Madeleine. It is bad enough that they will one day learn that their parents left them, night after night, unsupervised while Mummy and Daddy went out with friends but they might start to feel they should have protected her. It is difficult to believe that two doctors are continuing to subject these innocent children to this psychological abuse.

  49. Amelie and Sean have been brought up on a diet of "Madeleine is out there somewhere and we will find her" for so long that they will not be expected to question their parents' version of events when they are really old enough to wonder what happened. Method in the McC's madness. Also constant demonstrations of how they are supported in the highest circles. Undoubtedly this has a lot to do with why the truth is always hidden and no serious investigation initiated.

  50. These loving parents also told the media that Sean and Amelie"want to fight the monster who took Madeleine"just imagine what that monster must be to five year old children,it's the proverbial bogeyman hiding under the bed ready to get you when your asleep,it's terrible,and yet when the McCanns come out with this in the press,not one journalists says a word.BTW does anyone know if Mitchell is still working for the McCanns now he is allegedly working for PM Cameron,because i'm sure the conservatives said no one who worked for the government could have another job too.

  51. I am surprised these two innocent little five year old aren't screaming in terror. After all they are constantly told that someone is 'out' there stealing children. They are also thought that their'Mummy & Daddy' can't protect them from this monster. 'Mummy & Daddy' weren't able to stop this monster when he came to take madeline. Why should the twin believe 'Mummy & Daddy' are going to be there to stop him this time? After all, 'Mummy & Daddy' might have to walk a few streets away to have their dinner. What about 'Chaplins' restaurant, Gerry, isn't that at least 5 streets away next to the church, not a hope of seeing Apt 5A, What was the food like?

  52. @ poster 20:

    You said:

    >>You might think it pathological and morbid, but she isn't your child and you don't get a say.<<

    Erm. Isn't Madeleine a Ward of Court? So who says the McCanns have more say in this than anybody else? Shouldn't the court have first say, or am I missing something?

    >>Just as well really, because those poor twins would have been left emotional wrecks if any of the regular commentators here had been in charge of them.<<

    Not at all. The people who comment in here would have MADE PROPER CHILDCARE ARRANGEMENTS before going out on the lash. You cannot justify this comment at all. The majority of posters in here want to know what happened to Madeleine. 'Emotional wrecks'? And you think being told DAILY that MONSTERS are taking children out of their beds is not damaging because...?

    >>A child psychologist has been advising the family so I think they would have said if they thought it inappropriate.<<

    This may be true. These are the only comments you should have posted.

    Don't use ad-hominem towards posters on these forums please. The people in here take NO pleasure in seeing the McCanns upset. If the McCanns ever end up in Gaol - and the truth found out (Abduction? Evidence for this please seeing as you have all the answers?) - that will NOT mean people in here would be 'happy'. The only thing that would TRULY make us happy, would be Madeleine alive and well.

    Just one problem. Woof, woof, woof, woof. Cadaver and Blood dogs don't seem to believe Madeleine is.

    Which makes us all very sad on these forums. The possible death of this little girl does not make any of us happy. Shame on you for suggesting such a thing.

  53. The McCann’s create many media distractions to continue with their media circus and this birthday party is just another in a long list of deceptions.
    They were made Arguidos for a reason, because the police had their suspicions about them, they should never have been allowed to leave Portugal. Once they were suspects the Portuguese judicial system should have been able to continue with the case to its conclusion with the full co-operation of British investigators if they were needed. Instead the McCann’s create this money fund and on-line shopping and a fairy tale they tell to the twins about the ‘nasty man’ who stole Maddie probably scaring them, when they are naughty does Kate threaten them with the ‘nasty man’ fable.

    McCann’s behaviour in Portugal was total abuse of three young babies through their parent’s negligence now the entire family are living the fairytale, living off the fund.

    Twins are not being brought up in a normal environment and will become damaged due to this continued mental abuse whilst their parents strut the world stage in search of more fame and fortune.
    However I did not see any photographs of them with Prince Charles in any newspapers, people have had enough of their lies and pretence.
    If Dr Amaral had been allowed to conclude the investigation we would now know what really happened to Maddie and justice would have been served.

  54. According to the STAR ,The McCanns (LTD)Will be having prayers before the party ,Why do they have to bring God into it? when according to Kates own Mother they are not even religious ,God is just another on their long list of "People to use"

  55. They can try to poison the twins mind whatever thay want, my bet is it won't work. The twins will be their karma.
    They can't keep them off the internet forever, and one day they'll start reading.
    It will start with : "mommy, daddy, did you really not come when we were crying?" then "you refused to answer?" and "when did you really search?"

    And every year at May 12th they'll take a look at the "2nd honeymoon photos of theri parents blasting away the money of pensioners and 6 year olds.

    Sean and Amelie probably will change their names when they grow up.

  56. At least they left the school out of it this year.

  57. If the people protecting them read this, as I'm sure they do. Please look at what is happening in this family and see what you are responsible for. You have the future of two vulnerable children on your conscience; assuming you have one. We watch in horror and disbelief that this is allowed to go on, but end it must. The story has unravelled, the contradictions are legion.

  58. #52 Could someone please tell me the story connecting this case with Chaplins restaurant. I could not find anything about Chaplins in the files, but maybe I was not thorough enough. Appreciated.

  59. Do the McCanns keep the door of Madeleine's bedroom locked, and are they the only ones allowed in there?

    Are they keeping it as some kind of shrine to Madeleine?

    Then again, maybe they have to!

  60. I was so happy when no paper printed her meeting Prince Charles infact i bet if he has any sence he stayed well clear just like the Pope he could not wait to get away from the Mccanns when they went on their royal walkabouts to Rome instead of actually looking for their "abducted"(yeah sure) Daughter. One good thing is the Daily "Mc"Mail, printed a story about Kate Mccann Meeting a real grieving mother, and the comments was all just about anti-Mccann saying things like "why the hell is she there, hi-jacking other peoples news and grief" i am so glad they let the comments through and at last people dont believe their BS any more, they keep trying but i think people have already made their minds up now, and all the crap spin-lies-BS does not wash anymore and i am over the moon the cards are tumbling down at last!

  61. Bravo Joana ! Your posting at # 47 really brings us back to reality after reading the tripe from the McCann Stable plus posts such as # 20. The poster of that offering appears to have intimate knowledge of the psychological advice given to the McCanns by an expert. How would anyone other than the parents or close family members know that ? Sometimes they really give themselves away.

  62. No doubt the 'God' angle has been very lucrative for their Fund.

    After all, the Christians must have been very generous when confronted by the McCanns and their constant missing Madeleine appeals.

    Meanwhile, innocent, unsuspecting people haven't been told the truth that the investigation concluded that Madeleine died in the apartment, and the McCanns abduction scenario is a sham.

    When are the McCanns going to be stopped from soliciting money for something there is absolutely no proof of?

    Please Portugal, find some way to get the case reopened as a murder investigation and requestion all those Tapas friends who had access to Madeleine, and make them arguidos, along with the McCanns.

    At least then people will get to hear that Madeleine is dead and can be aware not to give money to this pair.

    These well off McCanns are financially well able to maintain any real search for Madeleine themselves. That's if they really wanted to, yet so far they have not spent one penny of their own money.

    It is about time they were told to get lost with the begging bag and use their own money for a change. How about selling their house as others would have to, and would be willing to if they really needed to find their child.

    The Fund should be stopped until they can prove an abduction ever happened. They have not so far.

    I hope they end up having to pay back every penny, and the rest.

    All those who have donated to the Fund, and then find out about the death of Madeleine should start to claim their money back.

    The McCanns have been selling the abduction scenario as a FACT, when they have been told by the police themselves that Madeleine is dead.

    Yet they have continued to get money from the public on the strength of a fairy story. Disgraceful.

  63. Sickening but it reads like this: 'Madeleine is with A Man, Madeleine is with a Paedophile, Madeleine was a Mail Order _____ (fill in the blanks), LET US HAVE A PARTY!'

    Sick, sick, sick and sick. In Memory of Madeleine McCann, I am sure: none of the above scenarios could have made it seem the slightest bit appropriate to celebrate her birthday with a party.

    Surprised they haven't already appeared on the steps of Number 10 Downing Street.

    But In God We Trust.

  64. http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Madeleine_Mccann

    McCanns still suppressing the truth!

  65. Joana - thanks for posting that information.

  66. poster 20,Looks like some of us have touched a very sensitive nerve here?? You obviously have put yourself in a similar situation,or else you wouldn,t be "condoning" what happened as the result of two parents LEAVING THEIR BABIES "SLEEPING" alone whilst they went out for hours every evening to wine and dine with their holiday friends. Lets remember they were more than happy to dump the little mites ,every day at the baby minding service provided ,but didn,t see fit to avail themseles of that wonderful facility when it would have been far more prudent to have done so,or don,t you agree that the knowledge your children are as safe as you can possibly make them is the basis for good parenting?? Therefore I suggest to you,a psychologist telling "you"it wont have a lasting affect on the twins,is in fact untrue ,the way this fiasco is playing out will,in the passing of time prove that they will be the true victims of this debacle. Poor little mites ,all 3 of you.

  67. Just found this on twitter "PRAY FOR MADDY"...... "Gerry McCann will race in the Etape Caledonia to raise further funds to help secure the safe return of Madeleine..."
    Bless him ,hes doing his bit to pay for this years holiday

  68. Anonymous said... 59
    Do the McCanns keep the door of Madeleine's bedroom locked, and are they the only ones allowed in there?"
    They didn't before. On their own admission, after the initial lies about the jemmied window. Why would they start locking doors now ? This time it really would be dining in your own back garden.

  69. To all who keep urging "Portugal" to reopen the investigation, I have this to say:

    There is no need for "Portugal" to "find a way" to reopen the case, because there are alredy many ways available, legally available.
    To begin with, the hasty way in which the investigation was terminated. The prosecutor archived the case with lots of "diligências"(investigative steps, sorry, can't think of a word to translate this, "diligences"?) still to to be followed, there was so much that still could and should have been done and investigated! It was not a case of "all avenues have been followed, all inquiries made, it got us nowhere, there's no choice but the archival until new evidence comes along", far from it!
    The coming to Portugal of the Smith family was one of those steps, along, finding out who were the McCanns acquaintances and connections in Portugal, insisting on getting the medical and financial information of the McCanns, the firm demand for the "arguidos" and witnesses/Tapas crew) to come and do a reconstruction, after all it should not have been their decision, no portuguese citizen in that situation would have been able to refuse or to question the police's motivations.If one was summoned for a reconstruction one had no choice but to obey.
    In my opinion, the premature archiving of an incomplete investigation constitutes solid ground for a reopening. So, why do the portuguese authorities("Portugal")not reopen the case once and for all? Well...for the same reason they decided for the termination and archiving...POLITICS!
    There is absolutely no political will to reopen the case and never will be, not until politics are stricktly keept out of the judicial and criminal systems, but, we'll sooner have flying pigs and chicken with teeth...

  70. Poster #20,

    a child psychologist would have advised the McCanns not to leave their children unattended while they went out drinking. A child psychologist would have advised them not to drug their children. It is unfortunate that they did not consult a child psychologist before Madeliene died.

  71. #20, and the superb answer by Joana at #47,

    The McCanns always seem to find the best "experts" to give them "excellent" advice ang guidance( the kind of advice that suits their agenda,, of course), but, not once, never do we hear of who those experts are, their names, their credentials, nothing.

    Remember this other example of guidance from "experts"?:

    "We have been advised that legally our behaviour was well within the bounds of responsible parenting and subsequently been assured that no action will be taken."

    How very convenient! It is ok to leave one's kids home alone and it is ok to screw up their minds with horror tales, it comes in so handy for the headlines! It's ok, really, "the experts" have told us so!

  72. If the Mccanns were innocent why did they need to start a fund and on-line store three days after she disappeared if Maddie had been abducted why did they not wait for someone to ask for a ransom, and say the money in the fund was to pay for a ransom. Eddie and Keela know why - because Kate and Gerry knew where Madeleine was and what had become of her, but they needed the fund to pay for the lawyers they needed to keep them out of prison. GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY, MCCANNS.

  73. There are things you do not do to children and no child psychologist is ever going to convince me that talking about monsters and celebrating their missing sister's birthday by dragging in reporters and photographers is helping the twins.

    Those poor, poor children. Is there NOBODY out there who loves them enough to intervene as they watch them being used as props by their parents? No family member that actually LOVES Sean and Amelie? NOBODY???????

    Were they mine, and if an actual abduction of a sibling had occurred, even at their age, we would have a quiet day talking about their sister. We'd honor her and the world would never know - the twins would be only told the basic facts and there would NEVER be talk about monsters or evil men.

    I'd keep them safe from any chance of encounter with "evil men" and I'd let them live a happy childhood.

    Anything I'd do to find the missing child would be done absolutely outside the awareness of those twins and I'll be DAMNED if I'd ever get myself professionally made-up and posed for a cover of People magazine.

    They are abusing these twins emotionally and NO child psychologist would EVER advise them to act the way they act.

    They are liars and are part of the biggest fraud and deception in British history.

    Pray for Sean and Amelie. Innocent children who NEED your prayers.

  74. Well done Joana for all the research and hard work that you do in preparing these forums. They are so interesting and it is encouraging to read other peoples opinions. I find what I read in the media is so limited and frustrating it is refreshing to be able to express our views. I do hope that justice prevails for Maddie and the Mccanns and co are brought to justice. I also pray for the people of Praia de luz and Dr Amaral they have been treated dreadfully by the mccanns. Thank you Joana.

  75. Its the Mad Hatters tea party from Gerry in wonderland, and we all know what Lewis Carrol was dont we. We know a song about that , dont we. Playschool, party

  76. Thankyou Joana for a great post.
    see MCCann files for absolute crap reporting from Janet Street-Porter, didn´t think she was still around.........

  77. After years of tireless campaigning, the McCanns have just been told that top policeman Detective Chief inspector Colin Sutton is to lead a review into the case.

    the McCanns tireless campaigning for fame more like

    come on DCI Sutton show it how it really is....
    and why arent mccanns on front pages saying they are so happy about Suttons involvement......the bogeyman is out to get you....

  78. If the aims of this blog are to heap maximum pain onto Kate & Gerry McCann-and by extension to their non-disappeared children..and the extended Healy and McCann families..

    then this blog is doing it's job

    provided..any of the above 'targets' bother to read this stuff

    can we have assurances the blog's management is actually interested in getting the 'real' story of what happened to Madeleine McCann on May 3rd 2007 ?

    and is not just trying to whitewash the reputation of Senor Amaral and the PJ in general ?

    It's the management's views that interest me..not the various feral posters' (woof-woof-boring) views

    isar-reporting from Jersey

    same place the wonderdogs and Grime failed so spectacularly

  79. What will the 'child psychologists' advise them to say when the twins come home from school saying "a nasty boy/girl in my class said you killed Madeleine and hid her body"..... kids can be cruel and it's bound to happen.

  80. Will the family be playing Charades again, I wonder, at the party?

  81. The McCanns come across as sadistic. No conscience in either of them. Firstly, they tell (supposedly) the twins that Maddie has just gone away, or something to that effect, then next breath all this untruth heaped upon those little kids. Maddie is not coming back and the Mcs know just what happened.

  82. I agree Kate McCann's lies to her children are highly inappropriate but why the abuse of poster no 20? Is no one allowed to post a different opinion?
    Joana: In English it is not okay to tell someone, who has politely commented, despite their differing opinon, to shut up. You can calmly and articulately disagree. You only make this cause look bad by frothing at the mouth and rudeness.

  83. In a natural school environment there will also be rumours that Madeleine is dead. As schoolfriends overhear their parents discussing the case, these rumours will be picked up by the McCann children. How will they react, will they become disturned by what their parents have told them being at odds with what their friends think? How will the McCanns explain away the others' opinions?.

  84. "Sean, in particular, talks about having an aeroplane and flying all over the world and looking for that man that's taken Madeleine and when he gets him he's going to rescue her and put... take his sword out."
    From Gerry's statement - see Mccann files
    Freudian slip???

  85. To Anon. 20:

    'A child psychologist has been advising the family'

    That did not look too much in favor of that Psychologist. She or he must be sacked for 'incompetence'.

    remember, the sweet parents were known for 'not following advisers' this is why they published Maddie photo with coloboma at early days, against the police advise and put her at the risk of been killed by who take her. Sorry, I tend to forget- They know who take her, the police not.
    This wonderful psychologist maybe help them select and photo-shot the pictures of last week- A Beauty Queen with make-up, a lollipop and some interesting positions to give ideas to who may have her. If is a Paedo, then voila the 'cherry on top of the cake'. They can start a version of the Playboy, adapted to paedos with their little missing girl. Evil idea? I know.... but they are the champions. For 3 years they came out with a lot of evil ideas: the twins buying christmas presents for a sister who they, physical not remember anymore, only had some ideas based on photos ( and here I have to think again- which photos? The real Madeleine, less then 4 years old or the 'progressed' Madeleine available in two or 3 models: blond, tan, boy, girl, long hair, short hair, etc). And what about having Madeleine plate placed in the table, for christmas, birthday, etc? Is her plate placed in the table on a daily base or only for special events to help her parents keep the myth going on and the naives dropping some pounds on their account?

    I tend to agree with you, the twins will be very disturbed one day when they will be able to come to Internet and see what main of us were saying here and in other blogs. They will be disturbed when they discover that thousand of people recognised the nightmare they were living, highlighted it and the authorities have 'done nothing to help them and stop the charade'.

    A question will remain forever on the heads of the poor twins:

    ' If they (Mum and Dad), think somebody take Madeleine and the police shelve the case damaging the investigation, why they never 'fill the forms' to reopen the case? Why they never really search Madeleine?'

    And off-course, any psychologist did not work for free. Is golden payed not to do what he or she learn at University, but WHAT THE CLIENTS WANTED. I'm sure, that clients want exactly what come out.

  86. Imagine the twins saying at the School:

    ' Yesterday we had our big sister Birthday Party and we gave her a present, blow the candles and eat the cake.'

    Remember Kate said that Sean use to say in the playground that his mum is a doctor but now her job is searching Madeleine. The normal comment from Sean and Amelie friends:

    'Oh, congratulations! Your mum found your sister and she is back. Can we see her?'

    Sean & Amelie: ' No. The Party was a faked Birthday party. Madeleine still missing and we blow the candles, eat the cake and open the present on her behalf'

    Look at the reaction of the little faces:

    - The naughty will 'mock' Sean and Amelie and get away with story.

    - The sensitive will build a sorry feeling for the twins who were used in a disturbed game. Will talk about the case with their parents and the parents will need to work a little bit with childs to help them get away with story.

    DEFINITELY- 'Mccann's', a CASE STUDY for polices, criminologists, Lawyers, spin-man's and Psychologists.

  87. Kate claim, Amelie said in the Supermarket:
    ' Mummy, Madeleine runaway?'

    Poor Amelie, even she knows, the way her parents use and abuse her big sister, she must runaway.

  88. The usual Pity-Party, using and abusing the twins for their own gain.

    Words are inadequate to express how much I despise K & G McCann's lying and conniving.

  89. Many years ago, when I was a small child, my mother used to threaten me with 'the bogeyman' when I misbehaved. I can remember very clearly being absolutely terrified and being almost stuck to the bed with fear if I heard a noise. I'm sure my mother didn't really mean to give me years of nightmares, but then she probably didn't have an expert giving her advice! Because of my experience and because of a lifetime teaching kids with emotional difficulties I am extremely concerned about the twins.

  90. Poster 81- re. the twins school- they seem to have the school 'on-side' as well, I bet any child teasing the twins in such away would be immediately expelled. I suspect the staff & other parents at the school have been told to keep quiet, not speak to the press etc. I can imagine numerous assemblies/prayers said for Madeleine at school to make the other children believe the abduction. Their influence is controlling the school too at the moment. When the twins go to senior school it may be different. Teenagers are alot more difficult to control, and the twins will start socialising with other children out of school, on their own, so the parents will have no one to complain to is something is said. Unless of course talking about Madeleine being dead will earn you an ASBO. I would not put it past them..........

  91. "She isnt your child and you don't get a say" "20", well really. It appears very arrogant to say this considering shes' not your child either and yet you have given your opinion. Just remember, eddie and keela, unanswered questions, smell of death on KM clothes and cuddle kat. Oh sorry forgotten KM a part time GP who attended to six stiffs in one week, and in her holiday clothes too, carrying cuddle kat or am I mislead on these details. Please help me to understand.

  92. The circumstantial and forensic evidence supporting the police theory that Madeleine died in the apartment probably behind the sofa and hidden in the wardrobe and later moved in the Scenic, should not be dismissed. The entire family has lied and promoted the abduction fairytale which just isn’t credible and there is not one shred of evidence to support that story.

    Jane Tanners inconsistent statements purporting to have seen ‘bundle man’, ‘egg man’ should be treated as someone trying to pervert the course of justice and dealt with accordingly, no other members even Gerry Mccann mentioned seeing Bundle Man.

    The Smith’s however in their statement recognised Gerry Mccann carrying a child that evening at a time he was missing from the table validated in statements from independent witnesses.

    Reviewing the so called abduction on Mccann files it is so obvious that Madeleine was not abducted there was not one iota of evidence to support Mccanns theory nor has any evidence ever turned up since.

    Now we have a new coalition government I feel this case could be re-opened, we all know so much more than we did three years ago. The case was prematurely closed due to the British Governments involvement and the Portuguese prosecutor admitted that he was forced to let the Mccanns leave Portugal to avoid a diplomatic incident. The Foreign Secretary David Miliband visited Portugal the day before the Mccanns fled.

    The Government for some reason or other had decided to take the Mccanns ‘under their wings’ Portugal has no powers to re-interview the Mccanns or Tapas Group and the British Police stand back and do nothing. Why did the government feel the need to lend the Mccanns their spin doctor Clarence Mitchell if this was a straight forward abduction, clearly is wasn’t .

    Nick Clegg has the power to start asking questions and could get this case re-opened and dealt with properly. For three years Mccanns have made money illegally from the disappearance of their daughter.

    Not one family member has publicly asked for the case to be re-opened or questioned the behaviour of such negligent parents instead they have all fed off the money people have given in good faith, now they continue with the fairytale frightening the twins and still not one member of that family speaks out.

    The Mccanns version of events is scattered in inconsistencies and lies.It’s about time something was done and those guilty of this cover up punished and then may Madeleine rest in peace.

  93. I seriously think Kate is mentally ill,it's the baby way she talks sometimes and the tripe she comes out with,"mummy Madeleine might speak another language"i wonder if the twins really do have a normal childhood in that household,if this brainwashing of them doesn't stop they will grow up to be,imo, disturbed.And no one in authority gives a shite.sociopathic.

  94. Joana - a fine rebuttal to #20.

    My better half pointed something out to me the other day. She is a mobile hairdresser. Recently, her most loyal, trusted customer had not been in touch for a year. She was most upset as she'd been a customer for 15 years - and couldn't understand why she hadn't been in touch.

    Turns out, she had 'let herself go' a bit over the death of her SON-IN-LAW AGED 42. It had really hit her hard - and my wife informs me her hair was a RIGHT STATE. A complete grey mess.

    Question: Have you ever seen Kate McCann's hair in a state? Ever? I cannot recall one instance of her hair being a mess. And it's dyed blonde. What does this mean? Women who dye their hair generally have it done every 6 weeks or so. Let's be kind and imagine Kate had done her hair before the holiday in PDL...

    So with all this 'abduction' of 'nasty men' going on, sometime in the weeks that followed, Kate McCann felt well enough to have her hair done again. Indeed, I recall Gerry stating on his blog about 'having time to squeeze in a quick hair cut!' like it was some sort of joke.

    IMAGE is obviously important with these people. They forget that people with real mental difficulties often don't care about appearance. It's the same with Amaral's libel trial - IMAGE AND REPUTATION must be maintained. Indeed, the 'no harm to Madeleine' mantra is an indirect rebuttal to the EVRD & CSI Dogs.


    On the video link above, you can see Gerry 'going off' at reporters earlier this year in Lisbon. Keep your eyes on Kate - who looks really flustered (not angry) at the questioning. What does the line:

    "We're not denying the existence of the dogs" actually mean?

    Parents whose child has REALLY been 'abducted' would be alarmed by the Dogs. Further, they would get ANGRY at the suggestion that they were in some way involved. But this is not what we hear from Gerry is it? No; all we hear is 'there is no evidence' and 'it's evidence WE'RE AFTER'. Gerry is telling us why they are in Portugal...

    It's not WHAT you know, but what you can PROVE, eh Gerry?

    Warm Regards to all in Portugal, from here in England.

  95. 70 Agree. They were politically pressured to close the case.

    Its a sad indictment of Europe (or the 'European experiment' as I prefer to think of it).

    Countries with sovereignty by committee (commission!).

  96. celebrating her birthday since she vanished, well better than ABDUCTED isn't it "NO 20". we cannot say that as there is not one shred of evidence to suggest an abduction, ask the dogs Gerry.

  97. They are on the limit. They lost control. No one has the will to celebrate a birthday when a child is missing for more than two years... and invite the media for such painful occasion...They are not thinking straight not even for their security.

    When a sad story starts wrongly ends worse... and we will see that is a couple of years. Less maybe... Always same pattern always same results.

    Ask how many persons in UK that lost their kids are in the mood to celebrate dates and invite the media... ask them? Do you know anyone on these circumstances? Ask them!

    We are almost in the last chapter of this huge tragedy. The case does not have sustainably to go on.

    Kate forgot her duty to get up early in the morning and go to work to feed her kids, she rather want to attend to others funeral because she was incapable to go to.... you know...

    She controlling a campaign that has no reason to exist...can you think about the absurd that her life has become after Madeleine got missing?

    Besides that, it is absolutely humiliating to get stick to the Price image (a servile that used to leave children unattended to go out wants to mix together with royalty come on... come to your senses and see what is your place in the world woman...)

    The good thing is there is not so many good parents in the world as the McCann for the sake of many .... but not all...unfortunately!

  98. Anon 72

    That was what was so unbelievable in the beginning when Madeleine first went 'missing'.

    There was Gerry McCanns saying from the get go they had done nothing wrong, because they had consulted a lawyer who had told them it was OK to have left the kids as they did, and it was within the bounds of good parenting.

    WHO in their right minds, if a child had gone missing, supposedly taken off a by a paedophile, would care enough about their own skins to consult a lawyer to get reassurance they would not be prosecuted.

    That is their top priority obviously, because they sure didn't get out and about searching for Madeleine like other people did.

    After all, it was a bit too dark for Kate to go out that night, and there was such a lot of phoning to do and people to contact.

    Obviously, one of them being a lawyer.

  99. PeterMac at 69

    Maybe this time they keep it locked for a particular reason.

    If we only knew!

  100. @ Anon 99

    And who would employ extradition lawyers?
    This has always struck me being a very "unccanny" thing to do if you are totally innocent and if everything has a "totally innocent explanation it".

  101. isar of all of the people you know the answer to that question. best regards, J.

  102. 83, My blog, my prerogative, my answer to someone who certainly came in here to provoke a reaction. Now, you who hide behind a cowardly anonymity certainly you're not an example of virtues nor qualified to judge me, you do not know me at all to say that I'm being rude. Is it rudeness to tell to someone, a pretentious anonymous that wants to be recognized as an «child psychologist expert» and as someone who pretends to be «close enough» to the McCann's family, to read studies made on child abuse before posting non-sense and absurd comments? It's a rhetorical question, obviously, no need to answer. By the way, why don't you email me with your real email and name, then I might gain some respect for your assumptions and attempts to vilify me. Be brave!


    The McCanns public collection - 'SOL' NEWSPAPER
    By Margarida Davim
    07 July 2007

    'At the entrance of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, the journalists who participated in the press conference, that was held by Madeleine's parents for the Portuguese media, encountered a plastic box to collect donations. A small text, signed by Kate and Gerry McCann, invited everyone who entered the resort to contribute. This gesture was not appreciated by the members of staff, who claimed that the resort "is full of collection boxes".

    'This box is just one of many ways that Maddie's parents found to collect money for the 'Leaving No Stone Unturned' fund – which counts with almost 900 thousand pounds already (one million three hundred thousand euros).' (IN 2 MONTHS)

    'On the findmadeleine.com site there is an online store, where Gerry and Kate sell yellow rubber bracelets and textile bands, to help finance the cause. Callum McRae, the author of the site, says it was the couple’s idea. Speaking to SOL, McRae explains that the child's aunt, Philomena McCann, asked him to create the internet page, just two days after the girl went missing. "She knew exactly what she wanted", says Callum McRae, who created the contents in just one day.'

    'The McCann's internet page also publicises several fundraising events, all taking place in the UK, and some planned over 60 days ahead.'

    'To SOL, McRae, who was a student of Madeleine's aunt in highschool, did not want to specify whether his work on the site is paid by the fund or not: "I'm not authorised to speak about that". According to the site, the fund's purpose is to "support Madeleine's family financially" and to make sure she is found, and her kidnappers brought to trial.'

    'You might think it pathological and morbid, but she isn't your child and you don't get a say.' - YAH POST 20.... I feel all the above Pathological and Morbid, and she is not my child. If was my child, I have no words, adjectives, feelings, etc to DESCRIBE SUCH BEHAVIOUR, SUCH PRIORITIES and don't forget the jogging, the tennis games, the press conferences, the interviews when the boxes and the on-line store were raising money.
    3 years on... Tell us when they really search for Madeleine? At home, as kate said to sandra felgueiras? At the Oprah show or in the VIP dinner with Richard Branson?

    WE HAVE MEMORY and I saw this boxes at one of Albufeira's Hotel, as well.

  104. Joana, I tend to agree with poster 83 with all due respect, it is better to win your argument or differing view by cunning, politeness and perseverence. By telling a fellow poster to 'shut up'only feeds a less dignified approach and lets your view slip away into banter.
    Only my opinion and keep up the good work.
    Regards and respect

  105. The McCanns behaviour is very worrying. Apart from their behaviour before and after Madeleine's disappearance, her disappearance as the world and his wife knows, is because of their irresponsible and cruel behaviour.

    They are now behaving irresponsibly and cruel towards Sean and Amalie and what's more they are bragging to the media, that what they are doing, is what they have been told by child psychiatrists. What's also sickening is, child psychiatrists, Social Services, the McCanns family and the CEOP, are all standing by, watching and doing nothing.

    Sean and Amalie, need removing from the McCanns care, ASAP,before they suffer the same fate as Madeleine.

  106. Marxman, You're entitled to have your opinion, and I do understand your point of view. However I've came to a point after three years where I no longer have patience to be 'nicey nice' with those who support the McCann parents actions inspite off all the evidence, and come purposefully to this blog to post offensive comments, anonymously, several of which are just pure provocations targeting the editors of this blog and its commentators. Two comments have passed trough yesterdays and today's moderation, that fell in that category, one was comment 20 - the rest was simply deleted. A comments policy was placed above a few months ago, to prevent this kind of situations. We've tried to allow opposing views to have as well a voice in here, even if only to rebut them, but it seems that most of those opinions resort to aggressiveness or vilification of the editors and commentators of this blog, and I as said above, my patience to these people has reached its limit.

  107. Anon 83, This site is a refuge after reading and hearing the bias media on this case. I think Joana was quite right to tell the poster to shut up and read some stats about siblings who have lost their sister. if you are too nice the posters will just keep on and on with digs. It's best to be straight up and nip this type of thing in the bud.

  108. Perhaps if we were to all email Theresa May the new home seretary and point out a few things to her eg,Gaspars statement,the dogs,the 48 unanswered questions,refusing the reconstrution,and appeal to her on Madeleines behalf(hope that doesnt sound presumptious)asking her to request the PP to re-open this case to give justice to Madeleine and Gonarlo Amaral,maybe,just maybe she will listen.

  109. Joana ,I fully understand how your limit has been reached ,for someone like yourself who has spent HOUR UPON HOUR scouring for FACTS,TRUTHS,to be told by a Mc (LTD)mate that you are wrong and they are right !!you were much more of a lady and a diplomat than I would have been ,and we dont see the messages you delete ,Keep up the great work, hold your head high for all the wonderful work you have done,and continue to do for MADDIE, this is nothing to do with the vile duo ,they chose to do what they did ,so they have to live with it ,and may it haunt them every minute of every day ,

  110. joana,well said,i am also fed up with these people who havent read the files otherwise they would know the mccanns are bloody liars.
    as you say its you blog and you are entitle to answer as you see fit.
    A big thank you to you and your team for all the hard work and hours you have put in to let us be able to share our concernes over the mccanns lairs so we can get justice for madeleine

  111. I am now totally convincede .They are Nutters

  112. Well said Anon 104

    It is also a reminder that the McCanns were paying their mortgage with the money until the media found out and the public were angry.

    How the McCanns could have the nerve to do that when all those little children and old age pensioners had given over money, supposedly to help find Madeliene, beggars belief.

    Yet the wording of the Fund meant they were entitiled to take the money and use it for themselves. Which they did.

    It has since been said that a couple of mortgages have been paid off? Whether that is true or not, it would be no surprise.

    Now the Fund also supports their 'extended family'. What extended family would that be?

    Are the McCanns and their family so poor they have to resort to using the Fund?

    The innocent, money giving, public deserves to know.

    How about them selling that big house of theirs and using that money?

    Of course the money (fees or donations) they get from their public appearances on shows, etc, is always said to be going to the search for Madeleine, so it always sounds like it is not being used by them as their own money. They don't say as much, that is the galling thing about the McCanns. It is always made to look like the money is for searching for Madeleine.

    They have certainly clocked up a vast amount of money in the years Madeleine has been gone and still they want more, and more, and more.

    They are also certainly dedicated to their Fund raising and only too willing to fly to Portugal when it comes to suing somebody when a million is involved, though not so keen to have gone back and answered those questions, or done an official reconstruction, which surely their Tapas friends would have participated in on their behalf.

    If not, what kind of friends are they when the McCanns have a child missing?

    What other person with a missing child would not have jumped at the chance of a reconstruction, except of course, Jon Benet's parents, who also skipped and got lawyered up.

    What other parents would not have been camped outside the office of the PJ awaiting every bit of news about their child? Their child who supposedly went missing in PDL, not at the other side of the world. Why weren't they out combing the countryside searching for her dead or alive?

    Not the McCanns, but they found time for jogging and tennis.

    So, are we to assume then that the mortgage repayments continued at the first opportunity, and what would the giving public think if they knew, being as how a lot of them are having difficulty paying their own mortgages at this time.

    I do not doubt the public would be non too pleased to hear it.

  113. @ post # 111, don't be fooled by the "ignorance" of certain posters. These people have read the files and know as much (if not more) facts than you and I but choose to bury their heads in the sand.


  114. If either of the McCann children saw what happened to Madeleine which resulted in her death then whoever is responsible better be hoping they don't remember.

    It is possible for a child that age to remember things they have seen. Though they may not have understood exactly what they saw at the time, they will later put two and two together and make sense of it.

    There is also the chance they may blurt it out later.

    No amount of attempts at brainwashing will make the images go away.

    Those very early images for the child cannot be eradicated. They know what they saw and it will be fixed in their minds.

  115. Joana, there are many of us that thank you sincerely for providng this site
    That allow us to see what didn't happen that night
    For many reasons people still care
    But there will always be idiots to make you despair

    We are not nutters, nor do we hate
    But we care, a quality unknown to Gerry and Kate
    Anyone with an IQ of two
    Can see the Mccann's tale cannot be true

    Madeleine McCann will stay in our thoughts
    Until Kate and Gerry pass through the courts
    They thought they could dispose of Maddie as trash
    Interest would fade and they could keep the cash

    But Gerry cannot control Joana's blogs
    As you cannot bury the findings of the dogs
    Kate and Gerry would love to disrupt this site
    But this is the antidote to all of their shite

  116. Congratulations Joana, you must have done it very right. The child neglect defenders are all over this place.
    Yes, their use of the school is appaling and shows so well their sociopathic moral grounds. It does not matter how much harm is done to who ever, defenseless kids included, as long as they stay free to do even more harm.

  117. Someone called Paul Grover took the Lolita photos, he had also taken the family group photo - if this is the same Paul Grover http://www.paulgroverphotos.co.uk/galleries/news-and-features/ then these people were well connected before the events of 3rd May 2007...this get even more suspicious!

  118. Joana,a quick comment before I loose you again in mid sentance!!Your site is keeping me "sane" as its so good to be in a situation where I can "talk"to like-minded people,in that we refuse to have the "wool pulled over our eyes" with the constant mush that the media pushes out to those who really do beleive those "lovely" macaans would never ,never have any connection, in any way in the "disappearance" of their little girl.It does baffle me though why most people aren,t even aware of ,for example,the video of the dogs finding the cavader!! WHY is that?Who would gain from suppressing it from the general public? and why only one way reporting ,in the macaans favour I hasten to add ,in our press???THANK YOU JOANA and of course,like-minded bloggers!

  119. Hi Anonymous (Post 109)I think its a waste of time emailing Theresa May, or anyone else, in a postition to put a stop to the antics of the McCanns and bring them to justice. There have been many petitions and emails, to Government Ministers, the CEOP, Social Services, the Portuguese Judiciary system and Leicester Police. All these agencies, have ignored the names of the thousands of people who have signed these petitions and sent emails to them.

    Along with many other people, I have signed these petitions and sent emails to the above agencies, I have only had one reply and that was from the CEOP, who told me that the person who would deal with my email, was out of the office and would contact me, on their return. They didn't.

    These agencies, can't say that these people are being malicious towards the McCanns, because the evidence of their behaviour, including the lies they told, to save their own skins, is out in the public domain.

    I have come to the conclusion that there is an underlying reason why the McCanns are allowed to behave in the way they do. Its heartbreaking to know that Madeleine's life meant so little, not only to the McCanns, but to the agencies who are supposed to uphold the law and look after the interests of vulnerable children, who don't have a voice or a say in what happens to them.

    It is now Sean and Amalie's turn, to bear the brunt of their parents cruel behaviour. They have already started with the brainwashing, how long will it be, before other abuse is doled out on these children.

    Something is very wrong with a society that is allowing this kind of behaviour against children, from parents or guardians. Unfortunately, the McCann children are not the only ones who suffer abuse from their parents. Other children suffer abuse and while their parents may be brought to justice, they only get soft sentences.

    It seems all we can do, is to keep printing our views, on the forums that Joana and others have kindly set up for us and hope that one day, someone, somewhere, will finally do what is right by Madeleine.

  120. Anon 79 -

    I shouldn't worry. The McCanns and their family have plenty of money from their quickly thought out Madeleine Fund to cushion the blows from this or any other blog.

    They both look younger and more glamorous now than they did when Maddie went missing; according to them taken by an abductor and giving whoever it was her tuppenceworth.

    Get real. These people are out for fame and money. Madeleine is just a front for their ongoing sales pitch.

  121. Joana -

    My utmost respect to you and your team for the amazing effort you continue to put into fighting for justice for Madeleine.

    The detractors who invade this blog are very worried and their obvious discomfort only goes to show how well you are doing your job.

    Thank you so much, and I take my hat off to you!


  122. What are the chances that Mr. Cameron will issue instruction that the whole case be reopened and investigated properly by the British and Portugese police together with Mr.Amarel,who should be given his job back,and all the evidence that he and others gathered be thoroughly re examined and so called witnesses asked to give statements. Germany.

  123. Os Mccann continuam e hão-de continuar a dar "baile"...

    Deixem de lamentar-se e aguentem

  124. Joana - maybe you should challenge some of the anonymous posters who post the most foul things on here without revealing who they are?

  125. poster 118 ,the photographers is very highly placed isnt he ?This could be one reason for the UK press brown nosing the vile duo ,I agrre 100% with poster 122 ,IF this site and its members (esp Johanna/astro and team) were NOT so near to the truth why would they bother leaving comments? speaks volumes ,feathers are getting ruffled in Rothley Towers!! good ,and we wont stop until WE get justice for a tiny tot whos family (LTD) have pushed aside and want to be forgotten

  126. Anon 123

    What are the chances of that happening?

    With Cameron having Mitchell as one of his spin doctors, zilch!

    Mitchell's loyalty and promotion of the McCanns' abduction scenario is unsurpassed.

    The street wise pro McCann characters will be able to run rings around somebody like Cameron, an innocent in the ways of the world, who has no idea how the ordinary people live, though he tries to make out he is one of them by coming out of a terrace house.

    What a joke, his family and his wife's, have had a silver spoon, priviledged life from the start. Cameron's family used to own Buckingham Palace at one time.

    Unless there is somebody around who really does have his ear to the ground to advise him, Cameron will be a push over for the McCanns.

  127. This is MY own opinion of what happened, Madeleine was a SPECIAL NEEDS
    child, and Kate was just not able to bring herself to accept this, especially after the birth of the perfect twins, Madeleine was unwanted and uncared for. Many of the pictures show a STRESSED out child, with bags under her eyes, what does a three year old have have to go through to be so stressed out about, plus all the crying, those should be such happy and carefree years of just being a child, loved, cared for, and protected by your parents and extended family.

  128. @114. yes you are right ,but how can they make prats of themselvs trying defend vile parents like that its beyond me,really you have to feel sorry for them, but most all you have to feel sorry for madeleine,poor little mite

  129. Anon 109 - Theresa May is my local MP - I don't know her well but I've met her and had some dealings with her some time ago, in my previous job when I was attempting to get around a monopoly held by a quango (which shall remain nameless) on data that was gathered with public money. My opinion of her is that a) she is a fine local MP and has been for many years and b) she is extremely politically astute, and understands how to use political capital. She was interested in our cause and helped point us to government regulators that could be interested. The matter eventually made it to cabinet level, and was subsequently buried with a circular argument. In short - "you say that you are unable to release innovative products because of this monopoly on data, but we haven't seen any innovative products coming onto the market, therefore they don't exist." Well, yes, that's pretty much why we are complaining, because we can't get a data license to release said innovative products!

    Sorry to go off topic... my point is, politics is politics. I would be very, very surprised if any member of this new coalition government would stick their neck out in any way shape or form for this case.

    It is what it is... (And I wish Theresa best of luck in her new position!)


  130. I have just emailled the cycle event organisers to complain about Gerry using money that should go to cancer patients for his own pocket ,email below ,PLEASE all email and complain
    Dear sir/madam
    I have read that Gerry Mc Cann is taking part in this CHARITY event ,but instead of his sponsor money going to Macmillan as the other riders are doing his money is going into the "FUND"Set up as a PLC,NOT a charity ,a fund where Gerry and Kate McCann are on the board ,and have every right to use the money for whatever reason they choose to ,this fund has been used to pay mortgage payments,and now can be used "to support extended family"how is this helping find Maddie? And please do not forget the Mc Canns were never cleared of involvement in Maddies demise ,the case has only been shelved,with the conclusion by Portuguese and UK police that Maddie died in 5A,As a cancer patient myself who has been more than grateful over the last 9 years to my Macmillan nurse ,i take offence that this event to support this excellent charity is being used by the Mc Canns as a publicity stunt and to make money for THEMSELVES
    Thank you so much for the excellent work you do

  131. Please email and lodge a complaint at this address www.etapecaledonia.co.uk

  132. a doctor did appalling things while high on drink and drugs according to the DM who report that there are many others in the medical world with the same problem..Of course anyone who reads newspapers know that a doctor being struck off is a very rare occurance and suspended sentences are kept to a minimum allowing a doctor to resume practicing as quickly as possible.Even Shipman i believe wasnt struck off for quite a while after being convicted.The reputation of doctors is a matter of SUPREME importance and it can be imagined what it would be like for the british and world press to announce one day with headlines such as EIGHT(?)BRITISH DOCTORS JAILED FOR COLLUDING IN A CHILD DEATH COVER UP....unthinkable..so to all of those who keep asking who may be supporting them then all i can say is think about it

  133. anon @123.
    you have two hopes of that happening

    No Hope And Bob Hope

  134. Anon @ 79

    "Its the management views that itnerest me not the various feral posters boring views"

    Dont be talking through your arse.
    You have the management views at the start of each topic if thats all your interested in, theres no need for you to bore yourselve reading 70 odd posts before you make your Boring pointless point to Joana, just email Joana direct you TWIT.


  135. Anon 79.

    The dogs succeeded in Jersey to find human bone fragments but they were identified as being from an earlier period. Is it just a coincidence Anon. 79 that the points you make relate to the forensic evidence that Madeleine is dead or are you desperately moved by posts here to try to refute these evidences. If so why can't you say something reasonable to that end. Don't you have anything rational to offer? After all, there is no independent evidence of abduction, why is that?

  136. I would like to thank you all for your support, thank RIPM for the poem, and to leave you with two quotes for consideration from two very different men, one a monster, the other a humanist. The relation to the McCann case is interpretive, a paradigm per se. And pardon me, for my rambling not being too concise, since the following are just loose and personal ideas.

    «Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism as it is a merge of state and corporate power.» Benito Mussolini

    «I wouldn't call it fascism exactly, but a political system nominally controlled by an irresponsible, dumbed down electorate who are manipulated by dishonest, cynical, controlled mass media that dispense the propaganda of a corrupt political establishment can hardly be described as democracy either.» Edward Zehr

    I would like you to think on Murdoch's news corporation, the role of his Sun newspaper and Sky News, FOX [right wing media-manipulators in the US] in the McCann affair; Murdoch a man that has the capability of creating [or destroying] a Prime-minister of a supposed democratic country; the power to manipulate the opinion world wide and generate [suggest and impose] consensus into taking action against another country and create panic amongst the gullible, ex. Iraq and Afghanistan wars/WMD [aka weapons of mass distraction], Middle East/Gaza destruction of cultures, indiscriminate killings of innocent Palestinians and Israelites. Think about this kind of mainstream media, as an accomplice with governments, politicians and /or corporations, which only goal is to manipulate the public opinion, seeking, generally, a cost-effective and greedy “agenda”.

    Think about politicians like Blair, Gordon, Barroso, Aznar, Bush (dad and son); think about the roles played by these and other politicians and diplomats in our countries; the manipulations and lies; the lost lives in exchange of fossil fuel resources - the big companies like Trafigura who disregard human life and their top lawyers, like Carter Ruck, who act (il)legally to suppress Justice, freedom of information and freedom of speech – fundamental pillars to any democracy.

    Every day, everywhere children die in the world for different reasons: in Africa a continent with so many valuable fossil resources, where wars/guerrillas are fuelled by mega-multinational thief corporations who squander pitiless a continent where children die every minute of hunger, aids, murder, diarrhoea and similar diseases that are easily treated in any EU/US hospital - it is a genocide, another Shoa [Holocaust]. We know this, yet who takes action in name of those children?

    (continues bellow)

  137. (continuation)

    The case of Madeleine Beth McCann, the outcome and effects to which we have watched unfold during this last three years and turn from a case of a mysterious child disappearance into the suppression/censorship of a book and into the denial of Justice [of the legal kind] for this poor child, reminds us all that Democracy, Justice and Freedom of Speech and of Information are social values and ideals that we have to fight for, persistently, every day, if we wish to leave a legacy of freedom of choice (political choice, religious choice, choice to give an opinion, choice to vote, etc, etc,) to our sons and daughters, to the youngest in our families – we owe that to them.

    Each one of us can change but a small part of the (so) many problems of this world; to touch the people around us, be it trough a blog, art, music, a book, an email, a poem, a painting, a photo, political activism, citizen journalism is important to make others aware of the reality and ever changing problems of our globalist and local societies.

    I am a daughter of the 25th April 1974, day of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal; I was 6 days old when Portugal and the Portuguese were unchained of a 48 year dictatorship. I was born to a time when ideals and utopias for a better society were discussed by intellectuals, writers, artists, poets, philosophers, and by the soon-to-become politicians and the people. My legacy makes me value family, friendship, freedom, truth and honour above all else. I am proud to be Portuguese, but I am also a bit English, because I lived in London, a bit French because I lived in Paris, a bit of the world; our cultures though different share the same history, the same time-line, the same [genetic, sub, and self] conscience and growth, particularly of the events that changed the course of human kind and human knowledge, our awareness and our civilization.

    My choice was done 3 years ago, my fight is this one: to seek Justice for Madeleine, and in the process to bring down and/or expose all those who obstructed the deserved Justice for this child, no matter who they are, where they are and how many they are.

    Truth and Justice will prevail against silly lies and media spins perpetuated by spin master's without principles like Clarence Mitchell, or by Portuguese/UK lawyers, prosecutors who shame, yes, shame the justice system of our both countries and their own professions, or by media directors and chief-editor along with journalists who lie, and fabricate stories knowing very well that the agenda they're following is systematically corrupting all the deontological codes of what journalism means and stands for, not to mention the deterioration of the people's trust.

    Just think, and act consistently with your values, do not be part of those who are the «terminally dumb people».

    The fight for Justice & Freedom continues.

  138. What's the betting that now mention has been made about Madeleine's locked room on this site, the McCanns will allow it to be viewed. Should be good for another publicity feature and yet more fund raising.

    It would also show they have nothing to hide, of course!

    The last thing they want, beside the reopening of the case of course, is for their property at Rothley to be searched like the Murats property was, with the dogs and all.

    The McCanns know that if the case gets reopened that is the first thing that will happen. Why it was not done before when they were arguidos and Gerry had been going back and forth from PDL to UK, is a mystery. Was it another favour done for them? Or were the LP about to do it when the case was shelved?

    It was the UK police who suggested the dogs, so a search of Rothley Towers would have been an obvious move.

    There is no way the McCanns don't know what gets written on here and the other sites.

    If the temperature starts to hot up for them the trolls will be back in force.

  139. Anon @ 79
    Im Sure Joana started this Blog for the sake of Madeleine and to expose all the lies which were started by Team Mc cann and NOT to maximise or any other form of hatred on the mc canns .
    The mc canns and their team have done this All by Themselves.


  140. Ingrid ,maddie certainly was not a happy,carefree child she should have been ,on several photos of her she is VERY scared of whoever is taking the photo ,sheer fear in her eyes ,none more so than the Snow White video

  141. Joana, I thank you for all your work on this case. You have worked hard to bring justice for this young child. Sadly, members of her own extended family have said and done nothing to discover the truth of Madeleine's disappearance. Aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. have remained silent even though they must know that the 'story' does not add up, or make any sense. I am quite sure they have all read the police files (as I would have done if it had been a member of my family that disappeared) yet they & the Tapas 7 stay silent and allow the charade to continue.

    I sometimes don't know why we are surprised by this because people do cover-up for family members all the time... remember Sean Mercer; his family & friends covered up for him even though they knew he had killed an 11 year-old boy. Why do we expect more from Madeleine McCann's friends & relatives? Unfortunately, intelligence & education is no guarantee of good character.

    This couple have raised millions from public donations which was, supposedly, squandered on various inept detective agencies. As a consultant, Gerry McCann is a high earner, yet they continue to try and scrounge more money out of a cash-strapped public. They don't seem to have any qualms about exploiting a reputable charity like MacMillans to raise more money, for what is a Limited company... a company which has no transparency or accountability at all.

    The other day, Kate McCann attended an event intended to highlight teenage victims of gun & knife crime. We were informed that Mr & Mrs Mizen invited her - maybe they did but we are all aware that Clarence Mitchell represents both parties. The aim of the event was (deliberately?) overshadowed by Mrs McCann's presence. Nothing is sacred with Team McCann, not even the lives of other peoples children.

    Why don't they use the fund to pay for a search party (hiking boots & air tickets included)in PDL?

  142. Well said Joana.

    At the moment we are shackled by spin where this case is concerned. The UK media are blatently refusing to publish the truth, they appear to have turned their backs on it in favour of spin.

    If only the judiciary would start to back freedom and justice and not be swayed by spin this case could take off again. We live in hope.

    It just takes one of them and Dr Amaral has said that with another prosecutor the case could be reopened. It is possible.

    The media is corrupt but it can turn on a sixpence and the spinners know it. If they lose control of the media they are lost. The media is lazy and prefer to sit and be fed lies. Media and spin go together. Yet the truth will out eventually. It can't be destroyed. Their spin can be.

    Until then it is like there is a pall hanging over the confidence in our leadership and judiciary. What is being covered by the UK Government regarding the McCann case that they don't wish the Portuguese to know because it will ruin relations with them???

    Who can even imagine what could be that bad?

    Anybody who uses spin takes a big risk. Lies are lies. Tell one lie and be found out and the rest of what you say is vulnerable.

    The McCanns are very vulnerable, that's why they have to try so hard with the spin.

  143. This blog has been the main source of information for the UK regarding this case. All we were allowed was the lies of the british newspapers, and they can only print what the Maccann's allow.

    Any pain the Maccann's are in is not the fault of this blog and never will be, any pain this couple feel is self inflicted they are well past any sympathy now. My sympathy lies with their dead daughter.

    Thank you to all who make this blog possible. Don't stop what you are doing multiply it you can make a difference and thank God you can.

  144. Hi Anonymous (Post 141) I agree whole heartedly, with your post. I shudder to think what kind of a life Madeleine had with the McCanns. I would hate to spend 5 minutes in their company never mind the 4yrs Madeleine had to endure with them.

    I'll never forget the "You Tube" video of Gerry McCann, when he used the "F" word in front of Madeleine and the children of his mates. I have seen him lose his temper, so many times on television, when he and his wife are asked questions, they don't want to answer. He really does scare me, so what must Madeleine have felt like living with him. Although I can imagine Kate McCann, was not at the back of the queue, when bad tempers were given out.

    I can only imagine what went on behind closed doors, in Rothley and PDL and what is still going on behind closed doors, in Rothley.

    I honestly don't know how anyone can pity the McCanns, especially when they are the cause of Madeleine's disappearance. They have never admitted being responsible for her disappearance, only that they were sorry, they weren't with Madeleine, the minute she was taken.

    Madeleine was taken, but I doubt very much that she was abducted. The evidence that was found in the McCanns apartment, villa and hire car, suggests she was taken to heaven, to be a little angel.

  145. Anon @ 79, we're all interested in getting to the real story of what happened to Madeleine McCann on 3 May 2007 so I fail to see why you find the views of other posters here 'boring'. Perhaps you find the fact that these posters are aware of what's in the official case files bothersome? You know, those case files the contents of which are so carefully never mentioned by any of Team McCann or by the British media? I could detail quite a few things from them that I guarantee most people wouldn't find 'boring' if they were to find them on the front pages of the newspapers tomorrow - if you'd like a few examples just let me know.

    Your remarks about the 'wonder dogs' failing in Jersey are wide off the mark and if you know anything about how these dogs work you should be aware that in no way did they fail. Eddie - the world's best cadaver dog - alerted, and after that it was up to the forensic team to look for any physical traces that might still remain in the areas indicated. Oddly enough, dead bodies aren't usually left lying around to be picked up by the investigators and unfortunately there are often no physical traces of a cadaver left behind - unfortunate, but true. It doesn't mean there was no dead body there at one time, absolutely not; it simply means that no physical traces remain. Eddie alerts to cadaver odour, but unfortunately an odour can't be bottled and sent off for analysis.

    Maybe you should turn your attention to the many successes Eddie has had over the years. In particular, I'd like to draw your attention to his amazing success in the Attracta Harron murder case, where he alerted in the murderer's car even though the car had been set on fire to try to destroy any evidence in or on it. Eddie is good at searching cars, as we already know, of course, and when he finds cadaver odour he alerts. He also was responsible for finding the place on the riverbank where Attracta was buried. You can read about the case here (Eddie is not mentioned by name, but I can assure you the springer spaniel mentioned was him) -


    Attracta Harron's murderer is now in prison for life - and in his case life means for the rest of his life - thanks to the reliability of the wonder dog Eddie.

    Would you have talked of 'heaping maximum pain' if this had been a discussion of the Shannon Matthews case before she was found, I wonder? Do you think no one should have the freedom to discuss child disappearance cases - the circumstances, the investigation, the other family members or their friends or any other aspect of the case? We're all aware of the strong efforts that have been made by some people to stop discussion of this case, but the more attempts are made the more people wonder why? What is is that some people so obviously fear that they try to take us back to the dark ages of book banning and denial of free speech?

    Nothing will stop discussion of this case; it is simply a missing person case, but unlike others it has been dragged into prominence by people who want maximum publicity but at the same time insist on everyone agreeing with one theory only. But as Eilis O'Hanlon said in her Irish Independent article -

    'They can't have it both ways, demanding that interest in the disappearance of Madeleine remains high while also continually asserting their right to control the tenor and nature of that interest.'

    Quite right! They can demand and complain and try to shift blame as much as they like, but they won't get their own way regarding public discussion on the case.

  146. I agree with 115 images do stay in a child,s mind and cannot be erased, I was 3 years old when my father dropped dead in front of me. I can remember it like a video in my head to this day. I am now 53 even to one of his shoes was off. Nobody has told me this, its in my memory yet if he walked in to my house now I would not know him. Young children can and will remember things I do and wish I did'nt.

  147. Dear Madeleine God is with you wherever you may be but this is not the issue, i have read between the lines and have followed the shallowest of all time low when a child was on holiday to not come back, im not here to ENJOY MYSELF YOURE DADDY MADELEINE YOU KNOW THE REST.

  148. When it comes to being shackled by spin from the media, try living in Jersey(channel island)
    There is a huge child abuse cover-up going on that is why the media have been trying to rubbish the amazing work carried out by the dogs
    Unfortunatly we have only 1newspaper source,a very biast BBC radio and local tv news channel and our local channel t v
    living on an Island 9 miles by 12 where all the local journalist think they are all a1 cellebs, the people of Jersey have had to turn to the Internet to find out the truth
    Where in the world do you have an x deputy chief of police (Lenny Harper , retired) contributing to local blogs just to get the truth out
    No one with any integrity wishes to speak to our accredited media any more as we know from past experiences they will twist and manipulate your words
    They play a very big part in this cover-up that is happening,and the human cost for the victims I cannot imagine

  149. Anon 123,just because Cameron comes from a privelleged background doresn't mean he is naive in the ways of the world,he is a very intelligent man and well educated,and having lost a child himself he would know the heartbreak it brings,so he does live in the real world doesn't he?.And may i remind you it was "the son of the manse,the man with a moral compass"who protected the McCanns,it seems to me it was Brown the McCanns walked all over.I have sent three emalls to David Cameron and have had a reply each time,i sent a email to Browns office twice and not one reply.

  150. Here is part of the response I received having made a complaint regarding the McCanns hijacking a cancer fundraiser:
    Thank you for your email.
    It may take us up to a week to reply during busy periods, your patience is greatly appreciated.
    . If you have not yet signed up for Etape Caledonia 2010, online registration is now open on www.etapecaledonia.co.uk

    The rest of the email consisted of promoting the event...

  151. Hi Anonymous (Post 115) Sean and Amalie, couldn't have seen what happened to Madeleine, on the evening she disappeared, because if Gerry McCann was speaking the truth, he said that Madeleine, was alone in the apartment that evening.

    He said,"We regret leaving Madeleine alone in our apartment, that night" He said it to the media as he was leaving the Lisbon court, back in January. It was the day he once again "through his toys out of the pram" because of a statement that Goncalo Amaral had made to the media, outside court. He also said he would not be returning to court the next day, because of work committments.

    If Madeleine was alone in the apartment, it would explain why Kate McCann ran to the Tapas Bar, to "raise" the alarm, about Madeleine's "disappearance" If Sean and Amalie were in the apartment and Madeleine had really disappeared, Kate McCann would have stuck her head out of the window and shouted for help. After all didn't her husband say, that dining at the Tapas Bar, was like dining in your back garden?

    When Sandra Felgueiras recently interviewed Kate McCann, she asked her why did she leave the twins in the apartment and go to the Tapas Bar to raise the alarm. I was waiting with baited breath, to hear what Kate McCanns answer would be, she didn't answer Sandra's question, she waffled on about something else.

    Here's another clue that says the twins weren't in the apartment, there was no bedding in their cots.

    The problem is, if the twins weren't in the apartment, why were they not in the apartment? Were they being looked after, in another apartment, by the mother of one of the Tapas 7, who was looking after her own grandchild/children, because the previous evening, according to Madeleine, Sean and herself had woken up and cried for their parents?

    Or were they being looked after in another apartment, because one the McCanns, didn't want them around, when Madeleine was being dealt with. Who was dealing with her? David Payne? Kate McCann? Gerry McCann? What were they doing to her?

  152. Just an apart now when I'm watching in TV the Pope leaving Fatima and going to Porto; Who are at the front-line of security?- DOGS.

    The dogs are reliable and the Vatican know it.

  153. Anonymous said... 65
    McCanns still suppressing the truth!"
    Interesting that Carter-Ruck still use the phase - "Our clients had no involvement whatsoever in the disappearance of their daughter, and there is no one grain of proper evidence to implicate them in Madeleine's disappearance."
    Surely as solicitors they must realise that abandoning the children night after night is at least some "involvement", and as for "no one grain of proper evidence" - the most charitable thing one can say is that they are merely acting on their clients instruction, and are not in possession of all the facts.

  154. Gerry to do a cycle marathon to raise money for the Madeleine Fund. I would be much more convinced by his efforts if he were to donate the money he raises for all missing children, rather than continuing to feather his own family next.

  155. Kathybelle, #153,
    I agree with you, I too think that either the twins were sleeping somewhere else or Madeleine was. There was no evidence of Madeleine in the bed she was supposed to have slept in, so maybe she was the one who was not in 5A. I cannot remember if I read something in the files about the other bed, the one close to the window, if the forensics found any evidence of it being used by Madeleine, I think not. If the twins were elsewhere for part of the evening they had to be brought back to 5A at some point, because witnesses saw them there fast asleep in their cots, GNR included.

    Mrs. Blackcat

  156. In the photograph where Madeleine is being held over the table with a birthday cake with 2 candles on it, is it me or is Mummy Dearest wearing those sinister black and white check masonic trousers? They were short of money then and they are certainly not short of money now. Lucky pants I say!

  157. @Ingrid 128:

    I agree with you. Years ago, a friend of mine (we were both aged 11) had an older brother aged 16. Their Mom gave birth to a daughter, late into her 30's and she was born with Downs Syndrome.

    The parents could NOT except this and put the child up for adoption. It could be said that this is cruel - but isn't it more cruel to murder a child instead?

    There are many instances of children killed at the hands of their parents - yet for McCann supporters there is 'no way' the McCanns would have done this because they are 'respected doctors'. As has been said many time in here.... Dr. Shipman anybody?

    Human beings regardless of class, education, creed or culture are capable of terrible deeds. The McCanns are no different and should be treated as such. The evidence points to other scenarios, not abduction.

    As for Joana telling #20 to 'shut up' - I totally agree with her! I post in here regularly and if there is one thing I've learned, it is that we are not allowed to question the McCanns 'version' of events in any public forum. Try posting anti-McCann comments on YT, where many of their idiot, brain-washed supporters have videos. Or try and post about the evidence on a newspaper forum. It gets so frustrating not to be able to educate the general public, many of whom are brainwashed to beleive the 'abduction' fantasy.

    Joana has worked tirelessly on this sad, tragic case. The McCann supporters can push off! I think you actually used refrained language Joana! I could think of some words... Ha ha ha! :-)

    God bless Joana and all those who seek justice for MBM and Goncalo Amaral. XXX

  158. #152,
    It's absolutely disgusting! That despicable character jumping on a cancer charity event to profit from it is beyond words ( I can find some words, my brain is swarming with those as I type this, all the worste portuguese foul language, not suitable for printing!)!
    He could very well just be present wearing a "Find Maddie t-shirt", distribute some flyers of their "fairy tale quest", at least pretend he was there there to support the cancer charity and at the same time take the opportunity to promote "his" cause, but taking home the money from his sponsor?! That's utterly despicable, the low of the lowest. If one still had any doubts about the morals of this man and his wife, this is the proof they have none! Someone who is willing to take very much needed money( we all know there is never enough money when it comes to cancer research and assistance, people are still dying because of lack of funds for their treatment) from an organization that assists people who are battling a life-threatening disease is just a disgusting worm, not worthy of being called human!
    Sorry for my anger, I read you're a cancer patient, I pray and hope you will be able to overcome the disease, I have an aunt who has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it's so, so unfair and heartbreaking!
    All the best for you,


  159. When i read nonsense ie Anon 79 i can only reach the conclusion that that person is either a) thick as pig sh*t or b) of the same dubious club as the McTw*ts, as Pedos stick together and cover each others backs. If Anon 79 you dont want to read the comments then why do so, its a bit like sticking a needle in your eye and then complaining it hurts. It really is strange that people who believe the Mcs come on here and post ridiculous comments, i wouldnt post on Pro sites. So some advice for you 79 and your little clubmates, if you dont like it go and post with your sycophantic mates on the various sites they have which hold no information about MBM but are merely knit and chat clubs.

  160. Dear Mary (from Liverpool, UK) at 148, I am truly sorry for your loss, to loose your father so young, and in such a dramatic and terrible way, must have been a very hard burden for you and your family. a hug from Lisbon, to you and your loved ones

  161. Just because bodies were not found where Eddie reacted does not mean a cadavar had not been laid there previously,it just means it must of been moved to somewhere else later.If the McCanns know what happened to Madeleine and know where her body is,then their actions of the last three years must mean that Madeleine was unwanted and unloved,because if she was a treasured child,and it was an accident, then surely guilt would consume them(presuming they loved her)they wouldn't be able to function as they do,swanning around the world,all the laughing after only a few days after Madeleine disappeared,i've read that a few people mentioned how on camera the McCanns were all downcast but off camera they were laughing and apparently Gerry was talking about football with a few others just days after the event.If it wasn't an accident then there is only two other alternatives,Madeleine did wake up and wander off and either fell down some type of shaft or drain or she was picked up by someone,,or her death was deliberate,or maybe there's one other scenario,that this whole thing is a sham from start to finish,would it be beyond the realms to think that unwanted Madeleine could of been given to someone else to raise,someone who has never been in the picture,this could answer why the McCanns can carry on as they do,because they know she is alive.

  162. Dear Joana

    re post 137

    your post made me cry. you are such an astute and clever person, and of course very courageous.

    If we were the same age group and lived in the same area, what an honour it would be, to be your friend or even just to know you.

    Your talk of Mussolini makes me recall a photograph that my dad keeps by his bed. He was in Italy during the war, and made friends with many Italians. One of the railway workers, where dad was stationed for a year, gave him a photo of himself as a keepsake. On the back it reads (in Italian of course)
    "to my dear Friend Ted, who has helped me forget the shame that was my Italy".

    At the moment I'm ashamed to be British.

    aunty anti

  163. #115, #153 Maybe Sean and Amelie did see what happened to Madeleine and maybe that's why they were sedated and moved to an other (Paynes) apartment.

  164. @ Joana post #137

    "The world is a dangerous place to live in: Not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

    Refugee to Britain from Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

    Keep up the brave work Joana.

    May the truth one day be known. Justice for MBM. X

  165. Joana,138


    bob the bluebird

  166. 164. I`ve started to wonder all over again if what you say could be so.As doctors they could fake the death scent too.I mean bring it in from somewhere
    So many ways this could have gone, from Paedo`s to drugs etc, but yes I can see it would be possible to set this up & send madeleine off to say Nora in Canada or someone in Ireland.
    The reason we usually come back to the DOGS, could be just as staged IMO.
    The only way those dreadful people could act the way they do is if they know she is ok, as they keep saying, OR they are the heartless scum I think they are
    It could be completely premeditated right down to the last £ sign.

    Having said all that, WHAT ABOUT THE COVER UP?
    The cover up tells me of top people behaving badly.
    So I am back to believing some very sinister goings on led to Madeleine`s death & various people need it hushed at all costs.
    This is the only thing that makes sense to me & all the people involved know everything & all have as much to lose if word got out.

    Poor mr Amaral, I`m not sure he knew what he was taking on.

  167. I will be contacting Theresa May. Even if she does nothing, she can't claim she knew nothing abouyt this case. alan Johnson will have left her a nice thick file about the McCanns and Kevin Halligen; the whoosh-clunked investigator who worked for MI5. Will he be the next Colin Wallace?

  168. 115- I agree. I can remeber things clearly from the age of 2.

  169. Poster 79.

    Please post evidence of abduction and we will happily discuss it.

  170. Anon 151

    If Cameron has met the McCanns and heard their bleats and seen Kate cry, there is no doubt he will bend over backwards to grant their request.

    Especially with a spinner like Mitchell reinforcing their case, and telling him how badly they were treated by the PJ and stitched up.

    Cameron employed Mitchell to work for him. He must know what he is employed to do.

    Yet he wont realise he is spinning for the McCanns. He will be convinced they are all telling the truth.

    By meeting the McCanns and having Mitchell working for him, Cameron is already too up close and personal to the McCanns.

    It is not looking good for truth.

  171. I don't understand the policy on children's security in the UK. What the McCann are doing is an outstanding crime - they are polluting their children's minds with lies and using them as if they had no feelings at all.
    When will the authorities intervene?
    I've never seen such a scandalous abuse of minors, documented by the press and ignore by the authorities - something is very wrong in Her Majesty's Kingdom!


  172. link: http://twitpic.com/1np5s4/full

    full text and inner links at Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/notes/joana-morais/a-personal-message-on-the-mccann-case-to-my-facebook-readers/442574528097

  173. Joana your brilliant post @ 137 should be printed on the front pages of all our British Newspapers.
    Well done Joana you are inspirational and thank you and your team for all the hard work, we really appreciate it, one day this case will be solved. With each day that passes the Mccanns act guiltier and guiltier 'Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive' justice for Maddie and Dr Amaral. Thank you Joana

  174. Thank you Joana, I must just say how professional Dr Amaral is by keeping quiet and not rushing around talking about his business to unknown sources - unlike others!! At the right time he will reap the harvest of his actions.

  175. Anonymous 171
    "Poster 79. Please post evidence of abduction and we will happily discuss it."
    I think you are being a bit harsh there. There is plenty of evidence.
    The door was "more open than when WE left it"
    The wind whooshed through the open window, which was in fact shut.
    The shutters were jemmied open, but self repaired before being inspected by the Police,
    Cuddle cat was on a high shelf, which self destructed
    Jane Tanner saw a man with no face going from left to right, or right to left, can't really remember, carrying a child wrapped in a blanket, or not wrapped in a blanket, but didn't bother telling anyone till later.
    and So on.
    What more evidence do you need ?
    "Do try to keep up, Bond" Q. Many times.

  176. Joana I've just looked at your facebook link - its a marvellous posting and I hope lots of new people read it and something gets done to getting this case re-opened - well done,perhaps it will find its way to the front pages of the newspapers.

  177. Carter Ruck are at it again. Please see Dr. Martin Roberts article on www.mccannfiles.com

  178. *58 Sorry to take so long to answer you. I have spoken to people who live and work in Luz and they tell me the McCann party did NOT dine at the tapas bar every night. They were seen dining at Chaplins restaurant on a night previous to 3rd May. And other places in the village without the children. Heresay, yes, but by staff who live and work in the small village. Who are going to take note to everything that happens.
    *164 I have always felt your theory to be the true one. They have always known exactly where madeline is living. They just didn't realise that people would stay so focused on the case. Must be annoying them no end that people didn't just pay up and then go away.

  179. I can remember some things very clearly that happened before I was two years old, and after recounting one of them to an aunt she said I was wrong when I described the position of the window and door in the room, and she found it hard to believe I could remember at such a young age.

    When we actually got to look at this later, I was right, and the adult was wrong. I knew where in the room I was sitting and the position of the door and window, and who was in the room.

    Altogether, there are at least four occurrences before I was two years old that are still implanted in my memory.

    Each time was emotional for me, e.g. happily throwing bread to ducks in a garden pond, crying because I was not allowed some sweets I wanted in a sweet shop whilst sitting on the shop counter, being pushed in a pushchair that had to cross a road and being afraid because of the traffic.

    The incident in the room happened when I was about a year and a half and involved the birth of a new baby to a relative, so it can definitely be dated. I know I was allowed to hold the baby who then started crying, and I started crying when he was taken from me.

    Obviously, the rest of what I saw and heard as a very small child is not readily remembered, but those McCann children, one or both of them, may have retained the memory of what happened to their sister if they were there at the time.

    If they were there, this will be a constant worry to whoever has covered up the death of Madeleine.

  180. If your stomachs can take PLEASE read this ,its sickly and SOOOOOOO fake http://www.facebook.com/pages/Official-Find-Madeleine-Campaign/113819004930

  181. On the facebook page ,mostly posts by kate ,including this little gem added on the 1st may 2010
    "We are going to ask for the reopening of the case, for sure. That’s why we came to Portugal."
    crack on with it then Kate ,we are waiting with baited breath ,the PATHETIC, replies and comment posted by brainwashed fools is truly sickening ,there is a link to the"shop" i have never in all my days seen such utter bile

  182. Joana I cannot find you on facebook? you were there a while ago i tried adding you as a friend but you have Whoooooshed !!

  183. Seems like on the 3As whenever Chaplins was mentioned it got the attention of the trolls.

    That just helped the impression there were some who did not want Chaplins mentioned at all.

    Did the investigators ever investigate whether they had been going further afield than the Tapas and leaving the children?

  184. The McCanns only want a reopening of the case if they can be pulling the strings and sending the investigators on a run around of investigating their 'leads'.

    That will be OK with them.

    As for answering the questions and doing an official reconstruction, well, that's different, that might actually help the investigation, and the McCanns don't want that do they.

  185. can anyone remember kate saying the twins didnt have much to do with maddy when asked how they were coping without their sister,maybe some one can ,much better than me

  186. It is with interest I have perused the comments re. poster 79..it's me isar..btw...and thanks to Joana for having the guts and decency to post my missive in the first place (uncensored and unabridged)

    I'm a simple fellow..so bear with me..

    them wonderdogs found allsorts in Luz

    and then went on to find allsorts in Jersey

    which turned out to be a coconut shell

    amounting to zilch exactly...Grime boosting his retirement fund ?

    Do the maths

    I hear you guys..but you are a cacophony

    sort yourselves out

    name-calling won't get you anywhere--it just washes over me after all these years-unless it's pithy and possibly funny..in which unlikely case you might get a reply



  187. The very fact that the McCanns strive so hard to convince that Madeleine is still alive merely serves to convince me that she isn't.

    Imagine you are a parent, whose child has disappeared, and you genuinely do not know where they are and what has happened to them. It has been three years and there has been not a single confirmed sighting of her. There are only two pieces of information; one person apparently saw her being carried away by a man, a stranger and cadaver dogs signalled in the last place you saw her.

    Would you really seriously not have reached the inevitable conclusion that she was dead?

    The McCanns have managed to do something rather clever. They have managed to create an environment where to even suggest that Madeleine might be dead is to have given up on her, to have let her down, to have behaved appallingly, to have neglected one's duties and responsibilities. They go one further and suggest that people WANT her to be dead, would be embarrassed were she to be alive.

    I sometimes wonder if they ever, just for the tiniest instant, stop and consider how insulting their words are for families who have lost a loved one, do not know what has happened to them and have learned to accept and live with the fact that they are not coming back. Accepting the loss of someone we love is hard enough - their words imply that it must mean that person has been abandoned, given up on.

    I never saw parents of a missing child behave like they do. I have seen many who refuse to give up, who keep the fires burning, who cannot bear to change a thing in the child's room, as if preserving the place where they lived and slept in some way preserves them. But I never saw parents react with hatred for those who believe the child is no longer alive. I never saw parents try to keep alive a child of whom her siblings probably have few true memories by arranging for her to always be the spectre at the feast.

    If Madeleine had only meant as much to them before she disappeared, as she apparently came to mean afterwards then there wouldn't be a spare place at Christmas, and they wouldn't have to send her brother and sister presents with her name on

  188. kate why are you trying to brain wash the twins into knowing maddie when you once said that they they didnt have much to do with her ,Who had her then kate who was looking after her,can anyone remember when she said this

  189. Anon. 181

    Yes, I have a clear recollection of being parted from my mother when I was only 18 months old when I went into hospital for some tests. Mothers were kept out of the way more in thise days. I related the scene to my mother when in my twenties, describing being held in a nursing sister's arms, and even the type of doors where I last saw Mum at the time. My mother confirmed I was correct in all details. Again I was crying and it was an emotional experience I remembered well ever since.

  190. 189 and 164
    Both interesting scenarios...

    I was also wondering of another possibilty.
    Madeleine was left alone with someone,for reasons we can not know...., maybe more than one person and yes, the mccns knew those people , that would explain why "they took her".
    Maybe at first they were genuinely sad and desperate. Because they did not expect those people to take Madeleine away....BUT,something happened,and those people took her. And those who took her promiced the mccns a very lucrative deal, they get to keep Madeleine and the parents will be rewarded. Maybe even the fund is just a cover up, the big money they seem to have comes regularly from some source .

    I am sorry for giving my tuppence word too while waiting and hoping for the truth to surface...

    Lily from Germany

  191. Anon 188

    The dogs in Jersey were not wrong.

    Because there was a coconut shell in the same place the dog alerted to cadaver scent, does not mean there was not a body there previously.

    There were childrens teeth found there.

    The people who kill children are very evil, and if they get wind that a search will be made of where they have hidden their victims they will remove them and hide them elsewhere.

    The cadaver dog alerted to where a cadaver had been, if he was taken to where a body was hidden he would alert to where that body IS.

    Just like the cadaver dog alerted on a vast beach a few months ago when the killer could not remember exactly where he had buried the body.

    The dog knew and found it immediately.

    The dogs should be taken to the property of the McCanns as they were to the property of the Murats, and a search done, walls and ceilings also.

    Although a body can be moved, the cadaver scent will still linger.

    This kind of search should have been done long ago when the McCanns were arguidos. Why were they given a pass?

  192. What with blood and cadaver scent behind the settee, Madeleine's body having been taken away and hidden, a fake abduction scene set up, fellow doctor friends of the McCanns going and reporting suspected paedophile behaviour amongst the group, this case should be reopened as a murder investigation.

    To give the benefit of the doubt as an 'accident' is being far too generous.

    Meanwhile, a killer would be quite happy with that, given the abduction scenario was not believed.

  193. Why we believe anything the McCanns say, given the times they have changed the story, is the mystery.

    Wasn't it Gerry who said 'confusion is good'?

    As for whether Gerry McCanns knew Murat, I would believe Murat any day over what McCann says.

    Robert Murat has categorically said he did not know the McCanns.

    Surprise, surprise, McCann did not really answer the question, just left people speculating as to whether or not he knew Murat, thereby subtly implicating Murat in some way.

    McCann should be made to tell the truth for once. He either knew him or he didn't.

    Just like Kate McCann with her story of cuddlecat on the shelf that she said alerted her to Madeleine having been abducted.

    Where was this shelf Kate, and was cuddlecat on it or not, being as now it is said to have been on the bed all the time?

    How do they get away with it?

    The truth of whether or not Payne visited Kate and the children on that last day, and whether he actually saw Madeleine is also not properly determined.

    Various times for his visit are given, there is a big difference between thirty miniutes and thirty seconds. Both Gerry and Payne give different accounts of why the visit took place, Payne saying Gerry asked him to go, and Gerry saying it was Payne's idea to go.

    How can they be believed? What was that incident really about?

    Utter confusion. Is it so hard for them to tell the truth?

  194. sorry #192 - no one took madeleine, except her own father.

  195. I am convinced that the McCanns will go the way of the Ramseys in America: Wealthy people, responsible for their daughter's death, but never caught, and never confessing. More than this, the McCanns, like the Ramseys, fell into the mode of thinking which runs like this: 1. We accidentally killed our daughter and covered it up. 2. But we are good people, and God has forgiven us. 3. We can fool the public, because our daughters MIGHT have been kidnapped (though we know full well they were not; we know we & we alone are responsible for their deaths). However, these things DO happen, and these things MIGHT have happened to little Maddie and JonBenet, so let us just pretend they DID happen. God won't mind, and after a while, it will become the reality. It will become real, that we are victims. And so it goes on, they live in this new world created by the media.....

  196. Isar at 188

    Isar or Isar not Gerry McCann himself?

    The coconut theory would fit in perfectly with his sea bass.

    All in all, yet more red herrings to try and get us to believe the dogs are 'ludicrous'.

    Sorry to say this, but those doggies are correct. Madeleine is dead. They may yet get to find where she has been hidden.

    Then you'll know where to stuff that coconut of yours.

  197. Bridget 189 -

    Another thing that convinces me the McCanns aren't innocent of Maddie's disappearance is the fact that none of the tapas pals have come out with emphatic words of support for them, via some lucrative interviews etc, apart from Jane Tanner's farcical BBC interview. It's rather strange they have been so silent. Maybe they have been warned off in case they give the game away!

  198. I believe that some of the tapas pals are in this themselves. They have to be very careful


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