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Gerry McCann - Celebrity Criminal


  1. Its only the truth ;)

  2. Sleb Kulcher - how I loathe its design and its execution!

    Designed to keep the masses preoccupied with mindless trivia, so they don't ask difficult questions. Meanwhile, people are being destroyed (and the world too!)and the criminals who pay the piper (the media) are 'getting away with murder'.

    For those who aren't sucked in by sleb news, PRopaganda then works its evil lies and manipulation on real news.

    Along with the arms trade, PRopaganda is one of very few growth industries.

    [Check out Clarence Mitchell trying to defend the indefensible in PR Week forum and getting a keyboard lashing in the process - http://community.prweek.com/forums/t/1867.aspx ]

  3. If gerry&kate mccann are celebs, I am sooo happy I don't belong to that world. How fake can it all get? Fake abduction, fake high lights for kate's hair, fake stories about what happened to your first born, fake friendships, fake love from the family and friends, fake fund created to support PR/lawyers/plastic life style etc. What a pathetic fake life. They can keep it.


  4. Jilly just look at the nerve of what this obnoxious little mercenary cnut says, so full of himself, of faux certainties, trying to brush aside the responsibilities of his master's «voice». These are exactly the same tactics he used in the McCanns campaign for damage control and for the couple's image whitewash; it's impressive to see that he hasn't learned nothing in the last 3 years from the «Streisand effect» and the power of the civil society in the internet - it doesn't matter how many times he tries to spin the same systematic lies, it doesn't matter how many articles they buy, how many Google SEO words they buy to cover up their criminal actions, how many times they change their logos or mottos - facts are facts and the truth is that in both cases, BP's oil spill and the McCanns' child neglect[in the better scenario] they are undeniably liable for their acts, and should be judicially punished for them. Clarence Mitchell should go to a certain place as well... or at least be arrested for his role [lies, defamation, calumny used to pervert the course of justice - a crime in both our countries] on the McCann case, even if it is just for what he did in the R.Murat/L. Campbell/J. Tanner case.

    Clarence Mitchell

    * Member since: 06-10-2010
    * Last visited: 06-21-2010
    * Timezone: -8.00 GMT
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    «RE: BP buys oil-related search terms as attempts continue to stem oil spill

    by Clarence Mitchell

    Companies do need to adopt core social media activity if they truly want to influence public opinion rather than run the risk of just appearing to try to move it away from other potentially hostile comment. Another point to consider: It's possible activist groups could try and up the cost of buying search terms by employing bots \(or people) to repeatedly click on them as another "anti" tactic in the online conversation. SEO is fine as one tool in the box, it shouldn't be an end in itself. Clarence Mitchell, Director of Media Strategy and Public Affairs, LEWIS PR»

    «RE: BP buys oil-related search terms as attempts continue to stem oil spill

    by Clarence Mitchell

    Clearly, given the ongoing public hostility towards BP, it makes sense for them to use search engine optimization in this way. Especially as the search term buy ups will drive traffic to their website's heavily flagged CSR credentials – and they need all the reputation management they can get at present. "But such search buy ups are no replacement for core social media activity. Indeed, one of the benefits of such SEO is that it should drive people to a brand's social media presence and, in that respect, BP don't appear to be doing a great deal – apart from pretty slow Twitter and YouTube updates and the occasional CEO video. "Nor will search buy ups do anything to lessen the reputational damage caused by Tony Hayward's off the cuff remarks that have so infuriated President Obama. Search term buy ups are an increasing part of the crisis management package, but if they're not fully underpinned by a vibrant and fully engaged social media presence around the brand they may be a costly way of not achieving much.»

  5. «RE: BP chief executive Tony Hayward makes 'biggest mistake yet' in sailing gaffe

    by Clarence Mitchell

    One of the first rules of crisis management is to show you "give a damn" and to show it early, widely and loudly. Tony Hayward is perfectly entitled to take a break with his family during such a sustained period of pressure - his leadership should be the better for it - but didn't he, or someone in the comms structure, think that being seen relaxing on a boat on a clear blue sea of all places might not send the best message?..What was wrong with a discreet hotel somewhere near the crisis zone for a weekend say? ..especially while the CEO remains a pap target....another dismal failing of comms foresight and the coverage on both sides of the Atlantic is testimony to it.. For all of BP's ongoing, laudable work to tackle the disaster at sea, its comms operation still fails to keep pace with public outrage - and, sad to say, seems determined to accidentally add to it.»

    «RE: BP buys oil-related search terms as attempts continue to stem oil spill

    by Clarence Mitchell

    Companies do need to adopt core social media activity if they truly want to influence public opinion rather than run the risk of just appearing to try to move it away from other potentially hostile comment. Another point to consider: It's possible activist groups could try and up the cost of buying search terms by employing bots \(or people) to repeatedly click on them as another "anti" tactic in the online conversation. SEO is fine as one tool in the box, it shouldn't be an end in itself. Clarence Mitchell, Director of Media Strategy and Public Affairs, LEWIS PR»

    «RE: BP chief executive Tony Hayward makes 'biggest mistake yet' in sailing gaffe

    by Clarence Mitchell

    It's nothing to do with lying and I'm afraid it's such an age old cliche to attack PR that way. It's simply about communicating what you are doing swiftly, clearly and effectively and, in so doing, presenting yourself or your business in the best possible light. If your communication is honest and open, as it should be, where is the harm in that? It ensures people do understand that action is being taken and protects your reputation - both personal and corporate - in the process. The problem PR often has is overcoming a client's institutionalised reluctance/caution over saying anything at all in time of crisis. In this case BP is doing a lot to try to rectify the spill, but those efforts are being entirely overwhelmed by the noise around the CEO and his gaffes. I totally agree that Tony Hayward "wanting his life back" within days of 11 people losing theirs was the worst, toe-curlingly awful mistake, but to characterise all PR, and the discussion of it here, as shallow manipulation and lies is as untrue as it is cliched and unfair.»

  6. A PR guy, with some integrity left, answers to the machiavellic and immoral Clarence Mitchell aka "Angel of Death", exposing the hypocrisy of their PR tactics:

    «Clarence. That's a very big IF you're giving me there. PR is everything to do with lying - and everything to do with the avoidance of being honest and truthful - and it's at the very heart of it. I've been around the block a few times, and I'm sceptical with very good reason. You're obviously far more trusting than I am and need to watch your back. On Hayward, I agree with Alistair, and I'm sure he can afford to retire early and keep all his offspring in public school. Tomorrow's budget won't affect him too much will it, unlike others who don't have access to £millions and a PR facility to distort the truth in their favour.»

    «(...)OK, it doesn't look good to be 'off message' - but It's a far greater mistake to be 'on message' to the world - when the world knows the truth is you don't give a damn about anything but your company's reputation, it's value, whilst resources are diverted into the ongoing cover up / victimisation of whistleblowers / minimisation of compensation to those affected. There's another wider contagion here, separate from the oil - the deceitful emphasis on shallow PR, media manipulation and lies. All factors which appear to go uncriticised on this website, where successful lies, posturing and deception appear to be the bottom line. How blinkered can you be? :-\(»

  7. A good advice : «Another point to consider: It's possible activist groups could try and up the cost of buying search terms by employing bots \(or people) to repeatedly click on them as another "anti" tactic in the online conversation» - thanks for the idea Clarence, just going to up the google and yahoo keywords cost a little for BP and the LTD Fund, if that's okay with your bosses.

  8. adding tinyurl's instead for the ads

    BP Oil Spill Response
    Info about the Gulf of Mexico Spill Learn more about how BP is helping

    FM LTD Fund


  9. Time to open The McCann of Worms. Kevin Halligen has got the tin opener.

  10. Gonc's going down. Heard the latest?????

  11. Thanks for this, and everything. I have only just noticed how doctored all the issused photographs of Madeleine were - White blonde hair with black eyelashes????? That was then, long before the blue eyeshadow pictures. What on earth was being done to that poor child? I cannot conceive how any parent could do all that they have done. For a long time I hoped there was an explanation for all of this. With the fact that the health records have never been accessed, I thought perhaps Madeleine had a terminal illness and "parents" decided to cash in, as their daughter was dying anyway. But oh my God, how could they do that?? I only hoped that as it was the better scenario. It would have been planned. But to cash in on an accidental killing, or indeed perhaps, the murder of your own child ???I pray Madeleine can eventually rest in peace. They never will.

  12. apologies for asking here but The3Arguidos appear not to have renewed their website... does anyone know where they've gone?

  13. The mccanns "fakeness" is worse than Disney Land
    They eventually will enter the Guiness Book of Records for it....

  14. lost here guys..

    is Clarence..he of a silly name and of a dodgy hairstyle..

    the antichrist ?

    responsible for oil-leaks and disappeared children..???

    can someone get this Tarkovsky fillum into sharp/single focus ?


    comments on a postcard would suffice

  15. are we not getting a tad paranoid here ?

    Mitchell is a spin-master in the mould of Mandelson..

    ..he directs..opinion..and he's bloody good at it

    better than certain fora I could mention


  16. isar..isar... I too Smell A Rat once in a while...particularly when the mice faeces stench becomes so unbearably offensive that even God needs a mask to cover up his nostrils.

    anonymous 12 No idea at all.

    anonymous 10 yatter-yatter [argot] woof-woof [Eddikellaese]

  17. anonymous @15 wrote:-

    "Mitchell is a spin-master.....he directs opinion and he's bloody good at it."

    I make no apologies for =)) He's a liar and a transparent one at that.

    In my opinion, he couldn't even direct traffic - Clarence Mitchell is car-crash PR!

    You obviously admire him and have allowed him to direct your opinion. You took the blue pill. =))

  18. Anon 10 is related to the McCanns,she is always on skys Madeleine thread slating Goncarlo Amaral,she said on another thread on sky in answer to a poster that she won't go into detail but she had a special interest in this case.Isar is also on Sky but under another ID.She claims she's a policewoman,but slates Eddie and Keela,she's as fake as the McConns themselves.

  19. Poster 11. 'With the fact that the health records have never been accessed, I thought perhaps Madeleine had a terminal illness and "parents" decided to cash in, as their daughter was dying anyway.'

    This is exactly what I thought.

    Regarding PR, an example of manipulative PR is the video made by Jon Corner for Madeleine McCann appeal 2010. Sickening romaticizing of an 'abduction', totally insensible and more evil than any horror movie.

  20. those people who diss the dogs and mr amaral have no interest in the case at all,they are here to just waste thier time and ours by trying to get a reaction from those people WHO are interested in what happend to a little girl called madeleine.shame on them all

  21. #12 The New 3 Arguidos are at thepjfiles.prophpbb.com


  22. I did check... and it doesn't... and I'm not surprised. If it did they would doubtless get it taken down.

  23. Poster 12, the 3arguidos site can be found at this link http://thepjfiles.prophpbb.com/

  24. Anon 10 ,Can I ask a simple question please ?How do you sleep at night when you spend your days defending child murderers ?

  25. This story i have linked to is so shockingly similar in so many ways to the Mc cann case.

  26. Celebrity criminal...how fitting!! Whom else fits that category? Gary Glitter, Ronnie and Reggie Kray, Ronnie Biggs...yep I'm liking Gerry in that category!

  27. At least Isar can be spotted as somebody who is right inside the McCann camp with his/her dismissal of the dogs.

    What is more subtle and dangerous to Dr Amaral and his book and the truth is somebody like Textusa, who whether he/she realises it or not, is completely undermining what Dr Amaral has written.

    Textusa is wanting people to believe that the Smiths never saw Gerry carrying Madeleine because it was some other child who had been loaned for the purpose of him parading around as a pretend abductor. Fair enough, yet Dr Amaral clearly thinks this sighting is of great relevance otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned it. That relevance means he believes there was a very great chance this actually was the lookalike Gerry and the lookalike Madeleine being carried towards the beach area and that they were both the real thing.

    Then we have Textusa dismissing the Gaspar statements as not being relevant because the Gaspars were being spiteful to say what they did because they had not been invited on the holiday, (on what evidence this is based is anybody's guess, but presumably because they were not there with the rest of the crowd). PLEASE!! Who would want to be there with them anyway if there was suspected paedophilia going on.

    Dr Amaral has also said that Tanner's statement of what she saw can also be proved not true. Well, if he says that, then he should know being as he was the one who worked on the case. Some people are still wanting us to believe Tanner, and especially at this time where a court case is hopefully in progress between Murat and Tanner this is of great relevance.

    Why do I get the feeling that for some people all roads are still leading to poor old Patsy Murat and they are not going to let that drop, or at least he is going to be dragged in at some stage.

    Dr Amaral's book is there for the reading, he has not deviated from the facts and circumstances, unlike certain people with their theories, and maybe their own axe to grind, are doing.

    It would be helpful if the points that Dr Amaral brought up in his book could be widely publicised so as to be used in bringing out the truth about the McCanns, and not undermined so as to be dismissed as irrelevant.

    How the McCanns, and Isar, would love that.

    Textusa or anybody else is of course free to write whatever he/she wishes, but my worry is the underming of Dr Amaral's position regarding the relevance of the points he has brought out. By doing this the anti McCann camp on some of the main points brought out by Dr Amaral is getting divided.

    Or is is a genuine case of divide and rule, it would not surprise me, never underestimate the opposition, though I hope not.

    My thanks to Joana and the others who have done so much work and who have kept to the facts and circumstances of the case, and have kept us regularly updated.

  28. So far the McCanns have not rushed to identify themselves with the case of the little 7 yr. old boy, Kyron Horman of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. who has been missing for three weeks under very suspicious circumstances.

  29. http://news.aol.co.uk/police-get-rules-on-retaining-dna/article/20100630094403194549521

    what is the "exceptional cases" remit???


  30. I too have my doubts about the validity and the motives behind the Gaspars statements. Don't know about the spite thing, but there's something not quite right about it.
    In my humble opinion, simply because it is not reasonable or logical for a mother( Mrs. Gaspar), who got so upset at what she witnessed, who got so concerned with the suspected paedophile behavior/tendency of one or more of the males in the holiday group and concerned with the safety of her own daughter, still does not do everything in her power to keep her child out of reach of the said individuals as much as possible! Despite her strong suspicion and discomfort she still was o.k. with those men, Payne in particular, to be in intimate contact with her daughter, namelly bathing her!!!
    She did not take any measures to ensure that only her or her husband bathed the child, she merelly "warned" her husband to keep an eye close at bathing times, if it was Payne doing the bathing!
    I ask you, who are mothers and fathers, would you act this way? Would that be your way of dealing with the situation? I can tell you I most certainly would not have any of that!!!No way would Payne or any of the other men get physical contact with my child, let alone bathing her!

    "No way, José!"

    ( I also feel strange that the men were the ones bathing all the children, I do not think it is appropriate behavior. It's perfectly normal for a father to take care of the bath of HIS OWN children, but bathing the children, male and female, of mere acquaintances or holiday companions, I wouldn't feel right, and I just asked my husband about it and he wouldn't do it either or let anyone else bathe our son. But that's us, you know, we are weird, swarthy, and unsofisticated portuguese sardine munchers!)

  31. Read this very interesting link .Ex-cop accuses #McCann pair and slams Sun journo in email exchange http://bit.ly/9jpvwM
    1:14 AM Jun 17th via mobile web
    The British press stinks. as do the McCanns

  32. By the way incase the link does not work, look at Twitter

  33. Anon@27 You are correct, Isar stands out as a "Team McCann" member. She has plenty to say in defence of the McCanns and she sidesteps difficults questions. I and others asked her on Karen Matthews thread a fews questions which remain unanswered.

    Part of post 167 on that thread

    The Team McCann have "apparently" followed up sightings all over the world but to my knowledge they have NEVER FOLLOWED UP THE SMITHS SIGHTING, which was the most important one of all. This makes no sense to me. I know the Smith's at a later stage said the man looked like Gerry, but if Gerry knows it was not him he would at least know the "abductor" resembled him and not the egg with hair bucked teeth man that everyone has been asked to look for. Maybe when you have consulted with the pro team you can come back with the answer because many of us would like to know what it is. Thank you

  34. Hi, #31,
    I just read those emails, it beggars belief, really! That Lazzery woman is a poor excuse of a journalist, stupid, ignorant, and clearly in the McCanns pocket!
    I just wish that on the matter of the shutters, the ex-policeman would have pointed out that the "broken" shutter that was fixed BEFORE Madeleine's disappearance was the one in the parents bedroom, not the children's one! Oh boy! The Lazzery woman is really really stupid! Defending the undefensible! What matters to her is that SOME shutters were damaged, the McCanns were not lying when they mentioned SOME broken shutters! There's even a report of the repair in the files! What does she care if it was the WRONG shutters in the WRONG window, in the WRONG room?! It's just a minor detail!!! And this woman considers herself a journalist???!!!

  35. British Claire 26
    "Celebrity criminal...how fitting!! Who else fits that category?"
    Never forget that they got Al Capone for Tax evasion. Easier to prove.
    Now about that fund ...

  36. Anonymous #30...I totally disagree with you. The Gaspars must have been most concerned about the impact it would have on making those statements to the police. After all their names and general location are now widely known, who wants to be associated with potential paedophiles? It may not concern Gerry how he may now be viewed by his patients, I know I wouldn't have him near me or my children no matter what, they also have to face patients, neighbours, other parents every day. Ask yourself...would you want it to be known that one of your close/trusted friends was a potential paedophile...probably not. It is not as easy as you may think or like to report concerns like this and protect your identity. I have on two previous occasions called the child protection social work team in my area, if you are not prepared to give your identity they are much more suspicious and more reluctant to act on the information for feel of it being somethng malicious and yet if you give your name they will not guarantee not to tell the suspects who has actually called in with their concerns. So I imagine it was a non-malicious and hard thought out act. We all see things that make us suspicious but we shake it off and talk oursleves out of what we think we see/know...especially if it is really 'incredible' and I'm sure that's what has happened here and there will be plenty of other who have had contact with Kate and Gerry who feel exactly the same and think "No, can't be, the kids look happy...and after all they are doctors...best not rock the boat."

  37. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9UFcmJFnp4

  38. Lets just drop the 'celebrity' because he's not a celebrity he is simply - Gerry Mccann Criminal.

  39. the much vilified isar does dare to ask..

    the Gaspar statements would prove strong stuff..against
    'Team McCann'..if true .. and if mentioned by Senor Amaral in the desolate and chilly Lisbon court..

    the joker was never produced..why not produce the trump card there and then..?

    I just answered this myself..methinks...cause it's all fluff

    (Rothley-just down the road from Gerry-actually)

  40. let's face facts (boring I know..but it's gotta be done)

    a) Madeleine is missing..her whereabouts unknown..the perps nowhere on the radar

    b) the PJ bust a gut or two to find Madeleine and/or the perps-nowt showing

    c) Murat and family as shady as a Bunyan tree in mid-august

    d) senor Amaral and his feeble documentary exposing nowt but 'hunches'-and windowlock mechanisms

    e) The Tapasnoids statements being all over the place

    f) and I repeat myself--Senor Amaral not playing the Gaspar card at Lisbon Court

    fickle me..possibly...but Antonio Cardoso's statement still looms large...and thus far no one from Lusitania picked up the baton

    wonder why ?


  41. this may all irk you

    the law of the land..both in PT and England says (last time I checked)

    Gerry and Kate

    did not abandon their baby..

    so there..

    don't be such prats..and show some compassion

    'there for the grace of God..etcetera, etcetera'


  42. I was just watching a U.S. talk show and the subject of the Tiger Woods divorce was being discussed. One person said the amount of $750m is being mentioned. Another person said, "I wouldn't put any faith in what the London press is stating". I guess the Americans don't think the British press has any credibility.

  43. Isar as you are just down the road from the McCanns can you please pop in and see them and ask the question you avoid answering "Why have they never followed up the Smith's sighting and issued a photofit of the "abductor". It just does not make sense that they prefer to send out an assortment of spooky looking abductors when the Smiths said he resembled Gerry (also a spooky guy). If Gerry knows it was not him he has nothing to fear but a lot to gain with this better description.

    So be a dear, off you go and we look forward to the answer soon because avoiding answering it one more time only proves you are trying to do a cover up job for them on here and it is not working

  44. @anonymous 40, 41 & 42 - word of advice - try taking some water with it next time.


  46. How very strange. Being prepared to die or to put the lives of ones children at risk rather than to see a Doctor who happens to be an expert in his field Rather extreme, don't you think?

  47. "One of the first rules of crisis management is to show you "give a damn" and to show it early, widely and loudly" In Clarence Mitchell's own words. If only he had been handling the Mccann's from the start. Maybe he would have suggested going to search for their daughter that night or helping the police with enquiries.

  48. @42,why dont you sod off and leave this blog to those who have read the files and KNOW the tapas shite and the mccscums have lied about what happend to little madeleine.MADELEINE have you forgotton about her in your rush to support the neglectfull parents,shame on you ,people like you discust me

  49. isar,you are such a numpty,but good for a laugh,shame it is on the back of madeleine though

  50. Fencesitter 44
    "Why have they never followed up the Smith's sighting and issued a photofit of the "abductor".

    Very good question.

    It's beneath contempt, the McCanns ignore the only reliable sighting and at the same time they expect the people all over the world to look for Madeleine. Who do they think they are kidding?

  51. Good point Fencesitter@44 but do not expect Isar to give a logically explanation because that would be asking the impossible.

    There is no valid reason if they are innocent why they have not followed this up and Isar knows that too, she just sends up smokescreens to protect liars and child neglectors.

  52. Students for Madeleine at the Find Madeleine LTD Fund


    We know many students travel over the summer, take gap-year travel and also go places off the beaten path. We are launching a new initiative for students to help in the search for Madeleine.

    If you would like to help with this project, please send the information below to: students_for_madeleine@findmadeleine.com.

    Email Address



    Member of Student Union?

    Member of social networking sites (which ones)?

    Are you travelling this year?

    Where are you going?


  53. Discussion & debate also here http://themaddiecasefiles.com/forum9.html

  54. Jon Venables – New Court Hearings

    «After a deluge of unattributed speculation and rumour about Jon Venables and a statement from then Lord Chancellor Jack Straw, it is now clear that that he has been charged with downloading child porn images. There have also been three hearings recently concerning the criminal proceedings that have been brought against Jon Venables. Reporting restrictions were initially imposed by Mr Justice Bean, continued and then subsequently partially lifted. We will begin by recalling the background and then deal with the recent orders.»

    more at inforrm.wordpress.com

  55. Joana@53 Unbelieveable, you could not make this up - Maybe they could give the students a new photofit of the abductor to take with them, the one the Smith's saw

  56. Just took a look at this site for the first AND LAST time http://www.findmadeleine.com/online_store/index.html

    It is all donate, buy, and me me me - Truly sickening. It tells people how they can help, pity they did not help themselves in the first place and answer all the questions & follow up proper sightings. There are lots of messages from nutters who seem to think the child is going to come home unharmed and none the worse for the ordeal. What are these people playing at - The McCanns should get the case re-opened & start turning all the stones instead of riding around on a bike and posing for photos. They truly make me sick

  57. Obrigada querida Joana @53 :)

    I see Kate McCann's been busy with her paintbox again! - Yellow & Green gingerbread men aimed at students.

    Cults target students. I think this is their "Project" (crass description c/o McCanns, July 2010) to recruit new Cult-McCann members.

    I've got a hunch it's partly to recruit new internet Astroturfers - usually Students - because the findapatsy fund can't afford paid posters any longer.

    Is there no end to the number of vulnerable people the McCanns will use and abuse for their own ends?!

    And still no-one in power will put a stop to it! Far from it, the UK establishment is aiding and abetting the McCanns.

    Thus, I reluctantly return to an early (2007) pondering on whether one or more of the Tapas 9 has hold of a powerful person/s by the throat (i.e. Blackmail) and that may be the reason why they're allowed to continue this sick charade.

  58. There is much circumstantial evidence to support a death in the apartment but no evidence whatsoever to support an abduction so, yes, Clarence Mitchell has, without a doubt, been a very effective PR man for the McCann’s. Even if, in the future, the McCann’s are ever found guilty of any offence in connection with Madeleine’s disappearance, Mitchell will merely claim that he believed in his clients, ‘I‘m not a policeman’, he’ll loudly declare, ‘I’m a decent human being and I trusted them.’ He’ll be in possession of much sought after information and will go on to make a huge fortune from his memoirs.

    For their part, journalists had an obligation, in the interests of child safety, to advise the public not to leave their children unsupervised instead they’ve given the impression that it’s ok to leave young children alone & unprotected -- unless they’re from a low socio-economic group. Many hacks maintained they’d done the same thing themselves, thereby encouraging similar behaviour in others. Some even resorted to advising people to boycott Portugal rather than tackle the real issues surrounding this case. In the event the McCann’s are ever exposed, the media will minimise any responsibility for their dishonest, obsequious reporting. And they too will rake in a fortune.

    In the stampede to absolve the Tapas 9 of any culpability for Madeleine’s disappearance the truth about her fate has been obscured by Clarence Mitchell’s vice-like grip on the UK media, the libel lawyers and the McCann’s phenomenal PR campaign. But Mitchell & co haven’t been entirely successful - no matter how much PR, image control & media coaching they receive the McCann’s still come across as strangely shifty & disingenuous. Perhaps it’s just the weasel words.

  59. Where did John Venables grow up and what was his background, before he carried out these awful atrocities on Jamie Bulger.

  60. A new thread was started at the Reference Forum: FOI Documents on the McCann Case - it is a work in progress, if anyone has anything to add please pm or email me, or use the contact form in the blog with a link to the document [use a sharing file service like hotfile or rapidshare] if you prefer anonymity. Thank you.

    Also read «6 degrees of separation» at the forum, registered members section only.

  61. Isar wrote:
    ..."show some compassion"

    Why should we???
    I ask you, did her parents, your "good neighbors"(so you claim!) Kate and Gerry, show any compassion for their "beloved" daughter Madeleine when she complained about their absence when she and Sean were crying in the darkness and loneliness of the apartment???
    Did their hearts sink with remorse? Did their daughter's distress touch deep in their souls? Did they decide not to leave them alone again? Was the idea, the image of their precious children crying for Mum and Dad, all alone, enough motive for them to sacrifice their "me" time or to part with a few quid and get a sitter? Did it cross their minds that one of them could suffer an accident, a fall, get sick, vomit, etc., and no one there to help for at least up to 30 min.? Imagine a child bleeding, or choking, or getting in cardiac arrest from an electrical shock ( fingers in plugg)! WITHOUT HELP FOR 30 MIN. OR MORE?!
    For them it was NOTHING! A "passing remark"!
    All they did was discuss it for a minute(!) and decide to "thighten" the checking times to 30 min.!!! If they decided to do it every half-hour, then I ask you, how frequent were the checks on the previous nights? Hourly? More than, less than?...I suspect...NO CHECKING AT ALL!

    Compassion indeed! HOW DARE YOU?!

    As the saying goes, "charity beggins at home"... and compassion too.

    And, just in case you pick on me for staying anonimous...well, tonight I'm feeling like...


  62. Search: Gordon Brown, Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane Massacre), Tony Blair and a 100 year gagging order.

    No wonder Clarence Mitchell is on hand - the whole episode stinks!!!

  63. well said poster 62.I feel sick to the depths of my stomach every time I see parents openly agree that the scum macaans did no wrong in leaving 3 babies babysitting themselves,whilst the adults went out and" partied" ,and even worse ,a family holiday ,where the poor little mites were dumped with strangers whilst "mummy and daddy"did their own selfcentered thing!!!when a family day out on the beach is what we boring ,loving families do on holiday.May they rot in hell,just a thought Kate do you have no shame whatsoever,as a mother for always putting your selfish needs before your little ones ????? As for the way you look up to your controlling husbands face when he "deals " with interviews,yuk,yuk,yuk. What I "wonder"makes you SO subserviant in his presence?????? I think most of us following this debacle has a VERY good idea of why he knows he can now lead you where ever he wants to,and you can,t do a thing about it can you Kate? most women would have "cracked" before now .you sure are one hard as nails cookie.

  64. did someone of you read "The English Gagg?"
    I would like to know what Amaral wrote about the blanket.
    Who could tell me?

  65. It seems something went wrong here and I will repeat my question, in case it got lost.
    Did any of you read "the English Gagg"? It seems tha Amaral wrote about a blanket or THE blanket.
    Who could tell me?

  66. Now the search for Madeleine is a "project"??

  67. Anon 62,an excellent post,Anon 63,the McCanns and the tapas crowd have been protected by Gordon Brown and Jim Gamble because imo they are all of the same mind,the McCanns are always one step ahead because of Gamble,why was he given the top role in CEOP,did Gordon Brown give him that role,if so what better way to protect people who have the same inclinations as yourself than to put the same kind as the head of CEOP,i don't know if this is true but on textusa blog,a poster said that Gamble named his two young daughters Jessica and Holly.

  68. KemetMiut@62 What you have said is indefensible but still the pro's continue to defend the McCanns which makes me wonder that kind of parents they are themselves.

    Whether the McCanns are guilty or innocent of other accusations they are without question irresponsible, self centred, callous parents who have learned nothing over the last 3 years. In fact I think they have got worse and are now brainwashing the twins, who apparently want to fight the abductor, have birthday parties for their missing sister etc etc.

    I think the McCanns should use some of the fund money to have therapy for the twins sake.

  69. 31 and 34
    Many thanks for that.
    I have just done so.
    I don't expect a response.

  70. Thank you Joana for your brilliant web site and all your work, justice for Maddie.

  71. Latest from James Murray (glad I've got my pink-puke-pail beside me) in the Sunday Express:-



    (What an apt name the Home Secretary has for this particular story ;) )

  72. "Mr Johnson acted after Jim Gamble, head of the Child Online and Protection Centre, wrote a report for the Home Office analysing police investigations here and in Portugal.

    His report, which has not been released publicly, outlines how a new approach could produce new leads."

    Does "analysing police investigations here and in Portugal" translate as 'Britain Good, Portugal Bad'? In much the same way that 'search' has come to mean 'to not look for' or 'investigation' is defined as 'to not follow up any leads or ask anyone any questions'? I'm not that surprised it's not been released publicly.

    Yes, it could be argued that "a new approach could produce new leads" but unless this actually involves starting to look for Madeleine, or the members of the holiday party being made to explain why what they've said isn't true, "review" has just been redefined as 'whitewash'. Or 'hogwash' (or any number of slightly less polite words that come to mind).

  73. Did Gamble by any chance leave out all mention of the findings of the dogs in his so called 'report'?

    It is hard to believe how any cop worth his salt could get past those findings indicating the involvement of the McCanns.

    Gamble is too up close and personal to the McCanns to be objective about anything in this investigation. In fact, he should keep his nose out and leave it to the real investigators, and I am not meaning the ones the McCanns are paying either.


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