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Sunday Express Presents: James Murray Humourous McCann Spoof Non-News

Madeleine McCann: Is this the man who snatched her?*

Madeleine McCann: The man Jane Tanner saw and, 
right, stranger on the beach/Pic: Jamie Jones

By James Murray

THIS is the sensational picture of a suspicious man on the beach which could lead to a breakthrough in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Snapped inadvertently in the background of a holiday photo, the mysterious man strolls along after a rain shower, staring out to sea at Praia da Luz.

The picture was taken at the Portuguese resort days before Madeleine, then three, vanished during the evening of May 3, 2007.

Briton Gail Cooper was having lunch with family and friends in a beachside cafe and taking photos when she saw him wandering along the beach, apparently in a world of his own.

“It was odd to see him walking around the beach alone in showery, cold weather.” she said.

Mrs Cooper, 53, added that a few hours after the snap was taken, the same man visited her at her rented villa 20 minutes’ walk from the beach. The £2million holiday property was in a quiet road near the Mark Warner complex where Madeleine and her family were staying.

During a tense conversation on the doorstep, the man sought cash with what she called “an obviously made-up story” that he was collecting money for an orphanage in a nearby town, where the children of Britons killed in a car crash were being cared for.

Just under a week after the unnerving encounter, when Mrs Cooper had returned home to Britain, Madeleine was taken from her holiday apartment.

Alarmed, Mrs Cooper contacted British detectives because of her ­concerns about the man on the beach and handed over the photograph, taken by a ­member of her holiday party.

Months later private investigators working for Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann asked Mrs Cooper to work with an FBI-trained artist to create a drawing of the man she had seen at the beach and villa.

She described him as having protruding teeth, a handlebar moustache and wind-blown dark hair. In the photo the man is ­turning slightly towards the sea, so it is not possible to tell whether he has a moustache.

However, he does appear to bear a resemblance to a man the McCanns’ friend, Jane Tanner, saw walking with a child in his arms at about the time Madeleine disappeared.

Ms Tanner saw him crossing a road yards from the McCanns’ apartment and it is widely believed that he was the man who abducted Madeleine. She also worked with an artist to ­create a drawing of the man she saw. It did not include facial features as she did not see his face.

The man Ms Tanner saw, ­walking in the glare of an orange street light, was wearing light coloured trousers and a dark top and appears to have slightly hunched shoulders.

The man in the photo was also wearing light coloured trousers, a dark top and appears to have slightly rounded shoulders.

Mrs Cooper, of Newark, Nottinghamshire, said last night: “I am 98 per cent certain the man in the photo was the same man who made the strange visit to our ­holiday villa. His hair looks neater in the photo, but he is quite far in the background.” The picture was given to detectives in Leicestershire who are liaising with detectives in ­Portugal, but Mrs Cooper said she was never told whether the man had been identified.

“I believe it would be useful for the investigation if he was to come forward,” she added. Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, Leicestershire, are hoping that new Tory Home Secretary Theresa May will call for a review of all the evidence in the case.

If you can identify the man in the photograph please call the Sunday Express on 0208 612 7073 or contact the website ­Findmadeleine.com.

in Sunday Express, 16.05.2010

*A bit hard to answer that one Murray, was the blur made purposefully on photoshop; is it a still frame cropped from 2 weeks ago Exclusive Cooper's video 'The return of Gail Cooper and the «creepy» suspect (with Video)' or can't the Express pay for professional photojournalists any more, after paying the out of court settlement to the former arguidos McCanns and Tapas friends? Either way, don't you ever get tired of writing fabricated & unreliable stories just to sell more newspapers? What kind of journalist are you? An embarrassment to your peers who also write on the McCann Case, of that I am sure. Say «hi» to Clarence Mitchell from us.

Here, use this one for next Sunday Spoof:
suspect zero, aka the Egg man, witness Jane Tanner, May 4, 2007

Or the following ones:

Jane Tanner suspect metamorphosis October 2007,
Melissa Dring Little's sketches [the so-called FBI trained artist]

Or these ones again:
Melissa Dring Little's sketches again, as witnessed by Gail Cooper almost one year later - a George Harrison look-a-like and a obvious southern-looking Mediterranean or gipsy man
[you can even use the prejudice and racist cards here Murray, it will work,
just ask Tony Parsons at Mirror, he'll tell you all about it]

But if you are still undecided you can simply take your pick from 
the McCanns Suspects Gallery [2007-2010]
The 4th sketch from the right, second row was even commissioned by your newspaper, remember this(?):
«EXCLUSIVE: FBI psychics turn up face of Maddy 'killer


  1. God! NOT murray again with fried egg men and the lot......jesus christ! cant they all be arrested or locked up or something?how long are we going to have the same puke served over and over again? what can we do to stop it?

  2. I think I'll phone the number given by the Sunday Excess - "If you can identify the man in the photograph please call...0208 612 7073 208 612 7073" - and tell them it looks like Gerry McCann.

    This is way beyond farce, it's as sick as anything I've ever known. Poor Maddie, used and abused in life, still u$ed & abu$ed in d€ath

  3. It's a joke, it must be, is Murray completely dim-witted(?), is he being forced to re-hash old news because Madeleine McCann pseudo-scoop-exclusives on a front page sell more newspapers(?) - reusing old stories that have been more than proved as fallacious and concocted; is he just plain stupid and accepting being spoon-fed stories by Clarence (lying-through-his-teeth) Mitchell? I'm bewildered at the despicable extent this so-called journalists go...

  4. Are the express taking the p--s. It looks like Gerry Maccann. they have got to be sending up the Maccann's, This cannot be serious.

  5. I was commenting on the page before, telling I had read this article already and that I found it very funny.
    It is very funny.
    I wish the Express would write about this case every week.
    I love ironical articles.

  6. The 5th of the second line, from left, is certainly Barbara Streisend.

  7. There is one phrase in this article which describes aptly the article itself:

    “an obviously made-up story”


  8. I was quite perturbed when I realised I recognised one of them - bottom row, centre! It's Jim! In fact until a recent clearout - a 3/4 foot version of this guy in rag doll form has been in my cupboard, along with his female friend- Rosie!

    Childhood memories for many, of Rosie and Jim sailing down the waterways will be shattered if that sketch hits the headlines.


  9. Bottom Row, 4 from the left - Jeremy Paxman!

  10. Fuzzy picture provided by the Express, could fit almost anyone - bit like Gerry I thought actually, and a bit like David Payne, not totally dissimilar to Matt Oldfield, very like Russell O'Brien, uncannily like Clarence Mitchell .......wonder if I should phone that number the Express have given? LOL

  11. I wish that FBI trained artist had been commissioned to work with the four adult members of the Smith family who saw a man resembling Gerry McCann carrying a child through the streets on the night Madeleine disappeared.

    A. Miller

  12. On a more serious note.

    The McCann's inflicted so much suffering on their children by leaving them alone,frightened, crying for their mummy and daddy in that apartment.

    They are still inflicting suffering on Sean and Amelie. These poor kiddies can't know whether they are coming or going. Madeleine to them is just a 'character' like that in any children's programme - Rosie and Jim for that matter. They don't remember Madeleine.

    It is time the McCann's, if not come clean as to the actual events of that period they stayed in Portugal, at least put a halt to this media circus (which they have Clarence controlling) for the sake of Sean and Amelie. These kiddies, live and breath Madeleine day in and day out. It cannot possibly be healthy.

    To have medical professionals as parents,it beggars belief that they don't recognise what they are doing to these children.

    Then again, they left their three toddlers alone - and didn't give a thought to their welfare then, some might ask 'why would they change their parenting methods now........?'

  13. The more the media publish ironical articles, the better the British public will understand it could not have been an abduction.
    They will see the media are not taking this bull shit serious at all.
    A real abduction, a young child among paedophiles, suffering in their hands, every journalist would take it serious, everywhere in the world.
    Belgium has never written any ironical article about those girls who disappeared in Marc Dutroux's hands.
    The media and the public believed the stories from the beginning till the end and unfortunately they were true.
    The McCanns made themselves ridiculous and the British media and the blogs joined them.

  14. So anyone walking on the beach at a holiday resort and looking out to sea is now 'acting suspiciously'? You couldn't make it up. The Express should hang their heads in shame. Poor Madeleine.


  15. 'She described him as having protruding teeth, a handlebar moustache and wind-blown dark hair. In the photo the man is ­turning slightly towards the sea, so it is not possible to tell whether he has a moustache'

    OH YAH, We can see all the above description on that man. We can see how he look evil, poor, with an uncleaned appearance ( Mr. Murray did you forget quite interesting adjectives Gail Cooper already delivered in previous 'delirium' or 'hilarious' Media 'wasting time'.

    It takes 3 years to see for what reason, Mccann's asked early in May 2007, Tourists to deliver their pictures, not to PJ but to their own site or to 'Crimestop'. All well programed, 3 years ahead, with absolute certainty that the pictures will be useful for their 'live-long' or 'forever' campaign. It is clear now why they don't wanted pictures showing the environment or clear portraits. They want the unclear backgrounds for that show because like that on every picture they can fit hundred suspects.

    Just amazing, but that man in the background, clear remind me Payne or Murat, or even Gerry, much more then the creepy man.
    Mccann's saga will end-up with them dropping themselves inside the crime scene and the truth will come out.

    Murray and his paper were desperate to re-income the money they waste by sending Cooper to Algarve on her last holidays. This is a charade showing how easy a journalist can be transformed in a clown, in Mccann's circus.

  16. Not looks like IT IS Mccann..I am sure if we look hard enough we will find this picture.

  17. I will e-mail the paper saying that this news were front page already in 2007. They suffer from Alzheimer and get lost in time ( coming up with 3 years delay is a shame from any journalist and his employers).
    The news are covered in dust, so old and so dismissed. Now I zoomed the guy. He is Gerry Mccann, not the portuguese pig farmer investigated and dismissed in 2007.

    It is time for Murray to hunt Gerry. Ask him where is the blue tennis bag and 'how', 'when' and 'why' Brian Kennedy (the Tycoon) and the Hubbards fall in his life? Many steps to be investigate by journalists and they insist in delivering jokes.
    Sorry, I forgot- there is no journalists on that circus, just characters.

  18. "During a tense conversation on the doorstep, the man sought cash with what she called “an obviously made-up story” that he was collecting money for an orphanage in a nearby town, where the children of Britons killed in a car crash were being cared for."


    Reports that he then went on to say he was also collecting for a cancer charity and that, if she didn't contribute, it would be a "disaster" and much like the pain of going to the bank and finding yourself over your student overdraft are, as yet, unconfirmed.

    Not just physically similar, then. Maybe he should have said the orphanage was in Jersey and the girls there were treated like princesses.

  19. I wish the PJ would reopen the case on the strength of this load of old rubbish and then turn the case round on the McCanns as suspects instead.

    A murder investigation this time please PJ.

  20. Hi Gail Cooper, can you make an effort to revive your memory? Are you sure that the guy who knocked on your door was not Gerry Mccann?
    Because he is the Guy who use to jump on charity issues to fool people and raise money for himself. The cancer Fundraising prove it. On top of that, he delivered boxes asking for donations in several hotels in Algarve. He must be the guy who knocked on your door asking money for an orphanage. Come on, tell the truth... The Fund Madeleine will not bake your back with TRIPS and TIPS forever.

  21. Here we go again, the Mccanns want the case reviewing, why not re-opened????????????????

  22. The guy is Gerry Mccann and the trousers were the one caught on GNR pictures which disappeared on May 3, late night or May 4 early morning, together with a tennis blue bag.

  23. It's definitely Gerry!!

    I have a feeling this article was written with tongue in cheek. Murray can't be serious. The McCanns won't like this one bit because all who see it will swear it's supposed to be Gerry McCann!

    Either that, or they are desperate for sales of their trashy tabloid.

  24. I see the ubiquitous Judy Finnegan has written one of her usual sycophantic articles regarding the suffering of the McCanns and talking about the recent party to celebrate Madeleine's 7th birthday. One 'has been' celebrity helping two 'would be' celebrities to continue with their saga of some faceless abductor. A childrens' social officer should be doing something about the way the twins are being brainwashed! It's mental cruelty and should be stopped.

  25. Irony (because if it not possible to see the moustache, it is not possible to see the teeth either. And the hair is not blowwing at all with the wind):

    " In the photo the man is ­turning slightly towards the sea, so it is not possible to tell whether he has a moustache."

  26. I was reading that Jane Tanner first of all said the man she saw was wearing jeans, so when did this change to light coloured trousers?

    Is she making it up as she goes along? Either that, or is Jane highly suggestible. Perhaps certain people can get her to say just about anything.

    How many goes does she get at the description before it's dismissed as totally unreliable?

    Yet the description of the man in the Smith sighting has not changed with the telling. This should be the sighting that comes to the fore, and Jane Tanners ever changing story cast into oblivion where it belongs.

  27. When are the McCann investigators going to make much of the Smith sighting, the best so far?

    Are we going to see that mentioned in the newspapers the same way as these sightings of strange people the McCanns keep throwing up?

    Bit risky though, being as how it looked like Gerry McCann himself carrying the child.

    Better ignore that one eh McCanns!

  28. I think the Express must be taking the piss.It must be!I dont think murray is being "forced" to re-hash old stuff and of not then....bad bad news!

  29. Joana Have you read what some sick idiots and blind people written on:

    'Joana Morais Comes out to support sick Madeleine McCann Hate Site'.

    This must be where Kate spend her time when she said that she is searching her daughter.... at home... surfing and feeding some idiots, maybe with help of her portuguese lawyers. They want you to break and stop your fight for the truth. Their brains are a misery.

  30. @22,i think you are spot on.

  31. A faceless man looking out to sea
    Its the abductor, who else could it be
    Gail Cooper and Jane Tanner both clearly identify him as the man
    Look closely, its obvious that its Gerry McCann

    Why did no one else see the man with no face
    Walking round the village at a leisurely pace
    Gail Cooper spoke at length to this man
    Who had called on her rattling his charity can

    She didn't believe blank face's tale of woe
    And when no money was given, he turned to go
    But who do we know who has form for a dodgy charity scam?
    Oh yes, the name in the frame is Gerry McCann

  32. Mccann's want a case reviewing. YES WE ARE REVIEWING the old Circus. They were affected by the crisis- not much free donations... they have to RUN to FOOL people and hijack legal charitable Funds.
    They have to re-use old characters. Not enough money available to pay new characters. Now they learn with all team Mccann and they don't lie for TIPS, only for a good cachet.

  33. http://www.anorak.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/kate-and-gerry-mccann-christmas.jpg

    Thanks to Jill...very like Mccann and his choice of clothes..

  34. if blurry man liked to wander about in the rain... he would almost certainly have left some valuable DNA evidence at the scene of the crime or at the very least some wet footprints...

  35. "The picture was given to detectives in Leicestershire who are liaising with detectives in ­Portugal, but Mrs Cooper said she was never told whether the man had been identified"

    No? Dont tell me they didnt tell you if the "man" was identified!
    I personally identify you as a nut case accomplice in the cover up of an extremely unlikely "abduction",obstructing the law and totally lacking of respect towards Madeleine.
    You gail cooper,you are as sick as the mccann

  36. Et voila Mccann's review.
    That means Victoria Beckham look alike and Hewlett 'soul' will be next.
    I'm sure , we can fit all Tapas 9 on that backgrounds. Deliver them.... will be amazing.

  37. I think James Murray reads this blog & 3A's... his reports are always spoof-like and interesting
    He definitely knows!!!

  38. "are hoping that new Tory Home Secretary Theresa May will call for a review of all the evidence in the case"

    Is there not one educated journalist that can understand that the country where MBM went missing retain primacy in this investigation? That the British police are assisting the Portuguese authorities. The Brits are not in charge of this investigiation! Why are UK newspapers not informing it's readers that the McC's can re-open this case by agreeing to take part in an official reconstruction and/or KM agrees to answer the 48 questions she previously refused to. The public imo should be informed that the McC's can re-open this case. The public imo should not be asked to donate money to a private company without being made fully aware of the facts. Review is not re-open! Why would parents who claim their child has been abducted by paedophiles allow their missing child's case to be archived? How can a private company ask the public to donate money to supposedly search for an abducted child when that company have no evidence to support their abduction claims? Missing is not proof of abduction.

    The man above Cooper claims to have seen. I think I am 80 - 98% certain that I saw a guy just like him today taking part in the McMillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia 81 mile cycle race and he was asking people for donations to his non charity should I contact below:

    "If you can identify the man in the photograph please call the Sunday Express on 0208 612 7073 or contact the website ­Findmadeleine.com."

    Hmm why have I not to contact the Police? Surely the above article is not “an obviously made-up story”?


  39. This is the paper trying to divert public attention from the disastrous news which were GERRY RUNNING AND HIJACKING A CANCER FUNDRAISING.

    I hope, stones will turn today, to let him down, down. After all, he did not want to run 5 hours ( too hard for a father who did not went out to search his daughter wen reported her missing). He just want the money dropped on his account. This is why he put such condition...' If weather and injures did not help him'.

  40. "Today we reveal that one of Mrs Cooper’s friends, Leanda Hodson-Mackey, took a snap of her husband Stephen, 34, and son, then aged two, and the man appeared in the background, walking along the beach during a downpour.": This was reported by the Express in a previous article with Gail Cooper. Did you know Coopers friends, Leanda Hodson-Mackey and hubby Stephen live in Leicester?

  41. pictures 1 and 2 from right top row, its kate and gerry.
    I cannot believe that this newspaper insults its readers intelligence so. Now tory fans they are asking for review yet again, hury up DCI Sutton before you miss the boat.
    I always believed that if you do not answer the polices questions, they keep asking until you do. 48 questions kate that is all you needed to answer to prove your innocence, why didnt you, and why have the police allowed you to get away with it. Close the fund now

  42. if you zoom in as much as you can you will see that the man is not looking out to sea or his head turnrd, he does not have a drawn in face, the facial composition is roundish, no moustach but i could add one if you like?
    very similar posture to gerry when angry.
    Also Gail a handlebar moustache goes outwards and upwards, like the old RAF captains. the george harrison lookalike (poor George RIP) is a drooped, mexican style moustach. Maybe you need glasses....still you got your minutes of fame, didnt you

  43. The basis which everyone should start on is this...Kate tells us she went to close the door of the apartment when she went to check Madeleine. Ask yourself, would you walk back to an apartment to check your children without actually checking them before you go to close the door of their bedroom - which you think is in a different position than when you left it? This proves Kate is not telling the truth.

    Add to this the claim that Gerry had checked the children (and had his 'Disneyesque' prud fatehr moment in between the time Kate last saw the door position and the time she went to check. So Gerry is also lying.

    Regardless of why they lie, the fact that they are lying and therefore slewing the investigation into Madeleines disappearance (however that came about) proves they put their own skins at a higher value than finding Madeleine.

    Even without all the many other issues which indicate that they are fraudsters, this is a fundamental element which proves they cannot be beleived.

  44. Sadly Portugal is 'broke' and 'broken' and so the McCann's and their fraud will go on and on.

    We need a strong willed person to take them to task about the basic claim that Madeleine was abducted and have the fund closed - it is a fraud.

  45. 9 out of the 18 pictures look like McCann, or remind me of him... That statistic can't be ignored.

    How stupid do they think the public really is?

    Surely, people who are not familiar with the case ( don't know the majority of the facts) can't help but see that something about these sketches is false.

    Perhaps this is why the story is being rehashed...they are taking the piss so to speak but hiding it through 'headline news'...I think there may be a purpose to this ridiculous process by the paper.


  46. I agree with those who think the Express is just taking the mickey, as even for one of the British tabloids this is farcical, a complete non-story. The British press's attitude to Madeleine's disappearance is totally disrespectful, with their idiotic articles and wild assertions, things that just make ordinary sane members of the public shake their head in disbelief. There will certainly be a lot of eye-rolling today as people look at this photo and cast their eye over the article.

    If they really want people to have no faith in the abduction story, then the Express and their fellow tabloids are certainly going the right way about it. Don't they understand that their multiple 'abductors' and worldwide 'sightings', none of which has ever had the slightest validity, have done more to rubbish the abduction theory than almost anything else, leading to derision that anyone could ever be expected to swallow these tall tales?

    What people remember about this case is the curious coincidence of the top sniffer dogs alerting to cadaverine and blood in the apartment from which Madeleine disappeared, and in the hire car - hard to see how that has anything to do with someone strolling on a beach.

  47. I'm starting to think that Mrs Gail Cooper has the same problem with the man she "saw" in the Algarve as the girl that accused a young portuguese boy of rape when he refused to have anything with her. Unfortunately in the case of the boy, the Bristish police decided to believe in the word of a girl that was intoxicated and had already had "something" with another portuguese boy, and when rejected by the this one took revenge by accusing him.

    Just another case of "brilliant" UK criminal investigation and trial without giving the possibility of defense.

    But for the McCann, they can keep on committing fraud and nothing happens...

  48. Maybe I'll send Zezé Camarinha to visit Mrs Gail Cooper...

  49. This is getting silly. What was Gerry doing walking on the beach anyway, a few days before...?

  50. I saw the first guy! He was right next to my toast this morning. Where's that number to call?

  51. To 29, yes, thank you I answered publicly yesterday to the person who published that story on twitter and today on their site's post - my answer is public there as well. It's their view, albeit a mistaken one, and I can't do anything about what they think or write, nor is that my role, I can only refute and explain my point of view, and perhaps hope they'll understand. For me it's a closed matter.

  52. IMO, the Express are playing games with the McCanns. Seriously, even one like Lori Campbell wouldn't have put her name to this tosh! It's got to be a joke! Also, how come Cooper's friend didn't send this picture to Jim Gamble @ CEOP when he was collecting holiday snaps in the summer of 2007?


  53. Race number 1077
    Gerry McCann Category M40-49
    Category Pos 77 Time 03:51:27 Position 173

    screenshot: http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s231/xklamation/EtapeCaledonia2010Challenge_1274013.png

  54. I see that the suspect's hair grew a few centimentres in less than a week!
    Oh, silly me - he put on a fake moustache and a wig for the abduction!


  55. maybe instead of printing this crap the express wud be better investergating the gaspers statement

  56. The fellow in today's Express looks a lot like the one the Smiths i'd.

  57. @no 53 - no, you are wrong, the man was snapped around lunchtime friday 20th and 4 hours later when he knocked on gail cooper's door it had grown a few inches - so it's OBVIOUSLY not the same person lol

    and he was not seen a few days before madeleine went missing - it was a whole 2 weeks

  58. Did Jane Tanner change her description of the way the man she supposedly saw was dressed to coincide with the description of the man in the Smith sighting (the Gerry McCann lookalike), just in case the Smith sighting was taken seriously.

    With both men dressed in a similar way, her supposed sighting would still alibi Gerry McCann and her husband, as the investigators might then say it was the same man both times.

    What other explanation is there for her changing the description of the clothing of the man from jeans to light coloured trousers.

    Was her description of what Madeleine was wearing also supplied to her from the McCanns since she seemed non too sure of anything much at the beginning when she first told the tale.

    I hope the investigators openly admit they do not believe her story because there are too many inconsistencies, and concentrate instead on the Smith sighting.

    This takes away Gerry McCann's alibi, and the timing of this sighting coincides with the statements of two of the workers at the Tapas who say he was gone from the table for half an hour between 9.30pm and 10pm.

    It was during this time that the Smith sighting occurred, which means Gerry McCann had no alibi at all when it comes to him having been the man that was seen.

  59. @31
    Brilliant! thank you RIPM

    The "gallery" is unbelievable! 1&2 from left bottom row, Cameron & Clegg, 2nd from right bottom row, Obama with sunglasses on 8-}

  60. Would the collapse or discrediting of the Tanner statement be enough to get the case reopened?

    Could Murat request a reopening of the case, being as how her false accusation that he was the man she saw played a large part in the persecution and suspicion of this man?

    Can the harm Jane Tanner has done to the investigation of this case be measured?

  61. Mrs. Cooper you have been twice in the newspaper,you must be short of money,how much were you given for this story.It's time that the papers wrote that it was Mr.Mccann seen carrying Madeleine by Mr.Smith who has since been very quiet,was he paid to keep quiet,after all in the beginning he was certain of what he saw and nothing was done by the British police. Maddie died in the flat and we believe that is the truth. That poor girl must have had a sad time,how can they make money from their daughter when they know she is dead,how disgusting.because they are doctors does not mean that they must be innocent,one doctor is now in prison for killing old patients for money. K.Germany.

  62. When shown a photo of Agostinho, Gail, 50, of Newark, Notts, gasped: "He's the spitting image of the man I saw three times at the resort. It's deeply shocking to see my drawing come to life."


  63. What at first sight appears to be a spoof, a send-up of the McCanns by the Express, is in fact something altogether more serious - extremely odious in fact.

    It's obvious that the Smith sighting won't go away. It's also obvious that Jane Tanner is discredited as a witness, or let's say, about to be officially discredited once and for all in court.

    So now, 3 years after the 'event' they come up with the story of the 'suspicious' looking man inadvertently photographed days before. Days before or two weeks before? It doesn't matter, because all they are trying to demonstrate is that someone who looks like Gerry McCann was in PdL at a time when Gerry McCann can prove he was not there. All they are trying to put across is the feasibility of the idea that the 'abductor' was a Gerry McCann lookalike.

    Thus, the Smith sighting, which will no doubt be given greater prominence once Tanner has had her day in court, must have been of the 'abductor' and the 'abductor' must have been the Gerry McCann lookalike.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, by publishing this deliberately misleading information the Express newspaper is complicit in covering up a serious crime. This has nothing to do with injunctions and the UK media not being able to report openly; this is a British national newspaper conspiring with two people suspected of having committed a crime, to publish deliberately misleading information to cover up that crime.

  64. Are the McCanns getting worried that Jane Tanner's supposed sighting of the abductor, seen at the same time as Gerry, is going to go pear shaped?

    Is that why they have dragged out this old sighting? Trying to convince people that her 'bundleman', and the man in the photo is the same.

    As she only saw the back/side? of 'bundleman' she may say he may have had a moutache, whereas in the Smith sighting the Gerry McCann lookalike certainly did not.

    Of course, they could say he shaved it off if they want to say JT and Smith sighting were same man, but they would be taking a chance with that one because there may be witnesses to say he never ever shaved it off. If the poor guy ever turns up that is!

    The McCanns really are scraping the barrel with this one, trying to salvage the Tanner 'sighting' and Gerry's alibi.

    Is this the latest attempt at finding a Patsy?

  65. 58 And Gerry went to all that trouble on his 'documentary' about which side of the road they were on, before the 'pretendy cop' made the incredible asssertion that it didnt matter which side of the road they were on.

    Clearly all this is to confuse - Gerry made himself seen by the Smiths...all part of creating the impression that there was an abductor. No abductor would wander around the place after successfully making off with a child.

  66. Ludicrous! This is like that photo of Hewlett where he is the same pose as the artists impression! The 'abductor' moves around the place looking as much like his photofits as he can! lol!

    Its actually very revealing, as it proves the photo came before the sketch!

  67. Jilly That's a wonderful idea.
    however I've tried the numbers but nobody answered! I suspect they do not like phone calls from PT :)]

    Kep trying:
    +44 208 612 7073 / +44 208 612 7073

  68. What does not make sense about the investigation of this case is we have been told the investigators, both Portuguese and UK cops, believe Madeleine is dead, so not much enthusiasm for searching for a live child.

    But why no enthusiasm to search for a dead child?

    Why was the investigation shelved before the McCanns' property at Rothley was searched?

    Surely a search at Rothley should have been basic.

    They were arguidos, and Gerry McCann had been back and forth between the Portugal and the UK.

    Even Murat's aunt got her property search, why not the Tapas friends? They knew the Tapas friends were not telliing them the truth about that night.

    Why no search in the UK, where the LP cops, who also believed Madeleine was dead, would have been willing to undertake this.

    How can Portugal say the case is shelved until further evidence is forthcoming when it could be sitting there waiting for them to do a search for it.

    The McCanns escaped with the skin of their teeth from being charged, and they looked scared to death when they fled Portugal.

    How have they been given a pass on that search at Rothley? Was it that as much as anything that was frightening them?

    So, why was the case shelved before the search for where Madeleine had been hidden was completed?

    The investigation was certainly not concluded.

  69. The ever changing description of Jane Tanner's bundleman sighting has got to be the fishiest story of them all.

    She has even had the guy going in different directions.

    If she ends up inside she will have nobody to blame but herself after all the distress caused to various poeople who have been caught up in her tangle of misinformation.

    Disgraceful. She should have been stopped long before she was allowed to continue to chop and change so much, which has contributed to the mess of lies.

    Jane Tanner you are simply not believable.

  70. gerry McCann lookalikes are less likely than Gerry McCann to be Gerry McCann! lol!

  71. I'm loving this handlebar mustache nonsense (at least I would be, if all this wasn't so sick and justice for a young girl wasn't at stake).

    What was the name of the British 'investigative' journo, was it McIntyre, who corroborated the 'abduction' theory with his 'investigation'? His idea being that there was an accomplace who passed Madeleine through the open window.....

    Hmmmmm.....handlebar mustache....got it! Solved! The man's accomplace was a small, wheezy, angry little dog named Mutley!

    Dick Dasterdly did it!.....or Vincent Price. I wonder if along with the handlebar mustache, if he had an evil, maniacal laugh.

    I would say that you just couldn't make this crap up, but unfortunately for all who are seeking the truth, you can and far too many of the docile, nose-lead public are buying it.

    Proving all too true the saying 'The bigger and more rediculous the lie...'

  72. there are so many faces to choose from but not one of them left any traces in the flat

  73. Hi Its obvious that they are trying to make the abductor look like gmc and also that the need for money to pay off people is essential because once they cant their house of cards will fall. otherwise they would have disappeared off the radar by now. Has had the same strands from the beginning of this story..

  74. Poster 63 is absolutely spot on!

  75. When are the McCanns finally going to reopen the process?

  76. I presume that this article is the Express having a go at the Mccanns because they sued Express for £600,000.00 if on the other hand this is investigative journalism then God help us !!!

  77. 'It is widely believed he is the man who abducted Madeleine'

    What a non-sentence. It means nothing as it does not clarify who believes it. It makes no difference what BS the press feed their readers, the police don't seem to set any store by these sightings. 'Widely believed' DOES NOT MEAN TRUE!!!

  78. I'm actually glad the Express printed this story.


    Because if we can identify this man - it will destroy once and for all this 'Cooperman' rubbish! Imagine that?! The McCanns have pushed this story from the get-go, including a PowerPoint demonstration for the police - which is in the files.

    This story is rubbish. It's just some bloke going for a walk on the beach (which is not a crime McCanns, in case you haven't worked that out yet) in PDL. But the McCanns need to desperately hold onto any rubbish story, to keep alive the rubbish 'abduction' lark.

    Let's hope somebody recognises himself, or somebody recognises him and we can bury this RUBBISH for once and for all. As each 'sighting' gets discredited, we get nearer...

    Great work Joana!

    May the truth one day be known.

  79. My immediate reaction when I saw the picture, before reading anything was "Why is there a blurry picture of Gerry walking along"?
    I think James is trying to give a subliminal message.

  80. I never thought I would see the day when I said this is just getting more stupid by the day? how much more? too silly for words and its very rare words fail me !

  81. Doesn't quite look lardy enough to be Murat - but similar height (shortish) and face is chubby and round. Hair looks short. Light-coloured chino-style combat trousers (big side pocket). Blue fleece? (hangs at the back like a fleece? Possibly glasses. Dressed a bit like Murat but Murat was in Exeter in April according to flight reports. Angus Symington would have been around this time though. Worked at the Ocean Club. Distant cousin. The Press reported that witnesses at the Ocean Club may have msitaken Murat for Symington (son of Ocean Club co-owner David Symington):


    Weird thing is: In Processo VI of the Police Files there are forensic shots of a similar pair of trousers and a a similar top belonging to Murat.

    Was he there? Or was someone he knows trying to make it look like he was there? Obsfucation?

  82. Anonymous said... 75
    "When are the McCanns finally going to reopen the process?"
    Answer - NEVER. They dare not.
    Re-opening would involve a dispassionate and disinterested look at all the evidence, starting from the 'Night of the Long Lies'.
    Cold case reviews do not involve getting involved in personalities.

  83. Fith from the left, bottom row. Can anyone really look like that ? Doesn't that 'suspect' just about sums up the entire abduction theory? =)) http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/24.gif

  84. Poster 66,I agree,if the photo was taken before the sketch ,why did Mrs Cooper not simply refer the artist to the photo? My husband wears light coloured casual trousers with a dark jacket,chinos are very popular amongst those over 25 and under 60. Perhaps everyone who looks and dresses like Gerry McCann should be arrested or maybe only those who were in PDL when Madeleine disappeared and were spotted carrying a child who looked like Madeleine by several members of an extended family who have a bar receipt to prove they were where they said they were at the time they said they were.

  85. The mccanns will NEVER ask for the process to be reopened, they cant control that...but a review, their own private cops (who have been very quiet for a long time) they can control, and i think i read some time ago the Smiths were paid a visit by a McCann representative(Jon Corner??)
    Why are the police not investigating the fund, it would only take someone who has donated to complain to the police and an investigation has to take place,anyone out there donated?

  86. The McCanns are feeling nice and secure, they know this case wont be opened unless they demand it. They got away without answering the questions,ignoring the dogs and by chanting their famous mantra,
    "UMMMMM, there is noevidence to prove Maddie has come to any harm...ummmmm....ohhhhhh..there is no evidence to prove we are connected to her disapearance....ummm...errr....ommmmm"
    Unless a member of the police force takes back control this sad story will never be resolved, and the mccanns will get richer and more famous

  87. Stranger on the Shore ?
    With many humble apologies to Acker Bilk.

    "Here I stand, watching the fund go down
    So all alone and blue
    Just dreaming dreams of you

    I watched your corpse
    As it sailed out to sea
    Taking all my dreams
    And taking all of me

    The sighing of the waves
    The wailing of the wind
    The tears in my eyes burn
    Pleading, "My fund, return"
    Why, oh, why must I go on like this?
    Shall I just be a lonely
    Stranger on the shore?

  88. TTW4
    Having thought about it, you could be right. If the story now changes to report that this photo was taken BEFORE GM arrived, we'll know what's going on now.

  89. Bottom line is, we could put a fuzzy picture of any male at all who was in PDL in May 2007 on the front cover of a newspaper and ask -
    'Is this the man who took Madeleine?'

    This man no more fits the description that Jane Tanner gave than I do.

    And bear in mind Edgar said they are not sure if Tanner saw a man, it could have been a woman?

    So we could put a picture of any woman who was in PDL at that time and ask the question 'Is this the woman who took Madeleine?'

    Simply because a picture was taken of someone male/female walking on a beach does not indicate in any way that he/she may have taken Madeleine!

    Too ridiculous for words.

    For that matter put a picture of Gail Cooper on the front covers, and ask if she was the one who took Madeleine, she was at the beach in the rain snapping photos with her friends.

  90. poster 85 ,My fist would not open to drop 1p into the"fund".... just after the circus began we went to a tiny town called Ullapool in the Scottish highlands on holiday ,In the little newsagents was a sweet jar half full of coins and notes ,I went in for a paper and the little old woman behind the counter asked me if i wanted her to put my change into the jar ! i nearly scragged her over the counter !! I said "Tell me you are joking " ? she said "her Aunty is the village school teacher ,we class Maddie as one of our own"I just said its just a pity her"parents"didnt think the same ,I would rather eat my own toenails than put 1p in that jar ,her face was like thunder ,Im sure she told all the locals what I said as the looks we got could have killed !!

  91. Some of them definately look like Gerry dont they!

  92. http://www.thesun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/2975101/The-National-Policing-Improvement-Agency-are-to-advise-on-the-disappearance-of-Suzanne-Pilley.html

    Unbelievable! Would you use UK 'cops' who'd worked on the Madeleine case to find anything!!

  93. @ Anon 85

    The PJ cannot investigate the fund.Only the british police because it is a british company set up in the UK.But yes,it should be investigated.
    Follow the cash and alternatively,follow the...dogs.Both would be ideal,of course

  94. The first thing that jumped out at me was the "Bloodbath" above - Reminded me of the apology from the Express

  95. When is somebody in authority in the UK going to step in and protect the public from the McCanns and their Fund?

    What are the UK cops thinking of by allowing these characters to continue soliciting money from the unsuspecting public on the strength of a bogus abduction?

    Why are the McCanns being allowed to continue having their own what amounts to a pseudo police force, who are doing what the hell they like, publically pointing fingers at whoever they please? Issuing photo fits like they are the police themselves, and hounding members of the public to question them.

    The real cops must know the findings of the investigators, both Portuguese and UK, that Madeleine died in the holiday apartment. Yet they sit back and say nothing.

    The people who actually have followed and know about this case find it hard to believe the McCanns are not being given special treatent on the orders of somebody high up in politics or in the police. What else can they think?

    Besides this, and even worse, we are told there is some information which has been given to the Government by somebody close to the McCanns which is being kept secret by the UK Government itself.

    The reason for this is because if it was to be made public it would ruin relations between Portugal and the UK. What!!!

    What is going on?? This is crazy.

    Why has there got to be such protection of information about this case?

    I do hope the Portuguese DEMAND to know what this is about, because the UK Government sure aren't going to release it to the UK public.

    Meanwhile, the denegration of the PJ and the LP continues unabated, and with it the derision of Portugal.

    With a new UK administration it might just be possible to discover what all this is about, but are the new ones going to continue with this protection?

    If they don't carry on with the protection then maybe the truth can be told and the case laid to rest, along with Madeleine.

  96. Well we know that doctors are to be respected...BUT ONLY SOME

    Nine UK doctors are suspended after accusations of viewing child pornography
    Nine doctors in the United Kingdom have been suspended by their NHS trusts after accusations that they downloaded pornographic pictures of children from the internet.The nine have also been suspended from practice by the interim orders committee of the General Medical Council, pending hearings into allegations of serious professional misconduct. Suspensions pending hearings are deemed necessary in a minority of cases to protect the public.The doctors came to the attention of the police as part of Operation Ore, a massive, nationwide operation against child pornography. Police are investigating 6500 internet addresses passed to them by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, after raids connected with two internet sites based in the United States that provided access to 300 pay to view pornographic sites. Some 2000 people in the United Kingdom have been arrested or cautioned so far, according to the National Crime Squad.Most of the doctors investigated by Operation Ore are general practitioners. Several are hospital doctors, including an anaesthetist who was sentenced last week to a three year community rehabilitation order.Andrew Morris, who resigned from his post as an anaesthetist at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital as a result of the police investigation, pleaded guilty to inciting an employee of a pornography website to distribute or show indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of a child.He was ordered by Exeter magistrate Paul Osborne to be placed on the sex offenders' register for five years and to attend a sex offenders' group programme.The court was told that Dr Morris, 40, had been arrested over an allegation that he had paid to have internet access on one occasion to a child pornography site. The prosecution told the court that the material was last accessed in 1998. William Tate, defending, said Dr Morris had deleted the images in 1999 and "bitterly regrets" what he did.The Royal Devon and Exeter Healthcare NHS Trust said that Dr Morris was suspended from work as soon as the trust was notified that an investigation had started, and his resignation had been accepted. A spokesman added: "We have carefully reviewed his work and conclude that it is extremely unlikely that he would have examined children unaccompanied by a nurse or parent. There have been no complaints about his personal or professional conduct. His work as an anaesthetist has been of high quality."Coincidentally, a former hospital consultant was struck off by the GMC the previous week for downloading child and adult pornography from his hospital computer. But his case predated Operation Ore and he has not been prosecuted. David Gardner, who is in his 60s, was a consultant in chemical pathology at University College London Hospitals until November 2001, when he lost his job after pornographic images were found on his computer's hard drive. The GMC's professional conduct committee said he had an "unblemished" 40 year career. But the committee considered that "the act of accessing child pornography is fundamentally incompatible with being a registered medical practitioner."

    Articles from BMJ : British Medical Journal

  97. No doubt this photo has been brought out now because of the Tanner statement being under attack, and the possibility of the Smith sighting being brought to the fore.

    The McCanns always have the need to be at least three steps ahead of everybody else, and with every base covered.

    After all, who knows what might yet pop up and bite them.

  98. You lot should be ashamed of yourselves.

    It's obvious to me that Jane Tanner's "abductor" is identical to the man to the beach.

    both have 2 legs, both have at least one arm (second is hidden but presumably present). both have pale full length trousers, both have dark tops, both have dark shoes, both have dark staightish hair, both have ears showing, both have straightish backs, both can walk. And MOST IMPORTANT, both have faces with absolutely NO features.

    In a nutshell, it's the same man. Case solved I say, all we have to do is look at the notes of a few plastic surgeons, as this poor man must have had all his facial features removed. That means he must be known to someone in the medical profession. OH!!!!

    Auntie Anti

  99. It's some poor Joe out walking just like all those kids accused of being Madeleine.

    Why did Gail Cooper take a picture of this man? How does she know from that blurry picture that it was the same man who came to her door? Why did he come to her door in particular?

    Why is so much credence being given to this sighting and none to the Smith family sighting?

    Someone is playing with the public again and Gail Cooper, who looks like a man herself, is getting her 15 minutes.

    Where's the Victoria Beckham look-a-like when you need her?

  100. Anonymous 99
    "It's some poor Joe out walking just like all those kids accused of being Madeleine.
    Where's the Victoria Beckham look-a-like when you need her?"

    No, come on. Be fair. He is leaning over backwards to be helpful, just look at the picture. He is OBVIOUSLY on his way to the Hellish Lair that he runs, (opening hours 0900 - 1345 and 1530 - 2200 in the summer). His face is not fixed, which is why he is leaning backwards, so that it doesn't fall off, as it obviously did later that evening before JT saw him.

    Or, another sudden thought, perhaps it is Michael Jackson doing his so-called Moonwalk !

  101. This Cooper woman is certainly doing her bit at keeping attention away from the Gaspar statements with the load of rubbish she is spouting.

    May we never forget there are two doctor friends of the McCanns who were so concerned about what they had seen and heard regards paedophilia suspicions, that they had to go to the police and report it when they heard Madeleine was missing.

    That is serious.

    They were not mistaken in their identity as to who the conversation was between.


    Why hasn't this been yet been picked up and reported by the mainstream media. Who knows how many other people can add further information to this?

    No doubting if it had involved anybody outside the McCann club it would have been well known about by now.

    Here's hoping people will mention the Gaspars' statements at every opportunity, just like the findings of the dogs the McCanns don't want mentioned either.

  102. What happened to Halligen?

    Last news is that some chauffeurs from Ivory Coast just told the media that they were forced to make false statemens, to protect the Dutch firm Trafigura.
    They stated they did not get sick of that rubbish and they were payed by Trafigura to sign their statements.
    The whole scandal was gagged by Carter Ruck.

    You can find this story if you type the word "trafigura"here, above and you click on "search".

  103. This could not be Gerry.
    Gerry has an atletic body and the man on the photo walks as he was three months pregnant.

  104. More self-delusion from the McCanns. Do they think that as long as they keep plugging these imaginary so-called 'abductors' that the public are going to believe their story? Well we know the police don't! (Jim Gamble is and his pals are a (special) case of course)

  105. Yes, I think Gail Cooper is right, it is definately the same man as Jane Tanner saw. The similarity of description from both of them is identical - First they see a faceless person, then they have total recall months later and the "abductor" has shoulder length hair and a moustache. Maybe Gail Cooper's guy was standing in the rain so his hair and moustache would grow quickly - within hours infact!

    Heaven knows what really happened to Madeleine, but with rubbish like this repeatedly being printed in newspapers, I doubt we will ever know. Can't they see they are making a mockery of the whole sad and sordid saga.

    Are the McCann's ever going to try and give the twins a normal life. Are they ever going to stop seeking publicity and arranging things like Birthday parties for Madeleine when she is not there.

    I accept IF their child was abducted they should never give up hope, but I cannot see how any pro can now defend their actions as they have gone way over the top and they have no right to cash in on other fund raising events as Gerry is doing with his bike ride which was supposed to be for cancer research. Time for people to stop giving them money and force them to use the proper channels of investigate as everyone else in the same position has to. Time for them to stop brainwashing the twins and start acting like caring responsible parents (if the know how)

  106. There is hope for Madeleine.

    Ten years ago there was a terrible fire, explosions in an artificial fires factory in Holland and the ownors, directors of the factory (the Dutch McCanns) denied any involvement in the accident. It happened on a Saturday, "there was nobody in the factory"(they were wining and dining at the Dutch Tapas) and the direction said they had been victims of a pyroman(the Dutch abductor).Many people died or lost their homes or both.A young man was arrested( the Dutch Murat), went 2,5 years to prison, although he had gotten 15 or 25 years sentence.He is completely innocent.
    And the police never found the pyroman( Jane Tanner's eggman).
    About two weeks ago a lady of the family of the directors' went to the media and told the truth.
    There were people in the factory on that day( the Dutch David Payne?) and they caused an accident.
    This lady spent 10 years feeling guilty about this case.
    The Dutch Justice re-started the investigations.

    Someday somebody will come forward and tell what happened to Maddie.

  107. Anon. 96

    Interesting... EXETER... is not the place from where came one of the Tapas, which btw is a doctor?

  108. Anon at 96 brilliant post.

  109. waw, Gail Cooper knows in advanced that this guy will be very important after May 3, this is why she took the picture. Or she use to take pictures of strange mans?

  110. The Sunday Express as a newspaper is extremely poor
    Not even worthy of hanging on the toilet door
    So you must ask yourself what the editor is on
    Trying to involve us in yet another con

    Why after three years have they suddenly found these pics
    The McCanns spent millions on employing superdicks
    What is strange about a man walking about after rain?
    It could be anybody including Payne

    But there is one sighting of which the McCanns never talk
    It is of Gerry taking a very strange walk
    The Smith family thought it had a very strong liking
    So Gerry needs to discredit the sighting
    So the more sad people that tell us they saw a faceless man
    It gives the benefit of doubt to Gerry McCann

    This is not new throughout this case
    False sightings are extremely common place
    Poor Robert Murat was positively identified at the flat that night
    This was by Fiona Payne and wasn't due to bad light
    Murat and Payne do look very much alike
    But you would think she would know her husband in any light

    So come on Sunday Express this has become a total farce
    Your newspaper isn't good enough with which to wipe ones arse

  111. This is the first time I read that Gail Cooper took a picture from this man. Am I right?.
    Anyway, why is this picture showing up after 3 years?
    To confirm Tanners statement or to attack the police for not doing their job?
    No they just want to know what is in the "hidden files" and this is just a trick to give them acces.
    By the whay, it must be a surprise for the Mccanns that this picture did find its way through the press.
    They could have used this picture when they presented "the bungle man".

  112. @ #98 Aunti Anti

    ... you forgot to mention he is walking in both directions!!!

    HA HA HA! :-)

    Keep up the good work Joana. The truth must be known.

  113. cheeky of me I now but I was wondering if it would be possible to have all of RIPM's poems on one thread? I love them and I'm sure many others do too.
    Thanks in advance

  114. This case gets more spoof-like by the day. The photo bears no resemblance whatsoever to Gail Cooper's discription of Cooperman/George Harrison. There's nothing in the least bit odd about this man, nor is there anything odd or suspicious about strolling in the rain. It could be anyone really, including Gerry McCann, Robert Murat or Gene Kelly. Gail Cooper wasn't even in PDL at the same time as the McCanns.

    When the media feed the public with this absolute tosh it's hardly surprising that nobody believes in the 'abduction'. Is it meant to be serious or just some kind of bad joke at the McCanns expense?

    It's all so crazy & sometimes hard to believe the whole charade involves the fate of a missing child -- but still not a sane word from a reputable journalist.

  115. The night we found her:
    Is this public, very public, contradiction of previous statements not enough to re-open a case? Even Hogg should be asking these questions regarding her WOC. One would have thought....

  116. To Anon 107:

    If I remember correctly Jane Tanner has links to Exeter and stayed there (possibly Uni, my memory is foggy) at the same time Murat was in Exeter, in fact there may be a strong personal link between the two, whether direct or indirect again, I cant remember.

    Would probably be best if you check over at McCann Files for clarification, I'm sure the info is there.

  117. Anon 96,The Ocean club Resort had an abundance of medical personnel staying at there at the same time as the McCanns and the tapas crowd.There was also an inordinate number of small girls staying there.It is not apparent from the police files whether or not they checked to see if there was a reason for so many medics to be on vacation at the same time and with the added coincidence of many female toddlers.Let us not forget the first person brought in to diffuse the situation was an expert in pharmaceutical tampering and damage limitation cases-Alex Woolfall of Bell Pottinger.Bridget o'Donnell-partner of key witness Jeremy Wilkins-remarked about the fact that there were ten blonde three-year old girls in the kiddies club including Madeleine.

  118. I don't know how do do links but on Times online there's an article today "British baby and toddler found dead in Spain" which insinuates that the parents left the children(aged 1 and 3) in their hotel bedroom to go out drinking in a Spanish resort "which has had a reputation for being popular with rowdy Brits and Italians who drink heavily". Sounds vaguely familiar, does it not?

  119. Is this video where he says 'the night we found her' complete? Is it irrefutable ... and if so, why isnt it on the news!

  120. Gail Cooper must be the laughing stock of the whole world with this rubbish,shame on her for not helping madeleine but she can bend over backwards to help the mccanns,and i also read she had grandchildren, shame on her

  121. Anon 106

    Has somebody already come forward and said what happened to Madeleine?

    It has been revealed that somebody close to the McCanns has already contacted the Government with information but will refuse to say any more about it if asked. Why? Are they afraid?

    This information is being kept under wraps by the UK Government because of the disasterous effect it would have on UK and Portuguese relations.

    This was the answer given by UK Government in reply to somebody asking for information about this case.

    What is going on? What can be so bad that it has to be covered and would cause such bad feeling between the two Governments?

    The Portuguese should be demanding to know, but so should we.

    This is a criminal investigation after all, and a lot of time, and money, and effort, has been used on it.

  122. «British baby and toddler found dead in Spain»

    the original is in here in Spanish El Mundo newspaper

    Los niños tenían 1 y 5 años
    Arrestada una británica que asfixió a sus dos hijos en un hotel de Lloret de Mar http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2010/05/18/barcelona/1274190172.html

  123. The Maccann's won't latch on to this one two british children aged 1 and 5 found dead at Spanish hotel, in Loret De Mar, their mother arrested.

  124. Anon #118 - Agree - sounds very familiar - almost like "I've seen this movie before".

  125. The above story in Spain is the legacy of the McCanns.

  126. There's another story in the D Mail about an 11 year old child being killed by his mother in a London hotel. I wonder if this mother and the one in Spain will get a PR person from the government and if they will start a fund.

  127. #100 I am ROFL
    #121 Maybe the thing that would be 'disastrous for UK Portugal relationship" was something to do with the help that K&G got from the resident diplomat who was later shafted. Perhaps the diplomat inadvertantly helped them to repatriate the body by giving them a 'protected' trip back to the UK. Just a thought.

  128. That photograph,I think I've cracked it,just look at the clues. A slightly leaning back posture,arms pointing straight down and close into sides,both feet off the ground and one knee raised.It's Michael Flatley on holiday.

  129. Joana @ 123, esta ja nao teve tempo de telefonar a Sky nem chamar o embaixador e o Pink men.
    O caso Madeleine so trouxe de positivo a Europa, este legado- A policia ja nao arrisca e agora os pais sao (correctamente) os primeiros suspeitos, com reducao efectiva das suas margens de manobra.

    Obrigada pela informacao.

  130. Anon 127

    I don't think that could be why they are keeping the information secret because the first diplomat on the scene seemed to think the McCanns were suspicious and reported back as such. Given that, it is doubtful that person would help the McCanns.

    The information is said to come from somebody close to the McCanns and he/she has said that if they are asked more they will refuse to speak.

    Who is this person? Could this be what the McCanns are wanting to find out?

    Who told on the McCanns when they were first using the Fund money to pay for the mortgage? Was that somebody close to them?

    If this person knows what happened to Madeleine, and the McCanns have been helped by somebody in Government, then this may have lead to a cover up. Could this information have brought down a Government? Is there blackmail involved somewhere along the line?

    Whatever it is, it is considered serious enough to damage relations between the two countries if it is released.

    Perhaps a whistleblower or hacker will end up leaking the information. Not much is secret for long nowadays.

  131. It is obvious now that the UK Government response back in May 2007 was a full scale emergency response. The head of the MMU (Mitchell) actually being POSTED to the locality of the "disaster" is evidence that the disappearance of Madeleine, or the possible fall out from an investigation, were worthy of a swift and high level Government response. The letter I received from the home-office, plays down Mitchell's role by ridiculously suggesting that he was purely helping to shield the McCann family from the press, is evidence in itself that there has been and continues to be a UK Government cover-up. As with Hollie Greig, the authorities use the circular argument of "not enough evidence" to explain their lack of action in bringing prosecutions. Interview the McCanns and the Mackies properly and reveal the evidence!!

  132. 'The Sun' on-line about the childs who died in Spain, have 3 or 4 sentences and no any of their typical adjectives to describe the mother and the police. They are so ridiculous...
    And off-course, no comments allowed.
    I sent them the full story in Spanish from 'El Mundo', inviting them to translate accurate news into english and supply their readers with truth... IN MEMORY OF MADELEINE MCCANN.

  133. Only time will tell if anyone does know anything that can be proved? if they can.. well they should go to max clifford, he would make them millions ....now where are those NHS cut backs planned for?

  134. Public service annoucement

    if you don't think Osama bin Laden is a smart individual, solely responsible for 9/11

    don't post on JATYK

    they seem to have taken to him over there

    and they are very welcome to the punk


  135. more like john cleese in the ministry of funny walks

  136. I am poster 96 and am still looking for another case similar to what is post that involved other doctors, more recently. Those in position of respect, think they are untouchable, or too educated to get involved with such horrors

  137. Why didn't that mother choose for Algarve instead of Lloret de Mar?

  138. About the two children in Spain,

    this is very sad, very sad indeed.

    But at least the mother confessed the truth.
    She was probably out of her mind, she regreted it and she asked for help, telling the truth to the police.

    No fund, no Clarence, no Brown.
    And a funeral and a grave for her children.
    Guilty or not, she is a much better person than the McCanns are.

  139. 123, Joana,

    this sounds familiar!

  140. 121,

    where did you get that information?
    who said it is true?

    The person who knows about this case could directly contact the Portuguese police, by email.
    Not by regular mail.
    By email, the person will be sure it really arrived in Portugal.

    What about One Minute for Madeleine video.
    No effect at all in Britain?

  141. 127, yeah, I thought of a diplomat getting involved in this case.
    There are diplomats in Algarve, close to Luz.
    Who knows?

  142. Let us all follow and watch how much the British government, the ambassador, the consul, the British police, the Anglican minister, the British media and the British government's spokesman(Mitchell again), Jim
    Gamble will do for this unstable but honest woman and will she get the key of the local church, will she visit the shrine of Santiago de Compostela?
    Will Jim Gamble offer her police crime books?

    Or will they all say "drop dead, who cares"?

  143. 'The Coventry Conversation 'Madeleine – three years on" takes place on Thursday 20 May in room ETG 34 of the Ellen Terry Building (the former Odeon cinema) at 1pm.

    Entry is free and members of the public are welcome to attend.'


    I hope many people will attend and ask hard questions to the spin men. Made him go 'out of control'.

  144. "The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We can confirm that we will be providing consular assistance to a British national.”

    Lets call clarrie and set up a fund NOW


  145. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article7129818.ece

    Baffled cops and "kidnapped Maddie" AGAIN.
    Rushing off....morning coffee just back

  146. http://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.aspx/1738602?UserKey=

  147. How much is Gayle Cooper being paid for this rubbish.

  148. Two young British children found dead in their Hotel room in Lloret de Mar - Spain. Mother held by Spanish Police. Where is Clarence Mitchell? I guess the Mother isn't a Doctor and Lloret de Mar isn't Praia da Luz!! See:

    Angelo Del Montello

  149. Unfortunately this case is Spain is even more a very sad story, it turns out the father of the kids, Martin Smith, was on the most wanted list as a child abuser and sex offender...
    I blame this woman for having made another child , the 11 months old boy , with someone she knew was a criminal, after he was on this list and failed to answer bail in UK two years ago.
    THis shows her as bad and irresponsible as him, actually...
    Pooor , poor kids...

    Lily from Germany

  150. I just read the that the father of the children in Spain had been extradited to England. Where is Carter Ruck?

  151. Clarence, is according to the Times, now head of the MMU for the Tory party. Will he be seconded to the parents of those poor children in Spain?

  152. Anon, 131 the head of the MMU would know how to keep the press in order too.

  153. The mother who has killed her children has now turned out to have gone on the run with a man wanted for paedophile offences involving the rape of a child under five.

    When he has been extradited back to UK to face charges she has gone and murdered these two little innocents.

    Why didn't she go to a police station and say who she was and get help for the children and herself?

    Was the little girl, aged six, one of the victims of this man? What kind of hell has that little one been put through, and her mother not even protecting her?

    I hope the mother rots. What she has done is wicked.

    To bring this back to the McCann case, why on earth is the information given by the Gaspars being ignored?

    Why wasn't Payne hauled into the cop shop and given the third degree? Along with McCann? Why have these people been treated with kid gloves.

    What the Gaspars have said is very serious, yet it seems like a blind eye has been turned.

    It must have taken some courage for these people to come forward and report their friends, yet nothing done about it! Simply shoved under the carpet by the media so far.

    Meanwhile a child called Madeleine is dead, and failing to convince the police that she was abducted, some people would settle for her death being thought of as an accident.

    Given the circumstances, it can't be just written off as that.

  154. @Angelo 146

    No she is not a doctor but an other nut case all the same :D
    She knew this scum bag of a husband was/is a child molester and she has a kid with him???? sick person,very very sick

  155. With reference to the mentioned article (timesonline) above I was just wondering if the word/name "madeleine" will now replace the old "kidnap" word.
    How does that sound? for example: my neighbour has been "madeleined"....

  156. Have just read the details of the crime in Spain. At least in this case the mother has confessed. Thankfully both parents are in custody. Poor innocent little children victims of their parents.

  157. The Gaspar statements ignored, and meanwhile we have Clarence and Gamble pronouncing the McCanns and their pals innocent of any wrong doing? And these characters have the ear of the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary.

    Nice one McCanns, you sure know how to choose your friends. Pity about the Gaspars, what went wrong there?? Seems like there are some honest people around after all.

    The world has gone mad.

  158. going back to the photo in last Sunday's Express. Is it me or has this guy got his clothes on back to front/walking backwards because no-one walks like that unless they are auditioning for Monty Python's the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  159. Can anybody believe the McCanns and their friends going out every night and leaving their kids alone, and in unlocked apartments.

    They had set up a paedophile paradise for any paedophile who knew about this.

    The Gaspar statements should be high on the agenda for investigation, and so far there is no sign the Portuguese have ever investigated this.

    Could this be the evidence needed to restart the investigation?

    Madeleine is dead, her body hidden away.

    Her death was no simple accident that could easily have been covered. It was something that had to be concealed.

  160. anon 139
    I agree, if anyone close to the mccanns has said something, why is it not being acted apon if this is true. they have to, for the sake of MBM

  161. It's a sad case indeed and difficult to imagine how a mother could bring herself to murder her children, and yet by all accounts, she did just that.

    The newspapers are reporting that she murdered them because she was afraid that the children would have been taken away from her by Social Services, but perhaps that's only part of the story. Perhaps the other part has something to do with her partner being arrested and the fear of what the child, or indeed both children, may have been able to reveal about him and possibly her.

    But, what has all this got to do with the McCanns? Well on the face of it, very little; in fact if it wasn't for those Gasper statements, nothing at all.

  162. T4two

    Yet those Gaspar statements were made.

    And they were made by people who are also doctors and friends of the McCanns.

    They can't simply be swept under the carpet on the say so of Gerry McCann assuring everybody that the Tapas friends are above reproach.

    Why does anybody believe anything any of the Tapas friends say anyway? What is there that is believable at face value?

    The investigators do not believe what they have been told by them, so why should we.

    The Gaspar statements are very telling because of who was giving those statements, and who they were concerning.

    A child is dead. Nobody so far has been able to say how she died.

    A paedophile connection should not be discounted because they were doctors.

  163. Just the look on the face of that little girl that wicked bitch of a mother has killed says it all.

    I am looking at the picture in the Mail.

    If only she could have been rescued from this evil pair. Hanging would be too good, it really would.

  164. Regarding the murder of the two little children by their mother, now the little girl is dead she sure can't give evidence against that evil father, nor the mother. No paedophile charges brought against them involving those children then? Did the father suggest she kill the children, or was it her own idea?

    Already the mother is coming out with saying she killed the children because she thought they would be taken from her. Yeah, right! So she would rather have them dead. What a load of rubbish.

    No doubt some will be willing to believe her and make her a victim. She is no victim that can take the lives of the children and not her own.

    Her and that monster of a husband of hers are still alive, and in the crazy world we live in will no doubt one day be reuinited and some other poor child acquired for that evil dog of a husband and his monsterous acts. And she will be only too happy to go along with it. Just like she was with those two children.

  165. I wonder if the McCanns will take profit of this story and start to suspect this couple, as being the abductors.
    The man is a paedophile, his wife is unstable and cruel.

    Rebecca was a sad child. Probably too much tension in her home
    Some Maddie's photos show also sadness.

  166. Any news about Clarence Mitchell?
    Any ambassador?
    Who left to Spain to help that woman?
    Is Clarence organizing a media circus?
    We trust he is.

  167. @150: I agree, she knew he was a criminal and still had a child with him, They have been on the run for two years, leaving all their things behind in England, (2homes apparently) so YES she ran with HIM and still conceived a child on the run.

    She truly is s sick women, more than likely she knew little Rebecca was being abused, possibly little Daniel too!

    Why did she not shoot herslef in the head, why oh why kill two innocent little ones,

    What on earth is this world coming too!

    Its time for the GASPERS statements to come to the fore and its time for the Mccanns to be in the slammer
    I am totally shocked and sad!

  168. Where on earth have people got the idea that Tanner said he was wearing jeans at first? That isn't from anywhere, you just made it up!!!

  169. Something is seriously wrong with the newest 'abductor' picture. No one could lean back like that and stay upright. It's like the picture was taken on a boat in choppy water and the man is struggling against gravity. Surely with all the fancy equipment Interpol must have they could enhance the picture to check out the 'handlebar' moustache. The man looks clean shaven and he does not look like Tanner's invented man.

    The tapas group must laugh hystrically every time the public believes another tale.

  170. Anon 168

    Apparently is true, JT described the man as wearing jeans to begin with, then changed it to light coloured trousers. Jane Tanner's story has changed with the telling, even giving different directions. The police will have all her statements.

    Regarding the little girl the mother killed, it sounds like she was hoping the child would fall off that balcony as people could see her playing on it for quite a while and were concerned, but because they could hear the mother's voice did nothing.

    Perhaps if the child had obliged and fallen, then she would not have needed to kill the younger one, she could have said the girl accidentally fell.

    As it was the girl didn't fall, so if the mother was to use the excuse she killed them because she didn't want them taken from her, then she would have to kill both of them.

    Truly a mother from hell who would rather have her paedophile slug of a husband than her kids. No chance that little girl will be able to give evidence against him, or her, now.

    No doubt there will be people who will believe what she tells them.

    She will most likely get six months psychiatric treatment and be out in time to visit the monster husband regularly until his release.

    Life is cheap nowadays, and the lives of children hardly worth a mention, even though they suffer the most painful, horrific, deaths.

    They should be given life both of them, and it should mean life, they are a danger to children, and always will be.

  171. ITs time for the McCanns to be pulled in for questioning again,those poncy photos of gerry posing with his bicycle, and spouting off how good he did.(McCann Files) taking money that should have gone to cancer research,carrie goldman made an excellent statement in regards of mccanns and lost children(McCann Files) After the deaths o those two littles angels, not everyone is what portray, including doctors. leaving the mccanns to run riot will influence more child cases. the first thing the mother did was to look on the internet for a spokesperson to represent her. copycat action of mccanns except they did not need to use the internet

  172. #168 - It may have come from Kate McCanns' witness statement of 4th May 2007:

    'Later, the witness would learn that a member of the group, Russell's partner Jane, at around 9.15pm, when she went to her own apartment to check on her children, saw from behind and at a distance of about 50 metres, on the road along the club, a long-haired person, she thinks wearing jeans, with a child in his arms, walking very quickly. But she is better able to tell about that herself.'

  173. Jane Tanner is also said to have gone back to the apartment about 9.45pm when she went to relieve her husband so he could come back to the Tapas and finish his meal.

    If she saw anything at all, more likely it was then.

    The earlier time is in doubt that she checked the children at all.

    Was her description and the time changed to alibi Gerry and her husband as well?

    Gerry McCann was said by two Tapas workers to have left the Tapas about 9.30pm and away for half an hour, with Kate leaving immediately he came back at 10pm.

    Where had he been for half an hour? This time coincides with the Smith sighting. Did Jane also catch the back of him leaving the apartment and off down the road? Or was there no sighting at all that night by Jane? Is she highly suggestible?

    As for Gerry saying 'when we found Madeleine', if Madeleine had been found dead by both of them at some time, it sure wasn't that night. Perhaps found by one of them that night, but not both, unless earlier before they went to the Tapas.

  174. losing track of a toddler at the zoo - Portrait of an Adoption http://goo.gl/p8kV

    off topic but a poignant story of a missing child and reference to the MC's

  175. Perhaps King Gerry was using the Royal 'we' to describe finding Madeleine.

    Maybe that is how they think of themselves nowadays.

  176. Anon 170: ''Apparently is true, JT described the man as wearing jeans to begin with, then changed it to light coloured trousers. Jane Tanner's story has changed with the telling, even giving different directions. The police will have all her statements.''

    Look, WE have all her statements! They are all on the DVD - please stop making it up, it really doesn't help any!! Read those statements, carefully, make notes of you must - you will soon see the truth, which is that her description did NOT change in any substantial way whatsoever. She NEVER changed the direction she saw him walking in either, that is complete nonsense. I keep asking myself this important quastion - why is it SO important to rubbish this woman's testimony that people will say these untrue things over and over again, even though we can read for ourselves and see that they are not true?


  177. Anon 176, Either way she did change her testimony whether substantial or not. I look forward to seeing Robert Murat take her to court.

  178. Theresa May, Home Secretary is concerned about the politicisation of the police by the previous government. She should have a good look at Leicestershire Police, as well as their hosting of a private fund for the McCanns.

  179. Anon 176 No need to rubbish Jane Tanners testimony.
    But why do Gerry en Jane remember the scene differently?


    Madeleine was here, the Documentary (31.40)

  180. It's also interesting Anon 176 that she positively identified Murat from a plain police vehicle, complete with specacles, when 'egg man' and all the subsequent identities she morphed him into wore no specs at all.

    In one video, McCann admitted that the flower detail on Maddy's pyjamas in the sketch was casually added later just for authenticity.

  181. Anon 176

    You sound very concerned about this.

    The great majority of what has been said is in the Files we have not seen, so why do you think you know all that woman Jane Tanner said.

    Jane Tanner constantly changed her story whether you like it or not. That is one of the reasons she is on course to be sued by Murat.

    Just like the statements of Mrs Fenn, how do you know they are complete?

    Also, the statements of Payne, he made other statements he did not want included in his official statement.

    The PJ do not show all their hand. That is the reason the McCanns would like so much to get hold of those Files which are held back, in order to be prepared.

  182. The children killed by their mother had not suffered abuse, thank god. I believe this woman really did love those angels but was unstable.In her mind she did not want to believe her partner had paedophile instincts, she knew he was a criminal but her obsession for him overrode everything. love is blind, and i do not defend her action of killing her children, those angels were innocent victims. may they rip, i think at first she looked for a way to make it look accidental...but in the end she called the police and confessed. we have to may be look at all the exposure the mccanns have had, may influence events that happen, this woman searched for a representative on the internet. i believe there are many simularities in these 2 cases, but with differing circumstances, amother cant cope, the fathers controlling, the rest we know, one has confessed...one event with such great publicity influences other events


  184. 176 why don't you go and follow your own advise? Go reading the statements 'we' have - there is little doubt left. And no, 'we' do not have all the statements on our DVD's - no doubt about that either. And do not forget to take 'notes' whilst reading, it might be helpful.
    Why would it be important to 'rubbish' her 'sighting' - she did the job all by herself - same with her friends and the 'parents'.

  185. Dr Amaral has said it would be easy to discredit Jane Tanner's supposed sighting(s), whatever she eventually decided it was.

  186. 168, it was Kate who said about the man in jeans, not Tanner.

  187. Man walks to beach in the rain in a pensive mood... HANG HIM! HE'S AN OBVIOUS PAEDO!

    You can't make this stuff up.


  188. Anon 182

    You do not know that the children had not suffered abuse.

    Just because they may not not have bruises and physical signs of sexual abuse it does not mean they were not sexually abused.

    Paedophile behaviour and sexual abuse of children takes many forms, and that is how these monsters can get away with it for so long.

    Who knows what he had the child doing to satisfy his disgusting, vile, behaviour. Use a bit of imagination, as horrible as it may seem.

    Leopards don't change their spots, and paedophiles don't change their behaviour. Any child would have been fair game if he had access to them.

    Somebody who knew the family quite well while he had been on the run said it was as though they belonged to some strange religious cult as they were weird, and the mother and little girl always looked afraid, and the child like a little old woman. A very sorry state.

    I have read another article where the mother is said to have hired a nanny just before she killed the children. That nanny said the little girl appeared a happy little girl, although she had only just met her!

    But perhaps the child bucked up a bit being as how the monster was off the scene. Then the mother from hell went and took away her life. Why? She obviously had money, and the police had asked her if she needed help and she had refused.

    The police messed up big time in not taking in the mother and child at the time they took him.

    That little girl can never tell us anything now can she. She wont be able to tell us what that man was doing to her, unless something like photos show up, but have they also been destroyed by the mother to protect him.

    Did the mother get the spokesperson she was looking for on the internet to help clean up her image. If she had the money she would get what she wants.

    What mother who was really distraught and had just killed her children would have been even thinking of something like that. Perhaps she has been following the McCann case. The supposed suicide attempt was not serious, but all goes to help her case that she killed the kids so they would not be taken from her.

    Crocodile tears, the pair of them. Don't be fooled, there are mothers who will allow their partners to beat, torture, starve to death, commit sexual abuse, whatever, to their children, and still be willing to forgive and make excuses for them.

    In some way these women are obsessed with the man, and will even go on to marry him after the child is dead. Beyond belief, but true.

  189. As told to Kate by Jane Tanner at first, it was jeans the man? was wearing.

    Changed later as the story developed.

    Jane Tanner has constantly changed her story. She said to investigators she was sure it was Murat, then changed her mind again when it was proved it was not.

    Are we seeing this again with the sighting of the man on the beach. Notice how he is being made to look like Tanner's and Smith sighting. A crazy link. The man is out walking, so what?

    These people are scraping the barrel, trying all which ways to convince it was not Gerry McCann the Smiths saw carrying the child that night.

    Is the Tanner supposed sighting in danger of being officially rejected, and are they so worried the case of Murat V Tanner will reopen the case, (the last thing they want), that they have to bring out this photo of a Gerry McCann lookalike? Albeit the man the witness saw had a mexican moustache. Did he shave it off for the abduction then?

    These attempts by the McCanns to convince there was an abductor are getting so pathetic, they really are ludicrous.

  190. Let us not too badly judge the woman in Lloret de Mar.
    She is definitely disturberd.
    Let us wait for a psychiater rapport.
    And I think she is a lot better than the McCanns are.

  191. Anon 190

    Have you already forgotten what the father is charged with and what the mother has done to those little children?

    Both of these so called parents should be locked up and the key thrown away.

    They are dangerous to children, but no doubt there will be people like you who will have them both out and walking the streets again in no time.

    That is the sickness of living in a world where the protection of children comes way down on the agenda.

    Some people are very good actors you know. Take the McCanns for instance! It's obviously not that hard when needs must. As for fooling a psychiatrist into believing anything. Well, does anything need to be said about that!

    By the way, did the woman find the PR person she was looking for on the internet? I am certainly beginning to think so, and perhaps a book and film are already in the works. Both of them should make a nice tidy sum for when he is released.

    Do you think she will appear on Ophrah?

    Surely she will be out in time for next year's Mothers Day and we can then listen to this poor, misunderstood, woman on the radio telling how her faith has sustained her through her ordeal.

    As for the dead kids, well forget them, it is the poor parents we should be thinking of.

  192. Anon 178

    Perhaps the Government will now have learnt their lesson not to get involved in a criminal investigation in any way.

    It was madness of the Labour Government to have people like the Prime Minister, etc, and their wives personally calling the McCanns and assuring them of help.

    But from the start the McCanns took over with the PR and spin machinery at work and the politicians were fooled along with the rest that this really was an abduction.

    Clever McCanns, and they are now celebrities and have been given millions supposedly to find Madeleine, yet the small print makes sure they can use it as they wish (just don't let the public know the mortgage is being paid with it), and so far not a bit of evidence Madeleine was ever abducted, just them brainwashing people by saying it over and over again, and feeding lies to the media through their 'he lies through every tooth in his head' spokesman Clarence.

  193. To all who post on this forum, think about this.

    If we didn`t sift through this dreadful case with fine tooth combs,exposing every breath the Mc`s have taken for over 3 years, THEY would have no reason to get rattled & hire all these expensive lawyers & PR people, now would they.
    I don`t see anyone in authority giving them a bad time, not even the newspapers.
    WE are what they need all this money to fight.WE are the only reason they have to be rattled. WE are what this performance is all about.
    Of course they have to beg for more money to feed the crooked bunch they`ve had to hire.
    It will, soon.
    Just look what the effect is on their whole clan. IMO it has put many years on them all.They have ruined every life they have touched, but WE may be the ones that destroy them.

  194. #192 - WELL SAID Hope they do crack soon, 'nothing lasts forever!'

  195. poster @192 ,I never thought of it like that ,but you are right ,WE are the only ones who dont fall on their every word,WE are the ones who plague the press everytime they dare allow comments on yet another fingers-down-throat write up of the vile duo ,I have said from the start i will never,ever give up demanding justice for Maddie until I die or they are locked up ,they must never be allowed a day peace for what they have done ,neither should anyone who has defended/covered them .There is a little tot in an unmarked grave,dumped like a pile of rubbish just so these two can enjoy their freedom and get rich quick ,it cannot and should not ever be let dropped

  196. http://uk.buzz.yahoo.com/article/1:yahoo_uk_irel306:ba52c57b716b2f11487097e37f8f03c1/Were-Orphans-Buried-In-Midlands-Mass-Grave?ccs=1

    A job for the sniffer dogs?

  197. I wonder how much money has been spent on CVarter Ruck and a spokesman and how this compares with 'investigative work'!

  198. 176 She did change her story - later seeing teeth for example!

  199. Dave Edgar now seems to have disappeared; Arthur Cowley went first. Kevin Halligen is still missing, presumed dangerously loaded with information. Should we set up a fund to look for them?

  200. Anon 199

    Halligen 'dangerously loaded with information' how true.

    If only he would spill the beans on his work for the McCanns.

    How about a book Kevin? Surely whatever you know is safer to have out in the open.


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