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Trafigura Accused of Bribing Witnesses in Ivory Coast Toxic Waste Dump Case

Six-month-old Salam Oudrawogol of Abidjan,
covered with sores since he was exposed to toxic waste dump

«Trafigura asked them to say that the waste was not dangerous, that it had not had any impact on their lives. in Expatica»

«Reluctantly, Macfarlanes and Trafigura agreed to make a payment of 1.5 million FCFA (2,287 Euros) to each of the drivers, for allowing free and unrestricted use of their witness statements. in FOX Business»

Today, the French newspaper Le Monde reports that Trafigura have bribed nine of the truck drivers which transported the toxic waste on board the freighter Probo-Koala, chartered by Trafigura to dump the toxic waste in a landfill near Abidjan.

Greenpeace accuses the oil and metal trading company Trafigura of bribing witnesses and falsifying documents. The Swiss-based company was involved in the dumping of highly toxic waste in the Ivory Coast’s main city Abidjan in 2006, which is said to have caused vomiting, choking and skin eruptions in some 100,000 people and killed at least 15 Ivorians.

The drivers claimed they did not know the waste was toxic and actually handled it themselves. They dumped it in a panic when they realised how hazardous it was and then went into hiding for fear of retribution by the local population.

Five months ago, the drivers sought contact with Greenpeace at a secret location in Africa and confessed their story. Greenpeace is well aware that these same drivers previously told lies in the very same case. But the organisation believes that the accusations are serious enough to warrant investigation. Marietta Harjono, Greenpeace spokeswoman said:

“There is a long-term pattern of influencing witnesses and influencing people in order to obtain false statements with the aim of using them in court. And that is against the law.”

Greenpeace gave the Dutch court a report containing the testimonies it had collected from the drivers.

“The statement from Greenpeace has arrived and we will study it”, said a spokeswoman for the Netherlands prosecution. Prosecution is possible since Trafigura is registered in the Netherlands.

The drivers who dumped the waste now say they were approached by Trafigura’s lawyers and asked to sign false statements. The drivers were told that the statements would be used in the London court case Trafigura was fighting against the Ivorian victims. They were persuaded to lie about the nature of the waste and to deny they had suffered any health problems.

“There are some sentences in the declaration that are not true, they are lies”, said one of the drivers who was approached by Trafigura.

The truck drivers who transported the toxic waste from the ship to the tips in Abidjan were “affected” and two have died, said Marietta Harjono.

“They have received 650 euros in February 11, 2009 and 2300 euros in April 13, 2010 and Trafigura has incited them to state «that the waste was not dangerous, and that it had no impact on their lives»”

Trafigura denies all the accusations

Claude Dauphin [L] and Eric de Turckheim co-founders of Trafigura

The company has issued a written response denying that it “never promised money to the drivers for their testimonies”.

However, Trafigura does concede that it has been in touch with the drivers and that they were paid a sum of 2,300 euros in April of this year. The company insists this amount was paid so that the drivers would reveal their identities, thereby safeguarding the company against possible threats of blackmail.

On February 13, 2007, Trafigura reached a settlement with the Ivorian government, which stopped any kind of legal prosecution to Trafigura in exchange of a payment of a lump sum of more than 100 billion CFA francs(152 million euros). The legal actions taken in the United Kingdom were also abandoned in September 2009 after Trafigura signed a settlement with the approximately 31,000 claimants on a compensation of 33 million euros.

Trafigura is said to have settled the cases to try to prevent the release of highly damaging documents that showed the direct involvement of top corporate executives in the decisions that led to the deadly dumping. Trafigura has always denied and continues to deny any liability for events that occurred in Ivory Coast.

Carter Ruck aggressive bullying legal tactics to attempt to hide Trafigura malfeasance and crimes

Watch here the BBC Newsnight documentary that was suppressed by Carter Ruck UK libel lawyers on behalf of Trafigura.

Carter Ruck used a 'super-injunction' to prevent the publication of a Trafigura report in the printed press [Guardian] and the BBC Newsnight reportage 'Dirty Tricks and Toxic Waste in the Ivory Coast' on the illegal toxic waste dumping by Probo-Koala. The libel law firm Carter Ruck used intimidation tactics to try to censor the UK Parliament, subsequently it was accused of infringing the Parliament supremacy and was reported to the UK Law society for investigation.

Untroubled by the legal restrictions which had confined the Guardian to reporting at 8.31pm that it had been "prevented from identifying the MP who has asked the question, what the question is, which minister might answer it, or where the question is to be found", internet users quickly reported that the gag related to a question by the Labour MP Paul Farrelly concerning the reporting of an incident in which toxic waste was dumped in the Ivory Coast.

Farrelly wanted to know which measures ministers had taken to protect whistle-blowers and press freedom following an injunction obtained by the oil company Trafigura and its firm of solicitors, Carter Ruck, against the publication of a report into the matter.

After several requests on Monday afternoon from the Guardian's lawyers asking Carter Ruck to alter the terms of the injunction and thereby allow publication of Farrelly's question, the gag remained in place.

But just 42 minutes after the Guardian story was published, the internet had revealed what the paper could not.

The Probo-Koala voyage and the Waste Dumping Deaths


The ship that caused the trouble is a 17-year-old freighter with a Russian crew, registered in Panama and managed by a Greek shipping company, Prime Marine. It was chartered by Trafigura Beheer, a trading firm specialising in raw materials and registered for tax purposes in Amsterdam, with its headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland, and its operational headquarters in London.

«The story began four years ago at an oil refinery in Mexico, owned by the state company Pemex, or PMI. Trafigura executives realised they could make a fortune by buying dirty Mexican oil - coker naphta for next to nothing.

The documents given to the Guardian by a whistle-blower show that the Trafigura scheme begins with e-mails to locate the needed chemicals and a junk tanker to process the coker naphta, a by-product with a high sulphur content.

The internal documents give the sordid details of how Trafigura schemed to profit by avoiding developed world regulations and dumping deadly toxic waste in Africa. The e-mails and memos begin in late 2005.

To sell it on at a profit, Trafigura first had to find a cheap way to clean the coker naptha and lower its sulphur levels in order to be converted to fuel.

Trafigura chartered the Probo Koala and while the ship was off the coast of Gibraltar poured tons of caustic soda and a catalyst into the dirty oil to remove the toxic mercaptans - a rough and ready process known as “caustic washing” or “Merox reaction”.

One Trafigura e-mail says: “This is as cheap as anyone can imagine and should make serious dollars.”

The method is cheap, but it generates such dangerous waste that it is effectively banned in most places around the world.

The e-mails show that in the months before the waste was dumped the company knew about the difficulties they would face in disposing of the waste.

“This operation is no longer allowed in the European Union, the United States and Singapore" it is "banned in most countries due to the 'hazardous nature of the waste'”, one e-mail warns.

Another e-mail points out that “environmental agencies do not allow disposal of the toxic caustic”.

On 3 July 2006, management cancels a plan to dispose of the waste safely because it was expensive

The Trafigura-hired tanker had made an attempt to dispose of its waste in Estonia, failing that, Trafigura attempted to offload the waste in the Netherlands. However, when the waste was offloaded the smell was so strong, the emergency services were called. Trafigura's Probo-Koala claimed that the waste was simply tank washings - the standard oil-water mixture produced by routine tank cleaning.

Samples were taken and Trafigura was told the waste was toxic, the cheap process had left a toxic sulphurous sludge in the tanks of the Probo Koala, and it would cost hundreds of thousands of euros to treat safely.

«According to Trafigura, the crew realised that the slop tank was full and the company contacted a specialist firm, Amsterdam Port Services (APS), to deal with the problem. The ship duly unloaded more than 500 cubic metres of hydrocarbon residues and various chemicals into a barge lying alongside, but the smell was so bad that the environmental authorities stopped the operation.

A dispute arose between the two companies. Eric de Turckheim, Trafigura's financial director, says: "APS, to whom we had contracted removal of the waste, unjustifiably demanded we pay €1,000 [$1,250] a cubic metre, which is exorbitant.” APS denies this version of events, explaining that "the waste did not correspond to the information provided. We told them we could process the waste, but that it would cost more.”

In London Trafigura's logistics director, Paul Duncan, decided to reload the slops. For APS this was unprecedented. Trafigura says it was simply a matter of cost. Every day the ship is in dock costs $35,000.»

Trafigura opted for the much cheaper option of reloading the waste and taking it elsewhere

Claude Dauphin [L] and Jean-Pierre Valentin, are escorted 16 November 2006 at the Abidjan jail

«On August 1, after a detour via Estonia and calls at the Canaries and Lomé, Togo, the Probo Koala arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, where it made another attempt at shedding its load. But, explains Trafigura: “We were not satisfied with safety arrangements. It looked as if local contractors wanted to refine the waste and sell it as fuel”. Claude Dauphin, the CEO of Trafigura, changes the plans to dispose of the waste in Nigeria. It ultimately ended up in Ivory Coast.

The firm's logistics division then decided to send the Probo Koala to Abidjan. “It is one of the best-equipped ports in West Africa”, a spokesperson says. However, the port's website makes no mention of waste handling. On August 9, 10 days before the ship docked, Tommy, a firm “specialising in the cleaning and upkeep of ships' holds”, obtained a permit to “recover waste oil and hydrocarbon residues to prevent [...] accidental spillage”.

Once the chemical waste had been delivered the Ivorian local firm dumped the caustic soda and petroleum residues on city waste tips, in sewers and lagoons all over Abidjan. The fumes and leakages from the black sludge caused hundreds of thousands of Ivorians to become ill, and several people died. The entire Ivory Coast government resigned the following month, acknowledging negligence»

sources: Le Monde, excerpts and informations taken from the Guardian's extensive coverage of Trafigura Case, BBC Newsnight, Minton Report at Wikileaks, Daily Kos, Volkskrant, Deutch News, Trafigura Emails[PDF 7MB]


Listen to Eric de Turckheim, co-founder of Trafigura attempt to explain to Newsnight presenter, Jeremy Paxman why the company dumped toxic waste in Ivory Coast illegally
Trafigura is also responsible for a Chemical explosion in Sogn og Fjordane in Norway

On the Side

Carter Ruck is one of UK's most expensive libel lawyers firm, since circa 2007/8 they have been under a contract with the McCann Couple, and are allegedly paid by the Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited Company, Trade mark No: 005917232, Date of Incorporation: 15/05/2007. Carter Ruck, according to a Portuguese lawyer have abused the McCann's lawyer request for a temporary injunction to prohibit a book based on the joint UK/PT police authorities' investigation to Madeleine McCann's disappearence written by the former Portuguese Judiciary Police Coordinator Gonçalo Amaral [until October 2, 2007]. Carter Ruck used the above mentioned injunction request to threat bloggers and sites of libel actions in an attempt to prevent the divulgation of the process case files translations, of the documentary based on the book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie' and to impede the publication of the book in English.


  1. Thank you Joana for this deeply troubling report.

    It would appear Carter Ruck specializes in infamous cases.

  2. Carter Ruck involved in this, well, surprise, surprise, NOT!

    But these characters can only do their bit for the bad guys if there are judges around who are willing to allow them to have the injunctions.

    In this way, they are fully complicit in the surpression of truth, and deserve no pass on the responsibility for allowing those with wealth and power, and their effective spinning machines, to get their way.

  3. when do the uk will finally change their libel laws?

    this is absurd!

  4. I hope the people at Carter Ruck sleep easily at night.

  5. No problem for Carter Ruck or the scum they represent.

    The child in that first photo wasn't a white British girl with blond hair - quite unmarketable, no signature columba to exploit, no connections to the spooks running the United Kingdom.

    Blistered black skin and a child's agony - don't allow the British public to see this.

    D-notices, cover-ups, lies and lawsuits.

    Carter Ruck. Kevin Halligen. Kate and Gerry McCann. Clarence Mitchell. Jim Gamble.

    All of them evil, truly evil people.

  6. This story was already published in Holland a few days ago.

  7. Carter-Ruck, under their expensive services, covering very serious crimes. This is why they are expensive- They have to corrupt people to achieve success in courts. Thank you Joana for your work bringing to us what the news were forbidden to. One day, as Trafigura, Carter-Ruck and the ODD MCCANN'S will be exposed as well.

  8. I hope now that Baltazar Garzon is going to Haia will, he caught that Carter-Ruck in the International court. He must know a lot of the methods used by this lawyers, when he tried to extradite Pinochet.

  9. That pictures remind me of Iraq and Saddam Hussein attacks. He died already in a dead sentence, sharing the shelf of the most hated monsters in the world history with Hitler. This Carter-Ruck set in London, still working with reputation, defending criminals which are not much different then Saddam Hussein or Hitler. It is a shame the blindness of the British authorities. The offices of that carter- Ruck need a deep and independent investigation to see what is going on, on That case and on Madeleine case. THEY SHOW NO RESPECT FOR THE LIFE OF INNOCENTS. THE VERY SPECIALIZED LAWYERS WHO USE TO TREATNED WHO TRY TO DISTURB THEIR ACTIVITIES, WERE COVERING UP SOME OF THE BIGGEST CRIMES IN THE WORLD.
    I hope the Media will expose them.

  10. Very sick and frightening
    And Carter Ruck defends CRIMINALS
    Whats new?

  11. Thank you dear Joana for your work in bringing this all together in one cohesive post. Set out like this, it makes highly alarming and shocking reading.

    As is usually the case, when big profits are to be made, human life is cheap and disposable, especially if the devastating effects of their actions are 'not in their own back yard'.

    When the resulting damage and destruction of such greed manifests, unscrupulous libel lawyers like Carter-Ruck are there to make their own big fat profits! Using threats and intimidation, they silence criticism and protest to help ensure the perpetrators are never held to account for their evil actions.

    There should be a special place in hell for these murderers/torturers and their willing accomplices.

  12. A rather sick article
    The brits continue to believe they are the centre of the f...world


  13. Joana: Excellent research, and an excellent article about a deeply troubling, criminal affair. Congratulations - and here's desperately hoping to justice being made in its full extent, and lessons being learned. Thank you so much.

  14. http://calumcarr.blogspot.com/2010/05/trafigura-interview-with-waste-truck.html

    Calum Carr on same topic.

  15. Dear Joana,
    If only everyone was as brave as you and had your integrity. And wouldn't the world be a better place if every penny of the Madeleine fund had been handed over to be used to ease the suffering of the victims on the Ivory Coast.

  16. How can anyone look at that picture of the poor baby with the burning sores and not be appalled? How do the lawyers at Carter Ruck, supposedly educated people, sleep at night? Defending the indefensible. I hope the dirty cash you earn is worth it Guys. More toxic than the oil slurry.

  17. @ Anon 1, 12,14,16

    This is NOT Joana"s work or exculsive to her ffs!!!! she is not the only "working" at it: it is all over internet,media,blogs and forums! and to anon 10 : the media have ALREADY EXPOSED THEM

  18. Also in the French newspaper " Libération":


  19. Joanna excellent piece of hard work from you again.

    Do you think it would be worth passing this information on the Guardian or Times newspapers they maybe would be the ones who would take it further.

    So very sad for those poor children, what kind of people are we hearing about, who would USE MONEY AND THREATS on these poor children and people.

    Yes I know Carter Ruck and Trafigura but they will one day be brought to justice even if only when they are riggled with cancer or some horrible decease.........god praying they do).



  20. FFS!!!! ANNONYMOUS 18......you little shit, piss off if you can't print your real name.

    George Bryan, UK

  21. @anon 18

    Why the hysterical post?

    I haven't noticed Joana or anyone else here claiming that this is an 'exclusive.' From what I can see, this blog aims and succeeds in exposing (as in the McCann case) and publicising to a wider audience (as in the Trafigura case) corruption and injustice. I believe they do a fantastic job and I for one am very grateful.

    Apart from your useless rant, may I ask what contribution you're making?

  22. Anon 18 big deal, if posters want to thank Joana for all her hard work, then so be it FUCKING DEAL WITH IT. YOU IDIOT.

  23. It's all about money. No money - no cover up. Carter Ruck are very expensive; we're talking big money here.

    IMO as far as McCanns are concerned, ongoing cover-up operations on the scale undertaken by Carter Ruck cannot be entirely financed from the sale of wristbands, travel packs or T-shirts from a second-rate website, or indeed from public donations to a fund which has been running for more than 3 years.

    I've always been sceptical about the numbers that were banded about concerning donations and sales of junk in the first year. This scepticism was later borne out by the revelation that sales from the website only amounted to a paltry 64k in year two. IMO in addition to the revenue obtained through court or courthouse-step actions then, all of which lie in the distant past, the fund has no apparent source of regular income.

    This is one of the most disturbing aspects of the Madeleine McCann disappearance. If the fund is indeed a front, then where is the money to finance Carter Ruck operations actually coming from?

  24. Anon. @ 18,
    We are at joana blog, then we thanks her work, no matter if is spread all over the Media. Not enough exposition, since is not in the mouths of everybody, like the 'poor', 'painful', EVIL MCCANN'S.

    Mccann's should add to their 'Lolita' Madeleine, the pictures of that burned childs and raise money for childs who are really in pain and need the help of the world. I know, it is a bad idea because quickly, Mccann's will use the pain of that childs and hijack the money to support their celebrity life.

  25. Anon.@ 18,

    Psss...OFF. Are you part of the gang called Raptors? Go there and post that news. All the Media and all the Blogs, were not enough to expose and denounce some type of criminals, including the very special Mccann's.

  26. 'I finished 171st out of over 3500 finishers so there is not much room for improvement next year!'- Gerry Mccann on his blog (18/05/10)

    '...no room for improvement next year'? - then he knows, one year ahead that on 17 May 2011, she will still not found. Interesting prediction coming from the mouth of a so hypocrite father.

    Mr. Gerry, why don't you write your name down into 'France Tour' or 'Volta a Portugal'?. We will be glad to trow some eggs at your head... in memory of Madeleine.

  27. Thank you Joana for posting this thread. I hope everyone involved in the Trafigura cover up is exposed for the low life creatures they imo are. Not just exposed but also feel the full force of the law and are made paid to pay both financially and with their freedom for their involvement. Some of the same low life I note that are involved imo in another huge cover up. Imo when the McC donations run out all that will be seen is the dust left behind by the (imo) parasites that fund their lives with covering up such atrocities as above.


  28. This is the sick state of the world in which we now live, money rules. There are millions of children similar to the one in the article suffering silently whilst corrupt governments and corporations make vast profits from their suffering. Nobody should have to live like these. Companies such as Carter Ruck should be made accountable for their clients, there should be moral codes of conduct that they are made to follow, but they only see the money.
    The vulnerable should be protected. If it had not been for Greenpeace bringing this to the fore, then it would have been another vast profit made by unscrupulous people who care not for the environment or human life.
    As an earlier posting said who is really paying for Carter Ruck’s services for the Mcaans they must be charging trillions to keep Kate and Gerry out of prison (somebody obviously thinks it’s money well spent!!)

  29. My, my. Such language. Is this an example of Democracy and Free Speach at work? Although how you all have managed to link Trafigura to The McCanns, does bemuse me somewhat.

  30. Joana,

    Thank you for this. I'm well aware of how difficult it is to format posts and organise information in a way that is readable and provides as much factual background as possible. Excellent work by you, as ever.

    It absolutely does NOT matter that this information is also available elsewhere. Good. It should be circulated as far and wide as possible.

    It is important that you have brought it HERE, where there is so much discussion regarding Carter-Ruck, Halligen, the British government/media and the McCanns - and the ties binding all of them.

    Your choices in presentation are extremely well thought out.

    Anyone who can view the first image you've selected (of that beautiful baby, Salam Oudrawogol, covered with torturous burns cause by this toxic waste) and not be outraged has lost all sense of humanity.

    Let the guilty pay dearly for their profit driven crimes against this child and the rest of the Ivory Coast victims.

  31. Did Carter Ruck manage to get a behind the scenes talks in private with the judge on behalf of their evil clients?

    Just like the McCanns got their secret little audience with the judge when Dr Amaral tried to get the ban on his book lifted. Yet everything said on his behalf was in public.

    What is said behind closed doors that convinces these judges to grant them what they want, that is the question? Certainly nobody there to contradict them, that's for sure.

    No, justice is not seen to be done where these injunctions are concerned. The judges should be ashamed for allowing this.

    They are as guilty as the rest.

  32. Former BBC News Correspondent Clarence Mitchell joins LEWIS PR as Director of Media Strategy and Public Affairs


    Lewis PR - Mitchell in Portugal

  33. Portrait of an Adoption - losing track of a toddler at the zoo

    by Carrie Goldman


    «And I felt real anger at the parents of young Madeleine McCann, the British three-year-old who disappeared from a ground floor cottage in 2007 while she was sleeping. In the McCann case, her parents left the little girl and her twin baby siblings unsupervised while they ate dinner at a restaurant 130 yards away.

    I am wrecked with guilt for losing track of my child because I was distracted for an instant at the zoo. I truly cannot fathom making such an irresponsible, careless decision as to purposely leave my babies unsupervised while I went out to dinner. The parents of Madeleine McCann are to blame for the loss of that child. They betrayed their duty to protect her.»

    full in here: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/portrait_of_an_adoption/2010/05/in-an-instant.html

  34. After leaving the BBC, Clarence joined the Cabinet Office to become Director of the Government's Media Monitoring Unit. Whilst there, he was seconded to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and sent to Portugal to act as the FCO media handler for Kate and Gerry McCann. The McCanns later took Clarence on as their full time media spokesman, A POSITION HE STILL RETAINS.


  35. sabot,go take a hike,if you cant see why this is linked to the mccanns then you surely are brain dead,so i will spell it out to you
    Carter Ruck

  36. Evening. Haven't been around for a while, it was clear to me that as long as the Labour party were in power there would be no movement in the Madeleine McCann case. Hey presto, within 7 days of the removal of the most corrupt Government the UK has ever had the misfortune to suffer, the new Government has announced there will be a new attempt to allow intercepted emails and telephone calls to be used as evidence in court.

    And if that happens, there will be a terrible mess in Gerald's trousers.

  37. Clarence does a job..do I agree with the morality..of this job ?

    I don't know to be honest

    he's blooming good at it though

    you gotta give him credit there


  38. well done joana for all your research and hard work.

  39. Clarrie --- apart from the heinous smile and crossed arms, what's wrong with your toupee --- again ?!
    Why is it a completely different colour to the rest?

    How sad to see lawyers like Carter-Ruck, supposedly there to protect their clients against defamation, take millions to cover up the despicable criminal actions of their clients instead.
    Actions which in this case have literally caused so much suffering to innocent people including small children.

    Well done Carter-Ruck. A scaring example of utter ruthlessness and lack of basic moral standards. The McCanns are no doubt worthy clients of yours...

    T4two: couldn't agree more. Where the hell does the endless McCann money come from? I can't believe that stealing from cancer patients would ever be enough to finance Carter Ruck.

    Joana, thanks for this, very interesting.

  40. Anonymous 4
    "I hope the people at Carter Ruck sleep easily at night."
    Yes they do.
    They do it for money.
    They are absolutely not interested in truth, justice, fairness, decency, or anything else very much. Like all Lawyers they "Represent" their client. They don't get involved in dirty things like evidence, facts or even the truth. That is not their role.

    But against that, much as we might deprecate it, the inarticulate have to have a voice, the guilty are entitled to have their side of the story put as well as it can be, or at least their explanation of their actions heard.
    And if you doubt that, look to Sharia law, beheadings, amputations, mutilations, and so on, often on the say so of one man. Women, remember have no part to play, and can be executed for the crime of bearing a child after having been raped (Death of Princess, if you remember). But we all love the Saudis !

    The problem is that Carter-Ruck have gained too much power through their involvement with the one judge who has reserved the whole of that branch of law to himself. That has to be changed. Urgently.

  41. Extremely well put poster No. 21.

    I would never have known anything about Trafigura, had it not been for Joana's brilliant blog.

    aunty anti

  42. Anon 35

    Thanks for reminding us of that.

    So we are supposed to believe the McCanns are not being given special treatment. What a joke.

    As regards the information about the McCann case the Government is sitting on, and will not release because of the bad relations between UK and Portugal that will result, are they taking instructions from Clarence to sit on it? Was it him that gave them the information?

    He seems to have his fingers in many pies, and gives the impression he knows a lot more than he is telling.

    No doubt he feels very powerful, and can do such a lot for his friends the McCanns. Why does the word 'arrogant' come to mind.

    How shameful the UK is, and how corrupt. The new Government is no better than the last when they are willing to employ somebody like Mitchell who has been openly called a 'liar' by police who have been trying to investigate a criminal case, and have experienced interference from this man.

    I hope all this catches up with him.

  43. On McCannfiles there is a photo of Gerry's with two or three friends, about that marathon short ago.
    It is depressing to see how Gerry has lost the little dignity he had.
    Making himself more ridiculous than he has ever been.
    Madeleine deserved a better father, I think.
    Who are those friends we never heard about before?
    Why nobody of Tapas 7?
    No Clarence, no Jim Gamble?
    Did those friends give a lot of money to the fund?
    I doubt very much.
    And did they feel comfortable in front of a camera and were they manipulated?
    Where is the rest, Gerry?
    Where is your mother-in law, your own mother?

  44. If the Fund money runs out will we then see those friends such as Mitchell and Gamble, and those ex cops, fade away with it.

    How long are they going to stick around if no money left?

    It's all business to them.

    Better keep peddling Gerry.

  45. My my, what bad language and annoyed people, all because a commentator said that it is inappropraite to 'thank' Joana for work which is not hers, and which she didn't claim to own anyway. If people reallty did know nothing about the Ivory Coast scandal before then they must live very sheltered lives.
    I'd like to see this blog decide what it is really all about, instead of making tenuous 'links' between the Mccanns and a toxic waste scandal. The ONLY link is Carter Ruck, and as they are a large and busy law firm it's all pretty random stuff, really.

  46. @46,are you for real????? if this blog is not to your satisfaction i suggest you go back to the mother fu***** mccanns love in boards and leave us to try to get justice for madeleine here,in other words fu** o** as gerry mccann would say....

    A big thank you joana for bringing this to our attention, if it were not for you and your team quite a few of us would NOT know what is going on.

  47. @ anon 46

    Pathetic to observe how posters react and with definitively BAD language yes which has NOT been commented by Joana by the way.....No,Joana does not own the news and does not pretend to either and as you say if people didnt really know nothing about the sick Trafigura episode then....this is very bad news indeed: they must live with their heads in the sand (which wouldnt surprise me at all actually).
    On the other hand, yes,I would also like to see this blog to decide what it is all really about.Is it about the mccanns or Trafigura?because he ONLY link I personally see between the 2 is Carter Ruck.
    I believe it is time to put order in your thinking,posters

  48. Sabot is back-good! It means someone's cage has been rattled by this article. Is the name short for saboteur?

  49. MI5 David Miliband, Alan Johnson - William Haigh is asking questions about complicity in torture allegations in today's Guardian. Let's hope he also opens the McCann of worms too.

  50. @48,yes carter ruck ,those 2 words say it all.and i think you ought NOT to be telling the posters on this blog what too and not what too think,as has been said befor if you dont like this blog then go someplace else were you will feel more at home, i could give you some suggestions if you like.

  51. 21/05/2010 12:51
    Anonymous said... 47

    @46,are you for real????? if this blog is not to your satisfaction i suggest you go back to the mother fu***** mccanns love in boards and leave us to try to get justice for madeleine here,in other words fu** o** as gerry mccann would say....

    You do not need to be gross and THIS specific thread has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with trying to make justice to MADELEINE but has to do with TRAFIGURA.
    The ONLY link between the 2 IS Carter Ruck and nothing else.
    You are making the mistake the very mccanns are making when trying to find a relation between Madeleine"s "disappearance" and any other person"s disappearance.Stop it.You are NOT doing anything constructive at all.You are just obsessed and nothing else, as much as THEY are.
    By the way, poster 47 is NOT saying anything more than the two cases in which Carter Ruck is acting are NOT related.Nothing else.
    Now if you really are waiting for Joana to give news then this is really severe....

  52. The other link is Kevin Halligen.

    Remember him?

  53. (Sorry, I forgot to add a link to one of many articles:)


    "A 48-year-old man wanted by the FBI who allegedly defrauded people across the world, including the Madeleine McCann fund, was arrested last night at a hotel in Oxford.

    Kevin Halligen, from Surrey, was hired by the Find Madeleine fund as a security consultant. His Washington-based company, Oakley International, was awarded a six-month £500,000 contract by the fund, but Mr Halligen allegedly disappeared with £300,000.

    He had allegedly boasted that his contacts in the US capital could provide high-tech satellite imagery to help the search.

    He is also said to have made £1 million from links with Trafigura, the controversial Dutch company accused of causing mass illness after waste was dumped on the Ivory Coast..."

  54. Anon, 48 The McCs employed Halligen and Carter Ruck. Why didn't they employ people experienced in finding missing children. The article shows the bullying tactics of Carter Ruck. I think we need to see these articles and the links. We don't see in them in the British press too often.

  55. 52 - see if you find any common names


    and also http://cryptome.quintessenz.at/mirror/0001/henri-exton.htm
    related to here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/09/d-notice-5.html

    «Washington – Red Defence in Red Zone
    INTELLIGENCE ONLINE – 09/10/2008

    Fired abruptly by the Find Madeline Fund which has sought to find Madeline McCann, Red Defence International also wrangled in the past with Trafigura.

    An affiliate of Red Defence International, a firm headed by Britain’s Kevin Halligen, the investigative concern Oakley International Group was hired in March, 2008 to help find Madeline McCann, the three-year-old British child who vanished in May, 2007 from a hotel on the Portuguese coast. In late August, the Find Madeline Fund, which bankrolls the search for the child, suddenly cut all links with Oakley International, officially for “inadequate results.”

    It wasn’t the first time that companies owned by Halligen, who took part in MI 5 operations in Northern Ireland, have encountered problems with their customers. In September, 2006, Red Defence was retained by the Trafigura trading group after two of its senior executives, Claude Dauphin and Jean-Pierre Valentini, were arrested and clapped behind bars in Ivory Coast. A month previously, the Probo Koala, a ship chartered by Trafigura, had discharged toxic waste in dumps in the port of Abidjan. Red Defence, whose contact with Trafigura was lawyer Marc Aspinall, pulled out all the stops to secure the release of Dauphin and Valentini.

    Through the firm WatchWood, Red Defence leased a Falcon business jet from the South African group Aerotrade, headed by Fred Rutte, and kept it on stand-by for months, at great expense. Red Defence additionally approached a private British security concern Oceans Five run by John Nash to ask that it provide commandos to mount an operation to rescue Dauphin and Valentini from Maca prison in Abidjan.

    The operation, initially planned for mid-January, 2007, was put back on several occasions. Trafigura, which was negotiating simultaneously with the Ivory Coast authorities for the release of its executives, was worried about the constant postponements and the prohibitive cost of the operation.

    It finally cut all ties with Red Defence in February, 2007. Shortly afterwards, Dauphin and Valentini were released after the payment of USD 198 million that was destined to cover the cost of a clean-up of waste from Probo Koala. Subsequently, Trafigura’s lawyer, Aspinall, demanded that sub-contractors hired by Red Defence reimburse some of the money paid to them , threatening legal proceedings.

    Following that setback, Halligen moved to the United States and founded Oakley Security Services, whose initials OSS evoked those of the Office of Strategic Services, forerunner of the CIA. He re-named the firm Oakley International Group and teamed up with the lobbying concern Patton Boggs run by Thomas Boggs.»

  56. http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5io5QKJPcZGTLXbiWeVtPovwpYQ-g

    Court case in June

  57. @52, oh yes this is SOMETHING to do with madeleine,and all the names,ie carter ruck and all the other news that joana kindly puts on her blog are all connected in one way or another to the mccanns and there for madeleine as well.no sunny jim i am not obsessed as you put it but i do care about justice for madeleine. and how the fu** do you know i am not doing any thing constructed? can you see what i do on my pc,people like you are a waste of space so toodle along now as you seem to know there is nothing to see here.

  58. No 52 '@46,are you for real????? if this blog is not to your satisfaction i suggest you go back to the mother fu***** mccanns love in boards and leave us to try to get justice for madeleine here,in other words fu** o** as gerry mccann would say....'

    what on earth has happened to this blog? Why are you all swearing like navvies? Is this just a little bit of frustration or have you all been taken over by extras from Shameless?

  59. Anonymous @ 46,

    Who do you think you are to insinuate such 'I'd like to see this blog decide what it is really all about, instead of making tenuous 'links' between the Mccanns and a toxic waste scandal.'

    Non, the link is not only Carter-Ruck. Is the methode, the strategy used to avoid justice. Using criminal methodes to avoid criminal people to face justice it is something that did not dignify this office.
    Day after day, they become exposed not like competent and clever lawyers, as they want people to believe, but like terrorists, using the same methodes and treatned who expose their strategies or trow stones on their way. They are a shame.

    And as many of Us stated before, everybody Mccann's touch will end up, soon or late, in total disgrace. just wait, their day will come....

  60. From the link posted by Anon 57

    "The company has, nevertheless, always denied any link between the waste and any deaths or serious illnesses in the Ivory Coast"

    I would take a handful of them and dump them right where THEY dumped the toxic waste and I would wait how they get on.
    Will they still deny any one think?
    I still cant get how other people can "defend" them.Its all about cash.Same with the toxic mccanns and their highly toxic behaviour.
    All of this is very very worrying

  61. Anon 57

    Have tried to get hold of the article but not available.

    Could you give us more information please.

  62. All in all a very sleazy affair with a load of sleazy characters.

    That Carter Ruck should be doing their bit for them is no surprise. Here's hoping the Company folds very soon. Where is the conscience in all this? Have they no shame?

    Have the nearest and dearest of those involved seen these horrendous photos of the terrible suffering. Or is it business as usual, as long as the money is flowing in?

  63. I hope there will be Halligen's extradition to the USA.
    It will be easier for the media to find out what he did with the fund money.
    And the media can publish everything in the US.
    And on internet.
    There is still freedom of speech in the USA.

    Why did Mitchell disappear?
    Warned by Cameron?

  64. are the investigations on the murders of the two British children in Lloret de Mar already shelved?
    who can tell me?
    any interview of Clarence Mitchell defending the mother?

    I think this woman really needs help, she is unstable.
    She hasn't gotten much money or support around her.
    She is not a doctor, Brown dismissed himself from his job.
    She is at least honest by telling about the murders.
    She will spend a great part of her life in prison but who cares?
    British media are not caring about the victims, are they?

  65. What is going on with this mccann case, it really baffles me, from reading Joanas blogs (by the way well done Joana and your team on your excellent research work) and other factual articles on internet why oh why does nothing get done about mccanns, surely not every single person who could do something towards getting this case re-opened is corruptand on their payroll the longer it goes go the more damage they are doing, its just madness what can be so big that it needs such a cover up with so many powerful individuals.I look forward to the day when this finally gets brought out in the open, keep up the good work Joana.

  66. Anon @ 55 - good point.

  67. Fiona Phillips of the Mirror is apparently very surprised that Ronan Keating pf Boyzone cheated on his wife. She has, according to the article, known him for years. Yet, in the D Mail a colleague of the singer says the singers life has always been murkier than the angelic life he cast. Hmmn? How does this link to anything to do with the McC case? Fiona is a McC supporter. She apparently is easy to fool.

  68. Anon 64

    Save your sympathy for the woman, it was the children who needed the help.

    This mother chose to go live with a man wanted for numerous paedophile offences against somebody who was also a small child when these offences began, and took her little daughter into harms way.

    When that monster of a boyfriend (they are not married, but they have the same name), was arrested and out of the way, she then went and killed the children.

    No chance the little five year old girl is able to give evidence now against the rat of a man is there? Or evidence against her.

    As for wanting to kill herself, she obviously didn't try hard enough because she could have flung herself over the balcony which she had been letting the little girl play on hour after hour, much to the concern of those watching, as it was not a child friendly balcony and she could easily have fallen over it.

    Here's hoping they both rot, they deserve each other.

    She has since promised to stand by him and can't wait to be with him again. Sick. Utterly sick.

  69. Re mypost 50-meant Hague not Haigh.
    What Trafigura story has in common with McCanns? Carter-Ruck, Kevin Halligen and bribed witnesses. Quite a lot really.

  70. Kevin Halligen knows what went on from the start of that "holiday" and the help given by many in the expat.community to the T9.That's why we have a media blackout on the subject. Theresa May and William Hague have some important decisions to make and a real dilemma confronts them.

  71. Poster 46 .As you say the only connection with the two topics being currently discussed on JOANA,s exellent blog site is CARTER RUCK , (mitchell etc etc)and the DEPTHS they have sunk to, regarding both cases!!Money in both cases having been obtained by falsehoods,deception etc etc their clients have told that has consequently enabled their despicable actions to be kept covered up from the general public (until now for one of them anyway).Well were sick of them buying time to prevent them ever paying the real price for their "CRIMES"In the Macaans case though ,I,m afraid the only chance of ever solving what really happened to maddie,will be when one of their "friends"can no longer live with "their little secret" ie why did Gerry take 4 postcard photos of his little girl on a weeks holiday with him?? Or was it because he needed them to remind him what she looked like when she and her siblings were dumped in the creche all week,surely not gerry ,but who else do you "know" who would have any interest or should I say "inclination" to even want to see the 4 postcard size photos you DIDN,T forget to pack.Still they did come in handy when the police asked if you had a photo of her when she went" missing "didn,t they gerry .I and millions like me usually only have the passport photo of family members Still,may be the police will add that question to K ates list of ,so far ,unanswered 48 questions.Your friend Dr gasper would have appreciated one I,m sure!!!!Or was his copy in your blue tennis bag?

  72. I wonder if calpol was the only reason to make the body be concealed.
    It could have been a combination of that sedative with something else.
    no Justice would have made a problem of a cardiac arrest, by chance caused by an innocent medicine.
    unless it was known that Maddie was cardiac and calpol night could be a danger to her.
    on las mañanas de 4, Gerry talks about "the night we found her".
    if he is saying "we", it could have been after 7.00pm, when he returned from his tennis game.
    who knows, the parents gave the medicine much before they used to give, planning to have a drink with friends in some other apartment,let us say, at 7pm, the children fell asleep short before 7pm, Kate left to the other apartment, where she met Gerry coming back from tennis, they had a drink all together,they returned at 8pm and found Maddie behind the sofa.
    It could be that Maddie heard Kate leaving home, stood up and ren to the sofa/window in order to call her mother and she fell down.

    I remember that after the disappearence, the twins had great difficulties to fall asleep every evening, another indication of sedatives in their lives before.

  73. @4:

    you said "I hope the people at Carter Ruck sleep easily at night."

    You are more charitable than I. I rather hope the opposite, but fear that your hope is more likely to be fulfilled.


  74. Anon #73 Interesting post. I think you could be right. Imagine doctors and wrong medication causing death, their careers, reputation, explanation towards the family and the twins, the risk of being charged with 'murder'. Could be the reason for the silence of the tapas (pact). Maybe covered by a pharmaceutical industry (bad name medicine).
    The twins had difficulties to fall asleep after the disappearence, maybe because they didn't dare to give them sedatives again.
    Just an opinion as a matter of course.

  75. If, in the UK, it is possible to publicise about the corrupt character of the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, why is it not allowed to publicise the conclusions of the Portuguese police about the Maddie case?

  76. I think the twins probably had trouble sleeping because everything around them was chaotic.

    The photos the McCanns immediately posed for with the twins were done due to their initial worries that they might be arrested for child neglect/abuse.

    They were trying to make the public believe they were "good parents". I'm sure though that they spent very little time comforting or even being involved with the twins at first, and that alone could account for the twin's difficulty sleeping or settling down.

    I don't fault them for that...I'd be leaning on relatives to help me out if my child had died, and there is no doubt in my mind that they knew Maddie had died.

    There were also the meetings with their "handlers" and much to keep them occupied and away from the twins.

    I doubt though, that the twins had ever been sedated until the night they needed to stage the abduction.

    As one of the number of people who believe Maddie died sometime shortly after Mrs. Fenn heard the crying, I think they knew they had to ensure the twins stayed asleep while everything was set up and done.

    I think "others" were informed and came to help and that is the reason the McCanns can claim they had nothing to do with her "disappearance". They are very, very carefully choosing their words in regard to that.

    IMO, others were involved in the removal of Maddie's body from the apartment ("*They've* taken her") but the McCanns IMO probably later transported her body in their hire car (based on the dog's findings.)

    The fact that the dogs alerted to Kate's clothing etc. doesn't indicate she moved the body from the apartment on May 3...only that she was in contact with her daughter's body after death.

    They had help from the beginning and to this day the same people are helping them.

  77. Well thought out anon 77 I'm sure you've hit the nail on the head - very interesting!!

  78. He! He!, Como vai a fina flor do ramo mais baixo da "society" inglesa, a qual os Mccann nao pertencem mas muito aspiram: Sarah Fergurson apanhada a propor uma corrupcaozita de 500000 Libras.
    Esta dificil enfrentar a crise deixada por Brown- Gerry assalta campanhas de angariacao de fundos para o cancro, Sarah vende os encontros com o ex-marido.

    Mas o que mais choca, e que nao se viu ninguem da ilha de sua majestade, indignar-se publicamente com o assalto de Gerry. Quanto a Sarah.... ja lhe colaram os maiores adjectivos e uma semana em cheio, vira.

  79. ''why is it not allowed to publicise the conclusions of the Portuguese police about the Maddie case?''
    I think you will find they are not in any way censored. It's just that most people are far more interested in what the prosecutor thought, and he couldn't see a case.

  80. Anon #80, from what I could personally see and hear, that prosecutor would not have been able to "see" a case if it hit him in the middle of his face.

  81. Re my comment 72;sincere apologies for my reference to Dr Gasper and the postcard size photos Gerry had,for whatever reason,taken on holiday with him,was incorrect as it was Dr Gaspers wife who reported the inappropriate behaviour between Gerry MaCaan and his friend David PAYNE, ,when two grown men,one the father of the probable subject for their sexual inuendos.IMO she was oh so right to have the courage to express her concern regarding that incident,BUT,once again ,was their any follow up to this???IF NOT ,WHY NOT !! so ,I will repeat my suggestion as to, imo, might have an "interest" in looking at the photos could have been David Payne and like minded "gentlemen"!!!!I do hope I am oh so wrong about this ,because its sooooooooooooo sick.As the recent Spanish tradgedy is proving ,some women put their belief in men,even when charged with disgusting acts against minors,with two innocent little children ending up losing their precious lives,for what?????

  82. 80 - this is a classic case of 'insufficient evidence'(that is, to overcome political barriers!) and the police not looking for anyone else. They know who is at fault in this case - the McCann's.

  83. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/guest_contributors/article7134463.ece

    very pertinent article on libel reform

  84. Why was the case shelved before the investigation had been completed?

    Surely a search of the McCanns' property at Rothley, plus the property of their family and friends in the UK should have been done as part of the investigation.

    So why wasn't it?

    Murat and his family had their property searched. So how can the investigation have been stood down when the dead child may have been hidden in the UK. The UK cops would have done this if requested.

    Why are the McCanns not treated in the same way as the rest of us?

    It does not make sense. Does anybody know why the search was not requested before the case was shelved?

    Did somebody intervene to stop it happening? Or had enough false leads been laid elsewhere to make the investigators believe Madeleine was not back in UK?

    No doubt there have been false leads a plenty in this case. Bogus, just like all those sightings of Madeleine.

    Here's hoping the case is reopened again soon and that search at Rothley with the dogs done as the first thing.

  85. 80, "...most people are far more interested on what the prosecuter thought..."
    If it is the case, most people are very superficial.
    They don't get the chance to compare the conclusions of the police to the words of the prosecuter.
    The goal of the media is to inform us all aspects of a case, not only one.
    Most people would adore reading Amaral's book and to judge by themselves.
    Or they would adore to get access to the files.
    But our dear Carter Ruck is standing on every corner.

    That is the problem.

  86. ANON @ 77.
    And how do you account for the Smiths Statements?

  87. 80, it seems the McCanns represent the public taste prefering what is convenient to them.
    Libel laws are about to change in the UK.
    let us wait and see.

  88. Poor Gerry thanked the 3 people on the photo with him, at that marathon.
    Those 3 people gave money to the fund, one pound each, I guess.
    Three pounds too many, imo.

  89. None of Tapas 9 has gotten a lover?
    I wish at least one of them would have a serious lover relationship and this lover would play the role of undercover.
    Who dares?
    A new Mata Hari would be welcome in this story.

  90. If there is nothig to be "seeing" in Maddie's case, why not publicise Amaral's book in the UK?
    Amaral could write a PS at the end of the last page, with the meaning of the prosecuter.
    By the way, didn't the prosecuter say that they could not prove the parents were involved in the accident?
    Millions of indications but no proof?
    And zero indications that it was an abduction?

  91. Libel laws in the UK to be looked into by the new govenment. according to the times.

  92. @91.

    Read the prosecutor's report for yourself. Don't take other people's word for it. You might get a surprise.

  93. It is not libel to repeat and discuss what the investigators of the case believe, that Madeleine died in the apartment and her body has been hidden, and that they wish for the parents to give up the cadaver.

    Nothing has been made up about that, it has been written and declared by those investigators themselves.

    It is the McCanns who are spinning the abduction theory as a FACT, and soliciting money from the public on the strength of something unproven.

    That is wrong, they should not be allowed to do this unless they can prove it, which they can't. It is fraudulent not to tell the public that the abduction has not been proven, quite the opposite in fact!

  94. It is not libel to repeat and discuss the Gaspars' statements either.

    Nor would it be if the newspapers printed them, though no doubt Carter Ruck would try it on and threaten to sue.

    They would lose.

    The information about the Gaspars' statements is not secret, it is in the public domain already via Portuguese legal authority.

    If these statements had been about Murat the media would have gone to town with them. It is in the public interest that the they be informed as there may be other people who have information to add.

    These statements may even lead to the new evidence needed to get the case restarted.

  95. Dear Joanna,

    groundWork, Friends of the Earth South Africa, would like to ask permission to use one of these photographs found in your piece above. It would be used in conjunction with an article one of our staff members have written for our quarterly newsletter regarding ship slops, as our local harbour in south Durban.

    Kind regards
    Megan Lewis


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