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UK Tabloid News: Murder chief for Maddie

PROBE: Det Chief Insp Colin Sutton

Top cop spearheads new probe into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

By Lucy Panton, NoW Crime Editor

BRITAIN'S top murder cop has been lined up to spearhead a new probe into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, we can reveal.

Det Chief Insp Colin Sutton, 49, who has been involved in some of the UK's biggest inquiries - including the murder of Milly Dowler and the terror reign of the Nightstalker sex beast - is seen as the best man to handle the challenging review.

Senior child protection officer Jim Gamble has asked Scotland Yard to take a fresh look at the three-year investigation.

He blasted Portuguese cops for their handling of the hunt for Maddie - who vanished aged three from her family's Algarve holiday apartment in 2007. Now the Met Police are set to review all leads in the case, using technology and standards expected in a UK homicide or kidnap.

It will delight Maddie's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. A senior police source said: "They deserve reassurance that everything that can be done has been done."

in News of the World 09.05.2010

To Inspector Colin Sutton, you can start probing this one:
A child's book perhaps belonging to Madeleine where the cover and end pages were ripped off, on the 3rd May 2007, just before the police appeared, it seems the McCanns and their friends, the Tapas, took some time to establish some kind of alibis, two different timelines re-written, hand written by Gerry McCann. Who at a time of sheer panic, since their 3 year old daughter had just disappeared from an unlocked apartment, had just the enough spirit and cool-headedness to write the G9 (PJ/UK police 'Operation Task' codename for the whole Tapas group) timelines, as I said perhaps with an intention of establishing alibis - it must be because Gerry McCann is an expert Cardiology consultant, surely, that would explain as well the following photo, taken just 9 days after Madeleine was, as per the McCanns thesis abducted by order by a paedophile ring - the photo was taken on the 12 May 2007, when the soon-to-become media starlets are coming out of a mass at the Luz Church, Praia da Luz, Algarve, in Portugal (not Spain nor Morocco), a mass that celebrated Madeleine Beth McCann's 4th birthday.


  1. well i just hope he looks at ALL the evidence,ie the statement by the tapas and the statements by the mccanns themselves,then i suggest he he calls the pj to tell them to re-open the case.

  2. "It will delight Maddie's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. A senior police source said: "They deserve reassurance that everything that can be done has been done."

    I doubt this final spin on the above article by Clarry!!! It doesn't look good if the only review they can get is led by 'BRITAIN'S Top Murder Cop' hopefully, for Maddie, the truth will be uncovered just as Amaral and Leicester police have already concluded.

  3. I doubt that the involvement of a seasoned murder investigator will "delight the McCanns"... more likely cause them to soil their clothes.

    On the surface at least this is a positive step. Justice, justice, for Madeleine McCann!


  4. This is going to be fruitless, unless he has access to all the case files. But maybe that is the plan.

  5. Top MURDER cop?! Oh dear, oh dear...but "there isn's any evidence that Madeleine is dead", or is it?...

  6. poster no 1 is not far off the mark. This is the start of the final whitewash. Team McCann will probably persuade Sutton to testify on their behalf at the libel hearing against Amaral later this year.

  7. "Top MURDER cop..
    technology and standards expected in a UK homicide..."

    "It will delight Maddie's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann."
    I don't think so, actually

  8. 'Senior child protection officer Jim Gamble has asked Scotland Yard to take a fresh look at the three-year investigation.

    He blasted Portuguese cops for their handling of the hunt for Maddie - who vanished aged three from her family's Algarve holiday apartment in 2007. Now the Met Police are set to review all leads in the case, using technology and standards expected in a UK homicide or kidnap.'


    Pity he didn't BLAST the McCann's and their friends for the many many lies they have told all recorded in their police statements which served only to hinder the official police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, that and their refusal to take part in a criminal reconstruction of the events of the night the child disappeared.

    Let us hope that Detective Sutton's "probe" is far reaching, that he recognises the lies told and enquires of the tapas group as to why they would do such a thing. A lead as to what happened to Madeleine may be found in their answers. I hope he does not do what Edgar has done, and just flick past the pages in the files where the group lie and contradict each other.

    The truth of what happened to Madeleine may just lie in this group explaining why they have lied.

    People lie for a reason.

    To lie when a child is missing is despicable.
    To not co-operate with police investigating the disappearance when you believe the child is alive and being held by paedophiles - there are no words to describe such people or actions.

    Let us hope this man Sutton questions what/who has to be questioned, beginning with the McCann's.

    But then this is simply a review, or a probe as it is now being teremd. How far does his remit to probe/ review stretch?


  9. To look at ALL the evidence surely he will have to go to Portugal and confer with the PJ.

    My only hope is that this detective remains totally objective and does not allow himself to be sucked in and manipulated by Team McCann into believing the abduction scenario can be the ONLY answer. He will need to be one hell of a strong minded guy if he`s to keep his objectivity.

  10. Typical tabloid blabber... none of this will ever happen.

  11. To cover up Browns involvement and to save face
    A top murder cop is to review the case
    Murder cops usually deal with people who are dead
    And Kate and Gerry tend to sue whenever that is said

    Gamble has appointed a man who has no authority to investigate this crime
    So the whole thing is a complete and total waste of time
    If you really want to ask searching questions, just read the blogs
    And how exactly will he discredit the findings of the dogs?

    He has no authority to interview the tapas mob
    So what exactly is the purpose of giving him this job?

  12. sorry to bring this here but can anyone tell me why i have been banned from ambers site. my name is welshy and i have had no explanation as to why. Sorry again joanna.

  13. anon no 10...i agree.not one fact in the story or direct quote,a rerun of a story a few weeks ago with some other police force named.amazing amount of mccann releated stories about in the sunday papers considering first election in years that did not have an clear outcome.PR people at work.

  14. MURDER COP?? does that mean that madeleine has been murdered,well well well,and i thought the mccanns said there is no EVIDENCE that little madeleine has come to any harm,so WHY is colin sutton even bothering to look into this case other than to make the mccanns look innocent.and as for jim gamble :-X

  15. welshy I'll contact Amber and check that for you, please contact me via email (check my blogger profile) thanks

  16. I hope this is not an attempt at the final whitewashing of this case.
    The mccanns in their recent statements have been reapeating that Madeleine has been taken by a man and we have to find this man.
    Then they promote the suggestive photos on the anniversary of her so called abduction in my opinion trying to instill in everyones minds the paedo scenario.
    Now you have gamble blasting the pj out of it 18 or so months after the case was shelved why has he taken so long to come out with this?
    Because gamble is associated with this latest statement I wont be holding my breath for something to come out of this in favour of Madeleine.
    Are the team mc cann setting all this up in order to roll out Hewlett and pin everything on him? Hence the new statements "A MAN HAS TAKEN HER,the suggestive photos, the paedo scenario and now the word murder been added to headlines.
    Dead men dont talk.


  17. i for one would like to know WHY jim gamble is still poking his nose in other than to get the mccanns off the hook,but having said that he cant be very good at the job if he STILL has'nt seen through the mccanns charade so why would anyone in there right mind want him employed to protect children when he cant see past his nose to the evidence that shows the mccanns had some thing to do with what happend to madeleine

  18. This is silly don't get your hopes up. What about poor Mr Brown what a fix he is in never elected as prime minister crushed in the election results, still squatting in Downing Street, hanging on by his fingernails. The Moral of this story is never get involved with the Maccann's. Cameron beware.

  19. Here we go again !! www.dailyexpress.co.uk/posts/view/174024/Madeleine-suspect-on-beach-snap-/

  20. Thanks Joanna have emailed you.

    I hope the remaining 500 thousand in the fund is giong to pay for the investigation instead off the taxpayers having to fund it.


  21. "Murder chief for Maddie"

    Dear me! So now,not only she is dead but she has been murdered????
    Dont gamble too much jimmy...

  22. As a UK tax payer I object to paying this chap to investigate a crime that has already been covered up by the highest people in the UK government.
    Kate and gerry already know what happened to Maddie,enough of all this soap opera....MADDIE IS DEAD!
    Put the twins on the child protection register & investigate the McScams for fraud

  23. Anon 13 welshy

    Not just you, but I believe it isn't Amber's site anymore anyway. Perhaps you posted something controversial that got too close to the truth :)

  24. I'm just logged in now at the Missing Madeleine Forum, I've sent an email to Amber as well as a PM, everything seems fine now, please try to log in again dear Welshy. I'm waiting for Amber to answer the questions you posed, another member from the Maddie Case Files forum told me that she/he had a similar problem and that it appeared that she/he was also banned. So, the MM forum is running, let's wait for Amber's answer to try understand what could be the issue before making wrong assumptions. Thanks.

  25. RIPM - Agreed. The case belongs to the Portuguese. What can this man do except back up Jim Gamble. And of course someone who is meeting Prince Charles today is hardly a criminal !

  26. The McCanns said, that because Goncalo Amaral, had said Madeleine had died in their apartment, people wouldn't look for Madeleine and there was no proof she was dead. Now they are sanctioning a "murder chief" to look into Madeleine's disappearance. I.M.H.O., There is only one reason why this man is looking into Madeleine's disappearance and that is because he believes she is dead.

    The McCanns have once again made a mockery of the Portuguese Judiciary system, who took their side in their recent case against Goncalo Amaral.

    When are the PJ going to grow some b***s and get the McCanns extradited to Portugal, to face justice, for their part in Madeleine's disappearance? I fear never, because the PJ are frightened of the McCanns.

    The PJ have fought tooth and nail, to have a football fan extradited to Portugal, for his part in football violence. Yet they've allowed the McCanns to walk free, knowing that they played a massive part in Madeleine's disappearance.

  27. A senior police source said,"They deserve reassurance that everything that can be done has been done."

    Well there we are then with that attitude from the outset, this is going to be a whitewash in favour of the McCanns, no doubt they're delighted and who would be surprised considering Gamble's published biased attitude last month.

    But it won't wash because this case is and will remain the province of the sovereign state of Portugal. Nobody will accept the expected whitewash by the British media worldwide. Let's see whether Scotland Yard interview the Smiths, or the Gaspars, or the nursery nurses or the independent witnesses, and what will be said about the cadaver dogs evidence.

  28. And the outcome which has already been decided is:

    "Serious mistakes were made by the Portuguese police in concentrating on the McCanns as suspects. There is not a shred of evidence implicating the McCanns."

    A spokesman for the couple said:

    "The only problem which remains is that Madeleine is still missing, but we're not going to let a minor detail such as this derail the agenda. No doubt we'll get round to solving this dilemma one way or the other just as soon as possible.

    The main priority has always been to clear the McCanns and with an 'independent' review from Scotland Yard doing just that and the latest demonstration of support from the Royal family, we hope the matter can now be closed and McCanns can get on with their agenda of becoming patron saints for missing and abused children everywhere."

  29. The crucial phrase in this article is: 'Met Police are set to review all leads in the case'. This is NOT a 'probe into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann' as the title suggests - either by ignorance or design. It is a review of the sightings and so-called 'leads'. What the press can neatly package and sell as, 'the hunt for Madeleine'.

    The McCanns have no stomach whatsoever for a re-opening of the case to look into the circumstances surrounding Madeleine's disappearance.

  30. IIRC there's a rumour that the telephone call logs indicate that David Payne telephoned someone within Collin Suttons department. How convinient if he's appointed to review the case. Or is my memory letting me down ?

  31. Having never heard of the man, I looked through old articles about investigations led by Det Chief Insp Colin Sutton.

    Sutton has had a long career and others have mentioned his role in the Milly Dowler murder and the "Nightstalker" case. He has handled quite a few other interesting investigations.

    The case that grabbed my attention whilst glancing over the search results, was the investigation into the 1999 disappearance of Maureen Hale, whose body has never been found.

    Det Chief Insp Colin Sutton led that investigation. Her husband, millionaire Martin Hale, was arrested and tried for the murder but was acquitted in February 2009.

    The detail that caught my eye was the fact that Martin Hale had allegedly "offered £20,000 to hire an oven at a pet crematorium a month after his wife disappeared"


    Also, "Police found a note that they believe shows his list of options for the disposal of her remains. It read: “1, at sea. 2, by fire. 3, by acid. 4, land site.”

    I'm sure many of you remember the visit taken by the PJ to the Creon Starlight Pet Crematorium and the reports about the owner Eef Hoos, a Dutch terrorist.


    “Two officers asked me if I had anything to do with her, and have you spoken to the parents, they asked me three times. They said they knew I had spoken to the parents – it’s not true."

    I thought it would be interesting to find other cases involving a pet crematorium and a missing person and took some time searching. I could find NO other examples.

    The only two cases that have ever involved a missing person and allegations related to a pet crematorium are the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the disappearance of Maureen Hale. (I'd be happy to be corrected if anyone can find other examples.)

    It will be fascinating if Det Chief Insp Colin Sutton does lead the McCann case review because he will be the only detective EVER to have investigated links between a pet crematorium and a missing person and he'll have been in charge of both cases.

    What are the odds of that???

  32. Poster # 10. You're spot on with your comment, this is more Hoakum and Hogwash from a publication posing as a Newspaper ! So much of its contents in recent times are pure invention, with quotes from "A source",no name or rank is ever given. Are we expected to swallow this nonsense ? As a previous poster once said " I would sooner believe that the Moon IS made of green cheese".

  33. Might have known they`d get their name in the same sentence as one of the royal family. Its all so unbelievable, and no one stops them ! Next thing they`ll be invited to lunch by Camilla.

  34. Actually, Nige, I'd say the crucial phrase in Jo's post is in her own title:

    UK Tabloid news

    Which means it may well not be true.

  35. I don't see any confirmation of the News of the World article from any named official person. When we do, we can believe it. Until then, I assume it's just part of the old story being resurrected for publicity purposes.

    If eventually there is a review and an attempt at a whitewash I don't for a minute think it'll change anyone's mind about Madeleine's fate. The case remains a Portuguese case and without a full reopening in Portugal, followed by a full official reconstruction and cooperation with the PJ, nothing can be officially determined. The various theories mentioned in the public prosecutor's summing-up need to be fully investigated in Portugal if/when the case is reopened there. Anything else would fall far short of being thorough and would therefore be a complete waste of time and money. And I'd have thought any more wasting of public money in Britain would attract a lot of anger in the general public, with swingeing public spending cuts on the horizon.

    If it ever does happen, we'll have to make sure we find out exactly how much money gets wasted on such idiocy and on whose authority it gets spent. And see if every other missing person case gets equal treatment and equal spending.

  36. Pure tabloid nonsense. There will never be any action taken on the British side of things, about this case.

  37. Anonymous 18 - Make no mistake - Cameron (the man with a plan) will jump on any bandwagon that he feels will restore his failing image. He's pretty deperate at the moment as questions are being asked about why, when he had an unassailable lead in the polls a few weeks ago, he still managed not to win the election outright. He's always been more than happy to pin a tail on any passing donkey if it suits him at the time and this will include supporting the McCanns if necessary. By the way - whether you like Gordon Brown or not - remaining in Downing Street is his constitutional duty at the moment and not *squatting* as you so nicely put it.

  38. There is a new thread at the Maddie Case Files forum to add your user name if you have been «banned» from the Missing Madeleine Forum, for updates on the issues relative to that forum: 'Missing Madeleine Forum Problems' http://themaddiecasefiles.com/post110321.html#p110321 It seems the problem is more vast and has affected more members. Still no answer to my email and PM. Will update as soon as I know anything new on the MM forum situation.

  39. If this is going ahead, it is going to be a whitewash of the McCanns. There is no other possibility. Gamble slagging off the PJ and praising british methods already shows the way the investigation is going to head. He saw no evidence of their involvement, so they will be searching for a suitable scapegoat as in so many criminal cases I have read about in the past 3 years.

    Never forget the vulture of death, he was reporting about the Milly Dowler murder as well.

    And don't forget the phone number David Payne called shortly after the disappearance. It belonged to the SO7 Specialist Crime Directorate...

  40. @Dimsie

    Nothing will happen.It sounds like an other squeaky red herring or a pink smoke screen to hide what might be going on behind the screen although of this,I also doubt....

    Let me have abig sunday afternoon yawn.....

  41. Did he blast the LP as well?

  42. Anon 32,
    Not sure of all the facts but in Gran Canaria (Canary Isles) there was an investigation into a pet crematorium and I think 2 missing children, whose bodies have never been found, there. If I remember correctly it has been closed and the owner was a suspect paedophile
    I cant remember all the facts but you could try The Provincia newspaper.
    As for Kate (just call me princess) McCann meeting Prince Charles..this really takes the biscuit....disgusting,appalling...

  43. I had to reread the article after seeing posters comments on here . Posters you are very astute. It does not say he will spearhead the probe. It says he has been asked. It says he has been lined up. It doesn't say anything about him consenting. Also when I first read it I thought Sutton was blasting the pj, but he hasn't said a word according to this article. Even if he does head it up, the met will review not reopen the case. Well spotted posters.

  44. joana,
    why did canal cuatro here in spain cancel the last two interviews with the McCanns?? would really like to know after such a blaze of publicity?
    Thankyou for all your work.

  45. The interviews were disasters. No money was delivered to the Fund. More people are aware about the lies and the farce.
    They need the help of a new character to keep the circus going on.

    Which files is he going to comb? The one's which were released by the Portuguese Public Ministry and all already combed by several experts ( with the conclusion- no abduction) or the one's which still under judicial secrecy, and NOT AVAILABLE?

    Mccann's are desperate. They are trying trough several ways ( avoiding reopen the case) to assess the secret files. I think their Portuguese lawyers already told them that trough Portugal is impossible without reopening the case and bring it to court. Then, they have to try another way. Trough a guy from Scotland yard, trying to foolish the Portuguese authorities. That guy from Scotland Yard cannot legally and officially ask the assess to the secret files. Then, he is useless. Not even the British PM. See what happen with 'Face Oculta' in Portugal when deputies asked some files to be delivered to the parliament.

    Gamble and the all team who live at the Fund expenses, know what worried the Mccann's and know what to do, to still ' sucking' the money from the FUND. Promising doing that, and that, and that, when they cannot do anything at all. They are fooling the Mccann's who fool the Media, who try to fool the Public and made them believe on one more episode of that bad novel, and.... DONATE TO THE FUND.

    THERE IS A HUGE TEAM OF CORRUPT AND EVIL PEOPLE LIVING AT PUBLIC DONATIONS EXPENSES. They will not dismiss that easy way of living and Mccann's, they know, their nightmare is faraway from the end- THE PUBLIC DID NOT GIVE UP ON MADELEINE AND SLOWLY THEY HAVE BEEN FORCED TO CONFESS WHAT THEY DENIED 3 YEARS AGO. FORCED BY THEIR STUPIDITY AND THEIR DIFFICULT TO FADE AND GO BACK TO A NORMAL LIFE like trillions of people in the world, who work on a day base and live with a normal salary.

    The evil Mccann's become surrounded by evil people who are helping them now, achieve a huge fall. It is difficult to keep a lie living for long time. Brown already paid the Bill- he lost the last elections. Cameron will be next, exercising in a trampoline to try to run the destination of a country who did not gave him a green card. AND THE CIRCUS MUST GO ON.

  46. Well done Joana and Astro with facts that you add to be combed.

    I can add more:

    - What about a Fund settle a week after the girl disappeared with ' Professional boxes' strategical delivered in the halls of many hotels in Algarve?

    - What about lawyers hired few weeks, or days, after Maddie disappeared, when Pj was investigating an abduction and the day which they were made arguidos was faraway? What was the use of that lawyers on the early days? They were helping them to stole the money from the public and to distract the police, damaging the investigation?

    - What about the on-line Store to ask donations and sale packets of Maddie pamphlets, etc. All articles which are already paid by public donations, since this was the propose of the Fund, then should be delivered to who want them, by free?

  47. With a bit of luck Portugal will get the message and reopen this case as a murder investigation, and start to focus on the McCanns and their Tapas friends.

    So far these people have been allowed to do and say just what they like, so that now it looks like the PJ and UK investigators are the bad guys.

    One thing is for sure, Madeleine is dead, and she didn't die peacefully in her bed.

    As for Gerry McCanns comment about 'finding' her dead. Was that because that was where one of them had left her after ending her life?

  48. looks like the mccanns have another patsy waiting in the wings if this mr sutton tells us all that madeleine was abducted after all,(whitewash)and thats why i reckon we have been hearing about mrs coopers friends picture (after 3 years she has just remembered about this bloke, you just couldnt make it up,could you.)mark my words

  49. "Det Chief Insp Colin Sutton, 49...." ???

    Lucy Panton must have had thick fingers whilst hitting her keyboard writing this article, or Sutton doesn't dry up very well.

  50. "So what exactly is the purpose of giving him this job?"
    Because he is not going to investigate the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, he is reviewing the work done by portuguese
    police, the PJ, why? to find the mistakes maybe done by pj so that mccscum can sue them?!!
    Am I right?

  51. And who had picked this man? mccscum? sure so it is not a independent review?!
    Who to trust?

  52. In the Daily Mails "YOU"magazine today ,I,ve just read an article about ,women with inner strength when faced with difficult situations in their lives,and don,t "give in" to crying etc in public!!!Guess who,s been listed as one of those very brave women? You couldn,t make it up,our very own ,unfeeling Kate McCaan!!!!!!!but the most upsetting aspect of the article is when alongside her name is that of the totally,genuine ,heartbroken mother of an abducted,murdered child ;Sara Payne. I give up with our media reporting on this fiasco,but,then again,our Kate was chosen by the BBC to represent mums on Mothering Sunday ,this year wasn,t she ,so maybe ,Gerry will be asked to do a similar rendition on Fathers Day !!

  53. I notice the top murder cop has been "lined up" to spearhead a new probe also that Gamble has asked Scotland Yard to take a fresh look at the investigation and police to review all leads.

    It is quite a long line - Mr. Amaral and bloggers around the world have been reviewing all leads (evidence) for three years. Lets hope the top murder cop gets to see the videos of the alert dogs and the photos of the blue sports bag.

  54. There are acid beds in Huelva....

  55. I think Gamble is a part of whatever the McCanns were involved in,how did Gerry get hold of those ceop manuals that forensics found on his bedside table in Aug 07?The McCanns will always be a step ahead of any investigation that occurs,because of the friends they have in high places,Brown,Gamble,Mitchell,what binds them all together?.They are all connected to something,sounds daft i know,but something they all have in common holds them together,the mystery to me is our media,i don't believe for a moment that all the British media believe the 'abduction'tale,surely they know the files can be read online,i hope when the truth comes out as inevitably it will,the British media go down along with the perpetrators of this crime.Poor Madeleine,left alone in life,and tossed aside in death.

  56. Anon 53, I thought she cried during an interview in Spain?

  57. Gamble-Cooper- prince Charles-Colin Sutton! Thats the new team of "investigators" folks! =)) =))

  58. Joanna, Just to let you know MM is back up and running. Thank you for helping. welshy.x

  59. @Anon 48

    The one way anything is ever going to happen is when somebody cracks up.
    The other alternative is the twins growing up but by the time they have reached even young adulthood,they will have been so incredibly brainwashed they wont ever doubt their parents"s saintety.
    I think the next big move is their coronation now we"re talking about sharing public events with the royals...

  60. This is just more tabloid spin. It boggles the mind how these two narcisssistic and neglectful parents have been able to DUPE so many people for so long, I often despair over their antics and BS.

  61. I have often wondered whether there are two sets of Files.

    The official ones that we can read a translation of here and other places, and the ones the McCanns give people to read.

    This is because it sure seems strange that we get pro McCann comments from people who should know better, who don't even mention the dogs.

    Have the McCanns left the dogs out of the Files they had translated, plus anything else that makes them look suspicious?

    It would not be surprising if they had, as they are never challenged on anything they say or do. As for the dogs, well, they have been dismissed as irrelevant by the McCanns, and this has never seriously been challenged by any interviewer.

    Are the McCann ever going to be forcibly contradicted in what they say?

    It is also like the dogs never existed for some people, Gamble included. Have the McCanns really persuaded people like Gamble to say the dogs are unreliable? Has anybody asked Gamble to comment on the dogs?

    If Gamble agrees with the McCanns, what do the UK cops, who trust and rely on these dogs, really think of Gamble and the rest of these ex so called investigators the McCanns have recruited into their pseudo police force?

    One thing is for sure, so far they have not let the McCanns or Gamble get hold of the information the McCanns tried to get from the LP by taking them to court.

    Yet, as we know, the McCanns wont have given up on that one.

  62. Post number 4 hits the nail right on the head.

  63. All this publicity the McCanns get for their supposed Madeleine sightings and leads certainly does the job of keeping the lid on the Gamble statements.

    Besides the reopening of the case, that is another thing the McCanns wont want mentioned.

    Have the Gaspar statements been left out of the translated copy of the Files the McCanns have?

    Have the ex police they have working for them even heard of them?

  64. What about Madeleine's "accidental death" by fall, overdose? Dr. Amaral's expert opinion? The question here is:
    Why would they have hiden the body? An accident is not a crime. It is an unfortunate event. True there could have been legal consequences (they should have been...) but if there was a sentence, surely this would have been minimal, bearing in mind the parents’ good character, status and the other two children – not to mention (as we have seen) the “political good offices” of Her Majesty.

    Furthermore, why would they hide and/or dispose of her own daughter's body? I find it too pathological, too disturbing - given their good track as parents. Anyway, where is the body?

    They would have to be either too stupid (or exceedingly clever) to take such risk. No evidence (except in the car) but...the DNA could easily have come from the twins (laboratory's conclusion). Also I understand the blood on that (well washed wall) was not Madeleine’s besides. True, the laboratory conclusions could have been biased – one reason the Portuguese government should invest in such equipment.

    Could the McCann's have deliberately and meticulous planned their own daughter's euthanasia (for some medical reason) as it has been suggested elsewhere? Again, I find this far fetching. Machiavellian even.

    What I am trying to say is that mathematically (at least) the probability of any conceivable event or scenario is always greater than zero which means the McCann's cannot be assumed guilty just on the basis of antipathy and/or suggestive but not conclusive, evidence .

    The tendency to declare the McCann's guilty for its own sake goes against the very grain of human intelligence (and dignity).

    Naturally if I were to ask Dr. Amaral what he thinks might have happened, he would probably tell me what he has written in his book. The content of the book is ultimately an outline of an expert's opinion based on the facts of the investigation - an opinion he should be entitled to have - if he was American, say… 8-}

    The onus should be on the McCann's (not on the courts) to deconstruct Dr. Amaral's arguments (in a book say) but they decided to try and gag him instead by brute judicial force - a prejudiced, decision that is tarring their image and turning public opinion against them – as someone put it: "it’s all about pride, prejudice, celebrity seeking and money grabbing".

    I am not making any libellous comments on this comment but I will say this:

    I suspect the McCann’s attack on Dr. Amaral is essentially of a PR, personal nature. Dr. Amaral is an ex-Chief Investigator with a Occam’s Razor theory – telling the public what the data was telling him.

    The McCann’s on the other hand seem to be saying: “Forget the data! We are innocent and you have to take our word for it!” That I am afraid is called dogma…

    If I were the McCann’s I would write a book explaining to the public why the wrong inferences (from the facts) were made, in which case they may have to revise some of the statements they have made. That could amount to perjury (may be) but I do not wish to make wrong inferences here.

    What is at stake here - least we forget, is not whether the McCann's are guilty or innocent (we have no way of knowing that for sure) but whether Gonçalo Amaral - or indeed any Portuguese citizen for that matter, has the right to express his/her own opinion.

    Whether the public (Portuguese or otherwise) has the right to know what the ex-Chief Investigator thought of a case that is of public interest. An opinion is not a judgement. It is an expression of free speech. As for the right to a “good name” that cuts both ways I am afraid.


  65. :)] And now for something else...

    Let us indulge in other possibilities. Take these for example ...
    We know that the window and/or the shutter could NOT have been opened from outside... so... if Kate is telling the truth… Indeed she adds as a counterpoint that it could have been left opened as a "red herring."… other interrogation marks are also possible:

    1. Could Madeleine have opened both? Someone knocking outside say? No? Yes? No?

    2. Could an abductor have opened it from the inside...not necessarily as a "red herring" but then found it awkward to negotiate and then leaves through the front or back door ... not bothering under the circumstances to close them. By the way... given the amount of alcohol ingested by the party someone could have forgotten to close the door… one or the other…

    3. Could an abductor open it to pass the child to an accomplice waiting outside?
    Aside: for the sake of expediency and discretion, the child could have been "drugged" (ether say) and placed in a large holdall, in a suitcase, in a box, etc. Assuming the kidnapping was planned, that is...

    4. Could Madeleine have walked out through the opened back door (or the forgotten opened front door) wandered into the night and been picked up by some psychopath (there were road works going on near by...and indeed a remote viewing session conducted at the time (Major Ed Dames) vaguely suggests such a scenario - the description of the place where the child was held say (tools, etc.). I passed that info (at the time) to the PJ in Portimao. Chances are they checked that possibility. Anyway...

    All of the possibilities outlined above are plausible - particularly in the context of a planned kidnap...obviously Portuguese legal analysts must be aware of these and many more... which could explain the McCann's "not-proven guilty" official status.

    What about the absence of forensics on the window, etc. excepting those of Kate? Well, imagine the operative(s) were not completely dumb and were wearing gloves? A no-brainer.

    Which leaves us with the dogs scent “evidence”...

    Again...if you were a doctor and worked in hospitals (where death is a normal occurrence) to what extent could you pick up the cadaver odour by contact or exposition to it? How long it will last? Theses are just two questions that would have to be addressed if any court proceedings initiated against the McCann's. Of course one could pose the question: why was it then, that the scent was not present in the apartments/belongings,etc. of other doctors in the group? A very good point. Why?

    What about witnesses’ contradictions? Well, these could have been made to hide the fact that they did not check on the children as often as they wanted the PJ to believe - a minor/major peccadillo if it were not for the major tragedy that ensued but… again, this in itself proves nothing except carelessness which would have been otherwise out of character (my assumption).

    continues bellow..

  66. If the media and 'everyone else' happily ignores even Kates actual words stating that she went to close the door which she noticed was in a 'different position' (she was closing the door on a room in which her child was allegedly missing) without, it would seem, realising she was basically saying that they didnt actually check their children even when they claim they went to check, then you can hardly expect them to notice (or care about)anything!

    Even the door positioning is suspect, as Gerry claims he had been back in the interim for his 'proud father' moment.

    I've long given up on justice being served - the thing I'm dreadin most is when they have their own tv show!

  67. If Det Chief Insp Colin Sutton does genuinely pick up this case, the McCanns are doomed. Of course this assumes he doesnt work for the security services and this isnt an attempt to whitewash the McCanns.

    He will have to adddress the detail of which we are all familiar here. He will have to answer all the unanswered questions and we all know what those questions are - they will only get away with that amongst the general public who are already blindfold!

  68. 66 to ac.

    Actually they are definately not innocent - there is absolute proof that they have lied in several areas.

    Example: Kate claims the door was in a different position than when 'they' had left the apartment. Obviously this means as far as she was concerned, no legitimate visitors could have moved the door, or it having been moved would not be an issue to her.

    If the door was moved, why did she go to shut it, rather than check the children?

    Why, if she had gone to check the children, was she closing the door without having done so?

    If her view that no one else would have been in the apartment, what happened to Gerry's claimed 'proud father' moment? So either he or she is lying.

    Any lies told when a child's safety is at stake will compromise a search - so why did they lie?

    Your assertion that they had little to lose by telling the police the truth is missing an important point. Their careers would be wrecked. NHS staff who can take peoples children from them, who are fouund to have neglected their children and possibly abused medication would be out of work! Gerry's reputation was vital to him - he was involved in many different 'commitee's' - he was looking for political position. Such a scandal would have ended that.

  69. Well I hope this DCI lives up to his name and is not swayed by the McCanns, Surely not everyone is under their influence. The Met used to have some really good policemen, I do not know about nowadays, but lets hope he works with portugal, and Amaral and see things as they really are.My only doubt on him, is that he may a friend of Gambol, and the McCanns will get to know everything, and this whole thing will be washed away and forgotten. Det Chief Insp sutton now has his 5 minutes of fame, please use it wisely.

  70. According to Dr Amaral there was a match of such closeness to Madeleine's DNA found that one of the UK investigators was heard to complain when told by the UK it could not be used, that in the UK cases had been brought to court with less of a DNA match than that.

    The blood splatters found on the walls and surrounds were too contaminated, having been washed with water and chemicals so as not to be of use.

    Regarding the blood on the walls there was nobody who had stayed in the holiday apartment previously who was found to have bled in the area behind the settee, and as for who washed the blood away, there was nobody found to say they had done so.

    The blood and the cadaver scent were found in the same place in the apartment behind the settee. Each dog only alerts to the scent it has been trained to detect and the cadaver dog is not alerting to blood.

    The blood dog may be alerting to blood from a dead or a living person. The cadaver dog alerts to the scent of a dead human being.

    I don't know what the chances would be for blood and cadaver scent to be found in exactly the same place in the apartment, when the blood dog did not alert to blood anywhere else in the apartment.

    That would be a stretch of a coincidence, though no doubt the McCanns would try to pass it off as a coincidence.

    The settee had also been washed.

    The cadaver dog also alerted to cadaver scent in the parent's bedroom beside the wardrobe and also the second shelf in the wardrobe where there had previously been photographed a large blue bag/suitcase which has since vanished.

    Gerry McCann has since said he never had such a bag, so the bag in the photo must be a figment of the imagination! How does he get away with it?

  71. At the end of the day we may be talking into the wind unless the information the UK Government is keeping under wraps about the McCann case is released.

    That is the information which we are told, if it were to be released, would damage relations between the UK and Portugal.

    This information has been provided by somebody close to the McCanns who has since backed away and will refuse to say any more.

    What can they know about the case that would be so serious as to damage relations between two countries?

    The Portuguese should demand to know what it is.

    There may also be hackers or whistleblowers around and interested this case and justice, and that information may not be as secure as they think.

    What information is nowadays?

    With hindsight, it may end up that it would have been better for relations between the two countries if the UK had come clean in the first place.

    Are they also keeping this information from HM The Queen? Would Prince Charles have been willing to meet with Kate McCann if he knew?

    I doubt that he would.

  72. If DCI Sutton accepts this work and gets himself a small handpicked team, and keeps the investigation or thoughts on the whole affair secret,until he has a conclusion...things may advance. People may start to get nervous, (theres nothing like a well respected cop to make even the innocent feel guilty)Of course if he does this, Portugal may say, hang on this is our case, and reopen it quickly.
    For me the thing that stinks most is, gerry having all those ceop booklets and enlarged photos of Maddie, by the bed, who takes these things on holiday''Ahh but then Gerry did say, I am not going on holiday to F........enjoy myself, or something like that

  73. 65 -

    You make some realistic points, but why did Gerry say "when we found her" in their latest interview in Spain? I have listened again and again and so have others and that is exactly what he said.

  74. Anon 47.

    In my opinion the Fund is at the basis of this whole sordid affair. We see that Kate has never returned to work but stays at home purportedly to continue the search for Maddie. How she expects to find her there we don't know! And she has a ready made meal ticket for herself and her family with this Fund to find Madeleine! It should be looked into with a fine tooth comb along with any review by this Scotland Yard cop!

  75. ''Each dog only alerts to the scent it has been trained to detect and the cadaver dog is not alerting to blood.''

    Read what Martin Grimes has to say. He specifically mentions that Eddie WILL alert to human blood. Denying that it is so will not make it any different.

  76. does anyone know if Sandy Cameron & David Cameron are related?

  77. I hope Colin Sutton asks the McCann’s why they felt it necessary to start a financial fund three days after their daughter ‘vanished’ and an on-line shopping store when other parents of victims of violence have asked for nothing more than justice for their children and why McCann’s refused to co-operate with the Portuguese Police which spent many hours searching for their daughter when McCann’s did nothing, except feed on the media exposure that they encouraged.
    Portugal has been treated appallingly by the McCann’s. McCann’s as soon as they were made suspects fled the country and have since come back stronger than ever, with a top PR spin team and lawyers. The only time they ever visit Portugal is for meetings with their lawyers for libel discussions to add to their fund which is actually a Limited Business purpose stated as ‘To provide financial support to Kate and Gerry’ Now they are meeting Prince Charles along with parents whose children were victims of crime, what is going on here who arranges such functions, why does somebody in authority state it would be inappropriate to have such people as the McCann’s present on these occasions, they will feed on the limelight for all the wrong reasons. What about the feelings of other parents present such as Damilola Taylor or Ben Kinsilla how do they feel on such a sensitive occasion having McCann’s involved.
    Considering the inconsistencies and flaws in their statements, and evidence against McCann’s they should have been properly investigated by British Police or Scotland Yard when they returned to UK instead the McCann’s are treated as Royalty, it is obvious as soon as this pair start speaking they are covering up for a crime they were involved with. They are interviewed on television with the sole purpose of selling media packs to gullible viewers adding to this fraudulent fund. Now I read they are planning a blitz of heart rendering interviews for the television, this again is nothing more than advertising their Maddie packs for sale, and giving them maximum newspaper coverage what has happened to common sense and justice, a three year old child loses her life and becomes a trademark for her parents to market.
    This ridiculous story that Gail Cooper is in Praia da Luz at the expense of the Express newspaper group talking about the ‘George Harrison’ lookalike she has suddenly remembered after three years. What has become of the British Media?
    Dr Amaral was on the verge of arresting the McCann’s he was not happy with their inconsistencies, there was the evidence of a death in the apartment determined by sniffer dogs, Amaral said it had become a very difficult and diplomatic case but instead of the juridical system supporting the investigation they replaced Dr Amaral . The British media attempted to ruin this fine officer, now McCann’s are to sue him for a million pounds.
    This case has brought out the worst in human nature namely greed, lies and corruption the forthcoming meeting with Prince Charles, will be another front page photo opportunity for McCann’s the focus of the event will be lost to their ‘find Madeleine – give us your money’ mantra, what next an audience with the Queen with a spread in Hello Magazine and a front page exclusive for Express Group.

  78. #77, I very much doubt if David Cameron and Gerry's brother-in-law Sandy Cameron are related. Dave comes from one of the poshest and most well-to-do families in the land, while the McCanns and their relatives are, as we know, common as muck. There are many, many people called Cameron, and they come from all strata of society, but these two are poles apart. What relative of David Cameron would be willing (or indeed allowed) to marry a sister of wee Gerry from the Glasgow tenement? Not that I have anything against anyone from a Glasgow tenement or any other poor family, unless they are as jumped-up and arrogant and apparently talentless as Dr G McCann.

    By the way, do we know if this DCI is a Mason? If so, no need to wonder what the outcome of his "review" will be!

  79. Anon 78

    Well put.

    The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Kate McCann to meet Prince Charles, what a farce.

    What a sick society we are living in, and what will it take to put this right.

  80. Anon 76

    If Eddie is alerting to blood there would be no need to have a blood dog with him, he would be doing it all himself, yet these dogs work together.

    Eddie would also be alerting everywhere because there is blood spilt in all kinds of places, most of it obviously from living people, yet he doesn't.

    He has never been wrong in all the cases he has worked on. The McCanns are no exception, much as they would like people to believe that.

    The blood dog does not alert in the bedroom of the McCanns, only Eddie alerts to that and the place where the missing (supposedly never existing) large blue bag was.

    Eddie is sniffing DEATH.

    He is the best in the world, and has never been wrong.

    Where is the body? Madeleine's body, because nobody has ever died in that apartment, and she is missing.

    How about a search of the McCann's property back in Rothley. The last place anybody would think to look. That would be a good idea, with the 'ludicrous' dogs of course.

    If the case were to be reopened there is no doubt that search would be done and the McCanns know it.

  81. Speaking about Kate going to the Abbey meeting Prince Charles.
    There is a religious service praying for people who disappeared (including for David Payne, for Clarence Mitchell,Gerry's mother, etc), Prince Charles will be present and Kate took the profit to join it.

  82. #66, ac,
    In my modest opinion Madeleine might have died as Mr. Amaral suggested, from a fall due to the drowsiness of sedation, but that does not necessarily exclude some other imperious reason that would require avoiding an authopsy at all costs. If Madeleine was a victim of systematic abuse and that would be revealled in a post-mortem, then no way would they risk declaring an accident and leave the body for forensics.


  83. Prince Charles is meeting the mother of Jimmy Mizen at westminister abbey for those who don't know Jimmy Mizen was a young boy 16 years old who was murdered in a Bakers shop in an unprovoked attack in London in broad daylight. His family are all devout Catholics in a different league to the Maccanns,his parents are a wonderful example to us all. But their spokesman is Clarence Mitchell. so this is how the Maccann's have jumped on the Bandwagon.

  84. I hope no news paper will publish any photo of Kate and the Prince of Wales.

  85. Dear friends please read the following post from a real journalist and friend who was in May 2007 at Praia da Luz, he is also the author of the book titled 'O Enigma da Praia da Luz' and the author of some of the best articles published by Focus magazine on the case, at those early times. His name is Frederico Duarte Carvalho, the article in question is called 'Praia da Luz Revisited' http://paramimtantofaz.blogspot.com/2010/05/praia-da-luz-revisited.html Good night to all.

  86. :)]From ac (65-66) to 69

    Points taken.

    The question of the door... Kate could have argued that in court that her recollection may have been wrong. She had drunk "a wee too much" (the proof of that available on the restaurant's bill). Why did she lie? She could answer: "I did not lie. I thought I was telling the truth." Same rationale would apply to Gerry.

    Of course you could not be confused in too many areas or else the prosecution will point that out to the jury ...

    The second point you make is, again, plausible but the McCann's could have construed that as libellous - unless someone had caught him/them on tape/video expressing such concerns. You forget the concerns they could have had for the twins... I thought of that myself but...it was just a wild inference. An allegation.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to play the devil's advocate. I get the points you are making but still... you have to give McCann's the benefit of a doubt. When you think of it, disposing of their daughter corpse (a very difficult thing for any parent worth their salt to do)would have been even more risky...but yes! Such scenario is possible. Anything is possible.

    Yes, there are lies or at least contradictions...all of which could have been argued by the defence in terms of "the impact of alcohol on their perceptions and their memories" - they could have been trying to impress upon the PJ that her daughter "de-materialization" was not their fault.

    Let's get real here. Probably no one was timing the check-ups with a chronograph. Now and then they would remember it had been a while since...all times are approximate, from memory (imagined even - as the evidence above suggests...) but of course, I make no allegations. I am just having a private exchange of thoughts with you... May be they only checked on the children once or twice...(I can't believe I have just written this). May be. (continues)

  87. :)] ac 65-66 t0 69 (continuing)

    Concerning some comments made on the DNA - we are assuming that only the McCann's and/or their friends entered the apartment in their absence. If we accept they were all lying about the check-ins as the contradictions (evidence) suggests, then we have a window of opportunity for an abductor to enter the apartment and a murder or accident to take place there - in which case the dogs would have picked it up just the same.

    We are associating A with B whereas it could have been C. This is just another possible scenario. I am not saying this is what happened. It could have happened.

    No one knows exactly what really happened perhaps not even the McCann's. What we do know is that there was a crime of abandoning the children to their fate and perjury (evidence above). This much would probably have been made clear in a trial by jury. I know this may sound hard to two seemingly caring parents but as someone once said: "I don't think there is a fancy way to put it...".

    What we do know is: Dr. Amaral has been made a scapegoat for their guilt (if any) by telling the public what the facts were telling him at the time - before he was removed from the investigation in the name of "political correctness".

    If you ask Dr. Amaral - or listen to that infamous interview he gave to "what's his name"? He makes that clear. He is merely giving an expert's opinion based on his experience and the facts of the investigation.

    I am not saying the McCann's or a friend of theirs are not guilty. I am saying there alternative ways to look at it - thus the official verdict: "not proven guilty" - or words to that effect. It says it all.

    Let us hope now there will be justice for Dr. Amaral. Being made a scapegoat in his own country by the very same justice system he once served (with distinction) it would be a travesty of justice and a shame to Portugal. My thoughts and best wishes are with him... as for Det. Chief Insp. Colin Sutton yes by any means send him in to see what he can do. And I don't mean just blaming others for what he, himself, cannot do but... just do-do it. Good luck.


  88. 69 wrote - "Your assertion that they had little to lose by telling the police the truth is missing an important point. Their careers would be wrecked. NHS staff who can take peoples children from them, who are fouund to have neglected their children and possibly abused medication would be out of work! Gerry's reputation was vital to him - he was involved in many different 'commitee's' - he was looking for political position. Such a scandal would have ended that."

    You are bang on the money as to the reasons why they covered up her death!!

    IIRC the first time Gerry McCann mentioned wanting a “review of the case” was on the steps of the court, when all that damning information had come out in the libel trial with Snr. Amaral......IF there is a ‘review’ conducted in England, whether it’s Colin Sutton or some other ‘name’, you can bet everything you’ve got on it, that it will favor those psychopaths as part of a damage limitation exercise.

  89. ac

    Cadaver scent takes time to build up.

    Now go have a rethink!

  90. I don't believe Prince Charles will receive Kate or greet her.

    He must have being warned by his advisors and by Camilla.

    Shaking hands with her it would bring him down to the level of Jim Gamble and Clarence Mitchell.

  91. There will be or there were about 1000 people inside Westminster.
    Too many for Prince Charles to shake hands.

  92. did some of you notice that, during the Mananas de 4 interview, Kate(or Gerry?) uses the past tense to describe Madeleine?

    I use to watch a show that talks about people who left home without warning or did not come home after a fight with the family, most cases for some years,and their relatives still describe them in the present tense.

    how we all would like to see the rest of the interview!
    I bet they are full of Freudian slips and I hope the Spanish police got the full interview in order to give it to the Portuguese police.

  93. 65, "when we found her", yeah, a Freudian mistake.
    Gerry said it, I heard it.
    I wonder if she died the night before.

  94. ac - you seem to have a legal mind and your comments are very interesting. We can go on and on for ever about `they did this and they did that` and their unbelievable actions and reactions to the loss of their daughter and how they are as guilty as hell - we all know they are guilty but proving it in a court of law to a jury is a different matter. There probably are excuses they can come up with that cloud every bit of circumstantial evidence. I tend to agree with you about the things they could say and never be proved guilty - its damned sad, but criminals do get away with things. This is probably why the prosecutor in Portugal has had to shelve the case because its not water tight.

    Anyway even if they do get away with it, nearly the whole world knows they are guilty. My only hope is that someone decides to come clean because the heaviness of living a lie is too much for them.

  95. Anon @ 87,

    And the all group will be charged with high negligence and abandonment.
    The embassy will let them down immediately, isolating their behaviour and trying to convince the world that this bad behaviour was from that group and not reflecting at all, the behaviour of British parents.
    No space for a spoke-person sent by Brown. No empathy from any British Media. The all group will end up with their private life's investigated and they will have to fight the justice of two country's, to remain with custody of the childs. And off-course, their jobs, special the doctors will fly immediately.

    The main issue for them, at beginning, was not assuming the negligence and they prepared a cover-up for that ( Madeleine book cover with notes written by Gerry was the proof). This is why, in my opinion, Madeleine died before they reported her missing. Gerry and Kate got time to prepare a plan but not enough to spread it in a properly way into the all group. Perhaps only some Tapas 7 know the truth (O'Brien and Payne) but even this ones did not got enough time to memorize everything.
    A body need to be concealed at night, relatively early, when being outside was less suspicious. That means before mid-night. Imagine if they call the police just in the morning and Gerry was spotted by somebody after mid-night carrying a volume in PDL streets ?... suspect immediately. The best way to hide something is doing it right under some eyes and in a manner that look like normal or natural. They take the body out of the flat before calling GNR. When GNR arrived was busy taking statements, checking the flat, searching the resort and the surrounds ( without dogs because the dogs did not work at night) and Madeleine was on the beach waiting for the next plan- the church. She could be moved to the church before sunrise, foolish immediately the police and the binomials 'dog-police'. They are not allowed to enter the church before the permission of the Prosecutor and the Bishop, which were not available at May 4 morning. The GNR dogs trained to rescue people, signalized Madeleine going to beach trough the church way. They were close to the truth according to me (this is only a theory). The body remained in the church waiting for a more convenient time to be carried out in a blue tennis bag which remain missing up to now. I believe, the priest spot it in the church but was framed by Kate and Gerry and forced to close his mouth.
    I read in some Portuguese papers, at the beginning that father Pacheco was affected by the case, did not want to talk about it but he said that Kate approach him with some stories, trying to connect him with Paedophilia in the pass. He was afraid about what they can invent about him and pass to the press. This is why, Gerry fill so confident and said in front of TVS ' Find the body and prove we did it'. After May 4, they had a lot of time to get ride of the body, even with journalists, police and public around. Nobody follow them 24 hours. They controlled the journalists with programed press conferences, entry to the church, jogging, etc. This leave all the rest of time, free and private.
    Even Keela and Eddie, will be useless in the church since families and friends normally pay respects to their relatives, in the church, before the funeral. (CONT)

  96. (CONT)
    Wonder to know if the book, PJ found at side table, read by Gerry had any example of a crime related with church. But for a doctor, this is common sense. They learn how a body decomposes, what can be used to conserve or destroy a body accelerating the decomposition, etc. Nothing new for a doctor.
    I found it odd, when they state at the press that their family from UK was in PDL. That means, parents, sisters, brothers. They prepare their lunches but the twins still damped everyday in Mark warner Kids Club. Why the family did not take care about the twins? If you read Gerry blog at early days ( available in Mccannfiles and other places in the Internet), Gerry highlight the time- when they drop the twins, when they pick them, when they have dinner, lunch, etc, when they do jogging ( all ridiculous staff) but he hide the main issues- where have they been, what are they doing between the time highlighted? Since they are not working, they don't spend time with twins( dropped in the creche) and the family was busy cooking.
    And Why the family, suddenly fade in silence in UK, in 2007? Aunt Phill, who was so active at the beginning, meeting people in the parliament, spreading Maddie pictures in football games... even complaining with Portuguese authorities at Portela airport( Lisbon) because they don't allowed Kate and her to stick Madeleine posters in the airport, what made her to remain in silence and not be part anymore of that galactic campaigns looking for a live Madeleine? (CONT)

  97. CONT:

    The abduction theory was planned. So badly planed that end up with the all group telling inconsistencies to the police and contradicting themselves.
    Adding to that and against Gerry and Kate, came the list of the workers at Ocean Club, who were forced to leave and lost their jobs. All have been connected in some way with flat 5A, the creche, the restaurants used by the group.... with Mccann's day life during that holidays. Who request them to be sacked if now, some of them stated to RTP that they were competent and they have work. Was not the lack of work, the motive. Was to hide them from the public and from journalists, avoiding contacts? Like that, there was less risk for them to meet a journalist and start answer inconvenient questions.
    All this, is only a theory. My theory based on what I read and saw ( mccann's behaviour) during this 3 years.
    I hope Mr. Sutton, start looking at Mccann's interviews and behaviour before combing the files available. To have a properly idea of the case, he don't need to look at the files which are confidential. With what is available, he can do a properly review, which will end-up ( if he is independent and competent) with him advising the Mccann's ' Publicly' to fill up the forms and reopen the case.
    I don't believe a single word of this News. This is only propaganda, same as hundred sights delivered to papers before being checked by any official police. If he was really in charged of re-evaluating what PJ and British police have done, he will do it, out of the spots of the Media and will come out to newspapers, after... when his comb had finish and with conclusions, with what he found. That can be 'NEWS' if that was the way chosen.
    Like that, is another lie, another temptation to manipulate public opinion and sale some papers. Wonder why the guy, agree with his picture connected with that propaganda... That means he was not so professional or so good. He did not resist at the money from the Fund and at few minutes of fame? I tend to agree.
    PJ files cannot be evaluated by a single cop, no matter how competent he is. The case was taken so far by the Mccann's and involving so deeply the police of several countries that only a big and multidisciplinary team, can comb and evaluate what the previous police have done. Remember that, at least in Portugal, the team involved in Maddie investigation ( Amaral or Rebelo) were the best inspectors, with more then 20 years of hard and successful investigation in high crime. They were not amateurs or beginners. and this is the biggest stone Mccann's had inside their shoes- The Profissionalism and the success of the Inspectors.
    And when they say, they have done nothing. They lie. It was the most expensive investigation in Portugal with high profile at every corner and involving Europol and Interpol with several local polices in many countries.
    I would like them (Kate and Gerry) to point out which other missing person, in UK, in Portugal, or even in the world, had a so planetarium and so high investigation as Madeleine? No one. THEIR GUILTY LEAVE THEM SO BLIND THAT THEY DON'T NOTICED HOW DANGER IS FOR THEM TO INSIST IN A CAMPAIGN TO DISCREDIT OFFICIAL POLICES. It is so ridiculous... that only rubbish tabloids with 'decadents' or 'beginners' journalists can be the vehicles to spread that stories.

  98. "There will be or there were about 1000 people inside Westminster.
    Too many for Prince Charles to shake hands."
    The Mccnns have hold hands with the pope!! so Prince Charles is just a smaller fish to them, IMO.

  99. Immediately following the Soham murders, Ian Huntley was enjoying life in the spotlight, playing cat and mouse with the local village bobbies.
    When Scotland Yard detectives were eventually called in he was swiftly arrested and his little game was over.

  100. @93 Yes love, I noticed it too infact King Gerry stated 8times

    She WAS this she WAS that speaking of little Maddie in the past tense can only mean ONE thing.

    "when we found her" the best slip up of all time. and YES the PJ and BP should be looking into these interviews - which are a complete give away that Maddie is dead.

    So very very sad!

  101. How many months they spend in Portugal...They payed this long holidays? No. The Ocean Club supported all the charges including the food. Perhaps supported also the holidays of family and friends who visited them.
    When they moved from the Ocean Club, they refused the flats proposed by PJ. They choose an isolated and expensive villa located out of public eyes and where they can control who is entering the street which go to the Villa. Why?
    Portuguese taxes paid that Villa, the privacy and the luxury. On that villa, a neighbour (she is a judge) spotted that the Renault scenic was left night after night with back door open. Her experience as a judge, made her report that to the police, this is why Keela and Eddie went to the Villa for a check and to the Renault Scenic. and what the dogs find (both in the same place) cannot be dismissed by any court. Because a Pizza in decomposition, the dirty nappies of the twins or a meat left in the car ( sporadic) cannot explain The door open every night, cannot justify what trained dogs find and cannot dismiss the statement of a judge.

    Some local people said they stop having so many visits when they move to the Villa. Why? if the main issue remain, why people don't visit them in the Villa? Cannot be only because now they have to pay the meals, they are not anymore at expenses of the Ocean Club. They stop inviting the family and friends or who came realised what was going on and decide to stay aside.
    AC is pointing some good questions. Off-Course, Mccann's can justify everything to get away with what happened, in papers, in the streets, in TVS. BUT in court, is not so easy. The judges are very clever to read behind the lines and many witnesses will be involved to testify. In court a witness cannot lie. If he lies, his status change into an arguido status. No any witness will take the risk to lie and become involved in the crime. Their friends were the first ones to drop the lies or any agreement they have. This is why, they avoid reopening the case, they avoid the only place where they can be declared innocents- THE COURT. Why? Because they know, their possibilities to go away with the crime, are very few.
    In court, the dogs are reliable and the FSS lab will be in troubles because they refused to hand back the samples saying they were destroyed. A lab cannot destroy samples, special when a crime was not solved. Why they are holding the samples? In my modest opinion, I just find one reason: the results were conclusive but inconvenient and any other Lab in Europe will find it.
    Amaral is very competent. He knows about what he write his book. The problem is - Portugal is facing the most worse time with that government always involved in corruption and manipulation of the Media. The government is on the same boat of the mccann's- They want to discredit PJ in general and the judges, to get away with their crimes. Even the parliament decide to get involved with TVI manipulation. Amaral was the scapegoat.
    What happened to Maddie will last for 20 years, and this politics will loose their chairs in a blinked. ONE DAY, EVERYTHING WILL BE EXPOSED.

  102. The CEOP, the McCanns, the ex-cops and now this guy Sutton are all in the game plan...to divert the theory from us non-believers that the parents are involved in the death of their child.

    I don't expect you will folks but do not be fooled by this crap.

    The game is now coming to a final close and I for one cannot wait to see the smile wiped off these two faces.

  103. The McCanns will shake hands with Prince Charles, because he will have been told by the McCanns spokesperson, that a nice donation by the McCanns (taken from the fund to find Madeleine) to the Prince's trust is on its way.

    Charles knows that the fund to find Madeleine, has been used for anything but to find her. He will also know that the behaviour by the McCanns, before and after Madeleine's disappearance and the evidence found in the McCanns apartment, villa and hire car, suggests she isn't alive. His fund might as well benefit from the fund that was supposed to find Madeleine and if it means he has to shake hands with one half of the gruesome twosome, so what. He can always disinfect his hands after.

    Wouldn't it be lovely if Prince Charles had the guts to say to this vile woman " Why did one and one's husband, leave one's daughter alone, in ones holiday apartment?

    "Why did one and one's husband, not search for one's daughter and why did one not answer the 48 questions, that one was asked?

    Charles won't ask "one" any questions though, because he will have already have been briefed by "one's" spokesperson, what he can and can ask, or if indeed he can ask "one" anything.

  104. Mccann's will be caught by a parallel case.
    Their game will die at the hands of Aragao and Leonor Cipriano. They have that mantra of being connected with high society in UK and with 'dam', 'def', people in Portugal. They never dismiss that connection with Cipriano. Very convenient at some time.
    Aragao apply for Leonor to be free one week every four months ( a new polemic rule to be implemented in Portugal. Nobody from Leonor family want her back. Lets see who is going to pay her expenses if the judge decide to give her that week free. PJ, follow the money...
    Lets to see how long the Mccann's will be able to keep Leonor mouth close, without compromising their strategy. She is not a Mark warner worker. She have nothing to loose . They will need to feed her mouth with money from the Fund, which will not last forever. Somewhere, waiting, will be a journalist ready to investigate and come out with a big story.
    Mccann's, the nightmare just begin.

    Will be amazing to see the British tabloids eating every word of their lies and Prince Charles washing her hands with a strong sanitiser if he shake Kate hands now.

  105. If Sutton does take this on, he should speak to Jose de Freitas, Scotland Yard, who was prevented from attending Mr Amaral's hearing as a witness on his behalf. He should also look at the "last" pool photo and ask why it was timed and dated when Hampshire Police forensidc investigation found the camera date was set in 2002.

  106. If Mr Colin Sutton does not have the time (!) to go through all the evidence of posters on this blog - and others - why not write to him with a neat layout of your concusions?
    So many details have been gone over on these websites, and with such clarity, that it would be a pity if all this work was never seen by him.

  107. Kathybelle, no. 104

    I doubt if Prince Charles has a clue about what has been going on with the McCanns, he will believe what is printed in the newspapers like 75% of the UK population, if he doesn't read the Daily Mail, Express or Sun he will be even more in the dark.

    His life is totally different to you or I. He moves in totally different circles and deals with heads of state of all countries and probably lives in a comfortable, cushioned bubble - he is supposed to even have a servant who runs his bath for him.

    However, he will soon know the truth when I send him the letter I have written giving him all the details of the ghastly duo.

    I am totally disgusted that K McCann has even been invited to this event. Whose ridiculous idea was that? What on earth has the mysterious "disappearance" of Madeleine have to do with the murder of Jimmy Mizen. Also, the Jimmy Mizen Foundation is a registered charity, not like the Find Madeleine Fund which is bank rolling the McCanns and extended family, Uncle John for instance giving up his job within weeks of Madeleine going missing.

    Not to mention that the McCanns are suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine. The case has been shelved, the McCanns have not been cleared.

  108. 99, an., the McCanns shook hands with the Pope when the Vatican still believed in an abduction.
    Madeleine disappeared from the Vatican's site short before her parents were made arguidos.
    Prince Charles does not walk around without being controlled,prepared, warned and advised by experts.
    Whatever he does, is under the responsibility of the UK government.
    A Prince is not allowed to make mistakes when he is on duty.

    They never invited Kate. Gerry manipulated somebody and she went to the church, imo.

  109. Prince Charles is a very intelligent man,capable and with own sense of judgement.

    Speaking about Kate or Gerry, he does not need advisors.

    I think Mitchell was the one who booked a chair for Kate in the church.
    If he did.
    Is there any proof she was there?

    Don't forget Brown refused to receive the McCanns.

    Not without a reason.

  110. yes, Madeleine never returned to the Vatican site.

    This means that the Vatican does not believe in the McCanns'innocence.

    Otherwise we would have seen her back.

  111. The mizen family do not deserve to be treated like this. They are devout Catholics who behaved with great dignity. They are exemplars of the very best in people; the coplete antithesis of the MCanns, who are desecrating the memory of this gentle boy.

  112. If I remember correctly (and I do!) Clarence was very quick to jump in to "assist" the Mizens, and they were probably grateful for the help of such an important person. They no doubt had no idea what Clarence had been up to with the McCann case, and indeed few of us did at the time. They were also a very devout Catholic family and genuinely heartbroken parents, and Clarence took advantage of this to use them to the McCanns' benefit. You can just hear everyone saying "Oh, what a lovely kind man Clarence Mitchell is to help this poor family without any thought of reward for himself, just like he helped that other poor bereaved devout Catholic family in Portugal". I feel very aggrieved on the Mizens' behalf that they were conned into having anything to do with him, when they were in no fit state to make any such decision. And why the hell is Kate McCann an appropriate guest at this event today? She insists no harm has befallen her daughter, so how can she possibly be a victim of violence?

  113. Hi Anonymous (post 108) Great minds think alike, I am also going to email Prince Charles. In the past I have emailed the PJ, the Portuguese Justice Minister, Goncalo Amaral, Leicestershire police, CEOP, and more recently the BBC, when Kate McCann was invited to speak about Madeleine on the Aled Jone's Sunday programme. I have pointed out to all the agencies I have emailed, the McCanns lies and disgusting behaviour, before and after Madeleine's disappearance. I have also signed numerous petitions regarding the McCanns part in Madeleine's disappearance.

    I have come to the conclusion that they have too many friends in high places, who will fight tooth and nail to keep them from facing justice. I hope I am wrong and the murder chief, who has been assigned to this case, brings this ghastly pair to justice.

    I didn't understand, why Kate McCann was at this service, because it was for children who have died a violent death. Then I remembered, the evidence that was found in the McCanns apartment, villa and hire car, which pointed to Madeleine dying a death where she has been harmed, purposely or accidently.

    The McCanns behaviour, before and after Madeleine's disappearance, suggests that if they haven't harmed Madeleine, they know who has.

    I bet Kate McCann is the only person at this service today, who has
    played a major part in the demise of their child. The only reason she is attending, is for the publicity. She is hard faced enough to think that the public want to see and hear her. They do, but not for the reasons Kate McCann thinks. Most want to see this ghastly woman and her ghastly husband, brought to justice and then locked away for a very long time.

    Re my previous post(104) I believe Prince Charles does know that the McCanns are responsible for Madeleine's disappearance. Whether it's by neglect or otherwise. He may not personally have read the newspapers, or listened to the interviews that the McCanns have made to the media. He may not even have friends, who have read the newspapers. or listened to the interviews the McCanns made to the media, but I will imagine Camilla will know, or have friends and family, who know, about this case and being a woman, she will discuss it with Charles.

  114. Madeleine may have been found as Gerry says, but the point is which one of them left her there to be found.

    A true accident could easily have been covered by the McCanns. They are very resourceful people, it would have been no problem. Something worse than that is not so easy to cover.

    As for Gerry saying he saw Madeleine when he checked on the kids at 9.10pm, this does not tally with the cadaver scent which takes time to build up, meaning Madeleine would already have been behind the settee at that time if she had been found that evening.

    However, Gerry saying he saw Madeleine at that time does give Kate an alibi for suspicion of Kate being responsible for the death of Madeleine earlier, as does the very confusing visit that Payne is said to have made to the McCann's apartment.

    Personally I think the McCanns are very afraid the case would be reopened as a murder investigation, and the talk of the Gaspar statements is unnerving them.

    They had a very narrow escape the last time when most people thought Kate McCann was about to be arrested.

    If the Gaspar statements hit the headlines and it looks like the cops are moving in, might we end up seeing a confession?

    Very possibly.

  115. Kathybelle at 114

    Good points.

    The McCanns talk in riddles.

    On the one hand they are saying that Madeleine has come to no harm as there is no evidence of this (a load of rubbish for a start), then there is Kate attending a service for children who have died a violent death.

    What is she doing there?

    Come to think of it, what is Gamble hanging around the McCanns for, when the police who investigated the case say Madeleine is DEAD.

    He was not one of the investigators. He should get lost and not return until the McCanns can prove their abduction scenario, and that will be NEVER.

    He should be warned that he is interfering with a criminal case, as should those 'friends' of the McCanns who visited witnesses in this case should be warned about interfering with police witnesses.

    How these people are getting away with this beggers belief.

    Nobody else would have lasted this long running their own supposed criminal investigation and charging around questioning and harassing people.

    This kind of thing could end up with the suicide of somebody who is afraid of them and their media machinery. They are totally irresponsible, they should be stopped now.

    If it does result in a death will the police accept any responsiblility for standing back and letting this happen?

  116. anon 78
    please dont insult the late George Harrison by comparing him to the egg man, bundleman or whichever alias he was working under at the time.
    How could Mitchell do this to that poor boys parents. The new PM should insist the McCann fund becomes a legal charity, and not use the hospital as a business address.
    Their rise to royalty status is sickening, there are many who have never had their opportunities when they have lost their child. G McCann should be suspended from practicing as a doctor until legally proven not guilty.

  117. Kathybell,114...... in the case of Prince Charles entertaining Mc Canns (ltd) the saying "Birds of a feather"spring to mind ,because until the day I die I will never believe any other than he was involved in Dianas death ,he and Mc`s (LTD) deserve each other, may they all rot in hell together

  118. Daily Mail:

    Kate McCann's tears as Jimmy Mizen's mother talks at royal memorial service of son's heartbreaking last moments
    By Emily Andrews
    Last updated at 9:07 PM on 10th May 2010
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    This is the heartbreaking moment when the parents of murdered schoolboy Jimmy Mizen were met and comforted by Kate McCann at a service held in memory of young victims of knife and gun crime.
    McCann, who of course is still tormented by her own loss - the disappearance of her daughter three years ago - shared a sympathetic hug with Barry and Margaret Mizen on the steps of Westminster Cathedral.
    The Mizens showed immense courage as they spoke of their ‘incredible pain’ at the service staged on the second anniversary of their son’s death and attended by Prince Charles.
    Kate McCann is fast approaching the three-year anniversary of daughter Madeleine McCann vanishing on a family holiday to Portugal
    At the service, led by the Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols, the Mizen family spoke movingly of Jimmy.
    Family members of murdered teenagers Ben Kinsella, Rob Knox and Damilola Taylor were also present.
    They all met Prince Charles at a private reception afterwards.
    Mrs Mizen said: ‘To all the mothers, take your babies and your children in your arms every day and tell them how much you love them.
    ‘We told Jimmy how much we loved him on his birthday the day before he died and he told us how much he loved us – it was a beautiful thing.’
    Hundreds of relatives, school children, police and members of the public packed the cathedral for the service for peace.
    The Archbishop urged politicians to set aside their differences in order to tackle youth crime.
    He said: ‘As things stand detailed programmes of policies of each party do not fit together. Co-operation is needed if we are to progress.
    ‘Building a legacy of peace is something to which we must all subscribe. And even this weekend another young man, Marcin Bilaszewski, was stabbed to death in Finsbury Park – the eighth teenager to die in this way in the last six weeks.
    Prince Charles arrives at the service held in the memory of all young victims of knife and gun crime
    ‘We know that there is too much violence in our lives. We know there are too many knives on our streets. We know there are too many injuries and deaths caused by them.
    ‘Building a legacy of peace involves change in all of us. Each of us has to be part of this legacy.’
    Jimmy was murdered in May 2008 when he went out to buy a lottery ticket with his older brother Harry near their home in Lee, south east London.
    He was celebrating having turned 16 the day before and the pair stopped at Three Cook's Bakery for something to eat.
    While there, Jake Fahri – who had been cautioned by police several years earlier for harassing Harry – brushed past the brothers and the trio became involved in a scuffle.
    Fahri, now 20, a heavy cannabis smoker and school dropout, tried to attack them with an advertising sign before hurling a glass dish at Jimmy.
    It smashed into his neck, severing his jugular vein. The teenager died in his brother's arms in the shop and when his mother rushed to the scene, she fainted at the sight.
    The Mizen family have set up a foundation

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1276595/Prince-Charles-joins-Mizens-McCanns-memorial-service-child-victims.html#ixzz0nYrh7vmB

  119. David Miliban

    Hopefuly not our future priminister
    read faked abduction, page497
    Mc canns 2007Christmas Appeal

  120. Hi Anonymous (post 118)Everyone has their own views on what happened the night Diana died, all I will say is, I don't believe Charles would rob his children of the mother they loved very much.

    There is 100% proof, the McCanns are responsible for whatever has happened to Madeleine, there is absolutely no proof, Charles was involved in the death of Diana.

    I will keep an open mind on whatever has happened to Diana, but I agree with you that the McCanns should and will rot in hell. That's if there is a hell.

    Kate McCann has used Mrs Mizen, as a publicity stunt and Mrs Mizen, is probably still to grief stricken to see through this vile woman's game.

  121. Is the creche record written in stone as far as the confirmation that Madeleine was alive at the time she was signed in?

    Or, was it such a big risk to go sign her in if she had died the night before, when, if she was discovered missing, the alarm would be given by the creche people, and the search wuld have commenced from there with people thinking she must have wandered off or been snatched.

    This would have put a distance between the McCanns and involvement in Madeleine's disappearance. All they would need say is look we brought her in the morning, she is signed in. Perhaps they could have sued Warners.

    Or, was it not much risk at all because the record was not checked against the children, it was just casually signed for in and out and taken on trust.

    Did the creche workers, who were changed as they had days off, really know who Madeleine was, because one of them described Madeleine as quiet and shy. Hardly Madeleine, more like JT's little girl.

    When no alarm was raised, then it was left to the McCanns to stage the faked abduction though they knew they might be accused of negligence by leaving the children.

    Obviously, if there is independent confirmation that Madeleine was at the creche, like for example a photo taken by somebody not connected with the McCanns, then that would be a proof Madeleine was alive.

    Does such a thing exist?

  122. Thank goodness Prince Charles did not embrace Kate.
    Things are definitely getting better.
    He shook hands with the family Mizen, in public.
    No photos with Kate.No shaking hands.
    This is his message to the UK, imo. "I don't believe this couple!"
    He is a man of class, high class,who admires honest people like the Mizens are.
    Great, great, Mitchell did not suceed to manipulate him.
    This is the best example the Prince can give to the British people and to the next British government.

    Too bad, Mccanns!

  123. "Madeleine's mother Kate, 42, from Rothley, Leicestershire, will meet Prince Charles at Westminster Abbey during a service to remember young victims of violence"

    and the connection would be....? I thought there was absolutely no evidence that MBM had come to any harm.

    Aunty Anti

  124. Diana's death was a horrible accident.
    The French public prosecuter said that if she and Dodi would have put on their safaty belts, they very much probably would have survived.
    Bumping against the roof of the car and against the back seat was fatal for them.
    The chauffeur was irresponsible, driving too fast.And drunk.
    And Charles is to blame?

    he would not have ever done this to the mother of his children or to any other person.
    He is not a murderer.
    I think he was capable to make a difference between an unhappy marriage and her right to remain alive.

    I regret she did not think about her children when she entered that car.
    She did not think of that belt, none of them did till that protector realised he had to put his own and he survived.
    Very sad, they were all irresponsible.

  125. I seem to remember reading somewhere three or maybe two and one-half years ago, the Royal Family were keeping their distance from the McCanns. I would be very surprised if Prince Charles posed for a picture with Kate.

  126. http://duckduckgo.com/c/Recipients_of_the_Queen's_Police_Medal

    Colin Sutton...WAS... apolice officer

  127. 125 ,please take the halo from around Charles`s head he does not deserve it ,he used Diana from the very start as a breed mare ,and was sleeping with horse face before the confetti had been swept up ,a vile human being just like Mc `s (ltd)

  128. #119 I'm so moved by the Jimmy Mitzen's family story. Why oh why did I never have such feelings for the Kate and Gerry story in all these 3 years. Intuition I guess.

  129. So Kate cried for Jimmy Mitzen. It's a pity she didn't have the same sympathy to cry for Madeleine. Maybe she did in private, we don't really know, but if the photos taken soon after Maddie's disappearance are anything to go by, she (and Gerry) were as happy as the day is long. If she really believed that Madeleine was still alive and 'giving her tuppenceworth', what was she doing attending a memorial for children whose lives ended in violence! One guess, the publicity of course!

  130. I read on the 'net' that Mrs Mizen, invited Kate McCann to the service at Westminster Abbey. I don't understand why Mrs Mizen,whose son was murdered, would invite Kate McCann, when she must know that whatever has happened to Madeleine, is because of Kate and Gerry McCanns, disgraceful behaviour in PDL.

    I can only presume Mrs Mizen is so grief stricken, that she wasn't thinking straight. I know Mrs Mizen and her family, are devout Christians and wanted to extend their Christian hand out to Kate McCann, but the McCanns are not Christians. They have used the Catholic church, for their own means.

    I pray that Colin Sutton, gets to the bottom of whatever has happened to Madeleine. If Jim Gamble, tries to get involved with his investigation, I hope he tells him to take a hike. Jim Gamble appears to be a supporter of the McCanns and will only have the McCanns best interests at heart.

  131. Please, I hope you don’t mind me going off topic for a short while but I need your help.

    I was speaking to my brother, a clever, intelligent guy who is not really interested in the McCann saga other than passing glances in the newspaper.

    I tend not to talk to him too much about my beliefs but the subject arose again this week and his point was that, whilst he did not know the detail of the case, he thought the McCanns must be ‘innocent’ or why would they continue with the charade. Why haven’t they just slipped into obscurity saying “Phew! We got away with that”.

    The trouble is I don’t have a quick and easy reply to that. If I start talking about Narcissist behaviour and so on he will surely dismiss me as a conspiracy theory nutter!

    Is there a quick, easily understandable reply I can give to him as to why they persist?


    Mr B

  132. Mrs Mizzen knew exactly what she was doing when she invited kate McCann - she said it is because they have both lost a child, and know how the other feels.
    I find this touching, it doesn't make me angry, but then I am not eaten up with hate.

  133. Never mind this DCI Colin Sutton. All that is needed is 10 minutes with DCI Gene Hunt- he would cut through the BS in no time!!!!! If only he were real.......

  134. I was watching a True Crime Story on the tele last night, a little blonde haired blue eyed cutie pie was 3years old and murdered by her stepmother, when she was admitted to hospital after being thrown about, she was full of bruises, (so many bruises that the Dr described it as falling from a tree and hitting every branch on your way down, was not as bad as the damaged caused to this little girl) When asked to explain, both the father and the Stepmother assured the hospital that she had an orthopeadic problem with her little feet was unbalanced and prone to falling many times a day!

    It was left at that - the case was closed, Stepmother and father had two more kids and moved to New Mexico,

    Upon a promotion of a certain policaman([b]30 years later)[/b] in the department he was asked to look at the cold case file.

    He noticed straight away that something was not right - he hired a Orthopaedic Specialist to look at the photo's, that wasnt enough - so the little girl was exhumed, (sadly) - (it also just so happened that little Dawn was buried at a certain angle on the "wall of remembrance" and the area, that her little had not fully decomposed) The Doctor conformed that there was nothing wrong with her feet, a second opinion ws ordered and it was determined after analysing all the bones on both feet that little DAWN had no problems with her little feet at all.

    30years later the father was found in New Mexico and questioned, the Policeman was not happy with the vague answers and went to his house to speak to the stepmother - as they aprroached the door they heard gunshots, the wicked stepmother killed herself (shot herself in the head) the father was never charged...........

    All through this programme I kept thinking...............they are going to get you Kate and Gerry - they are going to get you

    There is hope that Princess Kate and King Gerry will face justice, I am certain of that - in some shape or form -

    I also beleive with the above posters that Mr Sutton is playing them at their own game, there is absolutely NO WAY that a man of his calibre will risk his reputation for these whackjobs, he is not stupid and deals with the likes of these people on a daily basis. He would have at least seen the video of the dogs or read the newspapers from way back then (DNA is Maddies) etc etc etc

    I hold my hopes - lets hope it doesnt take 30years! not sure I will be around that long lol! :s_biggrin

  135. Mr. B just show your friend the above McCann couple image, and ask him, when does he think that was taken? Let him guess, then tell him, that image was taken just 9 days after the McCanns and their close family had already spread rumours in the UK media that their beautiful daughter had been kidnapped by order by a paedophile ring, and/or by an opportunistic abductor, and/or by a predator who was «watching them», then also ask your friend if that same McCann couple photo coming out of the church of Luz on 12 May 2007, after a mass celebrating their missing daughter 4th birthday, their laughs, 'starletism'[had to create a word here], is in anyway consistent with parents that know or state that their daughter is being raped or tortured by paedophiles? I think that should be enough for your friend to make his mind. If not then show him the ripped child book pages, with two different sets of alibis, written previous to the GNR police even arrived on the scene of the crime.

  136. Anon 127

    I'm afraid the Colin Sutton referred to in your link appears to have died in 2004 aged 66.


    I don't expect it will make any difference though. Just another 'top cop' for the McCann collection

  137. Hi Anonymous (Post 133). Why would anyone be angry with Mrs Mizen, for inviting Kate McCann to the service yesterday? Also what do you mean by being eaten up with hate?

    The service yesterday, was for children who have died a violent death. Mr and Mrs Mizen, were not responsible for the death of Jimmy. Kate and Gerry McCann, were 100% responsible for whatever happened to Madeleine.

    Did Madeleine die a violent death? The evidence that was in the McCanns apartment, villa and hire car, shows that Madeleine was certainly harmed and died in the McCanns apartment.

  138. Anon 133, hate is a wasted emotion. I have no hate in my heart for Mrs McC. I do however support Dr Amaral and his theory about what happened in Portugal. It's not set in stone though and I remain open minded should something else turn up.

  139. Anon 128 - well said, exactly how I feel about Charles too.

    Anon 125 - you may well believe that Diana's death was an accident, but there are thousands of people who believe it was not. Even Diana said some time before she died that she was afraid that the "establishment" were trying to do away with her and she was worried that her car would be tampered with one day and she would end up in an horrific car accident.

    The chauffeurs family's were furious that he had been made the scapegoat for the car accident and there was mention that his blood samples had been tampered with or they did not belong to him. There are many dirty underhanded tricks done by the "establishment" to distort the truth and to change the course of government etc. Look at what has been going on with the McCanns, many dirty underhanded tricks going on all the time by people "on high" to cover up whatever happened to Madeleine.

    It's just a shame that Diana played around with Dodi to put the frighteners on the Royal Family, especially Charles who she no doubt despised for the way he treated her and humiliated her with Horse Face. If she had laid low and out of the limelight she may well be alive today.

  140. I think that Mrs Mizen was advised by someone??, that Kate Mccann was a good publicity in the media for the knife crime. Mizen family did't realised that she was going to take all the attention from them. At least in the daily mail.

  141. Anon at 130

    Maybe Kate cried in private?

    Oh yes, I bet she has cried on many a shoulder! So who could believe she could possibly be involved in the death and disappearance of her daughter.

    Some people are simply up too close and personal to be objective.

  142. Mr. B,
    I think post 135 is a good explanation to answer the question you pose.

    In fact, Mccann's did not got away with that. No any court or legal and official force declared them innocents. In Portugal, the case was shelved with them remaining the main suspects and the disturbing sentence ( for Mccann's): 'AWAITING BEST Proofs'.
    There is proofs, but not enough to bring them to Court because very important steps in the investigation still not done and the portuguese prosecutors know that at moment, with actual politics in UK and Portugal and all the disturbance they let to happen in the investigation, will be no support to carry on with success the steps which need to be done.

    But, during 20 years the case can be reopened in a blink. Politics will not stay forever and any pact will be hard to maintain for so long. On the other hand, the crime did not fade, the facts and the proves the investigation already have, did not disappear over the time.

    According to my opinion, while they carry on the saga, they show they are not innocents:
    - First because they need the donations to pay expensive lawyers and spoke =persons ( useless for innocent parents, but very important for suspects who are not clear).

    - Second, all that media campaign is also to pressure the authorities in Portugal to clear them without facing a court.

  143. Princess Diana was about to make a statement to the media just before she died.

    What that was about is anybody's guess. Would it have meant more embarassment to the Royal Family?

    She was certainly a thorn in the flesh to the Royal Family, and the people who made the land mines can't have been that fond of her either.

    Her death came at a very convenient time.

    A bit too convenient?

    The car she died in had previously been stolen and taken in for service. The calls betweed Dodi and his father regarding the route to be taken could easily have been listened in to.

    Why was the man who owned the white Fiat Uno car and was believed to have been implicated in her death, (amongst other deaths), found later in his locked car burnt to death, supposed suicide, yet the people who knew him don't believe it.

    There is an 'art' in the West to executing people nowadays, it results in verdicts of 'suicide' or 'natural causes'. It is the Eastern Europeans who still use the poison and shooting to death on the doorstep.

    As for the McCann case, why are the UK Government sitting on information about this that could result in very bad relations between Portugal and the UK if it were to be released.

    This 'information' has been given by somebody close to the McCanns who refuses to say any more. What on earth could that person have told that would result in this desparate need for secrecy?

    This secrecy has occured under the Brown administration, so will the information now be released under a new one?

    Doubtful, if it is that bad, yet no doubt it will be discovered eventually by somebody who will tell.

    Does the Queen know what it is that could cause such mayhem between the two countries if the information was released? If she did, which is doubtful, would she approve? Are the McCanns being protected, or is it somebody else high in Government who is?

    Why should the McCanns be considered important enough to hide information on their behalf? Why should the information cause devastation in relations between the two countries?

    This is a criminal case for goodness sake, yet important information is not being passed on to the Portuguese.

    Why are the Portuguese authorities not demanding it? Do they even know about this hiding away of truth, meanwhile Portugal has been denegrated by the media in support of the McCanns.

    It is utterly disgraceful that people are getting away with this. Who is behind these decisions? Are the McCanns worth it? That is the real mystery. How are they allowed to walk on water for so long?

  144. Brown is going. Sky News 2 minutes ago.
    We are going to have a complete change of government.
    But he is also probably going to resign as an MP ( Like Bliar before him - he serves himself, not his constituents)
    Once he has gone the McCanns will have no one left there to protect them.
    With luck the truth might begin to emerge.


  146. firstly, I believe we are off track with the Diana business, I will only say she was a manipulating, immature, loose cannon. Charles never wanted to marry her he was always in love with Camilla, I think we should give a little thought to how difficult his life has been.
    I read somewhere that Pinky got the Mizens to invite Kate, after all nice Mr Pinky worked for both families. I am sure Kate cried as many others would for such a sad day, or maybe it instilled bad memories within. Happy to say she was not greeted by royalty.
    Whatever, someone in power must not be influenced by MC, and should go all out to get this whole case reopened, before somebig "Case closed" label gets stuck on it. Scotland Yard get a task force out to Portugal now, and reopen the process and work together for justice

  147. Mr B,I know exactly how frustrated you feel when you hear perfectly intelligent,and usually well informed people,saying exactly the things your brother is saying,I,ve got them in my family!!so now I ,like you keep my thoughts to myself,but just wait for that moment when "one of them" drops their well rehearsed guard,and says something that upsets one of their holiday mates enough for them to "at last"come forward with a tit bit of information,which ,hopefully ,will get the case re-opened!!Yes I do hold my breath on it happening,as I have never in my 70 years seen supposed suspects in a missing childs case have SO MUCH POWER in the police and media hiarcy??????? Tell your brother the money from "the fund" certainly makes them carry on with their fiasco.If they were told tomorrow they couldn,t have a penny more ,you wouldn,t see the hand stroking etc etc sick enducing interveiws for very long!Mind you ,that wouldn,t be such a bad thing would it Mr B

  148. Make no mistake, now Mitchell has succeeded in picking the winning side (through media manipuatlion again!) we are going to have the McCanns shoved down your throat!

    Time for the gloves to come off...the McCanns are liars and were responsible for their childs death - we need to get them in court!

  149. I´ve just been told that some high police officer has gone over to Portugal, and it was supposed to be hush hush, but was partially discovered...anyone know anything?? Not Sutton apparently but higher, waiting more info.
    Do you know anything Joana????

  150. Lynn at 148

    I agree.

    No more hand stroking hands, and no selling of that great big house of theirs to fund the search if the money ran out either.

    Have they ever spent one penny of their own money for anything?

    Why do these well heeled McCanns keep passing the hat round for others to cough up money without coughing up for the search themselves?

    They make me sick.

  151. Anon 150

    Let's hope if this is true that he hasn't gone there to try and get the rest of the Files that have been kept undercover, all on the recommendation that this is necessary for the 'review' as told to Cameron by people like Mitchell and Gamble, those good friends of the McCanns.

    Cameron is likely to believe all they have been selling him.

    He is rather a posh drip. He must be to have the man who 'lies through every tooth in his head' Clarence Mitchell on his team. Obviously can be persuaded of anything if he grants the McCanns what they want.

  152. "supposed to be hush hush but"...

    what is hush hush?

  153. 150, who told you that and where did the person get that from?

  154. 150,

    imagine it was Jim Gamble?

  155. Some Dutch person wrote here some time ago that de Clegg, of the Liberal Democrat, has gotten a Dutch mother and Dutch family and that he speaks perfect Dutch.

    That anonymous suggested that Amaral's book, translated into Dutch, could be delivered to his family in Holland or in England,in order to call the attention to the truth about Madeleine.

    Maybe somebody of the Clegg family is prepared to read it and to do something about this.

  156. 132

    1. Money - they have hit the motherlode, how could they let that go?
    2. Momentum, their own supporters drive them on - difficult to stop after all they have claimed!
    3. Protection - if they were to back off and vanish they would be pursued and the public glare which protects now would not be there.
    4. Career. They always planned a career - Kate is already appearing at other peoples events and she stated very early on that she could see a career in child protection (whcih is morbidly hilarious!).
    5. Money againm but this time for lawyers!

    Make no mistake, their claim of innocence does not become truer just because they keep saying it!

  157. 133 I hope you arent close minded enough to be saying that the people who see through the McCann fraud do so because they are 'eaten up by hate'?

    It sounds to me as if you are rather naive. Kate McCann lied, for some reason, about doors and checks. Maybe she did it jsut to hide the fact that they didnt check as much or as well as they claim - or maybe its worse. But one thing is for sure, lies skewed the investigation and would have put her child at risk if she had been abducted.

  158. I wonder why Fiona Payne told about Kate checking on the twins, if they were still breathing, etc.
    She told that on her rogatory letter, not before.
    Possibly she knew already of the Gaspars'statements, that is why she decided to comment Kate's behaviour that night.
    She must have known the inconsistences of Kate and Gerry: David Payne 30 seconds/ 30 minutes in the apartment.Who is lying?
    And why?
    Could Gerry have asked Dave to state that he had been in the apartment, to convince the police all 3 children were still alive at 6.30 pm, and Dave did not go at all to the apartment?
    If every Tapas was lying under Gerry's request, why not David?
    Was Gerry's intention to eventually involve him in this case, if necessary and if it would be better for the Mccanns, and he got in trouble to the point we now know he is an old dirty man?
    It is possible that Fiona has told about Kate checking on the twins because she knew already about the Gaspars.
    It was her turn to put the Mccanns in trouble.
    And why did David disappeared?

  159. You're talking complete tosh on Gordon Brown 145

  160. Anonymous 160
    Have you not followed the news ?
    Try this morning's

  161. Poster 156- Your idea about a copy of Mr. Amaral's book in Dutch for Mr. Clegg is a good one. His wife is Spanish, I think Mr Clegg also speaks Spanish , so maybe a Spanish copy of 'The Truth of the Lie' might be in order? His wife might like something to read now he will be busy with his new job. Does anyone have any spare Spanish/ Dutch copies to donate? Mr Clegg is also a Europhile, so maybe he will not maintain the 'They are British therefore they must be innocent' stance . It would be nice if he stuck up for the PJ, I won't get my hopes up though!!!

  162. Poster 159 David Payne is a senior research fellow in cardiovascular sciences. Maybe he tried to save Madeleine, Madeleine was beyond saving and Payne felt guilty.

  163. anon 153
    hush hush, is secret.
    anon 155
    someone who told me,works in london and heard it from someone connected to the telegraph, sorry am typing with one hand ue to accident. any way they told me because we were talking about dci sutton and j gamble, i am waiting to hear if they know more...

  164. The Mccanns appear to be receiving protection, however if they are is it for them or to protect people higher up. If this loathsome pair are prosecuted would this not open up a whole new can of worms. Mason or not I cannot believe this protection is totally for their benefit, they are not that powerful. Also the way in which they insist on parading themselves in the media, appears to me to continue to protect themselves, otherwise why not shut up and go away. Surely they must know the axe may fall at anytime therefore continue to protest there innocence, without I might add doing naff all to stem the flow of doubt. One day they will be surplus to requirements and they will be dropped like a hot coal, then there nightmare will truly begin, and they know it. Also do these two really read the comments from this sight and if so why???

  165. It does not matter how much Cameron and Clegg pledge to change things, there will still be something rotten in the State of UK.

    Rotten to the core.

    Until they get rid of the spin doctors, the PR, and the public get to hear the truth about the Madeleine investigation and the cover up of paedophiles in high places, ever will it be.

    And still the 'liar' Clarence Mitchell is hanging around politics.

    When are we going to see truth for a change instead of the mask they want us to see? Meanwhile lies rule. What kind of society is that?


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